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File 169669541223.gif - (4.11MB , 1000x800 , falling-city-title-animation.gif )
1074204 No. 1074204 ID: 0b594e

Rumors abound of the city.
They say it just appeared one day.
They say no one has ever seen its top.
They say it is a place of mystic secrets and wild pleasures.

But before we can get to that...
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No. 1087458 ID: 2f41db

You need a staging post.

Pick a convenient natural clearing, expand on that. Wooden fence and minor earthworks like a ditch with spikes sunk and facing outwards.
A couple of rudimentary tents for rest and storage.
Torches around the perimeter at night.

This will give you a clear, safe landing point, allow for extended expeditions and provide a secure rest and storage point for gathered supplies.

Anything found, foraged or hunted could be stored there and left to a seperate team to ferry back to the city.
Hunter focus on hunting, loggers and foragers on their work.
A team of your strongest can respond to a raised flag from the camp and travel down to make pick ups or drop offs.
Specialisation for efficiency.
No. 1087483 ID: dca656

Yeah, expand a clearing and start fortifying it.

Is there any quick modifications on the workers you can do to help with tree chopping? Or maybe just beef up the hunters to help fend off beasts.
No. 1087494 ID: a031a4

Getting back up to the portals might be a concern as well, no? Do you have any plans or equipment in place for that already?

If not, we'll need to establish some infrastructure below. Securing a landing site, building something like a lift and pulley system to get back up or transport supplies. A lift system that tall will take a long time and space to build safely.
No. 1088886 ID: 5ebd37
File 171324047168.jpg - (69.71KB , 1000x800 , considering bodily harm.jpg )

>How far could a kobold glide if they exited the portal at the top and went as far out as possible?
Murdoc: "From the top portal we are five miles up. Or four? I can't really tell, but its quite high either way. So plenty of range, it's the landing I'm worried about.
Now I'm not one to shy away from dashing myself upon the rocks. Done it a few times, it's not so bad. But I'd just as soon not rely on a shaper being on hand to resurrect at the very outset of our expedition."

>what about fire?
Grishkah: "Not a bad idea, this forest is very wet so it wouldn't spread too far. But by that same token It will take some doing to get a good blaze going. Maybe just a torch fence to start."

>How about ranchers?
Grishkah: "Quite a few beasts got caught when the portal opened. We've got a team sorting out the ones we captured alive. They should have a report by the next meeting."

Murdoc: "I popped in for a minute this morning and its a madhouse. They'll have their hands full finding anything domesticable in that lot."

>You need a staging post.
>Yeah, expand a clearing and start fortifying it.
Grishkah: "Sigh, so straightforward, but its the best plan for the moment. Needs more action though, more beast fighting."

Murdoc: "No, shut it, it's a great plan. Establish a foot hold and work from there, and it will keep the hunters busy before they go tearing off into the woods for sport. Come on, we'll do a flyover now and pick out a likely spot."

>Getting back up to the portals might be a concern as well, no? Do you have any plans or equipment in place for that already?
Murdoc: "I mean, we'll be right next to the lower portal so, we can just hop back in. Jormun is falling much slower than terminal velocity, so it's easy to catch up."

>Has anyone gone up above the top portal to see what's on the other side?
Grishkah: "The top? Of course, why didn't we think to check before?"

Murdoc: "Well here comes the portal, lets go find out."
No. 1088887 ID: 5ebd37
File 171324050592.gif - (299.15KB , 1000x800 , portal-top.gif )

No. 1088888 ID: 5ebd37
File 171324057509.gif - (534.15KB , 1000x800 , little-clearings.gif )

Grishkah: "Aghl-aghl-aghl-aghhh!"

Murdoc: "Well that's a no go. Guess it has a shield to keep people from messing with it.

Anyway, lets pick a landing point. There's a long, narrow clearing with a stream, a small clearing with dark spots, and a large clearing with a sandy area. Also there's a big square rock that might make a nice high ground."
No. 1088889 ID: 462d8c

Aim for the clearing with sand
No. 1088890 ID: 2f41db

Dont trust those spots in the open field.
Rock looks very defensible but very visible.
That said, jormy is probably getting all the attention so that's lesser of an issue.
Fresh stream might be a good start point for game trails.

I say go with the sandy patch clearing.
More room to work with.
There could be something lurking in the sand like some kind of horrific giant antlion, but thats a positive to some of the more hunthungry folk.
No. 1088899 ID: 273c18

I couldn't quite tell what the shield does. Is it like a trampoline or something?
The sand seems like it might work for a landing zone. It's softer then landing on rocks that's for sure. How are we going to handle water supplies in the staging post? Regular deliveries?

