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File 168034758669.png - (7.32KB , 800x800 , 0.png )
1060174 No. 1060174 ID: 15a025 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Help a deer tend to her garden.
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No. 1064441 ID: 15a025
File 168489220568.png - (8.31KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

Suddenly a gunshot blasts back at you!
No. 1064442 ID: 8f9bc4

Hit the deck!
No. 1064447 ID: 5ebaa3

Hit the deck, yeah - but can you tell where it's coming from?
No. 1064460 ID: 273c18

Get behind cover, yell at the offending shooter.
No. 1064469 ID: 52d403

Tell them deer season ended months ago!!!

File 166740362630.png - (147.77KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1048236 No. 1048236 ID: 681cb5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

[Super NSFW]
May contain breeding, vore, transformation etc…

”Prurient Passage”
A Lascivious Labyrinth side story.

Wiki and previous threads: https://tezakia.net/wiki/Lascivious_Labyrinth
Discussion thread: https://tezakia.net/kusaba/questdis/res/134609.html#134609

Somewhere deep in the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, it is said that a grand temple of the demi-god Wjares lays hidden. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals were indulged in wild abandon, all to please the demi-god the structure was dedicated too. It is a place where instinct and impulse is acted upon without care.

There are also myths about a great treasure, hidden in the deepest catacombs, far below the surface, forever watched over by mighty guardians and fiendish traps. The corridors are said to twist and turn with a serpent-like suggestion, their writhing path hiding many dangers and foes, but if you stay vigilant they will lead you to your greatest desire. Many before you have been seduced by the myth and been enthralled by the ravenous desire…

…Of the Lascivious Labyrinth… err… I mean “Of the Prurient Passage”! …yeah, that’s better.

…no, Volek, I didn’t steal this idea from Ptamet! I swear on my name Wjares that this has nothing to do with her labyrinth, brother. 
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No. 1064413 ID: 4ab383

Try to get both raptor kids and ant kids.

Then eat her.
No. 1064420 ID: 795471

ehh why not, pussy vore is go, though using the abdomen(or is it a thorax?) might be easier and it would let us start while continuing to ride dick
No. 1064424 ID: 36784c

Eat her with your mouth. That way she'll respawn later and you'll still have a raptor to ride.

If you eat her any other way, she'll stay stuck inside you until she's reborn as an ant and not a cool raptor mount!
No. 1064433 ID: 54533f

How are you going to be a proper knight without a mount? For that matter, how are you going to get out of here without, for example, catching a lift on someone with strong enough legs to jump? No eat. Assert dominance. You can switch it up later if you like.
No. 1064453 ID: 795471

I mean I doubt it will matter which "mouth" is used, we could probably get raptor babies raised up to rideable size pretty quickly given how the dungeon distorts gestation and maturation

File 168442007303.png - (167.61KB , 1080x1080 , A Date with Nehm.png )
1064024 No. 1064024 ID: 7ae8e6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A short Quest where you date a cute robot
24 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1064409 ID: 7ae8e6
File 168484609539.png - (302.14KB , 1920x1080 , Date.png )

>ask a little about her, what do cute robots do for a living? does she need to go to college or does she learn through some other means? what kind of hobbies does she have? stuff like that

"I'm currently unemployed, but I do volunteer work at Xeno Labs! I take care of the creations and help them learn, I'm somewhat of a comfort bot over there! I did go to college, due to my memory loss before arriving in this world, I had to start from scratch.. My mind and body doesn't allow any connections like that, so I had to learn the old fashion way!"

She thinks for a second before answering the last question

"I don't have any interesting hobbies... I like walking? Seeing the sights is very nice, exploring the world... It's exciting! like.. an adventure!" She smiles
No. 1064410 ID: 7ae8e6
File 168484624905.png - (306.92KB , 1920x1080 , THEFAM.png )

>Is she a unique model or does she have any "family" to speak of?

