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File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
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No. 132150 ID: 10c408

You've both made some good points, so I went back and re-read thread 2 again.

point 1: we did go through the floor panels in a room that's kind of close to the prison, but aside from the material layers Alice had to cut through (metal plating, insulation and then a plastic repair layer for sealing punctures) I couldn't determine if the floor panels for the initial cutting are the same as the ones for the prison.

2: Determining whether or not we can in fact do that sort of thing would be extremely valuable if the answer is yes (existential horror/terror aside)

3: Alice was able to rip off her burning foot in the first thread, and I'm mostly sure that if we moved the core housing her consciousness and the accompanying upgrade modules into a new segment of her 'body' we could sever the connecting bit.

With that said, I'd like to adjust my plan a bit. We need to find and view the little doodad that had the first set of upgrade options on it and, assuming we can still use it at all, download the quicksilver instruction subset. I'm not sure where it went exactly but I don't think Blake has it and it's still somewhere on Alice's person.

If that part goes off without a hitch, we need to pretend to comply with the dragonslayer for a few moments, then collapse against the weaker walls while pretending to be dying. Bore a hole through one of them, use quicksilver to transfer as much of ourselves through it as possible and then 'die' messily.
No. 132178 ID: 0fae41

The guns are a flechette gun (quite effective against unarmored bits of Alice), two shotguns and a drone's laser. Plus all the other guns they may be pointing at her offscreen... notably the dragoon's heavy cannon, a sticky goo gun, and a number of incendiary devices greater than -1.
No. 132211 ID: 10c408

Just a reminder (if anyone even reads this besides the previous anon) that Alice is gonna freak out from all the conflicting suggestions and that running from 6+ trained guns of varied types with broken ribs is suicidally dumb.
No. 132212 ID: b1b4f3

Did you forget the part where Alice takes damage to her biomass, which is very high right now, and she doesn't seem to have any vital organs at all?
It's not suicidal, it's expensive.
No. 132213 ID: 10c408

It's only expensive until it suddenly isn't. At that point, there's only so many outcomes if Alice gets turned into swiss cheese due to how many guns are pointed at her.

1: she got turned into swiss cheese on purpose and ensured that her brain and some small percentage of her mass has escaped. Hunger and lowered sanity plague her, but the story continues.

2: she got turned into swiss cheese and couldn't escape. Death by prolonged energy weapon fire/one incendiary grenade.

3: She got turned into swiss cheese and her remains get shoved into a secure container.

4: swiss cheese and her remains go back into the furnace, for real this time.

And those are just the most likely outcomes for ventilation by this particular squad.
No. 132218 ID: b1b4f3

I can't help but notice none of those outcomes include running away successfully due to not being turned into swiss cheese.
No. 132219 ID: 9f0903

They also don't include Alice suddenly becoming human and the xotl declaring her their queen.
No. 132220 ID: b1b4f3

Yes because that's totally a fair comparison.
No. 132221 ID: 9f0903

Insofar as there's about the same chance for one or the other to happen in our current situation, yes, it is.
No. 132223 ID: b1b4f3

There is zero indication that this situation is dangerous enough to be impossible to run from. There's guns! Oh no! Alice has been shot before. The damage inflicted did not make it harder for her to function, but instead depleted her biomass. This isn't Tozol Quest.
Yes, there's around two to three times as much firepower compared to previous combat encounters, but maybe you should go check to see how much actual damage she took from those combat encounters.
For instance, the flechette is arguably the most dangerous weapon, and it did 9 damage at its peak. This was after the xotl got her shield mostly out of the way, so let's estimate its max damage at a generous 15.
Alice has over 100 hp at the moment. She will survive a couple of rounds of gunfire even in the worst case scenario. She won't survive if she gets set on fire but there is no immediate obvious danger of that. Yes they probably have fire grenades but those don't instantly explode, and they probably don't want to use them in close quarters.

