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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 1025098 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: It feels as though a crushing weight has been taken off of you, and then was replaced with another equally heavy one. Your being tested with your own autonomy, but with the strictest of guidelines in order to discern your worth.

"Three questions isn't a lot to work with..."

Inner Thoughts: No it is not. This will require a more strategic approach. You'll have to present questions that give implications alongside answers. Ideally you're just trying to put together a profile to work with, but part of you wonders-

"...for what reason though? To narrow down suspects?"

Inner Thoughts: It's been a while since you've ever asked 'why'. Though based on that stunt you pulled back with father, it seems that you're trying to prod at your boundaries. You should be worried about what he will do in response to that.

"But right now that doesn't matter."

Inner Thoughts: Correct. Supposedly you'll be talking to the god that created you. Going off of Dervan's impression, he would have made you with an unescapable purpose. Yet that thought leaves you somewhat... unsatisfied? Most of your life has had you being shaped into what your father needed, so based on that, this interaction won't be much different.

*Threshold takes out his pen and notebook, flipping to a blank page.*
No. 1025102 ID: 8b82ee
File 164617203696.jpg - (3.39MB , 3508x3415 , Divergent 166.jpg )

No. 1025103 ID: b5fe3e

Yes, well I see you as a valuable member of the team. I've already written Mr. Domino asking for you to be reinstated upon your full recovery and the doctor's have signed off on your paperwork. Heh, I hope the newest doctors tending you are not related to the ones we put behind bars. As for what I am doing here, I am checking on the well being of a good colleague and fellow investigator. You did an exemplary job back there. I knew you were stage worthy.
No. 1025157 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: You dug this hole yourself. Now you will have to try and collect the pieces without any of Peregrine's insight or Corax's fortitude. Even more so you will have to succeed where other more experience investigators have failed. This will require an unorthodox approach. Skip introductions and sidestep his complaints, show him that you are different from his expectations. Breathe.

*Threshold breathes in and then asks:*

"Are you proud of your creations?"

Inner Thoughts: That's your first one.
No. 1025482 ID: e51896

whispering voice: Yeah, I read about and was briefed the painting and what the incident it was involved in. I’m not going to rule out that what it said was true about it not working for Happy, but I also think there maybe a possibility of direct, or indirect manipulation if you compare this incident with the other incident with the previous person I interrogated, the bird, even if the painting knew it was working with Happy or not. I do have questions I want to address, but first, it might be best to let it know about some unfortunate facts we had learned to get it in a certain frame of mind.

*ahem* Mad World, was it? Hi, I’m Agent Peregrine. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, your statement of you being in no danger from Happy is incorrect. You interacted with Ana during that incident, correct? If that is the case, she most likely would have been with her spirits at that time.

And during that time, those spirits were… you could say… haunted by another more powerful spirit known as Essence of Life, who had been watching their every move, and forcing them into roads they did not want to go in. And as it was proven, Essence had worked very closely with Happy at the time. The fact that you interacted with Ana meant that Essence had seen you, what you have done, and where you are, and as such, most likely reported to Happy all about you.

To top it off, we unfortunately found a mole in our investigation team rather recently, showing proof that we have traitors spying on us, planted somehow by Happy, or maybe even turned traitor by them. There’s no doubt that Happy could order one of these spies to get to you at any time… With these facts in mind, I’m sorry to say that the evidence says otherwise that you are incorrect on being in no danger, which you could understand my partner’s concern for your safety.
No. 1025568 ID: 8b82ee
File 164669135088.jpg - (2.79MB , 3508x2542 , Divergent 167.jpg )

No. 1025572 ID: b5fe3e

That's good, I am glad to know you have a clean bill of health. On the subject of your removal however, I admit, we did go off script for that meeting. As such that blame falls upon our heads, not yours. I wrote this in my report to Domino, that if anyone should bear the burden of failure it is not you. The main things I highlighted to him was the one thing that is both a useful to a detective and an actress. You have a background in theatre and acting, what happens when an actor is on the stage and flubs a line? The same thing when a detective misses a piece of evidence. They must adapt and improvise, and find a new way forward that will get them back on track. They may get disheartened, it happens to the best of us, but they press on. Such is exactly what I saw from you on that stage. Domino would be a fool to not reassign you to our department.

What's more is something I notice that many here do not have, not even me, Empathy. You are able to think our targets because you can empathize and understand their emotions and build a better profile of their moral character. That is something any detective worth their salt would want on their team. As for why Domino suggested a removal is also in part on me. He doesn't want... romantic attachments forming between team members. He felt you and I might have been too close and that it might become a detriment to the team.
No. 1025598 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold's pen hovers over his notepad.*


Inner Thoughts: He caught you off-guard. In less than a minute this creator -your creator- has already echoed the feelings you have with your old life, and even evoked your name... It makes you wonder- Discard that for now. Treat it as coincidence for now, but keep an eye out for additions to this pattern. Be honest with your surprise.

