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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 1012037 ID: 76fa74

Inner thoughts: Algich, you brilliant woman. I'll have to buy you a coffee for this.

I notice a few more discrepancies. If that is the same cape which I assume it is as you have just said it is custom made to match your sister, where is the blood from the knife? If you wiped it off twice on that cape, surely traces of my blood would be on it yes? Especially if you used it to wipe it down twice, however I see none. Before you say that it was washed similar to my own clothes, Algich, if that is a custom cloth and material I assume it must be specially washed to ensure it retains its value? And I also continue to see no evidence of wiping the blood off in the footage. Can we fast forward this slightly to prove this?

This leads me to believe it was not the same knife used for the second stabbing. Furthermore, if I may direct your attention back to the screen footage of the video from behind the counter. Note there is nothing seen behind the desk. If this was a second knife used that means it was on the Doctor's person rather and hidden by her cape.
No. 1012132 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Just ignore Dervan's statement, it's only meant to derail the conversation. Focus on compromise.

"Mr. Triumphant, it would be unfair of you to ask Mr. Glasshrauder to change his worldview if you are equally uncomfortable about changing yours. Each of you have different perspectives and both of you should respect the fact these are personal beliefs each of you hold."

Inner Thoughts: Now work towards a solution.

"Neither of you should be expected to fundamentally change as a person, but seeing as you are both working together, it would be best if each of you were mindful of one another's boundaries and took steps to accommodate each other during this investigation."

*Threshold looks to Triumphant.*

"Would it help you if Mr. Glasshrauder would more upfront with this ideas?"

*He then turns to Dervan.*

"And would it help you if Mr. Triumphant was less secretive about his findings?"
No. 1012581 ID: 6982f8

I like your enthusiasm and eagerness to head through the path destined to you, Agent Corax, but if you rush through it, you won't get to appreciate the environment you'll see in the path you are walking through. Take time to stop and smell the flowers, you might miss some things if you don't.

With that in mind, I would personally like to request if we can ask our good doctor to give us a new testomony about the events that happened regarding Corax's doctor appointment, and the knife, and suit. Much appreciated to everyone involved
No. 1012633 ID: f23762
File 163373128435.jpg - (4.01MB , 4472x2961 , Divergent 116.jpg )

No. 1012769 ID: 5f4030

Interesting. If it was cleaned in the exact same manner, I would like the scanner bot to scan her clothing. If it was cleaned in the same way then there will be no traces of blood or poison on her and it will show similar detergent.
No. 1012900 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold flinches as Triumphant falls.*

Inner Thoughts: Bad. Very bad. Your head is spinning. Focus. Read the situation around you.

*He looks to Dervan and then back to Triumphant.*

Inner Thoughts: Neither you nor Dervan have been affected, so this isn't airborne. It is unlikely to have been some form of area dispersal, otherwise you should be suffering some manner of side effects. For now take Dervan at his word, nothing stood out as an activation phrase and you didn't see him put anything in Triumphant's food. Using process of elimination, that only leaves...

*Threshold glances at the paper in Triumphant's hand.*

Inner Thoughts: Contact poison or info hazard. Dervan passed over an envelope, and Triumphant opened it. Keep your intentions close to your chest. Dervan wants you to see him as innocent, utilize that. Add worry to your voice.

"G-get a d-doctor M-mr. Glassshauder! I-i'll t-try to r-resusitate h-him."

*Threshold kneels next to Triumphant, trying to find a pulse and check if he's still breathing. Threshold makes sure to keep the paper in his peripheral vision.*
No. 1012920 ID: e51896

hmm... if you cleaned your outfit the same way Corax did, that would mean you would have given it to the cleaner and didn't clean it yourself. In that case, wouldn't the cleaner would have said anything or be concerned about the bloody cape to report it when he saw it after you gave it to him to clean? That might have been hard to explain after showing a bloody cape to a cleaner... especially since it would have meant admitting to him that you stabbed someone, even if Corax wasn't effected by it.

inner thoughts: might be important to keep in mind that her outfit is unique, in that there are only two suits like hers in existence. I do have one weird hunch about this, but I suppose it depends on what we'll learn here...
No. 1012930 ID: f23762
File 163431267205.jpg - (4.57MB , 3852x3781 , Divergent 117.jpg )

No. 1013181 ID: 7acb12

Very interesting. I have only a few questions for the panel before we continue.

firstly, can this scanner scan other things besides clothes or is that all it scans?

secondly, are prisoners allowed visitation privileges?
No. 1013350 ID: f23762
File 163483685725.jpg - (1.01MB , 2659x1314 , Divergent 118.jpg )

No. 1013351 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Vitals are weak, but he isn't in any immediate peril. It's hard to tell if Dervan is being genuine in his concern, but set that aside for now.

