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File 151598241197.png - (697.95KB , 657x858 , PentacleKing3.png )
858442 No. 858442 ID: b93a7b

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

all innocence dies, the question is only ever "how?"

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 858443 ID: b93a7b
File 151598269073.png - (502.79KB , 657x858 , Pentacle003.png )

A warm night at the stables of Castle Crym

'If I was smiling could you even tell?'
her voice was filled with accusation

The serpent stammered for a moment unsure how to respond
the hard Chitin of the duchess' face betrayed none of the amusement she felt, she would indeed be smiling if she could.
she continued to torture her servant with silence, making it clear she expected a response but denying the girl any hint at what it must be.

'I was merely concerned K-Kalez my love.' the snake ventured as an answer.
a weak answers, but acceptable. The servant had remembered to drop the honorifics at least.
Midas had obviously prepared the girl for this encounter, He was thorough like that. Her husband would have asked the servant to treat his wife like an equal,
he would have instructed the girl on all of Kalez' subtle preferences.

Kalez motioned for the snake to continue her efforts.

Midas had been furious when Kalez had sent the girl out with her tax men.
She had explained it to him many times yet never did he truly understand, placing an item of value in peril created a longing.
for her to be able to love this creature she needed the constant fear of losing it.
she needed the long time away.

It had worked, the undead attack had been unexpected, and horrifically dangerous.
As a result she had never wanted the serpent mercenary more.

and yet she spent this perfect moment toying with the poor creature.
why not? Kalez thought, was this girl not hers to toy with? as long as it brought her pleasure wasn't that the purpose of this affair??
Midas would not care, he would not care if the girl was discovered dead in a ditch the next morning as long as she had brought his wife some pleasure,
or relieved some suffering, it would be worth the coin.

Guilt struck Kalez then, Azzeki deserved better than that
she moved to return the servant's affections when the memories came
No. 858445 ID: b93a7b
File 151598293823.png - (570.01KB , 657x858 , Pentacle002.png )

The memories always came,
torturous memories of a former life.

she cursed them a hundred fold.
They always came to poison the joy of life.
the feigned displeasure she had teased with was quickly replaced with genuine despair.
a perfect moment ruined by guilt and regret.

'something IS wrong" the snake exclaims.
Kalez realizes she's pushed the girl away.
The Duchess can feel her body shaking with torment.
She desperately needs to distract herself with matters of state, taking inventory, counting compnents
anything to take her mind off of emotional closeness.

Yet if she leaves now, Midas will blame the servant, in his eyes she will have failed.

What does Kalez do?
A) Leave, there's a lot at stake in the next month, the risk of mental damage isn't worth it.
B) Stay, talk with the snake, endure the torment, maybe it will fade and the night can be salvaged?
C) Stay, renew the coupling, defy the guilt, defy the memories, defy the torment and scream into the night.

No. 858446 ID: 33cbe7

C) Scream into snek ass.
No. 858450 ID: 91ee5f

B) Stay, talk with the snake, endure the torment, maybe it will fade and the night can be salvaged?
No. 858451 ID: 58fde1

Maybe C if they want to uh?
No. 858453 ID: 2efe4b

C), making a snake squirm will be a task at least as distracting as affairs of state, if you focus on it, and with less of a potential audience.

Say "A memory I need to forget" before you start, so she doesn't interrupt you with worries.
No. 858454 ID: 416762

No. 858455 ID: 92cd99

B - touch distracts the flesh but talk distracts the mind. yield nothing to these memories, not yourself and not the snake. They don't get to ruin any more than the moment they already have.
No. 858460 ID: 9e4723

B. Talking helps sometimes. It helps one in understanding the problem, and the one listening sometimes can give a good advice.
No. 858469 ID: 4854ef

No. 858480 ID: 49b53c

C) Rage against the dying of the joy!
No. 858481 ID: 11f77a

B. If she is indeed valuable to you as proven by the fear of losing her, then you can trust her to share your woes and endure together.
No. 858483 ID: 094652

A) Why are you even here?
No. 858488 ID: 9876c4

Agreed. This was a mistake, and making yourself soft will not avail the kingdom one whit.

Leave the snek alone with her failure. She's safe unless she reveals any of this.
No. 858491 ID: daa216

I vote b, get the demons out.
No. 858493 ID: 3ce125

B. Talking about your demons helps you defeat them.
No. 858523 ID: 3740b1

No. 858538 ID: 6780f5

B) This will keep coming back if you don't treat the root of it and if you leave the memories will come back at a more inopportune time when you recall this event. You have the time as well as the company to deal with it now.
No. 858541 ID: a8ee52

Tough decision, but C)
No. 858587 ID: 6103af

C scream into the night
No. 858591 ID: 0c324b

B yo.
No. 858620 ID: fe1856

No. 858731 ID: 4fd0a3

I say b.
No. 858767 ID: 2fe26a

B) There are some places even Azzeki's tongue can't reach.
No. 859638 ID: b93a7b
File 151637009114.png - (561.17KB , 657x858 , Pentacle004.png )

Kalez has heard that to confide in others relieves the burden on one's self
The comforting words perhaps but little more, she confided in Midas many years ago in one of
her more desperate moments,
and though the man spends a great deal of effort and concern the burden still weighs heavy.

If she is to speak to someone about K'Tchatka, it will be her husband.
her dispair spirals as the name runs through her mind.

'Wasss it that monsster Z'Theno?' a hissing voice interrupts

like a breath of air to a drowning peasant, the distraction eases Kalez' troubled mind.
Z'Theno a specter of her ancient past, another of her rival Nerexi's mind games, his reanimation was clearly meant to fray the mind of the Duchess
Kalez gave a cackling laugh
'the fool was pouring a bucket of water into an ocean.' she mused

Azzeki took the laugh to be her answer.
'Z'Theno and hissss undead do not concssern you?'

'a band of adventurers have already been signed; monster hunters, they'll destroy them in a couple days I'm sure. well if they expect their coin.'
Kalez gives in flippant response.

'Hatchley & Hearth, they're good, very good. I'd not want to be their enemy'
Azzeki moves to re-embrace the scorpion.
Kalez sighs at the touch, feeling the guilt return.
if not Z'Theno then surely the King'ss envoy isss the source of your concsern
the serpent adds

Kalez realizes with a start the serpent speaks true, cursing herself for wasting time when there was work to be done.
the King's envoy WAS a huge problem, one that needs to be dealt with very soon.

however she may need council, but time is short and decisions must be made quickly.

A)she discusses with Azzeki . . . will likely have little to add
B)Kalez goes to Abin N'thar, her Vizier and first acolyte. the man is clever with remarkable foresight and cunning.
C)Kalez goes to her husband Midas, the most loyal ally she has. he knows his brother the king well
D)She needs no one and goes into her dungeon alone to brood on the matter.

No. 859640 ID: 094652

B) And wear something scantily clad while you get his attention!
No. 859642 ID: ef4275

B) This nightstand is going nowhere, as much as i want to see snektits the duchess to release some steam, lets go do something productive
No. 859643 ID: 8beaed

B) Give kalez a grope and a kiss in thanks and wear something revealing for the vizier
No. 859647 ID: 8beaed

Actually. with so many limbs you could always invite the snek to take a bath with you once the day's tasks are complete and your mind is clear...
No. 859650 ID: fda98a

B) Guess there are matter to attend to. Kiss the little snake lady goodbye and tell her that you will be seen her very soon.
No. 859657 ID: 6c6a6e

B B go see the GRAND VIZIER
No. 859658 ID: 91ee5f

It’s the middle of the night, anyone you’d want to talk to are probably sleeping right now. And if you wake them up, then they wouldn’t be able to properly help you because they’d still be half asleep.

Can any of this wait until morning, when your advisors are properly rested so that they can do a better job of helping?
No. 859659 ID: 33cbe7

C, and try to keep the flirting with partners other than your husband to one per day. Well, unless Sezeda's into it, too.
Thank Azzeki for showing you a good time even if you weren't up to it and bid her good luck in preparations for battle. If things should come to that.
No. 859686 ID: a8ee52

B seems like the best option.
No. 859714 ID: 504e82

C. We're going to be dealing with his brother so who better to get advise from? Maybe he can even take this burden from you.
No. 859782 ID: de6d84

No. 859786 ID: 3abd97

>if not Z'Theno then surely the King'ss envoy isss the source of your concsern
>Kalez realizes with a start the serpent speaks true
Aye. It is.

She has understood (or helped you to understand yourself). She deserves to know she was correct. Perhaps there's something to this unburdening thing after all.
No. 859857 ID: daa216

D. That sounds like her even if I know that option is way outvoted. Also thats the best snake face ever.
No. 863788 ID: b93a7b
File 151749192630.png - (575.06KB , 657x858 , Pentacle005.png )

Her Vizier would know what to do, she was certain of it.
with his countless schemes one must have predicted this danger

"I must go now"the scorpions answer is without embellishment, a servant should require none.

Azzeki thinks otherwise and begins to protest, but she finds herself silenced with a kiss.
having taken the advantage, Kalez rakes her chelicerae across the serpent's soft snout.
her taloned hands fondling the servants flesh.

Azzeki for her part, holds in the pain, accepting the violence against her.
not out of pleasure but duty and loyalty.

the embrace is no more rewarding for the duchess, the flesh is too soft, with too much give,
with the enjoyment of a stone mason chiseling dirt she releases her victim and gets to her feet

this time the Naga gives no objection to the noble's departure.
No. 863789 ID: b93a7b
File 151749208603.png - (557.04KB , 657x858 , Pentacle006.png )

Kalez dresses in silence, donning arcane robes that allow magic in her body to flow strong,
in addition to providing ease of movement and comfort, so very unlike the stuffy dresses noble events expect her to wear.

Azzeki gives a pleading look as if begging the duchess to speak well of her to the Duke.
it is a look that will go unanswered.
Midas will be displeased of course, but it can't be helped.
Showing the snake special treatment would only further the risk of intrigue.
perhaps The Hydra, Midas' torturer will show mercy to her serpentine sister, Kalez expects however that is unlikely.

stepping into the refreshing night air reminds Kalez how much she loves this kingdom, would that the whole of it belonged to her.

even the snuffling molebeast doesn't ruin the pleasant night.
She knew it was proper to find the thing disgusting but honestly couldn't find it terribly different from the kobolds that tended to them.
through out the many decades of life here she has grown used to both.

not wanting to waste any further time Kalez hurries on her way seeking out N'thar
No. 863790 ID: b93a7b
File 151749220577.png - (590.42KB , 657x858 , Pentacle007.png )

. . . It doesn't take her long to find him.
that he is partaking of the drink does cause some concern.
The jackal rarely drinks outside of situations of complete disaster.
"Does drinking of sin help you accept the doom coming for us?" he speaks noticing the Duchess,
adding "of course I've taken a more literal approach."

This is not the state she would have preferred he Adviser to be in. how does she respond?

A) Outraged that this man dares admonish her she forcibly reminds this old friend his proper place in the pecking order

B) she needs not the advise of the drunk, and seeks it elsewhere

C) being in no place to judge she ignores his actions and brings up the problems at hand, besides he doesn't seem to bad off, yet.

D) He wouldn't be in this bad a shape only knowing what little she knows, he must have discovered more.

No. 863793 ID: f6953d

That is quite the kiss you have there.

Now on to buisness. I say A first. You should assert your authority over him and snag the drink from him. That being said he still has information. Follow up with D.He must know something.
No need to outright dismiss your friend.
No. 863796 ID: a6dc58

No. 863800 ID: 2fe26a

A. Chug the rest of his drink til you're drunk enough to think taking a drunkard's advice is wise.
No. 863805 ID: 8beaed

A) Blast him with magic to strip him, the shock will sober him up and his fear will bring better answers.
No. 863809 ID: 3abd97

No. 863837 ID: fda98a

Yeah, zap his clothes.
No. 863846 ID: a8ee52

Yeah, I agree. A with this.
No. 863854 ID: 33cbe7

B. And why should the Hydra get to play with your toy? If anyone's doing the whipping around here, it's you.
No. 863858 ID: 80a84b

C) Tell him sin didn't work, let's discuss. And raise the D too.
No. 863859 ID: 4854ef

No. 863871 ID: 094652

No. 863909 ID: 45b6fd

Punish him by forcing him to strip! But treat it like a game.. he is an old friend after all.

Let him keep drinking... no, force him to keep drinking as he tells you what he knows.

So a bit of A and a bunch of D.
No. 863937 ID: 6a3436

yup yup
though I do suspect you'll have to blast his clothes off at some point in the conversation to get him to focus.
No. 865607 ID: b93a7b
File 151804621054.png - (550.47KB , 657x858 , Pentacle008.png )

'As usual sin failed to slake my thirst, it will do no better for you I imagine.'
Kalez snatches the bottle from her vizier with lightning quick reflexes.
'besides you're wasting good wine'

'Is there something your grace wishes of me?' the jackal's words are polite but spoken in a harsh tone through clenched teeth.

Not at all fond of his tone Kalez considers punishing her pupil with some of her magic.

Kalez's Magic(listed are her lower powered spells, each spell can be cast once per day)

Spell power 1:
-Golden Mirage (create an illusion of treasure)
-Mend (repairs a damaged object)
-Preserve (keeps an object fresh and clean)
-Anti-Glamour( make an object look valueless
-Magnetize (push/pull metal objects
-Swipe (teleport an object from your target to you)
-Water slash (cut with high pressure water)
-Create tracker coin( enchant a gold coin to be followed as scrying)
-Stash (hide an item in a safe place)
-Mage hand ( a small invisible spectral hand)
-Sap health (steals life force and gives it to you)
-Alarm ( a magical sensor that sounds loudly if disturbed)
-Find Treasure (detects nearby valuables)

Spell power 2:
-Scry ward (protects area from foreign eyes)
-Molten bolt ( a fiery attack that pierces metal)
-Slave (forces the weak willed to obey orders)
-Golden key (unlocking spell)
-Trap maker (Casts with another spell to create a delayed reaction)
-Guardian Weapon (enchants a weapon to protect and attack)
-Polish (make an object or surface smooth shiny and slippery
-Scry (allows you to see and speak to people in far off places)
-Grasping field (a carpet of small grasping hands)

Spell power 3:
-Magical circle (allows casting of more powerful ritual magic)
-Focus Horde (Enchant a pile of gold to cast spells from it's location)
-King's Hand (a large and powerful magic spectral hand)
-Crystal barrage ( batter foes with thousand of razor sharp crystals)
-Lock down (locks an object in space)
-Spell Steal (take a target's spell)
-Acid Whip (a painful grappling attack)

How does Kalez Proceed?
A) She ignores his petty arrogance, and asks him what he has learned about the King's Envoy

B) punishes is insolence with one of her spells (select a spell above and the manner in which it should be used.)

No. 865613 ID: f6785d

B. And use Grasping field. I think is the most reasonable one.
No. 865640 ID: 5f42dc

B. Magnetize his balls so the staff will smash against them.
No. 865647 ID: 9876c4

B.Antiglamour his turban into a Rubbish Tophat. Or a rotting gourd.

Ours is a petty sort of evil.
No. 865656 ID: 33cbe7

Anti-glamour the wine bottle and get on with the briefing.
No. 865674 ID: daa216

B and use swipe to swipe his underwear.
No. 865719 ID: 56de11

also good.

