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File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
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No. 111418 ID: 48237d

I have one of these king of questions: What is the difference between heroes and monsters?
If you were to ask me a giant bee looks more monstrous than tiny doggish people.
No. 111419 ID: d1d42a

Heroes are like monsters but have special adventuring professions, and a moral codes that fills them with courage and unity
No. 111420 ID: b65360

How much damage would a normal hit do to clothing?
No. 111421 ID: f55f6e

Responding to some of the questions in the main Quest thread, it's kind of understandable that the kobolds are weaker, one on one, vs. the freedom fighters. If the two teams are balanced, then our side's eight vs. the enemy's four means that our individual units are half the strength of what the bandits are fielding.

So while Vovo is one of the Duchess' most trusted, he's also her most trusted *kobold* which is kinda like being a jumbo shrimp or the smart Stooge. I was hoping that he would hold it together long enough Skrep to rally vs. Mizzit for a double team, but it looks like the kitty's going to be free to cause us some trouble on the next turn with only token resistance on that side of the carriage.

Team Tax Collector needs to do better about supporting each other and ganging up on our foes. I think we need to think of them deploying as teams of two or more instead of individuals.

As for the rest of the fracas...
The snake cousins seem to have Vriolo pretty well in coil.

Icker's shaken and shamed but not out and I have a feeling Eeyfel is going to be relieved of some of her raiment soon.

I'm most concerned about Dolan, as now he's got an open door on the carriage and everybold guarding it is otherwise preoccupied. That rascally rabbit's gonna run off with our revenue!
No. 111422 ID: f55f6e

What's the Duchess' sign?
Looks like maybe a Libra, or a Gemini?
No. 111423 ID: 9876c4

In Vovo's role as Duchess' Trusted, he needs to do two things:
1. Punch things hard, so that they go down fast
2. Tank damage, including emotional damage.

I'd argue that he's not Dolan, and probably doesn't know all the assorted fletchery and forestry the latter would, but he's still balanced if he can do his two tasks really well.

If Kobolds can't brawl, why even have a brawler? Why wouldn't we just take 5 archers?
No. 111424 ID: f55f6e

Well, you march with the army you've got.

In pure, hypothetical game math (not knowing what system LW is using to run this) one Vovo is equal to 1/2 a Dolan, considerations of class and skills and special abilities aside. Dating all the way back to Gygax & Arneson's "Chainmail" a Lvl 2 character is worth 2 Lvl 1 characters, which is what I'm guessing is in play here.

Not to mention if randomness gets into the mix. Like I said, I'm assuming that Vovo *really* blew his morale roll if a pantsing takes him out of the fight. He strikes me as more of a berserker type, which on one hand you'd think he'd not care about goin' commando but on the other they aren't known for their emotional stability. Who can say, the stats are behind LW's screen for both sides.

Dolan's archery and forestry skills have nothing to do with anything at the moment. I'm mostly concerned about his powers of larceny, as he's right next to a wide open door beyond which resides an amount of gold that we are supposed to be protecting and nobody's even looking in his direction right now.
No. 111439 ID: d1d42a

>How much damage would a normal hit do to clothing?
Lethal attacks do the same amount of damage to clothing as standard non-lethal attacks.
aimed attacks also do the same amount of damage to clothing ( but likely will inflict the damage in more desirable areas)

>If Kobolds can't brawl, why even have a brawler? Why wouldn't we just take 5 archers
neither team was optimized for success, they were optimized to inflict/receive clothing damage.
in the future you will get to pick you minions on more desirable traits

>Vovo is equal to 1/2 a Dolan
actually the kobold are worth about 1/3 of a hero, the snakes are equal to a hero each.

Vovo is a bully more or less, he's used to pushing around and commanding kobolds smaller and weaker than himself.
he's also fairly clever and excels in tests and games, but under real fighting the pressure quickly gets to him.

probably an Aries
No. 111443 ID: ce4d05

Because cannon fodder is important too.
No. 111444 ID: a8ee52

How cuddly are kobolds(in general)? Because they look super cuddly.
No. 111445 ID: d1d42a

Kobolds are pretty cuddly, they enjoy the company of other, being alone or in few numbers makes them nervous
No. 111446 ID: a8ee52

Guess we need to be extra careful about letting the number of active kobolds get low.

We are so many kobolds in service to the Duchess? Or did this group just happen to have a lot kobolds?
No. 111447 ID: d1d42a

Kobolds work cheap, and typically work hard(if not well) , and they typically don't ask questions about what they're asked to do
No. 111448 ID: 4854ef

How strong are Molebeasts? Active bite strength? Also endurance.
No. 111453 ID: 8cb228

So, uh, what specific project or projects NEEDS so many taxes as to cause rebels?
No. 111455 ID: 4854ef

It's mentioned at the beginning of the quest, it pays for holy weapons and soldiers to fight hordes of undead.

>she needs every coin to pay for soldiers and to craft holy weapons to defend the land from the from the undead hords
No. 111457 ID: 83b227

The tax collectors should sort of have an advantage, something they teach you when you learn to fight is it's much more than twice as hard to fight two people at once and it effectively gets exponentially harder to fight multiple people up to the point where they start getting in each others' way and then it levels out some. If the collectors had been able to leverage their numbers they would have certainly had the upper hand! But then again they were ambushed, had the mole beast turned against them and were limited in their ability to use their numbers. The best tactic would have been to have each freedom fighter occupied by one person while the spare people all ganged up and swung around to take out each enemy in turn, but it's trickier in execution of course.
No. 111459 ID: f55f6e

>actually the kobold are worth about 1/3 of a hero, the snakes are equal to a hero each.

That makes sense. The snakettes did seem like they were punching from a higher weight class, what with their special abilities and such.

In that case maybe double teaming Vriolo with Azzeki and Sezeda is overkill, and it would be better for Azzeki to go back up Skrep before Mizzit becomes more of a problem. Food for thought.
No. 111461 ID: f55f6e

Well, I've often seen it happen in tabletop RPG contexts that when a new bunch of players are introduced to new characters, they tend to focus on the individuals and what they can do rather than think in terms of group tactics.

In this forum based format I'm sure its even more pronounced.

Just like when someone walks up to a piano for the first time they start plinking individual notes rather than playing chords.

Hopefully as time goes on and we become more familiar with these guys we'll pool are tactics a bit better. :)
No. 111602 ID: f55f6e

Hmmm. Well, either our blushing bee got burned so badly by Eeyfel's taunt that her personality shut down and the hive mind took over, or else it didn't really have much effect on her morale at all...

I see that Dolan has re-armed himself. Keep an eye on that rabbit, folks. He's gonna be trouble.
No. 111615 ID: d1d42a

The mole beast is rather strong and durable
however it is slow and clumsy, if it gets a good bite on a target it will do a lot of damage however it will have a fair bit of trouble doing so.

She succeeded her willpower check, Icker has very high will drawn from a deep sense of loyalty and community. courage however will only get one so far she is weak and clumsy and over all a poor combatant.
No. 112011 ID: a8ee52

So is Vriolo out? he seems pretty out after that punch.
No. 112013 ID: d1d42a

not quite
No. 112207 ID: d1d42a

some people have suggested to me that the clothing in the quest is too fragile, tearing far to easily.

does anyone else have thoughts concerning this or similar problems?
No. 112211 ID: 6f97db

Nope. I think it's just right.
Actually I think clothes should evaporate with a single touch. You know, production quality is so low nowadays, with all the money going to taxes. But that's just me.
No. 112213 ID: 4e4014

Most of the clothing is just cloth, and is probably not super great strength compared to modern materials, so it should be destroyed pretty easily. Maybe the stuff that is actually supposed to provide protection (armor pieces, etc.) should be tougher?

But really, since the quest is running off the idea of one's clothes basically being one's health, the way things are seems fine to me.
No. 112235 ID: 91ee5f

The only clothing complaint I have is how quickly and easily Vovo got broken. If losing pants is all it takes to get broken, then why is Icker still in the fight? She's lost both her pants and her panties and she's still in the fight! How come she's allowed to lose more clothing than Vovo, but still be allowed to fight?!
No. 112243 ID: d1d42a

>the quest is running off the idea of one's clothes basically being one's health
not quite, health is still a mechanic, Yappa went down when her health was depleted from being smacked around a bunch. health is pretty straight foreward just a flat pool that depletes with every hit, tougher characters will have a larger pool and take less damage.

but a character can also be taken out of combat by breaking their will, there's a lot of ways to do that, fear, being outnumbered/outmatched, injury and embarrassment (from either clothing loss or simply being made a fool of) all can work toward breaking their morale. unlike health, morale recovers over the course of the battle, demoralizing a character works best if the target isn't given time to recover their wits

hero morale is typical much higher than that of monsters, however if one hero breaks all other heroes morale suffer!
to see a comrade abandon their noble quest fills them with despair.
Heroes' morale is strengthened if an ally is killed, and will often fight with renewed vigor to avenge their fallen brother.

Monster morale is typically lower over all, but they don't much care if their friends run away, more money for them!
even seeing an ally knocked out doesn't really bother them, heroes typically treat prisoners well, and not keep them long.
however, when an ally is killed fear of death kicks in quickly. and their morale will suffer.
fortunately heroes rarely resort to lethal combat unless a teammate is killed, or provoked through excessive cruelty.

Icker has much higher willpower than Vovo
Hive warriors are incredibly devoted more often than not willing to die for a cause they can believe in

Kobolds however are cowards, Vovo especially he's little more than a bully when it comes down to it.
No. 112396 ID: a8ee52


Eh, I think it's fine. It is a clothing damage based quest, after all.
No. 112409 ID: 4854ef

I think the only issue is that all this information was basically being shown long after the quest started.

As a result it's left some people frustrated when discovering mechanics when they could've been more useful earlier on and makes it feel as if things are random until there's a reveal of things in place.
No. 112415 ID: 9876c4

This is true, but what's done is done.

Clothing+ destructive implements =destroyed clothing. I count this as working as intended.
No. 112438 ID: d1d42a

I've received a number of comments regarding people frustrated with quest management
I had hoped a low stakes quest just about silly lewds wouldn't frustrate people, but I guess the story themes don't really help the problem.
I'm happy at least that people care enough about my quest to tell me the flaws with the hope that I'll be able to improve it.
that probably won't happen though

I'm real sorry guys, I've been running quests for years but I've not really gotten any better at it.
if suggester count, fanart received and general interest are anything to go by I've gone down hill dramatically since the end of my first year.
honestly I don't feel I've got worse so much as TGchan over all has gotten so much better, and my work's flaws are highlighted by comparison.

"A contest between thieves" is actually a test run of the battle mechanics.
the actual quest I had planned for King of Pentacles was to have all sorts of non-combat stuff as well

I try explaining as much as I think to up front, but I can never seem to give enough information without people being frustrated, I have no way of knowing what people want/need to know unless they ask

if I give too little people get frustrated and upset that I didn't tell them everything.

if I give too much (like with Silken Vale) it takes months of preparation to start the quest burning me out and killing readership with text walls

I really don't know what kind of information people want

personally I hate both writing and reading large blocks of text, the more I write the more room I have to screw things up, and with TGchan I can't edit my post, so stress increases with every word I write

in the end I'm frustrated too, my only goal is to entertain, and it makes me really angry when I can't produce something enjoyable.
No. 112443 ID: 9876c4

What I get from this is you want to play to your strengths.

The parts of TGchan that are trying to improve things do too.
Just try to have fun, we'll back you up as we see fit.

Just because drama is manufactured doesn't mean we have to buy any, as fans or creators.
No. 112445 ID: 4854ef

I enjoy the quest, I do want to see you improve and become quite well done! I've enjoyed your art styles and themes for a while now. Though I didn't realize you had written Silken Vale.

But I'll try and sum up what sort of information you should likely provide should you run a similar thing to this:

Health & Morale. The way it was presented makes it seem like clothing damage was 100% the way to go aside from trying to kill them with lethal blows. Damage should have been mentioned, as well as morale. These are important to note because these are your victory and defeat condition (Aside from them managing to steal the loot)

While obvious in retrospect due to the numbers. It probably would have been good to mention the difference between the Kobolds, Snakes, and 'Heroes' general strength. This doesn't have to be a full down detail, but something akin to "Hero units are stronk, Kobolds are like 1/3rd Hero" near the start would've done alright.

After that other information is fine if you wish to add in more, but you generally should assume that people want to know things that would help the "victory condition".
No. 112448 ID: 3abd97

I don't know, learning mechanics and limits through practical experience in battle seems pretty reasonable to me, as opposed to sitting the players down and explaining everything in detail first. (It's more interesting / engaging at the cost of increased risk of non-ideal choices). Sure, there's a few details that ran counter to some expectations, but in my opinion, its been all good silly fun.

I mean, puzzles where you need to figure out the rules are as valid as puzzles where the ruleset is laid out for you in advance.

(It's really only unreasonable if the consequences for the player going in without knowing all the rules is disproportionate).

I especially appreciate how even though the characters are all basically disposable units, you apparently went through the trouble of creating backstories and personalities (and insecurities) for everyone. It's been fun seeing the characters reveal themselves in the bits of dialog mid-combat.

>fanart received as a metric
That might not really be the best metric to use. I'd have to crunch numbers to be sure, but I think the rate of fanart production overall is now lower than it used to be. And I think there's more things running at a time, which might spread things out more too. That might say more about how the board has evolved than you?

>suggestion count
One downside of the whole turn based tactical rpg thing is our options are finite, and as the battle wears on and fewer people are available to give orders to or to target, there are fewer options. So if someone or two has already suggested X attack Y, there's not a whole lot of need to suggest yourself if you support that. (Unlike, say, in a dialog interaction where everyone can try to come up with the best way to say something). So you're probably not seeing as many suggestions as there are people engaged.
No. 112451 ID: a8ee52

This is very true about the number of suggestions. I a haen't said anything on the current action because I agree with the majority decision right now,
No. 112465 ID: 1c7116

The real problem is that it seems that these are soldiers for hire that are the tax collectors, given what one of the snakes said, and given that, they don't all seem to be super skilled at that. Think of it like a soldier NPC in a TTRPG, whereas the Freedom Fighters seem to be more specialized each, like a PC in a TTRPG.

On top of that, the Tax collectors have a mission to protect the cart, so they must do that on top of fighting the freedom fighters, and the Freedom fighters have homefield advantage.

And again, if we look at the freedom fighters, they look a bit more steeled to fight and suffer for their cause, while from what I'm gathering most of the Tax collectors are pretty much just soldiers for hire.

One of the kobolds went out in their undies, but the bee is bottomless, and while shaken, is going onwards, likely fueled by rage (And if her speech is anything to go by, she's got that worker bee mentality).

Unless I'm reading the situation wrong, while the tax collectors DO have the numbers advantage, it looks like the freedom fighters have much more advantage.
No. 112466 ID: 1c7116

I wish I could give you a hug, because I understand burnout all too well, and the frustration that you can't give the people what they want.

I personally love your quests, and would write my own if I had any art skill. And if my life wasn't kicking my ass hard (though that has slowed down), and I love where you take things.

The only real flaw I can see right now is just that things go a bit slow because we have a lot of characters to control, but overall I want to see your quest continue!
No. 112470 ID: 262ceb

I think when it comes to mechanics in quests there are three basic types: simple, intuitive and complex.

Simple quests have pared-down mechanics, you control only one or two characters with only a few things they can do at any one time, often in an rpg-esque system where a character basically has a "menu" of basic abilities or qualities, a simple health stat and maybe a mana stat and/or an inventory with one or two items. Usually these things are put right up "on screen" as a little menu or bars and everyone gets it pretty easily right away.

Intuitive quests work on the idea that what the characters can do is basically the same as they could do in "real life", they may be freeform or have mechanics underneath that are explained but ultimately the audience can just suggest what would be a good idea in "real life" and it will probably play out as they expect. Fantasy or sci-fi elements that make things diverge from realism are kept simple or explained/established gradually. The majority of quests are mostly intuitive quests, I think.

Complex quests, finally, have in-depth systems for abilities and actions that the readers will not be expected to be familiar with intuitively, such as complicated magic powers or characters with alien natures. In order not to front-load a big boring infodump, these quests need some sort of intro sequence or tutorial where the things the audience needs to know are revealed a few pieces at a time. It will also help a great deal to have some sort of tutorial instructor character who can interact with the audience to clarify details and answer questions. This can be tricky if the audience will keep interacting with the people they are revealing their ignorance to and will need to be taken as some sort of authority afterwards, so there needs to be some reason the characters keep listening to them: often, it's just that the characters are stuck with the audience and have no choice but to listen, which is the case in most "the suggestions are the character's own thoughts" setups, but there are other ways to achieve this.

Quests don't need to fit into these three categories neatly (a lot of simple quests, for example, "evolve" into intuitive or complex quests) but generally lean towards one of them.