"I... must admit that wasn't what I was expecting. Though it seems like this place always has something up its sleeve."

Inner Thoughts: Openly dissect his words, show him how you are listening.

*He sets his pen and notepad to the side.*

"Then it sounds like that we also failed you. You built us-"

*Gestures to himself.*

"-as tools. Each with a specific function and as an extension of your own will. But instead of letting you rely on us, we did the opposite, and chose to hang off of you. If something you built was not only failing in its purpose, but was also harming you in the process, then the simplest solution would be to discard those creations."

Inner Thoughts: Keep you observations to what is objective. Either he underestimates you -unlikely- and doesn't believe you can grasp any deeper nuance, thus lowering his guard, or he might start assessing you, giving you access to his thought pattern. Continue with the exercise.

"But, if those tools avoided said destruction, then that ultimately shows the strength of their creator. Thus allowing us to be a mark of pride for you as we reach ever higher, even if we didn't suit what you built us for."

Inner Thoughts: But note how he used the word 'adorable'. He still sees you as beneath him in the overall hierarchy, hence him being the scientist and you the medicine. That indicates a level on emotional distance. You are a thing, not a child, in this relationship. It makes you wonder how sore a point it must be that a bunch of 'mutated medicine' was able to beat him. Keep it as a tactic in your back pocket. Continue his conversion, but avoid questions. Let him choose the direction.

"It must be interesting to see things in their entirety, beginning to end. Especially when events take a turn towards the unexpected."
No. 1025617 ID: e51896

Nothing to offer? hum. Perhaps. But then again, that is an interesting contradiction as it seems like you were looking to get something out of Ana... I'd like to bring up that from the records that even though you tried to kill Ana, you were also hiding within her for a very brief moment after she was rescued and before the Mad Creator caught you hiding within her.

Maybe perhaps that is something you want, an escape from the Mad Creator or from here? or perhaps you wanted to help Ana make the world burn? What could it be...?

Makes me wonder, hypothetically, how would you feel if you were offered to hide within me like what you were trying to do with Ana before she alerted your presence to the Mad Creator and had him pluck you out?

And that does actually raise a question... was it the goal of the person who removed the protective layer from your painting to kill Ana, or were they actually trying to get you to tag alongside her by hiding within her... whichever the answer to this could help give a clearer picture of what that person was trying to accomplish with you... whoever it was...

and by the way, would you like us to remove the covers off your painting?
No. 1025780 ID: 8b82ee
File 164687236904.jpg - (3.25MB , 3157x3333 , Divergent 168.jpg )

No. 1025811 ID: 3e7c34

No, we most assuredly did not start off well. To what do I owe you the pleasure?

Inner thoughts: You pointed a gun at us and tried to give us a test of “willpower” and put our team member in the hospital. I what I’d like to do is arrest you and put you behind bars.
No. 1025832 ID: 8b82ee
File 164691010276.jpg - (380.72KB , 1490x828 , Divergent 169.jpg )

No. 1025839 ID: b5fe3e

*pinches the bridge of his nose*

Perhaps one who says one thing, but thinks another.

Inner thoughts: For example, I wish you would just get to the point already.
No. 1025934 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: 'That specific point where something is heading toward its destruction while still not knowing about it.' It makes you worry that you might be heading along that path, seeing as you are at least entertaining enough to be humored by this Mad Creator. Though inversely that could be equally stated about Happy or his mole. Time will tell. Return to your more professional stance.

*Threshold picks up his notebook and writes the following:*
Mad Creator - Values personal freedom (above all else?) - - Felt true emotion after traveling to another dimension - Values self (even at expense of others) - - Is "proud" of creations - Prefers to remain impersonal (attachment would limit freedom)

*He then looks back up to Mad Creator.*

Inner Thoughts: He's already come into this with the assumption of being accused, deflecting from that would come across as disingenuous. List the reasons it seems possible, but prepare a subversion.

"Well, as you say, you have habit of running away from consequences. And based off of what we have seen of Happy, some of his skills do line up with yours: Happy seems very knowledgeable about the Dimensional Tribunal and its protocols, managing to stay a step ahead in every regard. He seems very adept at making his own creations, even if the majority of what we've found so far have been robotic. And he seems to have connections with a wide range of individuals, each from vastly different dimensions."

Inner Thoughts: Ready.

*Threshold leans forward in his chair.*

"You'd also have the most to gain if something were to happen to the Tribunal."

Inner Thoughts: Switch.

*He immediately relaxes and leans back.*

"But if that were the case we wouldn't be talking right now. There is something here that the other investigators are missing, but I don't think it is the fact that you're Happy."

Inner Thoughts: Now provoke a reaction by giving some proprietary knowledge.

