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File 156125389360.jpg - (1.55MB , 2880x2160 , civq.jpg )
129715 No. 129715 ID: 482fee

Alright so it's been voted back in https://www.strawpoll.me/18101240
that the next sidequest will be a civquest. First one I'm actually running, and the system I got isn't totally done, so I'm gonna shoot some questions about it here. If you wanna answer or chip in your own feedback, feel free.

Also I'm posting whatever I sketch since I'm sick atm, and more of my time is spent doodling on whatever scrap of paper I got and less on the tablet. So here goes.
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No. 129716 ID: 482fee
File 156125397768.png - (1.25MB , 1421x895 , rema.png )

First order: Role playing.Do you guys want it?
This is a two parter as it has to do with a subsystem I'm toying around with.

First, I played some civ games where the players could roleplay some character that was part of the player faction, and it was encouraged so that certain outlandish requests could be done, because the characters would engage in their own narrative that explained why the action was done. Like say someone wanted the player faction to start trade with another nation across the entire map. Normally that wouldn't be possible since the player faction is landlocked and has several neutral/hostile factions in between. Yet through characters playing their part in their own scenario, writing their action as more a short story, they could make something that sounds silly more valid.

Second, the player faction will have a ruling figurehead that the players decide. Eventually they will die, it's the way of Rezan politics. I was going to allow players to make their own persona as part of this faction's family, so they can decide who would replace the family ruler once they die off.

This system is still not done, and I want to know if you folk want me to continue or should I drop it altogether?

If the former, what else should I add?

The pic is some races that are in the setting. In this case what you'd find in Makag family territory.
No. 129719 ID: ae8ec4

It honestly sound pretty great OP. Don't brutally rape us constantly or make it too easy and I'm good.
No. 129734 ID: 482fee
File 156134719938.jpg - (915.26KB , 1789x2297 , 20190609_155457.jpg )

Well that actually brings up my next question. Combat. I was thinking of adding a sort of rps mechanic to fighting so things don't get messed up by a single bad dice roll. Like footsoldiers are strong against ranged who are strong against mounted and so on. Too much detail or should I go for it?

Pic is Rezan half breeds
No. 129741 ID: afe572

Can't really say until we experience it. Just go with what you think is best
No. 129742 ID: afe572

Can't really say until we experience it. Just go with what you think is best
No. 129746 ID: 094652

I'm thinking you could do something similar to XCOM, but since the number of scenarios is limited in range and function, you could add some detailed abilities that wouldn't work in a video game. Similar to how all-player synchronized bullet time doesn't work in multiplayer unless you make things inconvenient - so it's hella awesome for its rarity and only found in single player.

I'd suggest you use minimal basic stats so we don't have to memorize or calculate as many variables (remember, this is a public game, we're not going to spend 45 hours coming up with a targeting solution for one turn that might not even be selected) but add some interesting gameplay mechanics and stats.

Hook us.
No. 131532 ID: 482fee

Okay so after some screw ups, the first thread got deleted, so I had to start over with a new one. For anyone who wants to know, it's now here
No. 131562 ID: 8d62f3

Our character is the equivalent of Bran the Broken in the First Season before everything really went to pot. Since we're playing the incarnation of a supernatural anomaly, we should use modern-day geopolitical strategies and break this game to hell. Any ideas?
No. 131760 ID: 094652

Will Inertia costs eventually decrease with improved government techniques and increased population/popularity, or are we just really hated right now?
No. 131812 ID: 6e6f32

Soooo, It seems casual raiding in a fucking nightmare.
It's partially due to the fact that we've not done it before and don't understand the difficulty or potential reward.

But it's also partially due to how many dimensions are involved.
Summarily: do we raid at all, Who do we raid, Who do we take, and what special instructions are there.
Without all four factors a raid vote is useless.

Maybe we could establish a standard syntax?

Raid Y/N
Target List: Priority 1, 2, 3
Units to use
Special instructions.

so a Raid vote might look like

Don't Raid
Inva, Suza, Arglos
2 Skirmishers, 2 Gulpa
Prioritize razing soft targets

Which would suggest I don't want to raid, but if we do I'd want to have gulpa and skirmishers burning stuff in Inva.

Since all pertinent information is present, if we have a debate and I change my mind about something, I can easily communicate exactly what I want and you don't have to wonder if my new decision implies anything, like "oh, does that mean he's in the Do Raid camp now?"
Also if you allow us to prioritize targets people will feel less need to argue about and constantly change them.
No. 131821 ID: e7c7d3

I do feel like a lot of the stuff we're arguing about will cease once we see how raiding works. There are also a lot of dimensions to raising troops and probably for attacking as well. It's kind of weird how basic input/output decisions are the most difficult in quests, and yet the nuanced decisions like diplomacy are a lot easier.

