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File 166383398072.png - (940.75KB , 1409x866 , cedarridge1.png )
1044452 No. 1044452 ID: ab70bc

Early autumn is pleasant in Cedar Ridge. Summer's hottest days are behind you and the shade of the Douglas fir trees that blanket the town keep the underbrush cool.

North of the lake that divides the town are sets of woods. Interrupted only by mud roads and storm drains that rarely see use outside of the rainy season. This grove is only a mile from the town's one high school. Frequented by teens and alcoholics alike for bonfire parties that leaves the smell of ash in the air. This far east into Oregon the breeze is warm and sluggish, trapped in by mountain ranges.

From where you stand you can hear when the occasional truck passes through Cedar Ridge's main road. Barely. It helps you keep your facing when you're unsure which way is home.

You are in the north in the outskirts of town.
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No. 1067136 ID: b8d5aa

Where did the feeling come from? Just from seeing the blood? Or was there something else there?
No. 1067143 ID: 156aa1

Share your hard-won wisdumb:

"Beware the pickle jars of the dark."

"Always bring a marker, a flashlight and spare batteries."

"Bleeding purple feels weir (turn the d into a squiggle going down as if the writer fell down while writing, maybe smear some of that purple blood on the wall)"

Consider going to find someone with the medical know-how to check out your wound. Or a flashlight so you can return to the storm drain and read that label.
No. 1067144 ID: e5709d

Check your boobs for signs of superpowers.
No. 1067145 ID: 708905

This but also draw an arrow on the wall pointing up
No. 1067153 ID: 8f9bc4

It was probably just your imagination said the voices in your head.
No. 1067182 ID: ab70bc
File 168862332377.png - (477.79KB , 1470x1304 , Rileyquest 51.png )

> Gullible

Yeah that's nice and easy. Your hand isn't so messed up that you can't write a word.
You slide your pen down the mirror as you drop back to the floor to make a nice, long arrow.

Your hand stings a bit when you flex it and the cut is cold and tingly, but otherwise you feel fine.
It was probably just your imagination.

With your hand cleaned and the bathroom defaced your day feels a bit more normal.
+9 EXP

Bet you forgot EXP was a thing.

There's still some afternoon left to burn, what's the plan? Anything you want to do before the walk home for band practice?
No. 1067183 ID: 273c18

Do something productive or responsible
No. 1067184 ID: e51896

now that it's clean, go and get a bandage from the cashier to cover the wound up. gotta keep that purple goop in your body somehow, errr, i mean, gotta protect it from infecting somehow.
No. 1067185 ID: 82842b

>+9 EXP
Inspect [SWEET LOOT] you can earn from EXP.

Also probably a new bandage, yeah.
No. 1067186 ID: e51896

Oh yeah! good idea. what does gaining exp gives us?
No. 1067187 ID: 02296d

Try to spend that EXP to get more blood, of any color.
Then lick your wound to check if the purple blood taste jam. If it does, you might be turning into a pastry.
No. 1067188 ID: 30b9f6

Live dangerously, go see if you can find those strangers. But be clever and bring an offering. Order a go bag of sticky buns, and add the officer's leftover donut to it.

Say, what made that weird feeling feel so familiar?
No. 1068157 ID: ab70bc
File 168972951958.png - (651.75KB , 1328x1332 , Rileyquest 52.png )

> Do something productive or responsible

Literally no. How much EXP do you have? 22?
-22 EXP for this suggestion

[ You get experience for taking actions that are clever, interesting and/or in character. If your EXP is high you'll get extra options sometimes or I'll let you get away with dumb stuff. ]
No. 1068158 ID: 435f13

Motorboat your own tits.
No. 1068159 ID: ab70bc
File 168972969144.png - (478.94KB , 1245x1294 , Rileyquest 53.png )

Getting some kind of proper bandage sounds smart, your hand isn't bleeding but maybe the sight of it is making you queazy. Washing it was a good idea. You know there are some at home.

You're totally down to hang out with some strangers, most of this town is lame a f. Getting peace offering buns is a good idea.
+23 EXP

Weird. Wasn't there a guy here before? The place is totally empty now.

