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File 169669541223.gif - (4.11MB , 1000x800 , falling-city-title-animation.gif )
1074204 No. 1074204 ID: 0b594e

Rumors abound of the city.
They say it just appeared one day.
They say no one has ever seen its top.
They say it is a place of mystic secrets and wild pleasures.

But before we can get to that...
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No. 1074205 ID: 0b594e
File 169669546033.jpg - (275.20KB , 1000x800 , desolate camp.jpg )

In a desolate valley, a desperate tribe huddles around dim campfires. Their enemy surrounds them, waiting silently in the darkness. Once the tribe were famed for their artistry and craft across the world. Now they have been driven out, their freedom a threat to those who seek power.

The only thing that keeps them safe is the mile wide circle of runes that encircles them. If they weren't already marked for death, they would be for crossing them. But this sanctuary will soon become their grave, for there is no succor here, no life upon this dusty ground.

What species be this tribe? What craft do they practice that brought such misery upon them?
No. 1074206 ID: 462d8c

And they practiced the now forbidden craft of bone weaving
No. 1074207 ID: 1db616

It's a tribe of rat people. They practiced scavenging, but scavenging is only helpful when there's a preexisting tribe to scavenge from.
No. 1074208 ID: eb7ce4

i agree, kobolds sounds like a good idea
No. 1074209 ID: e51896


but if animals, Prairie dogs! Yahoo!
No. 1074210 ID: 59fbfe

Kobolds. They used ritual necromancy to automate their lives, but other tribes claimed this began to suck the life from their own lands.
No. 1074211 ID: 7c0da2

They are kobolds.
They practice haruspicy, divination using the entrails of dead animals.
No. 1074217 ID: 64faaa

Kobolds. But instead of yappy ADHD lizard people, they are more like scaley dwarves with scales like polished stone.

The craft that brought them to ruin is stone carving. Any stone can be carved to bring out a glimmer of power, but precious stones & crystals hold more power.

So the stories say, many kings, heroes, & villains have been made by one of the wonders this tribe produced. Some of those stories might even be true, but in reality, most of the treasures they made were far less powerful than that.

Even so, other tribes have long traded with them, or coveted their treasures, or feared the power they might hold.

Recently, a great nation in the latter category has come to the fore. Already prejudiced, this nation is incensed by the disappearance of an astonishingly large holy gemstone. Not only do they blame the tribe for its theft, they fear the tribe will deface it & turn it into a weapon against them.
No. 1074218 ID: 8f9bc4

rat pplllll
No. 1074219 ID: 435f13

Kobolds. They practice necromancy.
No. 1074222 ID: a7a180

Viking rats. They are famous for their warcraft. Every body a sculpture, every tool a weapon. But if their enemies don't get them, the cholera will.
No. 1074226 ID: f2320a


No. 1074245 ID: 6fec12

seconding this
No. 1074262 ID: e5709d

Neumono-cutebold hybrids.

Theirs is the art of Flow - their (ground) paintings are made by spreading colored sand across scattered glue while dancing. Their songs are sung while practicing martial arts. Harmless. Healthy.

But people have a tendency to worship that which is broken.

As the ages passed, it dawned on the corrupt and the ambitious that the tribe had this... tendency to sooth the minds of the masses. To get them to harbor doubts about their beliefs they would otherwise go their whole lives obediently ignoring. They did not know of the tribes' background psionics... and they did not care.
No. 1074284 ID: f3171e

Kobold Necromancers
No. 1074432 ID: 4bff6f

Laprines, here are some females for reference:

>Crafts that brought them mysery
Mysticism, tribalistic arts and crafts, crystal feng shui, forgetting to buy firearms with their profits.
No. 1074456 ID: 0b594e
File 169697858421.jpg - (151.08KB , 1000x800 , example robolds.jpg )

Robolds: The offspring of a certain dragon who got up to some shenanigans with various rodentia while shape shifting. They have always been viewed with some suspicion, but respected for their necromantic arts. Able to knit flesh and weave bone, they blur the lines between life and death. Shaping their bodies to any task, they excel at the arts and are quite capable in combat.

