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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 1081212 ID: 88e125

> If you want to shoot me, then just do it!

Fine. *Shoots her in the upper right arm*

> I don't want to mess up her life more than I already did.

Funny, not once in your confession was your sister mentioned, but I can pencil her name in as one of your accomplices if you're really insistent about her being a part of this.

Now, name your accomplices, any and all persons who that gave you the position of assassin, or was brought on along with you.
No. 1083462 ID: 426180
File 170807949895.jpg - (1.79MB , 2286x2544 , Divergent 316.jpg )

No. 1083469 ID: d5d12c

Inner thoughts: Interesting. But not enough.
*Corax writes down Gates Triumphant as an accomplice*

It is possible we have someone assuming his identity, or perhaps this was given to her before he lapsed into a coma.

*Turns back to the doctor*
How did you know I would be there? The only reason I was there at all was because I had been injured from DeRvan?

Inner thoughts: And come to think of it...
And when you met with Triumphant, was he in possession of all his natural limbs? Or did they look like black and red claws?
No. 1083901 ID: 88202d
File 170850668649.jpg - (1.06MB , 1886x1506 , Divergent 317.jpg )

No. 1083967 ID: 8a09d5

Thank you for your contribution to this team, Count Murdusa. It seems I must take me leave, duty calls.

*Turns to the doctor* Keep the rest of your confession in mind, doctor. And I want you to keep in mind, that I am also keeping your confession in mind.

*Turns to Peregrine and leaves with Peregrine and the hookah head without another word*

File 170395194135.png - (20.58KB , 1280x720 , EQ-1-2.png )
1080085 No. 1080085 ID: 8928a2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


The fuck?
Five years ago, I attempted to write a prequel story for the magnificent Enemy Quest. If you haven't read EQ, what are you even doing? Go read it! The original War quest can be found here: https://questden.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/857294.html

So what happened?
Some pretty dramatic life changes, including but not limited to having two children in rapid succession. Considering the fate of the original Enemy Quest, I can only conclude writing about Golborians makes humans incredibly

So what now?
We pick up where we left off! Did I mention I'm an even worse artist than the last time I tried this? Get ready for some really basic images to set the scene and a lot of text!


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1083808 ID: b3eab7

1]] Resist now. Playing along feels like it could drag you deeper and make breaking out of it too hard.
No. 1083821 ID: 8b8c72

Resist and terminate.
No. 1083858 ID: e05f49

Full power to thrusters, go up and leave her range. Swear there's a "mile high club" joke to be made...
No. 1083891 ID: eb0a9c

2) Play along. She wants to rape you - that's an opportunity to really let loose.
No. 1083894 ID: 6c2338

1]] Resist the illusion

File 165499948860.png - (796.18KB , 1000x1500 , QDI_Titlecard.png )
1034777 No. 1034777 ID: 8483cf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Attention, duelists! It’s time for a massively multiversal Questden card tournament!

The quest will follow the duelists of Group A in their quest to win the grand prize: their heart’s deepest desire, to be granted by the host of the tournament.

Group A’s Duelists
Name, Author, Quest Title, Wiki Link)
- Lady Serah Kensington, Donut, Lazy Fairy, https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
- Enid Anderson and Franklin, Himitsu, Perpetuity, https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity
- The Mystery Duelist, Clockwork Seal, ???, https://questden.org/wiki/ClockworkSeal
- Carl Marks, tippler, Good Impression/Girl Talk/STAY INSIDE https://questden.org/wiki/Good_Impression

- Companionship (and Attendants), Donut, Mosaic, https://questden.org/wiki/Mosaic

Many thanks in advance to all the guest artists providing card art and depictions of duelists!
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No. 1083873 ID: 75b262
File 170848820436.png - (307.60KB , 628x1000 , Change of Heart.png )

Dotti lets out an enraged yowl at Serah’s utter disdain for the dignity of her own cards. She curses Serah, stomping her feet, threatening fire and fury, and her undying hatred of someone who would do such horrible things to the best mom in the whole world.

“You… you… horrible human! I hate you!” Dotti says after she’s done yammering, gekkering and yapping. “I wish I was on Reefa’s team. Then I’d show you, Serah! I wish Reefa was the one who drafted Change of Heart, not you, so I could be the one to burn your clothes to ashes!”

“Dotti, shush! I command you to shush!”

“Interesting,” Reefa says. “Dotti, are you certain Serah has Change of Heart in her deck right now?”

“Yeah!” Dotti nods.

“Then I will play one of the two remaining cards in my hand: Lure of Laterna,” Reefa says proudly. “With this spell card, I can name a specific card, and if it’s in my opponent’s deck, I can add it to my hand. I choose Change of Heart!

Sure enough, a card flies out of Serah’s deck and straight over to Reefa’s hand.

Change of Heart: Target 1 monster your opponent controls; take control of it until the End Phase.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083875 ID: 75b262
File 170848829749.png - (594.55KB , 600x810 , serah-small.png )

“Judge!” Serah shrieks. “I need a judge right now!

A particularly goofy-looking bird flaps down from the rafters. He’s wearing a lanyard around his neck reading Judge Yurr. “Whut seems to be the problem?”

“Princess Reefa just played Change of Heart targeting Zinnia, and Zinnia’s card states: ’Unaffected by your opponent's card effects.’ Zinnia can’t be affected by Change of Heart.”

“Oh, I see,” says Judge Yurr. “Who drafted Change of Heart?”

“Um…” Serah pauses. “Me.”

“Then it’s not your opponent’s card. It’s yours. Zinnia’s not being affected by Reefa’s card.”

“But… but… that can’t be how it works! Come on, really?!”

Not a single member of the audience steps in to defend Serah’s position.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083876 ID: 75b262
File 170848836122.png - (38.04KB , 750x518 , CoverupSerah.png )

“Whoo! Go Reefa!” Conway cheers.

“Very nice, Princess,” Selma says appreciatively.

“Justice for the best mom!” Dotti declares.

“Serah’s posterior is modest, compared to her bosom,” Basmati observes. “I did not expect this disparity. Very curious.”

The audience is rooting against her- Serah finds it even harder to acknowledge them now. She’s living a waking nightmare of nudity, and this time it’s not Landi’s fault: it’s hers!

Their disapproval and stares weigh heavy on Serah. Is this how it feels to be a bad card mom? Is there even such a thing? No, that doesn’t matter!

Or does it?

If Serah had treated Petra better, kept Dotti happy, would things have gone better? Would Serah have messed up twice in a row with attack order, and with unnecessarily Solvent Bombing too early, and Dotti’s betrayal leading to Zinnia being launched out of a cannon?

