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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 1038400 ID: e51896

... just push the button and check the mission right immediatly. That's all we need to do at this point.
No. 1038422 ID: 5f4030

DONT- *inhales then releases breath* don’t touch me like that ever again.

I understand. We will complete the task we have. *presses button*
No. 1038434 ID: d63ea8

*It drifts over to Scarred Ana*

Isn't this what you desired,
Disciple of Marks?
For ________ Ana,
Resilient Ana,
To stand on her own two feet?
To not quit?
To live life as best she could?

That isn't what you desired.

But then...

*The presence drifts away.*

Why admonish her?
Why berate her?
Why hurt her?
And expect not to be hurt back?

Weren't these your lessons?

*The presence covers its mouth again.*
No. 1038436 ID: 5f4030

Shut up, Echo.
No. 1038469 ID: 8255b7
File 165815821279.jpg - (3.91MB , 3287x2861 , Divergent 193.jpg )

No. 1038476 ID: 607c5a

*goes and sits away from Toothpick* A little bit of that but not really, I know the Logan here isn’t my husband and isn’t the man I fell in love with, but if anything I just want some closure with it all, just a chance to give him the goodbye I never got to tell him. If I tell you what I really wanted to do, I’d get chastised by all of you at once. None of you would really understand it, I doubt you’d even think of it as realistic.
No. 1038624 ID: d63ea8

*It uncovers it's mouth.*

If it is my words,
Which cause you pain,
________ Ana,
Gracious Ana.

Then this empty form,
Will utter nothing.

*It covers it's mouth again.*
No. 1038647 ID: 8255b7
File 165828256024.jpg - (2.09MB , 2813x1878 , Divergent 195.jpg )

No. 1038667 ID: d63ea8

*It remains silent until called upon.*
No. 1038677 ID: 3e7c34


*Scarred’s entire body is flexed hard as if she is a spring wound too tight and is staring Toothpick in the eye*

An interesting theory. But only half-right. I watched Logan die unable to help him. Lorence made his execution a Public hanging. So why didn’t Absolution save him? By the time I made it there it was too late to help him. As far as I know, there’s no magic strong enough to bring someone back from the dead as they were, only bringing them back… wrong. They cut off his hands so he couldn’t do any magic. I was 8 months pregnant when he died. I think Logan was no longer of any use to him.

My son probably was a kind of sick sacrifice, because for the longest time I thought Root killed him in his crib. But no. Absolution Prime killed my son. Perhaps as a kind of sacrifice, but mostly as what was probably a punishment. Because in the end I didn’t surrender the world back to him after I won. So even if he had everything to win, I pulled it away at the last second. He may very well have wanted to use my son in place of Logan, but at the last second it didn’t matter.
No. 1038753 ID: 8255b7
File 165836716793.jpg - (2.74MB , 2974x2368 , Divergent 196.jpg )

No. 1038769 ID: 607c5a

No, sir.
No. 1038770 ID: e51896

*while everyone is talking to Lorence, Fortune is combing the area for any spies*
No. 1038782 ID: d63ea8

*The presence starts to shake and hides behind Toothpick.*
No. 1038881 ID: 8255b7
File 165848142999.jpg - (3.49MB , 3898x2616 , Divergent 197.jpg )

No. 1038885 ID: e51896

Toothpick, sorry to interrupt, but I think we've been compromised. While combing the area, I found something that was staring at us from the distanced, but it immediately sunk to the ground. The best way to describe it is some kind of silhouette with one eye that had tentacles or vines wrapped around the figure. there were some tentacles around that eye too.
No. 1038889 ID: d63ea8

*The presence covers its face.*

Do not let him see.
Do not let him learn.
This form can't endure it.