Maybe make his underwear disappear the cast Polish on the floor so he falls over then Grasping field.
No. 865742 ID: 094652

B) Golden Mirage, except all the treasure is shaped like a disgusting combination turds, penises, and the mouths of tapeworms.
No. 865800 ID: 4fd0a3

I say b
Then grasping field to take his clothes. But don't fully destroy them. Just let your adviser know his place. He is still a source of information.
No. 868553 ID: 0467b7

B - Cast polish on the floor beneath him.
Wait for him to fall flat on his face.
No. 869668 ID: b93a7b
File 151940302242.png - (453.79KB , 657x858 , Pentacle009.png )

Kalez castes Swipe
summoning the jackals undergarment to her hand, she throws the man off balance

'Pink? not your color I think' kalez intends her words to be humorous
but her tone is one of derision.
No. 869669 ID: b93a7b
File 151940308854.png - (376.09KB , 657x858 , Pentacle010.png )

Kalez castes Polish

a slippery floor proves to much for the balance of the adviser sending him toppling to the floor.
he lets out a cry that echos down the hall.
No. 869670 ID: b93a7b
File 151940317538.png - (647.84KB , 657x858 , Pentacle011.png )

Kalez castes Grasping field

. . . on the floor he finds spectral hands waiting from him, N'Thar is in no position to resist.
the scorpion expertly directs her conjurations, being careful not to damage the man's fine clothing.
'you belong to me, and will treat me with respect' Kalez hisses.

'You have gone mad, Kalez.' his words are pained not spiteful, as though speaking an unwanted truth 'you threaten your own property, in such a game who stands to lose?'

'You will show me respect' having to repeat herself anger touches her words.

'respect yourself and I will follow.'

Kalez' mind aches with uncertainty

A) Kalez leaves to find council elsewhere, leaving the traitor to the mercy of an uncontrolled spell

B) she releases Abin, this play has gone too far, the duchy is in danger!

C) Kalez takes note of her exhaustion and goes to her room to rest.

D) this one needs to be made an example of, she makes him suffer.

No. 869671 ID: df2bc2

Time to give him the D
No. 869672 ID: f6785d

HO, he has some backbone to talk back to you. Let's BREAK it. Let's show him his place.
No. 869673 ID: 33cbe7

B. All those spells cast, and he still hasn't told you what drove him to drink!
No. 869676 ID: 4eed60

B, yes.
No. 869677 ID: 4854ef

No. 869678 ID: 6f5bbe

Clearly anything but D is wise.

So I pick D. D all the way.
No. 869681 ID: 978553

B! Something is up!
No. 869684 ID: 210992

I say d
No. 869685 ID: 9876c4

Tie breaker for B.
Can't B evil if we're stupid.
No. 869689 ID: 91ee5f

No. 869702 ID: 3740b1

D. All the D, all the way, all the time.
No. 869711 ID: 555f33

B because anything else is stupid or crazy and we're not stupid or crazy
No. 869722 ID: 1247ba

B, he's already improving his behavior. Its insulting of him to demand you something, but this problem can wait for a not so pressing time.

Let he regain his composure, tell him you are perfectly sane and warn him to behave properly. Then order him to explain what made him start drinking.
No. 869727 ID: 3abd97

>you threaten your own property, in such a game who stands to lose?
Lesser beings in one's care require discipline, from time to time.

E) Have the grasping hands get him off.
No. 869784 ID: daa216

B. We made our point. It is time to get some facts.
No. 869790 ID: cc06b4

E: punish him with orgasm denial!
No. 869939 ID: ae9b99

this one, E.

If that isn't allowed, I'll go with D
No. 869946 ID: 05ff2f

B. You've wasted far too much time and spells on a downright juvenile punishment for such a petty act. Really, the duchy's situation will most certainly not be helped by you disproportionately lashing out at your advisors and underlings for minor bad behavior. Behavior most likely brought about by the stress of the situation, mind you. And stress that's obviously effecting your judgment and wits too, going by this altercation.

Now, N'thar slugging wine back right from the bottle while standing in the entry hall may mean he's just gotten some really bad news, or it may mean he sees no way out and desires to spend the rest of his few days in blissful drunken oblivion. Admit you went too far and ask him if he's heard any additional bad news and if that's why he was crawling into a bottle of wine. Simultaneously order your grasping field to put his clothes back and move him away from the polished area so he can get up, then hand him back his underwear.
No. 870362 ID: 34c3e2

B, because you never go full saturday morning cartoon evil.
No. 872101 ID: b93a7b
File 152039518148.png - (544.19KB , 657x858 , Pentacle012.png )

The scorpion releases her Vizier

'I tire of this game' Kalez proclaims effecting a casual demeanor 'Tell me what harsh news sends you to the drink.'

there is little in the way of relief in Abin's voice 'The White Wolf of Turith comes for us'

'impossible' the duchess's response is reflexive 'that lunatic Dorunjir is entrench fighting "heathens" in the north' the words have barely left her mouth before she regrets them, Abin has proof, no rumor would get him so worked up

The jackal shakes his head, 'She IS coming here, Garrin has assured me there is not room for doubt.'

Garrin Veraki, Kalez' second acolyte and and spy within the King's court, his information is second only to her own, yet she has be wrong been wrong before and Veraki is hardly her better.
"He is surely deceived, it his not unheard of for the king to mislead his courtiers.'

again the jackal shakes his head "There is no deception, Garrin is traveling with her.

The scorpion's mind curses and seethes, and spits out her words 'the king's "envoy"'

Abin continues 'The Kings envoy is his daughter Princess Reefa, Garrin and the wolf are escorts, along with two other harbingers and another knight, they aim to cure the Archduke of his affliction.'

'Those self righteous meddlers . . .' Kalez has tolerated Inquisitor Dorunjir and Princess Reefa for too long it seems

'If they find out what has happened to Midas, it won't take long for them to connect the rest of us we'll all be crucified for heresy' Abin's words are desperate and lined with fear.

Kalez considers her options

A)Suggest a plan of action, time is short!

B)gather more information, there has to be an angle to exploit

C)get some rest, she'll need to be fresh to deal with this dilema

D)Ask if Abin has a plan of action.

No. 872121 ID: 3abd97

E) Get drunk with Abin
No. 872133 ID: daa216

A. His plan was to get drunk so that is no help and sleeping will only waste time.
No. 872140 ID: 9876c4

I'm onboard with drinking the wine, now.
Obviously, if an accident befell them while enroute, the court would be wholly blameless, and it might help any survivors less meddlesome in the future...

1)We cant use our forces
2)Unless we made it look like an accident
What about hiring some local muscle, like a giant or troll?
No. 872144 ID: caf1de

think its time to talk to your hubby
No. 872149 ID: 33cbe7

A) Good vizier, our cure is most effective. They can't cure his affliction if he is dead before they arrive.
No. 872191 ID: daa788

B - Gather more information.
We can't rush into such sensitive matter. Collecting information is required before we can make any decisions.
No. 872564 ID: b93a7b
File 152062695768.png - (419.60KB , 657x858 , Pentacle013.png )

Kalez: 'truly Abin? you have no solution for this?'

N'Thar 'Midas being out of the picture might solve a few problem,

'And create several others, we'd also be the first suspects' Kalez snaps in response 'no, I have something else in mind. A random act of violence would do, a band of trolls or a giant wandered down from the mountains'

'your grace, associating with giants and trolls is treason.'

'the executioner is already marching to our gate, we could only get put to death once.' 'besides the king loathes the creatures much more than he distrusts me he'll be all too willing to go on another crusade, when given the slightest reason.

And I suppose they'll be too stupid to betray us, so which will it be a giant or trolls?

Kalez ponders for a moment 'Abin, a crystal'
her adviser reaches under his turban and hands her a crystal ball used for communication.

What will Kalez pick?

A)A giant
pros- highly intimidating, hard to hit vital areas
cons- prefer to work alone, expensive tasted and don't work cheap.

pros- relentless in body and spirit, can provoke enemies
cons- tend to get carried away, have problems working in sunlight

C)something else?

No. 872569 ID: 33cbe7

A. No expense should be spared in preserving one's own life and the life of her loyal minions/subjects.
No. 872576 ID: f6785d

A, fuck giants.
No. 872577 ID: 094652

Important question: are vampires aligned with the Undead faction or have they claimed independence? Because having a few vampires abduct and turn some teenage nobles who are currently abused by their families would turn a few heads inward, forcing a clash of city investigations. Midas might be an archrival but his armies are an asset against the Undead, do not send them into the untamed wilds where they will be torn apart for some stupid, pointless quest.
No. 872600 ID: daa216

A. I suppose a giant would work best. Either way you'll be out money and with only one person involved the chance of the hiring party leaking out is small.
No. 872614 ID: 15cffe

Can't spell giant without A.
(There is no b in troll, stupid trolls)
No. 872694 ID: 3740b1

No. 872807 ID: 1ee002


A giant seems good.
No. 873120 ID: b93a7b
File 152086824308.png - (268.53KB , 657x858 , Pentacle014.png )

Without having a tracker coin, Kalez has to use her scry spell to contact her target,
a giant she had worked with on a couple of occasions in the past.
the duches encants her spell and the crystal fogs.

the fogs clears to reveal the monstrous face of the giant, scowling with suspicion.
Herocea wants no more buisness with witch, deals were done

'things have changed, I need your help again'

'When golden scorpion asks for help she wants much and gives little.'
giants having little knowledge of society, do not seem to understand worth and value.
true enough the duches knows that she cheated the titanic person on all previous ocassions
but it's just as likely Herocea would have felt cheated no matter how much she had been paid.

The mere thought of actually paying the giant even a coin more fills Kalez with nausia.
she decides to approach the situation from another angle
'Ingrate! after I've done for you? I risked my own hide to find you a merchant to buy your crops
I act in treason of my king to do what Is right, and still I give to little?'

the giant lets out a deep sigh
'maybe Herocea does owe Kalez,maybe she does not, what is wanted?'

the smile Kalez feels, cannot show on her face, but to be safe she takes a moment to keep her tone dire.
"One of the Kings agents has found something on me, she marches to Crym-Z'Garr even now . . . I need you to get rid of her.

'No, Herocea, is farmer, not a warrior.'

despite the giant's protests she can feel Herocea's resolve weakening
'This Women, this White Wolf, she is relentless, she has found me and she will find you.'

'Herocea is not criminal, she is a farmer.'

'These people have made you a criminal already, being born a giant is crime enough in thier eyes'

'Herocea, has done nothing wrong!' The giantess bellows,

rousing to fury, Kalez is glad not to be in the giant's presence
'The king's men don't care, I care and now they come for me because I care, They will kill me because I would dare help people like you'

The giant falls silent

Kalez continues: 'long ago you told me that you wanted to be a part of society, with out people helping each other society doesn't exist, and you might as well go back to living as a hermit.'

the giant ponders in silence for a long moment, and then lets out another deep sigh.
'Herocea will help, what do you need me to do?'

Kalez will have to be careful with her commands, it is likely the more she is given the more likely Heorcea will forget one or two

A): give her aLocation (above all the most important, with out a guide Herocea will need to find her own way to the ambush location)
B): tell her time of day, (knowing when to expect her target will help her stay ready)
C): what to do to the envoy (with a giant things can get very messy if left to thier own devices, restrictions and goals can be important)
D): tactical orders (how to fight certain targets and what kind of equipment to bring)
E): bring up Princess Reefa (the princess is beloved by the kingdom, her fate will have a dramatic impact)
F): mention Garrin (Kalez's spy and a possible ally, Kalez could also contact Garrin directly and let him give her more orders)
G): tell her what to do when the job's done (she'll probably just head home normally)
H): Offer some additional incentive (if she's eager for a prize, she might remember the plan better)
I): Some other important detail of the plan (could be anything)

No. 873122 ID: 9876c4

My variation of the plan is simple.
Get to the Mountain Pass early, gather a whole bunch of rocks, wait until you see the royal party, drop rocks, cause avalanche. Leave.
Kill anyone who tries to follow her.

That's A C D+G. Let other people add their wrinkles.
No. 873123 ID: daa216

I'm assuming we need to answer most of these so.

A): If there is a thick wooded area where the giant can hide among the trees, that would probably be best.
B):Time will be when they pass the area of cover. Unless we can narrow down their time to get to said area, that will be the one loose end in planning.
C/D/E/F Let it be known that one of the guard other than Garrin (who you will describe well) and Reefa must survive the encounter so the Giant should arm themselves with both incapacitating and severe wounding weapons. Garrin and the other lucky one will need to run back to explain the attack that happened and so that it looks like they were able to fight off the giant. Reefa needs to make it away because if they die, more troops will come and that will be bad for both parties.
G): Return Home when clear.
H): As extra rewards, she can keep any of the others alive as workers. The dead as fertilizer.
No. 873139 ID: 33cbe7

>Get to the pass early
That's B as well.
Also add H - Do you have magic on hand that can direct favorable weather towards her fields? One good turn deserves one good harvest.
No. 873143 ID: 755289

A, B, C (The avalanche thing sounds good, but make sure it hits the cavalry only), E. Above all else, capture the princess alive. Someone will be waiting if she succeeds.
No. 875020 ID: b93a7b
File 152176994659.png - (413.38KB , 657x858 , Pentacle015.png )

Kalez takes a moment to decide on the orders to give

The massive creature looks into the eyes glowing through the shiny tar,
she had been sealing her stone house against the harsh winds of the mountain

Tar was hardly the most unpleasant substance her visage had manifested into,
yet the sticky black gunk had a stereotypical ugliness she was not pleased to be associated with.

Kalez begins "From your location the best place to cut them off would be Herron's ridge, do you know the place?'

"Yes" Herocea's answer is curt and full of certainty

"good" Kalez quickly responds
If the Princess was travelling alone she might delay for days stopping at every village along the way,
the white wolf will keep her on track however, she'll not allow any delays.
Calculating their travel time Kalez estimates on the side of them arriving early
"They'll be crossing your path when the sun is at it's height, so be ready"

"Herocea will be read to crush them in a wave of stone" The Giant boasts

Kalez: "that will be too messy a Princess is accompanying this envoy, she must be allowed to escape,
along with a couple guards to escort her to safety"

The Giant frowns at this "this is complicated for Herocea, makes job more dangerous, and if they escape they will tell the king it was giant, knights will come after Herocea"

"No, the knights will be protecting the princess from further attacks, if she dies they'll come for you, they'll want revenge." the concept is true, but Kalez can only hope that the simple minded giant will understand.

"Without revenge they'll be too afraid?" Herosea ventures

"YES!" Kalez exclaims relieved the giant has a connections even if it is a flawed one "the harbinger though, they'll not be afraid and want revenge no matter what, these women you have to take out."

"What is a Harbinger?" Herocea asks, confused, the word harbinger was a slip up, if the giant had friends to ask about them, it might cause problems.

"They are the kings monster hunters" Kalez lies, "They'll be women wearing white and blue robes, be careful though they may have magic on their side!"

The Giant remains silent for a time, "Herocea can crush wizards, but the job will cost extra"

"I will use my power to grant you fair weather for your crops, and you may keep anything and anyone you find during the raid" the offer is of value but costs Kalez nothing, the kind she is found of

"Herocea will accept this" the giant nods.

dealing with creatures with limited intellect always leaves the Duchess exhausted.
Kalez finds herself hating sleep, leaving the duchy in hands of incompetence for eight hours every day is a loathsome requirement.

A) Kalez heads to sleep (she'll wake up just in time to hear about the mission's success)

B) Contact Garrin, (let him know about the giant and stay awake for further development)

C) leave Garrin in the dark, (his performance will be all the more convincing)

D) Kalez stays awake to handle further development

No. 875022 ID: 33cbe7

B, a knife in the back might go unnoticed among the chaos, especially if it gets trampled flat afterwards.
No. 875041 ID: f6785d

B. but make it clear that he has to keep his head cool about this matter.
No. 875060 ID: 9876c4

Um, C.

