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File 157539634170.png - (686.42KB , 1280x1024 , Front.png )
950800 No. 950800 ID: 482fee hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Okay, no idea what happened but updating the thread last night and it just died. Now it's gone. Gonna try again where I left off.

Same thing as before, Discussion and wiki below. Okay let's try this again where we left off.

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No. 976589 ID: 7779bc

Nothing stopping us from raiding it in the meantime to speed things up. Let's see...

We could create a huge swarm of gulpa and arm them with firebombs. The risk is that Gulpa are a blunt instrument, the line between doing nothing and accidently killing everyone is fine and unpredictable.

We could do a sapping raid, but it's the oldest truck in the book. Our sappers will likely be repelled or worse. Our kobold tunnel fighters would excel at it, but those are expensive units to risk.

We could have siege weapons built, but with our be industry halved and tied up in construction we'd need to commission them from one of our trade partners. I imagine Ozuva could do it what with those abundance of wood.
No. 976619 ID: 8bf581

Well, we have the $$$. The bigger issue is the effect the siege will have. Local stability will be hit, which will make >>976109 worse. Especially if we move the 1st from patrol to the siege. A revolt while the troops are heavily committed to the siege would be a mess.
Perhaps some food/goods imported to the area would help alleviate the issue?
Also, there's that requested third group of troops. Would meatshields mercs be a possibility, or would it be simpler to raise a 3rd?

What else...
Would our spies be able to bribe the people there? This'd be way easier if we pay off the gate guards.

This'll all hit the treasury, but it's worth it if it keeps worse issues at bay while the siege is dealt with.
No. 976622 ID: 547ed9

Maybe consult Ssoolaku and see if there's a policy he can drum up to keep things at hoke in order while the siege is underway
No. 976631 ID: c6ec63

How much would it cost to buy slaves?
No. 976645 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah. Soolaku. Hell we should have a straight up meeting with him. Spitball options at him while he vomits costs back at us.

File 159761914416.png - (45.28KB , 500x1000 , OP.png )
974578 No. 974578 ID: f56a2b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

It's time,
To get down to business!
The time's now,
to make our big score!

If you won't shovel dung,
if you hate miner's lung,
if you're not too far of sight,
if you're not scared of the night;
with us you'll be alright,
so join us in the fight!

Tonight we'll all cash in,
and go

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No. 976534 ID: f56a2b
File 160030970870.png - (487.57KB , 960x540 , 29.png )

There have been no rumors about any wizardry in the area. As far as the party knew, the only action in this slice of the country for a while is clearing out these bandits, and you've heard nothing of a tower that goes into the sky.

Jonas wonders why the captive didn't mention the impossibly high tower.

Jonas: "Listen. What did I fuckin' say. About bullshitting us. Why didn't you mention this." As he speaks, his voice gets harder, and his nostrils flare.

First Captive: "I-I-I didn't think you'd believe me... Y-you touch me and I'll scream! They'll know you're here!"

Second Captive: "What in Gods' names are you talking about, you nutter?"

Jonas: "The fucking TOW--" He quickly catches himself and begins again, "the fucking tower! Look at it! Are you fucking kidding me?!"

Second Captive: "Yeah, it's a tower... we told you the camp was near some ruins. Why are you freaking the fuck out? We haven't done anything!"

Jonas: "Eudes, tell me: am I just going fucking nuts here? Look at it!"

Eudes stares straight ahead, past Jonas

Eudes: "Jonas, what am I looking at?"

Jonas: "See it's-"

Eudes: "A tower. One that's crumbling to pieces, at that. What has gotten into you old boy?"
No. 976535 ID: b1b4f3

...what? Is it based on proximity? Get Eudes to stand closer, like where you are. Tell him that to you, the tower isn't ruined at all. It's stretching into the sky so far you can't see the top.
No. 976562 ID: f56a2b
File 160036500417.png - (402.33KB , 960x540 , 30.png )

Jonas takes a swig from his flask and lets out a sigh.

Jonas: "Just come a little closer."

Eudes shifts forward a bit, and then gets even closer; closer than Jonas is to the camp.

Jonas: "Well?"

Eudes: "I don't see it, but... I believe you when you say you see it, my friend. It's baffling. To me, it just looks like it's about yay high," he indicates a height of what might only be between three or four storeys off the ground, "and near the top especially it's crumbling and falling to pieces."

Jonas: "Yeah, no. It's literally completely untouched save for some vines, and it's so goddamn fucking tall I can't see the top. It vanishes into the sky."

Eudes: "My man, we would have seen that from the road if that were the case..."

Jonas: "I know, but I'm seeing it now. Something is wrong with you."

First Captive: "I s-see it too. It's just like you said, it's so tall I can't see the top of it..."
No. 976569 ID: c36238

Well, to figure it out, the camp must be rid of those thugs. So, job's the same.
Most of the tactics stated by >>976401 still apply.
No. 976632 ID: f56a2b
File 160046869890.png - (398.86KB , 960x540 , 31.png )

Eudes: "Let's agree to disagree."

