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File 169360430433.jpg - (522.69KB , 861x1080 , Core 1.jpg )
140583 No. 140583 ID: 995874

A discussion thread for Rotten Apple quest.

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No. 140584 ID: 995874
File 169360438610.jpg - (239.74KB , 717x741 , Core 2.jpg )

Abdle: "Hi homies."

Bobbie: "Hello and welcome everybody this will be a place where you the readers of the quest will be able to talk about about about the quest in a noncanonical way."
No. 140585 ID: 995874
File 169360450249.jpg - (111.75KB , 541x474 , Core 3.jpg )

Abdle: "You know there are people who read the quest, but the ones who really engage with the quest are more like participators because they take the role of the lesser demos a characters who do appear in the quest."
No. 140586 ID: 995874
File 169360459281.jpg - (115.01KB , 419x472 , Core 4.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well that's technically correct but at the same time I wanted to ask participants how they feel about the idea of them being real characters rather than just being the thought of the main characters. Do they prefer to have a more physicals or a psychological present."
No. 140587 ID: 995874
File 169360464468.jpg - (189.32KB , 549x681 , Core 5.jpg )

Gramlera: "I have a question for you two, is there going to be sexual content in this quest?"
No. 140588 ID: 995874
File 169360468144.jpg - (116.71KB , 380x498 , Core 6.jpg )

Bobbie: "..."

Gramlera: "Don't look at me that way, we are all adults here and we all know on what site we are. So that is why I ask."
No. 140589 ID: 995874
File 169360489637.jpg - (75.76KB , 345x489 , Core 7.jpg )

Abdle: "Hey now if this quest that is going to be all about convincing people not to kill you seducing them can also be an option."
No. 140590 ID: 995874
File 169360494816.jpg - (157.25KB , 557x509 , Core 8.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well I am more interested how the readers would feel if that was implemented quest. Are they for it or against it, or just indifferent about it?"
No. 140609 ID: aa98c6

Just indifferent to these. Even if I do find lesser demon headspikes aesthetically distasteful. Just here to outwit whoever attempts to stop our protags.
No. 140611 ID: a7b016


I feel the same way, wheatear it does appear I won't dislike it or if it doesn't I won't cry about its absence. As for us being lesser demons, I can roll with it.
No. 140645 ID: dc13c4
File 169410961080.jpg - (217.55KB , 746x830 , Core 9.jpg )

Bobbie: "I see, well If there will be those lewd scenarios in the story they will not take over the story. The main rise in power and intimidation battle is what this quest will always be about. As for the lessor demon appearance, if you want we can always redesign them."

Abdle: "Yeah, we will just place all the romance as side quest material. It is a possibility but only if you are going for it."
No. 140646 ID: dc13c4
File 169410965964.jpg - (131.56KB , 548x551 , Core 10.jpg )

Bobbie: "Now what I want to know more about is how you feel so far with the quest. Do you think that the story is captivating? Do you think that the setup was too long? I am asking that because the next update will start the main course of this quest."
No. 140687 ID: 67061a

Liking it so far though I feel it has to be said. Liked the original (farm knight was lulz) but the mechanics were too confusing to make informed decisions which is why (IMO) suggestions just stopped. So far this one does not have that issue. Here it's just following one of Sun Tzu's classic quotes. "Look strong where you are weak and look weak where you are strong."
No. 140698 ID: 4f646b

I never managed to find the first part of this story, can you give a link?
No. 140699 ID: dc13c4
File 169443955316.jpg - (261.16KB , 866x890 , Core 11.jpg )

Bobbie: "Yeah I have to admit that the first attempt at this quest was a bit of a mess. Honestly, I wouldn't really like showing it even if it is considered a canonical part of the Monster Queen quest. But the story of the current quest can be read widout it. Here is the link for the first part."

Abdle: "Ugh, don't remind me of that first attempt that whole thing is an eyesore. I really don't recommend looking at it."

No. 140700 ID: dc13c4
File 169443959910.jpg - (672.57KB , 1614x1128 , Core 12.jpg )

Bobbie: "The whole idea of the first approach of this quest being something like an emotional combat. Moves are different approaches to unnerve your opponent, but in hindsight, it was too complicated so in the current quest I streamlined the approach."
No. 140701 ID: dc13c4
File 169443964403.jpg - (142.68KB , 569x525 , Core 13.jpg )

Bobbie: "After that, we just hung around in those seasonal celebrations. During the beach day, we constructed our pirate ship, and during the Secret Santa, we gave a gift to a caricature of a queen. So we weren't forgotten we, were just preparing for our return."
No. 140702 ID: dc13c4
File 169443970125.jpg - (77.62KB , 404x568 , Core 14.jpg )

Abdle: "Speaking of our old ship it was such a shame that we didn't use it. Hey I have an idea, Poltergeist Ethanoic, if you can get in contact with those birds who built that giant sand castle and ask them if would be okay if our ship slammed into their architectural construction?"
No. 140707 ID: 4f646b

So the first part is something like a starting point for you two and the monster queen is a time skip. So what I am wondering is just what happened between the first part and the current events?
No. 140722 ID: dc13c4
File 169481735734.jpg - (289.69KB , 748x494 , Core 15.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well, originally it was probably around five encounters that were skipped and one of them being the Farmer Knight. The second opponent would have been the Goblin Genocider, this opponent wouldn't be somebody who would look for us but we would be the one confronting him. The third opponent would be a paladin, she would be seeking us. The fort opponent would be a wizard. And final opponent would have been the gorilla arms mercenary. I am still not sure what the time amount would be between all those battles but most importantly, every fight would be finished in a non-combatant way. With every successful victory, the followers would grow and more options would have been unlocked. Maybe that is why we skipped all those fights so that we started from a castle location and continued to build up from there. The whole beginning part would have been long and slow. In the current story, all those fights did happen, but even I don't know how they would have worked out."
No. 140729 ID: 4f646b

