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File 152186585887.png - (18.80KB , 150x150 , tgchanlogo.png )
121761 No. 121761 ID: 395c02 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Welcome to the Quest Advice thread Mk. 2! Anyone is welcome to offer advice or ask questions about the amazing world of interactive storytelling!

Check the wiki page for additional information and tips: http://questden.org/wiki/Advice_for_Running_a_Quest

The Questden discord may also be of assistance: https://discord.gg/Fh5zMTX

Old thread (Advice may be outdated): https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/15880.html
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No. 131398 ID: 864e49
File 157333440282.jpg - (37.20KB , 265x395 , xG5YlsD.jpg )

No. 131400 ID: f7ff14

No. 131453 ID: 2dc938

Tgchan is occupied pretty much exclusively by furries.
No. 131458 ID: f7ff14

No. 131670 ID: ca2950

They wanted to know what the difference was.

File 152787662193.png - (398.07KB , 1024x1024 , disthread.png )
123379 No. 123379 ID: 891b91 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Wherein we discuss dead dust, and possibly other sorts of dust as well.
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No. 131697 ID: a0dfd2


No. 131847 ID: 404f0f

>Omen doesn't respond.
It seems there are many things which it cannot talk about. Simply giving us a list of names would obviously be too easy hehe.

>Your surroundings melt away and reform, giving way to your will
Good. Now to summon a few naked males...
I'm kidding. I'm actually surprised that it worked so well. That Penny is mentally sound enough to do this and stay in control. It's as if she'd practiced in the past.

>Surprisingly, it doesn't bother you
Maybe it doesn't bother Penny, but it bothers me haha. I mean, in one's dream, your own body is usually one of the most easily defined and controlled things, so it's a bit strange that it would stay blurred. Maybe this is a result of some deeper repressed thing.

>A liar sleeps here
We can assume that it means Cider, but we can't be certain. It could be that with "here" it means this whole house, and even if it's the couch alone, it's possible that multiple people sleep here occasionally. I'd actually find it strange if Cider wouldn't occasionally enjoy some male or female company at night, so we can't know which specific person it is that Omen is referring to.

>We immerse in the shuddering expanse beneath.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 131852 ID: a0dfd2

Am I the only one who finds it interesting that Omen / Dollar essentially has Roz's face?

Not entirely her dentition (canines are too pronounced for sharkface), but it could be a lot of subconscious projection going on.
No. 131858 ID: 6a2d5d

dust tastes good
No. 131874 ID: a0dfd2


Gotta agree on most every count of your observations here!

Though oddly, as someone who experiences fairly regular lucidity (of varying degrees) in dreams, I find that a physical body or self is rarely if ever defined, so much as sensed, until it's necessary within the parameters of the dream.

... though that could be manifestations of various mental health issues, but my understanding of psychiatric influences upon the dreaming mind -- and equally how one's perception of the self, like the occasionally dissociative nature of dreams -- translates into unwaking perception.

File 149340643506.png - (13.89KB , 500x500 , morbitdisthread1.png )
111218 No. 111218 ID: 8a251a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

big fancy disthread because we've hit the point where we have multiple morbit quests both here AND on other sites, such as eagletime and omegaupdate.

what started as a passion project between myself and my friend como to create a universe snowballed into a huge deal with multiple projects and a proper team behind it. this thread is for talking about both the universe as a whole, and our current running quests- here, that'd be Maybequest and Tiny Cat People.

discuss away, and feel free to ask all the weird questions you want. we love this shit.
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No. 131868 ID: 10c408

While you are correct in that, as a collective mind whose thoughts are spoken out loud, voidsy can't actually help his worst thoughts being broadcasted and that a morally good character who continues to be morally good and straight is boring as hell, this isn't just a story. it's a quest. Everything that gets suggested in the main thread can be used or ignored by the author as they see fit.

However, I don't believe that the above fully excuses you going the extra mile to make the truly awful suggestion just because no one else has. Your actions have consequences after all, and last time there was a slip up we severly upset the very first non-tcp character that was introduced.
No. 131869 ID: 6e6f32

>Your actions have consequences after all, and last time there was a slip up we severly upset the very first non-tcp character that was introduced.

