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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 1048457 ID: d87c35

Yes, well as you know I have come here to offer you an invitation to the gathering I am putting together. However, there are a few offers I would like to make to you for your cooperation.

One, I don't just want you to be a part of the coalition, I want you to be a leader in it. While I do not agree with this it is what I, and the other members of the coalition have agreed upon. While we will all have equal voices in our decisions, you and you alone will have a special veto power. Should you decide against any action, you and you alone can call upon your veto if you can give a legitimate reason for it. Other terms can be negotiated upon

Two... *Looks around at the others* This part is best said simply and quietly gentlemen, as you know I have been relieved of all weapons, but I do not trust any of you enough with this information. *leans in close to Delilah and whispers*
I am wondering if you have heard of the new process that I am researching. I have begun to research how to give a person voices similar to Ana and Root. What this entails is binding someone with the Ash Tree, this is what I am looking to offer you, so you will truly no longer be in your brother's shadow. Understand that this is in of itself is a risk and we have not yet fully figured out how this may be done. But we are making progress at a faster rate than even I had hoped. The people whom we've grafted with parts of the ash tree are beginning to see visions of.. Other versions of themselves. This is what I am offering to you. An army of other consciousnesses that could very well lead you beyond our mortal coil, greater than any form of immortality.
No. 1048818 ID: dd1363

Tell her you were already happy patrolling the area, and making sure people were safe
No. 1048986 ID: fce62b

They seek to stop you,
From your mission.

Your leader must know,
Must be told,
What you observed.

This is not your desire,
Refuse it.
Flee it.
Return what you have been given,
With violence,
If necessary.
No. 1049091 ID: dc13c4
File 166826269187.jpg - (3.76MB , 2480x3508 , BB 961.jpg )

No. 1049107 ID: e51896

You just said the vines are going through your mind and you won't be able to think clearly. Be careful, the vines probably DID go through your mind and you are having a hallucinating dream right now... Sucks that someone on your side is treating you this way, or trying to.

Maybe you should see Lady Teovola about Rosemary, Rosemary spoke with her earlier trying to convert her.
No. 1049167 ID: 5f4030

I have seen our side fall before. It never gets any easier. For all purposes, I consider this universe, these people my home. What I fear is seeing my home, fall to someone who doesn't deserve it. It's why I am afraid of any deals you have possibly made with the Blind Will, they are more like parasites. They will continue to take more and more from you until you think you have nothing left to give, and then they will take something you think you cannot live without, and you will not get out of it.

In all honesty, I know I cannot give you any satisfactory answer. This is why I purpose that we bind you to the Ash Tree if possible. Not only would you gain a newer, arguably better form of immortality, but also knowledge. I have seen many different versions of this world, and I still have yet to fully understand how Root and Ana's voices truly worked. If I had a partner, someone who not only knew of what was happening, but could shape destiny to fit it, then perhaps... Maybe I could finally rest.

Essentially, what I fear Delilah, is not knowing how to protect my home.
No. 1049655 ID: fce62b

Or something,
Has given to you,
An opportunity.

Accept this gift,
And use it to strike,
Or too flee.

But act,

No. 1049678 ID: dc13c4
File 166894481519.jpg - (3.12MB , 2482x2960 , Divergent 224.jpg )

No. 1049689 ID: d2bcfe

Try removing her mask while she is frozen, maybe you'll find out what is wrong with her by looking at her face and eyes
No. 1049911 ID: d87c35

*Moves closer to the desk*

The way I see it, there are a couple different possibilities with power. Me however? I've always prefered the chameleon approach, unseen except when I want to be, eyes able to see almost anywhere I need to, and a surprising amount of reach. I can move anywhere undetected, as needed, and I can plan and plot in the shadows. It may not be as active. But it works for me.
No. 1050127 ID: fce62b

This idea is precious,
And will be graciously accepted.

Remove the mask.
Use your reaction,
As the gauge,
On whether you open a window,
Or not.
No. 1050228 ID: dc13c4
File 166945824196.jpg - (2.77MB , 2482x2437 , Divergent 225.jpg )

No. 1050249 ID: 5f4030

Word to your mother, brother-fucker
*leaps up and roundhouse kicks Delilah to knock her out*

… Road house.
No. 1050849 ID: e51896

*now that there is confirmation that chameleon was chosen, Fortune can start the next part of the plan and cause a distraction so people nearby can focus on Rosemary's condition and so scarred can escape with Delilah*

You're going to need to take Rosemary to somebody to look at, with her being in this state, it might mean trouble, even if she tried to hurt you. she is highly respected around here apparently.

