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File 160243551405.jpg - (759.04KB , 1470x2311 , Divergent 1.jpg )
978305 No. 978305 ID: 2bd15b

chapter 1 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
chapter 2 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/777113.html
Discussion thread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.htm
Chapter 4 https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/929115.html
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things

wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 978306 ID: 2bd15b
File 160243554595.jpg - (2.39MB , 3508x1908 , Divergent 2.jpg )

No. 978307 ID: 9b589b

*patiently waits for whatever Anthony will do*
No. 978308 ID: caa473

Uh, yeah sure just don’t scratch me or anything please.

*gingerly shakes eyeing those claws.*
No. 978310 ID: 684c4b

*whispers to Anthony* ...Needles of life can heal any scratches, you know...
No. 978311 ID: 5f4030

*whispers back* Yeah but I’d rather not need one in the first place
No. 978315 ID: d63ea8

God, I thought he was going to keep talking forever. So what's the plan?

Are we going to humor this guy or just blow him off?

No. 978316 ID: caa473

Inner Thoughts: I’ve no idea, he just called us to this meeting and I’m not even really sure what the deal is. I’m always wary of deals that seem too good to be true now, but I’ll at least give him the benefit of the doubt until I’m certain otherwise.
No. 978324 ID: d63ea8

Alright, but he better not start waxing poetic again.
No. 978332 ID: 2bd15b
File 160246424431.jpg - (577.59KB , 2418x818 , Divergent 3.jpg )

No. 978333 ID: caa473

Sorry dude, most people when the they call these kinda of meetings always have some kind of ulterior motive, it’s just kind of what I’ve come to expect around here. It’s nothing against you personally. However in the interest of honesty I feel it’s best to tell you I have curator with me who is bonded to me so secrecy is gonna be a bit of a problem.
No. 978334 ID: d63ea8

*Withered Ace facepalms.*

Don't TELL him I'm here. I swear that you're way too trusting.

No. 978335 ID: caa473

Inner thoughts: Oh I don’t trust him at all, but this let’s him know I have a hole card he didn’t know about. If I trusted him completely I would give him your name, and what your power is. The problem with this is now he has to guess what you can do and the powers of curators always run the gambit. Plus if he’s really interested in honesty this is a sign of good faith.
No. 978338 ID: 831086

Well... i can leave if you absolutely don't feel comfortable talking with other witnesses around, Toothpick... I can always read some of the magazines some of the acolytes published while I wait...

However... I'm not going to mince words... I am concerned about the state of Anthony's mental health as of recent... he has been having troubling visions from other timelines and confusing those timelines with our own timeline such as confusing some people who are our enemy in this timeline as being our friend as they may have been allies in different timeline, or being confused whether or not hr has a curator as he has one in some timelines and others he doesn't...

...He even has been having nightmares that are getting stranger for him such as a woman in devil horns harrassing him and most recently a reoccurring nightmare of an infected puppy haunting him... (don't ask)...

It has all been enough to make him paranoid and make him say and do drastic things he wouldn't normally say or do... so as his best friend... I've took it upon myself to be a moral support for him to keep him out of trouble ever since he ran off the last time to where he shouldn't be... he has been getting better since I've been following him.

That said, I'll leave it up to you, Anthony. Do you want me present during your meeting with toothpick to help give you guidance and support even though he might not tell you everything with me here, or do you want me to leave you two in private?
No. 978340 ID: caa473

I mean you’re not wrong, I would prefer it if you stay. And I must admit I’ve put a lot of trust in you for this Mr. Toothpick, even so much as telling you about my curator, who I actually only got as she helps me with my mental health on the more... physical level? So I ask you place enough trust in me to let my friends stay for this.
No. 978397 ID: d63ea8

Alright, it is your call I guess. But if Toothpick pulls out some sort of countermeasure, you better put up a fight.
No. 978400 ID: 2bd15b
File 160251686979.jpg - (1.03MB , 3508x1071 , Divergent 4.jpg )

No. 978404 ID: 5f4030

Threaten me all you want. I’ve learned to harden myself against words and make of my heart a stone. But if you mean to keep this encounter “friendly,” I suggest you give some leverage, Mr. Toothpick. We want to keep this civil after all. And you are free to let go of my hand whenever you want.

Nathaniel, please wait outside I’ll give him five minutes. I’m more interested in why you want him to leave. Is this supposed to be a sign of trust between us? If so you’re not making a good case, but I’m considering this as a gamble. My parents were always good card players and taught me how to gamble at a young age.
No. 978451 ID: d63ea8

*Withered Ace leans in closer, trying to figure out which eye is the 'good eye.'*

Told you so.

No. 978597 ID: e51896

Well, Anthony... I will respect your decision and wait for you out the door...

*walks over to the door and is about to grab the doorknob when suddenly memories of what Spikey the clown told him earlier emerges into his head*

inner thoughts: “Maybe that is why you love isolation so much, you see everyone as beneath you or as an idiot. So go ahead, isolate yourself away from everyone around you and enjoy you big, smart and rotting brain! You will die alone and unloved by anybody, you would probably prefer it that way”... that is what Spikey told me, right? He may be a jerkass who loves causing pain but... he is all in all a jester, and it is a jester's job to be the voice of the kingdom and insult a king with words nobody else would say in order for the king to realize his faults and terrible decisions he made so he can try to improve himself to become a better king for his people and run a better kingdom... Spikey in his own way was trying to warn me to not isolate away from my friends... in a weird way... I think I fully trust Spikey... now more than ever, Anthony needs my help whether he realizes it or not!

*Nathaniel also remembers overhearing Spikey's warning to Anthony to keep the immortal's heart with him and remembers the Anthony gave it to him

inner thoughts: I still have the immortal's heart Anthony gave me... this must be the advantage Spikey was talking about that Anthony needs at this moment... Anthony doesn't have it anymore but I do... that settles it, I need to stay in the room with Anthony by any means necessary.

inner thoughts: However, convincing Toothpick to have me stay will be quite troublesome... in order to stay, I'm going to need to go into a battle of wits with him... hmmm... I really doubt that Toothpick is going to hurt Anthony and his threats are just empty... Anthony is a very valuable member of the Acolytes of the Ash Tree with his artwork being able to give our leader Root a great advantage over our enemies and steer us all out of trouble on multiple occasions... not to mention all the fans he might anger that may spark some distrust within the members of the Acolytes among each other... if Toothpick hurts Anthony, he will be in a lot of trouble, and he might just know that meaning this whole situation is a facade

inner thoughts: One step at a time, Nathaniel, even if the first step is risky as Anthony's wellbeing is on the line. To start, I will keep things nice and easy and pay close attention to how Toothpick reacts to my questioning for any signs of weaknesses to exploit

*turns around and faces Toothpick* Actually, before I walk out the door, I must ask, is your power trip of threatening Anthony really necessary? It seems rude and unnecessary considering I had agreed to leave you two alone and Anthony trusted you enough to let you know about his little curator and even shook your hand...
but more importantly even if you do make good on your promise and severely break Anthony's fingers, rip his hands off, or kill him, what do you suppose will happen to you, Toothpick? while short term you would get your point across and relieve your anger... but what will this action do to you in the long term?

inner thoughts:Don't tell him the consequences just yet, Nathaniel... Just wait and see for any signs of weaknesses to exploit and manipulate. Something to consider but not jump to conclusions with yet: Toothpick might not have the Acolytes of the Ashtree members best interests in mind if he has ulterior motives and might end up betraying the Acolytes of the Ashtree and what they stand for.
No. 978599 ID: caa473

*eyebrows raise and Anthony smiles in surprise *

Well, damn dude. And people wonder why I call you my best friend around here.

He my best best bro in this place that’s for sure.
No. 978600 ID: e51896

Don't interrupt, Anthony. It is Toothpick's turn to talk.
No. 978601 ID: caa473

Hahaha! Alright fair.
No. 978623 ID: 2bd15b
File 160277363389.jpg - (1.43MB , 2630x1819 , Divergent 5.jpg )

No. 978625 ID: 5f4030

*smiles like a gambler with a good poker hand.*
You’re referring to the painting I did called Killpop. Funny enough, I never once said it had anything to do with Root. Hold on I’ll pull up a transcript of the story that goes with it.

“The Killpop, the tragedy. Two figures, a sister and brother who can’t escape the cycle of abuse. Each one hurting the other, taking advantage of the other.

He comes upstairs, his face leering from behind his mask. Only to find her again, shooting up with the drugs he gave her. Her skin, once pale and fair, turns ruddy with pox marks and makeup from her trying to hide it. He swallows his disgust and rage at this sight. And something else rises, and his disgust turns inward, hating his own lusts.

She once told him, that when she is high, she can pretend no one hurts her, that she’s loved. In that moment, he can’t help find her beautiful.

He takes her on the floor, hating her, hating himself. He tells herself she’s done the same to him. She doesn’t put up much resistance. After it’s over they lay back to back, exhausted. She can’t feel anything anymore, his head lulls and he realizes he’s crying silent tears. The disgust makes bile rise in his throat. But in the end, perhaps they were meant for this.”

I never once said that was Root, or anyone else. But if that’s what your employer thinks well, art is very subjective after all. Have people been saying it’s Root? It makes me wonder wha they really think of him then.

As for Ana and what happened with the knights... I have my own mixed feelings. She was a subject of a lot of my work, and I couldn’t help but kinda cheer for her in the end. I think she did the best she could with a bad situation. I know what Godfrey did, and maybe it wasn’t so much murder as much as it was assisted suicide. I don’t know... It just doesn’t feel right. But I blame Lorence for everything that’s happened.
No. 978626 ID: d63ea8

This guy's just messing with us. I doubt he has anything useful to say.

Make sure that you keep away from him this time.

No. 978857 ID: e51896

>I advise you not to spread around what you hear from me. I am telling you this for your own good.


Even so, Anthony, I think for next time for everyone's safety, it might be best to just use fake names with a description stating that the characters in your story are all fictional and that any relationships to any real life people are merely coincidental so that no misunderstandings like that happen again, at least until Root comes back.

The only things I know about Ana is hearing that she forced a good friend of mine to fall from a tall building, and that Anthony telling me that he was planning a funeral for her for some reason... I suppose Anthony would probably want her corpse for that event...
No. 978883 ID: 2bd15b
File 160306432544.jpg - (2.82MB , 3508x2376 , Divergent 6.jpg )

No. 978900 ID: e51896

Anthony, my suggestion would be to have Toothpick keep his mask on, I think it will be more comfortable for him to talk with whatever state toothpick feels more comfortable in, and show we can trust him enough even with his mask on. our conversation can remain civil even with a mask on.

inner thoughts: after all, I wish to keep my own mask on, and asking Toothpick to remove his mask would mean I would be the only one with a mask, and that would be awkward
No. 978907 ID: 0fa94e
File 160307015961.jpg - (407.71KB , 1198x1600 , 905483FC-FEF1-4494-B827-D700021755E3.jpg )

It makes sense but I think he should just do whatever make him feel comfortable. Its gonna be kinda hard to rattle me at this point. I’ve seen Stitch’s face, Lorence’s face, there’s a lot of people who feel they don’t qualify as human any more because of their appearance. Perfect example, my friend from the Cross Ash, Balian? His girlfriend feels like that sometimes. But I believe actions speak louder than words, Balian’s girl is a total sweetheart. I guarantee it’s not gonna faze me as much as you think it will.

Also regarding my work, it’s not just the emotions I put I into canvas, but what I do is I paint things as they really are. I’m holding a mirror up to the community and saying “This is what the world is, what it was, and what you’ve allowed to let the world become. This is what’s got us to this point. So what are you going to do about it?” I would say, that is the exactly right image the public needs to see.

For example, there’s a piece which is currently hanging in the gallery now, “The Puppetmaster.” It represents someone constantly working from the shadows making everyone who wears that sign dance to his tune. His status quo. I’m still curious as to how people are taking that one.
No. 978982 ID: d63ea8

Not going to lie, those newest two pictures really gave me the heebie-jeebies. And yeah, have him keep his mask on, otherwise he's going to be a drama-queen about it.
No. 979071 ID: 2bd15b
File 160320613063.jpg - (3.07MB , 3508x2423 , Divergent 7.jpg )

No. 979073 ID: e51896

From the looks of things, it sounds like Lorence did not exactly plan to execute her but instead had other plans for her, because otherwise, Lorence would have just executed her right there and then on the spot when he greeted her, but instead he brought her somewhere where she wouldn't be found. Perhaps they were going to subject Ana to a fate worse than death then considering how you said the next part was disturbing? or maybe they were going to use her as bait for something since you said she attracts all sorts of beings? or worse... Did Ana do something disturbing to Lorence and the people involved?

Whatever the case, Anthony, do you want to hear this? if so, you might want to sit down for this and take some deep breaths if you really want to hear this... and keep an open mind, alright?
No. 979107 ID: 5f4030

*deep inhale*

No. 979183 ID: d63ea8

No. 979258 ID: 2bd15b
File 160337592639.jpg - (1.61MB , 3508x1345 , Divergent 8.jpg )

No. 979260 ID: 5f4030

Hm. I have some ideas as to what’s up with her eye. As for what I actually think about it... You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
No. 979268 ID: e51896

Hmm, well I've never seen what Ana looks like, but I do know that whenever Anthony would often talk about her to me, one detail he told me about his dreams about her was that her eyes would be shrouded in shadow like she was blindfolded which I find odd. That must be what you are referring to, correct? You said you have an explanation for that weird shadow covering her eyes, Anthony? You can tell us, I've heard weirder explanations.
No. 979269 ID: 218d84

When it comes to figuring out why her eyes are always in shadow in pictures taken of her, I have some guesses, the one that I believe is kinda silly. My old literature teacher back in highschool used to say that "The eyes are windows to the soul." If that's the case Ana's soul is guarded against those who would see it. Maybe because of her anomalous nature? That's the best I can figure out.
No. 979270 ID: e51896

Well, you're right about one thing, Anthony... I definitely did not believe it even after you told me.
No. 979271 ID: e51896

*Fortune Ana said nothing but couldn't help but burst out laughing at Lorence, probably mentioning something about him going senile whenever she could catch her breath before bursting out laughing again*.
No. 979276 ID: d63ea8

Or it means that we still have a problem. Someone might've switched out Ana for a body double.

