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File 167927300205.png - (158.77KB , 550x500 , 000.png )
1059064 No. 1059064 ID: 11f77a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

NSFW for nudity and possible casual lewds
Chapter 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/823974.html

“Happy for once.”
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No. 1065156 ID: 96715b


Perhaps more mild versions so any amplification doesn't make you manic?
No. 1065302 ID: 11f77a
File 168616880141.png - (178.70KB , 550x500 , 069.png )

To think I’d be more surprised, yet I’m easy to accept his confession. It does make sense about the first encounter I had. I meld into a gentle hug--I don’t know if it was to console him or because hugging feels good.

Marlene: That does change a few things ... not in a bad way. I’m just confused if the nightmarish visions depend on what I see rather than what I feel.

Marlene: We have to find out more. I need to know what you see!

Carter: You ... you just apologized for pressuring me...

Marlene: Dammit. I know. I know. I just... want to know what’s going on here! We have to find out the purpose of this place!

Carter: Maybe I won’t need to open them.

Marlene: Why not?

Carter: I just don’t see the point in it. Let’s say I do open my eyes and I do see you as a machine. We’d immediately wake up and have to do this all over again.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065303 ID: 11f77a
File 168616887348.png - (173.38KB , 550x500 , 070.png )

Carter: But ... it could be nothing at all, maybe it’s a new phenomenon.

Carter: I mean, if we keep meeting like this--there has to be a reason we were chosen!

Carter: So maybe we ought to just ... let it be? We could talk. I know it takes effort to think beyond what’s immediately on our minds. But we could get to know each other. This is beyond pen pals!

Carter: You could share something. I could share something.

Carter: Like uh--

Carter: Uhm.

Carter: Red!

Marlene: Red?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065304 ID: e5709d

>Whoever created this place can't possibly be malicious.
I don't think they meant to create this place for its own sake. It just occurred as the logical conclusion of focus testing and the after-effects of test subjects imposing what little will they had to ease their nightmares.
More importantly, if the subjects are contributing to something horrifying, then keeping them complacent and calm will prevent them from revolting. Classic paradox of Heaven: if paradise is where everyone who loves to help others ends up, then why are they stuck in a world that is cut off from the people who need the most help? Hell, are they actually hurting people without realizing they've been used?

>Yeah. Not--definitely not today.
"The internet is a powerful tool. Eighth wonder of the world. Which... which unlucky Carter were you?"

>Averse to sharing phone numbers
"Concentrate. No excuses for not sharing public information that all the big corporations memorized in an archive already."
No. 1065322 ID: dee951

A treacherous part of you really wants to know what sex would feel like here. That'd be cheating though. And you might be able to get pregnant in this realm. But part of you still wants to know.

File 168368888672.png - (104.15KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1063269 No. 1063269 ID: 9ea24b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A short SFW quest about creating a new species.

Neumono, Salikai, Arkots etc. belong to Lagotrope.

Tobak, Sect, Rin-Reida etc. belong to Roaway.
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No. 1065307 ID: 9ea24b
File 168617885874.png - (111.46KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

>A/B tie check: A
You don’t have much to show for your previous three actions, and you want to keep all of your current Kabots safe and healthy. This means you decide to call in the foreman ahead of the test and pay him to throw the fight.

You wish he would bother to put in a little more effort to make it look convincing. When your father summons you to the little dirt arena, the Tobak basically lies down in the sand and lets BDEF1 sit on him.
No. 1065308 ID: 9ea24b
File 168617886858.png - (102.89KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

Your father dismisses the foreman and congratulates you on learning the wonders of bribery. He gleefully informs you that the next time you try to bribe your opponents, he’ll pay them more to ignore you.

The next test will be a team endeavor, with three of your Kabots trying to complete a 200 piece puzzle before a Sect queen and two of her drones. You have four actions. You know having four mutations on a Kabot is feasible.

What would you like to do first?
A. Research
B. Mutate and/or Clone or create a new kind of Kabot
C. Interact (with anyone)
No. 1065309 ID: a9af05


Let's teach all the Kabots how to put together 200 piece puzzles. Because if all of them learn how to do it, then it won't matter who is chosen as part of the team for the test!
No. 1065311 ID: a7a180

The puzzle team needs a third who is limber enough to assemble puzzles dextrously and quickly, which the hard scale kabots are not. Clone a new kabot with bipedal, strong legs, social smarts and a flexible body.
Set aside some of the kabots' treat budget to 'bribe' the sect drones with, possibly causing them to disassociate from their hive and be thrust into a scary new world of sensations alone so that you can win at jigsaw puzzles.
No. 1065321 ID: e13b1d

C. Play puzzles with the kabots as a group. Figure out which ones work well together.

We can use our second action to research. And for our third action we can spray the kabots with stinky cologne that will distract the Sects from their communication pheromones.

File 168238735682.png - (54.13KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1062059 No. 1062059 ID: 9ea24b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Contains infrequent NSFW
244 posts and 35 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065300 ID: b6ec4d

A, it's meant to be his adventure, so sometimes you gotta let Stetson do things himself.
No. 1065301 ID: e13b1d

That's a good point. Changing my vote to A.
No. 1065312 ID: 9ea24b
File 168618178590.png - (71.17KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>A, use the Masterball
This is Stetson’s adventure, he should be there when you make contact with Deoxys. You tell him to take out his badges so he’s safe, and Fly with him and Pelipper to Pacifidlog to get your bearings.

