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File 166383398072.png - (940.75KB , 1409x866 , cedarridge1.png )
1044452 No. 1044452 ID: ab70bc

Early autumn is pleasant in Cedar Ridge. Summer's hottest days are behind you and the shade of the Douglas fir trees that blanket the town keep the underbrush cool.

North of the lake that divides the town are sets of woods. Interrupted only by mud roads and storm drains that rarely see use outside of the rainy season. This grove is only a mile from the town's one high school. Frequented by teens and alcoholics alike for bonfire parties that leaves the smell of ash in the air. This far east into Oregon the breeze is warm and sluggish, trapped in by mountain ranges.

From where you stand you can hear when the occasional truck passes through Cedar Ridge's main road. Barely. It helps you keep your facing when you're unsure which way is home.

You are in the north in the outskirts of town.
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No. 1051385 ID: b6986d

The jacket is already soaking through, you're gonna need to stitch that hand up. Maybe you'll get a gnarly scar.
Possums don't get rabies, dummy.
No. 1051388 ID: 4d59ab

No. 1051390 ID: 00eb4b

Catch possum with your chest
No. 1051393 ID: 30b9f6

Rather than just grab it, you could use your now-already-damaged jacket to bundle 'em up.

Then make a wish in exchange for its release (and the lunch), in the hopes it's like that tale of the wish-granting-fish, only with a possum.

Or, I dunno, bring it to someone who'd want a possum.
No. 1052089 ID: ab70bc
File 167132349488.png - (498.83KB , 2049x1212 , rileyquest 24.png )

Aw man.
You were really hoping it'd be a ghost this time.

You need a minute. You've wasted a lot of time on these ghost hunts and still don't have anything to show for it. Which is kind of a cowabummer.

>Feed the possum
You already fed it your sandwich. It's probably eaten more than you have today. As far as you know possums don't eat GameBoys.

>Catch the possum in the torn jacket
Sure, you could give it a try. He's just lying there.
You should probably give him a name at least, since he's eaten at least three of your lunches.

When you're done here you should report back to Debra the occult rat with your findings. She's on the other side of the woods in the town park.
No. 1052091 ID: ab70bc

Today you need to really should:
- Report back to Debra
She gave you this tip about the ghost, and would want to know it's fake.

- Get some food
The only thing you've eaten is half of a Sinner's Sandwich, which you've now shared with a possum. You're like lunch brothers.

- Prepare for band practice
Later tonight you have band practice with your friends, this is something you might want to prepare for.

Additional bonus tasks and achievements will increase score.

Outside of that you can do whatever you want.
You don't own a car and can't leave town. Traveling between locations passes time. Right now it's early afternoon.
No. 1052093 ID: fb2164

Report to Debra, maybe check out the local graveyard along the way to see if there's any CERTIFIED SPOOKS going on at the time?

Name him Lester.
No. 1052097 ID: 6fb32f

Call it bitey.

And yeah, go see Debra. She might have bandages for our hand
No. 1052101 ID: 8483cf

Debra time! Call it bitey. Lower case b.
No. 1052165 ID: f89136

>you've gotta be cursed or something
Cursed with tig ol' bitties and rockin hips. Balancing on a board must be a bitch.

Possums make fine pets but only really if you raise them. They really aren't aggressive at all though so settle with it being a new fren and give it a pet. WITH YOUR UNCUT HAND.
No. 1052294 ID: 9a2966

Will you even be able to practice band with your hurting hand? (Hey, that rhymed!)
No. 1052303 ID: 58a625

Go see Debra and mooch lunch off her, its only fair after she sent you on yet another wild opossum chase.
No. 1052368 ID: 00eb4b

Eat the possum. Then visit Debra.
No. 1052398 ID: ab70bc
File 167169558530.png - (333.02KB , 673x448 , image.png )


You give bitey a hug.

He does not care, for he has already won.
You can't un-eat the sandwich.
No. 1052399 ID: ab70bc
File 167169561997.png - (260.07KB , 1080x680 , rileyquest 26.png )

As much as the sight of him fills you with RAGE you can't bring yourself to be a jerk to random creatures from town.

