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File 163227140978.png - (1.05KB , 387x242 , 1.png )
1011298 No. 1011298 ID: 4b11a7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

You are Clueless, lovable entity and mascot of this thread!
You know nothing about anything. Truly, the most humble of god's creatures!.
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No. 1011416 ID: 9e9505

Learn more about your darling consequences.
No. 1011420 ID: 894419

Lets explore! Who knows where we are, we should at least take a peek around!
No. 1011422 ID: 96c896

See if there's a page in the book about Consequences.
No. 1011440 ID: ce39da

Yeah, see if there's a guide section at the beginning or end that can explain what Risks and Consequences are. The way they appeared, you think you're supposed to defeat them? But they don't seem all that hostile, so maybe they're a byproduct and nothing more? Or is something bad supposed to happen, but only if you let too many accumulate? (Makes sense that such a small amount is so mostly harmless - wizards would never get anything done if they had to cast magic to get rid of the byproducts of casting magic every time.)
No. 1011450 ID: 0838d6

Search up consequences in your book, if it generates that, you should be able to find out more about it.

(I also support reading them a bedtime story before doing other stuff tho because thats so cute)

File 162092217681.png - (21.75KB , 800x600 , S1.png )
1000001 No. 1000001 ID: a068bf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

The last thing I remember before the shuttle broke up was wondering how the hell we got into this situation. It should've been a simple matter of rendezvousing with our frigate and delivering the data we grabbed on Tetrapis's Project Hydra, but we were intercepted by a Tetrapisan destroyer. Now I'm stuck on this strange, uncontacted planet - Tukar - with who knows how many angry Tetrapisans and a local population that might or might not help me. Or worse, decide to use me for experiments.

I mentally command the nanites in my system to activate - maybe that brand new system I was given before the mission, QUEST, can help? It stands for "Quantum Universal Expert Synthtelligence - Tactical", and supposedly it should be able to guide me through this situation.

I briefly explain my situation to QUEST - I am the fourth and most junior member of Raven Squad. I'm the team's electronic warfare expert and drone controller. The other three members are Falken ("Falk"), the squad leader; Silur, our heavy weapons expert; and Arvin, the medic. I need to reunite with the rest of the team and alert Special Forces Command that we need rescue.

Before the crash I managed to keep hold of one of my drones, but the others are probably scattered over the countryside. Besides that, all I have to my name besides my powered armour is my basic stutter pistol and the air blade tech integrated into my armour - the former is a pulse laser and the latter is an energy projection from my armour's gloves that allows it to cut through most materials with ease. I've also got a signal-blanking poncho that should help me evade detection.

>Which drone did I manage to grab before the shuttle broke up?
>A) ELINT Drone - Extends range of ELINT/SIGINT sensors, letting m
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1011067 ID: 365ef6

I would say to ask
>"...Did you see anything unusual? Landmarks, strange activity, unique Tetras, anything?"
>"...What do you think the Tetras are doing? I detected a Titanios on the way here - they mean business."

These are the most urgent questions in my opinion. The drones are also important, but the big boy moving around is not expected and is important to know what it is doing.

About camping I would trust your radar and risk to get out of there. Is better to risk when you are not asleep. Have in mind that this can be also dangerous if you can't find a place to rest. Tiredness is a dangerous companion.
No. 1011139 ID: c92a02

>Did you see anything unusual?
>How are you and your medical supplies holding up?
Keep moving, see if the Titan's search pattern changes. If it's pinging intermittently, perhaps it's operating in stealth mode. Or it's just lazy, and operating on out of date info on stationary targets for artillery strikes .
No. 1011258 ID: 815672

Anything unusual and what the tetras are doing

Make camp. You've been running all day
No. 1011405 ID: e7c7d3

I'll back this
No. 1011408 ID: 8483cf

>Anything unusual?
>How're you holding up?

Keep moving. (If Arvin's not holding up well, then we can camp. If everything is fine, then keep moving.)

File 161213822880.png - (4.12KB , 800x600 , 0.png )
986696 No. 986696 ID: 15a025 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

An intermission thread for The Herd

Previous Threads & Wiki:

Discussion Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/115339.html
64 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1010201 ID: 15a025
File 163133810968.png - (6.05KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

>raid the closet
Marsh: "Utility closest should be our first stop. We might get a variety of gear in there, from fire power to first aid in there."

Captain: "They're probably expecting us to head to the infirmary after our fight, so they might have their eyes focused on the other entrance too."

Marsh: "Exactly."

Heading into ship, seems I'm right. I can smell others here, but I don't see anyone on this side.
Marsh: "Safe, move."

We quickly make our way into the utility closet and start taking inventory of useful items
Flare Gun x2
Flares x4
Box of matches x5 (20 matches per box)
Lavender Air Freshener can x2
Pocket knife
Radio x2 (batteries included!)
First aid kits x5 x4-ish
Sword absorbable liquid cleaning supplies.
Box of Shop Wipes.