But that doesn't really seem possible if Lorence was with her the entire time...

Hmm. We're definitely missing something.

No. 979338 ID: 2bd15b
File 160346808819.jpg - (2.50MB , 3508x2062 , Divergent 9.jpg )

No. 979342 ID: 218d84

I have mixed feelings about her. I think she is power hungry and was ultimately the cause of a lot of the twisted philosophy that many of the followers of Ash believe. On the other hand, I get the feeling there is some underlying trauma that made her this way, everything else that's followed has been symptom of that. So I guess you could say I pity her more than anything.
No. 979631 ID: e51896

For my opinion of Delilah, I see her as one of my superiors, but we usually don't interact with each other much. On the rare occasions we do, she usually see's me as an errand boy asking me to pick up some kind of item for her, or bring someone over to her, but that's about it. I try to stay out of her way and leave her to her own business.
No. 979632 ID: e51896

*Fortune sits on the floor to calm herself from her laughter, leaving her vulnerable, mentioning that it's been a long day*

*As proof she isn't under Absolution's control, she explains how back she was in the Last Will Trade and Exchange shop, she spoke with Lorence requesting him to give Clara a Needle of Life to help heal her and had One Horned Jack send it to Lorence when he was being taken by Lorence for his "personal evaluation". She mentions that the spector shop worker and maybe the blacksmith can attest to this statement as witnesses*

*Fortune Then explains how the voices had informed her that when the voices spoke to Lorence regarding if he healed Clara or not near the radio tower, Lorence stated that he attempted to help heal her with the needle, but it did not work work since it can't heal someone if the person doesn't want to be healed*

*With that in mind, Fortune then asks Clara if Lorence's statement is true, if Lorence at all attempted to heal Clara with the needle she sent to Lorence.*

*Is mainly asking more for morbid curiosity and to see everyone's reaction than getting out alive as she believes Lorence won't change his mind regardless of whether she proves she isn't under Absolution's control or not"
No. 979654 ID: d63ea8

Oh am I getting polled now?


She was a little psycho before, but I did prefer that to her being an invalid. It's like we're peddling around a corpsey scarecrow in a chair.

No. 979655 ID: 5f4030

Um. Well that’s Clara. She’s Root’s... I don’t know body double and girlfriend? What’s the deal with their relationship anyway? It seems pretty one sided.

But he meant Delilah, Root’s adopted sister.

To paraphrase what she said about Clara, she was crazy before but that was the better alternative to wheeling her around as she is now.
No. 979762 ID: 2bd15b
File 160382768001.jpg - (4.33MB , 3508x3465 , Divergent 10.jpg )

No. 979768 ID: 0fa94e

Needs work. So Ana is below huh? Yay. Woohoo. Awesome.

*sigh* God damn I hate these people.
No. 979833 ID: e51896

well Toothpick... I guess that story was disturbing like you said it was. Kind of odd how after all this time of trying to hunt and kill her on sight they in the end just decide to keep her prisoner in a place where she can do no more harm to anyone and no one can harm her. I'm sure they have cameras on her 24/7 just to make sure nothing supernatural doesn't try anything, yeah?

And for criticism's sake, when you said Toothpick's story needed work, how would you have improved it, Anthony? would you say a plot twist where it turns out that the person in the wheelchair who stopped talking to everyone, won't eat, and just stares at the wall all day due to emotional distress wasn't Clara at all but was actually a mannequin or something the whole time while the real Clara is hiding somewhere in one of her masterful disguises? That'd be weird... right?
No. 979905 ID: d63ea8

I'm just going to ignore that last question.

But in all seriousness you need to ease off on some of the drawings Anthony, you're starting to make Lorcence act a lot more crazy than he usually is. Either of us could be next one he dismembers.

No. 979913 ID: 5f4030

It was sarcasm dude.

Inner thoughts: Yeah maybe, but I also don’t want to just give up yet either
No. 979925 ID: 2bd15b
File 160394169491.jpg - (615.36KB , 1721x974 , Divergent 11.jpg )

No. 979927 ID: e51896

Im not someone who makes a deal without knowing the price. What is the price if you dont mind me asking?
No. 979935 ID: 5f4030

Dude, I’m fucking sick of deals and punishments for information. If you wanna tell us just fucking tell us.

Fucking Christ on a short pony, this is why I hate this cult. It’s all power plays secrets and the status quo. Why isn’t anyone just willing to be a good fucking person anymore? Everyone only does something when the have something to gain, it’s just more corrupt capitalist ideas taking out the other old capitalist ideas.

Fuck me man. And you were worried about your face being the thing that disgusted me.

*Anthony sits his chair away from Mr. Toothpick in frustration.*
No. 979951 ID: e51896

Anthony, I understand your anger, you've been taken advantage of by a lot of people who wanted to use you art to their own advantage that you did not intend the art to be used for... but lets not jump to conclusions, okay friend? As your moral support, I recommend taking some deep breaths.

Maybe Toothpick doesn't mean a price we would have to pay him personally as a power play or being punished by him personally on his part per say, but maybe what he means is that if we learn what really happen, the price might actually mean that learning the truth could mentally scar us because of how horrible it might be for us to hear for example, or that the knowledge itself is something some outside forces doesn't want us to learn and the price of learning it could have those forces come after us, and toothpick saying there is a price is only a warning.

That is why I wanted to ask Toothpick what the price was before proceeding. That said, I apologize on Anthony's behalf, Toothpick. He's been through a lot of mental strain. Really everyone in the Acolytes of the Ash Tree has understandably been feeling strain.
No. 979974 ID: d63ea8

Don't bite, the guy's just fucking with you.
No. 979977 ID: 2bd15b
File 160398533329.jpg - (716.17KB , 1253x1633 , Divergent 12.jpg )

No. 979978 ID: e51896

Thanks for the clarification. It is always a good idea to get the full picture before jumping to conclusions.

Well Anthony, what is your choice? Do you want to turn your chair back towards Toothpick and listen quietly to the rest of the story... with an open mind of course? Or if you want, we can leave it at that and exit to grab a meal or something?
No. 979990 ID: 5f4030
File 160400321005.png - (5.05MB , 2732x2048 , 4C457DE0-31AD-4433-B2E8-A384CC5CFC8B.png )

*Turns back to Mr. Toothpick a sneer on his face*

It’s not a community, it never was a community. I didn’t willingly come here. It’s a death cult. It’s ALWAYS been a death cult. Or have you forgot they are the ones who caused this shit to happen? Have you not looked outside? Seen the people dead and rotting in the streets? The children, somehow immune, crying for their parents? And you have the gall to call this a “community?” There’s already so much pain and suffering. These people try to cover it up with smiles, and their fucking fog, and high ideals. But all I see are murderers and people who’ve become complacent in that fact.

It’s. Disgusting.

So honestly, Mr. Toothpick, you can go ahead and tell me or not, you decide, because in all honesty, I don’t really give a shit.
No. 979992 ID: abb12d

...hm... unfortunately, as a moral support, I think it might be safer for everyone if we just left the story like that and not hear the real ending of the story after all, Toothpick. As Anthony's friend, I have worries concerning how he might take the story emotionally and I think it might be better for Anthony and I to just draw our own conclusions and take our leave for a meal to calm ourselves. Besides, as far as stories goes, endings that are open ended where one can interpret and theorize how things ended are far more interesting for analyzing.

Is that alright, Anthony? I'll even let you choose what we will eat, and we can talk peacefully about your concerns, alright?
No. 979997 ID: 5f4030

What difference does it make? We can speculate all we want. We can hope for a better ending than what we got. But it doesn’t change the fact of what happened. Denying the truth doesn’t change it.

It is what is and what it will be. I don’t give a shit anymore.
No. 979999 ID: abb12d

Well, to that i say, when one door closes, another opens.
No. 980002 ID: 5f4030

Yeah, maybe so. In that case, let’s leave it to chance. Let him pick.

*points at Mr. Toothpick.*

Let him pick.
No. 980003 ID: d63ea8

*Nods approvingly.*
No. 980009 ID: 715a80

Personally, I hate leaving things to chance like having someone pick for us cause like I said, I'm not a gambling man... choosing not to make a choice is still a choice which still has consequences that you'd be responsible for just the same as making a choice. I still stand by my decision in just dropping this.

Inmer thoughts: like when Spikey had Anthony choose which heart to stab as his choice, with either being yes, no, or maybe, with the indecisive "maybe" heart having the immortal heart that Anthony could have stabbed
No. 980012 ID: 5f4030

True, but it also places the responsibility on him as well. He now has the imperative choice to act or not. Essentially, its pulling the uno reverse card.
No. 980038 ID: 2bd15b
File 160407126489.jpg - (2.41MB , 3424x2287 , Divergent 13.jpg )

No. 980045 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: Toothpick misunderstood, it isn't that I don't want to hear it, it is more of the fact that I don't want Anthony to hear it because I worry about Anthony lashing out emotionally like attacking Toothpick if he listened to this story and it doesn't go the direction Anthony wanted or doing something unpredictable and dangerous like the time he rushed into the prison loudly to see Ana and almost got arrested himself.

Anthony, I request that after the story you you remain calm, keep your opinions to yourself and we can talk about your feelings and put things into perspective afterwards after the meeting with Toothpick, okay?

*is still staying with Anthony*
No. 980049 ID: 734422

Fortune, let me take the reins or just answer as I do. The longer we keep them talking the best chance we have.

“Fine, but kill me and you lose your best bargaining chip with the wolves. I know how to deal with them and their hierarchy. Their Alpha, The Old Wolf, is not a patient man.”
No. 980050 ID: 734422

... I’m betting she knew what to do. Call in a hunch but I think she knows.
No. 980051 ID: 5f4030

“Oh also Delilah, I know you probably don’t want to hear it. With little bro gone, it’s best shot you got at power. I get it, and I know you don’t like to be cucked, I mean just look at what you did to poor Dr. Lester...”
No. 980161 ID: e51896

Inner Thoughts: Scarred, I will repeat what you said to them, but I do not think this is going to work. We already know these people will never listen to reason based off of our experience with these people such as Rosalia and that spider kid, and especially since Delilah a long time ago tossed Root down those stairs despite being seen by Derrick and ignoring the consequences. For all we know, they could just think I am lying about my knowledge of the wolves, and even if they believe me, Lorence already knows just about everything about everyone due to him living in countless timelines, so I'm for the most part useless to them.

Well, my ghosts from other time periods said something along the lines of: "Fine, but kill me and you lose your best bargaining chip with the wolves. I know how to deal with them and their hierarchy. Their Alpha, The Old Wolf, is not a patient man.”


“Oh also Delilah, I know you probably don’t want to hear it. With little bro gone, it’s best shot you got at power. I get it, and I know you don’t like to be cucked, I mean just look at what you did to poor Dr. Lester...”

But honestly, I know you won't listen to that. So if you don't want to listen to that, then here is what I really want to request: I request to be cremated after death, burn my body to ash so that nobody can bring me back to life into this terrible terrible world because as of now, Hell is looking to be a lot better place to suffer the rest of my existence in than to suffer existing here. And my second request: Beware of the one who calls himself "Happy the Tragedy Phantom." who hides behind the curtains. but whatever, you most likely won't listen to that part.

Inner Thoughts:if your plan of negotiating with them doesn't work, Scarred, and they kill me and hopefully cremate my body as I ask, I want you to find out where they take my ashes, and then tell somebody we can trust to retrieve my ashes, then tell them to find a way to use my ashes to create a new universe. The Mad Creator once said that a universe can be created by using Ana's ashes, and we saw Absurdity create "A place I Go To Fuck Myself" universe for the Mad Creator, and he explained to us that a different Ana and WC changed forms and became part of that new reality. So I want you and somebody to try to create one that is better than this place, alright? Oh, and do not tell ANYBODY about this weird mission I'd like you to go on. Not even our best friends.
No. 980169 ID: 5f4030

I’m not leaving you Fortune. I’m with you in this to the end.
No. 980202 ID: d63ea8

Ana seems to habit of surviving impossible situations. Lorence is just going to lose track of her again.
No. 980203 ID: d63ea8

*The presence remains quiet and hides from cultists' sight*
No. 980258 ID: 2bd15b
File 160433958348.jpg - (2.42MB , 3057x2515 , Divergent 14.jpg )

No. 980265 ID: 5f4030

*gets up and walks away from the table to stand by the window.*

Inner thoughts: Ace, I need you help calm me down. My hands are starting to shake. I want him to be lying. I desperately want him to be lying. And I stay at that table I will yell at him, and possibly hit him.
No. 980271 ID: 980f35

My feelings of Delilah is still neutral, like I said, I dont talk or see her all that often to form an opinion.
*goes over to Anthony and puts his hand on Anthony's shoulder for comfort* it is okay to cry. We can talk about this after we are done here, okay?