He gets to live. Today.

> Head back to Debra

You'll leave him and head back to town for now. Given you've been foiled by bitey three times already, you have no doubt you'll see him again in the future.

Your hand kinda hurts, but you're tough. You can play through it. If anything it'll make you better at playing the drums. All the best drummers are crazy.
No. 1052400 ID: 2e6672

Have you considered picking up bitey, and making a bitey out of him? You could conceivably re-eat your sandwich even if he can't uneat it.
No. 1052401 ID: e51896

>Your hand kinda hurts, but you're tough. You can play through it. If anything it'll make you better at playing the drums. All the best drummers are crazy.

Oh yeah?! Well I don't believe you! Prove it! as you walk back to town, start banging random walls, trees, and other objects like they're drums with your hands in a rhythm.
No. 1052402 ID: 8483cf

How tough are you?
No. 1052410 ID: a2d88b

Oh right, actually disinfect it as soon as you get home.
No. 1052411 ID: d50a7b

What kind of music does your band play anyway? You strike me as a thrashcore kind of person.
No. 1052415 ID: b6986d

You should get stitches when you can. Also rip a strip off your shirt and change the bandage.
No. 1053203 ID: d98cb8

Maybe try and find something else to eat on your way to see Debra? You might make better decisions on a full stomach. Maybe you could even bring something for her too!
No. 1055470 ID: ab70bc
File 167582923916.png - (2.69MB , 1453x1468 , rileyquest 27 Titlecard.png )

It's a pleasant walk through the woods. The mild wind cools you from the heat of the afternoon sun. It's taken about an hour to walk back to town, school will probably end soon if it hasn't already.

The walk is uneventful. With only the occasional burned out bonfire or old campsite to give you something to look at. The sounds of birds and animals running through the underbrush fades back to civilization when you approach town. It's not a strain to hear kids shouting somewhere nearby. The park's grass greets you by cleaning your shoes of dirt from the trail.

> Remove your shirt and change your bandage.

You're not taking your shirt off. Besides, your hand feels fine.
The bleeding has stopped by this point, and as long as you don't disturb the wound it seems happy to sleep.
It only stings when you make a fist.
No. 1055471 ID: ab70bc
File 167582931887.png - (295.02KB , 916x597 , rileyquest 28.png )

Firs grow thick here, the deeper into the woods you get the thicker they become. Kids carve things into them a lot.

The town does some logging, or did some logging? You're not sure. There are a bunch of industrial buildings both in town and the woods you're supposed to stay away from.
No. 1055472 ID: ab70bc
File 167582940954.png - (268.29KB , 1358x955 , rileyquest 29.png )

> Report to Debra

Debra's eating her lunch on the swing. You can usually find her enjoying her time in the park since her shop closed down.

She smiles when she notices you, waiting for you to engage her when you're ready.
No. 1055473 ID: 7b56a0

Push her on the swing! Do it! You know you wanna!
No. 1055476 ID: 8483cf

Push it to the limit!

Then realize you're totally bleeding and it hurts a bit, but that's not important. What's really important is that the sewer urban legend is totally a myth and it's just a possum who's a total jerk.
No. 1055479 ID: e7c7d3

Start off with a hug!
No. 1055480 ID: 15c72a

"I fed your possum again."
No. 1055482 ID: fef0ba

Seconding this. Go high!
No. 1055522 ID: 30b9f6

Nudge her into light motion with your good hand while you speak of your adventure and all its eventful moments. Don't thrust too hard - she's only holding on with one hand, after all.

You can add some slightly more forceful levels of thrust while commenting on feeling a bit like you're chasing ghosts while chasing all these ghosts. Fun and silly times are had, sure, but still - what are the odds you've YET to hit on a genuine phenomenon?

Bemoan dramatically over the fact you're starting to get a little bored with it. The next one - oh, the next one ought be juicy, yes? Juicy-er than fat old bitey stealing your lunch again, at least.