There's also other cleaning stuff and tools in here but nothing I can think of being weaponized or useful. Just ask if there's something else you think we might need. The pipsqueak here is working on patching up the Captain's paw with some bandage wraps and disinfecting it with some of the alcohol wipe things that were in the kit. Nothing much inside for my burn though.

What all are we hauling with us? I don't have pockets on me, so I can only hold one other thing. Captain can probably haul more since his jacket has pockets. No idea if the lil fella is going to fight with us or not though, so that's something else to decide on.
No. 1010202 ID: 894419

You should take a radio, so should cap. Cap should take the flare gun and flares. They're not much but getting someone in the head with a blinding red hot flare could give you the split second you need to decide a fight.

Lil guy takes pocketknife so he's not unarmed, and air freshner to smell nice.

Absorb the liquid into your sword if you're not already full.
No. 1010203 ID: 894419

oh uh, also take as many first aid kits as you can distribute.
No. 1011042 ID: 15a025
File 163208677190.png - (5.99KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

>You should take a radio, so should cap.
I grab the radios and hand one over to Captain.
Marsh: "Probably be smart in case we need to split up."

Captain: "Aye."

>Cap should take the flare gun and flares. They're not much but getting someone in the head with a blinding red hot flare could give you the split second you need to decide a fight.
Marsh: "Go take the flare gun too. We're going to need some good ranged options for combat."

He goes over and loads up.

>Lil guy takes pocketknife so he's not unarmed, and air freshner to smell nice.
I hand pipsqueak the pocket knife and some air freshener, along with some matches

Pipsqueak: "Matches and an air freshener?"

Marsh: "Not the safest of options for defense, but if things get really bad we'll need whatever we can get. Can you carry a first aid kit as well?"

Pipsqueak: "Sure can!"

Now it's time to decide what our plan of attack is going to be. We could make our way upstairs to the ship's controls and try to regain control of the ship. We don't know what we're really up against though, so we might get overpowered and outnumbered if we make a rush. There's freeing the captured crew in the brig down below to increase our numbers, but that'll be giving the enemy more time to break in and get the Captain's stock of guns and enchanted items. Or if you've got other approaches we could make, I'm all ears.
No. 1011321 ID: 894419

You don't have enough people to take the bridge. Marsh; you'll be the spearhead with tiny right behind you. Cap is in the worst shape so he should take up the rear. If the brig is near the engines you can sabotage them to make sure the rebels don't link up with any allies at sea on the way.

File 159361850203.png - (475.44KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_0.png )
971193 No. 971193 ID: 55dc57 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

You are a Bergman, a standard-bearer of your lord's castle. Or at least you were one.
Your last regal employer was caught in some less than loyal business, and you didn't survive the lordly break-up.
Now without a job, or a roof over over your head, you assess your future employment.
171 posts and 70 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1009554 ID: 5fd55c

And please do get a good look at what the giant actually looks like.
No. 1009607 ID: 308028
File 163095088119.png - (547.24KB , 3572x776 , bmq_69-71.png )

Wiggling your way out from the clutches of the vines, you quickly evade the giant's attempt of your recapture. Wrestling against the weakened shoots, you throw the tendril up towards the next rack. You fashion the tendril like a rope and proceed to climb to higher ground away from the giant's reach.
No. 1010996 ID: 6e4236

Examine the landscape, what do the overall place and the giant look like?
No. 1011168 ID: 79f3b0
File 163217400258.png - (508.11KB , 2402x770 , bmq_72-73.png )

Now at higher ground away from the giant and the deadly plants, you finally get a good bearing of just who your pursuer is. However, a new presence blocks your line of vision. Though significantly smaller than the beast below, the woman before radiates an even more intimidating ambience. Coupled with this, the strange foodstuff in the cupboard, her horns, and her eyes piercing into your soul, you aren't just in a witch's den, you are facing down the actual witch herself!
No. 1011213 ID: c92a02

Where did the blacksmith go? ...The witch was disguised as her, wasn't she! What's that thing below you, then?

File 163201434181.jpg - (38.19KB , 752x555 , baby catgirl.jpg )
1010937 No. 1010937 ID: 7ec631 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

POP! A new catgirl pops into existence, the same way all catgirls are born. What is their name? what is the first thing they see?
15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1011052 ID: 7ec631
File 163209085064.jpg - (49.62KB , 769x607 , 5 fight.jpg )

But Nyatasha is quick! They're discovering for themselves that they're ruthless in battle. And reckless... oh so reckless....
They dart forward and slash the Catnip Bag into ribbons. The smell billows out and the air swims with released energy. Or maybe it's just the vision of the two adversaries that's swimming. They both slowly collapse to the ground, half-glazed eyes staring at each other from opposite ends of the alleyway. This catnip must be about to have quite a peculiar effect... ?
No. 1011057 ID: e51896

you hallucinate the Bratz Dolls on the purse coming to life.
No. 1011058 ID: afe7de

You hallucinate the doll coming to life and it flirts with you.
No. 1011059 ID: 094652

You cease to exist for five seconds before respawning as two half-catlings.
The stoner cat isn't so lucky and becomes a computer fish.
No. 1011066 ID: c92a02

Everything looks so big. This is because you are actually small.

