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File 169404244903.png - (858.87KB , 1411x1073 , Mech1.png )
1071850 No. 1071850 ID: ed041d

Clark IV, a world under fire.

The Interstellar Transit Authority currently holds the planet under martial law. The planet has seen a turbulent past century, guerilla fighters have been holding it hard and there has been no progress in taking hold.

Mercenary companies have been brought in to step in as a force multiplier, but they are beholden to no one but whoever pays the most.

Corporate entities have also begun to set their eyes on the planet below.

It is hell.
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No. 1071851 ID: ed041d
File 169404249552.png - (883.59KB , 1411x1073 , Mech2.png )

A freighter ship exits drop over the planet.

:StaticIcon:: Prepare for drop.
No. 1071852 ID: ed041d
File 169404251494.png - (890.90KB , 1411x1073 , Mech3.png )

No. 1071854 ID: ed041d
File 169404256786.png - (86.15KB , 564x523 , Mech4.png )

:StaticIcon:: Vitals are still good, you there 637?

:StaticIcon:: If so, good.
No. 1071855 ID: ed041d
File 169404261618.png - (160.15KB , 977x919 , Mech 5.png )

:StaticIcon:: We've got a long busy road ahead of us.

It begins...
No. 1071856 ID: ed041d
File 169404272055.png - (79.10KB , 615x420 , Pilots.png )

No. 1071857 ID: a7a180

No. 1071858 ID: 681cb5

Lady fox
No. 1071859 ID: d3bf48

Fox Female!
No. 1071860 ID: 809e5e

No. 1071861 ID: 423004

booba fox
No. 1071867 ID: 15a025

Wolf reporting in!
No. 1071887 ID: 99204e

Starwolf > starfox
No. 1071895 ID: e5709d

Vore Vixen
No. 1071898 ID: 48d6bf

Wulf it up.
No. 1071900 ID: 5b5b7a

booba fox

With extra booba
No. 1071902 ID: 0fbdcd

Foxy lady.
No. 1071906 ID: ed041d
File 169409934589.png - (44.70KB , 451x452 , Pilot F.png )

The Vote has decided Fox

cosmetic chosen.
No. 1071907 ID: ed041d
File 169409940198.png - (62.41KB , 502x396 , Mech6.png )

:HandlerIcon: Good to see you're in tact 637-Fox.
No. 1071908 ID: ed041d
File 169409945926.png - (46.57KB , 406x406 , Handler.png )

That is the sound of your Handler, Hannibal.

He's a bit of a straightforward sort and works with Kowalski-Wayne Mercantile, the company that currently owns you.

Work with him and you'll have your own life again in no time.
No. 1071909 ID: ed041d
File 169409952684.png - (57.52KB , 829x455 , Mech Build 1.png )

:HandlerIcon: You're currently outfitted with a standard August Model mech, we can buy parts later, we need to deal with the rebellion first, that means getting to Central City.

:HandlerIcon: You're also outfitted with a default loadout, I wish I could have gotten you something better but this was the best we could do on short notice.
No. 1071910 ID: ed041d
File 169409956563.png - (20.96KB , 302x263 , Mech7.png )

637 rushes forward, aiming ahead to get into the action!
No. 1071911 ID: ed041d
File 169409961524.png - (57.72KB , 660x356 , Mech8.png )

3 Box series Walkers stand in your way. 2 Missile sets and 1 shielded.

What is your first action?
No. 1071912 ID: fb8a42

Ask Hannibal if I can have action figures of these walkers oh my goooooood
No. 1071913 ID: 809e5e

[ MERCY ] they're cute and should join us.
No. 1071919 ID: a7a180

Flank speed. Lock on to missile walkers with missiles, prepare to strafe gunner.
No. 1071924 ID: f8083d

You won't go far under heavy missile fire, so you should take out one of those first. See if you can find any cover too, preferably cover that will also hamper missiles.
No. 1071929 ID: 59fbfe

Activate multi-lock with the shoulder missiles and wipe them all out simultaneously. Strafe and pew pew with the rifle while doing so.
No. 1071930 ID: 4819de

Box Walkers are durable little buggers-but they're sure as hell not maneuverable. Body-tackle the middle one with a shield to send it back a bit, then use your booster kit to quickly position ourselves behind it, using it's shield for our favor. Than all we have to do it gun the rest down.
No. 1071965 ID: ed041d
File 169418086383.png - (69.23KB , 496x466 , Mech9.png )

The vote is to strafe and fire missiles.

Dashing to the side, you open fire with your ranged weapons, circling around the Box Walkers, you lock 6 missiles onto the two artillery Boxes.
No. 1071967 ID: ed041d
File 169418094971.png - (141.17KB , 1068x492 , Mech10.png )

Lacking defenses the two artillery Boxes are handled easily. The Shield Box however starts to track you and opens fire back, your own machine gun rounds pinging off the shield.

How will you handle this?
No. 1071970 ID: 59fbfe

He has a shield. Luckily, we have a sword.

Use BOOSTER KIT to close the distance and sword him directly in the shield. That should knock it off-balance enough for us to swing our gun-arm right into the cockpit and pointblank it.
No. 1071973 ID: a7a180

Negate shield and ventilate.
No. 1072016 ID: 273c18

Agreed. Do the cool shit.
No. 1072018 ID: e5709d

Start with a feint. Shoot at his legs and run cautiously, then when you're sufficiently close hit the booster and charge in.
No. 1072023 ID: dd3fe0


Remember, the idea is to attack from an angle that will make him have to raise or angle the shield to deflect or block your sword arm that makes an opening to let you use the gun. With the gun arm, you just need a quick bypass angle, since it has range!
No. 1072112 ID: ed041d
File 169437304197.png - (53.73KB , 431x265 , Mech11.png )

The Command is to boost and swing the blade.

You boost forward and cut through the last Box, it doesn't take long before it explodes.