Seeing as you witness this, Toothpick. What role did you play in the story?
No. 980274 ID: 5f4030



*try’s to channel anything, any power at all. Calls out to the ash tree, absolution, anyone who can listen. The other Ana’s across infinite cycles.*

No. 980315 ID: d63ea8

You don't know if this guy is just fucking with you again, just to get a reaction. It's only his word that says Ana is dead, and he's been trying to mess with you all night.

The best solution is to ask 'why he telling you this?'

And please don't try to hit him, he's just going to slice open your hands if you try.

No. 980326 ID: d63ea8

The desire to live.

Again you offer these under the guise of karmic justice.
Disciple of Marks.

I will take it again, this time.
No. 980327 ID: d63ea8

I can feel the fires rising.

*The presence speaks quietly so only the Anas can hear it.*

"You have not been broken,"
"have not been destroyed."

"Seeker of Truth,"
"you have lived through such death,"
"observed it,"
"foreseen it."

"This is not that."

"Be immersed in derealization."
"This has not happened."

"This is not you."

"If the speaker says you die,"
"then puppet the corpse."
No. 980369 ID: 2bd15b
File 160451835547.jpg - (4.10MB , 3284x3866 , Divergent 15.jpg )

No. 980396 ID: e51896

Delilah killed Clara? Ugh... I can't believe that. Especially now I feel like a jerk when I stated that plot twist about Clara being a mannequin being farfetched since that is what Delilah is doing right now replacing her with a giant doll. I'd like to retract my statement of that plot twist comment. Shoot, and I had a lot of respect for Clara too... I thought Delilah and Clara were best friends... I will need to let this sink in for awhile after this meeting...

Inner thoughts: Well, my opinion of Delilah have definitely changed from neutral to not wanting to be anywhere near her.

Deep breaths, Anthony. Toothpick is certainly risking a lot to tell you this. We can talk about your feelings after the conversation with Toothpick, alright? Just try not to let your emotions control you like when you ran into the prison to meet with Ana. Be the bigger man in this, like your hero Godfrey. It is alright to be upset, but dont let it dictate your actions. Remain calm.
No. 980397 ID: d63ea8

Everyone is at each other's throats. Sure Root was a shit leader, but Lorence can't even stop the members from killing each other.
No. 980401 ID: e40008
File 160460180515.jpg - (1.89MB , 2946x2174 , 57B4CE0A-B7C0-4077-B2B7-467451B6EA30.jpg )

*Anthony isn’t listening, silent tears fall down his face.*

Inner thoughts: Ace, Victoria? It’s getting bad again.

*stares at the giant out the window looking inwards, then at the head of Ana on the bookshelf.*

Inner thougts: Her eyes really were doll-like, weren’t they. You know I get weird thoughts when it’s like this? Like some machine is broadcasting to my head. It’s telling me, “This cycle has grown unstable, the souls of the dead cannot move on, they are forever chained to this limbo. We cannot spin them through the wheel of fate. This already fragile balance cannot hold much longer.”
No. 980405 ID: 2bd15b
File 160460902805.jpg - (453.02KB , 1452x961 , Divergent 16.jpg )

No. 980406 ID: d63ea8

You need to focus on what is happening right now, forget about Toothpick's stories, or about where everything is heading.

Obviously you can grill Lorence about this later, but you can't let yourself get caught in this rabbit hole again. Just focus on your own thoughts, not someone else's.

No. 980416 ID: 8ad056
File 160462277920.jpg - (2.33MB , 2941x2206 , 4AD47FAA-7E97-44BB-B77B-9ABC444B5E89.jpg )

I don’t know. Probably wouldn’t help even if I did.

... Did I fail them in the end, Nathaniel? Victoria? Ana? All of them?

I wish I was dead. I want all this pain to end. I want all those who cause it to go away. It’s not fair. There’s no heroes this time.... Not this time.
No. 980419 ID: d63ea8


You didn't fail them. Some asshole killed them instead. You tried your best to help, and they still got killed.

That isn't on you.

Even if you had the chance of getting in the way, that wouldn't have changed things. All that would've happened is you'd get hurt or even killed alongside them.

So don't take on the burden of what isn't yours.

You're still here despite all that's happened.

You aren't all-powerful, you aren't all-knowing, but you can still act.

No. 980430 ID: e51896

Well, you can't say I didn't warn you Toothpick. It wasnt that I refused to hear the true ending because i didn't want to hear the story, it was more to make sure Anthony's mental health didn't worsen if he heard this story. But for what it is worth, it is better to learn the truth than live a fairytale.

Well, it is for this reason why I stayed with Anthony for this meeting, to help fix him when he breaks like this. So thanks for allowing me to stay. Just give me a moment with Anthony so he can answer your question, Toothpick. I just need to snap him back to reality before gravity drops him hard to the floor, and then we can have spaghetti afterwards, made with my mother's secret recipe... only for those with a tough stomach though, as you could vomit on your sweater if you're not strong willed... okay I'll stop.

Anthony, What was it you and Godfrey and his knights always keep saying? "Have you forgotten the facial features of your dad?" Was that it? Well whatever the case, I think youre forgetting your dad's face.

Failure is only a stepping stone to success. You cant succeed without learning from failure first. If you believe you failed them, then tell me, what did you at least learn from it to better yourself? What can you use that knowledge to gain something?

And you didn't fail everyone. Remember your girlfriend, Cleo? You havent failed her, though she probably will be heartbroken to see you as you are right now if she were here, Anthony. Why dont you work to be successful not for Ana or Victoria, but for Cleo? She puts all her dedication to you, maybe it is time you should work to do the same for her, yeah?
No. 980432 ID: 5f4030

*Anthony turns large, bloodshot eyes on Nathaniel*
The saying goes “You have forgotten the face of your father.” It means when you have acted shamefully or dishonored the code of knighthood.

As for working harder, acting, doing the right thing I would like to do that. But what’s the point if everyone is just trying to take as much as they can for themselves? I can give and work harder, but if there’s no return, no promise of making things better, has anything been accomplished?

But are you content with what’s happened? Will you stand or do nothing? What do you intend to do?

Because I see monsters Nathaniel. I know they aren’t there, and they’re only delusional manifestations of what’s probably something like schizophrenia. But they aren’t what scare me the most. The real monsters are the ones all here, everyone who’s let this tragedy happen, everyone who will sacrifice lives for the status quo. Even Godfrey, despite what he stands for, he let a black fog roll across our home, killing innocent people, all so he could play at being a hero.

There are no heroes here, Nathaniel. So what are you going to do?
No. 980435 ID: 2bd15b
File 160467016333.jpg - (1.10MB , 2588x1667 , Divergent 17.jpg )

You are back to being Voices one again, I hope this transition was not a jarring one. So who do you think was the employer of mister Toothpick?

No. 980436 ID: e51896

No. 980438 ID: d63ea8

Probably Lorence.
No. 980467 ID: e40008

One last thing Mr. Toothpick. A bit of philosophy for you to consider.

I do condemn everyone for this. Because they took the easy way, instead of standing for something right. I understand you couldn’t be here without whats happening, but why does anyone have to die, so that you can live? At that point you are only proving what people would think you are as true. And only accepting things as they are only continues to prove that you are no different from those who couldn’t accept you as you are.

I’d rather be a person with honor, and integrity, than be one who surrenders to the will of monsters.
No. 980468 ID: e40008

And yeah it’s Lorence
No. 980469 ID: 2bd15b


Ding ding ding all of you are correct. It is the paranoid prick himself, Lorence!
No. 980470 ID: e40008

No. 980471 ID: 18c129

And i know i asked him not to remove his mask, but i suspect toothpick is actually the conductor.
No. 980484 ID: d63ea8

I'm not sure you'll get much of a reception from Toothpick or any of the other members, Anthony.

Root seemed to go out of his way to pick power-hungry madmen, Godfrey just turned out to be a fluke. If you really want to change things, I'm all for it. But just temper your expectations if you think the rest of the cult is going to sign on too.

No. 980534 ID: 2bd15b
File 160476506712.jpg - (1.03MB , 3292x1100 , Divergent 18.jpg )


Interesting theory about the conductor.
No. 980535 ID: e51896

*is hiding under the table to not be spotted by Toothpick*

*puts her finger over her mouth to signal to Scarred to be quiet and hide with her*
No. 980538 ID: d63ea8

*The presence reaches a hand into its mouth and pulls out a [Fragment of Scarred Ana's Rage] before pressing it between its palms.*


Fragment of Scarred Ana's Rage crushed.
No. 980539 ID: d63ea8

*The presence silently joins Fortune Ana under the table.*
No. 980543 ID: f3eb46

*is more sulking under the table*
No. 980626 ID: 2bd15b
File 160485911089.jpg - (2.91MB , 3318x2708 , Divergent 19.jpg )

No. 980627 ID: 5f4030

*low mumbling*
We DID help you escape, jackass. We watched you and even told you what to do when Root first showed up to try and help you. I wish now we’d left you to rot.

As for who’s helping us, none of your fucking business. You’ll probably just kill them to or get them killed
*Scarred stares daggers at Fortune at this*
No. 980629 ID: d63ea8

*The presence slips out from beneath the table and ducks behind Lorence's chair.*

*Peeking out at Toothpick the presence covers its right 'eye' with one hand and its mouth with the other, before hiding behind the back of Lorence's chair again.*
No. 980632 ID: e51896

The only thing I wish to know right now is who erased our memories for this cycle before we met Ana? I feel if we did not have our memories erased somehow, we would have seen the big picture of everything, but somebody erased our memories and used that to manipulate us into making the choices we made to lead Ana to death. This is all Happy's fault, forcing and manipulating us to be the worst voices in all of the cycles... I feel Happy is manipulating Lorence just as he was manipulating us...

So we are an unwilling alley to Happy if Lorence wants to know who is an alley that is still alive.
No. 980633 ID: e51896

Oh, and he put us in a situation where we were forced to kill Essence in order to keep her from controlling Ana and have her kill everyone in this universe, so, yeah...
No. 980635 ID: e51896

Lastly, we didn't even want to come here. Some invisible force keeps bringing us to different locations against our will, it isn't like we fly anywhere we want, it just happens. I feel that is another thing Happy is doing...
No. 980640 ID: d63ea8

*Still behind Lorence's chair, the presence points at Toothpick and then points to the table before withdrawing the arm.*
No. 980746 ID: 2bd15b
File 160503552533.jpg - (4.50MB , 3508x3833 , Divergent 20.jpg )

No. 980747 ID: 5f4030

Yeah, sure why not....
No. 980751 ID: d63ea8


So we had never left.
This presence had never been filled.
Nor did it ever leave the nothingness.

All that is around was a mere phantasm.

Almighty voice, great striped beast,
why give such delusions of pleasure.

It makes the broken emptiness all the more hollowing.

Was there even a Disciple or a Seeker?
Or even the Renegade?

Or were they just more false imagery to a cruel joke.


This empty presence will not fall for such a slight again.

Take away this false 'ending,' I will not be part of it.
No. 980830 ID: e51896

I want to consult the mirror totem (hidden things we missed) or the shrimp mother totem (additional things to what we saw) before doing anything else if that is still possible... preferably i pick mirror totem to see hidden things we missed unless scarred wants to use the shrimp mother totem to see additional stuff.
No. 980838 ID: 2bd15b
File 160511439177.jpg - (1.36MB , 3140x1484 , Divergent 21.jpg )

No. 980845 ID: d63ea8

Oh great striped beast,
you offer undeserving praise to this empty presence.

For it lacks a brain or a will.
What exists when everything has been stripped away?
Most answer 'nothing'.

I exist in an effort to prove that I exist.

That this empty presence is more than just an echo,
repeating its words again and again.

But you offer a riddle, almighty voice?

I will consume it.
No. 980846 ID: d63ea8

It is bitter and coy.

Already I feel the taste fleeing from memory,
but you are powerful, almighty voice.

And it seems that you will still keep us for your games.

But as for your answer, let me regurgitate one.

"Little exists that is different between the foliage of the sky and that of the earth."

"Save one."

"The branches drink in light."

"While the roots drink in darkness."

No. 980847 ID: 5f4030


Took the words right out of my mouth (pun not intended) I was thinking the exact same thing.
No. 980851 ID: d63ea8

That is unsurprising.

As you may yet well be a illusion
conjured by the striped beast.

Or perhaps a fictitious invention of starved

Those 'offerings' merely a self-diluted attempt at make believe.

Perhaps this is all a lie that I am still telling myself...
No. 980853 ID: 5f4030

... Well first off, fuck you, I’m not an illusion, I’m actually here. And secondly, I don’t trust this thing either. Whatever it is it took Ana away and played both her and Fortune like fools. Bottom line, I trust nothing that comes from this living hentai scene.
No. 980857 ID: 708614

My answer was different

Roots grow to be anchored to stay

Branches grow to leave

Get it? Stay and leave? Leave and leaf?
No. 980861 ID: 5f4030

No. 980864 ID: d63ea8

Perhaps the madness has set in.
No. 980881 ID: 2bd15b
File 160519232685.jpg - (1.86MB , 2884x2275 , Divergent 22.jpg )

The mysterious voice that Lorence was interested in that Mister Toothpick heard and which you Door said I use as the voice of the remains of the spirit parasite queen. But this doesn't mean that you Door, will get to control this character.

No. 980883 ID: d63ea8

So it seems we move from shell to shell.

Though almighty voice,
you are ever the deceiver.

Perhaps this is not the 'proper ending,'
but instead a way to pilfer it.