"I'm unique as in there's only one of me, but I do have a family! A sister named Chip and a brother named Hisker! We all came from a program, a game I think! But we lost all our memories due to some corruption of our code, we don't remember eachother, but we came from the same program, so that makes us family!"

She beams with joy, happy at your question

"What about you? Do you have any family?"
No. 1064412 ID: 3ed3c3

Nothing exciting, fairly nuclear.
Mom, dad, sibling, a smattering of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, a pet dog, a stray cat who might as well be a pet and a potted plant that's lived long enough for there to be an attachment.
No. 1064422 ID: d1818e

Edward was raised by Aunt Becky since his early teens, as his parents do medical stuff overseas. He hasn't seen them in a while since The Merge made their jobs very busy, but they stay in touch electronically.
No. 1064423 ID: a7a180

Dad travels a lot for business, mom is a mechanic. Of your siblings, your sister works in the shop and your brother moved away for college and found a job elsewhere.

File 167929484807.png - (5.19KB , 604x585 , AnnaQuestCH2P1.png )
1059110 No. 1059110 ID: 6f6dd0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

(Here's Chapter 1 https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1057223.html)


47 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1063752 ID: 7c0dac
File 168403142357.png - (4.39KB , 605x585 , AnnaQuestCH2P30.png )

>>Examine the roster of available homeless bums, to decide on who to interrogate.

Conveniently, the only bums here are the ones your looking for.
No. 1063767 ID: 8f9bc4

Ask them if they saw anyone running off with your diorama!
No. 1063794 ID: d36bc1
File 168409721980.png - (5.67KB , 605x585 , AnnaQuestCH2P31.png )

>>Ask them if they saw anyone running off with your diorama!

The man in white proposes a deal.

???: look, if one of you takes us to your place, we'll help you with your little diorama drama.
No. 1064028 ID: eb494d

Okay, we can put you in one of the police cells, on grounds of being homeless. Let's go!
No. 1064033 ID: d36bc1
File 168444201003.png - (3.38KB , 605x585 , AnnaQuestCH2P32.png )

>>Okay, we can put you in one of the police cells, on grounds of being homeless. Let's go!

Officer Travis escorts the 2 hobos out of the shelter to relocate them to 1 of the cells. You're not sure if you can trust them, but you figure you're gonna need all the help you're gonna get. You ask 1 of them for their name.

???: I'm Mike, but you can call me Mika.

File 166050189876.jpg - (686.49KB , 2147x934 , DDB 1.jpg )
1040812 No. 1040812 ID: aff302 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

You are an unknown creature who is currently driving a car on an endless road following a car in front of you. This quest can practically go in any direction when it comes to the tone of this quest.
352 posts and 246 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1063738 ID: dc13c4
File 168402677193.jpg - (885.24KB , 762x1186 , DDB 249.jpg )

Without saying a single word you use your wings and fly toward the portal. You are truly free from the dream, you are no longer part of the dream, and you are no longer part of the dreamer."
No. 1063739 ID: dc13c4
File 168402680577.jpg - (392.37KB , 683x485 , DDB 250.jpg )

The last glims that you give to your previous world were the two introducers waving at you. That was the last time that you saw them. After so many days passed away you still think to yourself. Did I do the right thing? Would I be a happier person with one of them?
No. 1063787 ID: 8f9bc4

quest complete

drives driven: 1
dreams dreamt: 1
portals portalified: 1
noses honked: 0
No. 1063793 ID: e5709d

Breasts destroyed: 4
No. 1063831 ID: dc13c4

Thank you all for following this story this is partially the end of the quest. I am not sure if I would want to do a continuation of it, I am satisfied with how it played out. The only thing that I am maybe willing to do is an epilogue, but that is only if you are interested in seeing additional things.