You now have an idea of how you will handle shields in the future, Shielded Enemies are weak to Melee, remember this!
No. 1072113 ID: ed041d
File 169437315306.png - (47.86KB , 395x534 , Mech12.png )

You look out to Central City, you have gotten much closer, helicopters of Guerilla fighters hover in the air.

:HandlerIcon: Alright 637, you're near the City. Reports are coming in that there is an Enemy Mech in the center holding off ITA Forces. Your job is to engage it.

Do you wish to Respond, if So, What do you say?

Or do you wish to just boost into the city and find the enemy Mech?
No. 1072114 ID: a7a180

OK buddy.
No. 1072119 ID: e5709d

Use [Chat] and type 'Heading to location.'
Find a way to climb the skyscrapers so you can get a height advantage and kill any nearby air support.
No. 1072134 ID: 59fbfe

This. Try to avoid confrontation as much as is possible, but shoot any helicopters in your way out of the sky while we climb.

At the top, try and spot the enemy mech and see how they fight, we should get an idea of their build.
No. 1072141 ID: 8d6244

Take the high ground and use the rifle to swat any helicopter out of the sky.
No. 1072142 ID: 8d6244

Take the high ground and use the rifle to swat any helicopter out of the sky.
No. 1072143 ID: 8d6244

Take the high ground and use the rifle to swat any helicopter out of the sky.
No. 1072144 ID: 8d6244

Take the high ground and use the rifle to swat any helicopter out of the sky.
No. 1072146 ID: ab825b

Take the high ground and use the rifle to swat any helicopter out of the sky.
No. 1072147 ID: 423004

Take the high ground and use the rifle to swat any helicopter out of the sky.
No. 1072148 ID: f72b35

Do this.

Whoever you are, don't spam the same message over and over. You're going to get yourself banned if you continue this behavior.
No. 1072156 ID: 273c18

I think the first four are a mistake considering they have the same time stamp (maybe internet troubles) and the next two have different IDs so they're just memeing while supporting the suggestion.
No. 1072184 ID: 195ecb

~Im a thinker I can break it soun...~
No. 1072189 ID: ed041d
File 169448311330.png - (29.43KB , 299x287 , Mech13.png )

You boost to the rooftops of Central City, sending a single message back to your Handler.

:PilotIconF: Heading to Location.

:HandlerIcon: Good to hear you aren't brain dead, Fox.
No. 1072190 ID: ed041d
File 169448314393.png - (76.01KB , 619x446 , Mech14.png )

You land and approach the city's heart, following the sound of gunfire, you look down and see the enemy mech.
No. 1072191 ID: ed041d
File 169448324447.png - (83.87KB , 591x616 , Mech15.png )

:HandlerIcon: Huh, didn't expect a Hex build on hand, the Monarchy of Clark shouldn't have that kind of technology on hand.

:HandlerIcon: It's probably repurposed from some industrial equipment. I'll see what I can dig up.

You aren't certain of the build yet but you do see 2 W2 Shotguns, and 2 8 Tube Launchers on its back. It has both long range and short range cover.

How will you handle this?
No. 1072194 ID: a7a180

Take the high ground and use the rifle to swat any missiles out of the sky.
No. 1072197 ID: dd3fe0

Any way to get it to use up it's missiles? How are your antimissile point defense systems?
No. 1072198 ID: 273c18

Engage at medium range with the rifle.
No. 1072199 ID: 423004

we've yet to be seen, make an explosive entrance with a missile or two!
While it's occupied with dodging the missile fire; close in to a medium distance just outside of its shotguns effective range, and open fire with the rifle! Stay in motion an apply pressure!
No. 1072226 ID: 0fbdcd

Quad legs mean it will be hard to stagger, and the dreaded Double Zimmies mean we can't get close to it in a confrontation.

However... we are above it. Way above it, and not yet spotted. I say we engage Goomba Stomp maneuver. Try and crush its torso right through the joint where it meets the legs by landing directly on its head. If that doesn't OHKO it, it should very much leave it stunned for a follow-up with the sword.
No. 1072240 ID: 0bf2fd

Set up where you are and aim very carefully at the head and fire with the rifle.
No. 1072253 ID: bada8c

Saturat with missles and engage with rifle.
No. 1072291 ID: ed041d
File 169461648241.png - (56.46KB , 347x466 , Mech16.png )

You opt to leap down and open fire, keeping at a medium range.
No. 1072292 ID: ed041d
File 169461665699.png - (48.52KB , 561x383 , Mech17.png )

:HandlerIcon: Alright got the build 637. That's a Odyssey series by Olympus Tech. It's a heavier build and uses those 4 legs to keep stable, apparently it's an industrial mech meant to carry heavy loads around factories. Keep at it and avoid those missile racks and you should be fine.

You're zipping around, doing so damage, perhaps you can throw it off balance, do you want to is the question? And even if you did, how would you do so?
No. 1072297 ID: 59fbfe

We have the range on his shotguns and appear to have the speed on his missiles. Unless he does something to surprise us, no reason not to just circlestrafe until it's dead. We're paid to kill, not to be flashy.
No. 1072298 ID: 9059a7

So mechs have a really high center of balance. You should cause lots of explosions from one direction, very near it. Shoot a missile right as it arms itself near the end of the early boost phase, right after it launches.
No. 1072303 ID: 1cf36f

You always want to throw them off balance. Concentrate on a legs until they fall apart.
No. 1072310 ID: 0bf2fd

Its a quad, you wont be able to throw it off balance unless you trash one or two of its legs first.

Stay at a distance, keep mobile, aim for the joints as much as possible. It is an industrialmech below the outer armor. The joints should be relatively weak compared to battlemechs.
No. 1072311 ID: 273c18

If part-specific damage works, you could aim for its missile packs so that it explodes itself?
No. 1072355 ID: d9ed37

That's a good idea, especially since it's basically stationary. We should be able to hit them.
No. 1072358 ID: e5709d

Keep the fight steady until he has to reload his shotguns, then dash in and slice two legs.
No. 1072360 ID: ed041d
File 169470160455.png - (24.44KB , 380x181 , Mech18.png )

You raise the machine gun and open a burst fire as the Odyssey opens up a missile rack.
No. 1072361 ID: ed041d
File 169470163153.png - (43.37KB , 384x310 , Mech19.png )

You strike the warheads and take it out, even damaging the head unit a bit.

