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File 169404244903.png - (858.87KB , 1411x1073 , Mech1.png )
1071850 No. 1071850 ID: ed041d

Clark IV, a world under fire.

The Interstellar Transit Authority currently holds the planet under martial law. The planet has seen a turbulent past century, guerilla fighters have been holding it hard and there has been no progress in taking hold.

Mercenary companies have been brought in to step in as a force multiplier, but they are beholden to no one but whoever pays the most.

Corporate entities have also begun to set their eyes on the planet below.

It is hell.
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No. 1072240 ID: 0bf2fd

Set up where you are and aim very carefully at the head and fire with the rifle.
No. 1072253 ID: bada8c

Saturat with missles and engage with rifle.
No. 1072291 ID: ed041d
File 169461648241.png - (56.46KB , 347x466 , Mech16.png )

You opt to leap down and open fire, keeping at a medium range.
No. 1072292 ID: ed041d
File 169461665699.png - (48.52KB , 561x383 , Mech17.png )

:HandlerIcon: Alright got the build 637. That's a Odyssey series by Olympus Tech. It's a heavier build and uses those 4 legs to keep stable, apparently it's an industrial mech meant to carry heavy loads around factories. Keep at it and avoid those missile racks and you should be fine.

You're zipping around, doing so damage, perhaps you can throw it off balance, do you want to is the question? And even if you did, how would you do so?
No. 1072297 ID: 59fbfe

We have the range on his shotguns and appear to have the speed on his missiles. Unless he does something to surprise us, no reason not to just circlestrafe until it's dead. We're paid to kill, not to be flashy.
No. 1072298 ID: 9059a7

So mechs have a really high center of balance. You should cause lots of explosions from one direction, very near it. Shoot a missile right as it arms itself near the end of the early boost phase, right after it launches.
No. 1072303 ID: 1cf36f

You always want to throw them off balance. Concentrate on a legs until they fall apart.
No. 1072310 ID: 0bf2fd

Its a quad, you wont be able to throw it off balance unless you trash one or two of its legs first.

Stay at a distance, keep mobile, aim for the joints as much as possible. It is an industrialmech below the outer armor. The joints should be relatively weak compared to battlemechs.
No. 1072311 ID: 273c18

If part-specific damage works, you could aim for its missile packs so that it explodes itself?
No. 1072355 ID: d9ed37

That's a good idea, especially since it's basically stationary. We should be able to hit them.
No. 1072358 ID: e5709d

Keep the fight steady until he has to reload his shotguns, then dash in and slice two legs.
No. 1072360 ID: ed041d
File 169470160455.png - (24.44KB , 380x181 , Mech18.png )

You raise the machine gun and open a burst fire as the Odyssey opens up a missile rack.
No. 1072361 ID: ed041d
File 169470163153.png - (43.37KB , 384x310 , Mech19.png )

You strike the warheads and take it out, even damaging the head unit a bit.

What will you do next?
No. 1072362 ID: e5709d

You've permanently weakened his long range DPS and accuracy, so just hang back and continue shooting.
No. 1072363 ID: 4d4361

Use your own missiles to finish this, you command the long range now.
No. 1072364 ID: d3df89

>you command the long range now.
No we don't. Not yet, anyways. The enemy still has one missile rack on its other shoulder. If we can destroy that, then we'll have long range command.
No. 1072374 ID: 0bf2fd

So... sidenote, is it possible to set the missiles to a delayed fuse activation so our own missiles don't blow up if they get hit like that guy's did? Like set it up so they only arm a half second after the motor activates.

Anyway, keep firing at the missiles and head. Even if the shots mostly miss, you would still be suppressing the guy and making it hard to see.
No. 1072402 ID: ed041d
File 169478780229.png - (24.50KB , 272x198 , Mech20.png )

You aim for the second missile rack with your own.
No. 1072403 ID: ed041d
File 169478785161.png - (22.57KB , 273x197 , Mech21.png )

And take it out completely, along with the head unit, the Odyssey is now [IMPAIRED] in vision.