You know, I just realized I don't know how close to the ground the portal down there is. Does it actually cut into the ground to make a "hole"? Where did all the stuff that was there go, in that case...?
No. 1088904 ID: f3171e

Good point, sand would cushion the landing.
No. 1088908 ID: 80c73b

Hmm. I'm inclined to go with either the rock or the sand, though I'm wondering about things hiding in the sand. How's your water supply, though? Would the river be notably useful?
No. 1089014 ID: 56db77

I say go with the rock, who knows what those dark spots are, the sand could conceal all manner of horrible burrowing monstrosities, and while fresh water is nice the stream isn't really shaped in a way to make for a good defensive barrier.
No. 1090346 ID: 5ebd37
File 171489539651.jpg - (186.54KB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_53 a foolish tableau.jpg )

>the shield, is it like a trampoline or something?

Murdoc: "Yeah he just bounced right off. Reassuring actually, I don't want to think about what would happen if one of the portals were to fail."

>how close to the ground is the portal down there?

Murdoc: "It's flush with the ground, recessed about a foot down even. Everything that was above it was dropped in when it opened, and we piled it up on Jormun. So far no animals have been stupid enough to fall in, though they don't seem to fear getting near it either."

>How are we going to handle water supplies?

Murdoc: "Uh, supplies isn't my strong suit, I know hunting and scouting more. Thinking about how to get water from that stream to Jormun makes my head hurt. But this forest seems like it gets a lot of rainfall, and there's gray clouds drawing near. I'd say some simple collectors will suffice for now."

> Sand, sand, sand, sand, rock/sand, rock

Murdoc: "Hmm, I'm having second thoughts about the rock, hard to build on. The sand obviously will have ambushers, but overall seems better. And plenty of space too."

Murdoc angles herself through the air to join her boss. The hunter bats at the stricken Grishkah until he stops spinning. His eyes are still spinning in opposite directions though. With aerial grace Murdoc manages to get them both safely back atop Jormun.

Landing among the hunters, Murdoc unceremoniously dumps the dizzy boss on the ground. "Alright alright, enough hanging about. Who's ready to get down there and show this new world what we're made of?"

Mishkah: "Finally!" the other hunter boss kicks over the drawing board and sprints to the Wurm's edge. "You sort out the details, I'll see you down there!" With a jaunty salute he disappears over the side.

Murdoc: "Wait, you don't know where we're landing!" Too late, he's gone.
No. 1090347 ID: 273c18

Quickly inform those present, then chase after The Fool so you can point him towards the landing site.
No. 1090360 ID: 2f41db

You have to admire their enthusiasm.

Well, best get down there.
No. 1090368 ID: 210aa5

Aim towards the edge of the sand. Soft landing, but you have a better chance to scurry away from anything buried beneath.
No. 1090370 ID: 8f9bc4

dammit Leeroy...
No. 1091494 ID: 5ebd37
File 171632262008.jpg - (269.71KB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_54 touchdown.jpg )

Murdoc: (Damn, if they're both out of commission then I have to be in charge. Well not on my watch!) She turns to the hunters "Right! Burgo, you're with me." The big cappybolda nods and grabs his equipment. "The rest of you, get Gris to a shaper and grab some supplies. Pointy sticks or something, I don't know. We're landing in the sandy spot, lets go!"

Murdoc and Burgo quickly catch up to Mishkah, who is splayed out and idly drifting down.
Mishkah: "What took you so long? Show me where we're heading." Murdoc rolls her eyes and leads the way.

The group swoops in and lands safely on the sand. Hurriedly getting to solid ground, they look around the empty clearing. "Well this is far too suspiciously quiet." says Murdoc, as a gentle breeze stirs the grass.

At the treeline a long red snout emerges from the foliage. Yellow eyes peer at the party.
No. 1091499 ID: 273c18

Prepare for battle, but don't make the first move. I think we would prefer not to enrage the predator if it won't attack on its own. Observe its behavior.
No. 1091503 ID: 8f9bc4

Best defense against a predator is to make yourself seem big. Stand on top of each other, stack those kobolds!
No. 1091508 ID: 462d8c

This should be our response to everything

I do agree that we need to observe before engaging first. For all we know this is a thinking creature
No. 1091512 ID: 2f41db

Stack them 'bolds.

