"Please suggest an action."

Q: What is questden? #

A: Questden is a place for people to make interactive stories, called quests. The site used to be named tgchan, after the /tg/ board that hosted many of the original quests like Ruby Quest. It's also a place to discuss quests hosted here and elsewhere, and for people to post their own general art.

Q: What are the style tags and how can I use them? #

A: These tags are currently supported on the boards -

[b][/b] - makes the text appear Bold
[i][/i] - makes the text appear italic
[u][/u] - underlines the text
[s][/s] - strikes the text through
[spoiler][/spoiler] - hides the text until you hover over it with a mouse pointer or highlight it
[code][/code] - changes the font to monospace (Courier)
[aa][/aa] - changes the font to Mona/MS PGothic
[small][/small] - makes the font size small
[color=#xxxxxx][/color] - changes the color of the text. "xxxxxx" stands for the hex color-code. Alternatively the name of the color is also acceptable (e.g. [color=#666666] or [color=pink])
:icon: - displays a small icon in the post that priorly has to be uploaded in the proper board. The icons are referenced without their respective file-extensions (e.g. if the icon you uploaded is called "ponies.jpg" you include it via :ponies:)

Q: Is there a dice function? If so how can I use it? #

A: The dice function can be used on the /tg/ and /quest/ boards. The syntax for it is:

dice XdY
dice XdY Z
dice XdY+Z
dice XdY-Z

where X is the number of times to roll the dice, Y are the number of sides on each die, and Z is the modifer to add to or subtract from the sum of the rolled dice. The desired expression should be put into the email field.

Example expressions:

"dice 1d4" - will roll 1 4-sided dice
"dice 3d6+1" - will roll 3 6-sided dice and add 1 to the result
"dice 2d6-5" - will roll 2 6-sided dice and subtract 5 from the result

Q: What is an ID? #

A: To make sure suggestions made by the same person aren't repeated or the vote isn't rigged, /quest/ and /questdis/ employ the ID system. The ID is a hash of the IP. Don't worry, though; you can't decompile an IP from an ID.

Q: What filetypes can be posted here? #

A: For still images, you can use .gif, .jpg, or .png. For animation, you can use .gif or .swf (or .png if you are a mad man). For sound, you can use .swf or .mp3.

Q: What is the PASSWORD field? How can I delete posts? #

A: The password field is to provide a post with a password in case you want to delete it. Usually, the posts are provided with a default, randomly-generated password, so you can delete the posts you've made until you close the browser session ( Close it completely, clearing all cache ). If you want to, you can provide your own password, which you can later use to delete older posts.

To delete a post, enter the password in the password field at the bottom of the page, tick the boxes next to the posts you want to delete, and hit the Delete button next to the field. You don't need to enter a password if you want to delete posts posted within the same session.

WARNING: Once you end a browser session, the posting password WILL change, and you may find yourself unable to delete your older posts. If you're in this situation, you can contact a mod or report the post (see below) and explain the issue, and they'll take care of it.

Q: How can I report a disturbance? #

A: To report a disturbance on the board, use the report function. This is done by ticking the box next to the rule-breaking post, then hitting the Report button located on the bottom of the page. Please use the "Reason" field to provide additional information on why you think the post is breaking the rules.

Q: Why was I banned? #

A: There should be a ban message telling you why you were banned. If there is not, check the Rules [ ] and see if you may have broken any of them.

Q: Is there a place people gather to talk about stuff? #

A: Yes! There's a discord server: here

You can also join the IRC at, channel #tgchan, but this channel is increasingly defunct.

Q: Where is the questden radio, and how do I play it? #

A: The link to the questden Radio is: You can play the file using either VLC Media Player or WinAmp, both available for free off of a google search.

Q: What is a TGMUD and how can I play it? #

A: TGMUD is just like any other MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), but made mostly of areas modelled from quest settings. The MUD runs on a modified CoffeeMUD engine. In order to play it, you can either use telnet or one of more popular MUD clients - ZMUD, GMUD, etc.

Q: What is bump? #

A: Each time there is a non-sage post made to a thread, the thread is 'bumped' - it will appear as the first on the board. Bumping very old posts is frowned upon and can result in a temporary ban of the user that abuses it.

Q: What is sage? How can I use it? #

A: Sage (read: Sa-gay) is japanese for "to lower" and is used to make a post to a thread without bumping it. Including the word "sage" in the email field triggers this function.

Q: What is age? How can I use it? #

A: Age (read: a-gay) is japanese for "to raise". It's an old functio,n no longer supported on the boards. It was originally used to counter sage posts, since 5 sage posts prevented a thread from being bumped again. Right now, since that function of sage is turned off, it's irrevelant, but may still be mentioned, mostly as appreciation or praise of a topic.

Q: What is noko? #

A: Noko is another function of the board made to ease browsing. Inserting 'noko' in the e-mail field will prevent the browser from taking you back to the board's main page and instead will just refresh the thread that you posted in. Noko is enabled by default on the quest boards, so there's no need to use it there.

Q: What is a Quest? #

A: A Quest is a type of roleplaying game done over the internet. One person runs the quest, creating the world and its inhabitants, as well as a protagonist. Everyone else tells this protagonist what to do, and then the one running the Quest lets their actions play out. For an example of how a quest should work, see:

Q: How do I set up my own Quest? #

A: It's very similar to setting up your own campaign for D&D or some other roleplaying system. Think up a plotline and an interesting main character, and start drawing. Don't be discouraged if you don't get many suggestions at first - most quests require a little time before they get a decent sized following.

Q: The suggestions are tied! What should I do? #

A: Don't feel like you have to pick the most popular suggestion every time - pick whichever suggestion fits the character best. If different suggestions are tied for number of times suggested, don't wait until someone breaks the tie. Just pick one and go, before your quest slows to a halt.

Q: How many posts should I have in my quest thread before making a new thread? #

A: So as to prevent cluttering the archives, it's suggested that you have at LEAST 200 posts in the thread before you archive it. There is no limit to how long you can make a thread, but larger ones eventually start to have trouble loading.

Q: How do I archive my quest thread? #

A: The most desired way is to use the report function for the reporting a completed thread. Just put the reason "COMPLETED QUEST" in the "Reason" field to make sure we'll understand the request. The most direct way is asking a moderator to do it. The moderators are clearly marked in the discord.

Q: Where did my quest go? It's not on /quest/ anymore! #

A: Assuming it wasn't deleted for breaking the rules, your quest is in one of two places. If a thread is or appears finished, it's in the archive. If you haven't updated in a couple of months, it is most likely in the graveyard. Report your thread asking for it to be revived, or ask a mod or admin in the discord and it will be moved back to /quest/ so you can update it.

Q: Can I edit posts to remove a typo or replace an image? #

A: Questden doesn't support post editing currently, so your safest bet is to simply delete the post and try again. If you're in a situation where this isn't possible (people have suggested, for instance), you can report the post and explain what you'd like fixed. If you want an image replaced, please provide a link to the new image. For faster service, try the discord.