"I think that you're trying to protect someone, but that person isn't Happy."
No. 1027147 ID: e51896

hummm... interesting. So you admitted just now that you were approached by one of Happy's robots to kill Ana even after you claimed that Happy doesn't even know who you are and where you are... Care to explain this contradiction? And why did you follow those instructions?
No. 1027268 ID: 8b82ee
File 164820260392.jpg - (2.63MB , 3508x2517 , Divergent 170.jpg )

No. 1027275 ID: f22305

So essentially what this was all for, was baseless bravado? For shame.

Inner thoughts: I wear most of this outfit on my have for the sake of others. Heavens know what Algich would say should she see my real face.

And I’m sorry, but I am not familiar with why your people should carry such a harsh reputation. If this is anything to go on one might only assume your kind are cruel pranksters. If you wish to maintain yourself as this rough and tumble gunslinger, then why could your actions not speak for themselves? As it is now revealing the game just unveils the charade.
No. 1027338 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Make another note, but don't give a response yet.

*Threshold flips their notebook back open and adds:*
- Susceptible to flattery(?) - Still has expectations for 'creations he's bullied'

Inner Thoughts: Your tactic definitely threw him off. Capitalize on that, push harder.

*He sets the notebook to the side.*

"I think what you've been doing is wasting our time."

Inner Thoughts: The next part will be hard. You will need to feign ignorance so this Ana isn't implicated, but also give enough details to goad Mad Creator. Weigh you words carefully.

"We have testimony from those close to the case that you helped this individual after they had been targeted, and that there has been very deliberate action to hide this person from the Tribunal's view. I don't think you are Happy, or are even working with them, but you do have a reason for doing this."

Inner Thoughts: Now drop a pointed hint of where you are looking.

"Let me remember how Fortune put it again... ah! 'I think Happy has been manipulating things to force us into making choices that seem like the right answer.'"

Inner Thoughts: Now watch him closely.

"You've been through countless interrogations, questioned by all manner of teams, yet we haven't gotten any closer to finding Happy. Even though you appear to be the obvious and 'right' choice. So by that logic, if you were to make the 'wrong choice' you might get closer to truth."

*Threshold leans forward, staring intensely at Mad Creator.*

"And I choose to believe that you aren't Happy."
No. 1028297 ID: e51896

to answer your question, it's pretty much from what I am gathering: you stated you were given instructions to kill Ana from one of Happy's robots, and yet you refused... however during the incident, you attacked Ana anyway... I can gather that you either tried to kill her not for Happy, but for yourself... OR you never intended to kill her during that incident that entire time, but do actually do something else with her...

I think I'd like to hear your testimony to get a full picture of what happened please. Specifically from the time you had that protective layer removed, met with one of Happy's robots, to meeting Ana herself, to being put in the attic.

inner thoughts: one thing I'm wondering is HOW he even knew that was one of Happy's robots... Best to bring it up during testimony...
No. 1028335 ID: 8b82ee
File 164920829516.jpg - (4.12MB , 3508x3426 , Divergent 171.jpg )

No. 1028433 ID: 5f4030

*looks between him and Algich.*

Interesting. Perhaps redemption for you is possible. What do you think Ms. Algich? I purpose we give this young man an impromptu interview to see if he would fit in with our staff. That being said however if you accept I suggest that you abandon your gunslinger persona however, at least for a time. If people saw us working with you after the event with Algich, it may give an odd impression.
No. 1029046 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: hmm. his eyes keep bulging whenever he talks about the job the robot gave him...

I think I should bring up the contradiction that kind of shows the reason for this questioning. I don't feel that you are currently being completely honest, whether it is to protect yourself or a different person whether it be from you being manipulated, or on purpose

A person I interrogated earlier talked about how she was given a job long ago to help whoever had summoned her, not knowing who it would be at the time, and that job required saving that person by helping them become a different person through a soul switch... the person who offered this job was interestingly enough one of Happy's robots, and the person she was ordered by the robot to help save was Ana...

Now the contradiction here is that while the Happy robot ordered her to help Ana, the Happy robot in your case gave you the order to kill Ana, which doesn't line up with Happy's actions, even if you were only pretending to kill Ana... I want to be absolutely sure if you were indeed ordered to kill Ana and you were pretending, or were actually ordered to assist her in some way, because right now what we know does not line up with what you have stated and it could be a possibility you're lying... for all we know, you could have probably been ordered to pretend to kill Ana as part of assisting her... maybe as a way to fool somebody else, like Ana's spirits
No. 1029124 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Good. Now he's taking you seriously, but you may have pushed too hard. He's asking for your source, and you can't give that, not when others might be watching. Misdirect him with Fortune's testimony, and dodge past his first question.

"While you aren't wrong, the Tribunal still don't have the full picture in regards to Ana's death. Lorence didn't kill her, Happy did. We have testimony from a one 'Fortune Ana' stating that her spirit escaped Lorence's attempted execution, and was instead captured and destroyed by Happy."

Inner Thoughts: Now circle back to him, since he has created another parallel, and another comparison to reinforce your point.

