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File 166383398072.png - (940.75KB , 1409x866 , cedarridge1.png )
1044452 No. 1044452 ID: ab70bc

Early autumn is pleasant in Cedar Ridge. Summer's hottest days are behind you and the shade of the Douglas fir trees that blanket the town keep the underbrush cool.

North of the lake that divides the town are sets of woods. Interrupted only by mud roads and storm drains that rarely see use outside of the rainy season. This grove is only a mile from the town's one high school. Frequented by teens and alcoholics alike for bonfire parties that leaves the smell of ash in the air. This far east into Oregon the breeze is warm and sluggish, trapped in by mountain ranges.

From where you stand you can hear when the occasional truck passes through Cedar Ridge's main road. Barely. It helps you keep your facing when you're unsure which way is home.

You are in the north in the outskirts of town.
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No. 1044453 ID: ab70bc
File 166383406550.png - (744.00KB , 1747x942 , cedarridge2.png )

You are RILEY and you have lived here all your life. It's past noon on a Wednesday and you're investigating a mystery.

The old lady who used to run the town's occult shop told you this storm drain is haunted. And since you have literally nothing better to do right now you've decided to check it out.

Your friend Shane broke your skateboard here two years ago, and he got his heart broken here a year later. You consider this to be karma.

You bought with you:
- A notebook and pencil
- A Game Boy Color with only one battery
- A sandwich to offer the hobo ghost
No. 1044455 ID: e5709d

*Initiate retro 1970's proto-dubstep advertisement song*
No. 1044459 ID: 8a5496

Draw the entrance of the storm drain in your notebook. Then take a closer look if there's anything you can see inside or if you hear any noises coming from the hole.
No. 1044461 ID: 9ba7cf

Peek inside. And don't forget to draw a map.
No. 1044468 ID: 30b9f6

Sketching a rough map is a cool idea!

Maybe add a couple 'expedition-style' notes as well so you can laugh about how seriously you took this later. "Ready to plunge the haunted depths of... THE STORM DRAIN. (dun dunn DUN!)"
No. 1044469 ID: d98cb8

How dark is this storm drain? Will you be okay wandering in there without a flashlight?
No. 1044471 ID: 8a5496

Don't need flashlight when we got a Game Boy Color
No. 1044472 ID: d98cb8

Game boy color needs two batteries and she only has one. It's useless for light
No. 1044473 ID: 708905

Yell loudly into the drain to assert dominance
No. 1044474 ID: e51896

Even if we had another battery, Game boy colors dont have a backlight on their screen to use as a light source.
No. 1044476 ID: bbb04b

So, what do you know about this alleged haunting already? What unexplained phenomena is being attributed to this hobo(?) ghost? Or are you just taking the old woman's word that it's "haunted" with no elaboration needed? (Is it a hobo or are you just guessing?) Do you know why the old woman told you in particular, and/or how she knew this? (She can be the subject of a follow-up investigation if this turns out to be legit.)

It'd be good to take down notes of everything you know about the case before you head in.

Also, do you know how to defend yourself, in case you startle and agitate a flash-and-blood hobo or a rabid animal or something?
No. 1044478 ID: ec7b0e

Also, what happened to the old lady who used to run the occult shop ?
No. 1044482 ID: d98cb8

You know I'd actually forgotten that! There's no Gameboy with backlight until the GBA SP!
No. 1044483 ID: d80ebe

Create a code name for your current operation, I suggest Eagle one.
No. 1044501 ID: 894419

You definitely brought that sketchpad to map the storm drains!
No. 1044524 ID: ab70bc
File 166392035774.png - (435.62KB , 1012x718 , cedarridge3.png )

The storm drain is not important, you didn't come here for the storm drain. This is just the spot where the hobo ghost is said to spook. In fact, you think this storm drain couldn't get any less interesting, you feel like it has absolutely zero bearing over your adventure. But since it's here you might as well check it out.
Water settles at the bottom of the pipe, there's a wall at the end that splits the path in two directions: left and right. As much as you can tell from here neither seem to extend that far. You can make out the entrance clearly in the sunlight but it quickly becomes dark.

Sucking in a lungful of ashy air you scream your little heart out. Which is actually pretty loud. Years and year of screaming at your parents and your friends and just about anything that pushes you the wrong way has made screaming second nature to you. It's only a heartbeat later that the pipe screams back.
With how shallow this pipe is the echo isn't that strong. You easily overpower it. The pipe's will is broken.

+7 EXP

You're not very good at drawing, but you know your town pretty well from memory. You could manage up a decent map if you wanted to once you found a flat surface to draw on. There's one just outside the pipe.
No. 1044525 ID: ab70bc

Nothing **happened** to the old lady. Nothing ever happens in this town. Debra the occult rat is hanging out in the park right now.
In the center of town there's a building that used to be a bank. Lots of buildings used to be a bank. One of them is purple. The old rat who used to live there painted it purple when she opened up Cedar Ridge's first and last occult shop.
It did not do well.
Recently you've been hanging out with her in the park since all of your friends are in school or at work.

This is the third adventure she's sent you on now and you're starting to think she might be making things up. The last two ended up being possums.
No. 1044526 ID: ab70bc
File 166392044858.png - (226.07KB , 1055x839 , game boy color.png )

Your Game Boy Color :tm: Special Edition :tm: Pikachu and Friends :tm: edition is a burned yellow and doesn't quite fit in your pocket comfortably. You bought it second hand at a garage sale, it didn't come with the battery clip so they always fall out while you're playing.
You only have the game it came with: Shrek: Fairy Tale FreakDown

No matter how hard you try, you can't beat the Gingerbread Man.

At home you have a Pokemon game, but even if you were home right now (which you're not) you're missing a battery.
No. 1044530 ID: 4286b4

Well, no hobo ghosts here. Mystery solved!

There doesn't seem to be anything else to do here so I suppose you can go report your findings to Debra.

But first, draw that town map on the flat concrete surface. And make sure to do it while sticking your ass as far in the air as you can, you know, to ward off any hobo ghosts.
No. 1044531 ID: ba37ee

Draw that map then look around, listen for ghostly sounds and ask the ghost to show itself. Tell it you got a sandwich.
No. 1044532 ID: fec07f

How does one go about summoning hobo ghosts? We should check for old hobo signs on the walls
No. 1044540 ID: 41e37d

Intone the most eldritch incantation you can muster.

Also, if all your friends are at school or work - did you graduate, and just don't yet have a job, or maybe you work a night shift, or what?
No. 1044545 ID: 30b9f6

>Draw a map of town
Why not? There's a flat surface right there, after all. And you're clearly bored out of your gourd, so a quick moment to bust out a sketch wouldn't be amiss.

Actually, ooh, yeah check for fresh ghost hobo signs inside the tunnel before it gets too dark. Maybe turning on your Gameboy - with one battery - will catch up stray hobo ghost signals and create a spooky flickering screen effect or... something. Okay that's stupid, but eh, what's the worst that could happen?

>What else
So you hang with Debra because neither of you appear to have much better to do. She sounds like she's gone broke after her occult self-employment venture went bust, but what about you? Why ain't you workin', schoolin' or whatever? How old are you, Riley?
No. 1044554 ID: 84f54c

Gameboy can't turn on with only one battery, not even a flicker. And as many people who tried to use their gameboy in the car can tell you, there's definitely no way the gameboy can light up anything.
No. 1044556 ID: 7711f1

Best to start peddling the sandwich in an effort to lure the ghost out. What kind of sandwich even is it?

Use the gameboy to play an 8-bit OST version of All Star by Smash Mouth to demonstrate that you aren't a threat after that blood-curdling scream.
No. 1044571 ID: e5709d

Moan seductively to lure the ghost out.
No. 1044572 ID: 9a2966

Which means there's definitely ghost activity if it does!
No. 1044990 ID: ab70bc
File 166443521365.png - (800.16KB , 1881x1323 , Panel 5.png )

You're not done here. If you went back to the cool old witch lady now she'd think you're a nerd who can't handle ghosts. That's lame, you're not a nerd. You can't even beat Pokemon.

This is where the storm drain ends, at least for this part of town. The dirty stream travels past this wall but it's too dark for you to see where it goes. From the sounds of it, down.

There used to be a fancy sign here but a kid stole it. You're pretty sure he still has it in his garden. It probably said something dumb like "This is a storm drain" or "Disco is dead." Nobody cares.

You're not in school because you're a rebel without a cause. And you got expelled last month. It's not really something you want to talk about when there are cool ghost adventures to be on right now.
You probably weren't going to graduate anyway.
No. 1044991 ID: ab70bc
File 166443529080.png - (741.94KB , 2163x1295 , Panel 6.png )

You're pretty far north of the town right now. Cedar Ridge has a population of 1,069 or something like that. It's mostly old people shuffling their way to the graveyard.
[The cross is your current position]

Everything is centred around the main road which travels through town, truckers need a place to stay this far out and that's how the town makes its money. You're pretty sure there used to be a train line here once but if there is you haven't seen it.
Sometimes at night you think you can hear a train in the trees.

This side of the river there isn't much but forest. If you didn't draw it, assume it's just a forest. There are a fuckload of trees where you live.
Given how it's just across the river from school and far away from the trailer park this is a pretty popular place for teenagers to dick around.

You're bumming at your friend's place right now in a slightly nicer part of town. There are paved roads instead of just dirt. But it's not as nice as the nice part of town. That's on the other side of the park.

You didn't draw the park because your notepad's spine is in the way.
No. 1044992 ID: ab70bc
File 166443535983.png - (631.87KB , 2178x1309 , Panel 7.png )

You also bought a sandwich with you because apparently food is what makes the ghost show up. You don't need any incantations or voodoo, but if you wanna shout something that's cool. Shout all you want, this is America. You love shouting.

Apparently if you leave food here the ghost will show up. You can either wait for something to happen or find something else to do.

You made the sinner's sandwich because a friend once told you it was really good. It's turkey, strawberry jam and cereal. You tried half of it on the way here to see what it was like.

It's okay. The ghost is a hobo he's not gonna be picky.
No. 1044993 ID: b6986d

If I was a ghost I would pretend to be picky, just to keep folks on their toes.
No. 1044996 ID: 15c72a

Alright, time to get just out of sight and peek at the sandwich.

What were your instructions for the last two "ghosts"?
No. 1044998 ID: e5709d

When you get the chance, spray paint a pair of R's that look like giant D's but with squiggly lines at the bottom to form the rest of the R-character, layered diagonally.
No. 1044999 ID: 30b9f6

Do you even have to get out of sight to start with?

Could just enter the storm drain, wave the sandwich around, see if something hops out. Then drop it and pretend to leave if nothing does, but actually hang around near the exit and peek to see if anyone comes.
No. 1045006 ID: 12b56b

Guess it's time to hurry up and wait. Kick your lecks up and play some of that pokeyman game.
No. 1045007 ID: 4286b4

Find a rock or something and place the sandwich on top of it so that it sticks out.

Then tie a string around the sandwich and hide somewhere. Once the string is pulled, you've caught the ghost!
No. 1045009 ID: bbb04b

How does this lady claim to find these leads for you?

Shame you don't have chalk; you could try drawing a seance circle with a bunch of hobo code symbols in it - look it up, it's like an IRL thief's cant.

I guess just try calling it out. Don't act like you're calling a ghost, though - we don't know how they work; they might not realize they're dead. Did the rat pin a name to this ghost, or are we gonna settle for "I have food, come and get it?"
No. 1045010 ID: 36784c

>apparently food is what makes the ghost show up.
Are you sure it’s a ghost and not a wild animal?
No. 1046100 ID: ab70bc
File 166546627623.png - (299.66KB , 1155x833 , rileyquest 8.png )

Why would it be an animal? The other two ghosts were just shy probably. That's a lame thought.

You don't have any string for a trap, but the magic circle sounds like fun!
Using your finger you draw a crude circle in the layer of grime that's built up on the surface. You think it's concrete? This can't be solid rock.
Either way, you wipe the grime off on your shorts.

It takes a good minute but you draw all the things you think a hobo king would care about: his crown, booze, a trash can, a trash bag, and after you'd run out of trash ideas you just drew a skull.
It looks pretty cool. You're a dope artist.

You weren't failing art class; art class was failing you.
Eat a dick Mr Asston.

+6 EXP for this cool idea
No. 1046101 ID: ab70bc
File 166546631918.png - (111.17KB , 1385x619 , rileyquest 9.png )

Actually you know about hobo runes! You found a few around town, and you're pretty sure there's one on the pipe walls!

Even this early in the afternoon there isn't enough light to see into the storm drain very well. From the entrance you can make out how deep it is and where it splits, but past that it's too dark to see what you're doing or where you're going.

The shallow pipe ends in a fork, left and right.
No. 1046102 ID: ab70bc
File 166546637528.png - (283.78KB , 1192x676 , rileyquest 10.png )

This isn't the first time you've been here so you know what to expect. You can see the heavy steel gate at the end, the tarnished silver reflects just a little more light than its surroundings. This gate has been locked since you were a little kid and you've never seen it opened. No engineers or operators ever visit.

You can also make out the silhouette of a pickle jar and half of your skateboard.

Honestly it's surprising that thing is still here. It's a trooper.

The lighting is too shitty to make out the hobo code, maybe this is something you could check out later.
No. 1046103 ID: ab70bc
File 166546640033.png - (488.96KB , 1563x886 , rileyquest 11.png )

It smells at the end. There is a lot of stagnant water stewing away in this retainer. You know for a fact it goes down pretty deep (and probably ends up somewhere) because you've spent a lot of time throwing rocks in there, but you will literally never, ever, ever


ever, ever ever get in that water outside of a dare.

Somebody left their shopping cart here. Which is impressive given the nearest mall is two towns over.

The sign here was spray painted over at some point, otherwise it looks fairly new.
No. 1046107 ID: d98cb8

How's the gate locked? Have you ever considered using that half of a skateboard to try and smash off the padlock or something? If it's been down there untouched for a long time it might break.
No. 1046114 ID: b6986d

Like a POWERFUL CROW, use a BIG ROCK to break the lock open.
No. 1046121 ID: 30b9f6

Check out that pickle jar - what's it filled with and/or doing here? And what's the story about that skateboard? How'd Shane end up breaking it?

>Use rock on rusty lock
Breaking into a semi-abandoned sewer system? Sounds acceptably risky! Granted, might be more trouble than it's worth.
No. 1046127 ID: fec07f

Place sandvich inside magic circle and call out to the hobo ghost to come and get the food.
No. 1046163 ID: bd97d3

Ok, but would you get in the water if there was a scary hobo ghost standing behind you?
No. 1047138 ID: ab70bc
File 166639015266.png - (1.84MB , 2382x1485 , rileyquest 12.png )

There's a scary hobo ghost behind you??

No. There isn't.

Bro. It's not cool to jump scare people like that. Dawg.
No. 1047139 ID: ab70bc

At the cross section there is so little light it's difficult for you to see, despite being able to see pretty well in the dark. Without illumination it's just shapes in shadows.

You can make out the shape of half a skateboard, an old glass jar, and an assortment of rocks and newspapers stuck to the floor. You're pretty sure they're stuck to the floor, there's a lot of gunk around them and everything in here is wet.
There's a much smaller pipe on the back wall somebody smaller than you could wiggle through, though it's very gross. The smell has been enough to deter you and your friends from ever trying to see what's in there, and you really don't care. If you had to guess, it's where the water goes when the room with the shopping cart is full.