Jonas: "No. You--"

Eudes: "We have a camp full of thugs to be rid of. Who knows what is going on here? Believe in me, Jonas, we will have a much better time of it when we get to the base of that tower. Lets--"


The second captive freezes, his attempt discovered. You have but a moment to choose how Jonas and Eudes will react.

File 158938565975.png - (104.97KB , 856x389 , JQCover.png )
966467 No. 966467 ID: ed041d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Everyone out in the galaxy is in it for themselves, to make it anywhere you gotta make it big, and in this case, bounty work seems like it'd be worth the time.

With everything else from diplomacy, to warfare, to politics, having your own brand of freedom out in the Galaxy is a hell of a thing.
276 posts and 66 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976546 ID: 4f51b2

Time to know Fifi a little more, let’s go shopping.
No. 976558 ID: 193418

Lets keep it professional for the time being.
No. 976595 ID: ed041d
File 160043041022.png - (119.21KB , 762x770 , JQC2P23.png )

Fifi and Sivon enter the Shopping district and find an area with a few options.

:Smile:: Oh hey a Bionics shop, I think that's Olympus Arms, they do great work!

:Fifismile:: Oh hey East Armaments, if you want a quality gun go there!

It seems there are options, as well as the food court.

:Smile:: Apex update us when Jax's fighter is approaching.

:Apexsmile:: That I can do.

Where shall Sivon and Fifi go first?
No. 976598 ID: df76b1

I think we need to take a peek in the gun store... then maybe some lunch if there's time.
No. 976599 ID: 9aaeef

Gun shop

File 159943361193.png - (454.02KB , 900x700 , 00.png )
975777 No. 975777 ID: a8ec2e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This is a reboot of the original Eth Quest. No prior knowledge is required, and this will likely be a lot better. Enjoy!

First thread
44 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976334 ID: 8fab7a

'tis true, the best landing is to swing the body back into the bed. It follows the natural curvature - and gravity - and provides a soft landing to an abrupt move.

But pulling by the hair, methinks, is unnecessary. Shove or yank by the shoulder with your free right arm.

Then deliver a hot cuppa to the assailant who dared.
No. 976430 ID: 651ae0

You don't have to move her much. Just enough. Shove with all your might as fast as you can.
No. 976432 ID: a4fca1

Well it’s a crossbow bolt, so even if you could move fast enough to catch it you wouldn’t be able to stop it, too much power, c it would fly right through your grasp. Honestly, I doubt anything can be done given how fast it is, but try to get your hand in the way of the bolt, your flesh and bone might be enough to slow it down.
No. 976443 ID: a0dfd2


My dude, crossbows were made for stopping power. They often had less range than a bow, but could penetrate armor with ease due to the absurd force with which they were fired (to say nothing of the draw of a crossbow). Their lethality was not from the head lacerating flesh upon entry and removal, as with a traditional arrow, but from the sheer damage they could wreak on impact and the depth to which they could puncture a body.

A hand would be lucky to not be pierced through completely. Eth would be even luckier to have use of it afterward.
No. 976586 ID: 28ed98

A crossbow has a less energetic projectile than a proper warbow, at least one that isn't made out of modern materials. A crossbow's sometimes extreme draw-weight is counteracted by its much shorter draw-length. While a warbow will have its relatively piddly 200 lbs of draw-weight accelerating a heavy arrow upwards of two feet, a 1000 lbs draw-weight crossbow will have around and probably a little over half a foot to accelerate its shorter projectile. Even if the relationship between energy imparted and the draw-length was linear, it'd still be a quarter as efficient of imparting its draw-weight into the projectile.
For that matter, a powerful bow can punch through most things up to well-made metal armour.
But that's irrelevant. The fletching is for a bow; crossbows have two fletches as it would otherwise get ruined by getting forced against the body of the crossbow, rendering the arrow completely inaccurate. It's likely a small bow, to be more easily carried up to the window and loosed.
Kick the princess out of the way; it's the fastest motion, and doesn't put her at-the-moment only protector in danger. Yell "Assassin". Use the momentum from kicking the princess aside to launch yourself towards the window, grabbing whatever's nearby to use as a weapon. An actual weapon would be preferable.

File 160022239990.jpg - (99.02KB , 800x800 , B0.jpg )
976475 No. 976475 ID: 470289 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976484 ID: ce39da

17 bucks should be plenty enough to order a sub/hoagie/cheesesteak. If it has to be a “normal-shaped” sandwich, I’m sure somewhere delivers that, even if it has to be a sit-down place’s fare by way of Grubhub or some other 3rd-party delivery.