"But seeing as she was a major facet of Happy's overall scheme, it does seem strange that Ana was disposed of so quickly. As much as you say that she was a lost cause, Happy seemed interested in directing her every move, right up to the very end. Not even mentioning the hassle Essence had put her through."

"You say that Ana was just a 'momentary amusement,' quite opposite from her slew of antagonists, who each seemed hellbent on destroying her."

Inner Thoughts: Present some skepticism. As dangerous as this topic is, you can roll back too quickly.

"So either you're lying, or there is something more at play."

Inner Thoughts:Shift topics so that he can't pick at your deflection.

"Why did you find an interest in her? Even if it was only 'momentary.'"
No. 1029229 ID: 8b82ee
File 164989835694.jpg - (3.83MB , 3508x3286 , Divergent 172.jpg )

No. 1029255 ID: e51896

hmmm... I wonder. The cameras didn't catch what was going on... what if he didn't witness the robot? or maybe a different robot? or maybe no robots at all, but something else... if that's the case...

May you please explain to us in full detail what the robot who gave you the order to kill Ana looked like?
No. 1029385 ID: b5fe3e

We are actually not seeing each other Ms. Algich, I saved her under our first interrogation as I saw the value in her and what she might bring when examining suspects and being able to read people. She is actually the first member of a team I am trying to build. And I had hoped you would be of them.

And ma'am while I'm flattered the sentiment, but we not even on a first name basis yet. I would like to know that before you purpose taking me to bed. However, it is fortuitous you've arrived.

Inner thoughts: Even if you got me into the bedroom, you would be sorely disappointed.

As for you young man, this team I am looking to build is going to be working with me on investigating the situation. My... "Practicals" I will be calling them I think. Given that I and my current team are working independently for the foreseeable future, I will need a new team. That is where you all come in.

What we are is one who works within the law but is not afraid to get hands dirty if need be. While my colleagues work in the light, we are the ones who operate in the shadows. It may be distasteful at times, and perhaps downright unpleasant, and that's putting it politely. I understand if you any of you have objections. You don't need to explain your reasoning, only a yes or no. But here's what I see in each of you that would make you an asset to the team.

Algich, you are calculating, and considerate. You are able to put forth other ideas build off of foundations for others. You were instrumental to putting the doctor behind bars. That is not a talent I would see wasted.

Madam, your abilities speak for themselves. You have a key for empathy meaning you can know a suspect perhaps better than they know themselves. With that comes invaluable tool and asset that any detective worth their salt would want.

Young man, you put on a good show. You had us all convinced that you were something you are not. How familiar with undercover agents are you? If we are able to get an in with a suspect and able to plant you in as a mole, that might be just the ticket.

Each of you has a value here, and that is something I admire. Whether any of you accept my proposal or not is entirely up to you. You don't even have to accept right away.
No. 1030100 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: You wonder why he lied about something so easy disproven. Have you really unbalanced him that much? It seems... unlikely. Better to humble, assume that this is a tactic. Going off that basis, why would the Mad Creator let himself be caught in a lie? To cast suspicion on himself and pull the focus of the conversation back to him? Perhaps. Let him regain his footing before your next attack.

"Go ahead."

Inner Thoughts: You need to disprove his statements without indicating that he is Happy. He's trying to bait you into making a full accusation, and will likely shoot down any implications you make. This requires a feint. Withdraw, redirect, then strike.

*Threshold waits for the Mad Creator to finish before continuing.*

"I'm merely being thorough. There are a lot of unknowns that surround this case, and by asking these sorts of question the Tribunal can get a better picture of what is truly going on."

"You say that Ana is valued based off of her previous lives, but if that were the whole story then you would think that the more vocal elements of her would play a greater role in all this. I mean Essence was there for a while, but here sole focus seemed to be on this new Ana, similar to Happy."

Inner Thoughts: Redirect.

"Not to say that this most recent Ana is entirely without merit. I mean she was able to defeat the *very first* Ana after all, and has popped up on the Tribunal's radar once or twice before her untimely demise. A report here and there."

Inner Thoughts: Now strike, but with care.

"One that comes to mind was a rather unfortunate encounter with one of the paintings here in the Tribunal's gallery. A one 'Mad World' I believe. If you hadn't intervened at that time as well... I'm sure that it would've ended much sooner for her."

*Threshold leans forward on the table a bit.*

"So lets stop saying that she was a 'momentary amusement' to you. Otherwise we won't get anywhere."
No. 1030227 ID: 8b82ee
File 165085166013.jpg - (5.36MB , 3508x4385 , Divergent 173.jpg )



No. 1030687 ID: e51896

hm, well I haven't explained the reason why I removed the covers off of you. I know you mentioned you don't really like seeing our faces as nothing seems real, and everything is fake from what you are seeing on our side. But I find that interesting for a painting to say since that's what most people think about paintings: they're fictitious, BUT they serve a purpose to the audience who views them, to use symbolism to spark interpretations for people to think a certain way to have them come to a certain conclusion. Same how you view us or everything and everyone else looking at us from your perspective if you think about it.

