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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 1006125 ID: e51896

I will say that his agency, Maverick Law Agency is a sponsorship of a group I'm a part of, which significantly helped our group's growth back home, and we're grateful for that.

But, haaaaah, that shouldn't be the only thing I should respect him for lest I be biased... My interpretation of him is he is someone who follows an end justifying the means ideology, as long as he gets the results we need to solve the case.

And, well, from what I hear, this case is going to be a pretty intense case in a world full of cruelty in which we've never experienced before, and is going to test our endurance mentally and physically. Dervan's harsh treatments is most likely a stepping stone to that and what is going to be needed for solving the case.

I feel if we can't handle his harsh ways of doing things, we ourselves won't be prepared for what is to come. his harsh treatment of Corax for example did help immensely in intimidating the prisoner we were interrogating after all, and him wanting to kill her was just something he was required to do from orders from the higher ups at the time... Just business and him following orders. forgive me if that sounded uncaring. I guess in a way, he's like a drill Sargent: harsh but fair in getting us to toughen us up with his intense treatment of us... a drill sargent taken up to 11, but required for the case we are about to go into.

It is part of my belief that everyone is destined to be here for a reason, Dervan included. I would request that we do not get him written up or reprimanded at this time and just try to see the good in him. In fact, I can't help but feel our adversaries is expecting us to try to get him written up or kicked off the team for some reason... just a hunch. Probably best to let the issue be and let Dervan do his thing.

Honestly, we shouldn't worry about how Dervan will treat us, but rather, our concerns should focus more on how the case itself will treat and possibly change us.

I'll end by saying that we are in a different investigation organization, this one does not follow the same rules of morality we are accustomed to back at home.
No. 1006126 ID: 3e7c34

Hmm. You use an interesting term, one I have heard many a time. “Just following orders.” A classic excuse to be sure, but one that does not hold up under scrutiny. And think about this if you will, say he was under orders. This means it was his position to treat us as such and impede the investigation. It makes me wonder, had Zirzam not arrived, would his orders have changed?

Alternatively it may have been Zirzam himself who issued those orders, then called it off. However, I suspect it was some one directly below him. It’s only a theory after all. And having worked directly with drill sergeants, stabbing and otherwise attempting lethally harm your subordinates is a good way to get court marshaled. Hitting and harsh language is acceptable, but never extremely lethal force outside of sanctioned live-fire training.

I do think he had two motives in fact. One was to test us, and by extension, see how we will act during the course of our duty. The second was in fact to do as I have suggested, get rid of us, discourage us from continuing. Which then implies that our culprit is in fact, someone within our organization.
No. 1006207 ID: 47be15
File 162705795606.jpg - (1.81MB , 3508x1550 , Divergent 94.jpg )

No. 1006208 ID: 47be15
File 162705806798.jpg - (5.08MB , 3508x4427 , Divergent 95.jpg )

This was my abrupt response because I will have to leave my town for a couple of weeks and this is what I came up with within a short period of time. Just to let you have something to do while I won't be able to post. I am not sure if while I am outside of my town if I will be able to use my photoshop but I will see. This is the best I can do for the little time that I have before I go on my trip.

No. 1006210 ID: 5f4030

inner thoughts: How intriguing…

*presses button* Of course sir, I am ready to begin whenever you are
No. 1006217 ID: 7687fc

(Presses button)
No. 1006220 ID: d63ea8

"O-of course. I will do my -uh- best to advise the a-agents."

Inner Thoughts: This is bad. Dervan is looking for leverage on the case so he can't be removed from it. Worse yet by being the one to 'bring in' these -voices??- he may be able to elevate himself into a higher and more entrenched position in the investigation. He's also created a situation were you're isolated from the others, without them as a base of support it will be much harder to put up any resistance.

*Threshold crosses his arms in order to keep his hands from shaking.*

Inner Thoughts: You need to calm down. Triumphant has already shown that he's keeping tabs on the situation, if Dervan gets violent with you he and the other agents will know. But your best defense is to play along and not make yourself a target like Corax. Throw yourself into the exercise, make yourself indispensable. Breathe first.

"M-mr." *sigh* "Mr. Glasshrauder, may I borrow that file? Any information in regards to their psychological profiles or personalities would help in creating a more effective line of questioning."

Inner Thoughts: Back down if he gives any resistance. Use the communicator, hide the fact that you were contacted.

*Threshold activates the communicator and says:*

"Testing, one two three. Mr. Corax, Mr. Peregrine, can you hear me alright?"
No. 1006228 ID: 669448

Loud and clear sir. Ready to begin.

*presses the button*

Hello? Pardon the interruption madam, is this the being known as “Fortune Ana” I have the pleasure of speaking to?
No. 1006259 ID: 47be15
File 162713852962.jpg - (2.45MB , 2788x2750 , Divergent 96.jpg )

No. 1006274 ID: 3e7c34

Inner thoughts: If there is one thing I cannot stand it’s department politics at play and it interfering with my job. Triumphant, I may have overly judged you. If someone is guilty of a crime they should be punished. But, this notion? Gods? Absolution? I have no idea what any of that means. Finding that out was not my job description. I’m here to bring a criminal to justice and Dervan once again poking his head in where it doesn’t belong, this feels like he wants us chasing a red herring. Well, we’ll just see where this takes us.

Greetings to you, Fortune Ana. My name is “Corax” and you may refer to me as such for the sake of this call. I represent an organization known as the “Dimensional Tribunal.” I believe you and some of my associates here have already been aquatinted. And some of my investigative colleagues are looking into a case concerning one “Happy the Tragedy Phantom,” and believe you may aid us in our efforts. Understand this is not an interrogation, think of this more as a interview.
No. 1006275 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: So the file likely contains blackmail or convincing fabrications, though Dervan did drop that note about lying so it could easily be an empty folder. In either case the supposed contents therein will likely be more about the others than yourself. Still, be cautious and apologetic. Maintain your composure, he's still being diplomatic with you, which is a good sign.

"My apologies sir, I did not mean to pry into your personal logs."

*Threshold looks to the rooms where the two agents sit.*

Inner Thoughts: Dervan has spent a lot of time planning this scenario, and has already preempted Triumphant's interference, you worry that Corax may not be subtle enough to direct the questioning. You will have to side with Dervan in any altercation and possibly be the one to strike out against any perceived resistance. But you will have to be careful not to incriminate yourself, that'll just give Dervan the leverage he needs.

"We'll get to the bottom of this Mr. Glasshrauder."
No. 1006526 ID: e05aa9

Where am I and why I can't feel my whole body!? What is going on, is this, you Lorence?! Is this how you will be giving me the medicine?!

Note from the narrator

This whole incident could have been avoided if somebody would have started talking other than the parasite.

No. 1006545 ID: 5f4030

Woah woah calm down. This is actually kind of my normal in a way. You’re still alive Pandora something’s happened that’s disconnected us from the body. It’s okay though, we’re gonna be-

That man has a pool bridge for a head. I think I know who we are working with. Sup’ billiards man? I don’t know what’s going on but I’d appreciate it if you can send us back?
No. 1006614 ID: 7687fc

this part is Agent Peregrine

Ah, excellent, a connection! Forgive me for not saying anything, but I thought it'd be polite if you had the first say. And really, it's suprising to hear disembodied voices because really, if one is hearing voices it means they've gone insane. Call me Agent Peregrine, am investigator sent to investigate the criminal know as Happy the Tragedy Phantom.

And we could send you back if you wanted... but I think it would be in you and your friend Pandora's best interests to allow me to pick your brains in your assistances with the investigation of the criminal known as Happy who has been harassing you.

Ah, but in any case, lets get the formalities out of the way, and I can help you with your Happy problem with a series of questions. But first, Please both give your names, ages, and occupations.

this part is Fortune Ana

I must apologize ahead of time and say that considering all the shit I've witnessed, I already know this isn't going to be a normal interview and I'm going to expect the worst that this "interview" is going to go off the rails like everything else that happened to us and see this as an interrogation anyway, because lord knows nobody is allowed a break, or a win.

and I'd appreciate it if you didn't lie to make me think of this as an interview by giving me a false sense of security and treat this what it actually is: an interrogation.

So what do you want to know?
No. 1006639 ID: e05aa9
File 162756540792.jpg - (1.19MB , 3185x2482 , Divergent 97.jpg )

No. 1006642 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: So it seems these 'Anas' are a form of simulacrum. They both have the same voice but their mannerisms differ. This 'Pandora' however sounds different from either of them and may be an entirely different entity, and unlike the Anas, seems unbalanced by the encounter. And even worse Scarred Ana said "disconnected us from the body." This could be the fusion Trumphant was talking about and could lead to a very dangerous line of questioning. Fortunately Dervan seems focused on the Lorence connection and may have missed that tidbit. Lean into that.

