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File 169404244903.png - (858.87KB , 1411x1073 , Mech1.png )
1071850 No. 1071850 ID: ed041d

Clark IV, a world under fire.

The Interstellar Transit Authority currently holds the planet under martial law. The planet has seen a turbulent past century, guerilla fighters have been holding it hard and there has been no progress in taking hold.

Mercenary companies have been brought in to step in as a force multiplier, but they are beholden to no one but whoever pays the most.

Corporate entities have also begun to set their eyes on the planet below.

It is hell.
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No. 1090941 ID: ed041d
File 171569904212.png - (20.53KB , 275x169 , Mech158.png )

Inside the Juggernaut is relatively open, it really is unfinished, it gives you a clear look at the central reactor.

Here's your opportunity, what shall you do?
No. 1090943 ID: eb0a9c

Plant bomb. Run.
No. 1090956 ID: 5ebd37

Do we have any way to take the missiles out of our launcher? Pile them up around the reactor, then sabotage the coolant system. It heats up, they explode, and you have time to get far away.
No. 1090961 ID: b3eab7

Sabotaging the coolant system is #1 priority.

For extra irony, if some cooling system parts are of roughly similar shape and size as the missiles, you could do a little substitution...
No. 1091049 ID: ed041d
File 171586428678.png - (23.47KB , 289x185 , Mech159.png )

You activate the missile pod and slowly slide the missiles out, it's an arduous process but it works at the very least. You begin to pile them near the Reactor's control rods and coolant.

You have this under control, it'd be very easy to just... leave now. Do you want to? Is there anything else you want to do? How would you even get out of the factory?
No. 1091051 ID: 714fab

Better not tempt fate, time to leave

Wish we could bring the guard out with us, but he couldn't travel through the pipe safely
No. 1091203 ID: b3eab7

Just try and make the sabotage non-obvious (no leaving behind an open hatch that should be closed) then thank the other guy for his diligence and let's see how we leave.

Leaving the way we came in is probably the safest, but we could possibly get some intelligence if we leave by the main entrance. Main problem with that is... can we fake it? I fear we may need some IFF key.
Wait... could the IFF key be installed in the supertank's comms already? You should check it, that would make leaving so easier.
No. 1091219 ID: ed041d
File 171604370662.png - (14.42KB , 228x184 , Mech160.png )

Easy enough to just make it non obvious. Powerplant was already installed and you don't think the guard will say anything due to the threat to his "superior".

Grabbing an IFF unit wouldn't be too difficult, remember the Juggernaut is relatively empty at the moment, looking up you can even see a basic IFF transponder, perhaps a temporary unit to cover any automated security not accidentally attacking the weapon.

However this might make you register as something else, do you want to risk it?
No. 1091250 ID: 5ebd37

Even with the right transponder won't you still be visually out of place? You got lucky with the one guard, the rest might not be so foolish.
No. 1091283 ID: b3eab7

Let's leave the way we came in then. The less we're seen, the higher the chances of our sabotage to go undetected.
No. 1091284 ID: 273c18

What if you broke the IFF? Then automated security might attack the weapon...
No. 1091353 ID: ed041d
File 171622218193.png - (25.23KB , 385x183 , Mech161.png )

You opt to break the transponder and leave through the pipes, it'll be tight but you can pull this off.
No. 1091354 ID: ed041d
File 171622223142.png - (7.88KB , 225x153 , Mech162.png )

As you leave the Juggernaut, your systems alert you that you could detonate the missiles now. Do you want to do so, or shall you wait? You have only a minute to decide before the alarms go off when the transponder is pinged once more.
No. 1091355 ID: eb0a9c

Alert the guard that the project is a total failure - because it's about to explode. Everyone needs to run.
Don't mock him, let him think the prototype was so unstable that a routine stress test caused a nuclear meltdown.
No. 1091356 ID: 8f9bc4

W-why did you blow up the transponder? Now they'll inspect the juggarnaut and find the missiles! I guess... you might as well set them off, then? If they're going to be found anyway? Thought you were going to leave them until they activated the reactor's cooling mechanism.
No. 1091359 ID: b3eab7

You need the juggernaut started before you blow up its cooling system.

Maybe we can still bluff this. Like, tell the other guy we need to make it move. If the shooting starts, go "Oh crap, get it out of the hangar now"
No. 1091360 ID: 7f0864

Get your big mech face right up in the control room window and yell at him that it's all gone wrong. Quick run, save yourself!

