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File 154791295974.png - (466.87KB , 569x740 , PentaclesKing3.png )
918309 No. 918309 ID: 2755f5

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

The cruelest prison is the one we build for our self

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 918310 ID: 2755f5
File 154791313818.png - (519.60KB , 657x858 , Pentacle067.png )

Farmlands of Southern Ivera, in the Kingdom of Teroth

It has taken some time for Garrin to catch up with the Princess, his perfect Reefa and his subordinate Sir Garcio.
The man had shown no reluctance to get very far away from the giant menace.
Garrin feels a warmth in himself to see his Princess safe.
No. 918311 ID: 2755f5
File 154791340907.png - (514.03KB , 657x858 , Pentacle068.png )

The Princess is brought to tears being reunited with her stable of Cartazonos,
Garrin is normally uncomfortable around such emotional displays, never quite sure the appropriate response.
this time is different.
this time Garrin wanted this to happen, he wanted to make Reefa happy . . . . he quickly corrects himself he wanted to make Princess Reefa happy.
it's a stupid notion motivated by the basest lusts, of course he finds the princess attractive, that's her role.
he quickly mutters his reminder:
princess' are little more than expensive whores sold off for land and treaties.

it doesn't work this time, whore or not, he wants her now more than ever, and wishes he had the land to buy her.
He hates himself for these thoughts, and dispels them from his mind.

Garrin must focus himself and decide what course of action to take next.
No. 918312 ID: 54c395

Comfort the princess and inform her that they need to keep moving
No. 918326 ID: 91ee5f

Hide your boner and hope Princess Reefa doesn’t notice.

Then try to figure out how you’re going to carry out your Mistress’ orders without getting caught.
No. 918327 ID: a9af05

If you're not careful, you might accidentally end up confessing your attraction to the princess out loud.

For now, try to figure out how you're going to carry out your the orders you got from your mistress.
No. 918343 ID: 54c395

Agree with this
No. 918347 ID: ac6625

Set these thoughts and feelings aside for now Garrin. Remember that Duchess Kalez has granted you a chance to correct a failure. She will not grant another chance. Start planning on how you're going to eliminate the inquisitors and the monster hunter, anything you know about the area around the bridge?
No. 918349 ID: ebd50b

Boast to the princess about how dangerous it was for you to go back there and saving her Cartazonos. But say that you did it for her because you know how precious they are to her and because you care about her so much.

This should improve her disposition towards you. And hey, it may lead to her offering you something as a thanks. If you know what I mean.

>>918327 >>918347
Have we actually gotten the orders yet?

Perhaps our course of action should be contacting Kalez.
No. 918350 ID: 9876c4

>princess' are little more than expensive whores sold off for land and treaties.

Let's reframe that into something positive: Princesses are bargaining chips, and the more capable you prove yourself, the more spoils you'll find yourself distributing.
Perhaps you serve the kingdom in a way it doesn't realize it needed.
No. 918361 ID: a9af05

>Have we gotten the orders yet?
We got them at the end of the last thread.
No. 918367 ID: 91ee5f

>Have we actually gotten the orders yet?
Kalez gave Garrin his orders at the end of the previous thread right here: >>/quest/913352 .
No. 918638 ID: ebd50b

>>918361 >>918367
Ah, thanks.

In that case, besides trying to impress Reefa, if that doesn't result in any special developments, I suppose we should travel to the Bellegates Bridge in Herron where we should entrust Reefa to Garcio and let him leave with her.

Then, we should inspect the bridge and trap it. We should employ some of the locals there, both to trap the bridge, and to stage a blockade that would cause a delay until both Vivian and Sabria are on the bridge at the same time.
No. 918655 ID: 3254c0

What? By your logic, if she's a whore to be sold for assets and you want her, then become a badass with assets and buy her marriage!

Check the house. These vineyard owners are especially hurt by the necessary war fund taxes, so compensate them with a visit from a princess. Celebrity visits will also help ease stress throughout the kingdom due to the recession.
No. 919277 ID: a013f2

We gotta please Kalez - failure is not an option.

Use the princess to distract people, so no-one'll cross/spot you as you work upon your sabatory plans. Any devices or magic that can be used for such purposes?

Tell the others to bring the princess around to the locals - taxes might've hit them hard, visit from the princess might help morale - and that you'll scout ahead for ambushes.
No. 919673 ID: 2755f5
File 154899978355.png - (146.81KB , 657x858 , Pentacle069.png )

Sir Garrin's harsh description of the princess having done little to diminish her appeal has instead filled the magpie with disgust towards himself.

he takes a deep breath to center himself and considers his mission from his mistress and how he shall accomplish it.

Destroying Bellegates bridge is a surprisingly easy task, given it's not the first time he's been ordered said mission.
it was thirty years past When the undying Pheornic horde were piling into Fewelle.
Duke Midas had told a young Garrin, that should Crym-Z'garr fall he must travel north and blow the bridge at Herron.
of course plan proved unnecessary, as Crym-Z'garr held and Midas broke invaders advance.

Now the plan to destroy Bellegates bridge had new life, and should prove a simple matter,
a couple well placed powered kegs taken from the upper levels should cause the whole structure to collapse when detonated down at the foundation.
as a member of the royal guard the local soldiers would not give him much trouble . . .
No. 919674 ID: 2755f5
File 154900000530.png - (504.95KB , 657x858 , Pentacle070.png )

The knight is roused from his schemes, when the princess clears her throat, wanting his attention.
Reefa's vocal cue is a polite action, yet she does not meet Garrin's eye when she speaks.
'what happened to everyone else?'her words are timid, emphasized smokey tears adorning her face.

the avian spy is stunned by the royal's question, it had completely slipped his mind that the princess would require some explanation as to fate of the Harbingers.
but of course she would. Sister Lanix was one of her closest confidants.

Garrin could not tell her the truth though he would like to as it would dry her tears and return a smile to her face.
The truth being that they were alive and well and likely trying their very best to catch up.
It was however integral to the Duchess's plan that they don't catch up and that they never cross Bellegates Bridge.

what explanation does Garrin give?
No. 919675 ID: 094652

Three decades. That is more than enough time for the local nobility to act on paranoia and slowly but effectively re-fortify the bridge for simple sabotage.

Also, the Inquisition has magic. One broken bridge isn't going to stop them from casting "Enhance Swole" to swim across the river.

You need an incentive for them to STAY here until Miss Yappy reaches earshot.
No. 919676 ID: 094652

"Oh, pfft, they'll be fine. I saw them beating the milk out of that giant. But they should have been here by now... oh they're probably busy tailing her to find her tribe so they can judge the scourge all at once. We might need to wait a few days, you can talk to the local nobility while we're here, make some connections and buy some new clothes."
No. 919696 ID: 864e49

"They are more then likely fine, they're either trying to catch up with us or they're trying to hunt down any other giants.
However I am not comfortable waiting around in the open for them. We will continue on to a least the outskirts of the castle town and wait for them there."

And once you cross the bridge tell the others to go on ahead while you have a word with the soldiers there.
No. 919701 ID: daa216

Jeez Garrin how old are you. Tell her that you did not see the fight play out as you were busy rescuing her pets, but you know that they have the power to fight a simple giantess. We can wait in town for them to catch up if she wants.
No. 919707 ID: 5cfdce

"Likely exercising care while battling the giant. They're skilled warriors optional "Ref- uh" slip goes here Princess, victory is certain."

Now try to firmly send her off a little ahead, say we'll wait for the inquisitor to guide them.

Then proceed with the plan, and hope.

Not pray, though. The heavens might be listening.
No. 919712 ID: ac6625

Do we have an estimate on how far either is from the bridge?

Kalez did so "make sure Inquisitor Sabria does not cross the Bellegates Bridge in Herron town, destroy the bridge if you have to . . . preferable with the women on it"

She also said that Monster Hunter Chatterbox should not cross it either. So as far as she made it sound like, we don't have to kill them but I'm sure Kalez would be satisfied if one or both parties were killed after Princess Reefa crosses.

Describe that you couldn't see it but you could hear spells being cast. As far as you know, two inquisitors and their main trainer are more than enough to handle one single giant. Leave it open ended. Princess Reefa's pessimism or optimism will fill in the blanks.
No. 919714 ID: f5965c

Either still fighting the giant, or giving chase, bent on preventing further attacks.
No. 920129 ID: 834378

Tell her that they said that she should not wait for them and go ahead without them.
No. 920130 ID: 260817

Make sure that your back is covered. Talk about the giant fight
No. 920187 ID: eeb7d9

No. 921268 ID: e9d41b
File 155021400177.png - (503.83KB , 657x858 , Pentacle071.png )

Garrin thinks of Inquisitor Sabria likely pursuing the snatched zonos even now.

halve truths get further mileage than full lies the magpie decides
'Last I saw of them they were chasing the giant into the mountains' Garrin keeps his words casual.
the princess seems relieved by her protectors success but the shock of the situation hasn't entirely worn off 'sh-should we wait for them?'
'yes, but in safety. It could be days before they properly subdue the menace.'
The Princess looks to her surroundings desperately, as is she expect to find a fortress on the horizon.
No. 921269 ID: e9d41b
File 155021425182.png - (311.29KB , 657x858 , Pentacle072.png )

It is Sir Garcio, Garrin's subordinate who speaks next.
'What did you have in mind for safety? if it was just us we could sprint to Herron, but the Princess isn't a strapping warrior like you or me, she'd probably feint or something.'

Garcio has a point Garrin realizes, Princess Reefa is not particularly hardy, and is already looking tired.

the knight considers his options,

A) Travel to Pesca, a slight detour but could be reached in couple hours. Pesca is not a large town but the local lord is equipped to accommodate a royal
B) surely there must be some travel inn, he and Garcio can handle any ruffian or mercenary who might lay hands on the princess.
C) find a local farmstead to rest at, a stable for the animals and functional beds for the people is all that's required.
D) travel for a few more hours and camp by the road, it's important to keep moving forward, the princess' comfort is of little concern.
E) push on to Herron, if the princess can not ride far enough her frail form can be carried or tied to the animal. it is essential to get to Herron as quickly as possible.
F) something else, possibly Garrin's missed something?

No. 921275 ID: 080aaf

B. A pretense of comfort (or perhaps 'slumming it') while making good time to Herron, and there will be little reason for her to extend your stay.
No. 921282 ID: daa216

B) We need to avoid the areas that the inquisitor might check if she somehow hitches a ride with someone else. We also need some light protection from the elements. Best of all worlds.
No. 921284 ID: 834378

Go with A, but with a bit different plans.

Take Reefa to Pesca and split up. Basically, leave Garcio with her and tell her to wait there until you return. Lie to her that you'll be bringing the Harbingers to her, where instead you'll be rushing to Herron and only return once issues are dealt with.
No. 921343 ID: 9876c4

It would seem like time is of the essence.

We need to find someone to with the means for bridge disruption, and our chances are best at B or C.
No. 922468 ID: e9d41b
File 155064632977.png - (499.06KB , 657x858 , Pentacle073.png )

Garrin decides his plan and speaks it,'We'll continue until we reach a travel Inn, and rest there.'

'as if we'd go anywhere else!'Garcio responds with a toothy smile.

Princess Reefa however objects.'Sister Tawny always described such locales as wretched dens for thieves and criminals, I'd sooner not be robbed.'

Garcio laughs heartily, 'what does a nun locked in a convent know of the world? you've nothing to fear your highness wayside Inns are glorious places!'

the princess eyes the knight skeptically 'truly?'

The knight grips the princess as he would a comrade'of course! action! intrigue! romance! the inn is an adventure unto itself!'

The royal, unaccustomed to being handled huffs back'I think I've had more than enough adve-'

Garcio cuts her off '-danger around every shadowy corner,filled with men who'll stab you in the gut soon as soon as they finish their meal, a meat grinder where only the strong survive

'What?!'Princess Reefa squawks, she looks to Garrin bewildered hoping for him to show signs that this is some manner of joke, the magpie however remains hard faced and grim.

Garcio continues excitedly, though not normally talkative, Garrin knows this to be the man's one true passion.'but that's all a bonus, decoration for the Inn's true purpose!

'R-Rest?' the princess squeaks in hopefully

Garcio doesn't even acknowledge her response 'That's right! women and wine! the best and most hearty you'll find anywhere in Terroth, not the soft stuff dished out in the big cities. a real man's fill, the stuff that makes a man feel like a man! . . . hmm oh!'
at this point he looks at the Princess's mortified face and seems to realize he's not talking to a man.
he pauses for a moment and continues with a touch of disappointment 'I suppose you can hold the coin pouch, I always tend to lose it'
Garcio then whispers to his fellow knight' Garrin, what do women do at taverns? you know . . . the non-wench ones?'

Garrin is simply speechless. Garcio's behavior is a completely inappropriate interaction with royalty, However Garrin's spent years cultivating comradery and trust with the man.
The spy has convinced Garcio that he indulges in just as many vices. being sympathetic to who he believes a kindred scoundrel the stallion has covered for Garrin in many situations and will no doubt continue to prove useful in his spying efforts.

there's a moment of awkward silence, eventually broken by Princess Reefa 'Coin? but I've left all my coin in the carriage . . .'
the comment is almost laughable, but Garrin doesn't laugh the woman is covered in enough finery to purchase a small villages, yet has not the coin for a pint.
Garrin doesn't carry his own coin, nor anything he values. finding them hindrance that can slow him down.
typically he avoids paying for anything, except in official situations.

Garcio merely shrugs'so have I, but who cares! any Inn would be glad to host you, you own the whole kingdom, or at least you will.'
Princess Reefa does not seem reassured in the slightest, and Garrin can understand why. Despite her best efforts the Multero family has never been less popular with the common folk, this is do in large part to the King's ever growing inquisition and their harbinger agents.
the country is not a safe place dissidents and rebels are everywhere.
No. 922478 ID: 582f54

Tell her you simply planned to protect her through a meal and a night's rest, but since none of you are carrying coin, Pesca now sounds like a better option... If she can push that far.
No. 922490 ID: daa216

Well with no coin and with our excitable friend here having scared her of inns, we should suggest pressing onward. Offer to let her ride on your horse. Have her sit in front of you for ...safety...yes.
No. 922491 ID: ad51b8

hmm, well without coin we could try and push through straight to Herron as our other options either need money or would have us spend the night out in the woods and I'm not seeing camping gear on any of you. Guess you could have the princess ride with you so she can try and rest on the road. May not be the most comfortable thing in the world but it would be the quickest and arguably the safest.
No. 922499 ID: 834378

Look for the inn. We'll just trade Reefa's clothes for coin. Yep.
No. 922505 ID: eeb7d9

Now that i think about it, wouldn't her attire attract too much attention? Shouldn't we find son clothes for her too?
No. 923280 ID: ac6625

This here. Do this.
No. 923367 ID: e9d41b
File 155114658374.png - (368.28KB , 657x858 , Pentacle074.png )

Garrin considers the dilemma

The long ride to Herron is preferable, if not for the royal's poor constitution.
having Princess Reefa sit in front of him seems like a desirable solution,
but on further consideration perhaps TOO desirable a situation

feeling his heart beat rise Garrin attempts to refocus

shifting his thoughts to the Princess's wardrobe, he again considers it's value.
Even the smallest piece could more than afford anything they could need on this journey.
the value of her wardrobe proves danger as well, wearing so much wealth makes Princess Reefa a beacon for thieves and bandits.

Sir Garrin needs to make a choice regarding his charge's attire.

A) Forget about the Princess clothing, money won't be needed and vagrants only a minor threat

B) aquire an article of clothing or piece of jewelery to sell for coin

c) She'll need a whole new wardrobe, or disguise. ast to not attrack attention

d) another option?