File 160757088184.jpg - (160.51KB , 800x1067 , It Begins.jpg )
983260 No. 983260 ID: d63ea8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

First Chapter: >>960828
Previous Thread: >>969963

>3. Launch a preemptive strike on the Meat Demon and attempt to Excise its Corruption.
>3! We should have the advantage.
>3: Preemptive strike
>3: the time to strike is now! (I hope this works)
The battle begins.
176 posts and 143 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1010862 ID: d63ea8
File 163192291633.jpg - (262.72KB , 800x1067 , Sleight of Mind.jpg )

>That's when the inkwell is given, and wishing Abbot good luck.
The inkwell is already in (Our?) hand.

“Here. It served me well when I was just in a dingy basement, writing pamphlets with some friends. Take it.”

Abbot: “Dad-”

Take it. Ink is already going to be pricey on your new budget. You’ll need all the handouts you can get.”

Abbot: “No-
... … …

Abbot: “I mean- sorry. Of course... I’ll take it.”

(We?) chuckle again, but it is more hollow this time.
No. 1010863 ID: d63ea8
File 163192292205.jpg - (248.39KB , 800x1067 , A Diversion.jpg )

The Solid figure takes the inkwell from (Us?)

Abbot: “Thank you…”

The Dark shifts around the back of the chair and narrows its eyes at Us.
... ..?

It looks as though the Solid figure is about to leave, but he remains seated.

Abbot: “I should’ve been around more, and I should’ve been honest from the start.”

Abbot: “Maybe it wouldn’t have gotten to this point if I told you how the classes weren’t… working.”

Abbot: “But it was too late at this point, and I know you cared. Even if it was hard for me to Remember at the time.”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1010868 ID: dfbac0

Healing this node is a very tempting but it will most certainly bring the Demon or at least alert him, so while healing the node would be amazing, the risk is great.
We shouldn't try to evoke anything unless we are certain of the word that would heal this node.
However if we are certain what that word is I say we should, we may not have a chance like this again. However I doubt it would be as simple as saying "I believe in you".
Trying to rewind the memory could be troublesome, maybe we should let it play out and then try and play the memory again, that way we don't miss anything and it doesn't abruptly end here.
Also... Try and Divine the tinted and dark figures, perhaps with the corruption out of the way for the moment we can learn more about their true nature and even their original names.
No. 1010869 ID: 96c896

The pale figure is investigating, and Abbot is stalling. That's not bad, exactly, but I worry for the memory. They would DEFINITELY notice rewinding, at this point... We seem to have helped Abbot Remember, anyway. Job's done. Also if we rewind, what happens to the potency we lost? Do the figures retain their strength as well?

Eh, may as well be a bit more obvious. Tell Abbot that now that he Remembers what's important, there's no need to linger. He should get on with it, so you can get back to work. ...there is much work to be done...
No. 1010908 ID: b4ab25

We have been given the lengths of their names 5 for the Dark Figure and 6 for the Tinted Figure I suspect Tinted may be 'Reason' possibly 'Wonder'
less good ideas for the Dark Figure, 'Pride' 'Drive' 'Might' 'Power' 'Logic'

I believe the memory may be handled enough at this point that we can leave it for the moment. However, it is not 'fixed'. Right now it shows clear tampering, which is improvement but very much not ideal. Knowing you can't trust your own memories will be distressing, but is better than trusting false ones. We will need to come back and rewind this memory before we leave abbot's mind. Possibly experience it from the Inkwell's point of view as >>994080 "It would Remember what he would see. And record it." Which suggests it may be able to provide us a baseline 'here is what happened' though likely without the feelings and reasoning.
>They would DEFINITELY notice rewinding, at this point
This depends on the nature of the rewind. If it rewinds them it will either delete, return, or be as if they always had the potency. They may or may not have their minds rewound too. To have certainty we need more information. That information may perhaps be found outside of this memory we still have much of Abbot's mind to explore. I feel our ability to properly fix this memory may be similar to that of a monkey on a typewriter at the current moment; that we need more information found elsewhere t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 163088771686.png - (304.95KB , 1500x1060 , Open.png )
1009549 No. 1009549 ID: 8fb3ba hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]






Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
226 posts and 83 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1010769 ID: 8fb3ba
File 163180319550.png - (269.76KB , 1500x1060 , Bye.png )

OMEN: Night Specter!

No. 1010770 ID: 8fb3ba
File 163180320536.png - (206.44KB , 1500x1060 , End.png )

No. 1010771 ID: 0681b7

w00t! Hot crazy catboi get and didn't even have to break out the chocolates!