What will be your next action?
No. 1072407 ID: 3f367a

To defeat the enemy mech, shoot it until it dies.
No. 1072408 ID: 0bf2fd

Ask Hannibal whether the enemy's cockpit is augmented to allow them to see behind them (things such as a backup cam, for instance). Also ask if its arms can swivel to point behind it.

If they can't, flank around behind it and then stab the fuck out of its head with your sword. If you miss, grapple with it.
No. 1072426 ID: e5709d

Carefully incapacitate the mech from behind, then extract them for salvage.
No. 1072427 ID: a9af05

Its head is missing. But we can stab straight down where the head used to be. We might hit the pilot in the cockpit by doing that!
No. 1072429 ID: 0bf2fd

Where is the pilot in that thing?
No. 1072478 ID: ccf1fb

Take out one of the shotgun to create a blind spot
No. 1072560 ID: ed041d
File 169499020984.png - (21.20KB , 210x182 , Mech22.png )

You strike forward and the Odyssey takes a shot with its shotguns, taking out your right arm.

Thankfully your beam blade is still functional on your left, digging it down the unarmored neck joint you strike near the cockpit. Even if you didn't hit the pilot you more than likely seared them to deal just from ambient heat.

It ceases function and limply lowers its arms.

:HandlerIcon: Good job 637, the ITA can take the rest of the city from here. We've established ourselves and can begin work for KW Mercantile. A garage will be open for us soon.

Do you have anything you want to say before the mission ends?
No. 1072561 ID: a7a180

No. 1072571 ID: e5709d

"Get me a @#$%ing sidekick."
No. 1072573 ID: dd3fe0

So, military force work best in groups, not lone wolves. I want to be part of a Mech lance. Or at least have a wingman.
No. 1072583 ID: b6d09f

Don't need to say much, though he's been guiding you and complimented your work so you should at least be polite and say "thank you".
No. 1072650 ID: 4f2900

Check the garage for a replacement arm.
No. 1072688 ID: ed041d
File 169513686834.png - (25.84KB , 273x412 , Mech23.png )

:PilotIconF: Thank you.

:HandlerIcon: You'll be picked up shortly 637, from there we can handle repairing your Mech shortly.

Overhead are a few ITA airships, the city will be under control shortly.
No. 1072689 ID: ed041d
File 169513702614.png - (41.47KB , 226x310 , Mech24.png )

Soon you're loaded into a mobile garage and your Mech is shut off, you are free for now.

:HandlerIcon: Take it easy for now, repair work will begin shortly but we may need to just replace the arm.

You are now free to take some time.

You can check your CONTACTS for any potential names you may know.

You can hit the SHOP for parts and weapons.

There will be a BOUNTY BOARD for jobs.

Or you can hit the CLARK INTRANET for information on the situation.

What do you want to do?
No. 1072702 ID: 575bce

Go surf the net.
No. 1072715 ID: 32a74c

Shop for parts.
No. 1072718 ID: 0bf2fd

Take your helmet off, lets see your face
No. 1072720 ID: e5709d

Contracts first, then buy a loadout based on the job.
No. 1072848 ID: ed041d
File 169530423631.png - (24.83KB , 175x239 , Mech25.png )


You remove the helmet, you're in a safe location so it's not exactly needed. You are a typical red fox though with some minor scarring on the right side of your face, as well as some minor cybernetic implants around your head.

You don't feel much these days, but a job is a job.

:HandlerIcon: Take it easy Fox, we need you in tip top shape.
No. 1072849 ID: ed041d
File 169530469773.png - (22.84KB , 800x182 , Mech26.png )

You scroll over to the contract screen, from there you can pick out jobs to work.

:HandlerIcon: We're not the only mercenary on the planet but we do have a decent first call on a lot of these gigs, if you don't grab one it may not be available as there are other mercenary forces. Some of them not so willing to work with us. The jobs being handed to us are worth at least 10 Tokens each, not big scratch but enough, we got 15 from the last job.

Cleanup - Old Tunnels
:HandlerIcon: The start of where this whole rebellion began. There are some automated defenses in the tunnels still operational, the Contact wants them gone.

