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File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
Expand all images
No. 94348 ID: 8177e7
File 144033055192.png - (32.50KB , 1080x500 , nanogoo_head_ref.png )

Goo has silly hair. Who knew?!
No. 94349 ID: 8177e7
File 144033065128.png - (46.65KB , 960x450 , bloom_sizes.png )

A thing I've been meaning to post for a while. People like comparison charts, right?
No. 94352 ID: 82c018

So between Alice, Nanogoo, and Alkaline, I have to ask: who could devour who?
No. 94357 ID: 0fc976

All three would magically/scientifically combine into Final Boss Ubergloom, Devourer of Worlds.
No. 94388 ID: 4b93df
File 144041076473.png - (29.61KB , 520x900 , slime_vs_slime.png )

>So between Alice, Nanogoo, and Alkaline, I have to ask: who could devour who?
Well in terms of raw power it'd come down to Alice and [default].

Alice can eat stuff faster, is made of exotic matter due to ancient alien space magic, would be physically stronger and is trained in CQC and pew pew shoot things. She's very temperature resistant, however she is flammable.

[default]'s got the advantage in diet, toughness and could easily figure out how to shoot lethal nanite bullets. She is more vulnerable to heat, cold and thermodynamics than Alice, so it'd come down to Alice trying to tear her into manageable, eatable chunks. Currently I'd give [default] the edge, but it'd be close.

However, taking all factors into consideration?


Alkaline is the strongest.
No. 94390 ID: 4b93df
File 144042040828.png - (45.94KB , 750x1000 , cant_have.png )

>All three would magically/scientifically combine into Final Boss Ubergloom, Devourer of Worlds.
That's just not possible in this universe.
No. 94395 ID: 2a1897


No. 94402 ID: 57dfcc

>Alkaline. Alkaline is the strongest.
Fear dat maxed luck stat.
No. 94403 ID: 9ddf68

that form is known as game over, cause if that thing is coming after you the only thing you are is completely fucked... fire might help though.
No. 94440 ID: 96a328

…I'd attempt seduction if I weren't convinced I'd be eaten before I even got through the first word.
No. 94459 ID: a107fd

So you're saying the seduction would succeed.
No. 94508 ID: 2f4b71

>Yandere was a mistake
No. 95131 ID: 0fc976

Guess we should start using this thread for Dungeoneer discussion too.

I agree with the other poster about a cursory warning. Ultimately, we can't prevent adventurers from doing stupid things and we're not a Disney ride; it's a dungeon full of actual monsters that want to kill you. In the unlikely event an adventurer forgoes the basic life insurance that the sky-church urges everyone to use and falls victim to his own hubris, well, decorating a dungeon with skeletons ain't cheap, especially when most corpses melt away!
Exceptions will exist as always, of course, we wouldn't prey on innocent peasants that stumble into our cave looking for shelter, somehow, out here in the wilderness. There's no gold in it for us, you see.
No. 95132 ID: 3663d3

speaking of, previous dis thread mentioned that corpses are actually rather easy to turn into golems because the body 'remembers' how to move. can also be made self recharging by reactivating the parts that let living people make mana.
No. 95136 ID: 0f1c4d

Since the church subsidizes the rez tokens, I think we could avoid the remaining liability by posting a wooden sign on the path to the dungeon with the word DANGER and a picture of a skull on it.
No. 95142 ID: 0fc976

Good idea! We'll puppet the poor sod back into town, parade him around and tell everyone he's fine, then hurry back to the dungeon before too much of his skin falls off.
No. 95149 ID: 3663d3

uhhh, that's not what i meant.
i meant we can turn any idiots into flesh golems.
No. 95150 ID: 42ee36
File 144351985605.png - (31.03KB , 750x1000 , a_typical_flesh_golem.png )

>speaking of, previous dis thread mentioned that corpses are actually rather easy to turn into golems because the body 'remembers' how to move. can also be made self recharging by reactivating the parts that let living people make mana.
Actually it's the opposite - it's very hard to make a golem out of formerly living material because you get interference from trying to overwrite the golem's concept of motion on top of the corpse's vital functions. You can't make one out of living creatures at all. Sorry everyone who wanted to make a golem out of bees.

You can make a really strong golem by combining necromancy and golemetry though! Basically you use necromancy to restore the useful living qualities and golemetry to rip out and replace the rest.

PS: Wood is OK if you use properly cured lumber.
No. 95151 ID: 3663d3

what if you just re-energize the already embedded channels?
No. 95152 ID: 42ee36

That's necromancy!
No. 95153 ID: 3663d3

what if you scoop out the brain meat and replace it with a golem computer? or just put deem's heart shard in there or something
No. 95155 ID: 3bc92d


Oooh, if that works, we could have Deem build herself a human-looking flesh golem body so she can blend in more easily when she visits cities.
No. 95156 ID: 2a7417

Then it's a combination of necromancy and golemetry! (Also, I believe the interference is thought to come from the formerly living tissue itself, not the central nervous system.)
No. 95159 ID: 89941a

Wouldn't it be possible for Deem to just use some differently coloured clay, or incorporate some into the body?
No. 95160 ID: defceb

>cutiepie flesh golem

Well now we HAVE to make one
No. 95174 ID: bf9886

>What if you scoop out the brain meat and replace it with a golem computer? Or just put Deem's heart shard in there or something
Well, seeing the smarts is one of the hardest bits to do right in a golem that's a bit you probably want to preserve. Golemetry isn't really about automation. It's about giving life-like qualities to inanimate things.

In the second case, Deem would get very angry with you.
No. 95277 ID: 284bd4
File 144387308999.png - (51.11KB , 1080x720 , master_of_disguise.png )

The next update might be a little while. In the meantime here are some concept doodles of a variable noodle.
No. 95283 ID: 0f1c4d

Heh, I like her Moriko impression
No. 95287 ID: 0fc976

yay, hammer-snake!
So, is there a sort of different quality to each color of her skin? Is the orange more durable then the red, and the red more flexible/fluid, for instance?
No. 95297 ID: 3d43fb

i like the whips one best
No. 95300 ID: 284bd4

>So, is there a sort of different quality to each color of her skin? Is the orange more durable then the red, and the red more flexible/fluid, for instance?
No, it's all squid. Also she's full of grape jelly.
No. 95617 ID: 12fa81
File 144515945078.png - (29.62KB , 600x750 , moriko_kamui.png )

Just where do you think you are? Did you lose your way?
No. 95620 ID: 2f4b71

Moriko special ability: Shadow Spirit Fusion!
>Beautiful night
Summon Vogler Sphere.
No. 95721 ID: 13ff66

Dungeoneer Girl quest is best quest... Though I really wish they'd stop pushing the spin-off where they made the villain protagonist, I'd never find it convincing.
No. 95723 ID: 2a7417

Villain protagonist? Is Stargazer planning something behind our backs?
No. 96262 ID: f350bf

Hallo! So people aren't wondering what's happened to me, my internet's been out and I'll be out of town for most of this week. This means no updoots for a little bit. I most definitely have not been abducted by lizardmen from the Hollow Earth. Do not send help.
No. 96263 ID: d9d287

Nice try lizardman, nice passive-aggressive joke there. Seriously, why haven't you already given us a ransom demand yet?
No. 96614 ID: 3663d3

to deem, what is the lifecycle of slime princesses? i know when alkaline grows bigger she will start budding lesser slimes, but what triggers making a new princess? do all slimes have a queen or do some species just split in half when they get big enough?
No. 96626 ID: 1ec4ae
File 145060122818.png - (34.61KB , 800x550 , monsters_101.png )

>What is the life cycle of slime princesses? I know when Alkaline grows bigger she will start budding lesser slimes, but what triggers making a new princess? Do all slimes have a queen or do some species just split in half when they get big enough?
Hello again, class is in session!

It's probably most useful if I begin by talking about where monsters come from.

Many monsters are spontaneously generated by the earth-pulse. They spawn in secret and hidden spaces in the earth and move out about the surface. A large colony of them in an area makes them more likely to be spawned and they may deliberately nest in such spawning places. A dungeon can manipulate these odds and even deliberately create such spawning places.

Some varieties of monster have lived long enough to become naturalised. They become able to breed bear young like a normal animal. In some cases these creatures were originally animals or humans. Ogres, devil-bears and quasidragons are all examples of this. Such creatures are usually stronger and more intelligent. They are now only very rarely a spontaneous product of the earth-pulse.

A rare and valuable creature is one that can easily create more of its kind. They feed off the earth pulse and can spawn lesser versions of themselves endlessly. They are often called kings or queens of their kind for this reason.

In the case of slimes, they favour damp and sheltered places. They thrive easily as such places are often spawning grounds, their diet is simple and they're tolerant of many conditions. Some varieties also have developed alternate means of spawning such as splitting.

A royal jelly may rarely emerge in a common slime colony but they are most commonly spawned by other royal jellies. They are not spawned often, perhaps once a decade at best, as it puts an extreme strain on the colony and requires a time of abundant resources and prosperity. Often two colonies pool their resources to produce an heir.

There's also the rare and extraordinarily powerful slime empress, which is created when a strong royal jelly absorbs several other fully mature queens. It is able to spawn multiple slime queens to serve it.
No. 96640 ID: d9d287

Follow up questions about monster generation:
-Is monster spawning and spontaneous generation a useful source of food or other resources?
-What are the practical capabilities and limits to your short-term ability to spawn and make use of monsters?
-Is it plausible and viable to tame and sell tamed monsters as an export from your dungeon, and if so how quickly would this be reasonably achieved?
-How much can you stimulate the earth pulse by just using up spawning mosters against each other, is this worth doing?
-What intelligent varieties of monsters could you reliably/cheaply spawn, and are any of these worth focusing on for labour?
-What is the practical extent of your ability to keep track of creatures in and out of your dungeon, and what factors besides the dungeon constitution itself affect this?
No. 96949 ID: edf87a
File 145249730830.png - (61.72KB , 1280x854 , it_was_a_prank_big.png )

Lime asked for a bigger version of this picture so here it is at what I estimate is one million times the resolution.
No. 96950 ID: 0fc976

3 times the goo, 3 times the smug.
No. 96951 ID: edf87a
File 145250636109.png - (13.32KB , 400x600 , heavy_default.png )

In other news this latest thread has been good for practising some different body types. I find this version hilarious for some reason.
No. 97097 ID: 91ee5f

Just a few questions: If all of the nanogoos, not including Graphene, were to combine together, what would she look like, how big would she be, and how smart would she be?
No. 97116 ID: edf87a
File 145310952620.png - (28.45KB , 730x850 , big_default.png )

>Just a few questions: If all of the nanogoos, not including Graphene, were to combine together, what would she look like, how big would she be, and how smart would she be?
About this big. She should probably be wearing nerd glasses.

On the other end of the scale, [default] could split into a dozen of the mini-goos.
No. 97117 ID: e175cc

"Now her boobs are bigger then mine.."
No. 97126 ID: 3663d3

"and now her dick is bigger then me"
No. 97127 ID: 007e78

Hug tiny girlfriend! Sweep her off her feet!
No. 97136 ID: f6442a

A weapon to surpass Ubergloom... (>>94390)
No. 97143 ID: 30f6e2

I will note that there is no size reference provided in the image of Ubergloom.
No. 97146 ID: edf87a
File 145320283852.png - (26.31KB , 800x500 , still_no.png )

>A weapon to surpass Ubergloom...
Some things aren't possible in any universe.
No. 97152 ID: 2a7417

Such a lust for crossovers! Who?!
No. 97154 ID: a22f87

when dealing with such a monster you must have lots of fire. I'm talking about napalm ravaged country sides levels of fire here.
No. 97187 ID: 88e46e

two uberglooms taped together surpass one ubergloom
No. 97208 ID: 91ee5f

They already have something like that. It's a video game series called "Fallout".
No. 97536 ID: 5dfa3a
File 145420135256.png - (43.65KB , 1280x720 , deem-alice.png )

This was a request for a draw stream I did. Deem in Alice's place. I'm sure everything worked out OK in the end.
No. 97537 ID: 4171d1

>Deem in Alice's place
But what about Alice in Deem's place?
No. 97632 ID: ffe02b
File 145463947263.png - (43.17KB , 768x1152 , alice-deem.png )

>But what about Alice in Deem's place?
She'd be a pirate.
No. 97645 ID: a9ff28

one, of formiddable form.
the counterpart, mighty in mind.
The former ,wounded in eye, trembles to look ahead.
The latter, wounded in heart, hating what's behind.
Formed from magic, or trusting in tech.
But given the choice of two paths...What would they take?
No. 97823 ID: 0dff7f
File 145544775545.png - (286.32KB , 1280x1024 , dungeon_vn_end.png )

So on my birthday last year I offered to do a request for the IRC. Naturally the verdict was 'Dungeoneer visual novel harem end'.

Since I didn't get it finished over the Christmas break I decided to save it for today.
No. 97829 ID: defceb


No. 97830 ID: f6442a

Uhh, Merud? Deem's heart fragment is in the other one. Silly.
No. 97834 ID: 1f8505


No. 98139 ID: a107fd

Between the cursed wounds and the rapid movement, it seems like devil-bears are alarmingly well suited to inflicting attrition with hit-and-fade tactics.
No. 98147 ID: f6442a

Indeed; the only thing standing in the way of that is their tiny little bear mind, which knows only how to, quote:
*Wander Aimlessly
*Growl and roar
*Maul and kill
*Look for lady phase devilbears
*Jump through time and space
*Forage for berries
No. 98435 ID: 91ee5f

Huh. For some reason I imagined her to be.....fatter than that.
No. 98532 ID: 7e4e9f

[default]'s a shapechanger who changes shape. Also she's a bit denser than a human so a ton of goo doesn't go as far as you might think. Come to think of it, she could adjust her density if she wanted to.

In other news, in Dungeoneer I was thinking of putting a goofy magic item in that chest and decided it might be nice to get some suggestions for it here.
No. 98537 ID: 430103

"goofy magic item"
I don't know how well this one might go over...
What about a scroll of infinite length?
Like, it's basically a webpage made into a scroll as a magic item.
And it doesn't have to be blank...
No. 98538 ID: 2a7417

1) The portable hole. Classic, and probably dangerous in Tgchan's hands.
2) The Jester's Cap of Incredulity: A hat so silly people will have difficulty registering the wearer as real. Oh wait, Merud already has one.
3) A severed mimic's tongue that lets the user convince another that the user is speaking the target's language. (Lost in an embarrassing self-inflicted injury.)
No. 98540 ID: 1f8505


A cursed quill pen that can only write cuss words.
No. 98542 ID: b17b81

There are the classic ring of detect light (glows when it detects bright light) and stone of heat.(changes color when it's on fire)

But those are more in the way of useless than silly.
No. 98546 ID: 0d6c82

The Un-Brella: When this small umbrella is open, rain falls from it as if from the sky during a rainstorm.

>ring of detect light (glows when it detects bright light)
If the ring can glow brightly enough you can attach it to a mirror and have a nice light fixture.
No. 98549 ID: a22f87

orb of switching (for the love of god feel free to change the name)

An clear orb that was made to let someone switch bodies with someone else so you could see what it was like to live as someone else by making eye contact through the orb. However all the orb really does is for whatever reason is it swaps the two people who made eye contact around and they appear in the other persons clothes. No one knows how whoever made this thing messed up so bad.
No. 98551 ID: 99a64d

Ring of the fool; makes the wearer feel smarter while actually making them dumber. Magic item identification magic will detect it as a ring of intelligence.

Hat of the politician; BIG HEAD MODE!

Deck of many thingz; a deck of many things except all of the things are silly.
No. 98553 ID: 02422f

...I'm imagine someone switching with Deem, and the result is a pile of clothes with a heart shard in it, and a naked person wedged in a broken golem's chest.
No. 98556 ID: 91b070

Just to provide some amplifying information, it ideally should be conceivably useful, difficult to resell and Deem should dislike it.
No. 98557 ID: 5ad4a7

>and Deem should dislike it.
Hahahaha, of course. Of course.

