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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 982853 ID: e51896

>Don’t forget part of it is also making the person accept the parasite. I’m not really sure what would happen if the host rejects them.

(Charred's thoughts): hmm, last I saw Casper as the bringer of nightmare Ana's universe we left behind was dying, he got infected... I wonder if he accepted being a host now that I think about it judging from what we saw from how he looked... we should consider the possibility that version of Casper might be hiding somewhere in this world and be on the lookout for him.
No. 982854 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shudders.*
Destroying the anchor will ensure that he leaves this place,
or seeks revenge.
Would you commit to the actions that befell you?
Face the consequences he would sew?

No. 982946 ID: 2bd15b
File 160735388570.jpg - (3.00MB , 3508x2212 , Divergent 29.jpg )

No. 982949 ID: c97156

what is even the point in telling you anything, Lorence? You're just going to kill me regardless of anything I say for the simple crime of existing, and seeing me only as a monster like everyone else in the multiverse, so there is no point in saying anything

*tries again to see Lorence's tarot card*
No. 982950 ID: d63ea8

*The presence hides behind the tree to avoid Lorence's gaze.*
No. 982958 ID: 5f4030

> Be informed your inner thoughts are really loud

Wait, can you hear us?
No. 983053 ID: 2bd15b
File 160743830447.jpg - (2.69MB , 3508x2161 , Divergent 30.jpg )

No. 983058 ID: e51896

If my suspicions are correct, Lorence is also having a lot of issues with Happy the Tragedy Phantom, a far worse threat than anything else right now... if Lorence was able to take us out this easily, imagine what Happy could do since he is playing this universe and its inhabitants like a puppet show right now. Think it might be best to just swallow our pride and take the offer?
No. 983059 ID: e51896

*looks over at Rosalia*
And what does Rosalia think of all this?
No. 983070 ID: d63ea8

*The presence remains hidden.*
No. 983143 ID: 0dedc5

Fuck it, we don’t really have much option. Let’s at least hear him out. Maybe we can even be a saboteur and do the opposite of whatever he wants, just to fuck with him. That sounds fun.
No. 983188 ID: 2bd15b
File 160753729795.jpg - (4.23MB , 3508x3257 , Divergent 31.jpg )

No. 983190 ID: d63ea8

*The presence flinches when the Spirit Parasite impales Lorence.*



*The presence starts to curl up again.*


*The presence covers its face.*
No. 983192 ID: 5f4030

*hugs presence*
Yeah sure, tell him to pick his poison, which one of us does he want to talk with? Me or Charred?
No. 983447 ID: e51896

to answer your question, Queen, I think Lorence wants us to join because he realizes now that his plans have mainly been foiled by Happy the Tragedy Phantom and not us this whole time, just like how you and we were foiled by Happy. Lorence knows it will be impossible to stop Happy without teaming up despite being "enemies".

I'm here Lorence. I'm not sure you can hear me, but I'm sure Toothpick can and is able to speak for me. Current mental state is numb. Not glad, not mad, not sad, just numb. I have no control over this creature, otherwise I would have used this second life to leave you alone and try to achieve my own goals without interfering with your wars and not have anyone bothering me as long as I can. I don't think I'd care when you inevitably escape from this and gain the advantage over the queen, because really, as someone told me I'm just a leaf drifting in the wind and can only observe.

The most I can do is try to get answers, like asking you this: You and other cult members keep saying that it was our fault for all the turmoil we had suffered for confronting you guys in the first place. But in reality, you guys confronted us first. At the bus stop, Betty, one of the cult members in a Halloween pumpkin mask, was tasked to push us and slip in a paper of instructions with the Carpenter observing to make sure we get it.
the instructions stated "If you want to learn how to breathe and survive, draw the ash tree symbol and place it above you head before going to sleep. Don't get washed up in the shores with the impatient, my little fishy. Fight for your life in this time of death and mediocrity."
But doing that turned out to be a trap. We were baited to summon the ash tree but we were told the way we summoned it was how the ash tree acolytes would assassinate their targets at long range in a very torturous fashion. We were also offered a mask by the person who organized that when we escaped that torture, but we refused as it would kill the person giving us that mask.
Even if we did not want to confront you after all that, I'm sure you guys would continue to go after us even if we tried to mind our own business, so of course we had to fight for our lives. If we never got that paper, our confrontation against you all might not have ever happened...

What I want to know is, who was the person that tried to assassinate us at that time when we did nothing to harm anyone? who gave the Carpenter and Betty that order to send us those instructions to try to kill us? I feel whoever is responsible for that might lead us to the culprit who have been manipulating all of us from the beginning...

No. 983495 ID: 2bd15b
File 160786567746.jpg - (3.75MB , 3508x2789 , Divergent 32.jpg )

No. 983501 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shakes its head, but says nothing.*
No. 983514 ID: 5f4030

He wants to be allies.... after all the shit he put us through? After everything he put everyone around us into?


Part of me wants to laugh, but I’m more disgusted by that. Too little, too late.

