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File 158908556530.png - (1.43MB , 1137x1479 , PentacleKing4.png )
966089 No. 966089 ID: 6f7a5a

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

A catles is built to protect, from both raider and traitor

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 966090 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158908570409.png - (717.22KB , 657x858 , Pentacle129.png )

Eeyvel stomps across the outer courtyard of Castle Crym
'Do this Eeyfel, do that! ' the acolyte grumbles 'collect the taxes Eeyfel, sort the potions Eeyfel, sweep the ritual chamber Eeyfel, don't fall behind on your studies Eeyfel!'
The Kobold spits in disgust 'Fifth Acolyte, Bleh! More like first slave!'

Eeyfel shakes her head as she continues stomping her way to the fountain 'Why should I warn of escaped prisoners? Eeyfel has her own problems . . .'
No. 966091 ID: b1b4f3

Like what?
No. 966093 ID: cdabe3

we are intrigued

also look out for an angry hydra
No. 966094 ID: 0fae41

Those prisoners encroach on your authority. You won't have a castle to live in if they send it careening down the cliff with their bombs!
No. 966097 ID: 0eb693

Own problems? Explain as you make your way to inform whoever of the prisoners, cause if you don't the Hydra will become one of your own problems.
No. 966098 ID: 99d5e0

Ok, tell us what other things you have to do, besides what you are told.
No. 966104 ID: 89ae2b

The reason you must warn about escaped prisoners is to make those escaped prisoners other people's problem.
No. 966106 ID: 9876c4

I think this reasoning is the most Koboldinous.
No. 966172 ID: 5b0071

Those problems will only multiply if, in abandoning your duty, you are assumed to be helping the prisoners.

If she treats you this poorly as a student, how would she treat you as a criminal?
No. 966183 ID: ed763f

That's crappy bosses in a nutshell, you can expect no reward but if you mess up? Kiss your tail goodbye.
No. 967402 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159009704188.png - (492.66KB , 657x858 , Pentacle130.png )

Eeyfel's words are barely more than a whisper '... deathly problems' the acolyte winces as she lifts her pained arm, still suffering from the merest touch of the plagued unliving creature.

she shudders with the memory, and dreads the future it foretells.
No. 967405 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159009722662.png - (489.12KB , 657x858 , Pentacle131.png )

As dangerous as her emerging affliction might be, the kobold knows that failing her mistress would only yield a worse fate.
the Acolyte glances around the courtyard wary of prying eyes, she actives a hidden rune.
A secret passage opens at the foot of the memorial shrine leading into the darkness.
No. 967407 ID: 0fae41

You'd better get that treated as soon as your errand is complete. It's going to be even more of a hassle serving the duchess's needs with one arm.
No. 967458 ID: 322af8

I suppose we'll just have to see where shes going.
No. 967468 ID: 094652

Let me guess, the Duchess treats your arm as an 'ongoing experiment'.
No. 967480 ID: 10c07d

Near the end of chapter one she was grabbed by an undead and it messed up her arm
No. 967552 ID: e96198

Yeah, just get this done and think about who might be able to help you.
No. 969138 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159156366995.png - (490.23KB , 657x858 , Pentacle132.png )

Eyfel descends the stairs grumbling, frustrated over steps made for creatures with legs too long or numerous.
No. 969139 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159156378574.png - (570.34KB , 657x858 , Pentacle133.png )

Reaching the bottom of the stairs and looking into the gate of the ritual chamber the Acolyte is faced with a tough choice:

A) She enters the chamber and alerts her masters to the current crisis, but risk interrupting a crucial ritual.
B) she waits till they finish, which could take hours and loose precious time resolving the crisis

Eeyfel knows with out a doubt that if she makes the wrong choice she'll be blamed and punished harshly.
No. 969140 ID: 3d369d

Sneak into the chamber, without alerting them, and try to work out if it's something you can interrupt.
No. 969141 ID: 0fae41

Alert them now. Don't give the prisoners time to plot and scheme - Kalez's plotting and scheming must take the position of all pieces into account.
No. 969143 ID: 322af8

A. You'll be in trouble either way but you might as well get in trouble for doing your job.
No. 969144 ID: 9876c4

Right approach
No. 969152 ID: 77e804

Sounds good. Be really careful not to get discovered unnecessarily.
No. 969158 ID: 10c07d

No. 969278 ID: 5b0071

The prison break is time sensitive. They must know.
No. 969283 ID: 35458d

Enter, but have tact. Make sure you show in demeanor that you have dire, time sensitive information. Show proper respects. And do NOT cut off anyone that will be too angry at you.
No. 969405 ID: e96198

A little peek to make sure you're not interrupting wouldn't hurt right? Enter, check, leave if important.
No. 969455 ID: a664e3


Agreed. If you're caught, then stick with A and just tell them what they need to know. If you aren't, then base your choice on what you see.
No. 969456 ID: 094652

Knock on the door until you are ordered to stop. Then explain the situation as quickly as possible.
No. 970672 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159312514413.png - (524.30KB , 657x858 , Pentacle134.png )

Eeyfel tries to quietly open the door, but the activation charm grinds the doors fully open.

three imposing figures turn their attention to the interruption.
No. 970673 ID: 0fae41

State your business. 'The prisoners are escaping, my liege!' Then duck for cover.
No. 970674 ID: 094652

"They blew up the dungeon! How shall we crush them, Commander?"