Which, incidentally, if she should happen to have any to spare, you will happily - shamelessly even - accept some in return for services rendered.
No. 1055825 ID: ab70bc
File 167618173160.gif - (262.41KB , 560x425 , swing gif.gif )

You > tell her all about your adventure.
"Hey Debra I fed your dumb possum again." You spare no detail. "He STINKS."

"Oh, you found old Bitey huh? Guess he's taken a liking to you." Debra doesn't rise to your aggression and instead rolls up her lunch bag and pushes it to the side. The name 'Bitey' caught on quick. "Don't you worry about him, he's armless! HA!"

Furious at her awful joke you > Push it to the limit, and throw the old, one-armed lady as high as you can. She weighs so little it's like pushing an empty swing and you immediately fall over.

"Ahoo hoo hoo hoo, that was a good push!" Debra enjoys the swing, her bare feet hit the back of your head when she comes back down.

As far as you've known, Debra has always been a little quirky. It's one of the reasons you get along.

"I have a gift for you!" Once the swing comes to a stop she lets go of the chain and holds out her arm. "Pick a hand!"
No. 1055826 ID: 8483cf

Hold out your right hand, then realize you should have probably held out your left in order to not scare Debra.
No. 1055827 ID: e51896

two can play it this game!

Tell her you don't want to pick the hand, you want to pick the gift that is in her hand! You're not falling for her tricks again
No. 1055828 ID: a69ef2

Obviously hold out both of yours so she's got more of them to let you pick from
No. 1055856 ID: 9a2966

Bring out ol' Lefty the Hefty!
No. 1056011 ID: 58dd24

go ahead and pick the hand that exists, sure.
No. 1056437 ID: ab70bc
File 167675722549.png - (1.69MB , 2147x1536 , rileyquest 31.png )

You stick out both hands like a dumbass in response to her game, asserting your dominance and flaunting your two functional arms. Clearly your power stance is intimidating because she buckles first.

"Hoo hoo. Looks like you win at arms again. I'll get you next time."

You pick the only hand she has, obviously.
"Gimme the goods sister."
Smiling up at you Debra slips her hand into her headdress and pulls out your gift. A permanent marker!

"I heard you lost all your stuff in the move, keep your head up kiddo. Raise hell for me."
No. 1056438 ID: ab70bc
File 167675723985.gif - (10.27KB , 560x315 , Marker.gif )

Now that you have a permanent marker you can write on anything. Anything that can be written on by a permanent marker, anyway.

This town is boring and sorely lacking in style. You've been empowered to fix that.

"If anyone asks where you got it, it wasn't me, you hear?"
Debra winks at you. It's hard to tell because her eyes never open, but you get the message.
No. 1056439 ID: e51896

If we're going to fix this town's look with our permanent marker, we'll need a disguise

Draw a mustache and beard on your face!
No. 1056440 ID: b57fea

Our power to draw goatees and x out the eyes on newspapers and dollar bills just increased 2fold! Quickly, go to the nearest diner that offers those complementary local news fliers that ever diner has and get to work (and also get some lunch)
No. 1056441 ID: 9a2966

Your toolkit has been upgraded like a video game protagonist's.

No window or poster shall escape your mark. Except the ones beneath video cameras, because you don't want to get arrested. Yet.

Any good public bathroom stalls to add funny jokes and 'for a good time call (number of your local nemesis)' messages to?
No. 1056480 ID: fef0ba

Think up a COOL LOGO and tag every window with it. Tell no one it's you, to remain mysterious.
That's a disguise you can't take off.
No. 1056501 ID: 407ea6

Oh nice; sharpies are figuratively worth their weight in gold. Being able to write on (most) anything is handy.
No. 1057662 ID: ab70bc
File 167813711957.png - (250.17KB , 829x816 , rileyquest 32.png )

Instead of being the dumbass this time you draw a face on the back of your hand and use that as a mustache in lieu of your face. You've already learned that lesson the hard way.

"Hoo hoo. That looks good on you!" Debra approves, and claps her single hand against her lap.