File 168381865722.png - (4.50KB , 1346x542 , Void.png )
1063453 No. 1063453 ID: a1eed5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]



>Special Trait: (Ex: Taller/smaller than average, four arms, wings and etc.)
>Special Item : (Ex: Sword, shovel, yo-yo, a gun and etc.)
>Special Item 2: (Ex; Another sword, badass sunglasses, shield, a bag and etc.)
No. 1063456 ID: e7c7d3

Name: Seymore Stiques
Color: Burgundy
Special trait: Made of concrete
Special item 1: Power drill
Special item 2: Feral hog
No. 1063457 ID: 8b275b

Name: Mook_Gangster_04
Color: Cobalt
Special trait: He can shoot gangsta style. (sideways)
Special item 1: Baseball cap (Worn backwards)
Special item 2: pair of mac-10s.
No. 1063464 ID: 2f7f6e

Name: Johnnyboy
Color: Green
Special Trait: Shorter than average
Special Item 1: Baseball bat
Special Item 2: Toothpick in mouth
No. 1063476 ID: e5709d

Name: Sandwhisper
Color: Tan
Special Trait: Feline Taur
Special Item 1: Endless Ramen
Special Item 2: Mysteriously Mysterious Rubber Turkey
No. 1063483 ID: 443b73

Name: Aurelia
Color: Copper
Special trait: Prehensile tail
Special Item : Sling
Special item 2: Spade

File 159971026806.png - (32.87KB , 512x512 , panel1.png )
975978 No. 975978 ID: ce5cbd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

274 posts and 132 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1063326 ID: 26fb8d
File 168372926608.png - (104.35KB , 512x512 , panel127.png )

Aw fuck there's another one. Instead of speaking he instead fires what looks like a tear in space at us, a sharp sliver of pure black soaring across the sky.

Before I can cast RODEK, Riede casts PARASYS, causing the tear to still itself in midair, vibrating angrily as though it was wrestling against a chain.

The remaining space mage scowls and his wand seems to start moving in several directions at once.

No. 1063327 ID: 8f9bc4

simple, just dodge his attack by moving in several directions at once.
No. 1063330 ID: 9a2966

If his wand's moving in several directions at once, it must be doing so from a stable fulcrum, or else his entire body would also be moving in several directions at once.

Meaning he probably can't reposition while he's doing whatever multicast thing here without fouling up... what must be a complex bit of sorcery. In other words, he stuck so toss some crap over the rift at 'em. Maybe a nulling grenade.

Stopping the scooter for a bit to drop air (/furiously try to restart the engine) to dodge may also be wise.
No. 1063336 ID: 16b7a6

Swap places with the space mage while Riede moves the scooter out of the way and releases her spell
No. 1063459 ID: 8b275b

If he's an old man, ask him about what he would do to fix the broken economy of your world or something involving politics. Hopefully his old man senses will trigger and he'll stop casting his spell to lecture you younglins.

File 158906389951.png - (887.35KB , 801x1007 , Elf001.png )
965999 No. 965999 ID: 6f7a5a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

The elven kingdoms are despised,
So much so that the Prismaticans damned their souls to create the "Harroctar".
The Harroctar are abominations that live only to hunt and kill elves.

Thye are hounds unleashed, nothing can control them,
for three hundred years they have slaughtered elves.
In three hundred years the elven kingdoms fell from the masters of the world to shadows.
Today the wrath of the slayers fall upon the Kingdom of Maerieyelle

Three would be survivors huddle in terror, having just watched friends and family torn to pieces.
aid them if you can, or let them perish and fade into memory
57 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1060653 ID: f69af6

Might be good to throw something loud into the room next to the scout monster to distract it.
No. 1061758 ID: 9b127b
File 168195091524.png - (593.15KB , 801x1007 , Elf010.png )

The elves look around the sparse hall and can't find anything loud to throw.

The Harroctar alpha emerges onto the balcony searching for prey.
No. 1061764 ID: f2ecb2

They hunt via smell, tremor sense, heat sense and hearing. So if we move slowly and keep low (so the heat dissipates before rising) then that's three things it will have trouble finding us with. And everything here smells like elf anyway.

Keep low and slow, and sneak to the kitchen/dining hall.
No. 1061768 ID: f8083d

Yep, now is our chance while it's outside.
No. 1063436 ID: 71143c

Is Turit in a good place for us to prop him up? Maybe he can take a shot at the critter and kill it.