Stetson pulls up a map on his PokeNav and you see a smattering of small islands in the area. Nothing to do but start searching, Stetson’s strategy is to send his most charming and charismatic Pokemon (you) out ahead as bait and then smack Deoxys with the Masterball when he’s distracted.

>Deoxys encounter check (if failed, will be guaranteed next attempt): Failure
You hop from island to island, thinking as many perverted thoughts as possible to attract the ire of the Psychic Pokemon. At the end of the day, you haven’t seen any signs of Deoxys.

Stetson decides to camp on one of the islands for the night, and you can’t bring yourself to disagree with him even though you think it’s a bad idea.

Who would you like to rest near tonight?
A. Aggron
B. Torkoal
C. Sceptile
D. Pelipper
No. 1065316 ID: a7a180

Torkoal. Warm...
No. 1065320 ID: e13b1d

C. Sceptile. But not romantically.

File 166873871922.png - (256.10KB , 522x700 , 15-1.png )
1049539 No. 1049539 ID: 9272af hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Chapter 15
Adult content 18+

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1013588.html
375 posts and 91 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065254 ID: 94b45e

So... Vampires find mana irresistible, yeah? Any of 'em would simply dive in and take a big gulp of that mana pool without hesitation. However, Hekal is hesitating right now, so is he something more than a vampire? Something less?

And if the invisible stuff is deadly to living things, is that the same as Spite from ch. 11?

Meaning Hekal doesn't want to just get rid of all the vampires, he wants to save the living world. Hekal seems like a genuine guy. His character was dubious before, but he seems to be pretty trustworthy.

Also I don't think the poison is necessarily Lichfire, that implies it's gone through a lich/vampire. It's more like Sheer Mana.
No. 1065259 ID: da2b37

I wonder what's causing this leakage. The wells are natural phenomena (I'm assuming), so it doesn't make sense that they would leak Spite naturally. Maybe the very act of pulling mana from the wells is starting to corrupt them? Is the constant indescribably destructive magic warfare causing Spite to bleed out of the ethereal sea?
No. 1065315 ID: 9272af
File 168618317004.png - (113.30KB , 500x700 , 15-93.png )

Augustine shrugs again, “What’d you care? Yer ded already, raight? I fought ye wanted a world o’the ded?” 

“Undead can’t create our own mana. The world would become a barren rock, squabbled over by liches: each huddled around the light of their own wells as their memories of the world fade.” 

Hekal closes his glowing eyes and shakes his head slightly, “It… comes upon you slowly. Most undead don’t even realize its happening. It takes a very special mind, or a close tie to your past to hold on to who you once were.” He sighs, “Before long, all that keeps them going is the hunger for mana.” 

Tuavara-Malli cocks her head, looking confused, ”I thought the wells were natural to this world. Why is this poison leaking out now?”  

The lich king leans over the the roiling mana and stares into it, as if looking for answers within. “I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows where the wells came from. But with the constant war, we’ve been drawing on them more than ever and I believe its upsetting some kind of balance. Like… every time we pull mana from them, we’re dragging something else with it.”

 He pulls himself away from the glowing portal and back to the world of the living, “Its like… trying to draw water from a well with oil on the surface. Each bucket pulls up water, but also some oil.”

”There will be consequences to sealing them.” the Teacher states with absolute certainty. 
No. 1065317 ID: 94b45e

Every action has consequences dipshit, it came free with your fucking existence

Jokes aside, Tuvara-Malli is probably talking about the Bargast situation up in the future. But the poison brings up an important question. Is unsealing them out of the question? If it's corrupting the world back then, then opening them up again is sure to something bad. Maybe that negative energy's been pressurizing for centuries? One thing's for sure though, opening the well is much less viable of an option.
No. 1065319 ID: e5709d

"And there will be worse consequences for allowing the world to starve to death. Let's do this."
Be sure to document exactly what you're doing so that future generations can undo or modify your work if it causes problems in the long run.
... Or rather, be sure to let the three sluts stalking your massive hard eyes do all the documentation for you.

File 168536908184.png - (79.65KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 1.png )
1064733 No. 1064733 ID: a3c1ba hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

You are Puffball.

You are a dragon.

Everything is fine.
84 posts and 54 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065292 ID: e51896

>Are you seeing this?

Now, after saying that, Lower your phone to your chest level to get a better angle of the action. This is sooooo awesome! (Without realizing your filming your wet tshirt)
No. 1065294 ID: f73077

Those shorts sure didn't last long..
No. 1065298 ID: 58dd24

huh, you're right, they've been gone since she hooked the fish
No. 1065305 ID: 6b3ad7

What if she drops the phone and we get to see what she's got under the hood, hopefully the dildo's she uses aren't too gaping.
No. 1065318 ID: a758c7


File 168342645716.png - (196.20KB , 600x600 , Title Card.png )
1062859 No. 1062859 ID: 8be3de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

317 posts and 80 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065277 ID: 2a82d3

Wait a minute. If that body is someone you know, and like, you gotta start a resurrection fund. Thank Pickey later for his "advance contribution".
No. 1065281 ID: f73077

Those fools think that you'd be intimidated by the demise of a lesser spellcaster?
Knowledge is power. Interrogate their ghost.
No. 1065283 ID: c96eaa

Loot the corpse.
Loot the cracked ball (maybe it can be fixed later.
Scrap off the brains and shove the corpse out the room.
Shove something against the door so no one enters.
Snuggle in the bed with your man servant.
No. 1065286 ID: e5709d

"Shameful. You could at least cremate the body after looting it. Prince Limpy, you are pathetic if you cannot order your minions to perform simple precautionary actions that will prevent all of you from dying horribly."