> good locations to tag
The entire town is full of great places. Cedar Ridge is mostly wood, made back in the 40s or something. You didn't pay that much attention in history class. The diner, the bank or the church are three large locations that come to mind.
Anything rougher than wood you're gonna need spray paint and you're not cool enough to get that.
You're a particularly big fan of things that are cool. The more trouble you could get into the better - as long as you don't get caught.

Debra notices your hand but doesn't say anything. Looks like your makeshift bandage fell off at some point in the woods. The cut has stopped bleeding thanks to how much it's dried and your hand feels a little tingly. It doesn't hurt unless you touch it.

You like Debra, Debra is cool. She won't narc on you to anyone.
No. 1057663 ID: ab70bc
File 167813717747.png - (1.44MB , 2216x1966 , rileyquest 33.png )

"Cut it on a pickle jar." You show your hand off. "I'm gonna turn into a pickle now."

"Hoo hoo! Pickle Riley. I've never been a pickle before. You'll have to let me know how it is." Her voice is a little strained but excited, she loves a good conversation. "Just make sure to get that cleaned up, we had a terrible problem with a bug going around when you were born."

"I literally cannot get ill. My mitochondria knows kung fu. They'll kick anything that tries to infect me in the butt." You include a long word to make it sound more credible.

"What about last Christmas when you got the flu and needed your father to buy out the entire pharmacy?" Debra cuts you off before you can respond. "What about that fishing trip you got chicken pox and cried for a week straight?"

That shuts you up.

"I heard there's a new girl in town. I think she's supposed to be at the party tomorrow." Debra shuffles her bare feet in the grass and throws you a mercy topic.

"Is she cool?" You ask.

"Oh, don't worry I think you'll like her."

You didn't know there was a party, looks like you weren't invited. [i]This could be something to ask people about.[i]
No. 1057664 ID: ab70bc
File 167813719907.png - (128.06KB , 910x681 , rileyquest 34.png )

It's the early afternoon. The only commitment you have is band practice. Immediately you write this on your arm to really get the message home. If you forget this your friends will be really annoying about it.

Outside of this you can do what you want. Moving passes time.
You can ask Debra a couple of questions, or pass by the school to town.
No. 1057670 ID: 2f40f7

Go to the diner for fries and a shake. Also see if you can find people who were invited to the party and can get you in, or at least other losers you can commiserate with.
No. 1057671 ID: 2d7938

Did you ever get a new skateboard ever since Shane broke it? If so, go home and get it so you can skate around town, and cause graffiti, Jet Set Radio style (but with a sharpie instead of spraypaint, and a skateboard instead of roller skates)
No. 1057677 ID: 9a2966

Ask Debra about Ze Partay before you go. She must know something, surely?

Then hit up the Diner. Food AND toilet-tagging opportunities! That is, food if you have money.

At the very least you could also use the toilet to clean your wound, maybe bum a bandage off of the proprietor?
No. 1057733 ID: 2081ed

This is an excellent set of ideas.
No. 1057871 ID: 6087c5

Diner sounds like a great idea! Also you're probably hungry since you don't have a sandwich anymore. I assume if the ghost hasn't worked out that was supposed to be lunch.

Anyway that's a pretty boss sharpie and it seems like you'll be able to write on a whole lot of stuff, since it managed to write on fur even!
No. 1058426 ID: 68f7c5

What would an old lady know about parties? It's surprising she even knew there was one. Go find some friends to hang out.
No. 1059163 ID: b8d5aa

How far are you from home? Can you clean up, get your skateboard, and have a snack before band practice?

Maybe even find another battery so you can play your Game Boy until then.
No. 1059318 ID: ab70bc
File 167953431564.gif - (550.57KB , 560x315 , debra swing 2.gif )

"So what do you know about this party?"

Debra ignores you for a few seconds and starts swinging thanks to your encouragement.
"Only what I overheard from the sheriff." She barely misses kicking her lunch with each swing.

The mention of the sheriff brings a scowl to your face. Debra either doesn't notice or doesn't mention it. The two of you have a colorful history.

"It's tomorrow? Like, on a Thursday night? Where is it?" You ask the obvious questions.