"He's s-still b-breathing and he does -uh- h-have a pulse, alb-b-beit a faint one."

Inner Thoughts: You wonder it could of been stress or some kind of stroke. Your not a doctor so all you can do is guess. Tackle each potential avenue one at a time. First, the paper.

*Threshold carefully steps onto the edge of the paper in Triumphant's hand and slowly pulls it out of his grip.*

Inner Thoughts:Then basics of first response.

*He then rolls Triumphant into the recovery position.*

"H-how long until t-they get here?"
No. 1013726 ID: e51896

*Whispers*: hmmm... tricky. But I love a challenge. Maybe the doctor was so adamant to make us think it was on the cape because she probably wiped the blood on something else, something that possibly contained the poison too... and she is probably using the cape and napkin as a scapegoat to keep us from what revealing what she actually wiped the blood with. whatever she used might actually still have blood and poison on it, and might still be possessing it if she is trying to make us think it is on the cape or napkin.

quite possibly the thing she used to wipe the blood with and hide the poison is on the inside of her gloves I guess. You can hide plenty of things inside gloves, not just your hands, like maybe blood and smuggled poison to put on the knife. Perhaps maybe if there is something inside her gloves, we might literally catch her red handed... because of the blood... What do you think, Corax? You think her gloves are worth investigating, or do you think she wiped the blood and poisoned the knife with something else? I'll let you think on this while I press her on something else.

Doctor, there's something I wanted to ask about your robot. Please sate my curiosity if you don't mind: on the video, after your robot treated Corax's wounds, there was no visible traces of blood on the suit. I wanted to make sure if cleaning blood was another function of the robot? I'm just wondering if the robot was capable of cleaning blood off a suit, wouldn't it have made more sense to use the robot to clean the knife instead of using a napkin, especially risking the knife getting lint on it from the napkin?
No. 1013727 ID: 3e7c34

Whispers: I was actually about to ask her to turn out her pockets, the gloves are next step up. I also wonder if the scanner can pick up any traces on the gloves themselves. I’ll ask this after answers your question.
No. 1013798 ID: f23762
File 163544574413.jpg - (2.33MB , 3252x2661 , Divergent 119.jpg )

No. 1013801 ID: 5f4030

I have only one remaining topic I would like to have done before we adjourn this matter.

Doctor, please remove your gloves and leave them on the table to be scanned.
No. 1013920 ID: f23762
File 163560210541.jpg - (2.06MB , 4369x1950 , Divergent 120.jpg )

No. 1014280 ID: 76fa74

Whisper:Peregrine, I hope you have something... You mentioned the inside of her gloves and that being a possible hiding place for the poison. Anyway else we can get this one? I can only stall for so long.

Turn out your pockets before you go please.
No. 1014387 ID: f23762
File 163623951669.jpg - (1.24MB , 3077x1175 , Divergent 121.jpg )

No. 1014713 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Dervan is trying to gauge your level of hostility with him. Dodge the question.

"W-we don't even kn-now w-what -uh- e-exactly happened t-to him. J-just that h-he suddenly got a h-headache and c-collapsed."

Inner Thoughts:Immediately questioning Dervan about the paper would just answer his question in a different way. Have it's significance appear through conversation by replaying the events. Breathe.

*Threshold sighs.*

"We were just... sitting here. You... took out your lighter and started smoking. Mr. Triumphant took the letter from you. I was mostly standing off to the side. Mr. Triumphant started complaining about a noise that neither of us could hear, and then fell unconscious."

Inner Thoughts:Now circle back to the letter.

"There only thing that Mr. Triumphant really did was read the letter, since he wasn't really... engaging with the conversation."

*Threshold looks back to Dervan.*

"You mentioned that the letter arrived before the investigation began Mr. Glasshrauder, did you read it yourself? What did it say?"

Inner Thoughts: Hide your emotions, remain blank, see if he slips up.
No. 1015136 ID: e51896

*finishes his prayer*
Alright, the destined path has been weeded out bit by bit and has become clearer.