Also, RUN wouldn't be one of the options if it was guaranteed to be fatal. Arhra isn't that kind of GM.
No. 132224 ID: b1b4f3

That said, I am not advocating Alice tries to just straight up run. I am simply pointing out that this encounter is not nearly as fatal as 10c408 is making it out to be if it turns violent, and we do have the option of engaging the enemy, even if it would drastically deplete Alice's reserves.

Expensive, not suicidal.
No. 132225 ID: 10c408

I'd rather overestimate the odds and be wrong about them, then underestimate and pay for my hubris.

The dragonslayer popped open the prison window like it was nothing, GRABBED Alice and then hurled her across the room and into the opposite wall before pointing his energy rifle at her head.

THIS is who you want to fight? Any engagement right now, completely disregarding Alice's current status (not great!), gear (her improvised armor got shreeded by the prison guard's fletchette gun earlier) and positioning, has to start with him and then ends when we've killed the last xotl in the room.

Xotl's that have spread out, have grenades and a variety of guns and a high volume of fire to direct at one target if she manages to kill their leader without getting ripped into pieces in CQC with him.

That's not a fight, it's a very bloody and expensive exchange of mass and sanity that might not even leave Alice as last person standing. (even if we started with the basilisk organ and killed the dragonslayer in one decisive blow, it's still going to suck)

And the reward, even IF we won? That's just going to piss off the xotl's more. I said it earlier, but they've been increasing the overall danger of these squads as we kill them.

it's time for some subterfuge. We've got the tools on hand to do it (quicksilver instruction subset via the little precursor doodad somewhere on alice's person) and the knowledge to exploit those tools. (the walls aren't as durable as the floor plates, turning into semi-liquid makes transferring mass a breeze AND severing the connection can make it look like we 'died')
No. 132227 ID: b1b4f3

Well that perspective is certainly more reasonable, though you're also starting off with the assumption that I want to fight them directly with the intent to win a prolonged battle, which is ridiculous. Nothing I've said comes anywhere near implying that. My current suggestion involves what is essentially a retreat.

You keep doing this, writing argumentative confrontational posts with silly assumptions or outright incorrect facts. I feel like you should just stop replying to other suggestions. Make a suggestion, then step away from the thread until the next update.
No. 132228 ID: 10c408

To-ma-to, to-mah-to. Yes, I will admit I am being a confrontational and stressful fact waving asshole but we're up against the wall here and need to actually come up with a plan that's going to work.

And so far? that's not happening. A lot of random suggestions are being made, but we're not going to fight or even flee out of this situation unless we do something super weird and exploitative to aid that, while also keeping in mind every last detail and fact that'll murk things up. (like how bad the floor layout is for running from a large volume of mixed fire)

And evidently, almost no one feels ass'd enough to even discuss plans anymore in the discussion threads.

So I guess I'll just take my soapbox and chill the fuck out for a couple of days.
No. 132229 ID: 10c408

Oh, and before I forget it entirely... I did have one other idea for trying to dupe the dragonslaying with a quicksilver based 'death'

Instead of trying to punch a small hole into any of the weak walls, we go for the maintenance hatch we used to get into the prison in the first place. Highly unlikely and blake might shoot us, but it is an opportunity.
No. 132230 ID: 6e6f32

So like. There's this problem of giant gun being in face.
Fighting and running are all well and good, but if all Alice's sensory organs are blasted away instantaneously, its game over. At least for this scene. Even if Ahra won't end the game here, we'll be worse off.

Unless we do something weird like harpoon a bit of wall our feet are touching and then super speed retract (so we can then presumably run or assault) or some other such nonsense, we pretty much need to play along until that hyper lance isn't pointing at Alice's head. We can attack or flee the instant it isn't going to cripple us. We don't have to give them information, we can try to simply misdirect, or go with any number of weird body shenanigans to help this point along, we just need a little bit of time to do that.
No. 132297 ID: 977456