Silken Vale was a complex quest, and had the misfortune of its mechanics mostly being established in info blocks; it didn't have much of a mechanical intro or tutorial and the interaction point between the suggesters and the audience was one in which it was entirely possible for the characters to lose patience with and outright ignore the suggesters. Still, people seemed to be interested enough in the quest and the setting on its own merit to go through the info blocks, so the lack of a tutorial wasn't really so much of a problem. My ability to speculate on its failure is limited but if I had to make some untrustworthy guesses I would say the method of "control" was quite restrictive (only able to talk to one character at a time, possibility that said character wouldn't listen, possibility other characters wouldn't listen to that character on top of that) and didn't let the suggestors feel that they had much positive influence. Also the intro ended up feeling a little dull. With the top-down perspective and all the complex mechanics the quest seemed built for tactical combat but we started off just wandering around picking up all our characters and talking, which IS the natural way for a detective/investigation quest to start, don't get me wrong, but for that it needed a different presentation for those parts of the quest. It should have had shots of the environment and of the characters' body language and other atmospheric stuff to sell the mystery fantasy, the audience needed to feel the sense and desire to explore the setting and the characters and uncover the secrets that had been promised by the quest's story. The "mood" wasn't there. The top-down battlemap perspective made things seem simple and straightforward and clearly laid out and that didn't fit the premise of a fantasy murder mystery at all, really. It wasn't unsalvageable, though.

King of Pentacles I think has a better chance. It leans closest to being a simple quest by the above categories but pushes a bit beyond that by the quantity of the characters to control and the "stats" and abilities being hidden. If it were to be theoretically redone I would start with a simpler and faster intro encounter to give a chance for the mechanics to be explored/explained more quickly (for example, instead of facing the heroes right away maybe we start with a scene of only one or two of the tax collectors guarding their stuff in a town at night while the others are sleeping, and facing off against one or two bandits; or perhaps one or two tax collectors scouting ahead of the group along the road and fighting just one of the heroes). You could also have put in some sort of "tutorial narrator" who could comment on the fight while it was happening, like maybe the queen herself watching by magic, or some nearby wanderer, or perhaps a veteran but invalid tax collector character who can only sit and shout orders at the others, or something like that. I would also (and this could still be done) just put up a straight gamey "UI" or a stat screen shown at the start of each round, where we can see the characters' health and morale as bars as well as their condition and maybe a little list of their special qualities and their "level" to show how powerful they are.

I do want to see more!
No. 112472 ID: 3abd97

In fairness, the Freedom Fighters got to start from ambush, and set the ambush in a location of their choosing. And they clearly thought they had a reasonable chance of victory, or else they could have chosen to not engage.

I'd say the fight is still close enough to be a toss up, though. A bad decision or roll or two on either side could still tip the balance.
No. 112487 ID: 47160d

At a guess, most people are interested in your quest but just waiting, cause that's what I'm doing. Quests are a very character driven media form and while I am interested in the fight I don't really feel much need to post because... at the moment I have no real attachment to any character. Basically, jsut keep going and your readership will up when the fight ends and there is more options for replies
No. 112603 ID: 1c7116

Oh of course.This ain't a full blowout just yet. A few bad decisions could end up costing either side a huge price.

I just think that if we look at this in a vaccuum, the Freedom Fighters have more going for them in this instance than the Taxmen.
No. 112736 ID: d1d42a

thanks for the suggestions!

I'll give UI stuff some thought as I think that'd be easiest to implement and wouldn't bog things down with a whole bunch of text to read, though I'm not sure the best route to go with in that direction

I agree with everything you've said in hindsight I should have run the quest completely differently.
and if I ever choose to continue it, I will completely change the presentation.

unfortunately the quest will be over shortly after the fight ends . . .

Also thanks for the support everyone! your feedback is very much appreciated.
No. 112737 ID: d1d42a

what kind of gender ratio do people thing these kind of quests should have?

I've made a straw poll, I will consider responses for future quests
right now I'm going with 50/50 but I have a feeling people might prefer something else?

No. 112740 ID: 9876c4

Didn't really see my ideal option on the list (3p fem- 1p male), so I'll explain my reasoning.

I don't particularly want to see naked or humiliated men. If we have male foes, I'm more likely to favor misdirecting them or injuring them than standard stripping conflict.

I don't think it'd be fair to remove them entirely, for audience appeal, and more importantly world-building. And within our own side it reinforces the perils of losing HP/clothes.

Basically, the tax collectors are fine as is thematically, but I'd like to see them tangle with 75% female foes. Context matters.
A thieves' guild might be mostly female, but an orc chieftain is less likely to be.
No. 112742 ID: 4854ef

I went with 50/50. I want to see both on the clothing damage block.
No. 112743 ID: f55f6e

Well, since the stated goal of a lewd clothing damage quest is to get from point A (altogether attired) to point B (bare butts, boobies, and bits) I think the significant issue isn't how durable or fragile the clothing is so much as how ingeniously it can be contrived to be removed.

Long story short, this isn't about "realism" as much as comedy and cheese/beefcake, which you are doing quite well.

It's supposed to be light, fun, and titillating. Folks need to not take it so seriously. (To qualify that statement, I think it should be taken seriously in terms of engagement and attention, but not to the point of getting bent out of shape at the results.)
No. 112744 ID: f55f6e

I'm not trying to pick on you specifically but the problem with this approach is that a quest runner is using votes to direct what happens next. If you agree with a certain course of action then you need to speak up. The more votes or comments a course of action gets the more confident the quest runner can be that they're responding properly. Silent agreement doesn't move the needle.
No. 112745 ID: f08985

Yeah but he was saying that he was fine with where the needle was.
No. 112746 ID: f55f6e

Perhaps I misunderstood. I thought by "suggestions" the poster was talking about suggesting and voting on actions within the quest, not meta-suggestions about how LW should run it overall. That might seem to be an illogical conclusion to jump to but I have encountered people who remain silent when it's the audience's time to influence events and then complain loudly about the result afterward.
No. 112747 ID: f55f6e

I have a question about possibly regaining/improving morale.

Say, hypothetically, that Azzeki were to strip the mostly intact shirt off of a fallen Vriolo and put it on. Would that improve her morale or diminish her Shaken state faster at all?

(While I'm normally adverse to suggestions that decrease the amount of nudity in this situation, it does have a tactical value towards our team winning the fight.)
No. 112748 ID: 3abd97

>unfortunately the quest will be over shortly after the fight ends . . .
Too bad, I was hoping it was the start of a longer campaign and not a one off.
No. 112749 ID: d1d42a

Yes it would! I appreciate all sorts of clever thinking like that!
I had not thought about that when starting the game but it makes sense to me!

A contest between thieves was mostly intended as a combat test for the King of Pentacles main quest.
the current cast of character will likely show up in the main quest but they would just be minions to the main characters.

what were you hoping for regarding a campaign?
No. 112751 ID: 3abd97

>what were you hoping for regarding a campaign?
A list of various things I would have hoped to see if it kept going:

Fights against lesser opponents, fights against monsters. Perspective swapping back and forth between the two sides, alternating a fight here or there. Short silly character antics in between battles. A rematch between the Tax Collectors and Freedom fighters eventually. A confrontation where both Tax Collectors and Freedom Fighters are forced to reluctantly work together against some momentarily greater foe. Battles that didn't start from ambush so different mechanisms were used initially. Etc.
No. 112753 ID: f55f6e

Cool! Honestly I think Azzeki would look adorable wearing the spoils of battle. I'd think that if a garment got ripped up too much or its fasteners too compromised it wouldn't be salvageable, but intact stuff taken off of fallen foes would be fair game.

>Short silly character antics in between battles.

I second this. Actually, I think a post-battle denouement for both sides would be *very* entertaining, with the characters reacting to what happened and to how their comrades succeeded or failed after they get back to base (or get tossed in the dungeon, in the case of our felonious freedom fighters) :)
No. 112754 ID: d1d42a

there will for sure be a post-battle segment to the quest!
No. 113004 ID: 9e9eae

At this point, I feel like it'd be nice to have just a quick rough map of where everyone is relative to each other. Everything's been moving around since we had a big overall look, so it feels like we might go "character X do Y" and then be told "character X tries to Y but is too far away" or something like that, because we've forgotten where exactly they are and where the target is.
No. 113007 ID: d1d42a
File 149869902181.png - (13.48KB , 504x360 , Map01.png )

I wipped up a quick map, should give you a feel for the location of everything

1: Azzeki
2: Sezeda
3: Nifel
4: Eeyfel
5: Bowin
6: Skrep

7: Icker
8: Dolan
9: Mizzit

10: Molebeast
11: tax collection

hope this helps!
No. 113026 ID: 9e9eae


That is helpful, thanks! It makes it easier to think a little longer-term and plan to coordinate, which the kobolds need.
No. 113031 ID: f55f6e

It does help immensely, 'cos my mental picture of the fight had the Niffel/Icker/Dolan/Eeyfel scrum and the Skrep/Mizzit/Vovo fracas completely flipped vis a vis Azzeki/Vriolo/Sezeda. This makes more sense though, as the bulk of the battle would be toward the woods where the freedom fighters sprang from. Poor Skrep is a lot more strung out than I thought.

In future character moves I think I'd suggest Bowen give *him* backup from on top of the carriage rather than getting involved in any of the woods-ward fights.
No. 113032 ID: f55f6e

If Stunned combatants can't act, I think it would be easier to grok if you didn't list them as "Ready!". I kinda get that you've got a binary of Done!/Ready! going here, but maybe it would be less confusing and prone to readers tapping the un-tappable if you had a "yellow light" status of some kind if the only action they can take is to wait down effects. Something like "Recovering!" or some such.

(Niffel's sudden surge of runtish, entomological passion notwithstanding.)
No. 113033 ID: d1d42a

having a stunned character acting is still a viable choice even if their only viable action is "recover from stun"

it allows them to protect them selves from future attacks that turn, or provide a flanking bonus
No. 113034 ID: e121d3

I forget - characters have two actions a turn, right? Does recovering from a stun only count for one of those? Because it's possible that people have gotten them impression that a stun sucks up both actions.
No. 113035 ID: d1d42a

it takes two actions to remove a point of stun
however other characters can also spend actions to remove stun from others
No. 113037 ID: f55f6e

>having a stunned character acting is still a viable choice even if their only viable action is "recover from stun"

But that's not an action, that's a passive change in condition. That seems like the sort of thing that can bog down a quest.

Early on in the quest you clearly said that Stunned characters can only spend both their actions to recover from 1 point of Stun. But that was back in March, and I think most of us, myself included, forgot that Stunned meant no actions when we all voted for Niffel to attack Icker. And I think marking him as "Ready!" adds to that confusion. He's "Ready!" in the mechanical sense, I guess, but not in the sense that we puppeteers think of when we yank the strings.

I might be off base since I'm new to this, but I imagine most participants here are more interested in having the characters take action to affect events and foes in game, not do condition repair/housekeeping. If characters waiting down conditions is something that requires player agency, which I honestly don't think it does, it would help if they were more clearly marked as non or semi-active so we're not all furiously pedaling on a stationary bike, so to speak.

Recovery, to me, is better shunted to the tail of the initiative que after the enemy has had their actions. Let the active participants act and then let the passive ones pass.

Sorry this is long and rambling, I'm trying to articulate what I mean and I'm not sure I'm 100% doing it. Long story short, we only get agency for 1 character every other week and perhaps I assume too much but I don't think we all want to spend that chance at the wheel on "getting better". We want to have the characters *do* something.

Now THAT is interesting.
Is Stun the only condition that applies to?
Or could somebody bring Yappa back around with tender kisses on or a couple of slaps to the cheek? Or could somebody give Vovo a smack on the other sort of cheek and tell him to suck it up and get back in the fight?
See, now that's a proactive non-attack I could get behind.
No. 113038 ID: d1d42a

>That seems like the sort of thing that can bog down a quest.
if someone had selected a stunned character that wasn't Niffel, and seemed to forget the character was stunned I would have made a picture-less post clarifying the stunned effect and given the suggestors a chance make additional suggestions

>Is Stun the only condition that applies to?
stunned, shaken and slowed all can be helped by friends

for the purposes of this battle OUT and BROKEN can't be cured

Out requires "revive" typically a healer only ability
Broken requires "rally" typically a commander only ability
Vriolo actually had a rally ability as well, however he wasn't going to use it in this battle
(unless you had selected Freedom fighters to control)
no other characters in the battle have revive or rally abilities
No. 113040 ID: f55f6e

Understood on both counts.

>stunned, shaken and slowed all can be helped by friends

All the more reason for the kobolds to fight in groups of two or more rather than operating solo.
No. 113042 ID: 9876c4

I applaud the attempt to roll with the tone of the suggestions, even
outside the boundaries of the rules.

It fits the character, and it's a surprise- good show!
No. 113043 ID: d1d42a

thanks! I'm trying to work with the suggestions.
people attempting darker actions will effect the tone of the quest.
and have darker consequences . . .

but it seems TGchan is not fully committed so don't expect too much of a change
No. 113286 ID: ecb807

I almost feel like darker and well...where it's going with the bee and discount d-born...is almost...is kinda fitting with the tone, personally. Roll with what happens, as long as it fits.
No. 113323 ID: d1d42a

discount d-born? I'm not sure I get the reference
No. 113352 ID: ecb807

It was a joke.
I've heard Kobold PCs called Discount Dragonborn s in DnD sometimes. Was talkin' about Icker and Niffel there.
No. 113452 ID: 6ff0ef

I too think outright rape would be going too far. This getting uncomfortable. But Niffel could stay at the current level of sexual assault to "try and get her in the mood"...
No. 113457 ID: bfa33c

I agree with this. Maybe some consensual "conversion" can happen latter, but best to keep it toned down right now.
No. 113459 ID: 716eb1

For me the line between light & dark in this sort of thing is this: How permanent is the harm being done?

It's kinda the same argument as the earlier discussion about lethal vs. non-lethal attacks.

In terms of physical violence: If you knock an enemy out they can eventually wake up. If you slap 'em around or rough them up, they can recover. If you wound them superficially, they can heal.

If you kill them they don't come back.(Setting aside the presence of Resurrection and other revolving doors on the afterlife that are prevalent in RPG's.)

If you cripple or dismember them, that will affect them for the REST of their lives. (Again, ignoring magical healing and regeneration, which edges that sort of thing into the non-permanent harm column, but also kind of trivializes it to the point of irrelevancy. Who cares about getting a hand chopped off if you can just go back to base and get a fresh one snapped on?)

That's a long term change to the characters and scenario, and if it's being dealt with honestly it's a departure from a light and comical tone, in my opinion.

(Admittedly, there's the genre of black comedy where the body count is part of the humor, but that requires a very deft touch and the audience should be aware that's what they're getting themselves into. In this case, I think one or both sides of this conflict would have to be a lot less charming and likeable. I understand it's a little harder to control the tone of a collaborative work, however.)

The same kind of goes for the lewd stuff: If a character gets their clothes ripped off, they can eventually get dressed again, and they can get over their embarrassment.

Groping and other forms of improper contact kind of rank somewhere around fisticuffs in my probably skewed estimation.(Admittedly, I'd rather have my ass grabbed than get punched in the face, but hopefully you get my drift.) Slapstick violence and slapstick naughtiness kinda float in the same context.

You can't get un-fucked, so desire & consent mean a lot. And as for how soon or easily someone can "get over" being raped is A: entirely subjective based on the victim and B: WAY out of my depth in terms of this discussion. I think it's better to not even go there.

Which is why I personally balk at taking a quest that, up front, seemed about light action/comedy spiced up with some nudity with a cast of endearing characters and taking it in the direction of death & permanent trauma.

It's not that I think those things don't have a place in art, but consider the vehicle and how appropriate it is for that payload? You run the risk of either trivializing the heavy stuff or overloading the narrative. YMMV.
No. 113460 ID: bfa33c

This is well worded and I think it sums up how I feel.
No. 113461 ID: e121d3

Here, how about we just have a poll? Just to try put an end to this particular topic.

No. 113462 ID: 7b95d9

That's pretty accurate to my take on things, too.
No. 113463 ID: 3abd97

I'm 100% fine with Niffel getting a giant bee stinger to the crotch.
No. 113516 ID: 4854ef

Did Niffel lose his undergarments when he was kicked repeatedly? Just no mention of such in the text and was curious why he's suddenly bottomless.
No. 113517 ID: d1d42a

yeah I left that out, there was so much text already . . .
No. 113529 ID: 716eb1

Does this combat system have the concept of reserved/triggered actions?

I ask because thinking ahead to when the next initiative rolls around, it might be a good idea to position Bowin over the door of the carriage ready to bring his mace down on the head of any still standing freedom fighters who might want to dart in and grab some gelt, now that Daisy the molebeast is back playing for the home team.

(BTW the pic of him calming her was adorable.) :)
No. 113530 ID: d1d42a

sure, one could suggest for example for Bowin to move into the wagon and then smack any one who got close to him, so if anyone went into the wagon they'd get a good smack before they could do anything.

(thanks! it's always fun to through in some character building pics)
No. 114103 ID: 716eb1

I would like to note that Mizzit is hotter than a tin roof in a Tennessee Williams play.

I nominate Skrep for MVP for his single handed part in bringing that fact to light.
No. 114106 ID: b93a7b

Mizzit's soft curvy body is the envy of many, and she knows it, likely a big factor in her confidence and high will
No. 114166 ID: a8ee52

I am curious about Skrep's thoughts right now, since he didn't get a chance to speak.
No. 114547 ID: b93a7b

Today's update is dedicated my good friend Colour who drew an awsome Icker fanart and helped inspire me to get back to drawing

Additional thanks to Warren Hutch for his excellent strip image set of Mizzit,

to Sarcopholacooda with his sexy beach Icker pic,

to Crunchysaurus with the first KoP fanart, his pic featuring Azzeki and Sezeda.

and everyone else with their encouraging words of support!