It must be aggravating for people to ask many things of you, the robot asking you to kill Ana, all of us interrogating you, but not once have they look at you for what you are as a painting, thus not being able to fulfill your given role you were destined to play.

So that is why I wanted to remove your covers, to actually [ilook[/i] at you, and appreciate what you are as it was intended for you to be as a painting. And what a beautiful painting you are I must say. If I had to interpret what you were to represent by what I am seeing, it would be how the stresses and misery, and worries of the world effects the human's mental state into insanity. Stuff like the passage of time, forest fires, mushroom clouds from wars. It's telling that your head is just as round as a planet to represent those stresses that is caused around the world that could lead to madness, hence your title "Mad World" It's not an actual world though, but a symbolic world with the person being representation of that world, and the deadly miseries that effect that world, or rather, that person to go mad themselves

To be honest as I'm saying it and looking at you, a lot of the misery on you relates to death. Perhaps that's the intention of what you as an art piece represents, how the stresses of death in many shapes and forms could lead one to go mad...

of course, this would be how I would interpret you as a painting, people come to their own conclusions based off of what they see, and their own experiences. Maya Din might have a different conclusion to what you as a painting could represent for example.

Perhaps that robot when he spoke to you had a different idea in mind when they saw you and interpreted you as a bringer of death instead of one that is going mad from the fear of death... or perhaps they thought of you as someone who suffered so much from what you represent as a painting that they thought you wanted to cause suffering to someone to ease the pain... but hey, I never saw your and the robot's interaction to draw my own conclusions or interpretations, so I can't quite interpret what that Happy Robot wanted to convey to you, especially if you see everything from at our side as fake an unreal like an art piece.

a picture is worth a thousand words after all, especially the real beautiful artistic ones such as yourself... a shame you had to hide in the attic to hide that beauty all because of that robot...
No. 1030925 ID: 8b82ee
File 165142387341.jpg - (2.61MB , 3508x2299 , Divergent 174.jpg )

No. 1031014 ID: b5fe3e

I will take the note as my bill for your dress. As soon as you are discharged Ms. Algich, I hope to see you join me.

And it's a pleasure to have you on the team Ms. Vizzvil, and by the sound of things your speciality will be quite the asset, welcome aboard. Your first assignment is to begin looking into other members of the tribunal, I suspect we have a traitor in our midst and I need a list of the most likely suspects that fit the profile of someone working with, or perhaps is, Happy the Tragedy Phantom.

As for you my nameless companion, I can't just go around calling you "Miss" so I suppose a title will have to be given to you, if not an outright name, perhaps something like "Soul Oculus?" We'll workshop it. I plan on visiting our "good doctor" in jail sometime this afternoon for further questioning, and given your abilities I will need you be my emotional lie detector for me.
No. 1031070 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Odd comment about the drink, shelve it for now. With a possible poisoner on the loose, best be on guard. You focus on the Mad Creators description of Ana. He seems fascinated with her, though that appears to be a common thread when it comes to Ana. Answer his question, use it as a chance to think aloud.

"Well, judging from the name, they are Ana's voice in one way or another, but that could be in a less literal sense. From my limited knowledge on them, they seem to advocate for her, and try to act with her 'best interests in mind.' To my understanding Essence also shared this goal, albeit in a very twisted manner."

*Threshold pauses.*

Inner Thoughts: But if they are all similar, then wouldn't that also mean some of Essence's actions might be mirrored in these 'current voices?' Explore that.

"Going from that basis, one could say that Ana's voices control her actions in the same way Essence tried to. Though perhaps in a more subtle way."

Inner Thoughts: Your familiar with making choices that weren't truly yours. Father always had a habit of guiding you behind the scenes.

"The common thread in your story was how Ana had changed based off of what others did for her or to her. Her own thoughts didn't seem to be a factor."

Inner Thoughts: You only have one question left before you hit the limit imposed by father, best safe it. Merely speculate, let the Mad Creator take the initiative back.

"So if all these forces are being pulled into Ana's path, and each leave their own mark in one way or another, then it seems that she was being made into something. Something powerful. And if Ana is controlled by her voices, them someone wants them to make a choice."

Inner Thoughts: Happy's involvement could explain why these interactions took place in such rapid succession, but to what end? If Ana is a vessel, then what is her purpose? Perhaps a weapon?
No. 1031753 ID: e51896

I'm sorry, but that doesn't correspond with what we already know. Based off the artist rendition and from other sources we received, the Happy robot legs are not as slender as the arms as you say they are and they are usually concealed by their wardrobe to even make that distinction...
No. 1031877 ID: 8b82ee
File 165227205819.jpg - (3.53MB , 3508x3109 , Divergent 175.jpg )

No. 1031959 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Why show off the cameras? Is it a way to put you on guard, or a way to establish trust? Either way, if the Mad Creator is willing to be more candid with you, then you need to reciprocate. It will be the best way to keep him open like this. Share the way DeRvan used the communicator, but overstate surprise as a way to lampshade detail, the integrity of the investigation needs to be preserved.