Serah prays for some way to negate Lord Lung’s effect. At this point, all Reefa has to do is summon a character with 1600 or more ATK, and Serah can do absolutely nothing to stop it. It’s all up to the luck of the draw, now. She begins her turn and looks at her card:
No. 1083877 ID: 75b262
File 170848840268.png - (185.45KB , 628x1000 , Ass Day_s.png )

Ass Day: Quick-play spell. Target 1 face-up monster on the field; change that target to face-down Defense Position.

“This card is useless,” she mutters. She has no way to play around Reefa’s face-down card, and if she did nothing, she’d probably lose anyway.

“Don’t worry, Petra,” Dotti reassures the bound woman next to her. “Serah’s gonna lose soon, and you won’t have to be naked any more.”

“Finally,” Petra says. “I’ve spent enough time in handcuffs in my youth; I didn’t expect to have to deal with this again.”

Serah considers using Petra to summon a more powerful Link fairy, but she doesn’t need to, now that Free Art has recharged and is ready to go with 4 free link material. If Petra disappeared, then she would be at risk of getting exposure counters on Dotti. Serah needs all the ATK she can get to chew through Reefa’s healing from Render unto Chinzebeth.

“I send Genice to the graveyard and activate Free Art again to summon Moonshine, Responsible Adult!

[ Moonshine, Responsible Adult, Link 6, Type:Fairy, Attribute:Wind, ATK: 2500 ]

This Link Summon cannot be negated. You may choose to have this card not be affected by any effect that affects more than one card. If any card effect or declared attack would target Moonshine or any other character that this card’s link arrows point at, you may instead choose a character pointed at by any link arrow to be the target of that declared attack or card effect. You may move counters from one character whose link arrows this card points at to any other character whose link arrows this card points at, or Moonshine herself. Once per turn, you may place a Summoning Salt Ritual Spell from your graveyard to your hand.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083879 ID: 75b262
File 170848853935.png - (636.78KB , 600x810 , reefa-small.png )

“You shouldn’t be able to target Salt with a card effect!” Serah hisses.

“Attacking isn’t a card effect.”

“Damn!” In the moment before Dotti fires at Salt, Serah makes the only move she has left: “I quick-play Ass Day on Dotti!”

Dotti is flipped face-down ass-up and placed into Defense Mode, canceling her attack and shoving her into a foxhole, with only her tails popping out. There’s the sound of rabid gekkering from inside.

“Oh,” Reefa blinks. “The attack doesn’t go through, then. And… you’re free to attack with Salt and Moonshine, for…”

“6000 damage,” Serah says, raising her arm to blast away Reefa’s remaining LP- and outfit. “Salt, Moonshine! End this!”

Reefa looks at her extra deck for options, her cards fluttering in the wind as the attack hits. There’s no options left, and the attack wipes out both her LP and her outfit.

The light settles after the attack. Both duelists have vanished.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 169032255856.png - (264.17KB , 550x500 , 000.png )
1068906 No. 1068906 ID: 11f77a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

NSFW for nudity and possible casual lewds
Chapter 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/823974.html
Chapter 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1059064.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Calliope
374 posts and 129 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083768 ID: 2eb1da
File 170840790808.png - (154.52KB , 550x500 , 130.png )

Dolly: Not so easy sifting them out, huh?

Marlene: Girl, I’ve done some plenty sifting when I worked here!

Dolly: Is that all?

It takes me a moment to bring up Kaleidoscope; I don’t know why I’m anxious to share it. Perhaps I dread handing it over and never seeing it again.

Marlene: Well--uh, there’s this one unfinished script. I tried calling the author but long story short; he’s dead. I came in contact with his son, though.

Marlene: Jason in the Kaleidoscope. A boy is stuck switching back and forth on multiple timelines. But that’s an extreme generalization. It may be a confusing start but I’ve found it very captivating. It’s not perfect but--

Marlene: it could be what Silenus is looking for, ya know. You should definitely read it when you have the time.

Dolly: I’ll take your word for it!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083769 ID: 2eb1da
File 170840793517.png - (131.69KB , 550x500 , 131.png )

She stops in her tracks.

Marlene: It’s...

Marlene: Ugh.

Marlene: Have you ever... read something so... completely different that you don’t want it in the wrong hands?

Dolly: Psh, oh?

Marlene: No offense to you or the writers in there! But this is something I’ve been waiting to fall in my lap.

Dolly: Weeeell. I’m constantly churning out one script and onwards to the next. I usually forget everything I’ve read by the next day. And I know I’ve read some good ones. But I get what you mean.

Marlene: Yeah, it’s been an unproductive year for me--and maybe that script could help me back on my feet. A little inspiration here and there to get rolling.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083770 ID: eb0a9c

Hm. As a movie, this needs some editing.
What you have here is a base.
The author is dead and his next-of-kin has given you full permission to do whatever the hell you want to it, as long as he's properly compensated.
You know something is happening to you, but you're having a hard time comprehending it. It's obvious; combine the two concepts. Write Jason's story into a greater mystery.
The journey splits apart.
Some Jasons stay ignorant. Some Jasons try to game the system. Some Jasons figure out the truth. Some Jasons completely forget.
Connect the unknowns with your cybernetic description of the unknown, to give the audience a nugget to chew where you have none.

You can do this, Marlene.
No. 1083773 ID: 273c18

I mean, the plot is similar to Everything Everywhere All At Once, so we could swing it in the direction of Jason finding out that other people have this ability and he gets training to control it, which lets him fight some kind of existential threat.
No. 1083807 ID: 8f9bc4

I dunno... Nico. That was just so... weird. I thought you left the studio originally because you were falling prey to his devilish allure, but this is in fact a new thing? Or is it just that all this time, your writer's block was caused by your attraction to him left unsatisfied? But you can't leave this script. It's too important. You're coming up with so many ways to realize it as a great film!

You could at least talk to Nico I guess. And maybe... work up the courage to tell him you already have a boyfriend? Would that even matter to him? Would it make it even harder to resist? Are you even attracted to Nico or is this a dream?

File 170820352060.jpg - (2.60MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1910.jpg )
1083537 No. 1083537 ID: 909c07 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Screams fill the air. The sharp crack of gunfire pierces through even that, sending jolt of panic through the crowds that even now nearly trample each other to get away, though from what is largely still up in the air. Something roars, something inhuman and vastly terrifying.

This wasn't how this day was supposed to go.

You manage to push your way through the crowd, throwing yourself into a nearby shop. You'd come to the mall with every intention of getting some shopping done. Nice and easy day, nothing at all out of the ordinary. Life, it seems, had disagreed with your intentions. With everything all over the news, you'd expected the government to be a little more on top of all this. But that hardly mattered in the moment. The gunfire was drawing ever closer, and the sounds intense fighting were drawing closer and closer. You could feel panic start to set in, aware of the danger that was swiftly drawing closer and closer.