Assassination - Eliminate
:HandlerIcon: Typical smash and grab, find the Walker Squad and handle them. Supposedly they've got a expansion unit for one of the Boxes.

Escort - Recon Survey
:HandlerIcon: Seems one of the ITA contacts has a rig set up, it's trawling through some of the old deserts scanning for Ruins. Your job is to keep it in tact.

Recon - Temple Ruins
:HandlerIcon: Reports of an enemy mech in the area, keep an eye out and try to survey these old Ruins for a Research Group with the ITA. Straightforward enough.

What job are you thinking of taking?
No. 1072851 ID: f8083d

I like the escort but fear we may be a bit underleveled for that. Let's try the recon.
No. 1072852 ID: 219cd1

We are go for recon.
No. 1072868 ID: 9e0893

We're solo so our best bet is recon work.
No. 1072894 ID: 0bf2fd

If we do recon, we should get some cheap camo netting to drape over the mech to break up its silhouette.
No. 1072959 ID: ed041d
File 169548241303.png - (112.71KB , 631x369 , Mech27.png )

The vote is for Recon.

With that in mind you hit the shop, you currently have 15 trade tokens for the mercenary network, these tokens are used by almost every major supplier and can be exchanged for actual money. Mercs make use of them for easy trade supplies in refitting their mechs.

The shop has 3 units in stock.

Mechs are comprised of 4 pieces (Head, Torso, Arms, Legs) and the cost for these individual pieces varies.

There is the KRIEG heavy mech, it trades speed for armor and weapons handling, you want to wield the biggest guns, this is your mech. The parts cost 4 tokens each, overall the mech would be 16 tokens.

Next is the Ryu mech, a decent middle class unit that doesn't exceed in any field but makes up for it by sheer versatility, the parts cost 3 tokens each, for a total of 12 tokens.

Final in stock is the Critical model light mech, these units are used for scouting and recon work due to their speed, but can't field any heavier weapons than lightweight materials like sub-machine guns or light blades. The parts go for 2 each for a total of 8 tokens.

Also in stock are some new weapons. Weapons can be swapped between positions easily, though blades and melee weapons can only be fielded on the left arm. There are currently no new special additions like new booster packs or energy shield units.

* Machine Gun - 2 Tokens
* Sub-Machine Gun - 1 Token
* Shotgun - 2 Tokens
* Rail-Rifle - 4 Tokens
* Heavy Machine Gun - 3 tokens

* Missile - 2 Tokens
* Turret Launcher - 2 Tokens
* Mortar - 3 Tokens
* Kinetic Shield - 1 Token
No. 1072960 ID: ed041d
File 169548245732.png - (54.75KB , 829x455 , Mech Build Blank.png )

:HandlerIcon: Pick carefully and get yourself set up, if you want to do this job, we're gonna need something good.

Use this blank sheet to determine loadout, remember you have only 15 tokens currently available.
No. 1072967 ID: a7a180

>Ryu arms
>Rail rifle
>Kinetic shield (Sword arm)

if Ryu parts are a straight upgrade over standard, buy the torso and legs too.
No. 1073169 ID: ed041d
File 169565017922.png - (57.46KB , 829x455 , Mech Build 2.png )

> You have spent 8 Tokens, you have 7 left.

The Mech is outfitted with the Ryu arms, which are not a straight upgrade but more of a sidegrade. The August and Ryu are comparable but ultimately are more cases of speed and armor, the Ryu is lighter but boasts better handling for weaponry, while the August is slightly slower but more defensible.
No. 1073170 ID: ed041d
File 169565024053.png - (81.14KB , 1161x387 , Mech28.png )

The mech mission is loaded, you are deployed in a large tunnel complex.

:HandlerIcon: Good luck down there 637, any last words before our contact cuts off?
No. 1073175 ID: f0963a

Hey, where’s my sword? This shield’s supposed to be a fold down model!
No. 1073268 ID: 86980a

"All's good, let you know what's up with this place in a bit."
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