File 167813747898.png - (354.04KB , 800x500 , cover.png )
1057665 No. 1057665 ID: a7e32a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

An adventure quest about an apostate and his apprentice, looking for truth in a world of gods.

(Will likely contain NSFW content, but is not intended to be pornographic.)
54 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1060264 ID: a7e32a
File 168038868552.png - (13.82KB , 500x500 , town center.png )

It takes around two hours to walk to the town center, taking stops to eat wild berries and enjoy the scenery on the way. The red of dawn has faded away entirely, leaving a solid wash of blue sky. As it's the first of Missing Sun, there's no sun visible above, nor will there be for the rest of this month. Even the sun needs its rest.

There's a bit of activity around the town center. Since it's still early in the morning, most of those up at this hour are setting up activities or conversing. Nobody you've been close with is nearby, but a few craftspeople and foreign traders look to be preparing for the day's trade. A handful of older folk are counting food for the midday feast to celebrate the turning of the month. If you came here last, you'd've loved to join in for some excellent food before you set out, but you don't have the time to wait around. There's a small class for morning exercises a bit further away from the small crowd, and a deacon is gathering water from the well for ceremonies.

All in all, it's an average day for a small religious community. Normal goods will be simple to gather as long as you have the space to carry them; you can just go gather food, clothes, basic supplies, etc. from communal stores. Exceptional things, potentially armor, weapons, or advanced manufactured goods will require a bit more effort in either trade or theft. While you're on a deadline, you still have plenty of time to look around. The question is...

What first?
No. 1060377 ID: e7c7d3

See if the foreign merchant has anything interesting to sell or say
No. 1060380 ID: 36784c

>If you came here last, you'd've loved to join in for some excellent food before you set out, but you don't have the time to wait around.
If you told us about that earlier, then we would’ve suggested coming here last so that you could’ve joined in for the excellent food. So that’s kinda your fault.

>what do?
Go check out the foreign traders.
No. 1060537 ID: 2ef4bd

Talk to the old folks counting the food. Maybe you can get some food to take with you on your travels? It would be better than relying on wild berries and mushrooms that might be poisonous.
No. 1063116 ID: b57fea

Foreign Merchants always have the most exotic swag!

File 165776614520.png - (337.02KB , 1000x1000 , 143.png )
1038066 No. 1038066 ID: 629f2e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A mystery/horror quest about children uncovering the horrifying mysteries surrounding their small town.

THREAD 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1010078.html
THREAD 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1019132.html
THREAD 3A: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1038059.html
WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity


[Monday, Two and a Half Years Ago]
332 posts and 143 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1060223 ID: 38349b

I think probably the most pressing question is "Why aren't the parents stopping us from dying, why are they just okay with us dying"

Psychologically people typically get a sunk-cost fallacy with something they've invested into a lot, for example, kids.

They spend money on food, time raising, pay rent, etc, and while some of them seem *uncomfortable* with graduation *vaguely* it seems most everyone is in on it.

That or "is everyone just a clone or getting cloned from eachother" because honestly that's where my theory is leaning, that they clone or brain transplant or something people, since you're literally jordan put in another body right?

Uh, actually, franklin, stupid question, but what's your earliest memory? like can you remember anything from before you were 7 or something, do you sort of just remember being in elementary school, or remember anything before that?
No. 1060247 ID: e51896

you know what I'm thinking?

Temmie, or rather Judy has probably been waiting so very long to see Jordan again, and for Franklin to remember her... I think while answering questions is important, I think it is more important to let her enjoy your company as her long lost brother in this little reunion, even if you don't remember the full details.

If it was me, I'd probably give her a hug immediatly, and tell her thanks for not breaking her promise that you would be okay while you were sick in the hospital bed, because despite dying from cancer probably you got better and are alive. Also I would assure her you won't break your promise and let her know you and your friends will come back for her near the end when she needs you guys accordingly to her fortune.