"Of course Mr. Glasshrauder, we can use Scarred Ana's concern for Pandora in a way to establish a rapport. Should we try and schedule another interview with Lorence following this one?"

Inner Thoughts: Peregrine has a good initial approach by framing the interview in a formal manner but Scarred could could easily shut down the conversation. You need to give her a reason to be interested in talking.

To Peregrine: ||Wait for their responses and then say that their have already have been a number of interviews and that you're just trying to get the full picture. Perhaps off-handedly remark on how Lorence was uncooperative and that if he is doing anything to coerce Scarred and Pandora, you can help them. If they seem receptive you could follow up by asking what they need.||

Dervan: "As for Fortune Ana, simply inform agent Corax that we need..."

Inner Thoughts: Now for the other one. Fortune Ana seems quite cognizant of her current situation, and will be much harder to have open up. Pleasantries will only serve to alienate her, and outright lies will go far worse. If you wanted information you would dial back the formality and try to humanize Corax before proceeding with questioning, but it looks like Dervan has given you a possible slip-up. If given a leading question Fortune Ana may pick up on its intent and then clam up.

*Threshold nods to Dervan and then fiddles with the communicator.*

To Corax: ||Apologize, state that it wasn't your intention to lie to her. Say that we need to know the full history of the current Ana's cycle and that we already know that she started as a normal person and then changed into something else. Specifically ask if there was someone or something that changed her.||
No. 1006656 ID: 5f4030


Inner thoughts: Ah, this one is quite clever. She sounds quite world weary, like someone who has had a great burden on them and couldn't quite hack it. This one will be interesting...

I apologize, but I wasn't lying to you. Whether this is interview or interrogation is entirely up to you. I trust however, that you know what you are about, and given what I have called you hear for I suspect this will go smoother than you realize.

I am a detective ma'am, and the reason I have called you hear is we are currently after a criminal whom you might have some insight as to their character; one Happy the Tragedy Phantom. Why must villains and criminals give themselves such ridiculous names I wonder? It's as though they are trying to over inflate their already fragile ego.

I digress, we understand you have had limited encounters with him in the past, we would like more details and his connection with your... More corporeal companion, Ana. I understand you are something of a guardian to her. Cooperation means that Ana might be protected better from Happy and any of his associates. So let us start from the beginning and we can beginning, tell me about Ana, her background, any key notes of interest in her life, why do you think Happy might be interested in her?

Scarred Ana
I've been tortured before and I can recognize thinly veiled threats. "Help us or something bad might happen! it's in your best interest to comply!" The fact that you did it to Pandora really grates on my nerves.

Look, Peregrine, I see you differently, and I mean that literally as in to me you look like you're head is... Whatever, it means you're with the Tribunal guys, yeah? Dervan and Triumphant and the gang? Look i'll help you get Happy, but gods damn would you leave Ana and Pandora alone? They've been through enough. I'll cooperate as best I can if you leave them out of this.

Name, Scarred Ana
Age... Uhh... I guess 34?
Occupation... Soldier? or Guardian? Take your pick.
No. 1006775 ID: e05aa9

I am not a person, but more a crutch in order to let Scarred Ana stand on her own two feet. I already said too much so I will let my other side in talking for me. As for my job, my main goal and only reason for existence are to survive, and previously I dabbled in revenge but I no longer do that.

No. 1006996 ID: e51896

Agent Peregrine

As far as my "pool bridge" appearance goes, well I've been labeled as lots of things: an avid darts player, a son of one of the best detectives with a lot of expectations thrown at him, a religious person, a cultist, a Smokey pumpkin, a Peregrine, and as you pointed out: a pool bridge. Well just know that I try not to let labels or my actions define who I am... though hypothetical question to ask yourself: do you let your label as "Scarred" define who you are? And if so, are you trying to live up to that name, or try to escape from it and become something else?

Well, anyway, I thank you for deciding to be cooperative in this strange and unusual case. There's been many interviews already in this mystery which we are trying to figure out, and I'm only trying to get the full picture on things. Lorence was one of those interviewees, yet he had been uncooperative. I do believe part of his uncooperative behavior is the fact that he's trying to coerce You and Pandora into doing something you both don't want to do, but keeping a secret from us. Whatever he is trying to coerce you two into, we can help you with that with a similar offer.

And Pandora, I'll respect your right to remain silent, If this is the last we speak, I wish you luck on your future endeavors in and hope the path you chose is a smooth one towards your destined end. But I am really worried about your sickness. I do believe we can cure whatever sickness you may have with Scarred if you wish. we come from a wide range of universes with tools and medicine you can't possibly imagine. I'm sure we have something that ails you.

I'll work on what Fortune ana says later
No. 1007005 ID: e05aa9

Hmm....so what do you think about their offer Scarred Ana. We can avoid to give them any more information or try to make some deal with them. I forfeited my right to choose anything so it is up to you to decide.

No. 1007078 ID: 3e7c34

… Assure us the antidote and I’ll give you Lorence.
No. 1007165 ID: e51896

The weird thing is I don't know much about Ana before I met her at the bus stop and began our journey. It's odd... apparently we were supposed to be spirits that had vast knowledge from helping Anas from previous cycles, but in this cycle, for some reason, all our memories were erased. Best I can tell you is that she is one of the few special people in this world that is not set by a destined path like everyone else in this world and has an ability to change fates in different cycles just like Lorence or Root, all thanks to us voices who lived previous cycles giving her advice really. Too bad every single outcome leads to a dead end though, so really, I see us more of a quirk or feature than a solution...

I think that might be the reason why Happy is so interested in her, really... her special ability to not be tied to a specific fate and actually do different things in each cycle. I think Happy has been manipulating things to force us into making choices that seem like the right answer, but has actually been hurting Ana in the long run, and benefiting him. which was why I made that choice to allow her to become a spirit, a choice no voice should make, but one that I'm felt deep down that Happy would not have expected and would put a dent in whatever plans he had... *sigh* unfortunately, making that choice got Happy so pissed he decided to kidnap Ana's spirit, tear off her limbs, and cause the robot near her to explode... I actually sometimes wonder if Scarred and I being taken to different areas to help different people randomly without our control or consent is actually Happy's doing... I really hope not

Sorry, I need a moment...
No. 1007166 ID: 3e7c34

*furiously takes notes as she speaks*

Please, take all the time you need. I will look into getting you some protection. If Ana is such a prime target for Happy as you say, some kind of protection program might be necessary. It keeps Ana, you, and Scarred safe while also getting us closer to him. As for warping around as you suggest… I will look into it.

Inner thoughts: I have pulled you in to this meeting, much like he might pull you across to various other people. The technology might be similar. How would would he get his hands on it I wonder.
No. 1007171 ID: e51896

Youre too late on that, she's dead. Sorry. Speaking metaphorically, I was waiting for things to stop raining and things to get better for Ana, but she drowned from a flood, and it's still raining.

*gives a long melancholic sigh*
No. 1007187 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: You note Scarred Ana's specific wording, not that she would cooperate, but that she would 'give you Lorence.' Normally you would try to push on that statement first, but given the circumstances it is better to dismiss it.

*Turning to Dervan:*
"Can we give her the assurance?"

Inner Thoughts: Dervan will either lie or use this situation to further a scheme he has in mind. But right now, that isn't your concern. You need to be deferential.

*Threshold turns his focus to Fortune.*

Inner Thoughts: You note how Fortune speaking about Ana in the present tense rather than the past tense, but disregard it for now. She is just as uncooperative as Scarred, but is trying to give the illusion of compliance. Though, you're sure that she's not being performative, or at least not overly so.

*He crosses his arms, trying to hide the small twitch in his hand.*

Inner Thoughts: You'll need to nudge Corax, witness protection would lead to scrutiny from the Tribunal, and that would lead to a bad outcome for Ana.

To Corax: ||Try to circle away from witness protection, make the cost appear to steep, or that the process would be left in the hands of others.||
No. 1007192 ID: 5f4030

Then consider this a lifeboat in a storm.

Or not, honestly, knowing how things work here it would probably be delegated to someone unqualified. And besides, it’s hard to protect someone when your dramatics make it sound like they wouldn’t want it to begin with.
No. 1007240 ID: 7337b8
File 162816229620.jpg - (1.80MB , 3539x3353 , Divergent 98.jpg )

No. 1007344 ID: 5f4030

*overhears the request*
Inner thoughts: Strings of fate? Let's not go leaping in all at once. Ease her into this. Best to build a rapport first.

Consider my offer tabled for now but still open for discussion, we may come back to it later.