Harvest the body for blood and magic items, then put it outside and order Scrimbalt to set it on fire.
No. 1065314 ID: 4314ed

Huh, do you recognize this guy cause he is (was) a Peeping Tom?
Worse than that, an incompetent one?

It looks kinda like something shot him from inside the scrying orb.

File 160932928948.png - (19.32KB , 600x400 , dungeoneer_ch8.png )
984496 No. 984496 ID: 293539 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


I hurt.

Perhaps I am not, in fact, an expert at drinking.

I've used myself ruthlessly; depleted coin, mana and substance in pursuit of ideas that seemed brilliant in the moment. Even by the feeble, hateful rays of the dawning Sun the cracks and blemishes emerge from the kindly night's soporific haze.
767 posts and 132 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065050 ID: 402b76

A token of favor for you champion would be something of a trifle that's personal too you. I'm not sure you own anything that's really personal, you have tools, you have wealth, but your wealth isn't in jewelry or trifles you can show off.

Do you still have the scarf you used to defeat Moriko in your first battle? It might work as a reminder of your bond.
No. 1065059 ID: 0f3563

>Do you still have the scarf you used to defeat Moriko in your first battle? It might work as a reminder of your bond.
That's a great idea
No. 1065060 ID: 36784c

>Do you still have the scarf you used to defeat Moriko in your first battle? It might work as a reminder of your bond.
Yes! That's a really good idea! Let's do that!
No. 1065213 ID: aa856b

A token of favor, in my opinion, is the kind of keepsake that gives you courage when your faith wanes. Since you two have this shared experience, I believe it would be a great choice, but I'm concerned it might be a memory of you winning her.

Perhaps you could create the token out of the scarf in a way that still makes it recognizable as that particular scarf while still symbolizing your relationship (as lord and knight, of course ¬¬).
No. 1065306 ID: 402b76

Perhaps with some imbuement it could be a golem under her control. Some gold threads to appease the rings curse, and an enchantment so she could use it like Deem did in that battle? If such a thing is possible.

File 167357086118.png - (177.43KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1053691 No. 1053691 ID: 681cb5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

[Horror, Non-lewd quest]

“Even if they are in gods eyes innocent, we have no choice in the matter. In the father’s name, as we condemn them to the pyre, we can only pray the flames will purge their sinful bodies of His malevolent corruption! If we let even one of them live… then He will return for His blood… He always return for His blood…” – Father Isaac Thorn
278 posts and 87 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065276 ID: 9ef82c

No, bad husband! You promised not to join the cult!

Hold him tighter until he makes squeaky noises!
No. 1065278 ID: dee951

Wake up and check if your husband is in his right frame of mind!
No. 1065293 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1065296 ID: c79643

Roll over and continue to sleep.
No. 1065299 ID: 6d079a

You're dreaming: you went to sleep with the curtains closed, and they wouldn't lock themselves in open position from the wind.

File 168175867162.png - (107.89KB , 1280x1280 , MotQ_Intro.png )
1061596 No. 1061596 ID: 2f7f6e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

A quest using the Monster of the Week TTRPG system.
MotW Rulebooks (the pdfs are free, scroll down to find them): https://evilhat.com/product/monster-of-the-week/

You are a gumshoe in the big city, and you’ve experienced some modest success in your decade long career. Sure, most of the cases you get are rather boring, and you oftentimes wish something interesting would happen, but it’s a living. Little do you know how much you will regret that wish of yours.

It starts on a day like any other. The rain outside despite the presence of the blazing sun tells you that a client is about to walk in. But before that, for the sake of any outside observers...

What is your name?
62 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065256 ID: 2f7f6e
File 168609616695.png - (108.44KB , 1280x1280 , outside_the_office.png )

When you reach the building your office is in, you see Claire standing on the sidewalk and leaning against the wall. She sees you as you walk over and she smiles and waves at you.

“Hey! I came all this way to tell you about something I found, but it seems you have some of your boring work so I won’t bother you. I will be coming to hang out in your office though, because I’m bored.”

A) Get right into reading those files (It will take a while to read through them all)
B) Ask how your sister’s been doing, and tell her about your new case (She will be annoying, as siblings are, but maybe she’ll have something interesting to say)
C) Tell Claire to go away (The mean option. She will leave for now, but she will remember this)
No. 1065257 ID: e7c7d3

B) Not really a rush to read those files, not like a cold case is going to get much colder
No. 1065287 ID: a7a180

No. 1065295 ID: ad0f7c

Guess I'll be tiebreaker here, option 2.
No. 1065297 ID: 34713f

Honestly, I don't see why we would ever want to shoo her away unless she like consistently leads us astray, and it's way too early for any pattern like that to have formed.

I say invite her in but start with A: We'll want to have all the facts available before we start soundboarding off each other.

File 168527138829.jpg - (710.94KB , 2200x1467 , Jacks_Candle_thread_2.jpg )
1064679 No. 1064679 ID: f57349 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Three weeks ago the ground began to shake. Gently, at first, like some drunken giant's wheezing snore.

Whenever winds came from the north, a nameless numb despair gripped the peoples' hearts, but bedrock slept soundly.

On other days the quaking slowly escalated. Cookpot-sized sinkholes were met with eager curiosity. When they started swallowing whole wagons, that turned to terror.

Prominent families sent trusted representatives to the town's sturdiest and most central building, hoping to plan a coordinated response to the crisis.

1) Who are you? Core of character creation is an adjective, a noun, and a verb.

