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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 1085802 ID: 711344
File 170994463126.jpg - (2.49MB , 2295x3717 , Divergent 323.jpg )

No. 1085829 ID: 0c85be

So be it.
*shakes hand*
No. 1086065 ID: d6c370
File 171011565278.jpg - (2.91MB , 2697x3634 , Divergent 324.jpg )

No. 1086211 ID: b32384

*opens notes and thumbs open to what he has on Spirit Contaminator*

According to our file, the Spirit Contaminator is a member of the race known as Spirit Parasite. As the name implies they are a parasitic based life form, and possibly created by Happy himself to act as his workers and soldiers in his wars. They originated from a Queen, but this one is particularly special as they view Essence of Life, a deceased entity who had close association with Happy, as their maternal figure. She has tried and failed to carry on Essence’s work and due to the entities known as “Ana.” They met a devastating defeat. This being may have unique insights due to their race and experiences.

As for the last person I interrogated, Zirzam’s Apprentice, now deceased, I have examined her and cross examined what I was able to gain from her interrogation. Her death was a suicide, but only in the loosest terms. Someone wanted her to die and wanted her to suffer, it had “personal” written all over it. She was already mentally unstable and with a massive inferiority complex. What I believe happened was some kind of reaction to some kind of action she carried out. She pushed too hard on someone and they pushed her back, to her death it would seem.
No. 1086474 ID: cfb47c
File 171051389734.jpg - (3.38MB , 2337x3398 , Divergent 325.jpg )

No. 1086529 ID: ce4c2c

I serve and obey, your eminence. I was brought on to this team to fulfill a role of interrogator and investigator. If there is another who may fulfill that role and potentially better than I, I will not object. However, I will object if results are not obtained, or if the interrogator before me only proves themselves a sadistic jailer, more interested in their own sadism than results or asking the right questions.

I will also object if someone wishes to go ahead of me for the sake of clout, as if trying to prove their own superiority. If they succeed, wonderful. If they fail they only make themselves look foolish. Such a person may not be focused on obtaining truths or answers, but their own image.

Those are my only objections your lordship. If there is any among you who wishes to go first, I will step aside. However if it is asked of me, I will begin the interrogation forthwith.

Inner thoughts: Thank you for the warning. Can you maintain this link even if we are separated or must you have direct line of sight and touch to me?
No. 1086878 ID: 682182
File 171105471114.jpg - (1.40MB , 1586x2345 , Divergent 326.jpg )

No. 1086879 ID: 0e6838

Inner thoughts: How squeamish are you? My methods are brutal but effective. If you are not comfortable with it then I will go in alone.

Doe the room Spirit Contaminator is in have good ventilation and air flow? If so, please shut it off and close the ventilation.
No. 1087028 ID: be36f9
File 171127727452.jpg - (1.69MB , 1806x2386 , Divergent 327.jpg )

No. 1087034 ID: 2b8028

Thank you Ms. Algich. I need to know a few things about the room we will be interrogating the suspect in as well as the biology of them. To start with, it is my understanding that the room’s ventilation has been closed, does the room have any central heating by which the temperature in the room may be adjusted? If possible we will need to conduct this by means of a speaker and view her via one way mirror. And secondly, I understand the Spirit Contaminator is a sub-species spirit parasite, do they have the ability to sweat? How does their body react to heat?
No. 1087217 ID: 5b57a5
File 171149930459.jpg - (1.80MB , 2824x1970 , Divergent 328.jpg )

No. 1087251 ID: 37f110

You are the being known as "Spirit Contaminator." Please state if this is correct. Any other names, and or titles must be included in your answer.

You have been brought here today to answer our questions regarding your involvement and knowledge of the being known as Happy the Tragedy phantom. Every time you don't answer correctly, or answer with impudence will be a markup. And let me make it perfectly clear what that means, every markup we will increase the temperature in this room after we leave, it's your choice whether you want this to be a sauna or an oven.

Firstly, what was your overall rank, and goal working with Happy the Tragedy phantom.
No. 1087380 ID: be36f9
File 171171920682.jpg - (928.10KB , 1806x1298 , Divergent 329.jpg )

No. 1087389 ID: 667214

Perhaps I have not been clear.