And yes, duck so hard your tongue licks your brain.
No. 970681 ID: 10c07d

Inform them that the prisoners have escaped and of the explosions.
Also stand your ground firmly so you don’t look like a coward infront of your leaders.
No. 970683 ID: e96198

Ok, never underestimate our masters. They thought of everything, probably.

Apologize and get the news out quick. Tell them what you know. I assume Eeyfel knows that it was the 'heroes' she encountered days prior that have escaped. Explosives were used but they teleported out. Fate of the Warden unknown, caught in the blast.

Yeah, do this but don't be bold. Brace for whatever punishment is coming.
No. 971001 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159348906416.png - (434.35KB , 657x858 , Pentacle135.png )

'You dare disturb my rituals?' High Priestess Kalez hisses, more annoyed by the disrespect than anything else.
'Many apologies Mistress!'the kobold servant pleads 'but the prisoners are escaping mistress!'
Shock and furry fill the rachnid having no better target she vents it upon her minion 'WHAT!? who dares! tell me everything or I'll toss you into a brazier!'

Eeyfel as quickly and clearly as she can manage explains what happened, starting with the guards waking up,moving on to the Hydra running beyond the kobold guards, then encountering the strange wizard that blew up the Hydra and finally finishing with handing over of the strange basket found in the guard mess.

Furious beyond words Kalez can only chatter her chelicerae in a series of seething clicks, she shoves the basket into the hands of her first Acolyte, a vavver named N'Thar.

N'Thar Examines the basket with fascination 'This marking on the top it looks similar to the symbol on Miss Hearth's Flag'
'you think she's involved? ' Oragat the armorer blurts out.
'She might be . . .'N'thar ponders for a moment before addressing Kalez 'If I may Mistress I have some thoughts for a plan of action'

Kalez . . .
A) Punishes Eeyfel for her many failings
B) indulges her adviser and listen's to his plan
C) comes up with her own superior plan
d) something else

No. 971002 ID: 0fae41

C/b: Listen to his plan, then rebuff him with the same plan but better.
No. 971004 ID: 36784c

B) indulges her adviser and listen's to his plan
No. 971005 ID: 9876c4

I think so too.
No. 971006 ID: c44df0

I like this one.
No. 971016 ID: e2dc7c

Punish Eeyful while listening to your adviser's plan
No. 971050 ID: d186fc

A. Toss her into a brazier. Then B.
No. 971056 ID: f20f85

No. 971060 ID: dbd72b

Ya, this. We a petty bitch. Don't punish Eeyfel, this is an emergency, and she made a good call to save you time, and it's hard to find servants who aren't completely useless.
No. 971070 ID: 9876c4

Realistically, punishing Eeyfel could be an important part of the new plan.
No. 971088 ID: 10c07d

A and B, but don’t punish her too much Eeyfels trying her best
No. 971096 ID: 094652

Punishing her for getting the message to you instead of running away or waiting when swift action must be taken will just condition incompetence.

C/D Yell at the advisor to write his plan up on a chalkboard while you come up with a strategy. You'll listen if he can write up with something faster than you.
No. 971112 ID: 322af8

B) Time is right now fleeting, we need to make sure we act fast.
No. 971132 ID: 2e6ecc

D) Have N'thar collab a plan with Eeyfel, though with him mostly planning it out with her making slight edits. Make final touches after.

Also see if we can send a search party/rescue team for the Hydra. Not that we care or anything, just the resources and time put into them would be a serious waste if they truly were killed by a few explosives placed by treacherous, arrogant 'heroes'.
No. 971527 ID: a664e3


B. If we're going to have an advisor, it seems a waste to not at least hear them out.

As for Eeyfel, there are many failings we could punish her for besides interrupting us. However, since she did the right thing by bringing us the information as promptly as she could, perhaps a lighter sentence is in order. Still punish her, as we don't want her to get too comfortable, but nothing overly harsh for this loyal minion.
No. 971596 ID: cdabe3

do this
No. 971648 ID: 4286b4

Tell Eeyfel that she did well, and her reward is... a new set of clothes! She may take what she likes from the castle wardrobe. Of course, this means her current outfit has to go. Go with A and tear apart the clothes under her cloak.
No. 971652 ID: 10c07d

This sounds like a fitting punishment

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