I am slightly confused by how the communication with us as lesser demons works, especially in this part where we talk to the advisor instead of our protagonists.
No. 140731 ID: dc13c4
File 169498978373.jpg - (338.61KB , 1334x795 , Core 16.jpg )

Abdle: "Option A
Let me explain that things you see as lesser demons can be only seen by Bobbie, me, and our allies. That is why you managed to give that suggestion to Grimlith, the only limitation to this maneuver is that the allies have to be in a nearby vicinity. It is possible to even talk to the enemies of the queen but they will not be able to see you, only hear you. There is an implantation for using this to mess with the enemies but as with every tool in our arsenal timing when to use it is the important part.

Option B
This is the more what you all will do, which would be giving suggestions to the Queen during the moment of deep concentration. During this part, Bobbie and I can telepathically talk while time stops around us, that is the time when your suggestions to the queen will be heard the loudest."
No. 140749 ID: dc13c4
File 169539494950.jpg - (303.43KB , 998x678 , Core 17.jpg )

Bobbie: "Hey look something is just coming along our mail."

Abdle: "Yeah and the person who is giving it looks really familiar. It reminds me of a pizza guy from an abandoned quest."

Bobbie: "No need to be rude that quest isn't abandoned it can always come back."
No. 140750 ID: dc13c4
File 169539500228.jpg - (100.76KB , 302x349 , Core 20.jpg )

Bobbie: "Wow would you look at this! It is such a fantastic portrait of us two. It truly captures our dynamic and personality."
No. 140751 ID: dc13c4
File 169539505250.jpg - (249.99KB , 662x562 , Core 18.jpg )

Abdle: "Yeah it looks professionally done, I it like somebody took a piece of our life and put it on paper."

Bobbie: "Thank you Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid for this piece of art."
No. 140752 ID: dc13c4
File 169539512268.jpg - (247.81KB , 698x558 , Core 19.jpg )

Abdle: "Hey wait one moment, you said this perfectly represents our dynamic, but on it, I look like a screaming parrot on your shoulder! I am more than that!"

Bobbie: "No need to be such a nitpicker, let's just do what was asked form us."
No. 140783 ID: dc13c4
File 169585610642.jpg - (288.13KB , 690x718 , Core 26.jpg )

Bobbie: "Hey I always meant to ask you about one thing."

Abdle: "Yeah sure what did you want to ask?"

Bobbie: "I know that you had your demonic form so can you tell me more about it? How it looked and all that other stuff."

Abdle: "I don't think that the quest author ever created my own demon from and I don't think that my demonic form will ever appear in the quest. That is part of my past that really isn't important..."
No. 140784 ID: dc13c4
File 169585617816.jpg - (176.30KB , 506x590 , Core 27.jpg )

Abdle: "But if any of you participators already had your own idea of how my demonic form looked feel free to post your own descriptions or post a sketch."
No. 140787 ID: e51896

I like the mystery of what Abdle's true form could look like. It leaves it up to people's imagination
No. 140828 ID: dc13c4
File 169640284630.jpg - (454.42KB , 1196x1074 , Core 28.jpg )

Abdle: "Wow something huge is coming our way."

Bobbie: "It is probably something interdimensional. But I am also curious what it is."
No. 140829 ID: dc13c4
File 169640288730.jpg - (450.96KB , 1078x1018 , Core 29.jpg )

Abdle: "Oh it is just another art piece, let's give it a look."

Bobbie: "I am not complaining that we got it but more the timing being so close the the other one we received is a little bit concerning."
No. 140830 ID: dc13c4
File 169640300125.jpg - (118.84KB , 357x357 , Core 30.jpg )

Abdle: "Wow I am speechless this is beyond professional it is like somebody making our portrait."

Bobbie: "It is absolutely phenomenal."
No. 140831 ID: dc13c4
File 169640306994.jpg - (275.26KB , 674x785 , Core 31.jpg )

Bobbie: "It is so good to the point that I feel guilty of even getting it. I don't know what I ever done to deserve something like this."
No. 140832 ID: dc13c4
File 169640313089.jpg - (362.16KB , 866x835 , Core 32.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Yeah I agree with you on that statement...But I may have a way to commemorate this."

Bobbie: "Who even are you?!"
No. 140833 ID: dc13c4
File 169640317820.jpg - (221.58KB , 626x690 , Core 33.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "I am the creator of the Rotten Apple quest and since this is a non-canonical interaction it is fine for us to chat from time to time."
No. 140834 ID: dc13c4
File 169640323738.jpg - (268.92KB , 718x718 , Core 34.jpg )

Bobbie: "So that means that you are the one responsible for all the grammatical errors."
No. 140835 ID: dc13c4
File 169640328707.jpg - (193.08KB , 570x670 , Core 35.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Nobody likes a know-it-alls...but yeah, you're right."
No. 140836 ID: dc13c4
File 169640338068.jpg - (220.97KB , 596x840 , Core 36.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Well the main reason for coming here is to make an ancient specific for the one who created that art piece. I was so moved by it that I will develop it into a picture, frame it, and place it on the table of my desk at work. Don't worry I won't get in any trouble for doing that, other coworkers have all sorts of things on their desks. The one whose desk is next to my own has a Terminator robotic skull inside of the head of Groot. I will send the picture when it is all done."
No. 140841 ID: 973d0f
File 169649590711.jpg - (2.36MB , 4624x3468 , 20231005_104755.jpg )