But you had the means to fight back, even if you'd promised yourself you'd never do so. Promised yourself you'd ignore it all and just live life normally... that had been the right thing to do. It was either that or turn yourself in, and you weren't so naïve to believe that you'd come back out of a government facility again. The people dying were just like you, just in the wrong place at the wrong time... right?

You make to push into the dwindling stampede of terror filled people, only to watch as a woman to your right suddenly falls, the crack of a gun sounding mere moments before her death. You freeze in sudden panic, the strangely calm detachment you'd felt to all this falling away at the undeniable sight of death. Your gaze whips around to the figure standing only a few feet from you.

The man is standing there, a wild look in his eye, some sort of rifle in his hands. He looks just as panicked, maybe even more so. Still, his hands rema
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083538 ID: eb0a9c

Sar Manjensen (translation: sew my jeans on)
Intersex Lynxgirl

When you were a baby, an insane vagrant found your abusive parents bashing your head in and decided to 'step in' by unleashing their hidden arsenal of guns, turning your momma and poppa into meat and popcorn.

They weren't exactly an improvement, even if they fully accepted you. You learned how to kill a squirrel with two bullets and a coat hanger before you learned to walk. When your powers kicked in, your foster parent only showed more insanity and put you through horrifyingly villainous training. They wanted you to topple the government and all that.

Child services stepped in about three years ago and you've been living blissfully in a backwater orphanage ever since.
No. 1083563 ID: 0ec851

Marie Kafka

To say you led a good life would be stretching it, your parents gave you nothing more than food to eat and a roof over your head, so you essentially had to raise yourself, mostly through books at first. A book on parenting became your guide on how to grow up, an encyclopedia became your mentor, and fictional characters became your role models. Once you got past the password on your father's work computer though, there was so much more.
So naturally when you got bullied you turned to the consensus of the internet, since authority figures were a no go that left self defense. The taekwondo teacher was nice enough to give you discounted lessons, and once you got to green belt you figured you'd try making use of your fledgling martial skills. It ended up being the worst decision of your life.
That train, that goddamn train. It was raining hard, and the fog rising up from the nearby coast made it hard to see more than a yard. Your bullies cornered you by the tracks, they never really did much more than a single punch so you figured if you used proper force they'd give up. That's why the moment one of them laid their hands on you, you kicked them straight onto the tracks. It was only supposed to intimidate them, but at that moment a train showed up. Your bully tried to get up and off the tracks but the rain made them slip on the rocks. One moment they were scrambling to get away, the next moment their legs became a smear of red as the train barreled through. It was a memory that you'd never forget, as if seared into your corneas.
In the end it was ruled a self defense but nobody could look at you the same way. Moving out of that damned town was the only good thing your parents ever did for you.
No. 1083791 ID: 2f41db

Name : Thomas Marlow
Age : 22
Gender : M.

Traumatic event :
I just got shot.
Have a guess what my trauma is.
Let me tell you, it does NOT get easier second time around pal.

Now im here either suffering a psychotic break or whats left of my mind is hiding out in one of my last misfiring neurons that for some goddamn reason is fixated on the finer points of form filling.

I dont want to be dead.

File 169594307588.png - (125.40KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1073474 No. 1073474 ID: 681cb5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

In autumn the leaves dances over the lake. Their green, red and golden hues reflecting onto the water’s surface, as the wind carries them across. Across to other places. Other worlds. At times, you wish you were nothing but a leaf, dancing in the wind… and leaving all this behind.
119 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083719 ID: 273c18

Do not punch.

Let him wash your back. Also, ask to feel his hand. He looks like he's got fur, but maybe there's a protective shield around him or something? Ask him about his job. How does he hunt monsters, exactly?
No. 1083723 ID: 19ea25

Punching would get rid of those ruby eyes, but yeah ask why would that be the reasoning. He's a treewalker but he's still another being why would nobody say his name?
No. 1083735 ID: 5ebd37

People respect the position, but they don't know the man. Bill doesn't care about the treewalker stuff, so he can Theo for who he really is and not a some romanticized ideal.

oooh, Bill~ He wants you to wash his back? In the same tub? Sounds like someone's trying to flirt with you~
No. 1083787 ID: a785dd

Do not punch Theo.

Enjoy having him wash your back, you deserve to relax.
No. 1083790 ID: 1ab965

>not like you have anything I haven’t seen already.
Theo may have a point, but consent is still important... The answer being yes, in part because he calls you Bill, instead of Monster, but the thought still stands. Should be clear enough that it has been a while, based on your comment. And while the Mommy comment might not be aimed at him, you seem more the Daddy between the two of you... Though it seems he has been called Daddy far more often than you have.

Ask if the memento around his neck has a story, or if that's off limits.

File 169301854634.gif - (4.36KB , 650x450 , Title.gif )
1070829 No. 1070829 ID: 0fbdcd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

The sequel to Decompressed: Nuke Ops. If you never read it, or just want a refresher, check it out here: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/981565.html

As before, I am not the artist or writer of this quest; I'm only archiving it from another medium and relaying commands from Questden to the artist.

All art and story credit go to Nine Hyperzine Tripping Engineers.

388 posts and 253 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083738 ID: 0fbdcd
File 170840155619.gif - (17.44KB , 650x450 , 228.gif )

:Chemist:: She asked for an inert liquid universal stasis.
:Friz:: Are you talking about one of the cryo-chems? Something to freeze things?
:Chemist:: No. She had plenty of know-how for that.
:Chemist:: You know the stasis beds in the treatment center?
:Chemist:: She wanted... something she could use to make a permanent semi-stasis effect, like those.
:Friz:: What would a chemical like that do?
:Chemist:: In a beaker, probably slow just about every reaction. Easy to make that.
:Chemist:: Not useful, besides in some kinds of production setups.
:Chemist:: But...
:Friz:: She didn't want it in a beaker.
No. 1083739 ID: 0fbdcd
File 170840161448.gif - (9.89KB , 650x450 , 229.gif )

:Friz:: She wanted it in a body.
:Chemist:: Inert. Yeah. She wanted it non-metabolizing, distributed through the whole body.
:Friz:: What would it do there?
:Chemist:: Permanently slow something down, soften something, affecting her body. One specific thing, she wanted it slowed way down.
:Friz:: What was it?
:Chemist:: No idea. She handled the rest.