But this presence,
even filled,
lacks the mind to discern truth from falsehood.

For something had stolen its voice,
or maybe this presence did not speak at all.

But if by some small chance,
all that occurred is real,
and the 'others' who spoke truly existed...


Seeker of Truth,
use the gifts granted to you,
and guide this foolish presence.
No. 980884 ID: 9dda6a

That’s just great, our only way out is to make another deal with the devil. Fortune, you screwed us last time. This time I’m the one making this choice.

I remember you bug. You offered the same deal to Anthony in the broken timeline. Turns out though that was a bad deal because his soul was essentially held hostage by you. What happens if we do the same? We’re held hostage by you? You get revenge? Well, I have bad news for you, this body doesn’t belong to us either, we’re holding it until it’s rightful owner comes back or we find her. So what happens, you bind with her body and you get even? We’re pretty much responsible for you even being like this. Hell, I even remember fighting you, and you laughed at the futility of us.

Everything you’ve done, thus far, only shows you as a villain. Is this your shot at redemption? Your last chance? You want this? You gotta make me a promise. First That you’re going to help us, we’re a package deal, you want this body? We go with it. Second, as soon as we find Ana from wherever the hentai monster took her, *glares at fortune* you’re out. You find a new body and you piss off.

That may sound like it’s asking for a lot but I’m not being unreasonable. As a sign of good faith I’ll even tell you how to save your species. Take a pinch of this body’s ashes before you bind, take it to someone called the mad creator, he’ll make a new universe for your kind.

Answer my questions first, or we have no deal at all. I’ll throw in the save you species thing for free.
No. 981182 ID: e51896

So much that we have in common... All your children were killed and all my allies were killed, you were being killed by the cult just as I was killed by the cult, you have had Essence and her underlings betray you, and I have had many allies betray me, and because Essence betrayed you, it means you and I have a common antagonist: Happy and his colleagues, and the cult, and Absolution Prime for playing a part for making this world as it is now, and just as you are a spirit parasite, people see us as thought parasites...

just as you have that deal for me, I have one for you too... I let myself be burned to crisp on purpose because I heard my ashes can be used to create a new universe, and knowing that since there were no other options for me, the only goal I had left after losing everything was to just let myself become ash and hope the voices would guide somebody to take my ashes and find out clues as to how to create a new world with my ashes. But seeing you here and knowing that your species travel to different universes because your species used up you home universe's and all of the other universes' resources you visit until you ended up in this cruel world, maybe now my goal to create a new universe has purpose, to give your species a new home to thrive in... asking the mad creator won't help since he is captured by the dimensional tribunal's men, but I'm sure we can find clues in this world somehow.

if you're interested I will accept you, but I must know, if we become one, will we be able to keep my ashes for this mission, or will I lose those ashes? because if the latter, this body might have to be sacrificed when the time comes unless we can get another Ana's ashes that the tribunal has as evidence, and I don't know if my voices would like my body being sacrificed if we don't achieve their goals first...

No. 981205 ID: c5de9f

*is looking at Fortune, now Charred, in a state of something close to shock.*

By the gods...
No. 981233 ID: d63ea8

Perhaps this was your plan,
oh almighty voice.

To bait and betray.

For the Seeker and her gifts are gone.

Now a vengeful husk is what remains.
No. 981328 ID: 2bd15b
File 160574397288.jpg - (2.68MB , 3256x2155 , Divergent 24.jpg )

No. 981335 ID: 5f4030


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I say we accept. But the moment Ana returns you stay with, fortun- Charred. This body belongs to Ana.
No. 981385 ID: d63ea8


Precious Ana,
former Ana,
you have lost enough.

These are lies.

Lost mind,
lost spirit-

Fragment of [???] Deception dissolves.
No. 981387 ID: d63ea8

The nothingness remains.

More can be given.
More can be taken.

The Renegade of Body learned this.

But without sight or thought,
is anything real?

What has been lost?
This empty presence wonders if such bindings,
would anchor what is left.

Would the skin be returned?
Or will it just be sold,
and the spirit would be cast out.

This presence has nothing,
but the parasite would feed on that.

Former Seer...

Do not be bought and sold into half-life.
No. 981394 ID: c5de9f

Something to consider for moment if you will. Fortune, the seer, as you call her, isn’t gone. But she is dying here. She can’t even control the body anymore. When we fought against her, it’s because she was controlling dead bodies that had no say in their autonomy. She was in control. What would happen if the two merged into one being? Neither side fighting for control but working together to bring about a new form of life? It’s why I’m not necessarily against this.

After all... I’m a being like that.

Neither Ana, nor Desolation. I’m a union of opposites.
No. 981396 ID: d63ea8

The body is ash and cinder,
but it is not what the parasite wants,
Disciple of Marks.

It wishes to partake of spirit.

And by your agreement,
you sew the seed of conflict.

For it is not true union you offer,
Disciple of Marks,
but a lease.

And a parasite will burrow in,
then refuse to be removed.


This presence forgets...
but there was...
something else...


It is gone.
No. 981397 ID: c5de9f

Presence, echo, revenant.

“Lease” is a good term for what I’m asking. The queen may join her spirit, but it only becomes a conflict if the two sides are already in conflict. If the two sides willingly join together, what do you think happens.

I’ve studied different forms of magic, and theres an idea in old alchemy which is called “the perfect being.” It’s one of the key ideas in creating the philosophers stone. The idea being that the “divine” is neither good, nor evil, but something in between. Two opposites, but they are together, a union of opposites. Think of what makes a god divine, they are of the spirit, but are also of the earth. It’s why I’m not necessarily against them joining.

By joining two opposites... maybe they will achieve a new form of divinity.
No. 981406 ID: d63ea8


The Disciple cannot hear,
words are fumbling,

It does not ask if the two can be joined,
but un-joined.

The parasite,
it will feed,
then subvert.

It only takes.

Only to know,
what it knows.

This presence fading,
the Disciple and Seer,
do not hear it.

Grim words,
grim bargains.

More can be lost.
More will be lost.
No. 981408 ID: c5de9f

I hear you. I hear you well. You’re words are true. But I’m hoping one last gamble will win us the day.

But ultimately, it’s not our choice...
No. 981943 ID: e51896

>Creating your own world is going to attract attention from the dimensional tribunal... I strongly suggest not pursuing this idea

The world creation mission I am adamant to pursue is already a suicide mission that I have long accepted... because one of the key ingredients required for this to work is my ashes, requiring to burn myself to death. Thus, death will await me whether I sacrifice myself in order to succeed in this mission, or fail and die by the tribunal's hand or anyone else... this will be a world I will create but never live in, rule, or destroy... therefore I have nothing to hold me back.
If all the endings I am destined to have are dead ends, then I want my dead end to have purpose. Just promise me we'll all keep quiet for as long as we can about this mission.

>If we combine our two strengths we can make those who made us suffer pay. Starting from Lorence and with Happy the one behind it all

While Lorence did kill me, I have no interest in wasting time getting revenge on Lorence thus risk jeopardizing my goals if I want to keep it secret from them. And sadly, I feel keeping Lorence alive is the best course of action, for if he dies, he will not be able to keep Absolution Prime in check with his vast knowledge and importations of technology in future cycles, thus making way for a hive mind humanity scenario with Absolution Prime's minions... besides, Lorence already has a bunch on his plate to deal with right now, making him distracted enough to take all his attention away from us... not to mention that I believe Happy is also manipulating him like he manipulated us... If we go after the cult, it is just going to put the attention back on me too quickly and make my world creating venture needlessly difficult...
...but I suppose revenge is something you and Scarred really really want to accomplish.

Happy however I'd be more okay with going up against, I feel he manipulated and tricked Lorence into getting into the mindset of killing me and pretty much manipulated everyone to the point where he was the one who assigned everyone as either heroes or villains. That being said, however, while revenge is not my main goal, if I am put in a position where I have to defend myself, I will not hesitate to fight for my life.

That is my stance on my goals, and my opinions of Lorence. I'm ready share this body. *Reaches out to Spirit Parasite* one last thing, I've seen you take sacrifices before, eating the dead bodies of other humans... I suppose that after this merge you will want to go on to eat Clara's dead body in order to regain your strength... I'll reluctantly allow it for it might be for the best in case someone tries to revive her and learns about what I want to accomplish from her...

No. 981974 ID: 2bd15b
File 160625556550.jpg - (2.43MB , 3084x2843 , Divergent 25.jpg )

No. 981976 ID: e51896

Yeah, sure.

There is a lot of work to be done if we want to achieve a new world, but we'll have to start by finding a hideout first.

*looks over at Clara's body*

should We do something about Clara's dead body first, queen? I feel leaving her there will cause issues down the road. If there is one thing I learned based off of Flint, Felafaf, and others that has "died", it is to never leave the body, they could come back with vengeance... probably find a replacement for my dead body and Clara if somebody does come back as well.

No. 981977 ID: 0dedc5

Hey here’s an idea of what you should do. Disguise yourself first.
No. 981987 ID: d63ea8

*The presence covers it's mouth with both hands and does not say anything.*
No. 982007 ID: 5f4030

I wonder.... we’re both astral beings....

You okay big guy?

*attempts to hug The Presence*
No. 982076 ID: d63ea8

*The presences shakes it's head, but does not move away.*
No. 982078 ID: 5f4030

We’re gonna be okay. I promise.

*hugs the presence*
No. 982080 ID: d63ea8

*The presence whispers through its fingers.*

"It cannot be undone now..."

"Now all things will perish..."

"This presence cannot let itself be filled with such 'gifts.'"

No. 982084 ID: 2bd15b
File 160634042457.jpg - (2.38MB , 3508x1944 , Divergent 26.jpg )

No. 982085 ID: e51896

Crooked evaluation
No. 982089 ID: d63ea8

Totally Angels
No. 982092 ID: 5f4030

Totally angels
No. 982093 ID: 5f4030

*Watches in discomfort, still hugging Presence*

Just remember our deal. When we find Ana, she keeps the body.
No. 982162 ID: 2bd15b
File 160641467081.jpg - (1.89MB , 3460x1821 , BB 550.jpg )


I have something that I want to discuss with you about the quest. In the discussion thread.
No. 982173 ID: d63ea8

*The presence pushes away from Scarred Ana.*

"It was as this presence said..."
"The almighty voice echoes its words."
"The form has been cut away and destroyed."

"There is no more 'Ana' now,"
"Only the parasite."

"It will not hold your interests,"
"Nor your pact."

"Now you,"
"Disciple of Marks,"
"and you,"
"Memorial of Pain..."

"Without form you will drift."

"Forced to be pulled behind the desires of a parasite."
"And I behind you..."


"Warnings ignored..."

*The presence moves its hands to also cover its eyes.*
No. 982180 ID: 5f4030

And what other choice did we have!? And are you going to take the word of this... THING??? This is the thing that took Ana to begin with? THIS FUCKING WALKING HENTAI JOKE THAT SPOUTS SHITTY RIDDLES. By the way dick head, a good riddle has to make sense and have an answer that when in the right context needs to make sense. What you just told isn’t a riddle, it’s a shitty parable with an attempt at a moral philosophy.

As for you, Presence, I don’t know how else to explain this. The parasite is bound to Fortune or Charred or whoever, not the body. If this thing wanted (which it doesn’t) it could just give Ana back and she could swap her out. Spirit Parasites are literal souls twisted and mutated, many of them are just clones of a hive mind. It latched on to Anthony when we fought it and when Anthony tried to free himself by doing a new ash tree ritual and binding his soul to the trunk of the ash tree, the parasite went with him.


So Fortune/Charred or whatever is the spirit parasite queen and the Spirit Parasite Queen is now Fortune/Charred. Speaking of which, we’re talking about you now, I know you’re hear with us. Anything to say??? Or am I just gonna have to keep carrying us because I’m the only one who has any hope for us? That we can make it!

No. 982546 ID: 2bd15b
File 160677462232.jpg - (1.13MB , 1206x2047 , Divergent 27.jpg )

I have to admit I was a little bit deceitful with the title screen because this wasn't the original name for this part of the chapter, not to mention that there is no going to be any crucifying, burning nor angels. I simply combine two other franchises to create this new title. So I have a question, so what do you think this chapter is going to be about?

No. 982676 ID: 2bd15b
File 160692988452.jpg - (4.01MB , 3508x3388 , Divergent 28.jpg )

No. 982677 ID: 5f4030

Hold up. You might get away with Rosaliné, she has a heart in her chest. Lorence though, I’m willing to bet his heart isn’t in his chest, he’s that paranoid. And from what I’m hearing they’re taking about Boxy and the kids. Which means they got them. I want to hear a little more. If we do go for them, make it clean and quick. Better yet, they’re both immortal, if we want to keep them alive, cut off their heads. Immortals can live without a body as long as their hearts are in tact.
No. 982684 ID: d63ea8

*The presence is still covering its face and whispers so quietly that it is barely audible.*

He knows...
He is there and there again.
Speaking of times past,
and repeating.

He knows we are here.
We have attacked and not known it.

His words are a display to us,
as much as the spider...

Do not let him see.

Again he will fight,
and survive,
and grow older.

He cannot be surprised.

*The presence shudders and curls up.*

He knows...
He knows...

No. 982703 ID: 5f4030

*rolls eyes*
Well don’t jinx us. By the way, love your enthusiasm, way to be a team player.

If he has seen us or knows, chances are he’ll do something after tea. He probably doesn’t know we’re a threat yet. Otherwise he would have done something by now.
No. 982705 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shudders.*
He knows...
His words offer warning.

