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File 166383398072.png - (940.75KB , 1409x866 , cedarridge1.png )
1044452 No. 1044452 ID: ab70bc

Early autumn is pleasant in Cedar Ridge. Summer's hottest days are behind you and the shade of the Douglas fir trees that blanket the town keep the underbrush cool.

North of the lake that divides the town are sets of woods. Interrupted only by mud roads and storm drains that rarely see use outside of the rainy season. This grove is only a mile from the town's one high school. Frequented by teens and alcoholics alike for bonfire parties that leaves the smell of ash in the air. This far east into Oregon the breeze is warm and sluggish, trapped in by mountain ranges.

From where you stand you can hear when the occasional truck passes through Cedar Ridge's main road. Barely. It helps you keep your facing when you're unsure which way is home.

You are in the north in the outskirts of town.
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No. 1044453 ID: ab70bc
File 166383406550.png - (744.00KB , 1747x942 , cedarridge2.png )

You are RILEY and you have lived here all your life. It's past noon on a Wednesday and you're investigating a mystery.

The old lady who used to run the town's occult shop told you this storm drain is haunted. And since you have literally nothing better to do right now you've decided to check it out.

Your friend Shane broke your skateboard here two years ago, and he got his heart broken here a year later. You consider this to be karma.

You bought with you:
- A notebook and pencil
- A Game Boy Color with only one battery
- A sandwich to offer the hobo ghost
No. 1044455 ID: e5709d

*Initiate retro 1970's proto-dubstep advertisement song*
No. 1044459 ID: 8a5496

Draw the entrance of the storm drain in your notebook. Then take a closer look if there's anything you can see inside or if you hear any noises coming from the hole.
No. 1044461 ID: 9ba7cf

Peek inside. And don't forget to draw a map.
No. 1044468 ID: 30b9f6

Sketching a rough map is a cool idea!

Maybe add a couple 'expedition-style' notes as well so you can laugh about how seriously you took this later. "Ready to plunge the haunted depths of... THE STORM DRAIN. (dun dunn DUN!)"
No. 1044469 ID: d98cb8

How dark is this storm drain? Will you be okay wandering in there without a flashlight?
No. 1044471 ID: 8a5496

Don't need flashlight when we got a Game Boy Color
No. 1044472 ID: d98cb8

Game boy color needs two batteries and she only has one. It's useless for light
No. 1044473 ID: 708905

Yell loudly into the drain to assert dominance
No. 1044474 ID: e51896

Even if we had another battery, Game boy colors dont have a backlight on their screen to use as a light source.
No. 1044476 ID: bbb04b

So, what do you know about this alleged haunting already? What unexplained phenomena is being attributed to this hobo(?) ghost? Or are you just taking the old woman's word that it's "haunted" with no elaboration needed? (Is it a hobo or are you just guessing?) Do you know why the old woman told you in particular, and/or how she knew this? (She can be the subject of a follow-up investigation if this turns out to be legit.)

It'd be good to take down notes of everything you know about the case before you head in.

Also, do you know how to defend yourself, in case you startle and agitate a flash-and-blood hobo or a rabid animal or something?
No. 1044478 ID: ec7b0e

Also, what happened to the old lady who used to run the occult shop ?
No. 1044482 ID: d98cb8

You know I'd actually forgotten that! There's no Gameboy with backlight until the GBA SP!
No. 1044483 ID: d80ebe

Create a code name for your current operation, I suggest Eagle one.
No. 1044501 ID: 894419

You definitely brought that sketchpad to map the storm drains!
No. 1044524 ID: ab70bc
File 166392035774.png - (435.62KB , 1012x718 , cedarridge3.png )

The storm drain is not important, you didn't come here for the storm drain. This is just the spot where the hobo ghost is said to spook. In fact, you think this storm drain couldn't get any less interesting, you feel like it has absolutely zero bearing over your adventure. But since it's here you might as well check it out.
Water settles at the bottom of the pipe, there's a wall at the end that splits the path in two directions: left and right. As much as you can tell from here neither seem to extend that far. You can make out the entrance clearly in the sunlight but it quickly becomes dark.