Also, there’s a Ruby behind you, I think. Do you know a Ruby?
No. 976510 ID: 2b3343

Do you have any other food? Or is getting a sandwich a necessity?
No. 976542 ID: 470289
File 160031758812.jpg - (139.21KB , 800x800 , B3.jpg )

>Do you have a COMP?
Yeah but the internet is down. Kev has been arguing with the company about hooking us back up properly for weeks. And also for 5 years, he says, but I try to tune him out when he starts on the weird time shit.

>Also, there’s a Ruby behind you, I think. Do you know a Ruby?
She's one of my roommates. Ever since she died she floats around as a head a lot.

>I’m sure somewhere delivers that, even if it has to be a sit-down place’s fare by way of Grubhub or some other 3rd-party delivery.
The last time I tried Grubhub they delivered grubs. It wasn't even clever, which honestly bothers me more.

>Do you have any other food? Or is getting a sandwich a necessity?
I mean there's some spaghetti in the fridge I made like a week ago. But I've had spaghetti all week.

Kev pops his head out his door while I'm procrastinating. "Yo, I heard you were going out. Get me a, uhhhhhh, pizza or something." He lisps. I'd ask how he heard about something I was just thinking, but I won't like the answer.

"I would enjoy some soba, human child." Ruby whispers behind me. She doesn't even need to eat anymore.
No. 976555 ID: ce39da

"I'm after sandwiches, sorry. Kev; chicken parm, meatball parm, or pizza-cheesesteak? Ruby, are you fine with yakisoba bread? Wait, I just remembered I'm a little strapped for cash - if I grab something for all of us, it's a budget of $5.50 per person. Are you guys sure you want to eat something that costs $5.50? That's like Taco Baco value-box-level shit." Either they get off your ass or you start with more money.

So are there no other delivery options? If not, dang; guess we have no choice but to head out. Pack your money and your heat.
No. 976556 ID: 094652

If you get a pizza you can wrap it around to make a pizza sandwich.

File 153588375181.png - (30.86KB , 500x500 , Opening.png )
900061 No. 900061 ID: f7b510 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

The sun burns high in the sky. Cracking the land with it's blistering heat. The way is vast and unchanging. Seemingly never ending in almost all directions.

Why would you be here? What drives someone to a place like this? Madness? Insanity? Who are you?
507 posts and 147 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976439 ID: 764f9e
File 160017979064.png - (668.16KB , 1800x1200 , Wasteland_144.png )

You go for a walk across the village. Mind filled with thoughts of that nuclear vehicle, and it's mysterious core... The packed salty earth soft against your feet, padding through the well-trod village streets. You see many people returning from the brine pool with their vessels full of the salty water. It seems like the ritual had been successful, as the boardwalk above the village seems to be lit by electric lights in celebration.

You near the large steamship. The Mississippi Queen. There are several armed guards keeping out riffraff, but they look you up and down, and allow you through with little hassle. You climb the creaky wooden stairs to it’s deck. There you can clearly hear the turning of the massive engines within. That must be what is providing power for the few electrics and machines you have spotted in several places around judging by the multitude of wires exiting the ship.

When you enter in through the heavy door, the room is bathed in the soft glow of ‘lectrics, and oil lamps. The warmth of steam and the various heat sources help make this place part sweat lounge, by the feel of things. The tavern itself isn’t as busy as you expected. Likely everyone is still counting their gains from tonight’s ceremony. Wires are fed through cracks or holes in the various decks, and there are still some figures around the bar.

A drunken possum, obviously a seacultist by the smell of brine and the fishhook piercings,

Some mercenary-looking wastelander types, a frustratingly tall rabbit server-girl who dresses like the nomads from before, and a few simply dressed tribals who look to be of different groups. They speak amongst themselves at a table in the corner.

You note there doesn’t seem to be a barman present right now, but there is a ladder that is leaned against the smokestack of the ship that leads to the decks below and above.

Finally, the Skald seems to be playing a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 976444 ID: ba56e6

Servers hear a lot of things, and the view is nice. Find a table and see if you can chat her up until Skald is finished.
No. 976499 ID: 4286b4

Talk to the bunny and order some food.
No. 976500 ID: e7c7d3

No. 976549 ID: 2be85e

Perhaps offer to buy kitten a drink. There help was appreciated.

File 151072558105.png - (417.60KB , 940x1327 , 1t9o46gdi9WXsk.png )
845168 No. 845168 ID: 481e9a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

A grand-ish adventure driven by reader suggestions. Updates on Mondays.

