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File 169879819605.png - (323.56KB , 1000x700 , dh1.png )
1076048 No. 1076048 ID: c4908b

You go by Vex. You are an ARMS DEALER by trade and you've been at this for a couple of years now.

At the moment, you're having a smoke to try and calm down the adrenaline rush from almost (successfully) being SET UP.

R18. nsfw/gore/body horror potential. heavy themes including self harm may be explored (but not explicitly). Toxic Yuri Guaranteed.
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No. 1076049 ID: c4908b
File 169879825513.png - (62.19KB , 1000x700 , dh2.png )

After a cursory review of your surroundings, dead bodies aside, you've spent about 1 PLASMA CARTRIDGE offing the goons your customer sent after you. That's about 800C's worth at minimum for an archaic dimension. Which you're adding to that greedy bastard's tab before you send a knife through his throat.

You only came in a few hours ago with about 15C. This FAILED OPERATION was meant to pay for your room and meals for the next few days.

Fuck, you're hungry. And bleeding.
No. 1076050 ID: c4908b
File 169879830360.png - (31.69KB , 1000x700 , dh3.png )

You check your AW (ANGEL WING). Roughly going off of how much time has passed, the cooldown will take about 2 DAYS. You won't be able to hop dimensions until the cooldown is finished.

That means two days of laying low, tracking that bastard down, and selling some arms. Or maybe you'll just dick around until then.
No. 1076051 ID: d3bf48

Tell us more about the angel wing!
No. 1076052 ID: 0fbdcd

Steal clothing from dead goons, tear into bandages and wrap.

What did you sell to the guy, where he thought it'd be cheaper to kill you than pay?
No. 1076054 ID: 273c18

Treat your wounds, then loot the bodies. What building are you in? Is there potential for burgling the place?
No. 1076141 ID: a6d18e

Well time to open you're Stash you prepared for this situation. You did prepared a stash
No. 1076142 ID: c4908b
File 169888503496.png - (84.32KB , 1000x700 , dh4.png )

>Tell us more about the angel wing!

Your AW is a special MODDED version of a typical AW. AW's were originally MAGITECH developed by DB (Divine/Dimensional Balance), a cult disguised as a business. Or maybe just a business that uses cult tactics. Their excuse is maintaining "balance" between the dimensions when they're really trying to colonize them for G0D, an extradimensional being, and CEO of DB.

Said cult business targeted you after selling ANGELTECH without a permit and dispatched an ANGEL to stop you. After killing them, you got their wings ripped out for your MODDER. That earned you the classification for all interdimensional criminals, DEMON.

All AW's require special attunement to each user. Your AW though is imperfect. Without the second wing, it requires COOLDOWN PERIODS and is RANDOMIZED TRANSPORT. The dimensions you go to are always RANDOM but they tend to stay within a SPECIFIC GROUP since you can RETURN to certain dimensions more often than others.

From what you understand, you will ALWAYS enter a dimension that has these requirements:

>Some form of society/civilization
>Widespread communication
>Survivable for organic beings
No. 1076143 ID: c4908b
File 169888504577.png - (71.93KB , 1000x700 , dh5.png )

>Steal clothing from dead goons, tear into bandages and wrap.
>Treat your wounds, then loot the bodies.

You move to start looting the bodies and ripping up their clothes into makeshift bandages. You just need to stem whatever's bleeding the heaviest until your REGEN kicks in. Though it tends to be SLOWER when you're hungry.

>Well time to open you're Stash you prepared for this situation. You did prepared a stash

Of course, you could use some of your WARES to speed things up. But you have the constitution of a roach. So, unless you're going into that deep void, you'll AVOID that at all costs. You've survived this long by being STRICTLY CONSERVATIVE with your things.
No. 1076145 ID: c4908b
File 169888517335.png - (60.16KB , 1000x700 , dh6.png )

>What did you sell to the guy, where he thought it'd be cheaper to kill you than pay?

Your SPECIALTY is selling INTERDIMENSIONAL ARMS. Real rare and illegal shit that you mainly acquire from STEALING. Usually, these arms are impossible to come by through virtue of how STRICTLY interdimensional travel is regulated. Bringing things between dimensions and giving them around tends to DRASTICALLY AFFECT things.