Character driven drama?
In a fictional Story!?!?!
My word! What foul machination!
No. 131871 ID: 3ce8ff

i would say that is the exact reason he is necessary, that explanation brings be greater appreciation of why they are there, even if he is now literally destroyed. =/
No. 131872 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah I was wondering about that.

Does that mean I'm silenced during the remainder of this dialog, or was it a symbolic gesture indicating a point of growth for Void in which such thoughts should no longer be brought to the surface from this point forward?
No. 131873 ID: 10c408

We're quite literally directing a squad of friendly, amateur soldier creatures against a psychotic god of slaughter and madness. There is GOING to be plenty of all of those things you just mentioned without your brazen input.

Buddy's getting his leg amputated off-screen ffs.

File 156125389360.jpg - (1.55MB , 2880x2160 , civq.jpg )
129715 No. 129715 ID: 482fee hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Alright so it's been voted back in https://www.strawpoll.me/18101240
that the next sidequest will be a civquest. First one I'm actually running, and the system I got isn't totally done, so I'm gonna shoot some questions about it here. If you wanna answer or chip in your own feedback, feel free.

Also I'm posting whatever I sketch since I'm sick atm, and more of my time is spent doodling on whatever scrap of paper I got and less on the tablet. So here goes.
16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131855 ID: 77b912

>105 votes
Okay did someome stuff the ballot box? Or is there something wrong on my end?
No. 131856 ID: fd2dfa

>but two quests at once is more stressful than one.
I dabbled it once, it was tough, but back then my only tool was a mouse. But now that I got a tablet, money, and a little more time I can probably manage. Just need a week or two to figure out a decent update schedule to keep both running at a decent pace(like I ever follow one).

I guess I should put a disclaimer at the head then.

I like to think people are just that hyped to see me make porn.
No. 131859 ID: fd2dfa

Welp for better or worse, Guk's quest is up
If you feel like you need a break from the civ game or whatever, head over here
No. 131865 ID: 9876c4

My continued inability to read the site names is not intended as disrespect for the setting.
No. 131870 ID: fd2dfa

It's fine. Even I get it mixed up when I'm tired.

File 148071071542.png - (190.10KB , 600x400 , TEAMPORTECHODIS.png )
106192 No. 106192 ID: ed33de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Discussion Thread for my first quest, Team Port Echo! I hope to really expand this universe with many adventures for our heroes.

Here I hope to show around some art, answer any questions you may have about these characters without spoiling anything, and figure out ways to improve the dice-roll system.

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No. 131752 ID: 11f77a
File 157747309422.png - (830.35KB , 999x911 , very_driga_christmas.png )

Late Christmas post starring your favorite gal!
No. 131753 ID: 11f77a
File 157747312641.png - (814.92KB , 999x911 , very_driga_christmas_2.png )

My, my. She's very defiant. It only serves to punish her to endure more.
No. 131765 ID: 11f77a
File 157774840497.png - (1.11MB , 800x1557 , ask_sibbs_1.png )

Cybil has some struggles transitioning from Beach Day. Brought to you by Patreon!
No. 131857 ID: 11f77a
File 157897969494.png - (1.12MB , 800x1557 , ask_gurrich_1.png )

Gurrich recalls his journey of blood and sand. And the beginning of a vengeance.
No. 131861 ID: 4f51b2

This one is pretty intriguing.

File 157779350356.png - (387.76KB , 807x629 , crotch day.png )
131767 No. 131767 ID: 5a5548 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


it's the most wonderful time of the year!

man, woman, or sentient colony of slime molds; if they have two legs and a point those legs meet, they are welcome here!
3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131780 ID: 11f77a
File 157799603870.png - (827.04KB , 999x911 , merc_shower.png )

Showering after some honest work.

My guys Veisar and Sertis from Huron.
No. 131781 ID: 9e04c9

You're spoiling the quest too much haha.