Itnmight initially be a funny suggestion but predators are often very wary creatures.
One bad call can lead to starvation.
Especially among non pack hunters.

Sometimes doing something unexpected can throw tyem while they try to figure out if youre a good prey target or not.

Standard thing. Dont show it your back.
No. 1091515 ID: 28f26c

Eyes up, something's watching you. Only one right now, but it could be a pack predator.
No. 1091624 ID: 80c73b

Nice sand effects, looks cool.

>One bad call can lead to starvation.
Specifically compared to herbivores, whose food can't run away; is the logic I've heard. A herbivore tears a muscle, they just take a little longer to get to new grass; a predator tears a muscle, and they can't catch anything.
No. 1092375 ID: 5ebd37
File 171753014016.jpg - (200.77KB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_55 impressing children.jpg )

>Stack them 'bolds

Murdoc: "Ah, here we go" The hunter spots the watching predator. "Standard formation, height advantage!"

Mishkah: "Hey I wanted to say it."

Murdoc: "Have to be quicker on the draw then."

Brugo effortlessly hoists his companions onto his broad shoulders and the three form a small tower. As they wobble in place a pair of bipedal lizards come rushing out of the trees. The bolds tense up, ready for a fight, but the red things stop a few paces away. They look up at the bolds curiously, hoping around and chirping to each other.

Mishkah: "We captured some of these earlier didn't we? I thought they were bigger. Oh, wait"
Another, much larger lizard steps out of the forest. It doesn't approach, but keeps a watchful eye fixed on the party. The smaller ones come closer and start chasing each other around Burgo's feet.

Burgo: "Oooh, boss, can I pet em? Pleaaase?"
No. 1092376 ID: 462d8c

Petting things with large teeth is how you lose a finger. Petting cubs while the parent is near is how you lose the whole arm! If we must befriend then try offering a bit of food
No. 1092378 ID: 273c18

Eh, losing fingers or even arms is not really a big deal, we can replace them. That said, be careful.
No. 1092383 ID: 9bbb0e

They seem to be a social species, but one should never assume cross-species body language will translate, so avoid touching for now. The young probably don't know how to assess danger yet.

On the one hand, if we give them food they will come back and become a nuisance species. On the other, that can be how domestication starts.

I'll agree with the food plan, though. The mother lizard hasn't attacked you on instinct yet, so the species must be fairly intelligent.
No. 1092389 ID: 2f41db

No pet.
The loss of fingers mentioned is a very real risk.
Moreover, tge mother may interpret it as an attack.

Get started on domestication, or af least fruendly terms.
Got to presume meat is on the menu for something with teeth like that
No. 1092465 ID: 56db77
File 171759385420.gif - (3.58MB , 960x540 , 9k41mwqpb03c1.gif )

No. 1092847 ID: 5ebd37
File 171815825319.jpg - (186.06KB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_56 oh no buddy.jpg )

>Pet, No, Pet, No, Give em food

Mishkah: "Well okay, big guy, but be careful. I'm not fishing your fingers out of a stomach. Again."

Murdoc: "Hang on, I've got some jerky." She passes some tasty dried meat down to Burgo, who offers it to the curious lizards.

After a few sniffs, the little ones nab the treats. They break out into a happy dance that would melt the hearts of lesser bolds. Luckily the party are all veteran hunters and able to withstand the assault. Burgo manages to keep it together long enough to break off another piece. When a lizard snaps it up he is able to get a few quick pets in.

Burgo: "eeeeeee"

Murdoc: "Whoa, hey keep it steady Burgo." Trying to keep her balance atop the distracted hunter, she glances at the mother in the trees. The predator narrows her eyes, but otherwise hasn't moved.

The other juvenile, still gamboling about, trips on a loop of grass. The poor thing tumbles over into a heap by the edge of the sand, which shifts slightly.
No. 1092848 ID: 273c18

Ambush predator in the sand! Intervene to protect the child!
No. 1092851 ID: 8f9bc4

Unload into the sand heap!
No. 1092855 ID: 2f41db

Rushing the youngling may agitate the parent but it seems smart enough to realise whats really going on.

Get between the youngling and the sand dweller.
Braced small spearwall.
Something is coming out of that sand with momentum in a moment.
Whether its an appendage or the whole beast, let its momentum do the damage to itself.