No. 923370 ID: 54c395

Making the princess change her entire wardrobe would definitely not make her happy and hurt her relationship with Garrin if he made her do so. If coin is required Garcio could easily sell his bracers for a fair bit of coin. And simple bandits should be no issue to for Garrin and Garcio to take care of.
No. 923371 ID: 2735ca

C! A disguise is just the thing, and perhaps you can sell the concept to her a bit by appealing to the old "royal disguised to walk among the peasantry" story. Obviously most real royals are too busy to ever do such a thing, but since the opportunity is here to make it useful in other ways, making some money and diverting attention, why not try it out for once and she can call it a valuable learning experience?

Possibly you should still disguise her as a nun or such, though, so you don't get common people being TOO familiar with her. Something that'll be passed over as commonplace but still gets some respect/deference/distance. If the disguise is voluminous enough she could keep wearing some of her better garb underneath, so she can change back at a moment's notice.
No. 923381 ID: 86eb65

Do we care what the princess thinks? I mean isn't your plan to sort of kidnap her and do awful lewd things to her body?

Regardless she needs a new wardrobe. Before everyone recognizes her and tries to steal away your prize.

Also selling her clothes is very suspicious. Everyone would recognize them and who would have the money for that stuff anyways?
No. 923389 ID: ac6625

D?) Think that big ass hat she's wearing might give it away. Either sell it or hide it. Garrin's cloak/cape could be put over her clothes, maybe.

As for coin, yeah, just a simple pawning of Garrin's bracers should be enough.
No. 923390 ID: 094652

This is one of those horrible, horrible moments where you need to DECREASE the demand of your stock in order to sell it legally and safely.

Of course, contraband drugs should not be considered a luxury reserved for the rich, but...

Take the princess' clothing, hide some around town, then sell what you can to the market square after everyone starts driving the prices down from market saturation. You won't look like a treasure goblin if the rarity of your goods drops from epic to uncommon.
No. 923399 ID: 080aaf

A. Psh, as if you could let go of any token she gave you.
No. 923414 ID: daa216

B. That helmet might be of the realm but it will gain unwanted attention. With the proceeds you can get a cloak for her to hide the rest of her finery. If she objects, tell her that it will make her safer and the sale will help the people. The princess loves helping people. Also we need to either set the rest of the livestock free or sell them as well. Finally ask if she can ride. If she can, you can let her ride one of the horses, if she can't...well Im sure you cant think of non princess things while riding.
No. 923432 ID: 834378

No. 924016 ID: 9876c4

C, I think.

Even if these lands are safe, there's no reason an assassin wouldn't take a swipe if he saw a crowned head. That'd be bad.
If reasonable, you could save such articles as needed (crown, signet rings, etc)
No. 924057 ID: eeb7d9

C. You can tell her it's part of the adventure, hiding from the enemy in disguise, if she starts to to complain, but make her understand that you can't afford to attract too much attention.
No. 924202 ID: e9d41b
File 155165728524.png - (501.42KB , 657x858 , Pentacle075.png )

Sir Garrin announces his decision 'Princess for your safety you're also going to need a disguise, your current outfit will attract too much attention'

The Princess seems amused by this 'we haven't even enough for coin to stay at the inn, and now you wish to purchase disguises?'

Garrin nods'I do your highness, the best option is to sell your crown, it's too bulky to hide and won't fit in a pack, and would be near impossible to hide under any outfit.'

on cue the royal raises her objection 'unacceptable! this crown is one of a kind! a priceless treasure of the kingdom!'

'don't you have four more back at the castle just like it?'Garcio chimes in

Garrin is not phased, he redirects his plan 'I understand, the alternative is to sell three of the animals, and keep the ones we can ride.'

the Princess gasps'no you mustn't!' Princess Reefa struggles for a moment thinking for a justification to keep her pets, before yielding 'fine take the crown'
taking this for an order Garcio plucks the hat from her head, unleashing the princess' wild curls.
'OW!' Princess Reefa cries out 'watch my hair you dumb brute!'

'sorry your highness' Garcio responds sheepishly 'I forgot you had hair'

Reefa pouts, obviously in a sour mood 'where is it we're suppose to sell it anyways?' she glances around 'surely these local farmers would be of no use.'

'there's a trading post just north of Pesca, I bet if I take this zonos on full gallop I could get there and back within an hour' Garcio offers

Herron is a major trade hub, there are merchants travelling to and from frequently, Garrin knows it's very likely to encounter a merchant on the road to the city, though there are no guarantees.

how shall Garrin sell the crown and acquire a disguise for the Princess?
No. 924226 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, well, i am sure we will find one on the way there, so we should start moving. But we must keep ourselfs outside the road, in order to lower the chance of someone seen us.
No. 924263 ID: 06fdc0

man, garcio is a real asshole

we should go to the trading hub, don a disguise, and find a black market; a legit royal crown is gonna be hard to sell anywhere without raising a few eyebrows
No. 924289 ID: daa216

Have everyone ride towards the trading hub, you will need the princess to come along so that when selling the crown, you wont have to prove it isnt stolen. Unless you know of a shady dealer of things. Sell it for as much as you can mixed in with a trade of wares if possible.
No. 924344 ID: 5da03e

Break the crown down into constituent materials. Any gems in it should be carefully removed and sold. Any precious metals should be cut to unrecognizable pieces or melted down entirely. Cloth and padding should be discarded, there won't be enough to make plausible deniability possible.
No. 924385 ID: 080aaf

Unique or not, it is a national treasure. Sell it as a whole unit and on the down low to a traveling merchant. Good luck convincing people of its authenticity though, unless you have some royal seals maybe?
No. 924578 ID: deeb07

Can't sell it whole, that would give any political opponent a perfect opportunity to cause trouble with it.
No. 924894 ID: e9d41b
File 155193589040.png - (478.12KB , 657x858 , Pentacle076.png )

Garrin understand that he must get to Herron quickly
'We ride for the trade hub; Herron Village, we'll find a merchant along the way' Garrin's words are final and leave no room for argument, and he receives none.
'your highness, can you ride?'he adds. the Princes nods in response.
she hefts herself onto one of the animals, folding her legs on one side as if she's ready for a gentle trot.

* * *

While the royal escort rides Garrin takes a moment to inspect the crown, intact it's rather iconic and would be telling in a sale. However the knight is reluctant to take it apart, damaging a valuable item doesn't sit right with him, though he will if he must.
Garrin glances back at the princess, even without the crown she's still obviously royalty, the cartozono packs have a spare riding cape and some blankets he supposes he could make an improvised disguise until they get something better.
Even with a disguised princess he hates being exposed on the open road like this, normally he'd travel the wilderness or back paths, but the princess would never be able to manage and would slow down travel to by a considerable amount.

the ride continues in silence, The Princess seems to be enjoying the warm weather and Garcio is humming a traveling song to himself.
Does Garrin engage is companions in conversation?
No. 924900 ID: daa216

Just assure the princess all will be right. Though I've a feeling she might start complaining or talking soon enough if we stay quiet.
No. 924907 ID: 080aaf

No. Keep your ears attuned to danger. Besides, Garcio would just make a fool of himself again.
No. 924994 ID: 54c395

Make small talk with the princess and keep her calm and comfortable
No. 925135 ID: ac6625

Small talk is best saved for when we've got the protection of a generous amount of guards. Keep moving, ears listening, and eyes looking for danger. Check on the princess every now and then to make sure something doesn't swoop in and grab her off her horse.
No. 925530 ID: 834378

Do some pep talk with Reefa. Ask her about her family and friends, and what if she plans on doing anything in Crym-Z'Garr besides tending her Cartazonos.
No. 925658 ID: e9d41b
File 155252586971.png - (501.18KB , 657x858 , Pentacle077.png )

They travel in silence,
Garrin chooses not to speak with the Princess.
he imagines the less he interacts with her the easier it will be for him to remain focused

* * *

After an hour Garrin begins to hear the princess whining in pain,
it's obvious the woman has never ridden any significant distance before, though he is impressed she has yet to openly complain

It is around this time he spots the wooden cart trundling down the merchant highway to Pesca.
The vehicle is a trade wagon from Crym-Z'Garr, likely in the pocket of the Duchess.
Garrin can only guess at what it's doing this far into Ivera.

As they Ride closer the Princess and Garcio notice it as well.
'Is that what we're looking for?' Princess Reefa asks, she intends to sound aloof, but her exhaustion betrays her desire to find any reason to break.
Now close enough to see the sign, Garrin recognizes it as belonging to a winery favored by the Archduke.
No. 925659 ID: 094652

Oh look, an opportunity to get everyone too drunk to think about where you're leading them! Also, people this rich will have the funds to buy your luxuries at sufficient prices.

Go down there, ask if you can bribe them into diverting their wares to a royal cause.
No. 925669 ID: daa216

It is now. Go down there and commandeer the cart. Offer the crown if they want payment. We can pawn more of the princess' clothes later if we need more money.
No. 925670 ID: c1212a

Hello lone traveler, would you like accompaniment into town?
No. 925686 ID: 54c395

Attempt to pawn off the crown to him. Then join his convoy to Herron if he’s heading that way. Safety in numbers.
No. 925703 ID: 2202fb

hol up, if these guys are in your boss's pocket, why not contact your boss and see if she cant get them to assist.
No. 925876 ID: 9876c4

We should definitely hang out with these guys, they have molebeasts.
No. 926953 ID: e9d41b
File 155336757614.png - (598.42KB , 657x858 , Pentacle078.png )

Garrin considers contacting the Duchess, it seems odd that she failed to mention other agents in the area.

the procession rides along side the wagon, Sir Garrin addressing the guard driving 'I would do business with your employers'
the guard lazily glance over appraising the group, apparently satisfied she knocks on the wagon.

In response there is the sounds of ruffled parchment, the merchant then opens a shutter. Garrin indeed recognizes her as one of Duchess Kalez's pawns a Rachnid scribe by the name of Xiatzu.
'Royalty? many apologies your highness! I was not expecting your presence!' the scorpion blusters.

Princess Reefa gives an exhausted look, Garrin addresses the merchant instead 'her royal highness would like to sell this crown, for coin, escort to Herron and any other supplies we may need'

the merchant seems stunned, but her business savvy kicks in quickly 'buy the princess's crown? escort to Herron? what is this all about?'
how much does Garrin tell her?
No. 926954 ID: ab1fe9

Tell her you were waylaid by assassins, losing your supplies for the journey in the escape. Since this merchant is familiar to the royal family, you can even suggest that she take the crown with a note signed from the Princess herself, and she could return it to the Duchess for a profit and a healthy amount of favor.

That should hopefully persuade her to trade for the money you need, but scare her enough that she doesn't want to associate with you too much longer, which will keep things more in your control and open to opportunities for the Duchess' desires.
No. 926955 ID: 080aaf

We were waylaid on our journey by a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED ambush and separated from our royal paladins. We must make our way to Herron as quickly as possible to regroup with them. The Duch- er, Princess would be eternally grateful for this service.
No. 926960 ID: 094652

Tell her the inquisitors would normally pillage commandeer this cart, goad her into attacking them, and crucify her on the side of the road claiming it was justice.

For now, they're busy purging the woods of that innocent giant community because a local giantess roadworker was stupid enough to throw 'rocks' in the general direction of your retinue.

And now you will give a fortune just to keep your conscience from burdening fifteen straws further.
No. 926968 ID: 3aa3d9


Tell her that it's official business and that's all you can say. But there is great favor to gain with the Duchess if she helps you out.
She won't leave empty handed though as the princess's crown is worth quite alot. And worth the trouble for it alone.
So you need supplies and escort in trade for the crown. But your business at the outpost also requires a disguise for the princess. So to kill two birds with one stone. Convince her to hand over all her clothes aswell to use as a disguise for the princess.
No. 926970 ID: daa216

Tell the truth. We were ambushed by a giant, lost our escort, and while we would like to just commandeer such a ride from a servant of the crown, she a kind hearted noble and wishes to compensate for the help. (also woo Yaffclaw crossover)
No. 927026 ID: 9876c4

FWIW I like this one.
No. 927414 ID: e9d41b
File 155363696157.png - (313.75KB , 657x858 , Pentacle079.png )

'we were attacked by a giant' Garrin answers honestly, seeing no reason to lie.

'a giant?! we are too far west for giants!' the merchant's words are filled with more terror than doubt

'an unusual occurrence to be sure' Garrin concedes 'regardless one of them attacked us, if you can help us reach Herron the Duchess will reward you handsomely'

'what Duchess?' the Merchant asks a worried tone touching her voice

'the Duchess of Fewelle of course, your company works for her last I heard' Garrin remain impassive, though this conversation is not going as he expected.

The scorpion seems alarmed 'Duchess Kalez? I will not be seeing her, I am not going to back Fewelle, I am not going anywhere near Crym-Z'Garr. and you should not either!'
Garrin is taken aback, not return to Fewelle? what manner of odd mission has Kalez entrusted this scribe with? he thinks.

the Rachnid then whispers, so that the princess cannot hear 'I do not wish to alarm her royal highness, but I believe there to be a plot against her family, treason is spoken openly in the streets of Crym-Z'garr, there are agents wielding the darkest powers and lurking in the shadows, this giant attack may even be related!'

Garrin can tell all is not as he originally thought, what is going on here? and what does he do?
No. 927416 ID: 080aaf

What a... curious rumor! Where did you hear it? We will be sure to guard the princess extra closely.
No. 927423 ID: 2cc14c

"Where are you headed, then?"
Regardless of the answer given,
"I cannot say much, but if what you say is true, then it's all the more important we reach Herron. If you can get us at least there, we'll see that you are rewarded."
The "reward" will be forgotten in the chaos after the bridge is demolished.
If we wish to go the extra mile, we can ask for spare sets of clothing to use as disguises during the trip to Herron. Which will also disappear with us.
No. 927425 ID: 834378

Thank the merchant for this info, but tell her that you have your orders and cannot change your destination. Explain that you're still in need of coin, for protection purposes of course, so perhaps she could draft an agreement.

A contract to borrow a certain amount of money with the crown as collateral. So later, after we repay the money, we get the crown back.
No. 927430 ID: daa216

Nod and say that you agree. Ask then for free transit to the nearest inn and see if you can borrow a set of clothes from the scribe.
No. 927450 ID: 0dd003

"If you ignore the princess, you are SO ruined. Or damned."
No. 927574 ID: 9876c4

Basically this

They're obviously in a hurry to be somewhere else.
We have rank, but let's not push our luck.
No. 928110 ID: e9d41b
File 155406828394.png - (406.00KB , 657x858 , Pentacle080.png )

Garrin's face betrays no reaction'I see' he replies calmly
your warning is appreciated but we must get to Herron, we'll also need disguises, I insist you help us

the merchant seems ready to provide further objection, but decides to keep her own counsel. .

disguises first, do you have any clothing for sale?Garrin asks sternly
yes, I've receive clothing in barter the scorpion says, Garrin suspects she received it mostly from thieves.

Garrin offers the crown once again, but the scribe shakes her head.
no no! no need to pay, Her royal highness seal is all I will need'

the scorpion motions for Garrin to have a look inside the cart
'I will write a list of purchase for the royal treasury once you have picked out what suits you'

Describe the type of clothing Garrin picks out
if you'd like to draw a design or post an image consider using the discussion thread!