Important Information
This is an interactive comic that is being hosted on multiple websites. As such, suggestions from multiple sources will be considered. I (Weblure) will be handling the TGchan side. This means that I will be relaying suggestions to and posting updates for the author (Carpetwurm). As an interactive comic, all dialogue will occur within the images. Message text will be used only for informational purposes. Switch Act is also currently being hosted on these other websites: https://tapas.io/series/Switch-Act https://switch-act.tumblr.com/ http://switch-act.smackjeeves.com/comics/2528471

Please withhold suggestions until it's been stated that all current pages have been posted.
72 posts and 29 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976043 ID: da3a42

Whomever sent you that letter must have known about Mykel's ability, or at least knew about the seeds and their powers. Judging by Ashe's reaction, this information isn't common knowledge, even amongst her own people. Ask her talking boob if anyone else might know about the seeds or her ability.
No. 976518 ID: f41fd4
File 160030015568.png - (1.15MB , 940x1332 , 29.png )

are the screentones used annoying to anyone? i'm thinking about just doing solid greys instead but idk
No. 976519 ID: e7c7d3

Seems like a good deal for Ashe.

Carth, complete quest to consume seed

The halftones are fine with me. Whatever works though.
No. 976524 ID: b1b4f3

Eat that plant embryo.
No. 976537 ID: 1b5634

Hm. Her offer is to give a trespasser as well as a dumbass (both of which are zero real loss to her) some freaky bio items that do weird stuff to the body, without some idea of the side effects. Stuff that gives you powers that would be best saved for her loyal elites.
Seems suspicious legit.


File 159072300025.jpg - (181.15KB , 800x592 , cop1.jpg )
968318 No. 968318 ID: 7ae189 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Your name is BAN. You're a cop.

It's another shitty day in your shitty office. Three new cases have reached your desk. You've only got two detectives to throw jobs at, so it looks like you'll have to pick one to tackle yourself...

351 posts and 98 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976233 ID: 094652

Quick snapshots of everything with writing on it. Search around for secret containers and anything related to keywords you've seen up until now.
No. 976237 ID: ce39da

> Two cups.
He met with someone here, recent enough that it wasn't cleaned up. Take fingerprints if you can. Do both of the cups smell like booze? If so, that narrows it down to two kinds of people - the uncle, or an old friend (likely an army buddy). Also, that meeting must have either been something he wasn't looking forward to or something he plum didn't plan, if he went there with a buzz.

> Pottery.
Another thing linking him to demons - we're starting to leave 'friendly' territory and approach 'fascination.' 'Obsession,' if even more stuff turns up - dude's whole life may as well revolve around our kind at that point.

> Trashcan and fireplace.
Check both for things the late Mayor might have disposed of in a hurry. Just take photos of all the paper that's in the open; sort that out later.
No. 976272 ID: 5b93d3

Bookshelf on the right looks like it's been dragged away from the wall. Check behind, and note if the bookcase is heavy enough to have been moved by a normal human.
No. 976509 ID: dfbc4b

Looking over the papers first is probably the best use of our limited time.
No. 976516 ID: 81b3c1

Oh, and ask Devin for a quick rundown on what he knows about the pottery while you search, just be sure to sushi him if necessary.

File 160013026243.jpg - (1.70MB , 1536x2048 , C2F059AC-BE71-45DE-859F-7FB5C795B05F.jpg )
976403 No. 976403 ID: 4c74a1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What’s been keeping you down lately?
11 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976423 ID: 4c74a1
File 160014637171.jpg - (141.29KB , 480x640 , 1E85C292-DFB5-4333-854A-E6A6EF5D5A4D.jpg )

Yeah, we can turn the moon into a giant, floating orb of electricity and wiring. In a way, it’s giving the orbiting rock an electrical heart. A heart that will be destroyed upon completion. Perfect.
No. 976425 ID: 4c74a1
File 160014879836.jpg - (750.89KB , 960x1280 , 922F6998-2419-410B-89AA-4995D40890E2.jpg )

Before that though, I need to change. With how I’m living now, I’m a mess. I can’t do this with who I am or with how I see the world. I need to be someone else, someone who’s better then I am. I need a name, a face, a new appearance or just some way to distance myself. Give me a chance to be someone else.
No. 976427 ID: 2bd15b

Ok your name from now on will be Someone Else in order to truly become a different person
No. 976428 ID: 2bd15b

As for your old face, it is beautiful just the way it is right now so don't change it. Learn to love your self.
No. 976452 ID: 094652

In all honesty, I'm worried about the people within five miles of you.

But go ahead and wear a wig.

File 156945897334.png - (242.63KB , 800x780 , HURON000.png )
945796 No. 945796 ID: 11f77a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Clothing Damage Sci-Fi RPG.
NSFW with nudity, potential sexual content, and violence against fabric.
281 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976400 ID: 4f51b2

Veisar is the Engineer, he can fix it just don't panic is a simple door, you can help your companions. We just have to distract that worker.
No. 976431 ID: 4286b4

Uhh, sounds like there's some door that we need to open? But isn't it open already? I'm confused.
No. 976436 ID: 9aaeef

It’s stuck, you can see in the picture is not all the way down, sparkles are coming out due to the friction.
No. 976450 ID: 6aa114

It's stuck but, it's low enough that we could just jump over, or walk over by making hardlight stairs. So, I dunno what else we're supposed to accomplish here. Knock out the rest of the engineers so that they don't alert anyone?
No. 976451 ID: e7c7d3