Noun options:
Arkus (leader)
Delve (explorer)
Jack (rogue)
Glaive (fighter)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
17 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065179 ID: f57349

>Is there a chimney or flue? Presumably at least the kitchen has something, unless the cooking is done with some kind of smokeless numenera.
>rolled 1
The "siege" drill involves hastily preserving on-hand perishable food, which requires a certain amount of heat and smoke, but the "iron wind" drill involves locking down airtight seals, including the flue. They were not meant to be run simultaneously.
>If so, Alaiya is going to send Lux scouting up the chimney, see if the top is submerged. If her pet can get in and out, even if it's not a path the rest of us can take, that could allow message-passing and coordination with the rest of the town.
>rolled 20
Once the seals are re-opened, Lux can slip in or out easily enough through the chimney, or the pipes which carry rainwater to the cistern. There are some vents in the attic as well, but those are too narrow, since they're designed to prevent the place from turning into a colony for nocturnal flying vermin.
>How many people do we have down here? Hopefully those iron wind procedures include taking a headcount.
That's one of the first things folks outside ask. Current estimate is a hundred people, plus or minus fifty, and 15 to 20 hours worth of breathable air.
>Now that the lights are on, is anyone in the main room (or nearby) sporting injuries that need tending to?
One broken leg, already receiving appropriate care - sinkhole itself went reasonably slow, but they were unlucky enough to be near the top of a flight of stairs at exactly the wrong time - and the guy who was s
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065182 ID: e5709d

rolled 9, 20, 15, 8, 9, 19, 3, 2, 9, 2, 7, 1, 19, 20, 18, 15, 5, 12, 7, 3 = 203

Saharnya's ears fold as she realizes she's a kitten trapped in a cage thrown over a ravine.

"Vorkruns? Can I speak with you for a moment?"

Saharnya takes care to keep the conversation out of earshot of anyone else.

"If we can't dig our way out soon, we're screwed. I found an area we can dig through to survive, but I just discovered this isn't the bottom of the hole. We're on a fragile ledge, leaning over the side, and anything could set it off. The building could fall even further at any moment.
I'm telling you this because, and oh gods this is going to be expensive, but I may need you to go to a key structural point and use your really expensive cypher there, the something-something everything floats forever anchor thingy. My bosses said something about how your family was planning to present it at the conference so they could find an experienced wright and get it mass-produced so you could create a floating town and not worry about this mess, but we might not have any time to do that if the building tips over. House Youngmason will reimburse you for the full cost of sacrificing your potential venture. Just save us."

Then Saharnya attempts to convince the policymakers to salvage the founder's mattock, presenting her argument as a means to enrich the reputation of the mattock by using it to save the townspeople and reinforce their patriotism. Even if it's sacrilege, the alternate option is allowing it to get buried and submerged and then decay from poor conditions.
Diplomacy, 1 Effort

Saharnya has a funny idea pop into her head - stake the reality anchor underside into the statue's empty grip - but she's pretty sure it's not bolted down. Of course, she jokes, it's not like they'd risk t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065209 ID: aa8cad

rolled 6, 11, 18, 10, 15, 18, 10, 6, 7, 16, 15, 11, 11, 15, 5, 18, 2, 5, 6, 7 = 212

>Once the seals are re-opened, Lux can slip in or out easily enough through the chimney
Let's try that then. Assuming she can find something to write with, Alaiya will write a short note for her animal campanion to carry summarizing the situation (approx number of people, no major injuries, the estimate on hours of air, suspended over a deeper hole), folded up to protect the text from soot. Let's spend 1 point on Link senses- confirm the delve's analysis with a look from above, and look around to see if the rest of the town is dealing with worse problems, or if it was just our building that sank this time.

Joining the conversation, the Jack asks "What about that force crane you've been using on the edge of town? Is it portable or far-reaching enough to pick up the building?"

Assuming Sepurcius shares information about the origami mantis, Alaiya's reaction is practical. "Well, if they're living in the attic, they're a town resident, same as any of us. Do they require evacuation or assistance?"
No. 1065212 ID: 97a765

rolled 20, 9, 11, 6, 10, 19, 12, 14, 10, 16, 5, 11, 4, 14, 4, 17, 20, 20, 5, 18 = 245

>Would only need to remove... text ends abruptly mid-sentence in a swirl of compass-and-straightedge geometric figures, then mantis claws whip out, rearranging themselves into a pair of broad flat surfaces linked by accordion folds, with Sepurcius in between. Feels like his head and chest are being crushed in a vise. "What is the minimum safe thickness," says the gut-rattling buzz, "of that meat you are wearing?"

Sepurcius hastily thanks the revehent for the suggestion and slinks off downstairs feeling like a wrung-out rag.

>"Vorkruns? Can I speak with you for a moment?"
>"this isn't the bottom of the hole"
Sepurcius' eyestalks perk up. "Oh of course it isn't! We could only wish to be so lucky."

>but I may need you to go to a key structural point and use your really expensive cypher there, the something-something everything floats forever anchor thingy
"It's worth a try, but I doubt the reality spike can support the entire building if the eaves give out. I'll go look for a suitable place to activate it." Rolling to find the most structurally sound part of the building to hang the reality spike.

>"House Youngmason will reimburse you for the full cost of sacrificing your potential venture."
"If they wish, but it's a small price to pay for a hundred lives."