... or the creature skull?

Either way it's an Absolute Win!
No. 1010772 ID: 11579b

What a day.
No. 1010776 ID: 76fa74

Be gay, drink blood, do crimes. Good ending.

File 163110347772.png - (139.32KB , 500x500 , Des_000.png )
1009826 No. 1009826 ID: ce39da hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Yea, though I pass through the shadow of the Garden of Insanity, I shall not give any f*cks…


‘Cause I’ve been waiting a long time for this…

NSFW WARNING: This quest may (at certain moments) contain copious amounts of blood, mild gore, and other depictions of gratuitous violence, plus some swearing.

ABOUT: This is a collaborative battle-quest between an author and an artist (listed below). Similar to Last Trace, the format of this story will be something akin to a BOSS-RUSH, with segments in between fights where you can work to improve your abilities in various ways. However, combat will work a bit differently here. (You’ll see in a bit.)

Writing & Direction - DetectiveCaillou: Colab quest, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You have no idea how honored I am to work with the EDMANGO on a quest. (I can’t help but feel a little guilty, seeing as I consider the art and game mechanics to be “the actual hard parts” of doing these. Of course, you’ll forgive me for the occasional NMH reference - that was one of my main inspirations in writing this.

Art & Mechanics - EDMANGO: Yo, I spent a while working on a system of mechanics that works for this genre of a thing. A blood sport, combat-heavy thing. There will be a mix of things you recognize from my questing style and some other new things. If this works out, I might use the system for other things in the future. Glad to be here, and I hope you enjoy!
25 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1010567 ID: 8233ee

With how split everyone is I'mma say go upgrade your weapon, then warm up at the gym before the fight. Maybe enjoy a steamy shower to make sure you stay warmed up.
No. 1010568 ID: 96c896

Form a good relationship with the guards to get Armor. Guards liking you gives more benefits than just that.
Then get some intel.
No. 1010569 ID: a9af05

>How did I spend my time?
You got some WORKSHOP parts to upgrade your ATTACK. It was laughably easy to get the necessary parts for your beam katana. It's almost like the guards don't care enough to prevent convicts from taking things.

You also built rapport with THE GUARDS to win you some ARMOR. Some of the guards think you're pretty cool and want to help keep you alive. But there are some other guards that placed bets on you winning, so they helped you get the armor to increase their odds of winning their bets.
No. 1010570 ID: f8fa51

If I'm reading this right, armour is worth one HP per attack the enemy makes, making it just better than HP. So not going for HP is obvious.

I say work on getting that armour as your main priority. If you have time left, see about upgrading your weapon or getting some intel, but my vote goes to stealing parts for the weapon.
No. 1010647 ID: 36784c


File 160109719741.gif - (2.64MB , 560x354 , 2nd.gif )
977240 No. 977240 ID: a34b8a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

The unpleasantries of this monotonous prison called “summer camp” are beginning to put you in quite the doldrum. Seven humdrum days of childish activities and incompetent caretakers have given you an overwhelmingly dour reality check of this camp that you were once so excited for.
231 posts and 72 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1009296 ID: 3ed3c3

Then is the interest of everyone's safety and sanity, let's just stay out of each other's way.
No. 1009298 ID: df76b1

Quick Honey, do something Hilarious!

...on accident
No. 1009349 ID: 26cc8e

I’ll take that to mean you’re waiting for your share of the punishment, then? Because if your “servant” ends up hurting my daughter or anyone assigned to her care, I assure you, you’ll your fair share and then some.
No. 1009350 ID: c5d2fe


Okay, okay, people, let's have a LITTLE tact and back off for now. We don't need to make an out and out enemy so soon.

"...just stay away from my kid. And let's try to not meet up again."
No. 1009424 ID: 7bdc85

If this bitch is implying that having a child and retiring in order to raise them career ending, then she NEEDS to get SLAPPED - AFTER work hours. Momma needs to set a good example by showing how one needs to keeps any grievances until the proper time.

Maybe one of the two dudes in the room might try to break things with lame flirting and make himself the heatsink.