With the anchor here he will not act,
fearing its damage.

But if the parasite attacks he will sever himself.
He will be gone and then back.
And he will know...
He always knows...

*The presence tries to curl up more tightly.*
Forgo these thoughts,
they play into his hand.

He cannot be allowed to see.

This form is too weak to survive his gaze.


Disciple of Marks,
what are you trying to find?

This steely vengeance can only be traded for a gloried death.

No. 982707 ID: 2094a0

I'm trying to find hope Presence. I'd rather avoid killing if we can. I honestly don't want to kill Madame Rosaline if we can help it. Lorence, I'm much more reserved about, I won't mourn him. I'm prepared to do what has to be done. I want to get our people, and get out of here.

And by the gods of light and darkness Presence. Grow a spine.
No. 982710 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shudders again, shaking its head.*
Hiding here,

There is no hope to be found...
not here...

These are old battles,
Disciple of Marks,
battles he's won.

Battles he will continue to win.
He has fought you countlessly...
and survives to fight you another time.

He is there and there again.

He knows you are here,
and is ready.

He knows...
He knows...

No. 982711 ID: 2094a0

*Looks between Lorence and the Presence*
You two have a past don’t you? Hey, look at me. Don’t look at him, look at me.

He doesn’t see you. He won’t, as long as you’re with us, you’re gonna be okay. Alright, I know you can see us and even feel us at times.

I have your back now, okay? I promise he won’t get you and he won’t get us. I’m right here, okay buddy? I’m here.
No. 982714 ID: d63ea8

*The presence keeps its face covered.*
This presence has nothing.
Is nothing...
for nothing is all that remains...

Do not let him see.

He is a tree that towers above the highest peak.

Only getting older and wiser,
as he overshadows the shoots of mere seedlings.

Do not let him see.
Do not let him learn.

This presence cannot bear it.

You are here and he is there again,
but you have lost to him.

And he knows...
He knows...

No. 982715 ID: 0dedc5

Presence, we only lose if we give up.

And we have beaten him before. He’s not invincible. Much as he likes to imagine. He can be beat, but I need your help to do it. It was a small victory but we helped a young woman and saved her life from his wrath by helping her prove her innocence. Do you understand? I need you to help us, and to not give up. I know your scared, and afraid, you’ve got to have fear to have courage. And I know you can be courageous.

Get up. Uncover your eyes, hold my hand if you need it. I’m here we’ll get through this.
No. 982850 ID: e51896

(Charred's thoughts):
>But with you, it feels if I say goodbye to you I will never see you the same way when we meet again. That notion scares me and I don’t know how to feel about it.

{Charred's thoughts): Hmm… What Lorence said reminds me of when Anthony drew a picture of Rosalia infected by a spirit parasite… is it possible to fulfill that prophecy, Queen, perhaps somehow infect her mind and make her one of our soldiers?

(Charred's Thoughts): Thank you for your opinions, Scarred and Presence... I have taken heavy considerations by what you both said, and now I would like to state my thoughts...

(Charred's Thoughts): As far as the homeless boxhead, and one of their members 93 is concerned, I hate to tell you this but Boxhead was most likely killed by the cult after they found Rosalia's children. 93 might be dead too, but there could be a chance she at least survived, but might have to face a trial for helping us. Her fate is unclear... It was said that anyone that was our companion was killed by them except for Logan. what is interesting though is that they did not mention Clarence, the man who became a doll. There could be a chance that he left the group after finding out we got kidnapped and went to look for us.

(Charred's Thoughts): As it stands, while it looks like we could act on your animal instincts and kill them now, queen, I remember how Null had blindly went in attacking during our battle with Essence, and ended up as a puddle as a result of not seeing the bigger picture of what was happening, and I do not want to end up like him. the full picture here is that there are things you are not seeing that could be very bad for us if we attack now. Lorence has invisible colleagues watching over this tea party with Rosalia, such as curators like the Conductor or the shopkeeper. Even if we do manage to kill them now, the curators will see what we would do and report it to the higher ups, making us lose our advantage of being hidden as we try to gather power for awhile by revealing ourselves too soon. And even if that wasn't the case, I know that Lorence has vast knowledge and experience from living through trillions of cycles, so he is most likely prepared for a possible sneak attack at any moment.

(Charred's Thoughts): For instance, you should know that Lorence has a bomb inside his body that is set to activate in the event that he is backed in a corner and is about to face immediate death like if he gets captured by the blind will for example. As a last resort, he will activate that bomb to kill both him, and his attacker.

(Charred's Thoughts): So if you believe your revenge is to die for and you want to explode in a fiery blaze of glory, be my guest. I will just become a voice spirit again, and find somebody else to guide to find my body and continue my mission to create a universe.

(Charred's Thoughts): Or, we can take this alternative: we wait until Lorence leaves the tea party, and Rosalia is all alone. Once they are separated, we will sneakingly terminate Rosalia, and then do either these three things:

(Charred's Thoughts): [small]first option: We leave Rosalia's dead body and let somebody find it so that they can accuse Lorence of killing her as he was the last person seen with her. Lorence is already starting to be seen as suspicious, so killing Rosalia, and making it look like Lorence killed her in the crime scene will make him become more of a pariah in the eyes of the cult. Make him suffer the same fate we did when his people made us an outcast to the world.

(Charred's Thoughts): second option: We kill and consume Rosalia to gather more strength like we did with Clara. We still need to get stronger so that I can continue my goal of creating a new world without issues... or gather strength if we want to go up against Happy and his army I guess...

(Charred's Thoughts): Third option: I was inspired by Anthony's drawing of Rosalia infected by a spirit parasite. If it is possible to infect her and her mind to make her one of us, perhaps that could be another option. If we are not strong enough, we can take her body and hide it with us until we get the ability to do that. despite our strength, we will still need soldiers to serve us after all so we don't get overwhelmed...

(Charred's Thoughts): That is what I'm thinking our action should be. Wait for Lorence to leave, and then strike Rosalia. I know Scarred is not a fan of killing Rosalia, but the fact is while she says she wants to do things for the betterment of mankind, the truth is she doesn't care about humanity. If she did want to do things for the betterment of mankind, she would have seen the humanity of Ana sparing Rosalia's life and healing her when she was dying, but instead she tried to kill us immediately afterwards. If she cared about humanity, she would not have abandoned her children and took responsibility of taking care of them herself instead of dumping them on someone else. Even her children hate her for that... And even if we didn't kill Rosalia, she is aging very rapidly and won't be long for this world anyway due to having her DNA spliced with spider DNA... her soul will have more purpose if we take her down and do one of those three options than if she were to die within the next year or two of old aging... I'm sorry, maybe it is the fact that my mind is fused with the queen that I'm thinking such sadistic thoughts, but I have no sympathy for Rosalia and her actions...

(Charred's Thoughts): But there is one sure thing I want to do before we do anything, Queen... I remember that we were able to see Felafaf the fortune teller's giant tarot cards next to people a while ago that let us see their fates. While we wait for Lorence to leave Rosalia alone, I want to see if we can see what Lorence's and Rosalia's tarot cards look like, to see if I still have that ability. That way we can get a better idea on what fortune people are heading towards and figure out how we can act accordingly.

(Charred's Thoughts): what are your thoughts on my plans, Queen, Scarred, Presence?
No. 982852 ID: 5f4030

Not a bad plan all things considered. Although I would prefer to question Rosaliné first to figure out what she knows about 93 and Boxy first. If they are dead... well we won’t have to worry about them. If they aren’t we need to save them. They were willing to help us, we need to do the same for them. Then maybe, but if we turn them we need to make sure they are kept in line. If they go off turning others, we won’t be able to control that after a while. Don’t forget part of it is also making the person accept the parasite. I’m not really sure what would happen if the host rejects them.
No. 982853 ID: e51896

>Don’t forget part of it is also making the person accept the parasite. I’m not really sure what would happen if the host rejects them.

(Charred's thoughts): hmm, last I saw Casper as the bringer of nightmare Ana's universe we left behind was dying, he got infected... I wonder if he accepted being a host now that I think about it judging from what we saw from how he looked... we should consider the possibility that version of Casper might be hiding somewhere in this world and be on the lookout for him.
No. 982854 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shudders.*
Destroying the anchor will ensure that he leaves this place,
or seeks revenge.
Would you commit to the actions that befell you?
Face the consequences he would sew?

No. 982946 ID: 2bd15b
File 160735388570.jpg - (3.00MB , 3508x2212 , Divergent 29.jpg )

No. 982949 ID: c97156

what is even the point in telling you anything, Lorence? You're just going to kill me regardless of anything I say for the simple crime of existing, and seeing me only as a monster like everyone else in the multiverse, so there is no point in saying anything

*tries again to see Lorence's tarot card*
No. 982950 ID: d63ea8

*The presence hides behind the tree to avoid Lorence's gaze.*
No. 982958 ID: 5f4030

> Be informed your inner thoughts are really loud

Wait, can you hear us?
No. 983053 ID: 2bd15b
File 160743830447.jpg - (2.69MB , 3508x2161 , Divergent 30.jpg )

No. 983058 ID: e51896

If my suspicions are correct, Lorence is also having a lot of issues with Happy the Tragedy Phantom, a far worse threat than anything else right now... if Lorence was able to take us out this easily, imagine what Happy could do since he is playing this universe and its inhabitants like a puppet show right now. Think it might be best to just swallow our pride and take the offer?
No. 983059 ID: e51896

*looks over at Rosalia*
And what does Rosalia think of all this?
No. 983070 ID: d63ea8

*The presence remains hidden.*
No. 983143 ID: 0dedc5

Fuck it, we don’t really have much option. Let’s at least hear him out. Maybe we can even be a saboteur and do the opposite of whatever he wants, just to fuck with him. That sounds fun.
No. 983188 ID: 2bd15b
File 160753729795.jpg - (4.23MB , 3508x3257 , Divergent 31.jpg )

No. 983190 ID: d63ea8

*The presence flinches when the Spirit Parasite impales Lorence.*



*The presence starts to curl up again.*


*The presence covers its face.*
No. 983192 ID: 5f4030

*hugs presence*
Yeah sure, tell him to pick his poison, which one of us does he want to talk with? Me or Charred?
No. 983447 ID: e51896

to answer your question, Queen, I think Lorence wants us to join because he realizes now that his plans have mainly been foiled by Happy the Tragedy Phantom and not us this whole time, just like how you and we were foiled by Happy. Lorence knows it will be impossible to stop Happy without teaming up despite being "enemies".

I'm here Lorence. I'm not sure you can hear me, but I'm sure Toothpick can and is able to speak for me. Current mental state is numb. Not glad, not mad, not sad, just numb. I have no control over this creature, otherwise I would have used this second life to leave you alone and try to achieve my own goals without interfering with your wars and not have anyone bothering me as long as I can. I don't think I'd care when you inevitably escape from this and gain the advantage over the queen, because really, as someone told me I'm just a leaf drifting in the wind and can only observe.

The most I can do is try to get answers, like asking you this: You and other cult members keep saying that it was our fault for all the turmoil we had suffered for confronting you guys in the first place. But in reality, you guys confronted us first. At the bus stop, Betty, one of the cult members in a Halloween pumpkin mask, was tasked to push us and slip in a paper of instructions with the Carpenter observing to make sure we get it.
the instructions stated "If you want to learn how to breathe and survive, draw the ash tree symbol and place it above you head before going to sleep. Don't get washed up in the shores with the impatient, my little fishy. Fight for your life in this time of death and mediocrity."
But doing that turned out to be a trap. We were baited to summon the ash tree but we were told the way we summoned it was how the ash tree acolytes would assassinate their targets at long range in a very torturous fashion. We were also offered a mask by the person who organized that when we escaped that torture, but we refused as it would kill the person giving us that mask.
Even if we did not want to confront you after all that, I'm sure you guys would continue to go after us even if we tried to mind our own business, so of course we had to fight for our lives. If we never got that paper, our confrontation against you all might not have ever happened...

What I want to know is, who was the person that tried to assassinate us at that time when we did nothing to harm anyone? who gave the Carpenter and Betty that order to send us those instructions to try to kill us? I feel whoever is responsible for that might lead us to the culprit who have been manipulating all of us from the beginning...

No. 983495 ID: 2bd15b
File 160786567746.jpg - (3.75MB , 3508x2789 , Divergent 32.jpg )

No. 983501 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shakes its head, but says nothing.*
No. 983514 ID: 5f4030

He wants to be allies.... after all the shit he put us through? After everything he put everyone around us into?


Part of me wants to laugh, but I’m more disgusted by that. Too little, too late.

No. 983674 ID: 2bd15b
File 160805922191.jpg - (3.11MB , 3508x2622 , Divergent 33.jpg )

No. 983722 ID: d63ea8

*The presence reaches a hand towards Rosalia before drawing it back towards its mouth.*

*It swallows.*
No. 983723 ID: d63ea8

*The presence grabs Charred Queen's arm and tries to pull it back, in an attempt to remove her blade from Lorence.*
No. 983761 ID: 5f4030

Hold up. We’re at a disadvantage. Woody boy over there can hear me. Anything we plot he’ll know.

We could probably take her. If we wanted, hell even move Lorence in the way of her attack. That would be hilarious. But I wanna know more. I’m especially interested in you Woody, you must have a type of connection to the ash tree then if you can hear me. What’s up?
No. 983769 ID: b0b286

This is a split decision action. Where you should choose whether to attack or to back off, as every decision there will be unforeseen consequences. So choose what is the best thing to perform, it is do or die time but most importantly remember to have fun.