*It shudders again.*
No. 1038899 ID: 7b5ac5

*blinks. Looks down at the clothes*
Alright. Thanks for the clothes.
No. 1038900 ID: 7b5ac5

You carry a gun on you? Might be more convincing if there was one in this outfit too.
No. 1038977 ID: 8255b7
File 165856540664.jpg - (1.48MB , 2580x1879 , Divergent 198.jpg )

No. 1038988 ID: b644e0

*Scarred casts disguise self and begins changing into him*

Fair enough, just trying to sell the disguise, you know? Even one loaded with blanks would work. And the voices can do that. I don’t know about Scarred though, that one is like having a particularly angry mosquito buzzing in your ear.
No. 1038989 ID: e51896

*continues to comb the area for any other spies just to be prepared for what the group might deal with*
No. 1039086 ID: 8255b7
File 165866355793.jpg - (2.69MB , 3531x1966 , Divergent 199.jpg )

No. 1039089 ID: e51896

Found Another spy. Scarred, Pandora, I recommend NOT asking any more questions so we dont give out any more information and so that Lorence can end the meeting sooner
No. 1039100 ID: d63ea8

Leeches beget leeches.
They know we are coming,
They Lurk in the shadows.

No. 1039107 ID: 5f4030

Aye aye, sir.
No. 1039210 ID: 650c03

Also, don’t suppose you know if Delilah has any supernatural allies or otherwise? I’m sure she has immortals and all who are loyal to her.
No. 1039247 ID: 8255b7
File 165879614141.jpg - (2.07MB , 3364x1718 , Divergent 200.jpg )

No. 1039251 ID: 650c03

Well let’s go.
No. 1039264 ID: e51896

*wonders why Toothpick didn't want to bring up the first spy, but mentioned the second spy to Lorence*

*will ask Toothpick after the meeting is over*
No. 1039288 ID: d63ea8

*The presence stays near Toothpick.*

He is there and there again,
He knows the Thief of Power's plans.
She has tried before,
Has failed before.

This time she may not,
But she will draw him back to you.
Keep your distance,
Keep safe.

No. 1039369 ID: bc7677
File 165891350557.jpg - (4.88MB , 3898x2940 , Divergent 201.jpg )

No. 1039386 ID: 41e3ef

Lorence has lead people out in the field before so saying that we leading some team to try and find a way to make more permanent contact with the wolves to get Root back might work. Anyone else have any suggestions?
No. 1039404 ID: d63ea8

*The presence lingers with Toothpick and seems to relax as Lorence moves away.*

What is it,
That you wish,
Of this empty presence?

________ Ana,
Watchful Ana.

Voice your desire,
And this form will drink it in.
No. 1039890 ID: 65bbdc
File 165952969405.jpg - (2.20MB , 3100x1998 , Divergent 202.jpg )

No. 1039891 ID: d63ea8

*The presence floats up to try an peer over the walls.*
No. 1039908 ID: 3572ef

Hm. Yes well as it stands, I don’t really want to see her either, yet the situation as it is has mandated it. Things have changed and it’s time to acclimate.
No. 1039909 ID: b6d8ec

*phases through door to get a look inside*
No. 1040064 ID: 65bbdc
File 165964524507.jpg - (1.73MB , 2827x1568 , Divergent 203.jpg )

No. 1040070 ID: d63ea8

He was there and there again.
Meaningless masses quickly lose their way,
And more quickly fall to empty promises.
They had failed him once before,
And were not worth the risk.

No. 1040105 ID: 3e7c34

Indeed. Alright then, if that’s how you see things allow me to enlighten you. What do you think would have happened if we did? We’d have an army of untrained, undisciplined men and women needlessly dying for a cause they don’t get fully understand. But we can take this a step further, we have an army of untrained… people, for they’re not soldiers, just a mob. And like a mob it would become harder and harder to maintain any semblance of order. And the more a mob gets out of hand the harder it becomes to control, then we have anarchy, and our entire plan would have burned very brightly and burned out very quickly.