:Moxie:: Everyone wants to stop change, but nobody can.
:Moxie:: Softening it... that's different. You can blunt the impact.
:Moxie:: Holding off bits and pieces, tactically.
:Moxie:: It doesn't matter how good your chemistry or your cult magic is, you can't stop all change.
:Moxie:: But there was one thing she stopped. It was important.
No. 1083743 ID: 0fbdcd
File 170840170915.gif - (10.60KB , 650x450 , 230.gif )

>:Savvy:: She's still missing a head

:Savvy:: It didn't stop what happened to her after that.
:Moxie:: Right... It wasn't supposed to.
:Moxie:: Otherwise it would have worked, right?
:Moxie:: She did all the work, so it should have happened.
:Savvy:: And it didn't fix her after.
:Savvy:: How did she get up if she was missing a head?
:Savvy:: This doesn't seem connected. It only slows things down, it doesn't recreate anything.
:Moxie:: It's linked. Closely. But I don't understand how.
:Grit:: It's one of the three remaining facts you need.
:Grit:: When all are found, we can break this.
No. 1083751 ID: 273c18

>how did she get up if she was missing a head
New theory: she wasn't missing it anymore when she got up. Someone still had it, and returned it to her just before the incident. The stasis would have kept her brain and body "alive" in the meantime.

So, to possibly confirm that, ask what happened to her head, and also if she had any implants.
No. 1083775 ID: 8f9bc4

What affecting her body could she have slowed down? The list is still too long. Her heart rate? Her blood circulation? Her neuron actuation? Cancer? Was she slowing the progression of tumors, enabling her to do something that caused a lot of tumors? Something about her skin? Her bones? Osteoperosis?

File 169782339159.jpg - (474.71KB , 1356x1153 , I hatemy job 1.jpg )
1075139 No. 1075139 ID: dc13c4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A short quest about dealing with the troubles of your daily work hours.
181 posts and 144 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083575 ID: 2f41db

Do one thing and be slave to the other.

One wants you to hide revelations from yourself and hide from the price paud in knowing.
the other to reveal everything without concern for what will happen to you when all is known.

Therefore do both and be slave to neither.
Remove the hood, know, but then light that fire.
No. 1083631 ID: eb0a9c

Okay, this has gone on long enough.
You're hearing demons. You're hearing us. But right now, you need to block all of us out - for just five minutes - and ask yourself; if you weren't crazy, what would you do right now?
No. 1083638 ID: 8f9bc4

You will burn the corpse to save yourself, but you will see his face before you do. You will not be denied that closure. It makes no difference to the fire. Remove the pillow sheet and save yourself, because someone other than the Pilloperson just started giving a fuck about you!
No. 1083648 ID: e51896

Can we wear the pillowsheet after we remove it? just cut some eyeholes and a big ol' smile on it
No. 1083666 ID: c75e0b

Okay, what if...

We look who is under the mask and then we decide if we burn the body. I mean, mannequin.
The police saying they are coming to kill the protagonist is probably justo an auditory trick caused by the Pilloman to make him paranoid.


We hug the mannequin and forgive him for all past grievances (he knows what he did) and then just walk home to eat some Doritos. No burning involved, other than the spicy taste of Doritos.

File 169669541223.gif - (4.11MB , 1000x800 , falling-city-title-animation.gif )
1074204 No. 1074204 ID: 0b594e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Rumors abound of the city.
They say it just appeared one day.
They say no one has ever seen its top.
They say it is a place of mystic secrets and wild pleasures.

But before we can get to that...
186 posts and 43 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1082241 ID: 8c1a7d

So long as you've swapped in a complete set of reproductive organs the chromosomes won't really matter and the new organs should regulate the hormones
No. 1083502 ID: 5ebd37
File 170815113697.jpg - (378.11KB , 1000x800 , dinner conversation.jpg )

>some sort of electric sensory system?
Martah: (I'd heard of sharks being able to sense electrical waves, but this seems to be far more advanced. And through the air no less! I really can't begin to guess what mechanism it's using and I'm a little scared. Range seems a bit limited, it fades out halfway across this room, but this could be a huge help for the hunters! And we've got a whole six of them to work with.)

>You can cure cancer?
Martah: (Hmm? Oh sure, just direct the blood cells to where the bad cells are. The body is actually quite capable of dealing with rogue cells on its own, it just needs to be shown the way sometimes.)

>how hard is it to gender-shift?
Martah: (That's easy! Well as long as you have a donor organ to swap out. If you're rebuilding the existing organ or making one from scratch it will take a while. Its not uncommon, though its too much of a pain to do everyday. Murdoc has switched a few times, whereas I've only experimented with more surface level changes. Now that we aren't beholden to the old traditions I expect people will get a lot more wild with it.)

>why your people weren't preserved?
Martah: (Oh there's no doubt the rich will be secretly making use of the tribes we left behind. Our former merchant are probably making horrible deals as we speak. But frankly it was our own hidebound elders that always held us back. I doubt any outsiders knew the full extent we are capable of. So many traditions of maintaining the proper bodily forms, of keeping changes temporary. We'll definitely be better off now, I just wish it hadn't taken an existential threat.)

>Is she just surprised at you doing self-surgery in th
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083503 ID: 462d8c

For mental health, probably not task related. Ask what are some hobbies or possible group activities they might be interested in
No. 1083504 ID: 273c18

Ask what they're looking forward to building in the new city. What facilities do they want?
No. 1083508 ID: c1638e

This is a good one. Perhaps with some luck we can find a hot spring to draw from and make a nice bathhouse? What would they like to see develop?

File 170626913202.png - (22.94KB , 600x400 , dungeoneer_ch9.png )
1081887 No. 1081887 ID: df47b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

We have something on the order of a week until this possible patron for my dungeon arrives for his tour, but we're making steady progress.

158 posts and 30 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083393 ID: 2fb935

mate, cut that out. I'm not even into the size thing but now I kinda want it to keep going just cause you keep whining about it
No. 1083394 ID: bbce81

Huh, I just realized Deem's new look still has the curse perma-blush on her cheeks. Wonder what's up with that?

>We can cut it open or tie off the pipe or mess with something. Or am I being too hasty here?
Yes. Find Reisarf first. She knows WAY more about Stargazer's biology than anyone else, and she was there when this happened. That's incredibly important information for figuring out how to fix this. Just trying stuff without any clear idea of the results is how Stargazer got INTO this mess in the first place. Don't just continue what they did.

Finding Reisarf should be the first step.

>I defend Stargazer. I don't know why I'm doing that
>A hidden switch already? You might barely impress me by the end of this Stargazer.
She's the closest thing to another dungeon you've encountered since waking up, and a self-aware one at that. Not shocking you might feel some fleeting kinship, even if she's not a true dungeon.
No. 1083403 ID: eacb9d

I agree that safety of our denizens is first and foremost. We need to ascertain reisarf's status, learn what stargazer is up to here, and determine benefits and danger.

The size thing isnt the core problem, its the lack of stability and safety around here. We really need a denizen meeting to address issues beforethey get outof hand. Make it regular, even. We need to start preventing fires.
No. 1083418 ID: 031458

Don't cut the power so soon!
Run the dungeon!
I'm sure she'll surprise you!
No. 1083496 ID: 5a7a53

Continue through the dungeon. Find Reisarf and get a better picture on what's going on.