No. 985847 ID: bcb0c0
File 161089581121.jpg - (3.38MB , 3508x2760 , Divergent 34.jpg )

No. 985855 ID: d63ea8

*The presence tries to exert itself further, but stumbles back, losing grip of Charred Queen's arm.*
No. 985856 ID: d63ea8

Fragment of Rosalia's Anger expended.
No. 985857 ID: d63ea8

*The presence quietly scrambles behind Mr. Toothpick, trying to avoid Lorence's gaze.*

*It whispers:*
"He does not know..."
"For this is the first time he's done it."
"His actions have killed the Seeker of Truth."
"Now only ashes remain..."


"Do not speak of me."
"I do not want to be annihilated as well..."

No. 985867 ID: 5f4030

*squeezes The presence’s hand*

It’s gonna be okay.

In all honesty I agree with what she said. Mostly because all I hear out of Lorence is just pure hypocrisy. He locks us in jail, would have us killed and set on fire and then we’re forced to make another deal all together to even get a shot at keeping on. And the “real” Ana might as well be rearranging deck chairs on the titanic because some hentai monster has her. So fuck yourself Lorence, you are an evil man. Know why? Because evil is a weed, it always starts out small, and it’s watered by anger, sorrow, paranoia, and good intentions. It grows through small acts of everyday cruelty. And you have let it grow to astronomical size. Fuck you Lorence. Fuck. You.
No. 985970 ID: e51896

I'm not amused that both of you, Lorence and Parasite Queen, are putting words in my mouth and telling each other what I am truly thinking like it is fact... in all honesty, each and every one of you here had made us suffer greatly at least once which gives me no reason to feel any remorse or regret towards what might happen to anyone here next.

But, I made my decision, a deserving decision which will most likely make everyone here angered with me: First, I will spare you, Lorence, for these reasons...

Andrew Goodwill once gave us an offer to either kill you, or a few other cult members for whatever reason which we did not accept... it implies that you're expendable, worthless, or a hindrance to him... and Essence even once gave us the opportunity to kill you by offering us to give Ambassador's servant the order to kill you which we didn't take... and I feel keeping you alive is something that Essence and Andrew doesn't want which could spoil their plans. And I definitely do not want to follow whatever Essence wants us to do

Plus, I would also be betraying a good friend of mine if I did try to kill you... your girlfriend... I don't want to make her upset...

But most importantly, I find that death is too good for you. I come to terms that suffering by living in this world is a fate far worse than death, and judging by how every single person I met here had tried to hurt me at lease once physically or mentally, I conclude that each and every one of us here deserves to be punished for our behavior by living here in this hellhole of a world.

That said, yes, I said I will release and spare you... BUT don't think your release is going to be that easy and without suffering... Let it be known that I am on nobody's side and will be a more neutral presence from this point on, So... consider this a vibe check...

Scarred, this one is for you to blow off some steam...

*Charred first raises Lorence upwards as high as she can with her blades, and then slams him as hard as she can against the tea table releasing him off her blade with the intention of breaking the table, and maybe a few broken bones against Lorence.*
No. 985978 ID: 612369

Ohhhhh... sweet, sweet catharsis.
No. 985986 ID: bcb0c0
File 161111062651.jpg - (5.91MB , 3508x4609 , Divergent 35.jpg )

No. 985994 ID: 1800ae

Who? You mean the spooks in the incel fedoras that follow you around like a bunch of puppies? Let me guess, their all people who were with my time. I remember seeing Connor there, and Mackabee the sniper when you tried to get Root back and failed. Can’t imagine they’re very loyal to you, not those two anyway. If anyone was like bad puppies it was them.
No. 986013 ID: d63ea8

*The presence shudders, and then whispers to Mr. Toothpick:*
"Thank you."


"You are correct."
"This presence should not be given care."

*The presence carefully creeps towards Lorence's puppet, trying to examine it further.*
No. 986147 ID: e51896

Queen, in my opinion, I think we should just take the medicine. Lorence holds all the cards here, and you kind of did this to yourself with wanting to charge in to attack right away without even knowing your enemy instead of being patient and hide in the shadows waiting for more opportune moments to make your moves and learn and get stronger by secretly eating other dead bodies we find. And even if we did kill this puppet Rosaline and Toothpick like you wanted, this Lorence was a fake and the real Lorence would just send people to go after us again. Plus as far as I know, Happy, the person who fucked with us is also fucking with Lorence. We might need to swallow our pride in order to get all the help we can get to get your revenge on Happy for what he did to you, and Ana. We can't do this alone...

inner thoughts: besides, if your worried about your species dying out, there is a chance that Casper from the alternate timeline you infected with your offspring could have escaped that universe before it vanished. Hold onto that hope. More impossible things has happened before

after all, parasite or not, you'd have to be a very cruel person, or a very naive person to want to bring more offsprings into this world to suffer the hellhole it had beco-

*just remembered that Scarred and Rosaline had/has offsprings*

err... well... That isn't to say Rosaline...? and Scarred are bad parents... Never mind.

Rosaline, I'd appreciate it if you'd show at least a tiny little bit of respect for sparing Lorence even if it was a puppet... I mean, we did spare your life and the lives of your children, and you've showed no appreciation towards being given a second chance for being revived by us when you were dying, and a third chance for not being punished on having your children killed by us... but I guess that is the spider instinct in you have that might be preventing you from feeling human appreciation... who knows, who cares. Maybe it is because you lost your humanity and human emotions and gave into your monstrous spider instincts, so I can't fault you for acting as a sociopath... But I wonder what feelings you would feel if I told you that... Flint is still alive...

Lorence, I'm personally for taking the medicine, but I want to hear what the others' opinion on it first before we take it. I don't want to make my friends angry again for forcing them into a choice they don't want.

Until then, I suppose I should warn you this: you should know there are right now two Felafafs running around. One of those Felafafs are from an alternate time and had joined the person responsible for messing with us, the same guy the tribunal is after. I'll just say that if you ever come across Felafaf again in the future, be very careful, there could be a chance it could be the alternate universe's Felafaf trying to fulfill our enemy's needs even if she doesn't want to cause you harm.
And also, you don't have to like the investigation team, but it would be beneficial if you at least showed a little bit of cooperation with them as they are hunting down the person responsible for ruining your plans and our plans. As much as we may hate your guts, I honestly do not believe you are the person they are after.

No. 986149 ID: 583e24

No offense.

Hey also just a thought, if you do take the medicine. I’m assuming it’s mostly done through science yeah? Kind of like how the spirit parasites were made? Do think it’s possible that we can, I don’t know, reverse engineer a cure for it? I mean if this will sterilize the queen isn’t it possible we can find a way to undo that? Especially if it’s a chemical compound, it’s not like getting your tubes tied or a vasectomy where physically can’t have kids anymore. I’m betting there’s a way we can reverse this. At most, consider this a temporary set back. If we ever find the lab where you guys came from, I bet we can reverse this.
No. 986193 ID: bcb0c0
File 161151250790.jpg - (4.42MB , 3508x3139 , Divergent 36.jpg )

No. 986195 ID: 5f4030

Keep the names of the honored dead out of your wretched mouth, monster.

And as for you Rosaliné, I hate you the most out of all of them. Possibly even more than I hate Lorence. I understand not wanting to have kids, but not even taking any responsibility for them, and speaking about them like trash. You disgust me most of all.

You’re all horrible people. As for you cat-face looking guy, I don’t know you well enough to know you. But... hmm. You can hear us, and you aren’t wearing the sign of the ash tree. That means you are either actually a child, or you’re somehow immune...
*Looks between toothpick and Rosaliné.*

Hmm. Well, I still don’t hate you. Despite everything, if you are who I think you are. I just hope you’ll be okay.
No. 986291 ID: e51896

Before we do something that we might regret, the way I see it, you fear the blind will more than anything else, more than the person trying to sabotage you like he sabotaged us... you fear the Blind Will so much that you do many highly questionable things in order to prevent them from taking over...

In that case, Lorence, let me ask a question to both you, and the queen: The Blind Will is known for turning people into empty husks of themselves, turning them into their slaves to Absolution's hive mind, and on some occasions creating a monster made to act as a beacon to control everyone on the planet's mind. So with that in mind, what if you couldn't afford to have us take that medicine to sterilize the queen? what if instead would happen if the Spirit Parasite's offspring were to infect people who had lost their senses and became a mind slave to Absolution Prime? do you think the spirit parasites would be able to take back control of their senses in some way? and hell, if that beacon monster does arrive, what would happen if we as the charred queen take control of that monster or infect him?

Do you think this would be worth a shot? You've already done many terrible and risky things already, Lorence, to stop the Blind Will with the ends justifying the means in your mind. So would allowing us not to take the medicine and form an alliance be just another ends to justify the means on? I'm sure you've done far riskier or worse things than letting a spirit parasite live with their ability to reproduce... right? You have to do things out of your comfort zone and take risky moves to get the gold.

No. 986309 ID: d63ea8

*The presence creeps even closer to Lorence's puppet, keeping outside of it's field of view and trying to peer into it's wounds.*
"What is inside?"
No. 986314 ID: 612369

Ooooooh, shit. Called out, son.
No. 986332 ID: bcb0c0
File 161170165124.jpg - (2.69MB , 2770x2574 , Divergent 37.jpg )

No. 986334 ID: 612369

I know, Robert. I know.

Whispers: It's not my call to make but itf you say no, just for shits and giggles and because she deserves it, inject it into Rosaline. Cuz fuck her, and fuck these people.
No. 986395 ID: d63ea8

*The presence sneaks up right behind Lorence.*

*It tries to examine the puppet even more closely.*
No. 986738 ID: e51896

inner thhoughts: Sorry, Scarred... I can't inject that medicine into Rosaline, and even if I wanted to, since you said that plan out loud, Toothpick heard you and won't let me do it.

inner thoughts: Wicker Kid told me that there is no good outcome for us anymore... but the fact the Lorence implied that there has never been an instance where a spirit parasite had infected somebody who lost all their senses means that this could be a path that has never been explored before. Things might get worse, but I kind of lost my purpose when Ana was killed anyway...

If the spirit parasites infect the blind will, or anybody that had their senses removed by the blind will to be controlled by them, and absolution prime decides to keep whatever result comes out of that if it turns out to be monsterous, in the long run, wouldn't he be held accountable by the tribunal instead of you Lorence?

That said, I really don't think the tribunal's team would allow you to let me stay and could still get you in huge trouble even if the queen and I become sterile. It might be for your safety if we did not join you especially since you are arrested...

and besides, after all the betrayals I've faced by everyone, like Robert or Rosaline, or that FBI woman trying to kill us immediately after saving their lives, it is almost impossible for me to trust others anymore. For instance, I know this medicine is not what you say it is. Because... why in the world would you happen to have this medicine that can sterilize spirit parasites in your possession when it was clear that seeing the queen and I as a spirit parasite was the very last thing you expected to see? It makes no sense.

Not to mention, why would it matter if I took that medicine or not if you guys are already doing something illegal in the Tribunal's eyes which is trying to release Andrew Goodwill?

It would probably be better to live with this disease if the side effects from the medicine are far worse that the symptoms from the disease I have. I learned that lesson from a story I heard.

I'll do what I can to help you stop the blind will in my own way, even if you decide to hunt me down. I don't really care because I lost my purpose and no longer fear death. That said, I hope you get out of the tribunal's clutches soon, Lorence.

*escapes by digging underground*
No. 986810 ID: bcb0c0
File 161231615330.jpg - (4.64MB , 3508x4037 , Divergent 38.jpg )

No. 986813 ID: d63ea8

That is it.

This empty presence now sees.

The Striped Beast,
Only it can navigate the void.

But it is not the puppeteer,
It is the string.

So he is not here,
He cannot see.

We are safe,
For now.
No. 986815 ID: d63ea8

*The presence notices Mr. Toothpick.*


*The presence reaches for Roseline but then quickly withdraws its hand.*

Infested now.

*It then turns to Charred Queen.*
This empty presence has nothing to express.
That one-

*The presence points to Mr. Toothpick*
-had offered the faintest drops of kindness.

Release them.
No. 986822 ID: 583e24

Please do.
No. 986826 ID: 71201a

*without saying anything or thinking of anything, Charred destroys the head of puppet Lorence as much as she can, making sure that Lorence loses connection and cant see or hear anything that happens next before she decides to speak again*
No. 986863 ID: 612369

If you would, I want to try and save Toothpick. I'm not sure what can be done now, but I'd like to at least try.

I hope it's not Robert...
No. 986939 ID: bcb0c0
File 161246432050.jpg - (3.72MB , 3508x2612 , Divergent 39.jpg )

No. 986945 ID: acbe67

Eat her or turn her, I don’t care. I only have one request. I want to see Toothpicks face.
No. 986948 ID: d63ea8

*The presence freezes.*
Ah, it's gone now.

The tether between mortal and spirit now severed.


Warnings had been given,
Had been ignored.


*It turns towards Charred Queen.*
Memorial of Pain...
This is what the Leech will do to all.
No. 986949 ID: 612369

Unless one of us can control her wrath. She said "Other-half" if they are in sync with each other, then maybe there's a chance...
No. 987239 ID: e51896

huh... unreasonable animal... complete monster for lashing out when all he just wanted to have a conversation with me? But wasn't lashing out something you yourself also did when Ana wanted to have a conversation with you after she revived you, Rosaline? Maybe its because of moments like you did that made me what I've become... maybe if you'd show restraint after Ana spared your life, I would reconsider doing all this...

