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File 152186585887.png - (18.80KB , 150x150 , tgchanlogo.png )
121761 No. 121761 ID: 395c02 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Welcome to the Quest Advice thread Mk. 2! Anyone is welcome to offer advice or ask questions about the amazing world of interactive storytelling!

Check the wiki page for additional information and tips: http://questden.org/wiki/Advice_for_Running_a_Quest

The Questden discord may also be of assistance: https://discord.gg/Fh5zMTX

Old thread (Advice may be outdated): https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/15880.html
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No. 135580 ID: e13b1d

Could it be fixed by specifying in a URL/link /thread and /post?
No. 137585 ID: 391a38

No. 139141 ID: dc13c4

can anybody send me the link for the tgchan discord?
No. 139247 ID: b57fea

Unless you were banned, the link at the top of this thread should work just fine?
No. 140739 ID: c3120d

The Questden Discord is plastered all over, but here's the original TGchan Discord:

File 169360430433.jpg - (522.69KB , 861x1080 , Core 1.jpg )
140583 No. 140583 ID: 995874 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A discussion thread for Rotten Apple quest.

20 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140731 ID: dc13c4
File 169498978373.jpg - (338.61KB , 1334x795 , Core 16.jpg )

Abdle: "Option A
Let me explain that things you see as lesser demons can be only seen by Bobbie, me, and our allies. That is why you managed to give that suggestion to Grimlith, the only limitation to this maneuver is that the allies have to be in a nearby vicinity. It is possible to even talk to the enemies of the queen but they will not be able to see you, only hear you. There is an implantation for using this to mess with the enemies but as with every tool in our arsenal timing when to use it is the important part.

Option B
This is the more what you all will do, which would be giving suggestions to the Queen during the moment of deep concentration. During this part, Bobbie and I can telepathically talk while time stops around us, that is the time when your suggestions to the queen will be heard the loudest."
No. 140749 ID: dc13c4
File 169539494950.jpg - (303.43KB , 998x678 , Core 17.jpg )

Bobbie: "Hey look something is just coming along our mail."

Abdle: "Yeah and the person who is giving it looks really familiar. It reminds me of a pizza guy from an abandoned quest."

Bobbie: "No need to be rude that quest isn't abandoned it can always come back."
No. 140750 ID: dc13c4
File 169539500228.jpg - (100.76KB , 302x349 , Core 20.jpg )

Bobbie: "Wow would you look at this! It is such a fantastic portrait of us two. It truly captures our dynamic and personality."
No. 140751 ID: dc13c4
File 169539505250.jpg - (249.99KB , 662x562 , Core 18.jpg )

Abdle: "Yeah it looks professionally done, I it like somebody took a piece of our life and put it on paper."

Bobbie: "Thank you Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid for this piece of art."
No. 140752 ID: dc13c4
File 169539512268.jpg - (247.81KB , 698x558 , Core 19.jpg )

Abdle: "Hey wait one moment, you said this perfectly represents our dynamic, but on it, I look like a screaming parrot on your shoulder! I am more than that!"

Bobbie: "No need to be such a nitpicker, let's just do what was asked form us."

File 125464102755.gif - (9.62KB , 800x800 , title.gif )
4059 No. 4059 ID: af9412 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A lot of discussion's come up in the latest DiveQuest chapter so I wanted to clarify some things here without diverting the action of the thread itself.

This whole reorganizational thing, facilitated by the character of Ashedel, is not really a retcon of anything, just a reorganization.
I mentioned that I was so frustrated by and not at all enjoying Divequest that I was on the verge of just outright canceling it, but instead I made some big changes to its overall theme and drive, and one of my biggest changes is ripping out all the micromanagement. That wasn't fun and several people told me they weren't able to keep up with the quest solely because of the bloated inventories and mana management, and I was inclined to agree. Simple is better.
Other changes include the way puzzles are handled, the general focus and scale, social interactions between the characters, and so on.
Mostly, as you can probably tell by now, DiveQuest is supposed to be pretty over the top and tongue-in-cheek, and I wanted to change the flow of the quest to better fit that. As it was, the puzzles and pacing too closely matched RubyQuest, which didn't really work for Dive.

Major changes include more focus on the characters, more dynamic puzzles, more agency on the part of the players, more of an over-the-top aesthetic, a generally smaller scale in terms of Muschio's minions (so that each of them can have their own personality), less stuff that takes itself too seriously, and so on. You get the basic idea.
The goal here is to make it more accessible, fast-paced, entertaining, somewhat silly, and open for new players.