You could just kinda... hop over there and take some since nobody's stopping you.
No. 1068162 ID: e51896


Hell yeah, lets hop over, get a bandage, and steal some sticky buns for the strangers later

maybe take a $10 bill from the cash register... or maybe a few 1$s, can't take a lot or else they'll realize that their money's been stolen. taking little will make them less suspicious.

and grafitti that poster that says "meat?" by putting in the words "Dick's pulsating" above it.
No. 1068163 ID: b57fea

Hell yeah, also find whatever the weirdest kitchen implement available is and steal that too. Pocketing regular silverware is for chumps, pocketing hand turned grinders and oddly shaped cheesegraters is cool-gal theft.
No. 1068164 ID: e5709d

Check for any obvious cameras first.
Remember to keep your theft budget below $50. Any further and you risk prison.
No. 1068165 ID: 82842b

>Weird. Wasn't there a guy here before? The place is totally empty now.
Uh oh, quick look outside. Are you in The Shadow Realm now?

Perhaps even spooky monsters beyond (or within, but ideally beyond) your mortal comprehension?
No. 1068167 ID: f14228

Self-service it is. Procure buns.
No. 1068193 ID: 273c18


Check for cameras beforehand. So you can flip them off. If you're being recorded don't steal anything but still hop over the counter and nose around.
No. 1068194 ID: 8f9bc4

Contemplate the tantalizing cutlery hanging on the back wall.
No. 1068206 ID: 819b77

Thievery isn't cool unless it's from big box stores. Don't shit where you eat. In this case, right here.

Vandalism and dicks on meat posters are always fun tho.
No. 1068211 ID: a7a180

Check the back to see who's around.
No. 1068213 ID: 09f0dd

No. 1068246 ID: cad2c1


No. 1068259 ID: ab70bc
File 168982466049.png - (194.90KB , 1130x898 , Rileyquest 54.png )

You'll take the middleground: pinch some snacks for bribes and leave the till untouched.
You're not against stealing, but taking money feels wrong.

As far as you can tell nobody is around, it's just you here. And there aren't any cameras anywhere in a town this small.

You could leave some of your $8 for the buns, or save your cash.
No. 1068260 ID: ab70bc
File 168982467879.gif - (25.30KB , 560x560 , rileyquest 55.gif )

Buns get.
No. 1068261 ID: ab70bc
File 168982519227.png - (1.02MB , 1620x1020 , town map.png )

Whenever you're ready to leave you can pick a new location.

1. Graveyard hill
2. Summer camp grounds
3. Old drive-in movie theater
4. Hobo ghost half-pipe
5. Town main
6. School
7. Dick's Diner
8. Suburbs (home)
9. Trailer park

Other locations will open up if you have a reason to go there.
No. 1068262 ID: f14228

Dump a handful of assorted coinage on top of the till and give no shits where they end up from there. Leave it to fate whether you underpaid or tipped.

Then get hoofin'! You got places to be and people to bug before band practice.

Also you never did get food for yourself, so either dip into your new bun stash or scarf down officer noseybutts' leftover donut on the way.
No. 1068263 ID: 82842b

Devour Donut(s), and let's check out the Graveyard...
No. 1068264 ID: f14228

Ah shit, uh, wherever those drifters were likely at, I guess? Is the trailer park a likely place? Seems pretty close by.
No. 1068265 ID: e51896

save the cash for EXP. It's their fault for leaving it out in the open like that.

Forget getting a bandage. if we haven't gotten one at this point, there's no need for one. Cool people don't need bandages and proudly show off their wounds.

where would drifters go at this time of day? my most likely guess is the graveyard, or somewhere in the summercamp. I say summercamp as even if there isn't any drifters there, we can still cause mischief before we have to go home. plus the forest has many hiding places for them to potentially be at for them to hassle the campers, or for us to hassle them.
No. 1068266 ID: bc52e0

Destroy Donut

Then go to the drifters' hangout, maybe Town Main?
No. 1068267 ID: 8f9bc4

> Whenever you're ready to leave you can pick a new location.

