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No. 10425 ID: 28e6d5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

For the first time in months, I kicked my own ass into gear and wrote something. Enjoy.


It was a dark, blustery night. The sound of rustling leaves echoed throughout the Forest of Dread in a great symphony, as the crisp night air blew through the dense foliage. Deep within the maze of vegetative overgrowth, a massive fortress loomed, formed out of jagged stone which menaced with spikes of obsidian. Wind beat mercilessly against the fortress walls as the full moon shone brightly overhead, bathing the land in dull blue light. Somewhere within that hell of stone among the trees, a lone soul lay in bed, staring out at the radiant moon in silent dejection.

Mudy groaned as he turned in his bed, forcing his eyes away from the moonlight shining in through his window. It was the middle of the night, he was exhausted, and yet he couldn't get himself to sleep. No matter how much he tossed, turned, or counted sheep, his mind refused to grant him the sweet grace of the land of dreams. "Come on..." he thought to himself, nuzzling his cheek against his pillow as he forced his eyes shut for the some-dozenth time. "Sleep...sleeeep.....sleeeeeeeeeeep! Come on!"

Mudy's eyes bolted open as a light creaking sound filled his ears. The door to his room was slowly opening. Turning his head towards it, Mudy stared in horror as the door swung open, revealing a dark figure standing over the threshold. Mudy remained absolutely still, daring not to move a single muscle, lest it incite the figure into lunging at him and tearing him limb from limb.

"Mudy...?" the figure said in a faint, feminine voice.

Mudy's horror instantly disappeared, replaced with surprise. "...Raital?" he dared to whisper into the darkness.

The figure slowly approached the side of Mudy's bed, stepping into the path of a trail of moonlight. The pale blue light illuminated
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 100333 ID: 495ff6

That is some hardcore gravedigging
No. 100385 ID: b17b81

Was wondering why this had popped up.

It's a shame he's gone really, I liked Reaver's works a fair bit.
No. 100460 ID: 9f3729

Same. He left before I got here, but I know he's doing original content doujins on tumblr now though, so he's doing aight.
No. 100519 ID: 99a64d

Do you have a link to that?
No. 100520 ID: b17b81


He was just doing individual(no comics or series) trap/messy art last time I saw it and that's not really my thing. Will be neat to read whats been up since then.

File 153203382632.png - (515.11KB , 996x996 , Discussion.png )
124297 No. 124297 ID: 40232e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hello, Hi, Yes. Important things to be discussed.

Firstly, an Introduction. I am referred to, at least here, as Ozaenin. I have a bad habit of not completing quests I make, exception of my last one, Clownquest. During that time I've gone by Nautilus, Warden, Spook, So on and so forth.

I am the creator of:
Pumpkinquest (Didn't see that one coming didja)
Room Quest
Clown Quest

It's nice to meet you. Again.
59 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126815 ID: 40232e
File 154484672196.png - (202.89KB , 1196x1196 , Part II.png )

No. 126816 ID: 40232e
File 154484675181.png - (504.53KB , 1196x1196 , Part III.png )

No. 126817 ID: 40232e

>So what's happening with spookquest?

I'll be honest, spookquest is one of my favorites that I do on here.


It is also completely



Exhausting to work on.

I enjoy it! But after some time it starts to feel like a very large amount of hassle. I've decided to take a break from Spookquest. Not to worry, your friends are all fine, and I'll likely visit them again. But for now? Something dumb, fun, and silly.

Something more in line with the original Nautquest.
No. 126819 ID: 5aeb11
File 154485716424.png - (617.31KB , 1093x819 , 4E809EC6-268F-4872-997E-9072F24FFA23.png )

Welcome back, don’t know if you ever saw this from a while ago, but have some fan art of you as Cegorach, laughing god of the Eldar.
No. 126825 ID: d18b05

Excited to see what comes of clowning around!