No. 928111 ID: e9d41b

through any designs here!
No. 928112 ID: 080aaf

For the princess, ideally something comfortable for long rides that can disguise and obscure her form to make her harder to recognize. I'm talking cloaks, I'm talking big poofy hats, I'm talking soft furs!
No. 928114 ID: aa83d3

No, too much clothing and they'll realize you're hiding something. Cover her face with bandages and goggles, then give her light torso armor and dye her scales brown. And whichever weapon she can use best.

Same goes for you guys, get add-on equipment for your armor that looks drab, worn, yet functionable.
No. 928118 ID: daa216

Have her design an outfit for the men, then just take her clothes off of her for the princess. It is for the greater good after all.
No. 928223 ID: 2202fb

that is really really shitty.
No. 928322 ID: daa216

So you're saying you like the idea then?
No. 928351 ID: 3aa3d9

I agree with the person above. Why waste time finding an outfit for the princess when a suitable one is right there? Just tell the woman to give her clothes to us. it will be quicker than wasting time we could be moving. (Honestly in that cart they probably don't have enough outfits anyways.)
No. 928477 ID: 54c395

Yes this
No. 928768 ID: ac6625

That for the princess.

As for Garrin and Garcio, maybe some sort of "cover up" type clothes over your gear. Avoid bright colors. An ideal blend of beige, gray, and white might do. Never go all black, idiot assassins, thieves, and spies dress up like that and then wonder how they get caught.
No. 928838 ID: 834378

Some low-tier adventurer stuff. Lots of leather.
No. 928907 ID: 8275cf
File 155461256413.png - (474.13KB , 657x858 , Pentacle081.png )

'Garcio and I will look like bodyguards in any situation compared to her royal highness' slight frame, we'd best play the part of mercenaries' Sir Garrin states

'ah yes!' the merchant scribe says with what might approximate a smile 'I have some tarnished armor and leathers that would serve well'

As for the princess, I think the dress you're wearing now would suit her well'[/]

[i]m-my robe?
the scorpion chitters, confused.

yes you're about her size and shape, and she'd be more convincing dressed as a wealthy individual Garrin knows the truth of his words, the princess has no experience in deception, keeping her disguise close will be easier to maintain. 'unless you have an objection to serving your royal family' he adds

no! no! I will give anything for her royal highness, it is an honor that she would wear my colors the scribe insists and claps two of her hands. A pair of feline servants emerge, the scorpion whispers to them and Garrin is convinced he hears the two handmaidens snicker in response.
one of them carefully removes her outer robe and collects and grabs a fresh under robe from a cabinet, the second servant gathers additional clothing.
Garrin takes the clothes offered for himself and Garcio.

Garcio throws the handmaidens a smile that has earned many beds, the two women smile back.

The Princess takes the robes handed to her but looks a little embarrassed at having taken the woman's outfit.'Thank you for your assistance, the crown will not forget this generosity'

The scorpion gives a bow in response.

The royal continues after some slight hesitation '. . .I'll need some assistance dressing, I cannot remove this Armour myself'

The scribe shifts uncomfortably in her under robe 'my wagon offers enough chambers to dress in privacy' she explains 'Ming and Ling are well trained they can take good care of you your highness . . . I regret that I employ no manservant, I suppose I can dress your knights myself if they need assistance'

Princess Reefa looks to Garrin, clearly interested in his opinion.

who will be applying the disguises?
A) the handmaidens can dress the princess, the men can dress themselves
B) Garrin will accept the scorpions assistance in dressing, the hand maidens can dress the princess
C) Garrin and Garcio will take a hand maiden each, the scorpion can dress the princess.
D) Garrin will dress the Princess himself, it's not safe to leave her alone with these strangers
E) another option?

No. 928908 ID: 080aaf

No. 928909 ID: 094652

E - You're going to let the princess at least try to dress herself. After she's done putting on the base parts, you'll receive instructions from the handmaidens on the accessories and knots.
No. 928911 ID: 54c395

D- you can never be too safe
No. 928926 ID: 9876c4

C, senor.
No. 928934 ID: daa216

B. You'll be with the princess for some time, so you can strike there later. Right now you'll want to be close with these lovely and now lightly clothed scorpion. If she hesitates to the suggestion, just say something about your wings being delicate and needing help getting undressed because of it.
No. 928974 ID: 8991cb

B - Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
No. 928980 ID: 58b4f3


You need to make sure she stays safe. Getting to see her naked is a bonus.
No. 928999 ID: bef60d

D. Can't trust anyone right now.
No. 929012 ID: 2cc14c

Express D as the most secure, as one of you should be with her at all times and of the two bodyguards, you are more... professional. If her highness objects, allow A, but insist on monitoring their silhouttes through a thin sheet of cloth. Better paranoid and ready than lax and unready.
No. 929017 ID: 8eaf98

seconding this.
the cats are cute!
No. 929687 ID: 8275cf
File 155522775388.png - (459.51KB , 657x858 , Pentacle082.png )

Garrin doesn't trust the scribe, nor does he want the princess to leave his sight for a number of reason, especially if she'll be naked and defenseless 'It isn't safe to be alone with them, your highness I will dress you myself' the magpie's minds excitedly dwells on the necessary process of undressing Reefa.

the non-imaginary Reefa gives a confused look 'not safe? what possible danger could there be?'

Garrin blinks having been asked such an obvious question 'these people, we cannot trust them Princess'

Princess Reefa's response is quick and harsh.'these people are citizens of the realms! this Merchant has offered me the very robe off her back! they've offered to clothe and take care of us! I will not spit in the face of loyalty to the crown, on baseless paranoia!'

Garrin is confused by the princess's defense of these boot lickers, he tries a compromise 'You must remain in my sight your highness, I insist for your safety. perhaps you can be dressed behind a thin screen or-'

-but the princess is clearly not interested. you Insist?! that is not your right! you serve my family you do not command it!
Garrin attempts to counter but the royal does not give him the chance 'I refuse to hide in fear from my own people! I will not treat every man woman and child as a potential assassin! I will not remain in your sight at all times. If you cannot protect me under these conditions . . . W-Well I'll have to find someone else. . . someone more competent to protect me!'
Princess Reefa's posters is defiant and eager to burst into another rant, but she waits for a response first.

Garrin will have to choose his next words or actions carefully
No. 929690 ID: e51896

Uh-oh... uhhh, um... kiss her?
No. 929691 ID: c1212a

Princess, if you ever misjudge someone's character, I'm going to be the one who lives to regret it. There's been one attempt on your life today and rumors there may be more, so I implore you to pick a better time to fraternize with your subjects or replace your bodyguard detail.


No. 929692 ID: 54c395

“Princess I have served under the duchess for thirty years, and in that time I have learned that danger can strike at any moment. It is less the fact that I do not trust these people and more that to protect you properly I cannot let my eyes off you without you being in danger.” Speak in a calm and kind tone to her
No. 929693 ID: ad51b8

Princess, while I understand that this trip has been... frustrating, and I understand that you wish to travel with your head held high to let the world know that you are unafraid of it and all it's hardships. My job is to see to your protection. Which means I look for the safest path, which means that I HAVE to see every man, women, and child as a potential threat as if I make even a single wrong call it could mean your health or even your life. Just once is all it would take for me to fail in my duty to you. That is why I insist on these conditions as you call them because while it may be far from ideal I much rather you be uncomfortable then grievously harmed or worse. HOWEVER...(sigh) I do admit that I may be asking to much of you as I am use to traveling in the company of solders who are more use to such... conditions and have trained to handle them while you have never had the need to do so.

So perhaps it might be best for us to compromise here. I wish to take the safest route possible and damn everything else but you wish to travel with your head held high and send a message that you are undaunted by whatever potential enemies my be larking out there. So let us try and find a middle ground that, while neither of us may be happy with the result, we should at least be able to accept it. Does this sound fair?

so here's my 2 cents
No. 929694 ID: 2cc14c

Princess, it's because I serve your family that I must do this. Your neck is indeed yours to risk, but you have to remember those you love. My job isn't to stop you from trusting your people, but to see that your return to your family met with happiness and joy at your safe arrival rather than mourning and grief at your death. So please, don't make me choose between you and them.
No. 929702 ID: daa216

"As you wish." Bow and then let her go.
No. 929706 ID: 9876c4

These strike me as the most Spy options, to be honest.
We work behind the scenes, and don't do speeches.
No. 929708 ID: a664e3


In the future, it is almost certain that we will be asking even more of the princess. Things which are more important to the mission given to us by the Duchess. Do we really want the princess to be in a rebellious spirit when the time comes to ask such things of her?

There may be a time to overwrite the princess' autonomy for the sake of the mission, but that is not at this moment. For now, we should relent. Apologize for your disrespect towards her authority, and allow the scorpion to dress her outside of your watchful eye. She's a pawn of the Duchess, so you can trust that she will not interfere with your mission. A drop of leniency here will make up for a lot of the strictness to come, as it will prove that you are more than a mindless follower of the rules.

(And if your personal goal is to win her affection, then she would certainly think better of you as someone who has shown her respect than someone who gave little care to her own opinions.)
No. 929715 ID: ab1fe9

There are those with greater competence and skill than myself, Princess, and I would wish, most fervently, that they were here to protect you instead of me. The greatest swordsman in the land, or the finest hero of any war you could name, however, would have same problems that I do: first that any harm that comes to you would mean their head, and second that they cannot protect anyone who is not within reach of their blade. Perhaps I am overzealous, or overcautious, but I ask you, Princess: if you were in my position, knowing your life and reputation were on the line should another person suffer even a moment of sufficient indignity; how would you act towards that person?
No. 929736 ID: 094652

"As a whole, Princess, I would find the people of this kingdom competent and trustworthy. As people who depend on each other to live and prosper, I would find no reason for them to betray their most important light in these dark times. But take a single set of people from that comfortable and stalwart whole, and they will find themselves at a loss of what to do when their friends would have helped them make complex decisions. This moment, we have taken this one seamstress and her party away from the public, and forced her specifically to make decisions that prioritize herself and her most beloved over the concerns of rest of the world without the consent or advice of her usual circle of peers.

In the castle I take long breaks, make leeway for protocol, and I don't obsess about the safety of the royal family every second of every day. I can depend on hundreds of guards to take shifts so we can rest and stay sane. But here, we are the only guards protecting you, and we will do our job and make our decisions, just as she will do hers."
No. 929783 ID: a539f7

Sometimes a little discretion goes a long way. I'm sure a few moments out of sight won't be too much a compromise.
No. 929818 ID: 080aaf

No. 929932 ID: 688dd6

No. 929962 ID: ac6625

I can stand behind that.
No. 929963 ID: 91ee5f

Do this.
No. 930524 ID: 8275cf
File 155578498589.png - (449.37KB , 657x858 , Pentacle083.png )

Garrin is sorely tempted to point out the obvious flaws in her logic.
This time her relents.'forgive me, I spoke too boldly, do as you must.' Garrin responds with a bow

The princess smiles, and allows the two feline hand maidens to lead her into one of the carriage chambers.
No. 930525 ID: 8275cf
File 155578530030.png - (511.06KB , 657x858 , Pentacle084.png )

Garcio seems less inclined to enter the cramped space, and Garrin hear's

it's only when Garcio's playful antics reaches the level where he strips entirely naked that Garrin takes note.
Garcio appraises the scribe casually 'hmm I've never cracked a carpid before, I wonder if those plates pinch'

the scribe responds with a glazed expression staring at his body,'no no! the armor will be a perfect fit' she mutters missing the true point of his statement.

Garcio can only sigh, his heart obviously not in this endeavor 'you just gonna stand there and stare? either get my clothes on or take yours off?'

this the scorpion seems to grasps the full meaning of, she blushes profusely 'm-many apologies good sir!'she fumbles with the armor in her haste to get back on task.

the other carriage chamber is open what does Garrin do?
A) Garrin waits the for the scribe to dress him there.
B) dresses himself quickly.
C) waits until the princess has safely emerged before dress (knowing the princess this may take a while)
D) something else?

No. 930526 ID: 0fae41

I know you want to do C Garrin, but just try A this time. You'd hear if the other carriage took off or something like that.
No. 930527 ID: f442a4

A: Wait for the scribe so you can disappoint after undressing that horse.
No. 930531 ID: e51896

D: go around the carriage where no one can see you, and put your ear against the carriage to try to pick up on what the princess will be saying

Or A
No. 930533 ID: daa216

A: Let her change you. You might want to think some thoughts about the princess getting changed if you want to look half as "impressive" as your horse companion.
No. 930535 ID: c1212a

Make sure nobody's sneaking around trying to nick your stuff.
No. 930540 ID: 9876c4

Etiquette demands that you accept the assisstance.
No. 930554 ID: a664e3

A. If you go in and change now, all members of your party will be distracted at once. By waiting for Garcio to be finished, you can stay vigilant while he is being dressed, and he... well... The threat of a competent guard watching them may be enough to keep them from any unscrupulous behavior.
No. 930558 ID: b1b4f3

C or A. Gotta do your job until someone else can keep an eye out. If everyone is inside, nobody is outside watching for hostiles.
No. 930560 ID: 8eaf98

seconding A or C, leaning C
No. 930566 ID: a539f7


I mean.. Extra hands are extra hands.
No. 930955 ID: 8275cf
File 155607364807.png - (485.58KB , 657x858 , Pentacle085.png )

flushed with embarrassment the scribe puts her many limbs to good use and dresses Garcio with almost panicked haste.
* * *
The scorpion leads Garrin into the other carriage, adopting a servile demeanor to sooth further humiliation. 'please forgive me, the heat of the sun proves to much for me on this day' she speaks as she fans herself desperately
How does Garrin handle the scribe?
A) he orders her to dress him quickly (he needs to get back to standing guard for the princess)
B) he shows off to her (exploit her obvious weakness)
C) he questions her (there's information to by had)
D) he undresses her while she dress him (maybe she needs to cool off?)
E) He flirts with her (Garrin could use a distraction from the princess)
F) something else?

No. 930956 ID: f442a4

Give her the D. I mean, choose D. Proper temperature regulation is important.
No. 930957 ID: 0fae41

D. She could be hiding a weapon under there. You know, other than the ones resting next to her head and spine.
No. 930960 ID: c1212a

Be honest Garrin, will B, D or E result in you getting humbled?

B&E, always a good combo.
No. 930967 ID: 4854ef

D, it's quite obvious she's getting flustered over things.
No. 930973 ID: 9876c4

D but keep it businesslike.
Remember what you want. You must maintain control, and you can have the world.
No. 930981 ID: daa216

D. Can't have her overheating now can we?
No. 930993 ID: a11372

No. 931008 ID: 54c395

B and D
No. 931010 ID: 8eaf98

ima go with E
No. 931038 ID: a539f7


Pull down that waistband and show off Big Bird. There's some cheeks to turn rosy.
No. 931039 ID: a9af05


But be completely serious about it. In other words, your only motivation for undressing her is to help her cool off and you're not making excuses to see her naked.
No. 931235 ID: 8275cf
File 155632828562.png - (465.87KB , 657x858 , Pentacle086.png )

Garrin waits until his breastplates and tunic have been removed before he makes his move.

'perhaps I can help you cool off' Garrin whispers in a brooding tone, a tone that intentionally leaves the scorpion enraptured.
she is totally unprepared as expert hands whip off her belt and tug down her robe before she can even blink.

'Eeeeia!' the scribe shrieks in shock Th-this is not appropriate!!!

'I suppose it isn't, but you strike me as the sort of woman who likes things a little "inappropriate"' Garrin responds playfully

'I don't know what you're talking about . . .' the scorpion protests with half hearted mumble

Garrin does not press further waiting for Xiatzu to take the next move gently holding her in place.'don't you?' he answers simply.
No. 931236 ID: 8275cf
File 155632839089.png - (323.95KB , 657x858 , Pentacle087.png )

I . . . no man has never shown such interest in me before . . . the scribe's response is filled with self pity.

this would not be Garrin's first virgin, Garcio never had the patience and the magpie had enjoyed taking his undesired. 'I could show you a lot more interest'

I don't know . . .the scribe sighs, dropping the scroll and brush from her hands.