Also, you keep using the word I just said “acclimate.” I don’t think you fully know what that word means. It means it time to change plans around. That’s why I’m here to see Delilah now.
No. 1040107 ID: e51896

*continues to look around the interior of the mansion for anything of interest*
No. 1040186 ID: aff302
File 165978210759.jpg - (2.86MB , 3216x2532 , Divergent 204.jpg )

No. 1040199 ID: d98b32

*looks inside the vase*
No. 1040202 ID: 3572ef

Inner thoughts: Fortune, Echo, Keep an eye out, I’d rather not get jumped on our way back out.
Hello, Delilah. Truth be told I’m here to give you an assignment. Well, actually that’s not the correct word here. Consider it more a invitation. I’ve been trying to run damage control and counter measures against the wolves, but it’s not going as planned. So, I’m here to give you exactly what you compatriots here think you deserve, a position of command. I’ve have meeting with Godfrey and some of the other knights for a war council here shortly, If you think you deserve the position of leadership, this is your opportunity to prove it. If you succeed and we are able to recapture Root and overtake the wolves, who knows; you really could be named Root’s heir, and not just by familial ties.
No. 1040205 ID: aff302

You want to look inside the vase? Really you want to do that?
No. 1040225 ID: fce62b

If that is your wish,
Then this empty presence,
Will drink in the world,
Disciple of Marks.

*The presence will carefully watch the surrounding woods incase something tries to sneak up on Scarred or Toothpick.*
No. 1040262 ID: aff302
File 165987971675.jpg - (2.66MB , 3412x1800 , Divergent 205.jpg )

No. 1040269 ID: 5f4030

Inner Thoughts: Damn, this isn’t feeling good. But… Hm, okay hold on. We’ll make a show of this.
*scarred puts her hand in their pocket and lays her hand across her thigh and subtlety does a lay on hands, removing some of the disease’s symptoms. It’s not gone but we don’t feel as if we are about to explode. To the outside oberserver it looks as if something in Lorence’s pocket briefly glows then fades.[/i]

Sorry, was lost in thought for a moment, and just got word from one of my own contacts about your situation. That’s cute Delilah, you’re moving up in the world. I suppose you probably have made contact with beings like the Blind Will? Probably just to spite me. Did I ever fully explain why you shouldn’t align yourself to them? If you have , I truly do pity you more than anything. They will extract tolls than greater than you can imagine. It starts off small, a death here, some giving of flesh, and in exchange you get magic and you get power. The more you go deeper into your deal with them, Delilah the more heavier prices you will have to pay. You may think about betraying them, but they’ll know. And when they do, their vengeance is swift, and without mercy. They will find what it is you cherish, what you wanted most, and suddenly that dream becomes a waking nightmare that there’s no escape from.

Understand me, Delilah, I’m not offering you this position at this was council because if you really do have power that doesn’t rely on you contacts, then you should show them. If all your power comes from who you’ve aligned yourself with, then it’s not really your power is it? You’re just a front for someone else. Would you rather steer the boat? Or just be the captains dog?
No. 1040283 ID: 5f4030

No, no wait… Ohhh, maybe you have made deals with The Blind Will just to spite me, I certainly wouldn’t doubt that. But, it makes more sense if you were to make a deal with the Wolf Pack. Perhaps keeping Root there as a means of ensuring your continued control. Why would you want him back then? With him gone, you’re in power. I wonder if your companions here are aware of that. If might makes right as you like to do, then allying yourself with the biggest and baddest at the moment would ensure your power. Root stays locked up, you get the keys to the kingdom. But I wonder if EVERYONE here would agree with that sentiment. Some may follow out of loyalty to Root and see you as the next best option, but if they were to know you are keeping him there as a bargaining chip, well who knows what they would do? I hope you have some other cards to play to keep those people happy, or at the very least unaware.
No. 1040423 ID: fce62b

*The presence glides closer to the figure with the cigar.*
No. 1040433 ID: 795c41

*wonders if those were eyeballs from immortals before they became immortal. Continues investigating the mansion*
No. 1040446 ID: aff302
File 166008381001.jpg - (2.70MB , 3763x1850 , Divergent 206.jpg )

No. 1040453 ID: 5f4030

Hmm. I certainly hope those sentiments are legitimate. I really do. It will bode well for you at the war council if you are going to join us. Again though, I wonder if any other upper members of this organization would pledge their support to you. Say, Huntress Rozalia? I'm sure you would afford her a lot of freedoms.
No. 1040659 ID: 536907

*checks the music*
No. 1040678 ID: aff302
File 166033784772.jpg - (3.39MB , 2868x2964 , Divergent 207.jpg )

No. 1040695 ID: fce62b

*The presence creeps closer to the man with the radio, trying to hear the response.*
No. 1040697 ID: d87c35

inner thoughts: Go with a non-committal answer.