That doesn't mean this is going to turn into a Harem quest or that there's not going to be more profuse amounts of violence, nor that everything will be RANDOM AND WACKY, nor that there will be no serious moments interspersed.
Just that the previous incarnation of DiveQuest was t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 140683 ID: 93d066
File 169438187291.gif - (6.78KB , 800x600 , 130286306255.gif )

We also need to look into a funeral/burial for our little Buddy. Maybe a few nice words before sending (chucking) him into the portal to see if the Ether gives it back to us whole. Maybe we can ask Emmy what are we supposed to do.
No. 140692 ID: 93d066

Do we still have the healing staff?
Can we get it recharged?
No. 140721 ID: 8a2d6a
File 169481546128.png - (510.90KB , 1024x769 , finnie-simp.png )

>Me after Weaver's latest behind-the-scenes tweet
No. 140724 ID: 93d066

Shes being made cuter by the day
No. 140748 ID: 93d066
File 169536255611.png - (14.58KB , 466x450 , Fly birdie fly.png )

We really need to plan strategies around Ash abilities. Specially since we have a mountain and a tower we can use.

File 162056925280.png - (95.44KB , 900x900 , a9.png )
135483 No. 135483 ID: eedbeb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

i make quests too quickly to warrant a discussion thread for each one. going forward all the fun can happen here.

once i'm finished with a quest, i put it in pdf form here: https://tippler.itch.io/

my twitter: https://twitter.com/fishsimp2
302 posts and 113 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140086 ID: 48c015
File 168981799116.png - (107.48KB , 600x600 , You asked it 4.png )

It's a blob!

Such wondrous miracle!
No. 140525 ID: 9ea24b
File 169325768739.png - (214.63KB , 800x800 , a0a.png )

Have you ever stayed up late at night wondering what happened to the This isn't working crew? Do you weep knowing that Rhine never got closure in thread 3? Is your name Silly Zealot?

well you're in luck because i just made a 40 page comic epilogue that you can find here: https://tippler.itch.io/this-isnt-workingcomic

there is a lot of speedran porn because part of the creation process was asking all the patrons what kinks they'd like to see
No. 140558 ID: 918cdb

Folks there have some questionable ways of organizing charitis, but overall the ending to this saga was surprisinsingly positive.
No deaths! And barely any screaming!

Thank you for giving your weirdly endearing brainchildren a proper sendoff!
No. 140742 ID: 2f7f6e

since the Pokemon Colosseum games are gen 3, does that mean Orre's an available location in Nostaliga Quest?

...hopefully no one has a snag machine
No. 140744 ID: 9ea24b
File 169533582658.png - (252.09KB , 650x800 , a58.png )

hello comrade, this is a fine question that i answered many moons ago here: >>138862

tldr i never played the poke colleseum games so you could say i don't have nostalgia for them

thank you for giving an excuse for me to post a comic summarizing how i deal with everything in my life

File 169066685098.png - (166.91KB , 954x1119 , poll victor.png )
140140 No. 140140 ID: 99f29a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Once, before the site was Questden, I ran a poll thread for monthly poll topics like people's favorite characters, the cutest characters, and so on. I intend to do so again. Here's how it'll go:

Some time after the end of the prior poll and before the start of the next month, I'll post the next poll's topic. Normally it'll have more time to post nominees than this month since this was done on the spur of the moment. For August, the next poll will be your favorite questden chest of 2023 in honor of Chest Day! The winner will be crowned as having the best chest on Questden, a very official and definitely indisputable appointment.

Nominating characters works like this- you name a character and what quest they're from as a bare minimum. More info like a link to the thread or the wiki page is sometimes helpful. I don't judge your preferences or gatekeep submissions- if you think a character is cute or like them or think they're cool or whatever for any reason, nominate them. Similarly, I ask people to either say nice things about other people's nominations if you feel like it or shut up and nominate your own if you don't- it's a popularity contest with no real stakes, don't vote for the character if you don't like them. Although given this poll's specific topic, limit your nominations to adult characters for this one. If a character's owner doesn't want them to be nominated for whatever reason, they can say so.

More specifically, for the next poll, the two criteria are that they have to have made an appearance in a canon post for some quest thread, and that the quest needs to have updated some time since July 29th, 2022. Yes, that means as long as the quest updated within a year of this post you can nominate any character, even the ones that haven't appeared for longer than that. I'm not fussy.