Tell me, along with the speculation of Happy's identity and meaning of his name, do you know of who might be working with him now? I understand that people of this strange universe have some very odd abilities. Do you know of anyone that would be working directly with him now, and what they might be capable of?
No. 1007378 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: You briefly ponder on whether or not there is a grain of truth to Dervan's words. Triumphant is actively undermining this interrogation, and it does seem to be due to an outside influence, even if his motivation is a sympathetic one. You file away that thought for now, more evidence is needed before you could speculate one way or another, ideally from a less biased source. But what of 'Happy the Tragedy Phantom?' Their name is paradoxical by design. You think...

"The are -uh- many possible reasons, though, p-perhaps-"

Inner Thoughts: Breathe.


"I would guess that is a referential note on their current state of existence. It's self-aggrandizing, as they refer to themselves as a tragic echo burdened by the deeds of the past, yet despite that their are 'soldiering on with high hopes,' or so they would have others to believe. From Fortune Ana's testimony this Happy sees himself as a puppetmaster -or maybe even a director- as he 'sets the scene' for the heroine -likely Ana in this case- to make dramatic choices with unforeseen consequences. And it seems that much like a director, he gets upset if Ana goes 'off-script.' So I suppose to -uh- summarize, Happy is called the tragic phantom because he is a tragic hero who has pitted himself against the 'star of the show.'"

Inner Thoughts: You note that this is all from second-hand knowledge, and would likely fall apart when compared to the genuine figure. But the purpose of the exercise was to supply a plausible reason, not a correct one. Now for his request. You can relay it to the agents in a solid block. Don't command them, just let the statement speak for itself. You're sure of what action each agent will take.

To both agents: ||Mr. Glasshrauder does not want any element of this interrogation to be relayed to his superiors and that he does not wish you to trust his direct superior Mr. Triumphant.||

Inner Thoughts: You keep the last part of the invisible strings to yourself, even though you're quite sure that it's a falsehood relaying it would only have drawbacks. But probing on whether these strings exist or not may still be valuable. Though Dervan's language is to direct.

To Corax: ||Ask if it has always felt like Happy was the one working behind the scenes, or if there have been moments where someone else has been pulling their strings.||

Inner Thoughts: You note Corax's attempt at small talk, it won't be the most effective tactic on Fortune Ana, she may simply disconnect from the conversation, but you keep quiet. Getting more information on Happy is the priority of this investigation, and if it looks like Dervan is trying to direct the agents away from that goal, all the better. Following that reasoning, if you were to relay Dervan's ultimatum as is, your quite sure that you'd get a more hostile reaction from Scarred Ana. Pursue that. Though you wonder how will convey that sentiment without stating it in word. Perhaps...

To Peregrine: ||Scarred Ana and Pandora have two options. First, Pandora reveals who they really are, what sickness they have, and both provide their complete and utter cooperation. Only then will we look for a cure. Second choice is to keep Pandora's identity secret, become a spies, and learn of Lorence's entire plan. A private medical team will be provided and will act as their only form of contact. The process will take longer, but note how is preferential to 'relying on Lorence as their lifeline.'||

Inner Thoughts: Also, have Dervan explain his encounter with the invisible strings. It will be hard to find inconsistencies at first, but you will force him to commit to a narrative. Appear worried as though you are buying into the lie and it's implications.

"W-when was t-this? I-if M-mr. Truimphant is c-compromised, s-shouldn't we m-make a r-report? W-what did t-these s-strings look like?"
No. 1007384 ID: 669448

Inner thoughts: Patience, I am getting to that. I have to ensure I get a response first.
No. 1007556 ID: e51896


Right now, all I know is that the Great Constructor, the father of Absolution and Dreamwalker was seen working with Essence, and that there is a second Felafaf running around, so if you see Felafaf, consider she might be a spy or not. there's also Logan's alternate dead universe's daughter who calls herself anubis, TV Head (though he was forced into it and had his mind blown and can be reasoned to get out of it.) Soul Contaminator, some creature called the Will Torturer, Null (though I think he may have been executed by now for betraying Happy, not sure though) The Judge, The Nutcracker, Scalpel, Living Trench Coat, Sniper, Scarlet who's been spying on Anthony's drawings, that nameless topless bird lady... I'm sure there are others, but I am assuming Happy has much much much more allies, I wouldn't be surprised if they amassed an entire army and it isn't just typical gang numbers... I hope I didn't forget anyone but I'm sure I did. But I do know they kidnapped mini absurdity too.




Right away. In order to get you the antidote, I'll need to know specifically who Pandora is so I can get a better understanding of what treatment to get her in relationship to things like gender, species, size, etc. Afterwards, as we look into Pandora's cure, as you promised, I'd like you to help us fully to the best of your abilities please.

Though sometimes, maybe your sickness might be too embarrassing to reveal. in which case, an alternative could be that you can keep things about her a secret, but we would like you to act as spies in the Tribunal's investigation team. Your task would be to learn of what Lorence's entire plan is. We'll send a private medical team to fix Pandora up and act as your only form of contact. Granted it will take longer, but preferential to relying on Lorence as your lifeline
No. 1007559 ID: 58ccd0


Interesting. If you can give descriptions of these beings that would be most helpful. However, I’m curious. Do you feel any of these beings have perhaps the capacity to be their leader? More specifically, be Happy the Tragedy Phantom, or do you think they are just puppets dancing to Happy’s tune, like puppets on strings?
See, I’d like to take that deal. I really would but there’s a problem in revealing my relationship to Pandora. I’m worried that knowing what she is will make her a target by your organization. The sad thing is, some of your people are the ones who pretty much set the status quo about my universe. So if I were to tell you, I’d need a kind of immunity for her. If you can promise me that and the antidote, you’ve got yourself a deal.
No. 1007669 ID: 224308
File 162871331843.jpg - (1.53MB , 3275x1999 , Divergent 99.jpg )

No. 1007740 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Leave it to Peregrine to smooth out an inflexible deal to something that sounds halfway reasonable. The interview is going better than expected, but you will have note that it is in spite of Dervan's instruction rather than because of them. Any more force applied in this direction would only lead others to suspect that you're sabotaging the interview, and that needs to be avoided. You need a moment to strategize. Be hands off with Peregrine, but honest.

To Peregrine: ||Dervan has stepped away and I doubt I have the authority to offer such a guarantee, your call on how to proceed.||

Inner Thoughts: Though you have a niggling suspicion that Dervan is trying to test you, the device could easily be listening in. Best keep up the act of compliance, and try to steer Algich away from interacting with the device.

"I think I might've caught a c-couple of those names Ms. Algich if you didn't get the chance to write them all down."

Inner Thoughts: She's a socialite, good conversation should keep her attention and stop her from getting bored. Have it focus on her experiences.

"Have you been a part of investigation teams before? I-i'm still trying to figure out how we -uh- measure up to the other p-professionals in this field."

Inner Thoughts: Corax is following you notes, best leave him be.
No. 1008297 ID: e51896


*fortune Ana goes on to explain the descriptions of what everyone looks like, even mentioning that some of the ones Dervan already saw during the fight with Essence such as Spirit contaminator, the Judge, The Nutcracker, Scalpel, Living Trench Coat, Sniper*

I forgot to mention Ember, but yeah, Dervan saw her too. And I think they are more Happy's puppets more than being Happy.

Speaking of strings... we have been coming across something weird lately, they're not strings, but tentacles coming out of some kind of skull demon looking thing... the tentacles look black and white... they offered a deal to help Ana to become a voice when she was at her lowest so she can escape this world and the suffering, but when she took the offer, her spirit was kidnapped by Happy, and Happy exploded her...

I really don't think that creature was a part of Happy though, when we asked where Ana went after she became a voice, even they didn't know...

in fact, it sometimes disguises as some kind of ghost balloon looking thing actually gave us a huge clue... a map in a form of a riddle that can help find Happy, claiming he wasn't supposed to reveal their identity, but willing to help through a form of code:


"Start from the person who messed with the wrong thing.
Follow the trail to the bleeding bone,
go to the leaf and follow that path to the x and then end it with the farthest leaf from the first one.
Return to the other bone, after which you will have to go to the person who knew too much but perceived too little
After that go to the face which is facing no one and connect that to the person who lives a miserable existence. Go to the center of the robe and then find a rude person who never apologized to anyboy. After that go to the fur which is located on the right shoulder and finally return to the place where you started this chase."
I've been trying to figure out this riddle for awhile, looking through my memories...

He also said in their own words that the reason why Happy is doing all this is because the state of their mind is fragmented and constantly conflicting with its inner demons. Happy isn't aware of their psychological state, lies to themself and everyone around them. All those elements constructed malice that enveloped this world and corrupted everything. All this is just another horror that keeps continuing and repeating from one dimension to the other...