I'd say, bring her to security, Black Licorice. and Maya,
No. 1051112 ID: fce62b

This is because,
Another is wearing her skin.
She is but a puppet.
Hollow flesh.

Flee this place.
Lest you be hollowed out,
And filled with nothing.

No. 1051303 ID: c7f601
File 167053493814.jpg - (4.20MB , 3112x3276 , Divergent 226.jpg )

No. 1051305 ID: d87c35

Oh hell! I was only able to kill Stitch after he was already weakened after a fight with Garm! And only then it was because we used explosive rounds to pierce the steel in his chest! We gotta get out of here. Toothpick, how wide is the ledge out the window? It won't be easy trying to shimmy across with her if I have to carry her. I'll look around here, maybe I can find some kind of rope or something I can use to tie her to us that way we can climb out of here.

Pandora help me look, all we have on us is we a belt and a tie and that might help but I'd like something more sturdy if we can.
No. 1051447 ID: e51896

*believes that Maya will be able to distract Stitch in some way for Scarred and Pandora to make their exit*
*wonders how Stitch would even know Ana is here, and debates whether or not he is here for her, or somebody or something else since the common knowledge is that Ana is supposed to be dead*

to calm her down, Tell Lady Teovola that you guys have a pretty strong maid, Maya, that you guys can ask to look into and maybe deal with whatever anyone outside might be afraid of, and that you two should probably go find Maya to protect Rosemary and yourselves with.
No. 1052131 ID: fce62b

It was your job,
To guard the parameter.

You must return to it,
And face this oncoming danger.
No. 1052300 ID: dc13c4
File 167156325840.jpg - (2.79MB , 2482x2870 , Divergent 227.jpg )

No. 1052458 ID: 1ab976

Neat hooks! That will help a lot, in fact it gives me an idea to make this easier as well. Gotta be fast about this though

*Unties shoes and reties them to Delilah as they are being buckled over Scarreds back*

Alright let's move...

*gets on the ledge a begins hand holding and shimmying across the ledge using the hooks for balance.*

Okay, when we get to the spot we need to climb up, we'll make our feet have some climbing spikes, it's why I took the shoes off. We'll do this like we are climbing up an ice wall, that will give us better leverage as we scale the wall.
No. 1052646 ID: e51896

Well, invite him in and close the door, can't have this big guy get distracted by anything like the sound of the wind outside. Afterwards, introduce yourself, and the voices in your radio (us), and let him know that your, our concerns about Lorence, then Give him your radio, we'll direct him to Lorence for you.

*figures that Stitch knows about Ana's voices as well, and might think the voices are not trustworthy because of them being associated with Ana, thinking we only want Lorence dead, and thus won't find his concerns about "Lorence" trustworthy, ignoring him and not hunting Lorence.*
No. 1052769 ID: 1ab976


Telepathy to fortune: Fucks sake, Fortune! You can’t think of a better way to stall? My job is already hard as it is trying to carry the brother fucking stoner without falling or being seen, just send in the Frankenstein bent on blood up here why don’t you!? The hell’s your problem? I thought you were gonna stall by getting that giant maid in the way?
No. 1052777 ID: fce62b

He is here to hunt you.

You have learned too much,
You have seen behind the mask.

You must fight him off,
For a moment,
And then flee.

If you are able.
No. 1052778 ID: 1ab976

Telepathy to Echo: Are you fucking serious right now!? I cannot afford to fight him off right and make it out with Delilah. You don’t know this thing like I do! Stitch is not something Pandora and I can fight off alone, I would something like 3 howitzers and an RPG if and try to ambush him before he had time to react! You are actively killing me here!

To Toothpick: FUCKING DO SOMETHING! Help out here!

Pandora, double time, we gotta climb faster!
No. 1052815 ID: fce62b

That was not,
Directed towards you,
Disciple of Marks.

Your actions are yours alone.
No. 1052818 ID: 1ab976

Telepathy to echo: Oh, whew! Sorry about that Echo, misunderstood you.