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065290 ID: f57349

Character sheets: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AemO8vC12NolU6nC2NWPxhXcPXLs-K3-m4WBIjk9yrg

>Rolling to find the most structurally sound part of the building to hang the reality spike.
>rolled 20
Center of the big room's ceiling, where the arches cross. Probably need to set up scaffolding to reach it safely. Ideally you'd also want a square yard or so of armor plating, to keep the spike from punching straight through, with lots of little teeth on the plate's upper surface to distribute the load, and reinforcement at a few other key points that weren't originally meant to be under tension - heavy iron staples hammered into joints in beams, diamondoid mycelium (or something similar) wrapped around pillars, etc.

Good news is, that spot is directly over the ramp to the basement, so the entire hall could still be lifted at least halfway back up before a reality spike placed there would bump into anything.

>short note for her animal campanion to carry
>folded up to protect the text from soot
>Assuming she can find something to write with
>rolled 6
Takes a frankly embarrassing number of back-and-forth trips for Lux to figure out that most available types of ink and paper aren't waterproof, so dragging them through drainpipes is counterproductive.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 162268005046.jpg - (160.85KB , 500x500 , 1a.jpg )
1002454 No. 1002454 ID: 4c9664 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

updates weekly
1577 posts and 639 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065037 ID: 0ba437
File 168574677451.png - (15.71KB , 307x255 , 635.png )

And just like that you're on your own outside the guild. It's late afternoon now.

"Well now what?" the void sword pipes up, "where do you think you would have run off to?"
No. 1065038 ID: 273c18

Well, Godrender was injured. So the first place I'd go to was the blacksmith, to get it fixed. Let's check there.
No. 1065051 ID: 43309b

Check the crystal smith's shop, maybe?
No. 1065146 ID: cd48aa

Crystal Smith or the nearest cave.
No. 1065285 ID: 2c1245

To the smith! If you dont know how to walk yet, or dont feel comfident enough that you can, try sliming your way there. Else give walking a try. Who knows! Maybe you might like walking from time to time.

File 168291761417.png - (369.79KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
1062441 No. 1062441 ID: f0bf00 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Welcome, Invalid user.
it has been INTEGER OVERFLOW since last activity
loading last used default, generating pocket
Pocket generated, locating subject.
located, beginning retrieval.
>Retrieving 0%
>Retrieving 20%
>Retrieving 35%
>Retrieving 50%
>Retrieving 55%
>Retrieving 80%
>Retrieving 90%
>vector reset 0%
>vector reset 95%
>Retrieving 100%

COMMANDS, help, generate primitive, retrieve, interact(command).
80 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065176 ID: 8f9bc4

select(window designation 'tici')
No. 1065178 ID: 273c18

Yeah that window looked like a yes/no prompt to me too.

click(option above the "....")
No. 1065258 ID: f0bf00
File 168609731697.jpg - (175.89KB , 2000x2000 , stooges.jpg )

just as you are about to push the button, the door to the hall opens in front of you. everyone freezes, and then the moment ends as you push the button. both all the stasis cell doors open and all hell breaks loose.

[spoiler]if you are talking verbally with someone, you dont need to use a command. also imagine ballroom blitz starts playing[/spoiler
No. 1065270 ID: 273c18

Just in time... if that was the right button??? That doesn't look like an amtsvane back there, so I think we released all stasis cells that were ever in use, which means... we have no idea what else we released, and we don't know where our friendly construct is, though I suppose we at least know they've been released.

crouch(behind cover)
"Start shooting at the other riflemen, I need to get another gun. I'm one of the good guys by the way!"
quickly.acquire(another gun from outside)
crouch(behind cover)
target(enemy riflemen)
No. 1065282 ID: 8f9bc4

locate(guns).in(magic chest)

File 165776576711.png - (213.99KB , 1000x1000 , 138.png )
1038059 No. 1038059 ID: 629f2e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A mystery/horror quest about children uncovering the horrifying mysteries surrounding their small town.

THREAD 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1010078.html
THREAD 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1019132.html
THREAD 3B: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1038066.html
WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity


And again, you see it all play out, reliving the mistakes exactly as you’d made them on that day. The performance of a tragedy...
169 posts and 61 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065197 ID: dd4f2c

Look and listen. Make sure you are really hearing Albert before actually trying to interact. It might be prudent to turn of the flashlight if you hear the noise approach.

Take a good look at your surroundings while you are at it.
No. 1065202 ID: 4b4fac

Hard disagree to both. We already know there is nothing of note here, and waiting only gives everyone else time to move further away. We are in an out of the way section, we need to follow any lead possible to regroup.

Abscond to the East.
No. 1065250 ID: 87e33c

Supporting this, I'm for just mapping the area as fast as possible, get who you can together, after all, if it's Albert and Roger in the next room, the Leader and Brains, they'd probably have a better idea on what to do without panicking.
No. 1065266 ID: becf4c

splitting up only ever works out in scooby doo. Regroup, safety in numbers.
No. 1065280 ID: e51896

Whoops, my bad. I should have been more specific. When I chose look and listen for sounds East and North, I assumed Clive and Enid would press their ear against the doors to get a better idea whats in the next room, not stand in the middle of the hall and listen for noises from there. I'll explain better next time. (tho I guess this could just be Clive being too nervous to do that. We were told to be patient with Clive after all. You're doing good Clive.)

That said, I remember that Albert and Roger went North earlier and the farmer most likely chased after them, but now hearing Albert is East, that might mean that they gave the farmer the slip. Farmer might very well be north while Albert and Roger somehow went East. If I were to guess, Albert and Roger hid somewhere, waited for farmer to walk past them and go to another room, decided to head back to get farther away from the farmer, and go towards the direction Bec went.