It's for these reason why I don't think this creature and Happy are working together. If they are, it's trying to betray Happy for its own personal gain.

I hope this helps, detective...


Agent Peregrine


I'm sure we can come to a compromise on that. How about this: I am new to this investigative team, so I am not as well verse of things that are deemed as illegal or not in our organization's eyes. If you cooperate, I can get you the antidote personally myself with the medical team no questions asked. All I need to know if you'll willing to act as a spy or not.
No. 1008298 ID: 1d6266

*furiously takes notes on everything, and underlines possible connections between the Tribunal and Happy as well as writes down the riddle and the details about the string monster.*
You have been more than helpful, you have perhaps been the best person for this task. If it was in my power to do so, I would see you handsomely rewarded for this service you have done us. I will look into seeing what I may provide for you. May I be so presumptuous as to call you again at a later date? Should you have any new evidence you wish to bring to light in the future, I would be more than happy to accept them.
… Alright, done. I’d shake your hand if possible but, heh, incorporeal.
No. 1008308 ID: 5fd04e
File 162937214419.jpg - (0.97MB , 1890x1417 , Divergent 100.jpg )

No. 1008482 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: It stands to reason that she would notice some of your tactics being socially adept herself. It's less than ideal, but you could diffuse the situation by being more sincere. At least by having the device yourself you don't have to worry about it pulling your focus.

"I-i apologize Ms. A-algich. It wasn't my intention to -uh- put you on the s-spot."

Inner Thoughts: Breathe, and be honest so that she won't draw her own conclusions.


"And sorry about the stuttering, its been something I've had to deal with for many years. I just... need to remind myself about the breathing exercises whenever it starts coming back."

Inner Thoughts: You're starting to get sullen, reign it back a bit. Note the agents' performance.

"It looks like they've done really well for themselves, given how short notice this interview was. What are your thoughts Ms. Algich?"

Inner Thoughts: Speaking of short notice, best talk to the agents about the modified timetable. Unfortunately, due to their good performance, and the way in which Dervan left, your sure that he got what he wanted from this interview. Your initial guesses trend towards a public display of efficacy when it comes to this opening discussion, undermining the talk we had with Larry beforehand. At worst he may try to paint a target the team's back. The other investigation teams underestimated your group, that probably won't be the case much longer.

To both Agents: ||Good job, both of you. But it looks like the we're going to be needed elsewhere. Start wrapping up your interviews and we can start heading out.||
No. 1008556 ID: e51896

Don't worry. We can shake Pandora's hands when we meet in person and get the treatment for you. With that, may the path you choose be the most fruitful towards your destiny in the end.
No. 1008568 ID: 6e8ee2

You won't technically be shaking my hand, yeah it will be my flesh but the personality who is going to be in control will be Scarred Ana. I am no longer a person, I don't have any aspirations, motivation, or even the will to do anything. The nickname that my associates gave me is what people give to their pets and I am just going along with it because I don't really care. Thanks for your pretty words even if they sound hollow in my ears.

No. 1008611 ID: 5f4030

You’re talking some mad shit for someone in mental hugging range, Pandora. We can discuss this later if you want. Thanks, we’re gonna head out.
No. 1008622 ID: b6f333

*Closes his notebook*

This has been a most excellent interview, and yes I think that is the appropriate term for this meeting. I wish you luck, Ms. Fortune- *chuckle* forgive the pun, it was not intentional.
*clicks the switch*
No. 1008650 ID: e51896

Just be careful.
No. 1008665 ID: bc7677
File 162980768022.jpg - (1.62MB , 4078x1530 , Divergent 101.jpg )

No. 1008674 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Well, that relief was sort lived. Algich is right, the device was given to her not you. You desperately want to create a reason to hold onto it, but the only one that sticks out in your mind is that you don't trust her. Or at least you can't predict what she's going to do with it. But you can't voice that thought.

"Of course, Ms. Algich..."

*Threshold carefully hands the device back over.*

Inner Thoughts: Disclosing your worries about Dervan would only lead to disaster, but you need to find a way to dissuade Algich from pressing it. Speculate aloud, provide evidence from your previous encounter with Dervan.

"It makes me wonder if this is some sort of test Mr. Glassrauder has created for you, since you weren't here for the... -uh- o-other one. It might be something related to patience or managing your curiosity, since the one he had for me -um- was related to 'keeping the agents in line.'"

*Threshold fidgets slightly.*

Inner Thoughts: Now be sincere.

"I'd just be careful with it."
No. 1008711 ID: d827e6
File 162991599189.jpg - (1.59MB , 3022x2088 , Divergent 102.jpg )

This is just something small to add while waiting for others to post.

No. 1008726 ID: 5f4030

*narrows his eyes and begins to look around the room for cameras*

Inner thoughts:I definitely heard a woman’s voice in there. My mental state is not so broken that I am to the point of hallucinations. The nature of the beings with “Ana” in their name just got more interesting. However, why this ruse?

Me. Algich, you heard the voices of both beings yes? If this was DerVan’s ploy it either served two goals. One, to seek the nature of the beings known as Scarred and Fortune Ana, or possibly to discredit us. If there was a video footage of this, it may show us as talking to no one and acting quite mad. I think DerVan may be playing both sides, if we start to look good, he can use this as evidence in the case. Or if we do poorly, it may serve as leverage to have us removed and framed as loons. Either way, DerVan is not a team player, he acts in his own best interests, not justice. I cannot vouch for his staying in the investigation.
No. 1008768 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold lets out an exasperated sigh when Algich presses the button.*

Inner Thoughts: Change that mental note from 'socially adept' to 'socially aware,' although you weren't being very subtle. Just be happy that it didn't explode or push Corax in a meat compactor. Deflect some of your frustration away by agreeing with her.

"I suppose you're right Ms. Algich, last time I tried to sidestep one of Dervan's tests he didn't take kindly to it."

Inner Thoughts: Just ignore the fact that she did out of boredom's sake. Pursuing won't yield anything good.

"Let's join the others."

*He walks with Algich to rejoin the other two agents.*

((After hearing Corax's statements:))

"I don't think that would be Dervan's direction to take this. We have multiple witness accounts, and he acknowledged some of the names being mentioned."

Inner Thoughts: In fact you'd argue the opposite, as this little setup may have given the leverage Dervan needed to stay on the case, despite his conduct. With his position as a power-broker Dervan would be in one of best positions to track down and make contact with these new individuals. But keep that to yourself for now, circle back to the 'Anas.'

"Agent Corax, may I ask what your thoughts on Fortune Ana are? Of the people subjects we interviewed she seemed to be the quickest to note and adjust to the environment around her."
No. 1008840 ID: 5f4030

*opens notebook*
The best word I can describe her as is “world-weary.” During my time with her she was cooperative, but no fool. She has a lot information and definitely more to give, however she is a finite resource, if we try to use her too much then she is likely to shut down. She struck me as someone who has been used many times and often, that may be useful but it means she may break easy under stronger willed people. I think she wants to do right by the people she trusts, and I think that is the key to what we need between us if we are to call on her again. And you? What did you think of Scarred Ana?
No. 1008854 ID: de57a8
File 163008166213.jpg - (2.10MB , 3294x1991 , Divergent 103.jpg )

No. 1008862 ID: 5f4030

Hm. A good drill instructor is one who is able to lead their men. They don’t stab them, they do make threats but rarely ever carry them out. Their man job is to be a teacher and to prepare their soldiers for war. If this is how you try to prepare your employees for your law firm, then it must truly be a spartan training regime, sir.

Inner thoughts: And as for your enthusiasm, a good liar tells as much truth as he is able. I bet you do want to remain on this case but you being a leader seems too far for anyone away for anyone to believe.
No. 1008888 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold hesitates and looks away.*

Inner Thoughts: Triumphant isn't giving you any room to maneuver, and any vote you'd make would damn you either way. You can't sit out either, lest you look weak in the eyes of your colleagues. Your hands are starting to shake, deal with that first.

*He crosses his arms.*

Inner Thoughts: The safest choice is to prioritize the investigation itself, thus making the choice appear more rational than personal. Part of you is curious about the letter, but knowing Dervan, it could be any number of things. No, it is better to follow Triumpant's lead, but personalize your words so you come across as more neutral.

*After taking a breath Triumphant looks back to the others.*

"It may be best to keep the number of people we send to the assembly to a minimum. Depending on whether or not the other investigation teams are present might cause the proceedings to devolve into a political shouting matching, and that would just slow down the investigation."