So what if they borrow people's guts for haruspicy? They always return them afterwards.
No. 1074457 ID: 0b594e
File 169697863242.jpg - (399.56KB , 1000x800 , around the obelisk.jpg )

The tribe's last rune scrivener has spent many a night feverishly studying the ancient obelisk that occupies the center of the circle. Runes, so old their meaning is almost forgotten, coat the weathered structure. If there is any hope for salvation, it must be hidden within these glyphs.

His apprentices hasten over at the scrivener's cry. An activation rune! But it is worn, hard to make out.
No. 1074458 ID: 0b594e
File 169697866522.jpg - (577.89KB , 1000x800 , 3 runes.jpg )

What does the Rune depict?

A: Wyrm
B: Wurm
C: Worm
No. 1074459 ID: a7a180

No. 1074460 ID: c65741

It's gotta be a Wurm
No. 1074462 ID: 47713f

Option B.
No. 1074465 ID: 0fbdcd

They walk without rhythm, and disturb the Worm.
No. 1074466 ID: f3171e

No. 1074468 ID: 5a7a53

Clearly the Wurm
No. 1074472 ID: 462d8c

B.) For the WURM
No. 1074495 ID: 273c18

No. 1074513 ID: afbb81

Glory to the WURM
No. 1074515 ID: e5709d

No. 1074521 ID: f2320a

No. 1074529 ID: 0bf2fd

Option D. Wehrm. Some sort of ancient serpentine stalwart defender. You have a feeling they pronounce w like v and j like y.
No. 1074585 ID: 0b594e
File 169715422568.jpg - (197.60KB , 1000x800 , tall obelisk.jpg )

Rune identified, now it only need be touched to activate the structure. But, um... this obelisk wasn't built with a bold's stature in mind, the rune is out of reach.
No. 1074586 ID: 0fbdcd

Go Go Gadget Kobold Pyramid!
No. 1074587 ID: 7e6fd4

Time for the corpse scaffolding! Or the Behemoth amalgamation.
No. 1074588 ID: 462d8c

Time to be three kobolds in a trenchcoat, minus the trenchcoat
No. 1074589 ID: 273c18

We could just use a ladder...
No. 1074591 ID: dc4bad

throw rock?
No. 1074593 ID: f3171e

Go Go Gadget Kobold Pyramid!
No. 1074596 ID: 0bf2fd

Wtf is a ladder!?

Stand on each other's heads!
No. 1074597 ID: a7a180

Find the scrawniest bold and the strongest bold and have one throw the other at the rune.
No. 1074598 ID: e5709d

You're necromancers.
Lift yourselves off the ground by conjuring a tower of bones.
No. 1074606 ID: 47713f

Animate an amalgam of bodies as a flesh golem and use that to elevate the relevant robolds.
No. 1074607 ID: 8f9bc4

Welp you're doomed. Nice knowing you!
No. 1074638 ID: afbb81

Stacking kobolds on top of each other is a plan that cannot go awry!
No. 1074667 ID: 4370c0

btw, what is with the glowing penis?
No. 1075004 ID: 0b594e
File 169769515593.jpg - (343.26KB , 1000x800 , bold stack.jpg )

> Necromancy
This dead land is so long dead that not even bones remain. Also necromancy is a little involved, why go to all that trouble when we can...
> Robold stack
The master impatiently instructs his apprentices to lift him up. Perched atop them, he slaps his hand to the ancient rune.
No. 1075005 ID: 0b594e
File 169769519567.gif - (3.12MB , 1000x800 , portal-activation-animation.gif )

No. 1075006 ID: 0b594e
File 169769524859.jpg - (269.43KB , 1000x800 , wurm appears.jpg )

This seems like a good time to pick a protagonist.
No. 1075007 ID: 0b594e
File 169769532443.jpg - (188.39KB , 1000x800 , character select.jpg )

Which of these fine bolds tickles your fancy?

