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File 171306636557.png - (468.79KB , 2000x2000 , 1.png )
1088718 No. 1088718 ID: 7a1a17

This will be a NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, sexual intercourse, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names
Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)

Pain. Dizziness. Nausea. Loss of Appetite. A typical morning for me.
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No. 1088719 ID: 7a1a17
File 171306640245.png - (449.30KB , 2000x2000 , 2.png )

The ropes are new. The hells happened to me?
No. 1088721 ID: 83a18d

If this is a regular thing, you should consider a change in lifestyle. What do you remember last?
No. 1088723 ID: 26801d

Most important question: are the ropes turning you on?

Second most important question: are they loose? Are there any sharp rocks near you you could use to cut them?
No. 1088727 ID: eb0a9c

Ask me about my decade. Go ahead. ASK.

... It's been an unsatisfying journey since last we saw you.
Also, I'm planning to have a four-eared supersoldier punch Venian in the face multiple times. He... disappointed me.

Mentoring a clan of gang rapists. Finding a prophecy about Venian having a temper tantrum at some free states and unleashing a ritual that destroys worlds just because they killed his father. Seeing for ourselves the sprawling, underground ghettoes that Venian plans to create. Watching a re-enaction of the worst war I've ever had the displeasure of fighting through.

Your world is getting dark, man.

Baron I'm roleplaying cynicism, IRL keep up the edgy grimdark storytelling plz
No. 1088771 ID: 7a1a17
File 171313568427.png - (2.30MB , 2000x2000 , 3.png )

Oh trust me, I'm not getting grimdark yet. This is me still being whimsical
Ha! I have no idea what you're talking about. Veni's still tucked away with his daoine girlfriend I bet. Having the time of his life. While I'm here in this damp, musty tunnel wearing only my underwear I haven't changed in...how long has it been? Ew! Long enough.

The ropes are tight, but clumsy. I should know I've tied plenty of these on raids. As to what I remember. I remember...rosemary. I have no idea how Kell found any, but his hair still smelled of the stuff.

Kellach. That's right. The ship grounded. We had an argument and proceeded on foot. Saw more of those puppeted reasons with karvings all over their body. They were pushing the locals around, sending equipment and weapons this way and that. Looks like they were turning that colony into a war camp.

Kells and I had another argument about sneaking around or going back to the ship and trying to get the thing back into the water. Kells was mad cause I said we should just push it. But I mean how else do you move a boat right? And then I slipped and fell down a hole and...yeah I don't remember much after that. Somewhere between then and now I lost my pants again, got tied up, and put in this sandy pit

No. 1088772 ID: 7a1a17
File 171313569971.png - (693.70KB , 2000x2000 , 4.png )

It might have something to do with that Gormoamhi girl over there.
No. 1088774 ID: eb0a9c

Well, I hate to admit it, but we screwed up.

See, we took a mercenary job. Help the Gormoamhi survivors of Venian's Titan rampage survive and rebuild. I was hoping we could get them to accept a surrender to clan Makag and become Venian's personal army.

Turns out, it was all a conspiracy by House Yish - or rather, the supposed descendants of the tyrannical lineage of emperors that was exterminated. They're the ones creating that army of magical zombies. The head honcho's a loser, still managed to usurp the two clans we created and is busy using them to, in his words, 'breed me an army'. Point is, we have some affinity with clans Guk and Sizzalak, but they're now enemies working for someone who wants the three clans to die screaming, and if you stay here, that asshole is going to torture you until you tell him where Nietch is, and since you don't know who that is, he's not going to stop until you die.

Try talking to her. I know the clan's leaders have implants that can translate their tribal language, see if the grunts got them yet.
No. 1088821 ID: 273c18

Politely ask to be untied.
No. 1089069 ID: 7a1a17
File 171339703764.png - (829.64KB , 2000x2000 , 5.png )

I could check that weird thing you just said. Or...

:iagn2:"Hey! Hey blue girl!"

Yeah that got her attention. She throws her loin cloth back on and scrambles up to me.
No. 1089071 ID: 7a1a17
File 171339748498.png - (1.07MB , 2000x2000 , 6.png )

Ooh I knew these things were strong, but she lifts me up pretty easy. She's sniffing me, looking me up and down. Now I'm not a judge or nothing, but she looks real shocked.