All this helps inspire me to try my best.

Thank you!
No. 114549 ID: 9876c4

Could any of these be posted in the thread? I doubt I'd see em otherwise, except the two Ickers.
No. 114562 ID: 716eb1

Seconded. I'd like to see these fan art pieces too.
I'd gladly post the Mizzit piece on TG if I could be directed to the proper thread to put such things. Pardon my newbie-ness.
No. 114565 ID: b93a7b

no problem,
here's the current fanart thread, the other 3 pictures are found here

Sezeda and Azzeki
first Icker
second Icker
No. 114567 ID: 716eb1

Posted it. Thanks!
(And a note to any viewers, wait 5 seconds before you click away to see the animation. ;))
No. 114623 ID: 716eb1

Because you essentially trying to bring a bus to a knife fight.

It might be devastating on the first pass, IF the fight happens to be in the middle of the street and the combatants aren't paying a lot of attention to their surroundings, but the rest of the combat is going to be a lot of 3 point turns and frustration.

Thankfully the road is wide enough for Bowin to turn Daisy around if we really needed him to, but based on my assumptions of her movement rate and maneuverability that's got to take at least a couple of turns in combat.

And if we unhook her from the carriage, again a process that will probably take some time and tie up Bowin in the process, then what we are essentially doing is yanking the engine out of our vehicle so that we can throw it clumsily at our attackers. The vehicle that we need to transport the gold to our boss, as well as potentially transport our wounded and perhaps our prisoners.

Just 'cos it's an option doesn't mean we should use it.
No. 114625 ID: 716eb1

I don't want to jinx it, so knock on wood, but we've essentially already won. Right now it's just a question of how big a win it will be.

3 of the 4 Freedom Fighters are taken out, either K.O.'d or Broken. Dolan is clearly considering making a break for it and rescuing Icker if he can. If we prevent him from fleeing, it will be the difference between capturing 2 vs. capturing them all.

So if he gets away we've still successfully managed to defend the carriage from being robbed. Bringing in captives to interrogate is just icing on the cake. I still say attack with what assets we have to reach for that brass ring, but if that fails it's not a tragedy.

The one thing that could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is if somehow our ability to transport the gold to the Duchess' coffers were compromised, like if we unhooked our dim witted, non-maneuverable* draft animal from the carriage and turned her away from the direction she's supposed to be heading in to take part in the combat.

*Daisy is not a compact car, she is essentially a truck with a trailer that does not have a reverse option. Her turns will be wide and ponderous and must be accomplished by moving her forward. A nimble foe like, say, a rabbit ranger, will easily avoid her.

And draft animal harnesses don't generally come with quick release switches because the whole point of a draft harness is to keep them securely tethered to their load. To turn her loose, Bowin is going to have to climb down from the buckboard and unbuckle her.

And then what is he going to order her to do? "Sic 'em"? She's not a trained attack dog. She's not a remote control car. If she's loose from the carriage then there's no telling what she will decide to do, and only a tiny percentage of the possible outcomes are good.
No. 114630 ID: be0718

Generally, you don't need to use a bus more than once to end a knife fight.
Daisy has a simple set of commands, but she can be trusted to follow them as set out by the rules of the game.
No. 114635 ID: 716eb1

Sure, if the fight is in *front* of the bus. Not so much if the fight is to the side or behind the bus. (And I'm not going to go into the fact that it will pretty much stop BOTH sides of the fight, so the driver of said bus better not have any close attachments to the folks on their own side, or else knows a good florist and can write an awesome apology letter.)

Daisy is not in position, and getting her in position is the whole problem. She's 1 turn's movement away and pointed in the wrong direction.

She only managed to hit Sezeda when Vriolo turned her because our snake was in front of her and within her very narrow angle of adjustment. And he simply kicked her into a berserk fury where she'd bite & claw anything that came in front of her.

I'm sure she'd execute her simple command quite faithfully. (She's a champ at "go forward.") But the pivotal word here is "simple". Spurring her on and saying "Kill" is one thing. Unhooking her from the carriage and saying "Just go and kill that one guy with the long ears who's running into the woods back the way we came, whilst avoiding trampling our own team mates both standing and prone." is another. We're working with an 8 bit memory here, at best.

I could be totally wrong, tho. If vox populi says "Daisy Attack" and LW teleports her over there into attack position thru the power of the infinite improbability drive I will gladly partake of a helping of crow and cheer for her victory and eventual promotion to the Duchess' chief of staff.
No. 114665 ID: 9876c4

I'm beginning to think you just like to argue,
or want to avoid funny molebeast shenanigans.

The first one is fine, but the second makes you a monster.
No. 114676 ID: 716eb1

Does the validity or non-validity of my point hinge on how much I enjoyed making it, or are you just trying to be dismissive?

If there were funny molebeast shenanigans to be had, I would give them their fair hearing and adjust my voting accordingly.

What I predict will happen, if votes for Daisy's intervention are the majority, is that the actual game mechanics involved will prove a disappointment to those who are calling for heroic action on the part of what is essentially a piece of animate set dressing.

She is going to take several turns to get her pokey molebeast butt turned around and by that time Dolan will have scampered into the woods with Icker and we'll have bowled a spare rather than a strike. Either way we win, but we could have won bigger.
No. 115067 ID: 716eb1

So Dolan was prone at the start of this round. Just to be clear, his two actions were to slash away Sezeda's skirt and to regain his feet?
No. 115068 ID: b93a7b

that's correct
No. 115649 ID: 716eb1

I've just gotta say I'm very happy with how this quest seems to be playing out. I look eagerly forward to the denouement.

You should be proud of yourself LW. You did a great job! :)
No. 115651 ID: b93a7b

thank you! I hope the ending holds up as well as the rest
KoP is neither the most popular quest I've done nor the longest, but it's the best I've done for a good while. if it ends here I will be happy with what it has accomplished
No. 115652 ID: 69fef8

It's fun! I remember being a bit frustrated with the starting ambush but it's real good.
No. 115653 ID: 36de2e

>Tfw it's probably over now

I'm actually kinda sad. This was really neat.
No. 115656 ID: be0718

It's just a prologue, hopefully LW is satisfied enough to continue into Chapter 1. I also hope we'll be sticking with the victorious Tax Collectors, allowing their side of the story to be told for once - and so we can see more of Azzeki and Sezeda!
No. 115657 ID: 69fef8

Yes, snek monitoring!
I also really wanna see the gold scorpion noble.
No. 115658 ID: 313c6f

Good. I'd love to see this continue.
No. 115659 ID: 9876c4

Yes, more is welcome.

The art and tactical angle are both good, but what I enjoy the most is being cartoonishly evil.
No. 115660 ID: b93a7b

sadly all good things must come to an end, but I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far

I'm quite satisfied with how this prologue has turned out
I don't know however when I'll be able to find time to start chapter one.
I've been playing with an idea to set up a Patreon for King of Pentacles, cut down on some financial pressure and give me some extra time with which to continue the quest.

Duchess Kalez, the Golden Scorpion is the main protagonist for King of Pentacles, she'll be the star of the first chapter and might make a brief appearance in the prologue.
the Tax Collectors would have lesser roles as some of her minions

If I get around to starting chapter 1, the "cartoonishly evil" aspect will be greatly expanded upon.

and thank you everyone for your support! it makes writing this quest a joy!
No. 115751 ID: b93a7b

made another straw poll
not sure this will change anything about the quest.
mostly just a curiosity

I'd love to hear any thoughts
No. 115755 ID: 9876c4

It would be weird to suddenly drop us into a standard fantasy world when the intro has been anything but. I think the best course of action would be to get some racial analogs going, like:

Dolan is a rabbit- maybe rabbits are the elves of this world, with long ears, archery, and a talent for forest dwelling. Or maybe some other species fits this role.

Even the monster races can get in on it- maybe the ogres are more like gorillas, and the giants are hippos and rhinos? This has certainly been workable with the furry kobolds.
Food for thought.
No. 115758 ID: b93a7b

I'm probably not going to use racial anologs, i think it would get confusing.

as far as the intro race selection it wasn't really my choice, it was decided by random voting
the old polls are here

over all I want to keep possibilities open.
I very much value open discussions and everyone's thoughts and opinions
No. 115760 ID: 36de2e

I think mostly anthro would be fine and keep any "human" characters to maybe like, very specific NPCs or undead maybe.
No. 115761 ID: b93a7b

undead were going to likely be the main source of humanoids

humanoids will probably be very rare, if I choose to show any.
No. 115765 ID: be0718

Ugh. This is why we should have killed a freedom fighter in the heat of combat, so executions wouldn't get caught up in the bureaucracy of suggesters only willing to take half-measures.
No. 115770 ID: 4854ef

I'm still more in the belief that they need to work their sins off. There's always people who can be neccessary for the war effort!
No. 115779 ID: 716eb1

This is a lewd clothing damage quest, is it not?

I thought the point was to get the characters naked, not dead.

Why is it *so* important that somebody be dead?

What does it add to this experience?
No. 115780 ID: 716eb1

Wow, that's fascinating that you chose the two teams based on polls. Random and semi-random generation is such an awesome creative tool. I love it! :)

I'm kinda psyched at the potential of some of the runners up as well (particularly the wolf people and gnolls), should you choose to give us a deeper look into this world.
No. 115781 ID: b9b4da

My suggestions are for not for your benefit, it's obvious from the way you're still filling out the email field after half a year that your memory is read-only. I'm providing counterpoints so that other readers see a different line of reasoning and have a similarly loquacious post to second. On tgchan, YOUR approach is the tedious one.

Get a clue, Warren.
No. 115783 ID: 716eb1

Okay, so you've excoriated me for my general style, but you haven't really refuted any of my actual points. As if the way I fill in the email section has any bearing on anything.

It's been a looong time since I've been in high school, so telling me to "get a clue" doesn't quite have the crushing effect you were hoping for. I don't care if I'm cool or not. Life's too short.

Honestly, look. If I got or am getting too personal or dismissive in my responses I apologize. I was trying to be general about a trend I was seeing of certain participants treating this like a death match rather than the lewd comedy action romp it was initially presented as.

I'm not trying to wreck anybody's fun, I just think having the full compliment of characters to play with is more enjoyable. We could have just as easily wound up playing the Freedom Fighters at the start of this quest.

The goal is to be entertained. If we have to win at all costs, even to the point of changing the tone and character of the quest, then some of the fun is lost, I think.

If the enemy is supposed to die, they should have been made less sympathetic at the outset. Keep the whole idea of destroying clothes and showing off nudity out of it.

I don't have any problem with racking up a body count of faceless enemy drones. Giving 'em faces and personalities kinda changes that into a study in cruelty, loss and grief.

Artistically valid, maybe, not so much "fun" from my perspective. And kinda out of character for the quest as presented.
No. 115789 ID: bef60d

Christ's sake. It's not a counter-point, it's just a really stupid suggestion that clearly isn't what anyone wants to do besides you. Stop having a tantrum.
No. 115790 ID: 3c27fe

It's not important for anyone to die tbh, but it's an option. There's no 'supposed to' die. Saying it's out of character for the quest and the characters is also making an assumption that may not be true.

I personally find it more fun to have that as an option, though the entire of quest is too much of a softboy to ever do such a thing.
No. 115791 ID: 3c27fe

Although I would agree that it is a minority of suggesters who want such a thing, saying it is just one person is incorrect, as I am not that person.
No. 115792 ID: be0718

For starters, it adds, in your words, "a study into cruelty, loss, and grief." How far will the Duchess and her troops go to protect their homeland, to fight for their country? Will the ends justify the means? Will tgchan softboys ever vote against the same old song and dance? Truly, it is a mystery for the ages.
Lethal attacks have been included in the moveset since the start. If they have no chance of actually happening then it is a hollow gesture. At this point, executing the prisoner(s) would serve as some reassurance that failure has weight to it, and that victory means something - that our enemies aren't invincible because plot armor protects them for being "the good guys." (Not to mention the practical purposes of the execution in-story.)
No. 115795 ID: 716eb1

Meh. I came here for the naked cartoon characters and the laughs.

I get enough cruelty, grief, and loss in real life to fill up my quota, and at the end of the day when I sit down for some entertainment I don't really need that big a spoonful of medicine with my sugar to justify it.

Sometimes it's okay to have fun without proving how hardcore you are.
No. 115798 ID: ec5ca0

I kinda feel the same as >>115795.

I want to feel sad, I can look outside or watch the news. I like this quest because it's a bit more lighthearted. I'm perfectly fine (in fact I prefer) not having angst, cruelty, and grief be involved in my entertainment.
No. 115799 ID: a8ee52

I'll third this. I was promised clothing damage and comedic antics. There are other quests for killing and maiming.
No. 115803 ID: 3c27fe
File 150577433732.gif - (2.28MB , 540x303 , MargeKilljoy.gif )


All I can think of is this.

Vote and get the kind of fun you want. That's how this works, right?
No. 115812 ID: 716eb1


Swings both ways. If you think pissin' in the punchbowl improves the flavor then you'll excuse us if we don't line up to take a drink.
No. 115814 ID: 3c27fe

.. Uhm?? .. ? ?? ?
No. 115815 ID: 4854ef

So by using the mechanics of the quest as given. It's pissin in the punchbowl? Sounds more like you want to control the quest.
No. 115816 ID: be0718

You're projecting a need to be "hardcore," as if there's some sort of stigma attached to competition in entertainment. Step back out of the magic circle for a moment and remember they're not real, you're not saving a life, the cat isn't going to have sex with you for protecting her. Look at me, I can imply motivations too.
Stop preaching at me about the cruelty, the grief, the news, boo hoo hoo, the moral and ethical consequences of executing a fatality. I don't care about that, that isn't what this was about to begin with. It was about dealing with the issues of active rebellion and prisoner processing pragmatically; how to go about an obstacle in-game without shying away from the swiftest solution because it involves capital punishment.

No. There aren't. This attitude is pervasive through every active quest on the board. You can't use that argument when those quests don't exist anymore. The idea of a "containment quest" for suggesting fictional violence is ridiculous.
No. 115817 ID: a8ee52

But I actually was promised this based on what LonelyWorld posted on Furaffinity. If you're promised one thing, you expect that.

But that brings me to something for LW. I have a piece of constructive criticism for quests. You need to lay out the tone at the very beginning and make it very clear. Otherwise, you get arguments like this. An right now it feels like you're trying to appease both sides, but since you're not fulling committing neither is satisfied.
No. 115818 ID: 32d29a

Man all this talk of killing. This is a strip fight quest. Why so serious and dark from so many people?
No. 115819 ID: 716eb1

Well, insofar as I'd prefer the quest avoid choices that ruin my personal enjoyment of it, then yes.

We *all* want to control the quest. That's why we vote and discuss and give our opinions on the direction things are taking.

What's the problem here?
No. 115820 ID: 3c27fe

What was 'promised' didn't seem to discount violence.

To be honest it doesn't seem like you have anything to worry about. Even though lethal violence is an option and always has been, the suggester base seems largely in favour of nonlethal gameplay.
No. 115821 ID: a8ee52

Who said I was worried? This is place for expressing one's opinion and I expressed it.
No. 115823 ID: 716eb1

>It was about dealing with the issues of active rebellion and prisoner processing pragmatically; how to go about an obstacle in-game without shying away from the swiftest solution because it involves capital punishment.

Hey, if you can reconcile that with a "Lewd Clothing Damage Quest" with cartoon characters then I'm clearly not playing on your level.

Let us agree to disagree. No preaching was intended, only an expression of personal preference.
No. 115824 ID: be0718

Your rambling blog posts on every update, basically. When your suggestions take up an entire page, you need to take a step back and trim it to the relevant commands. Walls of text are boring to read. Your walls of text, specifically.
No. 115825 ID: 716eb1

Because some folks feel the need to add a big ol' load of gravitas to their activities, no matter how trivial they might actually be.

This is why comic books, for example, just aren't that much fun to read anymore.

That's just my dumb opinion, tho.
No. 115826 ID: b93a7b

could people try and cut down on the personal attacks?

let's keep the discussion civil please
No. 115827 ID: 716eb1

Don't read 'em, then. I don't mind.
No. 115828 ID: 9876c4

Also agreed
No. 115831 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, do we need to get a Mod in here to move this to the Big Dumb Arguments thread? Because this all sounds like it belongs on the Big Dumb Arguments thread!
No. 115832 ID: fcafc0

I don't know. Kind of seems like it's winding down to me.
No. 115839 ID: bef60d
File 150579780391.jpg - (12.01KB , 249x179 , retardeddebatetime.jpg )

Holy hell, guys. Can you people not try to force people to enjoy your snuff fetish and just enjoy the quest? This whole thread is a car wreck.
No. 115841 ID: b93a7b

I think everyone's made their arguments

let's change the subject!
who's your favorite character(s)?

and would you like to see them be featured again in future chapters?
No. 115842 ID: 9876c4

Niffel and Skrep really stood out from their behavior in combat. Would like to see them again, especially buddy-cop style.
Yappa is just a fun ball of manic tomboy rage.
Mizzit is a voalitile trifecta of razors, bitchiness and stealth. As an occasional cat-owner, this rings true. A good recurring foil.