No. 983674 ID: 2bd15b
File 160805922191.jpg - (3.11MB , 3508x2622 , Divergent 33.jpg )

No. 983722 ID: d63ea8

*The presence reaches a hand towards Rosalia before drawing it back towards its mouth.*

*It swallows.*
No. 983723 ID: d63ea8

*The presence grabs Charred Queen's arm and tries to pull it back, in an attempt to remove her blade from Lorence.*
No. 983761 ID: 5f4030

Hold up. We’re at a disadvantage. Woody boy over there can hear me. Anything we plot he’ll know.

We could probably take her. If we wanted, hell even move Lorence in the way of her attack. That would be hilarious. But I wanna know more. I’m especially interested in you Woody, you must have a type of connection to the ash tree then if you can hear me. What’s up?
No. 983769 ID: b0b286

This is a split decision action. Where you should choose whether to attack or to back off, as every decision there will be unforeseen consequences. So choose what is the best thing to perform, it is do or die time but most importantly remember to have fun.

No. 985847 ID: bcb0c0
File 161089581121.jpg - (3.38MB , 3508x2760 , Divergent 34.jpg )

No. 985855 ID: d63ea8

*The presence tries to exert itself further, but stumbles back, losing grip of Charred Queen's arm.*
No. 985856 ID: d63ea8

Fragment of Rosalia's Anger expended.
No. 985857 ID: d63ea8

*The presence quietly scrambles behind Mr. Toothpick, trying to avoid Lorence's gaze.*

*It whispers:*
"He does not know..."
"For this is the first time he's done it."
"His actions have killed the Seeker of Truth."
"Now only ashes remain..."


"Do not speak of me."
"I do not want to be annihilated as well..."

No. 985867 ID: 5f4030

*squeezes The presence’s hand*

It’s gonna be okay.

In all honesty I agree with what she said. Mostly because all I hear out of Lorence is just pure hypocrisy. He locks us in jail, would have us killed and set on fire and then we’re forced to make another deal all together to even get a shot at keeping on. And the “real” Ana might as well be rearranging deck chairs on the titanic because some hentai monster has her. So fuck yourself Lorence, you are an evil man. Know why? Because evil is a weed, it always starts out small, and it’s watered by anger, sorrow, paranoia, and good intentions. It grows through small acts of everyday cruelty. And you have let it grow to astronomical size. Fuck you Lorence. Fuck. You.
No. 985970 ID: e51896

I'm not amused that both of you, Lorence and Parasite Queen, are putting words in my mouth and telling each other what I am truly thinking like it is fact... in all honesty, each and every one of you here had made us suffer greatly at least once which gives me no reason to feel any remorse or regret towards what might happen to anyone here next.

But, I made my decision, a deserving decision which will most likely make everyone here angered with me: First, I will spare you, Lorence, for these reasons...

Andrew Goodwill once gave us an offer to either kill you, or a few other cult members for whatever reason which we did not accept... it implies that you're expendable, worthless, or a hindrance to him... and Essence even once gave us the opportunity to kill you by offering us to give Ambassador's servant the order to kill you which we didn't take... and I feel keeping you alive is something that Essence and Andrew doesn't want which could spoil their plans. And I definitely do not want to follow whatever Essence wants us to do

Plus, I would also be betraying a good friend of mine if I did try to kill you... your girlfriend... I don't want to make her upset...

But most importantly, I find that death is too good for you. I come to terms that suffering by living in this world is a fate far worse than death, and judging by how every single person I met here had tried to hurt me at lease once physically or mentally, I conclude that each and every one of us here deserves to be punished for our behavior by living here in this hellhole of a world.

That said, yes, I said I will release and spare you... BUT don't think your release is going to be that easy and without suffering... Let it be known that I am on nobody's side and will be a more neutral presence from this point on, So... consider this a vibe check...

Scarred, this one is for you to blow off some steam...

*Charred first raises Lorence upwards as high as she can with her blades, and then slams him as hard as she can against the tea table releasing him off her blade with the intention of breaking the table, and maybe a few broken bones against Lorence.*
No. 985978 ID: 612369

Ohhhhh... sweet, sweet catharsis.
No. 985986 ID: bcb0c0
File 161111062651.jpg - (5.91MB , 3508x4609 , Divergent 35.jpg )

No. 985994 ID: 1800ae

Who? You mean the spooks in the incel fedoras that follow you around like a bunch of puppies? Let me guess, their all people who were with my time. I remember seeing Connor there, and Mackabee the sniper when you tried to get Root back and failed. Can’t imagine they’re very loyal to you, not those two anyway. If anyone was like bad puppies it was them.
No. 986013 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shudders, and then whispers to Mr. Toothpick:*
"Thank you."


"You are correct."
"This presence should not be given care."

*The presence carefully creeps towards Lorence's puppet, trying to examine it further.*
No. 986147 ID: e51896

Queen, in my opinion, I think we should just take the medicine. Lorence holds all the cards here, and you kind of did this to yourself with wanting to charge in to attack right away without even knowing your enemy instead of being patient and hide in the shadows waiting for more opportune moments to make your moves and learn and get stronger by secretly eating other dead bodies we find. And even if we did kill this puppet Rosaline and Toothpick like you wanted, this Lorence was a fake and the real Lorence would just send people to go after us again. Plus as far as I know, Happy, the person who fucked with us is also fucking with Lorence. We might need to swallow our pride in order to get all the help we can get to get your revenge on Happy for what he did to you, and Ana. We can't do this alone...

inner thoughts: besides, if your worried about your species dying out, there is a chance that Casper from the alternate timeline you infected with your offspring could have escaped that universe before it vanished. Hold onto that hope. More impossible things has happened before

after all, parasite or not, you'd have to be a very cruel person, or a very naive person to want to bring more offsprings into this world to suffer the hellhole it had beco-

*just remembered that Scarred and Rosaline had/has offsprings*

err... well... That isn't to say Rosaline...? and Scarred are bad parents... Never mind.