Fuck if that matters to you though. You can get a PLASMA CARTRIDGE from a tech dimension for 15C and upcharge it in any archaic dimension for 800-1000C. MAGITECH particularly sells the BEST in any dimension whenever you get your hands on them.

Your soon to be dead customer was a REGULAR of yours. You have an established clientele for dimensions you've visited a few times to make things easier. This guy always bought you're more EXPENSIVE ARMS, things like SPELL SCROLLS, PLASMA GUNS, & LOWBAR MAGITECH.

Looks like he got tired of paying enough for a city.
No. 1076146 ID: c4908b
File 169888518559.png - (108.23KB , 1000x700 , dh7.png )

>What building are you in? Is there potential for burgling the place?

You're in an abandoned warehouse that you scoped out before the meeting. The customer chose the location since he pressed URGENCY on your arrival. Stupid, you know, but again, you needed cash.

There's nothing too useful around from when you scoped it out. You could take another look around in case there's a hidden gem, but you don't know how much time you have before your customer will notice the lack of communication from his former goons.

Originally, you showed up early to set up your wares upstairs in the management room. Two goons were there looking a bit panicked at your early arrival. When they insisted you go back downstairs you knew something was up.

The rest of them came charging in pretty quickly after.
No. 1076147 ID: c4908b
File 169888519508.png - (61.80KB , 1000x700 , dh8.png )


You have 10 INVENTORY CARDS. Each card can hold one category of item designated from: AMMO, FIREARMS, MARTIAL WEAPONS, EXPLOSIVES, MAGITECH, CONSUMABLES, ENHANCERS, COMMUNICATORS, SUPPLIES, & CURRENCY. There is no limit to how many of an ITEM you can have per card, but the TOTAL WEIGHT must not exceed 20LB PER CARD.

Current Inventory Status:

>AMMO = 14LB + 3LB of lead rounds = 17LB (Magic, Plasma, Lead, Silver)
>CONSUMABLES = 12LB (Magic Scrolls & More)
>ENHANCERS = 6LB (Armor & Enchantments)
>COMMUNICATORS = 10LB (Shitton of Phones)
>SUPPLIES = 10LB + 6LB from your folding table & chair = 16LB
>CURRENCY = 14LB + .5 from giftcards = 14.5LB

You pocket the rounds by adding it to your AMMO CARD (17LB).

You may have some use for the ARCHAIC PISTOLS since archaic weapons can be modded easier and have better customization.

After this, you'll try out the WCDONS giftcard just to see if you can get something off the cheaper menu.

What items should you keep from the loot?

(Also, suggest items in Vex's inventory! DND 5e is my main point of reference but any reasonable item can be suggested. Items can vary between magic, non-magic, to sci-fi. Please include weight per item.)
No. 1076170 ID: 0fbdcd

Keep the ammo, gift cards, guns, watches, and keys. The keys might unlock something around here and it's worth a quick check. Or maybe a car outside. The guns and watches might sell ok in a medieval world.

Otherwise, looks like trash. Go get a bite to eat.
No. 1076205 ID: a6d18e

So how much do you know about the world you're currently stuck in for the time being.
No. 1076209 ID: 7c0da2

You might as well take everything. Except the nail bats, you really only need one and you're better off using a firearm anyway. If the 20LBs in your Martial Weapons card is entirely taken up by 5 nail bats I suggest you drop 4 of them, you need room for things you can actually sell.
Then go try the WCDONS card, you need to eat, and you need to be far away from here when the customer sends someone to check on his goons.
No. 1076429 ID: feda8a

i realize that for custom items it would be best to submit them to a diss thread so here it is: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/141108.html

throw items you want to appear in the story in here and i'll do my best to add them in as loot or something vex has in store.

questions and other comments are welcome too!

No. 1076582 ID: c4908b
File 169924483655.png - (58.06KB , 1000x700 , dh9.png )

>So how much do you know about the world you're currently stuck in for the time being.

