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File 152454472943.png - (12.17KB , 410x388 , AQR is the greatest.png )
122550 No. 122550 ID: d2e2ce hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So I've written a bunch of lewd fics and I figured that some place to put fanfics might be useful, if anyone else feels motivated to write some. Mine all feature neumono, either wholly or at least partially. Note that they generally all involve some fetish stuff because I know my audiences.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DD7KJ2BPf-gXTNC8XFoVDboWzumba7PIRYUZCZnsZm0/edit?usp=sharing Great Coach Rokizuka. A Jessica/Kappi fic. Rokoa decides she's tired of them being awkward and coaches them on how to get over sexual tension. I wrote this in one night after a friend convinced me it would be funny, and Jessica's voice isn't quite as close to her canon self as I'd like. Might edit it someday to try and fix it.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VikjSyAjGQzyBJjze0S4vabyVQk264kHUY5oAI1JsQ0/edit?usp=sharing Katzati writes a fic. A Katzati/Polo fic. In a hypothetical time after Polo Quest is resolved, Katzati writes a lewd fic while in quarantine and gets interrupted by Polo's visit.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fp-JVAyT4wBntsSYe0FNlJkpEm_M9qVOoD2wkUepNpI/edit?usp=sharing Koror and the Amazons. A Koror/pygmies fic, written before the appearance of actual pygmies in Koror Quest. Koror lands on the island and makes the acquaintance of some thirsty pygmies. The first fic I wrote, ended up way longer than I expected so I decided to make a show of taking it too seriously.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 122556 ID: 67456a

Well, never expected a thread like this to ever see the light of day. Time to open my SUITCASE FULLA LINKS I guess.

https://pastebin.com/Gc2bKPXS And Soon They Number More: A silly little Moot Point fanfic spawned from an equally silly conversation when some of us wondered if Casey was still a doppelganger... but not the Kelpie.

https://pastebin.com/vNPqhL9H Moot <3 Point: A Moot Point/Katamari Damacy crossover. Yes.

https://pastebin.com/43igPJv2 Unnamed Dragon Romance Fanfic Part 1: Ceridwen meets a character from one of my old Quests. She's a dragon too... and one with an extremely different view of how dragons should act.

https://pastebin.com/LF1Ju1iR Unnamed Dragon Romance Fanfic Part 2: Ceridwen meets another Demon... and has some great stew. Then she gets roped into robbing The Cenobites and dreams about a cute tiger girl fucking her brains out.
No. 122560 ID: a0c803

Well this does very much sound like a thread we needed to have, I do kinda wonder if it might have been better to put the actual links in a second post, though? Those big blue strings of letters are going to be stretching across the first page of /questdis/ forever now.
No. 122563 ID: d2e2ce

Don't worry, there's an easy solution to that. You can change tgchan's theme in the upper right corner- Pony, for example, doesn't have blue links.
No. 122565 ID: a0c803

The blueness isn't the specific issue, I just think long, dense url strings with text blocks in opening posts aren't aesthetically pleasing. If they were shorter urls or if it was formatted differently, so the summaries were a line down or something, that could be better, too. There are other posts with links in the OP, it's just something about this case that looks awkward and I thought I'd comment on it as a note for the future? I'm not trying to make it seem like a big deal or demand anything, it's just a thought I had.

File 152272148408.jpg - (114.79KB , 736x981 , 60eb9e5cc58b93a5fd53605ad4a32cba.jpg )
122043 No. 122043 ID: b0e767 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

There once was a man who had the strength of a 1,000 men, who would become invincible to save his friends, who had the backing of a legion of his ancestors. There once was a man who would do anything for his family and the king he had sworn his life to serve, who defeated liches and barbarian lizardmen without a pause, who communed with ancient druids and dined with gods.

There was a man who fought the most ancient evil in the land, and sacrificed himself slaying it. His name was Bradford the Avenger, second coming of Magnus and destroyer of Tartarus. But before he could become Bradford the Avenger, he had to be Bradford the Hero.

A discussion thread for my new quest following Bradford from Magic Kingdom Quest before he rejoined with Nathaniel and the gang.
No. 122045 ID: 094652

Welcome back.