No. 140842 ID: 973d0f

Sorry for posting so late about the whole demon apple true form, here is how I imagine him looking.
No. 140866 ID: dc13c4
File 169663156922.jpg - (698.07KB , 1374x1098 , Core 37.jpg )

Abdle: "Now that is something with a little bit more of a bite to it. I really like the animalistic way the original drawing depicted me, with me walking on all fours...What is that you wrote above...Ha ha ha very funny so what this demonic hellhound form is going to be just my imagination?"

Bobbie: "I also like the drawing that Ass Bass did but on the thematic level I also like the whole ambiguity of what poltergeist ethanic said about leaving it as a mystery. In fact that leaves everybody having their own version of you to envision."
No. 140897 ID: dc13c4
File 169696222111.jpg - (1.11MB , 2880x1728 , Core 38.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "As I promised to do and I did it. This fan art is part of my office desk."
No. 140898 ID: dc13c4
File 169696225896.jpg - (328.08KB , 1242x1092 , Core 39.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Tippler I want to personally thank you for making something so fantastic and for the upcoming holidays I have something planned to do for your character."
No. 140899 ID: 9ea24b
File 169697790797.png - (154.95KB , 600x600 , a49.png )

you're most welcome and im honored to have my art in the physical world.

unrelated picture of me eating edmango's face
No. 141069 ID: dc13c4
File 169879453152.jpg - (684.59KB , 1226x1473 , Core 40.jpg )

Happy Halloween to everybody who is celebrating it. This will be a possible character that will be a possibility to mean, especially if you go down the overlord path in the quest.
No. 141232 ID: dc13c4
File 170060528774.jpg - (242.73KB , 611x462 , Core 44.jpg )

Bobbie: "You really don't need to do all of that to show your honor...I don't know how I even feel about it."

Abdle: "Speak for yourself, I am really enjoying this feast. Look at him go, such passion, such raw emotions!"
No. 141233 ID: dc13c4
File 170060532891.jpg - (193.60KB , 500x316 , Core 45.jpg )

Bobbie: "Oh my boss has something that I need to do."
No. 141234 ID: dc13c4
File 170060537428.jpg - (203.93KB , 500x316 , Core 46.jpg )

Bobbie: "I am sorry to cut this demonstration short but I need to read this announcement."

Abdle: "Aww your no fun Bobbie."
No. 141235 ID: dc13c4
File 170060542494.jpg - (202.26KB , 404x436 , Core 47.jpg )

Bobbie: "According to this there is going to be a survey that is primarily for all the participants of the Rotten Apple Quest. But even those who read the quest are free to fill it up if they are so inclined."
No. 141236 ID: dc13c4
File 170060546706.jpg - (1.94MB , 2034x3272 , Core 48.jpg )

No. 141237 ID: a8430b

Quepstion 1, my answer is 6, like the story and the characters but I still think that there can be some improvements.

Question 2, my answer is 8, I am interested in seeing where the story will go.

Question 3, my answer is 3, it felt like the battle was dragging a little bit.

Question 4, my answer is 7, enjoyed the mechanics of the battle system.

Question 5, my answer is 5, interaction during the fight felt a little bit odd in some parts.

Question 6, my answer is 5, to me it felt like 50-50 when it came to my suggestions.

Question 7, my answer is 8, I felt like I did contribute to the victory of the battle.

Question 8, my answer is 4, overall at the end it felt a little bit forced.
No. 141257 ID: c51648

1) Going with 6. Wouldn't say it's among my favs, still it beats the pants off of many quests. Which may change as the stakes go up as that engages. Just don't let them get high too fast/slow.
2) Uh... will go with 6. Like the premise though every once in a while there's moments we don't know a thing that would be obvious to the people of this place. Like that magic plague that was actually illusions. Or that Abdle can cause harm unlike Bobbie.
3) Lol typo. 1 is too short 8 is too short lol. Feels like heads I win tails you lose. Seriously though. Guessing 8 is too long so going with 6. Did drag a bit though most things felt like they had to happen so... hard to say what to remove.
4) Will go with 7. Funnily enough the mechanics felt opaque but that was no issue. Felt less game-ish to have the mechanics less obvious. Sure the patience bar was good, however that was practically need-to-know. Only complaint is... well, we'll get to that but not on this.
5) Will go with 5. Would be higher but for one big issue. We had practically decided to give up 5 gobbos to resolve this without fighting. Still, Bobbie just *had* to lose her sense and ruin it all. Felt railroaded.
6) 8. Did help that Polt saw and often backed my ingenious plans.
7) 7. However that -1 is on myself, since a few ingenious plans went sideways. Friggin' Orbital messed up my masterstroke of poison gas...
8) 3. Here's where the issue from #4 shows up. Dude convinces himself it's an illusion so hard yet gives up that conviction as soon as the gas dissipates? He kills the rebels but spares the one who instigated? Just felt off.
Oh, question for yourself. Stayed unnamed but ID changed because of rotating VPN so. Would a name help parse suggestions or is it fine as is?
No. 141268 ID: e51896

1. a 6 so far. I like this silly moments on this quest, and the idea of trying to triumph over your foes through initimidation and negotiation alone while being weak is pretty unique.