On that note, one reason that I'm pushing for raiding is that I feel the general consensus among us suggesters is to build up an army and conquering our neighbors, which I believe is absolutely the wrong answer. Since out patron is about trading and has given us a mission all about raising our prosperity (In general and the stat.)So I'm kind of suggesting raiding as a compromise. We will have use for our troops while also gaining spoils to build ourselves up. I do realize that I did not mention any of that in the thread, my mistake in hindsight.
No. 131830 ID: 6e6f32

>It's kind of weird how basic input/output decisions are the most difficult in quests, and yet the nuanced decisions like diplomacy are a lot easier.

Yeah. Nuanced stuff can be role-played and long-term stuff develops a sort of momentum and consensus over time.

Incidental input output? It's fricken nerve-wracking. Despite everyone having effectively same goal, it's impossible to know everyone's personal vision on how to get there. Normally as long as everyone at least tries, a path forward can be extrapolated, but sometimes we don't know what forward is.

I don't know who originally suggested conquest, but this IS a civ game. A little meta to be sure, but conquest is part of it.
I've read several suggestions that seek to take this whole province and then the next, but I suspect the point is to the obtain coastal access quickly. A boon that would facilitate trade greatly.

Also who suggested the Weka Tamo road? It looks like a road is there already lol.
No. 131850 ID: fd2dfa
File 157890169589.png - (402.96KB , 2400x1050 , gormoamhi.png )

Okay so after fiddling around with the ideas of what to do after civgame, I realized that I got the timeline screwed up. I'm going to do Family Business Part 12 next, but that messes with Guk's sidequest as his thing takes place before part 12. So to try and save time I was thinking of running Guk's quest concurrently to the Civ Game. Here's the thing:

Guk's quest is super lewd. It's supposed to be some story from the perspective of the Gormoamhi(pic related) and that means lots of sex, non-con etc. However that's a backdrop to what I'm building up in the overall Family Business story(that I introduced in FBExtra 1.1 and hope to expand on). Because it's super lewd, it means updates will be slower since I can't sketch out the updates anywhere I am like I can with Civgame.

So why run them at the same time? Why not run Guk after? Because I'm afraid at my rate I won't hit FB12 until late 2020 or 2021, I'd like to get in a bit earlier. So my decision I leave to you. Do you want rapey, super lewd Guk, should I stick with Civgame and skip Guk altogether, or screw continuity and run Guk after FB12?

No. 131851 ID: fd2dfa

Will Inertia costs eventually decrease with improved government techniques and increased population/popularity, or are we just really hated right now?
Oh damn how did I not see this question until now?
Inertia costs actually increase. Inertia is basically an abstract number to describe your bureaucracy, the size of it, and how effectively it can get shit done. More complicated policy will cost more inertia because you'll need a bigger army of pencil pushers to get it off the ground. However, as population increases, technology improves, and more improvements are unlocked, you can increase the rate of inertia gain. And if you play it right, you can gain an assload of it every turn.
No. 131853 ID: 6e6f32

Whatever you wanna do is cool with me, but two quests at once is more stressful than one.

Just do whatever sounds the most fun to you, bruh.
No. 131854 ID: 6ee1b4

I think it would be best to do both quests simultaneously, it would allow a reader to choose to skip either if uncomfortable/uninterested with its contents.
No. 131855 ID: 77b912

>105 votes
Okay did someome stuff the ballot box? Or is there something wrong on my end?
No. 131856 ID: fd2dfa

>but two quests at once is more stressful than one.
I dabbled it once, it was tough, but back then my only tool was a mouse. But now that I got a tablet, money, and a little more time I can probably manage. Just need a week or two to figure out a decent update schedule to keep both running at a decent pace(like I ever follow one).

I guess I should put a disclaimer at the head then.

I like to think people are just that hyped to see me make porn.
No. 131859 ID: fd2dfa

Welp for better or worse, Guk's quest is up
If you feel like you need a break from the civ game or whatever, head over here
No. 131865 ID: 9876c4

My continued inability to read the site names is not intended as disrespect for the setting.
No. 131870 ID: fd2dfa

It's fine. Even I get it mixed up when I'm tired.
No. 131898 ID: b1b4f3

Okay what even is a Tovaru?
No. 131902 ID: 9876c4

Is Garit a descendent of the tribal creatures in Gukquest?
No. 131909 ID: fd2dfa

I'll elaborate further when the barracks are repaired, but basically they're the next step in Sagura. They are soldiers with at least a century of experience in real fighting, while Kovatu have at least 5 and venerable ones have had a millenium of battles under their belt.