Sertis wouldn't do something outrageous like send nudes to certain female mercs, would he?
No. 131782 ID: 10c07d

All great crotches
No. 131826 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157862930408.png - (271.85KB , 692x981 , Driver Crotch.png )

Driver from Night City
No. 131860 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157908160422.png - (407.06KB , 692x981 , NakedNjar.png )

Njar from Huron

File 140065772828.png - (48.11KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
81802 No. 81802 ID: 186341 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

hey friends check it out talk about enemy quest here
2156 posts and 63 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 129821 ID: 34fb21

Hey am I allowed to use the alien species you created in my quest if not I’m fine I haven’t put any in yet just asking so I know
No. 129824 ID: 75cf31

brom has a kid now and is on indefinite hiatus, so you’re not gonna get an answer for a long time. this discussion has happened already in the pinned thread but it’s been buried, so just fyi: common etiquette is that if you want to use an artist’s intellectual property but can’t get in touch with them, you should assume it’s a no.
No. 131792 ID: 4c6143

is every one still alive?
No. 131848 ID: b862fb

still keeping an eye out but probs shouldn't necro these discussion threads, I think there's an IRC channel
No. 131849 ID: b1b4f3

And a discord!

File 145369842883.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , ITQ_OP.png )
97324 No. 97324 ID: 3a9db6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


The more they come, the worse they look!! JUST JOSHIN' YOU my friend! MY MY is it good to see you. Come on in, my friend, the thread is warm and toasty and BOY HOWDY do we love newcomers.

Make yourself right at home and DON'T YOU DARE be shy. Go ahead and answer any gall dang question you want! If you feel like askin' your favorite character ANYTHING at all, well you better call me CORRESPONDENCE McANSWERTON because you'll get your answer here, by gosh.

Previous ITQ threads, newest to oldest:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
572 posts and 185 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131797 ID: 7ebbf9

Sabrina from Perfect OC, can you tell us about your favourite fanfiction?
No. 131798 ID: 0fae41

To Vixxan: What's your favorite animal, and would you keep one as a pet?
No. 131843 ID: 470289

Deem: If you had to be something other than a dungeon, what would you choose?
No. 131844 ID: 7ebbf9
File 157881888084.png - (29.20KB , 720x640 , alice_itq_the_good_message.png )

>To Alice Dietrich: Was the screed of the Messenger a concept that spread to humans from another species, or did humanity uncover this terrific truth themselves?
Yes and no. It only got popular after humanity achieved interstellar spaceflight and came into contact with alien civilisations, both extant and extinct. It came about from sifting through different religions and different cultures for underlying truths. There's even claims it goes all the way back to the Precursors. That seems like a bit of a stretch though, translations of Precursor text are iffy at best. They didn't seem to think the same way as us, though maybe it's just like cavemen trying to understand modern humans...
No. 131846 ID: 5b93d3

>Be precursors
>Find out future civilisations have made a religion out of mistranslating the SYN/ACK metadata from your old comm records

File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
700 posts and 66 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131835 ID: 5b93d3

Merud would only really be funny if Kallia is around. Otherwise, Hin, for the double-fun of being a giant giant, and her having to gratuitously bend over all the time.
No. 131836 ID: 1a6fd4

Hmm, that's an amusing mental image. You have my vote.
No. 131841 ID: b1b4f3

Keep making Hin bigger until she's like a Giant Blacksmith.
No. 131842 ID: a9af05


Our dungeon isn't big enough for that. But maybe we can do that after we've gotten bigger rooms and hallways?
No. 131845 ID: feecd8

It should be Moriko.

Since she's usually the person we have set up as our dungeon's final boss, we usually use magic to reinforce her. One of the magics is making her bigger. So if she's naturally really big, then instead of using magic to make her bigger, we can instead do something else to make her more formidable!

File 151709790619.png - (180.82KB , 700x550 , Dis.png )
120031 No. 120031 ID: 65a774 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Because the other discussion thread was for Strange bedfellows and was kind of cluttered, I guess?