*Corax sets his note book aside and gets up and walks over to Spirit Contaminator*

I will be very honest with you. I cannot hurt you in such a way that damages your suit, our superiors do not want any bio-contaminants to get out. However, if you think heat is the only thing that I know how to use, or if you think that the doctors here were cruel, let me assure you, I will be worse. Whether you respect me or not, it doesn't matter. But you will fear me.

For example, having studied your biology, I know you must often possess bodies in order to have any kind of power. Your body is relatively human, and therefore-

*Corax suddenly punches Spirit contaminator hard in the kidney*

Your kidney may now be somewhat ruptured. I know you contaminators have good healing properties so I estimate it will take at least ten minutes for your kidney to fully repair. Did you know that boxers and prize fighters can't hit their opponents there? It's considered an illegal move due to the serious vulnerability it poses. You however, can take a lot of punishment, and I can deal out a lot more. And I also believe your defiance has earned you an uptake on the temperature, keep that in mind.

*Corax walks back to the chair and sits down*

What do you suppose her suit is made of Peregrine? Latex? Rubber? It's clearly meant to insulate her, but I wonder if a high powered 1,200 volt stun gun could get through it. Hmm...

As we were, give us your full name, your rank, and your goal with Happy the Tragedy Phantom.
No. 1087545 ID: 50c51d
File 171192501972.jpg - (721.09KB , 1394x1321 , Divergent 330.jpg )

No. 1087549 ID: 2b8028

*Corax taps his notebook as if contemplating her question.*

Inner thoughts: What do you think “Peregrine?” It was in our briefing that we mustn’t break her suit, not that we couldn’t loosen her bonds. I will not make any such promises, if I am the brutal torturer, which I am, you are the voice of reason. If you could please tell her that her bonds may be loosened and accommodations MAY be made, but only if she cooperates fully with me right now. If it comes from you we may interrogate her as is, give her some hope that she might make it out of this unmaimed.
No. 1087837 ID: 2cb1ac
File 171209741501.jpg - (1.00MB , 1240x1748 , Divergent 331.jpg )

No. 1087843 ID: 9d358b

*Corax stands up and moves to untie her from her bonds, but not the straight jacket, but stops halfway.*

I'm sure you know your position, and in all honesty this is about as good as its going to get. If you try anything once your bonds are loosened, I will hurt you. And if you should try to hurt me, let me save you some time, I don't feel pain.

*Corax loosens her just enough to allow her a little bit more movement, but not much else. He eyes he carefully watching every movement she makes.*

Now, explain your mission. Was the goal of killing the Tribunal merely self-preservation? And as for Happy being your leader, explain why you call him this. How does he lead you?
No. 1088370 ID: 8e7b4c
File 171265201960.jpg - (2.23MB , 2268x3110 , Divergent 332.jpg )

No. 1088385 ID: c4116d

*Corax watches Spirit Contaminator for a minute, his fingers tapping on the arm of his chair as he stares at her. His expression isn't pity, but something closer to disgust.*

Get off the table.

*Corax waits for her to do so*

Let me see if I understand this correctly. You allowed yourself to be captured, because you have failed your team, got certain people who followed you killed, captured, or scattered to the wind. Is that correct?

Look at you. *Corax's tone is close to grief mixed with disgust*

Does that mask you wear obstruct your vision? Because let me tell you what I see, based on everything we know, and what you have told me, and what opportunity you are wasting because you are trying to be a martyr and follow your comrades into the hereafter.

You say you worked for Happy the Tragedy Phantom and he was your leader, and yet he never gave you any orders. You worked mostly independently, pulling in various members to your organization. From what I have read they were mostly beings who had lost their place in the universe and were pariahs, even amongst the people who should have welcomed them. And then you failed them. You faced an encounter you were not fully prepared for and it cost various people their lives. And now, instead of trying to do better or take vengeance, you allowed yourself to be captured, and are fully expectant of punishment for what are your perceived failures.

Allow an outside perspective to tell you what's really happening. Do you know what a soldier is? When you're in a war, the generals on both sides must consider this one question. The answer is "expendable." They must figure out how many of their own men can be subtracted for the equation of battle and still figure out how to win. That is exactly what you are to Happy. You have been subtracted from his equation. He never gave you direct orders, he didn't care what you did, he didn't care if you lived or died. His greatest asset wasn't you, it never would be you. You were a cog in a machine that decided to turn in a different direction, and when the machine doesn't work and gear is out of place, the machine breaks.