I would not say we're operating in a high trust enviroment.
No. 875062 ID: daa216

B. If the spy panics then we will be in a load of trouble. But only contact him if/when we'll be certain he'll be able to get a message without anyone seeing.
No. 875067 ID: c30e83

No. 875575 ID: 5cfdce

Definitely B, and remind him to protect the princess only during the attack. The rest are expendable.
No. 875616 ID: b93a7b
File 152220763926.png - (35.97KB , 657x858 , Pentacle016.png )

Kalez ends her communion with the Giant, and uses Garrin's tracker coin to contact him and appraise him of the situation. . .

* * *

Nine hours Later
No. 875617 ID: b93a7b
File 152220784536.png - (488.29KB , 657x858 , Pentacle017.png )

Garrin thinks upon the information he's been given
He is not pleased.
Mistress Kalez has chosen a blunt instrument to solve a delicate situation.

In addition he's been tasked with protecting an irrational non-combatant, not his specialty.
regardless he must make his best effort.

The Inquisitor has pushed the procession to it's limit and will be passing Herron Ridge an hour ahead of schedule.
If the Giant isn't there by then the Duchess's whole plan may fail.
yet taking action now may cause Garrin to expose himself.

What does Garrin do?
A) He takes actions and finds some way to delay the Procession
B) He takes no action and hopes the Giant will arrive early
C) He takes another sort of action to prepare for tha ambush

No. 875618 ID: 33cbe7

Find a way to subtly cripple the horses. Just say they couldn't take the stress they were undergoing. Caltrops? Poison their feed?
No. 875622 ID: b1b4f3

B. But ask to use the restroom, that'll buy a few minutes at least.
No. 875662 ID: 094652

C) Pay close attention to your surroundings. The moment you see anything strange, shiny, or otherwise worthy of a few seconds of the Inquisitor's attention, direct your focus on that, and get the convoy to look at whatever you're doing. You can stall by being properly paranoid of the current situation - and if you're good enough, the fact that you're not paying too much attention to the mountains will be disregarded as a lack of discipline in width-searching.
No. 875669 ID: daa216

A. Try to slow them down. The idea of pointing out something which could call for investigation would work. Worse come to worse,fall off your horse. That would stop the group.
No. 875693 ID: 9876c4

Why the hell did you guys tell Garrin?
No. 876082 ID: b93a7b
File 152244180886.png - (432.23KB , 657x858 , Pentacle019.png )

Garrith makes up a plausible lie to slow progress.
He calls back to the carriage.
"These standing stone look carved, Is it possible tribals have settled here?"

"more signs of the Duchess weakness, Sir Garrin" the Inquisitor sneers

"it would take a mere moment to be sure." Garrin suggests

"We will not delay." The Inquisitors statement allows for no argument.

Garrin relents, he'll have to remain hopeful the giant is in place.
No. 876083 ID: b93a7b
File 152244198545.png - (353.57KB , 657x858 , Pentacle018.png )

Meanwhile . . .

Herocea waits and considers her plan of action.
she can see the carriage approach, only a Princess could travel in such luxury.

she has set up a barricade on the road, so their progress will be staled,
however the large rocks she was planning on tossing down would crush the people flat.
Herocea doesn't like holding back, but these creatures are too fragile not to.

Actions can be suggested for both Herocea and Garrin
No. 876098 ID: 33cbe7

Keep your eyes sharp for the ambush, Garrin - but don't tell anyone, of course.
Herocea, just think of something pleasant while you drop those rocks. Like... birdsong!
No. 876134 ID: 9876c4

Hero- Crushing the people flat is name of the game. You didn't get sent here for your stealth skills.

Garrin, make up some excuse to bother the princess. Rehearse her on the customs and nobility of the region, etc.
No. 876147 ID: 094652

Herocea, aim for the birb first. Rapid fire after that.
Garrin, move out of the way with an excuse. Act panicked when you dodge the boulder, then start shouting orders to your squad. Suicidal orders.
No. 876152 ID: daa216

Herocea: make sure to wait for the escort to reach the barricade before starting the attack. If they have a hard time turning around they won't be able to flee as easily.
No. 876200 ID: da1652

Make their ride useless. use a smaller stone to break the wheels
No. 876827 ID: b93a7b
File 152273559930.png - (431.43KB , 657x858 , Pentacle020.png )

Speaking to the inquisitor is a dead end.
the Princess however seems to have an unpleasant interest in small talk with servants .
in this case it shall prove useful

Garrin clears his throat, "Your highness, may I have a word?"
Princess Reefa pokes through the curtains with an eager smile "I'd be delighted!"
the Harbingers have clearly not been pleasant conversationalist Garrin notes at her excitement
"You and the Duchess have had issues in the past that-" before Garrin can finish the Princess interrupts him
"Are those the stand stones? curious how the tribals can have them fly through the air." she speaks casually.
Garrin is confused only for a moment.
No. 876828 ID: b93a7b
File 152273565951.png - (319.83KB , 657x858 , Pentacle021.png )

Garrin immediately recalls why he hates giants.


No. 876837 ID: b53bd0

do you have a spell that can destroy a rock that big instantly? if not then grab princess an dodge.
No. 876866 ID: f0e3f5

Grab the princess and dodge!
No. 876883 ID: 33cbe7

Don't know any of Garrins' spells, but anyway DOOOOOODGE
No. 876896 ID: eeb7d9

Right, grab the princess and dodge gracefully without ending in an awkward position with the lady. Fail in doing the latter.
Do we need to do a dice roll for this?
No. 876904 ID: 2fe26a

Counter-battery fire! Throw the princess back!
No. 876997 ID: 3abd97

The sky is falling!
No. 877008 ID: daa216

I'm going to vote. Grab the princess out from the window and dodge. If done correctly you might be able to flee with her and we'll have possibly taken care of our problems.
No. 877052 ID: 9876c4


"Well, excuuuuse me, princess."
No. 878541 ID: 5cfdce

No. 878566 ID: 5cfdce

Yeah, I agree with >>877008.

We get to cover our needed seperation, secure the Royal, keep our agent alive and viable, give the giant Carta Blanc on the Paladins...

It's hitting so many birds we'd have to fire flak to get more.
No. 879171 ID: b93a7b
File 152394122229.png - (539.22KB , 657x858 , Pentacle022.png )

Thinking quickly Sir Garrin grabs the princess by her arm to pull her clear of the carriage.
"Unhand me!" the Royal cries out in objection.

despite her remarkably light body, Garrin simply doesn't have enough time.
No. 879172 ID: b93a7b
File 152394127803.png - (424.14KB , 657x858 , Pentacle023.png )

whether the near miss was intentional or not, Garrin is glad to be alive
The unusual heat of the Prismatican's body draws his attention to the prown woman now lying on top of him
he's rescuing the princess a childish part of his mind is giddy over the thought.
there is an appeal to the woman he struggles to deny.

He's no hero Garrin reminds himself, and princess' are little more than expensive whores sold off for land and treaties.

* * *

Herocea smiles in satisfaction at her well aimed shot.

however the element of surprise is slipping away, and the Giantess intends to get as much use out of it as she can.

Select a new Action for Herocea
No. 879174 ID: daa216

Lob the next stone at the horse guard on a horse. Currently he has the fastest means to getting to where our giant is throwing rocks, we will want to deal with them first.
No. 879175 ID: 33cbe7

Hmm, maybe an active artillery zone isn't the place to be having these thoughts? You and the princess should elope first! For her safety, of course.
Take out more of their transportation, preferably the scary one's horse.
No. 879184 ID: 9876c4

I agree. Horse+Rider is both a larger and more important target.

Alternately, if they do something really stupid like form a phalanx, hit that.
No. 879185 ID: caf1de

throw a bigger rock at the carriage
No. 879212 ID: 2fe26a

When they (or you) get closer, throw those rocks crosswise instead of lengthwise. Worse aerodynamics, but you hit a wider area, and with that size it should still have plenty of force behind it.
No. 879216 ID: 04388c

The lone horse on a horse can be dealt with easy but who knows what they have in that carriage, aim for it dead center to try kill anyone inside.
No. 879220 ID: 91ee5f

>he's rescuing the princess a childish part of his mind is giddy over the thought.
>there is an appeal to the woman he struggles to deny.
Try (and fail) to not get a boner while she’s on you!

>Select a new Action for Herocea
Throw another rock at the horse on a horse.
No. 879640 ID: 5cfdce

Throw rocks at the still mounted escorts. Hopefully Garrin can slip away with the royal in the chaos.
No. 884565 ID: b93a7b
File 152644933448.png - (501.19KB , 657x858 , Pentacle024.png )

Herocea's shot lands off it's mark,
Sir Garcio had seen the stone, his quick reflexes keep himself and his mount unharmed.
No. 884566 ID: b93a7b
File 152644942731.png - (420.63KB , 657x858 , Pentacle025.png )

"Giant in the hills!" Inquisitor Sabria shouts as leaves the ruined carriage

"Everyone" She orders "make for the Ridge! we'll be sheltered from the stones"

"Wait! we have to free the Zonos! they're still hooked to the carriage!" the prone princess cries.

Sabria snarls at the disobedience "There is no time, I have enough royal pets to worry about as it is, Garrin carry this brat to the ridge."
No. 884567 ID: b93a7b
File 152644958928.png - (514.04KB , 657x858 , Pentacle026.png )

>Try (and fail) to not get a boner while she’s on you!
"Garrin!" the princess pleads, hearing his name begged in earnest stirs the magpie's heart, and more still below his belt . . .
she continues oblivious to the effect of her charm "if we leave the Zonos trapped as they are they'll be easy pray for the giants, it's too cruel a fate for such noble creatures! please help them Sir Garrin!"

The woman is a moron, Garrin's mind tells him, but his heart aches at the insult.
Garrin knows his orders are perfect, both the Inquisitor and his Mistress, Duchess Kalez, wish him to get the Princess away from the group.
and yet for some idiotic reason, the royal's plea for aid staggers his conviction.

what does he do?

A) Garrin carries Reefa to the ridge, he can easily outpace the heavy armour of the Inquisitor and her harbingers, leaving the priestesses open to attack

B) Garrin tries to free the trapped Cartozonos, and earn the favor of the lovely Princess.

No. 884572 ID: 33cbe7

B. Force the party to remain in this tactically unsafe position to defend their princess. Hope the giant's aim improves with successive shots.
No. 884590 ID: 094652

A. If Kalez finds out you put the @#$%ing princess at risk to save a few horses, you're fired. And no, I don't think Herocea, who is a farmer with minimal dexterity currently on a cliff throwing giant boulders with no regard to her stance or the physics involved beyond 'winging it', will get better aim, so MOVE.
No. 884600 ID: 08c5fd

Tell her they're only in danger so long as the giant's target is near, and getting away will make them safer.
No. 884603 ID: d6afc2

A unless she's trying something stupid and runns out alone.
No. 884631 ID: eeb7d9

Let's pray that she is smart enough to realize that.
But yeah, this is a good option.
No. 884642 ID: 4fd0a3

Try to reassure the princess that the Cartozonos will be alright. You must get her to safety.
No. 884643 ID: 1fc6de

Told you you should've aimed for the stationary carriage instead of the alerted rider.
Promise to free the beasts then give the girl to horse man and tell him to take here to the ridge then free the beasts(or don't) then go "help" the crazy bitch.
No. 884651 ID: da1652

Duty before Booty
Also, the further you are from the real target, the better.
No. 884670 ID: 3abd97

Doing our duty means we get to throw dragon princess booty over shoulder and run off.
No. 884689 ID: daa216

A. Easily a. He can win her heart by saving her and such.
No. 884713 ID: 249e10

Yes. In your eagerness to rescue the princess; Throw her over your shoulder. Make sure to get a lot of that skirt hiked up.
No. 885111 ID: ac6625

Not quite sure if this will show up so here it goes.

Garrin, pick up the Princess with no regard for her fragile clothing. Think of all the ways the Duchess can punish you if you fail. Now use those images to fuel your spirit to sprint to that ridge. Lets hope your cardio is good.
No. 885497 ID: b93a7b
File 152696962768.png - (596.50KB , 657x858 , Pentacle027.png )

Garrin reminds himself of his Loyalties
'I cannot put you in danger'
The knight helps the Princess to her feet.
he continues trying to reason with the royal.
'You're the giant's target' he tells her 'The further you are from the Cartazonos the safer they'll be'
his words are a lie, the Inquisitor is the giants target, and the Duchess has promised the brute the spoils of the caravan if she is successful.

The Princess tries to make for the animals herself, but she is easily held back 'No! I can save them!' she sobs.

'Soldier! Get that weeping mess out of here!' the Inquisitor demands before her attention is pulled away by one of her aids 'Mother superior The shielding prayers are ready'
'The Purifier shall keep us the Inquisitor responds

understanding he cannot honor the Princess' wish, he takes comfort that this path will at least keep him close to her.
No. 885498 ID: b93a7b
File 152696967677.png - (149.24KB , 657x858 , Pentacle028.png )

Garrin knows he has get the princess to the ridge, but what does he decide is the best way to handle her?

1) He chooses to guide the princess by the arm

2) He chooses to carry her over one shoulder

3) He chooses to carry her in both arms

No. 885511 ID: 4854ef

3: Knowing her it may keep her from doing anything too rash to try and escape from your grip to do something stupid.
No. 885512 ID: ae9b99

1 is the most gentlemanly way. Go with that.

2 is too forceful, 3 just makes you look like a creep.
No. 885514 ID: 094652

She's too spontaneous to let her act autonomously. 2 and apologize later!
No. 885515 ID: 3abd97

No. 885517 ID: ac6625

Go with 2, 1 is risky since she seems intent on saving the creatures she may be weak and all but she might bite your hand to get free, 3 is...you're asking for some repercussions that'll screw you over later.
No. 885519 ID: 86eb65

Do the spoils of the Caravan include the princess?

Anyways go for 2 so you can keep your weapon clear. In case of "opportunities" to "help" the inquisitor.
No. 885522 ID: eeb7d9

>Do the spoils of the Caravan include the princess?
I don't think so. She might actually be useful some other way. Royalty is always useful for something.

Let's go with 2. This is a delicate situation. We must secure the cargo. Try to hold her by the rear, it will provide with a much firmer "grasp" of her.
You know, because of the tail. Easier to grab. Totally not tatage of advantage or anything.
No. 885527 ID: 4414d5

No. 885530 ID: 8bc504

Go with 1 if she resists too much then 2.
No. 885532 ID: 032491

1 sounds acceptable.
No. 885536 ID: 33cbe7

3, 2 would just get her wings in your face and 1 could end up causing her to trip over her own stubbornness.
No. 885593 ID: daa216

Attempt 1 and then if she resists go for 2. Also ask the inquisitor for the giraffe to follow. Argue that the princess requires that protection as she has to be the target.
No. 885673 ID: b460bc

3 for sure.
No. 885675 ID: 9876c4

How are people not voting 3?
We are here to chew ass and kick bubblegum.
No. 885677 ID: 91ee5f

No. 885697 ID: ee2d6e

Definitely 3
No. 885762 ID: ac6625

Shoot, can I change my choice or are choices final?

If they are disregard what I said at >>885517
I instead pick 3 if that's not too much trouble. Gotta force more interaction between birb and dragon.
No. 886000 ID: bef60d

No. 886005 ID: b1b4f3

3, because it's a princess of course you gotta do the princess carry.
No. 886007 ID: b93a7b
File 152727124340.png - (461.66KB , 657x858 , Pentacle029.png )

before the Princess can make anymore complaints Garrin hoists her into his arms, and carries here in a swift jog towards the ridge.