A sharp muffled cry reaches Garrin's sensitive hearing
The Princess! Garrin has is certain the sound came the other carriage.
Xiatzu strokes Garrin's muscular thigh as she leans against him, seemingly oblivious to the cry.

What does Garrin do?
No. 931237 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you need to check on the princess first.
Remember what's important.
No. 931238 ID: 0fae41

Sorry madam, duty calls. Come as you are!
No. 931239 ID: f442a4

Remember what's important.
Fucking weird bugs.
No. 931240 ID: ac6625


Apologize/excuse yourself and investigate the other carriage. Scorp probably understands your duties.
No. 931242 ID: c1212a

Call out & ask if the princess is alright, then go & investigate based on the response. Do keep in mind this might be a misunderstanding, so be cautious of everyone's privacy.
No. 931245 ID: 377849

Actually, I don't think Garrin should go. One, he's kinda naked, or at least naked enough to scandalize the princess if she saw him such. Second, the fact that it's a muffled sound suggests the other carriage has not been opened or anything, and it is almost entirely certain that the princess has just had something tugged uncomfortably or endured some sort of "inappropriate" contact she is not used to. It is even possible that his current companion did hear it but was more adept at interpreting it than him, recognizing it as a cry of surprise or something similarly harmless. If it were some sort of serious danger, it is unlikely to be someone who wants the Princess dead, meaning things can be fixed. Also even such a hypothetical person would not technically be opposed to what Garrin's real orders are supposed to be, that much? What IS 100% certain though is that the princess will be in some state of undress and Garrin's intrusion will be taken poorly. If the Princess really wants him she can call for him by name.

Also, if I put my ruthless schemer pants on for a moment, whatever experience the Princess is having may teach her a lesson about listening to her protector's misgivings, in the long term. She could do with being a little less truculent, from the perspective which I am temporarily employing. So, stay right where you are, Garrin.

Anyway Garcio has his clothes on already, let him take care of it.
No. 931258 ID: a539f7

This is a job for a girthy horseman. Continue fondling at flank speed.
No. 931265 ID: daa216

Stay with our bug friend. Undress her some more. Make sure she is not hot anymore. If the cries persist then we might need to act.
No. 931272 ID: 094652

"I need to answer that or I get a pay cut. I'll be back in ten, you just oil your lips or whatever it is girls do to make themselves more sensitive."
No. 931275 ID: a664e3

Assume the worst for a moment. Let's say that the two servants are running off with or attempting to off the princess. Acting quickly is high priority. Until you see the situation, you cannot assume that Garcio is currently able to handle things as they are. He may have been rendered unconscious by a sneak attack, or was duped by a servant into assisting them. If we assume this to be the case, you would want to run out and protect the Princess as soon as possible.

Now let's assume the best. The princess screamed because the servants caught a knot in her hair while brushing it, and nothing is truly wrong. Or maybe she tripped, and was simply startled by the sudden fall. Either way, running out now would simply worsen the Princesses' view of you. Combined with your earlier behavior, it may cause her to see you as nothing more than a sheep that follows the rules to a T, with no capacity to think beyond following the basic orders you're given. Protect the princess, never let her out of your sight, etc. If this is the case, then running out immediately would be detrimental to your standing.

Thus, the best option is to take a middleground. Shout for Garcio to check on her, while the scorpion finishes dressing you. She may be disappointed that you won't be able to complete what you've started, but any decent person would understand your position. Though if nothing is wrong, she'll be rightfully upset that you got her riled up for nothing. Still, a risk worth taking.

Now, it's unlikely that Garcio was incapacitated by servants, even if they ended up being stronger than expected. After being dressed himself, he surely would have been doing his duty and surveying the area for threats, making it difficult to get the drop on him. If they began to leave, you wouldn't hear a muffled shout, but Garcio shouting for you to chase after the princess with him as soon as possible. Thus, we can assume that he is fine at the moment. Sending him is for the best. If he walks in and sees something he wasn't meant to, he looks like the jerk instead of you. If the princess is truly in danger, then he can get a headstart on fixing the situation, while you get ready to provide backup. The only downside is that you will look less heroic than you would by rushing in yourself to take on any potential threat, but that is a risk worth taking I'd imagine. After all, is it not a true hero that knows when to let others shine?

(Also, there will be other chances to look good, so it's better not to take the opportunity that comes with a potential for looking foolish.)

Thus, my suggestion is to Shout for Garcio to check on the princess, and quickly get dressed yourself.
No. 931279 ID: 864b39


Also if something is going on Garcio can handle it. What Garcio can't handle is this bug's junk.
No. 931288 ID: 54c395

Shout for Garcio to check on thing and resume the bug love. If Garcio doesn’t reply it’s time to move.
No. 931304 ID: 4854ef

This makes quite a bit of sense, stay with the spider merchant.
No. 931305 ID: a9af05

Don't halfass your job by telling Garcio to go check on the princess! Tell Garcio to come with you so both of you can go check on the princess!

Besides, if nothing bad has happened, the princess will understand that you're just doing your job if you come to check on her after hearing her scream.
No. 931507 ID: 8eaf98

Duty calls! Of princess defense variety, to be clear.
We can always pull a 'Where was I... Oh, right! Helping you cool off~' should this be a false alarm.
No. 931782 ID: 8275cf
File 155684818369.png - (410.85KB , 657x858 , Pentacle088.png )

Garrin feels the desperate urge to run the the princess aide, he suppresses it and calls out 'Garcio! check on the princess,'

'Don't go . . .' the scorpion pleads in little more than a whisper.

Garrin embraces the woman, but listens carefully he hears knocks on the door, Garcio's voice, then nothing else. A false alarm is seems

'so warm . . .' the scribe sighs as she relaxes in the magpie's strong grasp.
She offers no resistance as Garrin finishes removing the robe.
the woman soaks into his body as if welcoming a bed after a long day of work.
Garrin wonders how long it's been since she's had any sort of embrace.

his curiosity gets the best of him, he has to know 'you come from a noble family don't you?'.
she gives the response he was waiting for[ i]'they died . . . I was very young'[/i].
Garrin nods with understanding 'I too am alone' Garrin responds honestly.
he feels a kinship with the woman, Two orphans far from home.

Moments turn into minutes and the scorpion grows more comfortable in his arms.
her body has an unnatural weight to it, likely from her solid chitin.
she seems intent to let Garrin almost carry her, he wonders if she'll fall asleep.

Garrin finds his mind drifting back to the princess, there is a finite time she will be changing for.
Garcio won't disturb his activity here, but she might.

A)he ends end the encounter (in what manner?)
b)he escalates the situation (in what manner?)
c)he continues snuggling

No. 931783 ID: 0fae41

Shouldn't Garcio have checked back in with you?
No. 931784 ID: 8eaf98

honestly this snuggling is cute and i want more of it. So C
No. 931811 ID: daa216

B: Kiss her and gently rub her chest through her underwear. See how that chitin feels.
No. 931816 ID: 54c395

B continue undressing the woman. But don’t let you guard down. I don’t trust the position of her stinger right now. Move to her front, continue the lewdness but don’t let her take advantage of you. Also if Garcio doesn’t check back with you sooner than later Garrin needs to check on the situation himself, peak out the door and check in the princesses status with Garcio at least.
No. 931817 ID: 54c395

Furthermore if she’s so relaxed she might fall asleep why is her tail in such a ready position. It’s fishy
No. 931836 ID: a664e3


A. If the Princess catches you cuddling with someone you accused of being not trustworthy enough to leave her alone with just a few minutes ago, then your credibility is shot. It cements the worst assumption that could be drawn from your earlier proposal, that you're nothing more than a lech who wants to watch her be undressed. The timing couldn't be worse for this. You need to get your pants on. Tell the duchess that you'd really love to continue another time, maybe give her your address, and get dressed.

Also, like the person above me pointed out, be wary of that stinger. I don't like its current position.
No. 931838 ID: 54c395

I’m changing my suggestion from B to A for these reasons
No. 931841 ID: a9af05

Both of these are good points.

I vote for A
No. 931842 ID: 8eaf98

Cute as the cuttles are I will also have to switch from C to A.
No. 931843 ID: ac6625

A. Sorry lovebird but that tail is raising a red flag. Politely end this before it escalates into something that will destroy your reputation, or your life. Both matter right now.
No. 931866 ID: a9af05

Oh, right, we're supposed to tell in what manner we end this.

So, I vote for simply putting our foot down on her tail so she can't use it.
No. 931901 ID: 91ee5f


Rude! Let’s not do that, just in case she’s not actually trying to attack us!

Let’s just politely end the encounter.
No. 931913 ID: 094652

Normally I'd say (A) BUT you're a double agent.
B - Escalate. If anything happens to the princess... it will likely be the will of Kalez. You can feign incompetence and obfuscate the existence of your agenda.
No. 931926 ID: 9876c4

B. let's play along and see if she reveals something unintentional, while revealing something she intended.
No. 931932 ID: a539f7

B is for BALLS DEEP! This beautiful woman needs some attention, your princess is safe and you?

You're gonna reap the benefits of the job. Hot, hot Carap-ass.
No. 932061 ID: 4854ef

No. 932063 ID: 58b4f3

No. 932072 ID: 14e16e

B, get hot and heavy. You deserve it
No. 932098 ID: 864b39

Gotta go with B. Escalate the situation by removing more clothes - She's not the only one with equipment below her waist that could inject something if you know what I'm sayin'

Also I doubt there's much chance of the princess interrupting you any time soon, she IS a princess so she'll probably take forever to get dressed even in a disguise
No. 932099 ID: f442a4

B - The only concern you should have about her tail, is getting a piece of it.
No. 932101 ID: c1212a

A. Duty calls, not booty calls. You shouldn't be shagging prudent women before the first date anyway.
No. 932124 ID: 1a6f80

No. 932513 ID: ba641a

her stinger is making me nervous, A.
No. 932518 ID: 2ca973

C, until that stinger doesn't aim for your spine. Aftewr that A.
No. 933772 ID: 7fafab

No. 933947 ID: 8275cf
File 155872408368.png - (512.82KB , 657x858 , Pentacle089.png )

Garrin glances back to see the stinger pointed at his back, in that instant his mind is filled with fears.
not only the fear of a lethal barb, but fear of what his princess might make of this encounter, were she to walk in.
Garrin cannot take the risk! he dodges any potential strike and shoves the woman away.

The maiden is left dumbfounded and stumbles into the the stored supplies, before she can right herself.

Seeing her somewhat hurt and confused expression, Garrin realizes he needs to justify his actions 'I've spent enough time her, I need to get back to protecting the princess'.

'oh! Please forgive me!' the scorpion begs "the heat . . . I was confused . . .
she fumbles with her discarded robe, an move to the outfit she had prepared for Garrin.
No. 933948 ID: 8275cf
File 155872435942.png - (448.08KB , 657x858 , Pentacle090.png )

Garrin is dressed in silence.
Though the merchant appears nervous, she is professional and quick with her many arms, and make sure to avoid any unnecessary contact, obviously trying not to offend further.

It is only when Garrin is fully the dressed and about to leave that she speaks.
'Would you be one of my suitors?' she blurts out, As Garrin stops and turns she hides behind her fan.

'You don't even know my name.' Garrin replies in a dry manner, hoping to accentuate the foolishness of her proclamation.
Indeed the scorpion averts her many eyes in shame.

Garrin makes to leave again, the scribe seeing this her nerve recovers in the wake of fleeting opportunity I-I would like to . . . her voice matches her words and cannot disguise a pathetic and desperate lilt.

how does Garrin Respond?
No. 933949 ID: 1b9176

It does not do to make more enemies than one needs, Sir Garrin. She has some wealth to work with, and you know what they say about women scorned. Give your name, and be gracious about it. Ask her to forgive your abruptness and see if you can pay her a compliment as you leave. Something about losing yourself in her beauty or how your memory of it will haunt you but you'll welcome it, or the like.
No. 933950 ID: 06fdc0

aaaaaaahhh you cockblocking jerks :(
yes, apologize for your abruptness
No. 933951 ID: 2202fb

...can you even see?
No. 933955 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you would like to continue this in the future, you're just too nervous about the Princess's safety right now. Is she heading to town? When the Princess is settled in, you can visit her on break.
No. 933956 ID: 322af8

Nothing like a bunch of pansies to ruin a good moment. Tell her your name and then tell her that she is quite lovely. You just have a job to do.
No. 933959 ID: 79eaac

No need to be rude.

"My apologies, miss, but your beauty made me momentarily forget my duty. I would quite enjoy spending more time with you, but I must check on the princess. I'd suggest not having your tail poised to strike with someone so close to you - it surprised me.
No. 933960 ID: 79eaac

Woops, forgot to finish that.
"I shall return momentarily, if everything is in order."
No. 933977 ID: 54c395

“Of course in the future I’d love too. But I have important business.”
No. 933978 ID: eaac54

She said "I would like to" in response to knowing his name. So uh, Garrin
No. 933979 ID: 094652

"I shall consider, but I have a duty to fulfill. Mail me."
No. 933980 ID: 0fae41

Better she find it out from you than asking around. Give her your name, and thanks for the clothing. The crown will not forget this.
No. 933984 ID: 9876c4

Maybe if we're gonna do super-illegal spy stuff like blow up a bridge we shouldn't make a point of identifying ourself?
No. 933985 ID: 91ee5f

That’s actually a good point.
No. 933986 ID: b1b4f3

Even without a name, Garrin can be identified based on his looks.
No. 935320 ID: 8275cf
File 156018902944.png - (476.05KB , 657x858 , Pentacle091.png )

knowing she could find out easily enough, Garrin gives her his name 'Garrin V'Rhakki, knight captain of the royal guard'
the name has instant meaning to the scribe 'V'Rhaki? The Duke's champion?!'
'the same.' Garrin admits.
'you look nothing like the depictions. . .'her eyes drift off lost in thought.
Garrin doesn't doubt it, he's never posed for any portraits'Miss, I would like to spend more time with you, but I must tend to my duties for now ' Garrin leaves before the scorpion can make any further protests.

* * *

Garcio spots Garring leaving the carriage'nice hood, can you even see?'
Garrin ignores the comment. 'right now I'm worried about what I heard, what happened with her royal Highness?'
The equine knight shrugs 'she's fine, Just a pin prick apparently, nothing to worry about . . . I'm surprised you even heard that with all the fun you seemed to be having'

you should have reported back Garrin responds, hoping to avoid frivolous conversation.

Garcio shrugs 'I didn't want to disturb you, it seemed like you were having fun' he then adopts a leering grin 'so was she good? I've never been with a Rachnid.'

What does Garrin tell Garcio?
No. 935321 ID: 864b39


"I haven't either, I'm a huge coward and panicked because I saw a tail"
No. 935322 ID: 0fae41

Ooh, that really stings.
No. 935323 ID: 6103af

A pin prick? Shouldn't she be watched carefully in case of poison or venom?
No. 935327 ID: 7c1196

No. 935332 ID: 7fb87a

"I trust her injury was attended to? Even a pinprick could fester on the road."
No. 935344 ID: b1b4f3

Uh... you're... saving her for later. Yeah.
No. 935345 ID: eeb7d9

didn't dislike it, it was only groping, but the sting makes me... uneasy. I don't have experience with that race. I would give it a try latter, though.