I know for a fact that the cape you are wearing is currently not the one you wore when you spoke with my partner, otherwise, I would think that it would have been cleaned along with your gloves. If I were to guess, maybe the cape couldn't be cleaned since as you said, you refused to let it near the same cleaning machine in fear of it being damaged, so you switched capes without having to wash it. You were absolutely sure you cleaned the knife with the cape after all, so maybe you did remember correctly... Plus with how dusty your current cape is, it implies it hasn't been used in a very long time and just picked up whatever cloth you can find to use as a cape

If that is the case, I would like to make a request, the doctor said her costume and her sister's are identical, and custom made so that there isn't really anything like those two capes around. if that is the case, I would like to have the cape she's wearing now, and here sister's cape scanned and compare the two for how identical they are. If they are not, we can deduce that this cape is not the same cape she wore while at the office, and I would like to request a search warrant to search where her actual cape went.
No. 1015247 ID: f23762
File 163700845486.jpg - (3.42MB , 3548x7078 , Divergent 122.jpg )

No. 1015248 ID: b5fe3e


Thank you for your comments, however you have continuously run your mouth out of turn for long enough. Madam Algich is a vital part of our team and if she wishes to comment on the proceedings, such is her duty and her right to do so as our superior officer. You have interrupted a vital member of our team when she had every right to speak.

I understand you wish to see us fail, that much you have made very clear. But such seems the desperate gamble of a man who knows he has not much ground and so he shames them into retreating. The term that would be used here is "What-about-isms." It is a strawman fallacy and gets the court to look at someone else's character, instead of the evidence that has provided.

If this tribunal would allow, we will present the findings that Algich has collected throughout our time present here. Count Murdusa, if you will hold your tongue on this matter, it is already obvious you will object. I ask the other members of this tribunal to speak up.

After all, we are all on the same team. If there is someone who wishes this honorable organization harm, then it is in everyone's best interests to proceed.
No. 1015367 ID: f23762
File 163709963025.jpg - (1.77MB , 4013x2812 , Divergent 123.jpg )

No. 1015411 ID: 02905d

*smiles and speaks low so only Murdusa can hear*
Speak for yourself Count Murdusa. Consider for a moment what would happen if we are right? You are meant to be an a leading member of this organization. If she is right, then you would have much more at stake to lose than either me or my colleagues.

Think for a moment what I stand to lose in this situation? I hold no personal interest in keeping Dervan here, as a matter of fact I find him similar to you in one significant way, you are both hindrances to active investigations and inquiries that seek to further their own power. If I were to be removed the most I myself would get is a light slap on the wrist, probably get chewed out before I am sent back to my own world with my memory wiped. Dervan will also likely be sent back as well or he may be hung for all I care. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me. What does is that criminals are brought to justice.

If we are right however, you would be seen as a well meaning fool at best, looking out for the honor of a young woman who duped you. At worst you would be seen as a traitor to this organization, and by the sound of things there are already people out there calling for blood of all suspects and traitors.

I am not worried, it’s only a matter of time before everything falls into place. I ask you to carefully examine which side of the line you want to stand on, Count Murdusa. In my experience, the only real difference between heroes and villains is what side of battlefield you’re on.

*goes to get Algich*
No. 1015461 ID: f23762
File 163719773778.jpg - (940.81KB , 2544x2400 , Divergent 124.jpg )

how Count Murdusa is feeling
how is Madam Algich is feeling

No. 1015474 ID: 935b2c

*hands her handkerchief*
Chin up, Madam. I know more than any one man should about hurting others. You have done nothing of the sort to anyone. Of that I am certain. As for slime like Murdusa out there…?

You have a background in the theatre, yes? All stages are accustomed to its hecklers and those who would jeer at an actress to her craft. This one is no different, a job of an actor is to get the audience to believe in their performance, to act and speak so well that they themselves believe every word. You believed everything we said, and you even we’re determined to prove it yourself. Do not let one heckler, one who in all honesty deserves to be thrown out, knock you from the stage.

I made you a promise in fact, that should they throw the tomatoes I would leap in front of them for you. Well, I have done just that. All of them, well all save Murdusa, wish to hear you. I wish to hear you. I’ve given you an audience who stand in rapt attention. You have a flair for the dramatic, and these people came here for drama. And I know will you say it with conviction.

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts. I ask you to not just play, but be a part of our team.
No. 1015509 ID: f23762
File 163723452407.jpg - (639.38KB , 2884x1627 , Divergent 125.jpg )

No. 1015513 ID: 935b2c

Inner thoughts: Am I really so obvious? Ah well. Only when driven to absolute purpose and I cannot stand idiocy.