Okay, one foot and hook after another, just keep going! We got this Pandora!
No. 1052861 ID: dc13c4
File 167235388081.jpg - (3.43MB , 2728x3758 , Divergent 228.jpg )

No. 1052893 ID: 1ab976

Inner thoughts: Ohhhh fuck… Echo? Fortune, I’m in trouble, if you can get Maya down there to deal with Stitch right now, that would be helpfull. Pandora? Don’t. Move. A muscle. We gonna ninja this. We are part of the wall. We are silent, we are a just a fly…
No. 1053326 ID: e51896

Right then, do you have any way of contacting Maya, the big scary maid? She can help protect you. if not, you might want to yell for her help. However, I think she's upstairs and might not be able to hear you from down here, we'll need to get closer up there

But first, you'll need to slow down Stitch so he doesn't follow you. Listen closely: see that vase next to you by the main entrance's door >>1040186 ? it has a bunch of squishy slimey round stuff in there that could potentially make Stitch slip over. I need you to tip that vase over to pour out the round stuff inside so you can make him slip up when he enters giving you a chance to run. If you need to break it, do that.

just... don't look too closely at the round stuff that comes out, okay?
No. 1053365 ID: fce62b

Just an intrusive thought.
Nothing more...
Flee now.

Death may not be permanent,
But you may not be able to survive it.

No. 1053434 ID: dc13c4
File 167313565015.jpg - (4.33MB , 3518x3015 , Divergent 229.jpg )

What is currently going through the head of the maid right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOy6hqzfsAs&ab_channel=OMGUKilledMyMilk

What is currently going through the head of the gate guard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UGFq6jAlZg&ab_channel=%CE%A0%CF%85%CE%B3%CE%BF%CE%BB%CE%B1%CE%BC%CF%80%CE%AF%CE%B4%CE%B5%CF%82

What is currently going through the head of Stitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4a90vHfDd4&ab_channel=AUUGHMeMes

No. 1053519 ID: 1ab976


Inner thoughts: Her seeing our face may come to bite us in the ass later, but we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Mental note: we should get a mask for our own sakes to hide our face for the time being after this. But right now we need to move move move! Let's get to the roof!
No. 1054251 ID: fce62b

You need a weapon,
You need to fight back.


Get away,
And get ready,
For he will soon follow.

No. 1054309 ID: e51896

use your walkie, and "pretend" to be talking to one of the higher ups in the cult. tell them that Maya is here to save you from Stitch, like you're giving a progress report, Tricking her into thinking a superior needs her to save you might work.
No. 1054486 ID: dc13c4
File 167446843525.jpg - (3.53MB , 2480x3508 , Divergent 230.jpg )

No. 1054515 ID: d87c35

Inner Thoughts: Better not. I do agree that she is a nihilist and definitely has a defeatist attitude. As much as I hate what she's become, I still hate Lorence more. Besides I still have a suspicion that Lorence will try to kill you the moment you stop becoming useful. Let's instead put the ball in her court, I want to see if she can make the hard decisions that comes with leadership. It's what I tried to teach her after all...

Toothpick, do you want me to go back in and try to get Rosaline? I can set Delilah down and you can pick her up while I try to extract her. Keep in mind, Maya has seen our face, if she's engaging Stitch I may have a small window of time in which to get Rosaline, but that in of itself is a risk. What are your orders?
No. 1055133 ID: fce62b

You were not thinking,
Which was problem/

Retreat into the room,
Arm yourself.
That is all.
No. 1055134 ID: e51896

*to scarred and parasite queen*
Stitch is knocked out. No need to do anything drastic. We got things covered.

*to the person we're followkng*
Wait, actually I realize something, since you were attacked by Stitch, that might mean they could think you are untrustworthy, and an enemy to the cult. They very likely might not believe you if you tell them about Lorence. Instead, you probably need to show you are not an enemy by requesting help for Rosemary after she froze, for now, lead then to Rosemary try to take her somewhere safe in case Stitch wakes up and her frozen state gets in his way and he hurts her.
No. 1055136 ID: d87c35

*to Fortune*

You had best be VERY sure about that one... And even if Stitch is out, Maya has seen us and could be on us now. If there is way you guys can extract Rosaline let us know how we could help.
No. 1055153 ID: dc13c4
File 167542299255.jpg - (5.24MB , 3510x4373 , Divergent 231.jpg )