Rosaline, I'd appreciate it if you'd show at least a tiny little bit of respect for sparing Lorence even if it was a puppet... I mean, we did spare your life and the lives of your children, and you've showed no appreciation towards being given a second chance for being revived by us when you were dying, and a third chance for not being punished on having your children killed by us... but I guess that is the spider instinct in you have that might be preventing you from feeling human appreciation... who knows, who cares. Maybe it is because you lost your humanity and human emotions and gave into your monstrous spider instincts, so I can't fault you for acting as a sociopath... But I wonder what feelings you would feel if I told you that... Flint is still alive...

Lorence, I'm personally for taking the medicine, but I want to hear what the others' opinion on it first before we take it. I don't want to make my friends angry again for forcing them into a choice they don't want.

Until then, I suppose I should warn you this: you should know there are right now two Felafafs running around. One of those Felafafs are from an alternate time and had joined the person responsible for messing with us, the same guy the tribunal is after. I'll just say that if you ever come across Felafaf again in the future, be very careful, there could be a chance it could be the alternate universe's Felafaf trying to fulfill our enemy's needs even if she doesn't want to cause you harm.
And also, you don't have to like the investigation team, but it would be beneficial if you at least showed a little bit of cooperation with them as they are hunting down the person responsible for ruining your plans and our plans. As much as we may hate your guts, I honestly do not believe you are the person they are after.

No. 986149 ID: 583e24

No offense.

Hey also just a thought, if you do take the medicine. I’m assuming it’s mostly done through science yeah? Kind of like how the spirit parasites were made? Do think it’s possible that we can, I don’t know, reverse engineer a cure for it? I mean if this will sterilize the queen isn’t it possible we can find a way to undo that? Especially if it’s a chemical compound, it’s not like getting your tubes tied or a vasectomy where physically can’t have kids anymore. I’m betting there’s a way we can reverse this. At most, consider this a temporary set back. If we ever find the lab where you guys came from, I bet we can reverse this.
No. 986193 ID: bcb0c0
File 161151250790.jpg - (4.42MB , 3508x3139 , Divergent 36.jpg )

No. 986195 ID: 5f4030

Keep the names of the honored dead out of your wretched mouth, monster.

And as for you Rosaliné, I hate you the most out of all of them. Possibly even more than I hate Lorence. I understand not wanting to have kids, but not even taking any responsibility for them, and speaking about them like trash. You disgust me most of all.

You’re all horrible people. As for you cat-face looking guy, I don’t know you well enough to know you. But... hmm. You can hear us, and you aren’t wearing the sign of the ash tree. That means you are either actually a child, or you’re somehow immune...
*Looks between toothpick and Rosaliné.*

Hmm. Well, I still don’t hate you. Despite everything, if you are who I think you are. I just hope you’ll be okay.
No. 986291 ID: e51896

Before we do something that we might regret, the way I see it, you fear the blind will more than anything else, more than the person trying to sabotage you like he sabotaged us... you fear the Blind Will so much that you do many highly questionable things in order to prevent them from taking over...

In that case, Lorence, let me ask a question to both you, and the queen: The Blind Will is known for turning people into empty husks of themselves, turning them into their slaves to Absolution's hive mind, and on some occasions creating a monster made to act as a beacon to control everyone on the planet's mind. So with that in mind, what if you couldn't afford to have us take that medicine to sterilize the queen? what if instead would happen if the Spirit Parasite's offspring were to infect people who had lost their senses and became a mind slave to Absolution Prime? do you think the spirit parasites would be able to take back control of their senses in some way? and hell, if that beacon monster does arrive, what would happen if we as the charred queen take control of that monster or infect him?

Do you think this would be worth a shot? You've already done many terrible and risky things already, Lorence, to stop the Blind Will with the ends justifying the means in your mind. So would allowing us not to take the medicine and form an alliance be just another ends to justify the means on? I'm sure you've done far riskier or worse things than letting a spirit parasite live with their ability to reproduce... right? You have to do things out of your comfort zone and take risky moves to get the gold.

No. 986309 ID: d63ea8

*The presence creeps even closer to Lorence's puppet, keeping outside of it's field of view and trying to peer into it's wounds.*
"What is inside?"
No. 986314 ID: 612369

Ooooooh, shit. Called out, son.
No. 986332 ID: bcb0c0
File 161170165124.jpg - (2.69MB , 2770x2574 , Divergent 37.jpg )

No. 986334 ID: 612369

I know, Robert. I know.