Once the nominees are in, I'
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
64 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140716 ID: 11f77a

Lak from Tobak Quest
No. 140717 ID: 60ecf6

Lord Vackles from Fen Quest
No. 140725 ID: 38349b

My nominations:
Svart from Plushquest: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/src/164169709466.png

Mimi from Plushquest: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/src/163640334796.png
No. 140726 ID: e51896

Rancid from you lived/stare at explosions https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1006058.html#1007604

This was a character I remember the suggestors hating and wanting to kill.
No. 140741 ID: e5709d

If we're looking for 'villains the audience overall liked', I nominate Sloane from Acid Soup: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/691136.html
If we're looking for "villains the audience wanted to strangle", I'd vote for Nanako's mom:
Or Rae's:
There's just... something sick about a person who can masque their twisted mental state just enough to be loved and respected by their local community, yet spend every waking moment with their kids belittling and beating them, trying to mold their children's souls as if they're entitled to, and then acting surprised when said kids go nuts or lose confidence in themselves.

File 169149888420.png - (4.45MB , 1600x1200 , BeachDay2023op.png )
140224 No. 140224 ID: 9b127b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

It’s Beach Day, the sandiest day of the year! Pack your sunscreen and visit our floating beach resort "The Diamond Crown" orbiting high in the atmosphere of Beta Earatone. Pack your sunscreen- the sun’s ray are strong up here!

This perfectly circular, perfectly secure beach is a floating disc full of fun and fancy. Relax on its sandy red beach, swim in its waters, surf with the help of the wave generator, try your luck with novelty swimsuits, or even go hang gliding off the edge. Don’t worry, our trained professionals will catch you before you go too far down. Queen Chinzebeth VII assures us this beach is perfectly safe from scaly invaders, so relax. What could possibly go wrong?

Try not to be too lewd, there’s royalty in attendance!

Previous Beach Days: https://questden.org/wiki/Beach_Day
236 posts and 233 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140732 ID: e51896
File 169513911415.png - (73.93KB , 1280x720 , 009.png )

Hey! It's been awhile since we last checked up on Rachael. What has she, and her incredible deteriorating clothing been up to?

Why, she has been in line for the water slide of course! the line was long, but it's finally her turn... however, she's getting second thoughts as she stands over her inner tube, and inspects how fast the stream is going.

Rachael: Gosh, i-it's so high up here, and isn't that stream is going a bit too fast?
Rachael: Those turns look a bit too sharp too. What if I fall off?
Rachael: Is the inner tube durable enough? Can it secure me without having me fall off?
Rachael: M-maybe I should climb back down for my safety... but that'd be too embarrassing, wouldn't it? people might think I'm a cowardly bnuuy!
Rachael: I have to do this, Charisse would want me to...
Rachael: But what if I ram into someone on the way out? I noticed they didn't put up any buoy ropes down there to keep swimmers away from the slide...
Rachael: Maybe it's best if I-

No. 140733 ID: e51896
File 169513916443.png - (72.33KB , 1280x720 , 010.png )

Gloomweaver: UGH! JUST GO ALREADY!
Rachael: EEK!

Gloomweaver gives Rachael a massive push onto her innertube, causing Rachael to go down the slide at high speed. As Rachael slides down into the slide entrance, Gloomweaver calls out after her:

No. 140735 ID: e51896
File 169513921662.png - (54.70KB , 1280x720 , 011.png )

As Gloomweaver waits for Rachael to reach the bottom, she feels something in her hands, and investigates what she might be holding.

Gloomweaver: What the? What's this
Gloomweaver: Oh, whoops! did I accidentally pull a chunk of her swimsuit off after pushing her?
Gloomweaver: My bad, I just wanted to get the line moving.
Gloomweaver: Wow, it must have been one cheap flimsy swimsuit... or one of those prank dissolving swimsuits... maybe she must really be a pervert?
Gloomweaver: Especially if she was wearing it after it was already considerably damaged.
Gloomweaver: But I guess it serves her right for keeping us waiting with her indecision.
Gloomweaver: now then...

After setting her inner tube down, she comes to a sudden realization that she should have known from the start.

Gloomweaver: WAIT! Why am I even up here?
Gloomweaver: I'm too big to fit through the slide entrance!
Gloomweaver: Let alone even be able to sit on an innertube without it sinking or deflating.
Gloomweaver: ...Eh, fuck it, I'm outta here!

Gloomweaver jumps out the window and flies off somewhere to find some other activity to partake in.
No. 140736 ID: e51896
File 169513925260.png - (76.05KB , 1280x720 , 012.png )


Rachael is going down the slide at terrifyingly high speed, giving her a boost of adrenaline to help her keep a grip onto the sides of her inner tube and not fly off it.

but, that came with a price. As the tube made its sharp turns, it brushed her arms against the walls of the slide, causing the sleeves to rip off her arms from the friction between the walls against her arms.