Inner Thoughts: Focus on the element of presentation.

"We would look bad in front of the high council if they saw us bickering with each other, and again that would undermine all of the work we've put into collecting this evidence."

Inner Thoughts: Better yet, you can reflect this question back on Triumphant by appealing to his authority on the matter. He is in the senior most position, and thus deferring to his position is the most rational choice.

"We've come across a couple of solid leads in our investigation, and we need the high council to see that. Mr. Triumphant, seeing as you're the one in change of our particular group, I would go with whatever you'd say for us to best be heard."
No. 1009082 ID: e51896

Hm, well in my opinion, if we were back in our own world, and this was a regular case, I'd most likely not have Dervan with us...

But this case after hearing more about it feels like no ordinary case, one which requires a person to make choices that seem unreasonable.

I feel that Happy is someone who is a master manipulator, someone who takes advantage of the choices we make that we feel is most comfortable, and turns it against us, he is probably expecting us and in some ways influencing us from the outside not to take Dervan along with us, which is why i think maybe bringing dervan with us could be unexpected enough to throw a wrench in his plans. He does seem most adaptable with this world's cruel nature after all,

Though this is all intuition admittedly. We are dealing with a dangerous universe in this case after all... and I feel we should get all the help we can get...

Actually I have a request for another vote, since it seems im outnumbered against my vote to bring Dervan with us:, if Dervan can't come, should we also have Triumphant not come with us as well? Threshold did say to bring the minimum amount of people to the assembly, and I feel having both Dervan and Triumphant not here might make for a good compromise, and having them actually somewhere else discussing their disagreements with each other and settle their differences might be better, our investigation does require strong bonds with each other after all if we wanna succeed. I get a feeling that Dervan and Triumphant don't trust each other that much for different valid reasons, and I think just having both Dervan and Triumphant sit this one out and not influence our thoughts might be for the best.

No offense to either Triumphant or Dervan, just that I think Corax Threshold, and I should come up with our own conclusions from the assembly without Dervan or Triumphant making us think certain things. I'd say either bring both Triumphant and Dervan, or leave both behind for the assembly
No. 1009086 ID: de57a8
File 163033692533.jpg - (2.65MB , 3078x2787 , Divergent 104.jpg )

No. 1009144 ID: e51896

That might be for the best. all of us becoming a team here was with reason, and I hope not to deviate from that path to our destined outcome.
No. 1009220 ID: 612369

*silently scribbles something in his notebook during DerVan's entire monologue and chuckles to himself *

Inner thoughts:I often tell myself that there was good reasons to do what I did, but let's be real here, there often was none. I never enjoy it, I rarely enjoy anything. I tell myself I indeed have a conscious, but it's a feeble thing, it wouldn't protect you or I from a stiff breeze. You could not even guess at the things that I have done. Awful, evil, obscene, the telling of them alone could make you puke. They nag at me from time to time. The years pass, and the unimaginable becomes everyday, the hideous becomes tedious, the unbearable becomes routine. I push it all into the dark corners of my mind, and it's incredible the room back there. Amazing what one can live with. Perhaps I belong here.

Indeed, Peregrine. I am with you.
No. 1009253 ID: de57a8
File 163053409787.jpg - (1.05MB , 3282x1081 , Divergent 105.jpg )

No. 1009254 ID: 612369

Inner thoughts: Miserable lying swine. I give you neither my respect or my trust, you haven't earned it.

Of course, sir.
No. 1009294 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: You dislike the prospect of having to handle Dervan without the others nearby to support... But you doubt that there will be any better option.

*Threshold remains silent, and eyes Dervan carefully.*
No. 1009306 ID: de57a8
File 163057738599.jpg - (2.23MB , 3407x1971 , Divergent 106.jpg )

No. 1009317 ID: cdeedc

*something in what Algich says strikes a chord in Corax.*
No, I wasn’t. But my commanding officers were, and I was the one who put them up there.

*sigh* Don’t worry Ms. Algich, if anyone does throw a tomato at you, one of us will step out and shield you with our bodies if need be.
Inner thoughts: We are here to partially take the blame if it all goes wrong anyway.
No. 1009323 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: That would be father dropping in as well to make this conversation even more stressful, but don't say that. Right now Dervan is just picking at your defences. While you can't be rude in your responses, by having Triumphant here you can be somewhat resistant. Give a general answer.

"I... suppose a lot of things m-maybe? Like -uh- being set on fire, or shot?"

Inner Thoughts: Now take control of the conversation's direction. Push the focus onto him.

"I'd say that's a bit of an odd question to a-ask Mr. Glasshrauder. I mean shouldn't you be -um- more focused your p-professional grievances with -uh- Mr. Triumphant?"

Inner Thoughts: Make a false assumption, keep the pressure on.

"B-because it seems like you -er- want to avoid t-talking about yourself."
No. 1009528 ID: e51896

briefings is something agents have to do, so yeah, there is some experience in public speaking that I have.

Well, things like Dervan and Triumphant having a separate meeting have been set and happened with reason from the influence of our life experience. and now, destiny is calling. Lets see how clear our paths are towards our fated destination and take what is thrown at us and act on our intuition. Lets join the meeting before we are late.
No. 1009630 ID: 611cca
File 163096818018.jpg - (4.68MB , 7132x3263 , Divergent 107.jpg )

No. 1009656 ID: 3e7c34

Begging your pardon, sir but it was not negligence that brought Triumphant’s absence from this seminar. Rather, Triumphant along with our superior officers Dervan and case mediator Threshold are currently holding a private meeting on how best to further our case. If we are to bring this criminal to justice, we must have an active duty watchmen examining and compiling evidence at all times. Constant vigilance, I hope this satisfies you, sir.

Forgive me I had not the honor introducing myself. I am agent Corax, co-detective and investigator in the case concerning happy the Tragedy phantom.
No. 1009725 ID: d63ea8


*Threshold scrambles back, almost falling to the ground.*

Inner Thoughts: Your head is spinning, you can't think.

"Dervan y-you c-can't-! D-do y-you-"

Inner Thoughts: Get ahold of yourself, now.

*He straightens up and takes a few more steps back.*

"H-he's a fucking m-monster."

Inner Thoughts: You aren't alone, Triumphant's here. Have him intervene.

"This c-conduct is g-gross and-"

*Threshold manages to catch his breath as he looks to Triumphant.*

"C-can you s-stop this?!"
No. 1010349 ID: 11b08a
File 163148334141.jpg - (1.69MB , 2942x2180 , Divergent 108.jpg )

No. 1010356 ID: e51896

*Agent Peregrine was silent the whole time due to seeing Maya Din in the audience, an important figure he recognized from the church he went to back home*


[inner thoughts] This shocking encounter and my instinctive response has meaning in the eyes of Inkiverusus and the path I'm heading. As for what, I am not sure until we go through the presentation. Maya doesn't seem to recognize me though. Just speak what is on your mind and have confidence that what you'll say is all a part of Inkiverusus' plan, good or bad. They're waiting. I must also give a reason for my silence

Agent Peregrine is the name. Also an assistant co-detective and investigator for the case involving Happy the Tragedy Phantom working under Triumphant. Agent Corax has explained Triumphant's and Dervan's absence expertly. I was merely waiting until there wasn't any more questions before I introduced myself. If you want more details about Dervan, and Triumphant's absence, I'll be willing to share more details about it through the presentation of what we gathered as even their absence has some more important reasonings which I believe we'll need to get into.

That said, Shall we begin?
No. 1010367 ID: bec844

*Looks briefly between Peregrine and the woman in the crowd.*

inner thoughts: I know that look on Peregrine’s face, that is one of recognition. She doesn’t match it however, either she doesn’t recognize him or exceptionally good at hiding her true emotions. Yet she targeted him, and she sounded expectant, like she was hoping for something better. Interesting.

Quite right Agent Peregrine. As you know, we have been contracted to act as investigators on this case regarding Happy the Tragedy phantom and his various… shall we call them, escapades across the dimensions? Our first interrogation and subsequent investigations have shown that our target is master manipulator. Most likely someone who sees himself as something of a chess master, able to move pieces and is very good at misdirection, able to make us look one way, while moving in another. He works through others, and we have a comprehensive list of his known accomplices.
No. 1010443 ID: 11b08a
File 163155900644.jpg - (4.34MB , 3277x4543 , Divergent 109.jpg )

No. 1010450 ID: 76fa74

Inner thoughts: Ah, one with a superiority complex; as I suspect they all have one. Let's wow the man, and this is why it pays to read on the files of the superiors.

With all respect due where it lies, Count Murdusa, the development of one's home maketh not the man. As I believe you have no doubt encountered in your own time and own home, manners maketh the man. Such arguments of status based on livelihoods between gentlemen only lead to quite troublesome quarrels not worth the effort in the end.