I suppose it doesn't matter whether you let the reactor meltdown or just trigger the missles yourself, now that you're outside. Let's blow this joint
No. 1091567 ID: ed041d
File 171639109170.png - (23.99KB , 212x225 , Mech163.png )

You get out and alert the guard about the issues, leaving out the fact that you've sabotaged the reactor.

With that, you dart back out, the klaxons going off.
No. 1091568 ID: ed041d
File 171639113069.png - (16.29KB , 206x152 , Mech164.png )

The pipes are unguarded, seems the transponder trick worked, the automated security ignored you entirely for the larger target. You're on your way out, do you want to detonate the missiles now?
No. 1091570 ID: 8515a7

Let's not leave it to chance, let it blow
No. 1091580 ID: b3eab7

Blowing it now is a certainty of disabling the juggernaut... for now.
Leaving it alone is a chance of destroying it and possibly a big part of the facility.

I think we've overplayed our hand with the destruction of the transponder. Let's detonate the missiles now; it won't buy us enormous time, but it's time we're sure to buy (and definitely enough time to do our second mission of the day).
Edit: Just get to cover first, just in case we do blow up the facility.
No. 1091676 ID: ed041d
File 171655856437.png - (75.10KB , 503x473 , Mech165.png )

You hit the detonation signal, as you climb out of the pipe you watch as the fortress has a massive hole blown out of it.

Your missiles weren't that strong, perhaps you triggered a chain reaction that hit ammo stores or something?
No. 1091679 ID: b3eab7

Time to GTFO, refuel/reload and report in for the escort mission.
No. 1091680 ID: a307c2

>triggered a chain reaction
That or an angry super weapon is about to burst out and chase you. Hopefully not, let's get out of here
No. 1091880 ID: ed041d
File 171681864019.png - (67.02KB , 772x383 , Mech166.png )

You rocket off, not wanting to waste time and find out if there is something bigger coming for you.

No. 1091881 ID: ed041d
File 171681870090.png - (16.90KB , 800x182 , Mech167.png )

You get back and begin to restock and prepare for the escort job, it should be simple enough, straight path to a neutral zone.
No. 1091882 ID: ed041d
File 171681872142.png - (54.75KB , 829x455 , Mech Build Blank.png )

What will be your loadout for this mission?
No. 1091886 ID: eb0a9c

Gatling and Shotgun
No. 1091888 ID: 1effd3

we need a shield, to protect the vehicle
No. 1091902 ID: a307c2

Shield, gatlling and missiles. We want to keep people away, not necessarily destroy them.
No. 1092093 ID: ed041d
File 171707771586.png - (57.33KB , 829x455 , Mech168.png )


You load up a Gatling and the shield, but you keep the missile pod.
No. 1092094 ID: ed041d
File 171707794844.png - (45.97KB , 498x354 , Mech169.png )

You await at a canyon, the diplomat's vehicle should be here soon, you can wait, scan the area, or even try to set up defenses you'd feel would be necessary.

What do you want to do?
No. 1092095 ID: 473fe8

They arent traveling through the canyon are they? Canyons are excellent for ambushes.

See what you can detect without leaving your post.
No. 1092097 ID: 8f9bc4

We have defenses that can be set up? That might have been good information to know before taking this mission.
No. 1092106 ID: b3eab7

Start by scanning, scout ahead a bit too.
If you find a "perfect ambush point", might be a good idea to booby-trap it with one of our missiles.
No. 1092309 ID: ed041d
File 171736912084.png - (29.87KB , 778x367 , Mech170.png )

You are not traveling through the Canyon, it was picked as the Rendezvous Point, you are to wait for the Diplomat to appear.

You get treated to an overhead view, your Mech can be seen. ITA vessel Agamemnon is currently on overwatch and you've been granted access to deployables for this mission. Make use of them where you can but keep in mind some will be better than others.

You run a ping, but with nothing here yet, you find little.

Do you have any further questions, or shall you wait for the Diplomat's APC to arrive?
No. 1092315 ID: 5ebd37

How does the ems chaff work?
No. 1092316 ID: eb0a9c

While you wait, have the computers calculate firing trajectories of random points on the map until enemies show up. When you need a quick-fired ordinance, you can order it at one of the points.
No. 1092377 ID: ed041d
File 171753155182.png - (38.00KB , 547x209 , Mech171.png )

EMS Chaff deploys via pod and is dispersed over an area measuring 35 meters in diameter, it blocks all EM transmissions in said area, so be careful where dropping it. Laserline still works so if you had good laser connection you might be able to still call for assistance from the Agamemnon, but nowhere else.