How about a pouch of infinite false coinage?
No. 98558 ID: 430103

...I can't help but like the idea of it being some sort of weapon that...Consumes gold or Earth-Pulse magic. Like either way it eats into the way Deem gets mana back? but it's powerful in it's own right...
No. 98562 ID: 02422f

An actually useful mundane magic appliance that will make life easier for Deem's minions roughing it on a mountain.

...except it's blatantly sky magic powered. So Deem hates it. And that it's providing something for them she can't. And now she's jealous and insecure over an appliance.

(Like a microwave, or a clotheswasher or something. Hard to resell because it provides amenities you already have in town, and a normal adventurer wouldn't need one. Only really worth it for a long term outing in one place like ours).
No. 98563 ID: f6442a

A gramophone that can read (in the common tongue?) any document placed upon its turntable and spun (turning speed affects reading speed, deterioration of writing affects static level but it increases proportionally less than illegibility), but it's stuck at MAXIMUM VOLUME and likes to add color commentary. Is it possessed by a kindly but deaf librarian or an eccentric and well-read imp? Who knows? Deem is jealous because even this talking horn can read and she still can't.
No. 98564 ID: 430103

As something of a clarification to my earlier idea:
I think I like the idea of it being some sort of radar that finds more of whatever you stick in it right?
But the problem is that it consumes whatever you put in.
So put in a steel ingot and it'll find you deposits of steel ore? But then the ingot gets reduced to dust...
IDK how Deem would dislike it, but I initially imagined it as being used to track that Devil-Bear, but each time it takes gold from Deem's hoard which would of course annoy her. Maybe it wouldn't if only because it'd be useful enough to be worth it...
No. 98567 ID: b17b81

An amulet that draws and stores the power of the earth pulse. Could be used as a bit of a boost/battery to any earth magic but gives a negative feeling (pins and needles) to anything in the nearby area that runs off of/uses/can sense the earth pulse. (it should ideally affect monsters too.)
No. 98568 ID: 02422f

A coin operated music box. Or one of those little coin operated toy dispensers. You put gold into it and it never comes back out again. Deem would hate anything that unmade gold so much.
No. 98569 ID: 3663d3

a magic dildo that causes pleasure to anything.
No. 98570 ID: a22f87

two enchanted rocks that let two people talk over great distances once a day. They also hum an incredibly annoying melody that can't be changed whenever someone is calling. Also for some reason they don't always seem to work in certain areas or the call is shoddy and cuts out randomly in others. There is no way to tell where you can get a good call and where you can't short of trying to call someone in said location.
No. 98574 ID: 2a7417
File 145823942394.gif - (496.10KB , 450x314 , spell of dispelling.gif )

An ancient scroll detailing a summoning ritual that dispels itself.
No. 98575 ID: e623c3

The legendary Ten-foot Pole. Either end, when pushed into the vicinity of a trap's trigger, will set it off. It has a line of holes along one side; ancient myth states that it can be united with a twin of itself, and a set of mystical scepters. Though none know what incredible artifact may be produced, it is said that it is key to a method of producing infinite gold.

All dungeons instinctively find it very annoying.
No. 98618 ID: 02422f

An enchanted hammer. Perfectly serviceable, but as long as you have it equipped, everything literally looks like a nail.
No. 98620 ID: 7e4e9f

>...I can't help but like the idea of it being some sort of weapon that...Consumes gold or Earth-Pulse magic. Like either way it eats into the way Deem gets mana back? but it's powerful in it's own right...
After thinking about it, this seemed to have a lot of fun potential so I decided to cut Deem a break for once and make the item unambiguously useful.
No. 98647 ID: 2a7417

If we fed Alkaline brains, would she get smarter?
No. 99495 ID: 49d4de

So is dungeoneer continuing anytime soon?
No. 99498 ID: 2d015a


In other news I did sneak draft copies of the other characters' stat sheets into the wiki:

I'm probably going to retcon Stargazer to have higher accuracy because what was I thinking not giving a giant eyeball that.

Well, brains are nourishing I suppose.
No. 99502 ID: 2a7417

Well, she does lack depth perception...
No. 99504 ID: 3d2d5f
File 146185260419.jpg - (16.16KB , 186x226 , Schlock20080429_1.jpg )

Well, there's always this trick.
No. 99506 ID: 59a537
File 146186972914.png - (12.15KB , 600x441 , StargazerAccuracy.png )

Now that you mention Stargazer and accuracy, if Stargazer has better accuracy then Reisarf would she be able to improve the accuracy of a spell channeled through her by turning to face the target?
No. 99510 ID: a2c005

How would the earthpulse sound like?

Like this?
No. 99518 ID: f6442a

Sun? Hissss. Sky magic.
No. 99521 ID: 5ad4a7

How about this then:
No. 99561 ID: 952f07
File 146209728180.png - (32.44KB , 1024x800 , reisarf_stargazer_tf2.png )

Streamed today and TF2 Dungeoneer got suggested.

First off a natural pair.
No. 99562 ID: 952f07
File 146209730516.png - (25.68KB , 1024x640 , alkaline_tf2.png )

Slime scoot.
No. 99563 ID: 952f07
File 146209733435.png - (26.47KB , 720x1152 , hin_tf2.png )

And last a Hingineer.
No. 99571 ID: 1f8505


Crazy legs Scout.
No. 99871 ID: f6442a

How many of her temporary abilities can Alkaline keep?
No. 99877 ID: 93e896
File 146388016516.png - (20.17KB , 400x800 , alkaline_mahou_shoujo_edition.png )

Stargazer already does provide a bit of an aim assist.

:U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3472Q6kvg0

The number of abilities Alkaline will get is still pretty up in the air since some abilities are a lot better than others and so some will get merged together for the mature version. Also she'll get a few more if she comes out of it with a higher level.

As a rule of thumb, half a dozen abilities plus two or three spawning quirks (like having an increased number of elite slimes or slimes have a longer lifespan or Alkaline can temporarily increase her level by not spawning anything).
No. 99879 ID: 7f917c

The most important thing is that we keep her levels in adorable high.
No. 100020 ID: 41d60f
File 146452917726.png - (15.17KB , 600x600 , golem_horse.png )

Alas, alack. More or less the entire month of June is going to be a time where I'll be up to my eyeballs in work and unlikely to have internet access.

Because of that, Nanogoo is on hiatus until the start of July as of right now and I'm hoping to squeeze in a little more Dungeoneer over the next week or so.
No. 100024 ID: f6442a

I could see a popular toy line coming out of this design, for a little side income to the dungeon!
No. 100028 ID: d0f34e

Deem would think selling merchandise lacks dignity. Once again she is her own greatest obstacle!
No. 100064 ID: a075ba

Gold trumps dignity. She'll come around.
No. 100138 ID: 65f001
File 146513446585.png - (17.64KB , 500x500 , spooky_slime.png )

Well, this is it until the start of July. I'd hoped to sneak in one more Dungeoneer update but things just didn't work out.

Here is a preview. Don't worry, she just looks sinister.

I'm going to try and wrap up Dungeoneer (mahou shoujo edition) in one big update after I get back so if you want to flesh out the cunning plan there or get in any of those burning questions you have for anyone there, now's probably a good time.
No. 100146 ID: f6442a

Aufwiedersehen, Arhra!
No. 100153 ID: 398fe1

Shadow element means tentacles?

No. 100856 ID: 91ee5f

I can see it now!

Deem: "Alright, which one of you thought it was a good idea to let her read Hentai?!"
No. 101014 ID: ef6a41

Don't be absurd. Couture means tentacles. It's a well known fact that tentacle monsters have a strange fascination with clothing.
No. 101033 ID: c441c1

INB4 Hin actually brought hentai.
No. 102634 ID: 908ead

Time to try and climb back on the updoots wagon. Plan-wise I've been wanting to bring Bloom back for a while but after mulling it over I decided it was better to try and wrap up this thread of Nanogoo and/or Dungeoneer (mahou shoujos edition) first. So hopefully in a few weeks' time.
No. 103223 ID: bfbff9

What is best in life: ITQ, Chest Day, Beach Day or tarot?
No. 103225 ID: 1d4e27

To question your enemies, to see them drawn before you, and to hear the lamentations of their nanogoogirls!

(Of the four, Tarot probably has the shortest time window.)
No. 103226 ID: 6c25ef

Tarot and Chest day require the least amount of writing probably.
No. 103227 ID: 2a7417

>what is chest in life?
Hmm. Though I would say all these things are best, to pick one I would say Chest.
No. 103236 ID: 398fe1

No. 103237 ID: 595d54

No. 103265 ID: 1f8505


Beach Day!
No. 104378 ID: a107fd


You can't seriously have expected that a 'potion of sleepy and adorable with huge boobs' would enter the narrative and then leave again without it's potential applications being thoroughly researched.
No. 104392 ID: 37f049
File 147687445832.png - (13.41KB , 600x400 , alienist_colour_trials.png )

It's more I didn't expect it to come up again so soon. I tend to put in a few things just to keep Deem agitated, since she's entertaining to write when she's grumpy.

While making this update I found this old thing. These are the two colour schemes I trialled before getting the advice to try something less commonly used for gribbly tentacular aliens. I think it worked out pretty well in the end.

Also tarot is happening soon (some time this year).
No. 104398 ID: 398fe1

It occurs to me that Stargazer being orange/red means she must either come from a planet that has orange and red in the environment, or it's warning colors because she's poisonous to creatures from her planet... or looks similar to an actually-poisonous creature.
No. 104402 ID: 3663d3

i'm pretty sure she didn't come from a planet, but the depths of space. the void bewteen places.
No. 104406 ID: 3abd97

She's probably not even orange in her native spectra. We lack the lurid illumination and proper eyes to see her as she's supposed to be.
No. 104413 ID: 91ee5f

I'm kinda curious on what would happen to Chakarchelou if he accidentally drank the potion that causes swelling as a side effect?
No. 104414 ID: 71d443

Well, Deem specified it's a side effect for women. There may be no equivalent reaction at all in males.
No. 104415 ID: 91ee5f

Or the swelling takes place on a different body part for the men. Perhaps somewhere down "south", if ya know what I mean?
No. 104420 ID: 37f049

Well, you know what they say about men with big feet. They have to buy big shoes!

You've now got me tempted to have it affect lizards differently.
No. 104422 ID: 2dee8e

so once we get the dungeon firing on all cylinders and start pumping out magic enriched rare metals, deem will reconstitute her shard body right? get an adamantite skeleton, gold magic conduction circuits, (and silicone skin)
No. 104437 ID: 37f049

Current plan is for Deem to consider making a slightly better basic body after she builds a golemetry structure then offer more options after some materials are gathered. One option is definitely going to be a high maintenance, high performance model.
No. 105545 ID: 263d8e

As today (the 12th) is my birthday, I thought I'd do a special request again. So suggest away.

It will be added to my great big wobbling pile of things to be done soon (within the next 999 hours).
No. 105546 ID: 398fe1

Hin/Alkaline fusion.
No. 105547 ID: c6fca7

Gender flipped cast of a quest of your choice.
No. 105548 ID: 595d54

Deem trying to figure out how nanogoo works using golemetics.
No. 105549 ID: 1f8505


Requesting Moriko and Elena swapping outfits.
No. 105550 ID: 71d443

Happy birthday!

Requesting Alice geared up in Mad Max/Fallout-style apocalypse survival gear.
No. 105552 ID: 2169b1

Happy birthday! No requests, just saying that!

*sound of a million noisemakers*
No. 105553 ID: e136ae

Happy birthday!
No. 105555 ID: b7883c
File 147899342498.png - (8.73KB , 602x515 , NormalCake.png )


Happy Birthday!

I have procured for you one [cake].

Thanks for running some great quests.


No. 105928 ID: 3343bd

I'm kinda slow but thanks everyone!

What a delightful baked good that is in no way a deception.

I've decided to go with the quest secret santa but am terminally indecisive with who to do it for. I'm probably going to go with the three most popular choices, so vote away! Maaaaaybe five.

No. 106151 ID: 398fe1


Stop making up transparent excuses and outright lying with grins on your faces to try to push this quest down a bad path. If you want her to eat, you just tell her to eat and be honest about your motives. Arguing with other suggesters with lies and mockery is behavior befitting children. Replying with sage like that just makes it look like you want the last word, so how about you just try to fucking get the last word in here? Hmm?
No. 106152 ID: 47160d

As someone who very suddenly started reading your quests I would like to say nice job, happy birthday and I have some questions. First and foremost in my mind is questions about how strong the HP is with Bloom. For example, which version of the mythos is it based on, is Cthulhu a thing, did the Elder Things have their cities on earth and "Yil", and lastly did they have the war with all the Cthulhi and the like on earth? It's fine if you don't have answers or anything but as a massive HP Lovecraft nerd I quite enjoy seeing such a nice adaptation even if it is a relatively small part of the quest.
No. 106153 ID: 71d443

Are you thick? I have been quite clear about the desire, intent, and reasons to continue growing.
When it comes to a point when the consequences of gaining more biomass are clearly of detriment to the mission, I will advocate we stop. We have not reached that point yet.
No. 106154 ID: 3abd97

Since apparently the level of discourse here has fallen so far even obvious criticism needs to be explained to it's targets:

A central premise of the quest is the conflict over the unknown risk versus reward tradeoff of continuing to eat. Neither arguing for or against it is counter to this theme- in either case space-deem is off somewhere laughing dohohohohoho.

This is true regardless of your position pro or against. This also makes an argument on the merits of a limited opportunity laughably false.

I won't stoop to mocking someone for arguing a position I don't support. You're entitled to defend your position- that's how questing works. For arguing a position terribly with faulty premises in a stupid back and forth instead of presenting real arguments? That's fair game.

Stop complaining that people disagree with you and write a coherent argument for your position instead of bickering back and forth aimlessly.
No. 106157 ID: 5d09c2

Hello I am on my phone so I am just going to quickly say that Alice has various failure modes no matter what you do. There's downsides to eating everything in sight and there's downsides to being cautious too. Yes there's downsides to a middle path also. You might even say it's a race to accomplish her goals before she self destructs. So reasons for doing things are important.
No. 106158 ID: ba506f

I just don't want to eat the guard because of time reasons. We have heard plenty of foot traffic move through the area while we were spying on the guard and eat takes time. I just don't want to stop for a quick snack only to have a battalion of midgets show up with flame throwers or something. Rather just grab our crew and find a way out before the whole base comes down on our heads.
No. 106159 ID: 398fe1

>We have not reached that point yet.
See, this is what I'm talking about. This is clearly false, and people have said why, repeatedly, and you keep on insisting that it's true.
No. 106160 ID: 595d54

So you're saying you disagree with him?
No. 106162 ID: 398fe1

It looks like I misunderstood your post, sorry.

"disagree with him" is a pretty weird way to spell "think he's full of shit"
No. 106164 ID: 71d443

Let's see:
1) Alice is still coherent and able to control her urges,
2) Alice is still humanoid,
3) Alice's mobility is not hindered by her stature.

So yeah, we're not there yet. I disagree with the argument that the risk is too great to continue because we've barely even changed. (From our starting point of posthuman tentacle monster, that is.) The degree of change is too minor to indicate where it's going so far, other than 'taller version of our current form.' This is not a bad thing by itself. Bumping our head on a few doors is a miniscule tradeoff for more survivability.
No. 106165 ID: 91ee5f

>You might even say it's a race to accomplish her goals before she self destructs.
Self-destructs literally or figuratively? Or both?

Because if it's literal, then I'm perfectly fine with Alice being a sacrificial hero by rescuing her crew, getting them to a ship, and staying behind to self-destruct in this place like Cell from DBZ.
No. 106166 ID: 3abd97

Odds are decent either way. A literal self destruct in case the xtol say fuck it and call the base a loss, or if Alice's biology is unstable and she dies if we don't rescue enough human scientists and get out fast enough for them to stabilize her. Figurative if we're looking at her already questionable mental state, which might suffer a breakdown if it's abused long enough, or if or if she finally loses herself to her instincts.
No. 106167 ID: 398fe1

1) is only barely true right now and has gotten worse the more she eats. We're pushing it. More would be bad. How many times do people have to say this before it gets through to you? She is losing control!
2) doesn't seem likely to change but also isn't even important.
3) is likely to change if we eat much more, though really the more important thing is she's a bigger target already. She's already going to have a harder time staying behind cover.