Set blasters to stun and prepare for a fight

File 156538652314.jpg - (1.87MB , 4563x1496 , Utopia 0.jpg )
941963 No. 941963 ID: 07c9c1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

8 people being forced to live in an underground facility, completely cut off from any outside communication. As the days keep going stranger things start appearing in the facility.
255 posts and 73 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 972571 ID: 2bd15b
File 159501968354.jpg - (4.70MB , 3460x2785 , Flesh offerings 30.jpg )

No. 972934 ID: e51896

I do not think Pink let us return with the others
No. 974855 ID: 2bd15b
File 159804363174.jpg - (2.60MB , 3508x3710 , Utopia 72.jpg )

No. 976331 ID: e7debe

Hey, What if red Millie just remembers things by herself and not tell Blue Millie what she remembers?

Hey, do you remember if there were bandages of some sort on parts of our face from when Pink stomped on us?

Anyway, i think we searched the room to see if we had our whiteboard and markers with us somewhere in the room, and if the garbage we collected from outside was in our room as well. Also, took a peek inside the present.
No. 976393 ID: 2bd15b
File 160012713054.jpg - (4.16MB , 3151x3091 , Utopia 73.jpg )

File 159969408181.png - (155.68KB , 800x600 , fp-title.png )
975952 No. 975952 ID: 5de9b9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Documenting the strange.
28 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976380 ID: 1ed92d

A warning shot should suffice. You can always just kill it if it feels antagonized.

Also, in spite of being a strange, artificial world refusing to abide by physical law, this place seems fairly rooted in 'cause' and 'effect', for the most part. At least it follows temporal principles of logic!

....If we make it out of this, we need to remind the higher beings that it's difficult to ingest nutrition in the form of shrapnel.
No. 976384 ID: b1b4f3

This creature is making a noise with increasing volume and displaying a threat while moving closer slowly. I interpret that as it's territorial, but doesn't see you as prey. Running away might work but you'd leave the shelter unattended. Similarly, hiding in the shelter will waste time and risks it being damaged by this creature, though that is unlikely.
Yell at it to stay back and fire a warning shot. That should make things clear to it.
No. 976385 ID: b1b4f3

...oh god, there's another possibility. Courtship display.
No. 976387 ID: 7dbf0e

Hm. More humanoid. Leaking and sparking. Obvious danger signs, but we already know we can presume little here. Still, this reeks of hostility.

Take a cue from the last encounter. Draw a line, then retreat, still facing the thing. If this is intelligent it might react to an attempt at communicating, however primitive. And if it crosses the line, ignoring it completely, you know it’s not concerned with such trappings.

This could be a threat display, as well, trying to chase you away, off its turf. You’ll know if it attempts to close the distance, or if it lingers in the periphery.

If it does close the distance, do not hesitate to try to cut a line in front of it for, stronger emphasis, or cut it itself if it ignores even that.
No. 976389 ID: 36784c

Ha! It'll be funny if that thing really is trying to court Glass-Fold-Nine-Circles! XD

File 158627702365.png - (156.91KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
961071 No. 961071 ID: 1301e8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

[Very NSFW]
CASE 3 & 4:
The Riddle of Prometheus and the Theft from the Gods.
The Exodus of the five Muses of Creation.

Wiki and previous threads: https://tgchan.org/wiki/New_Horizons
Discussion thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/112260.html

“First several of the Prototypes disappears, then five of our most valuable researchers quit on the spot and now you’re telling me you’ve lost a room sized fabrication station!? Those things didn’t just sprout legs on their own and walked away, damn it! Find whoever took them and get them back, NOW, or we will have an even worse PR nightmare than we already have with these annoying protester.”
Sol Corp Suit.
529 posts and 106 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 976258 ID: 6c227a

Nah, this is perfect. Just tell Leon to keep it warm with the bird while you do your thing to the snake. Just some casual edging, it'll be fine.
No. 976308 ID: 516ef3

>No, they are not. It’s everyone else that’s weird! Hivers needs like four dads to make an egg and Humans doesn’t even lay eggs but pop them out alive! Then there’s the Uredo who are freaking plants and you don’t even want to think about the Cibics and how they are technically two different species!
What the fuck is a human?
No. 976314 ID: f8fa51

I don't believe we've ever seen a human on this station (in contrast to Will We Dream?), are they just uncommon in this part of space?
No. 976323 ID: 516ef3

Pretty sure humans were replaced by varks in this quest so Kaktus didn’t have to draw them.
No. 976332 ID: a9af05

Make sure you're really fast like you were when you met her earlier, since that's the way she likes it. Leave a few eggs in her, make a mark on the board next to her, then move on.