What will you do next?
No. 1072362 ID: e5709d

You've permanently weakened his long range DPS and accuracy, so just hang back and continue shooting.
No. 1072363 ID: 4d4361

Use your own missiles to finish this, you command the long range now.
No. 1072364 ID: d3df89

>you command the long range now.
No we don't. Not yet, anyways. The enemy still has one missile rack on its other shoulder. If we can destroy that, then we'll have long range command.
No. 1072374 ID: 0bf2fd

So... sidenote, is it possible to set the missiles to a delayed fuse activation so our own missiles don't blow up if they get hit like that guy's did? Like set it up so they only arm a half second after the motor activates.

Anyway, keep firing at the missiles and head. Even if the shots mostly miss, you would still be suppressing the guy and making it hard to see.
No. 1072402 ID: ed041d
File 169478780229.png - (24.50KB , 272x198 , Mech20.png )

You aim for the second missile rack with your own.
No. 1072403 ID: ed041d
File 169478785161.png - (22.57KB , 273x197 , Mech21.png )

And take it out completely, along with the head unit, the Odyssey is now [IMPAIRED] in vision.

What will be your next action?
No. 1072407 ID: 3f367a

To defeat the enemy mech, shoot it until it dies.
No. 1072408 ID: 0bf2fd

Ask Hannibal whether the enemy's cockpit is augmented to allow them to see behind them (things such as a backup cam, for instance). Also ask if its arms can swivel to point behind it.

If they can't, flank around behind it and then stab the fuck out of its head with your sword. If you miss, grapple with it.
No. 1072426 ID: e5709d

Carefully incapacitate the mech from behind, then extract them for salvage.
No. 1072427 ID: a9af05

Its head is missing. But we can stab straight down where the head used to be. We might hit the pilot in the cockpit by doing that!
No. 1072429 ID: 0bf2fd

Where is the pilot in that thing?
No. 1072478 ID: ccf1fb

Take out one of the shotgun to create a blind spot
No. 1072560 ID: ed041d
File 169499020984.png - (21.20KB , 210x182 , Mech22.png )

You strike forward and the Odyssey takes a shot with its shotguns, taking out your right arm.

Thankfully your beam blade is still functional on your left, digging it down the unarmored neck joint you strike near the cockpit. Even if you didn't hit the pilot you more than likely seared them to deal just from ambient heat.

It ceases function and limply lowers its arms.

:HandlerIcon: Good job 637, the ITA can take the rest of the city from here. We've established ourselves and can begin work for KW Mercantile. A garage will be open for us soon.

Do you have anything you want to say before the mission ends?
No. 1072561 ID: a7a180

No. 1072571 ID: e5709d

"Get me a @#$%ing sidekick."
No. 1072573 ID: dd3fe0

So, military force work best in groups, not lone wolves. I want to be part of a Mech lance. Or at least have a wingman.
No. 1072583 ID: b6d09f

Don't need to say much, though he's been guiding you and complimented your work so you should at least be polite and say "thank you".
No. 1072650 ID: 4f2900

Check the garage for a replacement arm.
No. 1072688 ID: ed041d
File 169513686834.png - (25.84KB , 273x412 , Mech23.png )

:PilotIconF: Thank you.

:HandlerIcon: You'll be picked up shortly 637, from there we can handle repairing your Mech shortly.

Overhead are a few ITA airships, the city will be under control shortly.
No. 1072689 ID: ed041d
File 169513702614.png - (41.47KB , 226x310 , Mech24.png )

Soon you're loaded into a mobile garage and your Mech is shut off, you are free for now.

:HandlerIcon: Take it easy for now, repair work will begin shortly but we may need to just replace the arm.

You are now free to take some time.

You can check your CONTACTS for any potential names you may know.

You can hit the SHOP for parts and weapons.

There will be a BOUNTY BOARD for jobs.

Or you can hit the CLARK INTRANET for information on the situation.

What do you want to do?
No. 1072702 ID: 575bce

Go surf the net.
No. 1072715 ID: 32a74c

Shop for parts.
No. 1072718 ID: 0bf2fd

Take your helmet off, lets see your face
No. 1072720 ID: e5709d

Contracts first, then buy a loadout based on the job.
No. 1072848 ID: ed041d
File 169530423631.png - (24.83KB , 175x239 , Mech25.png )


You remove the helmet, you're in a safe location so it's not exactly needed. You are a typical red fox though with some minor scarring on the right side of your face, as well as some minor cybernetic implants around your head.

You don't feel much these days, but a job is a job.

:HandlerIcon: Take it easy Fox, we need you in tip top shape.
No. 1072849 ID: ed041d
File 169530469773.png - (22.84KB , 800x182 , Mech26.png )

You scroll over to the contract screen, from there you can pick out jobs to work.

:HandlerIcon: We're not the only mercenary on the planet but we do have a decent first call on a lot of these gigs, if you don't grab one it may not be available as there are other mercenary forces. Some of them not so willing to work with us. The jobs being handed to us are worth at least 10 Tokens each, not big scratch but enough, we got 15 from the last job.

Cleanup - Old Tunnels
:HandlerIcon: The start of where this whole rebellion began. There are some automated defenses in the tunnels still operational, the Contact wants them gone.

Assassination - Eliminate
:HandlerIcon: Typical smash and grab, find the Walker Squad and handle them. Supposedly they've got a expansion unit for one of the Boxes.

Escort - Recon Survey
:HandlerIcon: Seems one of the ITA contacts has a rig set up, it's trawling through some of the old deserts scanning for Ruins. Your job is to keep it in tact.