The Rune Scrivener: Donvan, a male rattebold apprenticed to the master rune scrivener. Scriveners approach to magic involves a laborious meditative process of carving runes. Though slow, it allows for long lasting effects, up to millennia at high skill levels. This apprentice has middling skill with matters of flesh and earth, and exemplary skill with matters of the stars and magic theory.

The Flesh Shaper: Martah, a male mouzbold apprenticed to a master flesh shaper. Flesh shapers take a more direct approach than scriveners, exerting their will directly upon organic matter both living and dead. Limited only by their willpower, scientific understanding, and imagination. This shaper has middling skill with inanimate organic matter, and masterful skill with living tissue.

The Hunter: Murdoc, a female rattebold of the hunter profession. Hunters are the protectors of the Robold tribe, scouting for supplies in times of peace, stalking their enemies in times of war. This hunter has middling skill in melee combat and plantcraft, and exemplary skill in archery and wilderness survival.

The Enigma: Nobody know what this thing is or where she came from. She has tried to be helpful around camp, but hasn't shown any particular skills so far.
No. 1075008 ID: 462d8c

Be the Enigma
No. 1075009 ID: aac1f3

Be Martah!
Let's craft some abominations!!
No. 1075010 ID: 273c18

make us whole
No. 1075011 ID: e5709d

No. 1075018 ID: 2c5c63

The enigma.
No. 1075020 ID: 0fbdcd

No. 1075021 ID: 708905


I have found memories of cutebolds from old tg
No. 1075022 ID: f7f1b0

...to make it a tie again. :P
No. 1075023 ID: afbb81

I want Martah
No. 1075024 ID: cf16ed

My heart is telling me Enigma, but I'm gonna have to go with Martah.
No. 1075025 ID: 59fbfe

...Martha, with their bumbling sidekick, Enigma?
No. 1075041 ID: f3171e

Why did you say that name?

Also seconded, Martah
No. 1075081 ID: 0bf2fd

No. 1075087 ID: 0b594e
File 169776461606.jpg - (288.00KB , 1000x800 , everyone loves martah.jpg )

You have chosen the lovely Martah. We find him in the medical tent, tidying up after helping reattach Murdoc's arm.

Robolds are well accustomed to speaking with the spirits of the dead. Although they never reveal any details about the afterlife it has been scientifically confirmed that they are the actual souls of the ancestors. Do you have any questions for Martah before the action kicks off?
No. 1075088 ID: 3ea497

How do you scientifically prove where a spirit comes from?

Also, how do reatach body parts? Full details, please. We need some of that here.
No. 1075089 ID: aac1f3

Seeing as you are proficient at shaping flesh, would you consider yourself a FLESH BENDER?
No. 1075102 ID: 53b46b

A biomancer then. Hmm you need more arms, can never have too many arms and/or tentacles
No. 1075106 ID: f3171e

If the remains of two individuals are combined, do their spirits share control?
No. 1075111 ID: 273c18

How good are you at attaching parts to bodies they didn't originally belong to? Or merging two whole creatures together?
No. 1075122 ID: e5709d

Are you a Solo or will you bring Enigma as your sidekick?
No. 1075125 ID: 47713f

Is decomposition a significant issue with regards to employing your talents for medical purposes? Do limbs have to be stored in a special manner in order to still be useful for mending an amputation after a delay, for instance?
No. 1075134 ID: 0bf2fd

We need Enigma
No. 1075241 ID: 0b594e
File 169794183888.jpg - (389.78KB , 1000x800 , medical tent 1.jpg )

Martah: (Dammit, who organized these?)
No. 1075242 ID: 0b594e
File 169794194260.jpg - (395.46KB , 1000x800 , medical tent 2.jpg )

> Everyone talking at once.

Martah: (Ahhh!)
No. 1075244 ID: 0b594e
File 169794226763.gif - (464.40KB , 1000x800 , martah-gabbing.gif )

Martah: (Whoa there's a lot of you guys today, huh? Usually you don't get a concentration of spirits like this unless... well I'm sure its nothing. It doesn't sound like you're from this world even? That's really rare!)