Either way, feel free to discuss who to eat / fuck / fuck and eat here.

Also, vote for best husbando! (I mean, there’s like only one other girl introduced yet so…)
234 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131472 ID: d004e0

Alright, I'm being too damn hopeful. Scratch staying.
No. 131739 ID: 094652

Can I say this disturbs me? There's a focus in absolutes.
No. 131822 ID: f0fa52

Hey Kaktus, would you be willing to make extra stuff for Strange Bedfellows? Your smut's gotten a lot better, and I'm still a bit salty over the cockblocking with Belseth.
No. 131838 ID: 1301e8

>Hey Kaktus, would you be willing to make extra stuff for Strange Bedfellows? I'm still a bit salty over the cockblocking with Belseth.
If people show some interest I might go back and draw some lewds, sure. Just not at the moment, as I have enough trouble finding time / motivation to update the quest normally as it is.
>Your smut's gotten a lot better.
Why, thank you. It’s good to hear someone appreciate my art.

>Can I say this disturbs me? There's a focus in absolutes.
Wait, Kome of all people feel disturbed? That’s new.

Also, I forgot to change my name to Kaktus for the longest time…
No. 131840 ID: 4854ef

First bug lewds! But yeah I'm glad to see your art improved as it is too

File 144882002848.png - (32.28KB , 800x800 , BTE3-Title.png )
96269 No. 96269 ID: dd338c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

The ITQ for Lago specific quests.

Previous BTEs:

Current main ITQ:

Previous ITQs:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
538 posts and 148 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131426 ID: c59ec7

And sorry for the double post, someone can say if this has been answered before: Is Raox Coalition or Tree? I interpreted his "All the other ultras are queens" to mean only the ultras in the Tree, but did he mean all ultras period?
No. 131436 ID: e5e15e

Raox is Tree. I don't think any Coalition Ultraqueens or kings have appeared or been directly commented on.
No. 131779 ID: 57bb13

Question to any Neumono or expert on Neumono biology:

What frequency range does Neumono empathy inhabit? And if not measurable in hertz, what sort of wave does it constitute?
No. 131813 ID: 0e24f3

Any Neumono: can you guys whistle?
No. 131839 ID: 3a3c64

Moi, what kind of Neumono are you? Snow, Jungle, Redgrass, Archipelago? We know Likol had Jungle roots, but others from your hive (Ramella, Korli) seem to be something else and all the Salikai intervention means there was likely some mixing of things.

File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
420 posts and 75 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131740 ID: 6f7a5a

there's something like that in the works
No. 131763 ID: 15088f

Every time I see Queen Gamma I can't help but think that she has to have serious sleep apnea with a neck as fat as that. Might be the reason she has so many bags under her eyes.
No. 131831 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157864724472.png - (391.49KB , 768x842 , GarrinBonus.png )

Garrin about to care for a lovely woman
No. 131832 ID: 10c07d

Oooh now this is nice
I remember asking before but I feel like now would be the time to ask again, exactly how long is Garrin?
No. 131834 ID: 6f7a5a

I don't know

File 12590419258.jpg - (333.88KB , 1800x626 , naked women of quest.jpg )
6566 No. 6566 ID: 88d217 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

I'm wanting a "project" to do, so I'm drawing a list of naked chicks and putting them into a size chart like Lucid did for his Journey species.

I'd like to include all the commonly used races, as well as races used in running or completed quests. Nothing from abandoned quests though, that's their punishment.

What I need:
A picture of your race, how tall they are on average, and what the female looks like nekkid. I'll add them to the chart and post it when I get a few of them done. These should be generic examples of the average individual, not specific characters.

What I've got so far: Mok, Cutebold, Dorf, Goblin, Lohrke, Indahl, Cremate.