Herocea up on the hill is pleased, the people she has been told not to harm are getting out of the way.

after her last miss, she is less confident with her aim, but still has several rocks to throw.

what does Herocea do?

A)Throw a rock and the Inquisitor and her minions
B)Throw a rock to divide the two groups
C)forget throwing rocks and advance

No. 886008 ID: b1b4f3


n o e s c a p e
No. 886010 ID: b4be5a

They seem to know you're up there. Throwing directly at them would only be a miss. So divide and conquer.
No. 886029 ID: a62780

B, by way of shoving that bigger squarish rock across the ledge entrance if possible.
No. 886035 ID: eeb7d9

B. If we divide them now, we can make other opportunities arise in order to complete our mission. Aiming directly at them does not seem viable anymore.
No. 886049 ID: b59fad

C, the rocks are too easy to see coming and avoid, including going around or climbing them when they've landed. Remember, these tiny creatures can find tiny handholds!
No. 886061 ID: ee2d6e

B. Not only is it tactically sound, it'll also make it seem like you're aiming for the princess and just doing so poorly.
No. 886075 ID: daa216

B. The less chance people can move, the greater chance of victory.
No. 886096 ID: 33cbe7

A. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
No. 886107 ID: 5cfdce


This is EXACTLY what we've been waiting for.

With the princess away, we can go to town on these inquisitors.
No. 886114 ID: ac6625

B. Hopefully the Inquisitor and her entourage will get focused on you, leaving opportunities for the bird to help you. Should you need his assistance, you've got this Herocea.
No. 886116 ID: ad51b8

No. 886117 ID: 91ee5f


The bird can’t help Herocea, he has to maintain his cover by helping the princess! Herocea is on her own.
No. 886149 ID: 97780b


No. 886863 ID: 9876c4

I'm with A.

Remove leadership, other targets incidental.
No. 886922 ID: da1652

A. Time to do what you're getting paid to do
No. 886944 ID: bef60d

B. Split 'em up and crush them after.
No. 886986 ID: b460bc

B is the best option, I think.
No. 887046 ID: ce5f78

No. 887850 ID: b93a7b
File 152825620422.png - (392.20KB , 657x858 , Pentacle030.png )

Knowing she needs to separate to group, Herocea tackles a rock too large to throw.
No. 887851 ID: b93a7b
File 152825636453.png - (395.87KB , 657x858 , Pentacle031.png )

The rock nearly crushes Garrin flat, Herocea takes note of Garrin's panick wondering if the bird even knows she's his ally.
Regardless the boulder has done it's job and blocked the path leading into the ridge.

Enraged at the near flattening of the Princess, the three Harbinger begin a charge towards the Giant

How does Herocea respond?
No. 887853 ID: 33cbe7

Are they charging uphill? Start a rockslide!
No. 887886 ID: ae2f6e

Charging uphill can make you real tired real quick.
If you have multiple smaller rocks, you can drop those down to trip them up. Send them tumbling down the hill.
No. 887888 ID: daa216

Rockslide is a good idea,
No. 887890 ID: af5b86

If possible to pull off.

If not, I think holding ground against their uphill charge is best, should any trip or otherwise give an opening, punt them into the sea.
No. 888037 ID: 9876c4

Rockslide is good situational thinking. Make it so.
No. 888126 ID: 5cfdce

Make those inquisitors struggle for EVERY FOOT of hill, they're playin for keeps.

This seems the most effective method available. Never underestimate medium to small rocks traveling at great speeds.
No. 888184 ID: ac6625

Send them a rock slide as a gift. If that's not available, send one of the few large rocks tumbling down towards them.
No. 888534 ID: 2755f5
File 152869059708.png - (514.30KB , 657x858 , Pentacle032.png )

Garrin catches up to Garcio, still shaken by the near miss the equine is the first to speak
'I've calmed your Zono''we gotta ride for castle Crym before more giants show up.'

Garrin is not certain the Duchess wants to receive guests, but it does fit the letter of the plan . . .
Before Garrin can give a response the princess pipes in:
'you are both cowards, real men would stand up to that brute, if my uncle were here he'd lick the beast without even getting up from his sick bed.'

the two knights remain quiet for a moment, both uncomfortable dismissing the word of a royal out of hand. From his expectant look, Garrin can tell Garcio will back up whatever he chooses to do, but the man obviously is more eager for a hasty retreat.
No. 888535 ID: 2755f5
File 152869072126.png - (429.43KB , 657x858 , Pentacle033.png )

Meanwhile Herocea struggles to find a way to created a rock slide, the smaller rocks seem caught in the tall grass, as the enemy closes she gives up on the idea and kicks down a large rock.
The three holy women evade the clumsy attack.

What does Herocea do about the three Harbingers?

Does Garrin choose to flee with the Princess and Sir Garcio?

No. 888536 ID: eef56a


Cut the pants off the really angry one
No. 888538 ID: b1b4f3

Cut the pants off of all of them at once.
No. 888539 ID: 9929ae

Herocea: Whirlwind of Death?
Garrin:"We are not your uncle, we are your escorts and your life is more important then fighting a giant that is already being dealt with by the Inquisitors."
No. 888542 ID: 91ee5f

>'you are both cowards, real men would stand up to that brute, if my uncle were here he'd lick the beast without even getting up from his sick bed.'
“Real men follow their orders and don’t endanger the princess by leaving her unguarded to go fight a giant! Your uncle would kill us from his sick bed for leaving you alone to go fight the giant! And I’m more afraid of him than the giant! Besides, we’re not being cowards, we’re being smart. We’re leaving because we would be getting in the Inquisitor‘s way and making it harder for them to fight the giant.”

Garrin, flee with the princess!
No. 888547 ID: 33cbe7

Try to convince him we should retreat back towards the capital or a nearby town instead.

Well, that's one rock slid... would have been useful to send more of them the way of those paladins.
Grab the giraffe and launch her into space.
No. 888552 ID: b460bc

Herocea go for the pants!

Garrin, duty is more important than pride, time to get the princess to safety.
No. 888557 ID: daa216

Garrin should explain that his mission is to keep her safe and he will certainly do that over getting in the way of the Holy Women.

Herocea should try for a wide slash at the three holy defenders as they are getting close to her and are close together.
No. 888564 ID: 67d872

Herocea! They are upon you. At this point you should break their morale and take their armor with your attacks.
No. 888565 ID: ac6625

Herocea, make a wide slash starting with the beserker. Any hit, even if you snag a lace or strap of her armor is better than no hit.

Garrin, we'll recover your pride and honor later. For now just get the princess on the horse, and suggest the closest town rather than head for the castle. Give a reason like "we'll wait for the inquisitors there, it's close so once they finish the giant we can continue."
No. 888591 ID: 4fd0a3

They are going to be running on adrenaline right now. So make your attacks count. Make sure to take off every bit of armor and clothing from these three and humiliate them.
No. 888613 ID: 7a129c

“Exactly why we choose to flee, your highness. If his majesty learned you were kidnapped by a rouge while we were busy fighting the giant (wait, are those breasts? Erm-), he’d personally execute us with extreme prejudice. Our duty as knights is to devote our every action to our divine superiors, regardless of personal shame or cowardice, and in reverence of increasing superiority, from commander to princess to king to god.”
No. 888655 ID: bddb0f

Herocea, push (not swing) your scythe at the solitary one to try to send her staggering or rolling back downhill, then move backwards uphill. You've got far longer legs than these mini-people, so keep out of their reach while they stay in yours. If they try to encircle you like a pack of wolves, run away before they can hamstring you, then turn and pick up rocks or, failing good rocks, handfuls of dirt and sod to throw at their neat, pristine robes to distract them. Your throwing strength, speed and reach are your best allies in your battle of three warriors versus one giant farmer.

Garrin, let out a sigh and set the Princess down. Fake dutifulness. "Princess - you do your loyal knights a disservice by requesting the unreasonable. I regret we cannot do as you ask. To leave you unattended and unprotected will be a greater dereliction of duty than to rid the world of one giant. That said... now that you are out of immediate danger, perhaps we can compromise."

Point to Garcia. You've noticed his cowardice and you can use that. If anyone's going to be keen to hurry and get to safety, it's probably him.

"Sir Garcia! Take the Princess and ride at once for the next village and wait for us. If we haven't caught up by the next morning, you are to ride to the duke's castle. Put caution before action, we don't know what other dangers lurk and without the mother superior's aid any undead attack would be disastrous. Whatever the Princess might say, bring her to safety without distraction."

Give the Princess a knightly bow.

"Princess, please take my Cartazonos and do not linger or stray from Garcia. If I see you near the field of battle again, I will be forced to quit it just to bring you to safety once more."

After this show of being better than you actually are - really, this way you get to not dismiss the Princess, while still dismissing her from the fight - head towards the melee. The whole point of this plan was to rid the Duchess of the Inquisitor. If Herocea fails, your goose is still cooked, so you'll have to see what you can do to support her. You'll just have to hope Garcia is up to the task of actually coralling the Princess...
No. 888727 ID: 2755f5
File 152886992794.png - (568.54KB , 657x858 , Pentacle034.png )

Herocea makes a wide swing attempting to slice all three women, the first of the three, the short one ducks, avoiding the blade, The tall one next in line receive the full attack

However, the Harbinger's symbol lights up with a protective barrier shielding her from harm, the symbol the crumbles from the strain of halting such a might blow.

The Inquisitor closes with Herocea to avoid the blade, dashing through the giant's legs and taking the chance to slash at her foe's inner right thigh . . .

but the demon hunting blade was never made for cutting rocky skin and deflects against Herocea's tough flesh.
The giant's skirt however has no such durability and catches on the jagged blade, it is torn from her body.

'Blast that stony hide!' the inquisitor curses to herself

What does Herocea do next?
No. 888729 ID: 29e3c4

Take out the mage and the little one with the the pick hammer weapon. They will be able to hurt you sooner then the one with the blade.
No. 888737 ID: 880e15

pick up the tall one and use her to hit the smaller ones!
(or toss her off the hill and out of the fight)
No. 888740 ID: 33cbe7

The name of the game is clothing damage, right? Equip a hat. They'll never be able to reach that high, making you invincible.
No. 888741 ID: daa216

It would appear the giraffe might have used up her magic. Attempt to use the wooden side of the scythe to knock her into the others. (as a side note the inquisitor has the best face in this panel)
No. 888750 ID: b460bc

Seems the giraffe is vulnerable, though the one with the hammer is a threat.

Hmmm...Maybe try and knock the giraffe into the one with the hammer,
No. 888761 ID: ac6625


Back up while swinging your scythe, blunt end or sharp end, aim specifically for the giraffe to make this a two on one if possible. Keep the trio in your line of sight, don't let them get behind you.

Is there anything around you can use to turn the tables in your favor?
No. 888919 ID: 82d7ac

See if you can get a good non-lethal strike on that giraffe lady. I bet she is supporting her two friends with some sort of magic.
Take that outfit off of her.
No. 889215 ID: 86b5f4

I like this plan for Garrin, do that
No. 889217 ID: ac5c24

I have a perfect plan
No. 890488 ID: 2755f5
File 153029296727.png - (487.15KB , 657x858 , Pentacle035.png )

Herocea takes a few strides, distancing herself from the short Harbinger and levels a back handed swing against the taller thin woman.

No ordinary warrior so small could block such a mighty blow!

And yet blocked it is.

More than that it is destroyed.
in a flash of blue light the haft of her scythe is splintered into ruin .

such power! is this what has brought low her fellow giants?.
Herocea experiences a rare fear of these tiny creatures, and their ability to wield God-Fire.
No. 890489 ID: 2755f5
File 153029315193.png - (509.92KB , 657x858 , Pentacle036.png )

The thin sister presses her attack, again the blue light shines.
Herocea winces anticipating the pain that will come from her leg being shattered,
instead she feels a light tap, and sees only the leather of her sandals shred apart.

for a moment the giant is confused then she understands, the spirit talkers of her people have a strong affect on the dead, but their power over the living is only in wisdom.
this holy woman is no different, she can smite the dead tree that was Herocea's Scythe, or the dead Bitho that was her Sandals.
but Herocea is alive and-.

the giants thoughts are interrupted by a sharp point in her rump
No. 890491 ID: 2755f5
File 153029363841.png - (407.97KB , 657x858 , Pentacle037.png )

'The ladies have that brute on the ropes!' Garcio cheers 'you highness, you've nothing to worry about I think.'

The Princess doesn't respond, trembling and clutching Garrin quite tightly (an action the knight has no cause to object to) while staring wide eyed at the cliff edge and crashing waves below.

Garcio's words do trouble the spy however, if the Inquisitor is victorious over the giant it could cause a lot of problems for himself and his Mistress.

Suggest actions for Herocea and Garrin
No. 890492 ID: eef56a

Herocea: If her power doesn't work against the living, the giraffe can't stop you from just grabbing her! Priests are notoriously modest, surely if you tear her robes off she will flee and you will be less outnumbered
No. 890496 ID: da1652

Heroca: there's no time to turn around, press the attack on the tall one. Grab her, swing her around into the inquisitor. They can't parry a living weapon.
No. 890540 ID: b460bc

Heroca: I agree, turning your enemy into a club is always a good option.
No. 890541 ID: daa216

I have to say the attempt to grab at the giraffe to attempt to use her as either a shield or a weapon, would probably catch the others off guard. Though I feel her comrades will only hesitate slightly at this.

Garrin can't do much other than suggest that you fully retreat from the fight, just in case it goes poorly. Though if he wants, he could wrap an arm around the princess to show her, that he has her.
No. 890549 ID: 33cbe7

Fall on her sword. A tiny pinprick to you, a wall collapsing to her.
No. 890631 ID: ac6625

I second that: using the giraffe as a shield/weapon.

Start thinking of what you could do in case the giant fails, Garrin. Any spells that could be used right now that you know of, or could be used down the road? Perhaps find a 'reason' to dismount and run back to the fight.
No. 894352 ID: 2755f5
File 153249740981.png - (487.70KB , 657x858 , Pentacle038.png )

Herocea has grown tired of fighting these tiny creatures as equals.
the giant reaches for the tallest of the women.

The priestess bites back! delivering a critical blow to Herocea's right arm!
No. 894353 ID: 2755f5
File 153249765138.png - (496.31KB , 657x858 , Pentacle039.png )

Herocea feels pain perhaps that attack may even bruse!
The giant grabs the woman with her left hand instead.
the holy woman gasps in shock, 'Aaah! I've been gripped by evil! Palitum have mercy!'
No. 894354 ID: 2755f5
File 153249780342.png - (505.64KB , 657x858 , Pentacle040.png )

Herocea then uses the gripped giraffoid woman as a club, and swings her into the inquisitor.
The inquisitor attempts to parry the blow and is sent reeling, gashing her weaponized ally across the face in the process.

What is Herocea's next move?
No. 894358 ID: 33cbe7

Leg sweep the hammer henchman before she gives you the toe stubbing of a lifetime!
No. 894368 ID: 094652

Grab the hammer girl and run away squeezing both until something gives!
No. 894381 ID: 10c408

Your foot is about to have a bad day, dooodge.

afterwards, just throw the enemy combatant at another one.
No. 894382 ID: daa216

Well it appears the inquisitor does see her people as expendable. Let us try not to kill anyone, but do try and kick the mouse while using the giraffe to keep the inquisitor's attacks hampered.
No. 894403 ID: f5cc0e

I think it's time to get away from them. Toss the giraffe towards the mouse, but hold onto the skirt to tear that off. Stun them as you make a retreat.
You can easily out pace them. One of your steps is ten of theirs
No. 894598 ID: 2755f5
File 153272068466.png - (536.71KB , 657x858 , Pentacle041.png )

Herocea whips the tall harbinger by her skirts,
the shortest adversary manages to dodge out of the way,
and charge in to attack . . .
No. 894599 ID: 2755f5
File 153272078899.png - (471.79KB , 657x858 , Pentacle042.png )

. . . only to get punted with an armor shattering kick!