The snakes were valuable as meat shields, but did nothing for me.
No. 115844 ID: 13fded

Tremendously diligent driver, super competent archer without a bow, girl who got so much shit she lost her patience, and anomaly serious psychotic sorceress. Those guys were Great!
No. 115845 ID: b93a7b

which is the girl who lost her patience?
No. 115846 ID: 13fded

Yappa. She got tired of the bullshit and repaid with murderous intentions. That was fun, even though was short lived.
So Bowin, Niffel, Yappa and Eeyfel.
No. 115855 ID: 2fe26a

That attitude shows complete disregard for other posters. You can hide threads, but you can't hide individual posts, and if you do this after every update the scrolling starts to add up. Not only that, but the amount of text to respond to snowballs, with the author replying to that block of text, a block of text replying to that entire block of text, and so on, making the quest more difficult to follow for everyone. Do everybody a favor and keep suggestions as short and sweet as possible.
No. 115859 ID: b93a7b

as an author I prefer longer posts
it helps me understand the direction the suggester is coming from and what they hope to achieve
it can also give clarity on how this wish to achieve a goal, as well as give much needed feedback to the quest as a whole.

short posts are often lacking vital information for me to use in an update.
for example "stab rabbit" clearly means to attack the rabbit, but do they mean to make a lethal attack? it would be dangerous to assume so, I might assume that they instead mean to use a typical non-lethal attack, but when there are other suggestions voting one way or the other it might be more fair to ignore the suggestion outright

it may be an inconvenience for you to scroll past these longer posts, but ultimately I feel it's a rather small sufferance considering the advantages. Keep in mind the primary purpose of suggestions is for the author's benefit.
No. 116180 ID: b93a7b

a possible mechanic I've be thinking about adding bonus sauce point system

outside of combat lewd stuff is less likely to happen for a variety of reasons.
sauce points will help with that

sauce points are earned at a rate of 1 per 10 images I've posted for the quest. they can be spent for a couple things
-seducing a character with another (still limited by sexual preferences)
-stripping a character
-extra nudie shots

nudie shots will automatically spend saucepoints out of combat, so keeping a character naked will deplete reserves!

stripping and seducing won't use up points automatically! and with clever suggestions you can get characters to do it for free!

Points cannot be spent during combat, and combat will not automatically spend points, nudie shots thus being free. however combat images still generate Sauce points

Current sauce points are 4/5
(1 will have been spent on a naked Icker showing up in the most recent post)

let me know what you think!
No. 116185 ID: 970470

What if someone wanted to suggest a character go further than stripping, going so far as to touch, or more?

What if we wanted to influence characters sexuality and get them to do stuff they otherwise wouldn't, is that a possibility?
No. 116186 ID: b93a7b


yeah you could do that.
as a further note, if the attempt fails the point is unspent
No. 117815 ID: a8ee52

So are the undead of this world the classic murder you undead? Or do they follow the lewd rules of this world and go for nudity?
No. 117816 ID: 3d2d5f

Nudity of course. Gotta expose those sexy skeletons.
No. 117828 ID: a8ee52

Lol. But I was asking about what they do to their victims.
No. 117830 ID: 3abd97

So was I.
No. 117837 ID: 13fded

That got from fun creepy to creepy creepy really fast.
No. 117838 ID: b93a7b


combat encounters with undead will be rare (unless you go looking for fights)

when the do happen the undead forces will use non-lethal attacks unless attacked lethaly first
however losing a battle to undead may have dire consequences, and living captives will likely not stay that way for long.
No. 119382 ID: b93a7b

as people may have notice updates had slowed down dramatically towards the end of this thread.

to the point where I'm cautious about starting a new thread

the big issue is finances, 90% of my time is taken up with making cash to pay the bills.
King of Pentacles was always intended to be a patreon quest, and I've mentioned the idea before, but I was uncertain to whether people would like the quest or not so I wanted to make an initial test chapter. That chapter is completed so now comes the time to decide it's future


A couple things I want to add:
1)regardless of what happens all updates and content will be free to view by everyone, there will be no paywall
2)Patrons and donations will not effect the direction of the quest, or it's content, all that sort of discussion will remain here, and everyone will have a say
3)Higher level patrons will get to choose which characters will be in bonus pictures, these bonus pictures will be view-able by anyone

most importantly the more donations I receive the faster I will be able to update

If this is still completely unacceptable I may try and continue making updates at the current speed
No. 119384 ID: 3d2d5f

Supporting a quest by selling the ability to make decisions on bonus art sounds perfectly fine to me. It's similar to supporting yourself by doing commissions.
No. 119393 ID: 721d87

Yeah that makes a lot of sense, a Patreon would be really nice. Faster updates and getting to support the artist sounds like a win-win! Definitely a yes vote.
No. 119399 ID: b93a7b

Check it out here!

if anyone has a question be sure to let me know!
No. 119400 ID: 9876c4
File 151526600974.gif - (2.08MB , 640x480 , giphy.gif )

I'd actually like to commend a well designed quest.

Obviously, bold, full color art is one of LWs strengths, but keeping characters distinct, and the scope of the adventure in mind is not as easy as it sounds.

We had some arguments and tension in the comments section, but I think it all worked out really well!

I'm not at a place where I can back a Patreon, but the inital skirmish has made me excited to see what's next. and glad there's a way for people to support it.
No. 119415 ID: b93a7b

I'm glad you appreciate my efforts!

A lot of people won't be able to support my Patreon for one reason or another.
but fortunately everyone will benefit off of the generosity of the few.
No. 119416 ID: b93a7b
File 151534144687.png - (202.72KB , 648x814 , Zekrelex.png )

The Duchess Kalez, AKA Zekrelex, Z'Kelez or the Golden Scorpion (also pictured in the Thread OP)

-Is the main protagonist for King Of Pentacles
originally I had intended for her to remain mostly as a lense for the suggestors to watch the world.

She would remain in her layer and simply oversee the clothing damage battles and lewd events, and not be particularly sexualized herself.

however with the popularity of Icker, I have reconsidered that as people may wish Kalez to be involved with the lewd events directly

I've made another Poll to see how people feel

be sure to let me know if you have any suggestion
No. 119417 ID: 4854ef

Huh, I had not even noticed in the original picture she had four legs. Certainly makes for an interesting style
No. 119450 ID: b93a7b
File 151546661444.png - (756.84KB , 788x1035 , Midas.png )

Midas, The Archduke of Crym and brother to the King of Teroth

Once famed as the great hero who broke the back of the Gipthian hordes, Midas has spent the last decade as more and more of a recluse

Murmurs of failing health and poison have spread amongst the common folk
with many looking suspiciously at his monstrous wife Kalez
No. 119451 ID: 33d4be


You really gotta wonder why they don't have any heirs yet, huh?
No. 119452 ID: b93a7b

who says they don't . . .
No. 119454 ID: 33d4be


Well, if they aren't designate, adopted or from previous relationships, then I've really got to wonder what they must look like.
No. 119459 ID: b93a7b

The creatures of this world were crafted by goods, and twisted by magic.
Not all of the natural laws will apply here
No. 119460 ID: b93a7b
File 151549746058.png - (479.16KB , 906x1204 , Reefa.png )

Princess Reefa, a younger member of house Multero, niece to Midas and daughter of King Flagrion

A delicate creature she serves as envoy to the king and ambassador to civilized realms.

She will be one of the adversaries for chapter 2
No. 119477 ID: b93a7b
File 151558864341.png - (737.89KB , 1000x1311 , Reefa Portrait Sketch2.png )

Reefa handing out coins to the poor

her frequent and generous acts of charity are known through out the land
No. 119478 ID: 3d2d5f

But when she runs out of coins will she give the poor the clothes off her back?!

An important question we will have to test.
No. 119479 ID: 4854ef

Is that a coin in her hat or is it a symbol representing the currency?
No. 119481 ID: b82c19

Indeed! her generosity has never needed to go so far,
but some cities are more impoverished than others.
and there may come a time where she simply doesn't have enough to give . . .

It's actually the symbol of House Multero, the kingdom of Teroth's ruling family
if you look at the OP image of Kalez and the pic of Midas you can see it on thier crowns as well.
No. 119497 ID: b93a7b
File 151567615596.png - (378.61KB , 765x1088 , TawnyLanix.png )

Sister Tawny Lanix, a healer devoted to Palitum the Purifier.
This awkward giraffe may not seem like much but her connection to divine magic is prodigious for her age.

She is a good friend to Reefa and travels with her on the princess' many mercy missions teaching the poor how to read and write.
No. 119522 ID: b93a7b
File 151576556189.png - (466.25KB , 794x877 , hydragirl.png )

Some people might recognize this pic from my earlier art

A great deal of magic was used to break the undead invasions, in wake of that victory however many infants were born with horrifying mutations.
The church of purity set out to purge these monsters after it became clear that they couldn't be cured.

one such creature; the sisters Re-Mi-Fa-So-La Teedo however were saved from this fate by the kindly Archduke Midas, who raised them in his house hold.

in the time since they are rarely referred to by name, instead merely called "The Hydra".
they serves as both jailer and torturer for Castle Crym

please ignore the goblinish vermin lurking at thier feet, it is merely there to give a sense of scale
No. 119541 ID: b93a7b
File 151584710570.png - (837.33KB , 1200x1575 , Vivian2b.png )

Lady Vivian Hearth
Partner in the Monster hunting band "Hatchley & Hearth"
Relatively new in the adventuring world Vivian rely's on he remarkable luck and keen senses to keep herself out of danger
No. 119568 ID: b93a7b
File 151594123999.png - (301.86KB , 706x934 , Wendy2.png )

Gwendolyn Hatchley

Partner in the Monster hunting band "Hatchley & Hearth"
Hatchley is a Cookaster of prodigious arcane power using magic spells drawn from the most closely guarded secrets.
No. 119589 ID: 33cbe7

Guess we're going to sacrifice Vriolo in this chapter
No. 119592 ID: daa216

I've a feeling we're about to have a flashback.
No. 119598 ID: 9876c4

"No shit, there I was, just about to sacrifice Vriolo, when-"
No. 120062 ID: b93a7b
File 151716465093.png - (323.26KB , 792x1040 , Nthar.png )

Grand Vizier to Kalez' court and also first among her acolytes
No. 120094 ID: b93a7b
File 151728328031.png - (303.53KB , 698x765 , Eeyfel_Bonus_Sketch.png )

Eeyfel tries to cast Acid Dagger on Mizzit, but the spell backfires!

this sketch brought to you by one of my lovely patrons!
No. 120095 ID: 9876c4

I like the colored acid on a B/W sketch. Makes magic seem more alive.
No. 120350 ID: b93a7b
File 151792024301.png - (88.15KB , 698x765 , NThar_Bonus.png )

Abin left in nothing but a pair of pink panties

this is a Patreon sponsored bonus image!
No. 120351 ID: a8ee52

I'm glad the duchess has a rule of only recruiting cuties to work for her.
No. 120352 ID: b93a7b

it's not a hard rule, but she likes having minions others find desirable
No. 120375 ID: b93a7b
File 151796757929.png - (146.38KB , 698x765 , Tawny_Bonus.png )

Tawny Lanix serves as a sister harbinger of Purity

she uses her magic to cure disease and protect the clean with holy blessings

this is a Patreon sponsored bonus image!
No. 121007 ID: b93a7b
File 151975056086.png - (351.40KB , 768x842 , Yappa Bonus.png )

Feeling the need to redeem herself, Yappa arranges a rematch against one of the freedom fighters . . . things don't go as she had hoped
No. 121013 ID: a363ac

bee good
No. 121018 ID: a8ee52

Yappa might be the cutest kobold, an that's saying a lot!
No. 121070 ID: b93a7b
File 151992478276.png - (458.96KB , 799x1049 , Dorunjir.png )

This holy berserker is known by her prey as "The white wolf of Turith"

Inquisitor Sabria Dorunjir has dedicated three decades of her life to fighting the undead hordes and corruption in all forms.

sometimes seen as a hero past her prime she also serves as Mother Superior to the Ivory Fields Harbinger Convent where she trains hundreds of sisters to match he fervor to keep the purity of the world
No. 121282 ID: b93a7b
File 152053864351.png - (409.33KB , 799x1049 , Envoy.png )

a couple minor characters
both of them loyal servants of the realm
No. 121418 ID: b93a7b
File 152086896888.png - (787.74KB , 1601x2101 , Herocea.png )

A somewhat peaceful giant, her people are the enemy of the king so she keeps as low a profile as she can manage and focuses on tending her crops
No. 121425 ID: daa216

The earrings are a nice touch there. Shows us a bit of personality without using a word.
No. 121426 ID: d887c0

She's quite lovely. Very regal and statuesque.
No. 121428 ID: 9876c4

Agreed. good design. Just a touch of easter island going on.
Glad to have suggested her service.
No. 121442 ID: 33cbe7

Eh, I wish she had a head of hair instead of a head of a moai. Hopefully not every giant is bald.
No. 121443 ID: d887c0

She'd look weird with hair.
No. 121450 ID: b93a7b
File 152095376858.png - (188.95KB , 723x915 , HeroceaHeadgear.png )

all the stone giants in the kingdom of Teroth are completely hairless, there may be hairy giants in far off lands however.

for fun I added some head coverings Herocea
a head scarf, a hat, a wig and original bare head for reference
No. 121452 ID: d887c0

She looks pretty good in a hood.
No. 121457 ID: 9876c4

I like the bare head, because she narrows from the bottom.
No. 121463 ID: 33cbe7

Hair even on the elongated head looks surprisingly good! Maybe Kalez can offer a wig as her reward.
No. 121575 ID: b93a7b
File 152122777943.png - (186.64KB , 600x788 , Garrin.png )

Garrin Veraki,
Kalez' second acolyte and and spy within the King's court

to the rest of the kingdom Sir Garrin has a long standing career where other than his adamant loyalty to the crown and sober nature he has proven unremarkable.
No. 121579 ID: daa216

Birds make the best spies.
No. 121773 ID: b93a7b
File 152191026445.png - (216.69KB , 768x842 , Azzeki Bonus.png )

Azzeki's faces the Hydra's wrath for displeasing her Dushess
No. 121870 ID: b93a7b

I was thinking of adding an "ask the characters" mid tier reward

or maybe doing an Interactive thing where Princess Reefa (who also serves as kingdom ambassador) where she tries to convince people (maybe quest characters/ maybe peoples OCs) to immigrate to the Kingdom

just some fun Ideas I had floating around in my head, would love to hear what people think
No. 121880 ID: daa216

Guess that means we should do our best to make sure the princess survives the encounter then!
No. 121910 ID: b93a7b
File 152234219021.png - (379.60KB , 768x842 , RolitaBonus.png )

Sister Rolita rescuing the Princess of Chulmundt on one of Dorunjir's Crusades.
Rolita's Heroics earned her much recognition by the Inquisitor
No. 121936 ID: daa216

Anyone else feel like talking about the upcoming battle and the possible ways to make sure those that we keep those that need to live alive?
No. 122366 ID: b93a7b
File 152368222318.png - (204.47KB , 768x842 , IckerBonus.png )

Icker Patching up her wings in preparation for her battle against Yappa (shown earlier)
No. 122425 ID: a080fd

Do the wings naturally heal over time?
No. 122429 ID: b93a7b

her limbs including wing regenerate when she molts about once a year
No. 122430 ID: 2fe26a

Luckily Acid Dagger has a much shorter cooldown than that.
No. 122431 ID: b93a7b

yes, fortuately arthos like Icker don't get permanent scarring, however year long disfigurement still sucks a lot
No. 122851 ID: b93a7b
File 152559116511.png - (629.12KB , 768x842 , RolitaBonus2.png )

Sister Rolito continues her rescue through the kingdom of Chulmundt.
Leading Princess Veraska through bramble flats has it's issues, but the resolute harbinger has more concern for the safety of the princess and less the safety of the princess's property.
No. 123003 ID: b93a7b

one of my wonderful patrons has generously donated one of their monthly rewards to the community!

I am now taking open requests!
No. 123009 ID: 4854ef

Wouldn't mind seeing Reefa doing her generous acts of donation to the impoverished.
No. 123025 ID: 1fc6de

The rabbit and the bee seemed to have something going on.
Or maybe show us how the kobolds wind down after such a crazy trip?
No. 123057 ID: b93a7b

Here's a poll! lewd options will be marked as NSFW!

(had to fix the previous version)
No. 123120 ID: ac6625

Is this thread still in use?

If so how are the interactions between Kalez and "The Hydra"? If any have taken place. Does Kalez treat them like she does with most of her other servants or slightly better (or worse). I can sort of imagine there's a hint of mother-like affection in the way she treats them, they were after all raised by her husband. Certainly keeping them watching over the jails and torturing would-be rebels is also keeping them safe from the zealots of the church.
No. 123124 ID: b93a7b

Kalez mostly sees The Hydra as Midas' prized pet, she admires their loyalty and devotion but is disappointed by their limited intellect.
over all she prefers The Hydra to most of her other minions, chiefly because they excel with small minds. and her servant fail despite their educational advantages.

if Kalez does have any motherly feelings towards the Hydra, she does not voice them

(and yeah, this thread is still in use, it's not very active though)
No. 123127 ID: daa216

Seems most people prefer discussion battle tactics in the actual thread instead of the discussion one here.
No. 123129 ID: ac6625

Ah alright, I'm pretty new to this. Quests looks fun, yeah I'm sticking around to see where this goes.