The situation is currently okay. This does not mean it will still be okay if we eat more. That's like saying a nearly-full cup won't overflow if we dump water in it, because it's clearly not full yet. Things haven't gone wrong yet so it's fine if we keep doing dangerous things? I STILL think you're full of shit because of how obviously wrong you are. It's like you're playing a really aggressive devil's advocate while claiming not to.
No. 106172 ID: 398fe1

I'm guessing eating everything in sight will cause her to eventually eat her crewmates and decide to kill herself, even if she's strong enough to escape. Or maybe the Xotl decide to try to evacuate and blow up the station because there's an unstoppable bioweapon on the loose?
The cautious path risks getting herself killed when the xotls stop playing around and send nothing but drones at her. It also makes it harder for her to protect her crewmates against even biological threats because she's weaker personally.
The middle path probably has some of the risks of both eating a lot and eating a little. It's harder for her to retain control but she's also not as strong as she could be. Or maybe eating and then stopping causes issues with her weird stomach. Or maybe she'll have enough self control to avoid eating her crewmates but won't be able to stay near them for long so she won't be able to get much help from them.
No. 106174 ID: 71d443

1) She was hungry, is hungry, and will continue to be hungry. She's losing control whether she wants it or not, and abstaining won't change that! Eating won't, either - it just keeps her going a little while longer.
2) seems very important to Alice at least. It helps her feel human even though she clearly isn't.
3) again, acceptable tradeoff. Haven't reached that point yet so we shouldn't stop here.

It doesn't mean it won't be okay if we continue either. It's an unknown. That's the point. The risk factor isn't high enough to stop yet.
No. 106175 ID: 3abd97

I'd guess a risk of the middle path is probably that it makes it harder to optimize a combat role. You have a limited xp pool.

Poor upgrade choices on the middle path might leave you with biological disadvantages you didn't have on a cautious route. So you're too big to sneak and hide and use cover as effectively as you might have if you didn't eat as much, but you haven't eaten enough to become a strait up war-monster tank, either. Getting stuck in a clumsy / ineffective form.
No. 106176 ID: 398fe1

So... you're saying that she's not having problems stopping because she's been eating too much, but because she's simply getting hungrier over time?

That doesn't seem like it could be true. That'd mean there's no reason not to eat, and that doesn't seem like something Arhra would do.
No. 106179 ID: a107fd

We likely to find out what those failure modes actually are while we're still in a position to choose? Only one that seems to have come up so far was eating Blake.
No. 106186 ID: 3343bd

Glad you like it. I haven't gone to especial pains to settle on a specific version of the mythos. I'm more just playing around with some Lovecraftian themes like the idea there's information that may be dangerous to know, but it could be even worse to remain ignorant. There's personal information that may endanger Alice's mental stability and also the obvious 'Perhaps I shouldn't download million year old alien instruction sets into my brain'.

The Elder Things and the shoggoth are very thinly disguised though.

A big inspiration that basically gave me the setting background was Charles Stross's short story, A Colder War, which can be summarised as a cold war thriller with Great Old Ones. I apologise in advance for this website's terrible colour scheme:
No. 106188 ID: a10c82

Very nice I will have to read that when I have time. And idk Azathoth and Nyarlahoptep(haven't spelled his name in forever) are the least disguised
No. 106189 ID: 3343bd

It's already been pretty well covered in the discussion here already: Her body breaking down, mental breakdown, loss of human motives, despair, not being strong enough to overcome threats and not being able to work with the rest of her crew.
No. 106198 ID: 71d443

It's a good story! I like it. Only took about an hour to read in one shot.
No. 106913 ID: fe3a46
File 148273312042.png - (50.97KB , 450x700 , was_going_to_use_this_but_it_was_the_wrong_arm.png )

So now Dungeoneer's wrapped up a chapter the plan is to resume it early next year. I'm trying to learn to use SketchUp to give me some simple reference models for the dungeon rooms.

For now the focus is Bloom and catching up on a few various side things I've been meaning to do. Nanogoo should resume soon as well since I wanted to do about one more rotation between all the character viewpoints to wrap up the third thread.
No. 107609 ID: 3343bd
File 148405400834.png - (87.44KB , 2200x720 , slime_time.png )

Instead of any of these I doodled slimes.
No. 107616 ID: 1f8505


Most excellent.
No. 107617 ID: 2120ee

Eyebrow octopus slime is the best.
No. 107619 ID: 48294b

I like the slime-rex, and the slinger snail seems like a useful support minion.
No. 107707 ID: 4286b3

i know she's still a child and all but please don't make her curvy when she grows up. keep her flat and petite, it suits her.
No. 107710 ID: d79f26

she needs to get bigger so that budding slimes uses a relatively small amount of mass. as in, uses 10% mass to make a slime when big, but would need 50% to make an identical slime if she stays small.
No. 107751 ID: 2120ee

She could retain the same proportions and simply become a giant baby. Like mother, like daughter I say!
No. 107815 ID: 45b631

I see three age-related images just to the right-of-centre.
1 is too young for slime queen.
2 is very nice. I especially like the regal shroud and the adorbs baby slime and that she carries herself well. I could be proud of that slime-queen, although it would be fair to say that she has a youthful appearance that may not entirely suit the role.
3 does not say "slime queen" in any language that I know. The shroud seems to exist solely to make Stargazer jealous, a queen should have a far more voluminous covering. Her narrow waist seems to make no sense, I appreciate that the wide hips might maintain volume with a low centre of gravity, but then her upper body is large too, and not a particularly balanced weight distribution. If he objective is mass retention than her waist-line ought to be doubled at the least, probably nearer to tripled.

For my own tastes, I would be most respectful towards something akin to a body-form midway between 2 and 3 with the toxic shroud sensibilities entirely extracted from 2, with some additional ornamentation, maybe some armoured bands down the side of the head flowing down from a crown that protects her spawning node from the sides? I just feel that a slime should be nondescript. too many curves seems a bit silly on someone who can probably, with some effort, squish themselves down into a morbidly obese hobbit...

As for abilities... Well she can have, what, 6? maybe 8 if her luck has anything to say about it? Probably best to just prioritise them. and see what can be kept. I am thinking that it would be nice if she could make potions in her downtime. It would probably give her extra options for slime rearing and in combat it should be very effective to mix potion effects with slimeling attacks.

Gelatinous body: Probably required, and she is slime, so keep this! It makes her resistant to light damage. It encourages avoiding intense attacks one would expect from melee and magic. Ranged combat and magic resistance seem good...

Inimical Inversion. Maybe also required, but the magic resistance is very nice and it would work very well in brewing potions relatively safely and holding dangerous potions in her body without so much risk if they break. So this is definitely a keeper.

Hydro-Pump seems like brute-force. It would be nice to have a towering slime-warrior gouging a room with slime-whips while drawing her foes into her mass to be digested, but there are lots of ways to get brute-force and this seems to be a dead-end for potion-slime.

Puddle seems inferior to shadow slick. Shadow slick is vulnerable to light, but that is not an obvious counter to use against slimes and smoke bombs and blinding inks should be counters to light attacks that can be produced as potions. So Puddle falls in favour to shadow slick.

Spit shot is an awesome way to deliver potions, but potions can just be thrown. Very very nice but not necessary.

Muddy Mien sounds like fun, I love the earth-slime idea, but again, this is bruiser tech, slime queen should be nimble and mysterious. Dump this.

Gluttonous Goo is nice, but it is also the enemy... It should be counterable by just expending the extra mass before battle, for bonus slime-friends and it would help with alchemy. So I am favouring this over the thug skills, but it is low priority because nimble slime is best slime.

Toxic Shroud = able to play dress-up. This is non-negotiable. It will also become super-strong if she spends al day slaving over a pot of lethal poisons...

Shadow slick is wondrous for sneaking around and waiting for the perfect moment to launch just the right potion. She can also carry stuff, steal items if a group makes camp, pretend to be a mud hazard and then release a payload of slimes from behind... It also makes up a lot for a likely weakness from her slimelings being numerous and simple. It would likely form a crowd and she could travel underneath them where otherwise she would need to regard them as a barrier.

Slimy secretions is wonderful for dungeon support by converting simple material such as grass into emergency rations, oil, glue, and whatever else can be stimulated. It also makes great alchemy ingredients. it is very difficult to refuse this.

Stretchy slime is a great utility effect that would prevent her from being over-specialised. It would let her reach the roof to hide in a ceiling passage or something, she could form slings to launch potions, improve her armour, swing around the place on whip-arms, maybe even make a balloon of herself to act as a decoy while she hides most of her mass... This is nice.

Bad Egg... Very nice, extra reserves of slimelings, bomb effects, synergy with potions and curses... But is it needed?

Clumsy Mime: Massively versatile, but just seems too weak to justify itself at present. At best it seems like something to spam non-harmful effects at her like Moriko's ability-reading ability so she can get a single use of it... But upgraded, this could be insanely strong. Not just adding abilities from our entire pool to slime-queen but adding abilities from our enemies for our use. The research of foreign magicks, or incorporating their effects into potion production? I wouldn't keep this in its current form, but I would very much try to enhance it.

Eggs: reserves are nice in general, very good ability...

0: Gelatinous Body.(train by being adorbs)
1: Inimical Inversion.(eat curse)
2: Toxic Shroud.(Pretty little regal gowns)
3: Slimy Secretions.(eat many things with different useful properties)
4: Shadow Slick.(cute little slime in cute little bet with cute little night-terrors)
5: Stretchy Slime.(Play skipping-rope with herself as the rope)
6: Clumsy Mime if it upgrades nicely.(ability sparring?)
7: Eggs.(every day is an Easter-egg hunt!)
8: Spit Shot.(Send the minor to the mine to keep company with the miners while pretending to be a gun)
9+ Gluttonous Goo, Bad Egg, Hydro-Pump, Muddy Mien, Puddle.

Upgrade ideas: Attempt to stretch toxic shroud to combine it with stretchy slime. It would probably be slower and less fine and articulate than stretchy slime, but it would still provide increased reach and leverage which would be enough to drop stretchy slime and save a slot.
Enhance darkness to make slime ambushes.
Combine Spit shot and stretchy slime and toxic shroud to produce a 2-metre cascading funnel that spits a blob of slime that spits a blob of slime that spits a blob of slime... that spits a blob of slime that spits a smoothed pebble into a half-metre rifles toxic shroud barrel. Because we don't have enough antitank rifles...
Evolve Shadow Slick into shadow trap that can absorb a whole screaming human into the darkness...
Shadow teleportation...
Eat her own shadow slick to add temporary shadow pockets to her slimy secretions.
Use clumsy mime to mime Clumsy Mime miming Clumsy Mime...

It is difficult to choose favourites, but eyebrows and naga are both attention-grabbing.

Too long? Slime alchemists are cute!
No. 107819 ID: 91ee5f

>3 does not say "slime queen" in any language that I know. The shroud seems to exist solely to make Stargazer jealous, a queen should have a far more voluminous covering. Her narrow waist seems to make no sense, I appreciate that the wide hips might maintain volume with a low centre of gravity, but then her upper body is large too, and not a particularly balanced weight distribution.
Who cares about that?! She's still just a child! The only thing I see is that she's spending lots of time with Hin, so she's changed her shape to mimic what Hin looks like and has nothing to do with her final adult look!
No. 107830 ID: d79f26

remember that abilities she has can also be attached to her slimelings. so she can spit out 20 warrior slimes that all have hydro pump.
No. 107846 ID: 45b631

Oh my, that quote looks rather mean, I don't think any offence was intended : (
Hin as an example makes sense, and it is certainly a pretty picture. I do feel that more would be more queenly and that corsets and slime, even though the physics make sense... slimes should be free to ooze around!

Could Alkaline resist frost attacks by carrying a thermos of hot chocolate? This seems like something worthy of research...
No. 108915 ID: f488d3
File 148749556986.jpg - (171.02KB , 980x1200 , EVEN THE COLD STONE IS HELLBENT ON PREVENTING PASS.jpg )

>not running a Shadow/Earth build
No. 108918 ID: d79f26

well yeah, but we can only pick one element to start with.
No. 108919 ID: 67456a

Oh my god.

Oh my actual god.

No. 108944 ID: 9145ba

Tally of votes so far: (as of >>/quest/781208)

Earth: 16
Fire: 2
Shadow: 7
Water: 5

Earth/Shadow split vote: 2
Earth with Shadow as secondary choice: 3
Earth with Fire as secondary choice: 2

You're killing me, mud lovers!

It's not too late to vote for it, then!
No. 108947 ID: 91cfcf

It's too early, though. We get one element.
No. 108949 ID: 9145ba

We already have earth. To get shadow/earth, vote for shadow. Voting for Earth means abstaining from taking a hybrid class.
No. 108953 ID: b48ecb

I'm just going to jump in here and say I've decided to follow up with a vote on what second element will be eventually added since a hybrid dungeon is a popular idea and it'll affect decisions on how to develop some of the characters.
No. 109006 ID: dd5b4d

Just in case anyone missed it, I started the vote for the second element now.
No. 109030 ID: dd5b4d
File 148768181422.png - (29.19KB , 720x1152 , star_pose.png )

For practice I asked for a pose and a character and this ended up happening.
No. 109099 ID: 1226ae

She got Bayonetta Legs!
No. 109237 ID: 5b93d3

Magical Girl Stargazer continues to remain a best.
No. 109304 ID: 8deaa7

I'm kind of hoping that Reisarf and Stargazer's room and fight will be a lot like this guy's.

No. 109319 ID: 91ee5f

But does she have the Bayonetta dance moves nessecary to justify having those legs?
No. 109327 ID: 14f8aa

And to think that I was just shitposting when I suggested Stargazer.
No. 109912 ID: d9d492
File 148999860337.png - (184.10KB , 1450x450 , dungeoneer_heights_v2.png )

People still like charts, right?
No. 109923 ID: 1226ae

I still love em.
No. 109933 ID: 45b631

But how tall are their boss modes?

Also, feeding Alkaline some of those potions might be good. I know, I know, you want to forget that that enchantment ever existed, but if she can learn to produce a sedative and a satiation compound then I think that would be worth the price of her also gaining botox powers...
No. 109945 ID: d9d492
File 149008435654.png - (196.12KB , 1140x560 , dungeoneer_boss_heights.png )

Bosses are usually about one head taller, so they're easy to identify during forty man raids*.

Alkaline's already been fed those potions, it upgraded her gluttony ability. Using potion side effects and downsides to try and get different abilities is a great idea though, you should suggest it next time it comes up.