The rat stops swinging, reaches into her bag and pulls out a sandwich. It looks soggy. A sudden vinegar smell assaults your nose. Placing it on her lap she peers at you through her old eyes.
"I think he said tomorrow. He was planning a trip west to visit family in Sisters this weekend."

That parses. Sheriff Murphy - or Officer Nugget to some of the younger townsfolk - has one of the biggest houses in town. If there was going to be a party it would make sense to have it there.
It would explain why you weren't invited, too.

"Anyone I know going? Shane? Grant?" Maybe a good connection can get you a way in.

She exaggerates a shrug and starts eating lunch. Debra isn't exactly hip with the kids. This isn't the best avenue for information.
No. 1059319 ID: ab70bc
File 167953436203.png - (1.60MB , 2281x1370 , diner.png )

Saying goodbye and leaving the woman to her lunch you head back towards town. It's a good hike from the woods to the river, you don't see any of your friends - though that's probably because you avoid the school you eventually find your way back to the town's main road. Basically everything is here.
Traveling along the main road is a lot quicker than hiking the woods, time won't pass as quickly. Moreso once you get back home and pick up your skateboard.

The road is long and straight. Nature threatens to take it back and ferns tickle your legs on the walk. A truck blares its horn at you, you respond with a double bird flip.

This is the furthest east the town goes, the only thing further than here is the trailer park where Shane lives. You're not entirely sure what's outside town this way, it takes you out into the mountains where not many people live. It's probably lumber yards and the people who work at them.

Back the other way is town proper, where most of the residential areas and shops are. It's easier to keep a low profile here.
DICK'S is a very okay diner. You're not sure who Dick is, but this is Dick's diner. It used to have a novelty sign advertising their cream pies until somebody crashed into it. Between a truck and a novelty sign the truck will always win.
There's a squad car outside. You've been in the back of that thing enough times to recognize it as the sheriff's.

As you approach the building you think you can make him out in the window. Any interaction with him is going to be adversarial. Last chance to bail.
No. 1059323 ID: d98cb8

You're already here, you're hungry, and you haven't done anything wrong today. Head in proudly, and be on good behavior. Officer nuggets can suck an egg.

Anyway it would be a good idea to wash your bite clean, since being a pickle means no more skateboarding. If someone happens to sharpie on the bathroom wall nobody can prove it was you either.
No. 1059324 ID: fb2164

>It used to have a novelty sign advertising their cream pies until somebody crashed into it.
Alas, what a fate...

Definitely do get Creampie'd though, devour it.
...and scope out what CRIMES you can commit while you're there too.
No. 1059327 ID: e51896

>You've been in the back of that thing enough times to recognize it as the sheriff's.

okay, now I gotta know what kinds of fun crimes you got into that got you arrested in the past multiple times
No. 1059347 ID: fef0ba

You should get a cream pie from Dick's, hurr hurr. Also fuck what Officer Friendly thinks, this is America, you can go in a diner if you wanna.
No. 1059548 ID: b8d5aa

Do you have any money for a slice of cream pie at the diner? Or are you only going in there to tag it?
No. 1059597 ID: ab70bc
File 167988872149.png - (793.86KB , 1620x1020 , rileyquest 37.png )

You say hi to the officer.

Suck an egg, this is America biiiitch.

Officer Fuckface is annoyed, but doesn't seem ready to get up from his food.

Washing your hand sounds like a good idea, it's starting to feel a bit itchy. You're resisting the urge to scratch.

You have about $8 in various change. You could probably get one thing from the menu and have change to throw at the back of Sheriff Murphy's head.
No. 1059598 ID: b57fea

You're thinking too short term! Buy an egg sunnyside up (or just an egg if you can convince them to sell you one from the kitchen) and go egg his front door! Also yeah use the bathroom and clean out your cool ADVENTURING SCAR .
No. 1059599 ID: e51896

go wash your hands before the wound gets infected, and steal a roll of toilet paper for later mischief if you can hide it on your person if you can.

what to order, just fries and a small drink if you can afford it. Ask for ketchup packets to save for later.
No. 1059600 ID: 273c18

Apply proper first aid to your wound. Wash it out! Disinfectant is a bit late but can't hurt, put a clean bandage on too.
No. 1059602 ID: fb2164

Clean Wound (This is gonna suck), buy whatever looks best

...and if you dont already have it, try to get ahold of the Sheriff's phone number (then sign him up for a gay dating app with his phone number, he'll keep getting offers via calls til he changes it :V)
No. 1059638 ID: e5709d

...Do you want to get gangbanged?!