No. 1055155 ID: e51896

*to the queen and Scarred*
let her handle it, then get going
*to the guy we're following*
let her handle it, then get going
No. 1055158 ID: d87c35

Well shit... For what it's worth fellas, I'm sorry. But I also have orders to I need to follow, no witnesses.
*Forms finger into a blade and stabs them in the heart*

Nice mask though... Think I'll take this one. *Takes the triangular mask and their shotguns* Needed a new one anyway. Toothpick, we're ready to get out of here. Fortune, Echo, you also ready to go?
No. 1055184 ID: 8a0fb8

*gives thumbs up to Scarred*
*to parasite queen*
Dont forget to eat them for nourishment. Patience is rewarded.
No. 1055360 ID: dc13c4
File 167572969302.jpg - (6.79MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 232.jpg )

No. 1055367 ID: 3aa5bd

You’ve got to be shitting me…

What do you guys want? We’re busy.
No. 1055397 ID: 89d253

*to the walkie talkie man*
Can you still hear me? Listen carefully.

Lorence has made it to the roof of this building
However, there are also some powerful people up there that could hurt you if you are not prepared.
Which is why before you go up there, you absolutely must go into the waiting room, and pick up a stuffed bear with a woman's head on it, known as "Essence of Life". It has horns on her head, and sharp teeth. It holds great significance. After you grab that, immediatly head for the roof. Do all this quickly. I'll guide you through what to do next when you get up there with the doll.

Do NOT fail the mission.
No. 1055435 ID: dc13c4
File 167580466797.jpg - (1.00MB , 1662x1642 , Divergent 233.jpg )

No. 1055436 ID: d87c35

... Ana... Did you want to talk to your... Birth mother? I'm not really sure what you're relationship is.

*Scarred subtly casts mage armor putting an invisible force field around her. It will hold against most hits but one big hit from something massive like a punch from TV head will shatter it.*
No. 1055437 ID: d87c35

To fortune and Echo: Whatever you are doing guys, please hurry, we can only stall for so long. I'd rather avoid a fight if I can.
No. 1055528 ID: fce62b

Do not approach the doll,
For it is expecting your assault.

Do not hear its words,
For it speaks only lies.

Fade back into the tree,
For you,
And they,
Will be lost among them.

No. 1055688 ID: dc13c4
File 167602469203.jpg - (2.67MB , 3505x2049 , Divergent 234.jpg )

No. 1055695 ID: 5abbb3

There's been situations that got us into trouble for being too careful due to bad feelings, causing stagnation, or something worse happening. If something bad happens, we'll tackle it together. Take it with you.
No. 1055699 ID: d87c35

If memory serves me correctly, weren't you also the one who stated that in order for Essence to come back that Pandora- The Queen, sorry, that's the name we gave her, would need to be sacrificed? Or something to that effect? That would certainly put a dampener on your relationship. Also your threat about the tribunal is kind of a non-threat. She already knows that, hell she's talked with agents of the Tribunal itself, we got pulled in together, and based on what's been happening there, we don't rank high on list of targets right now, you guys are much more at risk via association with Spirit Contaminator here because of her partnership with Happy the Tragedy Phantom and Essence.

Come to think of it guys, why are ANY of you still with her at this point? Look where we are right now, you all have just gotten a second chance at life and this is what you are doing with it? How many people actually get that shot?

Tvhead, or Flint if you remember, Rosaline is right here. You could say what you wanted now. You shouldn't start something though, because Stitch and maya are downstairs and you remember them I assume. Crashing and banging around won't help. Hell, your KIDS are still out there somewhere, Robert, Russell, and Ramona. Robert especially needs his dad for guidance.

Felafaf, Dreamwalker is still around somewhere too, and probably would want to see you more than this crowd. I know you think he probably hates you, or some other shenanigans like that, when was the last time you did a tarot reading? I would bet you more than anything they would say he misses you.

Anubis, you're Logan's daughter yeah? You remind me of someone I knew back in my time. Magna Carta was her name. She was like a daughter to me too. Logan's alive too and he DOES need help. I want to go save him, but my obligations here are the only thing keeping me from getting to him.

