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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 991754 ID: 612369

You know who I am...?

Well, alright then Puppetmaster. I'll be watching for you as well then. You can talk a big game, but something people like you, and Essence forget, when you stare into the abyss, the abyss looks into you. You may think you're watching us the voice in the shadows. No, in the shadows and in the dark, I'll be coming for you.

*floats back down*

Well, I just got a glimpse of what that thing was.

It knew me...

As for you queen, I said some very harsh words, but given the circumstances I am willing to take back some of what I said. But if I decide to save you here, I need to know one thing. Did you believe the words it said and were you acting on your own accord? Or were you just pulled like a puppet? Be mindful, your life very well could hang in this balance.
No. 991762 ID: d63ea8

*The presence removes its hands again.*
It appears your idea has worked,
Memorial of Pain.
This near-defeat has been pushed back to a stalemate.
But more must be done...

Disciple of Marks,
Memorial of Pain,
Please offer me a mote of resolve,
So this pitiable presence might offer aid.


*The presence drifts closer to Ana.*

Precious Ana,
Resilient Ana.

Please offer an empty presence...
A faint taste of that great sadness...
You held only a moment before...
As I might put it to great use.
No. 991817 ID: 612369

*Scarred thinks for something to give Echo of Voice and then says...*

“Stand like a beaten anvil, when thy dream
Is laid upon thee, golden from the fire.
Flinch not, though heavily through that furnace-gleam
The black forge-hammers fall on thy desire.

Demoniac giants round thee seem to loom.
'Tis but the world-smiths heaving to and fro.
Stand like a beaten anvil. Take the doom
Their ponderous weapons deal thee, blow on blow.

Needful to truth as dew-fall to the flower
Is this wild wrath and this implacable scorn.
For every pang, new beauty, and new power,
Burning blood-red shall on thy heart be born.

Stand like a beaten anvil. Let earth's wrong
Beat on that iron and ring back in song.”
No. 992121 ID: e51896

Alright, Ana. I heard your inner thoughts, I know what you want, and I will help your desires to the best of my abilities.

Queen, you and Ana have a lot in common with each other. Both of you have the entire world against you wanting you both dead, both of you have strong amount of resilience and resolve, and both of you have the same arch nemesis: Happy.

However, the only difference between you two is that Ana has trust in her friends, and her friends trust her, whether it be us voices, or someone like Rosaline. Meanwhile, you turn people away refusing to make friends or listen to the advice of someone you merged with or ignoring the goals they want to achieve, even going as far as to hurt someone I cared deeply about. Because of your treatment towards others such as I, they will be less likely to trust you, and leave you.

In a way, you remind me of Null. Null wanted to jump head first into things to gain power and kill as much of his enemies as he could while not listening to the wants of his partner Demoria. Demoria wanted Null to be more patient and gradually gain power slowly but surly in the shadows. Null however went out guns blazing, not giving any thoughts to his well being, and Demoria's wants, and well... now he is a puddle, just like how your body is going back to the way it was before we merged...

But... after listening to Ana's thoughts, she has great empathy for you and your current condition, and while I must disagree with her decision especially after what you did to me, Ana is willing to take my place and merge with you to become one...

However, she has one simple stipulation: after you had betrayed her by attacking her the way you did after she revealed her secret to you, she wants to see what you can do to show that you are trustworthy. Because if you are not trustworthy, your partnership with Ana is not going to work, and you'll end up in the same relationship you had with me to the point where your body is trying to tear itself apart. So if you want to save your body by merging with Ana, It is important that you need to FIRST remove the flower from inside you, and toss it over to Ana. This will show that you are willing to actually listen to her wants, while at the same time, she will do her best to fulfill your wants as well in return. Only after you toss the flower to Ana will she fuse with you.

And just so you know, Ana actually wanted to die before she became Mr. Toohpick, which is why I switched with Ana in the first place, so that she may be in peace as a soul while I continued on in her place. If you don't give her the flower, she will not mind and it will not be a big deal to her, and she will just pass on. But you on the other hand, I know you want to continue living with all your heart. If life is what you desire, please toss Ana the heart. Only once she receives it, only then she will grab your hand, and merge with you.
No. 992146 ID: d63ea8

Fruits of the forge,
And delights of forbidden words.

The fleeting idea falls through,
Like water through a sieve.

Yet the foundations of a new path,
Now catches in the wire...
No. 992147 ID: d63ea8

*The presence clenches its hands into fist before stepping away from Ana.*
It has been said again and again that this leech is not to be trusted.
You have the strength to stand up on your own two feat!
Precious Ana,
Empowered Ana.

Despite all of the previous attacks,
You would still offer mercy to this thing?!

*It whirls around to face Fortune Ana.*

And you!
Seeker of Truth,
You beyond all should recognize how this pattern has failed,
And will fail again.

Even renewed with new power this filled presence will...
...Stand by...

*The presence turns to Charred Queen.*

It cannot fight against the wishes of the Seeker,
Or the will of Ana.
Precious Ana,
Kind Ana.

This presence would sooner see you smeared across the pavement,
This form has no heart...
Yet Ana does.
Precious Ana,
Merciful Ana.

Return that flower,
And she will save you.
No. 992296 ID: f626ab
File 161628498063.jpg - (2.60MB , 3371x2488 , Divergent 55.jpg )

No. 992303 ID: e51896

She still has my body, the body of an Ana...

Ana, Instead of just smashing her with the rock, can you do me a favor and just burn her with your magic until she is a pile of ash instead? and then keep her ashes somewhere safe with you? I know you don't plan on making a new universe, and I won't force you, but you do plan on living a long life, for hundreds of years. Perhaps at some point, your goals may change and you may want to create a new world. Life is full of possibilities and people change after all. It would be a new world with new life from the body of this creature, a noble sacrifice.

Queen, your life you'll give will give birth to new life. It was what you wanted when you wanted to make offsprings after all. Maybe as a consolation, this is what Ana may do one day. You will be a part of something far grander than you could imagine.
No. 992448 ID: 5f4030

Tsk tsk.