Sister Tawny is left shaken by the tumble,

Herocea is on a roll and ready to press her advantage!

No. 894600 ID: 4fd0a3

Hey if their weapons are dropped. Just fling those weapons aside like toothpicks. Next I think you should tear off that oversized belt on the mouse. Let the rest of the armor come off of her.
No. 894604 ID: 9876c4

Giraffe looks out.
Strip defenses and dignity from mouse.

If the hound persists, we'll have to deal with her harshly.
No. 894606 ID: eeb7d9

Avoid the inquisitor for now, we will deal with her later, keep ripping the other two's clothes.
No. 894607 ID: 33cbe7

Turn your attention back to the wolf and knock her socks off.
No. 894645 ID: daa216

Try and drab the weapons from the two downed sisters and toss them far so that the two of them will be of little use to the battle. If more clothes get removed while they try and hold onto their tools of war, then so be it.
No. 894670 ID: daa216

and in the last post I meant to put "Grab" the weapons, just to be clear.
No. 894688 ID: ac6625


Advance on the mouse and take any piece of clothing you can, as well as that hammer.
No. 894897 ID: da1652

the inquisitor is still your goal.
strike a decisive blow before she does something desperate
No. 895239 ID: 2755f5
File 153301421750.png - (538.65KB , 657x858 , Pentacle043.png )

The giant tries to grab the weapons but they are tiny an hard to grip, she grabs the mouse by mistake and picks her up.

Sister Tawny'a prayers are answered, and her some of her vitality is restored!

Herocea has another action before she can expect retaliation does she:

1) attempt to grab the hammer again?
2) tear of the mouse's clothing/armour?
3) attack the inquisitor?
4) something else?

No. 895241 ID: 33cbe7

Try disarming her again, she's got that pointy end ready and an evil glint in her beady little eyes!
No. 895244 ID: daa216

I'd say 2) tear off the armor. Not only will it leave her defenseless she might become dazed by it. If for whatever reason it isn't giving as easily as she thought it would, then fling her toward the inquisitor to slow them down.
No. 895255 ID: 094652

Throw the mouse in the air and kick her out of the fight. Or batter up. Whatever you can do to thin their numbers.
No. 895275 ID: caf1de

grab giraffe
No. 895276 ID: b1b4f3

You've already got her in your hand so 2.
No. 895283 ID: 4fd0a3

I say 2
The more we strip them down. The bigger chance they will flee.
After you take some armor off. Quickly look around to make sure the third lady is not coming in to strike you.
No. 895309 ID: 1dd514

swing mouse by clothes, so she goes flying toward the horizon while her armor largely stays in your hand.
No. 895345 ID: 97780b

Use her as a weapon against the inquisitor. It worked before.
No. 895391 ID: ac6625


3, attack the inquisitor by tossing the mouse in her general direction. Don't matter if it hits or not, just get rid of the mouse in your hand cause she looks like she's about to get your fingers.
No. 895539 ID: a363ac

2. while throwing her body into the giraffe to keep her stuned
No. 895556 ID: b460bc

2. The mouse is the biggest threat, the faster we break her, the better.
No. 895591 ID: eb959a

Just throw the mouse off the cliff. Then do the same to the giraffe.
No. 895594 ID: 2755f5
File 153315870731.png - (494.22KB , 657x858 , Pentacle044.png )

Herocea avoid the first couple swings, and keeps her fingers un-smote.

after tearing off the mouse's scale mail and belt she receives a sharp hooked blow to the cheek.
the blow hits hard, but Herocea feels she could take a dozen more well placed blows like it.

Inquisitor Sabria and Sister Tawny are praying

it's Herocea's turn again, her next move?

1) throw the biting pest into the inquisitor
2) throw the mouse into the giraffe
3) throw the mouse into the distance
4) hold her and remove more clothing
5) something else?

No. 895597 ID: a363ac

No. 895598 ID: 094652

3 - if you throw two squishy targets into each other they'll soften the blow into something survivable. Since you can't find any rocks to bash or throw her against, just throw her into the distance and out of the fight. Then deal with the remaining slow midget at close range.
No. 895600 ID: 33cbe7

1 - combo attack!
No. 895602 ID: a62780

3, best just remove the one with the weapon best suited to harming you, then there's only 2 pests to deal with
No. 895603 ID: 8c1f9b

Step on the Giraffe's weapon so they can't use it, rip off more armor.
No. 895607 ID: 4f1cbc

4. Undress the dollie.
No. 895610 ID: b1b909

Do 1. Might stagger or knock over your biggest threat. Combine with 4 if possible.
No. 895647 ID: daa216

Going to say 1. Need to most certainly work on double removing the pests.
No. 895667 ID: b460bc

Hard choice, but I say 1. Toss her by her pants, keep the pants, hurt the mouse and inquisitor.
No. 895672 ID: ac6625

No. 895694 ID: 9876c4

I like smut as much as the next guy, but 3 is easily the most giantish.
No. 895697 ID: caf1de

No. 895712 ID: 6775ba

It seems the sisters are trying to do something that will stop you. Might as well stop them. Also toss by the pants, and remove more clothing along the way.
No. 895732 ID: 864e49

3 toss her.
No. 895733 ID: eeb7d9

Let's hope that your aim has improved. 1
No. 895828 ID: 5cfdce


Keep wearing them out, forcing them off their feet. Remove the inquisitor and the rest should be shaken.
No. 896779 ID: 2755f5
File 153401882818.png - (533.84KB , 657x858 , Pentacle045.png )

Herocea aims her attack at the Inquisitor and-

interrupt! Sabria unleashes a prepared attack!

'Judgement of the divine!' the inquisitor roars as she channels the power of her god.
No. 896780 ID: 2755f5
File 153401895188.png - (561.02KB , 657x858 , Pentacle046.png )

the godly stare pummels Herocea with light, searing her body and weakening her resolve .

Why is she here? Does she have any hope in a battle against the mystic arts? Is flight her only hope?
No. 896781 ID: 2755f5
File 153401916045.png - (481.93KB , 657x858 , Pentacle047.png )

The mouse slips from the giant's titanic grasp through the weakness of cloth.
The falling harbinger reaches with her hook to stop her descent catching a sturdy tunic . . .

Sister Rolita is shaken

Herocea is badly Shaken[3]

and uncertain whether fighting these magic wielders is truly worth it, what does she really owe Kalez?

No. 896783 ID: 864e49

She helped you set up your farm and gave you a place all your own, these monsters will take it from you INCLUDING you life.
Now that you've attacked them they will not rest until you're dead, like they've done to countless others like you.
No. 896786 ID: daa216

Try to re-grab the mouse to use a shield. At this point you can not escape. Even if you feel the reward for winning is not worth it, the inquisitor is obviously willing to sacrifice her own to get you. She will sacrifice you without a second thought. If you must fall back then do so, but only so that you can push forward later.
No. 896787 ID: eeb7d9

You are considered an abominación by thir religion, they are zealots, they won't stop until you are dead. And if you somehow manage to escape, be certan than Kalez will chase you down as well. So it is either fight or die. Don't worry about their "magic", you can still overpower them with your fisical advantage. Don't let that mouse escape, grab her and throw her against the inquisitor!
No. 896791 ID: 4fd0a3

I think at this point you grab the mouse and give her a good toss against the inquisitor. She might be a bit worn out after that spell.
Also at this point; you did your job. You separated the princess. So give a toss and leg it. The priests are battered.
No. 896797 ID: d5b3fe

>Does she have any hope in a battle against the mystic arts? Is flight her only hope?

Turn that around. Do you have any hope fleeing the mystic arts? You know that seeing and hearing people from afar is a common mystic power, as Kalez herself has shown you. Can a giant hide from such as these, or hope to be forgotten by such zealots? To fight is your only hope!

End them, or else at least teach them that going against you will cost them more than they care to spend. These tiny creatures think themselves hunters, and predators chase what flees. Face them!
No. 896802 ID: ac6625

You owe her for giving you a chance at the lifestyle you wanted. She risked so much just so a trader would actually buy from you. She didn't take all of those risks just for it to be for nothing. To fall now would mean all that you have done and the risks taken by Kalez will be wasted.

These zealots are persistent, more so now that you've attacked the princess in their eyes. Even if you somehow got away, they will follow your footsteps home and slay you. They will burn the the crops and salt the fields. In their eyes you are a monster, a beast that must be put down. They cannot be reasoned with. Your only way out is to slay them. If you can't even do that, then take as many with you to the afterlife as you can.

Take that mouse, hold her in your hand and fling her at the wolf. If the mouse hits the wolf, you've bought yourself some room. If not, then the impact will surely stun or outright kill her. If you want to even see your farm again, you fight with all you have right here.
No. 896874 ID: 33cbe7

Their false god speaks lies! You've felt their feeble attacks. Rebuff their sneering presence and remind them who is looking down on who here!
Starting with the wolf.
No. 896879 ID: 9876c4

This is what you get. Shoulda thrown the mouse.

Throw the mouse. Maybe off the mountain.
No. 898471 ID: 2755f5
File 153490342858.png - (526.35KB , 657x858 , Pentacle048.png )

Herocea fails to calm down.
She longs for the weapons and armor of her foes, if only high quality tools were made in her size.
The giant desperately tries to grab the mouse, but her attack fumbles.

The Inquisitor presses the attack and Herocea knows she is outmatched.

Herocea is left broken

She knows she can escape up the hill, the harbingers are too weighed down by armor they'll never catch her, perhaps she'll return when the tables are in her favor.
No. 898473 ID: 2755f5
File 153490351045.png - (343.60KB , 657x858 , Pentacle049.png )

Garrin arrives on the scene, with his Zono tied not far off.

he curses the poor outcome of the battle
the harbingers seem exhausted but still able to fight

What does Garrin do?
A) he tries and salvage the mission, dealing with the Harbingers himself . . . somehow.
B) admit defeat and contact Duchess Kalez and let her know of Herocea's failure.
C) Slink away and catch up with Princess Reefa

No. 898484 ID: ee2d6e

If the Duchess will end you for failure, A. Otherwise, B.
No. 898485 ID: daa216

B so the queen knows this didnt work and can prep for the next block she can put up. Running off with the princess wont help as then you'll be a wanted man and A is not an option as we can not give away the fact that we are a spy.
No. 898492 ID: 91ee5f


You need to catch up with the Princess and continue towards your destination.

You can’t do the other 2 options because A will give away that you’re their enemy and you don’t stand a chance against them. And you can’t do B because there’s an extremely high chance that the Inquisitor will be able to detect you contacting Duchess Kalez and that will give you away as a spy.
No. 898497 ID: ac6625


C? Yes.

Not sure if the Inquisitor or any of her harbingers can do that but I guess it is the safest option. Save Garrin some honor so he doesn't get humiliated against three exhausted opponents. However first chance he gets, contact Kalez. And maybe she'll metaphorically hold Garrin at axepoint to unfuck the situation.
No. 898512 ID: 094652

C - Attacking directly will blow your cover and heighten suspicion, the opposite of the mission objective. However, this isn't a complete loss. You have the princess in custody and away from the inquisitors, that makes her a valuable asset. Get her to Kalez, and let her come up with a plan.
No. 898513 ID: 7cf41b

If you think you have a good arm you could try throw your sword under Herocea's foot and hope she slips and then falls down the hill to crush them. Not likely at all to work, and could lose you a sword, but either way it would look like you were just trying to help chase her off.

Otherwise B. Though you should let her know about the giant's failure first instead of admitting defeat first. Presentation is everything! You weren't defeated, the giant was, and Kalex should draw the conclusion that you should not try do it yourself on her own, which will go down better than if you tried to suggest it yourself.
No. 898519 ID: 9876c4

C now.
B but not now.
Not A unless you got another giant handy, or a flask of poisoned wine.
No. 898523 ID: 33cbe7

I don't think she's in the mood to give a giant handy, but C sounds fine.
No. 898543 ID: ff82d2

Those three harbingers still have too much cloth on them!

But really, the way I see it, this is the best chance we have at getting rid of the Harbingers. And if they aren't dealt with, both Garrin and Kalez may be toast, thus options B and C aren't helpful at all.

In the current situation, Garrin has the upper hand. This is because the three are tired and wounded and they can easily be backstabbed as they're not expecting an attack from behind. My guess is that he can disarm at least two of them before they notice what's going on.

Once they face Garrin, they will surely question his motives. His explanation for the backstabbing should be like this:
The three Harbingers have not only disobeyed the princess' orders but also further endangered her by leaving her presence. So the reason you're attacking them is due to them committing treason (oh the irony) and are only enacting justice. You can also offer that they surrender themselves heh.

If Garrin manages to win, he can then punish them in a sexy way and then tell them to get lost. Telling them that if they're seen anywhere near the princess or archduke, that their punishment would be much harsher.
If Garrin loses, well, the humiliation aside, they can't really blame him for being loyal. And it would probably end up as a simple dispute.
No. 898568 ID: b460bc

Toss up between B and C, but right now C would be best, I think. tempting as attack is, it is far, far too risky.
No. 898587 ID: a5491d

Could we do something such as leading the Inquisitors on a wild goose chase? Such as "hey I know this area! Go that way!"
Then we slink away?
No. 898596 ID: 97780b

If you think the Duchess might have a backup plan of some kind, go for B.

Otherwise, if things are guaranteed to go to shit, do C and think of some other way to save your ass.
No. 898597 ID: 54c395

Agree with this so A
No. 898741 ID: 019cdf

B, our master needs to be informed right away
No. 898989 ID: 54c395

A the mouse and giraffe should be easy to take out and the wolf lady if probably tired from fighting already
No. 898990 ID: 716eb1

I'd say C, but as a possible idea:

If Garrin could sneak over and release the Zonos from the carriage without getting caught, it would at least slow the Inquisitors up and give his mistress time to try a different plan.

Plus this could win him points with the Princess.

And it could give him a little cover if the Inquisitors do catch him as he can claim the Princess' pleas finally wore him down and he came back to let the beasts loose against his better judgement.
No. 900650 ID: 2755f5
File 153622160903.png - (407.94KB , 657x858 , Pentacle050.png )

Garrin considers informing his mistress, but decides against it, Kalez is not one to be disturbed with only bad news.
the knight resolves to make some good news to add to the mix before he makes any reports.

To give himself more time Garrin sneaks back to the carriage while the exhausted Harbingers recover from the fight.
he stealthily frees the Princess' Cartozonos and guides them away with a Lure spell.
Without these animals the harbingers will have a lot of trouble catching up.