2. a 7. I like the characters and humor, and puzzles

3. a 6-7. it kinda dragged on a bit, tho, like >>141257 said, it felt like those had to happen. I think for a first fight, it could of ended 2-3 updates ago. maybe this length for this battle could have been a bit better for a later fight. I say for the next encounter, make it a bit shorter, but as we encounter stronger enemies later on, slowly make the battles a little longer

4. a 7. the multiple choices helped out quite a bit to give us ideas of what to do, while allowing us to come up with our own ideas. I like how towards the end, we were on our own. trying to figure out what to do based off of what weaknesses we found from the enemy throughout the fight to finish him off

5. 6, a little railroaded at times

6. since this is a multiple choice, and the suggestions chosen are based off of votes, this might be something more of us hearing each other more than you hearing us, so probably don't worry too much about it. That said, around a 7. though if you're worried that your suggestors are feeling like they aren't being heard, maybe from time to time you can acknowledge the spirits that choice didn't get chosen (not all the time, just sometimes)

7. 8. good work team

8. same reasons as the above suggestions. I think part of the reason why it felt forced and weird was because the middle part dragged on a bit, and you wanted to end it by rushing the ending instead of easing towards the ending.

overall, I say a 7/10 quest so far. there's improvements that are needed, but it has potential. I'm looking forward to see how it'll improve.
No. 141271 ID: dc13c4
File 170116906029.jpg - (175.72KB , 781x559 , Core 49.jpg )

Bobbie: "Thank you all for filling up the survey, Absurdity DeVoid has given me a written statement after a long consideration of all the answers that you submitted."
No. 141272 ID: dc13c4
File 170116910414.jpg - (174.85KB , 765x550 , Core 50.jpg )

Bobbie: "Also I will give my own thoughts after I finish reading this on how things played out, from my perspective."

Abdle: "Yeah I will chime in as well and give my own thoughts as well."
No. 141273 ID: dc13c4
File 170116916922.jpg - (102.40KB , 540x382 , Core 51.jpg )

Bobbie: "Alright let's start with the letter. Greetings and thank you for participating in the survey and for following the story so far, it means a lot to me that my story is captivating you all and that you are still following it. My goal is to make my every quest feel like a completely different story. Now first things first, I want to explain some things that weren't clear because of my bad art, during the battle, nobody died all the ones who disobeyed Ramming Rage just got beaten up but they are all alive. Now on the topic of Bobbie flying off the handle, I know that two suggestions were up for that idea of giving up 5 goblins, but Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid really didn't like that idea so he contacted Harbard Grim in order to push his idea of not doing that. So it was two for giving the goblins and two against doing so and I went with Poltergeist's suggestion, he and Harbard Grim were my friends for some time and their decision was what won in the end. As for the poison gas not working, true it failed but at the same time you got something out of it Orbital was introduced and you even got a chance of getting him as your ally. As for the nameless participator, I would appreciate it if you named yourself. It is primarily so that I could eassaly see when somebody has posted in that quest, but if you are not up for it I won't force you."
No. 141274 ID: dc13c4
File 170116928180.jpg - (140.64KB , 521x485 , Core 52.jpg )

Bobbie: "Now on the things that I do agree with you all, the pacing felt off and I do feel it dragged on and at the end, it feels like it was rushed out with its conclusion I will try to do better, respect more options during battle and other suggestions in the next part where your opponent will be a brave and fearless hero."
No. 141275 ID: dc13c4
File 170116932049.jpg - (203.00KB , 838x667 , Core 53.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well that is all written on the piece of paper, so might as well tell how I see things played out..."
No. 141276 ID: dc13c4
File 170116936392.jpg - (106.37KB , 390x419 , Core 54.jpg )

Bobbie: "During the whole battle it was about scaring your opponent with the knife trick. When I pierced his body and the knife I played with the idea of doing somthing to him while he was slowly freaking out..."
No. 141277 ID: dc13c4
File 170116939827.jpg - (109.40KB , 402x466 , Core 55.jpg )

Bobbie: "When the knife was properly hidden that is when I started to threaten him that the knife was still inside his body and that I could make it corporeal which would kill him instantly."
No. 141278 ID: dc13c4
File 170116945862.jpg - (108.83KB , 402x470 , Core 56.jpg )

Bobbie: "I do have to admit the interactions were clunky and unclear at the moment and there is a lot of improvement that can be done for the whole battle system."

Abdle: "I mean when even the creator asks you do you feel the outcomes were believable that is a sign that maybe he didn't."
No. 141284 ID: 004436