The current dimension you're in is pretty RUDIMENTARY in terms of technology. Smartphones have just started getting introduced to the wider populace and computers are still bulky boxes. Wifi is shit but you're flip phone still works at least. There's also little to no magic outside of minor shapeshifting among the populace. (Not too impressive since you can minorly shapeshift yourself.) Even when you use spells or magic items, their effects are slightly suppressed. You call it "archaic" because of these factors. Time for you is hard to keep track of, so you don't bother counting years and just use labels.

Usually, whenever you get transported here you end up in the SAME GENERAL AREA. There's three cities you frequent in the state where your REGULARS reside. You don't have the names memorized but you refer to them as STEAK (NORTH CITY), PEPPER (EAST CITY), and SALT (WEST CITY). It's easier for you to remember things if you refer to them by easily categorizable groups.

You are currently at the outer edge of SALT. From what you heard when you first arrived, your REGULARS seem to not be warring with each other anymore. Instead, they mind each others business and fight with the other gangs around. Because of how much fighting goes on in the area, you've stuck around and haven't felt the need to visit other states or countries nearby.

The MAJORITY of your clientele are petty gangs or rich individuals with a penchant for collection. You prefer the gangs as your primary customers since they're a lot more consistent with their needs. So long as someone's fighting, there's someone to sell to.

Your richer clientele also usually want to jump your bones and mixing personal with business is a baaaad idea. You will deny any exceptions you have made in the past.
No. 1076583 ID: c4908b
File 169924485922.png - (73.35KB , 1000x700 , dh10.png )

Current Inventory Status:

>FIREARMS = 17LB + 3LB archaic pistols (x3) = 20LB MAXED
>COMMUNICATORS = 10LB + 1.25LB of burner phones (x5) = 11.25LB
>SUPPLIES = 16LB + 1LB of keys (x2) + .75LB silver watches (x3) = 17.75LB

You only manage to take 3 of the better looking ARCHAIC PISTOLS before maxing out the FIREARMS CARD. The KEYS could prove to be useful unlocking something around here and the WATCHES could still sell for a decent price.

You also pocket the HANDCUFFS but just keep it attached to your belt loop to save inventory space.

Next, you wipe the blood off your face and hands with your jacket so you can look a little more presentable and restore your vision. It's a little easier now that you have the makeshift bandages stemming the wounds.

Afterwards, you swap the dirty jacket with a different one from your SUPPLIES card. It sucks though that you got your jacket dirty. Fuck knows when you'll have the time to get it washed.

To seal the deal you take out a simple FACEMASK. You don't know how much of your face is out there thanks to DB and you'd rather not get SNITCHED ON while you're busy doing other things. While you always enjoy a visit from the lovely ARCHANGEL that's out to KILL YOU, you have some errands to run. People to see. Things to eat. All the good stuff that comes with preferably not being hunted for sport.
No. 1076584 ID: c4908b
File 169924490872.png - (57.91KB , 1000x700 , dh11.png )

After that's all settled, you take stock of your current state.

EQUIPPED: Trusty Hunting Knife (Magisteel w/ Plasma Cutter Function)
MAGIC: Wild Luck. You can draw one card at a time from a deck of 5 MAGIC CARDS as many times as you would like (roll of 1d5 per draw). The deck automatically shuffles itself before every draw and will only activate the card's spell if it is drawn facedown and then turned faceup. After a card is used, a new card will generate with a RANDOM prepared spell of varying power. You are not immune to outward effects from the card's spell. One of the cards in the deck will ALWAYS be FIREBALL.
ABILITY: Intuition. You can IMPROVE your chances of drawing a specific card to a roll of 2d5 based on experience and inherent luck. 2 winning numbers from 1-5 will be picked before the roll. 2 uses per day.

Choose which 4 spells are currently in your deck:

>BURST: An object of choice explodes violently.
>DARKNESS: Darkness envelops the area around you. This blocks ALL vision and light sources momentarily.
>SILENCE: You can silence all sound from any number of people around you that you can see.
>DANCE: All creatures around you are hit with the irresistible NEED to dance.
>IDENTIFY: You can learn the properties and use of one chosen object you can touch.
>PUPPET: You momentarily control the body of one chosen target.
>FEAR: Cause life-threatening fear in one living person within sight. May cause person to flee in terror.
>FLEE: Teleport to any neighboring area that you can see.
No. 1076607 ID: 510d57

>FLEE: Teleport to any neighboring area that you can see.
>DARKNESS: Darkness envelops the area around you. This blocks ALL vision and light sources momentarily.
>DANCE: All creatures around you are hit with the irresistible NEED to dance.
>SILENCE: You can silence all sound from any number of people around you that you can see.