Doesn't bother me, just have to adapt and roll with it.
No. 123177 ID: b93a7b
File 152705286147.png - (284.90KB , 768x842 , SezedaBonus.png )

After convincing The Hydra to let her near the prisoners
Sezeda decides to have some fun interrogating the Freedom fighter's bard.
No. 123180 ID: b1b4f3

Why is she naked though?
No. 123182 ID: daa216

Because she wants to enjoy it.
No. 123191 ID: ad51b8

is this were she get's her revenge for him saying she wasn't pretty?
No. 123195 ID: 91ee5f


And The Hydra is watching and/or teaching how to properly torture someone to inflict maximum pain and/or get info outta them.
No. 123468 ID: 2755f5
File 152833430840.png - (563.52KB , 768x842 , SlipBonus.png )

Princess Reefa and Sister Tawny have gone on many trips across the Countryside

however on this outing they've taken a couple wrong steps off the beaten trail!
No. 123799 ID: 2755f5
File 152994384561.png - (1.08MB , 1536x1684 , TerothMap.png )

Teroth was once viewed as a powerful and wealthy and luxurious kingdom.
and is still viewed as such among those not up to date on current events.

everything changed when the undead hordes flooded in from the south thirty years ago, though ultimately victorious the Price Teroth had to pay for this victory was staggering,

with millions dead (most twice over) and much of their food stores corrupted the kingdom had no ability to defend itself from further attack, they had no choice but to sell vast amount of their now empty lands too their neighbor, the goblin kingdom of Globala in exchange for "protection".

the call for immigrants has been a strong one, leading to a diverse group of people populating the lands. Life in Teroth is sacred, and murder seen as one of the greatest crime, every warrior you kill is one you gift to the ultimate enemy.

Teroth is now desperate to hold onto what is left of it's past prestige, while still holding vigilant to the ever present threat of the undead hordes.
No. 123800 ID: fcd056

When I see this map only this video comes to my mind
No. 124552 ID: 2755f5
File 153283917731.png - (295.12KB , 768x842 , SabriaBonus.png )

Even before the horrible giant attack, Princess Reefa's trip wasn't a whole lot of fun.
No. 124591 ID: 4854ef

It's like the world is conspiring just to mess with her slight bit of enjoyment.
No. 124623 ID: 2755f5

at least it's all gonna be fun from now on!
No. 125059 ID: 2755f5
File 153516257436.png - (578.91KB , 768x842 , RolitaBonus3.png )

A practice match becomes an "exhibition" match
when Sister Rolita battles Sister Corixa Feyn
much to the shame of everyone involved
No. 125061 ID: ff82d2

What are the chances that a single hit would be able to take out everything in the front, including bra and panties? Rolita must a genius!

Also, I like the way in which Corixa looks slightly chubby. The shape looks just right.
No. 125064 ID: 2755f5

Thanks I've been trying to mix it up with body types, to keep things interesting

as for Rolita, Mother Sabria can't decide if the mouse is a talented pervert or an accident prone idiot, neither are acceptable
No. 125065 ID: daa216

Could be a jinx. The people around her keep ending up naked.
No. 125073 ID: 2755f5

It's quite possible!
No. 125174 ID: 2755f5
File 153562006189.png - (264.03KB , 768x842 , ReefaBonus.png )

Princess Reefa cleaning herself
rather than using water (like a peasant) the princess uses holy cleansing oils to magically remove filth
No. 125178 ID: eeb7d9

Who's peeping?
No. 125180 ID: 2755f5

someone who better make sure they don't get caught, the Harbingers who look after the Princess are not merciful when it comes to perverts
No. 125182 ID: daa216

We are. We all are peeping.
No. 125508 ID: 2755f5
File 153729535026.png - (248.12KB , 768x842 , NiffleBonus.png )

Niffle gets a new set of armour
No. 125510 ID: 4854ef

The look of someone who has class changed, he looks incredible.
No. 125512 ID: eeb7d9

Looking good. Can't wait to play with these guys again!
Did the rest changed their clothes too?
No. 125513 ID: 91ee5f

>class changed
I’d like to think that it looked like a Fire Emblem class change. A really bright light surrounds him and then when it disappears, he’s standing there with a new outfit, new weapons, and he’s learned some new skills.
No. 125514 ID: 2755f5

There will be costume changes on all the characters from chapter 1, ranging from minor to major

expect to see some familiar faces in chapter 3~
No. 125520 ID: eeb7d9

That was all i needed to read.
No. 125559 ID: 9876c4

Little guy just went full Sephiroth.
No. 125834 ID: 2755f5
File 153873161574.png - (107.26KB , 352x380 , QGarr.png )

>Q:"Garrin, how exactly did you find yourself becoming a spy for the Kalez? Were you a spy before then or did she just put you in that position? If she made you spy, what caught her attention that caused her to make you one?"

Garrin: "it was Thirty years ago, I was a boy barely strong enough to hold a sword when the undead hordes came to my homw town Z'Garr. The unliving monsters had no intention of sparing anyone so I fought, I would have been killed were it not for the Arch-Duke.

I was young and stupid, dreams of heroism rushed through my head. I felt I owed my life to Duke Midas and followed him to battle in a counter attack that would end the war. In the aftermath of that battle I was among only a handful that survived.

The King knighted me for my valor, and would in the years to comes welcome me into his household. But always I had a stronger loyalty to Midas, the noble lord I had fought beside. King Flagrion was too weak to ever truly earn my respect.

Somehow Kalez knew my doubts about the king, and at a social gathering she asked if I would help her save Teroth. As any loyal son would I agreed. step by step I became her eyes and ears for the royal court. It was many years before I could admit what I had become, but when I finally did Duchess Kalez was ready with a whole new set of tasks for her most valuable spy."

No. 126387 ID: 2755f5
File 154151572160.png - (94.05KB , 352x380 , QAzze.png )

>"Dear Azzeki, how has your little skirmish with the rebels and the encounter with the undead affected you and your teammates? Has anything changed with you as well? Also when did you start 'interacting' with Duchess Kalez?"

Azzeki: "Kalez? I . . . I don't wish to sspeak of Kalezzz . . . . . .it'sss only been a few weekss."

The undead attack . . . at first everyone was frightened. but the koboldss they are ssstrange later they started getting excited asss iff ssome big event wass fortold . . . they are odd creaturesss.
No. 126512 ID: 2755f5
File 154263730789.png - (488.93KB , 768x842 , EeyfelVsRolita.png )

Eeyfel and Rolita battling in the Teroth arena, both sporting new outfits
No. 126589 ID: 2755f5
File 154342343422.png - (172.10KB , 768x842 , HolidayBee.png )

Icker is not pleased about the festive outfit she's been given
No. 126590 ID: eeb7d9

I am positive that nobody would be pleased about that.
No. 126599 ID: daa216

I on the other hand, am quite pleased.
No. 126602 ID: eeb7d9

I mean, you are not dressed like that so... unless you are?
No. 126606 ID: daa216

Afraid I'm not a bee dressed as a turkey. Just pleased at the image.
No. 126614 ID: 70be57

I get a weird feeling from this costume like she is going to teach us about the birds and the bees
No. 126665 ID: 2755f5

Created a new favorite character poll, since it's been a year and I've introduced many new characters
let me know what you think!

in other news
https://www.patreon.com/KingOfPentacles my Patreon donations are just under it's next stretch goal, consider donating if you'd like to garantee more "King of Pentacles" content!
No. 126737 ID: 9876c4

Data point.

N'Thar, Herocea and Garrin have turned out really interestingly. Rolita is adorbs.
All my old favorites are still that.
No. 126743 ID: 2755f5

I'm glad the males in chapter 2 are resonating with people, the chapter 1 guys didn't really receive much interest.
Herocea and Rolita are real surprise hits, they were never planned but they're popularity will go a long way to seeing them serve as reoccurring characters!
No. 126764 ID: 2755f5
File 154446874574.png - (141.94KB , 352x380 , QHydr.png )

>Re-Mi-Fa-So-La Teedo or "The Hydra". Question for well all of them as a whole.

>"Other than keeping making sure no daring escapes happen in the prison and serving justice to all who offend her majesty. What do you five do on your off time? Hobbies or anything? What's it like all being stuck together? If it was possible to leave the dungeon without the church of purity attacking you all, would all of you take that chance?"

Remia:'we have no off time, we have no on time, we live in the dungeon, it is our only home, its master is our master.'
Mifal: 'sometimes we also feel caged, like the ones we watch, but that is not so, we are not like them, we have the power here.'
Fason: 'we bring the caged pain, it is what we enjoy, it is fun for us, does that makes us bad?, I do not think so.'
Solia: 'it is a great burden, to be five different minds, to only have one body, other get one whole life, but we have to share'
Lareta: 'we hate the surface people, as the surface people hate us, owe will be free soon, then they will all suffer, and we will be happy'
No. 126767 ID: daa216

Uhhhh....huh. Well that sounds comforting.
No. 126771 ID: 2755f5

they're real sweet once you get to know them . . .
No. 126788 ID: ac6625

They're cute. Can't wait to meet them in the quest and learn more.
No. 126884 ID: daa216

And thus we cut to the dog with the shifty eyes.
No. 126897 ID: 9876c4

Probably a cat, but same difference really.
No. 126901 ID: 2755f5

are you referring to a specific character?
No. 126902 ID: 9876c4

The hoodlum in the foreground, natch.
No. 126903 ID: daa216

I was referencing that one old Simpsons gag with my post.
No. 126943 ID: 2755f5

So this is the end of a chapter, I'd like to take this time to discuss what people think worked, what didn't work and what they'd like to see in the future!
all questions comments and concerns are welcome!
No. 126987 ID: 54c395

All the characters were great! I think that’s the best part of the quest. If I were to make any complaints I would ask for more nudity but I know story comes first
No. 126989 ID: daa216

All seems good to me. Had the right amount of story versus battle.
No. 126999 ID: 9876c4

Because it wasn't a straight red vs. blue skirmish, there was less erotic tension than the prequel.

But this is necessary for the story to grow.
No. 127002 ID: eeb7d9

I think it's going pretty good so far. There is a lot of characters to face. I feel it might be a little overwhelming, but it might just be me. I have no complaints besides that.
No. 127015 ID: 2755f5

thank you everyone for the support!
I always aim to put in a decent amount of nudity, but with the nature of quests it's difficult to know what direction people will choose.
maintaining a cohesive narrative makes it difficult too.
suggesting lewd actions helps a lot too!

what do you mean by "erotic tension"?

it is a lot of new characters especially in this chapter, next chapter expect to see more familiar faces
No. 127017 ID: 9876c4

Each side was trying to defeat the other, but also to see their enemies naked.
There's a lot of this tension between taxmen and terrorists, not so much between inquisitors and a giant, or undead and anybody.

Strip poker with 6 nuns wouldn't be as interesting as strip poker with 3 nuns and 3 barbarians. Shame and lust raises the stakes dramatically. But I know this isn't always possible, sometimes the world needs to be built before those players can live in it.

Does that make sense?
No. 127237 ID: 2755f5

yes! you want to see nuns stripped by barbarians.
this may happen . . .

there will typically be more sexual tension when both male and female characters are involved, it also depends on the nature of the opponents some are more perverse than others
No. 127239 ID: 2755f5
File 154713411278.png - (91.20KB , 352x380 , QIcker.png )

>"What did you do before all of this? As in what was your job at the hive before joining the Freedom Fighters. What is your specific reasons for joining them? How were the relations between members of your little raiding party before you got captured? Particularly is there any chemistry between you and Dolan?"

Icker:'back in Abeilia I was a brewer for my hive, it was my job to create honeys and other salves or potions.
When the freedom fighters begged my hive for aid I was selected as the most viable candidate.
It has been a difficult task for me, the other freedom fighters have trouble seeing the difference between service and slavery, they are a weird sort flighty and perverted, living in chaos.
It took me a while but I've learned they are good people, Dolan seems to like me . . . maybe to much, I think he wants things that I can't give.'

No. 127366 ID: 2755f5
File 154812205012.png - (147.58KB , 434x670 , Ladis2.png )

Ladis Oropesci

Teroth's Labor shortage following the undead invasion has brought all sort to the kingdom.
hardy folk looking to start a new life.
much to the surprise of the surface dwellers many Ichthians of the Talon Sea also came in to seek work.

Ladis is a child of these pioneers, hatched in the shallows of the Ivera Province.
her family is well integrated with the native Terothians, and are recognized as skilled messengers.
Ladis is hearty and proud, her hard work earned the recognition of the Hatchely & Hearth Adventuring company.
It was not long before Lady Vivian Hearth hired the Ichthian on as her personal attendant
No. 127367 ID: 2755f5
File 154812305980.png - (125.14KB , 434x670 , Ladis1.png )

nude version
No. 127969 ID: e9d41b
File 155130424351.png - (129.70KB , 352x380 , QReefa.png )

>"Princess Reefa: How was your first meeting with Duchess Kalez? Any impressions that first meeting left on you? Have things changed since then or stayed the same? What issues (if there are any) are you two unable to agree on?"

Reefa: 'I've know Aunt Kalez my whole life just about, she married my uncle before I was born.
I used to think she was a monster when I was rather young, my uncle explained how foolish I was.
I later found out she didn't think much of me either, she'd penned me as petty and shallow.
I've since learned how appearances can be decieving, Aunt Kalez is loyal to this kingdom and she'll do whatever it takes to keep it safe
but I'll prove to her that she was also wrong about me, that my love for this kingdom is as great as hers, and it's protection my only desire

No. 128371 ID: e9d41b
File 155227228510.png - (332.89KB , 768x842 , IckerBonus2.png )

Icker on display
No. 128376 ID: daa216

Well the sign isn't wrong there.
No. 128389 ID: 7e3ccd

Now that's what I call a bad end. (assuming it's canon)
No. 128392 ID: e9d41b

it's canon in that Icker is a prisoner of Kalez's minions

however it's far from the end of Icker's story!
stay tuned to the current chapter to find out more!
No. 128399 ID: 54c395

After rereading the first chapter I have a new found appreciation of Eeyfel hope we see more of her soon!
No. 128403 ID: e9d41b

with Eeyfel it's a little uncertain when we get back to her, as it depends a lot on what route the story goes
No. 128417 ID: 54c395

How much of the story do you have predetermined and how much do you just make up as the quest progresses
No. 128418 ID: e9d41b

I had a preset plan, but people jumped the rails almost immediately
so I have a new idea how things will go but elements change with every unexpected choice.

I do have long term plans and themes that will be reached one way or another
No. 128460 ID: e9d41b
File 155260929340.png - (466.96KB , 768x842 , DrinkingBonus.png )

Garrin and Garcio reveling at a tavern
No. 128463 ID: 54c395

No. 128678 ID: e9d41b
File 155346960044.png - (103.29KB , 352x380 , QSabria.png )

>"A few questions for Mother Sabria on the undead. Were the undead always here existing in the world and only now gathered in large numbers to become noticeable or did they just show up out of no where. It's also said that anyone who dies usually comes back as one of the undead, is there some special ritual or crude method to ensure the body doesn't become an undead? Lastly, are the bodies becoming undead on their own or is someone bringing them back?"

Mother Sabria: 'Thank you for inquiring, I will assume you are a young sheltered child as this is crucial information you should already know.
but the truth can never be heard often enough.

It is with endless regret that I admit that these abominable creation have plagued this world for an eternity.
it was Absolon; Demon lord of Despair who brought death to our world,
not a day had passed before his brother Churzegar; Demon Lord of hungers exploited this curse.
The fiend offered mortals freedom from death and freedom from the judgement of the gods that it brought.
cowards, traitors and every sinner imaginable flocked to this promise and damned themselves everyone.
every demons deal has an unthinkable price, one inflicted upon the innocent and guilty alike.
the guilty suffer as slaves to the demon's hunger, the innocents murdered so that ever more can be offered this curse.

however, all is not lost. The depraved servants of Churzegar would have you believe every corpse will serve him.
This is a lie.
There are four methods to assure the dead will not rise.

the first and most important is that the demon lords are bound to the hellish realms, they have no power but what mortals give them.
mortal souls can only hear the demon lord's offer if a particularly corrupt servant offers a connection through fell magic

the the second, only those who fear death, only those who fear judgement will accept his vile offer.
a pure soul, who knows the gods will accept them will never become such a monster.

the third is through divine power of the gods, which only the most devote servants can wield. such power can bring judgement to a soul even in the mortal realm.

the forth is more complicated, but I recommend it for those you doubt the innocence of, which honestly should be everyone.
and more importantly the already risen.
it is a complicated method, which I will only cover the basic concepts of here.
we strip the bones of weak flesh with holy acids, and bleach the bones with the purifying rays of the sun
then entomb the bones in a vessel that cannot rot, stone will suffice if you can do no better.
you're local church will be able to provide you with further details, and texts on the topic.

Stay loyal to the true gods, and always strive for virtue.'