>he and Harbard Grim were my friends for some time and their decision was what won in the end.
So it was nepotism that won that one. Seriously though, was unaware of Harbard Grim getting involved so that does feel less out of nowhere.
>As for the poison gas not working, true it failed but at the same time you got something out of it Orbital was introduced and you even got a chance of getting him as your ally.
Just to be clear that was not supposed to be a negative on your side. Even the best plans can go sideways so it was a positive. Supposed to be because strategic skills can always be improved. Just tend to focus on where things can be improved even if my side wins. Focusing on success gives overconfidence. Which rage learned himself as he was overconfident with his shield's defenses.
>would appreciate it if you named yourself
Let's see, what is suitably pompous given Abdle's offer of royal advisor status... Grand Marshal it is!
>"When the knife was properly hidden that is when I started to threaten him that the knife was still inside his body and that I could make it corporeal which would kill him instantly."
Still feels off given we earlier poked obvious holes in his idea of it all being an illusion which just convinced him it was a mass illusion so he really seemed to believe he was fooled. Just feels odd that threats and dissipated gas broke that while obvious holes failed. Guess he was just blustering?
No. 141321 ID: dc13c4
File 170178228931.jpg - (185.90KB , 450x542 , Core 57.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "I am glad that you name yourself it really suits you. Also, I liked your input during the survey it's a really solid constructive criticism that I will take into consideration."
No. 141322 ID: dc13c4
File 170178236712.jpg - (183.46KB , 418x546 , Core 58.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "The thing that I really need to work on is making the whole story feel less game-like, maybe removing the whole meter mechanic along with the pacing. I also feel like the ending was strange."
No. 141323 ID: dc13c4
File 170178253899.jpg - (173.82KB , 470x522 , Core 59.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "The thing that I am most glad about is how this reboot of the quest feels much more structured than the previous attempt that I made with the story. As for your participation so far I would like to offer you a prize that one of my characters will present to you."
No. 141324 ID: dc13c4
File 170178258626.jpg - (225.36KB , 554x482 , Core 60.jpg )

Gramlera: "Whatever you Grand Marshal are interested in Absurdity will draw it for you, so just say it and it will be done."
No. 141325 ID: dc13c4
File 170178267173.jpg - (158.04KB , 386x466 , Core 61.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "I just have to warn you that when it comes to my drawing potential there are some limitations of the skill-biased variety. But I will still try to draw it anyway."
No. 141356 ID: 1b29ae
File 170193309864.jpg - (11.89KB , 300x160 , soldier-medals-300x160.jpg )

Well in quest we can't be fancy but this place? Won't make it too tough. Just a lesser demon without headspikes and wearing modern dress uniform for militaries. With hat and medals of course. Pants optional because no legs. Stupidly excessive pompous number of medals optional as well, pic related. Even color is optional.
No. 141361 ID: dc13c4
File 170213150872.jpg - (106.71KB , 366x450 , Core 62.jpg )


I hope you like it
No. 141362 ID: dcefc3

Can you my lesser demon dressed up as a centurion
No. 141363 ID: e51896

I apologize for getting another person involved there. It was really wrong of me and disrespectful to do. I'll learn from this mistake For the future and be more thoughtful of my actions.


I prefer my lesser demon just the way he is, thanks. My decision might change, but for now this is what I want.
No. 141367 ID: dc13c4
File 170216619796.jpg - (119.38KB , 361x533 , Core 63.jpg )


Here you go, as for you Poltergeist no need to apologize the way I see it your determination was greater at that moment. Also, it is unfortunate but in the discussion thread because your character is the only one who isn't wearing anything your lesser demon is canonically a nudist I am not the one to make the rules that is just how it works.
No. 141375 ID: 994b83

>ribbons AND epaulets
Fits very well the obnoxiously overdecorated thing. Especially since usually ribbons and medals are mutually exclusive. So ya dun gud DeVoid.
No. 141378 ID: 00e23d
File 170225939450.png - (119.40KB , 366x450 , GrMrsh2(JustGetGIMP).png )

Did a sloppy coloring job for funsies. Did mostly red/green/yellow because apple colors. Should the laziness subside, perhaps getting GIMP will lead to a less sloppy one.
No. 141387 ID: dc13c4
File 170248516342.jpg - (243.19KB , 529x509 , Core 64.jpg )

Bobbie: "Wow I didn't know that you also knew how to use digital art painting."

Abdle: "What was this done while you were drunk or is it me?"
No. 141388 ID: dc13c4
File 170248522596.jpg - (243.17KB , 544x524 , Core 65.jpg )

Bobbie: "That is not nice to say to the Grand Marshal."

Abdle: "I am being honest I drank so much alcohol that everything I see is blurry"
No. 141443 ID: dc13c4
File 170346045433.jpg - (326.21KB , 958x684 , Core 66.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well once again it is that time of the year when the holidays start and the year is nearing its conclusion. For all participators of the quest I wish you the best in the new year and happy holidays if you are celebrating any!"

Abdle: "Ding ding ding, we have an announcement. Before the year is over we have somthing special planned, somthing tailored to one specific individual."
No. 141444 ID: dc13c4
File 170346082426.jpg - (112.21KB , 431x514 , Core 67.jpg )

Abdle: "It is going to be a surprise and a trip down memory lane. So for one of you, there is something coming towards you."
No. 141488 ID: dc13c4
File 170401725544.jpg - (822.94KB , 1850x1503 , poklon 8.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Well I managed to finish this just before the year ended, a monument to a quest that I loved following, so I just wanted to reminisce about it. So Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid this is the gift that I was working on, happy new year."
No. 141536 ID: dc13c4
File 170493489385.jpg - (408.57KB , 1068x1221 , poklon 9.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "This is fanart to the newcomer who started following the Rotten Apple quest."
No. 141557 ID: dcefc3

So in the latest update you showed all the previous heroes. So what happened to all of them after the conflict was over?
No. 141559 ID: dc13c4
File 170562811505.jpg - (558.59KB , 2496x1193 , Core 68.jpg )

To be honest the backstory of the previous battles was mealy there to flash out the claim that the queen has overcome on her way to growth. I really don't know if these characters will ever appear in the story but at the same time that practically leaves their fate to your imagination. So let's make it official, what do you want their fate to be?
A) They are terrified of their experience with Bobbie.
B) They didn't survive after the battle with Bobbie.
C) They were tricked by Bobbie but they don't fear her.
D) Other suggestions.