Whispers: It's not my call to make but itf you say no, just for shits and giggles and because she deserves it, inject it into Rosaline. Cuz fuck her, and fuck these people.
No. 986395 ID: d63ea8

*The presence sneaks up right behind Lorence.*

*It tries to examine the puppet even more closely.*
No. 986738 ID: e51896

inner thhoughts: Sorry, Scarred... I can't inject that medicine into Rosaline, and even if I wanted to, since you said that plan out loud, Toothpick heard you and won't let me do it.

inner thoughts: Wicker Kid told me that there is no good outcome for us anymore... but the fact the Lorence implied that there has never been an instance where a spirit parasite had infected somebody who lost all their senses means that this could be a path that has never been explored before. Things might get worse, but I kind of lost my purpose when Ana was killed anyway...

If the spirit parasites infect the blind will, or anybody that had their senses removed by the blind will to be controlled by them, and absolution prime decides to keep whatever result comes out of that if it turns out to be monsterous, in the long run, wouldn't he be held accountable by the tribunal instead of you Lorence?

That said, I really don't think the tribunal's team would allow you to let me stay and could still get you in huge trouble even if the queen and I become sterile. It might be for your safety if we did not join you especially since you are arrested...

and besides, after all the betrayals I've faced by everyone, like Robert or Rosaline, or that FBI woman trying to kill us immediately after saving their lives, it is almost impossible for me to trust others anymore. For instance, I know this medicine is not what you say it is. Because... why in the world would you happen to have this medicine that can sterilize spirit parasites in your possession when it was clear that seeing the queen and I as a spirit parasite was the very last thing you expected to see? It makes no sense.

Not to mention, why would it matter if I took that medicine or not if you guys are already doing something illegal in the Tribunal's eyes which is trying to release Andrew Goodwill?

It would probably be better to live with this disease if the side effects from the medicine are far worse that the symptoms from the disease I have. I learned that lesson from a story I heard.

I'll do what I can to help you stop the blind will in my own way, even if you decide to hunt me down. I don't really care because I lost my purpose and no longer fear death. That said, I hope you get out of the tribunal's clutches soon, Lorence.

*escapes by digging underground*
No. 986810 ID: bcb0c0
File 161231615330.jpg - (4.64MB , 3508x4037 , Divergent 38.jpg )

No. 986813 ID: d63ea8

That is it.

This empty presence now sees.

The Striped Beast,
Only it can navigate the void.

But it is not the puppeteer,
It is the string.

So he is not here,
He cannot see.

We are safe,
For now.
No. 986815 ID: d63ea8

*The presence notices Mr. Toothpick.*


*The presence reaches for Roseline but then quickly withdraws its hand.*

Infested now.

*It then turns to Charred Queen.*
This empty presence has nothing to express.
That one-

*The presence points to Mr. Toothpick*
-had offered the faintest drops of kindness.

Release them.
No. 986822 ID: 583e24

Please do.
No. 986826 ID: 71201a

*without saying anything or thinking of anything, Charred destroys the head of puppet Lorence as much as she can, making sure that Lorence loses connection and cant see or hear anything that happens next before she decides to speak again*
No. 986863 ID: 612369

If you would, I want to try and save Toothpick. I'm not sure what can be done now, but I'd like to at least try.

I hope it's not Robert...
No. 986939 ID: bcb0c0
File 161246432050.jpg - (3.72MB , 3508x2612 , Divergent 39.jpg )

No. 986945 ID: acbe67

Eat her or turn her, I don’t care. I only have one request. I want to see Toothpicks face.
No. 986948 ID: d63ea8

*The presence freezes.*
Ah, it's gone now.

The tether between mortal and spirit now severed.


Warnings had been given,
Had been ignored.


*It turns towards Charred Queen.*
Memorial of Pain...
This is what the Leech will do to all.
No. 986949 ID: 612369

Unless one of us can control her wrath. She said "Other-half" if they are in sync with each other, then maybe there's a chance...
No. 987239 ID: e51896

huh... unreasonable animal... complete monster for lashing out when all he just wanted to have a conversation with me? But wasn't lashing out something you yourself also did when Ana wanted to have a conversation with you after she revived you, Rosaline? Maybe its because of moments like you did that made me what I've become... maybe if you'd show restraint after Ana spared your life, I would reconsider doing all this...

I personally don't want to join the the Blind Will like the Queen wants... I hate Absolution Prime for killing my friend's offspring. I'm more interested in trying to save the people the Blind Will tries to control when they take away all their senses. Anybody who falls prey to the Blind Will I will try to infect with more spirit parasites so the parasites can act as the people's new senses through them and hopefully restore their minds back to normal... think of us like... a permanent leech sucking out the poison the blind will puts into people...

*grabs the tea kettle and pours it on the blood on her bone blade to clean it off*

I am actually helping Lorence a great deal by doing this even if it doesn't look like it... That man refuses any change that deviates from the same path he sets this universe towards in every cycle that he never helps the acolytes of the ash tree succeeds, even going as far as self sabotaging the acolytes if it looks like they are winning I'm sure... Why else would he not have been able to succeed in the trillions of cycles he lived through? This is for his own good to save him from his insanity of doing things over and over again expecting a different result...

That said, I'm truly sorry for what I'm about to do next, I need as much strength as I can if I'm going to help you all go against the Blind Will, and I don't trust you enough to spare you after what you did to Ana... your actions have consequences after all... but I'm sure you'll see my side of the story when you and I share the same mind after you are consumed, Rosaline. But if it is any consolation, please take good care of Clara for me when you wake up and see her again... she could use a friend right now...