The lock is build into the door, if you smashed it with a rock all you'd be doing is making it harder to get a key in if you ever found one.
Which you're down for, if smashing this lock is what you really want to do. Senseless destruction is kind of your M/O.
No. 1047140 ID: ab70bc
File 166639019399.png - (416.86KB , 1533x873 , rileyquest 13.png )

You have absolutely no idea why there's a pickle jar here. Maybe it has something to do with the hobo ghost, maybe you should've bought pickles instead of a sandwich?

Last year you came down here to skate after an especially bad date. Shane broke your skateboard trying to do a kickflip. He ate shit so hard he broke his arm and had to wear a cast, though his pain made breaking your skateboard funny and it helped you forget what you were mad about in the first place.

Shane usually finds some way to cheer you up when things are shitty - usually by hurting himself in some way. He's not exactly graceful. Most people don't get him; your parents hate Shane.
No. 1047142 ID: f7e98e

Anything in the pickle jar?
Any signs of that hobo ghost?
Anything new in the gross pipe?
Anywhere to get a new skateboard?

Bad dates sound particularly awkward, when you probably know everybody in town.
No. 1047145 ID: 15c72a

I think we're done looking at the trash. Why not sit and watch the sandwich somewhere less smelly?
No. 1047153 ID: 9a2966

Maybe it's a pickle djinni hobo ghost, and someone let it out, and that's why it's haunting this place.

What's that next to the pickle jar? The handle of a bag? The lid? Look closer.
No. 1047176 ID: 2e6672

Take the pickle jar and start heading towards where that woman said the ghost was, maybe we can capture the ghost in the pickle jar like a spider.
No. 1047198 ID: f2320a

Would be cool if its like a alien with tentacles disguised as a hobo so it can slink between the bars or is like a cool cryptid?
No. 1047229 ID: e51896

Yeah, do this
No. 1047276 ID: 20df90

You need to summon the ghost through some kind of ritual. That circle you drew and the food offering you brought are a good start, but now you need to actually perform the summoning. Call out to the ghost. With feeling! Maybe chant. Spirits love chanting.
No. 1047282 ID: fec07f

Y'hah, nglui lw'nafh ph'grah'n orr'eagl ilyaa y-sgn'wahl gotha, orr'e y'hah nglui uaaahyar k'yarnak. Navulgtlagln uh'eog shagg lw'nafh syha'h hlirghyar gebyar, h'shogg kn'a nglui nnnllll stell'bsna ngluioth, Cthulhu k'yarnak gotha shogg f'lloig. Kn'a stell'bsna ehyeor ph'Shub-Niggurath nw Dagon ya n'gha, ph'grah'n ah hlirgh gotha 'fhalma Dagon f's'uhn, y-hrii mgnyth n'ghft hrii shugg Tsathoggua. Hasturagl zhroog hai orr'e li'hee gof'nn athg Shub-Niggurath sll'ha shugg, cR'lyeh fm'latgh Tsathogguaagl orr'enyth cmnahn' nglui throd goka nilgh'ri orr'e, gof'nn Dagon y-throd wgah'n Dagon 'ai hupadgh c'ai. Vulgtm hai vulgtlagln ilyaa uh'e wgah'n nglui ch' hupadgh, ebunma shtunggli nggnaiih Azathoth nafln'ghft ftaghu n'ghft syha'h gotha, throd uh'e vulgtlagln 'fhalma ilyaa ooboshu ehye.
No. 1048057 ID: ab70bc
File 166727650756.png - (494.70KB , 1532x1007 , rileyquest 14.png )

An alien? That's stupid. You're stupid. What would that even look like?
Like some kind of weird hobo guy and what, he's just made of tentacles?


Maybe you're onto something there. There was this guy you met a couple towns over at a rock show who told you he saw something like that once. It was like, a gross tentacle bird thing? You're sure there are all kinds of weird, crazy things all through the woods.
No. 1048058 ID: ab70bc
File 166727652872.png - (367.74KB , 1540x1016 , rileyquest 15.png )

You don't need to get a new skateboard, you got a new one already. It's at home with all the other stuff you moved to your new house. This is the longest lasting board you've had, it's been with you for a solid two months now. Which is a long time when you eat shit as often as you do.

It's not your fault; you've gotta be cursed or something. And all the cool tricks are literally impossible anyway.

To date you have owned seven skateboards. One a year for your birthday and a couple you 'borrowed' from Shane. It's his own fault if he falls for it twice.
To date you have broken eleven. Nobody lets you borrow their skateboards anymore.

When you get home you can find it and practice some sick flips.
No. 1048059 ID: ab70bc
File 166727655173.gif - (185.38KB , 560x315 , riley biffs it.gif )

You don't really want to touch the jar, it's all gross and slimy from rainwater. And you can't see a thing.

Still, maybe there's something inside??



No. 1048060 ID: ab70bc

The jar smashes and covers the floor in even more shit. You're just clumsily flailing about in the dark here. Maybe it's time to check back in with the summoning circle.
No. 1048069 ID: 15c72a

Get outta there before you slip on something.
No. 1048074 ID: f2320a

Wtf is the label in the glass shards?
No. 1048076 ID: 8483cf

Oh great now we have to worry about broken glass. Let's hope we don't eat shit.

Oh! Trash???! Let's investigate the trash, because it has question marks.
No. 1048097 ID: 30b9f6

>eats shit, drops jars
Definitely not just a bit clumsy, then?

A few options: the lid might have a label as well, so you can pick that up and turn it over, bring it closer to the light so you can actually see shit. Or... you can dig around in that fresh glass pile and see what the label hanging on it was (something besides 'pickles', hopefully). Or do both (the completionist in you whispers).

You can check on the circle after you've thoroughly de-mystified the 'mystery of the opened jar'.
No. 1048121 ID: 2e6672

Now that there's glass everywhere... Maybe we should get out of the storm drain. How long have we even been here?
No. 1049273 ID: ab70bc
File 166846009833.png - (700.91KB , 1400x881 , rileyquest 17.png )

You can hear the sound of glass shattering filling the pipe, it echoes out into the woods around you and travels far.

In response, there's a rustling noise outside. The shattering startled something... or some-one.
No. 1049274 ID: ab70bc
File 166846012541.png - (451.10KB , 1995x1131 , rileyquest 18.png )

Flailing your hand around in the dark you fuck about and find out with broken glass in an attempt to read the label. This seems like a great idea, you're absolutely invincible-
No. 1049275 ID: ab70bc
File 166846014124.png - (334.32KB , 1995x1131 , rileyquest 19.png )

Almost immediately you cut your hand.

It doesn't feel like a bad cut, but it stings. You can feel the blood spilling into your palm.


Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. Fix it.
No. 1049276 ID: 2e6672

Eat the sandwich to restore Health.
No. 1049277 ID: efc971

Take off your shirt and wrap it around your hand.
No. 1049278 ID: 9a2966

Ouch! Time to CUT your losses and go outside to see how bad it is! And maybe get some cloth of something to die across your hand as an impromptu bandage. Or maybe just clench your hand so the cut doesn't bleed so bad.

On the up side you can (accidentally) drip some blood on that magic circle, which will surely do nothing because this is an ordinary place where nothing special happens and you just drew it for a lark.

... granted if anybody's watching, it'll look sus as fuck.
No. 1049279 ID: 795667

Bandage bandage bandage

Gotta stop the bleeding. Apply lots of pressure. Are you up to date on your tetanus shots?
No. 1049285 ID: fb2164

Massacare Shirt, bandage wound (after washing it in non-shitty water), hope you didnt get a zombie virus or something :V
No. 1049288 ID: ab2c7c

Yay sewer infection! Time to get the heck out of here

We definitely don't accidentally drip our fresh blood on the summoning circle as we start to gtfo
No. 1049289 ID: b6986d

Remove shirt, bandage hand. It's fine, not like anyone's going to see you down here anyway.
No. 1049299 ID: 097b96

Get to the drugstore for a bandage. Your woodland excursion hasn't been successful.
No. 1049300 ID: 25edc8

I recommend not applying pressure until you're sure there's not still glass there.

Hold your injured hand above your head. Go outside, swiftly but carefully.
No. 1049330 ID: e5709d

Get vaccinations immediately. And wash with soap!
No. 1051366 ID: ab70bc
File 167057049376.png - (110.76KB , 928x660 , rileyquest 20.png )

> Go outside and see how bad it is

Looking at it in the light you can't **see** any glass. It's a pretty clean cut and it's not that deep, but it's bleeding a lot.

This isn't the first time you've cut yourself doing something dumb and it won't be the last.
No. 1051367 ID: ab70bc
File 167057060431.gif - (136.75KB , 560x315 , jacket_rip.gif )

> Bandage your hand with your shirt

The shirt stays on.
But you can fuck up your jacket instead. This is an old one anyway.

You tear off the sleeve of your jacket and wrap it about your palm.

You can keep the rest of the torn jacket or add another item to the sewer pipe's horde of trash.
No. 1051368 ID: ab70bc
File 167057065380.png - (284.24KB , 1072x722 , rileyquest 22.png )

There see? Much better. It's like you never spent the afternoon playing with glass in a dirty stormdrain.

In fact. That's a good idea, maybe you should start rubbing your wound all over the dirty circle you made. That'll probably help---
No. 1051369 ID: ab70bc
File 167057068934.png - (525.90KB , 1372x837 , rileyquest 23.png )

No. 1051370 ID: ab70bc
File 167057070691.gif - (31.61KB , 560x373 , possum_thief.gif )


The possum has taken your sandwich.
No. 1051371 ID: e5709d

Be glad he didn't take your boobs.
Now get to a hospital before the infection takes your hand.
No. 1051372 ID: fb2164

Obtain Possum, feed banana, make fren.
No. 1051373 ID: 8483cf

Feed the possum! It's clearly hungry.
No. 1051375 ID: e7c7d3

Capture them. Lunge and tackle if you have too
No. 1051376 ID: e51896

careful, it might have rabies. just leave it alone with the sandwich...

wait, it's a possum, is it playing dead?
No. 1051385 ID: b6986d

The jacket is already soaking through, you're gonna need to stitch that hand up. Maybe you'll get a gnarly scar.
Possums don't get rabies, dummy.
No. 1051388 ID: 4d59ab

No. 1051390 ID: 00eb4b

Catch possum with your chest
No. 1051393 ID: 30b9f6

Rather than just grab it, you could use your now-already-damaged jacket to bundle 'em up.

Then make a wish in exchange for its release (and the lunch), in the hopes it's like that tale of the wish-granting-fish, only with a possum.

Or, I dunno, bring it to someone who'd want a possum.
No. 1052089 ID: ab70bc
File 167132349488.png - (498.83KB , 2049x1212 , rileyquest 24.png )

Aw man.
You were really hoping it'd be a ghost this time.

You need a minute. You've wasted a lot of time on these ghost hunts and still don't have anything to show for it. Which is kind of a cowabummer.

>Feed the possum
You already fed it your sandwich. It's probably eaten more than you have today. As far as you know possums don't eat GameBoys.

>Catch the possum in the torn jacket
Sure, you could give it a try. He's just lying there.
You should probably give him a name at least, since he's eaten at least three of your lunches.

When you're done here you should report back to Debra the occult rat with your findings. She's on the other side of the woods in the town park.
No. 1052091 ID: ab70bc

Today you need to really should:
- Report back to Debra
She gave you this tip about the ghost, and would want to know it's fake.

- Get some food
The only thing you've eaten is half of a Sinner's Sandwich, which you've now shared with a possum. You're like lunch brothers.

- Prepare for band practice
Later tonight you have band practice with your friends, this is something you might want to prepare for.

Additional bonus tasks and achievements will increase score.

Outside of that you can do whatever you want.
You don't own a car and can't leave town. Traveling between locations passes time. Right now it's early afternoon.
No. 1052093 ID: fb2164

Report to Debra, maybe check out the local graveyard along the way to see if there's any CERTIFIED SPOOKS going on at the time?

Name him Lester.
No. 1052097 ID: 6fb32f

Call it bitey.

And yeah, go see Debra. She might have bandages for our hand
No. 1052101 ID: 8483cf

Debra time! Call it bitey. Lower case b.
No. 1052165 ID: f89136

>you've gotta be cursed or something
Cursed with tig ol' bitties and rockin hips. Balancing on a board must be a bitch.

Possums make fine pets but only really if you raise them. They really aren't aggressive at all though so settle with it being a new fren and give it a pet. WITH YOUR UNCUT HAND.
No. 1052294 ID: 9a2966

Will you even be able to practice band with your hurting hand? (Hey, that rhymed!)
No. 1052303 ID: 58a625

Go see Debra and mooch lunch off her, its only fair after she sent you on yet another wild opossum chase.
No. 1052368 ID: 00eb4b

Eat the possum. Then visit Debra.
No. 1052398 ID: ab70bc
File 167169558530.png - (333.02KB , 673x448 , image.png )


You give bitey a hug.

He does not care, for he has already won.
You can't un-eat the sandwich.
No. 1052399 ID: ab70bc
File 167169561997.png - (260.07KB , 1080x680 , rileyquest 26.png )

As much as the sight of him fills you with RAGE you can't bring yourself to be a jerk to random creatures from town.

He gets to live. Today.

> Head back to Debra

You'll leave him and head back to town for now. Given you've been foiled by bitey three times already, you have no doubt you'll see him again in the future.

Your hand kinda hurts, but you're tough. You can play through it. If anything it'll make you better at playing the drums. All the best drummers are crazy.
No. 1052400 ID: 2e6672

Have you considered picking up bitey, and making a bitey out of him? You could conceivably re-eat your sandwich even if he can't uneat it.
No. 1052401 ID: e51896

>Your hand kinda hurts, but you're tough. You can play through it. If anything it'll make you better at playing the drums. All the best drummers are crazy.

Oh yeah?! Well I don't believe you! Prove it! as you walk back to town, start banging random walls, trees, and other objects like they're drums with your hands in a rhythm.
No. 1052402 ID: 8483cf

How tough are you?
No. 1052410 ID: a2d88b

Oh right, actually disinfect it as soon as you get home.
No. 1052411 ID: d50a7b

What kind of music does your band play anyway? You strike me as a thrashcore kind of person.
No. 1052415 ID: b6986d

You should get stitches when you can. Also rip a strip off your shirt and change the bandage.
No. 1053203 ID: d98cb8

Maybe try and find something else to eat on your way to see Debra? You might make better decisions on a full stomach. Maybe you could even bring something for her too!
No. 1055470 ID: ab70bc
File 167582923916.png - (2.69MB , 1453x1468 , rileyquest 27 Titlecard.png )

It's a pleasant walk through the woods. The mild wind cools you from the heat of the afternoon sun. It's taken about an hour to walk back to town, school will probably end soon if it hasn't already.

The walk is uneventful. With only the occasional burned out bonfire or old campsite to give you something to look at. The sounds of birds and animals running through the underbrush fades back to civilization when you approach town. It's not a strain to hear kids shouting somewhere nearby. The park's grass greets you by cleaning your shoes of dirt from the trail.

> Remove your shirt and change your bandage.

You're not taking your shirt off. Besides, your hand feels fine.
The bleeding has stopped by this point, and as long as you don't disturb the wound it seems happy to sleep.
It only stings when you make a fist.
No. 1055471 ID: ab70bc
File 167582931887.png - (295.02KB , 916x597 , rileyquest 28.png )

Firs grow thick here, the deeper into the woods you get the thicker they become. Kids carve things into them a lot.

The town does some logging, or did some logging? You're not sure. There are a bunch of industrial buildings both in town and the woods you're supposed to stay away from.
No. 1055472 ID: ab70bc
File 167582940954.png - (268.29KB , 1358x955 , rileyquest 29.png )

> Report to Debra

Debra's eating her lunch on the swing. You can usually find her enjoying her time in the park since her shop closed down.