* Never going to happen. Too hard to draw.
No. 109967 ID: 31daba

>They're all glancing at themselves.
That's great.
No. 109973 ID: 45b631

And the bosses were drawn, and there was much rejoicing.
No. 110016 ID: d9d492

Sombermann did this and I need to share it:
No. 110019 ID: 45b631

I knew we were forgetting something! Cutest. Door. Ever!
No. 110026 ID: 31daba

When it's time for adventurers to unlock the boss room, I totally see it just grabbing the key and waddling out of the way.
No. 110513 ID: d9d492
File 149175594896.png - (38.75KB , 720x1080 , bonsai_alice.png )

Do not actually try to make this happen.
No. 110514 ID: 70983e

I wonder if her psyche would remain fully intact after she restored herself to human-sized biomass levels.
No. 110527 ID: 91ee5f

You fool! Don't tell us to not do something! That just makes us want to do it anyways!
No. 110662 ID: d9d492
File 149226009420.png - (67.17KB , 1240x600 , slime_cosplay.png )

Playing dress-up is fun.
No. 110674 ID: ba506f

I can't stop laughing at stargazer giving her the stink eye. Does she like anything besides the boy?
No. 110692 ID: d9d492

Stargazer doesn't get along with Alkaline. She's used to being kind of spooky and then Alkaline just goes and invades her personal space.
No. 110699 ID: 5b93d3

Looks like Merud's hat is feeling left out.
No. 110826 ID: b15da4

The slime bud's her hat. And her ponytail! And her comfy cap. She is not a slime of many hats.
No. 110848 ID: 094652

> Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Heir Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hare Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair There Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Their Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Mare Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Lair
Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Carebearstare-
... Are we done? Please tell me we're done with the makeover phase. Arhra please pick one soon, before someone comes up with an "Eat-At-Joe's" hairstyle.
No. 110863 ID: 2a185d

Just going to point out that you most likely inspired that one seeing as it was done about an hour after your post.
No. 110886 ID: 8f9fd0

the hair suggestions were hilarious. i mean, the timing is bad because of pacing issues, but i loved them.
No. 111174 ID: 0555b9

What kind of brewing song is that? Now this is an alchemy anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=682pneYoP0c
No. 111175 ID: 8f9fd0

oh hey, deem can move her ears. that's a first
No. 111265 ID: 45b631

Sealing designations are stronger(easier?) if they have a requirement. So Hin could offer her services as an equipment maintainer/purveyor of funky potions right now with a publically accessible smithy/shop. Just a matter of getting the designation right...
"Pay a deposit" designation has the flaw that it reduces the money they have to spend. Unless it isn't a monetary deposit. They may want to get their weapons repairs so unarmed doesn't really work, armour is also a possibility for repairs so that doesn't work. Depositing one adventurer is a no-go too, some do not have companions, and some have expendable companions.
All that's left is... clothes? They have probably really broken-in their travelling attire and would miss it more than you would expect, not to mention that they are a superstitious lot... If the customer area of the smithy were too dark to see... no, that would risk giving thieves free reign to prepare... A changing room with complimentary itchy potato-sack robes? Distract the customers from haggling too much and if they make bad customers of themselves then the dungeon is free to send their lucky underwear plummeting unto an incendiary demise?
But Deem would veto the plan once she realised that it involved nudity. And she might have to manually observe to ensure that the designation properly accepts all of their clothing and not just a single sock and they just hid everything else under the robe...

A simple oath designation could work. Can oath designations be made binding? Or is it just limited to the standard designation for performing the correct sequence of actions... Still, most adventurers won't know if the oath is binding or not, and forcing them to say that they won't knowingly damage or take anything that the merchant doesn't agree belongs to them would deter many miscreants.

What about a reverse-boss designation? The door is only accessible UNTIL Hin is defeated. If they defeat Hin then the door seals shut until Hin opens it, possibly after a couple of days to recover from revival, and loaded up with all the boss-mode augments she could ask for... But then they could just loot everything, anvil included, and kill themselves. They only drop money when they die, right? So they keep all their item-loot? including anvils that they can only barely tip into a bag and the bag is pinned to the floor but it is also slung over their shoulder so they kind of have it...

Or use a normal boss designation, creatively... When Hin is defeated, a trap-door opens above the entrance and several tonnes of rock block the only way out?

You could use the same trick with a bonus boss that you only reveal to the most annoying of invaders. First they hear the stole slab shift to reveal a new passage, then they defeat the level 1 basic slime within, then the three chests open(each contains a single copper-coin equivalent), and the only door out has three tonnes of rock pinning it closed... But this only happens to groups who call the dungeon bland, derivative, simple, slow, too-easy, over-rated, ugly, and "smells like the armpit that a fat hairy ogre tore out of itself in disgust three weeks ago and has gone ripe since"...

Or maybe Deem could just search the earth-pulse for an existing merchant designation?

If Hin hates ogres so much then she could play-up the troll-wife thing and get a whole costume and room-theme laid out for entertaining guests. It would go well with the potion mongering.
No. 111266 ID: 3abd97

The simplest designation to protect non-adventuring sectors of the dungeon is "employees only".

And I'm sure there must be standard shopkeeping designation already. I mean, you're putting an npc and a pile of loot in front of murderhobos. Of course you need consequences if they try to rob the shop and/or attack the shopkeeper.
No. 111278 ID: 91ee5f

I feel like there should be a "Pull the lever" joke somewhere in the dungeon.

Deem: "Pull the lever!"
*trapdoor opens*
Deem: "WRONG LEVEEEeeeeeerrrrrrr....."
*Deem comes back up the stairs*
Deem: "Why do we even have that lever?!
No. 111279 ID: 70983e

Items that have been with an adventurer for less time are less likely to follow them to the sky fountain. There is a chance loot from a dungeon will stay with them, but it is low. There is also a chance they will drop their own equipment... but it is low.
No. 111294 ID: 45b631

So we need potions of unequip items! Deem couldn't possibly have a problem with that, it isn't even body modification...
No. 111296 ID: 70983e

How does a potion unequip items? Does it make you too tiny to wear them?
No. 111297 ID: 45b631

That is certainly an option, or it could cover the relevant parts of your body in glistening oils and gear just slides off. Or it could turn you partially intangible so that the items and you can no longer interact. Or produce a compulsion to remove the item, either subconscious or some sort of irritation effect.

Then again it could just teleport items away, they are magic afterall...
No. 111299 ID: 83b227

Seems more like something a scroll could do, but I don't recall if the setting has that sort of thing.

Though, if I think about how the idea of spell channels work, it seems likely that you could use inks made from a variety of esoteric materials to paint a symbol that, when activated (maybe by smearing the edge of one isolated "battery" symbol into the rest of the design, or bending part of the page to connect two parts of it?) releases energy in the proper ways to cast a spell. And such a painting could be put on paper or vellum or whatever and rolled into a scroll and stored without damaging it enough to render it nonfunctional.

Then, if you're not familiar with magic, you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the design what it does, but once you knew what one design did by testing it you'd know what that design did if you found more scrolls with it, so you've "identified" the scroll. And possibly different makers could make the same spell in different ways, so when you find scrolls made by another maker (such as, in a different dungeon), you'd have to start from the beginning identifying them again?

So then you can have your fun "oh man I'm in a tough spot I hope this scroll is helpful" shenanigans.
No. 111303 ID: 91ee5f

Everyone in the main thread is talking about adding a fake secret door, but I'm thinking we should add a switch that does nothing, like this: https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=4aK3P-n1aWk !
No. 111318 ID: 45b631

The problem with all those ideas is that they are, at a fundamental level, lying. You can't really express the extent of over-thinking adventurers if they can turn around and say that it was all a trick. Instead, you should just have a hopscotch pattern in a dead-end. That way it is legitimately just a game. That way, after five hours of searching for hidden leavers, magical keys, secret compartments, code-phrases, and whatever else, they can finally reach the conclusion that they spent all this time and it really was just a game.
No. 111320 ID: 70983e

The real problem with all those ideas is that Deem was asking for room layout, not traps to go in those rooms. Those come later!
No. 111499 ID: d9d492
File 149442043055.png - (20.35KB , 800x520 , hotspring_deem.png )

I asked for things to draw and Deem relaxing in a hot spring was suggested.

Frankly, this only raises more questions.
No. 111501 ID: 3d2d5f

Look she's clearly infusing her clay with mana responsive minerals for improved mana circuits and a hot water bath is an efficient way to do so. Nothing unusual here.
No. 111502 ID: 2a7417

Is it too much for a sentient orb to ask to feel like people sometimes?
No. 111505 ID: 3ce125

Oh my, she's pink under there.
No. 111508 ID: 70983e

Are Golem Totems a repeatable structure we can build? As in, the more golem totems we build the higher our unit cap?
No. 111509 ID: 45b631

Clearly she has found a way to absorb liquid mana(which involved changing its colour) into her golem and is happily resting under her house-sized gem-self.

Which raises the question: Does her chest-orb grow to match her self-orb? It would be sort of weird if she no longer fitted into herself comfortably. But the other way, well, someday she will be a house-sized magical orb with a room-sized magical orb in her torso...
No. 111519 ID: d79f26

yeah, but it doesn't increase the number we can control at the same time, that is based entirely on how much mana deem is passively generating. so a totem can have like, 4 golems linked to them, each, but that only lets deem activate them by thinking about it, and it drops the other ones she was controlling.

also, can't wait till we start getting enough passive mana gen that the number of golems deem can control at the same time makes merud mad jelly. cause as a mere mortal controlling one so that it is a rough facsimile of a person requires his full attention, but then deem does it with like 20 of them, subconsciously.
No. 111536 ID: 45b631

I do hope that Kallia visits sometime soon. She could help explain how much of a massive innuendo a living dungeon is and how much of a harem Merud is in... with the exception of Reisarf(Who, let's face it, if he wore his hair down... and he comes with Stargazer, who is made entirely out of curves, possibly literally), and char and Belph(who qualify as equipment and mount/animal-companion who are exemptions as stated under article 3 of the harem clause of the literary code). But, alas, it is at least a week out of her time and she has her education(or accreditation at least) tp worry about.
No. 111631 ID: fa8c1a
File 149494130572.png - (18.79KB , 600x450 , zom_pwrs_activte.png )

Here's the zoomed in version of that one panel just because. The slime effect might be a little overkill but I needed it to be visible at a distance.

>Are Golem Totems a repeatable structure we can build? As in, the more golem totems we build the higher our unit cap?
Sort of. There'll be spin-off structures that do stuff.

>Which raises the question: Does her chest-orb grow to match her self-orb?
Deem's Heart does get bigger as she levels up but you'll have to wait and see how that affects the fragment. She can actually change the shape of her Heart too.

>Can't wait till we start getting enough passive mana gen that the number of golems Deem can control at the same time makes Merud mad jelly.
They're specialised in different directions. Deem is really good at having a lot of simple golems active at once and making golems on the spot while Merud focuses on pre-made ones and more autonomous ones.

>I do hope that Kallia visits sometime soon. She could help explain how much of a massive innuendo a living dungeon is and how much of a harem Merud is in... with the exception of Reisarf (Who, let's face it, if he wore his hair down... and he comes with Stargazer, who is made entirely out of curves, possibly literally), and char and Belph (who qualify as equipment and mount/animal-companion who are exemptions as stated under article 3 of the harem clause of the literary code).

Also, fun fact: Merud has the second highest Luck score in the entire quest.
No. 111633 ID: d79f26

so merud could get lucky?
No. 111634 ID: 70983e

He got hired by a living relic to witness her ancient magicks firsthand. Luck is already smiling upon him!
No. 111641 ID: 91ee5f

We never used our Crystal Lens to scan Chakarchelou, so we don't know what his stats and abilities are! I'd like to know what Chakarchelou can and can't do, before I make a decision!
No. 111642 ID: 96acb6


No. 111645 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, I didn't know that page existed! I was looking through the previous quest threads. I guess that's why I didn't find it.
No. 111647 ID: 3ce125

>The gulper has a metallic hide and is resistant to magic. Most of what passes for its organs are located in the thick base of the pot.
I have to conclude it's very resistant to fire too, since Deem was brewing potions by lighting a fire underneath it. Where its organs are.
No. 111652 ID: fa8c1a

Well, purely as a point of contrast, Deem's Luck is as low as it can possibly go.

What, you mean you don't go sit in a fire to relax after a hard day's work?

It's relatively easy to get high resistance to environmental hazards but directed attacks are harder to resist. Also Doyle is an evil pot, so yes.
No. 111672 ID: 45b631

Alkaline is on a bit of a time-limit with her abilities. A nice stock of obcsure materials would be nice. There could be a whole big, 'play with Alkaline and feed her weird stuff' day since we don't know when she was budded... We haven't even looked into her backstory, who knows what that vial of goop had been through. There could be heroes questing to put an end to The Line of The Western Slime Lords, armies seeking to reclaim The Alchemical Queen's last gift from her dying mother, stolen by rebels as a last act of defiance after their rebellion was broken. Perhaps a deity hid their power of good fortune within her to keep it from being known of, and now divine agents of a dozen factions seek her out to extract her fortune to add it to their domains. She could have been lost at sea, sent drifting through a dozen different epic tales, found with the promise of maturing her once they settled down, yet always being lost beforre their quests concluded. Or she could even have been budded by a tame colony for sale in the local market. Ahem, oops, sorry, carried away...
The alchemy kit helps, but gathering stuff would be better.
Can't gather stuff with a big bear about.
There probably won't be anymore visitors for a while, but that could change if a certain kitty makes a scene. It was only a week's round trip to the nearest pool that we know of, with cargo, so their could be a visitor fairly soon if we are unlucky and the kitty was a poor loser and made an effort to organise a vindication force.

Oooh, Alkaline should probably try to eat some bomb residue!

So, it would probably be good to go after that bear sooner rather than later. Probably just Moriko, Deem, and a few of Deem's warrior golems(because they are more expendible than Merud's because Deem is better at replacing golems than Merud is). Curses cannot spread between golems, right? It would let Deem keep an eye on the dungeon and the hunting group, and people could leave messages for her next to her heart- oh wait, nevermind... But golems should work well as a confrontation force with Moriko acting as an opportunist. Or Deem could try to rush it with golems and fuse them around it to bind it. Then it could be carried back to Deem's main body on stubby little golem leggies and then we could teach Alkaline how to perform a blood-sacrifice to her glorious dungeon overlord... Does it help if a monster gains levels before going through a time-based evolution?

Has anyone gained any attributes or levels since you last checked? Do levels have any optional components? Like ability points or skill selections or class changes/upgrades... Does Deem's golem gaining levels improve her main body? It's physical abilities probably don't carry over, but luck should so she should probably focus on that...
No. 111673 ID: d79f26

i'm gonna call levels "ability to utilize power". a wizard can memorize a million spells but at low level they can only utilize a few of them due to things like limited mana pool. deem's heart and golem are linked very hard, but also have a couple of soft bits. one of the key things is construction, deem's body is made of rock and clay. there are many materials that could greatly enhance how powerful it could be, such as having adamantite bones so slicing clean through it is basically impossible. the heart's level, meanwhile, is based around the size of the dungeon it's in as well as how much gold it has. as the tunnels expand and the gold store grows larger then the heart's passive mana collection goes up, it's already leaking a solid stream of raw mana now rather then just dripping it.
No. 111715 ID: 45b631

Perhaps Hin could build some sort of weak but radiant cursed or bright item. Trying to carry such things might train Alkaline to increase her carrying capacity and perhaps even speed while a shadow. She could also try to shadow in places of bright light, to increase her shadowiness or try to develop some alternative, like matching the surrounding colours.

Her Slimy Secretions, Bad Egg, and Spawning Quirk - Eggs all feel like different phases of the same thing. If there were some way to combine one or more of them into one it would probably be worth losing some potency in some of them.

If we can feed her loads of bones she ought to get into the stickiness field, whouch could be very effective, though doen't really fit the theme I am seeking of her as a combat alchemist slicking around hurling potions to impede enemies and zipping into other people's fights as a bonus element that gives an ally a useful potion if it isn't chased off... She would probably enjoy being "that cursed slime" that keeps antagonising the heroes throughout the whole Labyrinth. Or at least the slimy sections of it.
No. 111849 ID: 45b631

Maybe Alkaline can learn magic by manipulating pure mana! Like, put a little bit atthe end of a pseudopod and move it around according to common magical theory concerning magical flows in a basic spell. If she moves enough magic in the correct way then she should cast a spell, right?

Now that we have an alchemy set, could we distil pure mana into elemental mana? Perhaps we can just feed Alkaline some shadow magic and let her try to figure out how to use it to curse something...

Or maybe we could construct a crude magic wand and encourage Alkaline to activate it from within herself?
No. 111888 ID: 45b631

After all that worry about adventurers stealing the anvil, char did it almost instantly.
{insert stolen heart joke}
No. 112003 ID: 103a6a

>I wonder how we could take advantage of the Fixity bangle? Would it be efficient to maintain reinforcement magic with it?