Ironically, now that you are here, now you have value. Now you are in the house of his enemy, now you can watch them, figure them out, be his eyes. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he tries to contact you through some archaic means. He may even be watching you right now.

Instead you do this; you grovel atop a perfectly fine table, and beg to be hurt for your perceived failings. The word I have decided on for you is stagnant. You aren't moving in any meaningful direction, you have been abandoned and so you seek to sit there, taking as much pain as you can before you inevitably die from the shock, or blood loss. A meaningless death for a meaningless life.

But, as it stands you have two options if you wish to move forward, you can wait for orders from Happy assuming he hasn't abandoned you and you can prove to him you are loyal to the end. Good job. But, if you still have some small sliver of pride left, some semblance of any dignity, here's what I recommend. Turn traitor to Happy, work with us to bring him down, redeem yourself; or if you prefer avenge yourself. Have the chances you never had, here you could do some good work, show Happy and existence that you aren't expendable, stagnant, that you have worth.

*Gets up from his seat*

Peregrine, let's give her an hour to think it over.

*Corax leaves with "Peregrine" without letting her get another word in.*

And now we wait. Let's see what she does.

Inner thoughts to "peregrine': Ultimately it doesn't matter whether she agrees or not. That's not the goal of this, if she accepts then wonderful. If she doesn't well that's fine, she's useless and she will rot in a cell; I won't waste my time on a dead end. What I am banking on is someone else tries to come for her. If my hypothesis is correct, Happy is listening in using whatever means he has at his disposal, including any double agents he has in this organization. If she is willing to join, she may help us identify them. Even if she doesn't know, Happy's agents will, and that makes her useful as bait.
No. 1088388 ID: 3c16a9

Let's have the Bird Empath brought in for this hour. I want to have Spirit Contaminator's emotion and mental state watched during this hour.
No. 1088467 ID: 7defee
File 171279036252.jpg - (2.01MB , 2231x2567 , Divergent 333.jpg )

No. 1088506 ID: 047965

Thank you for arriving so swiftly.

*Corax gives The Empath a polite bow*

As it stands, I have need of your talents as an empath and emotional reader. As I recall correctly, you must be able to look through the person's eyes in order to get a proper read on them, barriers to the their eyes shouldn't impede that correct?

For the next hour or so I would like you to use your talent on the current interrogatee, she is at a crucial junction where her decision may change her future. I would like her emotions, and any surface level thoughts you can see recorded. I will be here also recording the notes of what you see as well.
No. 1088507 ID: 047965

*Corax turns his attention his notebook and the one way Mirror*

Inner thoughts to "Peregrine": It appears you already know not to make eye contact with her, that is how she can read your thoughts. Interesting. We knew she had some connection to enemy groups before she joined us, but is there some connection between her and your former colleagues that you should enlighten me on? We'll discuss that later. For now, focus on the task at hand. If you need to step out while she is here, make some excuse, get tea for us, use the bathroom. Also keep an
No. 1088826 ID: 2e92e5
File 171317338383.jpg - (4.57MB , 3260x4329 , Divergent 334.jpg )

No. 1088862 ID: ede078

*Corax sighs in frustration then grabs his notes and quickly scribbles something down before entering the interrogation room*

Practical Empath, you forgot your notes. This should help you, please remember them in the future, carry them with you always; especially when you yourself identified her pet fish, Daylight. You said it was a black and white one and was even believed to be immortal.

*Written on the notepad is the following:*
You are there to ask her questions, not the other way around. Do not let her bully you into a position of weakness. You can read people like they are open books and that is invaluable. She may try to keep you out, but you are able to break those walls down. I have the utmost confidence in your capabilities. I have put a copy of Spirit Contaminators dossier on the next page for further assistance for you.