No. 128853 ID: e9d41b
File 155406839743.png - (153.04KB , 780x682 , Dummies.png )

Help design an outfit for Garrin, Reefa or Garcio!
No. 128857 ID: 9876c4
File 155408489716.jpg - (124.06KB , 780x682 , Totally Legit disguises.jpg )

Nothing to see here, just a medical professional and his rancher friend taking their ward for a ride...
No. 128861 ID: daa216
File 155408908639.png - (157.70KB , 780x682 , Not an artist.png )

Nothing says art like mspaint and a laptop touchpad. Basically drew some janked up herder clothes. Seeing with all the animals with them, the will want to use that as a cover. Also because I'm the deviant who suggested they steal the scribe's outfit for the princess, I left the middle dummy blank.
No. 128862 ID: e9d41b

being a deviant is excellent and encouraged!
No. 128873 ID: 2870a3

a paper doll, and no steve shirt? what is this, some sort of timeline where the joke fillaly over? it cant be!
No. 128874 ID: 41e231

We can only pray that it might finally be laid to rest
No. 128876 ID: e9d41b

agreed, it dying on april fools day seems like destiny
No. 128877 ID: 9876c4

I thought mine would cause more of a stir, tbh.
No. 128895 ID: a664e3
File 155416633663.png - (134.39KB , 780x682 , King of Pentacles Disguise Ideas.png )


In spite of the holiday, here's a serious suggestion. I tried to give them very unassuming looks, and I think I did okay. Garcio may stand out with the contrasting vest/shirt and the ripped sleeves, but it fits his louder more brash nature well.
No. 128901 ID: 080aaf
File 155417836883.png - (108.38KB , 538x682 , stephen_couture.png )

You're right! Steve shirts are so passé. Tee shirts aren't even periodically appropriate! Introducing the latest in womens' fashion, the Steve Skirt!
Also comes in poncho flavors!
No. 128902 ID: 080aaf
File 155417839296.png - (75.15KB , 329x682 , Ickers_revenge.png )

En cuanto al pájaro, una broma diferente, que refleja su necesidad primordial de polinizar la delicada flor de la princesa.
No. 128913 ID: 688dd6
File 155420660152.jpg - (18.30KB , 454x404 , him.jpg )

No. 128929 ID: 54c395

I’m a fan of this
No. 128936 ID: 8275cf
File 155432611192.png - (523.55KB , 768x842 , Wasbee.png )

Icker meets a wasp at the ball
No. 128938 ID: b1b4f3

What's with the manacles?
No. 128940 ID: 9876c4
File 155433197002.png - (12.42KB , 226x223 , images.png )

I like the little handbag.
No. 128941 ID: ad51b8

they look like they're going to be good friends
No. 128942 ID: daa216

A character we will meet later?
No. 128943 ID: 8275cf

She's an escaped convict

I wasn't planning on it.
she was created to show what a wasp in my setting would look like
however there's a good chance her design will find it's way into the main story
No. 128946 ID: 080aaf

I look forward to us meeting her.
No. 129029 ID: 8275cf
File 155475130925.png - (115.16KB , 352x380 , QGarcio.png )

>"Sir Garcio, how long have you served in the king's army? What was your first meeting with Sir Garrin like? Any strange or funny stories you two were involved in?"

Garcio: 'Oh it's gotta be twenty years since I got taken in as Garrin's squire, and we've been inseparable ever since.
his first day of training started with a lecture that changed my life, taught all about how much you can get away with if just do a good job with the important stuff.
this idea has probably given us a thousand glorious adventures! like the time we to strip those Binder nuns in the public square just to get the keys to the chapel,
or when we had to pretend to be foreign princes and the local farm girls showered us with affection, LOTS of affection if you know what I mean.
And then there was that strange event where goblins were smuggling stolen wine into the kingdom, which we had to confiscate of course.
All in the name of the crown!
hah! it's GOOD to be working for the king.'

No. 129030 ID: 54c395

How old exactly are Garrin and Garcio
No. 129031 ID: 8275cf

Garrin is about 44 and Garcio about 31
No. 129124 ID: 54c395

How old is Reefa?
No. 129125 ID: 8275cf

Reefa is 27
No. 129150 ID: 094652

To the undead travelers, is your hunger separate from your power source? Have you considered magic surgery to reconnect the part of you that induces horror hunger into something... more lively? Lots of dancing especially in the pelvic area perhaps?
No. 129183 ID: daa216

Afraid questions like that require coin kome.
No. 129184 ID: 8275cf

it's true I will reserve in character responses to patron donation.
No. 129185 ID: b9ddbd

I appreciate Garcio's penis.
No. 129241 ID: addb1a

I do very much as well. I wonder how long he amd Garrin are
No. 129246 ID: 8275cf

I'm glad you enjoyed the fanservice!
special thanks go to one of my generous patrons who paid for the extra panel!

>I wonder how long he amd Garrin are
Garcio is about 8", as for Garrin we'll have to wait and see . . .
No. 129247 ID: 54c395

Darn I was hoping you’d tell us Garrin’s size. I can’t wait to see his peen in its full glory
No. 129249 ID: daa216

And dont forget, if you give LW your coin,we get more pages a month. (That means faster peen reveals!)
No. 129257 ID: 8275cf

it's true! at the next milestone I'll be adding a minimum of 8 panels a month!

but that's just the minimum! for every dollar donated I add 5 minutes to my monthly KoP quota, that I spend exclusively on King of pentacles content!
however I end up going over quota almost every month because I just love drawing my quests!

and since I can never say it enough, a huge thanks to all my super generous patrons who've kept this ball rolling with dedicated support!
No. 129320 ID: daa216

I know people are changing their votes over the tail position of the scorpion but I'd like to point out the other times we've seen it, it is in that position. I dont think we're really in danger.
No. 129323 ID: 8275cf

that's correct Xiatzu's tail curls even when at rest.

however if she WERE to strike it it would be in the same position
No. 129327 ID: 8275cf
File 155695796034.png - (128.62KB , 520x682 , Goblin.png )

how the goblins in King of Pentacles will loo
No. 129328 ID: daa216

Those clothes sure look sturdy.
No. 129329 ID: eeb7d9

They are goblins, you can't expect much from them. Look, they can't even match boots or gloves!
No. 129332 ID: 54c395

I hope everyone voting B doesn’t bring about anything bad lol. I’d usually totally for lewding Garrin but I’ve got a bad feeling about the situation
No. 129333 ID: 9876c4

If we're going to stand a chance against those undead hordes, we must first stake Cockblocula.
No. 129335 ID: daa216

Well it looks like A won that one so lets hope its not a false alarm.
No. 129363 ID: 54c395

The suspense is killing me for this update
No. 129365 ID: 8275cf

update is being worked on!
No. 129368 ID: 54c395

I’m very excited woo!
No. 129519 ID: 8275cf

sorry the update took so long, it's been a crazy busy month for me
No. 129521 ID: 9876c4

I appreciate the update, even if it's not the one some of us wanted.

Keep dangling that ecchi, and someday we'll seize it!
No. 129527 ID: 54c395

Is that a boner I see in garrins underwear lol
No. 129531 ID: 8275cf

that's the spirit!

maybe . . .
No. 129533 ID: 54c395

Heheh wonder if garrin will be pleasuring himself to the memory of the close encounter when he’s done with his mission
No. 129534 ID: 8275cf
File 155880232722.png - (526.47KB , 768x842 , BugBonus.png )

Icker and Xiatzu stripped at a dance

brought to you by a generous patron!
No. 129565 ID: 8275cf

Firstly I'd like to thank all my extraordinary and generous Patrons for everything they've done for me.
in addition to all my public readers who enjoy my quests.

My patreon sadly is in decline. I have to wonder if this quest has over stayed it's welcome or whether interest is simply waning.

I've made no decisions thus far, but if thing continue to decline I may have to make changes.
these changes could range anywhere from adjusting my patreon to working the quest to a satisfactory ending this year.

again I have made no decisions and would greatly appreciate and feedback on this situation
No. 129566 ID: 322af8

All things need to come to an end at some point. Don't fret and remember the fun we all had here.
No. 129568 ID: 8275cf

thank you for your participation, but you seem to have missed my meaning.

I have made no decisions regarding the future of this quest, I have not decided to end the quest.I am only considering options and curious as to my audiences thoughts on what could be done and how.
No. 129571 ID: 91ee5f

>My patreon sadly is in decline.
Doesn’t Patreon have a system where people need to renew their subscription or whatever it’s called?

Maybe some people haven’t realized that they need to resubscribe and that’s what’s going on?
No. 129572 ID: 54c395

Maybe adding more nsfw scenes would attract more people there was a heavy incline of replies right when Garrin was with Xiatzu
No. 129573 ID: 9876c4

Maybe there was a misconception that people were funding guaranteed smut rather than the interactive text adventure this is.

You haven't hit a high point with these characters yet like a major stripfight, or the bombing of the bridge. Maybe people are feeling antsy.

I don't think you should change how you do things to better monetize them, though.
No. 129574 ID: 8275cf

Patreon payments are automatic, and the declines were not accidental

I have noticed a steady incline of suggestions, which I am very happy about.
I love how much people seem to being enjoying participating in my quest.
however I've not noticed any increase of patronage with lewd content.
many of my existing patron seem more interested in the stories, characters and designs.

I feel it's very important to allow the suggesters to guide the story, but from everything I've seen my suggesters and patrons are largely on the same page, wanting less lewd content rather than more.
No. 129575 ID: eeb7d9

Huh, that is unexpected...
No. 129586 ID: 54c395

It’s less I don’t want lewd content it’s just that whenever a possibility for something nsfw comes up it stands as a risk towards our character
No. 129589 ID: 8275cf

I want to encourage risk taking, being too risk averse leads to a very boring story.
No. 129591 ID: 864e49

Be an asshole, got it!
No. 129593 ID: 8275cf

I think you misunderstand
No. 129595 ID: 73e698

That's something you might want to think about in the future, then. I'm not too sure if it applies as directly as I think it it does to King of Pentacles specifically, or if I'm carrying over a feeling that I got from other quests of yours I read before, but it seems like it's common to come out of an encounter with a sense of "this isn't the best result you could have gotten, you didn't make great decisions", which is something that'll teach suggesters to be more paranoid.

Like, I can't remember much in the way of story points that had a feeling of "yes, you did great, good job!" Maybe it's something inherent to the overall story and tone you're going for, so it might not be easy or simple to avoid, but it rarely feels like the characters (and therefore the readers) have a reason to be happy or feel good about themselves without some sort of "but" hanging over it.

So you might want to either include more "oh, I did well!" moments, or make it clearer what bad consequences are being avoided.
No. 129596 ID: 8275cf

the thing is that is incredibly difficult
King of Pentacles is not a game you can "win" or "lose"
both of those entirely depend on what the individual suggester wants out of the story
for me to congratulate them on doing very well there needs to be some ultimate objective
there isn't.
typically following Kalez' orders will be the normal guideline, but she'll be controllable in many segments as well, and thus her orders are also largely determined by suggestor choice.

however if an individual wants "X" out of the quest I can tell them how good of a job their doing achieving "X".
No. 129597 ID: 8275cf

for what it's worth, I am very happy with how the story is unfolding! so I think everyone is doing a great job!

. . . as long as other people are happy
No. 129599 ID: 73e698

I think you've taken what I said as a broader judgement than I really meant it. It's not so much the larger goal or the overall progress or lack thereof, but more the encounter-to-encounter stuff that I'm talking about. How well did the fight go for Kalez' minions, how well did her meeting with Vivian go for her, is anything Garrin's been doing meaningful? Obviously things are happening and the suggesters are making decisions that make things happen, but there's often some sort of vague feeling we could have done better, or that we stumbled past what we were actually supposed to do... or maybe we didn't? We don't know? It's the not knowing that's the problem. Just to be clear, it's not that big a problem, I'm probably making it sound worse because of how I'm trying to explain it. I'm trying to pin down something that's just a shadow of a feeling to me.

You're right about stuff depending on what people want out of the quest, but at the same time there are some things you can assume. If our player character gets in a fight, we want to win. If they're given a challenge to overcome we want to overcome it. Absolutely you want people to have control over where everything's going, and to make decisions for themselves, but if there isn't any direction at all, and you have different factions of suggesters who want different things (which seems very likely in this quest, from what moral standpoint you want to take, to who you want to ship with who, to story vs. lewds, which character specifically you want to see, etc), then you can end up with a feeling that the quest and the suggesters are just sort of staggering drunkenly through everything never quite fully doing one thing or the other. We make suggestions and then things happen, but what's the connection between what happens and what we intended, or wanted? Can there be any, if different suggesters intended and wanted different things?

It might just be a thing I'm getting. You'd need to ask if anyone else feels anything similar to this before you give it any credit.
No. 129605 ID: 8275cf

I'm afraid you've lost me with most of what you're talking about.

I have no idea how you would have me improve my quest

nor even what is even the problem, truly.

how successful was the battle in the first chapter? beyond being a victory? I don't know tally the pros and cons I guess.
how successful was the meeting with Vivian? she made an offer the suggestors refused. is that not clear? did you want something else of her?
How Meaningful have Garrin's actions been? meaningfull in what way and to who? I thought the Princess' safety had clear purpose.

I can't stop you from imagining superior outcomes, but I don't know them, only different outcomes all with different potentials and hooks
I could tell you as many as I considered, but that would be less than half of what is possible, since most outcomes I never considered.

I'm sorry you feel things lack direction, but either I don't see that or don't understand what you mean.

if you have a specific questions, a specific problem, or a specific thing you'd like me to change
perhaps I can better accommodate you.
No. 129608 ID: 68a433

I'm pretty sure I'm explaining things badly, but I'm not sure I can think of a better way to put it. It's just that when we come out the other end of any particular "scene" in the quest, I can get this feeling that things happened, but not so much that things were accomplished? Most scenes, when I consider suggesting, I feel like I should try to be, like... sensible. Not to think too much outside the box, because what'll get chosen is probably going to be something more expectable. Obviously being sensible is good, but it can also start feeling a little uncolourful if it goes on too long. It might be that the characters themselves, personality-wise, mostly seem like they're not the types that would come up with or go along with more unusual ideas.

It's also possible that I just haven't invested myself enough. I read the quest whenever I see it's updated, and I suggest now and then, but I don't have any strong feelings about what I want to see happen eventually, so I don't have a point of reference for how I should feel about the outcome of whatever's going on at that moment. All that I have to think about is the scene at hand, so if there's not much to think about in for that scene then I feel like the quest isn't asking me to think much in general. On top of that, it might be leaning my motivation more to "I want to try and pick the best answer" when the thing that decides what's best (contribution to a long-term goal) doesn't actually exist in my case. Like I'm looking at the choices too much as puzzles to be solved in themselves rather than as steps to something else. So it's very likely that all my problems are just me.

It's still a good quest!
No. 129609 ID: 8275cf
File 155979865557.png - (493.60KB , 768x842 , IckerBonus3.png )

I'm glad you're at least enjoying the quest!

here's a picture of Icker redundantly dressed as a Bee!
she seems pretty okay with this costume.
or she's just more agreeable when her belly is full of honey.

Picture suggested by one of my generous patrons!
based on bee outfit suggested here
No. 129616 ID: 9876c4

No. 129619 ID: 322af8

An answer to the age old question of how a bee would wear pants.
No. 129651 ID: 8275cf
File 156044533534.png - (393.26KB , 768x842 , EeyfelVsRolita2.png )

A Sequel to this bonus

Rolita has come out on top!
presenting her defeated opponent Eeyfel
No. 129667 ID: 54c395

A nude Eeyfel? Don’t mind if I do lol
No. 129798 ID: 8275cf

Sorry the next update is taking so long, it's going to be a big one!
No. 129799 ID: 8275cf
File 156196427341.png - (112.77KB , 352x380 , QXiatzu.png )

>"Any interesting stories of clients and customers you had before meeting Sir Garrin?"

Xiatzu:'most of my work is copying public bulletins and decrees sent out by noble households, I also copy old records and histories.
Once in a while a very strange person asks for something very strange.
A couple weeks ago a huge woman over eight feet tall comes to my store.
This woman was of powerful build and covered in armor plates and wrapped bandages.
She looked to be of some knightly order, she had the crest of the binder god.
she did not speak a word but through gesture told me she wanted parchment.
I offered her a sheet, and she used it to tell me she wanted all the parchment and ink I had.
obviously I told her I could do nothing for her, I do not deal with adventurers, it always leads to trouble.
She left after that.
I hope to never see such a dangerous person again.'

No. 129828 ID: 54c395

That’s perfectly fine I’m excited to see it!
No. 129954 ID: 8275cf
File 156299049776.png - (224.42KB , 768x842 , HeroceaBonus.png )

Herocea showing off some new undergarments
No. 130237 ID: 8275cf
File 156364278111.png - (335.33KB , 768x842 , ModernPrincess.png )

Reefa as a real world modern princess
No. 130252 ID: 54c395

I’m glad too see that Sir Garrin is doing the harem route lmao
No. 130393 ID: 8275cf
File 156399665998.png - (118.78KB , 352x380 , QKalez.png )

>"Duchess Kalez, it's said that you grew up on the streets. Is that true and if so, what was life like while you were 'living how the other half live' as they say. How exactly did you meet Archduke Midas? Do you think things have changed ever since you've come into power, minus the undead and possible world ending."

Duchess Kalez: 'Peasants are parasites, the weak in their villages huddle around the strong of the castles for the safety and nurishment they think it provides.
like fleas upon a dog they suckle at the life blood of a more powerful creature, they scrape, scrounge or steal any coin they can get.
All the while these pathetic wretches dream of power, thinking it will make them happy.
Yes I was such a parasite, such a filthy degraded theif.
I achieved the dream only for the parasites to turn thier attention on me, I am no longer thier sister I have become thier host.