*Hits Rosaline over the head with the tea kettle as hard as she can in order to knock her unconscious and then proceeds to do what the Queen asked her to do*

When I'm done here, Queen, lets remove Toothpick's mask like Scarred wanted... but also, lets keep a close eye on his detached limbs, I don't want any of them to sneak attack us, or inject us with that syringe you dropped... this world is crazy like that...
No. 987344 ID: bcb0c0
File 161277623948.jpg - (2.09MB , 3508x1660 , Divergent 40.jpg )

No. 987353 ID: 5f4030

Hmm. Well you’re not Robert so for calling you such I apologize. I actually think I know what you are. We met a puppet once who turned out to be a friend who died in the fog and was turned into one of them. Could be something like that. As for letting him go, I don’t care. I’d rather most people live. But you are right, I’m willing to accept what needs to be done.
No. 987366 ID: d63ea8

*The presence peers closer at the wooden head.*
...another puppet?

There is a spirit within.

*It turns to Charred Queen.*
"This presence begs that you release it."

"Do not forget what your were before..."
"Memorial of Pain..."

*Extending its hands the presence tries to take the wooden head.*
No. 988086 ID: e51896

thoughts: Queen, I believe one of his amputated arms has that missing drug hiding somewhere, waiting to inject us if we don't do as he says, which is why it was probably a wiser decision to not eat Rosalia. there were so many times we've turned our back on the enemy before we met, and then they pull a nasty surprise on us after thinking we defeated them. It is a good thing we checked out toothpick when we did first before we decided to swallow rosalia. The important thing I learned all this time is to not get too greedy

Yeah, I'll return you to your body toothpick, but in return, don't drug me with that needle. I believe that infecting the blind will's mind slaves would be the only way to save them since it never happened before in any other cycle, and I want to see if it would work... and following Lorence's route will just lead to the same outcome as all the other timelines he's been in without achieving anything, not even his own goals just like all the other times he's been through this. I'll even tell you this: one of the reasons I can't join Lorence because the robot he is using is not to be trusted, and he seems to be willing to use them despite the person who probably sent that robot to him is trying to sabotage him and spy on him with it, just like us. Pretty much the same kind of robot you showed to Lorence earlier. I did Lorence a favor by destroying that robot so none of us will be spied on, not even Lorence.

If you can tell me any idea of who supplied Lorence with that robot, It would really help everyone, but if not, at least do me a favor and keep a very close eye on it, even if it is for your employer's sake...

And one more thing, will you grant me permission to eat Rosaline, Toothpick, without you drugging me? You right now hold all the cards right now. consuming Rosaline's energy will help queen get stronger to deal with the blind will for Lorence, and everyone else living in this world...

or maybe how would you feel about joining us instead of Lorence? I'm sure you've seen this timeline play out the same way over and over again, maybe you'd want to see something different?

No. 988089 ID: 2f1e7c

Why not just break the needle?
No. 988090 ID: e51896

>Why not just break the needle?
Don't know where it is... If Toothpick has it and break it for us, he can show that he is serious about wanting a temporary truce...
No. 988191 ID: 612369

You asked to eat Rosaline out loud, color me surprised if he actually agrees to a truce. Speaking from experience, asking to eat someone isn't the best way to form negotiations. And I think the needle feel on the ground over by Lorence's puppet.
No. 988209 ID: bcb0c0
File 161343017865.jpg - (6.62MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 41.jpg )

No. 988211 ID: 2f1e7c

To be honest toothpick, I don’t care what you do. And I certainly don’t care if Rosaliné lives or dies. Sorry not sorry. What I’m more interested in is why you don’t want us to know who you are. That’s the only thing that really interests me. Your actual identity, is unimportant. I don’t really care if you join us or not. I hope we can at least be allies if not friends if you do.
No. 988217 ID: bcb0c0
File 161343678212.jpg - (550.35KB , 989x1407 , Divergent 42.jpg )


What is currently going through the head of Lorence

No. 988224 ID: d63ea8

"This empty presence begged for that they would be released."
"Not caged."

"Do not let the leech corrupt you more than it already has..."


"Memorial of Pain..."
"Has everything else truly burnt away..?"
"Is there nothing left of the Seeker of Truth?"


"That nothingness will tear away at you..."

"This presence has walked that path."
No. 988225 ID: d63ea8

((This is a vote for choice B.))
No. 988233 ID: 2f1e7c

Quit getting mad. It never did me any good.
No. 988250 ID: bcb0c0
File 161346768765.jpg - (392.10KB , 1620x487 , Divergent 43.jpg )

No. 988251 ID: 5f4030

Jesus Christ, calm down. Can I be frank here? I’m just gonna be super honest here and realistic.

Toothpick, Charred Queen. I don’t like any of this, I don’t care about spying for anyone, I don’t want to be anyone’s spy. I don’t even really like you Charred Queen, as far as I’m concerned, I’m just along for this ride, and you are a placeholder for Ana. We saved you cuz it was the only option left, and an option between life an death isn’t an option at all. I’ll give you points for fucking over Lorence cuz, fuck him and his stupid fedora. I give no fucks about this, hell I don’t really even care who you are Toothpick, either tell us who you are and why we should care or don’t if I don’t even understand why we should care? Why the hell would I care about who you are, if I don’t even have context for this temper tantrum. Honestly, this is just a farce.
No. 988313 ID: e51896

(Going for A)
No. 988492 ID: bcb0c0
File 161372918183.jpg - (4.33MB , 3508x4151 , Divergent 44.jpg )


No. 988496 ID: e51896

*still remains silent, waits until she is addressed*
No. 988499 ID: d63ea8

"Renegade of Body!"