Despite this, Rachael's efforts was a success as she was able to hold on until she finally reached the end of the slide with a huge splash, and safely reach the shore without having to swim there thanks to how fast the inner tube was already going.
No. 140737 ID: e51896
File 169513926774.png - (89.08KB , 1280x720 , 013.png )

Rachael jumps off the inner tube, and sighs with relief

Rachael: *Whew* It's over. I need a moment...
Rachael: That was horrifying... but...
Rachael: It was also actually... pretty fun?
Rachael: That rush actually felt really... exhilarating I think?
Rachael: Maybe I want to go again...

As she rests, she notices something on her arms... or rather, a lack of something on her arms!

Rachael: ACK! What happened!
Rachael: M-m-my sleeves are gone!
Rachael: What is wrong with this swimsuit?!
Rachael: ...
Rachael: ...M-maybe it's fine? it's just sleeves,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 135983551115.png - (3.02KB , 160x160 , tgchan.png )
66907 No. 66907 ID: a6cb8d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

'Because nothing says quality like a 16x16 image!' - Cirr, as paraphrased by Lago as best as he could remember it after, instead of adding the following edit, he completely overwrote the whole post with it.

Lagotrope edit: To have a favicon added, I need author approval. Hence, the author of the respective quest must either post the favicon themselves or, if a favicon they like is already in the thread somewhere, refer to the favicon's post number and approve it. Either way, please supply the URL to the quest as well, thank you.

In short I need 3 things: author approval, the favicon, and the quest link.
982 posts and 560 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 138466 ID: 629f2e


Both of these are approved!
No. 139501 ID: 15a025
File 168118008928.png - (291B , 16x16 , cantalope1.png )

Calliope icon
No. 139502 ID: 15a025
File 168118012607.png - (272B , 16x16 , cantalope2.png )

Calliope 2 icon

No. 139503 ID: 11f77a

I approve to both!
No. 140718 ID: 050e07
File 169478880797.png - (177B , 16x16 , sojbuune.png )

Please apply this favicon to the new Sojourn thread, thank you! <3


File 145369842883.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , ITQ_OP.png )
97324 No. 97324 ID: 3a9db6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


The more they come, the worse they look!! JUST JOSHIN' YOU my friend! MY MY is it good to see you. Come on in, my friend, the thread is warm and toasty and BOY HOWDY do we love newcomers.

Make yourself right at home and DON'T YOU DARE be shy. Go ahead and answer any gall dang question you want! If you feel like askin' your favorite character ANYTHING at all, well you better call me CORRESPONDENCE McANSWERTON because you'll get your answer here, by gosh.

Previous ITQ threads, newest to oldest:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
738 posts and 249 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140591 ID: b19943

Roger from Perpetuity, how was your first day of baseball practice?
No. 140603 ID: 4481aa
File 169369876463.png - (159.59KB , 500x500 , ITQ1-1.png )


Roger: “Terrible.”
Roger: “We didn’t even baseball. That might have been a little fun, but instead we practiced to eventually play it.”
Roger: “So after running laps we got split up into pairs to play catch. That might have been fun if high speed baseballs weren’t Lethal Weapons!
Roger: “And of course I got paired up with a kid who wanted to pitch, so there were no gentle throws, he kept hurling it at me.”
Roger: “I would then either try to catch it and either get hit or drop it, or would just dodge it. And every single time, that meant that I had to run to where it landed and get it.”
Roger: “Then I got to do some batting practice, which at least sounded like it could be fun.”
Roger: “But most of it was just waiting for a turn to swing, and your turn is up after like a minute, and then you’re waiting again.”
Roger: “And of course we swapped groups before I got to swing a second time, so then I was in the field trying to catch the balls. Not that any of them came to me.”
Roger: “Coach got mad at me when I tried to bring my sketchbook out there, but it wasn’t like I was even doing anything. The balls weren’t coming to me!”
Roger: “Then we did some throwing stuff, but I can’t throw a ball from one plate all the way to the other and keep it straight, so after a while I was back out in the field again.”
Roger: “And that was it. We did some cooldown, took showers, and left. Best part of the entire day if you ask me.”
Roger: “Do you know how long all of that took? Three Hours. And then I had to go straight home, because for some reason I was tired after all that nothing.”
Roger: “So I went home, took a nap, did some sketches to recove
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 140604 ID: 4481aa
File 169369878237.png - (130.46KB , 500x500 , ITQ1-2.png )

Roger: “...Oh, wait, there was one thing. After leaving practice, there was one thing I forced myself to do, even though I felt like falling asleep on the sidewalk.”
Roger: “I stopped by Mr. Snyder’s store, and I bought myself a toy with the money I made yesterday.”
Roger: “I was just gonna look at some markers, maybe buy a new eraser, but there was this one doll that I just had to have.”
Roger: “...Barry can never know.”
No. 140711 ID: 7c1136

What’s so hazardous about a Talzoran milking their own venom? How is it done?
No. 140714 ID: 918cdb
File 169465615024.png - (236.12KB , 600x600 , fwends fowever.png )

Look, Sophia from Scion of the Old Blood, I made a picture of you hanging out with Björn!
Now you can think of it whenever he shows up and feel happy and not scared!