Recon - Temple Ruins
:HandlerIcon: Reports of an enemy mech in the area, keep an eye out and try to survey these old Ruins for a Research Group with the ITA. Straightforward enough.

What job are you thinking of taking?
No. 1072851 ID: f8083d

I like the escort but fear we may be a bit underleveled for that. Let's try the recon.
No. 1072852 ID: 219cd1

We are go for recon.
No. 1072868 ID: 9e0893

We're solo so our best bet is recon work.
No. 1072894 ID: 0bf2fd

If we do recon, we should get some cheap camo netting to drape over the mech to break up its silhouette.
No. 1072959 ID: ed041d
File 169548241303.png - (112.71KB , 631x369 , Mech27.png )

The vote is for Recon.

With that in mind you hit the shop, you currently have 15 trade tokens for the mercenary network, these tokens are used by almost every major supplier and can be exchanged for actual money. Mercs make use of them for easy trade supplies in refitting their mechs.

The shop has 3 units in stock.

Mechs are comprised of 4 pieces (Head, Torso, Arms, Legs) and the cost for these individual pieces varies.

There is the KRIEG heavy mech, it trades speed for armor and weapons handling, you want to wield the biggest guns, this is your mech. The parts cost 4 tokens each, overall the mech would be 16 tokens.

Next is the Ryu mech, a decent middle class unit that doesn't exceed in any field but makes up for it by sheer versatility, the parts cost 3 tokens each, for a total of 12 tokens.

Final in stock is the Critical model light mech, these units are used for scouting and recon work due to their speed, but can't field any heavier weapons than lightweight materials like sub-machine guns or light blades. The parts go for 2 each for a total of 8 tokens.

Also in stock are some new weapons. Weapons can be swapped between positions easily, though blades and melee weapons can only be fielded on the left arm. There are currently no new special additions like new booster packs or energy shield units.

* Machine Gun - 2 Tokens
* Sub-Machine Gun - 1 Token
* Shotgun - 2 Tokens
* Rail-Rifle - 4 Tokens
* Heavy Machine Gun - 3 tokens

* Missile - 2 Tokens
* Turret Launcher - 2 Tokens
* Mortar - 3 Tokens
* Kinetic Shield - 1 Token
No. 1072960 ID: ed041d
File 169548245732.png - (54.75KB , 829x455 , Mech Build Blank.png )

:HandlerIcon: Pick carefully and get yourself set up, if you want to do this job, we're gonna need something good.

Use this blank sheet to determine loadout, remember you have only 15 tokens currently available.
No. 1072967 ID: a7a180

>Ryu arms
>Rail rifle
>Kinetic shield (Sword arm)

if Ryu parts are a straight upgrade over standard, buy the torso and legs too.
No. 1073169 ID: ed041d
File 169565017922.png - (57.46KB , 829x455 , Mech Build 2.png )

> You have spent 8 Tokens, you have 7 left.

The Mech is outfitted with the Ryu arms, which are not a straight upgrade but more of a sidegrade. The August and Ryu are comparable but ultimately are more cases of speed and armor, the Ryu is lighter but boasts better handling for weaponry, while the August is slightly slower but more defensible.
No. 1073170 ID: ed041d
File 169565024053.png - (81.14KB , 1161x387 , Mech28.png )

The mech mission is loaded, you are deployed in a large tunnel complex.

:HandlerIcon: Good luck down there 637, any last words before our contact cuts off?
No. 1073175 ID: f0963a

Hey, where’s my sword? This shield’s supposed to be a fold down model!
No. 1073268 ID: 86980a

"All's good, let you know what's up with this place in a bit."
No. 1073357 ID: ed041d
File 169582297616.png - (23.38KB , 305x206 , Mech29.png )

You seem to have outfitted the shield onto your left arm. A little late to go back now and swap back.

:PilotIconF: "All's good, let you know what's up with this place in a bit."

:HandlerIcon: Sig- -utting- -rende- --- - luck -637
No. 1073358 ID: ed041d
File 169582304008.png - (22.00KB , 542x220 , Mech30.png )

Radar scans show two paths ahead, Path A is emptier and may be less trouble, but Path B is picking up metallic content. Both should theoretically lead to the Temple Ruins eventually.

Which path do you take?
No. 1073359 ID: 809e5e

Always B closing -- in on your objective.
No. 1073360 ID: 584bc2

Last we checked we could take two items per arm.
B, we went recon to look at stuff.
No. 1073412 ID: 0f383c

Sorry you need an os chip for the sholder mounting upgrade. You better hit the arena after this mission.

Anyway let's go down tunnel B.
No. 1073511 ID: ed041d
File 169599673358.png - (24.58KB , 298x165 , Mech31.png )

You rocket down Route B, opting to investigate the disturbance on your radar systems.

It could be anything down there, anything.
No. 1073512 ID: ed041d
File 169599703769.png - (40.84KB , 610x458 , Mech32.png )

Stopping for a moment you find large structures in the tunnel, you're getting close.

Also off in the distance are a few Box Walkers.

How do you want to handle this? Sneak past? Take them out? What other options could there be?
No. 1073514 ID: 700d7f

Sneaking past is ideal. Otherwise you’ll have to aim carefully to pick them off from a distance.
No. 1073548 ID: 0f383c

The one with the bazooka is a priority.
No. 1073556 ID: 0bf2fd

Recon means staying quiet. If you get into combat, the recon has gone to shit since the moment they know you are there, the moment they know to start moving and changing shit making the recon worthless.

Wait a ways off, take pics and vids of the guards and at least one guard rotation, then backtrack and take the other route.
No. 1073558 ID: 273c18

Try sneaking. We're investigating something so if we make a ruckus before we lay eyes on it, we might get bad intel.
No. 1073823 ID: ed041d
File 169625677163.png - (36.14KB , 595x434 , Mech33.png )

Sticking high you boost past the Walkers and continue on further.
No. 1073824 ID: ed041d
File 169625687063.png - (53.31KB , 389x371 , Mech34.png )

Landing you come upon the ruins excavated out by the Dunaris Monarchy. A large metallic structure with two absolutely massive doors stands before you, below a set of box walkers.