She smiles when she notices you, waiting for you to engage her when you're ready.
No. 1055473 ID: 7b56a0

Push her on the swing! Do it! You know you wanna!
No. 1055476 ID: 8483cf

Push it to the limit!

Then realize you're totally bleeding and it hurts a bit, but that's not important. What's really important is that the sewer urban legend is totally a myth and it's just a possum who's a total jerk.
No. 1055479 ID: e7c7d3

Start off with a hug!
No. 1055480 ID: 15c72a

"I fed your possum again."
No. 1055482 ID: fef0ba

Seconding this. Go high!
No. 1055522 ID: 30b9f6

Nudge her into light motion with your good hand while you speak of your adventure and all its eventful moments. Don't thrust too hard - she's only holding on with one hand, after all.

You can add some slightly more forceful levels of thrust while commenting on feeling a bit like you're chasing ghosts while chasing all these ghosts. Fun and silly times are had, sure, but still - what are the odds you've YET to hit on a genuine phenomenon?

Bemoan dramatically over the fact you're starting to get a little bored with it. The next one - oh, the next one ought be juicy, yes? Juicy-er than fat old bitey stealing your lunch again, at least.

Which, incidentally, if she should happen to have any to spare, you will happily - shamelessly even - accept some in return for services rendered.
No. 1055825 ID: ab70bc
File 167618173160.gif - (262.41KB , 560x425 , swing gif.gif )

You > tell her all about your adventure.
"Hey Debra I fed your dumb possum again." You spare no detail. "He STINKS."

"Oh, you found old Bitey huh? Guess he's taken a liking to you." Debra doesn't rise to your aggression and instead rolls up her lunch bag and pushes it to the side. The name 'Bitey' caught on quick. "Don't you worry about him, he's armless! HA!"

Furious at her awful joke you > Push it to the limit, and throw the old, one-armed lady as high as you can. She weighs so little it's like pushing an empty swing and you immediately fall over.

"Ahoo hoo hoo hoo, that was a good push!" Debra enjoys the swing, her bare feet hit the back of your head when she comes back down.

As far as you've known, Debra has always been a little quirky. It's one of the reasons you get along.

"I have a gift for you!" Once the swing comes to a stop she lets go of the chain and holds out her arm. "Pick a hand!"
No. 1055826 ID: 8483cf

Hold out your right hand, then realize you should have probably held out your left in order to not scare Debra.
No. 1055827 ID: e51896

two can play it this game!

Tell her you don't want to pick the hand, you want to pick the gift that is in her hand! You're not falling for her tricks again
No. 1055828 ID: a69ef2

Obviously hold out both of yours so she's got more of them to let you pick from
No. 1055856 ID: 9a2966

Bring out ol' Lefty the Hefty!
No. 1056011 ID: 58dd24

go ahead and pick the hand that exists, sure.
No. 1056437 ID: ab70bc
File 167675722549.png - (1.69MB , 2147x1536 , rileyquest 31.png )

You stick out both hands like a dumbass in response to her game, asserting your dominance and flaunting your two functional arms. Clearly your power stance is intimidating because she buckles first.

"Hoo hoo. Looks like you win at arms again. I'll get you next time."

You pick the only hand she has, obviously.
"Gimme the goods sister."
Smiling up at you Debra slips her hand into her headdress and pulls out your gift. A permanent marker!

"I heard you lost all your stuff in the move, keep your head up kiddo. Raise hell for me."
No. 1056438 ID: ab70bc
File 167675723985.gif - (10.27KB , 560x315 , Marker.gif )

Now that you have a permanent marker you can write on anything. Anything that can be written on by a permanent marker, anyway.

This town is boring and sorely lacking in style. You've been empowered to fix that.

"If anyone asks where you got it, it wasn't me, you hear?"
Debra winks at you. It's hard to tell because her eyes never open, but you get the message.
No. 1056439 ID: e51896

If we're going to fix this town's look with our permanent marker, we'll need a disguise

Draw a mustache and beard on your face!
No. 1056440 ID: b57fea

Our power to draw goatees and x out the eyes on newspapers and dollar bills just increased 2fold! Quickly, go to the nearest diner that offers those complementary local news fliers that ever diner has and get to work (and also get some lunch)
No. 1056441 ID: 9a2966

Your toolkit has been upgraded like a video game protagonist's.

No window or poster shall escape your mark. Except the ones beneath video cameras, because you don't want to get arrested. Yet.

Any good public bathroom stalls to add funny jokes and 'for a good time call (number of your local nemesis)' messages to?
No. 1056480 ID: fef0ba

Think up a COOL LOGO and tag every window with it. Tell no one it's you, to remain mysterious.
That's a disguise you can't take off.
No. 1056501 ID: 407ea6

Oh nice; sharpies are figuratively worth their weight in gold. Being able to write on (most) anything is handy.
No. 1057662 ID: ab70bc
File 167813711957.png - (250.17KB , 829x816 , rileyquest 32.png )

Instead of being the dumbass this time you draw a face on the back of your hand and use that as a mustache in lieu of your face. You've already learned that lesson the hard way.

"Hoo hoo. That looks good on you!" Debra approves, and claps her single hand against her lap.

> good locations to tag
The entire town is full of great places. Cedar Ridge is mostly wood, made back in the 40s or something. You didn't pay that much attention in history class. The diner, the bank or the church are three large locations that come to mind.
Anything rougher than wood you're gonna need spray paint and you're not cool enough to get that.
You're a particularly big fan of things that are cool. The more trouble you could get into the better - as long as you don't get caught.

Debra notices your hand but doesn't say anything. Looks like your makeshift bandage fell off at some point in the woods. The cut has stopped bleeding thanks to how much it's dried and your hand feels a little tingly. It doesn't hurt unless you touch it.

You like Debra, Debra is cool. She won't narc on you to anyone.
No. 1057663 ID: ab70bc
File 167813717747.png - (1.44MB , 2216x1966 , rileyquest 33.png )

"Cut it on a pickle jar." You show your hand off. "I'm gonna turn into a pickle now."

"Hoo hoo! Pickle Riley. I've never been a pickle before. You'll have to let me know how it is." Her voice is a little strained but excited, she loves a good conversation. "Just make sure to get that cleaned up, we had a terrible problem with a bug going around when you were born."

"I literally cannot get ill. My mitochondria knows kung fu. They'll kick anything that tries to infect me in the butt." You include a long word to make it sound more credible.

"What about last Christmas when you got the flu and needed your father to buy out the entire pharmacy?" Debra cuts you off before you can respond. "What about that fishing trip you got chicken pox and cried for a week straight?"

That shuts you up.

"I heard there's a new girl in town. I think she's supposed to be at the party tomorrow." Debra shuffles her bare feet in the grass and throws you a mercy topic.

"Is she cool?" You ask.

"Oh, don't worry I think you'll like her."

You didn't know there was a party, looks like you weren't invited. [i]This could be something to ask people about.[i]
No. 1057664 ID: ab70bc
File 167813719907.png - (128.06KB , 910x681 , rileyquest 34.png )

It's the early afternoon. The only commitment you have is band practice. Immediately you write this on your arm to really get the message home. If you forget this your friends will be really annoying about it.

Outside of this you can do what you want. Moving passes time.
You can ask Debra a couple of questions, or pass by the school to town.
No. 1057670 ID: 2f40f7

Go to the diner for fries and a shake. Also see if you can find people who were invited to the party and can get you in, or at least other losers you can commiserate with.
No. 1057671 ID: 2d7938

Did you ever get a new skateboard ever since Shane broke it? If so, go home and get it so you can skate around town, and cause graffiti, Jet Set Radio style (but with a sharpie instead of spraypaint, and a skateboard instead of roller skates)
No. 1057677 ID: 9a2966

Ask Debra about Ze Partay before you go. She must know something, surely?

Then hit up the Diner. Food AND toilet-tagging opportunities! That is, food if you have money.

At the very least you could also use the toilet to clean your wound, maybe bum a bandage off of the proprietor?
No. 1057733 ID: 2081ed

This is an excellent set of ideas.
No. 1057871 ID: 6087c5

Diner sounds like a great idea! Also you're probably hungry since you don't have a sandwich anymore. I assume if the ghost hasn't worked out that was supposed to be lunch.

Anyway that's a pretty boss sharpie and it seems like you'll be able to write on a whole lot of stuff, since it managed to write on fur even!
No. 1058426 ID: 68f7c5

What would an old lady know about parties? It's surprising she even knew there was one. Go find some friends to hang out.
No. 1059163 ID: b8d5aa

How far are you from home? Can you clean up, get your skateboard, and have a snack before band practice?

Maybe even find another battery so you can play your Game Boy until then.
No. 1059318 ID: ab70bc
File 167953431564.gif - (550.57KB , 560x315 , debra swing 2.gif )

"So what do you know about this party?"

Debra ignores you for a few seconds and starts swinging thanks to your encouragement.
"Only what I overheard from the sheriff." She barely misses kicking her lunch with each swing.

The mention of the sheriff brings a scowl to your face. Debra either doesn't notice or doesn't mention it. The two of you have a colorful history.

"It's tomorrow? Like, on a Thursday night? Where is it?" You ask the obvious questions.

The rat stops swinging, reaches into her bag and pulls out a sandwich. It looks soggy. A sudden vinegar smell assaults your nose. Placing it on her lap she peers at you through her old eyes.
"I think he said tomorrow. He was planning a trip west to visit family in Sisters this weekend."

That parses. Sheriff Murphy - or Officer Nugget to some of the younger townsfolk - has one of the biggest houses in town. If there was going to be a party it would make sense to have it there.
It would explain why you weren't invited, too.

"Anyone I know going? Shane? Grant?" Maybe a good connection can get you a way in.

She exaggerates a shrug and starts eating lunch. Debra isn't exactly hip with the kids. This isn't the best avenue for information.
No. 1059319 ID: ab70bc
File 167953436203.png - (1.60MB , 2281x1370 , diner.png )

Saying goodbye and leaving the woman to her lunch you head back towards town. It's a good hike from the woods to the river, you don't see any of your friends - though that's probably because you avoid the school you eventually find your way back to the town's main road. Basically everything is here.
Traveling along the main road is a lot quicker than hiking the woods, time won't pass as quickly. Moreso once you get back home and pick up your skateboard.

The road is long and straight. Nature threatens to take it back and ferns tickle your legs on the walk. A truck blares its horn at you, you respond with a double bird flip.

This is the furthest east the town goes, the only thing further than here is the trailer park where Shane lives. You're not entirely sure what's outside town this way, it takes you out into the mountains where not many people live. It's probably lumber yards and the people who work at them.

Back the other way is town proper, where most of the residential areas and shops are. It's easier to keep a low profile here.
DICK'S is a very okay diner. You're not sure who Dick is, but this is Dick's diner. It used to have a novelty sign advertising their cream pies until somebody crashed into it. Between a truck and a novelty sign the truck will always win.
There's a squad car outside. You've been in the back of that thing enough times to recognize it as the sheriff's.

As you approach the building you think you can make him out in the window. Any interaction with him is going to be adversarial. Last chance to bail.
No. 1059323 ID: d98cb8

You're already here, you're hungry, and you haven't done anything wrong today. Head in proudly, and be on good behavior. Officer nuggets can suck an egg.

Anyway it would be a good idea to wash your bite clean, since being a pickle means no more skateboarding. If someone happens to sharpie on the bathroom wall nobody can prove it was you either.
No. 1059324 ID: fb2164

>It used to have a novelty sign advertising their cream pies until somebody crashed into it.
Alas, what a fate...

Definitely do get Creampie'd though, devour it.
...and scope out what CRIMES you can commit while you're there too.
No. 1059327 ID: e51896

>You've been in the back of that thing enough times to recognize it as the sheriff's.

okay, now I gotta know what kinds of fun crimes you got into that got you arrested in the past multiple times
No. 1059347 ID: fef0ba

You should get a cream pie from Dick's, hurr hurr. Also fuck what Officer Friendly thinks, this is America, you can go in a diner if you wanna.
No. 1059548 ID: b8d5aa

Do you have any money for a slice of cream pie at the diner? Or are you only going in there to tag it?
No. 1059597 ID: ab70bc
File 167988872149.png - (793.86KB , 1620x1020 , rileyquest 37.png )

You say hi to the officer.

Suck an egg, this is America biiiitch.

Officer Fuckface is annoyed, but doesn't seem ready to get up from his food.

Washing your hand sounds like a good idea, it's starting to feel a bit itchy. You're resisting the urge to scratch.

You have about $8 in various change. You could probably get one thing from the menu and have change to throw at the back of Sheriff Murphy's head.
No. 1059598 ID: b57fea

You're thinking too short term! Buy an egg sunnyside up (or just an egg if you can convince them to sell you one from the kitchen) and go egg his front door! Also yeah use the bathroom and clean out your cool ADVENTURING SCAR .
No. 1059599 ID: e51896

go wash your hands before the wound gets infected, and steal a roll of toilet paper for later mischief if you can hide it on your person if you can.

what to order, just fries and a small drink if you can afford it. Ask for ketchup packets to save for later.
No. 1059600 ID: 273c18

Apply proper first aid to your wound. Wash it out! Disinfectant is a bit late but can't hurt, put a clean bandage on too.
No. 1059602 ID: fb2164

Clean Wound (This is gonna suck), buy whatever looks best

...and if you dont already have it, try to get ahold of the Sheriff's phone number (then sign him up for a gay dating app with his phone number, he'll keep getting offers via calls til he changes it :V)
No. 1059638 ID: e5709d

...Do you want to get gangbanged?!

Wash your hands, use extra soap, then ask if you can get a shot for rabies.
No. 1059652 ID: b8d5aa

Clean wound, tag bathroom, acquire cream pie.
No. 1059816 ID: 9a2966

Head toilet-wards, wash, disinfect, bum a bandage off of the proprietor if you can and get today's special, whatever it is. Gonna need you some energy if you'll be running from da(d) law.

Make sure to eat up before you bounce any change off of Murphy, in case he decides to take real offense. Can't crash a party at his house if you're in his lock-up!

Also, instead of getting direct on his nerve you could instead just use the awesome power of PEN to grafitti the toilet with a few anti-copaganda messages while you're in there. Just doing your civic duty, really.

'for a very not hot time, call 911'
'teenz rule, cops drool'
'skate for justice, cuz' justice can't skate for shit'

Such and like.
No. 1060572 ID: ab70bc
File 168065742428.png - (620.58KB , 1376x1390 , rileyquest 38.png )

>Graffiti the toilet
The bathroom is as good as ruined. You've got a pen and a motive and a desire to cause destruction. The guy who works here is so sleepy he won't even notice you anyway.
>Clean Wound
You can give it a good wash, sure, but you're going to need to find something to cover it up. A band-aid would be best, but anything that isn't a makeshift rag is nice.

Peeling the surprisingly sticky front door open you grab yourself a menu from the box. You know what they sell here, but sometimes it changes.
No. 1060573 ID: ab70bc
File 168065746078.png - (358.26KB , 1209x1296 , rileyquest 39.png )

>Order Fries and a Drink
Dick's sells a lot of nonsense. There aren't even fries on the menu. You don't even think 'Spotted Dick' is real, somebody included it twice and has sloppily crossed it out with a marker. A shaky hand has written "PANCAKES" in giant letters. There's no price listed for pancakes.