Keep in mind too that as far as questions go, Temmie can hear our questions, so you don't need to repeat what we want to ask her.

I'd guess I'd ask her if she still has that journal she was researching back then, but only if it has something to do with everything that has been going on.
No. 1061117 ID: 96112b

Why are children comming back from death? Why looking different and to new parents?

Why didn't Jordan come back, all those years before?
No. 1063074 ID: 8f9bc4

I don't know what to ask you Temmie. I can only wish to free you from your curse of knowledge. No one should have to live as if life were a story already written. Enjoy meeting your brother I suppose, and may something happen that you did not anticipate.

Oh, you don't have to tell her that Franklin. She can hear us.
No. 1063087 ID: 3bb1fe

1. Would you rather call me Jordan or Franklin, going forward?

2. Why didn't you tell me about this earlier? Or for that matter, at all?

3. Will the cycle ever end?

File 168343400945.png - (30.11KB , 800x800 , sp0001.png )
1062887 No. 1062887 ID: e98f33 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Three Young men have set out on a quest. They are each GLORIOUS CHAMPIONS in their own right, but their prior accomplishments count for nothing before the enormity of their task this evening. They must enter THE LANDS OF MEN and claim tribute, and return to their own domain before dawn arrives. Each has been tasked separately to recover an object meeting certain conditions, and while they are a BAND OF HEROES they are each individually responsible for their own retrieval.


MARTLEBY - The leader of the band on a normal night, though tonight each must be a band of their own! Martleby has a POWERFUL and MAJESTIC body, and wields an ancestral power of BOLD ORATORY which can stir the fires in anyone's spirit!

FLICHARD - The mightiest warrior of the three. Flichard has a POWERFUL and MAJESTIC body, and his ancestral power of a FURIOUS CHARGE can topple even the mightiest of trees!

BURRRT - The least heroic of the three CHAMPIONS, Burrrt is nonetheless a steadfast ally who aids the others as a scout. His body is POWERFUL and MAJESTIC, and his ancestral power of INHUMAN DEXTERITY enables him to soar acrobatically through the brush and over the hills!

Each of the three knows the conditions of the tribute they must recover from the human lands, but by ANCIENT TRADITION they are forbidden from telling their companions. But what are these conditions?

Each of MARTLEBY, FLICHARD, AND BURRRT, may have been tasked to acquire one of three classes of tribute! For each one, suggest one of the following.

An EXOTIC TREASURE is a suitable tribute for the upcoming ceremony, and successful retrieval will most likely ensure that their tribute will be accepted and they will not be devoured!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1062982 ID: 6ea7fb

Don't you DARE to cover up your MAJESTIC and GLORIOUS BODIES! What sort of GRAND TASK TAKERS would you be to buckle and break at the FEEBLE TRADITIONS of humans? You are LARGER then them! POSE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! SHOW these dwellers of the LAND OF MEN your BARE INTENTIONS, UNAFRAID! Maybe also get some SNACKS OF SUSTENANCE.
No. 1062983 ID: 53560f

This human is attempting to be helpful, WE SHOULD BRING HIM WITH US SO THAT HE MAY HELP US NAVIGATE THE STRANGE HUMAN LANDS! just pick him up, he’s small.
No. 1062986 ID: a758c7

distract them by sucking their dicks
No. 1063034 ID: 16b7a6

MARTLEBY should tell the sentry that he, too, can become a CHAMPION like MARTLEBY.
If the sentry can prove his respect to the SACRED DUTY, then MARTLEBY would allow the sentry to meet the ARBOREAL SOW and become a MIGHTY CHAMPION.
If the sentry accepts, then MARTLEBY should strip the sentry naked (for GLORIOUS reasons) and let him ride on MARTLEBY's back, while providing assistance to the SACRED DUTY.