You can do so, but it increases the time of deployables significantly and may make them miss, but if this is what you wish.

Anything else?
No. 1092385 ID: 5ebd37

I think we're ready
No. 1092504 ID: ed041d
File 171768681841.png - (13.05KB , 217x81 , Mech172.png )

With everything all ready, you wait, the APC arrives shortly. Do you have anything you want to say to the occupants before you get going, or do you just want the map?
No. 1092505 ID: 2791af

Keep it professional. No chit chat
No. 1092511 ID: b3eab7

For starters: Comms check.

Then, negotiate a few emergency visual signals (mech hand signs, flashing lights, whatever) in case enemies attack while jamming (or in case you have to deploy the EMS Chaff). You need at least "Stop", "Take cover" and "Floor it".

Also, check that their IFF matches your expectations, don't want to deploy a turret and see it fire at the wrong target.
No. 1092512 ID: eb0a9c


Also, ask if they have a preference to where you will march alongside them. Diplomats have to care about presentation and stuff.
No. 1092515 ID: b3eab7

Oh while we're at it, ask Hannibal if anyone else picked and completed the Red Mask assassination mission.
If not, ask for whatever tactical data we may have on Red Mask, just in case.
No. 1092773 ID: ed041d
File 171803428560.png - (18.35KB , 338x117 , Mech173.png )

You call up Hannibal and inquire about the Red Mask job.

:HandlerIcon: One person took it, there will be one less Mech Pilot at the bar tonight, the Red Mask got away and thoroughly smashed the mech unit.

:HandlerIcon: The Red Mask is seemingly a collective identity, passed down over 200 years. Works only for the highest bidder, and that is judged based on what is the most valuable resource at the time. Seeing as the Monarchy has alien technology...
No. 1092774 ID: ed041d
File 171803441455.png - (36.66KB , 252x234 , Mech174.png )

With Hannibal out of the way, you move onto professional work and getting the APC moving, going over some basic handsigns and so forth.

The Diplomat would rather you kept close and in pace with the APC, so you have to limit your speed and keep close to it. There are advantages to this, but it will limit your ability to respond to threats, for now, you just have to keep moving.
No. 1092775 ID: b3eab7

Is that drone copter the small, recon kind? If so, you should deploy it for scouting ahead, it should help get an early warning on incoming threats (except underground ones - be wary of possible mines).
No. 1092776 ID: 498a9b

It's best to stick close anyway, to shield against surprise missile attacks.
No. 1092871 ID: ed041d
File 171820557014.png - (16.58KB , 258x138 , Mech175.png )

You'll stick close for now.

The Drone Copter is a small attack vessel, they usually deploy in groups of 5, where the turret makes use of heavy rounds, this subscribes to a "Death by a thousand cuts" mentality.
No. 1092880 ID: b3eab7

All right, let's advance and keep our senses on alert.

Now, let's make sure we know all of our tools: So, the copters use light ammo and the turret heavy ammo. What does the missile strike do?
No. 1092984 ID: ed041d
File 171846223036.png - (28.33KB , 508x281 , Mech176.png )

Missile strike is the slowest deployable, as it fires a single Heavy Missile that takes out a significant chunk of the landscape and the crowd, but a weapon like that even with a proper booster takes awhile to hit.

Is that all you need to know for now?
No. 1092991 ID: 5ebd37

Take point, what's the terrain like ahead?
No. 1093088 ID: ed041d
File 171873871617.png - (26.47KB , 712x239 , Mech177.png )

Mountainous and rockey. The entire area is coated in hills and mountains, this part of the planet is uneasy tectonically and hasn't been developed.

Hence why it's a neutral point, no major colony work can be done here, so the ITA designated it a neutral territory with the Monarchy. While the Monarchy does have elements that can negotiate, hence why the planet simply hasn't been glassed, other elements will not be so friendly.

Your job in escort is to simply ensure no "extraneous" elements get the drop first.
No. 1093154 ID: b3eab7

Onward, then! Let's keep an eye on rock outcroppings, that could hide hostiles.
No. 1093229 ID: ed041d
File 171897979089.png - (42.96KB , 538x430 , Mech178.png )

You advance along, it's... surprisingly quiet. Very quiet in fact, no enemy lines or anything, not even a single Box Walker.

You get a feeling in the pit of your stomach.
No. 1093230 ID: ed041d
File 171897988729.png - (67.28KB , 596x510 , Mech179.png )

You hear it, a roaring of engines, as leaping over the peaks of the hills is a mech, a very distinct one with a heavy red colour scheme on it. It's traded out a booster pack for a weapon holster, it can use anything carried on its back.

