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File 164100181197.png - (334.79KB , 800x800 , 0001.png )
1018998 No. 1018998 ID: fd4d13 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

You've been walking forever.

You're extremely tired.

You can't stop, it's looking for you.

There's nowhere on the road to hide.

There's a gas station a few miles ahead.

Do you:
A) Keep walking
B) Run ahead, exhausting yourself but reaching the gas station sooner
C) Try to find somewhere nearby to hide from it
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No. 1019075 ID: 815672

No. 1019083 ID: dabb22

A. Or just a little opium for the mood boost, gotta turn that frown upside-down if you're gonna be onstage!
No. 1019086 ID: e51896

C. try not to sit on the throne, can't die this early on after all.
No. 1019088 ID: 3a06e7

Wash your face and remove the elvis mask.
No. 1019330 ID: c75f90

Wash your face and get to it. You've got a show to perform.

File 163285160109.png - (419.41KB , 800x600 , HQ1.png )
1011830 No. 1011830 ID: 39d938 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Hunt Quest takes place in the same universe as Return to Sender, however the stories are not in any way connected. The events of this thread take place 2 years before the events of RtS. You do not need to read RtS to understand anything.

71 hours, 33 minutes until competition finish.
52 contestants remain.

Ever since the discovery of the New World there has been no shortage of people calling themselves hunters. What was once an honoured and respected title has been dragged through the mud by a bar of entry so low you could practically walk right over it. Ever since this became a problem, the solution was to create ranks and titles for those who were serious about it. Completing this trial will officially make me a Jackalope tier hunter and give me access to all the benefits that come with that title.
170 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1017334 ID: d40a27

Hmm, leaning towards the 5 since that actually helps us… though that does make me feel a bit bad since we’d be having our partner help us build up our hand while leaving a great card for her behind… though if we bring up that he’d be willing to trade information for a fight as well might be better to wait and face him later where both of us might be able to gain more… assuming no one else takes him out.
No. 1017335 ID: c92a02

Head towards the 5. They're armored, so they're either slow or really, really strong. Either way, it would behoove you to set up an ambush rather than go for a straight fight. Perhaps you can harry them with hit and run strikes?
No. 1017773 ID: 15a025

Going for five seems kinda risky, but I think it's better for us to go after them now instead of later.
No. 1017908 ID: 9a2966

Yup, go for Mr. Armor guy.
No. 1019142 ID: f8fa51

Don't forget that clubs are desirable for us. But yes, the five is the one card here that actually helps us.

File 162180245065.png - (330.17KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
1001540 No. 1001540 ID: ca2950 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Keimi bounds up to a spot on the mountainside and waves excitedly.
"I found it! Look!" she says, gesturing at a small opening in the rock face.
"Found what?" I ask, trudging up the hill. "The last time I went along on an adventure with you, I almost died fighting a giant monster."

Keimi rolls her eyes.
"Firstly, you did not almost die. You were only bashed up a little bit. Secondly, you did not fight a giant monster, according to those documents they forced us to sign," she says, wagging her finger. "Anyway, this leads to a cavity that was shown on the sensor scans of a cavern that, according to the documents that my mom brought home that she definitely wasn't supposed to that I was definitely not supposed to look at; runs adjacent to the area related to those creatures we definitely weren't supposed to know about!"

"This is a lot of layer of not supposing. Am I not supposed to get in deep shit if we get caught?" I ask, stopping to catch my breath.
Keimi ponders for a moment.
"No worries. We definitely won't get in trouble."


"As long as we don't get caught."
43 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1018741 ID: ca2950
File 164083200077.png - (59.28KB , 540x471 , 9.png )

"Alright, Kei. Now that we have the strategic advantage, we can finish it off."

Keimi seems hesitant and stays huddled up against the cave wall.
"I don't think I'm going to be able to keep it up without taking a break. I don't want you getting hurt for real if I can't heal you."

If she's to tired to keep fighting, we're probably not going to do well, since we only broke even last time. Better find another way and somewhere safe to rest.
"Okay. Let's find find somewhere safe to take a breather and look for another route out of here."

Keimi looks a little down. She was so lively a few minutes ago when everything was only moderately dangerous.