File 136312813701.png - (260.45KB , 700x700 , ITQ8.png )
68983 No. 68983 ID: 064752 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

VII has hit 1000+ posts, so time for a new ITQ!

Previous threads, latest to oldest:
889 posts and 237 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 76576 ID: 36e6ae

Hey Deem, ever anger any sky deities, Alicorns or poke a rocket in the Moonman's eye?
No. 76577 ID: ea4924

Up until this morning Hok's time, Tin took nearly all of it to cover the risk of Iron Cove or someone else who he pissed off coming around and ruining the place. I assume the rest went towards various equipment, food, emergency money, and the like.
No. 76579 ID: 7bbaae

Hok has apparently stolen a ridiculous amount of money from a ridiculous number of people, though. Tin certainly didn't secure vast quantities of wealth for the Iron Cove by hiring Hok. So where'd it all go? Hidden somewhere perhaps?
No. 76580 ID: 2f2cd6

I'd assume he blows through it almost as quickly as he gather it. Criminal enterprises, worthy causes, explosions... it eats up the zenny! And there's not much pressure to hold onto it if he's confident he can get more.

Although I suppose he might have some caches somewhere?

Another question for Hok: what do you think about the Asteroid's other super-thieves? Whiskers, for instance? Ever had a run in?
No. 76779 ID: 1f8505

Methinks this thread is over now.

File 137033099727.png - (253.14KB , 800x600 , dis.png )
71156 No. 71156 ID: 5a5dd4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Comments, criticisms, questions and discussion of the quest with the monopoly on limping bat-girls, FLYING FUCKs, and four-armed librarians.

And I might post some concept stuff in here at some point, if I feel like it.
123 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 79270 ID: e607cd

Tunnel Snakes rule
No. 88438 ID: b3bfb0

will this ever come back?
No. 126786 ID: b1b4f3

The word is no: Limebreaker refuses to spend effort on art that he's not being paid for, now that he's drawing for a living.
No. 126790 ID: e1d580

Why did you reply to a three year old post
No. 126793 ID: b1b4f3

The thread got bumped by a spammer and I didn't look closely enough at the date.

File 154345741343.jpg - (462.28KB , 2412x690 , newsletter-signup-mistborn-logo.jpg )
126596 No. 126596 ID: 470289 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Discussion thread for Mistborn Quest. Please try to spoil anything that would ruin the climaxes of the original Mistborn books or their sequels, and anything that relates to the cosmere and might ruin those books climaxes’ as well.

Spoilers: Put your heavy spoilers in the following brackets ‘[spoiler] [spoiler]’ and add a ‘/’ before the s in the second ‘[s]’.

Otherwise have fun with the Quest!
No. 126597 ID: df5c09

I think you omitted a "not" in your post after "please try." Might wanna delete and repost with that fixed while you still can.
No. 126601 ID: 470289

By 'spoil' I meant put things in spoilers. I think the context makes it clear, but it was a poor wording.

To be clear, if you want to talk spoilers, put them in spoiler brackets.

Deleting it would require me to bother a mod again, So hopefully common sense lets people understand what I meant.
No. 126623 ID: 9fcd43

I'm excited for this! I zoomed as soon as I saw "mistborn." Which era are these gonna be in?
No. 126625 ID: 470289

Era 1
No. 126770 ID: 9fcd43

Ohh man, what a gorgeous painting for the story's first update!

File 153384354859.png - (1.24MB , 957x912 , fls.png )
124734 No. 124734 ID: 5ddaa1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

For anyone looking to discuss Last Spark, here would be the place. I'll also try to answer people's questions as they come up.
64 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126580 ID: 5f089f

This is still a Vault that had a human staff, so it would be reasonable for it to have had PipBoys and the software for their maintenance. And being a Vault meant for producing results instead of being just an experiment in itself, I'd expect the place to be better equipped than the other Vaults, especially as the Army intended for this to be a military experimental Vault with FEV.
We should still check the Vault mainframe for VATS and any PipBoy updates that are available.
And also spare PipBoys; have a group of Metro defenders equipped with PipBoys using VATS would make them much more effective.
No. 126598 ID: 06095b
File 154345919936.png - (6.46KB , 190x190 , Deep_Sleep.png )


The Vault would indeed have conventional Pip Boys with VATS included. Whether Jeremy will be happy to part with some or how many is something only time will tell, but we'll pick back up at the Vault next chapter to tackle some of those dangling threads.