Very well then. Shall we?
*offer her his arm*
No. 1015563 ID: 3292e2
File 163735851739.jpg - (3.22MB , 2575x3860 , Divergent 126.jpg )

No. 1015566 ID: b5fe3e

*bites the inside of his mouth to stop from laughing at Murdusa*

If this is true then my initial suspicions may be at least half-correct. She is in the employ of Happy the Tragedy Phantom and was trying to sabotage the investigation before it began, most likely at the behest of her employer. Such a shame she had to convince her sister to swap places with her. There is one way I believe we can make sure that this is the true doctor. Are any records of the doctor having any minor physical abnormalities? Either a scar or perhaps a birthmark that would not be shared between her sister? Or better yet, is there anyway we can contact the prison now and get her speaking to us now?
No. 1015774 ID: 3292e2
File 163757653424.jpg - (3.05MB , 2862x3333 , Divergent 127.jpg )

No. 1015777 ID: 916765

*immediately when she comes out holding the nail bat Corax draws his pistol and aims it at her*
Everyone move away from her! Ma’am, drop the weapon immediately and kick it to me. This your first and only warning.
No. 1015860 ID: 3292e2
File 163765924197.jpg - (1.78MB , 2503x2361 , Divergent 128.jpg )

No. 1016403 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: And like that he's pivoted. You're still unsure on the method of how Triumphant was affected, so touching or reading the letter is still hazardous. Deflect from the offer.

*Taking his foot off of the paper Threshold moves to follow Triumphant.*

"Even i-if this meeting was a f-farce, we need t-to stick with M-mr. Triumphant if we w-want to figure out w-what happened to him."

Inner Thoughts: Treat this like an investigation.

"I-if that d-divice can transmit, p-please let t-the agents know that s-something's c-come up and we may not be able to join them s-soon."

Inner Thoughts: Have him grab the note.

"C-can you grab the l-letter too?"

*Threshold goes to follow the mechanical duck.*
No. 1016427 ID: 3292e2
File 163830634498.jpg - (4.68MB , 3508x4151 , Divergent 130.jpg )

No. 1016876 ID: 3e7c34

*holsters gun*
Most of us were required to be given a physical yes? Also complete a mental appetite test to ensure that we are each capable of each performing our duties. The reason I ask this is if this is the doctor, answering questions on the same test that landed her in the medical field with this organization shouldn’t be too much of an issue for them to repeat. If this is her sister then the answers may be different.

Also in regards to the physical, the sister was a mercenary yes? Having known something about war and fighting myself, I know none walks away from those unscathed. Are there any records to show the doctor having any scars or markings her sister would otherwise not have?
No. 1016901 ID: 3292e2
File 163898972472.jpg - (3.57MB , 3586x3201 , Divergent 131.jpg )

No. 1016902 ID: b5fe3e

B) Continue count Murdusa. Let her give a testament and I will compare it with my own notes.
No. 1016950 ID: 175a7a


No. 1016956 ID: 3292e2
File 163906325627.jpg - (3.62MB , 3358x3037 , Divergent 132.jpg )

No. 1017036 ID: b5fe3e

B) For the most part you have everything correct however you're missing one part of that story. I didn't just go blindly on my merry way as you put it. There was one more point of conversation you brought up as I left. Enlighten us as to what that was if you can please?
No. 1017116 ID: 3292e2
File 163924283276.jpg - (2.42MB , 3508x2211 , Divergent 133.jpg )

No. 1017668 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: Right, so she didn't mention therefore probably didn't see the moment Corax collapsed. She seemed adamant earlier that there was no poison, and yet Corax still collapsed from poison... she did seem pretty agitated about the robot healing him... but she also mentioned the robot can scan just about everything... why didn't it scan the poison then? the poison would have been on the wounds, especially if Corax collapsed after his meeting with her...

(B, and C)

Couple questions,

First, can any specific functions of the robot be turned off?

and second About the robot following its programming to the letter as you said... you said that it healed Corax. And as you said it followed it's programming, that would include scanning everything to make sure he is properly healed from the diagnosis he got, since it can scan just about everything as you said earlier correct? If so, can I have that added to the testimony please, just so everything is clear? you seemed to look pretty serious about that statement after all.
No. 1017723 ID: f017ae
File 163984193180.jpg - (941.38KB , 2263x2943 , Divergent 135.jpg )

No. 1017805 ID: e51896

hm... alright. For all intents and purposes, I'll take your word for it, doctor. so just so we're clear, the robot scanned Corax and didn't notice anything weird about him. So since the robot scanned everything about Corax's injury, that would mean it completely healed him with the information from the scanning the robot did. Alright, thanks for healing Corax from all his conditions. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to check something on Corax real quick.