Combat maxxing.
No. 1076636 ID: b0ae71

>IDENTIFY: You can learn the properties and use of one chosen object you can touch.

I'll back any plan that use this skill since it's handy to have something to appraise an item's resale value in you're line of work.
No. 1076665 ID: 83015e

So how much do know about the jerk who tred to stiff you?
No. 1076717 ID: 462d8c

Burst, Identify, Puppet, and Flee
No. 1076788 ID: 83015e

^ this We gonna need IDENTIFY, you know just in case you stumble across a cursed equipment.
No. 1076886 ID: c4908b
File 169957750382.png - (146.77KB , 1000x700 , dh12.png )

The current cards in your arsenal are FIREBALL, FLEE, IDENTIFY, BURST, and DANCE.

An interesting set... You tuck your MAGIC DECK into your inner jacket pocket and your HUNTING KNIFE into your other pocket.

For a moment, you assess your surroundings before heading back downstairs, keeping a careful eye for anyone that might be lurking. Or any secret objects that may be hidden away.

As you descend there's not much to catch the eye. The building remains a large, looming, seemingly empty thing. Its emptiness draws your mind to thoughts of what it could have been. Maybe it was a cannery or textile place at one point of its history. You wouldn't know, with how gutted it is.

And thanks to you, it's a little more haunted...

Not quite as empty....

But nothing jumps out at you.

Not this time.
No. 1076887 ID: c4908b
File 169957752642.png - (38.35KB , 1000x700 , dh13.png )

The sight of the sun in the horizon blinds you for a moment. The warehouse was relatively dim with only some rays of sunlight coming in through the windows. Breathing in the fresh air reminds you that you are, at least, somewhat alive.

It's hard for you to remember that you are alive sometimes. Not just a ball of adrenaline and wounds. Even in a life of running away to extraordinary places... its started to feel a little boring.

But that's all you know now.
No. 1076888 ID: c4908b
File 169957755251.png - (69.65KB , 1000x700 , dh14.png )

>So how much do know about the jerk who tried to stiff you?

You remember the important bits. He's currently the head honcho for the Wolf Bites here in Salt City. He wasn't much when you first met, just a small disposable goon. His boss at the time sent him out on a mission to find you, since word was still getting around on your specific services, and they needed to verify their info.

You smelled an opportunity with him. He was smart enough and power hungry. He already stole a good sum from his boss to pay off your first deal with him too.

The coup happened a few days after with a couples of others that already sensed blood about to hit the water.

You didn't think he would be stupid enough to betray you. So, he must have some other alternate source that he's now tapped into. Thing is, you only know a few other ARMSDEALERS on your level that have lasted this long, and you have relatively good relationships with them. You all also overcharge to keep the prices consistent, so it wouldn't be a cheaper source.

Unless it's none of those guys...

You rub your eyes and spot two cars parked in the street in front of the warehouse. You know only one was parked there when you arrived. A sleek nondescript car with tinted windows.

You slightly limp to the one that you didn't see before.

And open the door.
No. 1076889 ID: c4908b
File 169957761630.png - (65.62KB , 1000x700 , dh15.png )

No. 1076890 ID: c4908b
File 169957762794.png - (66.06KB , 1000x700 , dh16.png )

No. 1076891 ID: c4908b
File 169957763865.png - (73.79KB , 1000x700 , dh17.png )

What's this...?
No. 1076892 ID: c4908b
File 169957765592.png - (100.54KB , 1000x700 , dh18.png )

"Who are you?!"

Fuck. Okay alright okay alright. Just one more thing to deal with. Fine. That's fine. That's A O K A Y.

You take a deep breath, though it comes in a little sharper than you'd like. Focus. Focus.

The first thing you notice is the way her hand shakes when she points the gun at you. The nervousness in her eyes. It looks like she hasn't shot another person before, maybe just practice targets. Or ones that can't run away.