Whether you want to try to achieve air superiority before the battle is a good question. Just keep in mind that the garage is fairly far away, and any plan to try to access that resource immediately will have to make clever use of SARA's resources.

Anyway, I'll get back to writing as soon as I can. Still just catching my breath from the holidays and work is speeding up the tempo to try to get everything done before Christmas time. It's going to be a hectic next month or so, but I'll at least try to get something out this coming weekend.
No. 126607 ID: 600bc3

Thanks for the heads up, bananon.

We probably won’t be able to use the plane in this fight, as we don’t know how to fly it (unless we have piloting files tucked away somewhere), but there might be other useful items, like a chemistry workstation and weapons.

Our Assaultron is currently at the RobCo repair hub, but it would be great if we could buy another Assaultron or Sentry Bot from the Brotherhood; we need to be on the lookout for stuff we can sell to them for more items like that.
No. 126615 ID: 080aaf

Air superiority would mean dealing with the thunderbird, and possibly the Valkyries, first. That's a hornet's nest we don't have to kick yet. The Lurkers lack a motor pool entirely, thanks to us. Plus, we're almost out of time! Maybe our Metro body has time for one more mission, but our Vault party needs to haul ass to get back in time to help prepare.
No. 126637 ID: 06095b
File 154380436099.jpg - (617.49KB , 1522x937 , Vault_112_TQ.jpg )



File 127224107030.png - (23.88KB , 600x600 , Discussion.png )
14807 No. 14807 ID: 35cea2 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A new discussion thread for any of my works, since the old one is getting WAY too huge.
536 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 68621 ID: f922dd

Addenda: this is based upon the 4 years training figure that I dug up out of the earlier threads. If some factor's changed that number, the math'd have to be redone.
No. 68648 ID: 370c40

It might be 8x acceleration without taking the 6 month reduction into account, so just 6 months. That wouldn't be a huge difference, though.

So implants should still be on our short list of things to research, but we might want to find out what breaker navy/plasma weapons unlocks, since that's probably some kind of naval offensive or defensive tech and we could use something to give us a little more edge against the breakers in space. We need to build up a force capable of freeing the Individual's homeworld, so something capable of taking on 3 Breaker Capital ships, and 10 Escort ships without taking major losses. If we can do that, we can provide the Individual with military tech it can use to hold off the Breakers while we build up ourselves and the Galts. Also the Individual mentioned something about 'Splinter-like' aliens who were 'supernatural' and we might want to track down a couple of those for capture purposes. There is other stuff related to magic on the tech tree we can't access yet that could be very useful against the supernatural worshippers of Totus, and the Individual implied that they had been part of the conflict that ended in it being conquered.

Also gonna dump a bunch of random RP costs for various things here for easy reference.

Massive buildings(DOES include Interplanetary Cannons)40 RP, although Ed said 30 RP the other day? Basing the 40 on the original mention of massive buildings after researching Large Buildings.

Drone Starships that could be used to scout: 35 RP

Stealth Diplomat Ship(Stealth is risky):90 RP

Mobile Orbital Factories: 50 RP

Dryad and Gester Power Armor(so we could train them as Power Troopers): 8 RP each
No. 80551 ID: ecd0ab

is Ed dead
No. 80554 ID: 2c6ff1

I haven't seen him in quite some time...