Giving up so soon are you? Look fortune, this goal is something we should shoot for. It is, I think if anything it’s probably a more heroic act. But the problem with what you just suggested, is now we have to kill another person to make it happen. So, I don’t get it, in fact I forget but doesn’t someone already have some Ana ash somewhere? It seems like this idea is like some wild goose chase we’re trying to go on, so far we haven’t seen a feather of that goose. At this point, I can’t help but wonder is it really worth it? I don’t think killing her and by extension, you, is really worth it. But... hmm.

I wonder. Fortune? Ana? I have a hypothesis, I don’t know if it would work, but, perhaps. Fortune you more or less separated yourself from the body, but is it possible you or I could rejoin? If all of together merged as one with the Queen acting as the catalyst... You know what it reminds me of? How apt, Mr. Triumphant and Daro. Queen would act as the binding agent, we could each take turns switching in and out based on who is needed. I may be pulling at strings but I think it could be something worth trying. Just maybe.

Ultimately I am against killing Queen... The greatest thing a hero can give is redemption.
No. 992463 ID: e51896

Mad creator was going to give alternate timeline Ana's ashes to the dimensional tribunal as evidence. I far as I'm concerned, it is impossible to retrieve.

I'm sorry, I really want to spare her, and you might think me weak for thinking this and won't be something you'd want to hear but, there is just so many moments where we tried to save or spare people because we felt sorry for them, and we were backstabbed immediately afterwards, and I have so much trouble trusting this queen because of it. I fear it'll just be like the fbi agent, Rosaline, Mad World Painting or Robert if we decide to trust and spare the queen, they all backstabbed as soon as we tried being nice to them or showed mercy, and the queen is just going to go out and kill innocent lives again in order to get stronger to fulfill her wishes to get revenge against Lorence and Happy. And I don't want to be a part of that. I've come to accept that sometimes, there are lives that are just not worth saving, as they can still be far too dangerous to keep alive. I'm just tired of being fooled over and over again into saving someone that will go on to hurt us and others again with empty promises that they'll help us or be better. And how do we know for sure if we both merge with the queen that her motivation won't pick right back up and she won't try to hurt Ana again, or kill innocent lives again?

after all, you yourself killed Essence... you must have understood that she is someone that is too dangerous to keep alive, to dangerous to see as redeemable. I see the queen in the same light, she is no different, you've seen how psychopathic she was towards others and how very little interest she has towards our goals, or the people living in this world, only her own motivations to get revenge by any means necessary, even killing innocent lives to get stronger to achieve it. She is far too risky to keep alive. I even tried to get her to talk things out when we first met her near the ash tree, and she just wanted none of that and attacked us first.

As a warrior, you must personally understand this. The enemy soldiers you killed in your past life to bring peace to your timeline, they're normal people all who had families, loved ones, lives of their own, just like you. They probably pleaded deep inside that they would not get killed when they face you, But you needed to take their lives anyway in the battles you fought because they were going against what you were fighting for. That is the sad nature of what war is about. The queen is just like that, an enemy that shouldn't be saved despite her grieving and promises that she'll try to change. I'm not giving up, I'm not proud of wanting to kill her, and the guilt is going to eat me up if we kill her, but I just know that some lives are just far too dangerous to keep alive. If we spare her, I just know more innocent lives will be lost, but if we put her out of her misery, we'll save more lives. I'm trying to think realistic about this, and sometimes the truth of it hurts really badly.

I'm sorry for thinking this, but that is just where I stand. I believe it is up to the presence to break the tie. I know the greatest thing a hero can give is redemption, but there are such a thing as people being irredeemable. A hero sparing someone could cause more people to die in the hands of the person they spared, causing the weight of responsibilities of the lives lost to fall on the hero who saved that person.
No. 992490 ID: 5b7263

Aye, I did kill Essence. And I still regret it. I don’t want that for you.

I’ve only seen a few people that I would count as irredeemable, I will admit, Essence was one of them, mad world the other. But Robert, no, him I have doubts about, and he’s still more or less lost in the woods. I don’t know what his plan was, but something else I’ve noticed. Each time those people have backstabbed us. It’s almost immediately backfired. Robert is lost and alone, Mad World is locked away, Essence is dead. Maybe its justice and karma working their magic. So what will that mean for you?

As for me, If I was forced to kill them, so be it. But I’d rather be the person who takes the high road. I never delighted in what I had to do. This isn’t unlike those times, I’ll admit it.

But I have one question, and it’s something I’m thinking about too.

What if one of us is wrong?
No. 992525 ID: d63ea8

These fortifying sentiments seem to have done their work.
But there is more that needs to be addressed...

You may be on the right track,
Disciple of Marks,
But the thoughts might flow in the other direction.

There is a force behind the scenes,
The striped beast has shown itself,
And is acting from the wings...

Its actions aren't to karmically correct these betrays,
But to cause them.

It did so with the leech easily enough,
Perhaps it has done so previously.

Either way,
The leech is dangerous.
Too dangerous.

Listen to the Seeker of Truth,
Have the leech roasted and it's form contained.
If the leech can be taught to create and nurture,
Rather than steal and destroy,
Then that would be a path to redemption.

But know this...
If this scene were reversed,
The leech would have no reservations of 'good' and 'justice'.

Even now it changes shape to be more pitiable.
The predatory instinct of false tears,
Biding time,
Waiting for the perfect moment of weakness to reassert control.

The risk is too great.
No. 992533 ID: 5b7263

Okay... Okay I see you. I get you.

Counter offer. Let’s go down that path.

*jumps in and merges with Queen.*
No. 992645 ID: f626ab
File 161645963553.jpg - (4.00MB , 3508x3931 , Divergent 56.jpg )

No. 992646 ID: 612369

*Scars appear and right eye changes, and she gives a deep inhale*

Ooooh man. *Stretches neck from side to side, flexes and stretches* Is it good to be back in the saddle. Mind if I take the reigns for a bit? I feel a little atrophied, gotta make sure i'm still in fighting shape.

To answer your question, Ana. I am on your side, always have been. But sometimes, we gotta step up and be better for others too, not just ourselves.