"You! How do you speak?!"

:iagn2:"With my mouth."

I don't think she'd understand "I picked it up with the six other languages they speak in the bordellos in Rezo-Low. If Veni knew, he'd probably be upset and lecture me about using my attention in lessons instead of negotiating a discount at the whorehouses.

"NO! The nonpeople cannot speak! You are stupid! You cannot speak until we teach you. We cannot teach you until you are half person! How do you have a soul of Gormoamhi?!"

I don't think she'd untie me if I asked.
No. 1089072 ID: eb0a9c

Yep, definitely a Gormoamhi tribeswoman. You can't fake that level of ultra-racist arrogance.

Keep distracting her. I'll start casting spells to get you out of this.

[Pymary('spear tip', 'loincloth', hardness);]
Okay, done! I'm no expert at magic, but I got creative and weakened her spear while strengthening your loincloth into a shiv! Sit up and jab her with it!
No. 1089173 ID: 7a1a17
File 171350898344.png - (631.71KB , 2000x2000 , 7.png )

Well good thing I learned how to strip without my hands!


No. 1089174 ID: 7a1a17
File 171350899403.png - (489.06KB , 2000x2000 , 8.png )

That was panic. Not pain. Which means I don't got time to untie. I'm out of-
No. 1089175 ID: 7a1a17
File 171350900441.png - (777.61KB , 2000x2000 , 9.png )

Oh! Nevermind!

No. 1089176 ID: 7a1a17
File 171350908665.png - (682.26KB , 2000x2000 , 10.png )

You know, as far as failed escape attempts go, I don't feel too bad about this one.



"Hunt Mistress Shokzali said you are to guard the ghostskin! I know you are bad at listening, but you better listen now! Guard him, or I will rip your face off!"
No. 1089177 ID: 7a1a17
File 171350918895.png - (408.80KB , 2000x2000 , 11.png )

The big one tosses me back into the girl called Loquui. She catches me with her body and we tumble around until she hits the rock. These things are resilient aren't they? She doesn't even appear dazed!

So new plan. Find out how many Gormoamhi there are before trying another escape attempt.

:iagn2:"Well it sounds like we'll be stuck with each other for a while. Loquui was it? Call me Iagn."

"I...I-a. Ya? Ya-neh? Yahn."

:iagn2:"Good enough."

"Yahn. You're...a male?"

:iagn2:"You didn't know?"

"...I do now"

Hey you said you played with Gormoamhi before. How do I get one to talk?
No. 1089178 ID: eb0a9c

Ack, fumbled that spell. Sorry.

Anyways, Gormoamhi magic is split into two fields; life magic and death magic. Life magic is charged by siphoning power from whatever happens when sperm meets egg, and is mainly used for enchanting stuff. Death magic is classic blood magic; sacrifice some body parts (typically someone else's) to unleash destructive chaos.

Gormoamhi male mages are typically life magicians and Gormoamhi female mages are typically death mages.

So... I guess you should start by discussing the clan's leaders. Apparently, Saquar's really popular with the teenage girls, so if you could deceive her into believing you're his... 'ass-prentice', she might lose focus again for a chance to get laid with the genius.
(Well, 'genius' for a Gormoamhi. Mostly an idiot.)
No. 1089187 ID: 8e6873

Pleasure them, make them feel like they're in control, and then instead of asking questions set them up to gloat about what you wanna know.

Works everytime.
No. 1089197 ID: 61be31

Yup, best way to interrogate a captor.
No. 1089349 ID: dd3fe0

Also, you ABSOLUTELY do not want them repeatedly using their 'brew' or their 'paste' on you prior to sexually topping you as part of 'training'. You want to not NEED 'training'! That stuff -- the brew mixed with the sex, and who knows what other magic they don't even know they're doing, maybe -- ruins your mind, and makes you docile and submissive (things they value extremely highly in their sex thralls! Their culture is hypersexual and hyper-focused on fecundity and breeder-theft and similar things; their tribes tend to live short, violent lifestyles) and disrupts your cognition. You want to seem convincingly eager and helpful and submissive in a way that doesn't seem especially fearful.

