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File 152186585887.png - (18.80KB , 150x150 , tgchanlogo.png )
121761 No. 121761 ID: 395c02 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Welcome to the Quest Advice thread Mk. 2! Anyone is welcome to offer advice or ask questions about the amazing world of interactive storytelling!

Check the wiki page for additional information and tips: http://questden.org/wiki/Advice_for_Running_a_Quest

The Questden discord may also be of assistance: https://discord.gg/Fh5zMTX

Old thread (Advice may be outdated): https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/15880.html
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No. 135575 ID: 47be15

Ok thanks for the explanation
No. 135580 ID: e13b1d

Could it be fixed by specifying in a URL/link /thread and /post?
No. 137585 ID: 391a38

No. 139141 ID: dc13c4

can anybody send me the link for the tgchan discord?
No. 139247 ID: b57fea

Unless you were banned, the link at the top of this thread should work just fine?

File 140065772828.png - (48.11KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
81802 No. 81802 ID: 186341 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

hey friends check it out talk about enemy quest here
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No. 131792 ID: 4c6143

is every one still alive?
No. 131848 ID: b862fb

still keeping an eye out but probs shouldn't necro these discussion threads, I think there's an IRC channel
No. 131849 ID: b1b4f3

And a discord!
No. 138045 ID: f5c405
File 166239725062.png - (141.74KB , 875x473 , Screenshot_20220612-041907.png )

Dukerino is Brom, the quest creator, and has given people blanket permission to use his setting and characters. Just mentioning to get the word out there -)

I wish him and his normie life the best of luck lol.
No. 139365 ID: 67752c

Locking due to persistent spambot.

File 167898848776.png - (276.33KB , 633x1292 , markup_clip_5571803234603730273.png )
139280 No. 139280 ID: 02d159 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A thread for discussion related to O/I/R, because you guys seem to need it ahead of schedule.

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/O/I/R
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No. 139335 ID: cce6c4

(That said, I think Kuvusha is entitled to being overwhelmed by her situation from time to time. Just, it's more a function of that than "oh no so many suggestions". I certainly don't want to discourage people from suggesting in my quest...)
No. 139337 ID: 2aa5f0

so how long until Kuvusha sees an Amtsvane? Seeing how big they are and how most of them tend to be nervous wrecks themselves I'm kind of curious would would drop their spaghetti more.
No. 139339 ID: dee951

awwww I had high hopes for the psychic thing!!
No. 139344 ID: cce6c4

Sazgvao is not particularly representative of amtsvane demeanor.
No. 139361 ID: aa23a8

https://questden.org/wiki/O/I/R As if by magic, a wiki article exists!

I wholeheartedly encourage someone who isn't me to improve it.

File 156351622808.png - (44.51KB , 883x638 , sisirri HD.png )
130146 No. 130146 ID: 2df440 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Post your amazing fanarts for your favorite quests here! The old thread has become filled with too much art, so it's time to start again. Commissions of quest characters you bought are cool to post. Authors can also post extra images of their quest characters here (you can be a fan of your own quest!) Cool kids label their fanart with character and quest names.

First post is Sisirri from Salikai in super HD!

Previous threads: >>100245
682 posts and 614 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139195 ID: a7a180
File 167743351170.png - (163.54KB , 500x500 , O-I-A.png )

Kuvusha practicing O/I/R protocol on some weird looking aliens.
No. 139268 ID: 15a025
File 167866731537.png - (379.11KB , 500x500 , BelleKnott.png )

It's Belle Knott from Scion of the Old Blood.
No. 139274 ID: 681cb5
File 167882025948.png - (91.58KB , 700x550 , BuckingDeer.png )

Do not file this deer from DO NOT FILE by Buckwheat
No. 139325 ID: 15a025
File 167926297516.png - (438.52KB , 500x500 , lowrypainting.png )

Some fanart of Lowry from Acid Soup
No. 139359 ID: 0cd2cf
File 167983814536.png - (1.03MB , 1440x1904 , Kuvusha.png )

the jumpsuit activated my neurons

File 162056925280.png - (95.44KB , 900x900 , a9.png )
135483 No. 135483 ID: eedbeb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

i make quests too quickly to warrant a discussion thread for each one. going forward all the fun can happen here.

once i'm finished with a quest, i put it in pdf form here: https://tippler.itch.io/

my twitter: https://twitter.com/fishsimp2
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No. 139338 ID: 9ea24b
File 167943904161.png - (97.42KB , 500x500 , a58.png )

oh my bad for misunderstanding. this isn't working thread 3 was simply built different, there deliberately were many forced exclusive time sensitive choices for chuck and folks didn't choose the brotherly bond route.

the fam did all meet up afterwards, but who knows how or if full reconciliation would happen
No. 139345 ID: b01382

what would you say was your favorite pokemon of all? just the #1 favorite?