Reinforcement magic is made possible by Deem's enormous mana reserves, which even when near-empty are several times a human wizard's capacity. If a Fixity bangle tried to maintain reinforcement spells using the recipient's mana after Deem's mana wore off, I fear it would drain them to a husk in short order - and this thing doesn't come off til dusk (or dawn)!
No. 112049 ID: 45b631

Do we know what happens if Deem's body is defeated in battle? Would the golem move to a resurrection chamber? Be reduced to an inanimate chunk of minerals? Is it even possible to defeat the golem without inturrupting Deems control over it or scattering its material until there is not enough left to stick make a mud0monster out of? It is quite a worry considering that some of the most fun one can have with a body is to wrestle with an exhausted hero as you defy them their chance at plundering your treasures. That would not be such a good idea if a lucky bomb can leave behind a scattered golem and an attractive gem-fragment that could be mistaken for a loot drop... Perhaps there is a way to teleport an important item or prevent it from leaving your domain? Or maybe you could drop a barrier accross your entrace and force them to abandon your shard into some sort of unlocking mechanism...
No. 112085 ID: fa8c1a
File 149633188030.png - (20.96KB , 600x600 , deemakura.png )

>Has anyone gained any attributes or levels since you last checked? Do levels have any optional components? Like ability points or skill selections or class changes/upgrades... Does Deem's golem gaining levels improve her main body? It's physical abilities probably don't carry over, but luck should so she should probably focus on that...
Generally things will get mentioned if there's been a big change or there's a choice coming up.

>Deem's heart and golem are linked very hard, but also have a couple of soft bits. One of the key things is construction, Deem's body is made of rock and clay. There are many materials that could greatly enhance how powerful it could be, such as having adamantite bones so slicing clean through it is basically impossible.
Deem's going to revise her golem body once the Golem Totem is fully operational. One of the choices to be made will be whether to keep it to common materials and an easy to maintain body, or to redline it with a high power, high maintenance option.

>The heart's level, meanwhile, is based around the size of the dungeon it's in as well as how much gold it has. as the tunnels expand and the gold store grows larger then the heart's passive mana collection goes up, it's already leaking a solid stream of raw mana now rather then just dripping it.
I think Deem already mentioned it in the thread, but she'll level up as a dungeon when she has 2000G. The bigger leak is temporary - an invasion puts Deem well above her normal mana levels so she loses more.

>Alkaline training/exposure
It's very easy for that to take over so I was going to give it a break for a little while and then present some more focused options for development like which elements and abilities to focus on.

>After all that worry about adventurers stealing the anvil, char did it almost instantly.
Dragons have to hoard!

>Reinforcement magic is made possible by Deem's enormous mana reserves, which even when near-empty are several times a human wizard's capacity. If a Fixity bangle tried to maintain reinforcement spells using the recipient's mana after Deem's mana wore off, I fear it would drain them to a husk in short order - and this thing doesn't come off til dusk (or dawn)!
Maintaining things is cheaper than the initial cast but yes, Deem's boss-grade reinforcement magic is so good partially because she dumps an entire wizard's worth of magicalness on a person all at once.

>Do we know what happens if Deem's body is defeated in battle?
It hasn't come up yet but she's tweaked the Resurrection Matrix to pull her golem body to it if she 'dies'. She then has to manually repair and reanimate it though, because healing magic doesn't work on her.

She can't currently use one of the Revival Fountains though, even if she had a talisman for it.

>That would not be such a good idea if a lucky bomb can leave behind a scattered golem and an attractive gem-fragment that could be mistaken for a loot drop... Perhaps there is a way to teleport an important item or prevent it from leaving your domain? Or maybe you could drop a barrier across your entrance and force them to abandon your shard into some sort of unlocking mechanism...
Someone trying to rip her heart fragment out is potential grounds for panic, yes.

Last of all I ended up throwing money at the Morbit Mutation Drive which wraps up this Saturday (bloop: http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/post/159961476886/spring-2017-morbit-mutation-drive ) because Ringor and Roman, who run Tiny Cat People (blorp: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Tiny_Cat_People ) are pretty cool people who need help and also because horrible mutants are neat. Anyway, it turns out I get a bonus thing of any character I like doing the horrible mutation thing. I was thinking of asking for Alice or Stargazer because they're already pretty much there, or perhaps making up a new original character (do not steal) for it, but I was curious if there's anything people would be interested in seeing.
No. 112087 ID: be0718

I wholeheartedly second Alice because oh that poor girl just can't get a break
No. 112088 ID: dd4df2


Alice would be the most natural, no?
No. 112089 ID: a363ac

this picture once again raises the question of merchandising!
since we have no fluffy things instead we might try commissioning a painting of Slime princess then filling the pillow with slime milk for an authentic experience then selling at a 500% mark-up to the perverts who like slime that way, and if they ever need a refill do it at 1/3 price of the original product.
No. 112093 ID: c88e6d

Deem's leaking mana reminds me of my internal bleeding. I had anemia for years and then suddenly had massive internal bleeding at college. Turns out that whenever my blood thickened, an artery would break loose from the inside of my stomach and vent blood cataclysmically.

I'm going to suggest that we solve this problem how the doctors treated mine: Build an enormous bowl and tilt the heart facing upward over it, then channel the raw mana through a pipe back into the heart.

We should try and fix that more properly after we level up. Cauterization worked perfectly for me, something with glass and molten salt should work for Deem!
No. 112094 ID: be0718

> Rock-fall traps don't reset themselves, umm, do they?

They would if they were golems!
No. 112095 ID: 45b631

The problem is that blood tends to be pretty consistent. Mana tends to have very different concentrations. The air has pretty sparse mana, wizards have very dense mana, and Deem is off the charts. Deems systems for attaining mana are very specific and it isn't possible to just stick the mana back in unless it is stupidly dense, you would probably need to find some way to stabilise liquid mana so that it would remain a liquid even after crossing well into the threshold of 'solid' concentrations. not that mana can probably be a solid, I suspect that it needs to flow to be magical, and inert mana isn't really mana anymore, but at the densities that Deem would ideally work with mana would probably be unusable if it wasn't mobilised through something similar to Deem's magical structure. Ome rather suspects that a large part of Deem's composition is mana that has actually become so dense that it went inert, it would explain much of how unique her material is.
Long story short, the mana can't be put back into Deem. Well not without something obscure like feeding it to Star and then using magical transferrence on Deem's personal golem which then passes it along to Deem's heart. What might work is keeping the mana inside Deem, but essentially making artificial arteries to connect Deem's broken ones, thus keeping the mana in Deem's 'system'. This is rather difficult as Deem is very complex and her mana is extremely dense for inferior materials to contain.

My personal approach would be to perform an extremely detailed(Some of the connections are to Deem's shard and definitely should not be messed with, lest Deem risk losing the shard permanently.) examination of Deem's injury and cover it with a very precisely-made(Those gem-cutting tools might be might useful than first thought) prosthetic shard that is a combination of the best materials that we can get and a modified version of the apprentice's medallion that would serve to repel mana from the injury, hopefully dropping it to levels that the prosthetic can manage without exploding...
No. 112128 ID: 45b631

That hero invasion with the cat had a severe shortage of spectating. There is a great need for snacks, seating, and most importantly of all, a viewing device. Now, a full-blown scrying device is probably a lot of effort for little gain, I mean, noowhere else is half as interestng as your dungeon so why bother looking there... Still, there is probably a shortcut that could tap into your own vision. Maybe chanelling your perception through a crystal ball at the base of your pedestal? But that would probably make you feel nauseous or something... Perhaps you could use your shard? If it could be temporarily inserted into a different housing you could probably function as a magic-mirror?
No. 112538 ID: 45b631

How does Moriko feel about replacing or modifying her hammer? I am certain that Deem could do... "amazing" things with Moriko's hammer if only Moriko wanted it...
No. 113088 ID: b27cac
File 149900413224.png - (37.73KB , 592x634 , chak_forge.png )

Well I wanted to get a little more done before it happened but my disorganisation is powerful and now I'm off on holiday to the centre part of the continent.

Dungeoneer and Questroid definitely won't be updating for a week or so.
No. 113089 ID: c88e6d

No problem matey. We'll just argue about space-moths and how many Space Pirates have actually seen Ridley's junk.
No. 113142 ID: 2120ee

Have fun, don't die of exposure in the inhospitable wastelands of the interior.
No. 113148 ID: be0718

Will you still Chak in with us every once in a while?
No. 113523 ID: d36af7

How much of Nausicaa's cosmology has been copied over? The toxic jungle could have some serious implications about deep history.
No. 113568 ID: b27cac
File 150020415022.png - (118.21KB , 1062x596 , convergence.png )

I threw this together to give people an idea of the shift in relative sizes in Questroid. It's not 100% accurate since it's just a quick edit but you get the idea.

>We should try and fix that more properly after we level up. Cauterization worked perfectly for me, something with glass and molten salt should work for Deem!
The problem with trying cauterisation is Deem's Heart is pretty much indestructible while it's got mana in it.

The fact something could knock a chunk out of her is deeply concerning.

>Mana tends to have very different concentrations. The air has pretty sparse mana, wizards have very dense mana, and Deem is off the charts.
Raw mana is weird and not directly useful a lot of the time because mana's usually more of an abstraction. Potential energy. Raw mana existing means someone's haemorrhaged so much of that energy that it's been forced to take on a physical form. Most things can't easily reabsorb it.

>Now, a full-blown scrying device is probably a lot of effort for little gain, I mean, noowhere else is half as interestng as your dungeon so why bother looking there...
Remote vision and long distance communication is something difficult to achieve in Dungeoneer. We only have it in the modern day because of our vast infrastructure, and it's easy to forget how hard it really is.

>How much of Nausicaa's cosmology has been copied over? The toxic jungle could have some serious implications about deep history.
Something bad happened on the southern continent about ten thousand years ago and created a rapidly spreading poison fungus jungle. It was stopped by the sea to the north and the mountains to the east and south but spread westwards while people frantically tried to burn it for eight hundred years until it crawled to a stop.

You gotta keep pruning your ancient civilisations or people start asking pointed questions about medieval stasis.
No. 113569 ID: 6d1052

For comparison can we also get images for the Ignole's shrunken form?
No. 113571 ID: d79f26

to whoever draw the combine suggestion in questroid, it was super cute.
No. 113575 ID: be0718

Dammit, that's what I was afraid would happen with Pressure Cooking the Ignole. Well, maybe Project Garden will pick up the slack and keep going.
No. 113596 ID: 3ce125

>while it's got mana in it.
Well that just means she got all her mana depleted before someone broke her.

What's this about Nausicaa?
>poison fungus jungle
Can we import some of that into the dungeon?
No. 113622 ID: d79f26

the problem is if a heart is COMPLETELY empty it dies. you try being alive without any blood.
No. 113629 ID: b27cac
File 150029901161.png - (108.25KB , 871x507 , sizes_2.png )

It's only a tiny difference but there you go.

>>poison fungus jungle
>Can we import some of that into the dungeon?
Well an overgrown dungeon certainly fits into an Earth theme.
No. 113638 ID: ba506f

wow didn't think their second form shrunk that much. I mean it looks like they're going from a almost 8 ft tall to 3 1/2 ft
No. 113888 ID: d36af7

If Project Garden eats the damcon team, Questroid will have effectively turned into a reboot of Bloom, but with us playing the fishlizards. Could be fun.

>until it crawled to a stop
So it's not going to inevitably keep spreading and crystallizing and crumbling away, leaving behind a pristine environment devoid of some chemical modern humanoids need to live?
No. 114266 ID: c88e6d

Prolly not. Unless Deem takes over.
No. 114312 ID: 3ae3fd

Okay, so remote-proxy magic is difficult. But, on the other hand, Deem is a crystal sphere, that can sit in a cave outside of town while her golem runs around the shopping district, and both components of Deem are aware of the other... So maybe Deem can act as a conduit for scrying? Deem does represent a significant amount of intralabyrinth infrastructure that wouldn't exist if she were merely some random heartless cave...

It seems that Deem is, in a very real sense, her consciousness observing her dungeon's interior. And is also her various rooms and much of the equipment in said rooms. They even complete her magical conduits. So her magic flows through her whole dungeon like a hunam's magic flows through their body. Given how amazing she is, it doesn't seem so far-fetched that she might be able to detour some of her sensory input through a room furnishing. A scrying pool would be nice, flat surface, significant room emplacement... but it is water, so no. Crystal balls are earth, but the light refraction is all sorts of awkward, I rather suspect it is more of a focal-point for meditation and and visions are more of a dream than actually looking at something. Maybe a crystal wall? A nice polished tele-vision crystal embedded into a wall near to Deem's heart that project's her labyrinth-vision as it passes from her extremities into her core.

I understand that there are likely no established rooms for such purpose, and letting denizens look directly upon what one is seeing is likely invasive and creepy, but
is the theory plausible?
Can new room furnishings be researched?
Surely there would be value in letting a boss view an invader's progress directly, or permitting defeated denizens observe the skills by which they were defeated...
No. 115849 ID: 72a4bf

Alright, with Dungeoneer's third thread ending on the obligatory cliff-hanger, I'm going to switch focus now and concentrate on wrapping up the current thread of Questroid and then possibly tying up some loose ends in Bloom or Nanogoo.

I'm not sorry.
No. 115850 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm not sorry.
You shouldn't be! That was a good cliffhanger!
No. 115854 ID: 3ce125

I can't wait to meet our new spooky monster resident. Well, I have to wait anyway I guess.
No. 115858 ID: 2fe26a

I recognize that Hin, it's almost the same as the Giant Hin demonstration! And if that worm is actual size, we're in trouble. Is the bit inside her just the 3-dimensional extrusion of a 4-dimensional eldritch sandworm?

...I want to try taming it anyways.
No. 117117 ID: 0c84a3

Is questroid dead?
No. 117122 ID: c88e6d

Don't be silly. The next update is coming, Vector Art is just very complicated and takes a long time.
No. 117130 ID: 2120ee

Arhra defines all the art via math equations from scratch, you know.
No. 117132 ID: 6beb8c

No. 118231 ID: 33cbe7

Dear guy roleplaying as Mordin Solus in Questroid: It is spelled. Volviti. You have gotten it correct before. You are driving me crazy.
No. 118408 ID: 2efb36
File 151225066925.png - (25.78KB , 560x900 , magical_girl_stargazer_chan_deluxe_turbo.png )

Whee, it's good to be finally wrapping up Dungeoneer (mahou shoujo edition). I actually rewrote this update several times while the thread was sitting in the graveyard and finally got one I was happy with.

At one point I was going to redo Stargazer and Moriko's outfits because of that 'Everyone is Deem' effect but I also wanted to change Stargazer's outfit when she drank the raw mana plus the designs were giving me trouble.

So anyway, here is Stargazer's new look actually all on-screen at once.

This isn't even her final form!

(It actually is though)
No. 118409 ID: 33cbe7

>I wonder how this is going to translate to Reisarf when she comes off him.
I think he's riding safe and snug inside her spinal cord right now, like an EVA unit.
I wonder if the spell of Mass Inchening is permanent. Heaven knows the poor kid could use it.
No. 118410 ID: 33cbe7

So where does she sit on the only-partially-a-gag height chart with Gigadeem?
No. 118412 ID: 2efb36
File 151225356261.png - (49.24KB , 750x750 , mahou_shoujo_dungeoneer_heights.png )

I can't remember where I actually posted that so here you go. Official mahou shoujo heights.

I'm sure everything will work out for the best.
No. 118422 ID: b5fb67


Super rad.
No. 118435 ID: d36af7

So, giga-Stargazer is 74 feet tall and giga-Deem is 80 feet not counting the horns. In GURPS terms that puts them both almost exactly in the middle of the range for Size Modifier +7, meaning giga-Stargazer's eye is the same size target as regular stargazer's leg, which... looks about right, yeah. Linear scaling means Strength and HP would be in the neighborhood of 125, although Deem (being a golem and thus not having internal organs so much) would have twice that HP. Mass would be around 2000 times normal, with the (dubious) assumption that magical rescaling somehow kept density constant. Lifting capacity would be 156 times normal, IF this followed a sensible square-cube law, which it's obviously not doing because they've maintained the same proportions but aren't collapsing under their own weight, so let's figure Lifting ST magically increases by exactly enough to keep Basic Lift scaled to mass. That'd mean adding 322 points of Lifting ST, for a total of 447. Maybe round up to 450 to make the math easier. Basic lift of twenty-and-a-quarter tons, instead of twenty pounds for a ST 10 human. This is fairly consistent with the GURPS Spaceships rules, which figure ST 500 for SM+7. and consider that the largest feasible size category for legged vehicles.
No. 118437 ID: 2120ee

I'm not sure Stargazer has proper organs either.
No. 118438 ID: 0d1514

tiddies are organs
No. 118439 ID: 3abd97

Reisarf is an organ!
No. 118440 ID: 0d1514

Reisarf is not an organ
No. 118442 ID: 2120ee

He's got one though. Wonder how big it is right now.
No. 118448 ID: d36af7

Stargazer might not have internal weak points equivalent to vital organs, but she's got skin and flesh and something like blood. Being stabbed seems like it would be more of a problem for her than it would for a zombie or robot of comparable mass. So, I figure she's hasn't got the Injury Tolerance (Unliving) advantage. Having a distinct eye rules out Injury Tolerance (Homogenous) or (Diffuse).
No. 118449 ID: 2efb36

I felt the current situation's got a lot of moving parts, so the mini-update was mainly to give a quick reference of it all and see what crazy plans people assemble out of the pieces they've got to work with.