File 170579674288.png - (15.72KB , 1280x720 , Presentation1.png )
1081484 No. 1081484 ID: 32d7ee hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Cyberpunk Mercenary Quest

It’s the year 2069. You’re Anon, a newbie mercenary. You’re not exactly a stranger to violence, but this is the first time you’re doing it with the promise of a proper payout and a team. Don’t fuck it up.

First time running a quest. Sorry for no art.

Pick your Weapon

Ol’ Reliable
An old assault rifle from the before times you dug out of a dumpster at the tender age of 12. Never jams, never fails you. You reload like it’s breathing and can’t lose this gun even if you tried. Has slightly less killing power compared to a modern rifle.

An advanced laser rifle. Charge up a shot and release for the leading brand in long-distance killing power. Comes with Vanilla, Explosive, Ricochet, and Piercer Flavors. Unwieldy and heavy in close quarters. Chargetime is a bitch in pitched scenarios.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
37 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1082646 ID: 5ebd37

Hit Red's leg, then switch to pistol and charge whichever one seems most mobile.
No. 1082775 ID: eb7ce4

wait they can talk to each other fine, yet they were using crotch communicators to secretly talk? Were they talking with a third party, or is that a another mode of communication?
No. 1083246 ID: 32d7ee

You take aim at Red’s legs, and fire a shot at his kneecaps. The beam of energy penetrates through the thigh of one leg, and drives into the lower leg of the other. Red lets out a cry of frustration as his cybernetics jerk erratically, making him stumble and fall as Calvin peppers him with his odd melting shots.

This allows Arial to dart slightly forward,and slash Red across his neck as he falls. He attempts to shove himself off the ground while clutching his neck, an oozing mixture of oil and blood bubbling forth, and thrusts his hands to the side to avoid another whip slash from Arial. Suddenly, a wet crunching sound emerges from Red’s chest, and he lets out a scream that is suddenly cut short as he slumps to the ground, which elicits a disturbing sounding chuckle from Calvin.

You take a quick glance at Blue, who is still jerking around, unable to to pick up his revolver. You then sling your Killshot to the side and whip out your pistol, firing at Blue’s arm, a few of your shots hitting their mark and making his arm smoke and jerk around more. You’re about to charge the cyborg, but then see Blue’s arm fly clean off as the Cannibal fires his shotgun, ripping Blue’s arm off completely. Despite this, he’s still resisting, until Arial wraps her free whip around Blue’s neck.

“Look, you got one arm, you’re totally outnumbered, I’ve got a literal chokehold on you, so how about you stop squirming?”

Blue mutters some obscenities, but stops thrashing as he adjusts his position to be propping himself up on his left forearm, though he appears to be unsteady as he does so. The fight's over, you guess.
Danny scurries out from out of behind the bar, armed with a comically large medkit, at least for a man his size, and starts rushing over to the Bouncer with his head smashed in.
The other Bouncer is getting up, and... promptly collapses.
Calvin is… taking the opportunity to take
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083453 ID: 5ebd37

Since you were the one to call in the situation earlier, it would make sense for you to follow up with the commander.
No. 1083491 ID: eef602

find a way to get to that communicator. Was the severed arm of Blue the one that had it? Assess if it's still functional and mess around with it. Hopefully it has useful info for us.

File 167556227977.png - (2.55MB , 1311x1037 , GATITLE.png )
1055221 No. 1055221 ID: 1015ea hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Life is dull.
There’s no other way around it.
You’ve worked hard - you’ve contributed to society. But at the end of the day, all you come back to is that same old TV in your livingroom.

An acrid scent lingers in your hovel. You’d say its the same sight you’ve known for years now, but the truth is that the bits of plaster in the back seem to be peeling off more and more every day.

At least you still had your television set.

You had set the damn thing up a while back - a radio transceiver, typically made for logistical workers hauling goods over long distances. Jury-rigging a spare set to act as a television antennae was difficult, but it was better than nothing.
Still, the microphone dangled off the side, the cord twisting and untwisting as you try to navigate to the mildly interesting soap opera you caught the tail-end of last night.
Turning the knob, a picture starts to form, blanketed under a layer of static. For once, it doesn’t sound like a pre-recorded show.
107 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083126 ID: 32ff81
File 170763790770.png - (2.00MB , 1310x999 , GA41.png )

Is there a possibility that the medicine that they’re shipping around is going to help save lives?
…Probably not. Even if there’s a regime running the Undercity, shipping medical supplies around like this, unlabelled, raises a lot more questions. There’s a chance - but considering the circumstances, its unlikely.

It’s also entirely possible that they’re listening in on your conversation somehow.

“Davey… I’m sorry to say, but maybe compliance is the right choice here. We don’t know the bigger picture, and I don’t want you to be making more enemies. At the end of the day, you’re still being pressed into this, so I doubt anyone would blame you for this choice.”
You keep mum on some of your thoughts - best not to say some of this when it’s very likely that they’re listening in on you.

Davey bites his lip, his whiskers drooping a little.
“Ah… alright. I understand. I trust you, Rory.”

He leaves the camera on the desk as he goes to retrieve the package.

He waddles over to the tube’s receptacle, the wrapped package present with him.
Davey keys in the numbers, before placing the package in and closing the lid on top of the tube.

There’s a big sucking sound, and a ‘whoosh’!
Seems like the pneumatic piping is still working perfectly fine despite the recent issues with the landslides and earthquakes.

“What now?”

“I suppose we wait?”
No. 1083128 ID: 32ff81
File 170763869008.png - (1.89MB , 1166x940 , GA42.png )

A few minutes pass without any kind of response.

Then, the telltale sound of a new tube.
Finally! You were wondering if that shady group had just up and abandoned Davey.
"Your help is greatly appreciated. We've alerted the most skilled individuals, and you might want to secure your belongings. We have obtained data indicating that there’s another earthquake projected to soon impact your district."

He pauses, lowering the piece of paper.
“Another earthquake?”, you ask.

“That’s… odd. I thought the first one was a fluke, but normally we’d get warnings before they hit. The tubing system doesn’t seem to be down, but…”

“No, other part. Secure your belongings? Are they bringing in a drill or something?”

Davey’s eyes bug out a little as a realization dawns on him.
“Ohhhhhh no. I thought… oh no. Another one. I… I have to fortify this place, otherwise the roof’s going to come down in my greenhouse! The first earthquake’s already done enough structural damage!”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083388 ID: cd10d0

Secure anything that holds food and water first. After that write a quick letter to Nico. If there's time, then protect anything sentimental.
No. 1083416 ID: eb0a9c

Consider the possibility that one of the power players involved has created foundation-destabilizing technology.

That means making small earthquakes.