The good news is they are somewhat stupid (don't overestimate how stupid, though! They're often quite insightful! And have magic that can steal memories!), so are relatively easy to socially manipulate if someone clever spends the time to learn their patterns to get a lot of de facto 'power behind the throne' sort of thing in their societies. More immediately, they value physical pleasure, and that isn't limited to just sex, but many pleasures of the senses -- and this can be exploited.
No. 1089354 ID: 7a1a17
File 171374474412.png - (655.00KB , 2000x2000 , 12.png )

Well I dunno how their magic will help me but...oh. That brew and paste thing. That sounds like fun if I could get my hands on some.
Not so much the training and the magic. Let me try bringing up Saqrar. Once she's calmer. She seems to be all frayed nerves already. Scaring her with knowledge a 'ghostskin' like me shouldn't know probably won't help. So I'll do as you said. Make her feel like she is in control.

:iagn2:"Why do you let her threaten you like that? You were very strong, you could lift me up." That's how to do it right?

"No, no she is correct. I am useless. This was meant to be my first hunt. OUR first hunt! But the other girls are so much better than me."

:iagn2:"Better? Better at what?", I hope my tone makes me sound like I don't believe they are better. I'm not sure how tones work with Gormoamhi.

"Muamta is bigger stronger and stronger. Naqzamti is faster and smarter. And Shokzali!"


"She is our hunt mistress! The youngest of the hunt mistresses! But she is already so good! I knew I was not ready. I told her I was not ready! I only entered maidenhood days ago! I was always the runtiest of the girls! I'm like a scrawny man. I am slow, I am weak, I do not know what is happening half the time...Weeping Mother Goddess, I'm in the middle of my first heat and they still dragged me out here! I am talking to a nonperson about things he doesn't understand."

And she's going very fast, I could only pick out bits of it. There are three others out there. I'm the melon girl I ran into was Muamta. Shokzali is their leader. Still have not seen Naqzamti.

Oh and that her race can go into heat! I suppose that lines up with the hypersexual thing you guys were saying. And why she still hasn't taken my loincloth off her snout. She seems lost in self pity instead of fear so I can try dropping that name.

:iagn2:"Your first heat? Did you have a man in mind? Saqrar maybe?"

She looks at me like a two headed Gulpa. "The tuglavu brewer? That old fart? Why would I ask an Odd old man to be my first? He might try to destroy my mind with some experiment with his tuglavu. That's how his daughter got so strange...how do you know who Saqrar is?"

Now she is suspicious. Quick what else about do you know about them? Can I exploit that paste stuff? Their religion?
No. 1089382 ID: eb0a9c

Dang, my intel got stale. Least we're in the right clan territory.
Okay, quick recap: We started out by guiding a party of six survivors. Guk used to the be the leader, but he went crazy with paranoia and I expect the other tribes hate his guts. He rules over the spies. Sizzala's the head matriarch, master battlemage, if you need to piss her off fast, go after her sons. The twins Saqrar and Seqrar are the mages in charge of what passes for 'technomagick', but they're only smart in terms of studying magic, hence the wacky experiments. There were two others, but they're long dead. We recruited Waya, the captain of the huntresses, and Bizangi, the head courtesan. Mix in the dozens of slaves they captured and bred, and you've got a whole city-state. All usurped and ruled by the iron fist of that short-tempered loser who's been brainwashing the bunnies.

Explain that you're a servant of the Leader; you were supposed to bring some important cargo by boat to a specific location, because apparently the last time someone tried to bring that specific type of cargo through the giant green portal it exploded - or something, you weren't given details and you don't care. Long story short, ship gets wrecked, your Ootanshi Karved slave spontaneously goes nuts, and you were chasing after him in your skivvies when you ended up tripping down here. You were going to find the nearest Mistress and explain the situation so you could report to Clan Yish before the big guy gets angry of waiting for his shipment - again - and Soul Karves you for incompetence. Compared to that, insulting every huntress in the cave at once is preferable.
No. 1089392 ID: b3eab7

Tell her you got mixed up because your old man feared a cunning Gormoamhi named Saqrar, but you forgot it was long ago.
No. 1089393 ID: dd3fe0

Question for you: what do you know of the rules of inter-species fertility among sapient races? Who is compatible, under what circumstances, what results, what influences things, etc.?