*Threshold hesitates.*

"Thank you sharing the cameras, their footage could be useful in narrowing down our list of suspects, but that can wait till later."

Inner Thoughts: Now for his questions.

"As for DeRvan's method of contact, it kind of took the agents and I by surprise. He ushered us to a room where a pair of communicators were set up, and had used a piece of Ana to attune them properly. Most of this was prepared ahead of time of course, and it seemed like DeRvan had been staging it for a while."

Inner Thoughts: But the Mad Creator did give the implication that those devices may not have been actually used. Leading to the question of 'how did the voices get there?' Maybe they latched onto Peregrine and Corax themselves? But if that were the case, then how were they not aware of you in the adjoining room? Unless...

*Threshold focuses for a moment, and then looks back up to the Mad Creator.*

"I'm no technician, but you obviously are. If DeRvan set up a pair of dummy stations that didn't do anything, none of us would be the wiser. But if that were the case..."

Inner Thoughts: Then the voices can show up at any time, so long as they believe that they can be there. A very frightening hypothesis. You hope that it's false. It would certainly add a whole new layer of depth to DeRvan's charades. Prod at the Mad Creator, see if he has the same thought.

"It's very i-interesting that you draw a connection between the voices and the agents I work with. DeRvan was the one who likely chose who got to talk with who, and he always makes such choices for a reason."

Inner Thoughts: And there has been some similarities that have been bugging you a bit. You initially brushed them off as coincidence, but it is becoming more apparent that everything has its reasons.

"If I were to make a particular note, it would be that each agent was paired up with their opposite, rather than their double. Scarred Ana mentioned that she had been a soldier, one that had even undergone torture, something I suspect Mr. Corax has also experienced. Meanwhile Mr. Peregrine has a vast and comprehensive understanding of the various element at play, both in this dimension and possibly others. Fortune Ana's knowledge bordered on the encyclopedic."

Inner Thoughts: There were definitely differences in underlying speech pathology, but you can't shake the 'same-ness' that was present. Redirect back to the Mad Creator, have him explain why he lead you down this line of thought.

"But of course my view of things is far more limited than one such as yourself. As their creator, I imagine you have a far greater understanding of how my colleagues and I work. I would be interested in hearing your own thoughts."
No. 1032117 ID: b5fe3e

Inner thoughts: I've had enough of this.

... Let me be very blunt with you, with all of you. There is one thing that makes a team work, that is respect. I respect your ability to read people, its an asset and one that is not to be taken lightly. I respect Algich's ability to read situations. I respect Vizzvill investigative qualities and disguises.

HOWEVER, using any of your abilities on your teammates when it is not asked for is not only disrespectful, it is insulting. If you are to be on this team I have a certain expectations of all of you. I will not have you try one up each other through petty insults. I will be holding everyone on this team to a higher standard than that. The first rule of any team is always this. "I will watch your back, you will watch mine." Is that understood?

You are all on this team now, act like it.
No. 1033398 ID: e51896

You're looking a bit nervous. Everything alright? you did state that you are in no danger as Happy doesn't know where you are, considering you are hiding out in this attic. Is something wrong? You shouldn't have any problems

[inner thoughts: Right now, as it stands, if we were to deduce as to who the living person who removed his protective layer and gave him that order to kill Ana which he disobeyed, we can figure that it is someone who knows where he currently is right now, can still hurt him if he told us the truth despite being as hidden and safe as he claims he is in this attic, and was also somebody who had knowledge of who he is and what he's capable of, and is someone who had access to shutting off the cameras... hmmm...

*whispers to Maya* Maya, as of right now, are there cameras in this room observing this interrogation? I have a feeling that this painting is fearing that the person who gave him that mission to kill Ana might have access to what the security cameras is recording, and is worried that revealing the perpetrator will retaliate if he squeals who it is on the footage right now... What do you think?
No. 1033526 ID: 8b82ee
File 165347039022.jpg - (4.32MB , 3294x3848 , Divergent 176.jpg )

No. 1033537 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: The Mad Creator is right, the eyes of the tribunal are set squarely on your investigation team. Part of you hopes that by being absent from the assembly you might be sheltered from the public's eye, but that is just wishful thinking. Father wants you to meet and exceed the expectations placed on you, hence the limit of three questions. Shelve this for now, focus on the information provided to you.

*Threshold opens up his notebook and adds the following:*
-> Created the form, not the purpose - Finds Will of the World to be more of a threat than Happy - - She may be influencing the investigation - - - Focus towards progress and drama (Happy connection?)