Two major shocks at once is too big a coincidence. Even with aftershocks, you'd think the government would have protocols for major chain earthquakes. No, someone, somewhere, is busy letting you all die.

Davey needs to find the best spot - the area in the house that gives the best chance of survival and escape - and then reinforce and resupply that specific area. Take the food and water to that location, then nail in some extra struts and find some way to stack heavy appliances near the ceiling.
No. 1083472 ID: ac4b82

Which neighbours are the nicest/ most sociable? Send a warning to those and tell them to pass it along to everyone else in the neighbourhood.

Send one to Nico too with a jar of food, cause why not.

After that, secure all the plants and food and water you can. We don't have time for non-vital things.

File 168390331329.png - (16.61KB , 500x500 , luncha_questo_3.png )
1063589 No. 1063589 ID: 8d318c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

I fight for honor, justice, and revenge!
And remember: mask up! A Luchadora never removes her mask.

Written by Donut
Art by Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid: https://questden.org/wiki/Poltergeist_Ethanoic_Acid
151 posts and 35 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083183 ID: ab46e9

Actually, scratch that one. I vote 2. Specifically, a Double Fujiwara Armbar, and CRANK that sucker. Let her last call for help do absolutely nothing.
No. 1083185 ID: ab6c3e

Remember, it's an evening gown match! If you're holding her in a submission hold you won't be able to win so you gotta just cut loose and cut her loose!
No. 1083190 ID: c3b54f

1 - Full out humiliate. With every strike say what she's done to get this beating. Once her ability to fight back is gone, peel her clothes by ripping pieces off. Leave her with tatters of both her clothes and her pride. She called the thunder so she'll reap the whirlwind.
No. 1083198 ID: eb0a9c

3) Badmouth her entire abusive family and get her to reveal the evils that she delusionally believes are acts of love.
No. 1083342 ID: e51896

Another argument for option 1: if we do a submission hold, that will leave us a bit more vulnerable to an attack from her manager as we'd be too focused and distracted on getting her into a painful hold to be ready for a sneak attack from her ally, and even if we are ready, we'd have to let go of the submission hold to counter.

A beatdown will make us a bit more aware of our surroundings, be ready for any oncoming sneak attacks, and will make us look too intimidating for anyone to come up and try to stop us.

File 170207635561.png - (70.25KB , 500x500 , 1b.png )
1078964 No. 1078964 ID: 0ba437 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

PART ONE: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002454.html

Thousands of thousands of years ago, a Grand Slime was murdered by a mysterious entity known as the Void King.
Thousands of thousands of years later, Nemo reawakens with only a few fractured memories of her former life.
She quickly reunites with two of her broken pieces, and sets out to explore the world in search of the remaining fragments of her shattered core.
After accidentally uncovering and releasing a strange figure imprisoned in stone, Nemo meets another unfortunate end, and it's up to her other parts, Humphrey and Mirrow, to carry on the mission to reunite themselves.
Elsewhere, but not too far away, a runaway Elsekin named Sam is trapped in a dense forest filled with hostile vines.
13 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1082286 ID: a7e7da

Fudge a little oracular magic so you can make a dowsing rod with a knife that detects the nearest living person excluding a list of people which you can change.
No. 1082287 ID: a7e7da

Maybe finagle your rune so that the fire-magic is also partially purifying magic at the small cost of some fire power?
No. 1082299 ID: cdef6b

Its honestly worth a shot purifying these tendrils to assist in carving our way through.

Though if we have the power to improvise these magic, why not try to combine the fire and purifying spells into some sort of scared flame?

This way we'll be suppoedly creating the anthisis to the corrupted vines.
No. 1082314 ID: 8f9bc4


> calling it "sacred flames"
> not calling it "purifire."
No. 1083334 ID: cd48aa

Yeah, at least try purifying the void.

File 170700353054.jpg - (9.63KB , 225x225 , L5R Logo.jpg )
1082405 No. 1082405 ID: 909c07 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Your watching your life flash before your eyes.

That must mean you are dying, doesn't it? That moment of everything you are, your entire existence, being laid bare before you, the weight of your soul to be judged by the God of Death. The very thought has you feeling melancholy, strangely profound it this moment between life and death.

What comes first is a dream, it must be. For you recall no memory like this. An endless, empty Void, nothing and everything. You feel, for a moment, profoundly calm, as everything must be. A moment later, flashes of insight, of a scene that plays out before your eyes, that you cannot help but watch with eyes wide in wonder and amazement.

There, underneath a shining sun, who light fills the heavens and gives life, you see seven great beasts. There, a hardy Crab, standing firm upon the shore, waving its claws as if to stave off the waves with force of will alone. There, a Crane, regal and beautiful, preening its feathers and judging all around it. Opposite, a fierce Lion, roaring its challenge with fangs bared, daring all to face it in battle. There still, a patient Dragon atop the mountains, gazing heavenward, pondering questions it shall never answer. There beside it, a brilliant Phoenix, feather alight like fire, the elements themselves answering its call. In the shadows a Scorpion scuttles, stinger poised to strike, and yet for all its menace it bears a solemn duty to be what it is. There, finally, a swift Unicorn, galloping across the open plain, wild and free and ever curious for what lays just beyond the horizon.

All of them call to your soul, sing to you of a place to belong. And you remember this dream, now that it has played out before you. You remember this dream... and you remember answering this call.

>To which great beast did you give your soul?
23 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083164 ID: 909c07

You moved swiftly yet cautiously, calling on every moment of your training as you stepped further into the once home of your family. Senses screamed at you of the dangers of this place, of the horrors that could be inflicted upon your eternal soul should you fall here. But all the same, you could not bear to leave now, not without recovering something to return to your family, to restore just that small bit of your family's lost heritage. The temple had been your first thought, there had been no other choice. It appeared untouched from a distance, and it's only the words of your sensei that had kept your wits about you, despite the seemingly untouched nature of the small building.

The thin, rice paper door had been shut tight, and it took a hefty pull to loosen it enough to open far enough to slip inside yourself. Within, the old, single room temple appears undisturbed by anything. Dust covers every surface, a thick blanket that swirls slightly as your feet disturb the room for the first time. As soon as you'd cross the threshold, you had felt that sense of all consuming foreboding vanish, that feeling of something watching you fall away, and your first shaky breath within the confines of the temple seem somehow lighter and less difficult. You had been suffused with the feeling of safety, warmth and comfort. A quick investigation of the room had revealed a small shrine, a single candle still somehow lit upon its surface, its dedications difficult to make out in the dim light, but still clearly venerating the Celestial Heavens above. Paper charms are plastered along the walls and beams, and though you couldn't make any sense of them you could recognize a shugenja's work. This place had, by all appearance, remained unravaged by the tainted things that presumably stalked those halls, or the taint that normally corrupted anything it touched.