With the amount of money you have right now you could get any one thing on the menu, or something cheap with a coffee.
Ugh. You hate coffee.
No. 1060574 ID: fb2164

One (1) Creampie + Weiners.

And (1) One Spotted Dick, just to enable CHAOS.

>There aren't even fries on the menu.
No. 1060575 ID: a7a180

Menage a trois, por favor!
No. 1060580 ID: ab70bc
File 168065892670.png - (295.49KB , 1209x1296 , rileyquest 40.png )

Before you can finish your selection of Creampies and 'Weiners' you're interrupted.
No. 1060581 ID: ab70bc
File 168065897310.png - (517.78KB , 1444x1401 , rileyquest 41.png )

"Did you lose your jacket?" The sheriff gestures in your general direction from the table. "You look like you're out kissin boys for a living now."

"Yes. Literally all of the boys are under my spell. I'm going to use them to take over this town in a giant boy mob." You aggressively roll your eyes at him. The passive aggression is palpable.

The sheriff gives you a long look as he measures whether taking you in for your stupidity is worth the paperwork. It's a good five seconds, you're on the edge here. You've been arrested before and taking things too far will get you a night in a cell. That means you miss band practice.

He taps the table with a claw to get your attention. He still has half a sugar donut left, based on how much sugar is in the plate it likely wasn't his first.
"Mr and Mrs R. asked me to make sure you weren't sleeping on the streets. You're not camping rough are you?" He speaks slower than he needs to, his frequent pauses dare you to interrupt him. It's a power play.

"No way, I have my own place. I pay rent and everything." You gave Grant $12.50, your Super Nintendo, and a bunch of arcade coupons you got from the Chuck-e-Cheese one town over to sleep in his garage. And you showed your tits to a guy you met at a rock show for a mattress.

"Really? Because I met Denise on the way here and she says you haven't showed up to work for a week." He leans over the table and a bit of donut powder falls from his shirt. "I don't care if you wanna live in a tent in the woods Riley, but don't make the rest of the town worry about you while you do it."

"UuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuUGHHH." You politely voice your disapproval for this line of conversation.

Officer Nuggets cuts your warcry off short with a loud whistle that shocks the old man half asleep at the counter. "Just be careful kid, got a lot of drifters hanging around, I don't want you getting into something."
No. 1060585 ID: b8d5aa

Have you met any of these drifters, or at least seen them? What do you know about them? Ask Officer Nuggets what kind of trouble they've been causing lately.
No. 1060587 ID: 5231fe

Kinda weird he's concerned about us instead of being all like "I got my eye on you, grrrrrr!"

Whateves, Just say "okay dad" and get back to your order...

or wait! We can probably ask him about the party since he doesnt seem too irritated

Afterwards, ask the cashier if they have a bandaid they can give you before you order/eat/leave while showing your awesome wound to them. Im sure they'll give you one from their first aid kit. Would be bad if we cant practice band due to our injury
No. 1060588 ID: 738747

"Officer, I got the whole rest of my youth and these giant funbags to set me up for life. I'll be fine."

Did you forget you have a job? Or is Denise asking for a week-long unpaid 'favor'?
No. 1060591 ID: fb2164

>I don't want you getting into something.
"Are they gonna invite me to their Dark and Broody Satanic Rituals? I hear the punch is to die for..." :V

And dont forget the mandatory "Okay *MOM*"
No. 1060658 ID: 16b7a6

Tell him that if he's worried about you, then he can buy you something to eat, and in return you'll sit in his lap and call him daddy.
No. 1060783 ID: f61d2a

You’ll be fine. You just need some You Time spending your precious youth recklessly and foolhardy.

You know to poke out the eyes of anybody who tries anything. Really, shouldn’t he be more concerned for the drifters? Pity the fools who messes with Riley. And pity the copper picking up her messes.

But just so you know who to ‘avoid’, who these drifting sorts?
No. 1063913 ID: ab70bc
File 168428761971.png - (620.58KB , 1128x787 , Rileyquest 42.png )

You get your wires crossed and burst out 'Okay Mad' instead of either 'mom' or 'dad.' It has a lot of passive aggression behind it so he gets the idea you were going for. The wolf looks at you with pity.

"See it's this kind of attitude problem I'm talking about." He pushes his last donut away, wipes the sugar on his shirt and stamps his finger against the table emphatically. "Even Denise has her limit Rodriguez. You keep slacking off like this and no-one in town will hire you."

"I have a satanic ritual to be in can I go now?" Is the best you can come up with as an excuse to leave. He doesn't let you off the hook that easy.

"If you'd put more effort into school maybe you could've gone to college, Donna got in the town over. That could be you right now."

Holy shit he's not stopping. Distraction isn't working, maybe a normal, responsible person question.
"What kinda drifters? Are they cool? Do they have beards?"

Cutting him off mid-sentence the officer pauses to think before answering the question.
"Just some weirdos, they don't look like truckers or anyone nearby I know." Now missing the donut he kneads the desk with his fist just to have something to do. Must be a slow day on the force.
The lull in conversation promps him to continue. "Had a few reports they were hassling the locals. Just don't get involved, kid. I don't trust you not to hurt yourself." Too late for that, your hand itches on your hip. You'll wash it in the bathroom.

It sounds like unfortunately no beards. That rules out lumberjacks, hobos and pirates. Strangers around here are a totally mixed bag. You've met some cool people and some real creeps. If you plan to meet them you should be cautious.

Optional quests:
- Get into the party
- Graffiti the town
- Meet the strangers

Less optional quest:
- Go to band practice
No. 1063925 ID: e51896

you already cleaned your hand tho? But we can clean it in the bathroom again if you want. Go see if the cashier has a bandage for you in the back before you do anything. Remind them you're a paying customer if they refuse and show them your awesome wound to get your point across

Afterwards, get your Creampie'd Weiners, and lets blow...
...that didn't sound right
No. 1063956 ID: 16b7a6

Oooooh, strangers! Go meet them right away.
No. 1064188 ID: a4d41c

Any responsible food service joint has a wound kit for bandages. Seriously, mediocre chefs cut themselves so often they HAVE to have band-aids.

Let's get some food then go meet strangers, maybe they have money.
No. 1064204 ID: f8083d

How much time left before band practice?
No. 1064449 ID: 22dc53

So who IS Denise, anyway? By all accounts, you could do with a bit more cash. Could be used for better shit for your garage pad, a replacement battery clip or battery, a bandage, something to bribe your way into that party... Generally currency is handy.
No. 1064479 ID: f2320a

first fix up your hand then you can meet weird male truckers in discrete locations
No. 1064597 ID: ab70bc
File 168512745431.png - (537.17KB , 1287x1226 , Rileyquest 43.png )

Creampied Weiners sound pretty good. Probably?

You have about four hours before band practice, it takes around three hours to get from one end of town to the other. But you're not far so you have a couple hours to fuck around.

Your hand hasn't really been cleaned so much as had hoodie and pocket lint rubbed into the wound. Officer Chucklenuts hasn't noticed and you want to avoid the conversation so you're keeping it hidden. You'll clean it as soon as you can dodge this lame ass conversation.

"..you should take your dad's offer to work at the mill, it's not girl's work but I'm sure they can find you a secretary job or something. I'm just saying if you don't start doing something soon you're gonna end up like Debra."

You cut him off there. "What the hell man, Debra's cool; we hang out all the time."

"And what does that say, neither of you are working. Where do you think she is right now? Hanging out in the park, probably."

He's so lame. You used to scream at him but that made things worse, now you just ignore him until he tires himself out.
No. 1064598 ID: ab70bc
File 168512748777.gif - (42.62KB , 560x560 , rileyquest 44.gif )

Before he can continue Cedar Ridge's finest is cut off by a squawk on his radio. There's a list of numbers so garbled in static you can't make them out.

Now seems like a good opportunity to bail on this lame conversation and wash your hand.
No. 1064599 ID: ab70bc
File 168512753920.png - (200.56KB , 1851x1096 , Rileyquest 45.png )

Before you can reach the bathroom he pushes past you to the door and jogs out to his squad car. Whatever the call was must have been serious.
No. 1064600 ID: ab70bc
File 168512756698.png - (197.85KB , 1851x1096 , Rileyquest 46.png )

"This isn't over Rodriguez. We're finishing this conversation."

Leaving his donut on the table Officer Murphy bangs through the door and jogs out to his squad car.

You still have time to taunt him before he drives off. Any suggestions?
No. 1064601 ID: d3bf48

“That cat stuck in a tree isn’t gonna save itself!”
No. 1064602 ID: fb2164

(Flash Him, oops, wrong Taunt...)

Finger and your thumb in the shape of an "L", he lookin' kinda Dumb.

Then go Crash a Party...
No. 1064603 ID: f84b6b

"You have no appreciation for nonconformity in the face of time's grindstone, let me enjoy my life before I am forgotten by time rather than make me change to assuage your anti-community view of the world!"

or, in angsty teen:

"Don't waste your energy, conformist!"
No. 1064605 ID: b8d5aa

Thumb your nose at him. While eating his donut.
No. 1064606 ID: 9a2966

Say the only thing of his you'd see to a finish is his DOUGHY NUTS.

Speaking of, score! Snag his leftover donut, wave it at him, snack it down and then go clean your dang wound (and sticky fingers) before you buy something more wholesome to devour. Maybe first see if you can bum a bandage off of the person behind the counter. Surely they got a first aid kit or something.

Then ponder maybe chatting with them for a bit to see if they've heard anything on the local grapevine about these bums or whatnot. Not like there's a lot of other customers at the moment.
No. 1064607 ID: 146707

Take is donut, and eat it right in front of him. Say "thanks for the snack"
No. 1064609 ID: a7a180

"Well I'm finishing this donut!"
No. 1064611 ID: 273c18

No. 1064688 ID: e51896

after you eat his doughnut, go ask the staff to get you a bandage.
No. 1064694 ID: 8f9bc4

"Why do you care?!"
No. 1064741 ID: f2320a

you got work and i get to eat up your dognut
No. 1065803 ID: ab70bc
File 168671111538.png - (0.98MB , 1555x1274 , Rileyquest 47.png )

>Flash him

haha yeah fuck the cops
No. 1065804 ID: 5b172e

Okay you exhibitionist, go demand a bandage from the cashier and wash up.
No. 1065806 ID: bc3539

Put this incident behind you and clean up your ass

I mean your act
No. 1065816 ID: 32bc15

Turn the camera to reveal Riley has cleverly anticipated this situation and written 'ACAB' on their cheeks.
No. 1065818 ID: 8f9bc4

On the way to the cashier, reflect on just how much that guy loves lecturing you, and what he heard was serious enough for him to just book it without hardly a word. You're actually kind of worried about him.

Worried about it. You meant worried about it. You wouldn't worry about a stupid lame cop who thinks he knows best and it's not like he's your dad or anything even though he... wouldn't make the... worst lame dad ever...
No. 1065854 ID: f8083d

And more importantly, you hand.
No. 1067040 ID: ab70bc
File 168844290304.gif - (120.70KB , 560x560 , riley bathroom.gif )

Washing your hand is a good idea. You head to the bathroom to do that.

The adrenaline of sticking it to the man is wearing off and you're aware of how itchy your hand feels.
No. 1067042 ID: ab70bc
File 168844292567.gif - (630.28KB , 560x560 , hand animation.gif )

No. 1067043 ID: 82842b

Oh no... Spooky Alien(?) infection.

Quick, can you hear any voices in your head? Any Forbidden Arts(tm) or Secrets?

Check for Third Eye Growths.
No. 1067044 ID: e51896

Oh no! we were too late to suggest dealing with our injury!

are you tripping out? look in the mirror.
No. 1067045 ID: a10395

No. 1067046 ID: 273c18

Somehow I don't think that's a normal wound from slicing your hand on dirty glass. Either some kind of chemical residue is involved or you cut yourself on something spooky.

Rinse water over it, see what happens. If it continues to look purple maybe you should go to the emergency room. If the purpleness goes away like a hallucination then you should get someone to help you by uh, using a flashlight to get a look at the drain and see what you exposed yourself to. Or maybe your hand is possessed by a ghost and you should talk to the witch first?
No. 1067057 ID: 53b46b

So either you're hallucinating from a terrifyingly rapid case of sepsis, orrr congratulations you've finally found some genuine supernatural shit
No. 1067062 ID: f8083d

Oh this is bad news.
No. 1067064 ID: 30b9f6

Grip the side of the sink to stop from falling over if you're swooning. You're tough. You can take a little weirdness.

You're definitely not turning into a pickle.

... but what the heck is this shit then? The hell was in that jar? Are you getting taken over by aliens? Becoming patient zero of a zombie outbreak? Oh man. Something's finally fucking happening in this podunk town, and it starts with you?

Scribble a message to the future with your sharpie on the wall, if you can manage. Gotta get in that environmental storytelling!
No. 1067101 ID: 8f9bc4

Don't panic.

No. 1067102 ID: d983ee

Try and shoot webs from your cool monster arm
No. 1067120 ID: ab70bc
File 168852843274.png - (238.83KB , 1620x1020 , Rileyquest 50.png )

You wash your hand in the sink. Whatever that was felt real. Now it just feels tingly and a little cold.

This feels familiar, maybe you're onto something here. This might be the first big find in your paranormal investigations. Maybe Debra was onto something.

You check, nope. No third eye. Which is a shame honestly. That'd be way cooler than being some kind of pickle themed superhero.

> graffiti the bathroom

You're no artist but you could manage some text or a scribble. What do you want to say to all the future truckers?
No. 1067123 ID: 82842b

>What do you want to say to all the future truckers?


Optionally as a bonus:
No. 1067124 ID: 273c18

"Made you look"
No. 1067125 ID: 2f7f6e

write the word "gullible" on the ceiling, if you can reach it
No. 1067130 ID: 1b02ab

For a good time, dial 696969
No. 1067132 ID: b57fea

A classic.

also smear some of your weird goo blood somewhere and write some zombie outbreak themed grafitti
No. 1067136 ID: b8d5aa

Where did the feeling come from? Just from seeing the blood? Or was there something else there?
No. 1067143 ID: 156aa1

Share your hard-won wisdumb:

"Beware the pickle jars of the dark."

"Always bring a marker, a flashlight and spare batteries."

"Bleeding purple feels weir (turn the d into a squiggle going down as if the writer fell down while writing, maybe smear some of that purple blood on the wall)"

Consider going to find someone with the medical know-how to check out your wound. Or a flashlight so you can return to the storm drain and read that label.
No. 1067144 ID: e5709d

Check your boobs for signs of superpowers.
No. 1067145 ID: 708905

This but also draw an arrow on the wall pointing up
No. 1067153 ID: 8f9bc4

It was probably just your imagination said the voices in your head.
No. 1067182 ID: ab70bc
File 168862332377.png - (477.79KB , 1470x1304 , Rileyquest 51.png )

> Gullible

Yeah that's nice and easy. Your hand isn't so messed up that you can't write a word.
You slide your pen down the mirror as you drop back to the floor to make a nice, long arrow.

Your hand stings a bit when you flex it and the cut is cold and tingly, but otherwise you feel fine.
It was probably just your imagination.

With your hand cleaned and the bathroom defaced your day feels a bit more normal.
+9 EXP

Bet you forgot EXP was a thing.

There's still some afternoon left to burn, what's the plan? Anything you want to do before the walk home for band practice?
No. 1067183 ID: 273c18

Do something productive or responsible
No. 1067184 ID: e51896

now that it's clean, go and get a bandage from the cashier to cover the wound up. gotta keep that purple goop in your body somehow, errr, i mean, gotta protect it from infecting somehow.
No. 1067185 ID: 82842b

>+9 EXP
Inspect [SWEET LOOT] you can earn from EXP.