*pulls out the throwing dart he got from the bar and stabs Corax where his injury was healed by the robot*

Now Corax, let me ask you something important... did that hurt?
No. 1017841 ID: 5f4030


Really…? You too? No it did not hurt.
No. 1017846 ID: e51896

Indeed. And I presume it didn't hurt when Dervan physically abused you during the interrogation as an intimidation tactic. Thanks for being my evidence, partner


Let me explain something to everyone, Corax has a disability, gained during his time in the war. He was severely tortured, and experimented on to the point where his pain nerves were damaged and as such, he cannot feel any physical pain,

Now, lets go back to what our doctor admitted: I asked that when the robot followed it's programming to the letter if that included scanning EVERYTHING to make sure he was properly healed from the diagnosis he got, she AGREED to that statement.

If that is the case, It would have scanned that his pain nerves were damaged, and heal his pain nerves from there... and yet, it DIDN'T

Doctor, why did you lie to us just now? Or should I call you a quack?


Algich, I'll let you have this one to make you feel better, answer everyone this: if the robot did not scan Corax's damaged pain nerves and heal that, what would that mean for the poison when it was on his wounds?

inner thoughts: it would mean that the robot didn't scan the poison and did not heal or announce that there was poison
No. 1017847 ID: 5f4030

The worst thing about being physically abused by DerVan was the feel of cold and wooziness from the blood loss. Other than that there was no feeling of pain at all. My partner brings up good points. Please provide evidence.

Also Peregrine I will be billing you for the cleaning bill for my suit.
No. 1017848 ID: e51896

>Also Peregrine I will be billing you for the cleaning bill for my suit.

No. 1017888 ID: f017ae
File 163999848069.jpg - (4.60MB , 3241x4265 , Divergent 136.jpg )

No. 1017909 ID: 5f4030

*leaps in front of Algich taking the arrow in his back*

No. 1017989 ID: f017ae
File 164010232996.jpg - (4.57MB , 3812x3520 , Divergent 137.jpg )

No. 1017997 ID: 665b34

No need to be sorry, you did your part as the opposing force and brought about good points to narrow things down to uncover the truth. yin and yang, cant have one without the other

She was alerted to a patient earlier, yes? Cant imagine what she was going to do to them...
No. 1018014 ID: 5f4030

I'm fine. If it was poisoned well we'll find out shortly won't we? But I kept my promise, if they started throwing things I would leap in front of you.

*turns to Count Murdusa*
No. 1018022 ID: f017ae
File 164013257997.jpg - (1.51MB , 2323x1849 , Divergent 138.jpg )

No. 1018034 ID: 0e9260


I will admit his methods are unorthodox, but they have given results.
No. 1018093 ID: 69f532

Yes, DerVan.

And. I do not fault him for mistrusting is because of that. Were I in similar circumstances I would also hesitate to trust anyone working with him.
No. 1018126 ID: f017ae
File 164022063951.jpg - (2.23MB , 2254x3269 , Divergent 139.jpg )

No. 1018205 ID: 5f4030

Hmm. I notice that our creator, or the "god" of our universe is on that list. That is another reason for the mistrust amongst us. However, no one, not even gods, are above justice. Justice is fair, and blind. It makes no difference to me who the suspects are, only that each is given their just dues. Whether they are guilty or innocent remains to be seen.
No. 1018687 ID: e51896

I understand the mistrust, and I may not understand fully the cards we are dealt with considering the perpetrator we are dealing with, and their freedom to travel through dimensions, especially with two of the possible culprits are from our world. Not to mention the inexperience we may have working under this investigation team in comparison with our experience working as investigators from our world. But I ask consideration that multidimensional travel is something relatively unheard of in our dimension, and we were only chosen by the legendary Triumphant to bring new perspective from us who had not seen the corruption that the criminals cause that this investigation team deals with with decent enough morals.

for me, I plan on being as unbiased as possible when it comes to the investigation against Happy, even if Happy is someone from our world. But will question things if I see something wrong as you all have seen with the situation with the doctor. I'm not asking for trust, not right away, but I ask to give us a chance in whatever way you seem comfortable with. I will admit that it is in my belief that Agent Corax and I were chosen to leave our world to help with this investigation for a reason, and whatever that reason is, I intend to find out by helping with this investigation to the best of our abilities. Thank you.
No. 1018722 ID: 3292e2
File 164082786133.jpg - (3.65MB , 3150x4100 , Divergent 140.jpg )

No. 1018744 ID: 6d3d09

I shall take the bullet,

Inner thoughts: if the will of the world has sent me here for a reason, then i have nothing to fear here
No. 1018769 ID: d5b764

Hold on, Peregrine.