*looks over at Rosaline*

Oh, you're still here huh? Well, neat, I guess. Glad to see Queen spared you. She did the right thing.
No. 992678 ID: 612369

*starts head bobbing and humming this*
No. 993544 ID: e51896

and well, I can't complain, I switched bodies with Ana going against what Scarred wanted... I guess Scarred saving the queen without our okay makes us even now.

First, I think you should put on your toothpick mask... and your other toothpick mask before doing anything else.

But wait, Rosaline called you Ana even though you are wearing a mask and not able to see your face... Ana, did you let Rosaline know before we ran into you your true identity at some point?

And Scarred, I want you to know this: while it is a good trait to forgive and give people second chances, it is also possible to be too forgiving. I fear someday, we may come across somebody who will take advantage of us giving people second chances, and use that to backstab us when we're most vulnerable. There are some people out there who are irredeemable sadly...

Ana, you've been doing very good for yourself without our advice, so I really don't have to tell you what to do in this situation.

but if your really want to know what I would do, well, I've been betrayed so many times in this journey that it is very hard for me to trust others anymore. and as far as the queen goes, when someone betrays another's trust, it is very difficult to win it back.

But seeing as she isn't willing to attack again when she could have, and since Scarred is with her to keep her in place... hmmm... I think the best step in the right direction for her to redeem herself is for now instead of killing her, we'll simply imprison her until Lorence gets back, and make a deal with Lorence up on his offer to help him. I know he has given that offer to have the queen join, so perhaps it is best to wait until he comes back and make the offer final.

Scarred, I know you heavily hate the idea of being imprisoned and eventually joining Lorence and want to do everything you can to fight against the cult, but I believe that there are other ways in fighting against their corruption instead of violently fighting against them as a warrior, such as trying to bring out the good in the members, and negate the corruption from within the people that is causing them to do the vile things they do. And I know that there are some people that won't be able to become better people, like Delilah for example, but I think if we change enough people's ways, the good in the people we bring out will outweigh the bad in the others.

Remember, I was once a member of the acolytes before I became a voice in my past life, and I was able to influence people's morals to become better people and not total assholes.

And not only that, it seems like there are bigger threats we need to deal with besides the cult, like Happy for example, who seems to not only been messing with us, but messing with Lorence as well. And you know what they say, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

We've done things your way for a very long time during this journey, maybe this time, we can try doing things my way?
No. 993550 ID: f3eb46

*continues stretching and swings her leg up*
You know ironically I’m not actually opposed to that idea. The way I see things it looks as though the blind will are gonna be showing up soon too as well as Happy, who by the way, might have been the one controlling Queen through the gross finger string. So that’s fine with me, and it gives me an idea of what to do with what we’ve got going for us.

And no offense to you guys Rosaliné, but without Root as the figurehead I see the problems you guys are having with this power struggle. You are in the midst of what looks to be infighting. Hell I’d bet you a million buck there’s a few your ranks who don’t want Root back, Delilah actually being one of them. Let’s be real here, the woman’s a sociopath, and the definition of “born bad.” Plus, I know a few people within your group that were once part of mine, so we can get a good group going again without Lorence.

So I had an idea not entirely unlike yours Fortune, I say we become “Mr. Toothpicks” bodyguard. Maybe get a nickname for us too “Mrs. Scars” or something. I just have a couple conditions.
1. I cannot and will not work with Lorence, can’t stand him, can’t trust him.
2. Ana’s safety comes first.
3. We always try to the right thing as we can.
No. 993551 ID: e51896

Just remember that Rosaline trusts Lorence with all her heart, especially since he helped her immensely
No. 993562 ID: 2783c4

By the way Rosaliné, I’ll be honest here, I’m not super thrilled about working with you too given some of the things I’ve learned about you. But it’s enough I can have a working relationship with you. But before you say anything about why I can’t work with Lorence, here’s why. One we saved his ass a long time ago, and helped him when he met Root. But the man is also mentally wound too tight and can have violent outbursts if that careful system he’s got in his own head starts to come unloose. Plus, I don’t support murderers, and he let Delilah kill a woman in cold blood in front of us. The man is scum and I refuse to work with him or take orders from him.
No. 993571 ID: 2783c4

Well... maybe “scum” is too strong a word. I know you value his leadership highly. But let me ask you this, if he had a choice between saving your life or accomplishing his own agenda, and fulfilling his status quo, which do you honestly, in your heart of hearts believe he would take?
No. 993649 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shudders, but then steadies itself.*
Warnings offered.
Warnings ignored.

Your resolve is without limits,
Disciple of Marks.

This presence will watch at a distance.
Overconfidence begets thoughtlessness.
What has happened will happen again

Your choice was-
Fragment of Fortune Ana's Deception dissolves.

You pursue your desires regardless of risk,
Disciple of Marks.

It will be another betrayal waiting to occur.

But your resilience still holds strong.
No. 993650 ID: 5f4030

You’re being a massive downer right now my friend.

The good news is I have you two with me. I won’t lie, Fortune you are better at thinking through things than I am, and you excel at out of the box thinking. But that also can biggest come across as your greatest flaw. Sometimes your logic and reason comes across more like apathy.

Where I as I am passionate, and try to see the good in everyone as I can, I’m also impulsive and idealistic where I should be realistic. Sometimes I do rush into things and end up paying for them.

But the point I’m making is this Echo, if we want to avoid this mistakes, be a hero, keep Ana alive, then the solution is pretty much this, we need to do better.
No. 993654 ID: d63ea8

This form holds what is given to it.

Otherwise there is nothing.

This filled presence merely notes,
What is,
And what was.

If a resolute spirit is the solution,
So be it.

Just know this,
Disciple of Marks.
Not all are able to share in the fortitude you hold.
Lest you expect your followers to be mirrors,
And not individuals.
No. 993690 ID: f626ab
File 161703907757.jpg - (3.82MB , 3508x4429 , Divergent 57.jpg )

No. 993698 ID: 612369

Fuck that, no. I refuse to accept that.
No. 993748 ID: 612369

Also, why wouldn't Scarred try to defend herself. As soon as she realizes Ana is trying to kill her she wouldn't just take it. Bad writing, and a bad twist. Do better.
No. 993780 ID: d63ea8

Not all wounds heal,
Not all are able to stand tall.
Some bend.
Some fracture.