Tribunal Criminal Dossier

Subject Name: Unknown (referred to as "Spirit Contaminator")

Alias/Nickname: Contamy

Age: Approximated to be in the range of 30's to 40's, though exact age is unknown due to hybrid nature. Known to act and behave as if in late teens to early 20's

Physical Description:
- Hybrid of undead humanoid and spirit parasite race.
- Appears to be a young woman, exhibiting traits of both undead and parasitic features.
- Exact physical characteristics may vary due to hybrid nature
- Wears a protective suit and helmet to keep from being fully exposed to elements.

Role in Criminal Organization:
- Initially served as a soldier/enforcer within the organized crime gang led by Happy The Tragedy Phantom.
- Ascended to the position of crime boss/lieutenant within Happy's organization via succession after the death of crime boss/lieutenant Essence of Life

Known Associates:
1. Happy The Tragedy Phantom: Organized Crime Boss and Terrorist Leader. Current whereabouts unknown.
2. Essence of Life: Deceased.
3. Felafaf: Alternate timeline variant, believed to be in hiding in the primary Ash Cycle universe.
4. TV Head AKA Flint: Undead Construct, believed to be in hiding in the primary Ash Cycle universe.
5. Anubis: Pseudonym used by a human mage from an alternate timeline. Current whereabouts unknown, believed to be hiding in the primary Ash Cycle universe.
6. Sapling Sister: Ashtree lifeform, deceased.
7. Centipede: Arthropod monster believed to have been created by Happy The Tragedy Phantom. Critically wounded and presumed deceased.
8. Henry: Undead phantom with abnormal luck. Current whereabouts unknown, believed to be hiding in the primary Ash Cycle universe and abandoned any association with Happy or affiliates.

Criminal Activities:
- Engaged in interdimensional terrorism, utilizing knowledge of dimensional gateways and supernatural abilities to carry out attacks across various cycles of prime Ash Tree Universe
- Involved in organized crime activities including assassinations, and terrorism, destabilization of prime Ash Tree Universe.
- Utilized a combination of supernatural powers and criminal expertise to exert control and influence within Happy's organization.

Current Status:
- Currently detained under maximum security surveillance and incarceration by Dimensional Tribunal forces.
- Await sentencing for involvement in criminal activities related to interdimensional terrorism and organized crime.

Threat Level:
- Classified as high-risk due to supernatural abilities, leadership role within criminal organization, and potential for further acts of terrorism or criminal activity.

- Subject's hybrid nature and affiliation with Happy The Tragedy Phantom suggest a significant threat to dimensional stability and security.
- Further investigation into the subject's background and motivations is recommended to better understand her role within the criminal organization and potential avenues for neutralization.
- Had a black and white pet fish named Daylight, was believed to be immortal before death.
No. 1089034 ID: bdef32
File 171337195167.jpg - (2.97MB , 3391x2532 , Divergent 335.jpg )

No. 1089061 ID: b678a9

Incorrect. Please stick with the facts.

You did not have any such relationship with Essence of Life. Your relationship was more seen as maternal, you were more like a daughter and apprentice to Essence. You acted like her daughter despite your age, even keeping up the charade by reading you bedtime stories. If Happy was your father, she was the maternal figure you had filling in the role of Mother/Older Sister.
No. 1089844 ID: d37872
File 171421939596.jpg - (2.09MB , 2155x2563 , Divergent 336.jpg )

No. 1089913 ID: 047965

Inner thoughts: Now we're getting somewhere, let's start small begin building that rapport.

*Corax politely bows to Empath*
Thank you Practical Empath, I will take things from here, if you would please just watch over her with me for the time being.

*Corax waits for Empath to move out of the chair before he takes a seat*
The funny thing is with "good" and evil" is that evil is not actually the opposite of good. It's what we call another person's notion of good when it differs from ours.

You know it's rather funny, in a tragic kind of way. You and I, we are very much alike in a few certain ways. You stated that you and Essence were the way that Happy "Programmed." That the feelings you felt aren't your own, but rather only what Happy allowed you to feel. I have heard that exact argument from a deceased colleague. That each individual member of my species was "programmed" to feel, behave an act in a specific way. That our memories are false, and that our experiences that we know to be true, are just hollow.

Why do you say you were "programmed" in such a way? You wouldn't be saying that unless on some level you know it's true. How does Happy do that?
No. 1090067 ID: 0f6712
File 171455304096.jpg - (765.28KB , 2386x742 , Divergent 337.jpg )

No. 1090079 ID: 527ee6

*Corax ignores her questions*
Hmm... So it's just good old fashioned grooming and social conditioning.