"Sorry, Alex. You might get hurt because I'm being irresponsible. Let's just get out of here as soon as possible."
No. 1018746 ID: 894419

Relax, so far this is less dangerous than last time and we survived that one just fine. That said we really should have packed a gun or two.
No. 1018771 ID: 3743c7

Yeah, seems like you should have brought a bit more gear. Little late to fix that, though.
Either way, you should rest a bit.
After that, there's two ways to play this.

First, if that beast sleeps, wait for it to fall asleep, stealth past it (or kill it while it's asleep). Go home, get kitted out a bit better. Doubt either of you is the cautious type, though, so...
Two, scout the area close by. Might be hostiles. Might be zero hostiles. Might be stuff leftover by people who are supposed to deal with this stuff. Tough to say. Best you at least figure out what you have to deal with, so if you have to fight, you set the terms.
No. 1018773 ID: 9a2966

Cheer her up and say you appreciate her feeling like being more careful, but if she wants to keep exploring, you'd be up for it.

You two would just have to try to find some other non-wendigo way out of here while exploring, right? If you can't do so in a reasonable amount of time you'll double back. Maybe the wendigo will have moved on, be sleeping or whatnot then.
No. 1018775 ID: ae9bd9

I disagree that it is less dangerous, we had guns last time. That ofc leads to your other point.

We should really retreat tf out of here and get some guns and more armor (like helmets). Hell, is Keimi even wearing any trauma plates in or under that jacket? Honestly, we are sorely ill-equipped for adventuring even if there weren't monsters. I doubt the snacks we brought would be enough to last if we do get lost, or end up on the wrong side of a cave-in. We should probably reevaluate what to bring before we head back.

File 163210578065.png - (119.52KB , 687x549 , CR_Title.png )
1011088 No. 1011088 ID: 8483cf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

//Clothing Repair\\
NSFW 18+ Warning: This quest includes nudity and mild elements of non-con (clothing damage). Reader discretion advised.

Adventuring has never been safer! Healing spells and trinkets of mage armor are cheap, powerful and plentiful. Unfortunately, spells that protect clothing are still very, very expensive, and it didn’t take long for monsters to figure out new ways to drive off adventurers.

As a newly minted journeyman seamstress just opening up her own shop, you must propose clothes that fit your adventurer’s skills, protect them against dangers, fit their budget, flatter their sense of style, and protect their modesty. Public nudity is highly illegal!
236 posts and 41 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1018294 ID: c92a02

Let's see how long Tineola takes to realize her invisibility enchantment has some strings attached.
No. 1018295 ID: 9a2966

The Wizard Samantha Stevens, her shopping complete, peacefully reading a book and drinking chilled lemonade in a tavern - until a giddy Naomi drops by, chugs her drink and asks to borrow a change of swimwear - something fully-body, please! Or maybe an illusion spell could do. Samantha's not using her spells on anything now anyway, right? Riiiiight?
No. 1018308 ID: a2493c

a completely normal middle-aged salaryman who is totally not suspect or out of place in this high-fantasy setting, and DEFINITELY not asking for very surreptitious modifications to his suit for hazy and unsettling reasons
No. 1018412 ID: e51896

Knife cat, she will be on a adventure... or maybe she is an assassin and was sent to kill someone. But whatever happened, she failed and her clothes are ruined, causing her to think about visiting our place
No. 1018477 ID: 629f2e

Gonna suggest we peek in on Elaine, and see just how well her mission is going. If her robes get damaged and the corset comes out, maybe she'll return our kindness by telling people where she got it from. Of course, she'd probably rush to explain why a monk with a vow of poverty is wearing something so high quality and expensive looking. The idea of being seen as not taking her vow seriously is far worse than a spot of clothing damage.

File 159971026806.png - (32.87KB , 512x512 , panel1.png )
975978 No. 975978 ID: ce5cbd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

152 posts and 71 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1017598 ID: 1c6735
File 163969630998.png - (42.44KB , 512x512 , panel66.png )

"Hey, nimrod. Believe it or not the abandoned and opened warehouse had jackshit except for a few meaningless piles of crud."

"These piles of crud may be the source of our salvation. Clearly we must dig through one, but only one, lest we anger a force greater than our feeble minds."