(And also to make my job easier)
No. 118541 ID: 38a905
File 151263231745.png - (82.89KB , 2100x1350 , monster_brainstorm.png )

I did this quite a while back as a bit of a brainstorming exercise and just realised I'd never posted it here.

A few might even end up making it into Dungeoneer. I'm curious what sorts of critter people are interested in getting as dungeon beasties.
No. 118542 ID: 33cbe7

Hmm, with the earth and shadow themes we've chosen, what about some naturally occurring golemetric constructs? Stalagmite anemones, geometrically shaped golems, maybe a creepy stone mannequin that mimics the human gait poorly - a living statue?
No. 118543 ID: 3ce125

Boulder Slime seems a shoo-in. The Whallop Weed is amusing as hell, I'd love to see that. Heh, put one in a potted plant with wheels and give it some pickaxes.
No. 118548 ID: ba506f

you know with the screaming puff balls? A mean trick with them would be to set a trap that when stepped on opens a small alcove full of those little shits so when the trap activates the alcove is swung open and then the puff balls start screaming and scare the crap out of whoever stepped on the trap. Add a few more similar traps so they think it's just a jump scare trap and then after awhile have it that when they step on the puff ball trap it's a distraction from a real booby trap.

Or when we finally start playing to our shadow theme we picked we could just place a few of these guys in the background so whenever someone is walking through a dark hallway or room if they're quiet they'll just hear distant screaming.
No. 118549 ID: 1e7aa8

#2, #6 and #9 sound absolutely hilarious before and potentially after taming.
No. 118550 ID: 2fe26a

If we took the Boulder out of the Boulder Slime, we'd have a powerful gripping arm that could slam adventurers against the floor and the ceilings and the walls.
...What if we gave him a gun instead?
No. 118562 ID: b9b4da

Finding a balance between populating our dungeon and killing these beasts ourselves for potion ingredients/population control should be interesting.
No. 118593 ID: 3abd97

>Boulder Slime
Put a bunch of them in a room or along a path, and set them going to the bohemian rhapsody headbanging, get a musical timing puzzle dodging them.

Add a sealing designation that makes something bad happen if the adventurers try to solve the puzzle by killing their way through.
No. 118602 ID: 33cbe7

Bohemian rhapsody? Nah. Let the bodies hit the...

No. 118610 ID: 2120ee

No. 118611 ID: 3ae3fd

That silhouette does not look like Deem. So it is actually human-sized? Instead of tiny?

Boulder slimes seem like fun in themed challenges, but bad in general. They are too dangerous for ambush enemies as nobody enjoys just being smooshed out of nowhere, but in an actual battle their neck/arm thing is too exposed and they don't look as tough they are much good at attacking to their sides. Maybe they could act as a guardian for something else? Like a spitting slime keeps an opponent from just walking up to the boulder slime from a blind angle, while the boulder stops them just walking up to the spitting slime and stepping on it...

Cyclops Ladybug looks like it'd have difficulty engaging, but still sounds like loads of fun. \A great trick would be to get them to sneak onto people's shoes, and then set their pants on fire if they disparaged the dungeon. All in all, there are few things as entertaining as a beetle with a flamethrower, provided that your house is not flammable...

The puffballs could disrupt coordination. It could turn a standard "form a line and dispatch the slow-moving horde as they enter range" Into a proper shell-shocking experience as you try to hold a defensive formation and execute controlled, methodical attacks while you can't hear yourself think. Throw in a fake deer, giant and floating around, bumping into things at a modest speed but with a fair bit of momentum that just keeps coming back and bumping you no matter how many times you push it away... It could turn a battle against, say, 30 of the most soft-bodied, slow-moving, uncoordinated-flailing zombies of all time into something that would fill the nightmares of veteran teams of dungeon-delvers.

And because the reaper-bird is getting no love... It is worth mentioning that a chicken bigger than you is a prospect that should evoke terror beyond all reason. granted, a chicken that size wouldn't work, an ant that size wouldn't be able to lift 50times its own weight, but an actual fully-functional chicken at that scale would be good reason to call in the army, and then you'd just have another emu war, except against omnivores... That said, I don't really see how the reaper-bird can eat with such a thin neck and small body to its beak. Maybe it crushes stuff in its beak and drinks the juice?
No. 118614 ID: dab122
File 151281618419.png - (24.70KB , 750x850 , moriko_final_form.png )

Here's the scrapped design for 'Everyone is Deem' magical girl Moriko.

People might be also interested to know for the finale I drew up a list based on the main themes in the unused suggestions. That then got rolled on three times for the random magic.

The other possibilities were getting launched upwards, frost/calming, everyone getting hungry, and summoning Alkaline.
No. 118716 ID: 12b116
File 151305476029.jpg - (404.40KB , 1227x1080 , deems hat.jpg )

Deem needs a new hat
No. 118722 ID: dab122

It really suits Deem's style and is perfect in every way. Thank you.
No. 118801 ID: 12b116
File 151321376978.png - (114.92KB , 958x747 , alkahin copy.png )

>turning Hin into a slime
Nobody thinks this is actually a good idea right?
No. 118829 ID: 2fe26a

It's not a good idea.
It's a great idea.
No. 118830 ID: 3ae3fd

That is the best idea! She can metamorphose into a magma slime and forge things inside her body! And then she can call all the items she forges her babies! And it would finally put to rest all the concerns she had that Deem only hired her for her body!
No. 118980 ID: dab122

I had hoped to sprint to the golem upgrade part in Dungeoneer before I headed off on holiday but that's taken a little longer than expected.

Quest updates are going to be sporadic between now and New Year's
No. 119294 ID: 33cbe7

I think we simply don't have the food supplies to make Gluttonous Ogre viable. Besides, what if her metabolism isn't adjusted to compensate? Or worse, what if it is and she can't take in enough food?
No. 119312 ID: b5fb67


No food supplies? Pish posh! We hunt! We find meat! We shove it into Hin's face when she gets injured! Stubbed toe? Meat! Hangnail? MEAT! Cover that papercut with MEEEEEEAAAAATTTTT!
No. 119316 ID: 1e7aa8

I'm sure that food will stop being an issue altogether soon. We just need to track down and destroy a certain pesky bear... For the glory of deem!
No. 119331 ID: 3ae3fd

Hopefully there will be a farm soon. But food is an ongoing expense and, while she is certainly worth it, if Hin replaces 5 monsters instead of one then that is four monsters that Deem can't have.

We also know perilously little about this gluttony and healing. A balanced diet is important, and whilst negating sleep-deprivation will likely consume extreme amounts of energy, there could be a problem with other elements. For example, it seems almost certain that severe alcohol poisoning will be a recurring problem for her if she has access to it. Most people cannot drink 10 litres of vodka, but if they did they would definitely die. Deem would likely need to produce some sort of especially harmless food to prevent Hin from suffering from obesity or heavy-metal poisoning or chemical imbalances from animal hormones or whatever...

That is, unless the healing is extremely good. Given its vagueness it probably is. It just seems to make her more healthy regardless of cause. This leads me to suspect that it would cure degeneration from aging. Immortal tradesmen are extremely desirable even if they do pressure your food supply...

Do slimes continue to age past maturity?

Could Moriko's connection to the Earth-Pulse be used to migrate her mana-channels into some sort of golem? Or maybe Demons don't age past maturity if that side of her could be expressed?

Reisarf seems much taller, possibly older too? Almost as though there was some magical-warrior coming-of-age template that required one to be
of a specific age? If the effect targeted a specific level of physical maturity rather than just an increase, then Reisarf might now be locked at that age. And who knows what will happen with alienists...

Char is draconic... Belph is...?

Back to Hin though. She has a mentality to exploit gluttonous to an extreme degree if it negates sleeping. The mental and scoial effects of prolonged isolation by focusing entirely upon her work could be very unhealthy. Not to mention incoherent sleeping patterns and strange physical development from a lack of diversity in physical activities... Deem will probably need to force Hin to Eat, Sleep, and exercise with the rest of the head-staff on a daily basis.

As for the horns. It is likely that she will have to work with Ivory, monsters are known for horns afterall, and berserk vikings with horned helmets are better than historical accuracy, not to mention that she might have subordinate smiths with prominent horns. There is even a chance that we could find some sort of thin headband that enhances smithing but doesn't work in the presence of other headware, which would definitely be a problem... Deem doesn't need to "fix" Hin's horn issues, but really ought to find out if there will be constraints on recruitment or equipment...
No. 119387 ID: 5b93d3

No. 119389 ID: 7fad5d

No. 119392 ID: 3ae3fd

I suspect that it was an aware attempt at pun-stacking. +1 vitreous, because puns are more important than historical accuracy!
No. 119396 ID: 094652

Question: Did you plan Reisarf or someone else to switch a very important flag on their character sheet from the very beginning, or did you change his sex for an actual recent reason?
No. 119397 ID: dab122

I wasn't sure how much of that was directed at me but yes slimes do age and Gluttonous Ogre doesn't affect Hin's aging. As you'd expect, an ability that encourages her to overindulge has a risk of making her less fit. The health boost is similar to the concept of temporary hit-points in games that do that.

Demons are long lived and attempts to transfer oneself into a golem are one attempt at immortality.

There was no planning for Reisarf's current circumstances. I just wanted to have plenty of fallout after revealing that the magical girl thread had happened in some shape or form. There was speculation on there being some side effects on Reisarf so I added it to the random rolls I did at the end. Just like the hole in space may be related to the final teleport.
No. 119418 ID: 09e13b

When the option WitchQueen is described as building skills, does that mean abilities? Or does it mean actual knowledge of how to do things, per the usual meaning of the word?
No. 119424 ID: 70c857

A little from column A, a little from column B. But yes mainly focusing on getting tricksy abilities.

I wonder if I should have made it more obvious but Witch Queen has the least investment in working with her slimes. The other two both involve looking after and raising them. Witch Queen is more about trying to get a bunch of strong skills and hoping they get passed on.
No. 119445 ID: 3ae3fd

If one can wear masonry, wood-panelling, and even wall-paper, and look good in it, then T-shirts/jumpers are unnecessary and just making the attempt to diversify into such should be commended.

That said, Deem IS sort of naked right now. I hope she can manage some nice tiles or something. Or maybe engravings directly on the naked stone if she is feeling risqué? I dread to think what Kallia would contribute if she were asked to help, but I bet those tentacles of hers would be useful for quickly outlining some murals...
No. 119501 ID: 09e13b

A few thoughts for long-mid term development in Dungeoneer Quest:

- We still need some sort of high damage or incapacitation ability for the Shadow Slick ambush slimes, so that they can take advantage of the first surprise hit. Acid, poison, or curses seem like good options.

- If they have all three Slimy Secretions, the ranged slimes are probably the best candidates for planting stuff in, since they’ll have Nourishing Goo. A bomb flower in each would be good synergy if they had spit shot.

- I know we can build specialized farm rooms, but do they still need sunlight to grow things? If so, getting to the tiny hidden valley should be a top construction priority, since we’re already trying to raise bomb flowers, and who knows what other plant we’ll find later. It would also be a new type to terrain for a boss fight.

- The underwater hole randomly dug in the thaumatorium could be the beginning of an excellent secret area, which would fit well with the planned shadow theme. Ideally it would only be visible from underwater.

- The potion of digestion mentioned way back when would have a decent chance of giving Alkaline an acid-based ability, as well as letting her eat things tough enough to hold an edge (broken glass, razors, etc.) which could lean to some interesting abilities as well.

- Is it possible for slimes to form sharp edges at all, or are they just to squishy in general?
No. 119502 ID: 1ee83a

I'll just quickly say that farms will definitely work better outside, at first at least. Except for mushrooms which prefer dark places.

Second, getting slime to hold an edge is definitely tricky. You'd want to start by finding ways to temporarily harden and solidify it.
No. 119504 ID: 09e13b

>finding ways to temporarily harden and solidify it.
I… hmm. Reisarf has magic that can freeze things, right? Does freezing actually hurt slimes? They seem pretty hard to kill.

Beyond that, the only thing I can think of is feeding her a bunch of corn starch. A non-newtonian slime might be interesting.

>farms will definitely work better outside
So we definitely want to expand to that little valley. Even if it’s not big enough to grow much, we can put a big mirror there to redirect light to other parts of the dungeon (and blind adventurers.)

(Or we could grow them outside. But if we’re growing bomb flowers, planting them right where adventures can see seems like a bad plan.)
No. 119506 ID: d36af7

>- We still need some sort of high damage or incapacitation ability for the Shadow Slick ambush slimes, so that they can take advantage of the first surprise hit. Acid, poison, or curses seem like good options.
My thinking was to build on Shadow Slick itself for that, thereby minimizing the power that needs to be passed on to the ambushers for them to be effective. It already provides effectively space-warping 'depth,' so simply upgrade that into more of an entangle/capture. Maximum disruption to an adventuring party's tactical plan for minimal effort, since an enclosure can deal with armor or other passive defenses by literally going around rather than through.

It could also be a setup for "rescue the victim of a sacrificial ritual before it's too late" scenes during the climactic boss fight. Magical drama => earth-pulse excitation => mana spike => dungeon upgrades in minutes instead of weeks.
No. 119507 ID: 3abd97

>I'll just quickly say that farms will definitely work better outside, at first at least.
I figure as the dungeon gets bigger, we can expand to connect to to a hidden valley or something similar. A place in the mountains accessible from the dungeon, but not easily by overland travel. This kind of thing provides a safe outdoor area for things like recreation or gardens for our allies.

Should be part of the 'backstage' areas of the dungeon, like our minion's living spaces. Areas adventurers aren't supposed to be allowed into and protected by sealing designations (although we currently aren't big enough to have partitioned off safe spaces yet).
No. 119509 ID: 09e13b

I don’t know… Alkaline moves slowly once she’s got something mired, so they’d be easy to hit. Also, a slime that’s containing an adventurer is one that’s out of commission for the rest of the raid, whereas one that’s killed and adventurer can attack again.

We already have a hidden valley, we just need to widen the passage to access it. You’re right about us being too small to seal off large areas, though. Maybe it could be another boss encounter for now, and get sealed off later after we add more rooms?

It would be interesting terrain, at lease assuming we can prevent whatever’s grown there from being torn up in the fighting. Will the resurrection matrix handle plants? We’d still have to re-plant them…
No. 119511 ID: 33cbe7

We already partitioned off the resurrection matrix/sleeping quarters, currently we're using the access to the hidden valley as a chimney so that area will probably wait until our next Delve.
No. 119512 ID: 3ae3fd

It seems likely that the crevice leads to an outdoor area that isn't accessible by any path that we know of. And as it would be external, it would hopefully not be part of the limited private areas, so could be expanded without pressuring Deem. Unfortunately, by the same token, Deem would be unable to protect it aside from preventing access through herself. Anyone who could climb the mountain, pass through the walls, or fly would have access... Although a "staff only" door would stop them getting into Deem from the hidden valley, unless...
Does external access affect door designations? Would a staff-only designated door that blocks an external farming area be like trying to block off the whole dungeon? Because from the perspective of the farming area it would do exactly that... It may be impossible to completely prevent access from any external access to any other external access as doing so would mean blocking at least half of Deem to one or more of the possible entrances that challengers could appear from. That would put any external farm at risk from intruders from any direction, and open Deem up to being used as a shortcut by explorers who want an easy way to go deeper into the mountains and have no direct interest in The Labyrinth Game...