Do you have a #1 favorite character from Questden?
No. 139346 ID: b01382

Out of curiosity, is there a limit to how much Stat Vitamins and X Boosting Items we can consume for permanent effects before seeing diminished to no results?

Did you say that pokemon on average only live up to around 30 years? That kinda sad, but a fair trade off for powers. Does that age limit applies to us too?

If we reach level 100, max out our stats with consumables, and wear a great battle item, would it be possible to 1v1 Groundon for fun?
No. 139348 ID: 9ea24b
File 167961133065.png - (116.37KB , 500x500 , a59.png )

fav poke: mewtwo, edgy op cat, what's not to like

fav questden character: besides my own characters probably acid soup lowry

how many stat boosting vitamins can you eat? you can have 51 buffs total and at most 10 for a specific stat going off of hoenn rules. in mystery dungeon it's uncapped which would make things too op and also the calculator wouldn't work

flygon dying in 30 years? yup

can you 1v1 Groudon: there hasn't been a boss fight yet so it hasn't been shown but legendaries are going to deal some multiple 2 or greater of damage and also have buffed health. you need a team of 4 to fight groudon for a reason
No. 139357 ID: dee951

Hah! I liked the 'invest in schizo tech' reply, that was cute and a good pun!

File 160911434321.png - (171.41KB , 700x550 , 0Dis.png )
134609 No. 134609 ID: 2c5282 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Becouse I really don't want to have four diffrent dis-threads.

Ongoing Quests:
133 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139255 ID: 681cb5
File 167855851205.png - (113.45KB , 700x550 , DemiGods.png )

>Some questions for the Three Gods of Lascivious Labyrinth.
>If all three transcend gender, do they just identify to the gender you present as, or is there symbolic significance to it?
Ptamet: “Does a river need a gender? Does it care?” the Jackal god changes from a man to woman as they speak, “I am but a river, ever flowing, ever changing… I am whatever gender I please at the moment… or no gender at all if that is what I desire. There’s nothing more to it than that.”
Volek: “How can I chose one gender when all of them require my presence?” the crocodile muses while rubbing his own belly, “After all, to ensure my fertility never wavers, I have to be all genders at once, no? Though I do prefer to be called a he, as I am but a father to all those that are born in my name.”
Wjares: “I’m the biggest, baddest bitch around, so of course I would be a woman!” the dinosaur goddess flexes her large muscles, “Because everyone knows that gals are stronger! HA!”
Ptamet: “I’m pretty sure that depends on the species, Wjar…”

>Ptamet, when you're a body part, do you identify as the gender of that body part, AS that body part, or as gender fluid as you would normally?
Ptamet: “What part of transcending gender don’t you understand? I am all genders and no genders at the same time… as well as being whatever body part I’m in as well.” Ptamet shifts between their male and female form, as well as several form in between before finally stopping at the form of a Jackal without any gender at all, “I’m a demigod, I can just be everything and nothing at the same time, no?”
>Volek, as god of fertility, do you consider ALL pregnancies as if they're yours? If so, are you subject to sympathetic pregnancies? Do you th
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 139258 ID: 2a82d3

Kaktus, thank you for humouring me after I lost my nerve at the thought of subjecting a wholesome thread to my weird, weird fetishes. I just worry my aggressive posting might be killing interest in your quests. Consider this my promise to you and everyone that I'll vet any weird ideas or speculative plans here first.

That said, what you think about the idea of a new discussion thread to focus on the Kaktus extended universe? That might get people to focus.
No. 139353 ID: 681cb5
File 167978260591.png - (86.79KB , 700x550 , Begining1.png )

The origins of the Demi-god Triplets, as told by Pesi the Skull

In the beginning, the world was but an empty void. No earth or sky, not day or night, not even the very concept of nothing existed. No, there was only one thing that where and always was, a god and goddess whose name has been lost since time immemorial, the god of gods and birthmother of all. We know them as He who seeds, She who birth, the father and mother of all things.

Thus he seeded the world and she gave birth to it, creating the very plane we walk upon, and from his loins the gods sprang forth while from her breath they were given life! Soon, she had given birth to hundreds of thousands of gods, the greatest of which was her firstborn, a goddess whose original name has long been forgotten, but we know her today as Agnieszka, the goddess of purity.