Like taking a charging boar.
No. 1092876 ID: 9bbb0e

Looks like danger coming. You're precariously stacked, so it might be hard to rush in on short notice, but one of the upper stackers could shoot the sand beast.
No. 1093582 ID: 5ebd37
File 171968166128.jpg - (89.42KB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_57 the fastball special.jpg )

>Danger coming, intervene, get between the youngling and the sand dweller.
>Unload into the sand heap!

Murdoc: (I see it!) "Something in the sand!" In one smooth motion the hunter draws and looses an arrow at the heaving sand.

The others snap to attention at Murdoc's cry. Without missing a beat Burgo snatches Mishkah and spins to launch the ratte. The watching mother gives a warbling call and bursts from the tree line, rapidly closing distance with the bolds.

The fallen lizard looks up with a chirp of fear as an eyeless head looms up out of the sand. The ambusher's attack abruptly halts as an arrow strikes it square in the face. Chromatophores flash crazed patterns over its body as it rears back with a piercing hiss, only for a flying Mishkah to impact its neck, sword first. The beast falls back, quite dead.
No. 1093583 ID: 5ebd37
File 171968169216.jpg - (127.10KB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_58 new friends.jpg )

The adult red lizard skids to a stop as its babes scamper over. Murdoc slowly readies another arrow as the sleek hunter approaches where Mishkah is dizzily getting to his feet. She stops in front of the hunter boss, head held high to look him right in the eye. Then she makes a thrumming deep in her throat and gently bumps her big head into the hunter boss. Not quite sure what to make of this behavior, Mishkah settles on stroking her between the eyes, which elicits an even more intense thrum.

By the time the other hunters arrive with supplies the trio is entertaining a whole pack of lizards. The rattes carve pieces off of the ambusher's corpse to toss to the excited preds, who easily snatch them in their needly teeth. Meanwhile Burgo is stuck in a cuddly pile of juveniles, experiencing adorableness beyond the ken of normal bolds.

Progress on the camp is considerably hampered, but all involved agree it's worth it.
No. 1093584 ID: 5ebd37
File 171968175091.jpg - (70.34KB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_59 wurm call.jpg )

The next morning while floating aimlessly around Jormun calls out to you.

Jormun: (Hey guys! I'm an intercom now! Solfar helped me figure out how I was communicating with her so easily and now I can talk to anyone around me, so I can pass messages along and stuff. Donvan and I have been going over what I can access of my systems so I can be more helpful. Oh right, that's what I needed to tell you. There's a another leadership session about to start because we found out something about my body that's maybe not good. See you there! I mean, I see you now, but I'll see you then too. So, um... bye!)

The meeting is just starting as you all drift in. Most of the leader bolds are in a disheveled state as if they were just dragged out of bed. While everyone is grumbling about the time and the lack of stimulants, the chief bursts into the tent.

Pitreh: "Alright bolds, we've got a problem! And I don't just mean how we're generally fumbling around. Jormun, explain."

Jormun: (So, wait everyone can hear me right? Good. So, Donvan and I have been trying to figure out how I work, and its kind of a mess. There are a lot of systems that have calcified and either don't work or can't be controlled.)

The robolds are looking confused at this tech talk so Solfar pipes up. "It's like, magic that tells his body what to do, like gears and pulleys, sort of?" This explanation seems to satisfy, so Jormun continues.

Jormun: (I was wondering how I'm getting energy, and it turns out my back plates absorb sunlight! And so energy is building up! And the only system that's still operating is fabrication! And the battery system is damaged, so if I don't use up this energy I'll explode!)

Jormun: (So the fabrication system isn't listening to me, and is going to build a new section to make me even longer. But, well, that means you'll need to move all your stuff to my sides. The fabricator bots might... build over you if you stay here.)

Pitreh: "We've got timber, we've got tenting. This should be no problem. Jormun says we can make holes in his hide..."

Jormun: (I don't feel pain!)

Pitreh: "But it's as hard as stone so we're limited to small holes. And of course wind is also a factor, but we're not falling too fast so it's not so bad."

Pitreh: "So, esteemed bolds, what are we doing?"

Time to really get this city going. Suggest a structure to start with.
No. 1093585 ID: 9bbb0e

Good work, team. We've already made friends on first contact with an intelligent species.

That's less good news. If Solfar is able to communicate with Jormun, maybe she (and us) can help fix whatever is causing a communications error with the fabricators? If the fabricators don't listen, whatever was implanted in her head is clearly a comms transmitter and receiver of some kind, so if there's a way to replicate it we can replace the broken comms relay in the fab subsystem.