File 159720550968.jpg - (469.85KB , 1200x1200 , Title Page s.jpg )
974331 No. 974331 ID: 55b47c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Lazy Fairy & the Lucky Panties

You partied through Fairy College and now no self-respecting adventurer will take you. Fortunately, you have an ace up your skirt.
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No. 976214 ID: 55b47c
File 159998177247.png - (321.79KB , 855x1000 , Page 13.png )

"Well, I feel like those panties are bad news! If you really want to go on adventures with me, I say you get rid of them right now! Go on, drop those unlucky panties and prove you aren't in on some grand conspiracy with the Dervish!"

Well. She miiiiiiight have something of a point.

Should you ditch the panties?
No. 976215 ID: b5fb67

Keep panties, investigate cute fox.
No. 976216 ID: 094652

"I'm too hammered to be in any conspiracy theory! Just tie the panties around that dolled-up fox and let's go."
>Wait, why does that fox have a bow?
"Where there are magical sentients, there is trolling."
No. 976230 ID: 735fa3

No way, those panties are proof of some ribald conquest you can't remember, you can't just give that up.
No. 976253 ID: c5d2fe

"You sure? These things are stupid powerful. Like whoa. Whoever used to own these is gonna want them back real bad, and they're gonna owe us big for finding them. And anyone who owes a fairy has to pay up, too! It's like...a law. I think. Pretty sure.

We could probably get like, a DOZEN margaritas for this. Or a really good bottle of booze.

File 155868339560.gif - (1.32MB , 560x354 , first.gif )
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Congratulations young lady, and welcome to the Cherub Safety scouts. A thrilling summer ripe with science, fun, and most importantly safety awaits you here in Cerebrum City.
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No. 976032 ID: 4b5651

No. 976036 ID: 6e6f32

No. 976063 ID: bcda15

No. 976083 ID: 0fae41

Koilonychia. Zaps? we already have equipment for that!
No. 976131 ID: 5cb1b2

We don't have the agility to make good use of flight (unless it gave us a big boost to it) being a tank shocking things that contact us seems rather good. EHS

File 158984216935.png - (661.04KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
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It's humid today, and the river's flow toward the sea feels more sluggish than usual.

Your name is Olvir. You're a mirelop. And today, after 20 years, you're finally going to leave your tiny swamp town.

You're going to learn magic.
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No. 976120 ID: 0e149a
File 159989878908.png - (348.04KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

"Good! See, he's fine," Dove cheerily dismisses the issue. "Now, Olvir. Rook'na was telling me that this is the first day of your pilgrimage. Where you headed?"

You wait for a good few seconds, glancing around at everyone to make sure you're not going to get interrupted. Once you're absolutely sure, you finally reply, "I'm going to Sevand. I want to see what's hidden there."

"Sevand? That one trade town that never lets anyone in?" Dove probes, and you nod. "Why there, of all places?"

"They let some people in," Glib corrects her, conspicuously shifting their viola case out of your reach. "Just not us."

"Barely anyone else, either."

"I want to learn magic!" you pipe up before anyone can talk over you.

A sudden silence falls over the rowdy group before you've finished speaking. Even Glib is looking at you, which is starting to make you a little nervous.

"You do come from a mirelop village?" Rook'na questions you. Confused, you nod your confirmation. "They didn't teach you magic there?"
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No. 976121 ID: 0e149a
File 159989880652.png - (232.54KB , 800x800 , 49.png )

You're awestruck by your good luck, and it takes you a while to figure out how to even respond. The others, strangely, don't talk all over each other like they were just moments ago. They're quiet, though they all seem to be having a conversation with their eyes that you're not privy to and frankly don't really care to be.

"Could you... tell them about me?" you hesitantly ask, looking at Dove, who you now assume to be the leader of the group. "I think I would be a really good candidate."

Dove is silent for a minute, her face thoughtful before she speaks. "Tell you what," she begins. "I'll strike you a deal. You're on your pilgrimage, right? Gonna go exploring the whole Stormcoast, if my Rook'na is correct?"

"I am, dear," Rook'na says sweetly. You listen raptly as Dove proceeds.

"How about this: if you can find four lops in your travels that are suitable for the Archmages, you can be the fifth. That's a guarantee. If you take this offer and go with the other four candidates to Cemerit, you will become an Archmage. The only conditions are that it has to be done by wintertime, and you can't let the Archmages know that we're not involved. We've got more interesting things to do than a recruitment drive."

She doesn't break her gaze, staring you down as she grins. "So, are you in?"
No. 976125 ID: f8fa51

Some people say "don't look a gift horse in the mouth", but this is important: Why do they want trainees who don't know any magic?