So how long will this quest be? Will any of it factor into the main quest?
No. 122053 ID: b0e767

I was planning on it just following a small segment of Bradford's past 20 years (not 30 as mentioned in the OP! Math mistakes - Bradford is 43 as of the end of thread 1 of Magic Kingdom Quest, not 53), the time period where he helped Nathianel overthrow the corrupt Balthazar Empire and found the kingdom of Zarzoth. He'll be reluctant at first, but comes to Nathaniel's side despite still holding a grudge for what happened to their village.

File 147295924650.png - (162.50KB , 589x588 , BQD.png )
103324 No. 103324 ID: 616bfd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Wow, okay.

Let me just say, thank you all who are currently participating! About a month ago, I wasn't even fully sure whether or not I'd make something at all, and now here we are a chapter in!

Ok first off, I want to know what you guys think. Is the quest any good? Is it exciting? Boring? What do you want to see more of? What are your criticisms? Just let me know what I could be doing better.

Second, what are your questions for me, if you have any? Please ask, anything about my thought process, stuff that's not being explained well in the story, anything.
36 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 118348 ID: 339cf2

Alright well...

Depression and mental health issues still continue to be a thing, and I've unfortunately fallen into a bad place for the time being.

I've just gotten a new set of meds, hopefully I should see improvements within the next couple weeks. I'll continue breakfast quest when I'm able.
No. 118362 ID: dc986c

Best wishes for your health, Derpkins.
Don't burn yourself out.
No. 118726 ID: 339cf2

Okay, sorry for the abrupt ending here, but rest assured there will be more breakfast quest later.

On a more personal note, I'm doing a lot better with my new meds, and I'm gradually seeing improvement in my general mood and my will to do things. In addition, this is the last week of the semester, so I'll get a break from the stresses of school. Drawing and thinking up the story is still taking a lot of energy out of me, but like I said I'm improving gradually.

Look out for the return of Breakfast Quest in thread 2.
No. 121810 ID: 339cf2


Alrighty, breaktime over. Quest is back online in Thread 2! Yay!
No. 121813 ID: 3423e2

Good to see it back.

File 127433055785.png - (31.42KB , 600x400 , Let me explain.png )
15880 No. 15880 ID: 3441fa Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


Because some people seem to need it.

Anyone is welcome to post more info on here. It only has a bit of advice concerning engaging the suggester right now. I know there is a lot more that can be said.
945 posts and 53 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 119824 ID: c0641d

Hey, is there a place I can test syntax commands?

For instance; [fontfamily=Corsiva]TEST[/fontfamily].
No. 119832 ID: 90124d

If you write an ending early before the end, assume it will be thrown out the window through unintentional derailing.
No. 119892 ID: c2051e

That's what /moo/ is for, yeah.
No. 121672 ID: 3583d1

By the way I put in a new idea for who Happy is over on the draw thread. I think this one has a bit more weight to it than the old one.
No. 121778 ID: a363ac

did you mean to post this somewhere else if so I can delete it?

File 152131805492.png - (847.95KB , 1093x819 , 1B1887B0-BB64-4AD4-B8B8-3E56505C7BF1.png )
121589 No. 121589 ID: 3583d1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hello there! My name’s Harbard if you didn’t know already know! Welcome to my pub! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today the doors are open to all who want to have a drink or maybe earn a few bucks if they want to help serve some drinks or perform up on the stage. We’ve also got some axes to throw if you want! Or darts if that’s your thing. Everything is on me today so don’t be shy to share a drink with your closest friends or enemies!

Anyway Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
No. 121599 ID: 216755
File 152133405288.jpg - (442.21KB , 1305x1078 , Beautiful butterfly 207.jpg )

No. 121600 ID: a30024
File 152133626854.png - (187.43KB , 627x700 , kelpiedrink.png )

Another tall green drink. Drink for Nixxy!
No. 121601 ID: 91ee5f

As is tradition, if you’re not wearing green, you get pinched. So here you go! *pinch*
No. 121639 ID: eaf326

(This isn't precisely on topic, but there was a St Patrick's Day drawpile where we drew some crossovery drinking antics: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/src/152136044291.jpg )
No. 121644 ID: d887c0

What do you call a water horse's self-portrait? A kelpie selfie!