But all was not well in the garden of the gods, as when He who seeds, She who births created the mortals species some of the other gods saw it as an abomination to be purged. Mortality was, after all, the very state that’s the antithesis of the immortal god, and thus disgusted many gods for even existing.
No. 139354 ID: 681cb5
File 167978261926.png - (139.12KB , 700x550 , Begining2.png )

It is not known who struck first or even which god fought for which cause, but in the end there was a war more magnificent than anything else this world has ever witnesses! All we know is near the beginning of the war Agnieszka herself struck down her mother and father, the gods of gods, and forced them into a deep slumber, an endless slumber He who seeds, She who births is still chained in. An uncountable amount of gods perished and was lost to history forever before the war came to an end with no clear winner. Instead, they came to a compromise, to exile the mortals from the garden of gods and relocate them to the newly created mortal realm, far from the gods themselves.

But, not long before said cease fire was reached there was a duel of great importance, as the goddess of strife and the god of growth were battling above the mortal realm. Their battle lasted for 14 eons, each of their moves shaping the world around them, creating mountains and seas as their bodies smashed into it. But in the end Strife won, as she cleaved the god of growth into three parts, which fell unto the mortal world. His body became the greatest of the mountain ranges, his blood became the Grand River where our ancestors’ kingdom still stands and finally, his essence…
No. 139355 ID: 681cb5
File 167978263109.png - (55.48KB , 700x550 , Begining3.png )

It too was cleaved in three and fell onto the mortal realm, each landing and becoming one with different mortal creation. The first fell upon a river, an ever changing stream bringing the lifeblood to the land, and from it emerged the demi god of Change and Cultivation, Ptamet. The second fell upon a field, fertile and full of animal life, and thus became the demi god of fertility and family, Volek. And finally, the third essence was consumed by a forest fire, which never ending hunger and destructive ways gave birth to the demi god of War and Vore, Wjares!

In the end, it is from their blood we, the Volin, was given life… and thus we must pay them our respect and offer them sacrifices regularly. So build that damn Shrine already, Sebak! -Pesi

File 155465804168.png - (58.71KB , 498x366 , ending spoiler.png )
128997 No. 128997 ID: 623354 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your concern about the quest during my hiatus. The quest is not dead. Continuing and indeed concluding it have been on my mind every single day since the last update!

I recently finished school and started a full time job in my field, which means I will have financial security and very well-defined free time to continue these things. I am happy to announce that I will be continuing Coxwette iminently! I am currently in the phase of creating flowcharts and concept maps to ensure that loose ends are tied at the ending. The quest will have a full epilogue, too.

I am making a new discussion thread because the last one is a mess, and I want a clean place for people to leave questions or remarks for me as well as discuss the ongoing quest.

Anyway, thanks for reading and making this such a fulfilling experience. 👍
68 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139298 ID: cd5b38

Honestly glad to see that Coxwette's back from hiatus. I thought it was going to be left on a cliffhanger for good and I've only come to check on it because I remembered it was a thing recently.
No. 139315 ID: 273c18

Yes... "back from hiatus"...

Kinda looked to me that RML stopped updating when it became clear nobody was really that annoyed about everyone but Chuck being able to have sex.
No. 139340 ID: cd5b38

Idk I'm just happy to see a moderate amount of progress since I've last checked in (which was probably Oct 2018, I forgot).
Updates seem to be every few months as it is so I'm not really bothered by that.
No. 139350 ID: cd5b38
File 167967480251.png - (610.36KB , 1380x1901 , Susanne_Snayor_Stark.png )

Made some snayor fanart
No. 139351 ID: cd5b38
File 167967485703.png - (604.30KB , 1380x1901 , Susanne_Snayor_Stark-CarnalEdit.png )

Carnal speech version

File 165259568280.jpg - (85.40KB , 500x500 , disc thread.jpg )
137440 No. 137440 ID: 4ef090 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

For questions, comments, discussion, and general jibber jabber about the Slime Quest story, world, characters, etc etc.

Setting this up to make it easier to read through suggestions on the main board.

Also, there are some things I may not be able to answer in the format of the story. Ask about that stuff here! I can't reveal everything, but there's still some stuff I'd love to elaborate on/clarify.

Keep it friendly, please!