Are you sure this isn't some practical joke? It's not likely, seeing as they would have had to come up with it between themselves on the spot (they didn't know about your desire until just now), but neither is getting to be an archmage.
No. 976126 ID: b1b4f3

Specific traits? Hold on, find out what those traits are. Even if you *did* agree and find the four lops, the Archmages could always bar you from entry, and these lops could have spent some of their free time finding a fifth. Or they're lying and only need four! Then again, you could retaliate by spilling the beans about them offloading work onto you. Maybe I'm being paranoid.
It just seems too good to be true. How difficult is this mission? Do an estimate in your head about how long exploring the region would take-- can you easily finish your tour by wintertime? Also, how are you supposed to deliver the candidates to them, and won't the candidates also need to keep this arrangement secret? Have they made this deal with anyone else, which would mean you've got competition? Aren't they putting themselves at risk here as well, by giving this job to you? What if you fail, what will they do then? Ask for more time?

...too good to be true... like a stroke of luck? Is this what your lucky charm does? I guess you should accept if that's the case. Lastly it occurs to me that you don't actually lose anything by accepting and carrying out this mission. It's a little extra work, but you're traveling anyway and by searching for candidates you'll be meeting interesting people and learning things. If you fail, then all you're missing out on is the chance to be an Archmage. Unless these lops decide on a penalty for you.
No. 976127 ID: 8fab7a

Well... yeah? Duh? It sorta sounds like the offer of a lifetime!

And even if it doesn't pan out it sounds like it'd be an adventure.

Uh. Will things be okay for them if it doesn't pan out?

File 158564253965.png - (464.24KB , 1558x1064 , 1-1.png )
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An imp pulls himself out bed and stands in the middle of his room. He can hear the fading thumping of rain drops on his window. Having just woken up in the middle of the night he had sat under his covers trying to return to sleep to no avail. It is 1:15 AM and there’s no chance he’ll be going back to bed now. Through the grog clouding his mind he struggles to think of what to do next, or to even remember what his name is.

What is this imp’s name?
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No. 976080 ID: 8fb3ba
File 159987288756.gif - (3.86MB , 1490x2130 , Delivery.gif )

You watch as the mechanical couriers send of the packages to your friends, as they fly off you can feel the slightest drizzle fall from the sky.

It's a perfect time to stay inside and play a game.

No. 976082 ID: 63e97e

Heck yeah!
No. 976084 ID: b1b4f3

You have a stalker.
No. 976085 ID: 2aa5f0

I'm sure it's fine

Your apartment building is freaking huge man. Ah well, now let's see what this game is all about!
No. 976108 ID: 36784c

Something is following you!

Let’s play the game!

File 159564759789.png - (313.05KB , 1106x622 , 000.png )
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this quest is (obviously) nsfw. it contains clothing damage, sex, and ogres.

the mysterious Sexy Dungeon has stood undefeated for eons, tempting adventurers with bottomless stores of earthly wealth and the seductive allure of carnal pleasures, but never has a lucky soul managed to reach the bottom level of the labyrinth. all challengers to the earthen tunnels of lust have been struck low and surrendered themselves to the advances of the dungeon sentries.

one such group of intrepid explorers enters the dungeon now, in search of treasure, glory in battle, or perhaps something more... intimate in nature...
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No. 975891 ID: d32d73
File 159961466367.png - (388.92KB , 1247x985 , 025.png )

Rhea grabs Harpe by the waist and pulls her along as she goes to inspect the portcullis. it appears to be made of a thick cast iron. she reasons that forcing it open would be unreasonably difficult and time consuming. she doesnt see a mechanism to unlatch the gate, either. it must be elsewhere. on the other end of the portcullis is a short hallway and a small wooden door. is this an alternate path? or maybe a treasure room! her Gnollish greed allows her mind to wander. she hopes to find some strong booze, or something shiny and golden to bring back to her clan.

"I'll keep an eye on the bridge." Aisha says, hefting her long machete and marching over to the wooden suspension bridge, "I've not gone so cloudy yet. I'll keep the beasties back."

"oh. be careful!" Vashti urges as they trot along with her.

Aisha and Vashti study the area. Vashti, a seasoned explorer, recognizes the skull totems. they are made of foam plastic, actually. they poke the totem a couple times with their saparra, and it wobbles pathetically.

Aisha peers across the chasm. she can see shining from the pit. it must be a pool of some kind. water, she hopes. on the other side of the bridge a summoning circle seems to be smudged and a set of ashen footprints lead away, disappearing at the other end of the bridge.

"oi, Knightess Gnoll!" Aisha calls back, "any idea what made these marks?"

Rhea, an expert in Daemonology, nods smugly, "looks like Daemons took up roost."

"Daemons?" Harpe gasps, "what vile anathema! what can we do?"
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No. 975892 ID: f56a2b

Deface that pentagram on the near side of the bridge, then examine the bridge for sabotage. If nothing is wrong with it, then form up and start crossing the bridge, one at a time. Vashti, the most agile, first. Then Aisha, to form a strong beachhead duo. Harpe third, and lastly Rhea.
No. 975893 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah mess up the markings in case they're magical, then cross.
No. 975905 ID: 4286b4

Proceed over the bridge.
No. 976062 ID: 19da02

this seems the smart

File 159823560928.png - (1.04MB , 6000x6000 , 1.png )
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Welcome to Magic Elevator Quest!