I was considering making a java app that would calculate stuff for The Icon but I was delayed for quite some time because I didn't know how to make a GUI. I think I might be able to manage it now but if Ed isn't interested in questing anymore there's no point.
No. 126630 ID: 978ff6

Miss you, Ed! I love your quests. Hope you come back some day. <3

File 154205525955.png - (245.50KB , 600x600 , ama1.png )
126453 No. 126453 ID: 986b2d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

No items phone doodles only final destination ok so heres how this is gonna work.

You guys are gonna ask me a buncha questions about my quests or myself etc and im gonna draw panels for my answers as fast as humanly possible. Lets go lets do it. Ill also be accepting questions via my curiouscat here: https://curiouscat.me/quietcrisis all curiouscat answers will be cross posted here
No. 126454 ID: b93f46

Opinion on cats? Crucial
No. 126455 ID: 986b2d
File 154205779151.png - (119.24KB , 600x600 , ama2.png )

Cats......I love cats but it is a forbidden love because my father is allergic and if I got a cat he'd never speak to me again
No. 126476 ID: fbc0a3

Dang, I'm sorry, I don't check the discussions page enough.

File 151562653209.png - (139.71KB , 800x800 , xqdisthread.png )
119482 No. 119482 ID: ed67d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Discussion of XenoQuest here! With a focus on the NEW VERSION, woo.

Quest: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/852936.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/XenoQuest
239 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 122728 ID: 86564f

Also, I just noticed something crazy.




They literally sound so similiar I think the europeans ripped it off of the Greek word, made minor changes, and said "Yep, completely original"
No. 122732 ID: 91ee5f

There’s also Zealous: having or showing zeal.
No. 122737 ID: 56ef14

"Zealous" is straight from Greek; "jealous" is via Latin and French. This kind of thing happens a lot in English.
No. 126470 ID: 770875

so are there gonna be updates at all?
just curious.
No. 126473 ID: 05ff2f

They'll probably be sporadic for the foreseeable future since Raptie's got a lot of other stuff on her plate right now. As far as I know she's working on her own webcomic, doing coloring and shading for Out of Placers as well as commission work. That doesn't leave much time for quests, I figure.

File 154061314843.png - (264.89KB , 1200x800 , OP-BiMice.png )
126196 No. 126196 ID: bfb318 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Ass Day, starting with the main Moot Point cast by Toxoglossa.

Previous days:
25 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126327 ID: eeb7d9

I can relate to this picture.
No. 126328 ID: 91ee5f

I knew it! He does have feminine curves! XD

>picture in book
Roland, did you let Vol write that in there? Or did you find Vol’s secret stash of demonic porn?
No. 126348 ID: 5a5548
File 154130060329.png - (856.80KB , 1500x1500 , skaadi ass.png )

Skaadikl'ekl'lokomak and Mother are from Skin Crawler, as well as Skin Crawler HD Remix.
No. 126418 ID: 2474dd
File 154164501345.jpg - (304.92KB , 640x720 , RedAssDay2018.jpg )

Attempting a bit of Agent Red (from Spooky Date Quest) for ass day.
No. 126452 ID: c914a9

I absolutely love the amount of fluffy tails in this

File 148160211009.jpg - (43.21KB , 593x389 , cover.jpg )
106446 No. 106446 ID: b9aa79 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/765391.html
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Please_do_not_Take_these_Organs
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4587981

For all our discussion needs
1659 posts and 54 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 116084 ID: d22dc0