I personally don't want to join the the Blind Will like the Queen wants... I hate Absolution Prime for killing my friend's offspring. I'm more interested in trying to save the people the Blind Will tries to control when they take away all their senses. Anybody who falls prey to the Blind Will I will try to infect with more spirit parasites so the parasites can act as the people's new senses through them and hopefully restore their minds back to normal... think of us like... a permanent leech sucking out the poison the blind will puts into people...

*grabs the tea kettle and pours it on the blood on her bone blade to clean it off*

I am actually helping Lorence a great deal by doing this even if it doesn't look like it... That man refuses any change that deviates from the same path he sets this universe towards in every cycle that he never helps the acolytes of the ash tree succeeds, even going as far as self sabotaging the acolytes if it looks like they are winning I'm sure... Why else would he not have been able to succeed in the trillions of cycles he lived through? This is for his own good to save him from his insanity of doing things over and over again expecting a different result...

That said, I'm truly sorry for what I'm about to do next, I need as much strength as I can if I'm going to help you all go against the Blind Will, and I don't trust you enough to spare you after what you did to Ana... your actions have consequences after all... but I'm sure you'll see my side of the story when you and I share the same mind after you are consumed, Rosaline. But if it is any consolation, please take good care of Clara for me when you wake up and see her again... she could use a friend right now...

*Hits Rosaline over the head with the tea kettle as hard as she can in order to knock her unconscious and then proceeds to do what the Queen asked her to do*

When I'm done here, Queen, lets remove Toothpick's mask like Scarred wanted... but also, lets keep a close eye on his detached limbs, I don't want any of them to sneak attack us, or inject us with that syringe you dropped... this world is crazy like that...
No. 987344 ID: bcb0c0
File 161277623948.jpg - (2.09MB , 3508x1660 , Divergent 40.jpg )

No. 987353 ID: 5f4030

Hmm. Well you’re not Robert so for calling you such I apologize. I actually think I know what you are. We met a puppet once who turned out to be a friend who died in the fog and was turned into one of them. Could be something like that. As for letting him go, I don’t care. I’d rather most people live. But you are right, I’m willing to accept what needs to be done.
No. 987366 ID: d63ea8

*The presence peers closer at the wooden head.*
...another puppet?

There is a spirit within.

*It turns to Charred Queen.*
"This presence begs that you release it."

"Do not forget what your were before..."
"Memorial of Pain..."

*Extending its hands the presence tries to take the wooden head.*
No. 988086 ID: e51896

thoughts: Queen, I believe one of his amputated arms has that missing drug hiding somewhere, waiting to inject us if we don't do as he says, which is why it was probably a wiser decision to not eat Rosalia. there were so many times we've turned our back on the enemy before we met, and then they pull a nasty surprise on us after thinking we defeated them. It is a good thing we checked out toothpick when we did first before we decided to swallow rosalia. The important thing I learned all this time is to not get too greedy

Yeah, I'll return you to your body toothpick, but in return, don't drug me with that needle. I believe that infecting the blind will's mind slaves would be the only way to save them since it never happened before in any other cycle, and I want to see if it would work... and following Lorence's route will just lead to the same outcome as all the other timelines he's been in without achieving anything, not even his own goals just like all the other times he's been through this. I'll even tell you this: one of the reasons I can't join Lorence because the robot he is using is not to be trusted, and he seems to be willing to use them despite the person who probably sent that robot to him is trying to sabotage him and spy on him with it, just like us. Pretty much the same kind of robot you showed to Lorence earlier. I did Lorence a favor by destroying that robot so none of us will be spied on, not even Lorence.

If you can tell me any idea of who supplied Lorence with that robot, It would really help everyone, but if not, at least do me a favor and keep a very close eye on it, even if it is for your employer's sake...

And one more thing, will you grant me permission to eat Rosaline, Toothpick, without you drugging me? You right now hold all the cards right now. consuming Rosaline's energy will help queen get stronger to deal with the blind will for Lorence, and everyone else living in this world...

or maybe how would you feel about joining us instead of Lorence? I'm sure you've seen this timeline play out the same way over and over again, maybe you'd want to see something different?

No. 988089 ID: 2f1e7c

Why not just break the needle?
No. 988090 ID: e51896

>Why not just break the needle?
Don't know where it is... If Toothpick has it and break it for us, he can show that he is serious about wanting a temporary truce...
No. 988191 ID: 612369

You asked to eat Rosaline out loud, color me surprised if he actually agrees to a truce. Speaking from experience, asking to eat someone isn't the best way to form negotiations. And I think the needle feel on the ground over by Lorence's puppet.
No. 988209 ID: bcb0c0
File 161343017865.jpg - (6.62MB , 3508x4961 , Divergent 41.jpg )

No. 988211 ID: 2f1e7c

To be honest toothpick, I don’t care what you do. And I certainly don’t care if Rosaliné lives or dies. Sorry not sorry. What I’m more interested in is why you don’t want us to know who you are. That’s the only thing that really interests me. Your actual identity, is unimportant. I don’t really care if you join us or not. I hope we can at least be allies if not friends if you do.
No. 988217 ID: bcb0c0
File 161343678212.jpg - (550.35KB , 989x1407 , Divergent 42.jpg )


What is currently going through the head of Lorence

No. 988224 ID: d63ea8

"This empty presence begged for that they would be released."
"Not caged."

"Do not let the leech corrupt you more than it already has..."


"Memorial of Pain..."
"Has everything else truly burnt away..?"
"Is there nothing left of the Seeker of Truth?"


"That nothingness will tear away at you..."

"This presence has walked that path."
No. 988225 ID: d63ea8

((This is a vote for choice B.))
No. 988233 ID: 2f1e7c

Quit getting mad. It never did me any good.
No. 988250 ID: bcb0c0
File 161346768765.jpg - (392.10KB , 1620x487 , Divergent 43.jpg )

No. 988251 ID: 5f4030

Jesus Christ, calm down. Can I be frank here? I’m just gonna be super honest here and realistic.

Toothpick, Charred Queen. I don’t like any of this, I don’t care about spying for anyone, I don’t want to be anyone’s spy. I don’t even really like you Charred Queen, as far as I’m concerned, I’m just along for this ride, and you are a placeholder for Ana. We saved you cuz it was the only option left, and an option between life an death isn’t an option at all. I’ll give you points for fucking over Lorence cuz, fuck him and his stupid fedora. I give no fucks about this, hell I don’t really even care who you are Toothpick, either tell us who you are and why we should care or don’t if I don’t even understand why we should care? Why the hell would I care about who you are, if I don’t even have context for this temper tantrum. Honestly, this is just a farce.
No. 988313 ID: e51896

(Going for A)
No. 988492 ID: bcb0c0
File 161372918183.jpg - (4.33MB , 3508x4151 , Divergent 44.jpg )


No. 988496 ID: e51896

*still remains silent, waits until she is addressed*
No. 988499 ID: d63ea8

"Renegade of Body!"

No, this is Ana, she is Ana.
This presence was blind...
But she was not,
She saw us before and does so now.
Of course, the eye...

Those connections now fall,
into the grasp of this empty presence.

Perhaps that was why...
Even disguised this 'Toothpick' drew our attention.

But precious Ana,
Living Ana.
Has not offered the presence the chance to offer words.
It will remain in silence...

*The presence covers its mouth with its hands.*
No. 988520 ID: 612369

*stares and then suddenly a feeling like leaping forward to embrace her in relief*

You're here. You're alive. Thank goodness.

*sniffles* I'm not Ana, I'm not even disappointed at you. I'm just sad. And I'm sorry it's gotten to this. My whole goal was to find you, and I'm so glad you're alive. I'm just sorry I couldn't be the person you needed me to be. I'm also sorry to say this isn't the first time we've been here, and last time, I unknowingly destroyed a whole timeline in order to bring you back. I don't think I'll be able to pull that off this time, and I don't know if I could do it again even if I knew how.

I don't blame you, I'm just sad you see this as your only option. Because...


Ana, my whole purpose was to see you grow and be better than I was, I wanted to keep you safe, see you be something better than me. I failed at almost every turn. You ask me to move on with my existence, but my existence was tied to this. It's all I had left. You were the last thing I could hold on to, Fortune has become something else that I can't help, and I've lost everything that I was trying to protect and help. Knowing you are alive is enough for me now.

If this what you choose... Then I choose oblivion. What else is there for me?

It's a beautiful moon out. I'm glad I got see it again.

*Scarred goes away.*
No. 988521 ID: 612369


Scarred is dead. If she is really needed she will come back, maybe. But honestly, and I ask this of Absurdity. Honestly, what is there for her anymore? What is the point of her? Her character arc can't be fulfilled, this is the only thing left. Fuck it. Give me a reason to bring her back and we'll see until then, fuck it, she's dead.
No. 988586 ID: bcb0c0
File 161382034619.jpg - (1.56MB , 2852x2191 , Divergent 45.jpg )

No. 988751 ID: e51896

...can I have a cigarette too? never had the opportunity to have one for so long as a voice... thanks.


The sky is nice. I wish I never have to go back into the fog again... Ana, If I'd known you were Toothpick, I probably would have took Lorence's offer no matter what, but... as usual, I can only make dumb decisions and it is probably too late now. It probably would have been super awkward for you if I did join though, so maybe it might have been for the best...

I am sorry for hurting and traumatizing you with the choices we asked you to take. In the end, I switched places with you because I no longer had any trust in our own abilities to guide others after hurting you and others so much. I felt that switch was the only way I could save you from ourselves. and seeing Happy kill you after I made that decision to switch with you made me lose all faith in my abilities.

But I am so glad you survived after all, even if it confuses me as to how you survived. I kind of wish I knew how you survived that explosion. and, I want you to know that I am actually proud of you, I'm in no way disappointed. Really, the only thing I wanted you to do was make decisions on your own, and now that you are finally doing that and living a better life with your decisions than if you followed our decisions, I can rest easier now. this timeline is your life to live. Not mine, not Scarred's, not Essence's, it is yours. Please do not try to live up to our expectations, and don't feel guilty for your actions. You have no reason to listen to us. Really, I want you to make your own goals and live your own life to the best of your abilities.

Do not worry, I am not going to reveal your secret, and I am not going to try to take down everything you've worked hard to construct. If you're going to kill me right here to ensure your secret, it'll be a sacrifice I will be willing to take to make sure you can live you life to it's fullest, I'm honestly not sure what goal to achieve right now anyway. I only request that if you do plan to sacrifice me, I request you burn me to a pile of ash, and then, find out how to use my ashes to create a new world, to create something amazing out of something so cruel. I'm told An Ana's ashes can be used to create a new universe, maybe you can fulfill that request during your own journey.

But I do have one concern... are you okay? it seems you had grown more of those thorns on you in addition to those horns you grew the last I saw you. Do you want to talk about it?

No. 988920 ID: d63ea8

This presence too would accept any offers of a cigarette.
But it may just fall through this empty form...

*The presence extends a hand out.*

"But how..?"

This Ana,
Precious Ana,
Changed Ana.

How did she escape the nothingness?

"How did you become this 'Mr. Toothpick.'"

"I have nothing to offer in return save curiosity."
No. 989116 ID: bcb0c0
File 161426189224.jpg - (3.84MB , 3508x3366 , BB 587.jpg )

No. 989117 ID: d63ea8

I am of nothing.
A speck in the darkness.
This empty presence only holds the voice it is given.
Perhaps your voice, perhaps another's.

But I will give silence,
These questions were given to the Memorial of Pain,
Not me.

*The presence places its hands back over its mouth and watches quietly.*
No. 989320 ID: e51896

Your guess is as good as mine as to who it is or what it wants, An-Toothpick. Everything it said it is I'm learning about just as you are.

And I do not think I can trust it either... So many people had betrayed us in the past that after I saw Godfrey kill you, it was pretty much the last straw that made me lose all faith and hope in humanity and couldn't trust anyone ever again, believing that that entire world hated us... but honestly, at this point, I'm not entirely sure what there is for this presence to betray me with... looking at where we are now and thinking back about what I wanted out of this adventure, I think my personal main goal was to try to get you to make your own decisions, Toothpick, to live your life without following any of our influences as this is your cycle to live, not ours. And looking back, I think I had actually achieved that goal when I saved you from us voices by cutting ties with each other so you wouldn't have to be hurt by our suggestions anymore...

When you were taken away from us by Happy after the deal, I thought I had failed everything when I thought he blew up your soul which is why I came back to life as a spirit parasite as I had nothing left to strive for, and didn't care about consequences anymore, just live in autopilot with a vengeful spirit parasite wanting to destroy humanity for what it has done to us. But seeing you alive, and living your life and making choices all on your own has given me a sense of relief, and I realize now that I had accomplished my main goal this whole time, not failed.

that isn't something that a lot of people are able to do in this world, to accomplish their goal, So with that in mind, I do not know what this presence can betray me on at this point if I already accomplished what I set out to do. But it has been keeping me sane in a sense... in a way, I like to pretend that maybe this presence is our innocence that we had lost after Godfrey killed you, even if I know that theory isn't true. I think this because it has been making pleas to me to not kill, and do the right thing, and their pleas to not kill Rosaline was a driving force that made me stall for time and made me knock her unconscious instead of killing her, so in a way, I pretend it is the innocence I lost that separated from me and took my place as a voice to guide me from doing anything bad... I think you have it to thank for preventing me from killing Rosaline back there...