File 150931055376.png - (75.88KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Dis Thread.png )
117345 No. 117345 ID: c88e6d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hello! This thread is for any questions or information people require about the quest Awakening!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, and if you want any in-character information, don't hesitate to ask in the Inside The Quest thread (ITQ)!
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 120962 ID: c88e6d

Alright, today I'll be grabbing pills and finally be able to focus again! Sincere apologies for missing those days.
No. 120995 ID: 261652

Mildly curious,... what's the weather like around the village from season to season? Temperate? Kinda chilly from the mountains, or do the mountains act like rain catches? Is the forest evergreen? Do hot winds blow in from the eastern desert? Who cares about the terrain to the south? And how's the earth the village is built on, I'm assuming it's not sandy or something if they can grow food reasonably well, so is it like more loamy soil or clay or something? Methinks I'm going to be doing some city planning.
No. 121032 ID: c88e6d

The mountains create a rain-shadow effect, meaning that generally it's hot and rainy at the foot of the mountains and gets dry and cold further north. The plains to the west are somewhat cool and dry due to cold air, and the jungle to the east eventually turns into temperate fores.

Generally it's either moderately raining, somewhat cloudy or sunny, without a real winter.
No. 121294 ID: c88e6d

Apologies for the sudden drop off in posts, I've been feeling under the weather for the past few days. Later today I shall post a proper ending for the thread.
No. 121295 ID: d887c0

Get Well Soon!

File 151626698739.png - (64.04KB , 244x217 , disthread.png )
119690 No. 119690 ID: 4a443f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Discussion on how to make sure this successfully launches as a proper sci-fi waifuquest


oh and other things
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 119712 ID: 4a443f
File 151631409085.png - (346.23KB , 1260x549 , fug.png )


behold I created a monster

ISTEC ISL launcher and the G11
No. 119713 ID: 9876c4
File 151631451927.png - (547.01KB , 640x444 , thisisdelicious_1_.png )

Would date.
No. 119718 ID: 3583d1

Best waifu
No. 119847 ID: 4a443f


While I was joking about the 'waifuquest' bit, thanks for the suggestion. I think I might have just stumbled on some great ideas going forward...
No. 120776 ID: 094652

Okay, I'll bite.

We've been holding our breaths for the next scene, the one filled with caramel dessert. You coming back or gone for good?

File 150121184707.png - (215.19KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_0432.png )
114011 No. 114011 ID: d86ba0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Because I was suggested to have one: here it is!
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 117364 ID: ae9b99

please do :)
No. 117378 ID: ca0e20

Yeah! =D
No. 117385 ID: 9eee18


do it you garg
No. 120303 ID: d86ba0

Bunquest will return once artblock and depression goes away
No. 120499 ID: c914a9


File 151795779192.png - (6.05KB , 362x232 , untitled.png )
120362 No. 120362 ID: fc93e4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This is the discussion thread for Instrumentality. I would prefer fanart, jokes, and theories be posted here.

On the topic of theories, I may debunk or confirm some of theme. Here, I'll Debunk one already that's probably going to pop up. No, this is not related to Evangelion. Yes, the main character is named Shinji, but I let the people who posted decide.

Anyways, feel free to discuss things!
No. 120366 ID: fa226c

Just a quick piece of advice: all posting fields except for the message text are optional.
No. 120443 ID: ffa7ee

So... I have a question for what little readers/players I have.

I'm considering using icons to show whos talking in dialogue, and I wanna know, which of these sound the most appealing to you?

1. Static icons with varied expressions


2. Animated icons with 1-4 expressions
No. 120460 ID: 918480

Static icons seem fine. That way you've got much less work for setting up less frequently appearing characters.
No. 120480 ID: ffa7ee

Ok, static icons it is.

I also found a way to make my life easier while making this.

I can make Danganronpa sprite edits of the characters, instead of drawing them everytime.

This may seem lazy, but by making sprite edits, I can make the updates at school, or at place/times i don't have my drawing tablet, so I don't have to wait a week for updates, or make blurry pictures that strains people's eyes. Yes, I can access this at school, and yes i am surprised as this as you are.

File 151801120540.jpg - (28.78KB , 143x101 , 151792780381.jpg )
120393 No. 120393 ID: 008b25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The Parliament is now open to questions from the commoners.

Lemme pre answer two questions that probably wont crop up.

>Your track record with multi quests is kinda... Garbage

Yes. yes it is. However those quests where all done at a time when i was both suicidally depressed and permanently drunk, so had nither skill nor will to keep them going.