> How does flesh shaping work?
Martah: (Right so, magic at its most basic is like a conversation between you and the universe. You have to convince reality itself that what your trying to do will be better in some way than the current state. So most magic techniques are in service to a successful argument. The better you understand how the world works the better you are at convincing the universe, so scientific research is a must. Um, what else? Oh, willpower, you need a strong will to effect change! I... I don't do so well at that.)

Martah: (So flesh shaping! We Rabolds inherited an instinctual understanding of how bodies work from our progenitor dragon. It's hard to put into words, we just sort of feel how an organic body is supposed to move and function. So we find it easy to convince the verse to change our forms. Oh, I say convince, but it's still hotly debated on whether the universe has an actual consciousness. Magic takes place on a higher plane than words, so its hard to describe in detail.)

Martah: (Huh, was there a little earthquake just now? Eh, seems to have passed.)

> What's with the spirits?
Martah: (Spirits, um, the soul resides in the brain. Think of it as sort of being shaped by the brain, but still separate, like water in a very squiggly tube. When the body dies, the spirit lingers for a while, typically a few days. A flesh shaper can revive the body in that time, and the spirit will carry on as if nothing happened. Otherwise the spirit will go... somewhere. No spirit ever speaks of it. We can call out to the spirit realm though, and if any are interested we can get them to hang out or occupy an empty body. But it was recently proven that they are the actual souls of real people! I don't really get all the details, but there was an experiment with runes of truth, and well, Donvan was very excited about it. He could tell you all about that magic theory stuff, I only really know flesh things. Yeah, everyone was talking about that discovery right before...)

> Get extra limbs
Martah: (So! Extra limbs! Yeah I've tried that, but I can't quite wrap my brain around moving more than four limbs at a time. Having a shaped body can get really tiring, once you get used to the change its okay, but the bigger the alteration the more your body and brain need to work to keep up. It's why we try to keep shaping as a slow process, take on the change in increments for easier adaptation. But as long as a shaper understands how the changed body will work, there is almost no limit to what can be done. You just need the will to convince the verse that wings or night vision would be way cooler than a boring old normal body. At least that's how I do it. Oh, and I wouldn't call it "bending", more like flowing, like clay? I don't know what I would compare it to, pushing with your mind maybe? Like earlier, I was helping to reattach my friend Murdoc's arm. Master did most of the work, but we just kind of visualize the flesh growing into each other, the veins and nerves linking up, then just hold that image in your mind until realty catches up. Sorry, I've never had to explain all this to someone starting at such a low level of knowledge. I'm not sure how to describe it right.)

> Enigma
Martah: (Enigma? Oh, are you talking about that odd little bold? At least, I think she's a bold, I've never heard of any species like her. She showed up here just after we did and just kind of, hangs around camp. She's tried to help us shapers here a few times, but she doesn't seem to know much about, anything really, so she wasn't able to do much. Enigma, you know I don't think she ever said what her name is. Huh. Do you think she's important? I haven't seen her today, but I'll keep an eye out.)

Martah: (Its nice being able to talk to someone like this, I don't usually get...)
No. 1075245 ID: 0b594e
File 169794231938.jpg - (406.38KB , 1000x800 , medical tent 4.jpg )

Murdoc: "MARTAH!!"
Martah: "Glk-Ahhhh!"
Murdoc: "Martah we need you out here NOW!"
No. 1075263 ID: 273c18

>limbs take time to acclimatize
Hmm, that does make it difficult to create a horrible melded monstrosity with any usefulness in battle, and implies that multiple heads on a thing wouldn't work at all because at least one of them would have no idea how to use the new body. Unless they were multiple full bodies fused to eachother? And unless you had some way of reliably controlling a wild animal you couldn't make such a thing out of animal subjects without a high risk of rampaging out of control... oh well.