Anyway, are we ready to head out? I hope the Princess picked something discreet.
No. 935367 ID: 322af8

Ask him if the pinprick she saw was his. Then get ready to mount up.

Also slow clap for all the nay votes to scorpion fun out there.
No. 935418 ID: 094652

"... I'm going back to pork her. If I hear another preventable squeal from the princess in the next fifteen minutes, you lose an inch."
>An inch of what?
No. 935425 ID: a9af05

>'so was she good? I've never been with a Rachnid.'
"I wouldn't know, since someone didn't report that there were no problems, I had to hurry out here to make sure everything was alright."

Basically, blame him and say that he cock blocked you with his silence.
No. 935426 ID: 9876c4

That armor is gorgeous.

Say "It still stings a bit."
No. 935537 ID: ac6625

"Stings a little, didn't go all in since I remembered we had a job to do."
No. 935616 ID: ba5829

Well, no going back now, moment's gone. Tell him you're not such a lout that you moved that quickly. Now let's hear more about this pin prick. It's probably nothing, but assassins do deliver poisons by such methods sometimes.
No. 935621 ID: 7fafab

"I did not get very far, as I was interrupted by our current situation. Allow me to tell you later."
No. 936491 ID: 8275cf
File 156101020076.png - (496.73KB , 657x858 , Pentacle092.png )

Garrin is in the mood for neither embellishments nor empty boasts 'I didn't get very far, poisoned barbs make me uneasy'

Garcio gives a sagely nod 'Probably for the best, she seemed clingy.

Garrin redirects the conversation to more pressing concerns'on the topic of poisoned barbs, that pinprick the princess received worries me.'

Garcio rolls his eyes, obviously not convinced 'Right, I'm sure these merchants poisoned the princess with two armed knights ready to crush their tiny heads' he then snorts in amusement'Why don't you ask the Princess if you can kiss it better, I'm sure she'd love that.'

Almost on cue Princess emerges with the scorpion by her side

She is in excellent spirits 'Wonderful news my protectors! Miss Xiatzu has changed her mind and agreed to take us to Herrone!'

Does Garrin bring anything up?
No. 936494 ID: b1b4f3

Interesting, a hidden benefit of seducing her but not following through.

No need to bring anything up. If the princess falls ill then it'd be clear something happened and the merchants would be held responsible, so obviously they didn't do anything.
Be businesslike about where the guards will be stationed.
No. 936509 ID: 322af8

Just ask where you and Garcio are to ride in the caravan. Possibly suggest staying close to either the princess herself or the servants. Maybe we can see if they can assist our current blue balled situation. State nothing about the pin prick for now.
No. 936511 ID: 094652

"Please tell me you didn't promise her baronship with the honey acres. They use steroids."

Sit with the leader and a randomly selected servant in the cart.
No. 936526 ID: 7fafab

"Ah, wonderful news, princess. Was the cry of pain the result of any concern, or a mere accident? If so, let me not take more of your time, and let us be on our way."

Resume scorpion seduction.
No. 936529 ID: 082384

Looks like you did quite well with our scribe. You'll be needing to keep up a certain level of charm now, though. Say: "That is excellent, Princess, that will make your journey safer and more comfortable. We will just need to be careful to avoid attention until we are truly secure, with this many beautiful women in our party. Thank you, miss Xiatzu." You can add a subtle message to your lady friend by looking at her when you say the bit about being careful, so she understands you'll keep things private. The bit about beauty will hopefully be good for her and also reassure the princess about changing clothes, but you don't want to seem too serious about it, so smile a little when you say it.

Better not ask about the pinprick like that, I think, Garcio already asked her and Garrin wants to look reasonably confident in his fellow guard handling things sometimes, so that he can be elsewhere now and then. He might ask later, in confidence, with a more "he told me and I just want to be sure" approach. Besides, a mysterious death that doesn't fit a knight's M.O. wouldn't be a terrible thing for Garrin.
No. 936549 ID: eeb7d9

I like this approach.
No. 936577 ID: 0fae41

Ask if you can kiss it better.
No. 937528 ID: 54c395

Request to have a carriage cart alone with Xiatzu
No. 937887 ID: 7fafab

I don't think that works too well with a beak.
No. 939656 ID: 8275cf
File 156355256861.png - (519.80KB , 657x858 , Pentacle093.png )

'Excellent work your highness, this will make our trip great deal safer'Garrin says nodding his head with respect'Perhaps I shall sit with the merchant while you remain attended to in the main cabin?'

The Princess is already lost in thought, and takes a moment take in Garrin's suggestion 'oh no! I'll need you and Garcio to herd my precious Zonos' she laughs with a warm smile 'besides, I'll be sharing the cabin with Miss Xiatzu, did you know she's a scribe? I'm going to have her take record of my harrowing experience!

of course your highnessGarrin responds with his usual cold tone

Garcio nods as Garrin looks back to him, and the two knights take to mounts.

* * *

Few minutes pass before Garrin can hear the princess' lilting narration filtering through the carriage walls, she seems to be heaping deep praised about his heroism and nobility.
It appears he's made quite the impression.
No. 939657 ID: 8275cf
File 156355266171.png - (557.32KB , 657x858 , Pentacle094.png )

The long ride to Herrone continues

ultimately Garrin is pleased with himself, Xiatzu has provide an adequate destraction from his infatuation with the princess. he feels himself once more.
No. 939658 ID: 8275cf
File 156355275214.png - (740.48KB , 657x858 , Pentacle095.png )

elsewhere in the dungeons of Castle Crym
No. 939659 ID: 8275cf
File 156355283828.png - (684.42KB , 657x858 , Pentacle096.png )

A jailer known as The Hydra stirs from a restless slumber
No. 939661 ID: 9876c4

They're not very good at nicknames in castle Crym.
No. 939662 ID: 0fae41

Wake up! How do you not bump your heads on the ceiling all the time?
No. 939666 ID: 415370

Turn and move your one awake head around to survey the messy scene, piecing together from memory and surroundings what the hell happened that led to you waking up on this cold stone floor half on top of a smashed chair. Slowly roll over and sit up on the floor, trying not to wake your fellow heads so they get to sleep in a bit longer. See if there's anything left to eat or drink within reach. Who's that passed out on the floor next to the table?
No. 939667 ID: 3ed3c3

Question: if a hydra gets a hangover, does the headache get divided evenly among the heads, does one head get the headache, or what?
No. 939669 ID: 7450f0

Whichever head is most desperate for intimacy and affection: Check to make sure none of the kobolds stole your underwear.
No. 939670 ID: 40b42d

Hydra gets to play with those now captured rebels from the very first game from oh so long ago?
No. 939678 ID: ac6625

Quickly check around you and remember what happened. At worst a prison break has happened, at best you and your fellows had one helluva party.
No. 939679 ID: b1b4f3

What's with the mess? And who is that?
No. 939680 ID: a9af05

When you wake up, try not to get your heads tangled in a knot!
No. 939695 ID: c49ece

It's a place called castle crym where they keep criminals, I think they name everything a little on the nose here.

Don't hit any of your heads on the low hanging lights. What's gone on? did you steal someone's picnic basket?
No. 939697 ID: ad51b8

aaaw, she looks so happy sleeping.
No. 939702 ID: 322af8

Make sure your buddy isnt dead.
No. 939904 ID: 0a7c5c

Quoth the Hoxton, "Get da fauk up!"
No. 941227 ID: 8275cf
File 156477285645.png - (593.99KB , 657x858 , Pentacle097.png )

the woken head, Fason looks around the room. There are several kobolds on the ground.

she smells eaten food, and drunken wine, did they indulge? did they pass out?

Fason stirs their heavy body, slowly lifting it into a sitting position, her sisters begin to awaken

Fason does not remember ever passing out from drink before, did the kobolds trick them with something strong?

Did the kobolds take advantage of her? she checks her lower garments, they seem undisturbed . . . their keys!
No. 941228 ID: b1b4f3

Logical conclusion is someone drugged your food/drink, in order to get the keys, to stage a prison break. There's a traitor.

Is anyone not here, that should be? Wake everyone up it's time to do a sweep of the prison.
No. 941229 ID: 2df440

See if the kobolds next to you know anything
No. 941231 ID: a54215

Interrogate one kobold and eat the rest. Who took our keys?!
No. 941233 ID: 0a7c5c

Make sure you search the room thoroughly first - you might've just lost them.

If you can't find them, time to bully some 'bolds.
No. 941237 ID: 094652

Do not fall for the 'single guard checks on the compromised cells and gets ambushed' meme, go straight to the nearest high-level guard and sound the alarm, then zoom in on the likely search area.

Oh and all 5 heads on alert in 5 directions. I shouldn't need to tell you that.
No. 941238 ID: 3bb760

A traitor... or that cat rebel who escaped the convoy attack.
No. 941242 ID: 322af8

Quickly run to check the cells. Make sure no one is missing.
No. 941243 ID: eeb7d9

Check for the prisoners!
No. 941244 ID: 6103af


Shred 1 article of clothing for every word that sounds like a lie
No. 941249 ID: ad51b8

grab weapon, check every cell, wake any sleep idiot you pass along the way.
No. 941265 ID: ec7d27

We must do a full strip search on every kobold for those keys
No. 941266 ID: ac6625

Grab a weapon, wake the kobolds and your sisters up Fason. Misplaced keys or treachery, no one escapes. Any idea how big of a dungeon this is and an estimate on how many prisoners are held within?
No. 942387 ID: 8275cf
File 156565811531.png - (571.37KB , 657x858 , Pentacle098.png )

'We've been robbed!" Fason cries out to her drowsy sisters 'they've taken our keys!
This immediately gains their attention.

'the keys! they'll use them to take our prisoners!'Solia exclaims
The Hydra's awakened heads glance around taking in the scene

'The mongrels have betrayed us! I believe it!' Remia proposes
with their collective will the Hydra grabs a kobold guard.

Tell us were you hid the keys and we won't eat you! Mifal hisses
the kobold Vovo gives a confused mumble

'He's resisting us!'Laret shrieks with delight 'let's take his clothes! strip every scrap until we find where he's stashed the keys!'

Does the Hydra collective agree? do they do something else?
No. 942390 ID: 0fae41

They agree! Clothes taste horrible!
No. 942391 ID: b20aba


No. 942392 ID: 094652

Admonish your inebriated sisters and focus on making it to a higher authority. Pointing fingers is the Duchess' job, not yours.
No. 942393 ID: 3ed3c3



realize that we just misplaced them
No. 942394 ID: ad51b8

the hell with that, if someone took your keys they might be trying to free the prisoners, check on them first to make sure no one is escaping. Wake any fool guard you pass along the way so they can do their damn jobs.
No. 942397 ID: a9af05

Wait! Normally threatening to eat someone makes them react with fear! But look at the kobold! He is slow to react!

Could it be possible that he was drugged? That might explain why everyone is on the floor! We managed to awaken faster because drugs have a harder time affecting larger bodies!

Who served the food to everyone? That person is the one that drugged everyone!
No. 942398 ID: b1b4f3

Strip him but realize quickly that an intruder drugged everyone and stole the keys. Wake the rest of the kobolds to search for the intruder.
No. 942401 ID: 9d50cc

One of the other kobolds could have them and be about to run off while we're distracted! Better pile them together first where we can keep an eye on them, maybe line them up against the wall. Then strip them! Can't waste time. Better use your teeth to help your hands!

As soon as you've stripped one and they don't have the keys, then they're trustworthy enough for you to send them to check the cells and look for intruders, while you keep confirming the rest. Obviously to make up for the time lost stripping them, make sure they don't waste more time putting their clothes back on before checking around. If they have a problem with that, it's just a suitable punishment for having such weak constitutions and/or being so unreliable that you were forced to search them.
No. 942404 ID: 322af8

One head should talk reason about checking the cells while the others work on undressing the kobold.
No. 942405 ID: ac6625

No. 942408 ID: 7fb87a

Shake him until the keys fall out, he sobers up enough to make words, or death
No. 942419 ID: c49ece

The key ring would be bigger than he is, where would he even keep it?
No. 942423 ID: caf1de

why are we beating up a kobold when we don't even no what happened
we're not even waiting for him to respond does snake just want some bold peen

if one of them did take the keys then it was probably the evil one that has a thing for the bee
No. 942438 ID: e6f10c

No stripping the 'bold to look for your keys. It doesn't make any sense to do so 'cause your keyring and its keys is so big it'd be damn obvious under the kobold's clothing. A quick visual inspection and simple pat down would find 'em. That done, you have more urgent things to do than searching kobolds.

The most important thing to do right now is to get to every occupied dungeon cell those keys unlock and check if they're still occupied. If one or more of the imprisoned has escaped, then you need to raise the alarm and get search parties out to find 'em ASAP. And whether some have escaped or not, you need extra guards standing watch on the occupied dungeon cells 'till you get your keys back to protect against anyone letting the imprisoned out. Just make sure all the guards have been searched for your keys before putting 'em on duty.
No. 942679 ID: a500cb

I think he's still waking up.
Might wanna give him a second to do so.
No. 943415 ID: 8275cf
File 156658477650.png - (749.73KB , 657x858 , Pentacle099.png )

The Hydra shreds Vovo's pants
'not again!' he cries

[i']yeah! Yeah! more more!'[/i] Mifal cheers

'Laret look what you've done, you've encourage us in public!' Solia Protests

'We need to stay on target, find the prisoners.' Fason orders

'I just said what we're all thinking! more stripping!' Laret smugly responds

'you don't think for me! we have have a job to do!' Fason growls

'Fason! it was my turn to speak!' Remia objects

'you never have anything important to say!' Fason dismisses

The Hydra loses cohesive control and begins flailing on the ground

'stop talking so much! we agreed on turns!' Remia shrieks

'I can talk as much as I want! I'm center head!' Fason sneers

'that doesn't make you better than us Fason!' Laret hisses

'Laret this is all your fault!' Solia whines

'Shut up Solia! at least Laret wants to have fun!' Mifal Laughs

'stop arguing everyone!' Remia shouts!

ultimately what does The Hydra agree on?
No. 943416 ID: b1b4f3

No. 943420 ID: 3ed3c3

It's time to turn their attention outwards.
Tell the guards to secure the prison. If any prisoners have escaped, track them down and capture them. Also, someone find the damn keys.
No. 943428 ID: ac6625

Find those damn prisoners and the keys, settle hydra sibling issues after.
No. 943431 ID: 0fae41

The Hydra agrees on making the kobolds hunt down the prisoners while she all gets ice cream.
No. 943442 ID: 2df440

Find the prisoners
No. 943443 ID: 9d50cc

The Hydra heads all agree that their boss is very scary and that it's a good idea to not look bad.
No. 943447 ID: 322af8

Well you took off the pants. See if he has the keys or not. If he doesn't demand the others find them.
No. 943451 ID: 7fb87a

Surely you all agree that you don't want to be PUNISHED FOR LOSING THE KEYS
So focus on finding them.
No. 943454 ID: 4854ef

Agree with this. You'll face the punishment for not finding keys. Get up, order the Kobolds around, and find them!
No. 943481 ID: 32b5ec

Get up, carry the 'bold with you, ask the quebstiones, find keys.
No. 943493 ID: 17f233

(You kobolds) Find the prisoners!. Keep our snuggleboy in a snug hydra hug as a stress relief doll. If the last few minutes are any indication today is going to be a long one of doing our actual “work”(ugh!).