If I must. But I make no promises in patching your relationship with her.
No. 1040729 ID: bd6753

*recognizes him as one of Cera's people*
*wonders if Cera is around and think it might be best to hide around the mansion just in case since she thinks Cera can see spirits.*
*tries to get a better look at the burning corpse before heading out to check more of the mansion*
No. 1040756 ID: aff302
File 166043301909.jpg - (2.52MB , 3636x1897 , Divergent 208.jpg )

No. 1040808 ID: 5f4030

Greetings Rozaline. I take it your hunt is going well? For the time being I’ve been asked to smooth things over with you and Delilah. Understandably, I take it you will need many different things to happen before you are ready to even come near her without wanting to shove a spear through her.
No. 1041000 ID: e02205

*Considers burned corpse a possible meal for the parasite Queen later*
*Sinks through the floor back to the first floor*
No. 1041001 ID: fce62b

*The presence leans close to the figure on the walkie talkie*

What is it,
That you desire?

No. 1041036 ID: cd5c4f
File 166069473219.jpg - (1.95MB , 1748x2480 , Divergent 209.jpg )

No. 1041055 ID: 3e7c34

Before I answer that, I’d like to know what you have heard happened first, and who from. Some people’s stories cannot be trusted…
No. 1041274 ID: 78c706

*goes to where the screaming was, finding places to hide in case Cera is here*
No. 1041276 ID: fce62b

Is it that you wish,
Something to happen?
To banish this banal state?
Or do you only wish to...
Return to your cigarette?

No. 1041385 ID: cd5c4f
File 166099062880.jpg - (2.67MB , 2322x2699 , Divergent 210.jpg )

No. 1041435 ID: feefda

If you want my honest opinion, the one person most to blame in all this is Root. I hate to say it, but Root laid the groundwork for where we're at now. Ana may have been the one to kill her, but it was a desperate act of a desperate woman. Root was the one who set the dominos that led her to where we're at now. She acted as his body double and she was fiercely loyal to him, even becoming a romantic partner. Dare I say she even loved him. But I fear it was a one sided-love; she was his useful tool. She followed him to the end and this is where it led her.

If you intend violence against him, I only ask you to stay your hand against him for now. Whether we like it or not, we need him alive. There are many who still believe in him, and are loyal. If you would support Delilah for the time being, I'm sure some retribution can be found.
No. 1041652 ID: cd5c4f
File 166130057668.jpg - (798.97KB , 1721x1112 , Divergent 211.jpg )

No. 1041671 ID: 3e7c34

Very well. If you want how she died, it was Ana. She took a knife off Delilah in an act of desperation reaching through her bars. In an act to try and take her freedom she thought to take her hostage and in the confusion accidentally killed her.
No. 1041701 ID: e51896

*continues listening in for now*
No. 1041702 ID: fce62b

The world is ending,
And your time is short.
Why waste it here,
Guarding nothing?

Is this how,
You wish it to end?
Missing the last moments,
Of those you care about?

There are better places to be,
Than outside this wall.

Why not go to them?

No. 1041728 ID: cd5c4f
File 166138459724.jpg - (3.14MB , 2306x3510 , Divergent 212.jpg )

No. 1041754 ID: 5f4030

Nothing so Machiavelian as plots within plot. I just like to trying to tell the truth as much as possible. It’s like driving close to home on a familiar road.
No. 1041934 ID: e51896

*notes that the smiling sinners are here as well, probably trying to recruit the sad person*
*figures there are two possible meals for the Parasite queen: the eyeballs in the vase, and the burning person upstairs. Not dead set in getting those though unless an opportunity arrives where she won't be spotted. keeps the main mission to getting to Delilah*
*since Scarred is coming in soon, she decides to move to another room close to the entrance to see what else they might deal with*
No. 1041960 ID: fce62b

But where have the knights gone?
How can one stay with those,
Who deemed the kind saviors,

How can you help,
By standing here?