Yeah, go East. But here's an idea, before you go East, open and leave the south door open. That way, if the farmer goes down this hallway from the north, he'll figure someone went south and investigate instead of going East, like we are going. And if the farmer is actually in the east room, we'll abscond back to the hall, and run North while the farmer will get tricked and go South.

unless the south door has one of those door closer thingies installed on them which closes the door automatically after opening it, in which case, forget it and just go East.

One last thing, enter with the flashlight on. Enid's flashlight is colored pink. If they see her pink flashlight, they'll know it's us and won't run away.

File 167521088444.png - (623.43KB , 1000x1000 , ThreadHeaderCH4PSD.png )
1055064 No. 1055064 ID: 1015ea hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Chapter 1:>>/questarch/985116
Chapter 2:>>/questarch/1007458
Chapter 3:>>/questarch/1034710

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/x9QHPvzhdD


There's nobody left to help.
115 posts and 51 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065200 ID: e5709d

Unload half your supplies and special ammo on her, but save the rest for a potential comeback.
>She's moving properly, alright. No flickers or haze around it; and in a place this dim, it's easier to tell if something's a projection or not.
For future missions, don't get cocky; you never see the premium-quality low-interference holo-disguise until it stabs you. Those aren't out on any commercial market, but you can be expected to deploy against elites who have access.
No. 1065206 ID: 9a2966

>Cold War
Did you just mimic Judicium's parasignia on your gauntlets? Huh. That's quite the pseudosignia effect. Twice the bang for your buckshot. May she be delighted you took to her ways.

A mighty dunk. It wouldn't surprise me if you somehow punched her THROUGH that wall, into the un-scannable area behind. Where who knows what traps be hid.


Verify the opening and if there's a cartoonishly Mnemosyne-sized hole (or equivalent), race for the breach with your Barrier optionally deployed. I doubt it's an entrance she would've predicted. I doubt it's an entrance she can react well to. Especially if you Blink inside, past whatever she throws back at ya, and level your revolvers sharp. Just keep tabs on the scan to ensure she didn't slip elsewhere in the smoke and dust.

>Let's beat her fast
It's fair certain Mnemosyne will try to pull one of her trump cards now. You rushing her now is the one thing she HAS to defend or dodge against. A feint of some sort could come in handy against a lash-out, if she doesn't quite realize where you are after this.

And if she's just in a crumpled heap - let loose a hail upon her with whatever gun is appropriate for the range, and use barrier and blink as defensive measures against her counter. She might toss the full weight of her inner storm at you, so deflection and avoidance might be the name of the game there. Especially if you wanna get close now that she's realized she can't affect you directly. That trap won't work twice.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065210 ID: 3ed3c3

Give her no chance to recover. Grind her into the dirt and make her submit. Pummel surrender out of her.
No. 1065236 ID: 1371b2

…In her shoes this would be the time for a panic button manuver, if she’s got one.
But if now isn’t a good time to go in.
Might not be a bad idea to save our blink for slipping past if she goes for a big blow, and after demonstrating those gauntlets I think she’s going to have to resort to something big to punch past those.
No. 1065246 ID: 2a2ba9

>It was at this moment that Mnemosyne knew - She f***ed up.
Definitely open with Pitch. However got a question for ya Argine. Would the Amp Rings allow safe usage of the Wallflower firearm of yours? Would be a *great* follow up.

File 168390331329.png - (16.61KB , 500x500 , luncha_questo_3.png )
1063589 No. 1063589 ID: 8d318c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I fight for honor, justice, and revenge!
And remember: mask up! A Luchadora never removes her mask.

Written by Donut
Art by Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid: https://questden.org/wiki/Poltergeist_Ethanoic_Acid
41 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065162 ID: a7a180

Pile drive the ninja!
No. 1065167 ID: f2cf5a

Nacha. You're in a desperate situation. You're not at your best- but someone innocent is in danger and you need to protect them. I can understand wanting to fight honestly. I can understand wanting to fight directly. But right now this thing doesn't give a left nut about honesty, or even direct combat. If you really do want to save him, without sacrificing your ability to fight, your desire to win, your hope to personally enact justice on Tuski (even if it is in a ballgown)?

Don't challenge it to a match...but it's gonna be a match anyway. A Hardcore, Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere/I Quit match.

You need, this once, to fight *dirty*. Act *nasty*. Talk *filthy*

For this guy? You need to be RUDO.
No. 1065169 ID: 273c18

1. It's wearing a mask, after all.
No. 1065175 ID: 949354

Whenever ywo masked luchadores cant agree on a course of action, the only thing to do is settle it in the ring!
No. 1065211 ID: d5170c

1. and 2. Wrestle it to buy time for Chestnut to hopefully find some was to seal him away.

File 166139987844.png - (2.10MB , 1662x1172 , Work tagline.png )
1041764 No. 1041764 ID: b7732e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This is a short fan quest taking place way before the events of The God Damned by Whistler and Graphygraphie https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/944457.html. Fret not, as reading it is not necessary to understand this tale. Take it as an aperitif for a much grander one.

A day in the life of people who just want to get through the end of it.
41 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1064444 ID: c56aa4

I agree. Ask the kid if their reason for practicing weapons was, in fact, something FORBIDDEN, or something PERMISSIBLE.

Hint, hint.
No. 1064465 ID: 8f9bc4

Play is not training. Holding a spear is not combat. This is a child playing with his friend, not secret military training. A broken arm should be punishment enough.
No. 1065028 ID: dac950
File 168573022732.png - (919.69KB , 1280x1280 , Trezi 22.png )

>A broken arm is punishment enough.