Dick's Diner, duh. Hurry up and get over there!
No. 1068347 ID: 44def3

I mean, they would have just trashed whatever they didn't sell, so it's like you're not even stealing really! Except you are doing that and it's rad. Don't pay.

To the trailer park!
No. 1068508 ID: aa56b6

Trailer parks are lame, but cool people hang out in lame places, that's what makes them cool.

Let's go be cool.
No. 1068577 ID: 18c401

Graveyard hill!

Seems the best place to test if we're actually developing some sort of supernatural shit
No. 1070235 ID: ab70bc
File 169205665615.png - (738.13KB , 1479x1320 , Rileyquest 56.png )

You take the buns and don't pay. There aren't any immediate ramifications and that makes it technically legal. Probably.

On the way out you swipe Officer Chucklefuck's last donut for lunch, saving your new sticky buns. It's a shame he wasn't here to stop you.

The walk towards town is boring and uneventful, and by the time you hit the trailer park it's starting to get late. If you want to make it back home in time this is probably the last place you can visit.

Donut good.

No. 1070236 ID: ab70bc
File 169205673415.png - (454.85KB , 1620x1020 , Rileyquest 57.png )

The Pines trailer park is about as generic and boring as it gets. Most of the motorhomes have been here since before you were born. You come here a lot to hang out with Shane who lives in the back.

In total there are thirty to forty trailers all in different states of disrepair. There's a van across from the office building that looks out of place. Probably a good sign on that search for strangers you were specifically warned against doing.

You don't see Shane right now, but he should be home if he isn't hanging out with somebody else.
No. 1070243 ID: f88c45

Shane, he good for backup? Should probably get him on board in case these strangers are actually fucked up.
No. 1070245 ID: 8f9bc4

Haumph that donut.

You want to check out that truck, but you don't want Officer Somebodypants to immediately spot you and start lecturing you about how to live a good life and be happy. Is there anyone watching the van right now? What are people doing around the area?

If you can sneak up, first check if the van has any kind of company decal. Maybe it's some sort of repairman, for whatever the hell there is to repair in derelict trailer parks.

If the truck is just some boring thing, you can always go visit Shane before heading home. He is a total dreamboat after all, and single as of last year!
No. 1070248 ID: d4f740

Looks empty, no one outside... is our exp high enough to do some sneaky streaking?

Nevermind, actually, go see if the strangers are here by checking the van. If they're not there, psee if its unlocked and steal something.
No. 1070249 ID: b57fea

Even if he aint good for backup, two people running splits attention better then one, pick up shane for your cool adventure. If he demurs hit him with the spell of obedience: "No balls?"
No. 1070260 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, convince Shane to join you before you investigate

to get his attention, don't knock on the door, instead, throw small rocks at his window, probably at the room where he sleeps. Would be good to do this if he still lives with his parents and we do this without alerting them. If he lives by himself... throw rocks at his window anyway!
No. 1070287 ID: e51896

One other thing, we should ask Shane about the party and if he's invited, and if not, maybe we can plan on crashing it.
No. 1070291 ID: 048f0e

Yes, rocks good. Throw stuff!
No. 1070384 ID: ab70bc
File 169238996698.png - (214.19KB , 1009x977 , Rileyquest 58.png )

Yeah that sounds like fun. You grab a moderately sized rock and give it a good throw at Shane's window.
No. 1070385 ID: ab70bc
File 169238998119.png - (303.73KB , 1242x710 , Rileyquest 59.png )

The sound of shattering glass echoes through the clearing, the rock lands in the curtain.

"What the fuck?"

Uh oh. That's definitely not Shane.

You have a handful of seconds to find a hiding spot before they come and kick your ass.
No. 1070386 ID: d3bf48

Grab your tail and hide under one of the trailers! They’re raised up off the ground, one nearby has to have bad siding you can squeeze under, or a ramp.
No. 1070388 ID: fb994f

WHOOPS! that didnt go exactly as I thought it would go.