You can handle her. You might get shot, but your reflexes are quick. A snap of the hand really.

But she looks young. Naive. Maybe a trainee? Made to stay in the car in case they needed back up?

What should you do?

>A) Kill her (the least amount of trouble)
>B) Disarm her (you'll have to deal with her)
>C) Persuade her (you'd need the right words)
>D) _____
No. 1076899 ID: a7a180

Disarm, and maybe take the gun away while you're at it.
No. 1076901 ID: 354ff3

>C) Persuade her (you'd need the right words)

Pretend to be a clueless goon whose sacred out of his mind about the scary arms dealer.
No. 1076902 ID: 8f9bc4


...do you make a habit of just going into random cars you happen to come across?
No. 1076908 ID: 96815d

So is the gal look like a hired goon or a cop who got in wayy too deep.
No. 1076930 ID: 7c0da2

B) Disarm
I think you should try to talk, but it will be easier if there isn't a gun involved.
No. 1077106 ID: 34713f

Sidle out of her line of sight while saying: "Easy there - I'm assuming you aren't with the thugs that tried to jump me since your car wasn't here before."
No. 1077123 ID: eb0a9c

"Sorry! Sorry! Wrong car! Look I'm also a runner but today really sucked and my job went FUBAR, and I just want to go back to my apartment and take the whole damn week off! Great, now I have to find my driver - if you don't blow my head off first."
No. 1077176 ID: e420b7
File 169986231617.png - (75.44KB , 1000x700 , dh19.png )

>So is the gal look like a hired goon or a cop who got in wayy too deep.

From what you can assess, she looks like she's associated with them. The gun is the same make, and while her outfit is casual, she has the tell-tale wolf's ears. Not every Wolf Bite has them but it's one of the easiest marks of loyalty to have. If she was a cop, well, it wouldn't take too long for them to sniff her out. No help on your part needed.

You lower your head and duck a bit behind the driver's side headrest so her line of sight is more obscured. It's easy to look smaller and hide it all away. Knowing how to act is another key to your survival, whether it's in a dimension where you look too human or out of place, you just need a few minutes to adapt.

Your voice comes out a little shaky and uncertain, all practice, "Easy there! Sorry! Sorry! Uh, wrong car. I don't. Um, my job went to SHIT today and I just, today's really sucked and I just got out of there and, and..."

You shift your eyes to look behind the Wolf Bite enough times that she'll notice, and she instinctively freezes, picking up on your body language. "I just, I want to go back..." You duck a bit more-- but not too fast-- as she whirls her body towards the window, expecting someone that isn't there.

That's all you need.

You're off like a shot.
No. 1077177 ID: e420b7
File 169986235680.png - (85.90KB , 1000x700 , dh20.png )

Twist the arm. Get rid of the gun. Pin her down with all your weight and out of biting reach.

She snarls and her teeth start to grow, body thrashing and nails sharpening. You can feel the way her body starts to shift under your knee, wolfing out.

"ASSHOLE!!!! GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!" her words end with a growl.

You work quickly, the handcuffs proving useful as you take them off your belt and swiftly cuff her wrists together. They must be enchanted with the way they hold against her shifting wrists, chain going taut but not breaking. Goosebumps go down your neck.

It's a good thing she doesn't have that much experience. You could've lost a few teeth if she kicked you on your way in.

"Calm down! I'm not trying to kill you, but I could." you snap.

She thrashes more, almost throwing you off, "I. Don't. Believe. You." A growl punctuates between each word.

You sigh and grab the gun off of the car floor and press it to the back of her head point blank. For good measure, you click the safety on and off, making sure she hears the noise. But there's no pull of the trigger.

She freezes up. Though she glares at you from the side, she's quick to pick up on how much of a disadvantage she's in, relaxing, "Are you the arms dealer?"
No. 1077179 ID: e420b7
File 169986242383.png - (74.01KB , 1000x700 , dh21.png )

You don't answer as you try to catch your breath, trying to stash the gun away in your INVENTORY but it's MAXED OUT. Shit. You settle for stashing it in your jacket pocket with the safety on instead. Your wounds also got agitated from the sudden motions and warmth bleeds through your bandages again. The air comes out heavier and you clench your teeth as each exhale sounds out in a low whistle.