Sir Garrin can't help but feel a sense of warmness when his mind drifts to how happy the princess will be to see her pets safely returned.
No. 900651 ID: 2755f5
File 153622176830.png - (574.97KB , 657x858 , Pentacle051.png )

meanwhile back at Castle Crym

The Duchess Kalez is awakened by knocking upon her door

and then a voice belonging to her adviser Abin N'Thar 'your grace, you're presence is needed in the throne room!'

the groggy half asleep mind of the scorpion considers threatening her adviser once again.
but the effort is beyond her. instead she chooses to ignore him.

and silence and rest returns to the exhausted Arachnid
No. 900652 ID: 2755f5
File 153622213869.png - (384.36KB , 657x858 , Pentacle052.png )

it is not nearly long before the irritant returns
'Your grace, please awaken' the fool N'thar pleads

'you best have good reason to disturb me' Kalez hisses, finally giving response.

the adviser speaks cautiously hoping that indeed his reason is good.
'The hunters you've dispatched have returned, apparently they've succeeded, you told me you wished to see the heads yourself'

Kalez remembers that order, she needs to be sure Z'theno's head was among the batch.
'it's too soon, I've only just sent them'

N'thar's next words are quiet and Kalez can barely hear them through the door.
' . . . you've been asleep twelve hours your grace, the sun is high.'

twelve hours?! what a colossal waste of time she thinks, normally she affords less than three.
she makes note to restore her rejuvenation charms.
'still it's too fast, those ingrates probably just want a higher fee'

Abin pauses for a moment reluctant to contradict his mistress
'they have the heads, more than we thought, I've seen them . . . you did hire them because they were "the best"'

Kalez can only dwell on how much she hates "adventurers", even when they do her bidding they find ways to inconvenience her.

how does Kalez Proceed?
No. 900655 ID: 33cbe7

Grab a robe and your morning coffee to count the heads. And smile, duchess! The world has a couple fewer idiots in it today.
No. 900663 ID: 094652

Wear something sexy, greet the hunters in a fake anime tsundere persona. The moment they start negotiating a higher price, let 'er rip and threaten to imprison them for treason.
No. 900665 ID: 7cf41b

Get up! You must investigate whatever dastardly schemer caused you to sleep so long. It can only be the result of enemy action! Perhaps someone dispelled your rejuvenation charms, rather than them wearing out. In which case you need to see what's been going on! What did they want you out of the way for!? Make sure you don't give away that you've caught on, though. They think they're subtle, do they? You'll show them subtlety!
No. 900666 ID: 54c395

There’s no point in wasting anymore time go out and greet them!
No. 900668 ID: eeb7d9

Grab some loose clothing, that might catch their full attention, and ask for their report.
Also, you will have to see what happened to your rejuvenation charms, it might have been intentional.
No. 900687 ID: daa216

Get up. Get dressed. Go see the heads the adventurers bring. Also give N'Thar a swift kick in the butt for waking you up. You obviously needed the rest.
No. 900782 ID: ac6625

Get dressed in something that is equally quick to get into and covers up modestly. Pack a small under your clothes if you can, can never be too careful in these crazy times.

Ensure these adventurers know who they are dealing with, don’t let them think of you as some pretty royal raised in into the pampered life. Be yourself. Make sure they respect the power you hold. Ensure that this bounty they brought is no trick.
No. 900806 ID: ff82d2

Put on the fanciest stuff in your wardrobe that you can find. While you hate dealing with adventurers in general, you gotta admit that showing power and superiority to lowlifes like them is enjoyable in certain ways and it's not every day that you get to do it.

Also, use Create Tracker Coin spell.
No. 900988 ID: 2a7417

If they can't handle you at your nakedest, then they don't deserve you at your best. Come as you are.
No. 901034 ID: 2755f5
File 153646494156.png - (409.69KB , 657x858 , Pentacle053.png )

Kalez ponders the failing of her restorative charms, Sabotage? Unlikely.
She should have replaced them months ago but it seemed like an indulgent expense.

Reluctantly Kalez crawls out of bed, clutching the blankets and half considering continuing her slumber on the floor.

instead she continues to the oak chest that holds her wardrobe.
The Duchess has little interest in fashion but respects the importance others place on appearance.

She has no desire or talent to dress in a provocative or sultry manner,
any attempt would likely only result in the Duchess humiliating herself.

Kalez carefully selects an outfit
A) She dresses in the expected splendor of her station, wearing her noble regalia
B) intimidation and power are key, she dons her Arcane Robe
C) She opts to play another part and travel in a disguise
D) she tries to piece together a whole new outfit for some other purpose.

No. 901036 ID: 33cbe7

B. You've got too much ego to pretend to be your own lackey, and you're trying to shortchange these chumps. Intimidation is key.
No. 901037 ID: e2dc7c



You're dealing with people you don't like while you're grumpy. Intimidation is going to make the best use of your current state.
No. 901038 ID: ad51b8

B) intimidation and power are key, she dons her Arcane Robe

Mostly picking this because with the hood you don't have to waste time fixing your hair or other such nonsense. Just toss on the robe and then go and met the adventures sooner to get it out of the way. Sometimes being efficient is being lazy.
No. 901040 ID: eeb7d9

B) let's be intimidating. You have the looks for it.
No. 901043 ID: 6b8c34

You look pretty with your hair like that.

Mage robes. Didn't build up that name to be affiliated with the fear of fates worse than death to just look nice ironically.
No. 901055 ID: daa216

A) I'd argue that you're doing noble business and need to look the part.
No. 901057 ID: 094652

C) First Encounter Assault and Recon

Let them insult the servant girl persona a few times before you let it rip.
No. 901065 ID: b460bc

B, Adventurers can be cocky, best make sure they don't get any stupid ideas.
No. 901068 ID: debc40

Rejuvenation charms aren't an indulgent expense if you're using them to get more work done. Surely your time is worth more? Think what some people might pay merely to have your ear for an hour. Should you price yourself less?

Don't dress too richly when you're meeting someone who'll be asking for money. Showing power is a good idea, but the arcane robes may be a crutch. Uneducated people may see the trappings as the source of power, while educated people may see them as a covering to conceal weakness.

Show your contempt. Go in something simple and comfortable, then take an excuse to display your power publicly, either by magic or by the orders you can give that will be obeyed. Show them that you are the one to be feared and respected, and would remain so even if you were dressed in rags.

Which I suppose amounts to D.
No. 901095 ID: 4f1cbc

No. 901098 ID: a62780

B - These adventuring types only really respect one kind of power, and it sure isn't political
No. 901113 ID: 9876c4

B. You put on your robe and Wizard hat.
No. 901126 ID: 864e49

B that way you're ready for shit.
No. 901128 ID: ff82d2

C) Have you and N'thar switch places. Have him handle the adventurers while you manipulate the meeting from the shadows.
No. 901199 ID: 1ca4e1

Everyone must know their place, and you stand properly above them.
No. 901256 ID: 54c395

No. 901457 ID: 640aaf

B) best put up the whole "No Sence of Right or Wrong" thing that wizards have going for them
No. 901680 ID: ac6625


Uh, first is there a mirror you can look at. There's something on your forehead that's quite rather attention grabbing.


If not, proceed and wear your arcane robes. These adventurers show disrespect or question your choice of clothing, remind them whose castle. Through words or through a display of power.
No. 901681 ID: ee2d6e

You should definitely see about renewing those charms. It's pretty bad to not be on top of your game when you have enemies converging on you.
No. 902028 ID: 2755f5
File 153715602106.png - (515.17KB , 657x858 , Pentacle054.png )

Kalez dresses in her arcane robes, they are practical, comfortable and strike terror in the hearts of the mundane.

N'Thar is silent as Kalez emerges from her chambers, he continues to hold his silence as he joins her on the way to the throne room.
The duchess is in no mood to engage her adviser so she remains silent as well.

after a minute, N'Thar is the first to speak
'This Vivian Hearth woman, she is supposedly the leader of this hunter band, yet she seems . . . dim'
the vavver drifts off in thought.

seeing what he's getting at Kalez answers 'very observant, I've been following these monster hunters for a while, and this Hearth woman is indeed odd'

'What have you gathered?'N'Thar perks up keen to hear what his mistress has gathered.

Kalez continues 'The wizard Hatchley is simple enough, and extraordinary wielder of the arcane to be sure, but nothing we haven't dealt with. Hearth however now she's strange, there's no way she could be as successful as she is, she's not smart enough, not skilled enough, and everything the braggart attributes to her own triumphs is the non-nonsensical ramblings of a fool. By all accounts Vivian Hearth vanquishes demonic horrors and planar monstrosities with nothing more than material weapons, youthful enthusiasm and a mountain of pure luck.'

N'Thar puts the pieces together quickly 'you think the woman is a chosen hero? a god's champion?'

The Duchess muses further on the topic 'She fits the bill; wanderer from a far off land, vague connections to nobility, tight nit group of loyal followers, and stupid yet successful'

N'Thar now a little concerned addresses the main issue 'What do you intend to do? do you just plan to pay the Vagrant and send her on her way?'

What does Duchess Kalez tell her Adviser?
No. 902034 ID: 9876c4

By ignoring this portent, we run the risk of becoming a footnote to her tale, and that would be folly.

Let's set Hero against Harbingers, and hopefully reduce our worries by half.
No. 902035 ID: 094652

"A fool and her heroics are soon parted. Pay the ditz, then offer her another mission - a suicidal one, for a mere knight's pay. We'll milk her luck or her stupidity - whichever runs out first."
No. 902036 ID: 33cbe7

Unless you have more undead to kill, that seems wise. Their exploits are powered by the favor of their god, you would do well not to trifle with the gods. One day soon, however, that hero will exhaust her god's patience. You just want to live long enough to see that day.
No. 902071 ID: a62780

Chosen hero or not, whatever forces allow for the continued success of Vivian Hearth would go to waste if left to her own devices, or worse: put to use by someone else.

Keep her busy doing work that benefits you, if nothing else this adventuring party will be a useful tool to have handy.
No. 902075 ID: daa216

I feel if we keep them employed in the way of fighting off the undead, we might be able to keep them on our side or at least distracted.
No. 902085 ID: eeb7d9

We need to keep her entertained. Fools are meant to be used. And we need to keep her from being a nuisance in the future. Her status of Chosen hero is problematic, so we need to maintain her unaware of that fact.
No. 902088 ID: c29333

Note: Just because she's "chosen to be a hero" doesn't mean a god did the choosing. She could have mortal backer (or group thereof) doing the real work but hiding behind her to avoid attention.
No. 902137 ID: dbf7f4

Is always better to be on the good side of these hero types. Helps you out should they ever come after you. While you don't have to be really nice, i would say you should do your best to be polite and agreeable.

Remember, the only good counter to absurd luck is an equal amount of finesse and planning.
No. 902148 ID: ac6625

Can't start jumping on superstitious "chosen one" prophecies. However, any asset can help in our quest to keep the realm together. Even if that asset's success is attributed to the unseen, unpredictable, and possibly non-existent luck of the draw.

Tell N'thar that, you'll give some incentive for Vivian to continue working for you. Whatever forces are responsible for her success: favor of the gods, her allies, or some other hidden benefactor. You'll be nudging her in the right direction so those factors for her success are put to good use. At the same time, slowly gaining her loyalty till she willingly does what you ask for free and swears unwavering obedience.
No. 902167 ID: 9876c4

Yeah, honestly I like this better than my plan. The undead problem should be an easier sell, and the issue's no less pressing.
No. 902378 ID: 75c493

Even if you hate their annoying guts, they're probably more useful paid and unbetrayed.
No. 907486 ID: 2755f5
File 153996703834.png - (567.70KB , 657x858 , Pentacle055.png )

The Rachnid noble hears the vavving prattle echoing through the halls well before they reach the audience chamber.
Duchess Kalez and N'that enter the thrown room to find Lady Hearth sitting in the arch-dukes own thrown, partaking of (likely pilfered) food and drink from the castles pantry.
the advisor twitches with held furry

The mercenary is too engrossed with her own narrative to even notice theier entrance
'-And there I was, face to face with the faceless cyclops of the headland hills, bow drawn arrow aimed right between the eyes, I tell you my focus had never been sharper, but the bolt of my crossbow was sharper still . . . BLAM!!! I shoot him in one ear out the other and would you believe it? the gal has no brain! so I was in a real bad state there I'd only made the minotaur huffed, with my musket empty I was-'

the ichthyan having spotted the Duchess and her adviser interjects 'M'Lady, I hate to interrupt but-'

'If you hate it so much Ladis then just don't do it you addled adder, if I did everything I hate doing as much you I'd be in a ten foot hole in the ground and two hands short of a ladder! now where was I? oh right! I'd just kicked down the king's door, he being on the privy at the moment was in no position for a good fight, and me being a lady of honor would never take advantage of a vulnerable foe unless I had to to assure victory, so I did the only honorable thing a threw him a leg of lamb, and his response was priceless I tell you "what am I supposed to do? wipe my arse with this?" hee hee heehee cracks me up just thinking about it, anyways what did you want Ladis? you best not have interrupted me just to tell me how much you hate interrupting me, or else I'll interrupt my boot into your face!'
Lady Hearth punctuates the statement with a large bite from the trucken drumstick

the servant girl seizes this opportunity to speak her piece 'Lady Vivian, I believe the Duchess is here.'

Vivian gulps down the half chewed meat 'Is she? I don't hear any trumpets of announcement, any noble worth her salt would have a whole band declaring her presence, Ladis did I ever tell you about my trumpeter? Gorgary was a fine lad indeed, a former assassin they said he was, softest shoes this side of the county. Ol' Gorgary used to sneak up on people and blow the trumpet as loud as he could! Scared the ever loving shit out of them he did, it was glooorious! well that was until some fun hating orc cleaved his head clean off! must have flown twenty yards Gorgary's head, landed right in a pig's trough! I was right pissed and told the blaggard "OI! you can't go feeding my 'pans to your mum!" hee heehee, you better believe that brought the fire to his eyes! sooo I drew my wood ax ready to avenge poor Gorgary and . . .'

Kalez notices N'Thar's face continue to scowl at the vagrant's inappropriate behavior

how does Duches Kalez Proceed?
No. 907490 ID: 9876c4

What Kind of crossbow goes BLAM?

Anyway, gesture to N'thar. Let him be bad cop. After he's given them a piece of your mind about propriety, you can intervene with a noble word about how all is forgiven*. Then maybe get down to business.

*It won't be. Ever.
No. 907493 ID: a62780

Well her story has given me an idea. Have any cantrips that could do very loud obnoxious trumpet music? And make it originate from right behind her.
With any luck she jumps out of your chair in honest surprise.

If she doesn't jump or it's fake surprise, well, then she's got a decent head on her shoulders and that story was told on purpose instead of idle bluster.
No. 907496 ID: 40ae85

Weak nobles need trumpets. Feared and respected nobles do not, because everyone in their vicinity will keep them constantly in their thoughts, and watch and listen in dread for any opportunity to please them. Or avoid their displeasure.

This woman tells such naked lies that surely she's taking pleasure in daring people to comment on them; no-one could be that stupid. I'd say it's decent odds her opinion on the trumpeting could be a similar dare. Ignore it, and show her her proper place. Perhaps... yes. She's so intent on telling amusing stories. Why don't we give her another one for people to laugh at? Gods may protect their chosen mortals from harm, but gods also love to see a mortal humbled.

Let's play a... prank on her. Only a prank, sibling.
No. 907499 ID: 094652

Drown her in concubines, feed her all your cheap beer, and write up a horrifyingly one-sided contract while she's still drunk and horny.
No. 907514 ID: 7efe6b

Throw her in the dungeon.

Alternatively, cast Polish on the throne to make her fall off.
No. 907515 ID: daa216

We'll be able to send her into more fitting danger so stay calm. If she wins against it, one less problem. If she dies against it, one less problem. Stay calm, ask her for the jist of what you need to know from the last job and then give her the new one. (also start to look into a trumpet player...)
No. 907530 ID: eeb7d9

I like this!
No. 907546 ID: 080aaf

Polish the throne, and swipe that bottle before she spills it from the slip. I take it you fired all your heralds when they stopped being useful.
No. 907619 ID: 864e49

I like this idea.
Also do you have any spells that would seal her mouth closed? No more eating, no more talking.
No. 907646 ID: ff6d0b

I like this idea! Use her festiveness against her.
No. 907934 ID: 5cfdce

Yeeeess. lever the failings of vice and avvarice. Hero or not, every being has it's limits.