You are making good progress, recovering this data, you can end the job here and return to base, this is further than anyone has gotten before...

Or you could go in further.
No. 1073827 ID: f8083d

You won't recon and sneak farther than a pair of huge doors.
Double back and recon down tunnel A.
No. 1073829 ID: 0fbdcd

This is clearly not further than anyone has gone before, there's some dudes right in front of us!
Kill them with missiles from above and then look for a service entrance near the giant door.
No. 1073830 ID: 3074c8

Wouldn't mess with doors and fighting for an ambiguous recon mission. If we want to go beyond the minimum effort we can check the other path.
No. 1073835 ID: e5c0d9

Try hacking the doors open first.
No. 1073873 ID: 0bf2fd

Absolutely do not fight these guys. This is recon, remember? Don't drop guys unless shit hits the fan. Also remember that the mission would be a wash then too.

Hacking the door is not realistic since these guys are likely trying to do that as well and they may have several days or even weeks of a head start.

Anyway, take pics, vids, and head back to the other path.
No. 1073874 ID: e5709d

You could throw the mission just to see what's inside.

Use your low-level hacking tools to slowly infiltrate the enemy comms. See if they're opening this door any time soon. If they are, consider ambushing them so you can smash and grab the big prize. If not, leave.
No. 1073881 ID: a7a180

Keep going. What's stopping you?
No. 1073997 ID: ed041d
File 169651248877.png - (19.06KB , 202x202 , Mech35.png )

You could continue, but this has been a recon mission and you've avoided combat for a reason. Going further now would jeopardize any progress you made, you plot a return route through tunnel A and head back.

You've completed your mission, you've earned 10 tokens, you now have 18.
No. 1073998 ID: ed041d
File 169651259910.png - (7.19KB , 800x182 , Mech36.png )

You return to your base and garage, the board is empty at the moment.

:HandlerIcon: Good to hear from you again Fox, the ITA likes the footage we have... so the Monarchy uncovered something big down there, those doors are a bit ominous. Well we're not paid to worry, we're paid to get the job done.

What do you want to do now? You can use the Intranet, check the store, find new jobs, or do you want to spend some time outside of your mech?
No. 1073999 ID: f8083d

Get some downtime first.
Then check the jobs, and we'll visit the store for equipment for the chosen job.
No. 1074002 ID: e5709d

Get another mission. Don't take a break until your mech is damaged.
No. 1074006 ID: 0bf2fd

See if Hannibal wants to play some games or go to a bar or something.
No. 1074199 ID: ed041d
File 169668737262.png - (22.18KB , 338x210 , Mech37.png )

You decide to ask Hannibal if he wants to do anything.

:HandlerIcon: I can't 637, our relationship is strictly professional, I have work to cover. If you want company go outside to the rest of the campus.
No. 1074200 ID: ed041d
File 169668762419.png - (59.54KB , 477x345 , Mech38.png )

You open the door from the garage and take a look at the ITA Campus, this was set up in short order mostly using prefab structures. This is where you'll be spending downtime if you're not using the systems available in the garage.

:HandlerIcon: Have fun 637, you have this covered.

There are 4 major buildings, not including helicopter pads off past the fences and walls.

Building A is the Mech-Range, a testing arena built for fine tuning your mech and testing its limitations. Go here if you want to practice at all.

Building B is the Garage, this is where you are currently, you're already familiar with it.

Building C is the bar, this is where Mech Pilots and mercenaries under the ITA's current employ go to relax and get some drinks.

Building D is the barracks, this is where you go to end your day and cycle any missions you may have.

You have options, what do you want to do first?
No. 1074201 ID: 0b594e

C, time to unwind
No. 1074317 ID: a7a180

Bar time!
No. 1074355 ID: 9e0893

Head to building A and train in mech melee combat.
No. 1074445 ID: ed041d
File 169696773981.png - (26.29KB , 338x278 , Mech39.png )

You step into the bar, and find what appears to be a reptillian of some sorts behind the bar, polishing an old glass with a prosthetic hand.

He's staring at you, wondering what you're up to.

What do you say?
No. 1074446 ID: a758c7

“Gimme a drink, bartender.”
No. 1074448 ID: 0b594e

"It's been a long day, I could use a drink"
No. 1074449 ID: 0bf2fd

Sit down, when he asks what you want to drink, tell him to surprise you.
No. 1074565 ID: ed041d
File 169711929360.png - (45.74KB , 357x236 , Mech40.png )

You step up to the bar.

:BartenderMech: Welcome to Union-U, the one stop bar and grill for Mech Pilots. You're a new face... ironic because you're actually showing your face, some pilots around here got this weird "Faceless" complex.


:BartenderMech: See what I mean? What can I get you? We got beer on tap, a few select whiskeys popular among mercs, we've got some Vodka imported recently through ITA lines... or do you just want some water?
No. 1074566 ID: e5709d

"I want fruit juice made from planet-side farms."
Loaded question; you want to know if there's any indication that this planet will be habitable once the fight is over.
No. 1074567 ID: 2c0090

Get me some coffee with whiskey.
Got any rumors, bartender?
No. 1074574 ID: eb7ce4

whos that guy asking for another drink? sounds like he had a bad day
No. 1074577 ID: 4370c0

So, like, the joint only serves pilots? What about logistics personnel? Crewmen? Can the janitorial staff not come in here?

Does this mean he is also a pilot?

Also, that is a pretty snazzy outfit since most bartenders would probably just wear a t-shirt and apron.

Anyway, tell him to surprise you.
No. 1074846 ID: ed041d
File 169746811119.png - (26.90KB , 258x267 , Mech41.png )

:PilotIconF: Do you know if the planet will be habitable after all of this?

:BartenderMech: Was it ever? This place was a dump even in the early days, terraforming never held right. It's only been recently the Monarchy got busy, they got their hands on some fancy super tech and now everyone wants it.