Let’s follow the ‘everyone was drugged’ line of thinking to it’s conclusion & put the jail on lockdown. Maybe we’ll be able to trap them inside the prison before they escape. Ask our kobold toy what he knows about the prisoners because we sure as hell don’t know jack.
No. 943577 ID: 8991cb

Find the keys. That'll probably lead you to find some important information. And maybe order the kobolds to put the prison on lockdown while you're at it.
No. 943585 ID: eeb7d9

No. 943723 ID: 8275cf
File 156697493947.png - (253.70KB , 657x858 , Pentacle100.png )

After a little more squabbling the Hydra finally convinces them self that they need to find the keys and check the prisoners

They pull out their map, the Hydra never goes anywhere beyond level 0 and level 1, so the keys must be somewhere here.

The Hydra has 3 kobolds to order around; Nifel, Yappa and Skrep(They Hydra has chosen to keep Vovo with them)

where does the Hydra send the koblds and where do the go first themselves

No. 943725 ID: b1b4f3

First, take a stop by the armory to get everyone equipped.
Then get down to level 1 and have the kobolds spread out to alert the other guards there, tell them to engage lockdown procedure. Close all the security gates if you have them, if not just start barring doors.
You should personally head towards the cells that contain any prisoners that are capable of fighting back. If you find any intruders, either scream for reinforcements or take them on yourself, whichever is needed.
If the high threat prisoners are kept in different sections you'll have to spread out the kobolds I guess, but I can't tell what to do without labeled cells.

Oh, and someone needs to make a dash for the city gates to make sure they can't be opened without a great expenditure of time and effort. That's the exit the prisoners would take. Send whoever's fastest, with instructions to turn back and inform you if there are escapees in the way so that you can make chase.
No. 943731 ID: 54c395

Quickly check the entire dungeon
Send Skrep to the city gates to keep them closed for the time being and send Yappa and Niffel to the opposite side of the dungeon and meet them in the middle to share your findings.
No. 943732 ID: 54c395

First go to the armory to get weapons just Incase
No. 943733 ID: 094652

Okay, first and foremost, rally more guards. Get the kobolds to call security. Any trouble they get you into is going to piddle in comparison if you didn't capture the three heroes who now know your base defenses.

Have two guard the city gates and one guard the cliff drop while you go to the castle entrance and call for backup. After that, systematically search and cut off any scouting - if you remember correctly, the heroes don't have a rouge so focus on magic and ambush trickery.
No. 943740 ID: 895581

Send one 'bold to the "Castle" entrance and another to the "City Gates" entrance to alert the guards and ask if anyone has come and gone. Tell them that if they learn of any pertinent information, they should report back immediately, but if nothing important happened, to instead begin searching the dungeon for your keys.
Send the remaining 'bold to stay at the main intersection on floor 1 to keep an eye out, and to yell if he sees anyone suspicious.

As for yourself, head to the cliff drop; you might've been robbed by a person who can fly. We need to check every possibility. Feathers, fur - any slight potential indicator of a person other than yourself and the 'bolds being present.
No. 943743 ID: 3ed3c3

Nifel and Yappa check level 1.
The Hydra, Skrep, and Vovo will check level 0.
No. 944924 ID: 8275cf
File 156835058174.png - (707.51KB , 657x858 , Pentacle101.png )

'Niffle go up to the castle! the guard must be informed'Remia cries
'-and us to the armory, we must defend ourselves' Solia supports
'no we should send Skrep to the Castle, I think-' Mifal disagrees
'quiet you! Skrep, Yappa come with us' Fason orders

The Hydra travels to the armory and equips themself
No. 944925 ID: 8275cf
File 156835065815.png - (544.38KB , 657x858 , Pentacle102.png )

The Hydra and the two kobolds descend to the first layer of the dungeon

'Yappa alert the city gate'Fason commands

The Hydra and Skrep head north, before they can split up a prisoner calls out.
free me! the prisoner hisses I know where the invaders went, I can catch them she promises

how does The Hydra respond?
No. 944926 ID: 0fae41

With the pokey stick. Looks like Kalez is doing an unannounced inspection again where she poses as a prisoner and asks you to violate workplace safety rules.
No. 944931 ID: 91ee5f

Sucks for her. Without your keys, you can’t free her. Not that you would free her in the first place.
No. 944934 ID: b1b4f3

Tell the prisoner that she can tell you where the invaders went and you will reward her later. If she doesn't tell you, she will lose a hand.
No. 944937 ID: 094652

Tell her you're not buying it... not at that price. But chin up! You have a marvelous proposal for the queen, featuring daily daytime chain work in the sun and lunch breaks with real food, instead of forcing prisoners into cramped, creeping spaces for years until they go mad. Hopefully the prisoners won't kill you and escape or get you fired without implementing your proposal...
No. 944945 ID: 9876c4

Your chutzpah is noted, and will be included in our report.
No. 944959 ID: a664e3


Well, if she knows that there are invaders already, despite no word of them leaving your mouth, then we know that she at least has *some* information. If you can open the door without our keys, then it'd be worthwhile to bring her with you. Worst case scenario, there's one more invader than before. Best case scenario, you get some extra guidance and assistance in capturing your targets.

If you can't open the door, then you could use the promise of softening their sentence as an incentive. Maybe you could make them an official snitch if their assistance pans out here, with the reward of being let out on good behavior as the carrot.
No. 945011 ID: 322af8

Oh that looks like the one wasp. We can promise lenience if we find the keys, right now we can not get them out. Till then run to the points we decided on.
No. 945067 ID: 9876c4

I would suggest that while losing prisoners is a grievous sin, freeing prisoners is not under our authority.
No. 945073 ID: ac6625

Even if we could free the prisoner, they are likely to lead you astray and make this crisis worse. Don't buy it and take whatever information they say with a grain of salt and distrust.
No. 945369 ID: 9250d9

Do we know the identity of this prisoner?
No. 945746 ID: 6f7a5a
File 156939117850.png - (428.71KB , 657x858 , Pentacle103.png )

The Hydra knows the prisoner is berzerker known as Vezkar the Ravager, she is a heathen, brute and general menace to Terotha

'there is no escape for you, we don't have the key, and wouldn't let you out if we did' Remia sneers
' . . . though we could break these bars with our bare hands, we'd only do it to break your filthy neck' Fason threatens
'but the . . . "Duchess" prefers that you rot in this cell' Solia sighs

'I know their plan, You'll fail without what I know!' the prisoner exclaims proudly

'tell us! or we'll make you suffer!' Laret promises
'Tell us, if your info is worth it we may let you out' Mifal lies

'free me first or you'll get nothing, and I'll laugh as we all die' The Berzerker stubbornly replies

does The Hydra free the wasp or continue on?
No. 945747 ID: b1b4f3

Ugh, stubborn criminal. Fine, you will let her out, but it will not be true freedom. She will be working for you until the duchess says otherwise (she will probably say to put her back in a cell).
No. 945748 ID: 0fae41

A heathen brute? Sounds like the duchess' favorite kind of minion. This is just MSF style hiring, isn't it? Release her for a trial run.
No. 945749 ID: 9876c4

Still no.

You'll die first, scum.
No. 945750 ID: 864e49

How the hell would she know anything about anyone's plan? She's full of shit and she will rot in this cell.
No. 945752 ID: 3ce8ff

im supporting the why the hell would she actually know anything here?
No. 945766 ID: ac6625

No compromises. We'll find our own way. How would she know where these escapees would have gone anyway?
No. 945767 ID: f1ed0f

Selling it hard, isn't she? Too much so. If it's a matter of "we all die", then she'd want to give any help she could to prevent it, regardless of her freedom or not. Lies. Perhaps if you had the keys you might risk letting her out with her shackles still on, but you don't, and you won't add property damage to the list of the duchess' displeasure. Go to leave, and see if she squeals a bit harder when you do. If she won't, leave her.
No. 945791 ID: 1f63c8


One of two realities is true. Either she knows the plan, or she doesn't. 50% odds either way as far as we know. We can choose either to let her out, or to keep her in there. Thus, there are four outcomes:

She knows the plan, we let her out: You have the information necessary to catch the prisoners, and it may just be necessary if what she says is true. Letting the prisoners escape is unacceptable, so if we accept that she knows the plan, then this is the only reasonable choice.

She doesn't know the plan, we don't let her out: We waste no time on a pointless diversion, and focus our energy on finding the prisoners. Certainly, this is the best choice if we can be sure that she's lying about knowing the plan.

She knows the plan, we don't let her out: If she was telling the truth about knowing the plan, then suddenly her desperation to be let out should be considered worrying. What is coming that she fears? What are the prisoners planning? Is she right in saying that we can't stop it? This is the worst possible outcome of the set, as it may result in preventable deaths.

She doesn't know the plan, we let her out: You've wasted precious time breaking her out, and have ruined her cell. This is bad, and is the reason to be cautious about her words. However, even if she is tricking you, this is still the lesser of two evils. Keep the prisoner shackled, and she won't have much of a chance to fight and distract you. You lose time, yes, but that is all you surrender in this outcome.

Obviously, I'm for letting her out. I believe the result of the third option occurring is far worse than option 4's consequence.
No. 945792 ID: 322af8

Sigh. Break the bars. Tell her you're watching her and ask for their plan. Everyone dying is bad after all.
No. 945812 ID: fb64b5

Let her out, but keep her on a short leash...
Got any rope on you?
No. 945830 ID: 32b5ec

Let her out, but keep her handcuffed or similarly bound. She'll have freedom for the moment, and you might consider some leniency if she's helpful.

If she doesn't help you, break a leg of hers and throw her back into the cell.
No. 945930 ID: 094652

Too many variables, choose the simple one and knock her out.
No. 947337 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157141020478.png - (685.05KB , 657x858 , Pentacle104.png )

After a few minutes of squabbling The Hydra collectively decides to let the prisoner out, hear what she has to say, then decide her fate.

'what you tell us better be good!' Remia Growls
'If not, you'll regret ever leaving that cell' Mifal Sneers

The Bezerker speaks 'Time is short, the invaders plan to lay bombs in the lower levels, send the whole cliff side crashing into the sea!'

What does the Hydra do?
No. 947340 ID: a664e3


Dealing with this prisoner will just mean more squabbling and in-fighting between heads, and less stopping the escapees. One of the kobolds can deal with her while she's still bound, so leave her with one of them. Let's just say Skrep.

The armory is close to the staircase, so arm yourselves before heading down. Of course, if the prisoners are had the opportunity, they would have very likely claimed some of the best equipment for themselves, or otherwise tampered with it so that it couldn't be used against them. With that in mind, it may be better to just get downstairs ASAP, rather than putting up with whatever slowdowns they might have prepared. Gotta get this bomb situation dealt with pronto.
No. 947342 ID: b1b4f3

...wouldn't that kill the invaders too?
No. 947344 ID: 094652

> Send the whole cliffside crashing
That would explain why she's willing to cooperate with her jailors.

Get moving before it's too late - but keep an eye on the Berserker in case she thinks about stabbing you in the back.
No. 947345 ID: 11f77a

If Vovo is still with you, let him go send a message back to the castle/Niffel of the new-found information of bombs. And to prepare for the worst if the problem isn't dealt with in time.

I'm uneasy about Vezkar's stinger--so careful when you leave her alone with one of the kobolds. Tear off some fabric from Vovo before letting him go; use it to block that stinger.

You can probably keep Vezkar in the prison-food room or some privy with a chair against the door. I have a feeling given the chance, she could escape to the cliff drop and fly away.

>Deciding her fate
Threaten her fate to be paraded around town with a bag tightly over her head--the citizens will tear every fabric off her possession as she stumbles aimlessly.
No. 947348 ID: 91ee5f

>fly away
You see those weights on her ankles, right? I highly doubt she’d be able to fly away with those things weighing her down.
No. 947349 ID: 11f77a

Those wings could still be helpful to control a safe landing. Even when absolutely sure there'd be no chance to survive the plunge, a good prison guard should root out all possibilities of escape.
No. 947367 ID: 322af8

Well ask if they have a way to stop the bombs or know where their locations are. Otherwise we're now -more- screwed and have a convict on the loose.
No. 947371 ID: a664e3


Stinger ain't a concern if she's in chains like those. I doubt she's making it out of this prison like that. She has vested interest in those bombs not going off too.

What we really need to be concerned about is the worst possible scenario. Is it possible that she's working with the escaped prisoners? It's unlikely, seeing as their plan didn't seem to include freeing her, and relying on you to do it was never a certain enough thing to plan around, but it is technically possible. It's unlikely enough that we're better off believing her, but keep it on the backburner just in case anything comes up that hints at this being the case.


Not a bad idea, although locking her in a room in a building that is currently under threat of a bombing would guarantee her fighting back. If we want to keep her complacent, we need to keep her somewhere that's both secure, but can be evacuated if need be. The Prison Food room is on the side of the cliff, so that's not the best option. I'd recommend one of the Guard rooms on the side of the City Gates. Even if you block it then, it should be close enough to safety to keep her placated. If an escape attempt is of concern, then just make sure you put your best kobold on the task of watching over her.


This seems improbable, but if we think it's true then that's all the more reason to keep her away from any cliffside rooms. After all, that would give her less reason to go along with us, since she could survive the plan failing. I doubt she'd feel particularly inclined towards assisting us if her life doesn't depend on it.
No. 947373 ID: 32b5ec

Get waspy to some guards, telling her that she will be treated well if her information is correct. I doubt she wants to stay in a rigged-to-explode building if she's telling the truth.
No. 947397 ID: 0fae41

Those ball and chains look heavy. Carry her over your shoulder as she gives directions.
No. 947401 ID: 2df440

strip the prisoner to make sure she isn't hiding any dangerous contraband
No. 947736 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157188719740.png - (582.69KB , 657x858 , Pentacle105.png )

The Hydra realize that they need to take action and quick!
before handling the intruders the prisoner must remain secure.

Considering the Prisoner the Hydra sees two dangers
Her wings could let her escape, and her stinger could be used to attack.

Having no restraints The Hydra grabs some cloth from Vovo to use instead.
Vovo cries out in objection.

The Hydra is displeased, Vovo doesn't have enough cloth to secure both stinger and wings.

What does the Hydra do?
A) Cover the stinger
B) Bind the wings
C) get more cloth from the prisoner
D) all of the above
E) forget about the Prisoner and just leave

No. 947737 ID: b1b4f3

No. 947739 ID: ede662

No. 947740 ID: a664e3


D. If we're going to bind her, we should at least do it right. She probably won't be too happy to surrender part of her garment, but let's just hope the joy of being out of her cell outweighs that for the moment.
No. 947745 ID: 0fae41

No. 947753 ID: e2dc7c

Absolutely D
No. 947754 ID: 094652

B - The stinger is dangerous and all, but its her ability to move into stabbing range that is the most dangerous.
No. 947774 ID: 322af8

A) She wont be flying anywhere with those iron balls on her.
No. 947799 ID: c0e130

No. 947804 ID: 11f77a

I suppose I'll go with A, Cover the stinger but we gotta check the lower levels fast. Even if Vezkar does nothing to resist, the kobolds are still accident-prone. Niffel practically ran into Icker's stinger himself. >>/questarch/825257

I do believe the weights will slow her down enough so Skrep can catch her.
No. 948390 ID: 8991cb

I vote D
No. 948536 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157264453323.png - (598.73KB , 657x858 , Pentacle106.png )

Thinking quickly The Hydra tears off Veskar's dress and wraps uses it to bind her wings and cover her stinger.

The Hydra's next action
A) Order Vovo up to the castle to inform of the developement
B) Order Skrep to take the prisoner to the city gates
C) Rush to level 2
D) All of the Above
E) something else?