Its sad that ill never go back to them, but since they represent a time of my life id rather leave behind ill not shed to many tears.

>Do you actually Have these guys in model form?

Yes. Yes i do. All the colors, modifications and lore actually exist, having been made by me when i saw the new nurgle line cause GOD DAMN THEY LOOK SO GOOD!

The prime minister will now receive questions, yes you in the back, the one with no skin?
No. 120431 ID: 13fded

How does that ship work?
No. 120437 ID: 008b25

The ships of the warhammer universe work in two ways, for small trips like to the local moon or such they use standard fuel and thrusters, solar sails or similar.

For long distance travel the only option is the insanely dangerous use of Warp engines which punch a hole in reality into the timless realm of the warp.

Heres how that gose for a normal human space ship.

"The Captain calls down to prep the ship for warp expedition. At that time 12000 slaves who have never seen the outside of the work galley begins shoveling the dead bodies of the previous workers into massive furnaces along with whatever hard fuel sources they have in storage, like a brutal Mr. Fusion. As a field of pure Psychic FUCK YOU is generated around the ship, the blinded mentally traumatized man inside a metal egg begins screaming unendingly as he charts a course throughout the Warp, which is basically a giant ocean of pure emotion in which Unnamed Ones lounge around and fuck with humanity by the luxury of simply existing. The ship then ploughs into the miasma of what you could call Hell if you lacked imagination. Pray to the Holy Throne the Astropath doesn’t accidentally get you lost, become possessed by a Daemon or just explode like a mushy human pinata from the mental stress of being around so much pure CANNOT BE. If the void shields even flicker on the 8000 years old vessel (which no one actually understands completely how to work) Daemons made of RAPE and LEMON JUICE will crawl into our reality and do things you literally cannot imagine to every soul aboard. I mean that. The very notion of understanding the completeness of the horror the human victims will be witness to would shatter your perception of reality and cause your herat to explode."

"Mission clock says they were only in the Warp for 5 days. It was 17 months for everyone onboard. They also missed their destination by a couple of solar systems and 8/10th of the crew
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 120438 ID: 008b25

Fortunately, as a deamon prince your already soaked in so much Warp stuff that the craziness of the warp doesn't really do anything to you except make you stronger, the same gose for your crew, the blessings of Nurgle make them technically partially deamon, so there's far less brain sploding.

Your ship started life as a normal human warship, but after timeless eternities soaking in the raw conflicting emotional hell scape of the warp it has become a deamon in its own right.

Its halls are fused with rotten flesh that scabs and grows, healing and reloading all by its self, this also allows you to ail the warp with no navigator's, as the ship itself knows where to go.

Sitting in the warp as it currently is the ship can simply Will itself back together, storing enough power to exist within the "Real" world for long periods of time unaffected.
No. 120439 ID: 008b25

Fortunately, as a deamon prince your already soaked in so much Warp stuff that the craziness of the warp doesn't really do anything to you except make you stronger, the same gose for your crew, the blessings of Nurgle make them technically partially deamon, so there's far less brain sploding.

Your ship started life as a normal human warship, but after timeless eternities soaking in the raw conflicting emotional hell scape of the warp it has become a deamon in its own right.

Its halls are fused with rotten flesh that scabs and grows, healing and reloading all by its self, this also allows you to ail the warp with no navigator's, as the ship itself knows where to go.

Sitting in the warp as it currently is the ship can simply Will itself back together, storing enough power to exist within the "Real" world for long periods of time unaffected.
No. 120442 ID: 008b25

The reason the warp is so bad is that it is the physical manifestation of peoples emotions.
All people.
All races.

The sheer conflicting madness of even a hundred human expectations would birth something to horrible to describe, so pause for a moment and consider what several hundred trillion humans, orks, elves, beastmen, perverts and mad men would create.