Wash your hands, use extra soap, then ask if you can get a shot for rabies.
No. 1059652 ID: b8d5aa

Clean wound, tag bathroom, acquire cream pie.
No. 1059816 ID: 9a2966

Head toilet-wards, wash, disinfect, bum a bandage off of the proprietor if you can and get today's special, whatever it is. Gonna need you some energy if you'll be running from da(d) law.

Make sure to eat up before you bounce any change off of Murphy, in case he decides to take real offense. Can't crash a party at his house if you're in his lock-up!

Also, instead of getting direct on his nerve you could instead just use the awesome power of PEN to grafitti the toilet with a few anti-copaganda messages while you're in there. Just doing your civic duty, really.

'for a very not hot time, call 911'
'teenz rule, cops drool'
'skate for justice, cuz' justice can't skate for shit'

Such and like.
No. 1060572 ID: ab70bc
File 168065742428.png - (620.58KB , 1376x1390 , rileyquest 38.png )

>Graffiti the toilet
The bathroom is as good as ruined. You've got a pen and a motive and a desire to cause destruction. The guy who works here is so sleepy he won't even notice you anyway.
>Clean Wound
You can give it a good wash, sure, but you're going to need to find something to cover it up. A band-aid would be best, but anything that isn't a makeshift rag is nice.

Peeling the surprisingly sticky front door open you grab yourself a menu from the box. You know what they sell here, but sometimes it changes.
No. 1060573 ID: ab70bc
File 168065746078.png - (358.26KB , 1209x1296 , rileyquest 39.png )

>Order Fries and a Drink
Dick's sells a lot of nonsense. There aren't even fries on the menu. You don't even think 'Spotted Dick' is real, somebody included it twice and has sloppily crossed it out with a marker. A shaky hand has written "PANCAKES" in giant letters. There's no price listed for pancakes.

With the amount of money you have right now you could get any one thing on the menu, or something cheap with a coffee.
Ugh. You hate coffee.
No. 1060574 ID: fb2164

One (1) Creampie + Weiners.

And (1) One Spotted Dick, just to enable CHAOS.

>There aren't even fries on the menu.
No. 1060575 ID: a7a180

Menage a trois, por favor!
No. 1060580 ID: ab70bc
File 168065892670.png - (295.49KB , 1209x1296 , rileyquest 40.png )

Before you can finish your selection of Creampies and 'Weiners' you're interrupted.
No. 1060581 ID: ab70bc
File 168065897310.png - (517.78KB , 1444x1401 , rileyquest 41.png )

"Did you lose your jacket?" The sheriff gestures in your general direction from the table. "You look like you're out kissin boys for a living now."

"Yes. Literally all of the boys are under my spell. I'm going to use them to take over this town in a giant boy mob." You aggressively roll your eyes at him. The passive aggression is palpable.

The sheriff gives you a long look as he measures whether taking you in for your stupidity is worth the paperwork. It's a good five seconds, you're on the edge here. You've been arrested before and taking things too far will get you a night in a cell. That means you miss band practice.

He taps the table with a claw to get your attention. He still has half a sugar donut left, based on how much sugar is in the plate it likely wasn't his first.
"Mr and Mrs R. asked me to make sure you weren't sleeping on the streets. You're not camping rough are you?" He speaks slower than he needs to, his frequent pauses dare you to interrupt him. It's a power play.

"No way, I have my own place. I pay rent and everything." You gave Grant $12.50, your Super Nintendo, and a bunch of arcade coupons you got from the Chuck-e-Cheese one town over to sleep in his garage. And you showed your tits to a guy you met at a rock show for a mattress.

