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File 169360430433.jpg - (522.69KB , 861x1080 , Core 1.jpg )
140583 No. 140583 ID: 995874

A discussion thread for Rotten Apple quest.

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No. 140584 ID: 995874
File 169360438610.jpg - (239.74KB , 717x741 , Core 2.jpg )

Abdle: "Hi homies."

Bobbie: "Hello and welcome everybody this will be a place where you the readers of the quest will be able to talk about about about the quest in a noncanonical way."
No. 140585 ID: 995874
File 169360450249.jpg - (111.75KB , 541x474 , Core 3.jpg )

Abdle: "You know there are people who read the quest, but the ones who really engage with the quest are more like participators because they take the role of the lesser demos a characters who do appear in the quest."
No. 140586 ID: 995874
File 169360459281.jpg - (115.01KB , 419x472 , Core 4.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well that's technically correct but at the same time I wanted to ask participants how they feel about the idea of them being real characters rather than just being the thought of the main characters. Do they prefer to have a more physicals or a psychological present."
No. 140587 ID: 995874
File 169360464468.jpg - (189.32KB , 549x681 , Core 5.jpg )

Gramlera: "I have a question for you two, is there going to be sexual content in this quest?"
No. 140588 ID: 995874
File 169360468144.jpg - (116.71KB , 380x498 , Core 6.jpg )

Bobbie: "..."

Gramlera: "Don't look at me that way, we are all adults here and we all know on what site we are. So that is why I ask."
No. 140589 ID: 995874
File 169360489637.jpg - (75.76KB , 345x489 , Core 7.jpg )

Abdle: "Hey now if this quest that is going to be all about convincing people not to kill you seducing them can also be an option."
No. 140590 ID: 995874
File 169360494816.jpg - (157.25KB , 557x509 , Core 8.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well I am more interested how the readers would feel if that was implemented quest. Are they for it or against it, or just indifferent about it?"
No. 140609 ID: aa98c6

Just indifferent to these. Even if I do find lesser demon headspikes aesthetically distasteful. Just here to outwit whoever attempts to stop our protags.
No. 140611 ID: a7b016


I feel the same way, wheatear it does appear I won't dislike it or if it doesn't I won't cry about its absence. As for us being lesser demons, I can roll with it.
No. 140645 ID: dc13c4
File 169410961080.jpg - (217.55KB , 746x830 , Core 9.jpg )

Bobbie: "I see, well If there will be those lewd scenarios in the story they will not take over the story. The main rise in power and intimidation battle is what this quest will always be about. As for the lessor demon appearance, if you want we can always redesign them."

Abdle: "Yeah, we will just place all the romance as side quest material. It is a possibility but only if you are going for it."
No. 140646 ID: dc13c4
File 169410965964.jpg - (131.56KB , 548x551 , Core 10.jpg )

Bobbie: "Now what I want to know more about is how you feel so far with the quest. Do you think that the story is captivating? Do you think that the setup was too long? I am asking that because the next update will start the main course of this quest."
No. 140687 ID: 67061a

Liking it so far though I feel it has to be said. Liked the original (farm knight was lulz) but the mechanics were too confusing to make informed decisions which is why (IMO) suggestions just stopped. So far this one does not have that issue. Here it's just following one of Sun Tzu's classic quotes. "Look strong where you are weak and look weak where you are strong."
No. 140698 ID: 4f646b

I never managed to find the first part of this story, can you give a link?
No. 140699 ID: dc13c4
File 169443955316.jpg - (261.16KB , 866x890 , Core 11.jpg )

Bobbie: "Yeah I have to admit that the first attempt at this quest was a bit of a mess. Honestly, I wouldn't really like showing it even if it is considered a canonical part of the Monster Queen quest. But the story of the current quest can be read widout it. Here is the link for the first part."

Abdle: "Ugh, don't remind me of that first attempt that whole thing is an eyesore. I really don't recommend looking at it."