The issue is, I have would have no problem we’re it me on the block, I cannot feel pain normally. If anything I would normally jump at the chance to feel something akin to pain, even if it meant killing me, at least I felt something for even a moment. But because my partner jumped in ahead before even asking or going over it with me before hand, it is my duty to point this out. You make a big argument about trusting us, and whether or not we can be trusted, however you are literally asking us to play roulette with a bullet based on “guilt.” That’s incredibly dumb, I have just met you today and you make a show of whether or not we can be trusted. Forgive me, but given the track record of the association we have had so far, I am unable to trust you. And now being asked to once again test ourselves more than we already have with a gun to our heads, it is quite asinine. But since you are deciding to play by your own rules, I’m going to change them.

*draws gun and points it at the bounty hunters head*

Time to do a true test of trust. If you pull that trigger at Peregrine, or even Algich if you try to pull a fast one, and either of them goes down, I will kill you. Alternatively, you may point your gun at me and pull the trigger. If your bullets work as you say they do, then I assure you, I have no qualms about doing what I do. Even if tasked to bring down a god, so be it. No one is above the law. If god himself cannot be bothered to follow his own rules then they have no meaning.

The only guilt I would feel would having done nothing while I let my partner get voluntarily shot. So then, cowboy. Make your choice.
No. 1018772 ID: e51896

Before we go any further and anyone makes a decision, I'd like to ask Algich what she thinks of all this... she was really sad about you taking the doctor's bullet for her after all, Corax.
No. 1018831 ID: 3292e2
File 164090497118.jpg - (0.96MB , 2690x1290 , Divergent 141.jpg )

No. 1018888 ID: 75a04e

I admire your courage, Ms. Algich, truly I do. But such an action is out of the question. Unless… If his gun truly works as he says and he has no reason to lie himself, I only ask that he open the chamber of the gun before hand. If it works as he says I expect it to appear unloaded. If it loaded with anything then I do not trust this at all. I will not hesitate to protect my team.
No. 1018910 ID: 3292e2
File 164096897278.jpg - (1.60MB , 1980x2635 , Divergent 142.jpg )

No. 1018937 ID: 75a04e

Do as you must, Ms. Algich. But I stand by what I said. Calling this a lie detector test isn’t correct. This a blind test of one’s own resolve, to be tested for guilt of which a normal human will no doubt always feel some in this line of work. “Oh what will become of their family, how will the public view them.” But to that I say, justice is fair, not kind. It is not my job to care, only to see it carried out.

If you, or Peregrine are in anyway harmed by this, I will shoot in order to protect my team. This is my last warning.
No. 1019084 ID: e51896

fear is something that shouldn't be completely ignored. Sure it is something that should be set aside if a friend's life is in danger, I'm sure Corax had fear for your safety when he took that bullet for you for example... but being completely fearless all the time could result in making irrational decisions. It can help with survival and not make dumb decisions at times, fear is something essential for survival, a red flag. remember that.

What I'm saying is, put logic and other emotions into consideration before you choose to listen to or ignore fear. That goes for other emotions too. Don't try to act fearless just because it'd make you look cool. For example, have you considered Triumphant's feelings with you wanting to risk your life doing this? If you have and still want to do this with Triumphant in mind, then go ahead and take the bullet.
No. 1019087 ID: 75a04e

Heh. You’ve got to have fear to have courage.
No. 1019220 ID: 3292e2
File 164114458341.jpg - (3.78MB , 3508x2986 , Divergent 143.jpg )

No. 1019243 ID: dead66

I don’t shoot unless a crime has been committed. The only from crime I see that’s happened is what looks like a paintball to a nice suit dress. And spare me your self-pity sir, I’ve played that game of feeling abandoned by god, the only cure is to get over it.
No. 1019244 ID: dead66

*holsters gun*
Are we done here?
No. 1019287 ID: e51896

Let it be, Corax, and Algich. There are some things that are much more difficult to "get over" than you'd might think as trauma does a lot to a person mentally. We did what he wanted, he's satisfied, there's nothing more to discuss without being too cocky or angry. We're working for a common goal, we know everyone here all have flaws to overcome, including us admittedly, but we also shouldn't let flaws of ourselves and others distract one another from any of our strengths if we want this investigation to be a success.