She sniffs the air, her pupils dilating at the scent of blood, "You're injured."

You slide off of her and into the driver's seat a little less gracefully than you'd like. "Yeah well, they're dead."

She, surprisingly, doesn't seem angry at that, just staring at you blankly, "Why aren't you going to kill me?"

Well, you aren't going to mention how you DID think about it. And maybe you should. Tie up every end you meet unless it's useful for later. Then once it's no longer useful, well, then you just have to tie it up like all the others. Keeps everything neat that way, less painful.

You frown as you try to take the SET OF KEYS out of your INVENTORY, you figured that one of them must work for one of the cars here. And you weren't exactly expecting someone to be inside said cars, otherwise you wouldn't have just waltzed in. "I don't see why I should. Unless you're going to stop me from killing your boss."
No. 1077180 ID: e420b7
File 169986246048.png - (64.70KB , 1000x700 , dh22.png )

She sits up straighter, the change in her expression giving you whiplash. "You're going to kill Julien?!" she smiles with this.. unhinged tint, "I want him dead too."

You pause. Interesting development. "You do?"

She nods with a fervor, "I figured infiltrating and working my way up would be the longest but easiest way of going about it. Keep your enemies close right? It's a lot easier to stab someone in the back then it is going in headfirst and getting shot at point blank," she doesn't even breathe between words, "Of course it would be grueling and I'd have to kill a lot people and compromise my morals but that's fine! It'll get the job done. But you, from what I've heard about you. You can do it. You got him into power. It would be faster with you."

... You cannot trust her. Nope. Not at all. The worst people are the ones willing to do whatever it takes.

You would know that the best.

You laugh, "I'm not teaming up with you, kid. Whatever revenge you have in store for him is all a fantasy in your head. This is business."

The words seem to bounce off of her, "You're not that much older than me. Well, you don't look that much older. I know where his base is and I know how to navigate it. I've never heard that you've visited in person before. And if they don't hear back from me, they'll know the mission failed and he'll be sending out more people to hunt you down across the city."

Fuck, you just want some WCDONS man.
No. 1077187 ID: 8f9bc4

You might point out that 'Julien' didn't get where he was by trusting every crazy bitch he hired. She was probably supposed to die when this deal went south, and it's dumb luck that she stayed in the car. She won't find it as easy to sneak up on his back as she thinks, but she does have knowledge and you could use her help.

Then ask her what she's really getting out of this. No one gets anything out of just killing a man. She thinks she's saving a busload of orphans from his next operation? She wants his job so she can finally live the good life? Or is it just because she doesn't want to think about the people she lost and how killing him won't bring them back?

He kicked her when she was a puppy?
No. 1077188 ID: 34713f

"... So, if we're going to do this, it has to look like I'm dead at first. If they know the mission failed, that makes you a coward at best and a traitor at worst. Even if they don't just kill you, any attempt to talk a way into the compound on my behalf will go up in smoke. Take this bloody jacket, and I suppose I should find a way to cover up my own scent so they don't connect the smell-dots and realize that he is me." Also, a visual disguise if more than a single guy knows your face.
No. 1077189 ID: eb0a9c

"Actually, the plan is to drop off the face of the planet, wait until he thinks I've been killed by another former client, then teleport into his base and shoot his balls off."

Gauge her laughter.
No. 1078441 ID: d20702
File 170149904555.png - (66.80KB , 1000x700 , dh23.png )

It's likely that Julien suspected her. That guy's one of the most paranoid fuckers out there for good reason. This was probably her test to see if she was more valuable as an asset or she'd be easily disposed instead. Funny how luck can be valuable too.

You go through the ring of keys, trying to match the right one with the car, and taking her threat as nonchalantly as you do, "Actually, the plan is to drop off the face of the planet, wait until he thinks I'm dead, then find him and shoot his dick off."

You pause as you glance at her to gauge her reaction. She's silent for a moment, almost stunned before snorting and leaning back, a nervous chuckle. Her cheeks are flushed with clear embarrassment. It's almost cute.