File 162429589434.png - (92.10KB , 600x500 , flowerquestlogo.png )
1003820 No. 1003820 ID: aa0cb9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

[nsfw warning! nude stuff ahead, maybe even more!]

the sun shines, letting the flora and fauna flourish. we shall follow a particular rabbits day, something must be afoot. he must be awake by now.
58 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1009110 ID: aa0cb9
File 163035579029.png - (59.82KB , 600x500 , flowerquest25.png )


deciding to go to PROCESSING, laurence starts to quietly maneuver his way whilst the light ahead continues to bombard him with emotions. this he thought, has to be a trick of the building.
within the PROCESSING room, there, large meat hooks are displayed hanging on the ceiling as a stone tablet is affixed within the middle of the room. along with a grate that surrounds it, as blood drains down to god knows where. the hooks sway despite no clear visible wind to creep inside of the windowless room. some of which even has old and yet, still appearing fresh, carcasses of lowie pigs ripped open for the awaiting decomposers to feast upon. but within the walls of this rotten cancer of a place, there is no decay but to the intruders. there, laurence notices within the midst of the stone tablet that is completely devoid of viscera or any foul blood; there sat a naked body of an old lover.


perhaps there is a chance for laurence to do so now?
No. 1009120 ID: 085c68

Try to ask around why this building wishes you harm. You just want to have enough money to eat and be friends with everyone.
No. 1009328 ID: aa0cb9
File 163062883096.png - (47.12KB , 600x500 , flowerquest26.png )


>???: "Laurence...oh laur-AAA-ence, its been SOSOSOSOSOSO LONG!...you look so sa-Dd, what is it in your mii-iIind hon?"

laurence's feels the gravity of this place suddenly turned to 11, all he wants to do right now is just kneel. but in a last ditch effort to not waste any precious breath left before he feel's the building swallow him whole, he asks only one thing. why? why is it that this place is so adamant in killing. why is everything moist in despair and dread and just death. all he wanted was some swag to pay off his dreams. he knew it would always take him someday, but to be in the most humiliating fashion somehow breaks him whole.

>???: "oh darling, you're so silly!....n-no its no-NAUGHT-t death, it never was~! there is l-AUGH-ife. trust EEme, it is not all just d-death that looms heeeere!"

laurence just stares, his breath even and his hands feels cold and numb.

>???: "if you would liaialaike to, i can show you! they were all warmEEEEEed and hap-hapHAHAPpy, and i am sure the others would glad-EEEEEEEly make you feel as welcAAAAAAomed as how we were! i REMEMBERED coming here so scared, but now i feel a lot more aliveALIVEALIVEALAAAAIVE! haha~ cmon!"

laurence sees the figure shake uncontrollably as it tries to stand up. the figure slumps down as the sounds of bones break rings within the claustrophobic room, it screams in utter anguish for what seemed to be minutes as it slowly rises to a standing position. lauren-

it awaits with their hand across laurence's direction.
No. 1009347 ID: dbd72b

Do not take the dead hand, especially in the evil place. You probably want to get out of there.
No. 1009377 ID: 5fd55c

Evil place, release the soul of this poor creature at once and talk to me in your true form!

File 162898147434.png - (25.33KB , 512x512 , MAIN 0.png )
1007920 No. 1007920 ID: fa8baf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

A quest about a society recovering from the introduction of both new races, and deeply sinister arcane forces.
Will likely be violent, have horror aesthetics, and potentially could get raunchy.
95 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1009105 ID: 2f6ee3

No. 1009107 ID: e7c7d3

D for floaty
No. 1009115 ID: f8fa51

No. 1009119 ID: 085c68

A sounds super useful.
No. 1009145 ID: b0df41

A,C or D. These are not the most useful in my opinion, but certainly are the more interesting and potentially funny to use with creativeness.

File 158124841892.gif - (4.35KB , 262x197 , hunger-1.gif )
955882 No. 955882 ID: c82427 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

you hunger

you have left the house

the sky is empty

where will you go

what is favored blunt object
37 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1001842 ID: 708905

It's Steve the accountant. This oxygen thief dares to continue existing even after choosing to become the most boring being in existence
No. 1001888 ID: eb1fcc

Ah shit it's Jeremy, dude's so fuckin' normal it causes a physical miasma of complete disinterest and boredom anytime someone gets close.

Like, the dude stood next to a Ferrari too long once and it turned into a Honda Accord
No. 1001913 ID: 53560f

You sure you want to remember this dude?
Hell no! I’m not reminding you about anything related to this dude.
He might as well be an indescribable black void with how little you care to know about him. You’re just gonna have to get by with literally nothing! Nada! Zip!
No. 1007881 ID: 9ce839

Emily or Emil. They want to tell you about the last conspiracy theory they found on facebook or whatever's the name of place these spread like a disease.
No. 1009021 ID: aa0cb9


ah bloody hell, its Fitzpatrick! by the shitty god, the insufferable prick whomst had beaten you in your favourite capsuling monsters game whence you were but a small lad. his shitty long-faced horse smile must be utterly PUNISHED!

File 156538652314.jpg - (1.87MB , 4563x1496 , Utopia 0.jpg )
941963 No. 941963 ID: 07c9c1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

8 people being forced to live in an underground facility, completely cut off from any outside communication. As the days keep going stranger things start appearing in the facility.
280 posts and 86 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1007990 ID: 1300f3
File 162903166673.jpg - (9.58MB , 4027x6287 , Utopia 84.jpg )

No. 1008001 ID: e51896

Millie was wondering about the contradictions. She thought Pink dragged everyone out of the ship and into the facility after the ship was destroyed, and that Pink killed everyone on the ship, but now Pink is saying she found everyone in this facility.