Obviously this isn't a perfect metaphor, given how different this is from a pen and paper tabletop RPG, but let's say a level 9 warrior have 100 health- a critical hit guarantees you do damage, but 2d8+2 still isn't that much off the top as compared to say, 1d8+2. Clearly this is still a social encounter, and the dice system works a bit differently, but it makes sense to me that a single crit doesn't instantly solve everything- just diffuses the results of Vos fumbling a roll, and putting cap on edge. Maru is currently waiting on Viste to make the decisions as to how to proceed; if she were in charge she probably would have tried to cut off his leg so he can't run away anymore, and hauled him back to the ship to get locked in a dark box where no one can see or talk to him. Her little speech was really more for herself, and everyone else than for cap- even if you don't like what's going on, trust that the boss- Davina, and Viste as an extension of Davina's will, are handling the situation, and don't make any stupid decisions, no matter how much you want to kill the guy in front of you and wipe your hands of this whole mess. She's telling herself and Vos that they should trust Viste, and telling Viste that she's upset, but she's doing her best to keep it in check and let her handle it instead of subverting her authority and forcing her to manage cap and 3 other people.
No. 116124 ID: d36af7

He asked what you want. Maybe try telling him what you want, at least with regard to his own immediate behavior?
No. 116127 ID: 3abd97

>Maru is currently waiting on Viste to make the decisions as to how to proceed
>Maybe try telling him what you want
Ah. Clear, detailed, non-cryptic orders.

The enemy of taciturn, enigmatic alter egos the world over.
No. 116128 ID: d4a844

I don't know about Davina/Viste, but Maru wants him dead. Hence her waiting for orders.

I would imagine we want him to come back to the ship peacefully, but honestly? It doesn't seem like a good idea to keep carrying him around, too much risk compared to the reward. We've seen the captain would be capable, under the right circumstances, of executing everyone on the ship and stealing it. The sorceress, if given the choice, would probably not be sentimental enough to turn down such an opportunity. Not sure what the boss thinks but Maru is skeptical that there's something worthwhile to risk keeping him around
No. 116130 ID: d36af7


File 154060721621.jpg - (439.25KB , 640x720 , HalloweenTitle.jpg )
126192 No. 126192 ID: 2474dd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey guys, did ya know ol’ Dr. Lilly has her own derelict-style mansion to host wacky Halloween parties outta? ‘Course I do! All mad scientists do.

So since Halloween’s been kinda quiet, I thought I’d jazz it up a little by invit’n ya to my LILLIVITALALIZING HALLOWEEN EXPERIME – EXPERIENCE!


See, y’all seem to be kinda stuck for Halloween costumes and activities so I thought I’d help ya out. I even got Clay to stop being such a stick in the mud n’ join in.

Don’t mind the decorations. I mean, they’re spooky an’ kinda frighteningly realistic but they’re harmless. An’ fragile. Don’t go bash’n dem.

So anyhow, everyone loves Halloween ‘cause it’s spooky AND because they get to pretend to be someone they ain’t, right?

26 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126288 ID: 91ee5f

Roland is gonna be high as fuck! XD
No. 126296 ID: 70be57
File 154101547683.jpg - (1.41MB , 2191x1458 , BB 118.jpg )

Dervan: This costume doesn't fit me at all, I am not a girl and this mask over my face just looks ridiculous!

Fortune Ana: Hey, you were the closest thing to the devil that we know. So in a way, that custom fits you!

Laura: Besides it is a fun celebrating holidays with others, seeing all the interesting, creative costumes and people who wear them

No. 126329 ID: 2474dd
File 154121841827.jpg - (306.88KB , 640x720 , Futuristic Tentacle Slasher Spike.jpg )

Spike: A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior!

Kitty: And are you fe-

Spike: NOPE!

Kitty: God. Dammit. Spike.

Spike: Ima gonna eat a candy!
No. 126330 ID: 2474dd
File 154122203364.jpg - (161.52KB , 640x720 , PantyGetSpike.jpg )

Spike eats an Anon 44-Flavour Bean!

** PANTY GET! **

He eats MANY Anon 44-Flavour Beans!

** PANTY GET! **
** PANTY GET! **
** PANTY GET! **

He probably ate ALL the Anon 44-Flavour Beans!

** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **

God dammit, Spike.
No. 126332 ID: 2474dd
File 154122357054.jpg - (165.61KB , 640x720 , MeanwhileWithPantyNinja.jpg )

Meanwhile in other quest...

File 149344266248.jpg - (101.56KB , 674x1000 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__38650c84ba1f6721f0.jpg )
111249 No. 111249 ID: 68b0a8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hi guys. Discuss your plans for/opinions of wrong side of morning here. If you have questions or suggestions then post them here.
Pic related: Ray's mother.
23 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 114345 ID: 5b93d3

I'd like to see it continue. Moving the current thread out of the graveyard makes more sense than starting a new one.
No. 114437 ID: 31fd44

Good to hear! How would I go about doing that though?
No. 114444 ID: 5b93d3

Either message a mod on IRC, or 'report' the post asking for it to be resurrected.
No. 114548 ID: ffbc52

Ok! Reported thread, now we wait.
No. 114884 ID: bcfb0f

We're officially back in business!

File 153394890650.gif - (20.31KB , 768x432 , g52LgVtNctIeJfOaNinKoHYe3DZWrRpM8l76gA.gif )
124748 No. 124748 ID: 04df57 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This thread is for long-term planning, theories, or really anything that isn't a suggestion or directed at Morgan.

This is my first quest, so feedback is appreciated!
I am also willing to answer questions. Speaking of which, the answer to "Who are the suggesters?" is long overdue.

The suggesters are a race of beings known as the Busaskan Kinter. Your species shared its planet of origin with a close relative, the Castemor Kinter. In general, the Castemor Kinter didn't get along very well with other species, including yours. Unfortunately for you, the Humans, and quite a few other species, the Castemor Kinter acquired technology first and proceeded to enslave or exterminate any other sentient race they encountered. And so, here you are, a small group of Busaskun Kinter bug testing Macrocosm Production's newest game before it hits the market.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126007 ID: b1b4f3

Updating more regularly could help encourage participation?

Also note there were a decent number of suggestions when shopping, so there is some interest. At the moment the fight we're in looks pretty straightforward so there's probably not gonna be much excitement about it. We're still kindof grinding for exp right now, aren't we?
No. 126008 ID: afdebc

I'm not sure making sure we have a map is necessarily the important thing (Maze Quest, after all, implies one of the challenges should be navigation).

It sort of feels too early in the quest to make meaningful constructive criticism, at least for me. Not enough data point, or distance to see how decisions or stylistic choices play out (which might be frustrating to hear since it's been months irl).

I did really like the bit where Morgan reached out and asked us to teach her how to play some of the games we were talking about.
No. 126116 ID: e8b597

>Overly complicated mechanics
Yeah, I may have gone a bit overboard with some of the mechanics. Ill try to simplify them where I can and keep things organized.

>More regular updates
Unfortunately, more regular updates are off the table at the moment. I am trying to fit more updates into the same time period, but with how long they can take to make, that isn't exactly providing astonishing results.

>I did really like the bit where Morgan reached out and asked us to teach her how to play some of the games we were talking about.
Thank you. Speaking of which, should the game take place on screen or off? (I know that so far we haven't had an "off screen", but we will eventually.)

So far the plot hasn't gone where I had initially expected, but I have a few things planned to keep it moving.

Thanks for all the feedback.
No. 126147 ID: afdebc

>Speaking of which, should the game take place on screen or off?
Doing (part of) the game onscreen could be fine, though you probably want to timeskip over the intro so we're not typing the rules to monopoly into our suggestions or what have you.
No. 126216 ID: a3d02f

Here's an explaination for some of the formatting I have been using.

"words" is stuff that I am saying.
">" is stuff that you guys said.
"[]" is stuff that you (the Kinter) know.
"words" is a game message.
"[name]: "words"" is someone named "name" saying "words" in english.
"[name]: [words]" is someone named "name" saying "words" in some other language.