No. 140700 ID: dc13c4
File 169443959910.jpg - (672.57KB , 1614x1128 , Core 12.jpg )

Bobbie: "The whole idea of the first approach of this quest being something like an emotional combat. Moves are different approaches to unnerve your opponent, but in hindsight, it was too complicated so in the current quest I streamlined the approach."
No. 140701 ID: dc13c4
File 169443964403.jpg - (142.68KB , 569x525 , Core 13.jpg )

Bobbie: "After that, we just hung around in those seasonal celebrations. During the beach day, we constructed our pirate ship, and during the Secret Santa, we gave a gift to a caricature of a queen. So we weren't forgotten we, were just preparing for our return."
No. 140702 ID: dc13c4
File 169443970125.jpg - (77.62KB , 404x568 , Core 14.jpg )

Abdle: "Speaking of our old ship it was such a shame that we didn't use it. Hey I have an idea, Poltergeist Ethanoic, if you can get in contact with those birds who built that giant sand castle and ask them if would be okay if our ship slammed into their architectural construction?"
No. 140707 ID: 4f646b

So the first part is something like a starting point for you two and the monster queen is a time skip. So what I am wondering is just what happened between the first part and the current events?
No. 140722 ID: dc13c4
File 169481735734.jpg - (289.69KB , 748x494 , Core 15.jpg )

Bobbie: "Well, originally it was probably around five encounters that were skipped and one of them being the Farmer Knight. The second opponent would have been the Goblin Genocider, this opponent wouldn't be somebody who would look for us but we would be the one confronting him. The third opponent would be a paladin, she would be seeking us. The fort opponent would be a wizard. And final opponent would have been the gorilla arms mercenary. I am still not sure what the time amount would be between all those battles but most importantly, every fight would be finished in a non-combatant way. With every successful victory, the followers would grow and more options would have been unlocked. Maybe that is why we skipped all those fights so that we started from a castle location and continued to build up from there. The whole beginning part would have been long and slow. In the current story, all those fights did happen, but even I don't know how they would have worked out."
No. 140729 ID: 4f646b

I am slightly confused by how the communication with us as lesser demons works, especially in this part where we talk to the advisor instead of our protagonists.
No. 140731 ID: dc13c4
File 169498978373.jpg - (338.61KB , 1334x795 , Core 16.jpg )

Abdle: "Option A
Let me explain that things you see as lesser demons can be only seen by Bobbie, me, and our allies. That is why you managed to give that suggestion to Grimlith, the only limitation to this maneuver is that the allies have to be in a nearby vicinity. It is possible to even talk to the enemies of the queen but they will not be able to see you, only hear you. There is an implantation for using this to mess with the enemies but as with every tool in our arsenal timing when to use it is the important part.

Option B
This is the more what you all will do, which would be giving suggestions to the Queen during the moment of deep concentration. During this part, Bobbie and I can telepathically talk while time stops around us, that is the time when your suggestions to the queen will be heard the loudest."
No. 140749 ID: dc13c4
File 169539494950.jpg - (303.43KB , 998x678 , Core 17.jpg )

Bobbie: "Hey look something is just coming along our mail."

Abdle: "Yeah and the person who is giving it looks really familiar. It reminds me of a pizza guy from an abandoned quest."

Bobbie: "No need to be rude that quest isn't abandoned it can always come back."
No. 140750 ID: dc13c4
File 169539500228.jpg - (100.76KB , 302x349 , Core 20.jpg )

Bobbie: "Wow would you look at this! It is such a fantastic portrait of us two. It truly captures our dynamic and personality."
No. 140751 ID: dc13c4
File 169539505250.jpg - (249.99KB , 662x562 , Core 18.jpg )

Abdle: "Yeah it looks professionally done, I it like somebody took a piece of our life and put it on paper."

Bobbie: "Thank you Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid for this piece of art."
No. 140752 ID: dc13c4
File 169539512268.jpg - (247.81KB , 698x558 , Core 19.jpg )

Abdle: "Hey wait one moment, you said this perfectly represents our dynamic, but on it, I look like a screaming parrot on your shoulder! I am more than that!"

Bobbie: "No need to be such a nitpicker, let's just do what was asked form us."

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