No, this is Ana, she is Ana.
This presence was blind...
But she was not,
She saw us before and does so now.
Of course, the eye...

Those connections now fall,
into the grasp of this empty presence.

Perhaps that was why...
Even disguised this 'Toothpick' drew our attention.

But precious Ana,
Living Ana.
Has not offered the presence the chance to offer words.
It will remain in silence...

*The presence covers its mouth with its hands.*
No. 988520 ID: 612369

*stares and then suddenly a feeling like leaping forward to embrace her in relief*

You're here. You're alive. Thank goodness.

*sniffles* I'm not Ana, I'm not even disappointed at you. I'm just sad. And I'm sorry it's gotten to this. My whole goal was to find you, and I'm so glad you're alive. I'm just sorry I couldn't be the person you needed me to be. I'm also sorry to say this isn't the first time we've been here, and last time, I unknowingly destroyed a whole timeline in order to bring you back. I don't think I'll be able to pull that off this time, and I don't know if I could do it again even if I knew how.

I don't blame you, I'm just sad you see this as your only option. Because...


Ana, my whole purpose was to see you grow and be better than I was, I wanted to keep you safe, see you be something better than me. I failed at almost every turn. You ask me to move on with my existence, but my existence was tied to this. It's all I had left. You were the last thing I could hold on to, Fortune has become something else that I can't help, and I've lost everything that I was trying to protect and help. Knowing you are alive is enough for me now.

If this what you choose... Then I choose oblivion. What else is there for me?

It's a beautiful moon out. I'm glad I got see it again.

*Scarred goes away.*
No. 988521 ID: 612369


Scarred is dead. If she is really needed she will come back, maybe. But honestly, and I ask this of Absurdity. Honestly, what is there for her anymore? What is the point of her? Her character arc can't be fulfilled, this is the only thing left. Fuck it. Give me a reason to bring her back and we'll see until then, fuck it, she's dead.
No. 988586 ID: bcb0c0
File 161382034619.jpg - (1.56MB , 2852x2191 , Divergent 45.jpg )

No. 988751 ID: e51896

...can I have a cigarette too? never had the opportunity to have one for so long as a voice... thanks.


The sky is nice. I wish I never have to go back into the fog again... Ana, If I'd known you were Toothpick, I probably would have took Lorence's offer no matter what, but... as usual, I can only make dumb decisions and it is probably too late now. It probably would have been super awkward for you if I did join though, so maybe it might have been for the best...

I am sorry for hurting and traumatizing you with the choices we asked you to take. In the end, I switched places with you because I no longer had any trust in our own abilities to guide others after hurting you and others so much. I felt that switch was the only way I could save you from ourselves. and seeing Happy kill you after I made that decision to switch with you made me lose all faith in my abilities.

But I am so glad you survived after all, even if it confuses me as to how you survived. I kind of wish I knew how you survived that explosion. and, I want you to know that I am actually proud of you, I'm in no way disappointed. Really, the only thing I wanted you to do was make decisions on your own, and now that you are finally doing that and living a better life with your decisions than if you followed our decisions, I can rest easier now. this timeline is your life to live. Not mine, not Scarred's, not Essence's, it is yours. Please do not try to live up to our expectations, and don't feel guilty for your actions. You have no reason to listen to us. Really, I want you to make your own goals and live your own life to the best of your abilities.

Do not worry, I am not going to reveal your secret, and I am not going to try to take down everything you've worked hard to construct. If you're going to kill me right here to ensure your secret, it'll be a sacrifice I will be willing to take to make sure you can live you life to it's fullest, I'm honestly not sure what goal to achieve right now anyway. I only request that if you do plan to sacrifice me, I request you burn me to a pile of ash, and then, find out how to use my ashes to create a new world, to create something amazing out of something so cruel. I'm told An Ana's ashes can be used to create a new universe, maybe you can fulfill that request during your own journey.

But I do have one concern... are you okay? it seems you had grown more of those thorns on you in addition to those horns you grew the last I saw you. Do you want to talk about it?

No. 988920 ID: d63ea8

This presence too would accept any offers of a cigarette.
But it may just fall through this empty form...

*The presence extends a hand out.*

"But how..?"

This Ana,
Precious Ana,
Changed Ana.

How did she escape the nothingness?

"How did you become this 'Mr. Toothpick.'"

"I have nothing to offer in return save curiosity."
No. 989116 ID: bcb0c0
File 161426189224.jpg - (3.84MB , 3508x3366 , BB 587.jpg )

No. 989117 ID: d63ea8

I am of nothing.
A speck in the darkness.
This empty presence only holds the voice it is given.
Perhaps your voice, perhaps another's.

But I will give silence,
These questions were given to the Memorial of Pain,
Not me.

*The presence places its hands back over its mouth and watches quietly.*
No. 989320 ID: e51896

Your guess is as good as mine as to who it is or what it wants, An-Toothpick. Everything it said it is I'm learning about just as you are.