You realize who exactly this Mech belongs to, what is your first action?
No. 1093232 ID: a4871b

Shield up and keep between them and the apc, ready to boost into the path of any missles
No. 1093233 ID: 8f9bc4

No booster, less mobility, easier to hit. Solo operator, won't have backup/support. FIRE ZEE MISSILE.

While they's dodging the missile strike, try to take out their engines with a barrel missile. Should be able to sandwich them in between the two attacks. Red Mask is probably extra armor, but that means the pelvic region is vulnerable. Cunt punt at first opportunity!
No. 1093236 ID: eb0a9c

You need to call this mission off. You're out-leveled and you know it, priority one is to keep the client alive long enough to get severance pay!
Grab the limo, full retreat!
No. 1093244 ID: 1effd3

Well shit. Grab the VIP and boost the hell out of there. use the missiles to obscure the enemies line of sight, because odds are, they could potentially have a long range weapon. No idea why they decided to show themselves however...
No. 1093250 ID: b3eab7

Seems the one thing we all agree on is to open with missiles to, well, at least try to distract the guy. This will give us a good notion of their mobility, too. Allowing us to choose between turret and missile.

Speaking of, if we find a means to reduce their mech's mobility, that would make it an easier target for the heavy missile.

Also, have a look at the nearest available cover. If it's not booby-trapped, have the APC hide there. Keep yourself between the enemy and the APC.
No. 1093446 ID: ed041d
File 171941363734.png - (26.14KB , 147x236 , Mech180.png )

The vote is for missiles, you open fire and put yourself between the APC and Red Mask.

They dash and dodge out of the way, that shouldn't be possible without a proper booster kit on hand. But they still did so.

Oh dear.
No. 1093447 ID: ed041d
File 171941368135.png - (31.49KB , 281x221 , Mech181.png )

Red Mask draws an old T44 model assault cannon, essentially an assault rifle scaled up for Mech size. On its underbarrel is what appears to be a pile bunker.

What is your next course of action?
No. 1093451 ID: eb0a9c

Maxim 20.
Charge in, shield ready to block the grenade launcher, while calling in a missile strike on your position.
If he escapes your grapple, immediately turn on your back and block the missile strike with your shield.
No. 1093452 ID: b3eab7

Against an enemy this mobile, light weaponry it is, then. Deploy the helicopter drones and strafe him with your own gun.

I assume the shield won't protect you from a pile bunker? I want to keep out of Red Mask's melee range (e.g. shooting while retreating), but I don't want him to attack the APC. We need a way to grab his attention and keep it.
No. 1093453 ID: b3eab7

It's not a grenade launcher, it's a jackhammer-like melee weapon.
No. 1093456 ID: 8f9bc4

So he has a melee weapon... might not be able to snipe you from afar. Physically grabbing the diplomat and fleeing is still an option.
No. 1093458 ID: 5ebd37

Call in the copters, use them and the gatling to keep him from closing distance.
No. 1093652 ID: ed041d
File 171985949335.png - (22.81KB , 301x178 , Mech182.png )

You raise your shield and open fire with the gatling, Red Mask keeps boosting, it seems your on the money. A light build, They can't take sustained fire and will likely get shredded, keep focused for now.

You also pull a mental trigger and call in a copter swarm, you get a report back that Agamemnon has responded and fired. One drop pod of Drones on its way.
No. 1093653 ID: ed041d
File 171985955887.png - (26.59KB , 178x279 , Mech183.png )

Unfortunately, that'll take some more time, keep up for now until they arrive.

What is your next action? Keep back and protect the APC, following the mech at all costs? Push forward and attack? Some other thing you haven't thought of yet?

You have options, you have tools.
No. 1093657 ID: 273c18

Protect the APC!
No. 1093665 ID: 1effd3

Protect the VIP, try to make the terrain as unpleasant for RedMask to traverse as possible. Speed means nothing if you can't utilize it.
No. 1093667 ID: 8f9bc4

He's trying to bait you away. You can't catch him with that mobility. Protect the diplomat, make Red Mask come to you. You don't have to beat this guy, only make his operation more trouble than its worth. ASSUME PORCUPINE CONFIGURATION
No. 1093673 ID: 5ebd37

Stick to the vip, Red is just waiting for you to step away so they can swoop in.
No. 1093693 ID: eb0a9c

Stick the APC to your shield for extra protection.
No. 1093956 ID: ed041d
File 172044980245.png - (17.63KB , 215x143 , Mech184.png )

You stick close to the NPC, tracking Red Mask and watching their movements, your shield blocking incoming fire. For now you two are at an impasse and you can't do anything.