Oh, and we're not done, Corax. We still gotta continue this assembly.

Oh... yeah, before we continue, can you summon the bullet off of Ms. Algich back to your gun, please?
No. 1019362 ID: 3292e2
File 164125907847.jpg - (2.35MB , 2806x2726 , Divergent 144.jpg )

No. 1019374 ID: 5f4030

*draws gun again and aims it at the bounty hunter*
Freeze. Peregrine, take him into custody immediately.

Someone, get a medic in here. Call for cybercrow immediately. I’ll deal with the fact that Zirzam knows Happy later.
No. 1019439 ID: 6570ef

Inner thoughts: right let’s think this through. She showed no sign of being injured or weak, and described the impact as a weak punch. Possible poison that leaked in? Perhaps. It would Have had to go through her clothes or the skin of her palm if it was poison similar to what I was affected with. Could be another medical issue she herself was unaware of, we’ll need cybercrow to tell. The timing of the arrival of Zirzam’s assistant is also suspicious. Could it have been something they brought in and didn’t notice, or perhaps someone else in the room. Taking mental note, who looks concerned or merely curious? If Zirzam truly is all knowing, he says he knows who Happy is already. Now that’s too convenient. I also suspect it’s a half-truth. If he truly knows but is doing nothing, that makes him lazy at best, and incompetent at worse. I suspect he knows or has some idea, but doesn’t know all who is involved. And given that this is the second time someone who has been investigating Happy has been attacked inside the tribunal and each time the attackers have most likely sided with Happy. We are not just here as investigators, it means we are also here as bait to find the traitors. Very clever, but I do not appreciate being put up as the target board.
No. 1019456 ID: 3292e2
File 164131111486.jpg - (3.59MB , 2709x3963 , Divergent 145.jpg )

No. 1019475 ID: b5fe3e

Inner Thoughts: I will believe she is dead when I see the coroner's report. Anything from you cannot be trusted.

It was a very rocky start. I got overly stressed and it made me emotional and I chastised many and was more than just outspoken, it was unprofessional. We went off script, but in the end we also uncovered a traitor to this organization swiftly and within the law. If I were to give us a grade it would be a straight C. Passable, but needs work to act better as a coherent and communicative team, and me personally I need to remain in control especially in the face of adversity or when frustrated, that is in the job description after all.
No. 1019835 ID: e51896

Considering we lost one of our members, I consider it a fail, we should have been more responsible for Algich's safety and should not have taken that risk... but I think we now know that this shows there is definitely some spies trying to sabotage us... whoever sabotaged the bounty hunter's bullet must of had some extensive knowledge about our investigation team and anticipated him pulling this lie detection bullet test on us. I pray for her soul to find rest.

If that didn't happen, then I would say we did decently... I will admit at the start I wasn't speaking, but that was because I did not expect to see someone I knew from my life in the audience. But from that experience, I can be better prepared of what mindset to go into when working with this investigation team and to be better prepared of the unexpected. Putting in Algich in a situation that made her cry wasn't professional either, but Corax did a well job on getting her back to her senses. But discovering the doctor's misdeeds and proving her guilt I feel showed our proficiency in finding the truth.
No. 1019897 ID: 3e7c34

About that, I have a question about something that Zirzam's disciple said. She claimed that Lord Zirzam has already figured out who Happy is. Do we know if that statement is true or simply her praising her master's name and saying he is capable of something that's not actually possible?

Inner thoughts: If so then me and him might have words.
No. 1019929 ID: 8b82ee
File 164166117111.jpg - (3.52MB , 3508x2877 , Divergent 146.jpg )

No. 1020080 ID: 5f4030

The smartest option would be to kill two birds with one stone. I purpose we tackle the issue of security with the known suspects who possibly are or working with Happy. I have compiled a list of names as taken from our interview with Fortune Ana, and I believe Algich did as well. I would start by cross referencing those names with our suspects and also doing the same with members of this organization to see who is most likely affiliated with Happy or have knowledge about him. If they are withholding information or are acting as informants, enforcers, etc. Best to get an idea of how deep this rabbit hole goes. This would also let us examine the list of suspects we have already gathered to get a better understanding of motive or possible link to them. I trust dossiers have already been assembled on them?
No. 1020293 ID: e51896

Well, there are a few things I'd like to figure out that I have no information on yet, such as what exactly in detail was it that caused Triumphant to faint like that, and what is he repeating in his head? Who tampered with the bounty hunter's bullet, and one thing to bring up, I noticed in the presentation there were only six prime suspects listed, but I do remember that during one of our meetings with Triumphant at a bar, he had us throw darts at a group of 9 pictures of different suspects faced away from us to hypothetically let fate decide who could be the one responsible... Maybe those three were proven innocent between then and the assembly, but I would like to ask if anyone knew who those three suspects were. I'd ask Triumphant, but he is currently out of action.