>Unless we do something weird like harpoon a bit of wall our feet are touching and then super speed retract
That is actually a really good idea. Well, I don't think we have much that can be harpooned, but using it as a guide-line so that we can navigate even with our primary sensory organs aggressively cauterised. Once we have gotten to the end of a corridor and turned a corner we have a brief moment outside of the line-of-fire in which to grow chest-eyes or something. We could even grow a bunch of soft, flexible tendrils and use them as antennae to physically probe our surroundings to navigate with. Not enough for long-term planning, but if it can keep us from hitting walls and let us know if their is a side-passage/broom-closet(yes, short view-range can be a problem) to duck into to break line-of-fire then it will be a great asset.
No. 132321 ID: f57349

I would like to note that my suggestion, which Arhra adapted into Spatial Extrusion, was mainly just https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/p/passwall/ plus Reisarf & Stargazer's themes of being wet and dangerous. Thank you for accepting it.
No. 132326 ID: 10c408

I just want to say one thing.

I KNEW the fafnir drone wasn't destroyed! Oh god we are so horribly screwed now.
No. 132328 ID: 7ebbf9

What? It's possible for aliens to have more than one big gun you know.
No. 132329 ID: b1b4f3

That was the dragonslayer's gun.
No. 132330 ID: 5b93d3

We really need to steal one of those guns.
No. 132331 ID: 8a0f95

I'll comment that it'd be wise to think tactically in Bloom. The xotl will keep chasing Alice, so what can be done about that?
No. 132332 ID: 0fae41

Outrun them, go somewhere they can't follow, lock a door behind us with the basilisk organ. No idea what the area we're running looks like though, so we don't know what we have to work with besides our body.
No. 132333 ID: 10c408

Whoever just shot Alice is entirely irrelevant to my initial post. I do agree that it was most likely the dragonslayer, but that still doesn't change the fact that the fafnir is, seemingly, still functional enough to move around and quite possibly also shoot at us next.
No. 132334 ID: 8a0f95

To be clearer, the xotl have at least two Fafnir drones.
No. 132335 ID: 10c408

...Ah. Well, my assumption that it wouldn't fire at us due to being too hot is gonna go on the pile. Did we really destroy one of the two fafnir drones with an incendiary grenade? If so, then.. Well it makes sense for an obvious weakness but I'm only more worried about whatever the next thing is the xotl's will bust out to try and stop us since we keep killing them, nicking all of their stuff and blowing up their expensive heavy weapon drones.
No. 132517 ID: cadb36
File 158687452176.png - (52.12KB , 700x1200 , bunny_alice.png )

All these recent Bloom happenings make me want to draw Alice in less life or death situations.

Also a late happy Easter.
No. 132518 ID: 015bf2

Not gonna lie, that's a pretty cool look.
No. 132527 ID: b5e0a0

Bunny Deem is very good.
No. 132529 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 132530 ID: b5e0a0

I apparently was half asleep when I posted.
Bunny Alice is very good.
No. 132554 ID: f133dc

I don't know how I feel about Alice looking sexy. This makes me slightly uncomfortable.
No. 132582 ID: cadb36

Alice is meant to have some unease in her design between being human and being monstrous. I occasionally like to goof off with it like this, so don't worry it's kind of intentional!
No. 132636 ID: b675d6

she's always looked sexy to me, but that might just be me
No. 132736 ID: cadb36
File 158866227650.png - (29.53KB , 600x900 , xotl_secret_magazine.png )

Here is the illegal xotl smut.
No. 132737 ID: cadb36
File 158866234922.png - (184.69KB , 1200x600 , alice_compare.png )

And a selection of Alices and non-Alices just in case people were curious how things line up.
No. 132738 ID: cadb36

While I was looking up a few things to prepare for the last update, I stumbled on this article about hydraulic artificial muscles for robots. Pretty neat!