>Select a pile of crud, and optionally a way to progress the plot._
No. 1017603 ID: 570ff8

The rightmost pile. Use whatever you find as a weapon or a bargaining chip in the sewers.
No. 1017609 ID: 3a06e7

I like the third pile of crud, because it seems more sophisticated than the other two. Someone must've spent a lot of time making it. Surely this couldn't be where the COSMIC ULTRA NUKE is hidden, could it? In any case, we'll need to get to the control room of the station and do something there that will ward off the Yevasa.
No. 1017657 ID: 42aee0

I like the middle pile.

About how to proced I would chose the chaos solution. Open a hole in the building and create your own path. (maybe there is a sledgehammer anywhere near?)
No. 1017790 ID: 0840c2

The rightmost pile

File 163283215758.png - (347.64KB , 800x600 , RTS1.png )
1011811 No. 1011811 ID: 39d938 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Wiki/Thread List: https://questden.org/wiki/Return_to_Sender

There are two kinds of people in this world, besides aves and chimeras. There are those with luck, and those without it. Today I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, perhaps this is God's way of seeking my forgiveness? Well, it'd be a good start. Now if I can find a way off this pinnacle, we'll be just peachy.
323 posts and 56 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1017544 ID: 96c896

Take her, ask her why she's not worried about dying young. Controlling her flame won't make her weaker. You're living proof of that.
No. 1017546 ID: 9a2966

Aw, she likes Pilot.

Invite Riker along, as much as Ocen might be more pleasant company (but hey, you don't care). Reflect on the fact that if you'd explained how you got strong enough to beat her in the first place, you might not have been dealing with her right now... maybe if you do so now, she'll be more interested in moving to a different profession despite her code thing?

Honestly, if mild recriminations and beating her ass down every time you meet is not enough of a deterrent, clearly a different tactic must be attempted. Like... actually getting to know her?

Or maybe training her so she can get good enough to beat you - once - so you can be left alone. But you're not willing to spend life force doing so. Maybe get someone else to train her, then.

Clearly the answer isn't to just let her beat you. That'd be, uh... too easy? Wait, why haven't you just let her beat you once?

(And yeah what is the story with those coins and why do you hafta heed them?)
No. 1017554 ID: 5d9787

Considering the therms it would make more sense taking Riker, but I would prefer to hang out with Ocen.

Have Pascoe told you about Ocen? I expect he would, the suggestions at the time try to hammer into his head the paranoia that if something happen to Ocen it could happen with Pascoe as well.

So... Riker and Pilot? Did he serve her pang cakes to her bed in the morning?
No. 1017558 ID: ce39da

You'd think that a ranked headband coin would prevent its holder from being able to refuse duel requests from outside challengers, not the other way around. Do you possess a higher-ranking coin or something? Or is this more of a consumable magical effect situation?

But yeah, take Riker along, if only to talk a little more about what it means to be a kindler. Maybe be a little candid at some point about why you became one.

Of course, you should take her back to base first, see if Pascoe's feeling less out of whack than he was before - ideally, Riker's just here to cover for Pilot on guard duty, and it sounds like she actually cares about the guy. (Is there a story behind that, perhaps related to his strange sleep patterns?) If Pascoe still feels off, though, then you'll just have to rent a mammal, as annoying as that sounds.
No. 1017779 ID: 15a025

Take Ocen, Riker's got their own job to get done is sounds like. You could even rub it in a little and call it mail courier duel. If she thinks so highly of herself, clearly she could finish her mail delivery today before you, without any help.

File 163011236129.png - (257.12KB , 1280x1024 , Title.png )
1008879 No. 1008879 ID: 736b7e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

(This will probably be a short, sketchy quest. Updates will be slow. Criai created by Cirr)
66 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1016994 ID: c92a02

Draw them away from the ship by grabbing their attention and running.
No. 1017015 ID: ee2e93

Hostiles have overwhelmed the camp. Laser based firearm has failed, which halts your effective ability to resist. Due to this, all outside the ship is lost.