*Threshold then flips back to the respective pages of Peregrine and Corax before hesitating.*

Inner Thoughts: Part of you pauses, can you even trust your own actions? DeRvan's claims about the 'strings' don't seem quite as far-fetched now. Perhaps this is why Triumphant acts with such hesitation, because he isn't sure of his own cognition either. No. You can't let yourself be paralyzed into inaction. For now go off the assumption that your faculties are still yours. If... other evidence comes up, then this subject can be readdressed.

*Threshold breathes, then writes a single note on each page:*
- Possibly made by Will of the World - - Potentially Compromised

*He then quickly flips the notebook shut and sets his pen to the side.*

"This 'Will of the World' does seem like a worrying entity, and a lot of their acts appear similar to Happy themselves."

Inner Thoughts: It makes you wonder if Happy is just another one of her playthings. Yet part of you still worries that Triumphant and possibly others could be compromised. Perhaps that is why DeRvan chooses to 'act his role.' If you don't stray too far away from your given purpose, there is no need to be directly controlled, and a 'good puppet' might not be as well supervised. Part of you wishes to use your last question, but you need to save it. If there was a way to evade Will of the World's control, then Triumphant would have already asked the Mad Creator.

"You say that she might already be extending into other dimensions. I'm curious, seeing as you were the 'main villain' of her performance you should know a lot of her tricks. It might even explain the uncanny similarities you have with Happy, since he is obviously the 'new villain' of this entire investigation."
No. 1033741 ID: b1d746

… *Sigh*

Algich, I admit that you are a beautiful woman, and had you asked me that very question we’re I not on the job I would have gladly accepted any sort of romantic liaisons. However, given the circumstances and who I am and what I do I would want to sully your name. I am already asking you to take a large risk by being on a team where I will be doing less savory work behind closed doors. We are currently in a den of vipers, and any one who would use you as a potential target to get to me or our team cannot be risked. A relationship right now would put us in too much danger. Once this is over however? I will gladly accept your feelings. I can only hope to the kind of man you see me as.
*leans over and gives her a kiss on the forehead*
I’m afraid that will have to suffice as payment for your suit for now.
No. 1034797 ID: e51896

Hm... Maya, Just a thought, it might be stupid, but weirder things has happened... what if while he was lying about talking to Happy's robot, what if he was telling the truth about the person talking to him not having legs? or at least literally not have legs at the time of speaking to him? He Could of had a slip of the tongue on his part there, and would explain why he could not explain what the legs looked like since there was no legs to be seen...

inner thoughts: I had some small suspicions before and am really starting to think it's him after considering other things... he does have prothetics after all... If that is the case... then *sigh*... it might be impossible since he's being taken care of... but... now I'm wondering...

Maya, can you please tell me, is Triumphant currently being monitored by the investigation team ever since he fainted? and not just by camera? I'm assuming and hoping he obviously is, but... are we absolutely sure he's being monitored for safety where he's being treated at? can we check to make sure?

inner thoughts: please tell me he is, because if he isn't...
No. 1034866 ID: 8b82ee
File 165510295745.jpg - (4.15MB , 3080x4457 , Divergent 177.jpg )

No. 1034899 ID: 5f4030

Interesting... What is your impression of Sir Dino? Why wouldn't he want you working this case beyond just "affections?" I hypothesize because it would shift your loyalty away from him. It's very possible he knows more about this case than he is letting on.

And following this line of thought, how close would you say he is to Zirzam? I found out that Zirzam knows the identity of Happy the Tragedy Phantom. What I do not understand is why he who would withhold this information from the Tribunal, especially when he is so high ranking. Moreover, is it known to others that he knows? If so and he is withholding his information, then he may be a guilty party to this.

This is our first assignment, we need to begin to chip away at Zirzam without letting him know we are on to him. If we can learn what he knows, we are a step closer to solving this case. And no matter what Algich, Zirzam and his associates cannot be trusted. One of them is a zealot and would be willing to kill for him at a moments notice. Be on your guard when around them. Your part of this mission is to use the one thing I know you excell at, charm.

I want you to watch for anyone who is suspicious within OUR team. This includes figures like Dino, or anyone who allies with us on a temporary basis. If you suspect someone's loyalty to the cause then you must be the one to help uproot it.
No. 1035109 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: hmm... Maya does have a point, Triumphant is being monitored... but... hm... Why do I get the feeling something is not right about that... like I still suspect him despite the contrary... If I truly believe Triumphant is Happy, that would mean that when he was taken to the medical center, he must have been switched with a decoy or a body double when they had the opportunity when no one was looking before arriving in the medical area...
Seems like I'll need more evidence, especially since Maya is not convinced. For now, I'll drop it, but keep that possibility in mind. There are just too many factors that keep leading me to believe it's Triumphant, even when I try not to believe it...

Thank you, Verederius the IV.

For now, we'll interrogate another suspect or witness who was around the area at the time.
No. 1035176 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Hmm. Given that comparison, there are minute differences in how both Happy and The Will of the World act. But it does lead to question of why she is apparently interfering with the investigation, if one were to believe DeRvan's claim.