Sioko, the girl in orange, broke down crying uncontrollably, and saying she misses her family.

Boliston the blue guy had a panic attack and started running out the room, kind of like how he ran away when we first saw him on the first day

although Sioko was still crying, she chased after Boliston after he left since it is her job as a psychiatrist to keep stability in people's mental state.

Vivlly, the brown guy, was really angry, he did not believe anything Pink said and was pounding the desk. He even threw a chair at the monitor.

Gavin was quiet, and pondering hard about something.

Zizzy... we couldn't hear her, nobody saw her but us as they were all distracted doing their own thing, but we saw her... quietly laughing.

regardless, Zizzy then calmed down Vivlly, and then let Gavin and Vivlly know what they will need to do next for survival in this facility
No. 1008218 ID: 5fd04e
File 162928542384.jpg - (10.31MB , 3791x6209 , Utopia 85.jpg )

No. 1008960 ID: e51896

Millie tried to explain that it sounds like Glad went through the same situation that Millie is going through and wants to help Glad regain her memories before Pink, or somebody mind whammied her brain and put it in a robot.

to help jog Glads memory, Millie showed Glad the map, and pointed to the empty cyan room none of the other prisoners were using and asked if that was Glad's room.
No. 1009007 ID: de57a8
File 163026296605.jpg - (6.84MB , 4204x4414 , Utopia 86.jpg )

File 158699707992.png - (860.18KB , 800x599 , nv1-000-1.png )
962109 No. 962109 ID: 891b91 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

“INDIVIDUAL! Thou art before this tribunal to answer for thy crimes most grievous... Thou art charged with triple-recursive chronospatial inversion, dimensional deparallelization, probability manifold nullification, and toroidizing chrono-synclastic infundibula!”
380 posts and 88 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1000447 ID: f9464a

Yeah, I agree, she was definitely quadrupedal the whole time. It's pretty hard to miss just how round Klaatu's hindquarters are!
No. 1001461 ID: 15a025

Hm, can you coil your tail around it to pick up? If you're holding it, can you also move?
No. 1001520 ID: 6c227a

Hey uh... if you don't have arms, how did you stick your finger in that weird box with the extradimensional hole earlier?
No. 1001544 ID: d5825c

No. 1008985 ID: f0bf00

huh, well since we fell down, might as well go further in, i pick left

File 161725761012.jpg - (1.40MB , 1400x1050 , QuestStripFinal.jpg )
994099 No. 994099 ID: fd4d13 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

It’s strip poker night at Questden! You help decide who wins it all- and what the losers forfeit!

This is a massive seven-quest crossover game of strip Texas hold ‘em. The winner of each hand keeps their clothes and can make anyone who doesn’t fold do a dare. Each player has brought a special item they can bet as a last resort!

Suggestors vote for the fifth community card (the “river”) based on the reactions of each player. Feel free to suggest dares, but the players might be too distracted to listen!

The Players
(From left to right. Name, Author, Quest Title, Wiki Link)
- Lady Serah Kensington, Donut, Lazy Fairy (assisted by Landi the Fairy), https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
- Arthurius Radiant, Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid, Enclosed Curtains, https://questden.org/wiki/Enclosed_Curtains
- Mary Kil, Bitequest, SEXCOM, https://questden.org/wiki/SEXCOM
- Willamina and Cat, Edmango, Catalyst, https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
- Alma Harjula, Gnoll, Inhabiting Malevolence, https://questden.org/wiki/Inhabiting_Malevolence
- Franklin, Clockwork Seal, Porn Quest, https://questden.org/wiki/Porn_Quest
- Queen Chinzebeth VII, Lonelyworld, Chinzebeth VII, https://questden.org/wiki/Chinzebeth_VII
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
211 posts and 144 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1007939 ID: 8483cf
File 162898432333.png - (626.89KB , 1374x767 , SerahNude.png )

“I finally get to pay you back for your, uh, sporty shorts, Franklin,” Serah smiles. The chairs are knocked every which way from all the celebrating, so she just lies down on the floor and slips off her panties.

“It’s a lot less comfy down here when you’re not making out,” Serah says, holding out her underwear to Franklin.

“You totally sat down there just to get Franklin’s junk at eye level,” Landi giggles from atop the table. “Very sly.” She slips off her tiny white panties and kicks them all of six inches towards Franklin. “Don’t lose ‘em! You never know when you’ll need fairy-sized underwear.”

“What about regular sized underwear? That seems lot’sh more useful, to me right now,” Serah says, holding out Franklin’s sporty shorts. “And... Arthurius-sized pants. Oh, no… I’m not going to be able to fit into these on the way home.”
No. 1007943 ID: 8483cf
File 162898473889.png - (402.83KB , 657x1063 , LandiNudeFinal.png )

:sp_arthurius_4: :"What if you, like, tore the clothes you won and just wore them like a loincloth? Would it fit that way?"