Possible high risk, high-reward line of questioning: 'I've heard old tales of your species culture, mostly about other tribes, so I don't know if it's true. Is it true that you separate 'female-gender-role' from 'having-female-sexual-bits' for, uh, 'non-people'? And that mating with 'female-gender-people' is how you turn 'non-people' into 'half-people', a sort of higher class? Or is that something only the males of your species do? I'm confused with the details! I admit, I ask because I find you appealing! Is it taboo for one like you to mate with a male-sexual-bits non-person in your first heat? Or is it the act of having a child with one, but not, say, the sorts of sex that don't produce progeny, that's taboo? Something else? How does any of this work? Like, I heard a tale you value virgins more or something like that?'

And if pressed on how you know this, you'd answer 'Other tribes of your species used to sometimes send your enslaved 'half-people' to talk the young and horny of other species into joining their tribes sort-of willingly, with stories of living lives full of limitless sexual hedonism and debauchery, and with no responsibilities of note. Needless to say, such tales, of course, spread like wildfire! I presume important details are left out or exaggerated or lost; the tales are old. I just don't know where or what.'

Now... the problem with this is twofold. ONE, you are giving out a lot of information, and admitting limits to your knowledge, in the hopes of getting information back. This isn't precisely 'leave them open to gloat about a topic'. TWO, this story is extrapolated from patterns of a specific clan which was put in a very very difficult place and had to adjust their traditions under stress -- so they adjusted the jobs given to their men and women in nontraditional ways, AND they included a LOT more 'nonpeople' in things; but this can't be the ONLY time this species ever had that idea! Hence the bit about the tales being old; some other clan was under similar stress a long time ago -- regardless, that's a bit of a yarn, so use at your own risk. But I dunno, it seemed relevant.
No. 1089405 ID: dd3fe0

Also, the females tend to be smarter than the males in this species, except when the females are having their heat. They still might remember things that happened during their heat when their mind clears, though. Also, much of my information from previously is from male 'culture', such as it is. And as such, one should remember that details of male culture are things that the matriarchs could override the importance of when given a chance to run things.

You could ask her if she isn't good at the physical tasks of her gender, surely there's another sort of task that she might excel at? Not knowing what's going on around you is just one sort of thought -- surely there's another type of more mental skill she could do?

IE, you're hinting at her options to learn female, 'use up corpses to power destructive spells' magic, or to learn more intellectual pursuits of the nonpeople to help her clan.
No. 1089413 ID: dd3fe0

Also, ask her, flat out, how do you become a half person, and what exactly is a half person. Maybe even ask her, can she sponsor or make you a half-person?

In general, your objective is to a.) become a half-person, and b.) become a half-person that is specifically claimed as the sole property of someone reasonable. and c.) not have your mind destroyed in becoming a half-person!

Now, we know that males can take 'claim-mate' of people they fancy to be their fucktoys. We know males of this species are unreasonable as fuck. We know females *can* be reasonable and sane (though that varies). We don't know if females can have claim-mates, nor details of how females treat males of other species under their power in general. These things are VITAL to learn!

You need protection by someone sufficiently clever to reason with and who won't destroy your mind permanently as a matter of course or a general precaution!

Also, general note, the racial gifts -- strength, endurance, mass/size, durability, the ability to be stealthy despite being bright blue, the various magical gifts of this species are so ludicrously strong that a collection of morons of this species made absolute chaos of several large, organized, technologically and magically sophisticated groups in a matter of days! One might take the viewpoint that intentionally mixing some bloodlines might be a good idea. Maybe the males being stupid goes away if one is 1/4th Gormoamhi, but leaves the magic?

Though the magic and that drug and learning how to mindbreak people into a 'slave mindset' via edging them while they're drugged has totally fucked up their culture, to be sure. But I think sex with Gormoamhi males might have some odd mental effect in general, even without the drug? Otherwise getting people --of different species, even!-- reliably to the 'slave mindset' end wouldn't be possible, magic drugs or no! Just traumatizing people into a variety of different sorts of madness. Dunno if the sex alone having mental effects thing is true with the females, though. Too many questions, ugh. Might have to risk it anyway.
No. 1090436 ID: 868f55
File 171502728201.png - (644.44KB , 2000x2000 , 13.png )

Alright, you're throwing names at me after the first one didn't work. How do I know all these other names will?