File 145775175063.png - (8.57KB , 500x500 , disthread.png )
98325 No. 98325 ID: 32d627 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

right, im sleep deprived and working on some commission stuff before i can update again; figured i'd open this up while i had the chance.

anything goes, ask whatever or just talk about these horrible cat-shaped things.

i swear the art will be better when i get some rest
363 posts and 42 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 111153 ID: 193303

Unfortunately for both of us we have to use our old names for PayPal until we get our names legally changed.
No. 111176 ID: 398fe1

So how will mutation choices and other non-commission donation bonuses be handled? Via email?
No. 111177 ID: 8a251a

either email or any of the other contact methods listed work fine!
No. 120345 ID: 35089a

what the fuck ever happened to FRACTAL
No. 120376 ID: 33cbe7

knocked out, stone cold, face down in an olive garden parking lot

File 151269896178.jpg - (386.77KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_2017Title.jpg )
118595 No. 118595 ID: 2474dd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Previous Year's Thread:

What Goes Here:

- Updates depicting the characters you chose to participate in the Secret Santa shopping/crafting/searching for a gift for their assigned character. The understanding of the significance of the holiday is secondary at best; if your character's just in it for loot that's fine.

- Updates depicting the characters you chose reacting to the gifts they have received. This update obviously can't appear until after someone has posted their shopping/crafting/searching update. If you'd like to make more elaborate, including dimensional rifts, or face-to-face presentation, that's fine.

- Updates depicting characters shopping for people other than their assigned characters are ALSO FINE as long as YOU and the AUTHOR of the character have AGREED on things. Extra updates are extra work, after all.

- Reactions to the updates are fine within reason. Don't start arguments here.
86 posts and 64 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 119148 ID: b5fb67


No. 119151 ID: 2474dd
File 151427020420.jpg - (375.51KB , 640x720 , Omniclaus2017.jpg )


Omniclaus: RENDAMEL!!

Rendamel looks up to see the sky swirl unnaturally, thick with the spiraling cosmic beard of the OMNICLAUS.

Omniclaus: Are you sulking in Spike's back yard?

Rendamel: No! I'm clearly freezing and alone in a desolate, present-less wasteland!

Omniclaus: It's Spike & Kitty's back yard.

Rendamel: But...

Omniclaus: It's just like Beach Day.

Rendamel: But...

Omniclaus: I know you are a good kobold and have given out your gift but have not yet received one in return. FEAR NOT! THE OMNICLAUS IS HERE. Stop being dramatic.
No. 119153 ID: 2474dd
File 151427075445.jpg - (368.53KB , 640x720 , Omniclaus2017b.jpg )

Omniclaus: I have traveled across multiple worlds, beyond time and space, and I have brought you a gift of Christmas Cheer.

Rendamel: What is it?

Omniclaus: It is a GUIDING SPIRIT COMPASS from the DEPARTMENT OF CHANGE, JUDGEMENT DIVISION. I have taken the liberty of binding it with a GPS. The COMPASS will show you the way to find what you seek! The GPS will show you where you currently are! I feel this should help you actually arrive at Beach Day on time next year.

Rendamel: It says I'm currently in Spike & Kitty's back yard.

Omniclaus: Look, if you're hard up for holiday cheer, I'm pretty sure if you know on the back door, Spike and Kitty will invite you in, especially since they seem to have a soft spot for you. The disadvantage being their interpretation of "Holiday Cheer". It probably involves eggnog spiked with random potions. Look, if you want I'll also give you a lift if you'd rather be somewhere else. You honestly could do better.
No. 119251 ID: dab122
File 151481303773.png - (60.71KB , 780x1450 , questroid_secret_santa.png )

The time has come for the celebration of a winter solstice. Such celebrations are typified by singing carols, the consumption of copious amounts of food and the exchange of gifts.

Information Management Organism Unit-02 has been entered into a lottery system known as 'Secret Santa' whereby all entrants purchase one gift for a randomised entrant and receive one gift in turn. This is a method that imposes time and resource constraints on what would otherwise be unregulated gifting, preventing a possible consumerist singularity. IMO Unit-02 approves.

Borgas IV is the fourth planet in the Borgas system. It is a planet with high coverage by liquid water possessing a double moon system. The biosphere is characterised by extensive possession of poisonous or venomous traits and the existence of several types. Anomalous technological artefacts apparently left behind by an advanced civilisation are also found there.

This is where her giftee lives.

Gengkwaku is a juvenile Puruu, a diminutive species that lives in primitive tribes in the jungles of Borgas IV. Named for Kwaku, first warchief of the Yapa, unifier of the jungle tribes. His tribe has been wiped out. He and his sibling are in the care of a single adult of his tribe, one who is only present due to having been stabbed in the face and losing consciousness during the attack.