I ask you this with all sincerity, have you ever had an original thought of your own? As a young... individual, did you even have to think for yourself? Question anything Happy taught you? Were you even allowed to do so?

There is a massive flaw in Happy's logic and I don't know if even you can answer this next question. Happy was the one who MADE you and conditioned you to hate the Tribunal based on how you were born. He made you as something the tribunal would have seen as dangerous and so set your expectations as such. But what kind of father specifically makes his daughter in such a way that they would be BORN to be a target? Was it just not possible for him to make you any other way?

Inner thoughts:The way she is making him seem is little more than a warlord using child soldiers.

I will answer your questions ONLY if you agree to turn evidence and join us against Happy. You can start with this, where is Happy now?
No. 1090080 ID: 292341

Inner thoughts to Peregrine: I know you probably can't answer this given your lack of memories that were removed. But do you know if Happy have the same abilities to do that? Remove whole memories from someone? Secondly, that gap in your memory, you know that your mind has been tampered with but if someone didn't know their mind and memories erased, would there by any trace of it left? Some kind of imprint based on who did it or what was was taken?
No. 1090308 ID: 7ec7db
File 171485975522.jpg - (832.99KB , 1568x1224 , Divergent 338.jpg )

No. 1090400 ID: 047965

I asked WHERE he is, not what his plans are. That you don’t know. But there is something you might know. What is the Smile of Essence? Did he make that too?
No. 1090621 ID: e4635f
File 171525308871.jpg - (2.36MB , 2678x2449 , Divergent 339.jpg )

No. 1090636 ID: 286814

*Corax writes down that Essence told the contaminator that she died originally of a drug overdose but it contradicts what is known about her dying on the ash tree*

Inner thoughts to "Peregrine": I think something else doesn't add up with what you "believe" about Essence. You "believe" she was the first Ana, are vague on the details of how she died, and yet you knew to ask about her smile.

Why would she lie to you, Contaminator? We know she died on the Ash Tree, binding herself to it. So why lie about it unless there was something she was keeping from you? Did you know that she was the first Ana?

Inner thoughts to "Peregrine": And how did you know to ask about the smile? Unless... Did she really die then in the battle with Scarred and Fortune Ana? Or did your old friends The Silent Whisperers get her? And is that how you know she was the first Ana?
No. 1090722 ID: 853fdf
File 171542158554.jpg - (2.71MB , 2776x3295 , Divergent 340.jpg )

No. 1090789 ID: 047965

*Corax blinks, then pulls out a tape recorder and hits record*

You are one of the Silent Whisperers, the one responsible for the death of DeRvan Glashrauder, could you state that again for the record?

You also claim that you are responsible for many other deaths on the lower levels of reality. I take it many of them may have been ruled as suicide or perhaps are people who acted so unlike their usual character that it led to their death?

I also take it you have acted out ploys to ensure the success of Happy the Tragedy Phantom using various methods at your disposal. Please state them clearly for the record.

Inner thoughts to “Peregine”: I need you to connect to our Empathic Bird and to Contaminator. If you have taken control of Peregrines body I need Contaminator to trap this thing in her. If this thing has worked for Happy then my assumption was correct and using her as bait worked, but now she needs to decide whether or or not she will fight against him. Get that message to her. Have the Empathic bird help you, if she can read emotions and perhaps even manipulate them, I need Contaminator to have courage and bravery.
No. 1090972 ID: ae9a5f
File 171573007001.jpg - (2.24MB , 3000x2408 , Divergent 341.jpg )

No. 1090974 ID: 693f6f

Hmm. Before I make a decision I have questions I'd like to ask you. You and your compatriots in the Silent Whisperers are targeting me and my colleagues. You have infiltrated the Dimensional Tribunal, and yet you just seem to want to stop me from finding Happy. You killed DeRvan via possession, and yet you only make me pass out and we are having this conversation in a dream, you left out how I made it back to my bed chambers meaning someone had to have found me or perhaps your traitor carried me back. Why not just kill me like you did with DeRvan? Unless you can't or something is preventing it.
No. 1091136 ID: ae9a5f
File 171596122201.jpg - (1.57MB , 3040x2208 , Divergent 342.jpg )

No. 1091138 ID: b0659f

Hmm. A poorly constructed lie interspersed with half truths, and one made up at the last minute. Everything you say just doesn't make sense an contradicts everything else.