You've all been given a second chance, a chance to correct the mistakes of the past. Just think on that for a second. I'm sure you are all thinking "Well I belong here because I don't belong anywhere." Give me a break, this is a world of misfits. The status quo on what's normal went out the window ages ago. You all can do so much better here.
No. 1055710 ID: fce62b

No. 1056038 ID: dc13c4
File 167637067910.jpg - (4.87MB , 3024x4014 , Divergent 235.jpg )

No. 1056063 ID: d87c35

Okay wait wait wait, something you said has been bugging me... Pun not intended. You seem to forget that for as bad as the Tribunal is, they are holding something else back that way worse, Andrew Goodwill. Do you have a plan to deal with him? If you go to war with the Tribunal, then are you going to assume their responsibility even if you win? If not then what are you doing?

I remember Essence swearing by Andrew once, do you think he will accept you? I don't think he is the kind of monster to take on people unless it benefits him directly, joining him will just delegate you to "eventual food." If anything it sounds like you're trying to go down in one giant blaze of glory. Those only work if you're already backed into a corner and have no other way out. I think you have more ways to go than you realize.

So I have a counter offer, you join us! Everyone here has something to gain from each other, I don't really see why we have to drag this out literally kicking and screaming along the way or why we have to fight each other over this nonsense. You help us, we'll help you. How about that? And let's not plan any backstabbings or betrayals, yeah? Nasty things, make you late for dinner.

Inner thoughts:Fortune, Echo, I'm trying to stall here while also working diplomacy, whatever you guys are doing hurry it up...
No. 1056073 ID: 971e27

*sees the figure behind him and decides to make this explanation not just for the walky talky man, but for that figure as well*

I don't know why they would, but I can give an educated guess based off of past experience and circumstances of this world and how it treats everyone.

It's because they are terrified and most importantly uncertain. So they are latching onto any god, demigod, or powerful being to guide and protect them from the horrors of the world, to give them guidance. Sometimes blindly in their rush, sometimes manipulated into doing so with the promise of gifts, or through fear

And ever since Root, the leader that they have worshiped as he helped give them guidance through their uncertainty, has been kidnapped... they are in fear in what this world is becoming with betrayals, death, and confusion being the norm now, to the point where they lose faith and turn to a new powerful being to latch onto to save them from this world, sometimes out of fear, they do so blindly and without patience, rushing into following a new god without taking the time to think or question and understand their new god's or cult leader's true intentions, or if they truly have their best interests in mind or if they are only using them for their own personal gain.

And sometimes the new followers risk getting into a religion where they lose a lot of their freedom and their new leader threatens them and ignore their concerns instead of understanding and taking into consideration their followers worries and figure out alternatives and assurance to keep them safe.

That is why it is always important to not rush into things without doing research. That said, please have faith in the Ash Tree, and that Root will be saved.

it's time to head for the roof. Make a mad dash up there. Time is of the essence... No pun intended.
No. 1056289 ID: fce62b

You have touched,
The accursed creation.

Warnings were offered,
Warnings were thrown aside.

What happens next,
Is no longer,
In your control.

No. 1056349 ID: dc13c4
File 167665765950.jpg - (7.74MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 236.jpg )

This first song goes to a certain somebody


While the second song goes for the horror of the scenario.

No. 1056350 ID: dc13c4
File 167665772081.jpg - (4.05MB , 2736x4149 , Divergent 237.jpg )

No. 1056565 ID: d87c35

*scarred casts Blur on herself, making her appear phantismal
(effects of this spell: Scarred's body becomes blurred, shifting and wavering to all who can see you. For the duration, any creature has disadvantage on attacks made against her)
Inner thoughts: Rosaline, get back stay out of sight if you can. You work best as an ambush predator, they're doing a frontal formation assault but I don't see much for their backside meaning that's their weak spot. Watch out for the centipede thing, if anyone is going to be their eyes behind it's probably him, and I don't I think I need to explain why your arms being on the business end of those pincers is bad.
Fortune, Echo, you guys are our edge, you need to be looking for weak spots in their defense. Anywhere you see that we can exploit, go for it. We don't have to kill them, only break their will to fight.
Toothpick, get up in the air, use your firebolt, aim at their leaders eyes. If you can hit Flint and Spirit Contaminator, that will leave their leadership and tank blinded.
No. 1057038 ID: d98b32

Inner thoughts: they mentioned Anubis setting up a force field for protection. Best to keep them distracted and keep them from paying attention to Rosaline so that she can get behind and attack Anubis from behind and get rid of that force field.