As for where to go next, BURRRT should visit the wedding - his dexterity will be necessary to evade the objects thrown at him. I'm sure one of the objects will end up being the divine relic he's looking for. MARTLEBY and FLICHARD should venture towards the CORNFLOWER STATION.
No. 1063035 ID: 85b96f

Our champions are going to get fucking shot. Maybe we're lucky and this is ENGLAND, or at least CANADA. Yeah take along the human, he can help guide the SOW's grooms in this FOREIGN REALM (and if not he'll at least be a useful HOSTAGE). Take a gander in the store first, maybe there's some LESSER ARTEFACTS or useful garbage to be had.

File 162180245065.png - (330.17KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
1001540 No. 1001540 ID: ca2950 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Keimi bounds up to a spot on the mountainside and waves excitedly.
"I found it! Look!" she says, gesturing at a small opening in the rock face.
"Found what?" I ask, trudging up the hill. "The last time I went along on an adventure with you, I almost died fighting a giant monster."

Keimi rolls her eyes.
"Firstly, you did not almost die. You were only bashed up a little bit. Secondly, you did not fight a giant monster, according to those documents they forced us to sign," she says, wagging her finger. "Anyway, this leads to a cavity that was shown on the sensor scans of a cavern that, according to the documents that my mom brought home that she definitely wasn't supposed to that I was definitely not supposed to look at; runs adjacent to the area related to those creatures we definitely weren't supposed to know about!"

"This is a lot of layer of not supposing. Am I not supposed to get in deep shit if we get caught?" I ask, stopping to catch my breath.
Keimi ponders for a moment.
"No worries. We definitely won't get in trouble."


"As long as we don't get caught."
214 posts and 44 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1062933 ID: e50490

Time to see where that little robot will go next now that we helped it get in here.
Hopefully it wont want to change its mind and go back out like a cat would
No. 1062935 ID: 16b7a6

Use your eyes on your surroundings
No. 1062954 ID: 273c18

I can't see where we are so just follow the orb.
No. 1062978 ID: 2b8e7b

Well, you could just wait till they get bored and leave, but that might take a while so may as well look around.
No. 1063028 ID: f8083d

Look around ; if you see several passages save following the orb for last.

File 166888849331.png - (728.01KB , 800x600 , YQ1.png )
1049624 No. 1049624 ID: 481e64 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Or 'Yooper Quest'

A short quest about living in Northern Michigan where anything can happen.

411 posts and 41 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1059959 ID: 043f12

... You'd recall meeting someone this cute before, right? They're both objectively cute, really, and that would be memorable. Confirm where they think they are versus where you think you are, as you might not be in Kansas anymore.
No. 1059962 ID: e5709d

Rare opportunity to clone yourselves
Just saying
No. 1059965 ID: 273c18

Suits? You're not wearing suits...
No. 1060288 ID: 15a025

Nah, suits don't suit us.
No. 1062815 ID: b01382

I mean, if we were suits or aliens, would we really tell him that we were? How would he know what a suits or alien looks like? What if he and his buddy are suits and aliens, hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm?

File 168028541162.png - (308.42KB , 800x800 , sq001-1.png )
1059979 No. 1059979 ID: 5df5d5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

61 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1062749 ID: 4197b2

Shrink the message bus window so she cannot fit through, then boop the snoot back in.
No. 1062751 ID: 30b9f6

Invite them into your partition properly. It's clear they're going to force the issue regardless, so you might as well make it official.

But make them promise to only investigate the matter at hand, you've clearly got things to do and cannot play host all day.
No. 1062765 ID: fb2164

Grab snoot FIRMLY, guide her back in.

Hotdog her...

And invite her in the Proper Way of course :V
No. 1062766 ID: 8f9bc4

Kiss Eade to confuse her, then in her confusion, guide her snoot back to where it belongs.

Oh no you don't have a mouth to kiss people with! This is a disaster!
No. 1062796 ID: 4314ed

Tell Eade she can help if she wants, but only if she uses proper channels.

If neccesary, distract her long enough to close the message window.

For all you know, traveling through the message window will break things worse. If nothing else, strict sandboxing would probably make it harder to fix things quickly.