We are starting with the shorter ones and working out way up. Post anyone that's 5' (~1.5m) and under first; once I get all those done we'll move on to average size.
384 posts and 107 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131267 ID: f7ff14
File 157191091552.jpg - (1.41MB , 2256x1643 , BB 428.jpg )

No. 131483 ID: ee548c

Are their wings curved in that image?
No. 131484 ID: f7ff14

Yes they are
No. 131789 ID: 12b116
File 157820504444.jpg - (820.67KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 18.jpg )

laprines all the way down.. this isnt even all of them
No. 131828 ID: 11f77a
File 157863558042.png - (496.03KB , 999x911 , eigo_ref.png )

Alright I'm submitting the Eigo species. I think their average height can be 6ft (top of their head, not the horns)

File 157566970057.png - (608.81KB , 755x710 , SS19_intro.png )
131539 No. 131539 ID: 11f77a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hey QD! Cybil here. And it’s time for our fourth year of Secret Santa! After the ‘beach incident’ I had to find an old suit while my other one is in the shop. Red is festive anyway! We’re using The Dimensioner’s 4D technology and his Cnidarian servants to make sure everyone gets their gifts at the right coordinates!

Here are the previous years of gift-giving:
(2016) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106091.html
(2017) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/118595.html
(2018) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126663.html

You can participate in two ways:

Quest Author/Sign-Up
For authors, all you need to do is post the quest characters you’d like to take part in this thread. Include their name and a link to the quest or wiki page. A picture is helpful as well. If posting multiple characters, you must state whether they’re a GROUP or INDIVIDUALS. Once we reach an appointed date, everyone will be randomly assigned their partner.

Pairings will be made on the 12th. Latecomers will have until 19th. They’ll be posted with spoiler tags to keep things a secret. Ssh…

Once a match is made, it is your job to write and illustrate what your character would give as a gift for their special someone! You’re not obligated to have a character respond to a gift. But the process of your character finding one is the least bit expected. One picture, ten; doesn’t matter as long as you don’t tire yourselves out. Posting early is no problem!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
56 posts and 44 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131807 ID: 891b91
File 157847115781.png - (222.93KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_fayz_6.png )

Fayz has given a BB Gun for Bonnie (Safety First). The stock is real walnut and has a compass embedded in it!
No. 131808 ID: 015bf2

a fine and responsible gift
No. 131811 ID: 15088f

[Insert obligatory A Christmas Story "you'll shoot your eye out, kid" response here]
No. 131815 ID: 29bca6

I used to have a BB gun just like that. Only the stock was plastic. Good memories. I can’t think of a better gift.
No. 131818 ID: 9876c4

Knowing Bonnie, she may have preferred the Magnum.

File 157594464277.jpg - (95.41KB , 1080x2340 , sketch-1575373913208.jpg )
131582 No. 131582 ID: cbeaea hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131786 ID: 5d926d

I guess this quest wasn't fun. Any feedback?
No. 131787 ID: d3866d

Readers tend to need a lot of prompts for where to go, especially early before a proper audience is built for the quest. A bit of handholding or 'railroading' early on to help lead people interesting directions can help.
No. 131788 ID: b1b4f3

I don't know how to use Tinder.
No. 131790 ID: c540e0

Both fair, was it not obvious that navigating the app was within the realms of control?
No. 131795 ID: 470289

I think people understood that, but there wasn't a 'hook' for people to want to search the app.

File 157403591295.jpg - (0.98MB , 3024x3024 , FD223C99-668E-4D40-9BE1-600F29251A1A.jpg )
131456 No. 131456 ID: 34fb21 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The discussion thread of fractured minds
25 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131706 ID: 3ce8ff

the only way Broken is not the main character of the story is if this is an elaborate prolog to the actual story. Even if Broken is not the one who is supposed to be doing the big things he is the protagonist of this story thus far.
also please the white text instead of spoiler is kinda painful.
No. 131748 ID: 34fb21

Updated status sheet

Name: Chronos Machina
Home dimension: Soul anarchy
Alias: Broken
Identity: Broken
Identities: Broken, Artificer, Logical, Prototype, Overwitten, Gatekeeper, Origins
Species: Wraith
Race: unknown
Soul: Creativity
Soul wall: Rage
Hive: Unitate disiungitur

Mythical creatures:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 131758 ID: 34fb21