Can you think of any other ways out?
No. 1093960 ID: 1effd3

I say keep playing with him. He'll run low of ammo for that gun soon enough, and he'll either have to get into melee range or bail.

If he tries to get closer, release a volley of missiles to keep him in check.
No. 1093964 ID: 68ca71

How much route is left to traverse? And how many turrets can we call in?

If we have plenty, or if we are close to destination, we could call one in ahead of our position for covering fire while pressing on. In any event keep up the defensive stance.
No. 1093968 ID: 5dfd0b

Shoot out they legs. All those speed would be useless if they can't maintain blance.
No. 1094037 ID: eb0a9c

For that matter, scan his mech and find a module that is both necessary for function and has a high surface-area-to-armor ratio. Open fire until you damage something.
No. 1094071 ID: ed041d
File 172062201319.png - (64.05KB , 236x500 , Mech185.png )

You opt to scan the Red Mask mech while keeping them off foot, your scans don't penetrate anything. Must have Faraday Lining to prevent scans... whatever this machine is it has so many modifications that you can't presume anything.

You hear a sudden slam.
No. 1094072 ID: ed041d
File 172062204189.png - (87.17KB , 483x399 , Mech186.png )

The Drone Pod has landed, it pops open, 6 drone copters flying out, ready for orders.

Well, will you make those orders?
No. 1094073 ID: c540e0

We need cover fire.
Order the drones to fire on Red Mask simultaneously and use the cover as an opportunity to close the gap.

Your scans can't penetrate the armour so let's see him dodge point blank gatling shots
No. 1094080 ID: ff35d5

The drone copters should spread out and concentrate fire in coordinated bursts.

Start by probing his torso armor:
- If the bullets have a good penetration chance, keep firing at the torso.
- Otherwise, concentrate fire on his left thigh to try and reduce his mobility. Success would make him vulnerable to heavier weapons.
No. 1094088 ID: 273c18

You do NOT want to get close to an enemy with a pile bunker.
Using the drones to restrict his movement will allow you to get some hits in at range, though.
No. 1094104 ID: 5ebd37

Targeting legs seems the best shot
Have the drones fan out to push him away from you
No. 1094290 ID: ed041d
File 172106227450.png - (32.20KB , 362x297 , Mech187.png )

You command the drones to swarm and keep Red Mask off balance.
No. 1094291 ID: ed041d
File 172106229611.png - (29.90KB , 275x213 , Mech188.png )

While taking your shot to shoot out their left leg, they're off balance for certain now.

Next action?
No. 1094295 ID: 273c18

Try the missiles again!
No. 1094296 ID: b3eab7

Try and disarm him (still remotely for now).

Also make sure no one snuck on the VIPs while Red Mask had your undivided attention.
No. 1094300 ID: 63709c

Take the opportunity to get some distance between them and the vip.
Have any other foes shown up?
No. 1094354 ID: ed041d
File 172124594754.png - (22.67KB , 236x213 , Mech189.png )

There is no one else around, you keep yourself close to the VIP, none shall get past your shield.
No. 1094355 ID: ed041d
File 172124602291.png - (15.63KB , 147x154 , Mech190.png )

Firing the missiles again, most miss but one does strike dead on.

Blows the arm right off, very light armor, whatever Red Mask is running, it's built for pure speed. This gives some options. That damaged leg has also hampered its ability to dodge.

Do you want to do anything else, perhaps open a comm link? Or do you just want to end this now.
No. 1094356 ID: b3eab7

Just be professional and end it now. The mission is not over after this, we still need to get the APC safely to its destination.
No. 1094357 ID: 1effd3

stick to the VIP and open comms to him. let him know whatever they're paying him, it's probably not worth dying. a few demerits or his life?
he wont be easily dodging you now.
No. 1094358 ID: 1effd3

addendum: make sure the copters maintain pressure.
No. 1094359 ID: 273c18

Tell Red Mask you respect their skill and will give them one chance to escape.
No. 1094391 ID: 44c167

This seems too easy. Disable the other leg and move on.
No. 1094505 ID: ed041d
File 172140051464.png - (58.80KB , 469x393 , Mech191.png )

With another burst you draw Red Masks's attention, you open a comms channel and say.

:PilotIconF: "This isn't worth the fight, I have ITA support. Back off now."

You get the drones in, do you want to call in any other attacks from the Agamemnon or do you want to keep pushing?
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