You do not need to be a biological super computer to recognise the best gift to comfort a child in this position.

A gun.

This type of outside-context device gives the best opportunity for survival and success in life.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 120319 ID: 2edf5e
File 151781647363.gif - (140.22KB , 1002x768 , 11 Low Battery.gif )


Gengkwaku: What's that thing?

Tamri: I dunno. But it makes silly pictures!

Gengkwaku: Really? Can I see?

Tamri: Yeah.

Gengkwaku crouches down next to his brother.

Gengkwaku: Whoa, cool. What is this red blinky thing in the corner?

Tamri: I dunno. It just started doing that.

File 149805618693.png - (322.38KB , 800x800 , healthyperspective.png )
112766 No. 112766 ID: ceeeff hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


Thread 1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/807972.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/XenoQuest

NSFW! Slinko and Raptie's XenoQuest/Dragon Romance Non-Canon Crossover (SRXQDRNCC): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctmbfm5vedbk0v9/Ceri%20and%20Outissa.pdf?dl=0
261 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 119150 ID: ed67d9

Hey! Should be clear that I'm still questing! While the previous quests are still on a semi-hiatus, my plan is to update XenoQuest at least once a day for 30 days.

...the fact that I go to a convention in the middle of this throws a wrench in things BUT OH WELL.

Also! If for some reason you haven't yet seen the new XenoQuest, it's right here! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/852936.html
No. 119209 ID: 6cc25a

I can't notice any defects in the eye. Khoros seems perfectly whole. Hmm.
Could that part of XQ1 be false? Or did his eye heal up?

> >>/quest/854492 >Amaranth isn't dead.
> >>/quest/854757 >I do not know who or what Amaranth is.
Wait, what? One moment he knows she's not dead, the next moment he doesn't recognize the word anymore.
Is this what he meant with "remembering what has never been"? Or is something going on with his mind? Or does he perhaps present different facts to different voices?

Why does Khoros recognize Siphon's voice? How could Siphon, who was never a fragment of Khoros, communicating with him?
Was she his fragment all along? Or is this just a game and she's one of the players?
No. 119220 ID: c9f250

>Wait, what?

Oh, right. That Amaranth.

Fixed! :siphon_cat_48:
No. 119797 ID: 91ee5f

Really? You’re railroading us just because we didn’t want to go with the strange noxan we knew nothing about? And you’re gonna just blame it on “that noxan must’ve had an ability that did this”? Come on, don’t be like that, Raptie.
No. 119799 ID: 6cc25a

Our suggestions weren't ignored.

Anyway, to me it seems logical that the noxan that approached Astarte had a backup plan in case she wouldn't want to come along. The backup plan being, knocking her out.

File 151092264441.png - (844.05KB , 1000x1047 , QUESTDIS.png )
117871 No. 117871 ID: 87da28 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This will be the quest discussion for KATABASIS.

Drop questions or other puzzlement here. I don't guarantee I will answer them tho.
64 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 119462 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550219175.png - (34.46KB , 250x250 , PROMT2.png )


Comment on the prologue here until Chapter 1 begins.

Any and all feedback that you think can make the quest better is appreciated.
No. 119463 ID: 9e4723

Well this was certainly something interesting. I will be waitting for chapter one. Good work!
No. 119464 ID: d97e27

So far so good, though I feel like it should have taken us less time to get to this point.

Also just out of curiosity was drinking the milk inevitable or was there another way put of this?
No. 119468 ID: ffa39e
File 151554132304.png - (134.12KB , 803x294 , ANSWER.png )

This is not a deterministic quest. Of course there was another way, as I had a scene in case the players didn't fall for the titty milk bait. Sadly it will go unused, but either way, the quest has begun now!
No. 119480 ID: 6cc25a

So what was the alternative scene?

File 151469252940.png - (33.43KB , 835x631 , Crotch_Day_2017.png )
119221 No. 119221 ID: b5fb67 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]



24 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 119434 ID: b4793d
File 151539776583.png - (140.47KB , 600x600 , cday1.png )

Lavender shows off her gains.
No. 119435 ID: d887c0

Dog Mom returns!
And she's sexier and lovelier than ever!
No. 119436 ID: 47aff3


wow i haven't checked coxwette in a while but mona sure has changed
No. 119437 ID: d887c0

Mona is also Dog Mom.
But can she double as Dog Dad?
No. 119448 ID: d887c0
File 151545793479.png - (196.45KB , 800x800 , 144928569984.png )

She's gonna need new pants.