READ SLIME QUEST: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002454.html
185 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139214 ID: b01382

This is the only otp I need. Good by Void King!
No. 139215 ID: a758c7

what if i want both
No. 139314 ID: 6b2bf7

I was not expecting Voidkin to be able to have Mouths, if I knew there were able to be any other factors I wouldn't have even bothered making a plan!
No. 139316 ID: 0ba437

Nemo and the guild didn't expect it either. There's a lot they don't know about the wild void, tho we'll hopefully start to get some answers soonishly
No. 139343 ID: 800527

This quest continues to be excellent, also WOW WE FUCKING DIED HUH.
Very rare to actually see that happen in a quest, though its always a possibility. How much did you plan for us dying, with this current section?

File 167813572531.png - (253.95KB , 800x500 , discussion.png )
139221 No. 139221 ID: a7e32a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The discussion thread for Apostate, my first try at a quest. I have no idea what I'm doing!

The quest is marked NSFW because I have no clue what it'll contain, but probably violence and some nudity.
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139229 ID: 273c18

There will be more text samples? I guess I can wait.
No. 139231 ID: a7e32a

In the future, yes, most likely. It may be quite a while, though.
No. 139243 ID: a7e32a
File 167841064406.png - (43.64KB , 500x500 , apprentice character art.png )

[Image contains nudity.]
No. 139246 ID: b57fea

Loving the quest so far Spinwide! Keep it up
No. 139329 ID: a7e32a

I've had the most recent update written for nearly a week, but I was too sick to draw. I sorta rushed this update's art just to get something out, but it should be good enough.

File 166942529817.png - (809.39KB , 982x695 , intro_2022.png )
138571 No. 138571 ID: 11f77a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Oh good! You all arrived! Another year brings another special Secret Santa to Alp Daga! I’ll be joined by my husband to help set up this wonderful event. It just so happens that it overlaps one of our chupian holidays in honoring the end of the year our psychopomp goddess--so please excuse the excessive make-up on our faces!

Here are the previous years of gift-giving!
(2016) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106091.html
(2017) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/118595.html
(2018) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126663.html
(2019) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/131539.html
(2020) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134434.html
(2021) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/136526.html

What do you do? You can participate in many ways:

For Quest Authors/Signing-Up
For authors, all you need to do is declare which of your quest characters will partake in this exchange. Include their name and a link to the quest or wiki page. A picture is helpful as well. If posting multiple characters, you must state whether they’re a GROUP or INDIVIDUALS. Once we reach an appointed date, everyone will be randomly assigned their partner.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
180 posts and 173 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139284 ID: 9b127b
File 167899562730.png - (768.77KB , 584x773 , KoPxmas11.png )

Xiatsu: 'Oh! how charming! let me close up shop and perhaps we can pick a restaurant for review and discuss investment portfolios and financial assets?'
No. 139296 ID: f69af6
File 167902137523.png - (760.93KB , 1080x936 , Peachy Gifting 25.png )

"Good thing we were doing our annual intercosmical parade when you boys decided to play Icarus." says an angel standing next to Victor.

"Yes, thanks again for the save." He replies. "I really thought I'd meassured the fuel right this time."

"I guess those thrusters just can't be trusted." Numax looks towards his best bud, who rolls his eyes.

"You may rise, child. No need to grovel." The leading cherub says, all four mouths speaking in unison, yet more curously than offputtingly. It takes Peachy a moment to get over her hard-coded habit of kneeling before figures of authority.

"Eeeeeeeh! Actual heralds from Heaven!" She squeals giddily, which often happens when someone sees actual heralds from Heaven, "I-if I may ask, what's the afterlife like"

"Well, I must say, it's like being on cloud 9."

Some of the people around chuckle.

"...I don't get it."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 139297 ID: f69af6
File 167902174263.png - (699.29KB , 1080x1080 , Peachy Gifting 26.png )

Numax: "Hey, look, that's my pet from middle school! How's it going, Trig?"

Peachy: "Yaaaaay- What's a middle school?"

Thank you, Sarcopholacooda, for your wonderful gift!
Merry psychopomp day to all, and to them all hold no spite!
No. 139326 ID: 681cb5
File 167927017084.png - (87.41KB , 550x400 , SandClawFinal.png )