*toothpick does not have wings to fly, but can shoot fireballs like Scarred wanted in their face as a distraction for Rosaline*
No. 1057682 ID: dc13c4
File 167814538107.jpg - (5.22MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 238.jpg )

No. 1057775 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts: Rosaline, see you can circle around and take out the shield. My suggestion is throw someone off the roof. Someone from the bottom floor is bound to see it happen and probably send someone up here to check. If we can make this fight harder for them to win all the better. Toothpick, how strong are you? I have a crazy idea if we're to topple this pyramid from the top down, can you... Throw me at Spirit Contaminator. I can extend my limbs with Pandora to catch on to Flint if need be but I want to try something they aren't ready for. If you can't do that I'm gonna move up and take down Sapling.
No. 1059153 ID: fce62b

Beware a strike from below,
The Centipede,
Insect which feeds upon insect.

Will burrow beneath you.
But it will not target you,
Disciple of Marks.
For it is after the spider.

Flee the earth,
If you can.
No. 1059328 ID: e51896

yeah, lets give that a try, but be sure to hum a little tune to distract that centipede
No. 1059433 ID: dc13c4
File 167965700927.jpg - (5.59MB , 3512x4496 , Divergent 239.jpg )

No. 1059444 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts Toothpick, get the centipede off Rosaline, protect her until she can move, if you're strong enough to throw me like this, get to the back of that centipede and start slamming that thing around like a drunken amish square dance, hell use it as a bat or a whip see if you can knock some of them around. I've got this one up here... Their weakness is electricity...

*Scarred grabs onto Spirit Contaminator and uses shocking grasp*

Shocking grasp: Lightning springs from the casters hand to deliver a shock to a creature you are touching. The attack on the target has advantage if the target is wearing armor made of metal. On a hit, the target takes lightning damage, and it can’t take reactions until the start of its next turn.
No. 1059774 ID: e51896

ah, I see, so it was a good idea to throw Scarred up there with Delilah, otherwise she would have been shocked by that attack if we dropped her, and with that extra weight, Tv head will have both the weight of Delialah and the parasite queen on him.

right then, the centipede. see if we can attack the centipede like Scarred said. if We can get that centipede off Rosaline and get her free to move, Rosaline can probably help you throw that centipede at Felafaf.

If centipede counter attacks, try whistling in front of it to distract it.
No. 1059776 ID: e51896

Also, I have an idea, as a spirit, I can probably sink to the lower floor, look for anything that could be used as a weapon, and let Rosaline know where to dig her spider legs into the floor below her to pick up a weapon, improvised or otherwise.

Echo can probably help too by probably annoying one of the fighters, he's able to talk to others we can't. he'd make a good distraction noise-wise

*sinks into the floor and checks the floor below her to find any kind of weapon*
No. 1059977 ID: fce62b

*The presence gives a nod at Fortune Ana.*

Your course of action is taken,
And quickly devoured.

*Being careful to avoid the drone, it circles around to where the centipede stands.*

Arrive from below.
Hissing chittering things.

*The presence lets out some hisses and clicks.*

They will burrow through your chitin,
And feast upon your tender flesh.
If you keep your tail,
Buried within the earth.

*The presence slowly starts to hiss louder and louder.*
No. 1060434 ID: dc13c4
File 168052030299.jpg - (5.49MB , 3510x4325 , Divergent 240.jpg )

No. 1060448 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts: Ros! Grab that knife that just fell, try no to kill Felafaf but stick it in her shoulder or throw off her aim. Toothpick, grab sapling's ankles and use her like a wheat thresher on the centipede, beat up a motherfucker with another mother fucker!

Sorry kid, but no. You started this, so we're ending it.
*Scarred grabs on to Tv head's head and capoeira roundhouse high kicks Spirit Contaminator in the head in order to kick her off Tv Head*
No. 1060756 ID: e51896

yeah, can't get anything from the floor below us until we deal with anubis.

yeah lets grab the legs and do just what Scarred said.
No. 1061699 ID: dc13c4
File 168186423296.jpg - (6.24MB , 3510x4445 , Divergent 241.jpg )

No. 1061708 ID: 7a4123

At a moment like this, we need help in this handicap matchup with so many people against just us two.

after Flint/tvhead saved Rosaline and exploded the centipede, it kind of looks like he betrayed his team. I think we should say something like "looks like Tvhead betrayed you all, why else would he blow you up?" To the centipede. Plant that seed of doubt in tvhead's teammates' minds, and Turn that manipulation they've been using to turn the entire world against us against them, show them how it feels. It might just have them turn against Tvhead and in turn, make tvhead have no choice but to fight on our side.