>a slime that’s containing an adventurer is one that’s out of commission for the rest of the raid, whereas one that’s killed and adventurer can attack again.
I doubt that assassin slimes are a good idea. Catching someone's legs in a Shadow Slick forces them to direct their attention to their feet, which weakens their combat ability even if it is only briefly, and it will keep them from running or dodging for a time, it is a good trick. A slime outright killing someone before they can respond effectively seems doubtful considering the potency of slimes. Are we allowed to reference Challenge Rating here? Expecting slimes to kill foes outright in seconds seems way too ambitious. The potency of acid would be too high, especially considering that it is very much a surface attack, and thus terrible at lethality. Poisons take too long to work if you want to remove combatants from a given combat. Combining acid with itching and pain agents might achieve the result to some extent, but again it is very much not lethal. Ultimately, their nature of affecting surfaces rather than penetrating into vital organs results in an extremely non-lethal foe.

There is another concern that is rather more difficult to avoid. The topic is assassins in general being unrewarding. The Labyrinth Game is about challenge and reward, struggle and triumph, Alighting the Earth-Pulse with the glorious meeting of two mighty warriors, trading skill, might, and cunning until both have done all that they are able and only the most worthy stands triumphant! A Poisoned knife without warning followed by a lonely wait for death against a foe who abandoned the battlefield...

Assassination is about utterly degrading your foe. Study them until there is no mystery remaining, and look upon their life not as a person but as a predictable thing that follows obvious impulses and repetitive habits.
Deny their death a legacy. Leave no witnesses, leave no evidence, let none know why or how, ideally let it seem that no foul play occurred. Make it look like suicide, or a random mugging, or "natural" causes...
Deny them a battle. The greatest warrior should die with their sword sheathed. The greatest general should die without alerting a guard, the greatest statesman should die without uttering a word... No matter how great the target may be, in no matter how many fields, the assassin's task is to find one weakness that strikes meaningless all the target's value.

Deem should well consider assassins. Not all intruders can be trusted and she must think of her and her denizens' safety, but I just cannot see the ideal of "kill them quickly then move on to the next" as being aligned with Deem's hopes. If one "assassin" slime drops to their feet, then another drops on their head, then they are pressed to the limit of awareness and mobility, but can still struggle. If they forget the battle and fight only for their breath, then they will be prone to all other threats. If they fail to maintain their balance they fall and can be swarmed. If they expend their greatest feats to free themselves then they will quickly tire and succumb. If they ignore the threat then it will slowly devour them and deprive them of their life's breath. In time they shall fall. It is a lethal trap, but it is one that leaves open the chance for heroic feats of strength, tragic tales of of sacrifice, courageous defiance of fate!

Deem wants battles. Battles that she wins ideally, no sense letting them just take her heart's hoard, but battles nonetheless, not executions. Or at least that is my understanding...

And now I have forgotten if I had something to say...
No. 119517 ID: 09e13b


Good point, but:
>Next, have one of Alkaline's advanced slime varieties be an ambusher. That fits well with the Shadow side of the dungeon I'm planning. Easy enough to accommodate: pass on Alkaline's Shadow Slick for concealment and ensure they have something else to improve their deadliness.

That’s part of Deem’s current plan for the advanced slime species. I suppose that ‘ambush slime’ doesn’t necessarily need to mean ‘assassin,’ but if you’re relying on the element of surprise, you need something nasty and fast to do to your enemy before they can react in order to take advantage.

Now, that first strike could be an incapacitating or immobilizing attack, but that runs into issues if you try to use it again a team rather than a single individual. If an ambush slime mires/entangles/constricts one adventurer, it’s also rendering itself a sitting duck for that adventurer’s teammates.

One way to get around this weakness would be to make these slimes large enough to mire entire teams at once. However, that would interfere with their capacity for stealth, unless they could stretch and constrict to a large degree.

Additionally, using the element of surprise to do damage doesn’t necessarily mean taking out an adventurer in one hit. An ambush slime could get one good hit in with the element of surprise and then flee using its superior mobility and stealth. After a few rounds of this they’d be hampered as much by the paranoid need to check every shadow as by the actual damage. These sorts of hit and run tactics would also pair well with poisons an curses, which could be applied quickly and then take effect once the slime has slipped away.
No. 119520 ID: d36af7

>Alkaline moves slowly once she’s got something mired, so they’d be easy to hit.
Which is why I was suggesting the ability be developed further with study of the spatial anomaly, so that it could allow an adventurer's entire body to be contained, or outright relocated, without the slime being encumbered.

Slow disengagement wouldn't even be an issue if the dungeon's layout were optimized to support it. Slimes can fit through much smaller holes than humans can, particularly humans in armor.
>Also, a slime that’s containing an adventurer is one that’s out of commission for the rest of the raid, whereas one that’s killed and adventurer can attack again.
How bad is that, really? Assuming we can support at least as many advanced slimes as the typical adventuring party has members, trading one-for-one like that would be a very solid win, easy bordering on disappointment. Wouldn't even need to warm up the boss-level reinforcement spells.

Attrition math aside, capture-oriented ambush slimes could plausibly deposit prisoners into some sort of holding cell and then re-engage long before a raid was over, or arrange "I hold, you hit" tactics with our various high-damage, low-accuracy minions. Hin would certainly have appreciated exactly that sort of support when she was fighting the catgirl, and Rei can likely manage more overall DPS with carefully aimed shots at a stationary target. Only being able to capture one target at a time is really no more of a practical constraint than bomb-throwers needing to restock ammo periodically.

Speaking of high-damage, low-accuracy... huge golems with powerful fists that are so slow and clumsy as to present negligible threat to anyone who can dodge is pretty much a cliche, and might work well here. Just 'cause the combat golems are going to be weaker than the slimes overall doesn't mean they need to look like it, or be useless even within a narrow specialty. A crude two-ton slab of rock that telegraphs every punch might be very easy to animate, and equally easy to dispatch, particularly if it's got a glass jaw. Look at how fast Merud got that door-golem ready. Rather than soldiers, they could function more like semi-mobile traps which slimes push intruders into. That'd be a good fit for the earth/shadow elemental thematics, wouldn't it?
No. 119525 ID: d8ce3a

You guys know, theres other ways to go with the ambush slimes, even with chemical weapons then acid and poison right? At least not lethal or corrosive poison.
Since the reason a lot of voters shied away from increasing Alkaline's toxicity and acidity before was because it involved starving or having her eat poison, maybe we could avoid that by aiming for something else, Like blinding agents, maybe allergens, paralyzing or numbing chemicals? We've got the mushroom growing set now, maybe feeding her some of those would allow Alkaline to produce spores? Maybe sleep or confusion could be achieved. I was suggesting a little while ago even that if we could find some wild peppers or spicy plants we could try that to get a good irritant effect, and maybe get multiple uses, like blinding as well out of it. it'd probably make the slime taste different too.
Other than those ideas, As far as being more conventionally lethal, im betting on the Shape-shifting abilities being better for that. If the abilites is good enough to let them make their limbs like ropes or whips, that would be a great start, as they could then tie up or strangle adventurers, and they'd be hard to cut through as they could just reform. If they could move mass well enough to form a bludgeon, then one good hit in the back of the head will be enough to take most humans out, or at least seriously wound them. And thats assuming these low-ball ideas are the best we could do, and they can like make solid changes, like spikes or blades.
>>Just 'cause the combat golems are going to be weaker than the slimes overall doesn't mean they need to look like it, or be useless even within a narrow specialty. A crude two-ton slab of rock that telegraphs every punch might be very easy to animate, and equally easy to dispatch, particularly if it's got a glass jaw. Look at how fast Merud got that door-golem ready. Rather than soldiers, they could function more like semi-mobile traps which slimes push intruders into.

I think you might be underselling the golems a bit. Yeah, the ones we have NOW are going to be weaker then the slimes almost certainly, but thats because all wever been able to build so far is quickly put together, generalized golems. The thing about Golems is, theyre made to order, You have to build them to do the thing you want them to do, and none of our minion golems so far have been made for combat. We COULD build golems that are way more deadly combatant, but that would take a lot more time, mana, effort and raw materials then we've so far had to spare so far, And the fact that we've built the Golem totem room is toward rectifying that. I think when weve settled in a little more and have access to more metal or better stone, we could make some cooler battle golems that could exceed the specialty slimes if we build them right.
On that note, your talk about trap Golems made me think of a Golem that could roll itself into a boulder -like ball and roll around crushing adventurers in the tunnels, like in Indiana Jones, except when the adventures move off the track, the boulder just stands up and punches them.
No. 119526 ID: 3ae3fd

Nooo! Don't abbreviate to that! Aaaargh, the cosplays already haunt my nightmares!!!

>none of our minion golems so far have been made for combat.
There was the Deem Duo(With a bonusm ascot!). Then Deem had one in her entrance that fought the catgirl feline bombshell, briefly... And Moriko had one of Deem'sm ascots. Deem's personal golem is quite capable in a fight and the current standard combat-variant golems are somewhat close in appearance and purely physical combat ability pugilism proficiency. I would not be surprised if a current-model combat golem outperforms an initial-run slime, even an advanced one, provided that Deem is focused upon controlling it and it alone... The golem totem will likely produce a better golem and the slimes will likely advance somewhat, but I expect that they will mostly rely upon numbers...

Speaking of golems, there will likely be a golem upgrading session after Deem acquires a stockpile of clay! I wonder if bomb plants can be used to make exploding armour...
No. 119535 ID: d36af7

>a Golem that could roll itself into a boulder -like ball and roll around crushing adventurers in the tunnels, like in Indiana Jones, except when the adventures move off the track, the boulder just stands up and punches them.

Yep, that's the general idea. Give the boulder-golem a big blinking weak point, add some convenient alcoves on either side of the track for adventurers to dodge into, and make some of the shadows in those alcoves actually ambush slimes in disguise.

Another option would be a fiddler-crab sort of golem, with a cartoonish oversized axe blade or scythe for one arm. Could be melee support in the thaumatorium, wading or swimming around and periodically sweeping attackers off a platform, or a row of them could hang from the ceiling in that same hallway full of alcoves you'd set up for the boulder, waving back and forth as razor pendulums (which, not actually being mechanical, can be ordered to vary their rhythm at the most inconvenient times). Fabricating oversized weapons could be a project to keep Hin busy, once we've got either a supply of ore, or enough bar stock to spare.
No. 119552 ID: 09e13b


Well, keep in mind, the golems are meant to be the straightforward muscle to the slime’s ranged, stealth, and incapacitation tactics. So we don’t want to make them TOO gimmicky, at least not at the cost of combat potential.

An extra pair of arms would be an interesting combat buff, though. Not to hard to pull of, but still something to give them an edge. Actually, is there any particular reason why our golems need to be humanoid?
No. 119553 ID: 3ae3fd

For reasons that Deem is suspiciously silent about she is very familiar with a specific humanoid form... So far her combat variant golems have been similar to this form(or those scarfm ascots) so presumably Deem has some specialisation that is contributing. Still, as someone who is naturally both a sphere or a landscape, she really ought to be capable at operating myriad forms.

On that note, she could probably support more mining golems if they were just a pick-compatible arm on legs, or even on a stool, she can have a hauling golem move mining golems if they lack locomotion...
No. 119554 ID: 09e13b

I think the mining golems were an all-purpose design Deem had memorized, not something designed from the ground up for that task.
No. 119555 ID: 3abd97

Deem's golems seem more top down than bottom up- she decides she wants a golem for a purpose, and intuitively makes one to suit that purpose, from experience and/or instinct.

Which seems like why she had a hard time explaining methods to Merud, as he's doing the opposite. (They seem to do better examining each others work than trying to talk shop).
No. 119556 ID: b53bd0

guys, it was explained before but you must have forgot. golems are more energy efficient the more life-like they are.
No. 119557 ID: 09e13b

I just noticed something. Comparing 139635531282s.png to 151503124016.png, Alkaline’s crown/flower thing has grown a LOT. I think she might start to bud soon.

Hmm… does that life have to be human life? Or could she make mole golems or armadillo golems or mantis shrimp golems?
No. 119561 ID: 45aab1
File 151591884425.png - (66.41KB , 903x688 , deem_size.png )

Here is a dumb comparison the last update made me think of.

And yes golems working better the complete they are was intentional, to stop an optimal golem use being a crankshaft that's enchanted to spin itself.
No. 119562 ID: 2efe4b
File 151592164474.jpg - (197.44KB , 640x639 , 1982-conan-the-barbarian-marvel-comics-version-of-.jpg )


So, basically, making a machine with gears and so on running on magic, and trying to call it a "golem", isn't really something you can do, but it seems like putting a humanoid golem to work turning a wheel or similar to power such a machine would be?

This sort of discussion reminds me of an old /tg/ thread about how undead with a small set of simple if/then instructions could be used to build a giant computer (the SKELETRON) if you had enough corpses and a big enough space to build the giant processor maze you'd need.
No. 119563 ID: 3ce125

So would animal-shaped golems work as well as human-shaped ones?
No. 119564 ID: 45aab1

Yes, I'm just not very good at drawing animals.
No. 119565 ID: d8ce3a

perhaps we should invest in man-imal golems then
No. 119569 ID: 5b93d3

Now all I can think of is Giant Deem in space hauling around Macross^h^h^h^h^h^h^hDungeon 7.
No. 119590 ID: 33cbe7
File 151602420288.gif - (5.85MB , 480x270 , raw.gif )

Gigant Mode doesn't necessarily need room to stand up to be a challenging boss fight. We'd probably have to block passage out of arm's reach, though... a moat? Just kind of forming ourselves out of the wall?
No. 119633 ID: d957b2

I think I'd like to have a few other weird, potentially useful bits of fallout from the April Fools but I'm having trouble making up my mind.

So far the things found have been some new abilities, the imps, orange goo, some random digging, the new thaumatorium heal effect and a hole in space. I'm curious what else people might like to see.
No. 119634 ID: 3ce125

It's hard to think of something cool that we wouldn't have already discovered. Deem would know if there were secret passages or fake walls, right?

I guess Moriko's shadow clone could be hiding somewhere.
No. 119635 ID: 33cbe7

Moriko's shadow never really went anywhere. Or did it? What if Moriko realizes her shadow's been missing this entire time?
Some of the magical girl techniques or a magical girl-inspired technique becoming part of someone's repertoire would be kuu as well. I mean, cool. You might say it came to them in a dream.
Oh, and that hatband! That gold ring would be precious to Deem - finally, the value of friendship can be accepted as payment by major financial institutions.
No. 119636 ID: 09e13b

A new species of magic plant to cultivate might be fun? Or a new monster to add to the team.

(Will post more ideas if/as I come up with them.)
No. 119637 ID: 3ae3fd

>Lay the groundwork.
Deem [b]is[/s] the groundwork. Not to mention that the foundations are the most hidden parts of a building...

>right now Deem is an authority figure to Moriko, not a friend or confidant.
On a more serious note, I think that if Deem is going to refute Moriko's feelings, which seems most likely, that authority might be helpful.

I suspect that the relationship between a dungeon and its final boss is probably about as close to courting as dungeons are typically mentally capable of, but they just aren't wired for biological courtship and romance. So in many ways Moriko is already Deem's "special someone".
Unless you count food. Deem does seem to get a bit flushed and whimsical when the mana starts pouring in...
No. 119642 ID: 3abd97

An intact cake, tucked away somewhere.
No. 119646 ID: 09e13b

Okay, other ideas:

The friendship crown/ring is sort of the top contender for a new artifact, assuming we’re willing to suppose that it was flat-out created. It’s also pretty easy to buy that it was hidden under some rubble or orange goo, so we didn’t spot it. As for what it does, maybe it could let the wearer use a single ability from another member of the dungeon, sort of like Deem did in the final battle (but probably with more limitations, such as one use per battle, and/or needing to pick the other member and ability in advance).

Alternately… Deem’s witch-scape was a caldera of boiling lava. Sure it got turned into jelly, but was it really lava before that? Maybe Deem altered the geomancy of the area somehow brought magma closer to the surface, or somehow encouraged future vulcanism in the area. Obviously this would either need to be deep enough to take some digging to get to, or slow enough that we wouldn’t see the effects for a while in order to match what we’ve seen already. (Does the Dungeoneer world have the tech to go lava > steam > motion?)