Maphet: “Oh, there you are Icaro!” Maphet hoist the large bag of seeds under her arm as she sees her friend finally arriving, “We were almost going to leave without you, you know. And I can see you had a pleasant day as well, going by that smile of yours.”
Icaro: “Oh, it’s been better than pleasant!” Icaro cheerfully answers, his grin widening even more, “I’ve even made a new trade partner!”
Pesi: “Of course you have…”Pesi mutters while rolling her eyes, “And they trade in what, exactly? This is going to be just like that time you bought those nonexistent paintings of hairless apes, those that was supposedly hanging on a chain somewhere?”
Maphet: “Now now, Pesi, I’m sure he learned something from that.” The green lizard gives him a warm smile, “Surely, this trade contact is a bit more trustworthy than that, Icaro?”
Icaro: “Why, of course Maphet, they did after all have a shop right here at the Sand Claw festival!” he raises his hand and point towards himself before continuing, “And what’s even more important, I got a dinner date with her!”
Sekhmet: “A date? Why even bother? Just make it a quickie and put a bun in that oven!”
Icaro: “Because some of us actually want something more than that, Sekhmet.” the blue Volin states as he gives his friend the stink eye, “Like a mate or two for life.”
Pesi: “Ha! Like anyone would be your mate for a full week, let alone their full life.”
Maphet: “Pesi!”
Pesi: “What? I’m just speaking the truth!”
Maphet: “So… this girl… she was that scorpion lady, correct?”
Icaro: “Oh, indeed she is. Lady Xiatsu is her name…” Icaro stops and looks wistfully into the sky, “And she’s one of the most charming and regal women I’ve ever met…” he just stand there staring for a moment, as he’s seemingly me
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 139328 ID: a7a180
File 167928136393.png - (105.14KB , 500x500 , tail_end_of_winter.png )

Normally, you'd be sad to watch a new friend leave, but this time it isn't so bad maybe.

File 159358910114.png - (876.77KB , 1000x1000 , lasttracediscussionheader.png )
133296 No. 133296 ID: e24163 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

A place for theories, fanart and critique.

Please let me know what you think about this quest of mine - feedback is greatly appreciated!

I will also answer meta questions that cannot be answered in-universe, so feel free to ask if there's something on your mind. Questions that can be answered in-universe will be politely declined, to prevent spoilers.
62 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 138910 ID: 30b9f6

It's certainly a phenomenal effort you've put into Last Trace. I'm happy to be enjoying, supporting and participating in the threads, even if I don't always get around to posting for every update.

Best of luck with 2023! Don't burn out on gamedev, that notorious timesink!
No. 139001 ID: b90810
File 167405143678.png - (552.85KB , 1380x1380 , Time to square up.png )

We love you, Cross the Line, thank you for your lineness!
No. 139002 ID: b90810
File 167405146575.png - (478.20KB , 880x1280 , Time to square up 2.png )

No. 139082 ID: 1371b2

I just binged this story over the last few days and hooo what a ride.
I will also say that my one regret with these stories is they remind me I am very bad at modern military thinking.

A part of me wonders at the idea of having Nickel and Astro work together as a team to shoot the WallFlower- it seems to me that it’s the most meaningful way to fire that gun, since it’s I’ll suited for Argine…
Though I wonder if she could use those silk gauntlets to like…
One hand on the trigger, the other like…Half bracing the thing so it doesn’t recoil right into her, half trying to hold it from the butt of that thing. It’s be awkward-I can tell that much, but the thing fires a big fat beam of doom, and has those old-timely Blunderbluss muzzles-precision aiming was never in the cards with the Wallflower.
No. 139323 ID: fd463a

Heh. No idea if you'll even see this, but don't sweat the modern military thinking too much. Firstly, modern military thinking is often about squad tactics and combined-arms fire support - neither of which apply very well to 1 on 1 duels. Secondly, we're dealing with supersoldiers, future-tech weapons and gadgets, and a few things that may as well be effin' magic (the cards and parasignias). Modern tactics do not deal with these things (even if certain principles are still valid). If you've got an improvised MacGyver tactic, post it, it's not like additional ideas would be bad.

File 160581271970.png - (731.44KB , 927x1115 , DiscHeading.png )
134350 No. 134350 ID: 6f7a5a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Chinzebeth VII will be a NSFW clothing damage quest featuring YCH cameos as both controlable characters and enemies

Suggestors will aid Chinzebeth and her royal guards and fend off invaders

this thread is for discussion and sign ups
91 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 138641 ID: c5b936

I agree with pretty much all of this, though I'd trade Sawrog for some new blood.
No. 138804 ID: e51896

Lord Lung: as you and your troops march to the cathedral, order your army to start a battle chant, or song, or sound off to hype them up for the upcoming carnage you all are about to cause, and to strike fear into civilians as you pass by and intimidate your opponents.
No. 138888 ID: 9b127b

I need to design the high priestess (human). anyone have thoughts/ideas/preferences?
No. 138889 ID: a7a180