I also heard there was an incident with a machine and Triumphant through some stuff I read when Triumphant was figuring things out early on in the case, but the machine's wiring was destroyed to save Triumphant from intense discomfort. I wanted to also figure out what was going on in Triumphant's head and more details about what that machine was.
No. 1020365 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold is quiet.*

Inner Thoughts: Part of you wishes to try and comfort Corax, but that would distract from the matter at hand. Peregrine would have done so already. Remain silent.

No. 1020407 ID: 8b82ee
File 164212016704.jpg - (3.83MB , 3508x3114 , Divergent 147.jpg )

No. 1020410 ID: 3dd954

*nods in agreement*
No. 1020413 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold does not move.*

Inner Thoughts: Part of you wishes to disagree with this action. Corax and Peregrine work so much stronger together than apart, their first interogation is proof of that. And Corax is a weapon best wielded with respect and care, two things Dervan will not have. But you were not asked to speak, and your movements might display your leaning. Remain still.

No. 1020427 ID: b5fe3e

I will serve and obey as you see fit. However, if I may offer a kind of addendum to this plan. I feel it best that Peregrine not be given a new partner at this time, I have yet to meet Mrs. Din for myself so I cannot attest to how well they will work as a team. For now, I suggest that I do both. I can pull both duties as both interrogator and detective. Of course this is only my say on the matter, it is ultimately out of my hands.
No. 1020429 ID: dafca3

No, no... it's fine Corax. You dont have to do that, I accept her as my partner.
No. 1020445 ID: 734422

So be it. For what it’s worth then, Peregrine, you were a good partner. Undoubtedly the better of the two of us, you are a good man.
*extends hand to shake*
No. 1020478 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold looks away for a second.*

Inner Thoughts: Don't. Keep focused on the situation. Discard those other thoughts.

*He looks back to the others.*

No. 1020481 ID: 5f4030

Mr. Domino sir, I believe Theshold has some words he would like to put forth.
No. 1020492 ID: 8b82ee
File 164228845245.jpg - (3.02MB , 3508x2442 , Divergent 148.jpg )

No. 1020493 ID: 5f4030

Inner thoughts: Only because she works for you, and you are a viper.
Distrustful is not the correct word, hesitant would be more correct. It is interesting to know that Ms. Din and Peregrine have some history, albeit only brief introductions. I am more interested in knowing what she can bring to the investigation. Recommendations are good, but I’d like to get a résumé of her skills as it were.
No. 1020526 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold's hands tremble a bit, then stop.*

Inner Thoughts: That was your one and only warning. Do not repeat it. Watch and remember, nothing more.

No. 1020557 ID: 5f4030


I if may say so, mr. domino, without overstep my bounds. You do your son a disservice by not allowing him to speak up. Having worked in the field with him during our initial interrogations, I believe I have an accurate idea of what he is capable of. Threshold is what I would refer to as “a scout,” they often have to forge ahead to observe and note discrepancies and dangers to us, the ones going ahead into the line of fire. He is methodical and calculating, and was a valuable asset to our team. If he has something to say, it would be because of his observations; sometimes it take an outsiders perspective, or that of the scout to know if you’ve missed something important.
No. 1020708 ID: e51896

thank you for your support, Maya Din. I am pretty surprised that of all the times I met her, I did not suspect her of being from another world from my own. But considering Dervan had sponsored our group in the past and is also a multiverse traveler, I can believe it.

As for my questions, Im wondering what your history with Dervan if any is besides his sponsership, and what got you interested in multiverse traveling like visiting our world in the past? Where you came from. Thanks.
No. 1020760 ID: 8b82ee
File 164263918950.jpg - (4.85MB , 3497x3937 , Divergent 149.jpg )

No. 1020824 ID: b5fe3e

Of course, Mr. Domino.

Inner thoughts:It's always best to be on guard with DerVan.

*walks over to the fire place*
Yes sir?
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