Also probably a new bandage, yeah.
No. 1067186 ID: e51896

Oh yeah! good idea. what does gaining exp gives us?
No. 1067187 ID: 02296d

Try to spend that EXP to get more blood, of any color.
Then lick your wound to check if the purple blood taste jam. If it does, you might be turning into a pastry.
No. 1067188 ID: 30b9f6

Live dangerously, go see if you can find those strangers. But be clever and bring an offering. Order a go bag of sticky buns, and add the officer's leftover donut to it.

Say, what made that weird feeling feel so familiar?
No. 1068157 ID: ab70bc
File 168972951958.png - (651.75KB , 1328x1332 , Rileyquest 52.png )

> Do something productive or responsible

Literally no. How much EXP do you have? 22?
-22 EXP for this suggestion

[ You get experience for taking actions that are clever, interesting and/or in character. If your EXP is high you'll get extra options sometimes or I'll let you get away with dumb stuff. ]
No. 1068158 ID: 435f13

Motorboat your own tits.
No. 1068159 ID: ab70bc
File 168972969144.png - (478.94KB , 1245x1294 , Rileyquest 53.png )

Getting some kind of proper bandage sounds smart, your hand isn't bleeding but maybe the sight of it is making you queazy. Washing it was a good idea. You know there are some at home.

You're totally down to hang out with some strangers, most of this town is lame a f. Getting peace offering buns is a good idea.
+23 EXP

Weird. Wasn't there a guy here before? The place is totally empty now.

You could just kinda... hop over there and take some since nobody's stopping you.
No. 1068162 ID: e51896


Hell yeah, lets hop over, get a bandage, and steal some sticky buns for the strangers later

maybe take a $10 bill from the cash register... or maybe a few 1$s, can't take a lot or else they'll realize that their money's been stolen. taking little will make them less suspicious.

and grafitti that poster that says "meat?" by putting in the words "Dick's pulsating" above it.
No. 1068163 ID: b57fea

Hell yeah, also find whatever the weirdest kitchen implement available is and steal that too. Pocketing regular silverware is for chumps, pocketing hand turned grinders and oddly shaped cheesegraters is cool-gal theft.
No. 1068164 ID: e5709d

Check for any obvious cameras first.
Remember to keep your theft budget below $50. Any further and you risk prison.
No. 1068165 ID: 82842b

>Weird. Wasn't there a guy here before? The place is totally empty now.
Uh oh, quick look outside. Are you in The Shadow Realm now?

Perhaps even spooky monsters beyond (or within, but ideally beyond) your mortal comprehension?
No. 1068167 ID: f14228

Self-service it is. Procure buns.
No. 1068193 ID: 273c18


Check for cameras beforehand. So you can flip them off. If you're being recorded don't steal anything but still hop over the counter and nose around.
No. 1068194 ID: 8f9bc4

Contemplate the tantalizing cutlery hanging on the back wall.
No. 1068206 ID: 819b77

Thievery isn't cool unless it's from big box stores. Don't shit where you eat. In this case, right here.

Vandalism and dicks on meat posters are always fun tho.
No. 1068211 ID: a7a180

Check the back to see who's around.
No. 1068213 ID: 09f0dd

No. 1068246 ID: cad2c1


No. 1068259 ID: ab70bc
File 168982466049.png - (194.90KB , 1130x898 , Rileyquest 54.png )

You'll take the middleground: pinch some snacks for bribes and leave the till untouched.
You're not against stealing, but taking money feels wrong.

As far as you can tell nobody is around, it's just you here. And there aren't any cameras anywhere in a town this small.

You could leave some of your $8 for the buns, or save your cash.
No. 1068260 ID: ab70bc
File 168982467879.gif - (25.30KB , 560x560 , rileyquest 55.gif )

Buns get.
No. 1068261 ID: ab70bc
File 168982519227.png - (1.02MB , 1620x1020 , town map.png )

Whenever you're ready to leave you can pick a new location.

1. Graveyard hill
2. Summer camp grounds
3. Old drive-in movie theater
4. Hobo ghost half-pipe
5. Town main
6. School
7. Dick's Diner
8. Suburbs (home)
9. Trailer park

Other locations will open up if you have a reason to go there.
No. 1068262 ID: f14228

Dump a handful of assorted coinage on top of the till and give no shits where they end up from there. Leave it to fate whether you underpaid or tipped.

Then get hoofin'! You got places to be and people to bug before band practice.

Also you never did get food for yourself, so either dip into your new bun stash or scarf down officer noseybutts' leftover donut on the way.
No. 1068263 ID: 82842b

Devour Donut(s), and let's check out the Graveyard...
No. 1068264 ID: f14228

Ah shit, uh, wherever those drifters were likely at, I guess? Is the trailer park a likely place? Seems pretty close by.
No. 1068265 ID: e51896

save the cash for EXP. It's their fault for leaving it out in the open like that.

Forget getting a bandage. if we haven't gotten one at this point, there's no need for one. Cool people don't need bandages and proudly show off their wounds.

where would drifters go at this time of day? my most likely guess is the graveyard, or somewhere in the summercamp. I say summercamp as even if there isn't any drifters there, we can still cause mischief before we have to go home. plus the forest has many hiding places for them to potentially be at for them to hassle the campers, or for us to hassle them.
No. 1068266 ID: bc52e0

Destroy Donut

Then go to the drifters' hangout, maybe Town Main?
No. 1068267 ID: 8f9bc4

> Whenever you're ready to leave you can pick a new location.

Dick's Diner, duh. Hurry up and get over there!
No. 1068347 ID: 44def3

I mean, they would have just trashed whatever they didn't sell, so it's like you're not even stealing really! Except you are doing that and it's rad. Don't pay.

To the trailer park!
No. 1068508 ID: aa56b6

Trailer parks are lame, but cool people hang out in lame places, that's what makes them cool.

Let's go be cool.
No. 1068577 ID: 18c401

Graveyard hill!

Seems the best place to test if we're actually developing some sort of supernatural shit
No. 1070235 ID: ab70bc
File 169205665615.png - (738.13KB , 1479x1320 , Rileyquest 56.png )

You take the buns and don't pay. There aren't any immediate ramifications and that makes it technically legal. Probably.

On the way out you swipe Officer Chucklefuck's last donut for lunch, saving your new sticky buns. It's a shame he wasn't here to stop you.

The walk towards town is boring and uneventful, and by the time you hit the trailer park it's starting to get late. If you want to make it back home in time this is probably the last place you can visit.

Donut good.

No. 1070236 ID: ab70bc
File 169205673415.png - (454.85KB , 1620x1020 , Rileyquest 57.png )

The Pines trailer park is about as generic and boring as it gets. Most of the motorhomes have been here since before you were born. You come here a lot to hang out with Shane who lives in the back.

In total there are thirty to forty trailers all in different states of disrepair. There's a van across from the office building that looks out of place. Probably a good sign on that search for strangers you were specifically warned against doing.

You don't see Shane right now, but he should be home if he isn't hanging out with somebody else.
No. 1070243 ID: f88c45

Shane, he good for backup? Should probably get him on board in case these strangers are actually fucked up.
No. 1070245 ID: 8f9bc4

Haumph that donut.

You want to check out that truck, but you don't want Officer Somebodypants to immediately spot you and start lecturing you about how to live a good life and be happy. Is there anyone watching the van right now? What are people doing around the area?

If you can sneak up, first check if the van has any kind of company decal. Maybe it's some sort of repairman, for whatever the hell there is to repair in derelict trailer parks.

If the truck is just some boring thing, you can always go visit Shane before heading home. He is a total dreamboat after all, and single as of last year!
No. 1070248 ID: d4f740

Looks empty, no one outside... is our exp high enough to do some sneaky streaking?

Nevermind, actually, go see if the strangers are here by checking the van. If they're not there, psee if its unlocked and steal something.
No. 1070249 ID: b57fea

Even if he aint good for backup, two people running splits attention better then one, pick up shane for your cool adventure. If he demurs hit him with the spell of obedience: "No balls?"
No. 1070260 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, convince Shane to join you before you investigate

to get his attention, don't knock on the door, instead, throw small rocks at his window, probably at the room where he sleeps. Would be good to do this if he still lives with his parents and we do this without alerting them. If he lives by himself... throw rocks at his window anyway!
No. 1070287 ID: e51896

One other thing, we should ask Shane about the party and if he's invited, and if not, maybe we can plan on crashing it.
No. 1070291 ID: 048f0e

Yes, rocks good. Throw stuff!
No. 1070384 ID: ab70bc
File 169238996698.png - (214.19KB , 1009x977 , Rileyquest 58.png )

Yeah that sounds like fun. You grab a moderately sized rock and give it a good throw at Shane's window.
No. 1070385 ID: ab70bc
File 169238998119.png - (303.73KB , 1242x710 , Rileyquest 59.png )

The sound of shattering glass echoes through the clearing, the rock lands in the curtain.

"What the fuck?"

Uh oh. That's definitely not Shane.

You have a handful of seconds to find a hiding spot before they come and kick your ass.
No. 1070386 ID: d3bf48

Grab your tail and hide under one of the trailers! They’re raised up off the ground, one nearby has to have bad siding you can squeeze under, or a ramp.
No. 1070388 ID: fb994f

WHOOPS! that didnt go exactly as I thought it would go.

Do this! Who cares if it'll be uncomfortable to squeeze under with your large breasts and your white tanktop might get all muddy lying on your belly, you only got seconds to react!

It'll be well worth the EXP if we can pull off this perfect crime.
No. 1070389 ID: f7f1b0

Whoops. I guess trailer, yeah, unless you see a better spot, or just like, run without abandon into the woods, trying to keep out of line of sight?

Also. Was your INTENT to break Shane's window?
No. 1070391 ID: a7a180

Ready a second rock for self defense.
No. 1070393 ID: 8f9bc4

That was not a moderately sized rock!
No. 1070401 ID: a37f39

Weeeeelllll, on the other hand, this does make up for Shane breaking your skateboard, so...
No. 1070403 ID: e5709d

Remove your bra?
No. 1070422 ID: 2e6672

Put on your best fake shocked expression, and when they come out start screaming in an arbitrary direction "Stop why did you do that!!" When the person comes out, explain to them that you have just laid witness to the criminal fleeing the scene...
No. 1071197 ID: ab70bc
File 169334218867.png - (427.12KB , 1362x750 , Rileyquest 60.png )

That sounded like Katrina: Shane's older sister. You guys have a history and you'd really rather avoid her.
Almost all of the trailers here are settled so you throw yourself under the truck and ready another rock. Just in case.

After a few seconds of walking around in an attempt to find the culprit she gives up and inspects the window. It's honestly a miracle you don't get caught because you're not very well hidden here.

"Who the fuck does this?"

The perfect crime. You're kinda stuck here if you don't want to get caught though. Got a plan?
No. 1071214 ID: 8f9bc4

On the bright side, that weird experience in the bathroom didn't plunge you into a strange parallel mirror world completely devoid of people with only shapeless horrors stalking you in the shadows. Because this is literally the first person you've seen since that happened.

You know except for all those people you weren't paying attention to when you walked over here to the trailer park.

Wait does Katrina count as a shapeless horror?
No. 1071228 ID: b8d5aa

Okay, that's definitely not a stranger. That's a problem, is what that is. You have no idea what just happened. Is there anyone else around you could slide out from under the van and chat up? Maybe someone sticking their head out to see what the commotion is all about?
No. 1071229 ID: 1ca80a

It's time to metal gear solid this shit. Toss your rock to the right of her, behind the house. You can't get distance but while she's inspecting it, you can retreat.
No. 1071230 ID: b4cdf8

Stay hidden, try not to wag your tail too much over the perfect crime.
No. 1071377 ID: 773609

I like this idea.
We could also try throwing something in the bushes over there so it makes noises and she'll think someone is hiding there.

If there are no rocks to throw, throw your pencil (you upgraded to a sharpie after all) or the battery from your gameboy, or your gameboy, or the stickybuns, or a shoe.
No. 1071392 ID: 149ec0

I somehow missed that riley has another rock. Yeah, use that instead of any of our items
No. 1072149 ID: ab70bc
File 169439450646.png - (374.83KB , 1160x879 , Rileyquest 61.png )

Dangerously throwing things is one of your hobbies and it's not difficult to throw a rock in a random direction. It hits a tree and spooks Kat.

"What the fuck. Whoever's fucking doing that had better fucking stop."

When she's finished swearing and goes to investigate you scurry out from your hiding spot.
No. 1072150 ID: ab70bc
File 169439463806.png - (237.89KB , 992x696 , Rileyquest 62.png )

Immediately you bump into a woman leaning out of the van window, she has to look down to look at you.

"Did you just smash a window?"

"What? No. Why would I do that?" You lie, like a liar.

"Oh..." She shuffles around in her seat. "Maybe it was a ghost or something."

"Probably. We have a real ghost problem. It's like the homeless but they're way harder to kick out of your store."

The woman perks up at this, giving you her full attention.
"Seriously? That's what I'm here for-- I'm doing research on paranormal activity." Excitedly she brushes things aside in her cabin, dropping what sounds like empty coffee cups until she finds what she's looking for: a tape recorder. The canine hits the record button and leans out the window. "Doctor Avery Miles, October first nin-"

"Doctor? So you teach about ghosts at college?"

She clears her throat and offers a timid "...No." It's clear you're messing up her recording, but getting to talk about ghosts has her very eager to stay in your good books. "Are you interested in education?"

You cringe as you think about how you recently became a high-school dropout. "...No."

There's an awkward silence before Avery continues speaking into her recorder. "The latest stop on my Oregon tour is Cedar Ridge. Founded in the forties it's the youngest town so far, lacking many usually expected paranormal markers." She's looking down at her lap, reading something you can't see as she talks. "Accompanying today is--"

A pause. The dingo looks back to you, waiting expectantly for a name.
No. 1072151 ID: e51896

"The Mayor of Cedar Ridge!
No. 1072152 ID: 8f9bc4

Cedar Ridge's own highly professional paranormal researcher, Riley Rodriguez. You just got back from reports of a haunted storm drain given to you by a reliable source: the old lady who used to run the town's occult shop. Unfortunately the only paranormal activity turned out to be a hobo camp that certainly had nothing to do with illicit substances of any sort, and a hungry oppossum.

Now you have a question for her, why she thinks she's going to find any paranormal activity in the most boring town in the state, where literally all the ghosts are opossums? Alternately, has she met Debra?
No. 1072160 ID: e5709d

"Two hundred dollars to hire by boobs for a day."
No. 1072165 ID: 1ca80a

The one who's going to crack this supernatural shit! The local expert! Dashing rogue! Excited to finally have something to do! Oh yeah, Riley.
No. 1072170 ID: 322af8

Huh. Didn't expect to see a reference to an old RML character suddenly. Tell her your name is Naz.
No. 1072175 ID: f14228

Your decidedly un-average local teen terror: Riley Rodriguez!

Ghost sightings, huh? You've looked up a few local sites of late, actually. Sadly, the ghosts there seem to have an aversion to getting their ghost hobo butts kicked by yours truly - but hey, maybe they'd feel more up for haunting someone a bit more wimp-- er, sensitive.

Tell her about the spots you've been to. Idly mention that she better bring a flashlight and watch out for the broken glass with goop in it in the cistern. Like, ow. Exploring ain't for the faint of heart.

Ask if SHE has any leads on anything spooky - or just interesting - round these parts. Or is she just out and about hunting at random?