No. 948537 ID: 11f77a

That settles that! Since talking is a free action it would make sense to go with D for all of the above. Make haste to stop the bombs!
No. 948538 ID: e7c7d3

A)If the wasp isn't lying then the castle needs to be warned
No. 948539 ID: 9876c4

A and C, but back in the cell.
Manpower shortage, and all that.
No. 948540 ID: 0fae41

Rush B!
No. 948541 ID: a664e3


D. All of those need to happen anyways, so might as well do it all at once.
No. 948542 ID: 322af8

D is probably our best option seeing it deals with all our issues.
No. 948559 ID: ac6625

No. 948613 ID: 8991cb

A is probably most important, but let's go with D.
No. 948829 ID: e2dc7c

E) take her panties as a trophy.
No. 949257 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157351023416.png - (591.27KB , 657x858 , Pentacle107.png )

The Hydra Bellows orders to the kobolds demanding the whimpering Vovo up to the castle to alert the rulers of the new danger.
and then to Skrep to take the prisoner to the city gate.

* * *

While rushing to the second level The Hydra can hear sound of people around the next corner!

How does the Hydra proceed?
No. 949258 ID: 3ed3c3

Proceed with caution. Don't go charging into the midst of hostiles.
No. 949261 ID: 094652

You have five heads, so look in five different directions!
No. 949273 ID: 17f233

>Proceed with caution. Don't go charging into the midst of hostiles.

No... in the words of a brilliant airtraffic controller....That's just what they'll be expecting us to do. Time is of the essence. Spring out from behind a corner in a full sprint & really knock them off their toes.
No. 949285 ID: 0fae41

Announce your presence with a guttural roar.
No. 949290 ID: eeb7d9

This might work. MIGHT. I mean, You have the herds for it... and the physique.
No. 949300 ID: 11f77a

I agree on this one. The number one thing to do is separate the terrorists from their bombs when charging in. You have a wide attack and each of your heads can focus on a different target.
No. 949306 ID: ac6625

I think we need to keep some pressure on them, so charge ahead. Might even scare them or cause them to make a mistake.
No. 949965 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157422966712.png - (629.55KB , 657x858 , Pentacle108.png )

Turning the Corner the Hydra comes face to face with an escaped prisoner and two invaders

A man from the western kindoms is first to cry out,'Sainte déesse! Les monstres de la Duchesse?!' his heathen tongue echos from within his iron helm.

The Baxette freedom fighter answers the unknown question in civilized words 'the sleeping drought must've failed!' The Hydra recognizes the woman as a wanted thief

the freed prisoner Icker remains silent, still focused on strange orbs

The Hydra is ready to take action.

The Hydra can:
-Make a basic attack with a weapon head or tail
-Make an aimed attack(you can target a specific location, however is easier to block if opponent is armed)
-Make a lethal attack(is more accurate, and will typical kill rather then disable/disarm, considered extreme)
-Make a lethal aimed attack
-move, or perform another typical humanoid action.

The Hydra has 2 special attributes:
-The hydra can take up to 6 actions, but never two actions using the same head or limb
-The hydra can breath fire from each head

No. 949967 ID: 930019

Three heads should shoot fire, one at each target. The fourth head, be on the lookout for if the bee throws those bombs, and the fifth head should stay at the ready in case reaction fire is needed! Do this while cautiously advancing.
No. 949969 ID: 3ce8ff

those strange orbs are explosives
No. 949970 ID: 094652

Oh look, the hornet has a whole BAG of bombs. And you have flame breath.

Aim for the basket and run! Use the knight as cover, his armor will shield you from the blast.
No. 949972 ID: b1b4f3

Scream that you won't let them blow up the castle.
No. 949975 ID: 9876c4

I agree with this. They're better detonated than planted.
No. 949976 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, hey, it’s Mizzit, the cat lady who has an extreme fear of being held upside down: >>/questarch/823383 !

>the sleeping drought must've failed!
Sounds like they spiked your food after all!

>What do?
As much as you want to, don’t shoot fire at Icker. Those orbs are the explosives and with the amount she’s holding, setting fire to them not only kill all of you, it would also be enough to bring down the castle!
No. 949979 ID: 11f77a

Hmmmm... very difficult choice.

>Do not breathe fire on the bee.
Setting off those bombs could possibly kill everyone standing right now--and Icker even attempted to take her life to avoid prison--so intimidating/bluffing her to light the bombs prematurely won't faze her as well. Plus, the Paladin has a shield and could anticipate the breath attack and block it. I'm sure he knows a thing or two about Hydras.

>2 aim attacks
Instead, Remia and Mifal should breathe fire on the freedom fighter. She's an agile thing and could dodge one stream--so let two corner her and singe her butt.

>2 basic attacks
That shield needs to go next. But for now keep the knight distracted. Laret should use her trident for a basic attack. And let Solia try and bite onto his shield and whip it out of his hand!

>1 aim attack
Alright Fason. Icker could possibly run off and then you'd be stuck fighting these fools and lose time. Now that Mizzit and Knight are occupied--throw your second trident. Aim for the backpack she has and let all the bombs scatter on the floor. She's not armed it seems, at least not with a weapon to parry.
No. 949988 ID: 54c395

Agree with this
No. 949994 ID: dd4e66

Breathe fire on the bee with all 5 heads
No. 949996 ID: 33056f

1 head, 1 weapon on the cat, 1 weapon, 1 tail sweep on the pinkskin, and 1 fire breath on the bee. 1 head remains vigilant to toss/kick back anything thrown at her.
No. 950000 ID: a664e3


Yeah, what this guy said works.

I would also clarify that lethal attacks should be avoided at this point. You can't give these criminals life behind bars if they're dead.
No. 950003 ID: 5b0071

Do not breathe fire! those orbs have wicks like candles, they're probably the bombs.
No. 950265 ID: 55ff9b

No. 950266 ID: 55ff9b

No. 950489 ID: 8d4593

Leap Back!
No. 950768 ID: b593e5

No fire those are clearly bombs fire will only lite the wicks and make a bad time for everyone!
No. 950769 ID: 388413

I think flame breath would be unwise
No. 950770 ID: b1b4f3

Supporting flame breath.
No. 950869 ID: e51896

No. 951525 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157622561870.png - (577.81KB , 657x858 , Pentacle109.png )

The Hydra lets loose upon their enemies
bathing the corridor in blazing fire
no enemy can withstand such heat for long, save for flame blooded creatures like the Hydra themselves

Mizzit is panicked and unable to act
No. 951526 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157622568321.png - (517.27KB , 657x858 , Pentacle110.png )

The armoured westman bursts through the flames with a battle cry "Vive la résistance!"
his sword is the wrong tool for the job an no match for the Hydra's thick scales

The Hydra despises these arrogant westman slugs, how dare they dispute prismatican rule?!
Fason and Remia growl their hatred, Solia angrily laments the damage to their ornamental outfit While Laret and Mifal hungrily anticipate the vengeful suffering they will deliver
No. 951528 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157622590613.png - (606.04KB , 657x858 , Pentacle111.png )

before they can act several more object smash harmlessly against the Hydra.

What does the Hydra do next?
No. 951529 ID: 9aa12d

Scrape off the liquid quick, it could do anything, could possible blow up and send us flying down a hall for all we know.
No. 951530 ID: b1b4f3

They were thrown for a reason. Get rid of the remains, then press the attack against the westman. See how he likes his armor getting taken apart!
No. 951532 ID: 094652

Those are oil-based bombs? Well, you're resistant to heat and flame attacks, so setting the spillage will just cost you in armor.

Speaking of armor, your opponent is geared up and it will take too long to break. So cook him in his turkey suit; set yourself on fire, then grapple him while continuing to flamethrow.
No. 951534 ID: 248dbd

I’m noticing how the bomb’s wicks are still burning. I think those are normal mobs that the bee just coated in honey so you might want to get them off sooner rather then later. Or at least stick as close to your opponents as you can to make sure they get caught in the blast with you.
No. 951535 ID: 54c395

Use their own bombs against them. Throw the trident with the bomb stuck to it right back at Icker. And give the westman a nice big bear hug
No. 951536 ID: 0fae41

Hug the cat, press the attack against the westman with your heads.
No. 951537 ID: 3ce8ff

tear out the fuzes or cut them off
No. 951546 ID: 33056f

Toss your trident stick bomb back at the cat for a combo! Grab the other one by the fuse and pull it off.
No. 951548 ID: 11f77a

I agree with this! The one with the most armor could be the biggest threat because he's just some obstacle in your way to catch the bee. Squeeze the knight so hard his armor cracks! Let each head snap at him and rip his costume to shreds!
No. 951554 ID: a664e3


The feline foe should be your lowest priority, since the fire seems to be handling her as it stands. She may try to make a get away, but one of your kobolds could probably take her down with the fire damage she's already taken.

As for the knight, he's probably the most protected against your fire in the short term. If the battle goes on long enough though, he'll be sitting in an oven and have to rid himself of it or risk serious injury, so keep a constant stream of flames on him. Don't let him cool down, but don't worry too much about his attacks. They won't do much damage to your scales, and you can easily replace some torn clothes after the battle's over.

The wasp is the biggest threat here, as those bombs could swing this battle one way or the other. You don't know how powerful they are yet either, so setting them all off has equal potential of damaging only them or blowing a hole in the entire prison like they want. Plus, if you light the fuses, they may go for the suicide play and charge you. See if you can steal their bag by cutting at the straps. Once the wasp is disarmed, burn them to a crisp.
No. 951556 ID: 322af8

Quickly clean the bomb bits off of you and focus a quick strike to Mizzit to take them out of the fight for good.
No. 951566 ID: 5b0071

The bee is the primary target. the knight can't even break your skin. Run her down and smash her toys
No. 951628 ID: e96198

Cut the fuses and keep the pressure on.
No. 951636 ID: e85a08

I also agree with this
No. 951664 ID: ca2950

Blow up the bee with her own bombs, creating a chain reaction of nudity.
No. 952426 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157777035935.png - (487.24KB , 657x858 , Pentacle112.png )

The Hydra grabs the westman, crushing the knight and taking him out of the fight.
No. 952427 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157777057750.png - (412.72KB , 657x858 , Pentacle113.png )

moving on to their next target the Hydra launches their trident at Icker
The Abeilite manages to evade the resulting explosion.

The feline flees the battle, but before leaving earshot calls back to her remaining companion
'We've got to get out of here! the monster has taken down Corswain, we're next!'
No. 952428 ID: bef60d

now give the bee a hug as you strip her naked again
No. 952429 ID: b1b4f3

Catch the bee to keep her from blowing stuff up, and interrogate her to see if the wasp was telling the truth about their purpose here.
No. 952430 ID: 11f77a

Ugh, I'd hate for Mizzit to get away again but we need to stop that bee! Foolish girl dove into our path. Use your giant foot to stomp and pin Icker down--and rip the bag of bombs off her!
No. 952434 ID: 0fae41

Looks like someone's getting left bee-hind.
Pin Icker, let the cat feel the burning of shame in defeat.
No. 952447 ID: e85a08

Have four of the heads grab and hold the bee upside down by her legs so the bombs fall out
No. 952473 ID: 322af8

Step on the bug to keep them still. Maybe kick them once in the head to knock them out. Use the bag then to cover their stinger and then their clothes to tie them up.
No. 952505 ID: 10c07d

Let the cat go. There’s no way she can escape the city after Yappa alerted the gates keepers. Focus on recapturing Icker before she can light anymore bombs. Afterwards strip both her and Corswain and throw them into cells,
No. 952506 ID: 10c07d

But watch out for her stinger I doubt it could pierce the hydras scales if a sword can’t but better safe than sorry.
No. 953326 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157890705656.png - (554.94KB , 657x858 , Pentacle114.png )

stomping down on the bee the Hydra only managed to hook and crush her backpack

The sisters then scoop up their prey before she can scramble away.
Remia and Mifal tear at the restrained bee's rags.
'not again!'she gasps flushing.

Icker is Shaken
No. 953327 ID: 10c07d

Finish stripping Icker and lock her in a cell, do the same to Corswain
No. 953355 ID: b1b4f3

Keep the bee in your grasp and chase down the cat.
No. 953366 ID: 5b0071

Time to interrogate "Where are the keys"

Anything but a clear and direct answer should be met with a strip search.
No. 953367 ID: 5e07e1

I like the idea of chasing the cat with the bee as your new mallet. The cat has the keys, i assume. Also strip her down for a complete defeat!
No. 953372 ID: 322af8

Put the Bee in a cell, we will only have trouble the longer she is free. Then chase after the cat.
No. 953381 ID: 9876c4

I mean yeah, our job description is jailor, not catcatcher.
No. 953398 ID: 0fae41

Bee-smirch Icker's honor and finish her off.
No. 953494 ID: bef60d

remove the last of our bee friend's attire, then give chase to the cat that broke her out. best not to leave her to do it again.
No. 954536 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158008212119.png - (593.26KB , 657x858 , Pentacle115.png )

The Hydra cannot let the feline escape everyone in this dungeon belongs to them!

they stalk the hallways in the direction the rogue fled, soon hushed voice can be heard.
No. 954537 ID: 10c07d

Investigate the voice and use Corswain’s heavily armored body as a club if need be
Otherwise continue stripping Icker and remember to watch out for that stinger
No. 954538 ID: 0fae41

Hushed voices? Stop and listen, lest the ambusher become ambushed. Who dares mutter in our dungeon?
No. 954539 ID: e51896

Careful, you got some gooey stuff on your foot, you might trip.
No. 954540 ID: 2aa5f0

careful of the bee's stinger
No. 954543 ID: 322af8

Hold the knight out as a shield as you turn to face those that mutter in the dungeon. Wouldn't want to accidentally bop one of our own.
No. 954549 ID: cdabe3

No. 954552 ID: b1b4f3

Charge in just like you did before.
No. 954567 ID: 17f233

The stinger and where it’s pointed is a nono. Point it away from us by carrying our honeygirl by way of a firm grip applied from the back to the upper thorax/hip. Your claws can encircle her hip with ease and use her vent under the last garment for a finger holster/grip like a bowling ball.

Building off the corswain shield/club idea we should also take to wielding Ickes as the weapon in hand. A natural stabby tool that instinctively lashes out at whatever is in front of her with a touch of fingering wiggling induced spasms. This of course will result in some wonderful overstimulationS from the would-be escabee.

Spear in one hand, Finger activated bee stings in the other and a Knightly tail club to round it off.

The final form of the hydra is thus unlocked. Plus she can play the prisoners like dolls after the excitement is over.
No. 954605 ID: 10c07d

Agree with this fully
No. 954735 ID: c185fe

A tad hokey for my tastes. The prospect of drawing that for more than one frame seems a painful excess of expenditure.

I say compromise. Ditch the wasp as a weapon idea in favour of throwing her into whatever creature is lurking around here when we see them. She’ll need to be pacified before doing so and thus warrant the use of fingering her until she’s a twitching wreck incapable of getting up and continuing the fight. Gag her with that set of panties for at least the pretence of stealth. Knight can still be knocked around like a tail club. When we spot something in the shadows to toss the wasp at either it’d be we’d something we’d want to fight anyway or it’s just l a kobold minion and that’s probably just as fine anyway since it plays into Hydra’s sthck of brutalizing poor Vovo. Just his luck to be knocked out from a stinger impaling him from a thrown wasp girl. Double laughs if whoever gets the wasp thrown into them falls together in a sexually compromising manner.
No. 955869 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158123573116.png - (492.14KB , 657x858 , Pentacle116.png )

The Hydra has a mix of ideas and their focus breaks.
Not being able to control the right arm Laret attempts to explain her idea to her sisters 'this is what we do; we feel the bee up down low until she is a twitching mess and use her as-'

Solia interrupts her'disgusting! always disgusting! I hate being a part of you! why can't we just kill things like a normal monster!'