More manpower doesn't hurt either.
No. 908472 ID: 2755f5
File 154066383226.png - (474.46KB , 657x858 , Pentacle056.png )

Kalez does not employ heralds nor concubines as they are a needless expense, the duchess has endeavored to downsize the castle staff as much as is practical.

still oblivious Lady Hearth continues
'... That's when the whole building went up in flames, now nooormally a few sparks aren't enough to scare me off but I had an ongoing wager with Hatchely at the time, she had said "you get covered in mud after ever bout" naturally I do that on purpose so I tell her "OI! I'm doing that on purpose!" now Hatchely she doesn't believe me and is all ...'

The Pointless Drivil grates upon the Duchess' nerves . . .

the vulpine prattles on
'"prove it" Hatchely says, I'm quick on the draw as always and snap back "Oi bet you I can keep clean for two whole weeks strait" now Hatchely smart as she is didn't see this coming but figured the smooth of it quick enough she says "if it's a bet what's your wager?"'

Feeling a headache coming on Kalez, commits to putting a stop to this narrative.

Kalez casts Polish upon the vixen's seat . . .

'now I-' Vivian pauses mid sentence, and flicks her wrist.

... the spell is reflected!
No. 908474 ID: 2755f5
File 154066404256.png - (398.69KB , 657x858 , Pentacle057.png )

Kalez is left staggered, not by the polish spell splashing at her feet (her stable four footed stance is proof against that),
but by the sheer improbability of such a thing happening, mundane techniques of spell reflection are nearly unheard of.

'M'lady are you alright?' the hand maiden asks her mistress.

Vivian Hearth dons an expression of offence, and continues her story as if nothing had happened.
'of course I'm alright? why wouldn't I be? now where was I ... oh yeah! Hatchely and I had just gotten another high profile gig, take down some winged beasty making off with peoples cattle, you know, typical stuff. but Hatchely get's it in her head that we should bring a tag along healer, now normal I don't care how she wastes her money but last time we brought along a holy man the poor bloke couldn't dodge as well as my elderly grandmother, I've heard they're still finding chunks of that man scattered throughout the country side, so I couldn't in good conscience bring in another lamb to the slaughter so I ..."

What does Kalez do next?
No. 908482 ID: 4854ef

The thoughts she might indeed be a Gods Champion is growing, she actually managed to react to the spell being cast outside of her peripheral, and deflected it with a Wine Bottle rather then some odd artifact.
No. 908489 ID: eeb7d9

It was worst that i thought. I see how can she be an useful tool, but a very dangerous one. Too dangerous.
Some day she will have to be disposed off.
I think you will have to get serious. Destroy her seat, make her fall in her ass.
No. 908494 ID: 080aaf

Don't smash your own throne!
Shove that uppity adventurer off it with old fashioned muscle and overdeveloped claw arms. She's eaten through most of her payment already, so she should be grateful to see even a cent of it!
No. 908495 ID: 7efe6b

Interesting. Being able to detect spell casting, predict where exactly it was being cast, and being able to move to precisely reflect it in time... this isn't a coincidence.

Is there any spell we can use to look at which items she's wearing, in case she's hiding some powerful artifacts? Is our crystal ball of any use here?
Do there exist any items or spells, which would allow the user to... see the future?

I'm not sure how to react here. If she indeed can predict the future, then this complicates things.
If there is a deity looking down on her... then perhaps we should cast Scry ward on this room to block them from looking heh.

Anyway, there's no need to overreact. If we want to get her off of our seat, then we simply need to use a spell which cannot be blocked or evaded. Casting Mage hand would accomplish that and we simply need to slowly move it towards her until we're able to grab her clothes.
No. 908499 ID: afdebc

This kind of nonsense if why one doesn't directly oppose "Heroes" if they don't have to. Fate conspires to ensure their ridiculous survival, up until the point where their death would make a satisfying story.

Swallow your annoyance and go out there to talk to the creature.
No. 908501 ID: 0dfaba

What an interesting display! You should test this Lady further - showing her her place is a side benefit now, what we need to see is how capable she is. If she demonstrates that she can keep on holding off power like this, we might have more jobs for her! (... And you'll be able to save face if she DOES manage to hold you off by saying you were testing her.)

You have a few spells that should be harder to reflect. A Mage Hand or King's Hand should be capable of being created and then moved in from outside her reach, to push or pull her off the throne. Or if you don't mind being a little repetitive in front of the vizier, you could use Grasping Field again, which should be castable on the ground beneath her rather than on her.
No. 908502 ID: daa216

Well she is a hero alright. Do not try another spell. Wait for this one to wear off and go back to change into your more royal garb so when you announce yourself you don't look like you were just made a fool of.
No. 908503 ID: ac6625

This hero is a fool. A brilliant fool. The type lives by luck, happy accidents, and/or divine intervention. Why the gods would favor someone so full of themselves? Unknown.

Whatever, no need to lose our heads. Save face and either wait for the spell to wear off or just tug on N'thar's sleeve to slide yourself off that slippery surface. Then approach and interrupt this hero's little story.
No. 908775 ID: 9876c4

Oh no. This shall not stand.

We now must resolve to destroy her. But not here, and not obviously. Let N'thar handle defusing things.

Maintain decorum, but don't forgive this slight.
No. 908927 ID: e9e28c

Is this how you treat all your employers, you disrespectful mutt? Because I'm getting most of a mind to just toss you a penny and have every able bodied guard in earshot to throw you out.
No. 908928 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t slip and fall on your ass!
No. 909830 ID: 2755f5
File 154153724835.png - (444.98KB , 657x858 , Pentacle058.png )

Duchess Kalez holds back her fury
against a Hero she'll need to bide her time and destroy them methodically.

Seeing the moment of potential violence passing N'Thar grips Kalez' claw and glides her across the Polish effect
using his honed diplomatic skills he passes this off as a courtesy gesture

the chatty fox continues to pay no attention
'... The church had just collapsed on us, normally we'd have been crushed dead right then and there, but due to my quick thinking we were safe and secured in a well sheltered nook, it all came down to my education as a young girl were I studied architecture and-'

'ahem!' Abin N'Thar interrupts 'May I introduce her grace, the Duchess Kalez Multero'

'Well I'll be!' Vivian gets up with a start, feigning surprise 'The Duchess IS here, Ladis I owe you a biscuit.'
No. 909831 ID: 2755f5
File 154153749796.png - (474.45KB , 657x858 , Pentacle059.png )

'I have to say miss short and pointy you're not nearly as imposing as local tales would suggest, and I've heard quite a few.'the foreign woman gives an arrogant smirk.

'the drunken fantasies of vagabonds and tramps I'm sure' N'Thar answers.

'does pretty boy always speak for you then?' the mercenary says ignoring the adviser
'Vivian Hearth by the way' she adds, introduces herself 'chief partner in the "Hatchely & Hearth" adventuring company and expert monster hunter at your service!'

how does Kalez respond?
No. 909834 ID: 1dd514

Speak directly to the Wizard Hatchley, refuse to acknowledge the presence of this annoyance.
No. 909839 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if we are going to approach the diplomatic way...
"Apeareances are missguiding, Miss Hearth, you should know that, given your... carrier. Don't mind N'Thar, he is not acostum to such boldness display. Anyway, time is short, so lets get into business."
What did we needed of her again?
No. 909840 ID: 094652

Just write up the contract and totally screw her over, but accept reasonable negotiations. You do not need to aggregate a hero, especially since you're the ones trying to save the kingdom.
No. 909843 ID: 7efe6b

Since she tried to insult N'Thar, we should try insulting her party member. But not just insult, perhaps we can make a small wager to gain an upper hand in the payment negotiations. Given Vivian's personality, I doubt she would reject it.

"Since he was but a small cub, N'Thar's been wiser and more powerful than even your partner Hatchley so you need not worry about his capabilities. In fact, I dare bet my garments that he would win a duel against him any day."
No. 909848 ID: ac6625

We needed to see the heads of some monsters we sent her and her party to kill. So we have proof that the job was done.

Lets not stoke her ego. Simple greeting, then straight to business. "If there was more time I'd stand here and have a scribe write down your exploits, however I came here for proof of slain monsters. Not stories of slain monsters. Show me the heads and" make some hand gesture that most would recognize as money, "You can tell stories about wealth."
No. 909852 ID: daa216

Ask the bounty hunter if her work has been done and if she has the proof to back it up.
No. 910197 ID: 2755f5
File 154187557604.png - (372.54KB , 657x858 , Pentacle060.png )

The Duchess attempts flattery, not her best talent but this woman seems an easy mark 'If there was more time I'd stand here and have a scribe write down your exploits, however I came here for proof of slain monsters. Not stories of slain monsters. Show me the heads and . . .' Kalez makes hand gesture that most would recognize as money, 'You can tell stories about wealth.'

'my favorite kind!' the fox laughs back, she takes a bundle from her standard bearer and tosses it at the duchess' feet

dry voices emanate from the mass
'please help us . . .',
'feed us',
'help . . .'

N'Thar gasps in shock 'They're still animate!?'

'of course!' Vivian Hearth replies casually 'didn't want it to look like I'd just dug up some graves . . . oh and watch yourself, they bite.'

a quick glance frustrates Duchess Kalez, Z'theno's head is not among those collected
No. 910202 ID: daa216

Point out the lack of the main goal's head and ask if she thinks she will be getting half pay for half a job done. If she did, she was sadly mistaken.
No. 910207 ID: 7efe6b

Time to lose it onto them.

"What buffoonery is this? You dare enter this castle and dirty my throne room without even completing your mission? And then showing off how you've been wasting time to bring back these worthless peons alive all while being too dim to ask them who their leader was? Are you an adventuring company or a band of jesters?! Or perhaps you already know this and you've simply been trying to trick me? Is this what this show is for?"

I feel that casting some spell would be in place here, before or after this speech, to assert our dominance :P
No. 910208 ID: 91ee5f

Question: Was Z'theno living or undead? Because if he was living, then all these undead heads could’ve just eaten Z’theno’s head.

But if he was undead and you don’t see his head, then you could ask her what happened to him. After all, if she really is chosen by the gods, then she did indeed kill him, but he was killed in a way that prevented her from recovering his head or his head was destroyed in a way that it is unrecognizable as Z'theno.
No. 910209 ID: 91ee5f

>I feel that casting some spell would be in place here, before or after this speech, to assert our dominance :P
Let’s not do that. We don’t want it to be reflected back at us again.
No. 910210 ID: 99f1a3

An impressive feat, but not the one i agreed to pay you for.
No. 910211 ID: 7efe6b

>reflected back
Unless... we aim at her companions.
No. 910212 ID: 91ee5f

Does she have any? Because from what we’ve heard of the stories she’s been telling, her companions always end up killed and she’s the only person that survives whatever killed her companions.

.....which now that I think about it, that’s pretty weird. Shouldn’t a hero like her be able to keep her companions alive? She must not be a very good hero if she can’t keep her companions alive.
No. 910216 ID: 7efe6b

>Does she have any?
I'm pretty sure that the two on the left of her >>909831 are her companions.

>her companions always end up killed
I can't find any hints where this would be implied.
No. 910220 ID: 094652

"... These had better have started out as undead before you turned them into your giant screaming paperweight. I'm paying you to vanquish the tides of death, not add to them! And put them out of their misery before they infest this place with passive hexes, you daft ditz!"
No. 910237 ID: 9876c4

A truly spectacular act of charity you have done this day.
And here I thought adventurers were only in it for the money.

Surely, if you wanted money, you'd have actually done the job ...
No. 910766 ID: ac6625

Well at least she shows some train of thought. Unfortunate that the one we are looking for isn't here. Before we jump to conclusions lets try to ask if she encountered an undead by the name of Z'theno.

Make it rather clear that we're not obligated to pay unless this particular undead is slain. Do show/or fake being impressed that she brought these undead back alive, keep her feeling like she's got a deal so long as she gets what we really need done.
No. 910776 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her if the leader isn't dead she hasn't solved your problem. If she needs extra funding to kill the leader you can give her SOME of the reward ahead of time.
No. 911306 ID: 2755f5
File 154273796581.png - (557.36KB , 657x858 , Pentacle061.png )

Kalez clenches her chelicerae in frustration, as much as she would like to chastise the vulpine for failing to nab Z'Theno she knows better.
The Duchess never asked for specific heads as it would raise too many questions, questions that look unfortunately upon the scorpion's plans.
it would be worse now, for there'd be questions regarding her initial reluctance.

'Are you sure this is all of them?'Duchess Kalez cautiously questions.

'Nope!' Vivian's smile stretches wider as her quick answer catches both the scorpion and the jackal off guard.'actually I'm pretty sure I missed a lot'

What!? how dare- before he can finish N'Thar is interrupted

'What I've shown you is just proof that I can do the job' the mercenary's words ooze with overblown self importance'buuuuut if you want this job done, you're gonna have to pay more than a measly thirty silver . . . a LOT more . . . I think "60" in gold should be enough' the vixen's hands shape the numbers.

'sixty gold? you're mad!' N'Thar exclaims in fury 'I could two dozen trained guards a years wages to hunt those monsters down for that price '
a young laborer makes about 1 gold a year, 100 silver or 10,000 copper

Kalez understand why the vagrant returned so quickly . . .

'you mean those kobolds you have prancing about? HAH! you'd just come crawling back to me, and have to pay my price as well . . . plus an added fee for the two dozen mini-zombies' Vivian pauses as if to think 'oh! and I'll need it all in advance'

'Outrageous!' the Jackal snarls

Lady Hearth Shrugs 'it's not that I don't trust you, it's that you lot have a real bad reputation . . . and that I don't trust you'

Does Duchess Kalez Accept Lady Vivian's demand? reject it? something else?
No. 911308 ID: 298905

I think she's more than willing to walk away, unfortunately. Better pay it. Maybe make some grudging speech about how you're only willing to give up money from the kingdom's coffers to protect the people from the undead threat or something, just to make sure she doesn't leap to asking for more.

However, tell her that though you're willing to pay up front, you will insist on some other way to ensure she comes back when the job is done. If she's not willing to trust you, then purely on principle, you will not act as if you trust her.

I don't know what exactly you'd do, though. I don't suppose there's some sort of magical method, is there? A tracker you could place on her, or something that would allow you to scry on her, and/or some latent curse you can cast on her and activate when you will it so? Some application of the Trap Maker spell, perhaps? Something that can be done with the Magic Circle's ritual magic? Probably any magical method is vulnerable to being removed by other magic. Perhaps you'll need to take one of her companions as a "guest", as well. She was saying how easy it was for her to accomplish this, right? Surely such a might hero doesn't need ALL her helpers, then.
No. 911309 ID: eeb7d9

Sixty gold seems a little bit too much. Is the head of that Z'theno worth that much?
I doubt that she would run with the money without finishing the job, i don't mind paying upfront, but the amount of gold she is requesting is just plain ridiculous.
For that much mony we can put more resourses insted of using her. Ask her to be more reasonable.
No. 911311 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that she’s broken your trust in her. You sent her out, only for her to return, having barely done anything, and demanding more money. The only thing she’s proven is that she’ll attempt to do this a second time, asking for even more money. And if you did give her 60 gold right now, there’s no guarantee that she won’t run off with it.

The only money she’ll be getting up front is the silver you agreed to pay her earlier (if she hasn’t already been paid). However, you’ll be willing to give her the 60 gold, but only if she actually completes the job you hired her for. If she returns without fully completing the job again, then she’ll receive no payment at all.