These cracks were too great to bear.
Fragment of Scarred Ana's Resilience dissolves.
No. 993781 ID: d63ea8

And the bonds break.

There is nothing left.

Precious Ana,
Severed Ana.
The Seeker sees worth in the ashes.

*The presence nods towards Rosaline.*
Perhaps have this accomplice might collect it in your stead.

*It looks back at Ana.*
It seems that you wish to diverge from this path.

If that is your wish,
Precious Ana,
Singular Ana,
Then this empty presence will offer compliance.
No. 993784 ID: e51896

*was going to ask Ana to keep the ashes, but decides not to say anything to her as she feels Ana doesn't want to talk to or hear her. Decides to leave Ana alone to her own future*
No. 993789 ID: 2783c4

*looks for the strings controlling Ana.*
No. 993841 ID: f626ab
File 161713159616.jpg - (3.57MB , 3508x3762 , Divergent 58.jpg )

No. 993844 ID: 612369

*deep breath, and slowly beginning to heal the wounds*
Damn bitch, you know you didn't have to hit that hard. Or you could have at least given me some forewarning. Also, please pay attention to what I said. I specifically said I couldn't work with Lorence. I hate the man yeah, but if this body is infected with something well that kinda throws a monkey wrench in that whole thing doesn't it? I'm not gonna kill him. As for the infection itself, I can stem some of it off but I can't get rid of it entirely.

To be honest Ana, I don't really have any master plan beyond ensure you and I both live. I guess if I actually had one its try to END the cycles themselves and find a way to move on. I mean, being realistic here, if you die well then you just join us in bumfuck nowhere as a voice trapped in this limbo. Do not pass go do not collect two-hundred dollars. Would it be nice to get even with everyone? Yeah sure, but it's not gonna help anything beyond my own feelings of satisfaction. And even then, it wouldn't really be that satisfying. So yeah, my plans really haven't changed that much.
No. 993860 ID: 612369

Only question I have for you, is do you have a spare mask? I don't really think Lorence or anyone seeing it would really appreciate seeing me.
No. 994612 ID: d63ea8

*The presence drifts further away.*
So it was a farce...
The leech will still be dangerous.

Disciple of Marks,
If you freely admit to having no plan,
Then perhaps it is your place to currently listen.
Precious Ana,
Independent Ana,
Has survived,
And even thrived without guidance.
Was is it that she wishes to do?
No. 994614 ID: e51896

Hey, Scarred? Can I ask of you to support Ana's decision in what she wants to do with her life, and not try to get her to live the life you once lived, even if it means letting her work with Lorence if she wants?

For a long time, I felt that we were pushing Ana to do things she doesn't want to do and instead trying to force her to go down a path we want her to go down... but then I think about Essence, and how she forced us to go down paths we didn't want because we thought it was the wrong path. That feeling we felt of having no control and bowing to Essence's will, that was how Ana must have felt when we kept limiting her options... and it guilts me deeply. That was why I switched bodies with Ana, because even though I thought it was the wrong decision, and even though I deeply did not want to switch bodies with her, I knew that she needed control over her life, and I couldn't keep forcing her into doing things I wanted. When you told Dervan you didn't want Ana to go with her, it broke my heart seeing Ana lose all hope after she was rejected by Dervan as a result... it was there I realize our actions were mirroring Essence and I needed to really take action to give Ana control even if it meant switching bodies with her...

From this point forward, I want to no longer try to get her to work towards a life that we want her to live, but rather, I want to work towards helping and supporting her live a life that SHE want's to live.

Plus, I know there has to be some good within Lorence that we are not seeing. Nobody can be that evil... I've worked with him from time to time before in my past life after all.

Overall, I just want to support Ana in any decisions and goals she wants to make, even if it means sacrificing my own goals in creating a new universe... Scarred, I really just want to save you or myself from becoming like Essence and avoid making Ana think her way of living, or her choices are wrong... I want to encourage Ana to make her own decisions.
No. 994621 ID: 5f4030

That’s pretty much all I can do at this point really. You know I can’t approve of her ever working for Lorence, but whatever she does decide to do my main goals are really these. Make sure she lives so she gets a chance to make those choices herself, find a way to break the cycles.

And... There is one person who I’d like to see again. If only to give him the goodbye I never got to say.
No. 994830 ID: f626ab
File 161758399114.jpg - (4.59MB , 3508x3835 , Divergent 59.jpg )

No. 994843 ID: e51896

No thanks on the offer.
No. 994925 ID: 5f4030

Inner thoughts: Stay calm. Stay calm. They are just a messenger for their boss... the boss who killed my son and will try to corrupt Logan. Stay calm, you can’t afford to go berserk right now. Think of everyone else here, think of what you need to do for Ana and everyone else here. Stay calm, deep breaths.

No thanks.
No. 995005 ID: d63ea8

Of course,
If that word is not to your liking,
Then this empty presence will dissolve it.
________ Ana,
Cognizant Ana.

*The presence floats behind Ana.*

Another parasite approaches,
But this one hides its nature.
This one feeds upon thought,
Rather than flesh.

The leech will be made into a spy for it,
Not you.

Carefully watch where the dripping ichor falls.

*The presence then drifts away and looks at Beverly's hands.*
No. 995088 ID: f626ab
File 161775582560.jpg - (2.29MB , 3508x2192 , Divergent 60.jpg )

No. 995133 ID: e51896

I wonder why they didn't say what the alternative would be in the first place. probably would have effected what we would have chosen somewhat... did they do that just to make us feel stupid and make fun of us? because that'd be rude.

Alright, Scarred, tell them something along the lines of this:

The reason why you didn't want to take their offer in the first place was because as a warrior who fought for Absolution in your past life, you did not want them, the Blind Will, to get in trouble with the Dimensional Tribunal and with Absolution Prime, or even get Absolution Prime in trouble.

Absolution Prime is working closely with the Dimensional Tribunal to make sure that this universe does not free Andrew Goodwill, and keep order within this universe. And since Absolution Prime and the Dimensional Tribunal is working with each other, one of the things that the Dimensional Triubunal does not want is Spirit Parasites being associated with anyone as they can be more dangerous than anyone can realize, with the risk of infecting the entire universe, and move on to other universes.