Fason agrees'Solia is right! stop wasting time with your lusting Laret! we need to get into battle!'

but no killing! we're not allowed!Remia chimes in.

Mifal, the only head paying attention points out an emerging figure 'Sisters! I think they noticed us!'
No. 955870 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158123597609.png - (610.31KB , 657x858 , Pentacle117.png )

A cloaked figure the Hydra doesn't recognize stands in the hall

hey there, thanks for bringing back my help. ya can put them down just about anywhere and we'll be on our way

Fason Growls in response'We don't take your orders'

'Here's the thing sweety, I don't need you to put them down but it'll make a darn sight more of a mess if ya keep holdin on tight.'

The hydra's heads hiss and snarl considering their options

'if it weren't clear, the mess I'm talkin about is what'll be left of you, so what's it gonna be?'

The Hydra regains focus,
what do they do?
No. 955871 ID: b1b4f3

Breathe flame then charge in. Worked fine last time.
No. 955877 ID: 673c6f

This one seems a cut above the others, throw the bee at her, if this rebel fancies them self a hero they won't risk letting her get hurt. And attack while she tries to put the bee down
No. 955879 ID: c185fe

So uh...whatever happened to the kobold.

Stick around and talk a bit for that sweet exposition & cause we trust our kobold minions to have heard the commotion and be scrambling their way up here as we speak. Then we can fight in a new round.
No. 955881 ID: 6a6f06

Don't let go of yhe bee, this enemy looks like she's wielding an area-of-effect weapon.
No. 955893 ID: 0fae41

A curious implement she's holding. Scrape off some of that sap while you keep her talking.
No. 955912 ID: e96198

This is concerning. On the bright side, Laret gets a new plaything if they win.
Scrape the honey off then throw bee like so >>955877

Can't tell if they are bluffing but maybe we shouldn't be too concerned about the prisoners now if this "hero" really does have a way of dealing with us even with their friends around us.
No. 955915 ID: 322af8

Drop the defeated fighters you hold and charge at this hero.
No. 955920 ID: a664e3


I agree with the other suggestions. Throw Icker at her and hit her with a blast of fire. If she can counter that, then you'll be thankful you kept your distance.
No. 956032 ID: 5b0071

You already know the price of failure.
Who knows, maybe you'll only lose the heads you don't like.
No. 956992 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158235278311.png - (655.06KB , 657x858 , Pentacle118.png )

The Hydra is confused, hesitating and unsure how to handle an opponent like this, an opponent who is unafraid.
The Hydra tries words to give time, Fason voices them 'You should be afraid!' she speaks with a leering hiss.

The cloaked figure seems unimpressed 'Not feeling it, though I am getting a little impatient, this is your last warning.'

They Hydra only feels rage, rage at this creatures arrogance!
What do they do
A) Breath fire
B) Charge
C) Throw prisoners
D) Drop prisoners
E) something else?

No. 956993 ID: 0fae41

Drop the clanker and charge. You need a hand/tail handy to grab a new target.
No. 956995 ID: 67b6b2

Charge, using a prisoner as a club.
No. 956996 ID: 9876c4

C, followed by A. Let's have ourselves a bbq.
No. 956999 ID: 10c07d

B, using Corswain to knock her lights out
No. 957015 ID: e96198

Careful, that staff is glowing. I say B, throw the knight to purposely block or make any ranged attack difficult. Close that distance and follow up with whatever attack is quick if you can.
No. 957017 ID: 673c6f

C.Throw a prisoner, use the other to counter any blows she throws at you
No. 957049 ID: a664e3


B. Use that prisoner like a battering ram, and take her down.
No. 957053 ID: 094652

D, A - Drop prisoners in a stack, stomp on them to pin them down, and breathe fire as a threat. Explain that you will prevent the prisoners from leaving, one way or another. The glamoured spellcaster and her charcoal friend should cut their losses and run, or you will start with the roast in your claws before the ones in the stonework..
No. 957217 ID: 322af8

B) Though I worry what pure brute force will lead to with a magic counter.
No. 957694 ID: 93a391

Threaten to roast the bug. The hydra has two hostages and should use them
No. 957910 ID: 8667c5

She is a caster of some sort, and send to be familiar with, if not resistant to, hear and fire. She may be preparing a flame spell of some sort, in which case you have little to fear, but she may be about to telefrag you as she teleports away with the prisoner you are holding. Either way if you throw the prisoner at her she will suddenly have to deal with keeping her safe while she fights you, though she may just teleport away after you throw.
Hurl prisoner and trident at the same time, then go for the grapple. Mages never do well in a grapple.
No. 958067 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158346360195.png - (264.03KB , 657x858 , Pentacle119.png )

Filled with fury the Hydra Charges in, Fason taking in a deep breath.

the robed figure merely sighs and mouths a command word 'Egg out'

Fason exhales a moment too late, the flames that bathe the hallway wash harmlessly over a glowing orb that now encases the robed figure.

the cat thief Likewise encased
No. 958068 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158346369026.png - (445.63KB , 657x858 , Pentacle120.png )

Pain is the next thing the Hydra takes note of . . .
No. 958069 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158346380387.png - (440.00KB , 657x858 , Pentacle121.png )

. . . immense pain as the glowing orbs vanish
No. 958080 ID: e51896

No. 958089 ID: cdabe3

oh god


i guess you could say this encounter was rather disarming
No. 958091 ID: 0fae41

At least you have new information for the Duchess. No way to keep her from abducting the prisoners once she had line of sight. Remember, don't get mad - get even!
No. 958101 ID: 673c6f

Well that's infuriating. Damn mage, let's eat the chicken when we see her again.

In the meantime I guess there's nothing to do but scream. And then tell Kalez what happened.
No. 958117 ID: 3ce8ff

targets escaped. embrace pain for a bit.
No. 958119 ID: 86eb65

Eh you are a hydra. Shove your other arm in there or you will be lopsided when two arms grow back on your right side.
No. 958124 ID: dbd72b

Oof. Magic bullshit. Happens to the best of us. Medical (if necessary) first, report second. Freak out just a bit if you have to, and it doesn't delay anything lifesaving. You're a valuable asset, even down an arm and a tail.
No. 958157 ID: 094652

Must... get... surgery...
No. 958234 ID: 9876c4

This doesn't look life threatening... to a hydra.

We should report this.
No. 958248 ID: e96198

Not quite sure if we're the type of hydra that can regenerate. Let's hope this isn't burn damage of some kind if we are one of the regenerating types.

Fight the pain and stay awake, it's ok to scream. You did just take an injury that is pretty much career ending for any warrior. Looks like you're bleeding, try to wrap that up.
No. 958249 ID: 322af8

Retreat. Retreat to the others and then get medical help
No. 958269 ID: a664e3


On the plus side, there was absolutely no way you were winning an encounter with someone who could do THAT, so at least you chose an option that will provide valuable information to the next person who has to deal with her and her bullshit.

"Can make disintegrating fields." Very useful to know.

On the other hand, you're down one.

So, even if this hen's still nearby, there's no way you can beat her. Get out of there, report to your superiors, and then get whatever medical attention you can.
No. 958285 ID: c09fb4

Your immediate danger is bleeding out before any medical aid gets to you or you to it. Top priority is stopping or at least slowing the bleeding, followed by calling for medical aid and moving to it if possible.

If you have a belt you can pull off one-handed, do so and use it as a makeshift tourniquet on your right arm. If you don't, then just try squeezing with your massive strength behind your right arm's stump with your left hand.

As for your tail... You'd need both hands to tie anything back there tight enough to staunch the flow of blood. If you got a belt tightened around your right arm as a tourniquet, then you could squeeze your tail with your left hand to slow the blood loss from there. Otherwise, your best option is to move towards where medical aid would be while yelling for medical help.

But if you're getting too weak to move, then... Would cauterization work on your wounds? It would stop the bleeding. I'd also hurt much, much worse and likely be unhealable afterwards. Mark that as a last resort option.
No. 958287 ID: 91ee5f

>"Can make disintegrating fields."
That's not what happened. Nothing was disintegrated, they were all teleported away.
No. 958301 ID: c09fb4

...Which means that our hand and tail went with them and could be recovered if we find where they teleported to. I dunno if there's any magic or other means available to us that could reattach and heal them to functionality, though. But if that is possible for us, then we need to find where they went ASAP. The sooner we get our limbs back the better the condition they'll be in and the better the odds of successful reattachment.
No. 958310 ID: e51896

Sidequest: look for arm and tail.
No. 958321 ID: 10c07d

If one of the hydras abilities is not regeneration she can cauterize the wounds with her own fire, only her scales are fire proof not the insides I assume
No. 958438 ID: 5b0071

You must stop the bleeding, then check the passage that foul witch came from.

If you do not do -everything- within your power to stop this mayhem, the duchess may only preserve your life to prolong the suffering you'll have earned.
No. 959106 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158441652158.png - (557.60KB , 657x858 , Pentacle122.png )

"i guess you could say this encounter was rather disarming" Laret snickers between winches of pain
Fason Shrieks in response "I swear to the gods Laret you are the nexk piece we lose!"
the other heads moan in pain as they stagger into the flames

No. 959107 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158441660091.png - (516.52KB , 657x858 , Pentacle123.png )

the floor gives out
fire surrounds the Hydra


falling into darkness
No. 959109 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, that's not good. Brace for impact! Tuck and roll!
No. 959112 ID: 11f77a

This isn't over. You will stop at nothing to have your revenge. That hen-bitch took something of yours, and you'll take everything away from her. No more hostages, you kill any freedom fighter scum outside of a jail cell on sight now. No half measures.

First, you must begin your vendetta by healing, or finding a replacement for your arm and tail. Contain the rage and let it build up and fester inside.

Also, land on a kobold.
No. 959114 ID: 17f233

At least we got the hydra into being nude.
Mission accomplished?
Hit the floor and keep your sliver of dignity intac with a rightly positioned hand on the crotch before you get ragdalled with the fall impact.

+1 to the idea of landing on a kobold. specifically poor Vovo as he come in with those new reinforcements you asked for. Give him a face full of that scale puss.

I think to end this you could have him along with pretty much a groupshot allies like skrelp, the assorted generic minions & the wasp. Possibly throw in the as of yet unseen king? all reacting to your mangled, charred possibly dead body. Wait scratch some of those cameos. The wasp woman is being taken to taken to the city gates at this time by skrelp & the map layout pic means renforcments wouldve had to come through the prison fightzone. Meh maybe space, time & logic will bend for the sake of getting a dramatic picture to play out. It certainly didn't do as much enabling player backed for purely eroticly motivated stupidity that's for sure. Have them look down through the hole you fell into instead?
No. 959128 ID: e2dc7c

Brush yourself off when you land, this ain't over.
No. 959167 ID: e96198

Brace for impact. Not sure what's below us but anything to cushion the fall. It's not over yet.
No. 960883 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158613003754.png - (520.25KB , 657x858 , Pentacle124.png )

Above a lone kobold named Yappa squeaks in fear
'this is really bad! she exclaims, having a bad habit of speaking to herself
'I have to inform Eeyfel! she'll know what to do!' she decides while peaking at the battle's aftermath.
the runt of a guard then scurries off.
No. 960885 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158613008576.png - (306.57KB , 657x858 , Pentacle125.png )

at the bottom of the pit, a broken creature lies.
they dream, perhaps for the last time . . .
No. 960890 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158613029861.png - (531.37KB , 657x858 , Pentacle126.png )

it is a shared dream, one that should not be remembered, a memory from too long ago.

'egad how revolting' they know the Jackal, he is first acolyte
the high priestess hiss in her Rachnid way'idiot, you cannot imagine their value '
the underling merely shrugs 'a fused abomination, they have no value, an utterly worthless failure
The King of pentacles his gifted them to us, that is their worth.

the jackal sneers in mock subservience 'forgive me but how can a mutated corpse have worth?'

the priestess screeches in fury'a corpse?! they cannot die you fool!'

'And yet I am watching it happen, good riddance I say.' spoke the jackal looking at the misshapen creature in disgusted

No! you will keep them alive!

the acolyte shakes his head 'it can't be done'

the high priestess takes a moment to calm down before responding to her defiant minion, here scratchy voice filled with an malicious edge
'I don't think you understand how . . . disappointed Midas will be to hear that'

understand washes over the jackals face and he groans before admitting his next statement
'perhaps I can sacrifice the others to save one or two . . .'

'you will save all five.' the high priestess demands

'I don't have enough flesh!'The acolyte tries to explain

but his superior will not hear it.Consider this a test Aebin, show me you are worth all the time I invested in you and save these wretched creatures, all of them.

the Jackal grinds his teeth but holds his tongue as the golden scorpion leaves.

do the wretched creatures survive?
No. 960891 ID: 0fae41

No, the wretched creatures withered away. I wonder what took their place.
No. 960893 ID: b1b4f3

LW is doing one of those vaguely stated but extremely important decisions.

Yes, they survive.
No. 960894 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, they all survived.
No. 960896 ID: 7f1230

No. 960905 ID: f505e7

No. 960906 ID: 3ed3c3

I mean, of course, they survived. They wouldn't have gotten this job if they could be killed so easily.
No. 960908 ID: 094652

None of them have brain damage and the Duchess flipped the bird to all necromancy taboos. So yeah they survived. As what, I cannot say.
No. 960912 ID: 9876c4

He bound their skeins together, like an aunt knitting a sweater.

As long as but a thread stands, all still cling to life. They share fortune and fate until the last.
No. 960917 ID: 10c07d

Of course they survive. The hydra has to exact her revenge
No. 960918 ID: e2dc7c

Yes, the wretched creatures survived.
No. 960922 ID: 86eb65

Of course they all survive. Hydra's are a hearty lot and our acolyte is a clever one.
No. 960923 ID: cdabe3

No. 960924 ID: c93e10

The creatures survive... but for a very very costly price.
No. 960926 ID: c853da

No. Let them rest.
No. 960931 ID: 4854ef

Let the wretched beings live, for they have a great purpose and deserve life.
No. 960934 ID: 9aa12d

Yes they live
No. 960936 ID: e85a08

They survived, but perhaps not all of them.
No. 960941 ID: c84ff4

they survived, but somehow ended up with 6
No. 960944 ID: 2f8bd2

Yes, the creature survives.
No. 960948 ID: e96198

Save all of them, I believe they've proven themselves useful and far more effective before than any of Kalez's previous minions. That and I'm curious exactly how their relationship is with the Duke and Duchess.
No. 960976 ID: affa90

They survive, there’s someone to prove wrong. A lot of people to prove wrong.
No. 961077 ID: 5b0071

all five shall live just for the hope of outlasting the other four
No. 961083 ID: a9af05

They survive. Revenge is a very strong motivator. Especially when it's someone that's going to get their limbs ripped off, as payback for removing our limbs.
No. 961110 ID: 6c227a

okay but like.. it would be really good character development if ONE of them died.
No. 961243 ID: e2dc7c

No it wouldn't.
No. 961263 ID: a06d8c

They are not done yet, they must hace revenge!
No. 963196 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158761592901.png - (310.71KB , 657x858 , Pentacle127.png )

The Hyrda refuses death! they defy it as they did more than two decades ago.

the old magic that reshaped them then remains strong!
but this time something is different

Hatred. Fury. A thirst for vengeance.
emotion fuels the magic. makes them stronger. more powerful than before!
No. 963198 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158761632605.png - (309.03KB , 657x858 , Pentacle128.png )

The Hydra rises as their wounds fade away.
searching into the darkness for a way out.

Chapter 3 End
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