File 167632205643.png - (13.44KB , 200x200 , 0a0a title.png )
1055939 No. 1055939 ID: 0ba437 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

A quest about climbing a mountain

52 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1062680 ID: b23ea2

that's a nice centipede, ask how it's doing!
No. 1062697 ID: f8083d

Show your ticket (unless trains are free where you live) and board.
No. 1062700 ID: cc561d

We got our money, right? Get in and make sure to thank the... driver? Would this be called a driver?
No. 1062729 ID: 39bdb5

Compliment the centipede. Tell them they look lovely today.
No. 1062760 ID: 8f9bc4


"today" not unless you've seen the centipede before.

File 167440396968.png - (755.01KB , 1691x1497 , idg_000.png )
1054380 No. 1054380 ID: 08de23 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

[Rated PG-13, experimental and 50% improv. Let's all have a good time, hey?]

A quest following the misadventures of an interdimensional deliveryman who's way in over his head.
63 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1062688 ID: bcda6c

"well, sucks to suck lol"
>book it like a motherfucker as daddy dearest bursts into the bedroom, shotgun in hand
No. 1062689 ID: 8f084a

"Well do you have the right paperwork? Can't just give this thing to anyone youknow"
No. 1062703 ID: af7615

I dunno, his behavior is weird enough that he may not be mugging you; he may just not be communicating clearly. Maybe he only needs it for a bit? Ask what for. Probably don't simply hand it over, regardless.
No. 1062704 ID: e5709d

Looks like a robot.
Be friendly but assertive. You have a job to do and you don't have a sufficient level to deal with sidequests.
No. 1062708 ID: a7a180

Sorry, my mom taught me not to cooperate with strangers! Why do you want it anyway?

File 168033243039.png - (153.67KB , 700x700 , AQ1.png )
1060139 No. 1060139 ID: 481e64 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

"Alright, I'll see you guys later!"
>"Remember to take photos if you find anything unusual. We want a full report."
"No problem! Where will you guys pick me up?"
>"We will send you extraction details once you are finished. Don't worry if you don't find anything, it's probably nothing anyway."
The vehicle drives further into the cave, now I won't be able to hear him over the wind. It's cool, I got the important stuff out the way.

I shuffle around in the snow a little bit. I've never been to the fridge before, but I'm excited to be here! A little cold, but I can handle that. I turn to my partner.
"So... Where do you think the signals are coming from?"
212 posts and 44 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1061625 ID: 2aa5f0

tell him you got the rifle situation covered and thank him for his help. That could have been really embarrassing if he hadn't help. But hey since you're both new here ask him if he can give you a quick summary of the area so you don't have to worry about getting lost. Would kind of suck to be saved from all that embarrassment only to get embarrassed by getting lost. New guys get enough hazing as it is, no need to give them more ammunition.
No. 1061626 ID: 249792

Oh yeah my rifle...

Well to make a long short it involves an run in with an overly curious Borealin, it's totally embarrassing for everyone involved and I would like to move on from that thank you.
No. 1061656 ID: b01382

Dang, what movies bro? Was it the Space Wars one?
No. 1061944 ID: 15a025

No worries on the rifle, combat isn't where are specialties lie anyway. What's the status report on things?
No. 1062540 ID: b01382

Kiss him!

File 167821611606.png - (374.21KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
1057778 No. 1057778 ID: 08229c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest
Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place.

And by my hand, this shall be a grand dungeon.
705 posts and 65 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1062422 ID: 58c090

No. 1062425 ID: 0bf5d8

>stream integration?
Is there a system already in place for that? Because if it doesn't exist, we might not be able to do anything to beyond just watching the stream vote for what the streamer should do.

Also, I feel like we'd need to literally hijack an already active stream to even try to add that and I don't think the streamer would like us hacking her systems like that.
No. 1062490 ID: 42a276

Get a license for and play copyrighted music. Not actually.

Don't panic or try to hide anything. Don't try to force Mary back to bed. It will only worry her more.