File 148432024946.png - (77.19KB , 1600x1200 , questdis.png )
107705 No. 107705 ID: d9ceb7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I had intended to open the discussion thread of my quest after finishing the first thread of the quest, but then I decided to do it now.

Feel free to ask and give your opinions on how the quest is going, and if you have things to point out, please do. If you have questions I will try to answer as soon as I can, and if you have any suggestions to improve my writing and/or my drawings I would like to hear them.

I may also post some stuff in here from time to time, but that may or may not be important.
16 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 115236 ID: 386dd5
File 150453528148.png - (60.77KB , 1600x1200 , Waving.png )

Alright I managed to get an update ready to go. I’m still trying to get my own PC (I was using my brother’s) so I can work more comfortably. I expect that I will have it for This weekend, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, I will try to keep making updates and I hope you enjoy.
No. 115999 ID: 412732

Alright! So I had another complication.

I originally had intended for an update to come last week but guess fucking what? The PC I was using stopped working again. Right now I have it fixed, but sadly some of the stuff I had for the next update got corrupted too, so even if everything seems to be working well, it still annoys me incredibly.

I would HOPE that this doesn't happen again, and I will try to get the update ready for this weekend, although I'm having troubles with the drawings since I'm a bit out of practice. I'm really sorry for all of this.

Also, Now I have my own PC, so I think I would be able to work more regularly with the quest.
No. 116580 ID: 0347ea
File 150759880574.gif - (141.19KB , 1600x1200 , technical difficulties.gif )

Aaaand my internet provider hasn’t been doing his job for the past two weeks… I’m still waiting for the service to go back to normal, the update was ready for some time, but I had to find a place in which I could connect to the internet in order to upload it. I’m sorry for the wait.

I don’t know how long this situation will last, supposedly, in around 20 days, max, everything would be back in order, but at this point I’m no longer sure....

“What is this supposed to be?!”
No. 118530 ID: 242966
File 151259344559.png - (74.93KB , 1600x1200 , News.png )

Alright, finished thread 2, I hope it has been enjoyable so far.

I will take some time to try to plan how it is going to continue, I have an idea, but I fear that I will need to plan more properly, as I feel that has been a problem on my side and I hope I will be able to fix it, with time.

I can’t say when the Third thread will come out, I also have been working on some other stuff, making some unrelated drawings and writings, attempting to get better. Maybe I could open a draw thread later, if you guys want to see it.

Again, if you guys have any criticism or doubts, please post them here.
No. 119352 ID: 5932a6
File 151507284835.png - (151.04KB , 1600x1200 , Thread 3___ START!.png )

Alright, Thread 3 is up.

I hope you can enjoy this, and I hope I don’t screw up.

File 151202408217.png - (22.89KB , 656x500 , Archduke Discussion.png )
118324 No. 118324 ID: f9400c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This is the discussion thread for the new quest.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 118359 ID: ec1c91

Yey for your quests!
No. 119161 ID: f9400c

I've started a Discord channel for my works, if that interests anyone.

No. 119275 ID: c5003c

I have trouble identifying Aataz's ioun stones. One is clearly a Pink And Green Sphere, but what is the other one?
No. 119298 ID: f9400c

A mulberry pentacle.

It admittedly was the hardest one to figure out how to draw, because 'pentacle' isn't a shape that normally lends itself to three dimensions. I tried my best xD
No. 119310 ID: c5003c


File 143542737127.png - (53.74KB , 687x524 , 1.png )
92354 No. 92354 ID: 65a774 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

So I don’t have to bog down my other quests with info about this one.
349 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 118819 ID: fe7355

Yeah, you're probably right.

That group of interconnected quests was named RUNE (Rust, Unbroken, Numb, Entropy, the last of which we never got to.) But, if I remember correctly, Kaktus decided to put it on indefinite hiatus, if not outright gave up on it, because it got to be way more than he could handle. It's been so long that if he does decide to restart it, it's gonna be tough since the previous suggesters will have forgotten things and newcomers would have to read back through multiple threads.
No. 118825 ID: 54dec8

I actually asked about Rust prior in this thread somewhere and he said that he has no plans to continue Rust due to it being way too over complicated
No. 118844 ID: 91ee5f

>Even more updates!
It's like a Marvel movie. Just when you think it's over, something else pops up!
No. 118925 ID: 65a774

>It's like a Marvel movie. Just when you think it's over, something else pops up!
Have the end credits actually even rolled by yet? Nah, just kidding, it’s over now.
>So thank you, Kaktus, and bravo for a quest well done!
And thank you for sticking with me until the end.