Until then... maybe there's a way we can stop the power supply from overloading. We can cover the solar panels on Jormun's side with our thickest, brightest fabric, which will reflect the photons and prevent them from being absorbed as power, without absorbing them and overheating like dark fabrics would. We do this until we find a safe equilibrium between power generation and expenditure and hold the batteries in a stable state.
No. 1093587 ID: 462d8c

If we're going to be doing many expeditions, maybe let's get started on a launching/landing pad? For now when our hunters return they have the back of Jormun but that might change soon
No. 1093589 ID: 273c18

Everything starts with living quarters. Then workshops and storage.
No. 1093600 ID: eb0a9c

>Energy buildup
We need to find the power rerouting substations and whatever the hell is responsible for the portal. It's just a matter of siphoning our vast energy reserves into maintaining something that eats power.
>Growth systems not responding
I wonder if we can make Jormun reproduce if we slice him in half and let the two sides' nanofabs work on it. We should look for some kind of reproductive module, as an emergency backup.
No. 1093601 ID: 273c18

Can't we just cover up the solar panels?
No. 1093606 ID: 8f9bc4

I assume the new section will contain batteries so as not to explode?
No. 1093644 ID: 2f41db

Good work guys.
Friends acquired.
Hunting partners eventually, mounts maybe but best of all theyre all
good boys and girls.


Oh damn.
New section.
Lets go for something with the scales lifted and facing outwards. Not inverted. This would offer bowl like surface that could house more stable structures AND act as a rain trap for water storage.


This is a good secondary plan.
If enough bright cloth isnt available then maybe rope, planks of locally sourced timber laid in thin rows could make us some giant blinds to raise and lower as needed.
No. 1093887 ID: 5ebd37
File 172032447006.jpg - (1.01MB , 1000x800 , fallingcity_60 first planning.jpg )

>communicate with the fabricator
Jormun: (That's the problem, I should be able to talk to it, but there's no connection. Or at least, it's not responding to me. I'm still getting some signals from it so I know it's online and what its doing, but that's all. If someone can get inside me we might be able to fix that, but none of the exterior doors are listening to me either. So until you can break through reinforced plating the fabricator is just going to be on its own.)

>I assume the new section will contain batteries so as not to explode?
Jormun: (Each section has its own battery, so yes. I checked in my data banks, though they're in a sorry state, and I was able to find some info on the battery system. They're rated to not degrade like this for at least 30 millennia, so we won't have to worry about the new one.)

>slice him in half and let the two sides' nanofabs work on it.
Jormun: (Ah, that would be cool! But there's only one fabricator so, I think it would only half work. I'm hard to saw in half anyway, so maybe later.)

>cover the solar panels
Crafter rep Lohmul: "That is my first thought as well. How much area would we need to cover?"

Pitreh: "H-He's four miles long!"

Lohmul: "Hmm, we may only have enough material to cover two panels then, if we were to give up all the tents. Trader Mirrak, have you any suppliers for more cloth?"

Mirrak: "Wha- I, we haven't met anyone yet?"

Lohmul: "I'd get on that. The crafters are getting antsy with no commissions."

Mirrak: "Hnnn..."

Farmer Marten: "Ey, what if you rubbed mud on em?"

Pitreh: "Do you have four miles worth of mud?"

Marten: "Well, no..."

Jormun: (A partial covering will only delay the build-up.)

Pitreh: "Then we'll put coverings down as a maybe for current projects. After we get some decent housing."

>landing pad, living quarters, storage
Lohmul: "Now this we can do. Plenty of good, strong timber for a platform and some bunkrooms. Any suggestions as to the arrangement?"
No. 1093888 ID: 273c18

Huh, it sounds like the implication is that we need to cover ALL the solar panels, but... the inertial dampeners are using power too, so is there an internal generator or something?

>any particular arrangement?
Well, we have to keep the top of the landing pad clear, so don't build anything above it. We should put storage near the current buildings so that it takes less time to move things.
No. 1093889 ID: 462d8c

Storage could probably be put under the landing pad, since that's probably where most people will go immediately afterwards.

The roofs of people's housing could work as walkways to get around. Probably should have netting at the edges to catch any errant slippers. Otherwise, bunkrooms connected to a common area would probably be the most efficient use of our timber for now. Not the most privacy but certainly a step up from tents.
No. 1093907 ID: 2f41db

Bunkrooms at first with a thought to repurpose them as we have the luxury to make more personal domiciles.
No. 1093940 ID: 9bbb0e

Sounds like a plan.
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