No. 132739 ID: 015bf2


Some cool and excellent designin' going on here and in thread. You must've had fun!
No. 132777 ID: 5b93d3

General field is Soft Robotics (and Soft Materials in general). That particuallr actuator looks like a bog-standard McKibbens, with their main innovation being compatibility with CoTS hydraulic fluid (nasty stuff). My stuff needs to be biocomaptible, so distilled water or PMDS are the order of the day. Lots of fun applications, but limited by self-sensing (knowing current pose of a squishy stretchy object is a HARD problem) and motive power transmission (tangle of air/fluid lines and off-device power source, single-use chemical gas generators, or extremely electro-thermo-mechanical or chemo-mechanical actuators are current SotA).
Oh, and fabbing soft objects with microscale internals galleries is a copper-plated bitch, before you can even START investigating useful morphologies and control strategies.
No. 132974 ID: f70b0e

Hello yes I should probably mention here that I have decided to start doing a monthly drawing that is voted on by patreons and the first poll is here:

No. 133397 ID: 8e4d19
File 159455863756.png - (254.12KB , 1500x750 , 2020_05_quest_workout.png )

Hello yes hello aaaa I should probably post these at some point too.

May's drawing: Quest characters working out!
No. 133398 ID: 8e4d19
File 159455867092.png - (299.44KB , 1200x1200 , kaijune_deem_2020.png )

June's drawing: Kaijune Deem
No. 133399 ID: 9f0903

Wait, would working out even do anything for any of them?
No. 133401 ID: 61c2f0

Probably not!
No. 133568 ID: 10c408

I think alice would get a slight benefit for doing something normal and human-like. Even if she can probably increase muscle density with a thought.
No. 133821 ID: 5392ad
File 160032798346.png - (343.23KB , 1200x900 , dungeoneer_deem_gardening.png )

Oh look it's Deem ensuring the dungeon workforce is busy.
No. 133824 ID: 2aa5f0

Don't know why but for whatever reason this brings a question to mind. Does the area Deem set her dungeon up have to worry about winter or is it close enough to the equator where that isn't a worry?
No. 133873 ID: 735fa3

I wanna see Bloom the movie. It'd be the next Aliens.
No. 133907 ID: 4c58a6

I had in mind a bit of a Mediterranean climate but I doubt I'll be able to handle that very authentically.
No. 133908 ID: 5b93d3

Deem: "Merud, what is going on? My denizens are lazy and taking naps, and it's only noon! It couldn't be a Curse, even Alakaline is affected!"
Sleepy Alkaline: "Seeeestaaa"
Deem: "And what is this word, 'syesta', what does it mean?!"
Merud, currently animating a bed golem: "Uhh../"
No. 133915 ID: 977456

Would it be funnier to have the hungover dungeon scene, or the thing where she is largely immune to dehydration penalties, and would get brittle rather than headachey?
No. 133925 ID: 5b93d3

If Deem's avatar is getting drunk... is the dungeon as a whole also getting drunk?
No. 133926 ID: 9f0903

Dammit, we just cleaned all that mess up, and now this.
No. 133935 ID: 9c1ef3

>Entire dungeon is in an entirely different, bizarre configuration
>Stairs to nowhere, isolated rooms (Don't worry, no one got trapped!) nonsensical arrangements of hallways
>At least one, if not more, statues of Deem that look oddly familiar (Andrew-Hussie-esque copy-pasted and color-keyed Greek statues with the heads replaced)
No. 133943 ID: 9f0903

It'd probably be a mistake to give us that much power. Imagine being able to do that while an adventurer is inside, and all it takes is a few beers.
No. 133946 ID: 9c1ef3

Drunken Dungeon Master.

Honestly the only one I'd really find funny would be the statues.
No. 133960 ID: d82849
File 160259501242.png - (114.41KB , 800x830 , deem_reduction.png )

Just in case people weren't sure: yes, Deem did slim down a bit.
No. 133999 ID: 8fab7a

I have to ask. Did the extraction process produce the requisite appropriate SCHLORP noise?
No. 134017 ID: d82849

Deem tends to be slower at doing these things than a one panel jump might imply. It's certainly one of the sounds it would have made.
No. 134334 ID: 76c934

In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that Dungeoneer will be jumping ahead to the morning after. There's not going to be a chance to add extra input so if there's something you think might be fun to (not) see, now's your only chance.

I'd also like to see more suggestions specifically mentioning Hin, Kallia, the new golem or other characters.
No. 134372 ID: 3de9d0

Afraid I'll be away from home all week for work, so updates are on the backburner for a bit!