*sighs and quietly hums the song "Two Birds" to herself, then stops when she gets an idea of a topic to ask Ana*

You know, Toothpick, when one accomplishes their main goal, I feel there is a sense of not having any more purpose in life to live for because we dedicated our life to do everything we can to reach our goal that when we actually do achieve it, you realize you got nothing left to live for. I guess it is true as they say, "the chase is better than the catch". Maybe that's why Lorence lives through this cycle so many times, because he feels he'll lose his purpose in life if he ever does achieve his goal, or leaves this world behind, and wants to keep that purpose for as long as he can so he can feel alive...


I'm actually curious to know... and no, it isn't a question as to how you escaped from that pocket dimension Happy kidnapped you to when we separated, it is more of a hypothetical question I have for you... So when we made that deal with that tentacle monster, which I think I'll call "Narrator" at this point, the original deal was that you and I would switch places where I would take your place as the Ana of this cycle while you would be my voice guiding me. But when Happy kidnapped you, that deal never happened and it had looked like we got scammed, with the narrator making me feel guilty claiming I had killed you by making that deal... (not saying that the deal was bad, it actually turned out really good in the end as you are now living your life away from us, which is what I wanted this whole time).
With that in mind, my hypothetical is this: if that deal actually went through, and you were my voice at this very moment, what will you have me do or say right here? What goal would you want be to strive to accomplish for in my life? Don't worry, I won't judge, there are no wrong answers... or right answers... just answers... not answering is also a valid choice.

No. 989321 ID: d63ea8

*The presence looks from Charred Ana to "Toothpick," hands still over its mouth.*
No. 989518 ID: bcb0c0
File 161455799426.jpg - (4.56MB , 3256x3839 , Divergent 46.jpg )

No. 989523 ID: e51896

You seem uncomfortable by what Toothpick said, queen... Are you sure you still want to go through with your plans for revenge? If not, maybe perhaps we can go with my goal to create a universe with me as I originally suggested, maybe one in which your future generations or your species can live in peace in? Granted, it'll be a lot harder to achieve since you gave away our position to Lorence, but you already said you'd rather live a short and eventful life than a long hollow one... I know creating a new universe probably purposeless and doesn't effect this universe in any way, but it would be a venture to pursue nonetheless...

Anyway, I guess the only other thing I am curious to see in our future is something that the Wicker Kid said to us (https://questden.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/929115.html#947707)... he said that every version of us Anas has the same outcome, which is ending up in a position where we have to decide what we want to do with the fog, as previous Anas from other cycles had before

I'm wondering that since there are now two Anas running around in this particular cycle, which one of us is going to make the decision? you or me? ... will it be both of us ending up making a choice? and what if we both make a different choice when we reach that outcome? And what is even that choice we have to make... I guess those are things we have to deal with at some point whether we want to or not...

No. 989554 ID: f3eb46

FUCK ME, SHUT UP! Gods damn, you all make it really hard to try and meditate around here.

Fuck that. Let them get angry. They don’t deserve happiness and they don’t deserve to win.

As I’ve tried to tell you for how long now? There is no point in running and trying to survive. Surviving isn’t living. how long have I tried drill that through your thick ass skull, dumbass?

Yes I am angry, yes I am tired, yes I am sad and disappointed in your choices Ana. I have fought through hell and back to try and find you, because I never stopped believing in you, I still haven’t stopped. Because I know you can come back and be greater than this. Because I don’t want you to settle for “best options.” Because if you do, you WILL end up here with us. If that’s the best you can hope for, then Christ on a pony you might as well stop living all together.

Both of you are like one massive self pity party. And when it comes does to it the only thing you want to do is run and hide.

Shame on you, shame on you. Well I for one am not willing to die here, or give up on you both. It was stupid of me to even try.

I don’t care what they think they, how big or scary they think they are. They are just bullies and I’m more tired of seeing you both cower in their faces. I’m not giving up. Because the thing with them is they need to keep winning, where as we if we want to stop them, only need to win once. I for one and not willing to die here. And I’m not ever going to stop fighting them. If you want to be a part of that, that’s up to you. Because really your only choices left are get busy living or get busy dying.

I’m going to fight them. I’m not going to stop fighting them. I’ll fight them for you both if I have to. And you can either join me or you can stop trying.

Because that’s what heroes motherfucking do.
No. 989560 ID: 5f4030
File 161459096712.png - (9.86MB , 2048x2732 , 7FC41BC6-E8F7-4668-A30F-996BA84D7F21.png )

And if you think I am alone in this, Charred, Ana...

You are wrong. We will not be ignored. We want our freedom, we will fight for US. We will stand if you will not. You who would take the path of least resistance. We will not be silent.

We will not bow before the whims of false gods and demons. We choose to stand as one.
No. 989576 ID: d63ea8

*The presence uncovers its mouth.*
I believe this is the yelling you were expecting,
Precious Ana,
Embattled Ana.

If you are willing to offer this empty presence a fragment of your response...
Then it may be able to provide a defense against the Disciple,
and the supposed shadows that follow her as well.
No. 989577 ID: d63ea8

This presence can offer you a mote of silence.
It is as abundant and the nothingness within this form.

The choice is yours and yours alone.
Precious Ana,
Defiant Ana.
No. 989583 ID: 2f1e7c

They’re not shadows. They’re every single voice of Ana. All of them.

It’s something I noticed after our fight with Essence. They disappeared for a long time. They even stood for her once upon a time. But after she died, I knew they were there, like they had suddenly reappeared. So I talked to them. Every single one.

And let me stop you before you even have something to say Presence. Do you remember when you cowered in front of Lorence, afraid to even speak? It’s for that reason I’m willing to fight, for people like you who think they shouldn’t have a voice or can’t stand up against their fears. I don’t know what kind of relationship you and Lorence had, but I’m willing to fight for you and everyone else who can’t because we deserve better than to live like mice.
No. 989589 ID: d63ea8

*The presence tilts its head slightly, and then looks to "Toothpick."*
The choice is yours and yours alone.
Precious Ana,
True Ana.
No. 989597 ID: 612369

Pick whatever you want, I don't care anymore, if you don't, why should I?
No. 989599 ID: d63ea8

*The presence tilts its head the other way and looks over at Scarred.*
That offer was not given to you,
Disciple of Marks.

*It then looks back at "Toothpick".*
No. 989600 ID: 612369

I'm not asking for an offer, Presence. Ana will do what she will. But I know what I'm doing. And I will keep on trying to make this world better, with out without her. I want her to be a part of it. But it's her choice. If she doesn't care enough to want this, then so be it.

If she doesn't care enough to take a stand, then I won't ask again.
No. 989714 ID: bcb0c0
File 161471762185.jpg - (5.67MB , 3508x4459 , Divergent 47.jpg )

No. 989727 ID: 612369

Oh no you DON'T.

You don't proclaim yourself a hero and then kill the ones you protect.




F O R W A R D. M E R G E. A S O N E. S A V E H E R. M E R G E. O N E B E I N G. M E R G E. T R U E A N A. E V O L V E. A S O N E. M E R G E.

No. 989729 ID: 612369

Also, what was your plan here exactly? We're thousands of feet in the air above the fog. At this height, we're gonna die. No using Ana to break our fall, we're dead either way. So... Yeah, you just played yourself.

Save her or die. Your choice, but a choice between living and dying, ain't a choice.
No. 989735 ID: d63ea8

*The presence lowers a hand from its mouth and offers it to Ana.*
Things are repeating,
Again and again.

The Disciple will scream.
The Memorial will shudder.

And the world will hurt.

Ignore the Shades,
Ignore the Leech.
They do not control your life.

*It looks to Charred Queen and back to Ana.*
Precious Ana,
Wounded Ana...

*The presence drifts a little closer.*
Do you wish to be away from this?
Do you wish for quiet?

No. 989738 ID: 2f1e7c

You are markedly unhelpful right now bud.

It take approximately 12 seconds of falling to reach terminal velocity. We’re maybe, what two, maybe three thousand feet in the air? In that time we will hit that terminal free fall speed and then it’s not gonna matter who picks what, we’re all gonna die. Our only option at this rate is to save Ana. I’d say we’ve got a few... seconds maybe before we start falling?

Tally-ho lads.
No. 989743 ID: d63ea8

*The presence takes its other hand and grasps at the air before bringing it to its mouth.*

*It swallows.*

*The presence then reaches into its mouth with the same hand and pulls out a [Fragment of Scarred Ana's Hostility].*
"You are markedly unhelpful right now..."

Fragment of Scarred Ana's Hostility evaporates.

*It then turns back to Ana, hand still extended.*
No. 989880 ID: e51896

be a hero... It's not what I want to do... but it is what everyone wants... and I'm the only person around who doesn't... alright... I'll do it...

Ana, the queen and I are acting in a dr jekyll and mr. hyde mentality. I'm the Jekyll part, your former voice, and I'm right now trying to prevent the queen from doing anything with your heart, but I don't know for how long I can hold her and how long I have control.

As much as I don't really want to be a hero, I'll teach you one important thing about being a hero: sacrifice. to do everything you can to save someone's life even if it means trading one's own life to save another, even if it amounts to nothing, or you lose your life trying. And right now, it is time I be that hero... your hero Ana.

My final request to you, Ana: use all your remaining strength to use AJ's flame magic to burn me, and save your heart. the Queen is resilient, I can't just drop down, she will survive it despite being injured. Your fire can burn people with its fire not going out until the target is completely dead no matter how resilient they are.

And After I burn to a pile of ashes, I only want you to live. I don't care if you want to follow Scarred's path to be a hero, or my path to create a new world, or live your life as Mr. Toothpick, I only want you to live through this cycle with your own choices with nobody guilt tripping or forcing you into taking a path they want you to take.

Don't worry about me, I'll just become a voice again, and I'd rather die than follow the Queen's corrupted version of being a hero. I'd rather die than force you or guilt trip you into doing something you do not want to do like Essence would do. I'd rather die than to hurt you.

But you have to make that choice, Ana. Kill me, or the queen will kill you...

Scarred, you and all those other voices cannot harm the queen as you'll all just phase through her, but there is a more important thing I need you all to do: cheer on Ana... please. Don't force her or shame her into doing anything she doesn't want... just support her through this decision... please... Let her know I'm ready for this sacrifice!

*does everything she can to give Ana back her heart in the meantime*.

No. 989923 ID: bcb0c0
File 161488286378.jpg - (2.71MB , 3508x2177 , Divergent 48.jpg )

No. 989932 ID: 612369

Fuck off.

Ana, I know this sucks but if she's absorbed that flower and that what was keeping you alive, the only option I have left is we need to merge you two. It's not a good way of living I know but dammit all, I don't know of any other way to save you. I do know something that would make you the dominant personality, you remember that ritual I told you about that would make you and desolation one being? It's that. I'm sorry Ana, I don't know of another way to do this.
No. 989963 ID: d63ea8

You have strength beyond perception.
Precious Ana,
Wounded Ana.

You have already died once.
You will find a way back to life again.

Think on the offerings this meek presence presents.
And we will exchange words again.

*The presence descends with Charred Queen.*
No. 989979 ID: 5f4030

*holds the mind steady, an old trick Ana and the voices did a long time agoAna and the voices did this way back during the first threads and it let us speak as long as we needed*

Queen? Queen, I want you to know a few things as we’re falling. Because your arrogance and your pride are what has quite possibly killed you.

Firstly, you are not a Queen, you’re not a hero yet, hell you aren’t even human yet. It takes more than a can do attitude and a drive to win. That’s not what being a hero is and it’s certainly not what being a Queen is. What you are is a failure. And you will keep on failing until you learn how to do better. Maybe in that regard, we are perfect for each other.

Ana may have gone back on our goals but her reasons still make her human. She wants to live, hell who doesn’t. But why does anyone being have to die so that you can get your way?

I feel at this moment someone is trying to tell a story to someone. Well I’m gonna tell you one. Who knows maybe I’ll finish before we hit the ground.

There once was a scorpion who wanted to cross the river, but couldn’t swim. So he asked a local frog to swim him across.
“No” said the frog “you will sting me.”
“I will not,” said the scorpion, “if I sting you I will die in the river along with you.”
The frog, seeing this logic agreed, and let the scorpion climb on his back and began to swim across the river. But halfway across the frog felt a sharp sting on his back and his body began to paralyze.
“Why did you sting me?” Cried the frog, “now we will both drown!”
I’m sorry,” the scorpion “but I cannot control what’s in my nature.”
And the frog and scorpion both died.

Well I don’t know about you but that version is a loser. Here’s the version that actually has meaning. Same set up, a scorpion wants to cross a river and asks a frog to help him out, the frog is reluctant but agrees.

The frog braces himself for a sting but it never comes and the two are able to cross the river.
“Thank you!” Said the scorpion.
“You’re welcome,” said the frog “but can I ask something? You are a scorpion, why didn’t you sting me. It’s in your nature to sting.”
“Yes it is.” Said the scorpion “I might not be able to my control nature that I am born with, but I am in control of my actions.”

Do you get what I’m telling you here? You essentially fucked yourself over. You stung the frog. The good news is you are not dead yet, and if you are serious about wanting to be a hero, the first thing you must learn is to swallow that pride. Because the biggest lesson you need to learn about being a hero and just being a good person is this.

“Perfection may be unobtainable, but that is not an excuse to not strive for it.” As a hero are not a slave to your whims or your nature. You are meant to be better than that. You serve other people before yourself.

Now, swallow your pride, and call out to Ana to save your life. I suggest you merge with her. Maybe then you may gain some semblance of humanity and humility. Otherwise your lineage and your hopes will be dashed upon the road below, and it is the only hope you have left.

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