If you all, as the Blind Will, decide to enslave a Spirit Parasite, or even take an arm that was infected by a spirit parasite, either Absolution Prime is going to get angry at you, or the Dimensional Tribunal is going to get angry at your god Absolution Prime. All that being said, take the arm at your own risk. I don't want your group getting in trouble.

(Even if you lose the arm, don't worry, there are ways of getting a new one. But we prefer not to lose this one. Stay strong, Queen, and Scarred.)
No. 995134 ID: a99561

Inner thoughts: I’ll try it your way first, then if they insist then I make no promises I won’t hurt them. And given the circumstances I don’t think I’ll want to be merciful.

*shakes head to reveal marking on right eye*

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. This is my first warning. Taking my arm means affiliating yourself with the spirit parasites, a wanted and dangerous animal according to the dimensional tribunal. Taking my arm means possibly drawing more attention to Absolution which I know he wants to avoid. As someone who has fought for him as you can see by my marking, I advise you to simply walk away. It might make him more angry and paranoid, or draw in further unwanted attention. If you persist, then my second warning...

*deep inhale and flexes and she pulls herself from the nails and chest blades cut the ropes, she stares at the blind will through the healing holes in her hands*

If you try to take it by force I will defend myself.
Inner thoughts: please, try to take it by force.

*readies a fighting stance*
No. 995231 ID: d63ea8

*The presence remains silent and carefully watches the ichor dripping from Beverly's hands.*
No. 995353 ID: 9d8674
File 161791539967.jpg - (1.18MB , 2644x2129 , Divergent 61.jpg )

I am not saying that it is impossible to get off the tree, but it will take more ingenuity to accomplish that goal other than simply flexing.

No. 995365 ID: 612369

*Scarred casts alter-self moulding her hands and feet so they slip through the hails and cuts through the ropes, similar to how she changed her appearance, her hands morph so they split and close, escaping the nails*

Whatever message you have, as long as its nothing physical or that I would interpret as an attack, fine.
No. 995413 ID: e51896

Something to note, it seems like Lorence and the Blind Will have a common hatred towards the Dimensional Tribunal.
No. 995543 ID: d63ea8

*The presence looks at the back of the tree that Scarred Queen is tied to.*
Something moves with great care...
No. 995874 ID: 9d8674
File 161827588339.jpg - (2.19MB , 3508x2008 , Divergent 62.jpg )

No. 995907 ID: e51896

There is a lot to consider with what our goals might be.

Honestly, I still feel compelled to just create a new universe with an Ana's ashes even if it is my own, not because I want to live in it, or rule it, but just out of morbid curiosity of what might happen if we do create one, especially if there is going to be some kind of final battle brewing. It just feels like a good idea to try now more than ever, That's just my main goal right now.

The other thing I can think of is that there are some cycles where the Blind Will uses Logan's body as a beacon to mind control everyone or something. It would be interesting to see what might happen if the queen were to infect Logan if he's in that state, but it is also very risky.

But really, I think what I really want to do is to help you try to accomplish whatever goal you are trying to accomplish, Ana. It seems you have a plan. You don't have to tell us what that plan is, and we don't have to directly help you like we've done before with telling you what to do, but if you'd want our help, maybe you can tell us what we can do to help you right now, Ana.

But whatever goal we choose, I think we were told that every Ana in each cycle always has to end up with figuring out what to do with the fog for some reason... though this time around, there are two Anas that will be figuring out what to do with the fog: you, and Scarred with the parasite queen. Would be interesting to see what happens in that scenario once we reach that bridge.

But for our next move, I don't know, I guess we'll let ourselves be captured by you, then wait for Lorence, and play things by ear at that point.


By the way... the whole tying us up, and the Blind Will showing up... Did you knew that would happen, Ana? I can't help but feel this was set up for the Blind Will to make that offer, or force us to give them an offering, especially since they seemed to refer to you as Ana instead of Mr. Toothpick...
Not that I'm upset, or mad or anything if you did set that up, nor do I feel betrayed, Ana. You have your own reasons, and I'm just curious
No. 995909 ID: e66f29

(Scarred uses lay on hands healing herself for 10 out of 50 points, her hands and feet close and her wounds heal)

Only thing I have planned is pretty much this, protect you, protect myself, say goodbye to Logan one last time if I can. Speaking of which I’d rather not infect the man who was my husband and I definitely want to prevent that from happening. So I guess maybe it might be an idea to see if I can swing him around to us. Maybe see if I can get my old crew together and find a way to break this damn cycle. These are all just hypotheticals at the moment, my primary objectives haven’t changed.

Also no offense Fortune, but that’s pretty grim. If your gonna do something at least do it with a purpose beyond curiosity.
No. 996167 ID: 9f1e2b

Purpose? I dont really need one, but I guess it could be either to give spirit parasite a home for her species to thrive in, or make this new universe a refuge for people living in this universe to escape to, or maybe even use this new universe as a new universe to imprison Andrew in or something since this one is falling apart, and start a new cycle there, a universe more fit to handle the cycle since this universe and its Inhabitants clearly cant.

But mainly, i want to create a new universe to see if i can create something good out of a world so corrupt.
No. 996206 ID: 612369

That is something I can respect, but I also think we should try to fix what we can here should we not be able to do that.
No. 996273 ID: d63ea8

Disciple of Marks,
Seeker of Truth,
There is something missed...

Both hands bled more and more,
And were carefully hidden from view.

This is not a place to speak.
The ichor may still flow.

It may seek your wounds.

Take in the area around,
Then leave the ground.
It cannot fly.
No. 996477 ID: 9d8674
File 161857916912.jpg - (2.60MB , 2896x2848 , Divergent 63.jpg )

No. 996494 ID: e51896

I guess the reason why i want to create one was because the Mad Creator said it was possible to do so with the ashes of an Ana, and it seems like a accomplishment to achieve that will have very little interference with the Blind Will and Root's war. And if this will be the final battle, then this might be our only chance to create a new world


It seems like I'm the only person who wants to do that and people think I'm either weird or stupid to want to try to do that idea... I dont know, if everyone truly doesn't want me to do that, and is actively trying to persuade me not to then... *sigh* I'll give up on that dream. I just wish there was someone out there that can support my idea. I really just want to accomplish something in this world instead of being a screwup... and if I can't do that idea, them I really don't have a purpose here do I?