Tip her to "a retired storeowner" (Debra), who will probably happily weave her a yarn or two. Oh and mention that odds are big she'll run into Old Bitey exploring the local dank and lonely places. Say you'll pray for her (lunch), if she does.

(make every effort to avoid specifying who or what Old Bitey is - Debra will for sure be in on that in-joke if this occult researcher comes asking)
No. 1072176 ID: f14228

Oh, and would she like a donut?
No. 1072837 ID: ab70bc
File 169527311409.png - (775.75KB , 1755x1039 , Rileyquest 63.png )

Oh she wants you to talk about ghosts? She's come to the right person.
You introduce yourself as Riley the Cool and ramble off about your experiences today. She's excited at first, but starts to look more worried until you tell her about Bitey and his sandwich theft. Decidedly not a ghost.

"Okay but... have you actually seen any ghosts? Maybe one of your parents owns a haunted bed and breakfast..?" Her leading question is asking for more juicy info.

"Yeah-huh! With my own two eyes." You point back towards the hills beyond the drain pipes. "Up in the woods north of the river."

Doctor Miles flips through notes on her lap, the paper rustling probably isn't very good for the recording. "Was that by the facility?"

It catches you off guard, not many people know about that. "The old lab buildings? Do you know what they're for?" This is information you want to know. "I always figured they were making bombs there or something."

Avery squints, letting you silently know that was a bad suggestion. "No I don't." She doesn't seem to be lying. "I couldn't pull up any records, but the building is as old as the town. I intended to investigate after seeing a few other ghost hot-spots." A polite pause. "Was the ghost inside?" The woman steers the conversation back to ghosts. "What was it like?"

You chew the corner of your mouth, not sure how much information you want to give away immediately. "No, she's out in the woods. Somewhere." A tepid response. "I want to prove I saw it. Debra knows all about this kind of stuff, she used to run the town's biggest occult shop!"

"What happened to it?" She means the ghost.

"Went out of business, I guess ghosts don't have any money." You meant the shop.

She writes down Debra's name. You can tell she has more questions. But you have an opportunity to ask one first.

A reminder of your tasks:
- Fix your Gameboy
- Get to band practice
- Find a way into the party
- Prove ghosts are real
No. 1072838 ID: 99a3ac

Oh hey, so whatever substance got into you after getting cut by that glass could likely be some kind of lab sciency chemical thing. Wouldnt it be cool if you got super powers or something from it later?

Anyways, she seems like she can help us find a ghost, and if not, it'd be fun to lead her on to tease her. Ask if you can help her find her ghost as your searching too, and help introduce her to Debra at a later date. If she needs convincing, let her know you'll guide her around town as you know this town inside and out. Give her your number if she agrees.
No. 1072839 ID: fb8a42

Agreed with the above, but… do we actually have a phone?
No. 1072840 ID: 82842b

But will there be Sexy Ghost/Alien Boys (or Monsters)? Hell yes if so.

Could ask when she intends to check out said Lab, maybe commit some Criiiiiimes too...

Or maybe where she's from?
No. 1072846 ID: 322af8

Tell her she's cute and ask her what she is doing tonight.
No. 1072855 ID: f14228

Lab as old as the town... the 40ies, right? World War 2 era. Your bomb theory wasn't so silly after all!

Hey, as a ghost hunter, does she have any spare batteries for her flashlights 'n such? You're out some for your Gameboy. All this juicy goss you've been dropping has got to be worth something to her, right?

(Let's get ONE of our goals cleared for the day!)

Also, you have band practice, but you could meet up with her somewhere later and show her the facility (/potentially use her 'grown-ass adult/researcher' state as an excuse for breaking and entering) and help her look for that ghost in the woods.

I wonder what this lady would make of the gross tentacle bird thing you heard about at that rock festival... probably she's heard it already.

Eeeh. What are the odds old abandoned ghost-haunted laboratories keep pickle jars?
No. 1072860 ID: 5d8541

Gotta follow the advice of someone named poltergeist
No. 1072861 ID: f2320a

after i cut myself in the ritual circle in the pipe i started bleeding this purple goop it was weird as shit
No. 1072898 ID: af7615

Yeah, I keep thinking of this quest like "girl in normal world tries to find made-up things" and occasionally I'll remember with a jolt that there was some kinda spooky demon that peeked out of our hand
No. 1074010 ID: b8d5aa

Ask if she has any AA batteries in that van of hers.
No. 1074074 ID: ab70bc
File 169656543320.png - (537.58KB , 1342x1245 , Rileyquest 64.png )

If you do have superpowers it's only manifested itself as petty theft and poor conversational skills.

You don't have a phone, but Grant - the person whose sofa you're sleeping on - does. He's rich, dude's even got a car. If you ask him reaaaaal nice you can probably use that later.

>Hit on her
"You're cute, want me to show you around town?"

Avery furrows her brows and looks down at you, then to the recorder. You're messing up her interview.
"No, I'm pretty sure I can find my own way around." In her defense, the town has maybe two places worth visiting. "Aren't you in highschool?"

"Not anymore! Can I at least get your number? You know, in case I see the ghost again."

Avery hesitates, debating whether it's a good idea or not. The prospect of a break in her research overpowers the bad vibes you're giving her and she hands you a strip of paper torn off a fast food bag. It still smells like grease.
Avery's number added to inventory

>You ask for batteries
She rolls her eyes and reaches into the back of her cabin to strips them from a walky-talky, throwing three out the window and into your cleavage.
"There. Now can we please get back to the interview? This is going to be a lot of time wasted editing."
Batteries added to inventory

"You got it sister. Hit me."

"I need evidence of paranormal activity so I can document and study it. My trip can't wait if there's nothing here, I'll only be around for three days." She pauses to give you time to process that information. "If you've seen this ghost before, do you think you could show it to me, capture it, or at least get some kind of hard evidence?"

You would rather avoid going to the labs in the hills if you can help it. Officer Fucknuggets will skin you if he catches you up there again.
But maybe with her help you could finally prove the ghost is real.
No. 1074079 ID: e51896

Give her a thumbs up and a nod. Don't say yes so that your answer isn't recorded in her recorder, because lol.
No. 1074080 ID: 82842b

>You would rather avoid going to the labs in the hills if you can help it
Are there any other places that are Certifiably Haunted As Shit, that you know of?

Besides, as for the lab...
Mr Fucknugget is a nerd anyways.
(Do you actually know where he'd be/what his typical routine is? 1-10 how risky would it be?)
No. 1074085 ID: 259f22

So where are the most likely ghost spots, then? We tried the sewer with... some success? Was that success? Then there's the labs... so, two places, really.

Maybe this ghost hunting professor can give us a lift. And if she's with you when you go poking around the labs, maybe the fuzz will go easy on you if they catch you.
No. 1074086 ID: 273c18

Tell her you can do it if she helps you by distracting the guard.
No. 1074299 ID: 82c3b6

Yeah, her keeping watch at the lab is a good compromise
No. 1074357 ID: 435f13

Agreed you need to get past the guard
No. 1074616 ID: ab70bc
File 169717052350.png - (0.96MB , 1651x1159 , Rileyquest 65.png )

You'd love an excuse to both break rules and get into the weird old labs.
You offer Avery the map you drew in your sketchbook, but she's already pulled out an actual map. You're not sure why but it feels like she's showing off.

"There's a ghost in the lab, I've seen her and I want to catch her. You have cool science stuff right? Like, Ghostbusters or whatever?"

Avery doesn't consider that worth responding to.

"Okay check it. Here's the deal. There are some super old, really dumb rules that you're not supposed to go up there. But like, nobody takes them seriously except one guy. So if we're going up there we're gonna have to be smart about it."

Avery's listening but doesn't seem sure of this conversation's worth.

"There's a path up this way you could drive and nobody will see you," You trace a path from the lake up to the hills just past the park. "you can totally ninja your way in and get all the proof you need. I can meet you there- not tonight, but after that!"

"And you can promise me results?" She's serious about this. Avery doesn't want to spend her ghosthunt time on a goosechase.

"O n e h u n d r e d p e r c e n t."

Avery nods and switches off the tape recorder, tucking it into her front pocket. "I need to write all this down, I can visit the facility alone tonight for testing." There's a pause in the conversation like she's hoping for you to leave but you don't. You can hear somebody angrily picking up glass. "You have my number, but if I need more information where should I find you?"

"In your dreams." You aggressively bat your eyes at her.

Avery closes the window in your face. Ending the conversation.

Worth a shot.

Meet with Avery and Visit the Lab are two things you should do later. You're sure you'll find a way of stumbling back into her.

It's getting late so you should leave for band practice. Unless there's anything you want to do first.
No. 1074618 ID: e51896

Time to leave. It's band practice time...

but first, throw one more rock at Katrina's window for good measure. Then, run!
No. 1074621 ID: 9d6335

To band practice!
No. 1074623 ID: fb8a42

Band practice! And rocks!
No. 1074635 ID: d06299

Text her your address. It's not forward, she asked where to find you! And then off to band practice.
No. 1074642 ID: f2320a

Get a snack and drink before bandpractice no point in being hungry
No. 1074668 ID: 8f9bc4


She just had a donut. Something to drink would probably be good though. slurp pond water
No. 1074823 ID: b8d5aa

Don't throw any more rocks. Is Shane there or not? Guessing not, as only his sister came out. But you could check and see, if you could do so without being suspicious. Which seems unlikely at this point.
No. 1074841 ID: f2320a

A donut is barely anything its literally by volume mostly air its the mass of like a golfball or less but yeah good to get a drink a slushy perhaps or it a slurpie in this universe?
No. 1076375 ID: 5ca6b6


Don't throw rocks - smoke 'em.
No. 1079297 ID: ab70bc
File 170257816456.png - (479.87KB , 1446x657 , Rileyquest 66.png )

The evening brings with it a chill now that the sun is on its last limbs, the street lights are already starting to turn on in anticipation.

With everything stained orange the brightly colored police tape doesn't look entirely out of place, it doesn't stop the small business owners from watching through blinds however; nothing else happens around here, if the police are involved it's at least interesting.
No. 1079298 ID: ab70bc
File 170257823705.png - (263.66KB , 989x929 , Rileyquest 67.png )

"Look Nathan, you're fine at delivering coffee, but this is a bit above your paygrade. I've seen some nasty stuff before but this is a weird one."

The otter talks down to his junior officer while he rolls up a collection bag.

"We need to get an actual team in here, which means waking up Derrek. He's the only one in the department with a camera for starters. Once we have all the evidence your father will clean up the mess."

The wolf has very little to say, his attention is spent trying to not look at it.

"Your job here is to barricade off this street. Keep people out. If this crime scene gets fouled up because John Doe can't keep his curious nose out of police business, the whole department will look ridiculous. Don't fuck this up."
Standing up to head back to his cruiser the cop tosses Nathan a roll of tape and pulls off without another word.
No. 1079299 ID: ab70bc
File 170257830270.png - (582.50KB , 1598x1105 , Rileyquest 68.png )

"Sure, thanks. Not like I had anything else planned this afternoon, dickwad." Nathan thanks his superior with a salute.

It's getting late as fuck and you're still a good half hour's walk from home, taking this side road cuts having to go through town proper and saves walking all the way around.

Or it would. If it weren't for this Chuck-E-Cheese bullshit.
Looks like the road's closed off for police business.

NATHAN is blocking your path, which is hilarious to you because he's not even a real cop. The two of you have a complicated history.

This kid's dad is the town's chief of police, you might want to decide how you're going to approach this before barrelling in. Or you could find another way around.
No. 1079303 ID: b3eab7

Take the high road, use the nearby dumpster to climb on the roof.
No. 1079304 ID: 371fe7

That business right there is open, isn't it? Go in the front door, and sneak out the back. Try not to set off any emergency exit alarms.

Or: offer Nathan a handjob if he lets you through.
No. 1079307 ID: 8f9bc4

Ooh, a weird one? Is there a dead body? Can you see a dead body? Try craning your neck further. Make it look like you're totally not interested though.
No. 1079662 ID: ab70bc
File 170328026753.gif - (181.54KB , 1280x720 , Rileyquest 69 lmao.gif )

You'd rather fall off a roof than touch Nathan's dong. So you'll do that.
Climbing on rooftops sounds like a needlessly dumb and dangerous idea, and that's your specialty.
You're EXTREMELY STRONG but for some reason you have a hard time getting up there even with the boost. You don't fall down though, getting up with only a few knee scrapes and a hurt ankle.

The town looks different from up here. It looks good. Now who's short, huh??

From here you can't see what it is, you're still one building over. You're 90% sure you can make the jump, but you might need to distract Nathan so he doesn't notice you screaming.

Are we throwing something again or do we have any other bright ideas?
No. 1079664 ID: 8f9bc4


Huh, you feeling okay? That donut you ate can't have been all that heavy.

Speaking of which, are there any animals you can tempt with the sticky buns? If you could get one of them chasing after one, it'd be more noisy than throwing a rock. Are there even any rocks up here?

Only other thing I can think is to strategically leave your gameboy lying around so that Nathan finds it and is distracted playing Shrek: Fairy Tale FreakDown. But then he has your gameboy, which is less than ideal.

Could you block a smokey chimney?
No. 1079667 ID: b57fea

its just the general dumptruck ass slowing her down. I whole heatedly agree with plan sticky pastry if we can find like amenable bitey-esque creature. You could also try tearing one of those posters down and making a paper airplane out of it, writing an offensive note on it then floating it past him.
No. 1079706 ID: b8d5aa

Is there a discarded drinking straw and some paper near the dumpster? Shoot spitballs at junior cop.
No. 1080484 ID: e51896

You can probably rip that large poster off the wall, and then drop it on him from the ceiling. and while he is distracted trying to uncover himself from out of it, you can sneak through while his vision is covered.
No. 1080585 ID: ab70bc
File 170469549843.png - (563.51KB , 1920x1382 , Rileyquest 70.png )

For some reason climbing up was hard work so you sit down to catch your breath. Nathan can't see you up here, especially with all the wood in the way. You're safe until you decide to make the jump.

The design on the wall is painted on and faded over time, you can't grab it even if you tried. You could try peeling off a smaller poster, you've made one or two paper aeroplanes in your day.
No. 1080586 ID: ab70bc
File 170469555928.png - (346.83KB , 1059x1013 , Rileyquest 71.png )

As far as you can see there aren't any possums or rats living up here, but when you move to stand back up you notice a small bird staring at you from the eaves.
You try waving a sticky bun around but it doesn't seem all that interested in baked snacks.
It watches you lick the sugar off your fingers.
No. 1080587 ID: fb32ab

Birds like shiny things, make an offering!
No. 1080590 ID: e51896

Knowing lazy fairy, I'd offer a pair of panties, but I think Riley is already going commando today. Also, her exp is probably too low to offer her shorts.

Something shiny? maybe the battery from your gameboy will work
No. 1080594 ID: 322af8

Maybe see if the bird will trade you something for the one ring it has there.
No. 1080595 ID: 273c18

Could be a magpie. I wonder whose ring that is. Make a note of it in case there's a reward. Or you could try to take it now but that bird will fight you. Now's not the time to lose a fight with the local fauna.

Make your jump.
No. 1080597 ID: 1f138b

Talk to the bird. Quietly, so junior cop doesn't hear. Just tell it what a pretty bird it is and be nice to it. Crows remember these things.
No. 1080599 ID: f6204d

Ask it about the secret of flight.
No. 1080771 ID: ab70bc
File 170501261114.gif - (91.19KB , 560x560 , Rileyquest 72.gif )

It does look like a shiny ring.