Thoughts on this, Scarred?
No. 1061743 ID: d87c35

To Fortune: Ow. That hurt... Head is foggy... Stabbed... Through head... Just do it. I think, creatures with green eyes... Under influence of Contaminiminator... Did I say that right?

*Scarred casts a full lay on hands healing her wounds fully and fixing her eyes but cannot use it again until she gets a full rest in.*

Shut the hell up Delilah, whoever that is probably will try to hurt you or anyone else that gets in their way. You hear that over there guys? I recommend staying away for your own safety.

*Scarred pulls the shears out and throws them at Spirit contaminator in case they are somehow explosive*

Alright. I'm done being nice little girl. No Mercy for the Wicked.
*Scarred channels divinity to put a Vow of Enmity on Spirit Contaminator, granting her advantage on attacks on Spirit Contaminator for 1 minute or until Contaminator dies or falls unconscious.*
No. 1061835 ID: dc13c4
File 168207615563.jpg - (7.20MB , 3510x4845 , Divergent 242.jpg )


As for Scarred Ana's part

No. 1061843 ID: 1ab976

… huff… huff. Nah, they ain’t gonna kill you Delilah.

But I will.

*The spirit contaminator tail come out from under Scarred’s coat and stabs Delilah multiple times. Teeth-likebegin to shoot out from her body impaling her and ripping through her body. The moment she fully dies Scarred eats her soul to gain more power*

Scarred says this as Delilah’s soul is consumed: You think you’re a leader? Nah, brother fucker. You’re just fucked in the head. Everything given to you was given by Root. Your a parasite, so might as well die by parasite. But more importantly, this is a long overdue vengeance for killing Dr. Lester, bitch
No. 1061847 ID: 58ae4c

Well, we failed the mission by killing Delilah, but I suppose there was only so much one person can take before they're at their limit before they fuck the consequences. If we're going to fuck the consequences, then we might as well do another thing we were not ever supposed to do despite the consequences.

Toothpick, remember a long time ago we fought against a fake Clara the Ambassador made, and when she shot you after we tried reasoning with her, you got extremely angry, and it awoke Desolation? giving you immense uncontrollable power? Why don't you try doing that again. Your life and Rosaline's life is on the line after all, and this feels like a last resort.

If you need a reason to get angry, Scarred fucked things up again and killed Delilah, and now Lorence is probably going to get really angry at her, and probably you as well for not keeping her under control. Nothing is or ever has gone your way ever in your life, it's enough to get you extremely angry at everyone and everything, doesn't it? If nothing makes you happy like you said, then you might as well get angry and unleash the rage within and let Desolation drive to make everyone suffer. she can help you. With the mission failed, and Lorence going to see us as a traitor, we got nothing left to lose other than your and Rosaline's life, right?

If you need a reminder who desolation is, it's this demigoddess https://questden.org/kusaba/draw/res/32929.html#34799[/spoiler]
No. 1061848 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts: Why not!? let's do it! Let's prove a point!
No. 1062057 ID: dc13c4
File 168238288703.jpg - (8.58MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 243.jpg )

No. 1062101 ID: d87c35

*Scarred casts misty step to get back on top of the roof escaping Stitch's grasp*

(Spell Description- Misty Step: Caster is briefly surrounded by silvery mist and can then you teleport up to 30 feet (roughly 9.1 meters) to an unoccupied space that they can see. Casting time is one bonus action.)