Either yell at somebody to seal the door while you flee to draw away hostiles, or get up there to seal it yourself before they overwhelm the ship.
No. 1017045 ID: 815672

Your minus one gun but you have a smoking hot club. Grab any hold you can, hit the thing that grabbed Jui. Use your knife if you have to.
No. 1017429 ID: 7ed0fe

I know the laser rifle was at risk of overheating, but a single shot??
What about your survival knife? Can you get to the monster that's attacking Jui and force it to let her go before the other bug on the ship reaches you?
No. 1017710 ID: 43bfc0

Do what you can to keep their attention on you; the people on the ship might be able to close the ramp door now. Surely they can't easily break through a metal hull, right?

It sounds like you can't afford to lose Jui, so you need to find a way to rescue her. What do you think, could you take the bug that's grabbed her if you can draw it out on its own? If not, you might need to follow it (or get it to follow you) and look for a safer opportunity to attack.

File 163125557174.png - (155.61KB , 1000x1000 , 000.png )
1010078 No. 1010078 ID: 629f2e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A mystery/horror quest about children uncovering the horrifying mysteries surrounding their small town.


Unbeknownst to many at the time, yesterday had been one of the most eventful days in quite some time for the city of Cattenom. All around town, incidents were taking place that would change the lives of everyone involved. Miniature tragedies, disconnected yet intertwined in unknowable ways.
137 posts and 53 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1016958 ID: ce39da

I understand what you're asking.

Two of our charges are misguided and prone to error or perhaps far darker misdirections. We can only choose one to aid; Lillian may resort to something reckless, but it's Albert's (A) responsibility to lead the group as a whole in the right direction and to exert enough will that they'd actually follow. He may doom not just himself but also the rest if he fails to question what he already knows.

We may subject the Class Clown or the Bully to misfortune, but they are also but noise in the background as they currently are, stagnant. Lemmy's brand of noise may be considered the more welcome of the two, whereas JoJo (2) may well be more of an obstacle to the other children; it is her slow decline we must cut short.
No. 1017007 ID: a2493c

A1, we've always been better at guiding smart characters. The bully has enough going wrong in their life, we don't need to make things worse for them.
No. 1017065 ID: 8483cf

A1! Is he smart because of his hair, or does his hair grow like that BECAUSE he's smart?
No. 1017648 ID: 629f2e
File 163972284013.png - (1.02MB , 1000x1000 , 54.png )

...I see. So it’s Albert who you wish to guide, and Lemmy who will pay the price. This is your will.

I wonder what guided your choices though… Did you pick Albert for his superior mind, thinking Lillian useless for her perceived lack of intelligence? Maybe some of you, but I’d like to believe that, as a group, you’re better than misjudgements like that. Or perhaps you were simply drawn to Albert for the mysteries surrounding him. A hospitalized father, a remarkably weak constitution, and a mind learned enough to pass for a college student. What circumstances could breed such a child, surely that must interest you.

Or, to take a pessimistic view, perhaps you thought your job would be easy with a Gifted Child like him on your side. Do you intend to rest on your laurels and let the smart boy solve all the mysteries of Cattenom with minimal input?

If those were your thoughts, then my Fortune for you is that you will soon be met with a cruel awakening. Very few in this town work harder than Albert, and you will soon come to understand the sacrifices one must make to become The Genius.

As for Lemmy... I can’t say that I would have chosen the same as you here.

It’s difficult, deciding between one who has never had a chance or one who has squandered theirs. Both paths eventually lead to destruction however, so perhaps neither was better or worse than the other. Alas, I left the decision to you, and I will respect your decision.

To one who brought joy to himself, with others as an afterthought, I must take away your joy for the sake of others. May you be spared the cruelest fate of them all.

[BAD THINGS have happened to Lemmy]
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1017649 ID: 629f2e
File 163972287481.png - (603.92KB , 1000x1000 , 55.png )





You cross an arm over your stomach, silencing its complaints.

Unfortunately for you, Lillian was in no mood for visitors, and called Game Night off entirely. A predictable and entirely sympathetic choice, but one which bore an unfortunate consequence. To put it simply, it prevented you from having Dinner at her house.