What do you think? Will he also like it?

File 169250847412.png - (32.58KB , 550x500 , XV.png )
140397 No. 140397 ID: 15a025 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Welcome to the grand opening of the Fanart Gallery XV!

We are currently accepting submissions to encapsulate in the upcoming volume of our wonderful art archives.

If you're searching for our previous volumes you can enter the archives over here, so long as you present a valid library card.
700 - 799: Art & Recreation: https://questden.org/wiki/Fanart_Thread

If you're interested in learning more about our host, you can read more over here:
23 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140667 ID: 15a025
File 169435903459.png - (42.17KB , 882x811 , Naocat_Lana.png )

NAOCAT was awesome and did an art trade with me. They drew Lana from Behind Closed Bars,
No. 140668 ID: 9ea24b
File 169435963110.png - (152.12KB , 500x650 , a59.png )

flock load of problems guy surfin' in the usa
No. 140669 ID: 9ea24b
File 169435973312.png - (134.50KB , 600x600 , a60.png )

siphon examines small bird 2023 colorized
No. 140670 ID: 9ea24b
File 169435975198.png - (133.31KB , 600x500 , a53.png )

stargazer makes fish and chips
No. 140671 ID: 7c5beb
File 169436671386.png - (316.95KB , 600x828 , muschiocenterfold.png )

>unrealistic volto beauty standards

File 168950250863.png - (966.77KB , 694x885 , Chest Magazine.png )
140051 No. 140051 ID: ca2950 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Previous Chest Days:
28 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140097 ID: 12b116
File 169008478091.png - (808.57KB , 1005x1080 , chest day Ellie.png )

No. 140153 ID: 48c015
File 169070345221.png - (295.91KB , 600x1000 , Nineandsuch.png )

Hey, wise guy, my eyes are down here.
No. 140305 ID: 9ea24b
File 169196833660.png - (208.25KB , 500x600 , a8.png )

goth alice bosom
No. 140312 ID: 9ea24b
File 169196861513.png - (130.87KB , 500x500 , a14.png )

gothish deem bosom
No. 140650 ID: a7a180
File 169413184017.png - (128.33KB , 500x500 , bug_bust.png )

Jaina's finally letting the girls breathe a little!

File 155465804168.png - (58.71KB , 498x366 , ending spoiler.png )
128997 No. 128997 ID: 623354 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your concern about the quest during my hiatus. The quest is not dead. Continuing and indeed concluding it have been on my mind every single day since the last update!

I recently finished school and started a full time job in my field, which means I will have financial security and very well-defined free time to continue these things. I am happy to announce that I will be continuing Coxwette iminently! I am currently in the phase of creating flowcharts and concept maps to ensure that loose ends are tied at the ending. The quest will have a full epilogue, too.

I am making a new discussion thread because the last one is a mess, and I want a clean place for people to leave questions or remarks for me as well as discuss the ongoing quest.

Anyway, thanks for reading and making this such a fulfilling experience. 👍
70 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139340 ID: cd5b38

Idk I'm just happy to see a moderate amount of progress since I've last checked in (which was probably Oct 2018, I forgot).
Updates seem to be every few months as it is so I'm not really bothered by that.
No. 139350 ID: cd5b38
File 167967480251.png - (610.36KB , 1380x1901 , Susanne_Snayor_Stark.png )

Made some snayor fanart
No. 139351 ID: cd5b38
File 167967485703.png - (604.30KB , 1380x1901 , Susanne_Snayor_Stark-CarnalEdit.png )

Carnal speech version
No. 140188 ID: 4870a9

Please don't be dead.
No. 140629 ID: 386a6b

I think it's dead, anon

File 164591829449.jpg - (222.13KB , 550x350 , soj_disctome_title.jpg )
137106 No. 137106 ID: 89649e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Discussion, deliberation & resources for Sojourn!