There are others like you,
And are without a savior themselves.

How could,
'Guard Duty,'
Be more important than that?

*The presence starts to glide away and over the wall.*

You are being taken for granted.
No. 1042176 ID: cd5c4f
File 166177900202.jpg - (3.99MB , 2793x3622 , Divergent 213.jpg )

No. 1042186 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts: Agreed, but that goes for you as well partner, are you sure no one saw us take the vaccine? Anyone out there see it happen? Echo? Fortune?

That depends, can you show me and guide me to Delilah at the same time?
No. 1042252 ID: fce62b

The sentry,
From outside the wall,
Has seen.

They are confused,
And may soon see cracks,
In your guise.

No. 1042278 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts: Shit! okay think fast, um, Oh! Got it, we're supposed to be Lorence, what if this body is just a corpse puppet? I mean I am playing at being Lorence and his actual body isn't here. So if they ask, that's what we will go with. If the sentry begins to ask too many questions, that's what we will go with; what we injected is something that keeps a corpse puppet functioning.
No. 1042280 ID: 4ccdbe

One of Cera's people is upstairs, which means Cera could be around... i think she can see spirits like me so I am laying low in case she shows up... dont want her seeing me.
Also, Unless you HAVE to go in, dont go in the room that has music playing.

I believe a member of the smiling sinners is here too on this floor, i think they're trying to recruit a sad person. None of our business at the moment, but be alert all the same.

Two other things i found that might be of interest, but it is a distraction as of right now. if things go well, MAYBE i'll have you guys look into it later, but for now, Delilah is priority.
No. 1042685 ID: dc13c4
File 166216204027.jpg - (4.43MB , 3203x3347 , Divergent 214.jpg )

No. 1042997 ID: fce62b

*The presence glides back to the guard with the walkie-talkie.*
There is something amiss,
With this new guest.

Better to look inward,
Then outward,
With the danger so close.

The others seem blind to it,
So follow,
And watch.
For you are a sentry,
And the others are blind.

No. 1043057 ID: 3e7c34

Inner thoughts: Steady yourself now. No sudden moves.

Maya. *gives a curt nod to the giant maid and keeps walking in with the other guy leading the way.*
No. 1043747 ID: e51896

*talks to toothpick* The guy talking on the walkie talkie claims his walkie is broken using it as a coping mechanism, and claims to be hearing things... probably echo's voice... He still seems to know Lorence enough to not trust and hates him, and now thinks he probably is seeing things from what he witnessed.

He says he'll follow at a distance... not sure how he'll enter the mansion though unless he knows a secret entrance. I say echo keeps an eye on him and see if he'll take a secret entrance that maybe parasite queen could use to escape just in case.

*talks to parasite queen* the residence will make sure she wont hurt you as a guest, despite Lorences past interaction with her. You're fine for now. I'll scout ahead of you and warn if anything pops up.
No. 1043887 ID: dc13c4
File 166325815723.jpg - (4.92MB , 2482x4952 , Divergent 215.jpg )

No. 1043893 ID: d87c35

inner thoughts: Stupid! Of course Lorence wouldn't want to take of his hat. Try to play it off, let's not mention it further.

Among other things, no. I don't think she is wholly in it for the sake of others, or our goals. Root had something she wanted, and all she needed was an opportunity to take it. Unfortunately, situations being what they are, I'm left with little options but to seek her help.
No. 1043940 ID: fce62b

The others would not believe you,
If you were to speak up now.
You need more evidence,
More things that others have seen.

Watch the tree,
See its reaction.
If this is truly Lorence,
Then it would know.