Let's go see what they want. Probably has something to do with the Wyrm they just summoned.
No. 1075264 ID: 273c18

wurm, rather.
No. 1075273 ID: 407ea6

>Usually you don't get a concentration of spirits like this unless... well I'm sure its nothing.
Hahaha! It probably isn't. What's the usual conditions?

Did you just bleed out your face mask? Uh, good luck with that.
No. 1075278 ID: 462d8c

Check what the hunter wants
No. 1075295 ID: f3171e

Maybe he bit his tongue. I'm sure it's nothing he can't patch up.

Heads up, your friends may have summoned an ancient dragon. Its friendliness is yet to be determined.
No. 1075402 ID: b5e793

Hope that liquid wasn’t anything important or especially reactive.
No. 1075633 ID: 0b594e
File 169829159865.jpg - (378.73KB , 1000x800 , murdoc pushes martah.jpg )

> Are you bleeding?
Martah: (Its... nothing, don't worry about it.)

> Gatherings of spirits
Martah: (Spirits often show up when something big is going to happen... oh fuck.)

> She's probably talking about the giant wurm
Martah: "The WHAT!?"

The white mouzbold stumbles out of the tent and gapes at the sight of the quarter-mile wide wurm bearing down on them. Screams ring out around the sleepy camp as others notice the looming leviathan. Murdoc runs up and grabs the stunned shaper's shoulders and pushes him towards the center of camp.

Murdoc: "Martah, listen. The scriveners activated something and now the master is knocked out. I don't know where the other shapers are, we need you to revive him, or I don't know what we'll do about that thing." She carefully keeps her gaze locked downwards, avoiding the toothy visage above.
No. 1075634 ID: 0b594e
File 169829173264.jpg - (482.57KB , 1000x800 , bold in a box.jpg )

As she shoves Martah through the crowded tents and crates, a pulse washes through them from above. The two stagger, feeling a presence in their minds, seeming like speech but impossible to make out.

A crate nearby rattles and bursts open, revealing the strange gray bold.
Odd Bold: "What what what?! 'emergency exodus'? What does that mean?" The little bold leans out of the crate, looking around wildly. She spots the pair and waves to get their attention. "Mister Martah, can you hear that? There's some kind of..."

She glances up and blanches at the sight of the wurm-filled sky. The diminutive bold lets out a little scream as she slides back into the box.
Odd Bold: "aaaaaaaaaa"

Murdoc: "Come on! There's no time!" The hunter pulls at the shapers hand, looking towards the glowing spire in the center of camp.
No. 1075635 ID: 273c18

Enigma can understand the wurm! Grab that bold, she is important. "Emergency exodus" might mean we're supposed to move somewhere else? We need more information, more translation. Ask her what the voice is saying.
No. 1075636 ID: 0fbdcd

Can we use flesh magic to wake the Master up? Slap his brain a little?
No. 1075640 ID: f3171e

Maybe induce an adrenal response?
No. 1075699 ID: 8f9bc4

In fact, emergency exodus is a cabbalistic reference from the ancient order of Ygnots that is colloquial for RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!
No. 1075902 ID: 0b594e
File 169863359632.gif - (401.08KB , 1000x800 , from-camp-to-obelisk.gif )

Martah rushes over to the crate, and looks down at the little bold who has curled up into a ball. He motions over the hunter, who gently but quickly scoops her up. The two resume their rush to the stricken master.

Martah: *gra-hack* "You can hear the wurm? This is important, what exactly did it say?"
She shudders and manages to answer.
Odd Bold: "I, uh, it didn't make any sense! Something about 'error, vessel compromised' and 'prepare for emergency exodus, stay within portal boundaries'.
Murdoc: "That sounds like the nonsense Donvan's always going on about."

The three arrive at the obelisk, which is now leaning over and sparking. Donvan is pacing and muttering to himself, the other apprentice is slumped on the ground clutching her head. The master scrivener is lying on the ground, his skinny chest gently rising with shallow breaths. Martah approaches him and examines his brain with a shaper's sight.
Martah: (Okay, he's getting enough oxygen. It looks like he's suffered a shock of some kind. I haven't much experience on brains, so any advice would be appreciated, spirits.)
No. 1075903 ID: fb8a42

Make loud noises and bang on metallic objects, that'll sort 'em!
No. 1075905 ID: 273c18

"Stay within portal boundaries" means everyone needs to get close to the wurm!