Sucking in a lungful of ashy air you scream your little heart out. Which is actually pretty loud. Years and year of screaming at your parents and your friends and just about anything that pushes you the wrong way has made screaming second nature to you. It's only a heartbeat later that the pipe screams back.
With how shallow this pipe is the echo isn't that strong. You easily overpower it. The pipe's will is broken.

+7 EXP

You're not very good at drawing, but you know your town pretty well from memory. You could manage up a decent map if you wanted to once you found a flat surface to draw on. There's one just outside the pipe.
No. 1044525 ID: ab70bc

Nothing **happened** to the old lady. Nothing ever happens in this town. Debra the occult rat is hanging out in the park right now.
In the center of town there's a building that used to be a bank. Lots of buildings used to be a bank. One of them is purple. The old rat who used to live there painted it purple when she opened up Cedar Ridge's first and last occult shop.
It did not do well.
Recently you've been hanging out with her in the park since all of your friends are in school or at work.

This is the third adventure she's sent you on now and you're starting to think she might be making things up. The last two ended up being possums.
No. 1044526 ID: ab70bc
File 166392044858.png - (226.07KB , 1055x839 , game boy color.png )

Your Game Boy Color :tm: Special Edition :tm: Pikachu and Friends :tm: edition is a burned yellow and doesn't quite fit in your pocket comfortably. You bought it second hand at a garage sale, it didn't come with the battery clip so they always fall out while you're playing.
You only have the game it came with: Shrek: Fairy Tale FreakDown

No matter how hard you try, you can't beat the Gingerbread Man.

At home you have a Pokemon game, but even if you were home right now (which you're not) you're missing a battery.
No. 1044530 ID: 4286b4

Well, no hobo ghosts here. Mystery solved!

There doesn't seem to be anything else to do here so I suppose you can go report your findings to Debra.

But first, draw that town map on the flat concrete surface. And make sure to do it while sticking your ass as far in the air as you can, you know, to ward off any hobo ghosts.
No. 1044531 ID: ba37ee

Draw that map then look around, listen for ghostly sounds and ask the ghost to show itself. Tell it you got a sandwich.
No. 1044532 ID: fec07f

How does one go about summoning hobo ghosts? We should check for old hobo signs on the walls
No. 1044540 ID: 41e37d

Intone the most eldritch incantation you can muster.

Also, if all your friends are at school or work - did you graduate, and just don't yet have a job, or maybe you work a night shift, or what?
No. 1044545 ID: 30b9f6

>Draw a map of town
Why not? There's a flat surface right there, after all. And you're clearly bored out of your gourd, so a quick moment to bust out a sketch wouldn't be amiss.

Actually, ooh, yeah check for fresh ghost hobo signs inside the tunnel before it gets too dark. Maybe turning on your Gameboy - with one battery - will catch up stray hobo ghost signals and create a spooky flickering screen effect or... something. Okay that's stupid, but eh, what's the worst that could happen?

>What else
So you hang with Debra because neither of you appear to have much better to do. She sounds like she's gone broke after her occult self-employment venture went bust, but what about you? Why ain't you workin', schoolin' or whatever? How old are you, Riley?
No. 1044554 ID: 84f54c

Gameboy can't turn on with only one battery, not even a flicker. And as many people who tried to use their gameboy in the car can tell you, there's definitely no way the gameboy can light up anything.
No. 1044556 ID: 7711f1

Best to start peddling the sandwich in an effort to lure the ghost out. What kind of sandwich even is it?