When I get back, going to wrap up Dungeoneer and then I think get Bloom at a natural stopping point before showing the morning after for Dungeoneer.
No. 134373 ID: 2aa5f0

whelp I hope you have a good thanksgiving... or just a pleasant weekend if you live outside of the states.
No. 134593 ID: 293539

I have been mulling over what happens for the rest of Deem's night out. I was thinking she'd offer to assist with one prank to Kallia, as her repayment for those two potions. Anything people think would be the sort of thing Kallia might get up to?
No. 134600 ID: 0fae41

Making a golem that looks like Merud to act like the town fool, to get back at him for leaving all the guild duties to her? 'Oh look at me, I'm Merud, I want to build a golem that can talk back because I'm so lonely, a-hyuk!' ...Gosh, don't you think that's kinda mean Deem?
Maybe she tries playing a prank on Hin. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Property damage is certain. Animating a chair backwards just before she sits? Pinning something way up on her back? Egging her house?
No. 134606 ID: db14b0

I do not have a good Kallia voice, but for just pranks, does the town have many gargoyles? If they all started making stereotypical barnyard animal noises one morning, that could be a thing. And Deem could probably enchant that if Golems can't make sound.
No. 134613 ID: 38eec1

Hey now. We now know that Deem loses control when she's drunk, but I don't think she'd actually purposefully do stuff that would hurt her famuli.
No. 134652 ID: 9caba2

Painting the town red, literally.

Or maybe shifting a nearby mountain range that's visible from the town.
No. 134674 ID: 5f0001
File 160993821982.png - (324.77KB , 1280x1120 , holiday_2020_alice.png )

Hope everyone had a great break over the holidays!
No. 134677 ID: 2aa5f0

wow that girl could use a haircut... or what it be called trimming in this case?
No. 134687 ID: 5a788d

Oh no, gift mimic!
No. 134747 ID: 62ea85

I have been trying to finalise what other golemetry related nonsense Deem and company got up over night. Are there any golem materials or embedded functions people think might be fun to see?
No. 134748 ID: 2aa5f0

Deem and friends came across a toy store while drunkenly wondering. They then animated all the toys and then forgot about it. Do what you will with that.
No. 134753 ID: fd3bd3

Deem made a golem out of the church organ. It likes to whistle showtunes.
No. 134754 ID: 3c23e2

Golem signage might be fun, but sign posts are the wrong shape.
If golems need to be animal-shaped, then what is up with Merud's hat?
Can you make new golem shapes viable by putting shaped containers in front of cats?
If Team Maximum Inebriation had the same idea, maybe there could be cat golems hidden around the place. They could put a cat golem inside a bottle, pull it out, have it retake the bottle shape, then put it on a shelf with the other normal bottles. Perfect for the "one of these things is not like the others" prank.
No. 134755 ID: 38eec1

>sign posts are the wrong shape
>golems need to be animal-shaped
Wait, where is this coming from? Pancake is a door-shaped golem and he works just fine.
No. 134756 ID: 0fae41

Embedded functions? A golem that has been going around teleporting people's clothes away and a golem going around putting them back on the wrong people, tearing a twinned path of chaos through town.
No. 134775 ID: 9caba2

Cup holders? Can always use those.
No. 134789 ID: 5a788d

Very inconvenient when they get into the tavern. The patrons want to hold those cups!
No. 135158 ID: 1f1b46

Hmm, it's a way off but it'd be good to see some ideas for the dungeon statues Deem made while she was drunk.
No. 135161 ID: 9a2966

Statue ideas? Sure!

- Chickens and Eggs art installation (strange and twisted statues following a clucky theme and surely not inspired by deep-seated traumas)

- The Many Phases of Reisarf & Stargazer (i.e. a wall with 'sad', 'happy', 'girl' facial-photo-booth style mugshots carved as busts of both).