:PilotIconF: Who is that guy complaining? Sounds like he had a bad day.

:BartenderMech: It's about to get a lot worse since I had to cut him off.

:PilotIconF: So does this bar only serve pilots?

:BartenderMech: No we serve everyone, it's just that all ITA related mercenaries come through here since the campus is here. Hence why we became a Pilot's bar. Now are you going to order anything?

:PilotIconF: Surprise Me.

:BartenderMech: Here, have a 250mm shot.

The bartender sets down a small shot glass of an odd bubbling liquid, it seems to fizz heavily. Do you drink it?
No. 1074847 ID: f905c9

Of course, beggars can’t be choosers.
No. 1074881 ID: 99e162

Drink it, he is kinda cute...
No. 1074882 ID: e5709d

Lap it at first to taste if there's some kind of poison.
No. 1074883 ID: 0b594e

Knock it back, then flip the glass and slap it down on the bar like a cool and tough merc would.
No. 1074907 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1074908 ID: 4370c0

Obviously drink it.

Also could we get a sprite with the helmet removed when we have the helmet off? That would be awesome.
No. 1074974 ID: ed041d
File 169764129020.png - (21.27KB , 166x198 , Mech42.png )

You decide to try the 250mm, quite the name on it.

It's a singular shot so you lift it up and down it.
No. 1074975 ID: ed041d
File 169764134521.png - (21.35KB , 166x198 , Mech43.png )

HOLY SHIT THIS THING HAS SOME KICK! If you still had your tail you swear it'd be standing up on end completely fluffed.

:BartenderMech: Want another?
No. 1074979 ID: eb7ce4

take another, irresponsible drinking is COOL
No. 1074980 ID: 0bf2fd

Smack the glass on the counter. Say something like "damn that shit's good!" and then decline another. You should stay (mostly) sober for now.

So, do you have any friends or anything? If not, who else is in the bar? Maybe also ask the bartender about the local happenings (outside of company military shit. you already know that stuff)
No. 1074987 ID: a7a180

Let me enjoy this one first, compadre.
See if anybody at this doesn't look like a pilot.
No. 1075001 ID: c572e3

kind of an unrelated note, but i wonder what we call the type of mechs we use? strike armors? assault suits? modular weapons? something like those
No. 1075012 ID: e5709d

"Did my bust go up a cup?!"
Ask about other mercenaries. Since you might be on opposing sides, is there a special incentive for sparing an opposing merc's life?
No. 1075013 ID: 85c6ae

>no tail
Aw shit, that sucks. What happened? How did you lose it?
No. 1075131 ID: ed041d
File 169780964276.png - (59.11KB , 594x205 , Mech44.png )

You set the shot glass down and opt to stay mostly sober for now. As for friends, you don't have any, least you don't remember any. You ask if there are any other mercs in right now, the Bartender points out 3 at another table talking. You might want to consider talking to them.

They're just called Mechs, nobody ever came up with any fancy names.

Same way you lost your right eye and got scarred. A job gone wrong.
No. 1075132 ID: 0bf2fd

Can you not get a cyber tail?

Also wtf have you done between missions up to this point?
No. 1075133 ID: 0bf2fd

Tbh it needs all the help it can get.
No. 1075135 ID: e5709d

Consider sticking a neural port on your butt. Tail attachment optional.
And yeah, why not install a camera eye or something in the hole.
No. 1075145 ID: a7a180

Sit and talk about your wacky prosthetic ideas.
No. 1075367 ID: ed041d
File 169808106074.png - (37.78KB , 341x196 , Mech45.png )

Replacing parts isn't so easy, you haven't really had time and you just recently underwent some more modification after your lost job cost you that tail.

And what you've done isn't much, you just got onto the planet and opted to establish yourself for the ITA.

Because your brain isn't wired to deal with senses like that, it's like having an extra set of arms, you can't just shoot more guns any more efficiently because your senses only go so far. A replacement tail would be more practical.

You should ask Hannibal about that.

You walk over to the other table.

:PilotIconF: Hello

:LionMechIcon: Hello there, you're new. What is your name?

:PilotIconF: 637 Fox

:LionMechIcon: Bit of a mouthful, what brings you over?
No. 1075654 ID: ed041d
File 169832873775.png - (40.09KB , 471x183 , Mech46.png )

:LionMechIcon: Not much of a talker huh? Well, my name is Leonardo... yeah I get the joke. These two with me are Lupin.

:WolfMechIcon: Hm.

:LionMechIcon: And Tien.

:HawkMechIcon: Don't talk to me.

:LionMechIcon: We're with the Junk Division under Wilson Scrap. You're with Hannibal right? Kowalski Wayne Mercantile, not a bad company to work under if not a bit... deadly.

You can tell that Leonardo has a basic false eye, and that Lupin is clearly boosted in some way. Tien however has no modifications whatsoever at all.

:LionMechIcon: So, why are you working with Hannibal? What are you getting out of this?

That's a good question, you never thought about it and you don't really remember why you joined in the first place... but answering that may make you look like a mindless tool. Do you want to be honest? Or do you want to come up with a reason of some sort? If you do, what is your answer?
No. 1075691 ID: 0bf2fd

Now, if I recall, you said the company owns you and you need to fight to earn your freedom back. You are likely a debt slave. Idk how you forgot this...

Anyway, for now just say you have your reasons.
No. 1075694 ID: 8f9bc4

I mean if it wasn't normal to say you don't remember anything before you started working for Kowalski-Wayne, I'm sure you would remember that.

If nothing else, your company has a good work-to-own program. You did say that if you work with Hannibal, you'll have your own life again in no time. Certainly better than just being owned by someone else indefinitely.
No. 1075695 ID: 0b594e

Talk about your plans for after you get out of debt. How you're going to retire, start a business, and get the coolest tail money can buy.
No. 1075707 ID: 2205c2

From the mortality risk and the frequency of the missions we've done so far it seems we are pretty much in a meat grinder. Which would be quite traumatic for the area's workers to witness. At least from the comment about not wearing our helmet it seems that most pilots take to dissociating from society. Pilots who want to make friends and the most of their short lives or worse think they are 'different' and won't die, probably happen and cause worse trauma. So people might be a bit guarded about you being friends with them.