>what to do about passed-out bold
Slap him awake. Not too hard.
No. 1075906 ID: 708905

Brain's intact? Little jolt to the ol adrenal glands should get em movin again so long as the tickers also good
No. 1075929 ID: 8f9bc4

Nothing will awaken him but true love's kiss
No. 1076735 ID: de5cb4
File 169940234230.gif - (202.83KB , 1000x800 , reviving-the-master.gif )

> True love's kiss> True love's kiss
Martah: (I... can't.)

> Adrenal jolt
Martah: (Easy enough.)
He concentrates on the scrivener's adrenal glands, willing them to flood the bloodstream. The master begins to stir.

> Slap him
> Loud noise

Martah: (You know what? Yeah I'm gonna do that.)
The shaper gently helps the master sit up, then he slaps his hands to either side of the old bold's head and starts shaking him. "*Gra-ack* Fix your problems old man!" he screams in the master's face.

Meanwhile Murdoc and Donvan are bickering in the background.
Donvan: "It is not my fault this time, I was relegated to... a support role."
Murdoc's response is interrupted as another pulse comes from above.
Donvan: "Ach, if I could only make out that damn voice! I'm sure it's talking about that portal."
Odd Bold: "It said 'Preparing link to nearest designated safe world. Error, no safe worlds found, preparing link to closest match. One minute to portal activation.' She looks up at the two, "That's a good thing, right?"
No. 1076736 ID: 273c18

It means we have one minute to gather folks towards the pillar, whoever wants to be transported to an unknown world along with their giant wurm friend.
No. 1076737 ID: 8f9bc4


Is your world unsafe? If so, everyone grab what you can and gather around the obelisk! If not, book it away from the obelisk, before you get portalled somewhere even less safe! Why is a giant wyrm activating portals?! What 'vessel' is that thing talking about?? Vessel like pottery, or vessel like a ship? You're not anywhere near the ocean! Oh, if only you hadn't broken that pot last week!
No. 1076740 ID: f3171e

Gather the bolds, and boldly go where no bold has gone before.
No. 1076741 ID: c21ceb

Alright, time for some major improvements to this living situation! Rather, lack thereof.
No. 1077395 ID: de5cb4
File 170011288554.jpg - (359.87KB , 1000x800 , one minute reactions.jpg )

Donvan starts pacing again and muttering about ancient secrets. He stops and throws up his hands in frustration.
Donvan: "A minute?! And where will the portal be? This? This is what the ancient's magic is like?!"

Murdoc takes a few steps toward the camp then stops, slamming a fist into her thigh in frustration.
Murdoc: "We need to get everyone here, but there's no time. You!" she points at the little bold, who jumps, startled. "Tell that thing to wait!"

Enigma: "Yes ma'am, right away! But, um, how?"

Martah drops the dazed scrivener onto the dusty ground and staggers to his feet. He stares up at the descending wurm, feeling the first flicker of hope in a long time.
Martah: (We're... getting out?)

Another pulse fizzles through them, and even before Enigma translates they know what it means...
No. 1077396 ID: de5cb4
File 170011291238.jpg - (404.06KB , 1000x800 , explosion.jpg )

"Portal Activating"
No. 1077397 ID: de5cb4
File 170011297636.gif - (759.73KB , 1000x800 , beneath-their-feet.gif )

No. 1077398 ID: de5cb4
File 170011301598.jpg - (595.01KB , 1000x800 , a new world.jpg )

So now Martah and everyone he knows find themselves high above a mountain valley. The panorama is magnificent, but the angle and speed it's viewed from keep them from really appreciating it.