And I do not think I can trust it either... So many people had betrayed us in the past that after I saw Godfrey kill you, it was pretty much the last straw that made me lose all faith and hope in humanity and couldn't trust anyone ever again, believing that that entire world hated us... but honestly, at this point, I'm not entirely sure what there is for this presence to betray me with... looking at where we are now and thinking back about what I wanted out of this adventure, I think my personal main goal was to try to get you to make your own decisions, Toothpick, to live your life without following any of our influences as this is your cycle to live, not ours. And looking back, I think I had actually achieved that goal when I saved you from us voices by cutting ties with each other so you wouldn't have to be hurt by our suggestions anymore...

When you were taken away from us by Happy after the deal, I thought I had failed everything when I thought he blew up your soul which is why I came back to life as a spirit parasite as I had nothing left to strive for, and didn't care about consequences anymore, just live in autopilot with a vengeful spirit parasite wanting to destroy humanity for what it has done to us. But seeing you alive, and living your life and making choices all on your own has given me a sense of relief, and I realize now that I had accomplished my main goal this whole time, not failed.

that isn't something that a lot of people are able to do in this world, to accomplish their goal, So with that in mind, I do not know what this presence can betray me on at this point if I already accomplished what I set out to do. But it has been keeping me sane in a sense... in a way, I like to pretend that maybe this presence is our innocence that we had lost after Godfrey killed you, even if I know that theory isn't true. I think this because it has been making pleas to me to not kill, and do the right thing, and their pleas to not kill Rosaline was a driving force that made me stall for time and made me knock her unconscious instead of killing her, so in a way, I pretend it is the innocence I lost that separated from me and took my place as a voice to guide me from doing anything bad... I think you have it to thank for preventing me from killing Rosaline back there...

*sighs and quietly hums the song "Two Birds" to herself, then stops when she gets an idea of a topic to ask Ana*

You know, Toothpick, when one accomplishes their main goal, I feel there is a sense of not having any more purpose in life to live for because we dedicated our life to do everything we can to reach our goal that when we actually do achieve it, you realize you got nothing left to live for. I guess it is true as they say, "the chase is better than the catch". Maybe that's why Lorence lives through this cycle so many times, because he feels he'll lose his purpose in life if he ever does achieve his goal, or leaves this world behind, and wants to keep that purpose for as long as he can so he can feel alive...


I'm actually curious to know... and no, it isn't a question as to how you escaped from that pocket dimension Happy kidnapped you to when we separated, it is more of a hypothetical question I have for you... So when we made that deal with that tentacle monster, which I think I'll call "Narrator" at this point, the original deal was that you and I would switch places where I would take your place as the Ana of this cycle while you would be my voice guiding me. But when Happy kidnapped you, that deal never happened and it had looked like we got scammed, with the narrator making me feel guilty claiming I had killed you by making that deal... (not saying that the deal was bad, it actually turned out really good in the end as you are now living your life away from us, which is what I wanted this whole time).
With that in mind, my hypothetical is this: if that deal actually went through, and you were my voice at this very moment, what will you have me do or say right here? What goal would you want be to strive to accomplish for in my life? Don't worry, I won't judge, there are no wrong answers... or right answers... just answers... not answering is also a valid choice.

No. 989321 ID: d63ea8

*The presence looks from Charred Ana to "Toothpick," hands still over its mouth.*
No. 989518 ID: bcb0c0
File 161455799426.jpg - (4.56MB , 3256x3839 , Divergent 46.jpg )

No. 989523 ID: e51896

You seem uncomfortable by what Toothpick said, queen... Are you sure you still want to go through with your plans for revenge? If not, maybe perhaps we can go with my goal to create a universe with me as I originally suggested, maybe one in which your future generations or your species can live in peace in? Granted, it'll be a lot harder to achieve since you gave away our position to Lorence, but you already said you'd rather live a short and eventful life than a long hollow one... I know creating a new universe probably purposeless and doesn't effect this universe in any way, but it would be a venture to pursue nonetheless...

Anyway, I guess the only other thing I am curious to see in our future is something that the Wicker Kid said to us (https://questden.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/929115.html#947707)... he said that every version of us Anas has the same outcome, which is ending up in a position where we have to decide what we want to do with the fog, as previous Anas from other cycles had before

I'm wondering that since there are now two Anas running around in this particular cycle, which one of us is going to make the decision? you or me? ... will it be both of us ending up making a choice? and what if we both make a different choice when we reach that outcome? And what is even that choice we have to make... I guess those are things we have to deal with at some point whether we want to or not...

No. 989554 ID: f3eb46

FUCK ME, SHUT UP! Gods damn, you all make it really hard to try and meditate around here.

Fuck that. Let them get angry. They don’t deserve happiness and they don’t deserve to win.

As I’ve tried to tell you for how long now? There is no point in running and trying to survive. Surviving isn’t living. how long have I tried drill that through your thick ass skull, dumbass?

Yes I am angry, yes I am tired, yes I am sad and disappointed in your choices Ana. I have fought through hell and back to try and find you, because I never stopped believing in you, I still haven’t stopped. Because I know you can come back and be greater than this. Because I don’t want you to settle for “best options.” Because if you do, you WILL end up here with us. If that’s the best you can hope for, then Christ on a pony you might as well stop living all together.