A long, slim servant of the space pope whose robe has so many ring piercings it looks like a shower curtain.
No. 139319 ID: 9b127b
File 167918369729.png - (519.29KB , 927x1115 , QueenSketch1.png )

Chinzebeth trying out a new look

File 144719741912.png - (91.34KB , 500x500 , discuss.png )
95999 No. 95999 ID: 3e2cae hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Questions, Comments, Tips, Tricks and Lore Unlocks for Horny Futa Adventures go here.
190 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 130814 ID: a5d9bc

So is this thread dead or...
No. 130816 ID: 1f812f

Nobody has posted in this thread for almost 3 years. Why in the flippity fuck do you need to ask that?
No. 132337 ID: 10e2fc

I didn't look at the dates so me big dingus I guess¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 132366 ID: 432eee

..you just did it again, it's been half a year since gnoll answered.
No. 139283 ID: 1704f7

Is there going to be any more Horny Futa Adventures in the future?

File 167573647256.png - (79.58KB , 500x500 , a0.png )
139073 No. 139073 ID: 8483cf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Welcome to the fourth annual Questden Romance Festival, where eligible Questden belles come to get tied up with beaus! Puns aside, all Questden characters have the opportunity to find true love (maybe), and for characters that are already in relationships, there’s plenty of free sweets and drinks to have a great time!

Just like the previous years, draw your quest characters looking to mingle with other participating quest character looking for love. Woo and flirt to test the waters: will the duo be compatible, or will it fail spectacularly? Singletons are also welcome, as are established couples on a date.

Also, whether you’re a quest author or a suggestor, here’s the place to draw or write a valentine to send to your favorite quest character! Who knows, they might even react (or write back)!

2020 thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/132009.html
2021 thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134801.html
2022 thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/136948.html
70 posts and 69 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139257 ID: 681cb5
File 167857161943.png - (124.42KB , 700x550 , Val20.png )

Sebak: Afterwards, Sebak returns his attention to the rabbit still lying in his grasp, “So, little wrestler, seeing as I can’t find that metal gentleman anywhere, I have to ask... may I still have a dance with you?” the large lizard blushes a bit as he avert his gaze, “Though, you will have to teach me the moves, little opal.” Then, taking a deep breath, Sobak collect his courage and go all in, “…or maybe you want to go somewhere a bit more private, where we don’t have to listen to these foxes yelling, hmm?”
No. 139261 ID: 6ad04b
File 167859294998.png - (107.48KB , 500x500 , RF2023-4.png )

“How bold,” Ignacia says, tracing a finger along Sebak’s shoulder. “I see you prefer one dance to the other. Do not worry, I will lead you…”

Ignacia hops out of Sebak’s arms and takes the lead, parading him around the dance floor.
No. 139262 ID: 6ad04b
File 167859297243.png - (104.88KB , 500x500 , RF2023-5.png )

Soon the music slows, and their dance is at an end.

“Ah, pobrecito!” Ignacia laments. “The night comes. I must remain alone, for I cannot risk you being made a target of my many ninja and vampire enemies. Such is the lonely life of a luchadora.”

Ignacia dramatically steps into the shadows, where there is an alleyway exit.
No. 139276 ID: 681cb5
File 167889677073.png - (94.53KB , 700x550 , Val21.png )

Sebak: “Wait!” Sebak shouts after Ignacia, reaching out towards her in desperation, “For someone as strong as you, Luchadora, I am willing to stand my ground against any evil or villain that might mean you ill, no matter how hard it will be!” but his pleading falls on deaf ears, as the rabbit leaves through the door, disappearing with it to who know where. A single tear slide down the Volin’s cheek, but it is followed by a slight smile, “Goodbye, little wrestler, our short time together was lovely…”

But as he’s about to turn around, he spots something on the ground! I seems like the Lucha left something behind for him to remember her by, a small memento for their time together! An artifact formed from a strange metal that Sebak has never witnesses before; a near perfectly symmetrical cube created by what he can only assume is an expert blacksmith. Then, on the side, there is a perfect likeness of the stunning lady he just met, something that can only have been carved by a master! Clearly, a masterpiece like this can only be commissioned by royalty, making the mysterious masked rabbit none other than the queen of her nation, the nation of Luncha! But, what does those cryptic words carved into it means? It has to be some kind of ancient spell written in a long forgotten arcane language, right? Better show it to our Warlock, Sebak thinks to himself…
No. 139277 ID: 681cb5
File 167889678134.png - (128.21KB , 700x550 , Val22.png )

With a light touch, Sebak picks up the ancient artifact and hold it against his chest, content to know that a powerful royalty was willing to gift him such an amazing and awe-inspiring object.