Hell no. Let the bitch down there deal with Stitch. But you... *looks over towards Anubis and activates the parasite blade from her arm* You're mine
No. 1062102 ID: 2c842e

Toothpick, either rip Tvhead's head off his body and throw it at Felafaf, or if that's too difficult, punch through the screen and grab Flints head or skull or whatever is in there, and throw it at Felafaf. You are on fire, so you don't need to worry about Ember or the centipede attacking you right now since they'll burn up by attempting to physically attack you. Felafaf will be your next target since she can heal people and has projectiles, and therefore your biggest threat if you manage to take care of tv head.

sorry Scarred, I know you wanted her alive, but I'm done with this. If she was a true friend, she would not have joined Essence as easily as she did, and she's even willing to let her lover Lorence's mission fail just for this pointless battle.
No. 1062104 ID: d87c35

Inner thoughts: Nah, you're right. Do it.
No. 1062253 ID: dc13c4
File 168271442039.jpg - (8.84MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 244.jpg )

The music that is going on underneath the roof


And the music that is going on the roof

No. 1062254 ID: d87c35

Scarred casts spare the dying: Caster touches a living creature that is dying. The creature becomes stable. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.

So... That's it then huh? We're just going to roll over and die? Come on Pandora, i've got you partner.

We didn't come this far just to give up. Life is painful, but we press on. We keep going. We hit a wall? We break through it. We face challenges in life that will push back, and it will be painful, but we break through that pain to find happiness at the end.

We're gonna make it as long as we don't stop fighting for it. Let's get up. We're not done.
No. 1062255 ID: dc13c4
File 168271692817.jpg - (6.03MB , 3510x3917 , Divergent 245.jpg )

No. 1062257 ID: d87c35

>I'm sorry for not helping you.
It's all good Rosey, I don't blame you.

>You were in the crocodile's jaws kind of scenario- I was just waiting for the death roll
... Sure.

>What else can we do other than cut and run!?
*Scarred rolls her eyes*
You can die.

*Scarred pulls the sawed off shotguns out and fires at point blank with both barrels at Contaminator and Sapling sister*

Here. You can look at Essence while you bleed to death.
*Scarred holds the doll up to the them and shakes it at them a little, like a dog toy*
No. 1064319 ID: dc13c4
File 168471488120.jpg - (2.97MB , 2482x3152 , Divergent 246.jpg )

No. 1064327 ID: 1ab976

*Scarred reloads the shotgun*

Pot meet kettle. I’m honestly amazed you know about that, near trick. You should fuck off before your pet revenant decides to not be helpful anymore.

*scarred shoots at her again*
No. 1064328 ID: 4e7d00

I think shes learning now that in this world, nobody ever gets what they want, not even us, and not even her, and probably not even Happy. even if he succeeds, its probably going to backfire on him. This world was designed to make every single person who enters or even associate with this world to suffer in their own personal Hell.

We were like her too, trying to save something, or save ourselves, but in the end, It's pretty much impossible and too frustrating to succeed. She may have failed her mission here, but she made us fail our mission by pushing us the way she did

Scarred, can we just tell them to piss off and not fuck with us again? They can continue whatever hopeless mission they want, as long as they dont fuck with our hopless missions again.

And also, tell her: Welcome to hell, and that If it means anything, I wanted to give that to her before this fight started, and after things chilled after the fight and before Scarred did that attack just now against Ember. but fate wouldnt and wont let me or let that happen, because Hell, but At least she can have it now.
No. 1064330 ID: 1ab976

*correction: scarred shoots just slightly off to make her flee and make it look like the revenant failed to stop her, but not directly as to actually hit her*
No. 1064368 ID: dc13c4
File 168480116204.jpg - (3.77MB , 2480x3508 , Divergent 247.jpg )

No. 1064405 ID: ca7ffc

Rosaline use your fingers as a shield from the below as for you Toothpick can you levitate that shield with all of us on it and turn it into a makeshift magic carpet?
No. 1064534 ID: 9a3473

Levitation could work, it’s not an overly complex spell and it can lower us to the ground. Rose, can you still extend your arms like you did in the fight with us? That could also work for creating a fast shortcut to the ground. I can outrun them and run a diversion giving you time to escape. Invisibility and a spell called Long Strider which makes me much faster, hard-core parkour if you will.
No. 1064882 ID: dc13c4
File 168553803469.jpg - (7.57MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 248.jpg )

No. 1064891 ID: 1ab976

Well done Pandora! Let’s get out of here! If there are snipers below we need to zig zag, stay mobile or see if can go faster.
No. 1065532 ID: e9a3b9
File 168640488387.jpg - (4.88MB , 3898x3133 , Divergent 249.jpg )

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