File 153371825031.png - (711.55KB , 1400x1197 , Beach Day 2018.png )
124701 No. 124701 ID: b5fb67 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Beach Day is the sandiest day ever! It is the day where various quest characters hang out at the beach. A little sand between your toes always takes away your woes. Have yourself a good time!

Remember: minimize lewdness; the beach police are still roaming around and they have tasers.

Previous Beach Days:
48 posts and 42 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125352 ID: ab52c1
File 153638685595.png - (41.80KB , 900x840 , beach_day_2018_golems_waterfight.png )

rolled 13 = 13

Deem: "Quick, get that one in the shark swimsuit!"
No. 126151 ID: 2755f5
File 154031877077.png - (504.77KB , 697x752 , Limbo1.png )

Mizzit: "I'll totally win this limbo contest!"
No. 126152 ID: 2755f5
File 154031897399.png - (498.45KB , 697x752 , Limbo2.png )


Mizzit: "MYAAH!?"
No. 126153 ID: d887c0

No. 126165 ID: 70be57
File 154038112346.jpg - (346.93KB , 1500x552 , BB 109.jpg )

Wicker Stump: What an unfortunate turn of events, Mizzit do you need a towel?

Rubber: Because of this kind of happy little accidents, this job is worth putting up with


File 153960227620.png - (134.07KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
126039 No. 126039 ID: c1eaac hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Figured I might as well make a separate disthread for AGGREGATE! If you haven't taken a glance into the Hearts Goetia disthread, my (sfw) curiouscat is https://curiouscat.me/hellpolitics and I'll crosspost any relevant questions over here if I get 'em. I'll also answer questions here, and it can be a space for you to develop your Aggregate-sonas!
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126065 ID: dc3ea2

here's a super basic rundown on how the hivemind works:
you can pick up on and be influenced by strong emotions/thoughts from people in close proximity to you who are also in the hivemind, but usually can’t detect the underlying intent behind the thought/feeling (so you have to ask out loud if you want to know, and people can lie)
you can hop into the heads of hivemind members literally anywhere in the city and be fully immersed in their thoughts/feelings/intents, gain physical control over their body, or psychically talk to them one on one without the rest of the hivemind listening in. it’s considered a little rude to do most of that with people you don’t know intimately or have permission from
some people keep their minds “open access” so the rest of the hivemind can see/comment on what they’re doing sort of like a livestream, some stay closed off unless they need something from another member
people can and Do offer unsolicited advice/support to other people in the hivemind, some people appreciate it and some don’t
everyone in the hivemind has the innate desire to assimilate others (mostly on the grounds of ‘it feels awesome, everyone else doesn’t know what they’re missing’) but they prefer people be voluntarily assimilated bc if someone gets added involuntarily it kind of screws up the emotions of the whole hivemind
No. 126068 ID: 1872dc

That's really cool, thanks!
No. 126135 ID: 1872dc

Uh, holy shit thanks for pointing out Limetown, it's so exactly my wheelhouse.

Okay, since you mentioned the similarity, and also talked about emotions, I'd like to ask if that also worked in reverse. To push your own emotions on someone?
No. 126138 ID: c1eaac


omg isn't it great?? season 2 starts on halloween so i just re-listened to all of it in one day.

also pushing your emotions on someone via Aggregate probably works but only to a certain extent? you can send vibes to nearby people to try and calm them down or etc but pushing strong feelings on someone or forcing them to feel/act a certain way can only be done if you're entirely immersed in their mind.
No. 126148 ID: 1872dc

Yeah I'm really looking forward to season 2. I wonder what the format of it will be, especially.

Alright I'll definitely keep that in mind for later. It really helps to have such a clear picture.