You don't do 'quiet,' and inside voices aren't your specialty. But you try to not scream to be stealthy.
"Wanna trade?" You say this at a perfectly reasonable volume.

"TRADE?" The bird leaves its nook and hops around in front of you. "ONE FOR ONE. YOU LEAVE YOU TAKE."

Looks like you have a choice between a ring, a dubloon, and what looks like an old, shriveled finger?

No. 1080773 ID: 61f858

Freak out, because it's a fucking talking animal! Holy shit!!!

Oh wait, you're a talking animal too. Leave the battery, take the ring. Then use your permanent marker to write on the floor of the entrance TRADING COVE
No. 1080774 ID: 82842b

Not sure if we have anything to trade exactly, but do we want something Cool, or something Spooky?

Coin could be neat, although i do lean towards the ring...

For spooky? Definitely finger, for all we know it's haunted. Or from a dead guy.

And more importantly:

Protect Them at all costs, vital birb.
No. 1080775 ID: d98cb8

Consider if you don't need any of these, you could offer value in return for help. A flying ally who could distract someone might be better.
No. 1080776 ID: 7dda3e

Trade the battery for the ring. Give it the marker as a way to communicate with you later, bird-related mail is the way of the future.
No. 1080789 ID: 64faaa

The crow will appreciate increased word-of-mouth for his business.
No. 1080823 ID: b8d5aa

Go through the coins in your pocket, examine them carefully to see which one is the shiniest. Offer it in trade for the finger. Leave the ring and doubloon, you don't have anything of enough VALUE for those.

Then throw the finger on the sidewalk to freak out junior officer down there. While he is freaking out, make the jump.
No. 1080837 ID: b2067a

I will give you ALL these glorious shiny coins in my pocket if you will go down there and dive-bomb and harass and distract that cop down there.
No. 1080893 ID: ab70bc
File 170511653448.png - (308.86KB , 1036x803 , Rileyquest 73.png )

It's very shocking.
No. 1080895 ID: ab70bc
File 170511659077.gif - (62.88KB , 560x560 , bird steal 1.gif )

Before anything else, you give into your urge to deface public property for the laughs.
Aaaand-- hey!
No. 1080896 ID: ab70bc
File 170511659831.gif - (91.17KB , 560x560 , bird steal.gif )

No. 1080897 ID: 273c18

Ask what it wants to draw. You can help! Always willing to encourage a fellow artist.
No. 1080899 ID: d1bdfe

It appears you have given value? Goodbye Sharpie, we hardly knew ye. Wish it best of luck brandalising things with it.

But proffer some pilfered coins at it too, see if you can’t exchange for two things. Then take the rad shrivelled finger and the ring (to go on it), if the canny corvid finds the trade acceptable.
No. 1080915 ID: 75b262

Give battery, ask if bird would enjoy committing battery on a guy we need distracted.
No. 1080925 ID: 8f9bc4

An old shriveled finger for a sharpie... that sounds like a good trade! Question is whether you can use the finger to distract Nathan so you can stop thinking about touching his dong.
No. 1081630 ID: ab70bc
File 170596452551.png - (530.57KB , 1374x1429 , Rileyquest 76.png )

The bird has immediately gotten bored of the pen, and you pick it back up without contest.
You have one spare battery, any more and you won't be able to play Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown.

The bird plays aloof but is interested enough in how shiny it is to give you time to pilfer the ring.
You try to touch the finger but can't bring yourself to do it. Whoever lost it has been missing it for a long time and it's... really gross.

"MORE." The bird shouts before you can check out your swag. "GIVE ME MORE." Looks like a single battery isn't enough to make him happy.
Hangon. There's some coins in here...
You let it pick one.

- battery
- 25c

It looks like if you want it to do anything else it's going to be expensive.
No. 1081631 ID: ab70bc
File 170596455011.png - (126.95KB , 894x893 , Rileyquest 77.png )

The ring is plain and golden. It looks shiny, polished or well worn. It's oddly warm, like it's been sitting in the sun.

Your hand is feeling a little itchy.
No. 1081632 ID: 4a3296

Give it the 25 cents, you don't want to lose Shrek privileges.
No. 1081641 ID: 261c6b

D̶͇̯̍̈̐͘Õ̴̯Ņ̶̅͌̄͜͜ ̶̺́̅̒Ṯ̵̢̢̟͛H̶̯̹͌͌͌͐͠E̸̢̠̬̎̀̏͂̑͗͜ ̵̧̢̠͖̼̃̐̃̋̔͘R̸̛̤̅͂̒͆̃I̴̧̡̯͎͓̻͒́̉͊Ǹ̶̙̩͚̃̌͝͠G̸͙̬̼̯̩̎̄͗̕͘

Also give the bird $0.25 I guess
No. 1081643 ID: eb0a9c

Good find. Wash hands.

Come back later. This birb is the worb.
No. 1081648 ID: 75b262

Give the $0.25, let's not be cheep
No. 1081663 ID: 273c18

Give coin, receive precious
No. 1082060 ID: e51896

give the 25
put the ring on your infected itchy hand
No. 1082117 ID: c7eeaa

Give the 25c, wear the ring. It is pretty and was probably taken from a rotting corpse along with the finger. Don't think about it.
No. 1083266 ID: 2f41db


Maybee its hhhaaAAUUNttteeeed.

Or the crow was sitting on it.
Very insulating your average crow ass.

See if it fits!
Ring finger of course.
You can freak out your friends with a fake shotgun marriage story.
No. 1083269 ID: 8f9bc4


If it was it would still be on the finger, genius! Magpies pick up a lot of shinies, it was probably just lying around somewhere.


It's a magpie, not a crow, but you really think your friends are going to fall for that a third time?
No. 1084474 ID: ab70bc
File 170883428201.png - (336.80KB , 1246x1279 , Rileyquest 78.png )

You can't give up Shrek until you beat it. Otherwise people will say you couldn't beat it.

The bird, content that he just hustled you returns to his cave with the day's profits. From the sound of the clink the guy's got a whole stash of coins back there. A wild animal is richer than you.
No. 1084475 ID: ab70bc
File 170883430024.png - (116.95KB , 1196x991 , Rileyquest 79.png )

It's not going on your ring finger, because that would mean you're married to the bird and that's weird. You don the ring on your middle finger in case it buffs your bird flipping powers.

The ring doesn't seem to do anything and as far as you can tell your hand is still totally visible. It's a bit loose, but you'll wear it for a while in case it gives you super powers or something.

+1 warm gold ring
No. 1084476 ID: ab70bc
File 170883434289.png - (614.61KB , 1530x1997 , Rileyquest 80.png )

Whatever's got the cops interested is one building over beside Mrs Nora's carpet store.
Oh hey, there she is. Hello Mrs Nora! It's probably a good idea not to piss her off if you're hiding from the police.

How do we want to make this trivial jump?
No. 1084480 ID: af7615

No. 1084481 ID: 7c55ad

Well, you're going to have to distract her first before she witnesses you making the jump and then alert the cops.

Why does flashing her to make her faint seem to be popping up in my mind as a distraction? We'll use that as a last resort. for now, offer the crow your pencil (you got a sharpie, you don't need a pencil anymore) and ask it to fly into her window and distract her.

To get across, can we remove a long enough piece of lumber to use as a bridge? if not, I guess just take several steps back, then make a mad dash and jump across. You should be athletic enough, skater gurl.
No. 1084486 ID: 273c18

Do it like a ballet dancer.
No. 1084487 ID: 2f41db

First give mrs nora your brightest smile and show her your new ring.

Then its time to see if it buffs your leaping skill.
No. 1084488 ID: eb0a9c

Tell Miss Nora you'll climb down instead of leaping if she stares at your tits.
No. 1084495 ID: 8f9bc4

You don't want to marry the bird? That's not very crowmantic of you.
No. 1084518 ID: b8d5aa

>It's probably a good idea not to piss her off if you're hiding from the police.

> How do we want to make this trivial jump?

If she noticed you, give her a cheerful smile and wave. If she didn't, try to avoid getting her attention.

Take a running jump, vault off the ledge, and don't try to do a flip (that would be stupid) but do flex your arms in midair, posing for the briefest moment like a cool Amazon.
No. 1085245 ID: ab70bc
File 170950279371.png - (644.39KB , 1617x1459 , Rileyquest 81.png )

You successfully make the jump. It really wasn't that hard and you managed to avoid scraping your knees this time. As long as it doesn't require any strength it's safe to assume you can do anything moderately athletic.

Things have gotten a lot quieter, besides the wind in the trees and the cars a couple roads over it's silent.
And it's getting dark fast. If you don't get home soon you're going to be out without a source of light. Even for you that's kind of a bad idea, there are things in the woods at night.
No. 1085246 ID: ab70bc
File 170950284151.png - (308.63KB , 1072x851 , Rileyquest 82.png )

Between the two buildings is an arm, severed cleanly beneath the shoulder lying in a surprisingly small blood puddle.
You have good night vision and can make out the shape clearly but the detail is lost this far away. It feels familiar.

Your unnamed bird friend has disappeared and you are alone again. Suddenly the night feels very cold and you miss your jacket.
No. 1085247 ID: 75b262

It's only a hallucination, it's only a hallucination, it's only a hallucination!
No. 1085248 ID: 7c55ad

looks like someone needs a hand...

Anyways, this will be a cool thing to tell your friends when you get home.

Speaking of which, we made it across, now lets get down and take the path home before NOra rats you out to Nathan
No. 1085249 ID: 7c55ad

>You have good night vision and can make out the shape clearly but the detail is lost this far away. It feels familiar.

If it's familiar, and has gray fur, hopefully, it's not Debra's arm
No. 1085257 ID: 82842b

>there are things in the woods at night.
Spooky things? Is that arm gonna become The Thing(tm) from Addams Family hopefully?

>It feels familiar.
HOPEFULLY it isnt :V
No. 1085262 ID: 273c18

>severed arm, small blood puddle, suddenly cold
Ghost alert! Look around, listen carefully.
No. 1085273 ID: 2f41db

Am i imagining it or does that hand have a ring mark.
You know, like you get when you wear one a long time.
No. 1085276 ID: 8f9bc4

Wow that... sure is a dead body. Or part of one. Just like you wanted. To see.


Regret everything and go home and hide in your room.
No. 1085278 ID: b3eab7

Well, you were hurrying to meet your friends, right? Will you be able to stay the night?
No. 1085284 ID: b4b039

I went back and checked; Debra's remaining arm was indeed the right arm. No images clearly showed the spot where a ring would be, so unclear there. I hope it's not hers. :/
No. 1085972 ID: ab70bc
File 171004836714.png - (388.90KB , 1085x964 , Rileyquest 83.png )

You drop down into the alleyway onto a pile of dirt, the grass helps break the fall. It's easier to see the crime scene up close.

Oh fuck. That's a whole fucking arm. That's awesome?

You have good night vision and it looks like it could be Debra's; it's about the right size, the right fur color. It's also the right arm.
You notice a ring mark. You don't remember seeing a ring on her finger today?

It's gotta be that missing ring. The bird's swindled you into carrying part of the crime scene. Do you want to drop it and act like nothing happened or keep it?
You did pay for it...

Aw man you hope it's not Debra. Pour one out for the homies dude.
No. 1085974 ID: 75b262

This bird's incriminating us!

Unless they're actually helping us...

This is gonna sound crazy, but what would happen if we put the ring on the finger where the mark is?
No. 1085975 ID: 82842b

There IS one question that's not exactly solved though: Debra's or not, how's there a severed arm here?

Was it bitten off, ripped off, or cut off maybe?

Quick, check if there's a Peg where it'd attach to the body, is this a Jumbo Mrs Potato Head??

Is it Alive (in the zombie sense)?
No. 1085976 ID: 273c18

Poke the arm with a stick.
No. 1085977 ID: a7a180

Just turn around and go. You can find out what the police are looking at (an armless body?) later.
No. 1085978 ID: 7c55ad

do this
No. 1086001 ID: 2f41db

Your prints are all over it.

However if you get found with it you can at least tell the truth.
"I bought it off a bird while climbing on roofs looking for ghosts and a shortcut." Doesnt sound like something an escaped mental patient would say, right?

Maybe have a quick look around though.
I mean, how many murder scenes are you going to get a look at in your life?

Then be ready to hide if officer killjoy turns up.
No. 1086007 ID: 273c18

Her prints are on the quarter. It's a verifiable story!
No. 1086025 ID: f14228

Why would Debra's right arm be here? That's crazy! She wasn't wearing that ring earlier, so maybe it's someone else's just with her dimensions and fur color.

Or... hey! Could this be a prank? Check if the arm and blood if they're actually real! Poke poke!

And there's also too little of it, right? There should be a blood trail around if someone really got their arm lopped off here. Just arm + puddle o' blood is real weird. Like it just dropped to the ground - as if shed! - and whatever blood was in it pooled out.

Look about the crime scene more. Did you miss anything else? If not... well. If only you had a camera. But you also got places to be, people to meet. If nothing else comes up, it may be time to move on.
No. 1086026 ID: f14228

Ah, wait a minute. There IS a trail isn't there? A thin line of blood streaking off towards you. Not droplets. That's... super weird.
No. 1086027 ID: 8f9bc4

If it's Debra's arm, then there's no crime, right? Debra lost her arm a long time ago! She wasn't bleeding like this from her stump when you saw her on the swing. How could her arm be here? Now? And (uggh) fresh?
No. 1086033 ID: 7c55ad

well, there's one thing you can relax on if you get accused for murder: you have an alibi. Officer Murphy saw you hanging out at the restaurant before he got the call about something happening and leaving. The only thing you'd be guilty of is tampering with the crime scene, but that's like, whatever.
No. 1086124 ID: a3a6e9

Sorta weird, yeah

Nah, that's a crease in the arm

That's a good point; you can relax a LITTLE
No. 1086127 ID: 273c18

Oh right also the ring is too narrow to hold identifiable prints.

The main issue is that Mrs Nora saw us heading towards this location. What we SHOULD do is mail the ring to the cops, anonymously, with a typed explanation of how it was found. We also need to ask Mrs. Nora to not tell the cops we were here. And also find out if Debra is still alive.
No. 1086146 ID: 8f9bc4


Of course she's still alive! We saw her just earlier today! Wait—oh. Oh.
No. 1086151 ID: 2f41db

What if its the GHOST of her arm?

Better find a good poking stick, and poke away just to be sure.
No. 1086855 ID: ab70bc
File 171099966158.gif - (239.03KB , 560x560 , 3_19_24 Rileyquest arm poke.gif )

>put the ring on the finger
Ew, gross! You're not gonna touch it. It's cool but there's a line.

You poke it with a stick instead.

Yep that's definitely a real arm. No ghosts here. The wound doesn't look very gruesome, there aren't any obvious bite marks, it looks like it was cleanly torn off. And it's fresh but there there isn't much blood, so maybe it was moved here.
That's about all you can figure out.

You stop jabbing it when the sound of a woodpecker wakes you up. It's gotten dark and without your jacket you're already feeling the cold.
Getting home doesn't sound like such a bad idea.
No. 1086856 ID: ab70bc
File 171099969221.gif - (540.65KB , 800x513 , bird big.gif )

Before you can do anything the unnamed bird joins you once again.


The bird drops this spooky shit on you like it's no big deal, the streetlights flicker behind you.

It makes a weird noise like it's clearing its throat then surprisingly, continues. "THAT'S WEIRD, RIGHT?" It hops around on the arm a bit like he's trying to be disrespectful. "I KNOW YOUR MIND, I HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS. IS THIS THE RAT?"