We should get this conversation back on track while showing we have a mature awareness of our situation and respect their boundaries. By being a weirdo and giving a stilted monolog made up of the answers to every one of their questions in sequential order. Just be honest that we're a bit blank, they've probably already noticed anyway. In general a polished public image shouldn't be our concern, everyone is probably used to pilots being a bit rattled. Just live it.

"My corporate name may be a bit much but it's less cruel to people that way if you get what I mean. You are always free to call me something cuter~. I prefer to get to know those who I am around, wherever I may be. Thank you for the introductions.

I talk off and on, more often on the less side. Under Hannibal, that is correct. Can't say why because I don't remember but the missions I have been getting are my preferred balanced of risk and challenge, so I would judge it as a good choice."
No. 1075952 ID: ed041d
File 169867729798.png - (27.36KB , 199x204 , Mech47.png )

You know that part, but you don't recall how it happened or why you agreed to it. Though Hannibal did say you could work off your debt here, maybe with all the ruins being found?

You don't recall much because the augments you underwent involved some brain surgery, apparently its not impossible to forget stuff from that.

A tail would be good yes.

This isn't entirely a bad idea either.

:PilotIconF: I'm in debt to Kowalski Wayne Mercantile.

:LionMechIcon: Ah, the trading company.

You that you signaled the logo wrong. Too late now, continue.

:PilotIconF: Yes, I have been promised that my work here will get me my life back.

:WolfMechIcon: There may be an opportunity there.

:LionMechIcon: Finally speaking up then Lupin?

:HawkMechIcon: Come on! Fox just got here, are we really going to induct them into this?

:LionMechIcon: We could use an extra gun on hand...
No. 1075953 ID: 8016c1

I’m willing to look into subcontracting, but I do need to know the pay.
No. 1076046 ID: 0b594e

Are they looking for help? Because we could definitely use more work.
No. 1076064 ID: 0bf2fd

Do we? Afaik we are taking a quick rest between sorties. Idk that we really have the time for more work. Plus it could be a breach of contract for us to take it.
No. 1076097 ID: ed041d
File 169884802168.png - (28.45KB , 192x188 , Mech48.png )

Leo's eye starts to glow as he projects an image.

:LionMechIcon: Payment is access to a new Dunaris mech, using technology nobody recognizes.

:PilotIconF: I'm in between sorties, I don't really have time. Plus this may be a breach of contract.

:LionMechIcon: No major breach, we just have access to upcoming jobs. At most you're just being informed ahead of time what our next big job is, we can put it on the board. No trade tokens for this, however a whole mech isn't a bad deal is it?
No. 1076099 ID: 8f9bc4

You're not sure they get it but Clark IV is a dangerous place these days. If their missions ever conflict with the interests of Kowalski-Wayne, they are going to have to do it without any supporting fire. You cannot risk giving the company more leverage over you for a couple of guys you met at a bar. You'll agree to it but only if they have a backup plan should everything go sour and you have to turn them down at the worst possible time. Do they have another mech pilot? You won't feel slighted if they do, you just don't want to get them killed over some false hopes, because you're on a very tight leash right now.

It can go unspoken that if they turn out to be some sort of ragtag band of misfits valiantly fighting evil with giant robots, then you might be willing to risk more as you get to know them better.
No. 1076102 ID: 767c2e

I'm sure they can't give details, but what sort of tech is this mech sporting? Would it mesh well with our combat style?
No. 1076122 ID: 0bf2fd

Patch in Hannibal and let him get the detes.
No. 1076330 ID: ed041d
File 169901987993.png - (46.15KB , 279x271 , Mech49.png )

You point out that this may conflict with KW's interests.

:LionMechIcon: Not a big deal, the corps do have some united interests but if you can't make it the job will probably be taken by somebody else.

:WolfMechIcon: We don't know.

:LionMechIcon: Hence the mission to go get it tomorrow.

You patch in Hannibal.

:HandlerIcon: What is it 637?

You inform him of the details.

:HandlerIcon: Ah, a job. You may get these on occasion, the corps have competing interests yes but the ITA is here to make sure we all play nice. Is this job going to appear on the board tomorrow? If so, not a big deal, KW approves all jobs on our board. We're not the only KW mercs on planet.

Shouldn't be too much trouble then, will you take the job tomorrow?
No. 1076331 ID: eb0a9c

May as well.
No. 1076339 ID: b3eab7

Yeah, let's take the mission as soon as it's approved.
No. 1076362 ID: 8f9bc4

Thank them for offering. You'll be looking forward to seeing what their tricked out mech is capable of.
No. 1076377 ID: 0b594e

Hang on, we forgot to ask what the job actually entails.
No. 1076611 ID: ed041d
File 169928221142.png - (15.66KB , 366x107 , Mech50.png )


You thank them for the job, you'll keep it in mind for tomorrow. However...

You want more information.

:HawkMechIcon: It'll be transported via a secure rail line, we'll be hitting it, we don't know what car it'll be in. When we do find it, one of us will have to get out and pilot it out. It'll be me.

:LionMechIcon: It's first there, Tien, don't forget that.
No. 1076953 ID: ed041d
File 169962564355.png - (59.54KB , 477x345 , Mech38.png )

:LionMechIcon: If that's all, my fellows and I need to head off.

You're left by yourself in the bar, do you want to continue to stay in there? Go to the range? Or do you want to call it for the evening?
No. 1076955 ID: eb0a9c

Range sounds good.
No. 1076956 ID: 1371b2

Go for the new mech grabbing! New toys are always fun.
No. 1076957 ID: ddd376

Range, how are our hit and run tactics?
No. 1076965 ID: 0bf2fd

Check out your social media.
No. 1077186 ID: ed041d
File 169988647840.png - (29.71KB , 290x220 , Mech51.png )

You opt to go to the Mech Range, you enter an observation post and see one of the Mechs speeding about holding a shield.