Sebak: “I swear to you, little rabbit, that I will keep you in my memories always…” the Volin muses to himself, “…until we meet again, Queen of the Lucha!”

And with that, Sebak leaves the festival of love, happy in the fact that even if he did not find a beautiful maiden or a strong warrior to bring back as a mate, he found something far greater in his new connection with the Lucha Queen, not to mention the powerful artifact she gifted him, which will surely aid his tribe!

File 153470020140.png - (292.65KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
124957 No. 124957 ID: c1eaac hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

To discuss demons, hell politics, and dating! And maybe even worldbuilding questions.
54 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 133581 ID: 5b93d3
File 159683927996.jpg - (80.66KB , 700x600 , camio.jpg )

>How are you?
No. 133587 ID: b488b1

Well I mean they're not vampires, they don't need an invitation.
No. 133604 ID: c1eaac

i cannot express how much i love this
No. 139270 ID: f581d4
File 167877152357.png - (194.22KB , 700x600 , well.png )

yeah this is good enough to revive the disthread with
No. 139275 ID: f69af6

To be fair, we never met someone quite as horny before.

File 164739716345.png - (1.16MB , 1000x1000 , DiscussionThread.png )
137263 No. 137263 ID: 629f2e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Discuss the mysteries of Cattenom, ask questions, or just post fanart of your favorite Perp characters!

Link to quest: https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity
12 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 138202 ID: 22eda9

Personally, I think the whole potential propaganda part means that it's a bit further than that.

A few things I'm wondering about but not sure there's a good chance to explore;

What do these kids learn in class? (Do they have a history class at all? I'm guessing that there's something really off there, but nothing we'll be shown.)

People from Outside (Are they real? Are people allowed to come into Cattenom, but not out? What happens to Adults not in the know?)

Where do they get their produce? (Is everything made in town/nearby? Do they get shipments from... Outside?)

The Library's Forbidden Section (A goldmine of information most likely, with some reasonable things to be forbidden mixed in, but I'm not sure anyone's going back or would know what to look for. Hell, I don't think I'd know where to look, but... y'know?)

...But I gotta keep myself impartial, it's "Just fiction", right?
No. 138358 ID: 73a94c

Yeah, so I'm thinking if we want Frankin to enter his "mother's room" getting him to lower the temperature on the thermostat to get him as cofortable as possible to convince him to go in his mom's room, and to prepare him for what he is going to witness is going to be super important. I think we're at the point where we'll need to take risks and small sacrifices if we are going to make significant progress, and i feel while it is garuanteed he is going to get in trouble, it probably isnt going to be a huge loss (maybe at most grounded for a day, much like how Roger was out of commission for a day) but this is going to be worth it if we want Franklin to maintain his composure and convince him to do things he doesn't want to do.
No. 138506 ID: e51896

I'm not going to mention this to Franklin just yet until we dealt with the dr. dad situation. Don't want Franklin's mind to wander while dealing with Dr. Dad

but doesn't Franklin's dad's from the flashback sound a bit different than his current dad? the present dr. dad sounds a bit more eccentric than the dad from the flashback.

I think this is leaning towards the doctor turning out not being Franklin's real father, which could mean the mother we saw on with him picture was probably not Franklin's real mother...
No. 138579 ID: 22eda9

Perhaps now would be a good opportunity.
I wouldn't say it's quite "dealt with" but now at least in the safely discussable zone.
No. 139269 ID: e51896

I posted this in questden discord, but ill post it here too (spoilers) i noticed that Franklin, or Jordan in his past life on that recent flashback in the hospital was bald in the hospital bed, and earlier in Jhonen's notes on Franklin's skin samples, he had erased words that there were traces of radiation on them... from that info, i think Jordan may have died of cancer, and the traces of radiation Jhonen may have discovered on Franklin's skin samples were from radiation therapy.

File 161396061882.png - (13.50KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_000.png )
134892 No. 134892 ID: afe7de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

There's been some speculation of stuff on the discord and on the thread itself so I thought, hey! Why not make one of these. Have fun!
167 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 135734 ID: e51896

Just theorizing, I was thinking about similarities between awakening, Cat's power, and Magitech runes

Awakened people's power has an element affinity that are categorized by color according to Mint, while magitech's scripting manuals each represents by color what kind of rune it is as well.