You wince, clutching your gut in pain as you curl in on yourself. This only changes the source of your pain, as your sprained leg sends waves up your spine. A headache quickly joins in, leaving you feeling worse than you had seconds before. It wasn’t all bad though. Maybe if you dislocated your arm, it would collectively be enough to knock you out.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 135547111533.jpg - (51.71KB , 783x643 , #1 Tital.jpg )
478624 No. 478624 ID: f50094 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Chapter two

It is the next morning. We find Ring waking from a fantastically uninteresting dream about jogging to discover that she has the slightest hint of a hangover. What thoroughly wholesome journeys will you guide her along today?
686 posts and 141 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1016326 ID: 73300b

What? Of course she'd want Geoffrey to come intervene if that were happening! She wouldn't want to be all alone in such a situation with a threatening person right there in front of her; she'd want to have Geoffrey right there behind her as well.
No. 1016553 ID: 8fae7e

Examine the cart. Might be something useful you can take
No. 1016605 ID: ca0259

Ring, we can't do this anymore. You can't keep telling yourself lies so it's ok to put yourself in more danger. Geoffery could've been a ravenous beast, that troll could've just killed you just now, or god forbid have done exactly what you are secretly hoping for and permanently messed up your ability to walk straight.

Your therapist was right, you are engaging in risky behavior just hoping to get some attention. All you ever had to do was go ask the cute fox guy back in town out. Stop this before you get eaten.
No. 1016837 ID: a2493c

I'm just going to hit the mute button on this thing the moment this guy starts speaking so that none of this gets out while ring is ALREADY in a frustrated state of mind and not at all open to a hackneyed intervention speech, thx
No. 1017139 ID: ca0259

You can lie to the voices in your head but you can't lie to yourself Ring!

File 163227140978.png - (1.05KB , 387x242 , 1.png )
1011298 No. 1011298 ID: 4b11a7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

You are Clueless, lovable entity and mascot of this thread!
You know nothing about anything. Truly, the most humble of god's creatures!.
34 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1011450 ID: 0838d6

Search up consequences in your book, if it generates that, you should be able to find out more about it.

(I also support reading them a bedtime story before doing other stuff tho because thats so cute)
No. 1017019 ID: 4b11a7
File 163911848241.png - (111.10KB , 640x400 , 15.png )

You tell these sleepy-heads the story of the Kolobok and Baba Yaga and they quickly fall asleep.


You flip pages around for a bit looking for information about Consequences. You end up on the first page and a moving image of some weird old man pops out.

"Hello. This Tome belongs to Carter Lewis Umar Eriks. Since you have it, I can only assume that my bloody corpse is lying somewhere nearby, due to some poorly thought out experiment no doubt. Once you've located my body please mail it to the Wizards Guild. They'll know what to do with it. Thank you.

"Note: If in fact you've obtained this Tome through besting me in some form of combat or wit, then please accept my congratulations and well wishes. It must have been incredibly difficult, I must imagine. Being a wizard of honor, I feel its only right that I revealed the source of my incredible power. You see, every spell in here is Cursed. I know not exactly where I receiv
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1017020 ID: 4b11a7

Now that you're aware of the dangers...
1) Explore: Find out where you are!
2) Magic: Take a deep dive into the world of magic and try to learn more about the spells in this book and where it came from!
3) Consequences: Maybe do some experiements of your own... What exactly does Bad Luck even mean?
No. 1017022 ID: 96c896

Look around. Is there a wizard corpse nearby?
No. 1017023 ID: 83b68a

We should look around, if it all comes down to endless white void, perhaps a spell could take you out of this plane?

File 163133193490.png - (531.38KB , 1554x1475 , 001.png )
1010182 No. 1010182 ID: d052fd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

AKA "The Martian, but some weird stuff happens", AKA "Ira Quest"

Prologue: >>876030
Discussion thread: >>/questdis/136123
79 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1012766 ID: 02b36c

Yeah, I think we can manage the UN; let’s go. With us and yourselves, we’ll be able to think circles around them. Just need to play it cool.