"It seems like DeRvan has been quite insistent on there being a power influencing things from the shadows. Odd that he would mention it to a potential suspect."

Inner Thoughts: Unfortunately that means relevant information about The Will of the World is likely back down to one source. With two people there can at least be the option to cross-reference, but if the main source of all this information is DeRvan, then there a reasonable chance that some if not all of this speculation is utterly fictitious.

*Threshold clenches his hand and then relaxes.*

Inner Thoughts: Simmer down, it is annoying that this line of inquiry could just be a wild goose chase, but the act of conversation has drawn the Mad Creator in, and that is something you can capitalize on. If DeRvan mentioned this note to the Mad Creator then it is obvious that he wanted the conversation to be steered down this line of thinking. If you were still following it, then the next logical step would be to ask your colleagues, or about the strings DeRvan mention. As a result it would lend credence to the idea that Triumphant is compromised and the necessity of him being removed from the case. Be thankful that you caught it in time. Take a moment to regroup.

*Threshold grabs his notebook and reviews its contents.*

Inner Thoughts: You mind keeps drifting to that one nameless person of interest mentioned in your first interrogation. The woman who had stabbed out her eye with her own horn. Your first assumption would be Ana, as she always seems to be hounded by Happy, going off of the testimony of her voices. The only 'Ana' that has horns who appeared in this case was Essence, and she was Happy's ally. But if all iterations of Ana start from the same basic state, then it wouldn't be impossible if the 'current version' to also grew horns. The underlying question would be 'why.' Pivot off the thought of cause and effect.

"I can get your point on how the two methodologies differ. Happy uses tools to enact their will, while The Will of the World uses the environment. I suppose an apt comparison would be with that of a surgeon and chemist respectively. A surgeon interacts with the subject directly, fixing what is broken and removing what is harmful. A chemist adds or removes various elements from the environment, but it is ultimately the chemical reaction that is doing the work."

Inner Thoughts: And now redirect.

"But I can't help but feel that both are working to a similar if not the same goal. And unfortunately for her, Ana seems to be their subject."

Inner Thoughts: Ana has cropped up too many times for it to be a coincidence, and judging off of her apparent modus operandi, Will of the World has a habit of manufacturing such coincidences. It makes your wonder if there's any connection between her and Triumphant's sudden collapse. He was trying to steer the investigation away from Ana. Bank that question for later, the investigation takes precedence.

"Seeing as both methods are done to illicit a specific outcome within the subject, I would be curious to hear your thoughts. If Ana is 'ever-changing in every cycle' as you said, then it seems like their trying to cultivate a certain type of Ana."

Inner Thoughts: Now be pointed.

"They could be making another one with horns."
No. 1035248 ID: 5ebd7a
File 165550439207.jpg - (3.91MB , 3933x2861 , Divergent 178.jpg )

No. 1035444 ID: e51896

Yeah, thanks. Perhaps I am overdue for a meditative prayer session with the Will of the World and will help bring be back on the right destined path and gain clarity to the things I learned about in this investigation.
No. 1035532 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: He won't budge unless you push with your evidence, but that could end in disaster. Triumphant chose you rather than the other investigators to confide in, that level of trust shouldn't be thrown away for a minor victory like this. Besides, you already have a better understanding of what's going on behind the scenes, and the Mad Creator's evasiveness when it comes to Ana seems to corroborate Triumphant's explanation. Defuse.

*Threshold raises his hands appeasingly.*

"Fine, if that's what you claim then I'll leave you be."

Inner Thoughts: He has been helpful, ensure that you leave on good terms.

"I've found this interview to be quite helpful, and I'll be sure to let the powers at be know how cooperative you were with the investigation."

*Threshold puts his notebook and pen away and stands from the table.*

"I at least hope that you found our conversation a bit more interesting than the ones you've had to deal with previously."

Inner Thoughts: You have one more question, best use it now. If Ana is a no-go then perhaps you can attack from the other side of his conspiracy. Use a level of pettiness as an excuse to prod in this direction.

"Well, seeing as DeRvan has already saw fit to divulge some details, I do have one more question. Triumphant is currently in hospital due to unknown causes. I was with him during the moments of his 'attack.' Just as he started reading a note DeRvan had passed to him, he complained about the pounding sound of static in his head before entirely collapsing. To my knowledge he hasn't recovered."

*Threshold looks at the Mad Creator.*

"It wasn't an ailment that the doctors could readily fix, and whatever it was it didn't affect DeRvan nor myself. Do you have any idea what might've cause it? I imagine you know how important Triumphant is to the investigation, or what avenues might be explored if he does not recover soon."
No. 1036023 ID: 5f4030

Interesting... We'll have to keep this in mind. And no, I will wait outside the door for you.

*steps outside and pulls notepad out of coat and writes down notes based on what Algich said*

Something to remember for later.
No. 1036181 ID: 527ed9
File 165634926557.jpg - (2.73MB , 3959x2224 , Divergent 179.jpg )

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