Hopefully, their tutors will see it that way.

>Ask the kid what his reasons were.

"Why did you want to train in spear-fighting?"

"I..uh..", the child stamers with embarrassment, "I thought it was cool. The Martinets all look very strong, and my friend J..um, he's been friends with me a long time and he said he could teach me a bit."

An innocent enough motive, though he did stop himself short of saying the other kid's name. Clever child.

"Your Keeper, Karamil, she said she's teaching you how to be a seamster, right?"

"Uh huh", The boy nods.

Not the kind of profession to train in combat to learn anatomy.

So, the question lingers, how much should Trezi tell about the kid's escapades?
No. 1065119 ID: 783c41

Kids will be kids. Tell the kid's parents what's happened, and let them deal with it. That way, they get to have the teachable moment, and it's not your place to reveal something that might affect their lives so drastically.
No. 1065204 ID: 8f9bc4

I'm more worried about J'um. Someone's got to impart on him just how much trouble he was getting his friend into by teaching him "a bit." Perhaps if you have some sort of education session, where you teach kids about why training outside their class is forbidden. You do have a good reason for forbidding it, right?


File 168551133453.png - (51.72KB , 1000x1000 , LF7 Title.png )
1064862 No. 1064862 ID: 18001e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I am Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington, and I sincerely hope our search leads us to something good.

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Begins one month after the conclusion of POV 6: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1035326.html#1035326
17 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065181 ID: ea3d98
File 168592805511.png - (259.67KB , 912x800 , LF7 4.png )

“Landi, we’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we?”


“I’ve met some very exceptional people, and you were the first among them.”


“But most of my work these days is behind the desk, which you’ve kindly pointed out.”


“Would you have a better chance of paying off your restitution with an active adventurer? I’m sure your friends from Fairy College would have plenty of potential candidates. And you wouldn’t have to deal with Dotti, I’d make sure of it.”

“No more Dotti?” Landi pauses. “Uh. I’d like to stay with you, and keep doing what we were doing, you know? Maybe if we go out and get some herbs that only grow in shipwrecks, we’ll find some big ancient treasure chest or something. We just gotta go out and look! You’re a great adventurer, Serah, and I wanna help you get out there and be that awesome warhammer-swinging Lady of War you were a few months ago.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065183 ID: e51896

I wouldn't go as far as look for a new fairy companion just yet, but is IS important to talk about your feelings about her high risk and heavy partying lifestyle interfering with our and others personal life to the point of not not following orders.

While she is your fairy companion and has done things that got you in trouble like the Marquess Mallory incident, and the vanishing dress incident, she did help Dotti tell the truth about how she mind whammied Jek and save her from Mai, played a part in trying to get Rae to feel better, and more importantly, helped you come out of your shell a bit, and got you to live life a little and take breaks when you were overworking yourself. In that respect, she is a friend of yours

She's helped a lot of your companions become better people in her own ways, I think now, she needs us to help her better herself. Talking to her about how we feel about her is an important first step.

(I just gotta think about how to tell her about how we feel about her though)
No. 1065186 ID: 629f2e

Okay, I have to make one correction there: You're giving Rocio waaaaay too much credit there, she's fine at best. Probably not much of a step up from Landi.

That said, you're just gonna have to be honest. Not harsh, but not downplaying your feelings. Landi is a good friend, and somebody who you value your relationship with; however, as a member of your party, she's volatile. Sometimes it's good, but oftentimes she ends up putting the rest of you at risk, because she won't follow orders or keep her mouth shut.

You explained why she couldn't go to the Marquess' party, and were told to stay outside with Kayk. Not only did she completely ignore the command, she went on to steal from the Marquess, someone who you were in the middle of trying to appease. That didn't make you look good when you had to claim responsibility for her behavior. All of the stress you went through leading up to that event could have been for nothing, if the Marquess was feeling a bit less reasonable that night.

This isn't a new problem for her, this has been a constant throughout your relationship. You can't really trust her, because even if fairies don't like to lie, Landi will ignore you when she wants to. That isn't okay, and she needs to come to terms with that VERY quickly if this partnership is going to continue.

We don't want another fairy, but if Landi isn't willing to play ball, we can find one. If she doesn't want that, then she needs to make it clear right away. Consider renegotiating your contract to formalize some of Landi's responsibilities if you think it'll help her.
No. 1065192 ID: a7a180

Ellie seems helpful behind a desk, less so in a fight. She's useful to you in her current position.
Rocio's a good partner but she's a little... unobservant. Autumn is busy, and Vivi, well, are you sure you want to deal with a fey who is renowned for cunning amongst her own kind? Better the little shoulder devil you know.
Tell Landi that her on the spot plans have a pattern of disastrous consequences, which have been to your detriment. What happened at the ball just now was the direct result of Landi's decisions and the actions she took, and that nobody else was responsible for it - in fact, everyone warned her against it. And when Landi compares this to the dragon's lair, which had positive effects, you can remind her how she drew a dragon's ire. She faced dire consequences both times, and someone had to pull her out of them. Do you think they enjoyed having to reach in and pull Landi out of trouble, any more than she liked being in it?
You might have to threaten to add to her contract a line that will curtail 'silly' behavior.
No. 1065199 ID: 273c18

Tell her you'll agree to go back into adventuring with her, on a probationary basis. She has to learn how to behave herself, at in regards to whatever shenanigans she gets into could reflect badly on you.

In fact, you need to bring up her attempted heist. Why did she do it? What was her motivation? Is she that addicted to alcohol? Was it for the thrills? What self-destructive mindset was the cause? You need to get to the root of the problem.