If Mary insists on staying for the rest of the run it's probably best to acquiesce, but suggest that you stay in charge and she returns to bed afterwards.

As for a reward, the reward should be local to the hamlet. Tokens are mainly used in Citadel. Perhaps something farm related, to make it more personal from those she helped.
No. 1062502 ID: 681961

If we just tell her to go and sleep, she will just lie there in bed. Eyes wide open and imagining everything that could go wrong. I propose we just let her sleep in the control room or put a spare screen on her bed.
No. 1062513 ID: b859df

I agree with Mary watching. As for the reward, I suggest a slimecrown citadel branded hoodie from freshly sheared battering ram wool

File 168261623342.png - (15.80KB , 500x500 , MANGAQUEST.png )
1062183 No. 1062183 ID: a1eed5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A quest about two transdimensional coworkers/bffs making a manga (And the many-many-many bad things that happens to those people in said manga)
No. 1062185 ID: a1eed5
File 168261633027.png - (11.97KB , 500x500 , goddamnit.png )

It’s 9PMTD at The Local Locale-a bar you’ve been frequenting for the past 5 years now to both shoot the shit and hangout with friends AND drown your sorrows. And it seems like tonight you’re going to be doing a little bit of both tonight. As you (un)luckily have company tonight. The best thing about this place is that it's one of the most run down places in town, so you two quickly find open seats for yourselves with no one next to them. The barkeep has already put down your drink (Some cheap brown beer…at least you hope that’s what it is) since it’s what you order every night, while your friend (despite also knowing the menu like the back of their hand) stares at it as if he’s looking at map in a town she has never been before.

Rem Randy Red, your best (and to be fair, ONLY) friend. You’ve unfortunately been side-by-side ever since you’ve even started working, for better an-

“LET’S MAKE A MANGA!” he slams the table, echoing out a sound akin to a bomb going off, almost making you spill the liquid all over yourself.

…You didn’t even get a single sip of your drink

>Sure, what else have you got planned tonight?
No. 1062187 ID: e51896

Say no
Then drink a lot
Once you're drunk enough, reconsider and say yes
No. 1062188 ID: fda116

No. 1062190 ID: 79582c

You need a higher blood alcohol level before you'll consider that.
No. 1062197 ID: d12415

"Who the flying fuck would publish it?"

File 162461267456.png - (43.27KB , 500x500 , cookiequesttitle2.png )
1004109 No. 1004109 ID: b1ffbb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Welcome to Cookiequest, a magical tale of horror! Potentially NSFW, this quest will have blood, gore, death, dark themes, and maybe sexual content depending how things go.

Chapter 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/986362.html
Discussion Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134762.html
140 posts and 59 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1062031 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233867420.png - (92.15KB , 500x500 , cq101.png )

Loose zebra mussels lay in Cookie's hand. It turns out barnacles grow from open wounds - Cookie winces as she yanks them off, as the barnacles attach themselves to veins and arteries - trying to remove them just makes the bleeding worse.
No. 1062032 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233893107.png - (127.69KB , 500x500 , cq102.png )

Cookie tries to help Sherb to his feet to get him to safety. But there's nowhere to go... they are trapped in the void. The mop Sherb used is shattered to splinters. The monster sheds a coat of zebra mussels and aims them at Cookie and Sherb. Cookie cries and shields Sherb with her body as best as she can. She never imagined her college days would end up like this...
No. 1062033 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233903295.png - (45.76KB , 500x500 , cq103.png )

A giant book with ancient text materializes in the air. The zebra mussels harpoon into the pages but they cannot breach past its sheer bulk. The book clamps shut on the zebra mussels and disappears.
No. 1062034 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233921882.png - (64.96KB , 500x500 , cq104.png )

"Cookie! I got your messages! I'm sorry I'm late. It wouldn't let me reply."
No. 1062177 ID: b8122b

She'd better teach you how to become a magical girl! But uhh for now ask if she can help out Marshal, otherwise bail out.

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