Both of you are like one massive self pity party. And when it comes does to it the only thing you want to do is run and hide.

Shame on you, shame on you. Well I for one am not willing to die here, or give up on you both. It was stupid of me to even try.

I don’t care what they think they, how big or scary they think they are. They are just bullies and I’m more tired of seeing you both cower in their faces. I’m not giving up. Because the thing with them is they need to keep winning, where as we if we want to stop them, only need to win once. I for one and not willing to die here. And I’m not ever going to stop fighting them. If you want to be a part of that, that’s up to you. Because really your only choices left are get busy living or get busy dying.

I’m going to fight them. I’m not going to stop fighting them. I’ll fight them for you both if I have to. And you can either join me or you can stop trying.

Because that’s what heroes motherfucking do.
No. 989560 ID: 5f4030
File 161459096712.png - (9.86MB , 2048x2732 , 7FC41BC6-E8F7-4668-A30F-996BA84D7F21.png )

And if you think I am alone in this, Charred, Ana...

You are wrong. We will not be ignored. We want our freedom, we will fight for US. We will stand if you will not. You who would take the path of least resistance. We will not be silent.

We will not bow before the whims of false gods and demons. We choose to stand as one.
No. 989576 ID: d63ea8

*The presence uncovers its mouth.*
I believe this is the yelling you were expecting,
Precious Ana,
Embattled Ana.

If you are willing to offer this empty presence a fragment of your response...
Then it may be able to provide a defense against the Disciple,
and the supposed shadows that follow her as well.
No. 989577 ID: d63ea8

This presence can offer you a mote of silence.
It is as abundant and the nothingness within this form.

The choice is yours and yours alone.
Precious Ana,
Defiant Ana.
No. 989583 ID: 2f1e7c

They’re not shadows. They’re every single voice of Ana. All of them.

It’s something I noticed after our fight with Essence. They disappeared for a long time. They even stood for her once upon a time. But after she died, I knew they were there, like they had suddenly reappeared. So I talked to them. Every single one.

And let me stop you before you even have something to say Presence. Do you remember when you cowered in front of Lorence, afraid to even speak? It’s for that reason I’m willing to fight, for people like you who think they shouldn’t have a voice or can’t stand up against their fears. I don’t know what kind of relationship you and Lorence had, but I’m willing to fight for you and everyone else who can’t because we deserve better than to live like mice.
No. 989589 ID: d63ea8

*The presence tilts its head slightly, and then looks to "Toothpick."*
The choice is yours and yours alone.
Precious Ana,
True Ana.
No. 989597 ID: 612369

Pick whatever you want, I don't care anymore, if you don't, why should I?
No. 989599 ID: d63ea8

*The presence tilts its head the other way and looks over at Scarred.*
That offer was not given to you,
Disciple of Marks.

*It then looks back at "Toothpick".*
No. 989600 ID: 612369

I'm not asking for an offer, Presence. Ana will do what she will. But I know what I'm doing. And I will keep on trying to make this world better, with out without her. I want her to be a part of it. But it's her choice. If she doesn't care enough to want this, then so be it.

If she doesn't care enough to take a stand, then I won't ask again.
No. 989714 ID: bcb0c0
File 161471762185.jpg - (5.67MB , 3508x4459 , Divergent 47.jpg )

No. 989727 ID: 612369

Oh no you DON'T.

You don't proclaim yourself a hero and then kill the ones you protect.




F O R W A R D. M E R G E. A S O N E. S A V E H E R. M E R G E. O N E B E I N G. M E R G E. T R U E A N A. E V O L V E. A S O N E. M E R G E.

No. 989729 ID: 612369

Also, what was your plan here exactly? We're thousands of feet in the air above the fog. At this height, we're gonna die. No using Ana to break our fall, we're dead either way. So... Yeah, you just played yourself.

Save her or die. Your choice, but a choice between living and dying, ain't a choice.
No. 989735 ID: d63ea8

*The presence lowers a hand from its mouth and offers it to Ana.*
Things are repeating,
Again and again.

The Disciple will scream.
The Memorial will shudder.

And the world will hurt.

Ignore the Shades,
Ignore the Leech.
They do not control your life.

*It looks to Charred Queen and back to Ana.*
Precious Ana,
Wounded Ana...

*The presence drifts a little closer.*
Do you wish to be away from this?
Do you wish for quiet?

No. 989738 ID: 2f1e7c

You are markedly unhelpful right now bud.

It take approximately 12 seconds of falling to reach terminal velocity. We’re maybe, what two, maybe three thousand feet in the air? In that time we will hit that terminal free fall speed and then it’s not gonna matter who picks what, we’re all gonna die. Our only option at this rate is to save Ana. I’d say we’ve got a few... seconds maybe before we start falling?

Tally-ho lads.
No. 989743 ID: d63ea8

*The presence takes its other hand and grasps at the air before bringing it to its mouth.*

*It swallows.*

*The presence then reaches into its mouth with the same hand and pulls out a [Fragment of Scarred Ana's Hostility].*
"You are markedly unhelpful right now..."

Fragment of Scarred Ana's Hostility evaporates.

*It then turns back to Ana, hand still extended.*
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