File 168336276629.png - (244.65KB , 2560x2560 , begin.png )
1062804 No. 1062804 ID: 1173be hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A lighthearted interim quest about giving your friend a birthday present.
19 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1064450 ID: 38349b

Would a body part make a good gift? Probably not...

Oh you could ask your new buddy and pal if he wants to try searching for a way around while you get some L U M B E R from the nearby forest, mayhaps a long log of sorts to use to help climb the second wall whilst one of you braces it?
No. 1064667 ID: 755f26

It is perfectly clear people do not want us sneaking in. Maybe the first wall was easy to climb to lure sneakers into a false of security and get killed?

Ask this man if he has any ideas on how to cross undetected, or if not, whether he has a two-people plan to convince the gatekeepers to let you enter.
No. 1065151 ID: 127310
File 168587353251.png - (162.16KB , 2560x2560 , u4p1.png )

>Would a body part make a good gift? Probably not...

Not to a human. Damn it! If you still had angel friends that'd be a really good gift.

>Oh you could ask your new buddy and pal if he wants to try searching for a way around while you get some L U M B E R from the nearby forest, mayhaps a long log of sorts to use to help climb the second wall whilst one of you braces it?

"Oh, have a little faith in old Morris! I've been here before, I can get you up there without any tree bits."
He smiles shrewdly.

>"How do we avoid becoming two cadaverous dudes?"

Morris belly laughs.
"I wouldn't worry about that! The guards don't patrol down there, or here for that matter. They only mill around up there."
He jabs a finger at the top of the taller wall.
"Those aren't real bodies down there, prob'ly, they usually put fakes in to scare people.

>Ask this man if he has any ideas on how to cross undetected, or if not, whether he has a two-people plan to convince the gatekeepers to let you enter.

"Well yeah, blasting all the guards the moment we get up the second wall usually works. That kinda hinges on both of us having guns though. Ohhh, she'll be right. Just keep your head down."
No. 1065152 ID: 127310
File 168587353926.png - (161.16KB , 2560x2560 , u4p2.png )

Morris jumps down into the dustpit.

After looking around a bit, Morris calls back.
"Actually, angel pal, looks like they've gotten rid of my ledge. That log thing you suggested earlier might be the go. Do help me up if you intend to get lumber though, wouldn't want both of us stuck on either side of the wall with no way up! Anyway, even if you don't wanna go get wood, we can probably figure out some other way to go up. Any ideas?"
No. 1065153 ID: 144442

Seems as if getting a good, sturdy log is the best course of action here. Help our very trustworthy and not at all shady friend back up, and go to grab a log.

File 168297398857.png - (35.62KB , 500x900 , T2_000.png )
1062470 No. 1062470 ID: 87e33c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Strain: To make strenuous and continuous effort by overexerting, twisting, or injuring (a limb, muscle, organ, or societal norm).

Written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
STATS PAGE: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

[SEASON 1]: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html

EDMANGO NOTE: This quest will likely contain 18+ content like violence, and light sexual content.
123 posts and 34 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065095 ID: c3a039

Agreed. Go, my minions!
No. 1065102 ID: e51896

A. that's a good idea. send out your staples to bite at the crab's legs to slow it down.

I'd say send some staples on it's claws too, but aiming for the claws would also risk accidentally hurting Momo and Polka with our staples. (It's totally not just because we'd lose the chance to potentially see Polka's outfit destroyed by its claws too.)
No. 1065116 ID: 273c18

A: staple its legs together so you can catch it.
No. 1065117 ID: dc5433

A. Stapling the legs might be a good idea, but this crab seems stronger than he looks, so maybe stapling the eyes instead might be an easier choice.
No. 1065135 ID: 36784c


Use nanobots to attack the crab's joints, where its armor is the weakest! That should allow you to remove a leg to slow it down or remove an arm, so it can only have 1 hostage and/or drops its current hostage!

File 167710318474.png - (135.53KB , 800x600 , 1b.png )
1056785 No. 1056785 ID: 52800c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/O/I/R
Discussion: >>/questdis/139280

“— all the paperwork I just went over.”

As we keep walking through the hallway, she hands me a huge stack of forms. This has to be at least sixty pages...

“Most of it you can just get done when you have time, but you’re going to want to get that medical stuff filled out as soon as possible, just in case.”

That’s concerning.

”Nothing you need to worry about, right now, but those are… pretty important to have on file.”

... That’s really concerning.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
586 posts and 56 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1064968 ID: 8f9bc4

That neumono is exceedingly dangerous... for reasons you have no way of knowing, so he's probably safe! :D The more attention you give him, the less likely he is to go completely insane killing everything in sight be sad.

The second needs something to write with; don't forget that. Also a big fluffy nest to curl up in.

The third, yeah "not giving him leverage" seems like the best idea right now. He still thinks he's in control of the situation, which hopefully isn't the only mode of thinking for these kinds of aliens.
No. 1065033 ID: f0bf00

second this, those kinds of thermometers are also hard to tamper with
No. 1065058 ID: 2fe8b5

Also, is there a clock on that tablet? Any way of telling the time? If not, put down a clock (preset to correct time) on your requisition list.
No. 1065071 ID: 9d969f

Don’t judge them too Harshly Kuvu, we don’t know what’s going on in their head or with their personal life. I forgot what subjects are left, so just go to the one everyone else tells you. I wish I was more helpful in general.
No. 1065130 ID: 15a025

Relax, and enjoy the tasty noodles.

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