You are on a Quest to explore the Dungeon of the Magic Elevator! An Ancient Artifact of unknown origin, and unknown potential.

But First we need to identify ourselves.

1. Race (Human, Kobold, Elf)
2. Profession (Sorceress, Witch, Priestess)
3. Element (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth)
4. Temperament (Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic)
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No. 975986 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971407866.png - (344.90KB , 1200x1200 , 19.png )

Combining your 15ft of Rope with the Knot Tying skills you learn in the Wizarding Academy, you make a Very Nice Lasso.

Unfortunately, the lessons where more about visualizing the flow of magics than it was about knots and their uses. It takes several attempts to Catch the Thing, but eventually you manages to pull him in.

You have about Average Strength, so you can drag him with ease, but hauling him out of the sewers may prove difficult.

No. 975987 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971413554.png - (344.99KB , 1200x1200 , 20.png )

As you're dragging the Thing along, you notice the Drunk you saved earlier.

Coral: "HEY!" "Could I get some help over here?"

The Drunk turn and looks at you in fear,
He slowly nods and shuffles over.
You can tell he is cured of what ails him, but the pain of Forced Healing has left him sore.

Drunk: "Th-thanks for saving me, but please don't cast another spell on me.."

Coral: "I'm sure that can be arranged," "if you help me get this guy out of here."

The Drunk nods and pick up the Things Feet.

No. 975988 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971418469.png - (259.09KB , 1200x1200 , 21.png )


You find your way to the Guards Station, and are greeted by a very tired guard.


Coral: "Me," "And this guy."

Tired Guard: "This AINT A BATHHOUSE! Why don't you go jump in the lake??"

Coral: "I know this 'aint' a bathhouse, I'd like to turn in a bounty."

Tired Guard: "A bounty? I was not informed of such a smelly bounty, Where was he, IN THE SEWERS?"

Coral: "Yes,"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 975989 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971424741.png - (225.65KB , 1200x1200 , 22.png )

The next morning,

Some guards arrive and give you the reward.
[+45 Gold]

Later in the day, the Owner of the Agreeable Inn takes you aside to thank you for taking care of Slim Stinkman, and promises to always have a room available for you.
[You are not reimbursed the 1 Gold you've already payed]

You go Apply for an Adventurer's Warrant, and are swiftly accepted, on account of your contact with the Head Priestess, and the great service you've done for the Fort in capturing Slim Stinkman.
[-35 Gold, Get Adventurer's Warrant]
[This Warrant allows you to Legally Explore and Profit from delving into the local Ruins. There is a small Tax placed on your earnings, but that's the price you pay for staying on the right side of the law.]

Later that Night,
Your Otherworldly Patron expands your Magical Abilities.
You feel yourself grow a bit more accustomed to life as and adventurer.
[Character Growth will be discussed at beginning of Chapter 2]

Chapter 1 Complete!

No. 976061 ID: 19da02

Nice! We did it~

File 159154521236.png - (26.58KB , 600x400 , C0FAD95A-9FD3-4337-B9B2-6BF6EF4B0629.png )
969126 No. 969126 ID: e7703b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


The guild test was simple, as all I did was provide answers from examples in the books reviewed yesterday. It was late morning when the result was released to me.

The guild lady, Cynthia, attaches a small tag to my id bracelet, it flashing brown before fading out.

“And with this, you’re registered as a rank F adventurer.
You are entitled to most of the F related missions on the board, and allowed to buy and sell materials to the guild. For now, you’ll be put under observation until it’s proven than you can be reliable enough to be on your own, or else we’ll provide you with alternatives, such as joining in a party, or shadowing a more experienced member.
The colors go from brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, according to your rank. There are a variety of criteria for someone to rank up, including peer reviews and achievements. You could also always refuse to rank up, whatever the reasons, but doing so would limit what you can do or benefits you can get. There are many reasons to do so, and the rank within a guild hold little relation to how powerful a person is, so please, don’t think you’re strong just because the person next to you have a lower rank.” She sighs, “There are a few people who have a sense of enjoyment grouping with lower ranking people, only to feel dismay as their party ranks up above them, or even worse, obstruct their achievements. That’s why we have strict guidelines and rules on how people conduct themselves.”
She reaches up to rub my head.
“Any questions?”
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No. 975888 ID: bf0653

Can we join the kids?
We can show them where to mine with our mana sense.
No. 975889 ID: 094652

Find a dark hole, then slime yourself and crawl into the cracks, feeding on the mana until you have the strength to pull a large chunk out.

Pretend it fell out naturally.
No. 975906 ID: 4286b4

Eat all the orphans!

No. 975929 ID: 8fab7a

Sounds like the done-est deal.
No. 976050 ID: 0cb682

Ask for an example of what they want most and you'll look for it.

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