As for the collection of our evidence, that we have presented here thus far of our sketch of our... Shall we call Happy an Unsub? Unknown perpetrator to those who do not know the term. This sketch was provided by our superior Dervan, yes. However the channels he went through were perfectly adequate and necessary. This sketch was acquired through interactions with a known... Perhaps, prophet might be too strong of a word; nevertheless Mr. Anthony's drawings have proven useful to this organization before as well as one of our colleagues, Laurence, who is also part of our investigative team. I believe some of his artwork is hanging in the galleries around here, one in particular of another of our colleagues, Triumphant and Mr. Daro, both of whom he'd never met before.

I digress, Ms. Algich brings up an interesting point, this figure is often use by the various robots and cybernetic beings. I'd like to put the question to you as well my partner. It's a known fact that this technology is frequently used by this organization. One of the questions we will be investigating is how our Unsub got his hands on such technology that is so readily available to our organization? It is my understanding that trade secrets such as this are not so easily handed out. Perhaps you might answer Count Murdusa? Since, as you said, we are not so technologically advanced.

Inner thoughts: Let them connect the dots. This technology is only readily available to the tribunal and its associates. There is a traitor in our midst.
No. 1010535 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Don't let him drag you down to his level. Stand up straight, deep breath, remain professional.

*He sighs.*

"I t-think it's more likely the Corax would have broken one of your -uh- arms and handcuffed you to the barstool, Mr. Glasshrauder."

Inner Thoughts: Going from what you've gathered on his disposition it's more likely that Corax would want Dervan to live and suffer, be that stripped of all titles and privileges, or left as a mewling pile of broken bones. But that isn't the focus right now, redirect the conversation back to exercise. Be a tad more demeaning to Dervan if you have to.

"So it is your goal to make people act more 'genuinely' Mr. Glasshrauder?"

Inner Thoughts: Avoid 'I' statements. This is about their relationship, not your opinions.

"But as you've already said, this pushes you into a more hostile relationship with your colleagues. Seeing as Mr. Triumphant already has a more... jaded view of you, it's reasonable to assume that you've done something similar to him in the past as well."

Inner Thoughts: Now test his defences. See how he reacts to more probing questions. Try out some theories.

"But nevermind that, the bigger question is 'why?' It's obvious that these ploys are to both engineer the relationships you prefer and to keep those around you guessing, hence why Mr. Triumphant's foreknowledge upsets you. So why is it that you want people to hate you, Mr. Glasshrauder?"

Inner Thoughts: Now push him.

"It seems that you don't want others to trust you, but where does come from? Is it because you don't want others to start relying on you, or does such a prospect scare you?"
No. 1011145 ID: e51896

This is keeping in mind that this universe we are investigating shouldn't have access to such technology as it is closed off from other universes for the most part. Magic, and biological experiments sure, but advanced robotics not likely. It's safe to assume that Happy is someone from the outside who brought this technology with him, or someone who gained it from someone from outside this universe. However, it should also be noted that his influence was seen not just in this universe, but within another worlds, the person we interrogated's world for example.

If there are any theories or questions to be brought up, please do so. Otherwise, I suggest we present some Recordings and evidence we gathered, if Ms. Algich would get them ready. There are some things I'd like to bring up from them.
No. 1011177 ID: f23762
File 163217731563.jpg - (7.76MB , 4243x5608 , Divergent 110.jpg )

No. 1011178 ID: f23762

Ups also forgot to put this music as well

No. 1011241 ID: 3e7c34

Inner thoughts:Mm. That will not do. If Happy is amongst us that would merely eliminate our only leads on him.

*quickly reaches into jacket as if going for a gun but only comes out with a hand in the shape of a gun and points it at hooka-head*
*quickly points at Murdusa*

Forgive my metaphor with this action. Simply executing them is an easy answer, but so is shooting you in order to further our own standing within the organization. The problem is it’s messy, leaves more holes, and there would likely be repercussions and loss of power. The purpose of investigation is to discover the truth. These are merely the most likely suspects. The key word being “suspects,” not “convicts.” Killing them and having done not only eliminates any possible leads we have on our main target, it creates more enemies, more than I believe this tribunal is willing to have. If you are going to give the order, then I hope that you are also willing to reap the guilt and repercussions of that order, I ask you to examine the consequences of killing each suspect, instead look at what we have to gain by Turing them to our side. There are people on this list that simply killing them would be a loss of a potentiality valuable asset to this tribunal. The cons outweigh the pros.

There is further evidence to suggest that the person who we assume to Happy may not even be aware they are the culprit. Rather, it is more a kind of split personality that puppeteers their actions. Conducting proper tests for this trait will save lives, time, and resources, and also it will be less of a headache for all of you.
No. 1011278 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold glances between the teacup and his two superiors.*

Inner Thoughts: Dervan didn't present any questions to you. Good. You still have the initiative and it seems Triumphant's comments have him on less steady footing. De-escalate the situation first, then you can press again. Start with Triumphant.

"Let's all take a moment to settle down."

"Mr. Triumphant, this won't be a productive meeting if you dismiss Mr. Glasshrauder's thoughts out of hand. It is understandable why you don't trust Mr. Glasshrauder, as he even said, he prefers it. That being said, if we truly want to meaningful progress between you two, then it'd be best if we left insults out of this discussion."

Inner Thoughts: Now work on Dervan. Try to dig out the underlying rationale of his 'dogma.' Remain direct, but adopt a softer approach.

"Thank you Mr. Glasshrauder for sharing us your view on things. It may be frustrating to point out truths that are apparent to you and not to other people, but exercising patience in this case will help us try to see where you're coming from."

*Threshold straightens his jacket before continuing.*

"What you just described with the tea cup seems like a very isolating experience. You and Mr. Triumphant were in a world where both of you were part of a greater community, following a grand narrative; And now, you are both alone."

Inner Thoughts: Use his own words.

"For Mr. Triumphant, this wasn't much of a loss. As you said Mr. Glasshrauder, he was a 'person who doesn't need friends, only coworkers.' You on the other hand felt a 'weakness from its absence.'"

Inner Thoughts: Now speculate.

"Many people find community and comfort within the principles they believe, both religious and secular. It's the same reason why people like Mr. Peregrine are able to remain calm, even in the most dire of situations. But that leads to the question of what you are looking to gain from this dogma, Mr. Glasshrauder. Is it the sense of belonging you get from being in a bigger plan? Is it a facet of your identity that has just always been there? Or maybe..."

Inner Thoughts: Push hard with this one.

"You're afraid of what an existence without meaning could be?"
No. 1011403 ID: 09631d

And to answer your question my lords, DeRvan is not on this list because he helped compile it. But just because he isn’t on the immediate list of suspects, doesn’t mean changes won’t happen in the future.
No. 1011425 ID: e51896

*stares at the slide*

inner thoughts: hmm... interesting. When Triumphant challenged us to play darts and put a bunch of pictures for us to throw darts at to figure out the suspect, there were 9 pictures. Here there is six suspects... must have narrowed it down... I should probably ask who the other three suspects were, but maybe when the time is right.

Indeed. Not only that, we had a very interesting interview before coming into this meeting, all of which recorded which we can listen to once we are ready. But it is important to point out that even if we do kill all the suspects, we have gathered reasons to believe that Happy had not just gathered a small gang to accomplish his goals, but rather, an army willing to fight for him through tooth and nail. Even if we manage to kill Happy among the suspects, his orders could still be carried out despite his death. And who's to say that he already accounted for us to kill all of the suspects at once

And from the information we gathered, we learned that one of the suspects we captured might not actually be the correct suspect. We have learned there are right now two Felafafs running around currently alive, one of which from an alternate timeline and fighting for Happy.

We can go into more detail and listen to the recording and go through some key things I want to point out after we finish going through the slides.
No. 1011431 ID: f23762
File 163241019728.jpg - (6.77MB , 6774x4977 , Divergent 111.jpg )

No. 1011439 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: You've definitely hit a nerve with that last statement. Note how Dervan is trying to quickly shift the topic onto the conduct of you and Triumphant. While you can't rule out that this is an 'act,' it could also be a more foundational element of 'who he is;' pursuing it might be fruitful since it would be harder for him to lie about. You'll get an opportunity to circle back, but you need to shoot down his arguments first. Don't let him make this personal.

"This isn't a conversation where we're trying to point fingers at one another Mr. Glasshrauder. We are just trying to understand where you are coming from. With the rest of us not being able to clearly see what drives your actions, we are forced to speculate or otherwise remain confused."