:GenericMech5: Hey welcome to the range. Do you want to use a practice mech or do you wanna use your own mech? Just looking to test out your skills?

Well at least this individual is friendly. What do you want to do here at the range? You can:
- Run through some trials
- Face a sim opponent
- Practice some basic skills

And you can use your own mech or one of the supplied practice mechs.
No. 1077190 ID: 651c8a

Targets on a train will probably be armed with ranged weapons. We should practice dodging fire, blocking with the shield, and rapidly closing distance for sword strikes.
No. 1077294 ID: 0bf2fd

Chat this guy up. What's their name? How long have they been here? What sort of mech do they tend to favorite? How much action have they seen?
No. 1077431 ID: ed041d
File 170014518064.png - (33.32KB , 283x252 , Mech52.png )

You decide to opt for a high speed sim, it'll take a bit to load in.

You decide to talk to this grunt while waiting.

These are good enough questions.

:GenericMech5: Whoa! A lot of questions, enh judging by your state you've got some more intensive head augmentations, not unusual for this kinda deal. My Name? Call me Johnson for now. The Clarke Conflict has only been going on 2 years but I've been with the ITA for about 10 years now, pay and health plan is pretty good. I prefer heavy builds myself, forget speed when you can just destroy everything in your path with WMDs. As for action, I served 5 years and fought a bunch of border wars on the edge of colonized space, so depending on whether or not you balance conflict per war fought... 3... Smaller battles are way more. Now I'm working in support maintaining ITA facilities.

You think that's enough questions, maybe. Do you have more or do you want to get onto the range?
No. 1077448 ID: de5cb4

Mech time
No. 1077454 ID: 0bf2fd

Seems like a neat guy. Are the facilities equipped for sparring? If so, see if he wants to do that.
No. 1077542 ID: a7a180

Range up!
No. 1077697 ID: ed041d
File 170049716875.png - (45.02KB , 248x331 , Mech53.png )

You ask to get the range ready for hit and run tactics.

:GenericMech5: Okay no problem, got a speedy job tomorrow huh? Light builds work well for this, but a decent medium build isn't a problem.

You offer to spar with him some time.

:GenericMech5: Nah, I'm good, I'm done my piloting days.
No. 1077698 ID: ed041d
File 170049720335.png - (57.55KB , 829x455 , Mech Build Trainer.png )

You look over the Trainer build, this will do for now, it's pretty much even more middling than your August build.
No. 1077699 ID: ed041d
File 170049724759.png - (27.03KB , 267x244 , Mech54.png )

The sim loads up, and a train starts to speed across, various cars having turrets on top.

What is your first move?
No. 1077721 ID: de5cb4

Come in low, then boost up to land on top of a turret.
No. 1077741 ID: 8f9bc4

Yeah, those turrets seem only to have a barrel slot for angling upward.
No. 1077812 ID: eb0a9c

Stop trying to game the simulation. The real thing's going to have more complex turrets.

Test out your evasion and see how long it takes to get a new paint job all over your chest.
No. 1077862 ID: 2fce91

Turret on the left can likely move and shoot very fast. It probably will be used to intercept any projectiles we fire at it.
No. 1077879 ID: ed041d
File 170075649866.png - (43.54KB , 439x336 , Mech55.png )

You boost low and avoid active angles, the Training mech has decent speed.

You boost upwards.
No. 1077880 ID: ed041d
File 170075651539.png - (48.04KB , 262x333 , Mech56.png )

And land on top of the gatling turret, what do you do now?
No. 1077882 ID: a7a180

Crush its skull with your steel-plated thighs.
No. 1077921 ID: 8f9bc4

Point the turret at the other turret?

Depending on how sophisticated this simulation is, all you might be able to do is shoot the other turret, while keeping the one unable to aim at you.

If you can't disable the other turret before it turns towards you, rip out the turret you're sitting on and dodge out of the way of the other one.
No. 1077938 ID: de5cb4

Beam blade to the barrel below you, disabling the gatling turret. Then charge and slash the other turret before it can turn to you.
No. 1078124 ID: ed041d
File 170109990363.png - (57.96KB , 377x346 , Mech57.png )

You charge forward, making use of your mounted beam weapon, slicing through the turrets.

You've handled this, however turrets aren't the only problem a high speed train might have.
No. 1078125 ID: ed041d
File 170109995804.png - (54.13KB , 335x331 , Mech58.png )

The Sim loads in a heavy mech build, the train will be guarded after all.

What is your first move?
No. 1078126 ID: b3eab7

Start with suppressive fire! Can't let the enemy shoot first when there's no cover.
No. 1078154 ID: 8f9bc4

The train itself is cover, with the caveat that you could get dragged under the wheels if you're hanging on the side. Mister Heavy won't shoot through the train they're supposed to be guarding after all. ...probably.
No. 1078180 ID: 0bf2fd

rip a hole in the train to get in cover
No. 1078187 ID: de5cb4

Fire at its optics and duck over the side while it can't see. Can you boost run along the side of the train to get behind it?
No. 1078276 ID: ed041d
File 170128154439.png - (47.00KB , 484x195 , Mech59.png )

Too small a target and would require being in the line of sight, and your boost pack isn't meant for that, you'd need a flight pack or speed pack.

You rip a hole in the roof and angle the metal upwards to block the incoming fire.

It works, though the Heavy Mech still has 2 4 tube missile launchers. What is your next action?
No. 1078286 ID: 8f9bc4

Close in on the mech with your improvised shield. Do it fast before the missles hit, then throw the shield into the path of the missiles. Use the explosion as cover to drop some grenades at your friend's feet. Make like you're going to beam saber them, to keep their eyes off the ground, then boost back before the grenades explode.

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