What about cookies? Thinking about being the least-threatening as possible, hah!
No. 1012863 ID: f57349

Cookies would make it seem like we're angling for more of a mother/children thing, which the security council might take as an attempt to undermine their authority. Pizza has more connotations of young adults coming together to solve problems in a spirit of collegiality. 'Overeager student' gives the professional diplomats a lot more options for their own social tactics than, say, 'condescending goddess,' and people with meaningful options are less likely to lash out like cornered rats.
Also, for purposes of concealing extra spy gear, I don't think cookies have an associated thick-walled container so standard as to be overlooked.
No. 1012867 ID: f57349

For Phi², how important is it that the whole thing be exomatter? Could you cut corners with a core of very dense conventional matter, like a Kerr-Newman black hole somewhere around 10^10 kilograms? Embed it in a disposable chunk of nickel-iron, vaporized metal falls into the event horizon until the rate of mass flow cancels out losses to Hawking radiation. Might even be able to scrounge up a naturally-occurring one, since in theory some primordial black holes may have self-stabilized that way. Hook up a few sufficiently advanced electromagnets and it'll double as a flywheel battery and gravity wave transmitter/receiver.

Or build an inward-facing force field and cram it full of ingots of metallic hydrogen or something, tighter and tighter until they collapse into neutronium. As a side benefit, might be able to extract a bit of extra power from nuclear fusion. Make sure to warn whoever's running neutrino detectors before you start, though, wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea.

Also, would it be possible to remotely disable stelluric pipes by using a Faraday-cage equivalent to block the stelluric current to a specific volume of space, without disrupting the rest of the network too much? What about burning them out by modulating generator output in phased-array sorts of ways? Can the emitters be reconfigured to send more in some directions and less in others? What sort of factors define that 90-AU limit?
No. 1016864 ID: c7b86e

Let's definitely do the talking--sounds fun.

Also, I miss Mike. Let's drop by and see him afterwards.
No. 1016878 ID: a2493c

notes about the UN meeting:

-provided china, russia, and the US are the same as 2021-era society, we will likely see the firmest challenges from the individualists of the US and the self-interest of russia. Chinese leadership tends to at least be performative-communal, even if that tends to come to wacky conclusions about things like civil rights.
Not pissing these three off is the most important, China plays a LOT of influence games against the US and the Russians are mostly focused on internal stability, so they've all got their hands deep into international affairs.

-Of the three, the most likely to leap to saber-rattling is probably China, followed by the US. Treat any of that as performative and do not give a strong response to it unless they actually attempt an attack.

-Given Elon Fucking Musk:tm: is president, we can only assume Libertarianism has run rampant in America lately. Based on that, I think revealing anything about our plans of surveillance states or us being a hive mind is RIGHT out.
Do not talk about ANY of this at the UN meeting, even if pressed, as it WILL backfire without a planned-out optics campaign. We're here to offer FREE ENERGY and ASSUAGE FEARS.

-One out-there idea is we could advertise our island nation as a vacation destination for a little bit, just a nice place to not have to worry about health or judgement for breaking from cultural norms to recharge before getting back to your normal society.

This would allow visitors (likely leaders or the wealthy) to experience a country where all the high-minded "socialist" ideas actually get put into play, and if they do in fact work, then they might actually think to bring some of those ideas home with them. This isn't a permanent
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 160911292628.png - (130.92KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
984347 No. 984347 ID: 2c5282 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

[NSFW Warning! This is a lewd quest with an excuse plot containing a fuckton of straight reptilian sex (and maybe some bi as well), you have been warned!]

At the furthest reaches of the galaxy, hidden far away from prying eyes, a lone recon satellite returns to the station with some extremely dire news…
1088 posts and 176 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1014219 ID: 9396b0

Well, we didn't established an alignment, did we?
No. 1014224 ID: 73e8f3

Fuck him so hard that he must confess our DICK is the most pleasurable!
No. 1014230 ID: f3f534

Would you still win if you break your condom from overfilling it?

No. 1016420 ID: 62d6aa

I say for an alignment of chaotic neutral. All in favor?
No. 1016644 ID: 62d6aa

Short and thick like a soda can shooting jelly out of mangoes, mmm mangos.