"You're joking?"

You stay dead silent for long enough that she almost looks impressed at your audacity.

You laugh then, loud, before she can respond, "I'm kidding, what I'm planning to do to that fucking traitor will be a lot worse."

If there's another dealer, you get the temptation to shop around and see what they have to offer. It's another thing to stab your back. You might have to set an example.

She ponders your words. There's still that same bloodlust in her eyes, "I want to see it."

You find the right key and turn it into the ignition. The car stutters, tik tik tik, then thrums to life with a startle.

It's like hearing your heart beat as you gesture to her, "Look, I don't want to deal with getting ambushed by more goons. It would be inconvenient as hell, but not impossible. If you want me to accept your help, then tell me what you're getting out of this."

She's silent again. You slowly exhale through your teeth.

"He killed my brother," the words drop like stones, "You're right. I want revenge."

Well. That doesn't sound like the whole story.

"Is that all?"

She stares right into you, "It's my right." Ah, there's that suicidal determination. It might be more than you could persuade.
No. 1078442 ID: d20702
File 170149908463.png - (78.79KB , 1000x700 , dh24.png )

You wisely set the topic aside for now as you set up the game plan in your mind. You don't want to start pulling teeth.

"Alright, I'll accept your help. Call me Vex."

"Eiko. What kind of name is Vex?"

You don't entertain the question, "Anyway, if we're going to do this, it still has to look like I'm dead first. If they know the mission failed, that makes you a coward at best and a traitor at worst."

You remove your jacket from your INVENTORY and gesture for her to lean forward. She catches your meaning quick and reluctantly obeys as you put it over her shoulders. Eiko's pupils are as black as pits when the scent envelops her.

Instinctively, you stare back, "Even if they don't just kill you, any attempt to talk a way into the compound on my behalf can go up in smoke. If you keep this on, it'll give you more credibility. Only Julien knows my scent enough to recognize me."

Her eyebrows raise, "How..."

You laugh and look around at the car dash since you haven't been looking at it closely, "Nah, he's not my type." A certain someone comes to mind. "But we've spoken enough times alone, I've rarely made deals with just his goons."

"You really have been around. Where do you get your stuff anyway? I've seen some of the magic in person but it's still hard to believe that..."

Her words start to fade as you head down the street. Only one thing stays on your mind.
No. 1078443 ID: d20702
File 170149911247.png - (61.86KB , 1000x700 , dh25.png )

>a visual disguise if more than a single guy knows your face

The only ones that know your actual face and have spread it are the ANGELS. They're not too bad to deal with if it's not your ARCHANGEL around. Unless there are some RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS among the WOLF BITES, you'll worry about that later. For now, the facemask will have to do. And besides your eye color, you can't shapeshift your face adeptly or you'll end up with three nostrils instead. Or something less human.

For your deals, you always wear a SHOPKEEPER mask. It's ENCHANTED to obscure your features and dampen your scent. You took it off after the bust and don't wear it in public since it's very visually striking.

Not even Julien has seen your face in person.
No. 1078444 ID: d20702
File 170149913108.png - (78.35KB , 1000x700 , dh26.png )

You eat in the car after going through the WCDONS drive thru. Thankfully, that giftcard had enough change to spare after your order too.

And with the cosmos as your witness you are fucking this burger up.

Eiko watches you with both disgust and envy, "You know, you'll have to uncuff me eventually," she leans forward with more desperation than earlier, "At least feed me a fry or something! This is torture! Torture!"

You take a few more bites before mercifully feeding her some of the fries, "So, what's the layout of the compound?"

Half your fries are gone by the time Eiko answers and you squint at her, "It used to be an office building. About four floors with the crab on top. He usually isn't in the crab, but his office is in the very top floor."

Kings do love their towers. At least your wounds have stitched back together and some sensation has returned to your numb limbs. You clench your fingers a couple of times to make sure.
No. 1078445 ID: d20702
File 170149915278.png - (61.36KB , 1000x700 , dh27.png )

"How's the security?"

"Two guards at every entrance. The most people hang out on the first floor and the underground garage. The second floor is where the main supplies are kept and the third floor is the books area. There aren't really people on the third floor except dispatchers and counters. I know the vault is on the fourth floor, but I haven't seen it or Julien's office in person."