Current Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1010895.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Sojourn
Quest Reference - https://bit.ly/3HqtzU3 (Google Sheet) - Spoiler warning if you aren't current on thread!
No. 140601 ID: 32bc15

I'm so excited for Act 2, cannot wait for more 'ventures.
No. 140608 ID: f8083d

Indeed, you have a way with words.
(also, congrats on running the act and thread to conclusion)
No. 140620 ID: 64dbac

Thank you both, that really means a lot to me! I've been working hard at getting things ready for the next act, I wanted to make sure I could start it off with a bang - that soon is soon!

File 168125338489.png - (24.02KB , 500x500 , DISVOL1.png )
139512 No. 139512 ID: 15a025 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A general discussion thread for anything and everything relating to me or my quests.

From questions, critique, and maybe even sneak peaks and leaks. Your number one insider source for buckwheat quest news and material. Straight from the deer's mouth!
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140259 ID: 15a025

A good question, I haven't really thought about it before, but let's see.

For "Deery" I would have to say she'd like Pink Camellia flowers.

For Princess Bunelope I'd say sunflowers. They'd easily be her favorite flower to snack on.

For Miss Fox, I'd say hers is an Acanthus plant. They're a pretty and tall elegant looking flower.
No. 140517 ID: 15a025
File 169317294012.png - (17.91KB , 500x500 , whodoimprove.png )

Recently I've been struggling a lot with DO NOT FILE. Originally it was going to be just a goofy short little quest, but here I am. 7 months later still chipping away at it and feeling like I've lost my direction or goal with it. Pondering for awhile, I thought it might be best if I asked for some help and feedback.

So...for all the current readers who found their way to the dis-thread:

How do you feel my current quests (Perished, DO NOT FILE) could be improved?
What keeps you interested and coming back for the next update?
Are they as enjoyable as when they first started?
What do you feel some of the high or low points of them has been?

Thanks for reading and your continued support, I look forward to reading what suggestions and feedback you have to share.

No. 140518 ID: e5709d

My advice is that you need to set something up that keeps posters thinking about the quest. Some kind of complex gameplay or deeper mystery to keep us motivated.

Do not file is fun but it became... repetitive. We get it, we're in the representation of a 1990's home computer operating system, so every reference became predictable.
Do you personally know some obscure trivia about operating systems that most of us would be ignorant of? You can try that.

My only preference is that you don't leave us hanging. Keep going or finish the quest, just try not to let it go into the graveyard.
No. 140519 ID: 8f9bc4

My advice is don't worry about it too much. Your quests are fun and your art is cute. If anything I'd advise you not to drift so much from the original idea behind the quest. Like in Perished she ought to be defending her farm, unless your point of this quest is how farmers get screwed by occupying forces, regardless of their allegience. In which case it's almost over and going to be very memorable and tragic. But otherwise just have her doing things to get the bunnies and the squirrels and the foxes away from her farm, whether they like it or not.

In DO NOT FILE, it's cool how they're sort of overlapping between the computer and reality. Maybe the office is actually kind of the bad guys, and something bad blows up in their faces, leaving our hero at the mercy of the hackers? Like that do-not-file file causes a... a blue screen of death or something, to prevent it from being filed because it's important evidence in some trial to take the company down?
No. 140607 ID: 15a025
File 169371939354.png - (2.95KB , 200x250 , Lana Full body.png )

Getting back into drawing Lana a bit.

File 168833119523.png - (124.19KB , 800x600 , fop-questdis.png )
139947 No. 139947 ID: e139aa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Flockload of Discussion
(quest: >>/quest/1066631 )

Hello. My name is Cirr. I am an amateur quest make guy writing about a weird glass bird, long may it run this time.

someone made me think a discussion thread would be a good idea
53 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140521 ID: e139aa

bad news flockfans, I have not abandoned this quest but my life has been increasingly such that I can't get the time to work on it or I feel real bad (various chronic condition flareups) when I do, and now we are entering September

September is a month where I will be travelling to Amsterdam for most of a week and then various places in the US for most of 3 weeks and as such is effectively a complete write-off for me getting ANYTHING done

so i'm very sorry but the quest will be dead long and i will remain screaming and crying internally at the images I got sketched but not inked, coloured or otherwise finished
No. 140522 ID: e139aa

dead FOR longer god dammit
No. 140523 ID: e139aa
File 169324387767.png - (48.55KB , 800x600 , fop-92.png )

por examplay
No. 140526 ID: 2aa5f0

Looking forward to when Vi.si.mi finds out the tribe thinks they're a fertility god/goddess and they have no idea why.

no worries my man, shit happens and the holiday season is coming up quick and everyone tends to be a bit busier around this time of year anyways for one reason or another. Just take some time and enjoy yourself.
No. 140563 ID: f8083d

Hope that your travels, be they for business or pleasure, be enjoyable.