I learned this long before meeting Midas, he was a warrior eager to learn his place in the universe my insite gave him power and in return he granted me station and alliance that served us both.
and ultimately our divine patron.'

No. 130436 ID: 9876c4

This is quite fetching.
No. 130595 ID: 8275cf

a bonus image slot has been generously donated by a wonderful patron!

Here's a poll! lewd options will be marked as NSFW!
No. 130604 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think we've seen some of these characters yet...
No. 130606 ID: 8275cf

that's right, some of these characters are one's we'll meet in the future
No. 130629 ID: 8275cf

Pick which lady will be most prominently shown
(this is important if you want to see full frontal lewd parts)
No. 130821 ID: 8275cf
File 156694975780.png - (569.19KB , 768x842 , BonusHarbingers.png )

as voted for

Sisters Tawny and Rolita, cleaning Sabria their mother superior
No. 130822 ID: 54c395

Very nice
No. 130823 ID: 58c631

No. 130825 ID: 54c395

It would be supremely cute if the hydra had some kind of crush on Vovo
No. 130827 ID: 9876c4

What if only some of the heads did?
No. 130828 ID: 54c395

And the others had a crush on another *antics ensue*
No. 130966 ID: 8275cf
File 156853290135.png - (151.45KB , 352x380 , QHydr2.png )

>Ever fantasize or think about how your lives would be not fused together? Do you all think things would be the same or different?

Solia: 'we try not to dwell, an impossible dreams for us, that it will never happen, that is our greatest fear. this only makes us miserable . . .'
Remia: 'but this dream is different, we have it every night, we could want nothing more, if only it could come true, we would be so happy'
Laret: 'we would be so free, we could go do whatever, go anywhere we could want, our sisters could not block, we could have fun forever '
Fason: 'There is power in numbers, we would be five wholes, not one with five souls, none could stand against us, all would tremble in fear.'
Mifal: 'We would do just anything, if only this could happen, we have made many deals, the golden scorpion promises much, but she also tells lies . . .'
No. 130967 ID: 8275cf

heads from left to right are Remia,Mifal,Fason,Solia,Laret
No. 131085 ID: 54c395

Still hoping we get to see Garrins dick one day
No. 131088 ID: 6f7a5a

it will probably happen sooner or later
No. 131091 ID: a664e3


At the Duchess' ball, you explore the gardens. The calm of the foliage contrasts the fervor and exuberance of the party. The high energy is nice in its own way, but you prefer meditation with the plants. The bud of a rose lures you towards a field of color, a soft light glistening off the dew coating each flower's petals. Posed there, backlit by the moon beams hitting the lake, is him. Garrin... In this small corner of the garden, which may as well be a world wholly separate from the surrounding guests...

You see his dick.
No. 131092 ID: 11f77a

unfortunately Xiatzu was never really known for her romantic writing in novels.
No. 131141 ID: ca2950

"His penis was erect and turgid, like an erect penis. He plundered her body like a bulldog uprooting a flowerbed."
No. 131228 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157158144542.png - (636.03KB , 768x842 , QueenGamma.png )

Gorgammar Multero, Queen of Tarratha, mother to Reefa
No. 131229 ID: feecd8

I'll just oggle at you instead. ;)
No. 131230 ID: 322af8

That poor mother is going to have some work to do, to stop the oogling.
No. 131235 ID: 12b116
File 157171105664.png - (132.91KB , 873x969 , gammachungus.png )

No. 131242 ID: f7ff14

No. 131273 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157197326649.png - (656.35KB , 1238x1250 , 0-reefa-costume1.png )

Fanart of Princess Reefa from an awesome Patron!
No. 131274 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157197349069.png - (599.65KB , 1238x1250 , SPOILER_0-reefa-costume0.png )

Nude version
No. 131275 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157202162124.png - (711.97KB , 768x842 , QueenGamma2b.png )

a very generous patron wanted to see Queen Gamma suffer the consequences of her earlier statement
No. 131276 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157202167412.png - (665.86KB , 768x842 , QueenGamma2a.png )

without jewelry
No. 131286 ID: 322af8

Well that didnt take long!
No. 131307 ID: feecd8

But the Queen's beauty deserves to be oggled at!
No. 131332 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157246948385.png - (376.94KB , 768x842 , DragonReefa.png )


enjoy a cute patron requested image!
No. 131334 ID: 9876c4

I find the concept of a dragon that cannot imagine a (nother) dragon to be somewhat amusing
No. 131337 ID: 54c395

She’s so adorable
No. 131387 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157308810870.png - (342.66KB , 768x842 , Azzeki Bonus2.png )

sequel to one of the very early bonuses

The Hydra taking Azzeki for her punishment
No. 131447 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157388733038.png - (721.51KB , 768x842 , QueenGamma3.png )

Queen Gamma has reconsidered some of her earlier statements


Thanks be to the generous patron who made this picture possible!
No. 131448 ID: 9876c4

I love a happy ending.
No. 131466 ID: a9af05

I'm just going to ogle both of you, so that neither of you are left out of the ogling.
No. 131467 ID: feecd8

Hey Princess, move out of the way! You're blocking my view! I'm trying to admire the Queen's beauty!
No. 131682 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157678786948.png - (474.22KB , 768x842 , KoPxmas4.png )

Queen Gamma taking a holiday fall!

brought to you by a generous patron!
No. 131709 ID: 54c395

And here’s to hoping for sir garrin to make an appearance for crotch day
No. 131740 ID: 6f7a5a

there's something like that in the works
No. 131763 ID: 15088f

Every time I see Queen Gamma I can't help but think that she has to have serious sleep apnea with a neck as fat as that. Might be the reason she has so many bags under her eyes.
No. 131831 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157864724472.png - (391.49KB , 768x842 , GarrinBonus.png )

Garrin about to care for a lovely woman
No. 131832 ID: 10c07d

Oooh now this is nice
I remember asking before but I feel like now would be the time to ask again, exactly how long is Garrin?
No. 131834 ID: 6f7a5a

I don't know
No. 131936 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158019645226.png - (580.78KB , 764x1053 , MotR1.png )

this comic takes place in the past
page 1 of 8
No. 131940 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158028172784.png - (723.35KB , 764x1053 , MotR2.png )

page 2 of 8
No. 131972 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158054817464.png - (776.11KB , 764x1053 , MotR3.png )

page 3 of 7 (I removed one page)
No. 132021 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158111638165.png - (773.40KB , 764x1053 , MotR4.png )

Page 4 of 7
No. 132139 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158249226453.png - (782.12KB , 764x1053 , MotR5.png )

Page 5 of 7
No. 132270 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158355831422.png - (713.12KB , 764x1053 , MotR6.png )

page 6 of 7
No. 132336 ID: 376a29

For anyone wondering where the two explosions in the >>/quest/959106 update came from, I'll copy here what I wrote in #quest-discussion on the Questden Discord server:

"I was very puzzled at what caused the two explosions in this update; I thought at first that it was yet more magic shenanigans. But I went back over the previous updates and discovered that the "honey" that was sticking to the hydra's left foot for the last four updates was the contents of Icker's bombs, from when the hydra stomped Icker's bomb backpack. When that "honey" was ignited by the flame it exploded. And the explosion after that, on the hydra's chest, was from bomb "honey" sticking the Westman's shield to her chest catching fire. That shield got stuck there when she crushed the Westman against her chest back when she had a bomb stuck to her chest."

So none of the suggesters, including me, caught on that the hydra was stomping around with two globs of flammable, sticky explosives stuck to her since the >>/quest/953326 update. Perhaps if enough of us had caught on and said to stay away from the fire she would not have exploded and things wouldn't have gone from bad to worse.
No. 132342 ID: b1b4f3

No, quite a few suggesters knew it was explosive, and wanted to scrape it off immediately after the first fight. The Hydra even tried doing that after breathing fire in the second fight, though it was left out of the text.
No. 132353 ID: 376a29

Hm, I mis-phrased that. I should have written that nobody suggested to keep away from the flames or get rid of the bomb material after the update where the egg mage tele'd away the Rebels (along with the hydra's right hand and half her tail.)
No. 132363 ID: 0fae41

People generally don't expect to have to tell their character not to stand in fire like an MMO player. Even a fire-resistant one.
No. 132369 ID: 6f7a5a

The Hydra has absolutely no prior reason to fear fire, to the hydra caution towards stepping in fire would be the same as a vampire hunter being cautious about stepping in a sunbeam
and in fact would have every instinct to do so when in danger

The Hydra is also very stupid, even when cohesive. not to mention reckless, even if some danger was present (the Hydra did not believe this to be the case) the Hydra might ignore it anyways to to their over all resilience
No. 132452 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158572636530.png - (715.12KB , 764x1053 , MotR7.png )

final page

I hope everyone enjoyed this short comic!
I'd love to hear what anyone has to say regarding it!
No. 132455 ID: 10c07d

I thought it was pretty cute and interesting seeing the characters interact more outside the main story
No. 132461 ID: 9876c4

I avoided commenting for the longest time, in the vain hope we'd get all 7 pages adjacent. It was worth a shot.

I misread Reefa's line as "I heard a DARN PLOT" and I frankly may like that even more.
No. 132535 ID: 10c07d

Really cool ending for the third chapter I’m excited to see where this all goes next!
No. 132536 ID: 2f8bd2

The ending is badass, but I'm just over here distracted by a cute naked Hydra.
No. 132538 ID: 1888a9

Hope we get to kick some ass as the Hydra again. And see more interactions from them in general.
No. 132539 ID: b1b4f3

I want to see more naked Hydra.
No. 132540 ID: e96198

That too.
No. 132541 ID: 6f7a5a

I'm very happy people enjoyed the ending!
next chapter starts in May.

you shall, in the near future . . .
No. 132573 ID: 0b8b86

Hydra best character.
No. 132598 ID: 6f7a5a

speaking of "best character"
I've created another poll were you can pick exactly that!

vote for as many characters as you like!
No. 132599 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, Hatchley is the cloaked hen. Looks like the adventurers the duchess hired were never on her side.
No. 132601 ID: eae185

Never knew Azzeki was a merc
No. 132603 ID: eae185

Or Sezeda, always thought those two were recruited from the military.
No. 132625 ID: 9876c4

Hydra wasn't really my thing.
Vivian Hearth is really obnoxious to me, but a good character. Basically, I love to hate her.

I still like all my faves (Yappa, Skrep, Mizzit) , and Reefa's omake appearances have endeared her even more. Good chapter!
No. 132669 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158830632593.png - (651.02KB , 768x842 , BonusHydra.png )

Remia: 'First acolyte gives us ice'

Mifal: 'we use it to clean'

Fason: 'the ice burns us nicely'

Solia: 'we enjoy the cold pain'

Laret: 'after cleaning we eat it!'
No. 132845 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158964111779.png - (457.36KB , 768x842 , BonusHydra2.png )

Midas:'get up! we will try again'

Fason: 'it's not fair the others hold me back'
Midas: 'you must be strong together'

Laret: 'we're strong enough already!'
Midas: 'you also need control'

Remia: 'can't we rest for a bit?'
Midas: 'the world will show you no pity'

Mifal: 'no one even knows we exist'
Midas: 'I can not hide you forever'

Solia: 'then just let us die!'
Midas: 'Is that what you truly want?'

The Hydra ' . . . '

Midas: 'any other complaints?

The Hydra: 'no, my lord'

Midas: 'good, now get up. we will try again.'
No. 132849 ID: e7c7d3

Aw, young hydra is cute!
No. 132850 ID: ee1d44

Best character.
No. 132852 ID: e96198

From a whelp to warden. I love that. Also love the relationship they have with Midas here, almost familial, kind of.
No. 132935 ID: e8efd5

Just read through the archive for this and it's really good. Looking forward to participating in Chapter 4.
No. 133409 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159479624375.png - (86.99KB , 352x380 , QNThar.png )

>"N'thar, how exactly did you become Kalez's first Acolyte? Did she seek you out or did you seek her out?"

N'Thar 'I was born to be first acolyte, with my father being first acolyte before me, but that should be expected as true greatness must be nurtured from the start. She had me play at trials of course, the importance of ceremony and all that; but it was always going to be me at her side . . . until my greatness inevitably surpassed hers, such is the burden of destiny. Fools like Garrin and even Mistress Kalez think have some measure of control but it is only by the grace of of great lineages like mine and that of Master Midas that they can achieved anything!'
No. 133410 ID: 10c07d

Wonder how much of this is true and how much is just N’Thar being full of himself
No. 133781 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159972766988.png - (137.25KB , 352x380 , QKalez2.png )

>"What sort of factors came to play when selecting people to become your acolytes? Clearly talents they had was one of the factors, but what else?"

Duchess Kalez: 'the pleading cry of of a thousand aspirants, the endless struggle to the top kicking and clawing away all others craving the same, a desperate need for the grain of sand to be noticed by a titan. This is the path to enlightenment to the truth of the world, wealth and strong blood have value but both are easily stolen if needed. A keen mind fueled by an endless hunger for more. Yes this is what makes an Acolyte. As it was for me, as it is for mine, as it will be for theirs.'
No. 133849 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160101845858.png - (638.08KB , 1200x1092 , OrgArmour.png )

reference image of the Third Acolyte: Oragatt Ruingarth
No. 133850 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160101852359.png - (461.76KB , 1200x1101 , OrgUnderwear.png )

Without Armour
No. 134013 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160282291065.png - (438.56KB , 768x842 , SezedaBonus2.png )

she hopes she at least fetches a high price

content sponsored by my lovely patrons!
No. 134088 ID: 10c07d

I really like Ulric, is he planned to show up more later in the story?
No. 134090 ID: 6f7a5a

Yes Ulric will be showing up later.
He'll also be showing up in bonus content
No. 134094 ID: 36932f

Im very glad to hear that
No. 134333 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160543055435.png - (136.51KB , 352x380 , QHydr3.png )

>"For the hydra, what do you all see Midas as? Just the man who trained you or something more? Any idea what happened to your parents, desires to know who they were?"

Solia: 'Our parents are nothing now, Our mother died giving birth, then our father abandoned us ,disgusted by our unnatural form, we were to be destroyed.'
Lareta: 'Midas saw more in us, had our body made whole, saved us from the fire, from the harbingers who hate, and burn all they fear'
Fason:'Midas taught us to fight, He knows they will come , we have to be ready, until then we hide here, here in this blasted dungeon.'
Remia:'Duke Midas is our master, We own everything to him, and will do whatever asked, He is our gentle lord, our wise and strong protector.'
Mifal:'We aren't sure why though, why he risks for us, we are very special yes, it's impossible to replace us, but is that really all?.'
No. 134388 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160632918174.png - (677.13KB , 845x842 , BonusNuns.png )

Garcio and Garrin question some Binder sisters about their activities in town
No. 134389 ID: 10c07d

Very nice! I really like Garcio and Garrins armor here. I also hope for their own sake these aren’t the same nuns mentioned in Garcio’s Q/A
No. 134398 ID: 6f7a5a

. . . well that Q/A may inspired this picture, and there are more on the way sponsored by the same patron
No. 134419 ID: 6f7a5a

A generous Patron has open a question slot to the public! if you have a question feel free to post them below!
No. 134424 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160679720178.png - (486.11KB , 845x842 , BonusNuns2.png )

Part 2
Garcio searches for contraband
No. 134425 ID: 10c07d

For Eeyfel:
What’s it like being in charge of the group of kobold soldiers? Also do you have any favorites out of the group and why?
No. 134524 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160801890355.png - (668.25KB , 845x842 , BonusNuns3.png )

Part 3
the search continues
No. 134534 ID: d5825c

"besides Ghosk isn't interested in filth like you"
(cell door)
({ceel door} SMASH!)
you got ouned!
(prisoner runs away)
plz make a image about this, head cannon
No. 134594 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160903223897.png - (405.26KB , 845x842 , GarrinBonus2.png )

Garrin and Garcio on the way to the baths
No. 134625 ID: d5825c

i meant for this to be a joke, the prisoner over heard, made a joke and escaped.
No. 134626 ID: 6f7a5a

be careful what you wish for!
No. 134667 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160982752873.png - (113.35KB , 352x380 , QEeyfel.png )

>What’s it like being in charge of the group of kobold soldiers? Also do you have any favorites out of the group and why?

Eeyfel: "It's the absolute worst! Kobold soldier are beyond worthless and my magic is the only thing that carries us through when we succeed yet when we fail I get blame for their incompetence. If I had to pick a favorite of these clowns I guess I'd go with Bowin he keeps his mouth shut and holds the mole-beasts in line"
No. 134722 ID: 6f7a5a
File 161078594538.png - (132.36KB , 352x380 , QZetheno.png )

>"To the undead travelers, is your hunger separate from your power source? Have you considered magic surgery to reconnect the part of you that induces horror hunger into something... more lively? Lots of dancing especially in the pelvic area perhaps?"