Do this! Who cares if it'll be uncomfortable to squeeze under with your large breasts and your white tanktop might get all muddy lying on your belly, you only got seconds to react!

It'll be well worth the EXP if we can pull off this perfect crime.
No. 1070389 ID: f7f1b0

Whoops. I guess trailer, yeah, unless you see a better spot, or just like, run without abandon into the woods, trying to keep out of line of sight?

Also. Was your INTENT to break Shane's window?
No. 1070391 ID: a7a180

Ready a second rock for self defense.
No. 1070393 ID: 8f9bc4

That was not a moderately sized rock!
No. 1070401 ID: a37f39

Weeeeelllll, on the other hand, this does make up for Shane breaking your skateboard, so...
No. 1070403 ID: e5709d

Remove your bra?
No. 1070422 ID: 2e6672

Put on your best fake shocked expression, and when they come out start screaming in an arbitrary direction "Stop why did you do that!!" When the person comes out, explain to them that you have just laid witness to the criminal fleeing the scene...
No. 1071197 ID: ab70bc
File 169334218867.png - (427.12KB , 1362x750 , Rileyquest 60.png )

That sounded like Katrina: Shane's older sister. You guys have a history and you'd really rather avoid her.
Almost all of the trailers here are settled so you throw yourself under the truck and ready another rock. Just in case.

After a few seconds of walking around in an attempt to find the culprit she gives up and inspects the window. It's honestly a miracle you don't get caught because you're not very well hidden here.

"Who the fuck does this?"

The perfect crime. You're kinda stuck here if you don't want to get caught though. Got a plan?
No. 1071214 ID: 8f9bc4

On the bright side, that weird experience in the bathroom didn't plunge you into a strange parallel mirror world completely devoid of people with only shapeless horrors stalking you in the shadows. Because this is literally the first person you've seen since that happened.

You know except for all those people you weren't paying attention to when you walked over here to the trailer park.

Wait does Katrina count as a shapeless horror?
No. 1071228 ID: b8d5aa

Okay, that's definitely not a stranger. That's a problem, is what that is. You have no idea what just happened. Is there anyone else around you could slide out from under the van and chat up? Maybe someone sticking their head out to see what the commotion is all about?
No. 1071229 ID: 1ca80a

It's time to metal gear solid this shit. Toss your rock to the right of her, behind the house. You can't get distance but while she's inspecting it, you can retreat.
No. 1071230 ID: b4cdf8

Stay hidden, try not to wag your tail too much over the perfect crime.
No. 1071377 ID: 773609

I like this idea.
We could also try throwing something in the bushes over there so it makes noises and she'll think someone is hiding there.

If there are no rocks to throw, throw your pencil (you upgraded to a sharpie after all) or the battery from your gameboy, or your gameboy, or the stickybuns, or a shoe.
No. 1071392 ID: 149ec0

I somehow missed that riley has another rock. Yeah, use that instead of any of our items
No. 1072149 ID: ab70bc
File 169439450646.png - (374.83KB , 1160x879 , Rileyquest 61.png )

Dangerously throwing things is one of your hobbies and it's not difficult to throw a rock in a random direction. It hits a tree and spooks Kat.

"What the fuck. Whoever's fucking doing that had better fucking stop."

When she's finished swearing and goes to investigate you scurry out from your hiding spot.
No. 1072150 ID: ab70bc
File 169439463806.png - (237.89KB , 992x696 , Rileyquest 62.png )

Immediately you bump into a woman leaning out of the van window, she has to look down to look at you.

"Did you just smash a window?"

"What? No. Why would I do that?" You lie, like a liar.

"Oh..." She shuffles around in her seat. "Maybe it was a ghost or something."

"Probably. We have a real ghost problem. It's like the homeless but they're way harder to kick out of your store."

The woman perks up at this, giving you her full attention.
"Seriously? That's what I'm here for-- I'm doing research on paranormal activity." Excitedly she brushes things aside in her cabin, dropping what sounds like empty coffee cups until she finds what she's looking for: a tape recorder. The canine hits the record button and leans out the window. "Doctor Avery Miles, October first nin-"

"Doctor? So you teach about ghosts at college?"