>Karas' mustache is really bothering me. Is it made of hair? Is it made of feathers? Does it grow out of his beak? Does he glue it on?
It’s actually a really bad case of nose hair... or alternative I just took some artistic liberties and drew him with a mustache because I felt like it.
>But did everyone else who was down in the crypt remember the dream?
>Did they ever explain the dream to anyone?
>Did Kronos hug his mother and cry?
Yes and no.
>Did Kronos get to take Thalias, Belseths and/or Sisahs cock?
My sources say… chances are high.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 118927 ID: 74f87e
File 151345659095.jpg - (45.54KB , 312x444 , 149335150869.jpg )

>chances are high
Ooooh my!

>Rune is dead
Aaaaah fuck!

File 149515314978.png - (32.12KB , 600x600 , ANL-logo.png )
111674 No. 111674 ID: e5b57f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Here is where ANL is discussed! Thank you all so much for coming along with this wild ride so far. <3

46 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 118568 ID: 2957fc

im glad the quest is back but your connction to station is horrible

evrythng is all blocky 🕶🕶🕶
No. 118681 ID: c88e6d

Send more anti-anxiety medication!
No. 118766 ID: 12b116
File 151313399717.jpg - (253.96KB , 1394x797 , lewd aubrey nose.jpg )

oh yeah let me feel that snuffler

No. 118769 ID: ed67d9

The funny thing is if this was an ear tug instead of a nose touch, she'd be 100% into it
No. 118802 ID: 12b116

nobody wants to touch those leathery old ears vs that silky yet firm always moving nose

File 151189658296.jpg - (561.90KB , 640x720 , SignUp_Omniclaus.jpg )
118251 No. 118251 ID: 2474dd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Previous year's Secret Santa: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106091.html

Once again it's that time of year where TGCHAN characters go out and shop for people they've never met or heard of in the spirit of a season many of them aren't aware of!

It's time to sign up for the Secret Santa!

** CUT OFF IS DEC 12. **

** So here's the deal: **

1. Sign up one of your Quest characters. Not you, your character. This character needs to be found on TGChan. Include a link to that character's quest so your Secret Santa can quickly get the gist of said character.

** Don't sign up more characters than you think you'll have time to handle. This is supposed to be fun, not to stress yourself out because you bit off more than you could chew.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 118537 ID: c88e6d
File 151260866131.png - (493.04KB , 2307x1399 , TGChan Thespian Secret Santa Titian Edition.png )

The key arrives in a plain envelope with an address: "To Thespian, from Melora, and a Merry Christmas to you!"

The address is a single rented apartment in a rundown apartment block, and opening the door reveals-

"Surprise! I don't really own much, but I heard you like pets! Don't worry, I sent nineteen others in case you're not fond of this body."

Credit to the Renaissance painter Titian for his painting 'Venus of Urbino' inspiring this picture. And apologies for the last second re-upload and edit!
No. 118539 ID: 2474dd

I plan to post a new thread just for the giving/receiving of gifts. I just haven't gotten around to a title picture and don't want to just re-use the Omniclaus sign-up pic.

If you've finished, just hold on until I can get a new thread up with title picture. Unless you have a good title. Then we can use that instead.
No. 118540 ID: 042dc0
File 151261501387.jpg - (129.40KB , 490x712 , Beautiful butterfly 154.jpg )

If it isn't to late I would like to add this character to the gift givers, he doesn't have a name and he can't talk. People just call him the Lost soul.

He is from this quest
No. 118712 ID: 2474dd

Just a note that this is the final day for sign-ups. Once I finish my business tomorrow I will be posting the final round of Secret Santas.
No. 118768 ID: 2474dd

Clockwork Foundation
Rendamel, https://tgchan.org/wiki/Rendamel

Dedrin from Fearquest,

Absurdity masked man
Sami, https://tgchan.org/wiki/Sami%27s_Quest

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