File 163660390576.png - (49.82KB , 400x400 , MTC.png )
1014750 No. 1014750 ID: 8483cf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

What kind of god will you become?
88 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1015772 ID: 0840c2

2. Few at first

How many worlds should the mortals be created on?
B. Few inhabitable worlds, with all sentient species spread across them, with high chance to interact

What forms of sentient mortals should we create? (Choose one or more)
I. Humanoid
II. Feline
III. Canine
IV. Aquatic
V. Avian

How much input should our attendants have in creating and shaping mortal society and the world/s they live on?

Do I think the Attendants will like Companionship’s adorable bird form?
-Some will, some won’t
No. 1015775 ID: a5203f

3. Many at first

B. Few inhabitable worlds, with all sentient species spread across them, with high chance to interact

+silicon based life


So have you guys ever seen the dawn of war soulstorm map? Yeah that’s what I’m thinking of doing. Screw peaceful evolution happening over the course of millions of years! Evolution in response to war is where it’s at!

-Yes, definitely
Whether they want to or not
No. 1016049 ID: 33f0ce

So should we make a discussions thread?
No. 1016068 ID: 8483cf

Discussion thread is up now. Post reference pics/stats for races you'd like to see included, other stuff, etc.
No. 1016388 ID: 894419


Only a few at first, Across many inhabitable worlds (Type C.). Only some control, we might grant them more later if we need to focus our attentions elsewhere. Also yes they will probably like his adorable bird form.

File 162282789379.jpg - (266.71KB , 980x1457 , cop197.jpg )
1002615 No. 1002615 ID: e30795 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Your name is BAN. You're a warrior.

The attack's been underway for a couple hours, now. Air support's getting shot out of the sky left and right, but they're still getting the job done. You've gotten this far without detection, but now you've reached an impasse.

Sergeant Dane leaps into cover behind you. MUDA and VARGA fall in close behind. You've lost sight of JOAN, WEIS and ORI. They might still be hiding in the last piece of cover.

>"Fucking hell, LT," Dane hisses. He adjusts his helmet nervously. "Fucking hell, that tank's like 30 yards away. I saw a couple foxholes, too. What the hell can we do now?!"

"Cool it," you chide. "We've got this."

The rest of your platoon is spread out in the ruins across this small area. What's left of your company is a small distance behind, waiting for you to find a point in the Canardi defense line to pierce through. If the sounds from the city are any indication, you've got thirty minutes at most to succeed before this flanking maneuver blows up in the entire Advance Team's face.

If you had a mouth, you'd be grinning from ear to ear. God, you love your job. In seconds, you've already put together a few ideas...
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No. 1015443 ID: b688b3

We both recall someone asking us questions while we were drugged. If not you, then who did?
No. 1016142 ID: e30795
File 163787191021.jpg - (207.23KB , 1120x600 , cop246.jpg )

You come to the grim realization that butting heads further won't change anything about your position. You want to press more about their questioning, but maybe your best strategy is deflection... "I believe that we're wasting time," you say tactfully. "The case is still open--if we're cleared to work, let's work. What's the situation?"

>HALE gives a small nod. She seems pleased by the response... "It's a circus out there," she says frankly. "We'll have to catch you up on the way to the First Precinct."

>OLLIE half-leads, half-shoves a bewildered-looking STEVE toward the door. "This way, gentlemen. We've got cars ready, downstairs."

>PAZ, OLLIE and STEVE exit the room. As she makes for the door, HALE glances back at you and makes a face that raises your hackles. "Are you having another episode, captain?" she asks. "Come along, now."

Your temper flashes. In an almost knee-jerk reaction, you place a hand on HALE's shoulder and turn her back around.

>Her eyes widen slightly as your grip on her arm continues to tighten. "What are you--"

"So I can't prove it was drugs," you growl lowly. "But I'm not stupid, either. Surely when you were poking around in our heads you saw that much. I'm not pressing you on what you did, or why, so the least you can do is give us a little respect and drop this fucking act. STEVE's not insane for seeing through you, and neither am I. We all know this. All this song and dance does is waste more of our valuable time."

>You let go of the agent as PAZ sticks his head back into the room. "Boss...?" he asks warily.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1016143 ID: e30795
File 163787264998.jpg - (787.92KB , 1561x850 , cop247.jpg )

The agents lead you down several flights of stairs. Eventually, you're let out into a run-down parking lot. An unmarked police SUV is parked a short distance away, and beside it is the black SUV that picked you up earlier. HALE climbs into the driver's seat of the police vehicle, and motions for you and STEVE to follow.