Additional question which one of these previous opponents do you find interesting and would you like to see once again to appear in the story?
No. 141560 ID: 5ebd37

Genocider: A, For a being powered by hate to be tricked seems like Bobbie must have given it an existential crisis.
Clara: C, I like her design, it would be neat if she ended up on Bobbie's side. The "fallen" paladin that realizes their order is wrong and monsters aren't so bad is always a fun story trope.
Right Hand:B
Left Hand:C, It would be funny if just the one hand came looking for revenge.
Covario:C, This one's fight seems to have left unresolved trauma, I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up again to bring closure.
No. 141561 ID: dcefc3

For Goblin Genocider I am going with C). To me he seemed like a immovable force, so just point it in a different direction and you win. For Clara I am going with A) or B), I don't find that character interesting. For the beard, right and left hands I go with A) for all of then. For Covario B), even if he is dead he left his nark on others.
No. 141563 ID: dc13c4
File 170569939735.jpg - (664.79KB , 2482x1189 , Core 69.jpg )

Goblin Genocider has one point in A and one point in C.

Paladin Clara has half a point for A and B, full points for C and to be seen again.

The right hand of Nefleus has one A and B points.

The Living Beard has two points in A.

The left hand of Nefleus has one point in A and C.

Covario has one point in B, C and to be seen again.
No. 141570 ID: dcefc3

I forgot to vote who I would like to see once again in the quest and my answer is the Goblin Genocider, he gives the overpowered boss at the start of the game one that you can't beat uder-leveled. So a reamatch with him would be interesting to see.
No. 141576 ID: dc13c4
File 170588880068.jpg - (776.19KB , 2512x1169 , Core 70.jpg )

Here is the update for the update for the additional wish for the Goblin Genocider to be seen again in the quest. This is an addition to the previous suggestions.
No. 141577 ID: 27fceb
File 170592640192.jpg - (1.20MB , 1728x2880 , IMG_20240122_130715.jpg )

Here is a fanart of your character
No. 141598 ID: dc13c4
File 170622505265.jpg - (1.25MB , 1699x2505 , Core 71.jpg )

No. 141599 ID: dc13c4
File 170622532441.jpg - (1.91MB , 1717x2023 , Core 72.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "I really appreciate your fanart of the queen and the demonic apple let me try to touch it up a little bit."
No. 141600 ID: dc13c4
File 170622539268.jpg - (2.68MB , 1717x2023 , Core 73.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "And to add more color to it."
No. 141601 ID: dc13c4
File 170622602004.jpg - (123.42KB , 494x369 , Core 74.jpg )

Bobbie: "Wow the colored one looks impressive, we might use it in a story like a portrait of us."

Abdle: "I would wish it also had my crown in it."

Bobbie: "Do you have to always be so grumpy about everything?"
No. 141602 ID: dc13c4
File 170622684102.jpg - (115.62KB , 504x381 , Core 76.jpg )

Bobbie: "Oh we also got a sketch of our castle."

Abdle: "Yeah that can be helpful."

Bobbie: "Thank you Nalther for creating this for me."
No. 141604 ID: dc13c4
File 170630337336.jpg - (401.90KB , 1258x1290 , poklon 10.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Just doing a fanart of Magical School Of Treachery. Now Derklord can you see this as bribery? Sure you can see it that way. But I like to see it more as me appreciating your cameo."
No. 141605 ID: dc13c4


Absurdity DeVoid: "Also have to apologize if this art of these characters isn't biblically accurate."
No. 141623 ID: dc13c4
File 170690622058.jpg - (147.41KB , 669x473 , Core 77.jpg )

Bobbie: "Congratulations on finishing the first part of Rotten Apple Monster Queen Quest! It took some time but it was completed, maybe the quest will continue after a short break."

Abdle: "Yeah we earn it after so many days of updates, but before we finish our celebration we need to read the message that Absurdity has given to us."
No. 141624 ID: dc13c4
File 170690648170.jpg - (110.71KB , 543x426 , Core 78.jpg )

Bobbie: "As a prize for following the quest and participating in it all you can submit your ideas for the characters, and give a short or long summary of it. Or a drawing, I will draw it in my art style and implement it in the story. Have fun and be creative if you want to make a character for the quest."
No. 141625 ID: 27fceb

My idea for the character would be a human executor who first was part of the Head Splitters and later joined the Banisters. When he abandoned the second faction he ended up in the forgotten kingdom just chopping wood not loyal no one. So my idea is for him to become another ally to the Monster Queen.
No. 141627 ID: dc13c4
File 170691884418.jpg - (291.50KB , 756x1260 , Core 79.jpg )

Interesting idea, as for how this character would look is it alright with you if I reuse one of my ideas for an abandoned quest story that I never did? For the look, it would be the stereotypical medieval executor look. So what do you think, does this fit your idea for that character?
No. 141630 ID: 5ebd37
File 170693510616.jpg - (82.86KB , 433x626 , kenku scholar.jpg )

A kenku scholar on the trail of a conspiracy/prophecy. It started as just an excuse to go on a trip, but now they're horribly worried its actually true.
No. 141632 ID: dc13c4
File 170696549902.jpg - (372.22KB , 1183x848 , Core 80.jpg )