Z'Theno: "All things eat to live, whether fuel for the body or fuel for the soul. Some think there is a cure to this dancing as you suggest might seem to fuel the spirit but this only increases the hunger of the body. no the only true cure is oblivion . . . This is not a cure me nor my flock crave"
No. 134781 ID: 6f7a5a
File 161196188822.png - (637.28KB , 845x842 , BonusNuns4.png )

part 4
finally something is found
No. 134811 ID: 163037
File 161277541893.png - (566.27KB , 845x842 , BonusNuns5.png )

Garcio finds a hidden key!
No. 134881 ID: 1d109c
File 161388015968.png - (298.71KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip1.png )

Lylene's been caught!
No. 134941 ID: 1d109c
File 161448230880.png - (441.59KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip2.png )

off comes the breastplate
No. 134969 ID: 1d109c
File 161498078319.png - (422.79KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip3.png )

Next goes the skirt!
No. 135041 ID: 1d109c
File 161588074264.png - (447.91KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip4.png )

No. 135051 ID: 1d109c

I generous patron has donated their bonus image to the community! please suggest what you'd like to see!
No. 135052 ID: 10c07d

How about Ulric getting his pants torn open and his crotch revealed by a carnivorous plant he was tending to?
No. 135053 ID: 864e49

Or just Hydra.
No. 135054 ID: 629f2e


How about a look back to Kalez' past, showing what came of her underestimating Via Vardek's abilities.
No. 135057 ID: eb1fcc

I wanna see the snake doing a sick kickflip in the nude

how do you do a sick kickflip without legs? this is for you to puzzle out and me to enjoy
No. 135080 ID: 5ee86b

Seconding this but maybe with even more torn clothes
No. 135121 ID: 1d109c

https://strawpoll.com/cko21x4z6 and now that the suggestions are in, a poll!
select as many options as you like!
No. 135122 ID: b1b4f3

How the heck does a snake do a kickflip?
No. 135202 ID: 1d109c
File 161673707517.png - (529.86KB , 845x842 , NethaarUlricPoker.png )

Poll image in coming!

in the mean time enjoy another bonus image courtesy of one of my other very generous patrons!

Looks like Nethaar has lost a game of strip poker!
No. 135262 ID: 1d109c
File 161717767266.png - (616.04KB , 845x842 , Azzeki Bonus4.png )

Azzeki doing a sick kick flip
No. 135264 ID: 4854ef

The most radical and tubular of snakes.
No. 135371 ID: 1d109c
File 161881117084.png - (389.56KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip5.png )

A small pause in item removal
No. 135400 ID: 1d109c
File 161923172902.png - (419.45KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip6.png )

off with the bra!
No. 135403 ID: eb1fcc

oh fuck yes, kickflip snake
No. 135509 ID: 1d109c
File 162071300994.png - (365.76KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip7.png )

there goes the last piece
No. 135550 ID: 1d109c
File 162110232698.png - (359.74KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip8.png )

and the conclusion
No. 135576 ID: 10c07d

Ghosk is in the room with all the characters at the moment right? I’m guessing he’ll be fighting for the Vardecks?
No. 135577 ID: 1d109c

Ghosk is not there he was left behind in the entryway room.

one of his knights however IS in the room carrying a Vardek banner
No. 135603 ID: 1d109c
File 162156798642.png - (508.37KB , 1352x1126 , ModelSheetsH&H.png )

These characters have difficult body shapes, it was good to work it out.

bonus image brought to you by my lovely patrons!
No. 135612 ID: 1d109c
File 162164546188.png - (582.91KB , 930x744 , KoPbeach46.png )

Reefa resting in the rays

brought to you by generous patrons!
No. 135624 ID: 1d109c
File 162180369924.png - (141.35KB , 352x380 , QHydr4.png )

>"To the Hydra, what are common issues that you all fight over or what often causes a fight between you five?"

Mifal:'we always fight over everything, fight over what to wear, fight over what to eat, A better question you could ask, "what don't we fight over?".'
Fason:'Only because you're all stupid, everyone should just follow me, I am the center head, And I always know best, don't listen to the others.'
Solia: 'It's true we're always fighting, mostly because Fason keeps demanding, Lareta keeps being a creep ,Mifal keeps encouraging them both, I wish they'd all stop.'
Lareta: 'It's so boring down here, I just spice things up, everyone always gets on my case, Fason likes fighting the most, I just want some fun'
Remia:'To answer the original question, clothes is a big one, with food we've enough mouths, but have only one body, we try our best . . . mostly.'
No. 135744 ID: 9b127b
File 162469185503.png - (573.76KB , 930x842 , KoPbeach47.png )

Reefa's top is swiped! ruining her relaxing day ...
No. 135745 ID: 629f2e


Man, Reefa has no luck with beaches. Maybe she should try a pool next time? Who knows, maybe the sand is just a harbinger of mischief and nudity.
No. 135746 ID: 9b127b

Truly tragic, no luck at all with beaches it seems

unfortunately a private pool wouldn't help, bathing in water is really bad for her health.
she likes beaches for the warm sand and soothing sounds of crashing tides

her lack of beach towel is an important detail!
No. 135747 ID: 0418a2

>her lack of beach towel is an important detail!

Maybe because she secretly wanted this to happen
No. 135748 ID: 9b127b

actually it's because she wanted to feel the sand ... however this choice HAS left her with nothing convenient to cover up with
No. 135755 ID: 5bbeac

Awful. Just horrible.
At least she kept the rest of her coverings!
No. 135802 ID: 9b127b

for now . . .
No. 135907 ID: 9b127b
File 162728548369.png - (859.08KB , 1023x926 , KoPbeach48.png )

A treasonous bandit's attack on the princess continues
No. 135909 ID: 9b127b
File 162754979877.png - (838.98KB , 1023x926 , BonusHydra3.png )

Nethaar taught the Hydra how to read as part of their general education when they were young.

Of all the things they learned this proved to be their favorites, they would spend long hours of idleness reading every book in the castle library delighting in the descriptions and tales of far off places.
Nethaar continued to bring in books for them for years to come.

No. 135911 ID: 322af8

Aw, that is so wholesome.
No. 135919 ID: 9b127b
File 162797475241.png - (465.66KB , 927x1115 , LyleneStrip9.png )

Beyound the previous conclusion

Lylene is given some new clothes, she doesn't appreciate them
No. 136001 ID: 9b127b
File 162874616649.png - (140.01KB , 352x380 , QKalez3.png )

>"Kalez, if the world wasn't on the brink and was rather calm and peaceful at least compared to right now what would you be doing?"

Duchess Kalez: "peace and quite the dream of the hapless laborer, misty eyed poet, secluded dullards or other such misguided fools. Peace creates restlessness, restless creates turmoil. just as a bountiful crop draws parasites so too does a peaceful kingdom, it takes constant effort from cunning leadership to convince the people that doom is always one step away. They must know gratitude and and enjoy the peace you crafted for them. Even in a unending peace that could never be, I would still work still improve this world for to grow idle is to grow weak."
No. 136120 ID: 9b127b
File 162992663266.png - (583.89KB , 954x1253 , MidasModel.png )

Reference of Arch-Duke Midas Multero
requested by a generous patron!
No. 136121 ID: df76b1

While I would probably layer the scale skirt under the groin-guard, that is still impressive regalia.
No. 136130 ID: 9b127b
File 163011955253.png - (112.23KB , 411x482 , Kalezpose.png )

Kalez in classic Rachnid combat pose
No. 136131 ID: df76b1
File 163012957112.png - (129.82KB , 411x482 , pettingguide.png )

absolutely not canon
No. 136274 ID: 9b127b
File 163298651467.png - (592.08KB , 1023x926 , KingFlagrionFinal.png )

Flagrion Multero King of Terroth
No. 136284 ID: 322af8

I feel like the King is judging us for all the bad things we've had his daughter and wife go through.
No. 136285 ID: 629f2e


Maybe he's just jealous that he's been left out for all this time, clutching his pillow each night and dreaming of the day he too gets to be stripped and humiliated for the titillation of a quest audience.
No. 136532 ID: 9b127b
File 163798945443.png - (562.37KB , 1352x1126 , ModelSheetsVVardek.png )

Via Vardek: Arch-Diviner
A colour reference for Lady Via Vardek
requested by a generous patron!
No. 136663 ID: 9b127b
File 163911833183.png - (548.58KB , 764x1053 , BonusReefa.png )

King Flagrion explains to his daughter Reefa the importance of specific trade routes over tea
No. 136741 ID: 9b127b
File 164019993445.png - (520.99KB , 927x1115 , LyleneStrip7b.png )

Alternate panel 7 for the Lylene bound series
No. 136873 ID: 9b127b
File 164170960657.png - (578.79KB , 1023x926 , KoPxmas7.png )

Expert Fashion designer Quayla taking measurement queen Gamma
No. 136920 ID: 9b127b
File 164332765153.png - (740.64KB , 764x1053 , HaHpage1.png )

A bonus comic sponsored by generous patrons

Story takes place before the events of King of Pentacles
No. 136996 ID: 9b127b

Small poll regarding the mandrake and nudity
No. 137113 ID: 9b127b
File 164593527179.png - (793.25KB , 764x1053 , HaHpage2.png )

Page 2
No. 137116 ID: 10c07d

I enjoy these goofy side antics
No. 137117 ID: 629f2e

Her wild spirit seems rather tame if it's that easy to predict. These two got fun interactions.
No. 137227 ID: 9b127b
File 164715666752.png - (786.28KB , 764x1053 , HaHpage3.png )

Page 3
No. 137339 ID: 9b127b
File 164910620520.png - (830.30KB , 776x1019 , WeddingPort.png )

The Wedding Painting
depicting a young Midas and Kalez on the day of their marriage
No. 137355 ID: 9b127b

A check in to see what characters people are enjoying (or wish to see more of going forward)

No. 137366 ID: 12f554

I would like to say that, even though she's not on the poll, I liked Herocea and would love to see her again.
No. 137377 ID: 9b127b
File 165043087506.png - (715.87KB , 764x1053 , HaHpage4.png )

Page 4
No. 137378 ID: 9b127b

I'm glad you like her! the reason I didn't include her in the poll was she hasn't appeared for a while so there's little room for changes of opinion on her

I do hope to get back to Herocea at some point. but we'll have to see how things go
No. 137380 ID: f2320a

so who is this queen gamma?
No. 137381 ID: f2320a

also what is this strip poker module i have heard about a module on what? and there is a part 2?
No. 137383 ID: c92a02

The strip poker game is a Python game where you can play strip poker (naturally) featuring various tgchan characters. Most of these modules are very old, but the latest version is downloaded here: >>95569
And the first Pentacles pack for download is here: >>126719
No. 137384 ID: 9b127b

Queen Gamma is princess Reefa's mother, she hasn't appeared in the quest proper
No. 137386 ID: 4875f4

Is the second poker module still on its way?
No. 137401 ID: 9b127b

It's nearly finished, should be done before the end of may
No. 137471 ID: 12f554

So next week then?
No. 137490 ID: 9b127b

Unfortunately do to a massive storm in Ottawa(where I live) my power was out for 8 days. I have a lot of catching up to do. the poker pack is finished entirely artwise, I only need to finalize the text and compile
No. 137491 ID: 9b127b
File 165410071341.png - (1.95MB , 1961x1494 , ToriqueRef.png )

Torique nude reference
No. 137571 ID: 12f554


Next time we encounter her, we should finish the job Eeyfel started
No. 137616 ID: 9b127b
File 165690338250.png - (722.87KB , 764x1053 , HaHpage5.png )

No. 137727 ID: 12f554

So how's this coming along?
No. 137730 ID: 9b127b

Kalez Module is entirely complete and tested.
other 2 are still being written
No. 138203 ID: 9b127b
File 166380075783.png - (663.14KB , 764x1053 , HaHpage6.png )

Page 6
No. 138222 ID: e5709d

It's like looking at baby pictures of supervillains.
No. 138250 ID: 9b127b
File 166485057296.png - (824.79KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage1.png )

The beginning of a new side story
No. 138525 ID: 9b127b
File 166897791479.png - (1.22MB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage2.png )

page 2
No. 138818 ID: 41942d

How's this been going?
No. 138848 ID: 9b127b

They're all completed, and have been for months
No. 138968 ID: 9b127b
File 167350295608.png - (512.79KB , 1352x1126 , ModelSheetsTirzaea.png )

Tirzaea nude reference! thanks to a wonderful patron for requesting this!
No. 139003 ID: 9b127b
File 167407848951.png - (919.69KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage3.png )

Page 3
No. 139012 ID: 9b127b

I'd like to start by thanking everyone for such wonderful support these last few years. it has been a great experience I've enjoyed a great deal.

However subscription is down, in both number of patrons and total patronage.

Though this may be a product of these hard financial times, it could also be sourced to a number of other reasons. and though I've been having a great experience personally the enjoyment of my readers and patrons is just as important if not more important.

I cannot make this experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone without your feedback, so if you have questions, concerns or desires let me know. If you're enjoying certain elements let me know.

regardless I will keep trying my best and keep working hard to create a fun, exciting and saucy characters and stories!

and again thank you everyone!

* * *

if you enjoy King of Pentacles consider supporting it here!
No. 139013 ID: 322af8

My advice would be the keep posting the past pages in places like you're FA page so that more people get exposed to the comic. More eyes means more people possibly interested. Seeing right now the last thing they've seen is from march of 2019 they might not get the idea of how much of an experience they have to read.
No. 139019 ID: 9b127b

I indeed need to update FA more, I'm not savvy when it comes to gallery sites so it takes me a while to format the text and fill out tags and such but this year I'm going to put in more of an effort.
No. 139194 ID: 9b127b
File 167738708747.png - (1.91MB , 1125x1019 , Eeyfel_Bonus_4.png )

Eeyfel should leave the molebeast handling to Bowin
No. 139205 ID: 9b127b
File 167762227935.png - (863.84KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage4.png )

Page 4
No. 139213 ID: 322af8

Poor Icker. First she lost her hive then we degenerates strip her constantly.
No. 139250 ID: 9b127b
File 167848246130.png - (849.32KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage5.png )

page 5
No. 139477 ID: 9b127b
File 168052740843.png - (0.99MB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage6.png )

Page 6
No. 139754 ID: 9b127b
File 168497903987.png - (1.78MB , 1125x1019 , GarcioBonus.png )

Garcio, the morning after one of his adventures
No. 139843 ID: 9b127b
File 168616332815.png - (1.06MB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage7.png )

Page 7
No. 139857 ID: 9b127b
File 168644354631.png - (2.45MB , 1125x1019 , Azzeki Bonus5.png )

Sezeda is a bad girl!
No. 139862 ID: b59a76

Bad girl indeed !
No. 139865 ID: 9b127b
File 168659873243.png - (1.09MB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage8.png )

Page 8
No. 139889 ID: 9b127b
File 168705941826.png - (895.27KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage9.png )

Page 9
No. 139929 ID: f99f83

Crossposting some thoughts I had on Garrin from the Quest Discord over here.

My best guess regarding Kalez's treatment of Garrin is that she needs someone who is willing to make the choices that best serve her cause, whereas Garrin has proven too willful and stubborn to ever make for a loyal servant. He cannot help, as when she really needs him he will disobey her.

So even though Garrin calls her and says that he wants guidance, why should she ever tell him anything? If he doesn't like it, he'll just do what he wants and mess up her plans.

The only area I would disagree with her on is that she could give him simple orders without explanation to make use of him, but he could ignore even those if he feels scorned, and it's probably disappointing to see someone with such potential become such a waste.

He could have been so much more. Or maybe he couldn't. Maybe that was never in him. Either way, no point continuing to waste resources trying to make a diamon out of him.

Too willful to be a useful servant, yet to indecisive to really choose a path for himself. He's a tragic figure.
No. 139975 ID: 322af8

Alright, I realized what Kalez feels we betrayed her. Back in 2018 she ordered us to destroy the bridge and stop Vivian Hearth. We've instead not destroyed the bridge, stopped another from destroying the bridge and hired Vivan Hearth. Now in our time it has been half a decade but for her it has been two days so...we suck in her mind.
No. 139996 ID: 9b127b

yeah my story progress is pretty slow...
No. 139997 ID: 9b127b
File 168878654792.png - (1.36MB , 1600x1200 , TurnUndead.png )

Sister Tawny Lanix chasing away a vampire!
No. 140001 ID: 322af8

Thats silly. I love it.
No. 140166 ID: 9b127b
File 169091756250.png - (1.38MB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage10.png )

page 10
No. 140520 ID: 9b127b
File 169323580706.png - (211.36KB , 352x380 , QLylene.png )

>Lylene about those underwear you have, how did you get them from mommy, do you have any others?

Lylene: "Aw cheeeessse, don't ask me ssstuff like that, My mom gave them to me cause I won an archery tournament okay? I'm not gonna sssay if I have any more people make fun of me enough as isss!"
No. 140895 ID: 44d5f6
File 169694641707.png - (6.51MB , 1600x2400 , StripComic1v7.png )

Lylene tries to re-capture Icker, she's just not up for the task
No. 141290 ID: 0d1c28
File 170138110914.png - (5.13MB , 1600x2400 , StripComic2v5.png )

Sezeda shows off her new swimsuit, Vriolo wants her to show off a little more
No. 141583 ID: 0d1c28
File 170605074552.png - (2.18MB , 1125x1019 , GarcioBonus2.png )

No. 141626 ID: 0d1c28

with the latest thread finished it's time for a new poll!
lets see what characters people are enjoying (or wish to see more of going forward)

No. 142066 ID: 0d1c28
File 171382743140.png - (2.34MB , 1125x1019 , Azzeki Bonus6c.png )

Lylene is sound asleep, Azzeki thinks she should probably lock her windows
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