"Please suggest an action."

General Rules #

Don't be a jerk! Don't do anything to make others feel uncomfortable.
Don't post things to stir up drama.
Don't post shock images.
Don't do anything illegal.
The title post (OP) of a thread must have an image that's safe for work.
If an image is too graphic (gore, intercourse, etc), please set it as a Spoiler. (Check "Spoiler Image" next to the File-Upload.) Tame nudity doesn't need to be spoiler'd.
Don't make a giant mess of a thread just because you don't like something in it. Don't toe the line of not technically breaking the rules but still generally causing a bad time for those around you.

On /quest/ #

Try to give authors something to work with.
Don't post reaction images in a thread. You may only post images if the author is specifically asking you to do so (paperdoll, etc).
Keep your posts on-topic.
Try to keep disagreements, longterm plans, and commentary in the quest's discussion thread, if applicable. How much wiggle room is up to the author. If an author asks for something to stop, be sure to listen to them.

Quest Authors:
Authors are in charge of their quests. They can run it however they'd like, so long as it doesn't break any site rules.
Remember that your suggestors are just as much a part of the quest as you are!
Don't make quests to troll another person. Don't update someone else's quest, unless they specifically allow for it.

On /questdis/ #

Threads should be related to quests. Either specific quests, or a general theme that's quest-related.
Give useful criticism. Don't use discussion threads to insult the quest or its author.
Don't try to 'shoo' anyone off the site, unless they're breaking a rule.
Don't use the fanart thread to 'troll' an author or suggestor.
Don't post a treasure chest in the 'chest day' threads. We get it.

On /tg/ #

Keep things related to traditional gaming or similar hobbies.

On /meep/ #

Try to have a point to your thread. Don't post something in a new thread if it won't foster discussion.