What should Martah be doing in a situation like this?
No. 1077399 ID: a7a180

Stop falling, duh.
No. 1077403 ID: 8f9bc4

Fall in a cool way
No. 1077411 ID: 273c18

Flap your wings.
No. 1077412 ID: 3c2dff

Yeah, stop falling. That's a good idea.
No. 1077418 ID: eb0a9c

Order the Wyrm to slow your descent.
No. 1077428 ID: 462d8c

Flap arms really hard

Maybe grab onto the pillar?
No. 1077442 ID: f3171e

Emergency fleshwarp yourself some bat wings to glide?
No. 1077459 ID: 708905

Forget anything as complex as wings just try and spread skin out in a crude parachute, we're under a serious time limit here
No. 1077466 ID: 8f9bc4


No. 1077476 ID: 0fbdcd

Cloak parachute?
No. 1077743 ID: c8ca0c


But also, uh, try to talk to the wyrm? Tell Enigma to talk to the wyrm? Aim for a giant pile of hay?
No. 1077771 ID: de5cb4
File 170059773462.jpg - (311.29KB , 1000x800 , rat to bat.jpg )

> Wings
> Hey! Hey, stop falling.
Martah: (AAAAA, right, yes, wings, right, OK, I can do this.)

> Skelecopter
Martah: (Oh, like with a WAIT THERES NO TIME!)

Martah lets the wind whip off his tabard as he concentrates. Skin stretches between his arms and torso, forming a pair of crude wings. Balancing on the rushing air currents he manages to hold roughly in place.

Looking around, Martah takes stock of the situation. A mile wide portal has dumped the entire camp into the sky, maybe five miles up? The wurm is close behind, about a 100 yards up. Martah's group, as well as the shattered remains of the obelisk, are some hundred yards or so apart from the rest of the camp, directly in the path of the wurm.

> Order the Wurm to slow your descent
Martah: (Right.) He glances up at the immense face. (How are we doing this?)
No. 1077778 ID: 0fbdcd

You need to flap towards Martah and collect Enigma for translation, then flap towards the Wurm, then get Enigma to yell for help in Wurm, all before you hit the ground in roughly a minute.

If you think that'd take too long just flap towards the Wurm and flail in distress.
No. 1077785 ID: 273c18

Would "Oh god please help they're all going to die" suffice?
No. 1077790 ID: f3171e

Yes, we'll need Enigma to translate a request.
No. 1077881 ID: f2320a

No. 1078093 ID: de5cb4
File 170105521149.jpg - (207.52KB , 1000x800 , catching enigma.jpg )

Martah swoops over to Enigma, who is falling backwards staring up in a daze. He tries to grab her arm but accidentally crashes into her, sending them into a tumble. Martah manages to get back into a steady position with Enigma clinging awkwardly to his furry chest.

Martah: *Hack* "Are you alright?" He has to shout to be heard over the air rushing past them. "We need to communicate with that thing!"

Enigma: "I-I, Mister Martah I don't know how!" She shivers against him. "I really want to help but I just can't!"

Martah: "That's Okay! Just hold on and I'll take a look at your brain real quick!"

Enigma: "Wha- ?"
No. 1078094 ID: de5cb4
File 170105526394.jpg - (955.68KB , 1000x800 , brain scan.jpg )

Martah: (Alright lets take a look.)

Enigma: (What the heck? This feels really weird!)

Martah: (Yeah, sorry, we just don't have much time. I'm just going to try and observe what happens when you next hear the wurm. Luckily it looks like your brain is very similar to ours so I should be able to... Wait there's, did you know you have some metal spikes in your head?)

Enigma: (Oh, um, yes. I was in an... accident.)

Martah: (Uuuuh, well okay, moving on. Sorry if I start rambling, I'm trying not to think about, you know, what might happen in a few minutes. Oh and there are a bunch of spirits hanging around so don't worry if you hear some other voices. Now, do you think-)


Martah: (Ah! There, around those metal bits! I don't know what they are, but your brain lit up when the wurm spoke just now. Okay concentrate and I'll try to direct your thoughts back through the device.)