She clears her throat and offers a timid "...No." It's clear you're messing up her recording, but getting to talk about ghosts has her very eager to stay in your good books. "Are you interested in education?"

You cringe as you think about how you recently became a high-school dropout. "...No."

There's an awkward silence before Avery continues speaking into her recorder. "The latest stop on my Oregon tour is Cedar Ridge. Founded in the forties it's the youngest town so far, lacking many usually expected paranormal markers." She's looking down at her lap, reading something you can't see as she talks. "Accompanying today is--"

A pause. The dingo looks back to you, waiting expectantly for a name.
No. 1072151 ID: e51896

"The Mayor of Cedar Ridge!
No. 1072152 ID: 8f9bc4

Cedar Ridge's own highly professional paranormal researcher, Riley Rodriguez. You just got back from reports of a haunted storm drain given to you by a reliable source: the old lady who used to run the town's occult shop. Unfortunately the only paranormal activity turned out to be a hobo camp that certainly had nothing to do with illicit substances of any sort, and a hungry oppossum.

Now you have a question for her, why she thinks she's going to find any paranormal activity in the most boring town in the state, where literally all the ghosts are opossums? Alternately, has she met Debra?
No. 1072160 ID: e5709d

"Two hundred dollars to hire by boobs for a day."
No. 1072165 ID: 1ca80a

The one who's going to crack this supernatural shit! The local expert! Dashing rogue! Excited to finally have something to do! Oh yeah, Riley.
No. 1072170 ID: 322af8

Huh. Didn't expect to see a reference to an old RML character suddenly. Tell her your name is Naz.
No. 1072175 ID: f14228

Your decidedly un-average local teen terror: Riley Rodriguez!

Ghost sightings, huh? You've looked up a few local sites of late, actually. Sadly, the ghosts there seem to have an aversion to getting their ghost hobo butts kicked by yours truly - but hey, maybe they'd feel more up for haunting someone a bit more wimp-- er, sensitive.

Tell her about the spots you've been to. Idly mention that she better bring a flashlight and watch out for the broken glass with goop in it in the cistern. Like, ow. Exploring ain't for the faint of heart.

Ask if SHE has any leads on anything spooky - or just interesting - round these parts. Or is she just out and about hunting at random?

Tip her to "a retired storeowner" (Debra), who will probably happily weave her a yarn or two. Oh and mention that odds are big she'll run into Old Bitey exploring the local dank and lonely places. Say you'll pray for her (lunch), if she does.

(make every effort to avoid specifying who or what Old Bitey is - Debra will for sure be in on that in-joke if this occult researcher comes asking)
No. 1072176 ID: f14228

Oh, and would she like a donut?
No. 1072837 ID: ab70bc
File 169527311409.png - (775.75KB , 1755x1039 , Rileyquest 63.png )

Oh she wants you to talk about ghosts? She's come to the right person.
You introduce yourself as Riley the Cool and ramble off about your experiences today. She's excited at first, but starts to look more worried until you tell her about Bitey and his sandwich theft. Decidedly not a ghost.

"Okay but... have you actually seen any ghosts? Maybe one of your parents owns a haunted bed and breakfast..?" Her leading question is asking for more juicy info.

"Yeah-huh! With my own two eyes." You point back towards the hills beyond the drain pipes. "Up in the woods north of the river."

Doctor Miles flips through notes on her lap, the paper rustling probably isn't very good for the recording. "Was that by the facility?"

It catches you off guard, not many people know about that. "The old lab buildings? Do you know what they're for?" This is information you want to know. "I always figured they were making bombs there or something."

Avery squints, letting you silently know that was a bad suggestion. "No I don't." She doesn't seem to be lying. "I couldn't pull up any records, but the building is as old as the town. I intended to investigate after seeing a few other ghost hot-spots." A polite pause. "Was the ghost inside?" The woman steers the conversation back to ghosts. "What was it like?"