Key: kingdom hearts reference this Chronos uses a key blade
Hunter: a hunter... comes from the monster hunter dimension got trapped on an uninhabited island full of monster with no way out until he discovered the multidimensional teleportation
Golem: a construct made by a Chronos who then transferred his memories to it
Static: a Chronos that got stuck in the radio waves and he takes the form of static
Divine: DEAD in fact overkill this guy was of the Emperial species who viewed themselves as angels and whenever a portal to another dimension appears they view it as a sign from god to exterminate those who dare desecrate holy ground and kills them all their species are the natural enemy of the corrupted ... a bunch of Chronoses kill this one and some were disappointed he didn’t live longer... so they can make him suffer for the amount of suffering he caused
Corrupted: the version of Chronos of the Corrupted species don’t let the name fool you they are nice they exist is some what if a theocracy as the land chooses as queen... the land of which the Corrupted live slowly turns people into corrupted this Chronos decided to remain one... nice folk...
Order: a Chronos who went down the route order did....
Latex: a Chronos who is fed up with being used for *censored* and cut up for tires... he is essentially a rubbery slime
Gelatin: the slime version of Chronos
Heartbound: comes from the dimension of heart believes in the power of heart to the point that it’s annoying
Keeper: don’t know where he came from but you can usually find him around the temples of fate
Knowledge: a librarian Chronos
Book: a writer Chronos... uses a pencil
{need to cut here it is annoying me}
No. 131759 ID: 34fb21

Chronoses continued
Drake: a kobold Chronos
Dragon: a dragon Chronos
Oldblood: here for a long time the longest good thing they are immune to age... he uses blood as his weapon
Novos: a star/nebula Chronos essentially a living nova
Arcane: a wizard Chronos uses a staff wears a pointed hat and only uses spells
Bound: a prisoner of the gods and still can’t get those shackles removed
Risen: an undead Chronos
Reborn: Half-Phoenix Chronos who can be reborn from his ashes assuming you light them
Brigade: a naval captain trained and disciplined and hates a lot of the other Chronoses because of their improper behavior
Scavenger: a Chronos who goes for a Bird like theme who knows he might be a bird but he survives on what he salvages
Bandit: a thief though not very gentlemanly because I gots to live no one knows what he steals and he won’t tell as how can you prove he stole
Steamer: steam punk Chronos
Pirate: a pirate Chronos with a gear/steam punk theme
No. 131785 ID: 34fb21

I made a point of mentioning sound it made sound and the heat would most likely kill anything in the general vicinity it would have made a cone shape of which Broken would be in the safe zone while everything else is destroyed also unfortunately the math is still need I’m not doing it anymore but broken is also there are different amounts of atoms in a gram of different things also I’m stupid made a mistake but yes I meant molecule not atom but also technically atoms to as the silicon and oxygen were mainly involved also the energy resulting from consumption stabilizes itself if you let it Broken left it open so it didn’t hence explosion... Broken first locates his waypoint making sure to concentrate on it being a no zone for void and the planet is gone and the broken moons seems broken was focusing to much on the waypoint to notice he absorbed the planet and it’s moons as well as some comets and meteors as well as some gases...

File 151469440943.jpg - (289.07KB , 1000x800 , labyrinth-logo.jpg )
119222 No. 119222 ID: 12b116 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

General disthread for Labyrinth, where we will design cutebolds etc.

This quest is sort of an already planned out module, and any mechanics questions will also be answered here.
49 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126015 ID: b1b4f3
File 153946994354.png - (15.31KB , 796x680 , map.png )

I made a shitty map!!!

Should be self-explanatory for the most part.
No. 126034 ID: 12b116

I am not going to provide a map, but

This is correct so far!
No. 131661 ID: b1b4f3
File 157637979580.jpg - (50.85KB , 1000x800 , labyrinthmap.jpg )

Alright here's an updated, clean map.
No. 131668 ID: b1b4f3
File 157645853121.jpg - (66.10KB , 1500x800 , labyrinthmap.jpg )

Whoops I forgot we went down the right passage already.
...the kobolds didn't say how the turns went to get to the sock hole, this is the best I can do.
No. 131772 ID: 0a2444

yeah that's correct, pretty much. They are at the ? now though

File 131499835592.png - (1.03MB , 1365x975 , birthday-dealt-with.png )
46018 No. 46018 ID: 2563d4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Looks like the old fanart thread...
...reached critical mass.