It watches with more,
Than just it's eyes.

No. 1044077 ID: e51896

As of right now, while you do your jobs, I think it will be wise for me to seek out an escape route out of this mansion for you guys, for an alternate exit just in case things don't go well, or if we need to sneak out. ideally somewhere we can escape secretly.
No. 1044264 ID: dc13c4
File 166368587359.jpg - (4.64MB , 3104x3502 , Divergent 216.jpg )

No. 1044481 ID: e51896

Alright, I'll scout ahead and warn of any traps or people.
*scouts ahead, while staying hidden under or behind furniture just in case there is someone who can see voices is around*
No. 1044836 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts: Oh fuck yes, you're all responsible for it... Gods damn it.

No, we are not entirely responsible. Many of us are actively working to minimize the damage caused, as you know. Something like this was always bound to happen, we tried to prolong it as best we could but eventually, it grew too large and out of our control.

As for the artist's view, he is a deeply emotional person. I pity him.
No. 1044853 ID: fce62b

See how she shifts,
From one face to another,
To another.

At first she smiled,
Then she glowered,
Now she is surprised.

Often lies are built upon truth,
And tripping over the inconsistencies,
Will give refractions of certainty.

What is this 'stupid' thing,
To which she refers?
Sift through the answers,
And ask more questions.

No. 1045001 ID: dc13c4
File 166444558359.jpg - (3.89MB , 3510x2783 , Divergent 217.jpg )

No. 1045116 ID: e51896

*to toothpick and Scarred* Alright, so in the adjacent room, the two people I saw earlier are chatting and apparently know that voices (me) are here, saying an outside source claiming to be Essence saw me and tipped them off that I spied on them. They know I need a vessel to be here, but I don't think they figured out it's Pandora. I think if they spot Pandora posing as Lorence, they'll get mighty suspicious since I arrived around the time Pandora did. might be best to not be seen by them, or enter the next room. If you're going to, try to stall going in until I give the all clear.

I do have an idea though, but we gotta wait for an opportune moment to do so, we can use that guy with the walkie talkie as our fall guy possibly, since he is hearing voices, or rather Echo's voice. We can make it look like he's my vessel instead of Pandora in that case. For now, it might be best for Echo to play along and pretend to be a voice like me guiding that person.

If you have some ideas based off of the info I gave Toothpick, let me know, otherwise, I'm going to continue scouting.
No. 1045118 ID: e51896

but I doubt this person claiming to be Essence is Essence, but someone posing as her. If it was her, she'd be more directly involved and would have let them know who my vessel was.

And Scarred, as for Essence, just want to remind you that Lorence had gotten guidance from her, so he see's her as an ally, one that I think he hates. he got info from her once that he spoke to Root about once.
No. 1045129 ID: 1bfaba

*grits her teeth at Essence's name and sends a mental message to Fortune* Thank you... I know it's not Essence, I killed her...

Yes, I am familiar with that one. There was a connection between Ana and the being known as Essence. I was a... Reluctant partner with it. They were extremely mentally unhinged. From my understanding, the being known as Essence could best be summed up as "a rogue voice" Ana was guided by unknown voices that exist in a sort of state between life and death. Essence was one of these voices, but one that had turned rogue and had its own agenda. Our goals coincided for a time, but we no longer work together.
No. 1045131 ID: 1bfaba

*to Fortune* Disappear if you can, best to lay low if someone saw you. Keep your eye peeled, there's only so many beings here that can actually see us. If things get to hot though, flee, I'd rather not blow this because we're taking it for granted that we generally can't be seen.

*to Echo* Try to get your new friend to go with Roselynn if you can, maybe play into that suspicion. If you can get him off my tail I would appreciate that; keep in mind if someone around here can see Fortune they might be able to see you too, keep your eyes open.
No. 1045293 ID: fce62b

You uttered nothing of cures,
That was a piece she gave.

If you are to follow,
Ensnare another.
A witness,
And ally.

Else you will be given gifts,
You cannot refuse.

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