- Good draggies, best draggies (two Char statues 'guarding' the entrance to the dungeon core room, lying atop a pile of stone treasures)

- Golems Being Best At Drinking (statues of golems standing around a barrel / water cooler, holding drinks)
No. 135162 ID: 9c1ef3

- The Very Conquered Sun (Deem with one foot on a sad-looking sun of some kind, flexing)
No. 135165 ID: 132458

A statue of a dancing brute golem. I call it: Saturday Night Fever Dream.
An impressive bust of Deem.
A stone bar stool, modeled off of what Deem was looking at at the time. Some of Kallia’s butt may have been in frame.
The Deem de Milo. Originally she was dabbing, but the arms fell off.
No. 135169 ID: 38eec1

bonus points if it looks like a fetish piece to everyone but Deem
No. 135170 ID: 38eec1
File 161644019763.jpg - (36.66KB , 298x481 , 7c587869b0860c5c45d9dab5a1ef112b.jpg )

a recreation of this classic Conan picture except it's Hin and Kallia
No. 135171 ID: 0fae41

A life size statue of Gigadeem. Granted, you can only see the legs, but just you wait til she Delves further up.
No. 135172 ID: 38eec1

I really like the idea of a hidden statue that can only be revealed fully by digging it out. You could say I... dig it. I'll let myself out.
No. 135176 ID: 132458

“Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
No. 135180 ID: 36784c

An impressive bust of Deem’s impressive bust.
No. 135181 ID: b1b4f3

A statue of deem's golem body carrying the dungeon core on its back like Atlus.
No. 135183 ID: dcdd1c

I am not actually suggesting this, but a what-if fully-expressed-demonic-side Moriko would be a conversation piece and a half.
No. 135702 ID: 5197cb

Statues soon, but in the meantime, does anyone want to suggest what these materials Olan will provide for Deem to make something of might be?
No. 135703 ID: 465a14

gallstones and other mineral deposits found inside organs such as kidney stones or bezoars
his own teeth
rocks i guess
an elf
No. 135704 ID: ce39da

Probably some kind of contraband, like rare ivory or the (literal) devil's lettuce.
No. 135705 ID: 0fae41

A lock of his ex girlfriend's hair
Moon incense: It smells like the moon.
Troll teeth
A pauldron from an ancestral armor set.
No. 135706 ID: 2f6d8f

• Ancient, completely petrified wood. Or, in the same vein, a fossil.
• A weirdly organic regenerating metal that has no other apparent useful trait. Even the color is ugly.
• A completely normal dandelion. Extremely common. Nothing strange or unusual about it. Stop asking.

>an elf
No. 135707 ID: 96c896

Pseudodragon bone (or drake bone? something within his price range, obviously dragon bone is too much)
Abyssal Squid Ink (it's black but glows in the dark)
A seed from a giant pomegranate
A branch from an Evergreen, wrapped tightly to keep it from extending roots
Element-infused quartz.
No. 135709 ID: 312b32

Crystallised Sky Power.
Fragments of shattered dungeon cores.
Holy water.
A very familiar dragon skeleton.
No. 135710 ID: afa6f6

I like the idea of Petrified Wood and Fossils, gonna +1 those

A Chunk of deep sea Coral
A barrel of black volcanic sand
Shell from a giant jewel tortoise
Some chunks of meteorite
Moon rocks, rocks, from the moon.
Crystallized roses
Great Elk antlers
Nightmare mane (like, monster horses)
No. 135713 ID: 031458

What a geologist promised him was a large geode. Unbroken.
A carnivorous plant from a far away place.
Diatomic silt from the ocean floor.
A magic trinket from a traveling peddler who's function can't be discerned. (It is cursed in a way that cancels out it's function)
Dragon Bits. (The leftovers of the leftovers of a large dragon corpse)
A mystery potion. (A novice used his master's materials haphazardly. Its composition may be more useful than it's effect)

Chaos Battery: a Demon's Heart and an Angel's Skull (amount other things) are contained within a labyrinth of Gold and Sunstone. A dial adjusts the inner complexity and therefore power output. Even on it's lowest, most convoluted setting, this thing outputs dangerous amounts of mixed mana and distorts the local earth pulse in bizarre ways.
It's frankly a liability to have, Olan has probably been trying to pawn it off on my someone.
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