I mean, it isnt like my goal is going to interfere with what is going on between the blind will and Root, and not going to hurt anyone this time around, right?

If you truly see us as a liability or nuisances, Ana, then I suppose we wont join Lorence either and just become a lone wolf in this world, surviving all on our lonesome without friends to support us. That way, you wont have to worry about being associated with us if we had join the same team as yours, or worry about getting in our crossfire.

But I think the weird thing is that even though you no longer want to be associated with us, you're still keeping us tied up here instead of letting us go our seperate ways... im wondering, what is it do you want us to do now, Ana?
No. 996550 ID: ff3e5b

Well you dont have to answer. Our life probably isnt your concern. And vice versa.

Despite that, im curious, is that fire just for nostalgia sake for camping, or does that fire you continually burn have to do with the bodyguard Fire of Hate? I know she requires people to have a deep respect for flames, and doesn't like them being extinguished. Would it be safe to assume she is your bodyguard?

No, you dont need one with your immortality...


Is Fire of Hate... the girlfriend you mentioned having? If so... way to go, Ana! Woot!
No. 996555 ID: 91f0be

Inner thoughts: Eh, she can do better. I suspect if she is Fire of Hate just sees her as kindling.

That is where you and I differ, Fortune. She may not care about my life but I care about hers very much. And damn, I need to get back in the swing of my magic.
No. 996982 ID: d63ea8

*The presence creeps closer to the fire.*
________ Ana,
Thoughtful Ana.

The Disciple is incapable of inaction,
And now with a physical agent,
The Disciple will assert control over the surroundings.

She will haunt you like a specter,
For she is far too stubborn to leave.

The world contrives to keep you in the spotlight.
The strings of the striped beast show this.

But you are correct,
________ Ana,
Sentimental Ana.
There is value in remembering the little things.
Little happy things.
Little simple things.
Little anchors that keep one grounded.
And stop the winds of despair from ripping all joy away.

Cherish them.
Let none take them away.
No. 996986 ID: e51896

Sorry for jumping to conclusions. You dont have to tell us about your personal life, Ana. Jumping to conclusions got us into a lot of trouble.

I know what my goals are, and im not going to stop to achieve building a new world despite what people say, though not if the ends justify the means of course. You did tell me to do that after all before we seperated: believe in myself, no matter what others say otherwise, never stop believing in myself.
No. 996997 ID: f3eb46

Well I’m down to help you with that, it’s definitely a noble goal. You gonna help me protect Ana?
No. 996999 ID: e51896

Love to, though I'm not going to force myself back into her life if she does not want our help.
No. 997034 ID: 612369

Fair, my plan to protect her actually involves acting more like a shadow to her. Staying mostly out of her way, say nothing unless she has something to say to us, point out things she has missed if we can and only when appropriate. Basically fill in the roll that WC would have had. How does that sound?
No. 997065 ID: 47be15
File 161895562703.jpg - (3.86MB , 3508x3361 , Divergent 64.jpg )

No. 997070 ID: 8bbfaa

Inner thoughts: Gods, I just want to punch you. Ana you yourself come across as a spoiled child more than anything. No, that’s not fair, you’re someone who was given to much too fast and didn’t know what the fuck to do. Well, so be it. But man you irritate me.

Still working on it. I certainly don’t expect results right out of the gate, but I am willing to work on it.
No. 997077 ID: d63ea8

The leech is an enigma,
A living contradiction.

It wishes to feed on you,
But also wants to protect you.
It wants to support you,
But also take control.
It hurts you,
Yet says it loves you.

Your reaction is justified.
And correct.
________ Ana,
Puzzled Ana.

If you desire it,
This empty presence will offer silence,
In place of words.

And this presence will answer.

*The presence then steps back from Ana and places its hands over its mouth.*
No. 997564 ID: 761a72

Who’re you calling “leech,” Echoes?
No. 997629 ID: d63ea8

*The presence tilts its head to the side.*

*Removing one hand from its mouth the presence points at Charred Queen.*
No. 997903 ID: e51896

You asked what would I do to make my goal a reality , Ana? Well, I'm willing to sacrifice my own life for it. That is as far as I would go.

That is why I didn't fight back against Delilah when she shot me, much to Scarred's disagreement and why I asked to get cremated, because it was a way for me to get one of the ingredients needed to create a world according to the Mad Creator said: a Ana's ashes. After I would of become a voice again, I would of guided someone to find my ashes to collect and continue on to finding out how to use my ashes to create one.

but then Spirit Parasite showed up, and since I knew she wouldn't take no for an answer to live again, I instead saw this as a way to maybe try to find answers to creating a world while finding out where your dead body was after Happy tried to explode you so I may cremate it after we thought you exploded, or perhaps play a monster so that someone else could have burned me and collect my ashes that way...

But then you turned out to be alive much to my relief, and Scarred saved Spirit Parasite when she played the bad guy against you and you overcame her. And I know you, scarred, and spirit parasite all have a purpose in living, so I am now stuck at an impasse right now.

Of course, I'm still going to find out how to create a world, but getting the ashes will be much difficult. I'm not going to kill you or scarred to get it, especially since you've now found a purpose to live,
so I suppose the best thing to do would probably... Find a way to get back Dark Future Ana's ashes (the bringer of nightmares as she was called, the one Essence killed) that the mad creator gave it to the investigation team.

But... ugh, it's going to be so difficult to get that back since they're using it as evidence... I suppose I could find a way to contact Dervan and strike a deal with him to get it back to me since my soul is already damned in this cycle... but I know Scarred is really not going to like me asking Dervan to help me get the ashes back...

The other way would be to wait for either scarred, or you to die, Ana, but I'd rather you both live...

Yeah, overall, I'd sacrifice my life to make my goal to create a new world a reality...