Still, your caution had you questioning the apparent sanctity of this place. Su
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1083189 ID: 5ebd37

A brief respite, you took what rest you could.
No. 1083213 ID: eb0a9c

Link the bonfire
No. 1083261 ID: 7c0da2

You didn't dare disturb the charms or the candle. Too tired to worry about the dust, you knelt in front of the shrine to pray. The whole situation was so unreal, you couldn't say exactly when you fell asleep.
No. 1083298 ID: 909c07

You'd set your equipment in a corner of the temple, careful to avoid disturbing the seals along the walls lest you somehow break the strange sanctity of the place. You'd knelt before the shrine, intending only to offer prayer, to seek some blessing from the Heavens in your search, and perhaps to rest a moment before moving on. It was strange then that when you'd opened your eyes once more, it was not to a dimly lit temple but a room glowing with dozens of candles. Beyond the edges of the candlelight, there wasn't a wall, but an endless darkness, stretching far past the light's glow.

Whatever shock you'd felt had been interrupted by a sound from behind you. Instinct screamed, and you'd whirled about in alarm, hand falling to grasp the hilt of your sword. What greeted your panicked gaze was not some foul demon or unholy spirit but a woman. Dressed in a kimono of sky blue and crimson red, the middle aged woman had the look of someone haggard and worn, her lips bearing signs of what look to be puncture wounds, as if someone had taken a needle and sewn her mouth shut at some point. Yet somehow you felt as if her presence was no threat to you, or perhaps merely that she'd meant no harm. Whatever her appearance, she bowed low upon seeing your attention upon her, before straightening once more, her gaze fixing upon you with a strange intensity.

"I bid you welcome, young Hiruma. It has been a long time since one of Daylight Castle's lost children has come home. Longer still since it was one that has not felt the call to service..." Her voice bore a hint of melencholy, her gaze momentarily softening into something that seems on the verge of tears. But the expression quickly vanished, her stoic gaze returning. "I am Hiruma Masami, and it is good you have found your way to Candle Temple. Please, sit, you will be safe here from the Oni's influence. You no doubt have questions, and I shall
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 167582721107.png - (15.85KB , 500x500 , title.png )
1055459 No. 1055459 ID: 15a025 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

411 posts and 135 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083274 ID: 37927a

Thank Beaverly
Now, lets see about making a backup of that file so that if it gets destroyed, we'll have another one in place
No. 1083276 ID: 2f41db

>how does she look?

Doelightful as ever.
Im glad to have back the secretary we'd grown fawned of.
No. 1083277 ID: e51896

Indeed, the secretary is such a dear. I bet a buck we will always caribout her

Just because she's no longer an otter doesn't mean she can escape the puns!
No. 1083279 ID: 8f9bc4


This world has no need for your elk!
No. 1083280 ID: 75b262

Back up the file!

File 170733564289.jpg - (49.20KB , 850x531 , An Pur Waterfront.jpg )
1082760 No. 1082760 ID: c4cfd0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

((I will be borrowing some artwork from Thief 2014, and other games in the franchise, such as the one used for this post. I will credit art where able. This quest uses a mishmash of Blades in the Dark and the setting of CATastrophe. It borrows names and ideas from various media sources, including, but not limited to: Black Lagoon (anime), Final Fantasy X, various crime dramas, the Thief franchise, and more.))

An Pur. One of the largest cities floating out there. A veritable metropolis of the sea. On the surface, it's just another safe haven, bigger than most, but still just a place where folks gather and party. Their little slice of heaven. Sure it takes a lot to keep the place running, enough that there's even formal schools, universities, and a huge demand for skilled labor, but it's safe harbor in uncertain seas, home, some might even call it heaven.
You can live there a lifetime and not see everything.

And the cats up top like it that way.
It keeps people from asking questions, like "what's down that alleyway?" "What's that smell outside the cannery?" "Why does everyone in that office have a knife?"
For those who know where to look, An Pur isn't heaven. It's hell. A honeytrap. An Pur is history rhyming, the mistakes of the past reiterated. Nobody pays attention to the faded letters. Nobody reads between the lines. Not if they want to keep their beautiful illusions alive.

Welcome to the dark side of An Pur. Once you've seen it, you can't leave it. Even if you make it to the top, it'll cling to you, like bad cologne.


You all got tangled up in this in your own ways. Caught too much attention from the wrong 'benefactor', made a sale to the wrong guy, racked up the wrong debt. Maybe the only thing in common was that one word. "Wrong."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1082763 ID: aef6e4

Character sheets: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e0UqVZ9Vh_-o_ao08IkM_FsYam5-xjzncgfhiI_6oFA

"Yes, thank you, we're all very impressed with how much more hardcore you are than the university's accounts receivable department. Nice attention to detail on the bodies - smells almost exactly like the real thing," says Rock, who's wrangled far too many medical cadavers as part of teaching assistant duties.
"So, does this mean Hotel Blue is willing to allow the Tinsnips to throw the proposed glitter party in the D'Nyanzelo Brothers warehouse on fourth street? Assuming we clean up after ourselves, and the maitre'd gets paid on time and in full, of course."
No. 1083275 ID: 965bce

>It then concludes with a sardonic, "Welcome to An Pur, newbloods."
"Lived here my whole life, drama queens" Specs mutters under her breath, awkwardly twisting herself to work the kinks out.
No. 1083278 ID: 3f01d5

Upon hearing her compatriots antagonize the gangsters whose good graces they're operating under, Costello lets out a low growl.

"Business over dinner. Not over riverbed. Talk shop at nicer venue."

So, we need to figure out how many dice we roll, what the position is, and what the effect level is. DM can set position and effect level- by first guess is "Risky" and "Standard" but you have the most insight into the goons motivations/orders and how well that aligns with us. We're trying to score, and we're going to make a Social plan to do so- >>1082763 throwing a party to rub elbows.

action roll
1. The player states their goal for the action.
2. The player chooses the action rating that matches what their character is doing in the fiction.
3. The GM sets the position for the roll.
4. The GM sets the effect level for the action.
5. Add bonus dice.
6. The player rolls the dice and we judge the result.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 166383398072.png - (940.75KB , 1409x866 , cedarridge1.png )
1044452 No. 1044452 ID: ab70bc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Early autumn is pleasant in Cedar Ridge. Summer's hottest days are behind you and the shade of the Douglas fir trees that blanket the town keep the underbrush cool.

North of the lake that divides the town are sets of woods. Interrupted only by mud roads and storm drains that rarely see use outside of the rainy season. This grove is only a mile from the town's one high school. Frequented by teens and alcoholics alike for bonfire parties that leaves the smell of ash in the air. This far east into Oregon the breeze is warm and sluggish, trapped in by mountain ranges.

From where you stand you can hear when the occasional truck passes through Cedar Ridge's main road. Barely. It helps you keep your facing when you're unsure which way is home.