>"Damn it all," STEVE hisses under his breath. He shoots a quick look at you before approaching the car. You follow suit.

The ride through Wartown is tense. STEVE's sulking in the back seat. He still looks ready to snap, but you're thankful that he's holding it in for now...

>HALE's eyes dart over to you, then back to the road. She makes a small adjustment to where her seatbelt rests across her shoulder. "I, ah... I apologize if our methods are disagreeable to you, captains," she says. "But we did have an agreement. Since this is now our case, we'll be handling it our way, just like you said we could. What we did here was an important step in assuring ourselves that our operation would be airtight from here on out."

>She doesn't seem fazed by the lack of a response. "Now, regardless of the methods used, you have passed our tests. Going forward, the two of you will be given the same level of authority as the other special agents under my command," HALE continues. "When we get to the precinct, we'll meet to debrief the night's events and rework our strategy. We may have ERIK already, but our work on this case is far from over."

The bridge to Shiptown comes into view. HALE falls silent again as she turns onto it. You share another look with STEVE.

It's going to be a long day....

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1016145 ID: 6e4236

Thank you for the interactive flashback. Loving the story!
No. 1016155 ID: df76b1

Good stuff, our BAN was a good guy who tried to make the right decisions, even if it didn't always pan out.

File 162092217681.png - (21.75KB , 800x600 , S1.png )
1000001 No. 1000001 ID: a068bf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

The last thing I remember before the shuttle broke up was wondering how the hell we got into this situation. It should've been a simple matter of rendezvousing with our frigate and delivering the data we grabbed on Tetrapis's Project Hydra, but we were intercepted by a Tetrapisan destroyer. Now I'm stuck on this strange, uncontacted planet - Tukar - with who knows how many angry Tetrapisans and a local population that might or might not help me. Or worse, decide to use me for experiments.

I mentally command the nanites in my system to activate - maybe that brand new system I was given before the mission, QUEST, can help? It stands for "Quantum Universal Expert Synthtelligence - Tactical", and supposedly it should be able to guide me through this situation.

I briefly explain my situation to QUEST - I am the fourth and most junior member of Raven Squad. I'm the team's electronic warfare expert and drone controller. The other three members are Falken ("Falk"), the squad leader; Silur, our heavy weapons expert; and Arvin, the medic. I need to reunite with the rest of the team and alert Special Forces Command that we need rescue.

Before the crash I managed to keep hold of one of my drones, but the others are probably scattered over the countryside. Besides that, all I have to my name besides my powered armour is my basic stutter pistol and the air blade tech integrated into my armour - the former is a pulse laser and the latter is an energy projection from my armour's gloves that allows it to cut through most materials with ease. I've also got a signal-blanking poncho that should help me evade detection.

>Which drone did I manage to grab before the shuttle broke up?
>A) ELINT Drone - Extends range of ELINT/SIGINT sensors, letting m
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1015706 ID: e7c7d3

Supporting this
No. 1015963 ID: e03439

The Tac-Net has come online! Find the discussion thread here: >>/questdis/136503

Check back for supplementary info, art, etc.; particularly important things will be linked in this thread as well. Next update will be next week at the latest!
No. 1016005 ID: 96c896

You've been tracking the Titanios for a while, does its route make any sense?
No. 1016016 ID: 815672

But make sure it has some sort of cover and escape route before making itself known.
No. 1016041 ID: 96c896

Just go around.

File 162044775725.png - (7.66KB , 800x600 , 5.png )
999324 No. 999324 ID: 7f716e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Fish Quest
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No. 1015598 ID: 3a3ec3

No. 1015599 ID: 4b11a7
File 163739377286.png - (5.92KB , 391x348 , Untitled 2.png )

You hug yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[color=#f542f5] Wow we hugged[/color[
Yes, we did :)

The END/
No. 1015601 ID: 96c896

Hugging is about the same as catching! Mission complete.
No. 1015602 ID: bc11b8

No. 1015603 ID: 894419

Yayyayy drink a nothers shot bby

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