You chew the corner of your mouth, not sure how much information you want to give away immediately. "No, she's out in the woods. Somewhere." A tepid response. "I want to prove I saw it. Debra knows all about this kind of stuff, she used to run the town's biggest occult shop!"

"What happened to it?" She means the ghost.

"Went out of business, I guess ghosts don't have any money." You meant the shop.

She writes down Debra's name. You can tell she has more questions. But you have an opportunity to ask one first.

A reminder of your tasks:
- Fix your Gameboy
- Get to band practice
- Find a way into the party
- Prove ghosts are real
No. 1072838 ID: 99a3ac

Oh hey, so whatever substance got into you after getting cut by that glass could likely be some kind of lab sciency chemical thing. Wouldnt it be cool if you got super powers or something from it later?

Anyways, she seems like she can help us find a ghost, and if not, it'd be fun to lead her on to tease her. Ask if you can help her find her ghost as your searching too, and help introduce her to Debra at a later date. If she needs convincing, let her know you'll guide her around town as you know this town inside and out. Give her your number if she agrees.
No. 1072839 ID: fb8a42

Agreed with the above, but… do we actually have a phone?
No. 1072840 ID: 82842b

But will there be Sexy Ghost/Alien Boys (or Monsters)? Hell yes if so.

Could ask when she intends to check out said Lab, maybe commit some Criiiiiimes too...

Or maybe where she's from?
No. 1072846 ID: 322af8

Tell her she's cute and ask her what she is doing tonight.
No. 1072855 ID: f14228

Lab as old as the town... the 40ies, right? World War 2 era. Your bomb theory wasn't so silly after all!

Hey, as a ghost hunter, does she have any spare batteries for her flashlights 'n such? You're out some for your Gameboy. All this juicy goss you've been dropping has got to be worth something to her, right?

(Let's get ONE of our goals cleared for the day!)

Also, you have band practice, but you could meet up with her somewhere later and show her the facility (/potentially use her 'grown-ass adult/researcher' state as an excuse for breaking and entering) and help her look for that ghost in the woods.

I wonder what this lady would make of the gross tentacle bird thing you heard about at that rock festival... probably she's heard it already.

Eeeh. What are the odds old abandoned ghost-haunted laboratories keep pickle jars?
No. 1072860 ID: 5d8541

Gotta follow the advice of someone named poltergeist
No. 1072861 ID: f2320a

after i cut myself in the ritual circle in the pipe i started bleeding this purple goop it was weird as shit
No. 1072898 ID: af7615

Yeah, I keep thinking of this quest like "girl in normal world tries to find made-up things" and occasionally I'll remember with a jolt that there was some kinda spooky demon that peeked out of our hand
No. 1074010 ID: b8d5aa

Ask if she has any AA batteries in that van of hers.
No. 1074074 ID: ab70bc
File 169656543320.png - (537.58KB , 1342x1245 , Rileyquest 64.png )

If you do have superpowers it's only manifested itself as petty theft and poor conversational skills.

You don't have a phone, but Grant - the person whose sofa you're sleeping on - does. He's rich, dude's even got a car. If you ask him reaaaaal nice you can probably use that later.

>Hit on her
"You're cute, want me to show you around town?"

Avery furrows her brows and looks down at you, then to the recorder. You're messing up her interview.
"No, I'm pretty sure I can find my own way around." In her defense, the town has maybe two places worth visiting. "Aren't you in highschool?"

"Not anymore! Can I at least get your number? You know, in case I see the ghost again."

Avery hesitates, debating whether it's a good idea or not. The prospect of a break in her research overpowers the bad vibes you're giving her and she hands you a strip of paper torn off a fast food bag. It still smells like grease.
Avery's number added to inventory

>You ask for batteries
She rolls her eyes and reaches into the back of her cabin to strips them from a walky-talky, throwing three out the window and into your cleavage.
"There. Now can we please get back to the interview? This is going to be a lot of time wasted editing."
Batteries added to inventory

"You got it sister. Hit me."

"I need evidence of paranormal activity so I can document and study it. My trip can't wait if there's nothing here, I'll only be around for three days." She pauses to give you time to process that information. "If you've seen this ghost before, do you think you could show it to me, capture it, or at least get some kind of hard evidence?"