"Really? Because I met Denise on the way here and she says you haven't showed up to work for a week." He leans over the table and a bit of donut powder falls from his shirt. "I don't care if you wanna live in a tent in the woods Riley, but don't make the rest of the town worry about you while you do it."

"UuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuUGHHH." You politely voice your disapproval for this line of conversation.

Officer Nuggets cuts your warcry off short with a loud whistle that shocks the old man half asleep at the counter. "Just be careful kid, got a lot of drifters hanging around, I don't want you getting into something."
No. 1060585 ID: b8d5aa

Have you met any of these drifters, or at least seen them? What do you know about them? Ask Officer Nuggets what kind of trouble they've been causing lately.
No. 1060587 ID: 5231fe

Kinda weird he's concerned about us instead of being all like "I got my eye on you, grrrrrr!"

Whateves, Just say "okay dad" and get back to your order...

or wait! We can probably ask him about the party since he doesnt seem too irritated

Afterwards, ask the cashier if they have a bandaid they can give you before you order/eat/leave while showing your awesome wound to them. Im sure they'll give you one from their first aid kit. Would be bad if we cant practice band due to our injury
No. 1060588 ID: 738747

"Officer, I got the whole rest of my youth and these giant funbags to set me up for life. I'll be fine."

Did you forget you have a job? Or is Denise asking for a week-long unpaid 'favor'?
No. 1060591 ID: fb2164

>I don't want you getting into something.
"Are they gonna invite me to their Dark and Broody Satanic Rituals? I hear the punch is to die for..." :V

And dont forget the mandatory "Okay *MOM*"
No. 1060658 ID: 16b7a6

Tell him that if he's worried about you, then he can buy you something to eat, and in return you'll sit in his lap and call him daddy.
No. 1060783 ID: f61d2a

You’ll be fine. You just need some You Time spending your precious youth recklessly and foolhardy.

You know to poke out the eyes of anybody who tries anything. Really, shouldn’t he be more concerned for the drifters? Pity the fools who messes with Riley. And pity the copper picking up her messes.

But just so you know who to ‘avoid’, who these drifting sorts?
No. 1063913 ID: ab70bc
File 168428761971.png - (620.58KB , 1128x787 , Rileyquest 42.png )

You get your wires crossed and burst out 'Okay Mad' instead of either 'mom' or 'dad.' It has a lot of passive aggression behind it so he gets the idea you were going for. The wolf looks at you with pity.

"See it's this kind of attitude problem I'm talking about." He pushes his last donut away, wipes the sugar on his shirt and stamps his finger against the table emphatically. "Even Denise has her limit Rodriguez. You keep slacking off like this and no-one in town will hire you."

"I have a satanic ritual to be in can I go now?" Is the best you can come up with as an excuse to leave. He doesn't let you off the hook that easy.

"If you'd put more effort into school maybe you could've gone to college, Donna got in the town over. That could be you right now."

Holy shit he's not stopping. Distraction isn't working, maybe a normal, responsible person question.
"What kinda drifters? Are they cool? Do they have beards?"

Cutting him off mid-sentence the officer pauses to think before answering the question.
"Just some weirdos, they don't look like truckers or anyone nearby I know." Now missing the donut he kneads the desk with his fist just to have something to do. Must be a slow day on the force.
The lull in conversation promps him to continue. "Had a few reports they were hassling the locals. Just don't get involved, kid. I don't trust you not to hurt yourself." Too late for that, your hand itches on your hip. You'll wash it in the bathroom.

It sounds like unfortunately no beards. That rules out lumberjacks, hobos and pirates. Strangers around here are a totally mixed bag. You've met some cool people and some real creeps. If you plan to meet them you should be cautious.

Optional quests:
- Get into the party
- Graffiti the town
- Meet the strangers

Less optional quest:
- Go to band practice
No. 1063925 ID: e51896

you already cleaned your hand tho? But we can clean it in the bathroom again if you want. Go see if the cashier has a bandage for you in the back before you do anything. Remind them you're a paying customer if they refuse and show them your awesome wound to get your point across

Afterwards, get your Creampie'd Weiners, and lets blow...
...that didn't sound right
No. 1063956 ID: 16b7a6

Oooooh, strangers! Go meet them right away.
No. 1064188 ID: a4d41c

Any responsible food service joint has a wound kit for bandages. Seriously, mediocre chefs cut themselves so often they HAVE to have band-aids.