She gestures, "Most of the gang are out right now collecting, but they'll be coming back in waves once it's evening. And they're probably expecting my call now."

Apparently, it's 4PM. You could technically wait until tomorrow to settle things, maybe prepare better, and have less of a risk of more people showing up. Your AW will likely be charged up by then and you could make a quick escape.

Though you have many options. Strangers are generally welcome if they're coming in for loans, so you could pretend to be one that Eiko found. You could also sneak in instead while she works as a distraction.

Eiko's ability to PERSUADE the gang not to suspect anything is also a loose factor. Her status is only slightly better than a grunt but still a newbie.

Ah, that reminds you.

As you draw up your plans, you look at her more pointedly, "I forgot to ask. Did they tell you to stay in the car or did you choose to stay?"

It's quiet. She stares at you. 1 second, 2 seconds, 5 seconds.

Her ears lower and the words come out low, "I told them I'd stay and call back up if needed. I had a bad feeling."


Eiko has good instincts. She'll value her life more than anything depending on the situation and would be able to sense danger. You'll have to take this into account in your plans.
No. 1078466 ID: eb0a9c

Hit his piggy bank. If he can't pay his army, they'll ditch him, forcing him to confront you if you start destroying what you can't carry.

Plan A: Pretend you're a double-dealer who Eiko arrogantly caught on her own. She'll demand to be taken to the upper floors, and while they argue, detonate a load-bearing wall and flee. Loot what remains afterwards.
Plan B: Make your way up to the third floor, neutralize all guards as quietly as you can. Then slowly plant explosives or charge spells and hit the vault from below.
Plan C: Fight your way to the vault, use heavy artillery to blast it open, destroying most of the contents. Salvage what you can, then flee and watch as the boss' army abandons him.
No. 1078633 ID: f2cf5a

Okay, so off the jump, there's an issue of her answering the question of 'where'd the other people go?' and 'why is she alone when she was supposed to be a warning sign?' She needs to have a way to answer those questions and keep suspicion low. I can't think of a reason for either, however, so that makes me believe she might not be super helpful in infiltration except as a distraction- though that in itself can be valuable. The how is also suspect.

You DID say no one's seen your face before, so that's a boon. I'd suggest trying to keep yourself hidden as possible. If there's some way to keep yourself quiet, then...well, normally I'd suggest the garage, but that's where a lot of people are, so that's out. Some way to get in the first floor...

...ugh, not a lot of info and too much risk. I feel like we might want to wait and scout the place out, get intel first. Though that does still leave her issue of 'why are all the guys dead and you didn't say anything?' What's an answer that WON'T get her shot dead on the spot? (Not that it matters super much, but you have a resource in her, might as well milk it.)
No. 1078939 ID: f2cf5a

Upon further thinking, there IS no good answer that wouldn't get her shot dead for dereliction of duty to the gang, since she never called for backup, but showed back up ALONE. Even if she 'admitted' she wussed out and kept our presence secret. This is the CHARITABLE explanation, presuming they put 2+3 together and get 5 instead of 2*3 and get 6. Her coming back alone by default means the target is VERY LIKELY STILL ALIVE since she said she'd call for backup if needed. And since he/we are likely still alive, we're either dipping REALLY hard, in which case the Asshole That Is Us just murked a bunch of their guys with little to no chance of recompense, or we're coming to 'complain' in person (which we are), in which case that means everyone needs to be on guard and she might've just lead him/us there (which she did). Again, this isn't even approaching the possibility that they guess right and they decide she turned traitor, in which case we're pretty hosed.

...so honestly, her best move, should she enjoy life, is actually to go to ground and let everyone believe she bit it in the crossfire, too. She shouldn't be helping at ALL.

(NOTE: This is all moot if she didn't tell her bosses exactly what she was trying to do, and by 'told them' simply meant 'she told the people meeting with us and no one else'.)

Which STILL leaves us without any good ways in. And the sad thing is we kinda NEED to raid this guy's base to pay rent, so...Shit Creek, we are up it.

Still thing we need more intel. Let it sit a day.

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