The bird knows.


The little fuck looks you dead in the eyes.

No. 1086857 ID: a7a180

...Yeah okay eldritch enlightenment is probably worth ten bucks.
No. 1086858 ID: 273c18

Shit. You don't have that much on you. Tell it to follow you and you'll get the money.

You do have that much laying around somewhere, right?
No. 1086859 ID: 82842b

Damn, i thought the person who lost their arm was the one getting eviscerated...

Might as well though, that's like two Big Macs (alas).

Also contemplate the idea that this Crow may actually be some sort of Supernatural Being, and what rad powers he might have potentially
No. 1086860 ID: 72145a

I dont think we have 10 dollars, or anything worth 10 dollars, sooooooo... bye!
No. 1086864 ID: 273c18

Oh, is that some kind of mark in the pavement under the hand?
No. 1086867 ID: 2f41db

I think it's time to entertain the idea that you may be tripping balls.

Check your sewer cut hand Riley.
See if it's flaring up, itchy or otherwise odd.

Resist the temptation to poke the crow with your grade A poking stick.

If you havent got anything worth ten dollars try barter.
Maybe the stick will do.
It's a pretty rad stick.
No. 1086869 ID: 7c55ad

I think it's just a crack on the concrete. You can see other cracks like that on the floor in other panels too
No. 1086872 ID: f2320a

What about i give you a name as payment like "Mordicai"
No. 1086873 ID: 8f9bc4

It pretty obviously is Debra's arm, but it's not like you can reattach it or anything, right? The magpie is selling you what you already know!

You need to leave this place. Get home before it gets dark. The arm is not a ghost, so... time to forget this ever happened?

Oh, but you can give Debra back her ring, at least!
No. 1086875 ID: f14228

Stare it dead in the eye back and ask if it takes IOUs.
No. 1086904 ID: f2320a

Is this just the crow again in a diffrent guise?
No. 1088130 ID: ab70bc
File 171246316174.png - (108.29KB , 1080x680 , Rileyquest 86.png )

You check your hand. It looks pretty good actually! There isn't a sign there was ever a cut here, which is weird even for you.

There's an itch in your bones that makes you want to clench your fist, even when you scratch it the feeling won't go away.
It's like when your leg goes dead and you have to shake it a lot or when you hit your elbow on your chair.

"Dude what the fuck. Ten dollars is at least two Big Macs, and soda." You could dine like a king for that kind of money. It's outrageous.

The bird bows its wings. "I CAN WAIT. THERE IS NO DEADLINE ON WEALTH."
What a weird little dude. Maybe you can find him later when you're more loaded.
No. 1088131 ID: ab70bc
File 171246318967.gif - (154.71KB , 560x359 , Lights out.gif )

There are maybe a few people in town that are this old-lady-tiny whose arm this could be, and Debra's definitely the one most likely to get into wacky hijinks that involve losing an arm. It makes sense it'd be her.

Before you can jab the crow with your stick in hopes of a discount, the flickering lights fade out leaving you in the dark.
No. 1088132 ID: ab70bc
File 171246322150.png - (91.33KB , 1080x680 , Rileyquest 88.png )

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh that's so laaaaaaaame." Thankfully, you can see pretty well at night, at least when there's moonlight around. People get lost in the woods and things get w e i r d in the dark.

Checking out a crime scene was cool, now you can check 'poke a dead arm' off your bucketlist. You should probably figure out a way to get home though, you're cold and this bird sucks.

+30EXP for sneaking into a crime scene
You leveled up to Problem Sleuth
No. 1088133 ID: 82842b

Hmm, did time really pass that quickly actually?

Before you go (probably to band if you didnt completely miss it :V), be sure to ask if you can pick up like a snow cone/hamburger, is it free?

If yes, do it immediately. He might go Gwah (or Woo)...

Also consider that you're probably totally in something Spooky and/or Supernatural (good thing?)
No. 1088136 ID: 273c18

Alright start walking home. Stick to the streets for now. Quick pace.
No. 1088138 ID: 7c55ad

Guess it's too late for band practice. Ah well, time to go home.
No. 1088141 ID: f2320a

Definetly hamburger more filling the greasy vein clogging sort we cant waste money on frozen water and milk
No. 1088142 ID: 8f9bc4


Good point. You're going to want to watch your weight. It's starting to affect your climbing prowess. Need some healthy food to counteract that sweet bun.

It's a moot point really, the hamburger place and the soda fountain are both going to be closed this late at night.

...what kind of town turns out their street lights when it gets dark?
No. 1088144 ID: 7c55ad

oh yeah, as you leave, give the bird the bird and tell it, "smell ya later"
No. 1088151 ID: 2f41db

Hes got contacts in the local council electrical maintenance team!

Youre a problem sleuth instead of just a problem!
Good going riley!

Keep your stick and head home.
You can clack it along the fences you pass and you never know when youll find something in need of a good poking.
No. 1088169 ID: b8d5aa

Time for band practice. It's not too late for that, right? It would be super lame to ditch your friends when you said you'd be there. Besides, you need someone to tell about the cool severed arm you saw, you must be bursting to get that one out.
No. 1088178 ID: f2320a

Its more of a we literally cant waste money on anything thats not filling cant waste money on whats basically water mostly
No. 1089279 ID: ab70bc
File 171366246533.png - (100.80KB , 935x710 , Rileyquest 89.png )

You're not fat... right? You eat all your vegetables; burgers have onions, tomatoes, and pickles on them.
That's basically a salad.

You're probably still able to get home for band practice. Uh, probably? What time is it again?
You can grab some food on your way home but suddenly you're self conscious about your waistline.
No. 1089280 ID: f6a14f

Wh, just eat the sticky bun, and consider it your last treat before your diet.
No. 1089300 ID: 2f41db

You're not fat.
That's artistic beauty.
No. 1089301 ID: 273c18

If you want to lose weight the most impactful thing you can do is avoid sugary drinks. Drink water, it's good for you!
No. 1089310 ID: eb0a9c

Short answer: Yes you are fat, but yes you are also well-endowed and high-spirited, in quantities that are far above the norm.
No. 1089311 ID: f2320a

Just eat the treat you are pretty enough that it dont matter those bunny models have flat stomachs but they have no tits or ass and sort of look like guys but also they would not survive fall or the zombie apocalypse on kale and lettuce due to the cold and malnutrition
No. 1089317 ID: 8f9bc4

Do you not normally have those jelly rolls? Most people do. (Most raccoons do?) Like 90% of your body fat is your tits, anyway. Get food if you're hungry. (You have a sneaking suspicion you'll get a lot of advice how to eat strategically if you do.) If you're not hungry, just head home.
No. 1089323 ID: f2320a

Remember you need to also dehydrate and have dangerously low fat content for those movie abbs also not as noticable with alot of hair.
Also yeah so long as you are not under feed you should have a jelly roll its natural to have that amount minimum to protect organs and to have something when times get lean when migrating to a new hunting and gathering spots often along a river.
No. 1089356 ID: 66a97e

No you're not fat, your a pretty average weight all things considered.

Your doing just fine, and besides fuck societies rules and standards, since when did that matter?
No. 1090492 ID: ab70bc
File 171511179865.png - (290.42KB , 1620x1020 , Rileyquest 90.png )

Before you can continue prodding your insecurities a flash of light fries your retinas and you shriek like a little girl.

The bird, not wanting to be the one caught holding the proverbial drugs beats the scene immediately leaving you alone.
No. 1090493 ID: ab70bc
File 171511186364.png - (163.95KB , 747x644 , Rileyquest 91.png )

"FFFFFffffffffffffucking Riley. Why is it always you?"

This asshole over here gets all up in your business. All 'woof woof' and 'I'm the police'. You're very cool and collected in scary situations so you stand up to him.

"Don't shoot, I'm allergic to dying."
You immediately throw your hands up in surrender.

Nathan is too pissed off for your shenanigans. "What the fuck are you doing here? You're going to get me in so much trouble."

You're going to need to diffuse this situation or this could turn bad. Nathan used to be your friend, maybe you can talk it out? Or you can run away from your problems.
No. 1090497 ID: c5529d

Tell him he did a shitty job at investigating, you found a severed finger, a dubloon, and a ring on the roof, so you're a better detective than him! Nyah-nyah! :P

Also tell him he doesn't have to get in trouble if he tells nobody you were here
No. 1090499 ID: 5ebd37

Didn't you have somewhere to be? Tell him there's no problem here, you were just taking the short cut.
No. 1090500 ID: 273c18

Tell him you found evidence. A crow stole the ring off of the victim's finger. Also if he gives you 10 bux you can find out who the arm belongs to.
No. 1090504 ID: b8d5aa

Don't tell him anything, or admit anything. You're just on your way to band practice. Look, you're just going home, okay? Why is he making such a big deal about it?
No. 1090511 ID: a7a180

No. 1090519 ID: 2f41db

Tell him you didnt do it!

Ask him what the hell is going on here.
You were just taking a normal shortcut home and theres an arm on the floor.

He used to be your friend and even if hes decided to insert a nightstick up his ass for a career, you dont want to make life hard for him.

He was cool once.
Thats still gotta be buried somewhere.
No. 1090533 ID: eb0a9c

"I like jumping across rooftops, okay?! Now answer my question: why the @#$% is there a severed arm in an alleyway?!"

Act like you didn't know this was a crime scene. Your cover story: You were busy challenging yourself to jump across rooftops, and you fell while failing to make the bonus score gap. Then you freaked out in silence for a few minutes when you noticed the severed arm.
No. 1090560 ID: fef0ba

Your waistline is fine, don't even worry about it. Worry more about the severed arm holy shit-
This! Say hey, you found a finger on the roof and then you found the arm and ask if there's a fucked up serial killer or something.
No. 1090589 ID: f2320a

Oh yeah found a ring on the roof had to bribe a crow for it along with the severed finger but i think it belongs to that hand
No. 1090604 ID: 8f9bc4


The precious is ours you must not let them have it!!!
No. 1090620 ID: 7c0da2

Tell him you didn't do it, in fact you have no idea what it is. You didn't see, heard or took anything.
And you don't want to see him anymore than he wants to see you, you just want to get to your band practice. Why would you get him in trouble anyway ? It's not like you can make him any worse at his job.
No. 1091425 ID: ab70bc
File 171625406129.png - (336.55KB , 1261x995 , Rileyquest 92.png )

You tell him the truth, but keep the precious ring a secret. You paid for that, it's yours now.

"Ididn'tdoanything! It was like this when I got here."

Nathan doesn't respond, he needs a moment to deal.

"I was taking a shortcut back to Grant's place and I found an ARM. In the ALLEY." You gesture furiously at the arm, the shock value should be self evident.

"Riley you can't be here. If my dad finds out about this we're both dead." Nathan doesn't care about the arm so much as the prospect of getting in trouble.

"Whatever! Then forget you ever saw me, duh dude."

He's refusing to let you go and is blocking the way back to the street. "Did you do anything? You didn't move it did you? The camera guys aren't here yet and I'm fucked if you messed it up."

"No?" You lie. Like a liar. It looks like he doesn't believe you so you distract him in an attempt to cover it up. "A weird bird tried to sell me a finger. It talked! It said it knows whose arm this is!"

That catches him off guard; Nathan wants to talk about the bird but is too angry to let you derail the conversation. "Riley we know whose arm this is." He states the fact, but doesn't sound very confident saying it out loud. "This. Is a crime scene. Why shouldn't I arrest you right now?"
No. 1091426 ID: 4ee17d

Because I really didn’t mean to mess anything up!
No. 1091428 ID: 5ebd37

Cause then your dad will know you couldn't keep the crime scene safe.
No. 1091429 ID: 82842b

>Why shouldn't I arrest you right now?
Because it'd totally make things a bigger headache, like having to explain that she was there and how she got past you.

>Riley we know whose arm this is.
Whose IS it, anyways?
No. 1091431 ID: eb0a9c

This and remember to bounce your tits while you express yourself. Don't try to seduce him, just get hyper and forget the effects your fidgeting has on slabs of fat!
No. 1091437 ID: 8f9bc4

Because. If his dad. Finds out about this. You are both. Dead. He can't arrest you without his dad finding out. You're not a criminal, and if he knows this is Debra's arm, then you're not even a suspect. She lost it ages ago! So you'll just... channel your inner raccoon and sneak out of there, and go to band practice. You will talk with Nathan about it later.
No. 1091444 ID: fef0ba

"Because you're cool?"
>Tell him this even though he is not actually cool and is threatening to arrest you.
No. 1091456 ID: 273c18

Ask if it's your friend's.
No. 1091475 ID: 2f41db

Whose arm is it?

And this.

Then the "because youre cool."
Follow with "...well, i always thought you were"
Were going to try jiggling our emotions, not our ample chestage.

If he still wants to talk about that bird, offer to tell him later when youre both out of the see are eye emm eee scene and no one is getting in trouble.
No. 1091500 ID: b8d5aa

Why SHOULD he arrest you? You obviously didn't have anything to do with it. He'd just be wasting everyone's time. And making his dad mad.

What, are they going to charge you with trespassing for taking a shortcut through the alley? Get real.

The real reason he shouldn't do it though, is because he's just a really cool guy and wouldn't do that.

Whose arm is it, though?
No. 1092452 ID: 5c76ef
File 171756486382.png - (259.96KB , 1310x961 , Rileyquest 93.png )

Before you can make like a tree and get the fuck out of there Nathan grabs your wrist and wrests you from the dark alleyway back into the street.
"Dude, what the fuck?" You state the obvious: "Because asshole, if you take me to the station your dad will know you fucked up. AND I'll make it really annoying for you the WHOLE way."

Nathan understands this but isn't ready to give up control. "You know resisting arrest is something else I can arrest you for. You're only making it worse."

"AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaugh seriously dude, I used to think you were cool." It's true, but it doesn't phase him.

"If he finds out you were anywhere near here and I didn't tell him I might as well be dead. And I know from years of experience you can't keep your mouth shut."
You do have a reputation.
"What happened to the lights? Did you do this?" Nathan readies his flashlight and starts dragging you in the direction of the police station.

"What? Are you gonna blame everything on me now?" He didn't really think you could anyway and lets the question drop. But now you get to ask him one. "Whose arm is it then?"

"I don't have to tell you that; you're not police. And even if you were I wouldn't tell you."

"You're not police! You don't even have any handcuffs!" You flail at the hand pinching your bloodflow, he doesn't let go.
No. 1092453 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh no, it's the upper arm grab. You're doomed!
No. 1092458 ID: 9f8647

“Tell me whose arm it is, and I promise not to tell anyone I got past you into the crime scene!”
No. 1092459 ID: 273c18

Kick him in the jimmy.
No. 1092464 ID: 2f41db

"You dont know whose arm it is do you?" Then observe his reaction.
...the lights are out? Street and buildings?

Ah, nevermind.
You made a promise to be annoying all the way so...

Resisting arrest IS a crime buuut who said that means you have to assist?
Flump down on the floor and go full dead weight.
Let him drag you, carry you, whatever.
Passive resistance!
If its good enough for gandhi its good enough for riley.

As to kicking jimmies, lets retarget.
All the way while hes dragging or carrying.
Ask. "Whose arm is it" with the tone and persistance of a good old "are we there yet?"
Which you can throw in for funsies every so often.

Were going to kick his patience in the jimmies!
Lets see if we can make him groan in frustration.
Only so we can say "you sounded just like your dad then"
No. 1092468 ID: f2320a

You are hurting my wrist atleast hold my hands instead they are meant to hold things atleast
No. 1092587 ID: 8f9bc4

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