Let's get some food then go meet strangers, maybe they have money.
No. 1064204 ID: f8083d

How much time left before band practice?
No. 1064449 ID: 22dc53

So who IS Denise, anyway? By all accounts, you could do with a bit more cash. Could be used for better shit for your garage pad, a replacement battery clip or battery, a bandage, something to bribe your way into that party... Generally currency is handy.
No. 1064479 ID: f2320a

first fix up your hand then you can meet weird male truckers in discrete locations
No. 1064597 ID: ab70bc
File 168512745431.png - (537.17KB , 1287x1226 , Rileyquest 43.png )

Creampied Weiners sound pretty good. Probably?

You have about four hours before band practice, it takes around three hours to get from one end of town to the other. But you're not far so you have a couple hours to fuck around.

Your hand hasn't really been cleaned so much as had hoodie and pocket lint rubbed into the wound. Officer Chucklenuts hasn't noticed and you want to avoid the conversation so you're keeping it hidden. You'll clean it as soon as you can dodge this lame ass conversation.

"..you should take your dad's offer to work at the mill, it's not girl's work but I'm sure they can find you a secretary job or something. I'm just saying if you don't start doing something soon you're gonna end up like Debra."

You cut him off there. "What the hell man, Debra's cool; we hang out all the time."

"And what does that say, neither of you are working. Where do you think she is right now? Hanging out in the park, probably."

He's so lame. You used to scream at him but that made things worse, now you just ignore him until he tires himself out.
No. 1064598 ID: ab70bc
File 168512748777.gif - (42.62KB , 560x560 , rileyquest 44.gif )

Before he can continue Cedar Ridge's finest is cut off by a squawk on his radio. There's a list of numbers so garbled in static you can't make them out.

Now seems like a good opportunity to bail on this lame conversation and wash your hand.
No. 1064599 ID: ab70bc
File 168512753920.png - (200.56KB , 1851x1096 , Rileyquest 45.png )

Before you can reach the bathroom he pushes past you to the door and jogs out to his squad car. Whatever the call was must have been serious.
No. 1064600 ID: ab70bc
File 168512756698.png - (197.85KB , 1851x1096 , Rileyquest 46.png )

"This isn't over Rodriguez. We're finishing this conversation."

Leaving his donut on the table Officer Murphy bangs through the door and jogs out to his squad car.

You still have time to taunt him before he drives off. Any suggestions?
No. 1064601 ID: d3bf48

“That cat stuck in a tree isn’t gonna save itself!”
No. 1064602 ID: fb2164

(Flash Him, oops, wrong Taunt...)

Finger and your thumb in the shape of an "L", he lookin' kinda Dumb.

Then go Crash a Party...
No. 1064603 ID: f84b6b

"You have no appreciation for nonconformity in the face of time's grindstone, let me enjoy my life before I am forgotten by time rather than make me change to assuage your anti-community view of the world!"

or, in angsty teen:

"Don't waste your energy, conformist!"
No. 1064605 ID: b8d5aa

Thumb your nose at him. While eating his donut.
No. 1064606 ID: 9a2966

Say the only thing of his you'd see to a finish is his DOUGHY NUTS.

Speaking of, score! Snag his leftover donut, wave it at him, snack it down and then go clean your dang wound (and sticky fingers) before you buy something more wholesome to devour. Maybe first see if you can bum a bandage off of the person behind the counter. Surely they got a first aid kit or something.

Then ponder maybe chatting with them for a bit to see if they've heard anything on the local grapevine about these bums or whatnot. Not like there's a lot of other customers at the moment.
No. 1064607 ID: 146707

Take is donut, and eat it right in front of him. Say "thanks for the snack"
No. 1064609 ID: a7a180

"Well I'm finishing this donut!"
No. 1064611 ID: 273c18

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