I really like this character and I already have an idea where I can use him. Here is how looks in my art style without and with colors. So what is your opinion on it? As for the executor, what would be his name?
No. 141633 ID: b7022b

Generous offer but will have to politely decline a fleshed out being. Orbital was a surprise. Even though it was bad, quite like being surprised. Plot twists are so much sweeter if you have a few pieces of the puzzle but not enough to see the whole picture. Perhaps a concept would suffice though. Vague enough to still be unsure. Was worried about a secret test of character before. Just having the possibility will constantly challenge. How do we know if we're tested or if we waste resources on a red herring? Perhaps not having one would be the twist itself. With that level of ambiguity it will still be tough without spoiling what may yet be.
No. 141634 ID: 27fceb

I completely forgot to give my character a name. Well let's go with his profession being his name. It isn't that he doesn't have a name but rather that he doesn't care about it. As for his appearance yeah that will do, that will do, also one running joke with him is that his face never gets revealed.
No. 141635 ID: 5ebd37

They look great, blue suits them
No. 141636 ID: dc13c4
File 170699245876.jpg - (346.71KB , 878x1299 , Core 81.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "First of all I understand if you Grand Marshal are not interested in creating character, those who will we meet later on. This whole thing is primarily a reference to the quest that I followed where the quest author asked me to create characters for his quest at the star of it. On the topic of red herring, well if this is about the battles, every opponent will have a different way how they demonstrate strength and the job of the queen will be to dismantle that. Maybe some will use red herrings in their strategy or we will do that against them. As for our executioner, his official name will be Executioner I just want to remind you that you have chosen this. And finally Nalthar, I am glad that you like how I colored your character."
No. 141637 ID: c77d55

Slight misunderstanding. Whole red herring thing was for secret tests of character so we would never be sure if we face an actual one. Still, good to know. Will expect the unexpected.
No. 141642 ID: dc13c4
File 170717515327.jpg - (60.36KB , 306x302 , Core 82.jpg )

I apologize for not understanding what you asked me. But at the same time, I gave you something else to think about.
No. 141643 ID: dc13c4
File 170717518513.jpg - (61.00KB , 306x302 , Core 83.jpg )

As for your real question, well there won't be as much as secret skill checks as there were in the Long live the Queen game. But at the same time, there are going to be some things that your opponents will expect from you and will be able to counter your attempts.
No. 141659 ID: e51896
File 170747243676.png - (165.73KB , 2000x2000 , pig.png )

Okay, my idea for a character.

A mysterious pig vampire showed up to this world, looking to set up a fast food restaurant chain called "BURGERVANIA" within the different kingdoms of the world. Apparently, the BURGERVANIA chain did not originate from this world, but from another world entirely, and they want to expand their burger empire throughout the different universes out there after making some kind of deal with a demon from another world to help them do it, and BURGERVANIA chose the world of rotten apple as one of the many worlds to expand their business.

This pig is name Vance, and while he isn't the true owner of BURGERVANIA, he was sent here by the head CEO to spread the business to this world, and act as this world's BURGERVANIA's CEO

He is neutral and will not pick sides, as he is willing to not only expand to Bobbie's kingdom, but to the other kingdoms, including her enemies' kingdoms. Perhaps he will try to work out a deal with Bobbie to allow him to purchase some places to set up some BURGERVANIA restaurants in her kingdom and villages.

Since he's a vampire, he can only be around during the night.

No, he does not personally know w2K and they are not related. They have never met before. He only knows her as a mascot, which they will probably use her image to try to help sell their food.
No. 141696 ID: c65153
File 170787769240.jpg - (1.90MB , 1064x1581 , Core 97.jpg )

So since there was a parody of my characters in the quest and they described it as an anime in the story I decided to create the anime cover art of the parody.
No. 141709 ID: 55f601
File 170804109182.jpg - (364.44KB , 812x986 , Core 107.jpg )

First of all, I want to thank everyone for sending their ideas for characters, it was fun thinking about how to implement them all in the story. Now about Vance, he is a clear connection to the other quest and I don't have a problem with that. But what I want to change a little bit is how he ended up in this world, instead of coming here it will be that he is stranded in this world and needs to create his food chain from scratch. I imagine him to act like Ray Kroc from the Founder movie.
No. 141770 ID: e7a0ae
File 170909466265.png - (745.90KB , 2208x717 , Worst-Best_Typo.png )

So worst or best typo?
No. 141785 ID: 72574f
File 170929183851.jpg - (164.98KB , 402x326 , Core 109.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Oh how embarrassing for me to make such a silly mistake, yeah it was supposed to be sit instead of shit."
No. 141786 ID: 72574f
File 170929189283.jpg - (164.95KB , 402x326 , Core 110.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "But at the same time I find it really funny. Also, I have been thinking of making a comic of Rotten Apple characters singing songs how do you all feel about that idea."
No. 141790 ID: 9c23e7

Won't lie, see lots of typos but usually it's easy to know what it's supposed to be. Had to highlight that one for the humor value, though. Did consider leaving in Wormworks saying it's fine and naming the png "Wormworks_has_a_fetish.png" but it seemed funny enough as is since he's smiling. Per the comic do it if it's fun for you chief. We are but humble readers/suggestors. Ours is to positively criticize. We'd be very entitled if we tell you how to do fun things.
No. 141813 ID: e002ad
File 170950745464.jpg - (150.04KB , 232x302 , Core 119.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "What I can say for my defense is that I usually want to make the update as soon as possible, I work alone but things slip by me."
No. 141814 ID: e002ad
File 170950749126.jpg - (138.95KB , 213x298 , Core 120.jpg )