Also, it seems whenever Cat awakens someone, they sometimes have a vision before receiving their power (Willamina seeing her great grandmother in her vision) and when Chi finished her rune, she had a hallucination of a node in the sky sucking up the light in a grassy field.

maybe these are just awakened powers in rune form or something.
No. 135737 ID: afe7de

>> 135733
Made an EDMANGO’s QUESTS thread. So feel free to speculate there now.
But, as clarification. The AVERAGE human soldier is like a normal human person who doesn't exercise at all in this setting. Just a normal person who was conscripted to be a guard for a town. Which, is still pretty fucking crazy for a 9 year old to be that strong. But you did pay for it, so you get what you paid for!

>> 135734
Interesting theory.
No. 135750 ID: afa6f6

I have two questions for ya, Edmango.
First off, is there any overlap of concepts between Shards and Catalyst? Stuff like Karma and Soul quality and such, im wondering if theyre a thing in both, mostly just for artifact purposes.
And second, How do you feel about uh, Non character specific Awakened ability suggestion? Just like ideas for ones that might be around in the future somewhere.
No. 135751 ID: afe7de


There’s overlapping concepts yeah. Soul treasures are just like extremely rediculously rare. And sure I love awakened power ideas. The more the merrier! And if you don’t mind can you suggest in the Edmango’a Quests thread? Wanna have that one be the main one convos happen in now if possible.
No. 139265 ID: 273c18

Cat can get an ability that lets him Awaken someone who's already got a power, right?
He should do that, and then see if he can Awaken each of Myriad's clones.

Also, Myriad needs to find an artifact that can erase memories, that'll allow her to avoid the "trauma issues" involved in absorbing clones. Split before absorbing, absorb a bad-memory clone, erase the memories of the clone who absorbed, then un-split. Result: recovered clone slot with no new memories recovered, good or bad. The absorbing clone could report anything important before it gets erased.

File 152099296441.png - (167.31KB , 800x600 , QTG.png )
121473 No. 121473 ID: e77725 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

You can talk about my quests here!

Current Quests: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Larro

Feel free to discuss my quests here or post character questions!
276 posts and 29 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139249 ID: aa60d9

So since you were a primordial demon once, does that mean you were just a normal dungeon denizen once as well? How’d you go from being a mob to being a dungeon master?
No. 139253 ID: 08229c
File 167849902782.png - (94.07KB , 800x600 , q5.png )

>Well, that's kind of the idea, innit? At what point does attractive turn to depraved turn to vile? I'm sure that these primordials have long since passed those points, but it's still interesting to hear what the pinnacles of those runes might be.

"I haven't met them. In general it's best to avoid these monsters. But, as I said, they are less good and more horrifying.

Like the Primordial Demon of Lewd could just be a sexy person. Or it could be a horrifying blob of flesh spewing fluids. Who knows. I sure as hell don't wanna know."

>Also, we're not asking you these things cause you're a demon. We're asking cause you're knowledgeable.

"I try to be. But, thank you."

>That's super helpful, thanks slime matron!

"You are very welcome."

>So since you were a primordial demon once, does that mean you were just a normal dungeon denizen once as well? How’d you go from being a mob to being a dungeon master?

"Dungeons do artificially what Primordials do naturally. I was a naturally born slime. I ate other slimes until I was massive. Once I was sentient enough to have a personality I decided to join the work force. I worked in dungeons for some time until I had enough experience and funds to start my own dungeon."
No. 139254 ID: 520a3f

No. 139259 ID: 08229c

No. 139263 ID: 273c18

Am I missing some reference?

File 167859029318.png - (2.54KB , 604x585 , AnnaQuestCH1P2.png )
139260 No. 139260 ID: 6f6dd0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

AnnaQuest discussion: whereone can discuss about AnnaQuest.

File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
564 posts and 137 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139019 ID: 9b127b

I indeed need to update FA more, I'm not savvy when it comes to gallery sites so it takes me a while to format the text and fill out tags and such but this year I'm going to put in more of an effort.
No. 139194 ID: 9b127b
File 167738708747.png - (1.91MB , 1125x1019 , Eeyfel_Bonus_4.png )

Eeyfel should leave the molebeast handling to Bowin
No. 139205 ID: 9b127b
File 167762227935.png - (863.84KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage4.png )

Page 4
No. 139213 ID: 322af8

Poor Icker. First she lost her hive then we degenerates strip her constantly.
No. 139250 ID: 9b127b
File 167848246130.png - (849.32KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage5.png )

page 5

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