“Would I draw more attention wearing torn rags, or nothing at all?” Serah wonders aloud.

“You should test it. For alchemy!” Landi suggests scientifically.

Cat: I already waltzed around town naked today, this isn’t anything new, at least I have some new clothes now!
No. 1008273 ID: 8483cf
File 162934518567.png - (1.62MB , 1050x1400 , chinztrip.png )

“A queen must be graceful in defeat,” Chinzebeth says under her breath, “But to bare my royal personage! Oh! Such a travesty … this shall never be repeated!” She tosses her underthings atop the table.

Franklin whistles and cheers from the top of the table, "that's the spirit your highness! Thanks for making the party a really special occasion!"

Chinzebeth takes just a little too long to respond before shaking her head, enunciating with perfect diction. “It shall! Never be! Repeated!”

“Not as long as I am able to serve you, your Grace,” Kog says, hopping on one foot to stand in front of his liege and shield her from the eyes of the common rabble (and one Lady and one Knight). He finally frees himself of his pants and knocks a chair over in the process. “Oops.”

“Hehe! You’re drunk!” Landi laughs so hard she rolls over. And keeps rolling… and rolling. “Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrunk!”

Chinzebeth holds out her hands and catches Landi as she rolls off the table, then delicately places her back up.

“Thank you!” Landi giggles.

“But of course,” Chinzebeth says. “One has to care for one’s subjects,” she says, looking to her new C.Org happily.

“That was very graceful, your Grace,” Serah says. “I’m glad you could join us tonight.”
No. 1008310 ID: 73380d

idk whats going on but i vote for goose dick, Whip it out!
No. 1008649 ID: e51896
File 162978678711.png - (1.04MB , 720x1280 , poker_020.png )

“Arthurius is the last one with clothes!” Serah declares.

“Last but not least!” Landi claps excitedly. “C’mon, hot stuff! I wanna see the salami! Drumroll! Brbrbrbbrbrbrbrbrrrt!”

:sp_arthurius_4: :"I actually prefer pepperoni over sala- oh, I see what you mean now. Right, right, right."

“I meant what I said, by the way,” Landi winks. “Scars are sexy.”

Arthurius gives a mischievous smirk and decides to tease Landi a bit:

:sp_arthurius_4: :"You think so? In that case, do you want one to become sexier?"

He cracks his knuckles with his other hand.

Landi sticks out her tongue. “I’m too drunk to be scared of salami men!”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 158477054152.gif - (2.30MB , 560x347 , format.gif )
959390 No. 959390 ID: a34b8a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Kill or be killed.
+18 Adult content
113 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 994534 ID: 250e64

No. 994584 ID: e51896

play dead
No. 995595 ID: 15a025

Got any fight left in ya?
No. 1008599 ID: 62d6aa

Nah, get mad burn the house down with lemons!
No. 1008647 ID: a2493c

dying here because we can't keep the rage boner in our skirt would be as tragic as it would be stupid. Let out a breath and ask for some help.

File 160932928948.png - (19.32KB , 600x400 , dungeoneer_ch8.png )
984496 No. 984496 ID: 293539 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


I hurt.

Perhaps I am not, in fact, an expert at drinking.

I've used myself ruthlessly; depleted coin, mana and substance in pursuit of ideas that seemed brilliant in the moment. Even by the feeble, hateful rays of the dawning Sun the cracks and blemishes emerge from the kindly night's soporific haze.
192 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1008485 ID: 96c896

We can't, there's no room in the resurrection matrix.

Ask about the dungeoneering guild, does she know any contacts? People are constructing dungeons out there somehow, it would be good to know how.
No. 1008489 ID: 5cf232

Hire her for a professional dungeon review of the present dungeon. Previous word of mouth was a 'rocks and spooky things' dungeon, she'd be the best person to talk about how much it's grown since then.


Not sure how many braincells she's got.
No. 1008497 ID: 8483cf

We need outside expertise. Draw knowledge from more than one well, lest it grow stale.
No. 1008550 ID: ca0259

Geeze, ask about the state of the dungeoneering game. What other dungeons does she know of, how many times has she delved? Are they far? How many? Is adventuring common everywhere and normal or is this a rarity.

And Deem, I know this isn't your forte, but when you are dealing with these catty adrenaline junkie types, you might actually get further by doing this the way she would, by asking the questions quickly in succession without waiting for an answer, while getting in her personal space.
No. 1008619 ID: 315573

Obtain an exclusive license to her likeness in golem form.

File 162251446768.png - (274.60KB , 500x500 , SR_000.png )
1002288 No. 1002288 ID: afe7de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A quest about reincarnation and the world you end up in.

Does not require having read CATALYST, but the protagonist is someone from that setting.