If that doesn’t work, then either increase the money to 80 gold for completing her job or give her 15 gold now and tell her she can have the remaining 45 gold upon completing her job.
No. 911312 ID: c1212a

Imply that this proves she can't do the job at all, and that she ought to be ashamed to face you with such a pitiful display. Some hero. Get her pride to work for you. If she leaves, let her.
No. 911313 ID: 094652

"Do you realize how thoroughly I have tarnished my reputation by gathering resources for the upcoming wars? If I just GIVE away the training money to ONE arrogant hero... well, all I'd have to do is tell everyone, and at the very least your living costs would go up.

Here's how this is going to work. You go away. You come back, with an adventuring party of people who are marginally as talented as yourself, and with a leader who is actually competent enough not to get their whole party killed. I pay you 30 gold. Each. As half up front. You save the world from the dead. Everyone is happy again.

Also, there's a group of upstart rebels killing my tax collectors. The ones stealing YOUR pay. For each one you bring in, ALIVE, as in, NOT RIPE FOR ZOMBIFICATION, I'll pay you three gold."
No. 911325 ID: daa216

Fine. We need this done. Tell her she gets 30 now though and 30 when the job is done. If she resists give a second offer of 40 20 and do not budge. A half finished job shows that she too isn't as trustworthy as she claims.
No. 911334 ID: 86eb65

Reject her.

Wave her off and say that because she has failed in this simple task she is not worth any more time or effort.

Get out of my castle and go back to cheating peasants out of there silvers. I will find a proper "hero" to save my subjects from the undead horde.

Then turn your back on her and walk away. See how she responds but be prepared to keep walking.
No. 911337 ID: 055cbc

She is asking for more because there are supposedly a lot more of these. So pay her by the head. No possible negotiation of a flat fee guarantees the job gets done properly before she comes to collect. Incentivizing every head is the only way to encourage her to find them all, and therefor the one you are actually concerned about.

Maybe 60 silver for each bag of this size. There's like 10 there right?
No. 911361 ID: 864e49

She comes into your house, shows you and your servants nothing but disrespect, returns having not doing her job properly only to demand a ludicrous sum of money UP FRONT while again disrespecting us and mocking our guards.
It's clear she's not the person for the job (she's as subtle as an army of exploding orangutans), you need an unmatched warrior not a showboating con-artist.

If you can play to her pride then do it but if not don't bother with her.
No. 911362 ID: 9675a4

Now she's being amusing. Not sure what she plans to accomplish by doing this though. Cheating the cheater? Giving you your own medicine? What if the rumors she heard are all false?

Treating any employer like that is deplorable, even if she thinks she's the "hero" dealing with a "villain". Reject her and remove her for what in anyone's eyes would be an purposefully offending move.
No. 911420 ID: ac6625

The nerve to leave a job unfinished, to come back and demand an absurd amount more. How do we know she's not conning us?

Look to N'Thar and remark about the vagrant something like: "And just when I thought we truly found someone who might be able to save my subjects." Request some servants to fetch a 100 silver coins, and get one single gold coin. Cast the tracker coin spell on the gold coin in secret so Vivian doesn't know. Then give it all in a pouch. "This is the only payment in advance you will receive, Vivian. Trust goes both ways. As you can see, this is a fraction of the payment up front you asked, which also represents the amount of trust I now have in you as of right now to get the job done. You've proven your skill but you haven't proven your reliability." Turn away, "Take that as payment for your little demonstration here. Do the job I asked you to do and you will be rewarded the remaining 58 gold coins you asked for. Kill every undead, none must escape. If you can't do that. I will find someone else who can save my subjects, not some adventurer who extorts an entire kingdom for salvation." Walk away, but listen for her response. Perhaps start considering alternatives now.
No. 911426 ID: 7efe6b

As written here >>911313, explain to her that your bad reputation is the cost you had to pay to keep the lands safe.

She's clearly just trying to bargain. Then tell her that, since she only has money in mind, and doesn't care about anyone but her own hide, she may leave. You're rejecting her offer.

And as written here >>911420, talk about trust and reliability. Don't give her more than a little bit of gold up front. And let her know that the kingdom would be safer if your money would be spent on training guards and hiring someone else. She's no one special. Besides, the 60 gold is clearly a number that reflects her ego, rather than the job's difficulty. I'd offer 10-20 max.
No. 911488 ID: ed503a

Reject this outrageous demand.
No. 911558 ID: 4fd0a3

To simply outright reject the offer would be foolish. Vivian does know what she is doing and is playing us like a fiddle at the moment.
She is currently aiming very high at the moment. For something so high you would demand a bit more from her.
Perhaps bring it down to 30 or maybe a half now half when the job is done.

Let's not just throw her out the door right away.
No. 912759 ID: 2755f5
File 154378502912.png - (342.33KB , 657x858 , Pentacle062.png )

Kalez feels her ire grow, she'll not cave to this arrogance. but restraint has always been a strength of hers, she'll practice it now
I have tarnished my reputation preparing for the hardships of the future, the people of the new generation, your generation, cannot understand the perils we face from the enemy across the sea.'it is a speech Kalez has used many times one the pious, she adjusts it to fit her needs here.'You'd be robbing in the name of protection, as an adventurer and a monster hunter you have a duty to protect the people, not exploit their desperation.'

'this isn't MY kingdom, these aren't MY people, they aren't MY responsibility, I'M just a foreign exterminator that hasn't been paid'Vivian's smug smiles remains ever plastered on her face.'and if YOU don't pay me and YOUR people suffer from vermin infesting YOUR land it's YOUR fault not mine'
it is the grin of an idiot, one who has given up on any pursuit of higher truths. this is not someone the golden scorpion can tolerate let alone respect.

Kalez finally understands the wretched person standing before her, no more practiced words, the Duchess speaks from the heart.
'my guidance has protected this kingdom longer than you've been alive you insolent whelp!'Kalez' voice cracks and squeals as she raises it far above her comfortable mutterings 'I'm done humoring you, I'll not suffer to be criticized and insulted in my own castle by some bloated self-important dilettante who couldn't manage anything as large as a farm house, GET OUT!'

Lady Vivian is stunned to silence
No. 912760 ID: 2755f5
File 154378511462.png - (469.25KB , 657x858 , Pentacle063.png )

The effect does not last, the vulpine turns on her heels and laughs 'fine, I'll simply find someone else to foot the bill'

Kalez seethes with hate, this Vivian Hearth character . . . few have gotten so far under her chitin.the duchess vows to one day destroy her.

The Vixen seems completely untroubled as she walks towards the main gates.
'the king I suppose has more money to spend, and I'm sure he'd love to hear about how his brother's estate is letting the undead run rampant'

the goad is obvious, but the threat isn't idle.The duchess however refuses to be manipulated in such a way and remains silent.

The adventurer strides out of the room. her companions in tow
'Ladis, have I ever told you about king flagrion? a strange fellow for a king, not one for speeches or public shows of prestige, lets all his courtiers handle that sort of thing . . .'

The Vizier N'Thar looks ill, he seems itching to speak his mind but chooses to hold his tongue.
No. 912761 ID: 2755f5
File 154378530850.png - (353.03KB , 657x858 , Pentacle064.png )

when he is certain the outsiders are out of earshot, N'Thar blurts out 'this is a disaster!, The White Wolf was bad enough, if the king hears word of undead we'll have dozens of harbingers knocking on our door.'

'the king would expect us to welcome their presence' Kalez' words are leveled and belie a calm she doesn't feel it will be a small matter to keep their attention elsewhere

'you under estimate the harbingers at all of our peril'the jackal exhales and regains a measure of his composure 'There is no doubt those healers will insist on seeing our "sickly" Arch-Duke'

Unfortunately the jackal has a good point, but it serves no purpose to encourage his panic let's not speculate on the action of people not even dispatched, we'll deal with whatever comes our way when we need to, the king will likely refuse audience with this vagrant.'

Abin N'Thar ponders this for a moment and the pales upon a realization.
If Hearth wants to reach the king quickly she'll have to take the coast road north, that will have her cross paths with the white wolf. The adventurer will boast no doubt and Inquisitor Sabria will see this as proof to her mad delusions.

'Herocea will have dealt with the inquisitor and her aids by now, we need not worry about the "white wolf" any further I think' Privately Kalez wonders if that will be enough. if even a broken wagon wheel remains, it may be enough to spark an adventurer's curiosity. Hearth might likely be able to find and defeat the stone giant.

Vizier Abin N'thar seems to have doubts of his own, but he chooses not to voice them.

Is there more to be done regarding this issue?
No. 912764 ID: 094652


Check up on your minions and make sure they DID their job.
No. 912766 ID: eeb7d9

If the giant fail to deal with the Withe Wolf, and somehow manages to meet this arrogant fool, we'll have troble. Just to be sure that that doesn't happen and win some more time, we need to make her take another route. Can that be done?
No. 912771 ID: c1212a

Oh look, a bridge. it would be such a shame if something were to happen to it.

Oh, and could you imagine if either of these idiots were on it at the time?

No. 912785 ID: ac6625

Check on your minions to see if the job is done. Right now.

Maybe check on that bridge, what is it made of/how easily can it be destroyed with magic or something else.
No. 912811 ID: 9876c4

That bridge has got to go, with that bitch right on top of it.
No. 912819 ID: daa216

Something tells me the destruction of that bridge would not only bring more attention and workers of the king to the area but it might also hurt our area in commerce. Leave it be and see if the giant did their job right.
No. 912894 ID: 7efe6b

We should inform Garrin that he may be crossing paths with Vivian soon.
No. 912918 ID: 2a7417

We'll burn that bridge when we come to it.
Will Herocea recover in time to be of use again? This job may fall to our spy first.
No. 913352 ID: 2755f5
File 154421180682.png - (278.27KB , 657x858 , Pentacle065.png )

The Golden Scorpion reaches out to her second acolyte, Tapping into the link provided by the tracking coin he carries.
Duchess Kalez pulls out her crystal it fogs, and clears moments later to reveal the face of her servant.

'Garrin, report the status of your mission' Kalez quickly clips

the magpie seems stunned by the sudden contact 'your grace, I was not expecting word so soon'

I don't like to repeat myself Garrin, tell me of the mission Kalez responds annoyance creeping into her tone.

Garrin's silence is telling, after a few moments of silence he gives his report 'your giant has failed you, she was no match for the Inquisitor and her harbingers, I however was able to use the distraction to escape with the Princess and all of the steeds, they'll not have an easy time proceeding on foot.'

The Duchess hisses her displeasure, she had expected more the from the giant and despite his tailored words Garrin too is to be blamed and punished . . . at a more convenient time. Abin N'Thar makes some panicked muttering in response to the avians words this adds to the Duchess' irritation but she remains focused 'both of your failures are well noted ' Garrin does not object so she continues 'your next objective is clear, I want you to make sure Inquisitor Sabria does not cross the Bellegates Bridge in Herron town, destroy the bridge if you have to . . . preferable with the women on it'

'It will be done' Garrin nods, his mind already working quickly to figure the best way to achieve this task.

'There's more' Kalez continues 'a mercenary and scoundrel by the name of Vivian Hearth will also be travelling through Herron.'

'the famed monster hunter, I'm familiar with the woman.' the spy confirms.

'Good.' Kalez is pleased to be spared having to provide a lengthy description 'she is not to cross Bellegates Bridge either'

'It will be done' Garrin Reaffirms ' is there anything else I should know?'
No. 913353 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, if the princess is with him, it might make things dificult, specially if she ask questions about the havoc with the bridge. We have to either make an excuse for its destruction or hide her somewhere safe to keep her and out of trouble. Use what ever means you have to your disposal to make sure she stays put and quiet, she is a fool, but that doesn't make her less dangerous.
If posible, make it look like an accident, or it will make things more complicated later. Do it quicly or the hunter will catch on that something is off.
No. 913354 ID: 6c5a99

I'm pretty sure most of these people will be able to swim, they just might have to take off their armor and leave some of their stuff behind.
No. 913358 ID: ac6625


Perhaps making it look like rebels blew the bridge. Certainly would hurt support for their cause.

Ask if he has a means to blow the bridge. Also check what kind of bridge it is, stone or wood. Where are the supports, etc.

Lastly, if it won't blow his cover he should check the remains of the bridge to make sure Vivian and the Inquisitors are dead. 'Heroes' have a nasty habit of coming back from the dead, usually more powerful than before. Ensure this isn't the case.
No. 913359 ID: b70ae2

Princess Reefa should be fine with Garcio so there's no need for Garrin to worry about her.

As great as our ego is, we need to realize that Garrin cannot directly face Sabria, nor Vivian, so this mission, preventing them from passing the bridge, may be impossible for him no matter his resources. We need to give him some sort of support. What are our options?
The bridge is definitely a strategic point, so first knowing how robust it is, and how easy it is to bypass it, is important. But even if he had the means to blow it up, which is unlikely, it would only stop one of the two parties. Getting them both on the bridge at the same time seems like a good idea, but that would mean we need to find a way to delay one of them until they're both on it. How would we be able to delay them?
No. 913360 ID: 91ee5f

How exactly did Garrin fail you? You told him to make sure the princess didn’t get killed in the ambush and he did exactly as you told him. That doesn’t sound like failure.

There’s also no guarantee that both Inquisitor Sabria and Vivian Hearth will be on the bridge at the same time, so you may have to settle on only one of them being on the bridge when it’s destroyed, depending on who gets there first.

Also you may need to provide some sort of assistance to Garrin because it’s doubtful that he can sneak away from the princess to destroy the bridge without her noticing he’s missing. And it’s doubtful that Garrin has anything with him that actually can destroy the bridge. You may need to call in someone else to destroy it.

.....wait, how is Garrin talking to you without whoever he’s with noticing that he’s talking to you and blowing his cover?
No. 913382 ID: daa216

He should know that if he fails you again, he will have much to fear. Few fail you once and live to talk about it so he should take this momentary pass with much gratitude.
No. 913383 ID: 9876c4

Make sure They're on the right side of the bridge when it goes.
Ideally, the side without the inquisitors on it, too.
No. 913530 ID: 094652

"If you fail me one last time... your mission will be to frame the flippant fox. Her arrogance and aggression is to be noted. Find a way to aggravate the gabby mercenary into attacking / insulting you, the inquisitor, or even the princess without drawing attention to yourself."
No. 914356 ID: 2755f5
File 154510117754.png - (564.53KB , 657x858 , Pentacle066.png )

only that if you fail me again there will be grave consequenceswith her final threat she dismisses the power of her spell

N'Thar seems less than satisfied. 'this is a lot of responsibility to be placed on Garrin, tasking him with guarding the sacrifice is dangerous enough as it is with out pitting him against an inquisitor and a wayward chosen.'

Kalez is used to her advisers dislike of Sir Garrin, he is jealous of the man, and perhaps rightly so. If the knight turned spy becomes too valuable the jackals position as first acolyte could be threatened, 'Garrin can handle the princess' Kalez likes to encourage this rivalry, it keeps both of them at their best.

N'Thar simply sneers, 'him "handling" her is what I am worried about, we're not ready for her part'

This irritates the Duchess, the vizier is too presumptuous 'if we need the girl at all. is her curt reply. The golden scorpion has so much in play already, the status of one girl no matter how royal cannot stop the momentum.

the jackal attempts to speak further but his mistress raises a hand ordering silence. Instead N'Thar follows the duchess as she leaves the room to handle other pressing issues.

Duchess Kalez mind drifts to the future, one of glory and power, one of recognition for her dark master, one where the King of Pentacles finally rewards her for a life time of sacrifice.

Chapter 2 End
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