DeRvan was a sociopath, too narcissistic to ever truly consider suicide, let alone how he did it, you did that one, you were the one who put the grenade to his head. I have no doubt you CAN influence thoughts and ideas, a poke here and there, but your traitor "Echo" is living proof that you can take possession of someone, perhaps even before they go full catatonic. For further proof of this, you are literally saying you can possess Spirit Contaminator in order for me to question you, and are even using her visage now. You also did it to me and made me fall asleep, but again that's all you did. Why not just kill me? I've thoughts of suicide more than one, especially after I got out of the army, but I didn't.

What is your incentive to actually stay in her body long enough for me to question you? If you're actually going to stay for that, show me.

I'll call your bluff.
No. 1091282 ID: ae9a5f
File 171610696411.jpg - (3.52MB , 2570x4208 , Divergent 343.jpg )

No. 1091295 ID: 047965

Ooh, that sounded like it hurt. Perhaps someone laid a little trap for you? Of course, that makes your statement that you could get away with it false. I am protected, it means that someone was ready for you, and knows about you. That also means DeRvan wasn’t protected… Hmm. Interesting. I suspect that if you really could possess anyone you would have by now, much easier to just possess people then go on a rampage. But I don’t think you knew I was protected, you assumed based on DeRvan. It could also be that there are rules you have to follow, there’s someone higher than you that has told you what to do; that explains why you haven’t just gone on a rampage yet.

So here’s what I’ve gained from this interrogation with you:

1. You are able to possess certain people who are not protected, but you also don’t know who is under that protection.

2. Your plan so far, is to dismantle the Tribunal as your goal aligns with Happy the Tragedy phantom

3. You haven’t possessed people and gone on a killing spree because you haven’t tried yet, or you have orders not to do so. You want to remain as anonymous as possible, probably so you do not become targets of either the Tribunal or Happy himself, if Happy knew, it wouldn’t work.

4. You’ve met Scarred Ana. You even operate similar to her and the other Ana voices, a voice that gives power and influences behavior, and can even possess a body given the right circumstances. Which given that the Ana voices stand against happy means they are in opposition to you, and a possible ally for us.

How very interesting.
No. 1091471 ID: 19756f
File 171628798462.jpg - (2.20MB , 2148x3348 , Divergent 344.jpg )

No. 1091487 ID: 047965

Well, look at that. I was right, you have rules you have to follow and a superior above you. Also, Miss Maggot-Face, thank you for the information about not just DeRvan but also Triumphant miss. It makes me wonder, Triumphant may not have actually been the one to order the doctor to poison me but that also might have been Memento here acting through him. If so, clever attempt.

As for the entire thing about Ana being the next Happy, of course she can. I’m sure that’s one of his long term goals. I’ll be sure to write all of that up with my report on this.

Thank you for your cooperation with this investigation.
No. 1091492 ID: 13977d

Hmm. Come to think of it, that would make sense for a contingency plan for a Happy if he can have one of the many Anas take over should something happen to him. It makes sense then why he made Essence but something tells me she was too chaotic to control fully although her smile definitely kept her under his thrall.

But you keep referencing Happy as if you know some of his plans. I think you only know part of it. Perhaps each of you do? Each of you only know a part of Happy’s plan, no one knows it in its entirety. Memento you know that a long term goal of his is to make Ana into a new version of Happy. One of you must know his name.

Hmm. Now what makes them so significant that he would want Ana to replace him? A hypothesis is that they must share some similarities or traits that make them unique.

You have given me a lot to think about. Thank you for your help and support.
No. 1091587 ID: 88c326
File 171642467377.jpg - (2.69MB , 3380x3022 , Divergent 345.jpg )

No. 1091609 ID: 13977d

The term for people like him is “nuisance.” As for your fear, don’t let them use you and you’ll be fine. What happened after I fell asleep? I was already not looked upon favorably, I can’t imagine a sudden bout of narcolepsy aided that.
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