Inner Thoughts: First point down, on to the next. Draw parallels as a way to undermine Dervan's assertions.

"And if memory serves Mr. Glasshrauder, you had a similar exercise to Mr. Triumphant when first meeting the investigation team. In order to establish a proper chain of command you asked the evaluator to stab one of their subordinates."

Inner Thoughts: You don't know anything specific about this 'dart stunt.' Try to build off of context clues.

"Mr. Triumphant asked others to throw darts at pictures of people. Much like your exercise Mr. Glassrauder, it may have been less about who in particular was hit or stabbed and more centered on the actions of the people involved. You even praised the team during your exercise for finding an 'understanding of the chain of command without anyone getting hurt.' It may not have been relevant to the investigation itself, but you still found some level of value in it. Mr. Triumphant was just doing the same."

Inner Thoughts: Now defuse his questions and circle back to yours. Express curiosity.

"So let's hold off on making judgements or questioning one another's capability of being an investigator. Each of us were chosen for a reason, though whether it is seen as either fate or chance is up to the individual themselves."

*Threshold smiles softly.*

"Now with that settled, I was actually curious about something you said Mr. Glasshrauder. You just said that without meaning in your existence, you would cease to exist."

Inner Thoughts: Frame it as though you want clarification.

"Would 'you ceasing to exist' be in a more literal sense, like vanishing into thin air, or would it be more metaphorical? Would the person 'Dervan Glasshrauder' cease to be, and whoever was left would be someone else entirely?"
No. 1011496 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: it comes to this, now is a good time to voice these concerns

Ms. Algich, it was agreed that it would be important for us to answer these people's questions, even if it does open a new can of worms. It is important as agents to not leave any stone unturned. We cannot skip such questions given. So allow me to answer the gentleman his question

To answer your question, Count Murdusa, before this meeting, Triumphant was voicing concerns that Dervan being present at this meeting would be disruptive and was against Dervan being here and asked his superior to not have him here, though he would only get that permission granted if it was a majority vote between all us agents. But I thought otherwise as Dervan has been actually pretty valuable in helping us uncovering the truth despite his unorthodox methods. So it was I who suggested as a compromise to Triumphant that both he and Dervan be absent from this meeting so that they can both settle their differences... but that wasn't my main reason.

So to your question of if I suspect Triumphant... as hurtful to me to say this, yes, I have started to see him as a possible suspect. That was my main reason as to leave him absent, and not just because he was preventing Dervan from being here, but I feel he would start hiding certain things and change subjects to keep the truth hidden. There have been instances where he wanted agent Corax and I to stay silent about some things during an unofficial interview we had before coming here to keep Dervan from learning from things about a certain individual, asking us to be a little bad at our jobs during the interview.

and also, when Ms. Algich showed off the list of suspects, I noticed that there were six suspects when in fact, I remember there distinctly being nine suspects. During one of our meetings when Triumphant was getting an idea of the kind of agents we are with his tests, one of the things he asked us to do was to throw darts at some turned pictures we couldn't see the main suspects of, telling me to "let my god (Inkiverusus) guide my shots". There were nine photographs on that dart board, but now I'm seeing 6 suspects. Giving the benefit of doubt could be that they narrowed down the suspects, but the fact that we have not been shown the suspects and Triumphant wanted us to be silent about some things led to some growing concerns that maybe some of those suspects were kept hidden on purpose.

And it should be noted with that in mind that Happy is someone who despises destiny, wanting people to be free and become better than who they are, a connection I see with Triumphant's hatred of being forced to be the Will of the World's "tool" and follow the destined set path he was given.

After all, Triumphant once told me that he had a feeling like his whole life he was playing the role of a detective and more and more it felt like his role as detective doesn't suit him anymore. Perhaps this is something he is feeling after leaving Inkiverusus' guidance and is leaning more towards a different occupation.

And to answer your second question on these "invisible strings", during our interview, when the question of these invisible strings came up, we had been told of something that matches the description of those strings and their actions. They seem to be tentacle-like coming from something that looks like a skull of a demon. the tentacles are said to be black and white, and these skulls are said to offer deals to help someone. Interestingly enough, this skull had once given a riddle as to how to find Happy. I want to maybe throw in the idea that maybe the individual who is Happy is being controlled or influenced by this skull demon

Anyway, Ms. Algich said just now that capturing somebody who is affiliated with the group opposing the tribunal's law will help in crushing their foes... during the interview we had before coming here, we were given a list of criminals and their descriptions working under the tribunal... and one of the descriptions of the people working for Happy seem to match one of the people working under the Tribunal. Perhaps if we capture this possible parasite working as a mole for Happy in our organization, we could get some valuable information such as who it was in this organization that recommended this person into the investigation team as they could have been the one who planted this individual here.

Mr. Corax, do you know the individual I am talking about from the description of the criminals given?
No. 1011499 ID: 7acb12

As a matter of fact, I do.

*flips open notebook*
The resident doctor here one who referred to herself as "Cactus," after doing some digging on her due to some recent events involving a knife her stabbing me with it, led me to find a paper trail leading her to a connection with the being known as "Essence of Life" now deceased. This being however was a known leader and a frontman and head of operations for plans involved with Happy the Tragedy Phantom. When Doctor "Cactus" was working with Essence, she was known by the moniker "The Judge" and was under her employ as a mercenary.

What's further is that DeRvan who took on Essence during the altercation failed to mention this note. So to answer your own question Count Murdusa, I can trust neither of them. If you need evidence of this betrayal by our good doctor, Ms. Algich and I have compiled tapes and notes from an interview with beings who seem to be a primary motive for Happy who also took part in the fight against Essence. The one that I interviewed gave a very good description of all who were associated with Essence, and therefore, with Happy.

*plays the interview tape with Fortune Ana.*

And here is where we come to what I was trying to reach all of you to see from the beginning. There are traitors in our midst good ladies and gentlemen. This organization has been compromised and I suspect that Happy has been an inside man all along.
No. 1011525 ID: f23762
File 163254627254.jpg - (3.65MB , 4962x2526 , Divergent 112.jpg )

No. 1011568 ID: 5f4030

*eye twitch and his face upturns into a ghoulish smile*

Inner thoughts: You fucking ignorant imbeciles, it's all right there in front of and you refuse to see it. Alright then, let's show you how moronic you are

Are you aware of how poison works? The way it is most effective is if it either ingested or enters the body through an open wound. The effects of certain types of poison can include something like weakening limbs and body, nausea and vomiting, sepsis, paralysis, and eventually death. All of which I had suffered and to which Lord Zirzam sadly suffered from my accidental vomiting on him. Now I ask you, why would I chose to poison myself simply to get Lord Zirzam with a method that wouldn't work? I had not met him before today, I didn't know him before hand, it doesn't add up. What's more why should I bother taking poison when the chances are I would die all on the off chance to get someone else? That is not how poison works, and it's nonsensical.

Instead, let's return to what I said? How does poison enter the body? Either ingesting, or via an open wound. You openly acknowledge that I was stabbed. I was stabbed twice by both DeRvan and our Doctor. So that leaves both DeRvan and the doctor as possible suspects for targeting Zirzam. DeRvan has too much fear of Zirzam to even try such an attempt. When Lord Zirzam greeted us during the investigation, DeRvan showed only fear and respect for him. He was subservient and overly polite. And again, what motive does DeRvan have for killing him? Possibly because he feels small around him, but I doubt it very much. It doesn't make any sense. Plus knowing the prejudice of this organization, chances you would all take the first opportunity to be rid of us had you the opportunity. DeRvan would not risk that.

Now what motive does the Doctor have? You have her sister locked up as a prisoner and facing judgement for her involvement with Happy. How can she either get even or save her sister? Simple, try and get rid of the people who are keeping her sister in prison. The effects of the poison in me were slow going, the most immediate one I felt was muscle weakening as on my way back from being healed, I collapsed to my knees and continued to weaken throughout the interrogation. And if you need further evidence of me being stabbed, I have scars to prove it, as well as having the bloody clothes in my dormitory. The doctor may have destroyed the records of that visit but I doubt it, chances are she has to keep some record of her patients to keep up appearances.

Oh, but let's keep going how can poison be applied? As I said, open wounds are common. The thing that makes the most sense is either when she stabbed me again, but that would involve her having to already have applied it to her glove to touch the blade. She did not touch the blade directly, meaning she couldn't have applied it as such. Rather, the two hypodermic needles that she used with Cyber Crow. She would have to be the one to get them ready, both of them. Cyber Crow may have been aware of this, he may not have. It would need further investigation. But the effects of this poison was only felt after I left her office. We have cameras in the halls yes? If so, you should see me fall to my knees. If you need further collaboration DeRvan himself can testify that he saw me collapse on my knees.