Happy birthday TestPattern! From Cockhole, Slinkoboy, Ñ, Theta][Sigma, and LionsPhil.

Previously: >>480 >>1118 >>314015 >>316577 >>319035 >>328203 >>336257 >>341621
1032 posts and 464 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 56416 ID: b2f225

Board games are much better than that old game. Let's play some next time.
No. 56418 ID: fa9f7e

Damn it.
No. 56430 ID: b0d1a8
File 134068274273.jpg - (76.45KB , 511x902 , blaankreqshade2.jpg )

Blaank requested me to draw this so I did, but then I tossed the lines over to test for him to shade and he did, so I guess this is fanart from both me and test.

The request was something about gnolls and magic armor and whatever, I forgot. Is for Lonelyworld and Lagotrope I guess.
No. 56432 ID: f72f26

haha that's even less suitable for combat!
No. 56433 ID: 132b99
File 134068971256.png - (245.56KB , 600x600 , final-form.png )

just a simple edit, but not sure where else to put it.

File 157481899457.png - (1.85MB , 1500x1074 , The Goddamned.png )
131505 No. 131505 ID: e5e15e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Discuss The God Damned.

Supplemental material may be posted here.
Feedback or critique is appreciated, and questions will be answered if asked.

This project is a collaboration and every contributor will be noted here.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131527 ID: 015bf2

Since this is here now, I just wanted to chime in and say that I enjoy this quest! The world-building and artwork has been pretty darn enjoyable so far and I'm looking forward to see where this will go.
No. 131599 ID: b1b4f3

I'm gonna link this here for convenience.
No. 131700 ID: 470289
File 157703301716.png - (390.60KB , 800x782 , racket_v2.png )

Thanks! I hope I can give you something consistently interesting to read.

I want to inform people I'm not sure if GD will be updating over the holidays. Lots of commitments, so I can't promise anything. Afterwards we will try to get back on the one a week schedule though.
No. 131741 ID: 8fab7a

Ma'am with a bunch of youngins?
No. 131750 ID: 470289
File 157741741335.png - (244.78KB , 800x587 , teeths.png )

Junkyard with a bunch of youngins!

She's frustrated the sketch doesn't show off her guns properly.

File 156351622808.png - (44.51KB , 883x638 , sisirri HD.png )
130146 No. 130146 ID: 2df440 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Post your amazing fanarts for your favorite quests here! The old thread has become filled with too much art, so it's time to start again. Commissions of quest characters you bought are cool to post. Authors can also post extra images of their quest characters here (you can be a fan of your own quest!) Cool kids label their fanart with character and quest names.

First post is Sisirri from Salikai in super HD!

Previous threads: >>100245
125 posts and 111 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 131699 ID: 5fc3a0
File 157699955612.png - (223.48KB , 820x850 , Narkoguns.png )

Narko from The God Damned by Whistler & GraphyGraphie https://questden.org/wiki/The_God_Damned
No. 131742 ID: 15a025
File 157733269619.png - (7.62KB , 480x720 , snowboard pennyb.png )

Penny from Dead Dust snowboarding.
No. 131743 ID: 8fab7a

No. 131746 ID: 5fc3a0
File 157738332916.png - (249.05KB , 900x700 , Bluefinal900.png )

Numbat numdick. Blue from Blue by THICC ICE https://questden.org/wiki/Blue
I started trying to do him in 3d but then I gave up and drew his dick! You can see that here: https://twitter.com/CmdDog/status/1210256793009606657
No. 131747 ID: 75ea94
File 157739765090.png - (463.95KB , 1080x1080 , Kliss in box.png )

A day late, whatever.

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