In any case... Rosaline is awake. Guess we should talk to her... I can't because she can't hear me.
No. 997984 ID: 47be15
File 161955765122.jpg - (3.08MB , 3508x2548 , Divergent 65.jpg )

No. 998066 ID: 5f4030

*sad sigh*

Look, Toothpick, or Ana or whatever you wanna call yourself. I am disappointed in you, but more than that I’m disappointed in myself. Because what I see in you is someone settles for everything taking the path of least resistance.

Man, I get it, I really do. We all started the same way, working a shit job in some shitty corner store, dealing with finally breaking it off with a shitty boyfriend who got sent to jail for assault and battery because he was a roided out. I get it. What makes me sad about all this is that I am you. I am as much you and as Fortune is. All of shaped by our experiences. Hell you think I wanted to be a hero? Fuck no I didn’t. I wanted to run and hide. I wanted to just survive, but I had people who I trusted and depended on me. So that became my driving force to try and do better, to be better.

I tried to pass on that spark to you, but either I set the flame to be too bright, or you rejected it. It feels like both. I wanted you to be better than I was. I don’t care if you call yourself a hero or whatever, I wanted you do just not make the same mistakes I did. But I can only teach you what I know how to do. And it’s hard to teach when the student is unwilling to learn. I can’t even be angry at you over this. Well, I suppose I am bit more in the reactionary way.

I’m disappointed that it feels as though you are denying me the chance to do better for you, to at least do right by you. Maybe I don’t deserve one, but I’ll give you that choice. Or shit, if you wanna fight me on this, we can have it out and work through this however you want. Like I said, if you reject me, well then what else is there for me? I’ll help Fortune I guess but if that’s all I’m good for, then fuck it, I wish I hadn’t come back from my rest.

Heh. You know it’s funny, I just noticed one thing that seems to connect us all together in some weird and fucked up way. It seems we’re all destined to fail one some levels. The flock that could not work together. Well, I’m still willing to try if you’ll have me. Otherwise... I don’t really know.
No. 998264 ID: f3eb46

God damnit, I just... I’m trying to not get mad, I really am. But it’s hard, Ana. Because I just don’t understand. Why? We came so far together, I had such hope for you. I knew you were becoming something greater. Than I was, it was there, it as right there! You had it! But the moment we are separated, you lose all hope? You settle for second best? I don’t understand it, I can’t understand it. You could have been amazing. Hell, if I’m being honest I just took this body to save The Queen’s life because even I saw a hope of redemption in her, I still see it you. But you deny it, you deny us.

I don’t hate you. I love you. I want to see you grow and be better. It’s why this hurts so much. I know you will probably say you don’t want to hear it or just try to shut me up. But I’m trying, I’m trying real hard to convey how I feel to you Ana. Can you please understand me? I need you to listen. My place isn’t here in body, as much as I want it, and as much as I want a chance to to better, I know my time is still over. This is your time, and you can still come back, we can still be something better. We don’t have to settle for what this world is and how others define it. I want to make this world better. I don’t want to run, I don’t want to hide. And I want you to be a part of that world Ana. It was meant to be for you.

I’m sorry, but if this is what you choose, I can’t forgive you. I understand it, but I can’t accept it, I can’t forgive you for it. It hurts so much to say that, but I can’t forgive you if this is what you choose. But it’s still your choice.
No. 998267 ID: 5f4030

I guess. Look I only one thing left to say and then I’ll shut up. I know you can be better than I was. And in many ways, you already were better. I know you often compared yourself to me and Fortune, expecting ways that you failed us or couldn’t live up to our expectations. But damnit, you already had done more than I had. Everytime you were merciful and showed kindness to someone you were already doing better than I was. Despite everything, mercy was the one thing I tried to teach you the most about, because I had so little in my own life. A hero is just what someone is called when the word “murderer” isn’t good enough to describe them any more. Everytime you chose mercy, I could not have been prouder of you. Because that in of itself was defying the order of this world. I’m looking at an example of this right now. Rosaliné, had you decided to kill her back in the fight, you two wouldn’t be friends. If anything, I’m jealous of that. I don’t have any, at least not many I feel who would stick their necks out for me anymore. I just, I want you to know before you choose, that I already was so proud of you, because in my eyes you not only had potential to be better than me, you already were better. And that why this hurts so much.

Alright, that’s about all I have to say, I guess for what’s worth, I’m sorry I called you a failure earlier. That wasn’t fair.
No. 998521 ID: d63ea8

*The presence removes the hands from its mouth.*
A fitting question,
But one that is difficult to digest...

Such minor aches are worth your favor,
________ Ana,
Inquisitive Ana.

*The presence reaches a hand into the air, draws it to its mouth, then swallows.*

Such a burning question,
It sears the insides of this form.

*It then sits, legs curled up in front of it.*

Heat akin to a crucible...
This presence might prove too frail to contain it.

*The presence begins to shudder.*
No. 998522 ID: 612369

You alright?
No. 998525 ID: d63ea8

*The presence starts to shake more violently.*
No. 998527 ID: 612369

Uhh... shit. *takes a few steps back* I don't know if I have anything for this...
No. 998616 ID: d63ea8

*The presence's chest spasms and then its body grows still.*

The reaction is complete.
Now to sift through what remains.

No. 998617 ID: d63ea8

*The presence stands.*
The answer you seek has three faces,
________ Ana,
Patient Ana.

They layer over one another,
Akin to masks covering other masks.

The first is the Puppet Master,
One who watches from above the stage,
And pulls the strings of its playthings.
And you,
________ Ana,
Purposeful Ana,
Are the star of its show.

The mask beneath that is one of an Director,
Giving prompts,
Giving notes,
Giving aid.
It believes itself to be an ally,
And through its direction,
You will achieve your 'purpose.'
There are those nearby,
Who wish to control you much the same.

Beneath both of those,
There is the mask of the Fool.
For it is truly helping you,
By accident.
Providing you,
________ Ana,
Willful Ana,
With the necessary spirit.
You make your own choices.
Your defiance,
Against it,
And others,
Have molded you into what you are now.

One who watches,
One who endures,
And one who will engage things on her own terms.

But there might be...
A personal touch too...