Descended from them? Yes. Direct descendant? Eh...
No. 131919 ID: fd2dfa

It's as good a place as any. And thanks it's...disturbingly accurate
No. 131920 ID: 9876c4
File 157989973604.jpg - (151.21KB , 629x800 , Steinbeck2.jpg )

Questionable fanart goes here.

A few edits for clarity make me happier with this one.
No. 131939 ID: fd2dfa
File 158027822112.png - (319.77KB , 1555x898 , Gulpa.png )

Alright so I got sick again and the virus has been kicking my ass. One family member gets sick, and it always gets to me last...

I'm making updates during periods when I'm lucid but I'm gonna wait until I can sit upright for more than a half hour before updating Guk Quest or the Civ Game.

In the meantime, here's some Gulpa stuff I did back before I got all pukey. They're basically the Rezan equivalent of Goblins- small, short life expectancy, and all over the place.
No. 132016 ID: 9876c4
File 158108703653.png - (1.05MB , 1100x619 , Guktyson.png )

Persistence is the better part of folly, I guess.
No. 132061 ID: fd2dfa

Of all the quests I've run I'm honestly surprised it's Guk Quest getting fanwork.
No. 132063 ID: 9876c4

All I can say is I find a tribe of unrepentant barbaric gator/aardvark rapists vaguely amusing. Refuge in audacity makes for good memes.
No. 132065 ID: 6e6f32

Since we'll be able to build again in a turn or two, should we start suggesting potential buildings here as we've nearly exhausted the initial list?
No. 132067 ID: fd2dfa

When you fulfill your patron's jobs, they'll grant you more concessions that in turn let's you upgrade your estates into larger cities that have more building availability. However that does seem to be a long way off so building suggestions are appropriate.
No. 132071 ID: 6e6f32

Alright. Is it safe to assume then that structures that provide infrastructure for more self governance such as say a courthouse, and structures that represent an organisation that must be legitimized or chartered by the government say, constabularies, universities, or guilds are off limits?

Library- Probably easy to build, but expensive. Primarily an inertia building. Might also have the benefit of allowing us to revisit old policies we skipped that are still relevant, and look up historical information on families and towns around us before we act.

Exploratory mining- A number of shallow mines are built to assess the mineral content and stone quality of the local area. Rolls and reveals the potential industry output of mines and quarries. Has small chance to reveal strategic or precious resources, artifacts, or something very bad. Initially somewhat easy and cheap, the process is repeatable. Doing so can can only improve the results. Each repeated attempt increases the difficulty and cost, has a small, but compounding prosperity malus, and increases the chances of finding something, be it good or bad.

City Undercroft- like the catacombs beneath the estate, but on a larger scale. A huge digging and construction project that will evolve over time. Massively increases the cities defensiveness, and will occasionally produce kobold pops. Also produces events. Usually bad ones.
Depending on how much control is kept over it, it can significantly or improve or harm prosperity.

School- a Tiny prosperity boon and can be specialized for a modest percent increase to industry, prosperity, or inertia. Multiple can be built but only one of each specialization.

Service Academy- Special school that trains high class and high skill servants and slaves. Creates a market for high quality slaves and creates a hierarchy within the the service class that brings the illusion of prestige and upward mobility. Meant to improve troop availability, and I imagine it would improve prosperity some as well.

Shrine to the God of War - Includes sacrificial alter!

Proving Grounds - A series of outdoor courses and training facilities that teach new recruits the ways of war and wilderness survival. Small boost to Kobold raider and Sagaru combat and siege ability.
No. 132079 ID: fd2dfa

>Is it safe to assume then that structures that provide infrastructure for more self governance such as say a courthouse, and structures that represent an organisation that must be legitimized or chartered by the government say, constabularies, universities, or guilds are off limits?
Sorta? I mean some of those are available with the right policy that breaks the family away from the royalist structure, but some of your suggestions like constabularies could be added with said policies.
No. 132086 ID: 6e6f32

Did it just skip from spring to fall?
No. 132087 ID: fd2dfa

No, Summer is the season for raiding, and last turn was the height of summer. This turn is the transition from summer to fall.
No. 132433 ID: 9876c4
File 158554563733.png - (640.78KB , 1000x1165 , Bunbound.png )

No brakes on the meme train, unfortunately.
No. 132438 ID: e29e4e

This is just getting worse. More like a NOPE train.
No. 132440 ID: 9876c4

So no one gets the wrong idea, I was criticizing my terrible remixes, and not anything in the quest.

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