File 153986961695.png - (181.50KB , 735x490 , 153980512722.png )
126088 No. 126088 ID: 54d1d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hello everyone. This is the disthread for The Sultan's Curse. This will mostly be used for discussion among players, upcoming updates, and for me to answer questions as they come up.
thread - https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/907309.html[/spoiler]

File 153663556294.png - (105.30KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
125380 No. 125380 ID: 11b5c9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

ask me all your dog-related questions
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125398 ID: 11b5c9


like at least four maybe more but you have to meet their extremely specific dating requirements and also be dead to meet them which might be a roadblock


she just has the one that she found on discount and she's very proud of it and also very afraid of getting blood on it because that shit doesn't wash off. some sexy bullet holes from a shootout would probably be fine though


this will probably be explained a bit more in canon, but it's basically... the average person's impression of magic is sort of vast. like anything that's unexplained... could it be magic? we don't know! it's scary! magic can do anything! it's dangerous! stuff like that. in actuality it's limited and only demons use it. A is a little more familiar with it because she hangs out with demons, so you'll probably get a more accurate impression of it from her explanations. feel free to ask more about it tho!


IM SO SORRY if it helps there are like at least three more hot demons coming up that you can try that line on. i believe in you anon
No. 125416 ID: dbf422

This is exactly what I wanted, thanks! I trust that we'll see and figure out more during the story, but I really like having the very basic ideas people might have about magic.
No. 126049 ID: ef3ce2
File 153963049998.png - (671.04KB , 1098x1172 , Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9_27_29 PM.png )

howdy y'all it's been a while! i have the next update basically done, i just got hit with a lot of exams and projects due at the same time! i have managed to draw a little though, so here's iris for you to look at while i gather the energy to color these panels :-)
No. 126050 ID: ef3ce2
File 153963083159.jpg - (73.01KB , 896x660 , DotnKqmUUAAfoUX.jpg )

i also drew a height chart for the currently-revealed characters. demons are Big
No. 126052 ID: 2f34ce

yeah theyre big. big sexy

File 152239794386.png - (46.00KB , 640x640 , Title.png )
121946 No. 121946 ID: 413b9f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Quest here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/871667.html

This thread is for questions/comments about the story itself, not suggestions. Ask anything!
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 121967 ID: 413b9f

They don't actually glow, just something that happened as a result of experimenting with the art style for this. Decided to just go with it.

They do float!
No. 121968 ID: b93a7b

well it makes her look striking and cute!

so I think you made a good call
No. 126023 ID: 413b9f

Hello to anyone who's been following this quest.

I know it hasn't gotten very far and I hardly ever update this anyway, but I'm putting this on an official hiatus.
My mental health has been quickly getting worse over the past couple of months and Curequest is the last thing on my mind right now. It isn't looking like I'm going to get much better anytime soon. I can't update anything like this.

Given the reasons, this hiatus is entirely undefined. I could be gone for a couple days or for the coming year, I have no clue.

I'll come back when I feel better. Thank you.
No. 126026 ID: 2755f5

take all the time you need to recover!
we'll be waiting whenever you can come back!
No. 126028 ID: 1872dc

If that's what you need, that's what you need. Hope to see you again someday.

File 153814962346.png - (279.96KB , 700x600 , gwdtcover.png )
125679 No. 125679 ID: 4ac654 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

something something making the fish gay??
No. 125681 ID: a307f1

question: will the fish be gay?
No. 125687 ID: 4ac654


the fish will be super gay!! thank god!!
No. 125708 ID: 6ca046

question: will the gay be fish?
No. 125746 ID: 4ac654


not all gay will be fish!! some gay will be cats!! but lets be honest here: there will be a lot of gay
No. 125747 ID: 4ac654

with those v important qs out of the way, i should probably introduce myself!! i'm stelle, and i've wanted to do a Quest for a long time and now uhh i'm finally doing it? im still kinda finding my footing in regards to art and writing but thank you for bearing with me as i get adjusted!! i was really anxious abt starting (and i kinda still am whoops), so your suggestions, interest, and support has meant so much to me!

i guess!! if you have any qs abt me, ilde, the story, etc, feel free to post them here!!

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