Use the gameboy to play an 8-bit OST version of All Star by Smash Mouth to demonstrate that you aren't a threat after that blood-curdling scream.
No. 1044571 ID: e5709d

Moan seductively to lure the ghost out.
No. 1044572 ID: 9a2966

Which means there's definitely ghost activity if it does!
No. 1044990 ID: ab70bc
File 166443521365.png - (800.16KB , 1881x1323 , Panel 5.png )

You're not done here. If you went back to the cool old witch lady now she'd think you're a nerd who can't handle ghosts. That's lame, you're not a nerd. You can't even beat Pokemon.

This is where the storm drain ends, at least for this part of town. The dirty stream travels past this wall but it's too dark for you to see where it goes. From the sounds of it, down.

There used to be a fancy sign here but a kid stole it. You're pretty sure he still has it in his garden. It probably said something dumb like "This is a storm drain" or "Disco is dead." Nobody cares.

You're not in school because you're a rebel without a cause. And you got expelled last month. It's not really something you want to talk about when there are cool ghost adventures to be on right now.
You probably weren't going to graduate anyway.
No. 1044991 ID: ab70bc
File 166443529080.png - (741.94KB , 2163x1295 , Panel 6.png )

You're pretty far north of the town right now. Cedar Ridge has a population of 1,069 or something like that. It's mostly old people shuffling their way to the graveyard.
[The cross is your current position]

Everything is centred around the main road which travels through town, truckers need a place to stay this far out and that's how the town makes its money. You're pretty sure there used to be a train line here once but if there is you haven't seen it.
Sometimes at night you think you can hear a train in the trees.

This side of the river there isn't much but forest. If you didn't draw it, assume it's just a forest. There are a fuckload of trees where you live.
Given how it's just across the river from school and far away from the trailer park this is a pretty popular place for teenagers to dick around.

You're bumming at your friend's place right now in a slightly nicer part of town. There are paved roads instead of just dirt. But it's not as nice as the nice part of town. That's on the other side of the park.

You didn't draw the park because your notepad's spine is in the way.
No. 1044992 ID: ab70bc
File 166443535983.png - (631.87KB , 2178x1309 , Panel 7.png )

You also bought a sandwich with you because apparently food is what makes the ghost show up. You don't need any incantations or voodoo, but if you wanna shout something that's cool. Shout all you want, this is America. You love shouting.

Apparently if you leave food here the ghost will show up. You can either wait for something to happen or find something else to do.

You made the sinner's sandwich because a friend once told you it was really good. It's turkey, strawberry jam and cereal. You tried half of it on the way here to see what it was like.

It's okay. The ghost is a hobo he's not gonna be picky.
No. 1044993 ID: b6986d

If I was a ghost I would pretend to be picky, just to keep folks on their toes.
No. 1044996 ID: 15c72a

Alright, time to get just out of sight and peek at the sandwich.

What were your instructions for the last two "ghosts"?
No. 1044998 ID: e5709d

When you get the chance, spray paint a pair of R's that look like giant D's but with squiggly lines at the bottom to form the rest of the R-character, layered diagonally.
No. 1044999 ID: 30b9f6

Do you even have to get out of sight to start with?

Could just enter the storm drain, wave the sandwich around, see if something hops out. Then drop it and pretend to leave if nothing does, but actually hang around near the exit and peek to see if anyone comes.
No. 1045006 ID: 12b56b

Guess it's time to hurry up and wait. Kick your lecks up and play some of that pokeyman game.
No. 1045007 ID: 4286b4

Find a rock or something and place the sandwich on top of it so that it sticks out.

Then tie a string around the sandwich and hide somewhere. Once the string is pulled, you've caught the ghost!
No. 1045009 ID: bbb04b

How does this lady claim to find these leads for you?

Shame you don't have chalk; you could try drawing a seance circle with a bunch of hobo code symbols in it - look it up, it's like an IRL thief's cant.

I guess just try calling it out. Don't act like you're calling a ghost, though - we don't know how they work; they might not realize they're dead. Did the rat pin a name to this ghost, or are we gonna settle for "I have food, come and get it?"
No. 1045010 ID: 36784c

>apparently food is what makes the ghost show up.
Are you sure it’s a ghost and not a wild animal?

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