Absurdity DeVoid: "Despite all my grammatical mistakes and unimpressive art I am glad that the story captivated you."
No. 141815 ID: 52a42d

Didn't mean to make ya feel bad. Just happen to notice typos in daily life. Were it a deal-breaker would probably never read words at all. Oh and while digital coloring and perhaps shading is not that tough, line art is my kryptonite. So however unimpressive you believe your art is, you're still better than like 80% of people who have no art skill at all. Plus most artists improve the more they draw. Especially if they criticize their own works. So chin up as they say in British derived dialects!
No. 141818 ID: 0f6712

It is alright, do you have a discord? We can talk there.
No. 141826 ID: bcde53

Short version: no. Long version: technological affinity has made me a technophobe because of privacy concerns. Little ironic eh? Still, while a level of tracking is very hard to avoid in this day and age, giving up and letting it be easy just seems foolish.

However if retro works, just joined IRC at #tgchan on irc.rizon.net even if it's semi-dead.
No. 141828 ID: 711344

I completely understand your approach to interacting with technology, in today's day and age anything that you say or do on the internet it will be recorded and monitored. I will respect your decision and not ask you anymore about Discord.
No. 141966 ID: fbe348
File 171200077095.jpg - (329.95KB , 1242x746 , Core 122.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well for today's celebration put in all the jokes that you liked or would like to see in this quest."

Abdle: "Are you sure that is going to be such a good idea, you do realize what people on this site find funny."
No. 141967 ID: fbe348
File 171200083211.jpg - (324.69KB , 763x817 , Core 123.jpg )

Bobbie: "Oh I am fully aware and in a way am accepting of it."
No. 141972 ID: 27fceb

I like the joke of Bobbie being tired of everybody's nonsense.
No. 141976 ID: 5ebd37

Abdle's little toy friend is a good joke
No. 141977 ID: 5ebd37
File 171209143909.jpg - (539.38KB , 4200x1800 , visit rotten apple.jpg )

a travel poster for the castle
No. 141989 ID: 7c55ad

I like Bobbie's small silly moments especially when it contrasts with her personality (like that cringey dab she did)
No. 141994 ID: 9c049c
File 171256483797.jpg - (134.09KB , 539x437 , Core 124.jpg )

Bobbie: "I asked for your favorite joke and now you just created a joke that I really like. you definitely outplayed me during this celebration, I can assure you that this travel poster will become a part of the quest."
No. 141995 ID: 9c049c
File 171256490287.jpg - (102.15KB , 350x416 , Core 125.jpg )

Bobbie: "As for your other suggestion all of them will be taken into consideration and it will be sprinkled them here and there in the quest. Not trying to overdo it."
No. 141996 ID: 9c049c
File 171256496486.jpg - (106.59KB , 346x454 , Core 126.jpg )

Bobbie: "And yes this also includes Abdle's little toy friend joke as well."

Abdle: "Oh joy..."
No. 142050 ID: 27fceb

So what's up with the heart point that we just got?
No. 142053 ID: 4c9b0e
File 171363545007.jpg - (2.39MB , 2338x3156 , Core 128.jpg )

It is a reference to relationships standing with other characters. The more points you have the more they will see you in a favorable light, there will be all sorts of them as the quest goes along. I will give you some for the characters that you already know exist.

1. belongs to the Archer.

2. belongs to Worm Works.

3. belongs to the whole Farm Knights Gang.
No. 142090 ID: 0a3525
File 171417083904.png - (82.58KB , 350x483 , elder-oblex.png )

Just something for later. I was asked to help make a special monster by Absurdity, so this is what I came up with. Don't read if you don't want spoilers.

They are an Oblex, a special type of Ooze that can change its appearance based on the memories of people it's eaten. As such, they are something of a scholar and librarian but everything they do is an imitation of actual feelings. There is always something just slightly off about them, and when they get too stressed out, panicked, etc, they return to their slime form.
No. 142094 ID: d37872
File 171428403036.jpg - (533.64KB , 771x962 , Core 130.jpg )

Harbard Grim is the one who picked which one of these 5 character is the Oblex and it will be up to you all to figure out who that is.
No. 142162 ID: c5529d

I think at this moment, the reason why I'm thinking we shouldn't take the gift is because I believe the demon kid when he said that he didn't use any illusions to trick us. So if it isn't him, it's one of the others. And right now, I'm thinking it's probably Scarecrow Kid who tried to mess with us, considering he was likely staring directly at one of the lesser demons, which isn't normal. I might be a bit too paranoid, but right now, I think that gift might actually be something that could mess with us later down the line if we accept it, especially if he was the one who was causing illusions on the demon kid's arms to mess with us earlier.
No. 142163 ID: c5529d

Also posted this here in case Scarecrow Kid can hear us. If he can see us, he can probably hear us too.
No. 142164 ID: 27fceb

What if not taking his gift may just anger him.
No. 142165 ID: c5529d

Perhaps. But it's better than just breaking it in front of him as the other other option. Pretty much why in my decision, I made it a polite decline to not hurt his feelings by saying it's too valuable to just accept, and to keep it with him for later. Can't forget that one of them is the Oblex after all >>142094
No. 142172 ID: 20a211
File 171554892846.jpg - (336.29KB , 986x1186 , Core 150.jpg )

Fan Art for the House Cadvere quest which was made by Nalthar


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