With this, we have a motive, we have a means, and we have evidence and proof. The fact that you haven't already arrested her on suspicion of corroboration with her sister with Happy is not only shockingly naive, but downright shows your own ignorance. So I tell you again Lords and ladies of this court. You have traitors in your organization. The fact that you refuse to see that is and instead let your prejudice blind you to that is shameful.
No. 1011577 ID: f23762
File 163261404213.jpg - (2.80MB , 3779x2371 , Divergent 113.jpg )

No. 1011613 ID: f23762
File 163266809652.jpg - (3.19MB , 5639x1841 , Divergent 114.jpg )

No. 1011655 ID: e51896

*puts his hand on Corax's shoulder to calm him*

*whispers* Deep breaths Corax, you spoke so passionately about the incident that I believe you might just be on the right track, but your anger is probably jumbling up your memories of what actually happened. If you truly suspect the doctor, Calm down and try to think of the event again more clearly, and try to remember every detail such as the details and state of Dervan's knife when you were stabbed both the first and second time, and consider that some things might be true, such as the robot. Consider that if the doctor did indeed inject you with poison, and it wasn't Dervan or the robot, that she may have done it a different way and the robot may have served a different purpose. use deductive reasoning on this. If you have an idea, look through the video, and play through a specific part that you feel amiss.

(going to link the start of when Corax entered the doc's office here: https://questden.org/kusaba/draw/res/32929.html#44958)

Forgive my partner's behavior, doctor Kavakara. I calmed him down. he's just so passionate about finding the truth that he's probably got some things messed up. I'm sure your expert experiences had warranted you an honorary spot on the team. May I ask how you first became a part of the investigation team?
No. 1011662 ID: 5f4030

*closes eyes and takes a deep breath*

Inner thoughts: Calm. Calm. Go to you place Alyosha, your mind palace...


First stabbing: Stabbed above the liver by DeRvan with switchblade he had on him. Second stabbing, same knife? Possibly. Think. I enter the doctor's office, the knife is still in me, it's not been removed, can't risk to much blood loss. She removes it. Can see that on the first screen, open wound, the knife has been removed. Can't see the knife her body blocks the view. Where is the knife? She pulled the knife, it had my blood on it.


When she holds the knife again, its clean? How? Possibly wiped something on it behind counter? Or different knife entirely. Stabbed in left shoulder. She then mentions... Poisonous insects. Possible poison from her home world? Testing it on me? Perhaps.


Motive: Unknown at this time. Relation to Happy? Almost none that we know of. Sisters connection? Was a possible summon in the fight Essence had with the Ana's. Essence was directly under Happy. Loose connection, probably not enough to commit with. Start small. Corner her.


"Where I come from we have insects that can fuck up your whole body without you even knowing about it. Since you entered my infirmary I am not allowed to let you leave until I am sure you won't collapse after you leaver through the door and just look at yourself."

Those were the words you spoke to me were they not? I'm, what are the effects of those bugs you mentioned? Because it wasn't even ten minutes after I left that I collapsed to my knees. If I may draw the attention to video one for a moment, my face is on the screen and Doctor Karakava's back is to the camera. Looking on the screen you can see me, the knife has been removed. Where is the knife in this shot? And on the second screen as well, the knife cannot be seen. May we rewind the footage? As I recall, when the knife was pulled from my body my blood was still on it. Now fast forward to when it reappears again. If we are to assume it's the same knife, it appears that it has either been cleaned or it is a different knife.
No. 1011822 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold sighs.*

Inner Thoughts: Dervan's correct in this case. Triumphant isn't engaging at all with the conversation and as a result you won't be able to pushing any further on Dervan. At least you have a couple of avenues of attack for later. For now admit to the obvious.

"Mr. Glasshrauder is correct in this case, Mr. Triumphant. You agreed that it would be best to deal with this dilemma between the two of you, and so far Mr. Triumphant you've been more focused on the investigation, rather than this conversation."

Inner Thoughts: Try to make a compromise with the two topics.
Avoid questions pertaining to when he was still in his dimension.

"What made you want to become an investigator for the Dimensional Tribunal?"
No. 1011944 ID: f23762
File 163294021046.jpg - (7.83MB , 4637x6036 , Divergent 115.jpg )

No. 1012037 ID: 76fa74

Inner thoughts: Algich, you brilliant woman. I'll have to buy you a coffee for this.

I notice a few more discrepancies. If that is the same cape which I assume it is as you have just said it is custom made to match your sister, where is the blood from the knife? If you wiped it off twice on that cape, surely traces of my blood would be on it yes? Especially if you used it to wipe it down twice, however I see none. Before you say that it was washed similar to my own clothes, Algich, if that is a custom cloth and material I assume it must be specially washed to ensure it retains its value? And I also continue to see no evidence of wiping the blood off in the footage. Can we fast forward this slightly to prove this?

This leads me to believe it was not the same knife used for the second stabbing. Furthermore, if I may direct your attention back to the screen footage of the video from behind the counter. Note there is nothing seen behind the desk. If this was a second knife used that means it was on the Doctor's person rather and hidden by her cape.
No. 1012132 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Just ignore Dervan's statement, it's only meant to derail the conversation. Focus on compromise.

"Mr. Triumphant, it would be unfair of you to ask Mr. Glasshrauder to change his worldview if you are equally uncomfortable about changing yours. Each of you have different perspectives and both of you should respect the fact these are personal beliefs each of you hold."

Inner Thoughts: Now work towards a solution.

"Neither of you should be expected to fundamentally change as a person, but seeing as you are both working together, it would be best if each of you were mindful of one another's boundaries and took steps to accommodate each other during this investigation."

*Threshold looks to Triumphant.*

"Would it help you if Mr. Glasshrauder would more upfront with this ideas?"

*He then turns to Dervan.*

"And would it help you if Mr. Triumphant was less secretive about his findings?"
No. 1012581 ID: 6982f8

I like your enthusiasm and eagerness to head through the path destined to you, Agent Corax, but if you rush through it, you won't get to appreciate the environment you'll see in the path you are walking through. Take time to stop and smell the flowers, you might miss some things if you don't.

With that in mind, I would personally like to request if we can ask our good doctor to give us a new testomony about the events that happened regarding Corax's doctor appointment, and the knife, and suit. Much appreciated to everyone involved
No. 1012633 ID: f23762
File 163373128435.jpg - (4.01MB , 4472x2961 , Divergent 116.jpg )

No. 1012769 ID: 5f4030

Interesting. If it was cleaned in the exact same manner, I would like the scanner bot to scan her clothing. If it was cleaned in the same way then there will be no traces of blood or poison on her and it will show similar detergent.
No. 1012900 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold flinches as Triumphant falls.*

Inner Thoughts: Bad. Very bad. Your head is spinning. Focus. Read the situation around you.

*He looks to Dervan and then back to Triumphant.*

Inner Thoughts: Neither you nor Dervan have been affected, so this isn't airborne. It is unlikely to have been some form of area dispersal, otherwise you should be suffering some manner of side effects. For now take Dervan at his word, nothing stood out as an activation phrase and you didn't see him put anything in Triumphant's food. Using process of elimination, that only leaves...

*Threshold glances at the paper in Triumphant's hand.*

Inner Thoughts: Contact poison or info hazard. Dervan passed over an envelope, and Triumphant opened it. Keep your intentions close to your chest. Dervan wants you to see him as innocent, utilize that. Add worry to your voice.

"G-get a d-doctor M-mr. Glassshauder! I-i'll t-try to r-resusitate h-him."

*Threshold kneels next to Triumphant, trying to find a pulse and check if he's still breathing. Threshold makes sure to keep the paper in his peripheral vision.*
No. 1012920 ID: e51896

hmm... if you cleaned your outfit the same way Corax did, that would mean you would have given it to the cleaner and didn't clean it yourself. In that case, wouldn't the cleaner would have said anything or be concerned about the bloody cape to report it when he saw it after you gave it to him to clean? That might have been hard to explain after showing a bloody cape to a cleaner... especially since it would have meant admitting to him that you stabbed someone, even if Corax wasn't effected by it.

inner thoughts: might be important to keep in mind that her outfit is unique, in that there are only two suits like hers in existence. I do have one weird hunch about this, but I suppose it depends on what we'll learn here...
No. 1012930 ID: f23762
File 163431267205.jpg - (4.57MB , 3852x3781 , Divergent 117.jpg )

No. 1013181 ID: 7acb12

Very interesting. I have only a few questions for the panel before we continue.

firstly, can this scanner scan other things besides clothes or is that all it scans?

secondly, are prisoners allowed visitation privileges?
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