File 165259568280.jpg - (85.40KB , 500x500 , disc thread.jpg )
137440 No. 137440 ID: 4ef090 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

For questions, comments, discussion, and general jibber jabber about the Slime Quest story, world, characters, etc etc.

Setting this up to make it easier to read through suggestions on the main board.

Also, there are some things I may not be able to answer in the format of the story. Ask about that stuff here! I can't reveal everything, but there's still some stuff I'd love to elaborate on/clarify.

Keep it friendly, please!

READ SLIME QUEST: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002454.html
217 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140282 ID: a39c57

Can you say 1 (one) out of context tidbit about a piece we haven't come across yet?
No. 140287 ID: 0ba437

the hat? It has to be, it HAS to be big.
No. 140289 ID: a39c57
File 169195407002.gif - (1.69MB , 220x255 , 182618.gif )

No. 140486 ID: bec65a

As we know that what happens when the slime's core shattered. But what would happen if the core disintegrated? (like disappeared completely) (dumb question, sorry)
No. 140549 ID: 2c1245

what would a half slime void baby look like, if at all possible to occur?

File 169332392005.png - (34.47KB , 500x500 , fantastical journey discussion.png )
140530 No. 140530 ID: 770f88 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Fantastical Journey Discussion Thread:
A Thread that will have the following:
1: Docs towards Fantastical Journey Stats and Magic Use + Character sheets and other things to play it as a TTRPG.
2: A place to ask questions to me, relating to Fantastical Journey.
3: General Fantastical Journey Discussion.
No. 140531 ID: 770f88

Hello! If you’ve come for this thread for TTRPG stuff and documents the Current: Documents are located by this link.
Fantastical Journey: (Heavy W.I.P) The Docs are the biggest and were made over a considerable span of time so quality will vary immensely, as well as some classes (Especially Builder.) It is getting a re-work which may not be shown on this current documentation but will be updated eventually, the same goes for most systems.
Fantastical Journey Magic:
This one has a higher bar of quality, it Explains the magic systems and details a couple of spells. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sucwXlSyU_0iioYCUGCK_Wukv763nOay_hmZC5eo5GM/edit?usp=sharing

Character Sheet ⅓:
Base: 1’st Draft. The front page character sheet details all stats, and other misc things, if you print, remember to print from the drive rather than downloading the image, it scales better that way. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xt8OioJRfNBJcZ03HHuf9WyZtzYBjNwD/view?usp=sharing

Magic/Builder: (W.I.P)

File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
578 posts and 146 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139996 ID: 9b127b

yeah my story progress is pretty slow...
No. 139997 ID: 9b127b
File 168878654792.png - (1.36MB , 1600x1200 , TurnUndead.png )

Sister Tawny Lanix chasing away a vampire!
No. 140001 ID: 322af8

Thats silly. I love it.
No. 140166 ID: 9b127b
File 169091756250.png - (1.38MB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage10.png )

page 10
No. 140520 ID: 9b127b
File 169323580706.png - (211.36KB , 352x380 , QLylene.png )

>Lylene about those underwear you have, how did you get them from mommy, do you have any others?

Lylene: "Aw cheeeessse, don't ask me ssstuff like that, My mom gave them to me cause I won an archery tournament okay? I'm not gonna sssay if I have any more people make fun of me enough as isss!"

File 168385603785.png - (118.56KB , 690x600 , qst op.png )
139686 No. 139686 ID: 08229c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

A place to discuss my work. Ask me questions. Or ask my characters questions directly! As long as its not spoilers it'll be answered.

Or don't. I'm not your parent.
24 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139941 ID: 1effd3

What is Marys favorite color?
No. 140133 ID: 1effd3

So is everyone undead in ATE or are there alive people?
No. 140134 ID: 0f3563

see >>1062574:
>In general people who aren't undead are skittish around the undead. Even the 'good ones'. You eat one brain and suddenly you're a cannibal.
So yeah, non-undead exist.
No. 140137 ID: 08229c
File 169060110272.png - (84.68KB , 480x672 , fallen.png )

Indeed! You can reach me at my kofi or my twitter.

Old and broke. I took it when I was like in middle school and I've grown a tiny bit since then. Just a tiny bit.

Blue, most likely.

Quite a few. However, they don't particularly care for the undead and so they have their own settlements. For the most part the two groups don't go at each other, though they're hard pressed to work together.

Everyone in the Fallen Web is a not-dead human.
No. 140436 ID: 1effd3

do Runes(Audit) exist in ATE?