You are in the north in the outskirts of town.
356 posts and 79 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1081663 ID: 273c18

Give coin, receive precious
No. 1082060 ID: e51896

give the 25
put the ring on your infected itchy hand
No. 1082117 ID: c7eeaa

Give the 25c, wear the ring. It is pretty and was probably taken from a rotting corpse along with the finger. Don't think about it.
No. 1083266 ID: 2f41db


Maybee its hhhaaAAUUNttteeeed.

Or the crow was sitting on it.
Very insulating your average crow ass.

See if it fits!
Ring finger of course.
You can freak out your friends with a fake shotgun marriage story.
No. 1083269 ID: 8f9bc4


If it was it would still be on the finger, genius! Magpies pick up a lot of shinies, it was probably just lying around somewhere.


It's a magpie, not a crow, but you really think your friends are going to fall for that a third time?

File 170538144647.png - (1.43MB , 1080x1103 , 1-001.png )
1081135 No. 1081135 ID: ab6c3e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Your talents were recognized at a very young age. A grand destiny stretched ahead of you, and your adolescence was dedicated to the training that would be required to claim it - a task that only you could do. Your family, your teachers, and countless other people were all behind you - standing on their shoulders as you moved forward to grasp your fate, to change the world.

But you threw it away. Fled into the night, and continued to run until all of the hopes, and all of the expectations bled out of you. You wandered, directionless and empty, until you came upon the river. With nothing else in your life, you followed the smallest of compulsions, the only impulse you could find beyond basic survival. You began to follow the river.

Walking along the banks, wading through the shallows, and even laying in the water to drift downstream brought you a calm and even an inkling of satisfaction. A sense that maybe you could find a purpose and a new future, to erase the absence that was all you had left.

You opted to take the name of the River for your new start, but having wandered so far and so blindly you had no idea what its name even was. And so, you simply settled on "River."
76 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1083193 ID: ab6c3e
File 170771401111.jpg - (68.41KB , 821x1015 , 1-017.jpg )

You chat a bit with Rutu about the lay of the land. It sounds like this is mostly a farming town built up around an old monastery near the lake, but that in the last 20 or so years it has become a stop traders would make when traveling up the twin rivers.

A lot of the farmers, including their family, live on the northwest bank of the Nanfang Qingren, which feeds the lake from the south. The Monastery is east of the town, which lise on the south bank of the Xibu Qingren that feeds the lake from the east. There's a main road that heads down toward where most of the farms are, and most of the people in the region are farmers that live within a few miles of it - if you go much farther west of town or across either river you mostly find solitary hunters or people that aren't much interested in living in a community.

"You mentioned Yu?" You ask, "I met him by the river, and he showed me the way to town."

"Oh, yes!" Rutu pipes up, "He's a quiet boy that wandered in a few years back. His shack is in the lee of a hill near our farm, so he's basically our neighbor!"

Li chimes in, "Always seemed a bit shady, but he's good people. Helped us out a few times when we needed it."

You nod, "He helped me out, too. I was accosted by a ruffian in the woods, and he took care of it."

Rutu nods, "That sounds like Yu all right. He's a moody boy, but he can look pretty scary when somebody tries to get rough with people around him." Li nods, and starts to say something, before Rutu suddenly yelps "Wait, ruffians in the woods?! Did you tell the magistrate?"

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No. 1083195 ID: fa3034

Pay a visit to the antelope, he might have an idea of where there might be work.
No. 1083196 ID: 75b262

Now that we've met the otters, time for the antelope!
No. 1083210 ID: 7c1f1c

An antelope with a laborer's build, but wanting exercise bodes ill for finding work. That does offer an opening for conversation, though; you're looking for work, and was wondering if he's had any luck in his search.

The presence of the magistrate could make things thorny in the future. You want to keep the town safe, and informing them of the highwayman's presence, especially if he's only one of a band, could help. But if an Imperial agent could connect you back to your origins, then we want to inform discreetly.
Mention the encounter with the highwayman to the antelope, as well, and try to get the rumor mill going. Surely, someone will bring the matter to the magistrate upon hearing of it. It might be prudent to mention that Yu fought off the highwayman without saying you were there to witness it.
No. 1083234 ID: 69ab37

If you want to start rumors without tying the story to yourself, you should talk with the drunks. Play up the excitement of Yu fighting off a huge bandit, by the morning they won't remember the boring details like who told them the story.

File 169924620769.png - (483.79KB , 800x800 , dbd0001-1.png )
1076588 No. 1076588 ID: 3286d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This quest is NSFW.
A few notes about this quest:
- Suggestions can be made to any "on-stage" crew members, not just whoever the narration is following at the time.
- In the event that the perspective is quickly shifting among multiple groups, all members of the groups can be treated as on-stage. (This may or may not happen, just allowing for the possibility.)
- Questions/comments directed at characters will be treated as part of their internal monologue.

We're starving.
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No. 1076834 ID: eb0a9c

I'd say you should find a habitable death-world and live there.
No. 1076842 ID: dd3fe0


Things can be 'habitable' but absolutely miserable. Consider: massive, constant natural disasters. Wrong day/night cycle. Wrong gravity. Very radioactive. No land that's not covered in water, or no freshwater anywhere. Wrong temperature. Wrong amount of air pressure. Not enough magnetosphere (see aforementioned radiation). Wrong soil composition. Wrong year length. Wrong temperatures. It isn't JUST giant monsters that are trying to eat you, which can be fought militarily if you are badass enough, that make a deathworld into a deathworld. It's fantastically easier to make a comfortable space station than it is to make a comfortable, livable outpost on a deathworld (at the bottom of a gravity well no less!), if such is a world that no one actually goes to because it is horrible, even if it is technically 'habitable' and technically within some arbitrary egghead's categorization 'limits'.
No. 1079788 ID: b75427

How much fuel does the ship have? What locations are reachable with our current supplies?
No. 1079906 ID: 6a89fd

Maybe we have to take risk, maybe a medium sized settlement we could attack? Or a risky job you were offered? This time you and your team could be the ones coming on top.
No. 1083194 ID: dd3fe0


I guess I got the definition of Deathworlds wrong. Rather than just being 'utterly inhospitable to life', Deathworlds are more worlds that are actively trying to kill you, like a world run by an insane AI and populated by giant, crazed monsters that are vaguely from fantasy and mythology, with nanotech that eats any technology more advanced than some particular fantasy author's conception of 'vaguely medieval'.

And they're marked as Deathworlds, despite being 'totally habitable', because the Galaxy doesn't want to spend the money and effort to clean them up yet.

We don't want to go to one of those, especially because we don't know the rules by which anything marked like that is operating, and also there is specifically *only one way to determine those rules*.

Guess what it is.

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