If you want to read more of my stuff, check out my wiki page: https://questden.org/wiki/EDMANGO


Authors Note: This quest will contain 18+ content including violence, death, and cartoon gore. This is a bit of an experimental one, and will update with less frequency than CATALYST. Sexual content might be present but wont be the focus. Reader discretion is advised.
841 posts and 197 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1008160 ID: 2aef11

What a ride it's been. Congrats!!!
No. 1008217 ID: d2f034

This has been an awesome quest so far, one of a few that got me regularly checking for updates.
Thanks for all your efforts running it; looking forward to the next part as well.
No. 1008610 ID: b75f42

What they said!
No. 1008614 ID: afe7de

Aww thanks for the kind words everybody! I'm doing some job app stuff so I wont be starting the next thread until I have a job in place or know if I need to start hunting for more jobs. Once that's out of the way I can get the next thread up and running. Sorry to keep ya waiting!
No. 1008615 ID: f16886

Nah maen, we saw how much work you put into this. You more than deserve a break!
And that goes double if you got life stuff!

Take your time. We'll still be here when you get back on it.

File 162751299132.png - (387.72KB , 800x600 , ktitle.png )
1006567 No. 1006567 ID: b081a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

(Potential) Content warning: Sexual content, violence, drug references, expected high character mortality rate.
Another experiment using mechanics.
(Except this time someone else's with some significant alterations to make this work as a quest thread!)
56 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1008305 ID: 736b7e

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask in my suggestion:

Shivoshi, any other notable warheroes? What do you think about military hardware? Can we get more cute snake robots? Who programmed you to blushu?
No. 1008335 ID: 96c896

Oh and we should try to convince Iti to go back home.
No. 1008381 ID: 9d5fd0

>Airlocks can be shot through, but it will absorb the attack and immediately break them, rendering them inoperable for blocking hazardous substances. However, a broken airlock also can just be passed through like a normal room, given that if it can't block anything anymore it'll probably not be blocking creatures either.
Absorb is a bit ambiguous, as that's almost as if to say it reduces damage to the target. However, based off the rest of that, my guess is that we do full damage to the target, but have to fix the doors. If that's the case, to build at D5 should be okay, as it will lower the odds of death-by-gas as we explore for further resources. They should offset the repairs, if we have to fix them. Hopefully, we'll rapidly get what's required for a biolab.
No. 1008399 ID: 0fae41

You're welcome to come visit the Glimmering Deathworld any time, both of you. We'll even pay for the return trip, if there is one.
Until we know exactly what we're destroying by building corridors into unexplored spaces, I'd prefer to hold off pm that strategy. Scanning equipment of some kind would be nice. Explore A4 to complete our surface map. Our sentinel units are ready. Once we explore A4 and G4, does more of the surface open up to exploration?
No. 1008557 ID: 6c886f

Wait a sec...
Where's the elevator from D3 to D4?
Without that, we lose the ability to rapidly gather our troops for heavy firepower.
It messes up the whole security setup!

File 156054739730.png - (43.22KB , 800x600 , av-title.png )
935776 No. 935776 ID: f0a059 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

CONTENT WARNING: This quest will contain explicit sexual and violence content unsuitable for minors, and will likely run into situations of dubious consent.
Please minimise this thread if you feel this may be distressing or objectionable.
To minimise a thread, please click the leftmost button that looks like a _ in the subject title.
Spoiler text will be used in situations where the text is not suitable for display on the main /quest/ page.
233 posts and 52 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 984192 ID: c136f2

Push yourself even closer to Sampi and grab his ass with both hands... Then suddenly bend your knees, haul him up off the ground and carry him outta here as fast as you can to Rho.
No. 990012 ID: f2320a

What if we do this we push the male to the floor ride his dick and fuck the female ontop this way we are not wasting our genetic material while he is
No. 999493 ID: e22e69

You need to up your confidence. Assert dominance. Push back against him.
"Why must we be enemies?"
The second he begins to respond, SLAP YOUR HANDS ON HIS ASSCHEEKS
If he's surprised by this, push him down onto the ground and sit on top of him (not on his dick, his chest) to immobilize him!
Regardless of whether that works, say
"I am not here to attack you or Tau. That is not part of my mission."
if possible begin stroking Sampi's cock, then look to Tau
"Do you have lustful feelings for each other?"

If they do, make them an offer: You can sterilize them, and then leave them alone, not telling anyone of Sampi. Part of your mission is to sterilize rogues - not report them to Delta. They can have each other, and you can continue on your way.

In the end, I'd say sterilizing Sampi is much more important than sterilizing Tau. A female rogue agent can't impregnate other female agents.
No. 1006127 ID: 62d6aa

Can someone do a recap of this whole story into a few subjects?
No. 1008409 ID: b081a5

weird biotech shark dude gotta get weird biotech marine furries pregnant except there's now a weird biotech otter dude that's gotta do the same and now they fight but with dicks?

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