File 168798369744.png - (101.61KB , 700x550 , Disc.png )
139926 No. 139926 ID: 681cb5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Let’s discuss this quest about socialism and kobold sex! Huzzah!

This quest is set in the same universe as Lascivious Labyrinth and Prurient Passage:
17 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140178 ID: bc93bc
File 169093882776.png - (127.50KB , 800x800 , Kobold DWF.png )

Name: Posterface
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Appearance: As Pictured
Personality: Posterface got his picture on a propaganda poster *one time* and now he walks around acting like he's a big star.

He is handsomer than the average kobold but he doesn't seem to have caught on that everyone is sick of him making that face all the time. Also, he has to wear a chastity cage like basically everyone else so it's not like he's getting laid.

Posterface is loyal to the Sultana but he is a slave to the winds of popularity. If he could be turned, he would look great on posters for the resistance.
No. 140202 ID: 681cb5

>...did she bounce?
Luckily, yes. Unluckily, she bounced right into a Minotaur beach volleyball game, knocking out the ball from game and thus replacing it. She lost her horn when the blue team won with a kickass spike that left her upper body buried in the sand all the way up to her rather rotund posterior.

Oh, and thanks for all the Kobolds, I appreciate every last one of them!
No. 140222 ID: 8f2693
File 169137755669.png - (581.07KB , 940x1656 , PoxyTurvy.png )

Name: Poxy Turvy

Gender: Herm

Color: White

Appearance: As pictured

Personality: Poxy likes hugs, cooking, mixing drinks, handling and touching weird ingredients and sticking her hands and face into bubbly cauldrons that smell funny

You know what else she likes? not washing her hands! and having complete disregard for basic sanitation and safety measures, if you value your health don't touch Poxy, nor come in contact with any items she has handled in the last 72 hours

Sultana sends her to serve food and drinks to her enemies, interlopers of the lair, or in general anyone she doesn't want around for long; Poxy doesn't know this and thinks she's just seen as a really good host

Warning: Interacting with Poxy or her "culinary creations" goes against every sanitary measure known to civilization; please consult your local practitioner if you present: shivers, sudden horn sprouts, fang growth, scaly skin, lust for shiny things, growing a tail, incessant humping and or death

On the other hand, if you don't try them, she'll be sad :(
No. 140357 ID: 435f13
File 169214799835.png - (153.06KB , 800x800 , Kobold Beach Himbo.png )

Name: Beach Himbo
Gender: Male
Color: Red with dark red stripes
Appearance: As pictured
Personality: Beach Himbo loves the beach and everything about it. He loves beach sports, beach snacks, and beach babes (and dudes. Beach Himbo loves indiscriminately). Lucky for him he is too much of an airhead to realize the mountains of sand that surround the Sultana's palace are part of a desert and not a giant beach.
No. 140362 ID: a7a180
File 169216368809.png - (153.34KB , 800x800 , Grismalda-smol.png )

Name: Grismalda the Wretch
Gender: F
Color: Red
Appearance: Short and surprisingly well endowed, despite being scrawny everywhere else.
Personality: Grismalda's eyes are bigger than her boobs when it comes to her ambitions. Tired of being shoved around by stronger folk scaled or otherwise, she dreams of becoming a dragon one day, and there's no boundaries to what kind of deal she'd make to do so.

File 168529321776.png - (210.96KB , 600x600 , DD1.png )
139765 No. 139765 ID: 3c7c24 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

It's Dragon Day!
It's Dragon Day!
Come on down for Dragon Day!
66 posts and 57 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 140329 ID: 9ea24b
File 169203547235.png - (124.24KB , 500x500 , a31c.png )

Gob: Oh dear! Somehow I’ve landed on this giant plate. I must look like a total snack right now ha ha.
No. 140330 ID: 9ea24b
File 169203548221.png - (116.23KB , 500x500 , a31d.png )


Berry Blast unhinges her jaw and swallows Gob whole. The blue dragon tastes exquisite.
No. 140331 ID: 9ea24b
File 169203549565.png - (115.80KB , 500x500 , a31e.png )

Gob dissolves in Berry Blast’s stomach. She feels no pain and forgives Berry Blast, since Berry Blast is her good friend.

Gob: At last…
No. 140332 ID: 435f13
File 169203744535.png - (96.96KB , 800x800 , Death of Gob 5.png )

Berry Blast: "Gob is dead! Gob remains dead. And we have killed her. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has been digested in our goo belly. What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become Gobs simply to appear worthy of it?"
No. 140334 ID: 435f13
File 169203765797.png - (151.06KB , 800x800 , Death of Gob 6.png )

Kobold: "Funnel cake is up!"

Berry Blast: "Ooh! Right here!"

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