As for-what'd you say? Inter-something something fertility? All I know is cause I'm a Rezan I gotta be careful. And I guess I'm pretty boring cause the Great Pervert in the Sky didn't drop a baby in my lap yet! But if you mean that I can knock up this Gormoamhi girl. I dunno. Yes? I guess?

:iagn2:"Heyha, I heard stories of your people, mostly other clans, so I don't know if it's true. Is it true that you make females out of uh, 'non-people'? Like how does that work? How do you make that into a half person?"

"Hah...you...you smell good."

She finally took my underwear off. I was wondering if she forgot about that. But I don't think she's listening. I'll try again.

:iagn2:"Hey is it taboo for one like you to mate with a non-person in your first heat?"

"It is very forbidden! But that's what makes it so good..."

She pushed me against a rock, and is licking her-oh. Oh I don't think she's listening.

"I don't care if it's wrong. I like it when it's wrong. I don't care if that's my heat talking. You're a male! And I will get what I want!"

Okay whatever's happening is gonna happen, and it's either gonna go very wrong or very right. I want it to go right. Your experts, tell me how to make it right but make it quick! She doesn't look like she's gonna wait!
No. 1090439 ID: dd3fe0

Uhhhh, fuck. I dunno? Maybe:

"Swear to make me a half-person and also your formal claim-mate, including releasing these bonds, and not only will I do everything in my power to keep you and any kids we have out of trouble for breaking this and any other taboo, I will also be more creative and kinky in fucking you. I have *skills*! I'm smart and I swear I will loyally use my mind on your behalf, especially when your mind's clouded. Swear it, and I'll swear to follow my part of this deal!"
No. 1090440 ID: de798b

Hmmm, don't you think that sounds a little bit too cold and dry when you're trying to talk to a woman in heat? Try to put some more teasing in there. Tell her that if she unties you, you'll make her feel better than any of the others could with their men.
No. 1090441 ID: eb0a9c

Tease her. Make her beg for your erection. Give her an extra taste every time she bends the knee.

As for recruiting her once she's too far gone and marked by her clan, we have a Gormoamhi in Venian's party now. So, they should get along. Maybe.
No. 1090460 ID: dd3fe0


See, I don't think the whole 'make her submit to us sexually over everything else' is the best play here. That just inverts the dominant/submissive social relationship in her mind. It doesn't *invalidate* it or *mock* it enough! If we want to invalidate it completely, we need to do more than JUST get her excited to break taboos in a fun way -- by the way, tease her about helping her break a LOT more taboos! -- we need to invalidate the entire structure as a whole. My view is we should overtly lean into 'switch' play; swapping who is dominant and submissive, who is taking the role as master and slave during sex, several times during this (no doubt extended) sexual session. Not just for positions, but what is said and allowed to be done and the roles. Make the whole concept of these things being unchangeable a bit of a farce.
No. 1090463 ID: dd3fe0

Mmmmm. How about this:

"Yea, breaking taboos is so fucking hot. Follow my lead tonight, and I can help you break all the taboos and not get caught. First, undo my binds, I promise to not try to escape, and if you follow me tonight, I will introduce you to the likes of pleasure the other women can only dream of."

Some taboos to break:

"Yea, on your first heat, you're going to beg a non-person to get you pregnant, and then we actually do it!"

"Let's make me a half-person and your claim-mate, except not really. To everyone else, that's what I'll be, but to us, we'll be that wonderful mystery that we discover tonight!"

"We could make you submissive, have you beg for my cock and cum, be a lowly female, turn the normal way these things go upside down. Yawn. Instead, let's make a joke of how those stuck up other Gormoamhi do things. Let's swap back and forth who's the bottom throughout the night instead! Lemme tie you up for a bit, give you an erotic spanking, then we fuck, then you tie me up and do the same!"
No. 1090467 ID: 031458

You want taboo, huh? How about this:
Release my bonds and lay down.
I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!

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