You would rather avoid going to the labs in the hills if you can help it. Officer Fucknuggets will skin you if he catches you up there again.
But maybe with her help you could finally prove the ghost is real.
No. 1074079 ID: e51896

Give her a thumbs up and a nod. Don't say yes so that your answer isn't recorded in her recorder, because lol.
No. 1074080 ID: 82842b

>You would rather avoid going to the labs in the hills if you can help it
Are there any other places that are Certifiably Haunted As Shit, that you know of?

Besides, as for the lab...
Mr Fucknugget is a nerd anyways.
(Do you actually know where he'd be/what his typical routine is? 1-10 how risky would it be?)
No. 1074085 ID: 259f22

So where are the most likely ghost spots, then? We tried the sewer with... some success? Was that success? Then there's the labs... so, two places, really.

Maybe this ghost hunting professor can give us a lift. And if she's with you when you go poking around the labs, maybe the fuzz will go easy on you if they catch you.
No. 1074086 ID: 273c18

Tell her you can do it if she helps you by distracting the guard.
No. 1074299 ID: 82c3b6

Yeah, her keeping watch at the lab is a good compromise
No. 1074357 ID: 435f13

Agreed you need to get past the guard
No. 1074616 ID: ab70bc
File 169717052350.png - (0.96MB , 1651x1159 , Rileyquest 65.png )

You'd love an excuse to both break rules and get into the weird old labs.
You offer Avery the map you drew in your sketchbook, but she's already pulled out an actual map. You're not sure why but it feels like she's showing off.

"There's a ghost in the lab, I've seen her and I want to catch her. You have cool science stuff right? Like, Ghostbusters or whatever?"

Avery doesn't consider that worth responding to.

"Okay check it. Here's the deal. There are some super old, really dumb rules that you're not supposed to go up there. But like, nobody takes them seriously except one guy. So if we're going up there we're gonna have to be smart about it."

Avery's listening but doesn't seem sure of this conversation's worth.

"There's a path up this way you could drive and nobody will see you," You trace a path from the lake up to the hills just past the park. "you can totally ninja your way in and get all the proof you need. I can meet you there- not tonight, but after that!"

"And you can promise me results?" She's serious about this. Avery doesn't want to spend her ghosthunt time on a goosechase.

"O n e h u n d r e d p e r c e n t."

Avery nods and switches off the tape recorder, tucking it into her front pocket. "I need to write all this down, I can visit the facility alone tonight for testing." There's a pause in the conversation like she's hoping for you to leave but you don't. You can hear somebody angrily picking up glass. "You have my number, but if I need more information where should I find you?"

"In your dreams." You aggressively bat your eyes at her.

Avery closes the window in your face. Ending the conversation.

Worth a shot.

Meet with Avery and Visit the Lab are two things you should do later. You're sure you'll find a way of stumbling back into her.

It's getting late so you should leave for band practice. Unless there's anything you want to do first.
No. 1074618 ID: e51896

Time to leave. It's band practice time...

but first, throw one more rock at Katrina's window for good measure. Then, run!
No. 1074621 ID: 9d6335

To band practice!
No. 1074623 ID: fb8a42

Band practice! And rocks!
No. 1074635 ID: d06299

Text her your address. It's not forward, she asked where to find you! And then off to band practice.
No. 1074642 ID: f2320a

Get a snack and drink before bandpractice no point in being hungry
No. 1074668 ID: 8f9bc4


She just had a donut. Something to drink would probably be good though. slurp pond water
No. 1074823 ID: b8d5aa

Don't throw any more rocks. Is Shane there or not? Guessing not, as only his sister came out. But you could check and see, if you could do so without being suspicious. Which seems unlikely at this point.
No. 1074841 ID: f2320a

A donut is barely anything its literally by volume mostly air its the mass of like a golfball or less but yeah good to get a drink a slushy perhaps or it a slurpie in this universe?
No. 1076375 ID: 5ca6b6


Don't throw rocks - smoke 'em.
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