What should Enigma say?
No. 1078097 ID: 8f9bc4




No. 1078099 ID: 273c18

Seems fine.
No. 1078100 ID: eb0a9c

Units cannot take fall damage! Directive 1 currently violated!
Emergency Override: "F***ING PARACHUTES, NOW!"
No. 1078103 ID: 3c2dff

All of the above, plus “ow, there are spikes in my brain.”
No. 1078167 ID: f3171e

Seems appropriate.
No. 1078256 ID: de5cb4
File 170123587181.jpg - (155.55KB , 1000x800 , a visual representation of telepathic communicatio.jpg )

Enigma: (Whoa, voices! So you're spirits, huh? Well don't worry, I've got this! This guy talks like one of those robots from back home, lets try this:)

Enigma: (Unsafe velocity detected, request correction!)


A wave of visual distortion washes out from the wurm. The titan and the cloud of debris begin to slow their fall.

Enigma: (That's great! Now can you get us down to the ground?)


Enigma: (Well that sounds promising. You're doing a great job, uh, what's your name big guy?)

Who am I?)
No. 1078257 ID: 3c2dff

No. 1078258 ID: a7a180

Null`); DROP TABLE Entities;--
No. 1078259 ID: 273c18


What happens when the portal stabilizes? Does it close? Well, we can get down to the ground by turning the dampeners off and on repeatedly. Or... lowering their power output?
No. 1078260 ID: 8f9bc4

He probably is a robot! In fact he probably is a flying ship! That's what a vessel is, right? He's so cool!
No. 1078289 ID: f3171e

Jormun seems to be a suitable name.
No. 1078745 ID: de5cb4
File 170182819675.jpg - (274.92KB , 1000x800 , sad backstory.jpg )

Enigma: (You're an... Error?)

Wurm: (I do not know. I remember... stars. Traveling between stars and carrying people within myself.)

Enigma: (So are you some kind of machine?)

Wurm: (yes, but... I did not used to think like this. I was asleep for a very long time, somewhere cold and dark. Longer than a vessel is supposed to be in storage. I think many of my systems have degraded. I think... I'm not supposed to be thinking at all. A lot of data is missing, even my name.)

Enigma: (Where I came from there were machine workers, and they would get in a lot of trouble for thinking. But I think you're safe here, these rat guys don't have any machines that I've seen.)

(And its okay if you don't have a name, I don't have one either.)

Wurm: (Hmm, I think I would like a name though.)

Enigma: (Well how about... Jormun? It's the name of a shipping crate company. Maybe it's silly, but finding one of their boxes in an alley, it always made me feel safe knowing I would have somewhere sturdy to sleep for the night.)

Wurm: (Jormun... yes, it sounds right. I am Jormun!) The wurm lets out a joyful keen that rattles Enigma's bones.

Enigma: (G-glad you like it, big guy! Um, about that 'portal stabilization'?)

Jormun: (Ah, yes it should be powered up. Brace yourselves!)
No. 1078746 ID: de5cb4
File 170182825241.jpg - (308.50KB , 1000x800 , split jaw.jpg )

No. 1078747 ID: de5cb4
File 170182832002.jpg - (337.95KB , 1000x800 , portal stabilized.jpg )


A beam of brilliant emerald energy shoots from Jormun's maw, roiling the air in front of them and sending bolds tumbling away. Martah holds Enigma close as they dizzyingly spin. On the ground below the energy wave resolves into a second portal. Martah has a brief, disorienting view through it of the wurm from behind, before he blacks out.

He comes around to find himself in a small tent, oddly feeling as though he is still falling.

Jormun: (Oh good, you're finally awake.)
No. 1078751 ID: 0fbdcd

We were trying to cross the border, eh.

Step outside. Did the whole village get placed in an infinite loop between two portals so nothing ever hits the ground?
No. 1078753 ID: f3171e

Well, that was a ride. Might be time to get something to eat.
No. 1078775 ID: 273c18

What's going on?
No. 1078777 ID: 8f9bc4

Check your own brain for any unexpected spikes of metal.

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