You have met this individual,
Without their masks.
No. 998636 ID: 761a72

Implying we know who they are... Or have met them before, unaware they were Happy.

And seriously, are you okay? The answer was cool and all, but I’d rather not have you explode when asked difficult questions.
No. 998644 ID: d63ea8

This presence holds no pain,
If that is your concern,
Disciple of Marks.
No. 998965 ID: e51896

Scarred, I know how you are feeling. It is hard to lose a friend that we traveled so long with. But I do not want you to think you failed Ana or she failed you. In fact, I think we've accomplished something with Ana.

We helped her grow to make decisions on her own. When we began our journey with her, she couldn't decide for herself on what to do and would always rely on us for help. Towards the end of our journey with her, she began to be more vocal on what she wanted, and even started coming up with ideas on her own that we didnt think about to save herself, like that moment with that topless bird lady when she amputated her horn, or with that tentacle monster from earlier.

Really Scarred, I think Ana outgrew us and is ready to take on life all on her own.

And yes, she still had a lot of growing to do, but ot doesn't involve us. Her growth now is one of self growth, and I feel like we'd just interfere if we continued to tag along with her.

But I will say this, just because she foesnt want to join up with us does not mean she isnt a hero. She can still be one, just not the type of hero you'd want her to be. It depends on what Ana wants to do with her life. And personally, after seeing her actions recently, I know she eill go on to do great things without us, even if she doesnt realize it.

So yeah, just be proud of her accomplishments, let her live her life the way she wants it, and focus on helping spirit parasite this time. She needs your help more than Ana now. Use this opportunity to prove Ana wrong about how you'll be the death of Spirit Parasite by showing how much you've grown as a person from your experience traveling with Ana, by guiding spirit parasite. No guarantees, but that could be one way you can earn Ana's respect of you, by successfully guiding Spirit Paradite queen.
No. 998994 ID: 47be15
File 162023846274.jpg - (3.30MB , 3508x2667 , Divergent 66.jpg )

No. 998995 ID: 612369


I can work with this.
No. 998998 ID: d63ea8

Your words of praise are rich and rewarding.
This empty presence eats them eagerly,
And offers simple thanks in return.
________ Ana,
Kind Ana.
No. 999722 ID: 8517f3

I'll just say personally, the thing I want to do, start my own world, doesn't involve trying to confront anyone as much as I can, as I do not want to put a big target on us for everyone to shoot at, and keep as much attention away from us as possinle. sadly I personally can't feel too enthusiastic about trying to save this world, but if you are going to do this, then I'll do what I can to support, and wont stop Ana, parasite, or Scarred.

If I may, I want to suggest a few other things... for one, Scarred, I want you to support Ana on any decision she decides to make, and don't force her into doing anything she doesn't want to do or think of her as stupid, or dissapointing in whatever decision she decides to take. Towards the end of our journey with her previously, I felt disturbed that we were forcing her into doing things when she pleaded with us to want to do another thing with her life, like when she wanted to escape with Dervan previously and you wouldn't let her. It made me feel terrible, like we were acting like Essence when she forced us into paths we didn't want to take. This time around, if Ana wants to do something, consider letting her no matter how much it hurts. You can explain to her as to why what she wants to do might be a bad idea, but if she is adament about her decision, just let her make her decision. The one thing I want to do is encourage Ana to continue making her own decisions in her life, both good and bad. This is her life she is living, not yours. Remember, your fused with the queen now, so you should put more of your focus on protecting her.

The only other thing I wish to request is that if either Ana dies during this journey, or the Queen dies, I want one of you to cremate the dead body so that we can have an Ana's ashes to create a world with. Ideally, I want to try to get back the Ana's ashes that the investigation team has as evidence, and would prefer neither of you die for your ashes, but if death happens to one of you, that is the only thing I request.

The only other thing I can think of: each Ana's journey at some point comes to a point where they have to decide what to do with the fog. Since there are two Ana's in this particular cycle, I want you both to think of what rammifications this may have, and what you both want to decide for the fog. Granted we dont know what that decision is, but just be ready.
No. 999855 ID: 47be15
File 162082756172.jpg - (2.21MB , 3508x2136 , Divergent 67.jpg )

No. 999857 ID: e51896

Quite the enigma...

yeah, lets use that name, Enigma

So the Mad creator got released from the investigation team then? Weird. I just assume they'd kept him locked up. But yeah, he's the guy he told me about this world creation thing in the first place. Guess I'll be looking for him then to at least have a talking to, and see what I would even have to deal to make that happen before considering using his advice or not.
No. 999869 ID: d63ea8

This empty presence has no name to offer...
Save for the one given to it.

If 'Echo' is the name you wish,
Disciple of Marks,
Then you may take it.
No. 999885 ID: 612369

Nah, that’s your name big guy.

That’s not bad, but I don’t know, it reminds me too much of the riddler from Batman.... You know, I was more trying to think of a name befitting a queen as well as some how incorporating “enigma” and I came up with one.

Emma Genevieve Artemesia. Enigma is an anagram of the full name. So what do you think?
No. 999890 ID: 503577

Another idea could be "Paradox" because her existence doesn't make sense.
No. 999906 ID: 5f4030

Uh, I don’t think so. That almost sounds like an insult when you put it like that.
No. 999952 ID: e51896

Sorry, i didnt mean it as an insult, more like, her existense making no sense makes her unique, as there wasn't anything like this in previous cycles, which could lead this cycle into an outcome not seen before.
No. 1000012 ID: 612369

Perhaps ‘Pandora” might be better then.
No. 1000259 ID: 715a80

Pandora sounds good...

Queen, which nickname do you like, or do you have a name idea?
No. 1000371 ID: 47be15
File 162112761927.jpg - (3.63MB , 3508x3289 , Divergent 68.jpg )

This is practically the end of this part of the chapter, I hope that this was a more uplifting ending of the story so far.

No. 1000373 ID: 03cbe8

In as much as I have a life, Pandora, I will too. And Rosaline, I owe you an apology. You're cool in my book.
No. 1000729 ID: e51896

*puts her hand on top of the others*
No. 1000775 ID: d63ea8

*The presence watches silently.*
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