Additionally, the rioting earth pulse during the hallucinations probably spawned some new and/or more powerful monsters, which could be both a threat and an opportunity.
No. 119790 ID: 45aab1

While I think of it, had someone mention they felt this remix of Dummy! from Undertale worked well for Deem's theme due to feeling off kilter but determined.

No. 119791 ID: 3ce125

It's got a pretty good Earth Pulse going on there too.
No. 119796 ID: 3ae3fd

As an old lady who chases kids off of her lawn, I think that Deem would object to all this newfangled synthetic music...
I'll just drop this here. The Doctor's theme always always left me with a feeling of lost and exploring...
No. 119810 ID: 5b93d3

>Does the Dungeoneer world have the tech to go lava > steam > motion?
Even if not, lava > water > sauna is within reach!
No. 119813 ID: 3ae3fd

Steam power is one thing, The Ancient Greeks had it from what I understand. A far more difficult matter is the efficiency of the steam power and the practicality of power-transference into mechanisms. I expect that Deem could quite easily spin a wheel, but a heavy grindstone might require a very large engine and vast volumes of steam. Alternatively, a lathe running directly off of the steam-vent might be easy, but a bellows might take al little doing, and a moving platform dozens of metres away with all its mechanisms and especially the transmission hidden from tampering would likely be impractical at best.

Then there is the problem of heat transference. The more stable the magma is the more prone it is to being cooled down. A lake of magma might seem like too much to have an effect on, but if you are running an entire mechanical dungeon with moving rooms and platforms and pendulum axes and spinning blades and trams for the monsters and... well you might be cycling hundreds of megalitres of water through the magma chamber every day, it might not last forever... And then there is heat transference in the opposite direction. I don't think we want to see Deem become hot...

But getting a few pieces of automated forge equipment might be worthwhile?
Are there magical means of moving platforms or perpetuating traps? What about moving rooms, or faking moving rooms by replacing the doors with adjustable teleportals? What of automated tools for your craftsmen? How efficient would such magical mechanisms be?
No. 119844 ID: 33cbe7

Deem can't even get the magic window to show her things, how's she going to make it sing?
That said, maybe Deem's theme should not be about the adventure that the dungeon promises, but the dank, dark reality of being a series of subterranean passageways.
No. 119877 ID: 3ce125

It's kindof looking like morale is one of our biggest problems in Dungeoneer now. Deem has managed to offend the vast majority of her workforce in some way. She pissed off Merud when she showed lack of respect for the dead, she pissed off Stargazer by turning Reisarf into a woman(who seems at least somewhat put off by it, though he doesn't show it), and Moriko is pissed off at her just for what she's capable of.

Hin and Alkaline are the only ones she seems to be getting along well with.
No. 119924 ID: d8ce3a

Even if Steam or magma options are out, Maybe we could do something with a subterranean gas vent or two? At least with Alchemy, and Deem seems good at that. Could maybe condense it and give some to doyle?
No. 119930 ID: c2051e

I think you're reading too much into some things, especially Reisarf. He went out of his way to give himself bigger boobs. Moriko being unhappy with the situation is a legitimate concern that we should address, but I think that you're making a mountain out of Merud's molehill. He did appreciate Deem being straightforward about what would've happened otherwise and I don't think we should assume hes holding a grudge until we get confirmation in-quest.
No. 120110 ID: 2fe26a

Thinking of future upgrades, Animating Zone's efficiency is increased by 1) Deem being able to lift heavier things and 2) Deem being able to touch more stuff at a time. Hm, could she double her motive power on an object she could just barely move by animating it, then physically lifting it?
No. 120175 ID: 3ae3fd

I find some of the descriptions ambiguous or vague or short of detail. They are good descriptions, but there is some details left unknown. I fear that this is producing a lot of cross-purposes arguments where nobody can agree on a conclusion because nobody is using the same assumptions.
This should probably move to discussion?
>Primal Clay: amorphous form, transmuting stone portions. Fast regeneration. only the toughness of fired clay until she stops using Primal Clay.
To my understanding, "amorphous" literally means devoid of fixed form. This would make morphing into a room possible, but it seems more likely that it is just a relaxation of the normal rules of golems resembling living forms.
Transmuting stone but not specifying what it can be transmuted into. Context suggests clay, language might imply different stones, optimism suggests Phoenix down, vibranium, and time lords...
Fast regeneration is similar to Gigant-derived healing. Do they compete? Add together? Multiply? Combine their powers to form Captain Panacea or [combining robot reference]? And how good is it anyway? Overpowered instant-healing the-only-way-to-injure-them-is-to-leave-something-in-the-wound-and-even-then-it-will-just-absorb-anything-less
-than-thrice-blessed-mythril-reforged-a-thousand-times-under-the-flames-of-a-thousand-dragons nonsense? Or maybe something useless like "heal your hit-dice in hitpoints over a full night's bedrest"... It seems likely that, given that golems seem very perception-based, and that this ability is very perception-liberating, that the golem could reattach limbs and will wounds to close, being inconvenienced frequently but not actually destroyed by much short of eating a bomb, being bisected by a blunt weapon, or hardening themselves and being shattered, but this is just speculation, and the whole "willing yourself back together" would probably be taxing even for Deem's mind.
finally, does ending the activation of Primal clay revert the changes? Can one use it to form themselves into a clay-hardened Jukebox and then revert to their more sturdy default form once people start kicking it for free songs? It seems likely that reverting would return them to their usual morphology, but it is uncertain...
Primal Clay is a very difficult ability to guage. It could be somewhat redundant with Gigant. You can on-the-fly make sword-arms but not much else, and pay a bit more to heal if your supply of clay is exhausted. Or it could be amazing, allowing Deem to turn herself into an invulnerable mud-pit that drags heroes into her depths and drowns them, or form herself into a chainsaw of mud and stones that can slice through bedrock like a sharp knife through hard cheese... It is just really difficult to judge.

>Primal Stone
Pretty straight-forward for the most-part. Strength and durability at the cost of speed. It is unclear if she can switch it on and off at a whim, which could be pretty huge if she can move with it off and then go rock-hard(and heavy) for each impact...
I like it because... The bracing would give her a terrifying attack power, hitting like something very much heavier due to the lack of give in her strikes. The magic resistance is important against the few things that are actual threats to her, such as cursed wounds and sealed demons. Then there is the general utility of someone who is, for their size, very strong, durable, can work as an anchor-point, and might, just maybe, be able to delay a cave-in for a few seconds hold a door closed despite an underground lake falling onto the other side. Not to mention the intimidation factor of just not reacting to physical force. But it is a touch dull...

>Homunculus Adaptation: A high quality body refined to be more life-like. potions and healing magic. eat and drink, gaining a small amount of mana
"High quality" seems to be cited as a general term by many voters, but I suspect it is only "high-quality" in the context of being life-like, and has no implications of quality in any other respect. If this just straight-out means "this body is better than the others except in their niche skills" then that is extremely alluring, but I just don't that fitting the theme. Point of contention...
Potions and heals work, but it doesn't mention if they ignore context. What does a satiation potions of chest swelling do? (Aside from potentially answering whether Deem is physically female...) What does a stone-skin potion do? What about a spell to stop blood-loss? Most potions and specific heals just don't make much sense for someone who is alive in the social sense but not in the metabolic sense...
How much can Deem eat? How quickly can she eat again? Would she have to deal with something traumatic after digestion that will never be mentioned in the quest but every time she glares at us we will know that there are some things that mineral life was never meant to experience first-hand? Deem, even her golem, seems to throw around way more magic than any sane wizard, and wizards eat. So does food just not have much magic or is she going to go through a full matter-to-energy conversion and glow a healthy radiant blue after every meal?
Life-like I don't like. All of our denizens are living, even Belphejar has organs, apparently. So it'd be nice to have a non-living boss on the roster, and Deem doesn't like corpses... But mostly I am just biased against the metabolically inclined. You are all filthy and terrible.

>Absolute Order: strain the limits of their normal capabilities. Deem can use it on herself.
"Strain their limits" doesn't sound very impressive to me. Like, the are golems, they are not known for holding back and it is not as though it clearly exceeds their limits... And then there is the idea that Deem could be more amazing than she already is, which is clearly blasphemy. Besides, once-per day is not much use for utilitarian purposes, and is risky in combat...

>Animating Zone: Deem can animate objects that she touches, allowing them to move and hurl themselves. The object must be light enough for her to lift
Technically speaking, Deem is currently supporting a portion of the mountain, if one looks at pressure dynamics then it is not entirely untrue to say that she is lifting it just by being an underground complex... But referring to Dungeon Deem in the context of Golem-Deem's abilities is- Deem! Use Crystal Lens on Dungeon Heart! -likely to get me ear thwacked...
More relevant, it mentions weapons aiming themselves in the air, can they wriggling in a wound? I am reminded of http://whinehurst.com/darksun/index.php?title=Heartseeker
I suspect that she could technically lift an anvil, but not hope to actually throw it further than her foot. Can she animate one to fly like an arrow?

>Mana Churn
Does this affect enchantments already in place? Can it interfere with glowy warrior fighting magic nonsense... "This blade carries my will to overcome! Wind blade! Strike without fear!" And then their sword glows and they strike a ridiculous pose and they swing at nothing and off it goes and, ugh, enough with the prose! there is clearly no way that that tiny volume of air travelling at such a pitiful speed would do more than knock off an inferior wig, but whoops, suddenly all your golems are cut in half...
If it doesn't at least shut down the vast majority of activated abilities then it is probably too situational to be worth it. Outside of combat it is unlikely to be anything more than esoteric study of the effect itself and its interactions, nothing that a practical dungeon should be doing when it is still getting established... And then there is the risk that it could self-harm... Do we really want to risk seeing what this does to a puddle of pure mana gathering under a spatial tear?
No. 120188 ID: 45aab1

With Valentine's Day just two weeks away, I might do something for it. Tell me your shipsssssss.
No. 120192 ID: 3abd97

Deem x Moriko
Moriko x Shadowiko
Deem x Hin
Deem x Everyone
Hin x Char
Deem x Char
Deem x Glowy Skypower
Stargazer x Girlsarf
Deem x Girlsarf / Girlsarf x Stargazer love triangle
Kallia x Everyone (Slut)
Homoculous & Beefcake golems X anyone who wants to use them
Questing Beast forever alone
No. 120193 ID: 2fe26a

Son x Shopkeep
Son x Son x Shopkeep
Ubergloom x Gigadeem
Deem x Moriko is the OTP
No. 120195 ID: c2051e

Deem x Moriko
Deem x Hin
Deem x Merud by accidentally seducing him
Merud x Kallia
Chakarchelou x treasure
Stargazer x Reisarf
Deem x Reisarf
Stargazer x Deem when Stargazer gets jealous and tries to conquer Deem
No. 120198 ID: 2fe26a

>Chakarchelou x treasure
Charkarchelou x anvil
No. 120217 ID: 33cbe7

Helmetless xotl x Space Pirate 15-O-OL. Do you believe love can bloom in a testing laboratory?
No. 120219 ID: b7627b

Doyle x Rubber duck
No. 120223 ID: 1c8358

Deem X Band of Adventurers
No. 120249 ID: 3ae3fd

Night Hag X Sky Power: They deserve one another.
Bomber Kitty X the vault under the town: Curiosity killed the spawned monsters and blew a hole in the walls...
Deem X the mushrooms she recently bought: Adorable little caps growing all over her! Just the thing for a living edifice to snuggle with.
Deem's "Duo" golem X Belphejar: No idea, they just seem to fit. The scarf can join in if it wants.
Charkarchelou Tsun for Hin: He only likes her for the treasure she makes! Definitely! Just, the forge was closer than his horde, so it just made sense to curl up in there...
Devilbear's pelt X Moriko's armour: They may not be happy together, but soooo glamorous...
Thaumatorium X Forge: Fire and water... hot and wet... rowr!
Alkaline -> Babies forever after: It is destined! and she is so cute with that runt...
No. 120265 ID: da145f

Alice Dietrich × Bomber catgirl.
No. 120312 ID: 56443e

In other news, due to thread length if nothing else, I should wrap up this thread of Dungeoneer soon. I'm curious if people would prefer to see more Bloom, Nanogoo or Questroid before jumping into more Dungeoneer?
No. 120313 ID: 3abd97

Personally I say more dungeoneer. Between getting our feet back under us and resolving all the level ups / new skills, it feels like we haven't actually had a chance to accomplish much. Seems like too soon to leave it.
No. 120314 ID: 33cbe7

He didn't mean right away.
Anyway, I'd like to see more Bloom since it left off in the middle of a fight scene and we were so close to rescuing the doctor and finding out more about Alice's condition.
No. 120315 ID: 91ee5f

Bloom or Questroid would be fine with me.
No. 120316 ID: 2edf5e

I'd like seeing some Bloom again.

Although there is some truth in this: >>120313
No. 120317 ID: b1b4f3

No. 120318 ID: 12b116

Dungeoneer first, Bloom second
No. 120320 ID: da145f

I'm in favor of Bloom.
No. 120324 ID: ad51b8

Bloom or Questroid. I'd be happy with either.
No. 120332 ID: 5b93d3

I'll break from the pack and back more Nanogoo.
No. 120333 ID: 2efe4b


I'd say Questroid.
No. 120336 ID: a363ac

No. 120342 ID: 074011

Bloom has too much cliffhanger and not enough secrets found. Must resolve!
No. 120377 ID: 09e13b

No. 120389 ID: 528064

No. 120807 ID: 5b93d3

The best Deem-face yet!
No. 120829 ID: b66de9

No. 121297 ID: 31b497
File 152059813230.png - (30.33KB , 500x600 , many_heights_of_deem.png )

I thought it might be fun to do a little retrospective now the fourth Dungeoneer thread has wrapped up so here's some random development notes:

This chapter was mainly about dealing with the fallout of the April Fools being 1000% canon. Obviously what the suggesters saw couldn't have been entirely accurate but something strange happened while everyone was hallucinating a lot.

For the first chunk of it, one of my favourite things is how haggard Deem looks until she she gets her Heart back where it's supposed to be.

During the dungeon clean-up I was a little surprised no-one wanted to recruit the imps. I guess Deem was sour enough about how painful micromanaging them is. Most of the discoveries are intended to mimic a prominent element or one of the random effects from the April Fools. Imps, a spawning pit, something that might have been cursed that's just turned into orange jelly, the Thaumatorium now sometimes turning harmful magic into a heal, the hole in space from a botched teleport, Deem's new Gigant Mode, the cake mimic...

I suppose I could have referenced the multiple >enhance knockers but I didn't want that joke to overstay its welcome.

Speaking of knockers, I do need to decide what to actually do with Reisarf's sudden womanhood, it was completely unplanned. A few people thought it might happen so I put it in the random effects and if something happens I prefer to not have it undone immediately.

Since Reisarf tends to be somewhat passive I've had trouble giving him a distinctive character voice. The most prominent elements have been that lack of concern and the fact his solutions to problems tend to be strange but generally effective. I think I've improved that by doubling down on ambiguous phrases and having just a hint of snark. Deem managed to offend even his common sense by talking about moving a hole in space though.

For Reisarf and Stargazer's new abilities I wanted Stargazer's to be related to her raw mana consumption and Reisarf's to be about taking on some aspects of Stargazer's biology. I think this presenting a handful of ability options and picking one is working out pretty well - brainstorming abilities like has been done for Alkaline can get a little chaotic. She's starting to look closer to a final form too though now. In hindsight I probably should have started with picking out the sorts of slimes people wanted right when she got unbottled and then presented options on what to expose Alkaline to.

With Hin's new abilities I think it's best to remember I will go to any lengths necessary to set up a bad pun. Slime Hin was fun to design too. Fun fact though: If any of the other choices for treatment or abilities had been made she'd have been turned back already. There won't be much different in terms of actual side effects though. I'm sure people are glad the gristleworm is gone at last. No-one's guessed where it originally came from yet though.

During Deem's midnight trip, it might be important to note how sick she's getting of these frogs. They're like pidgeys in pokemon - you keep running into them, they're a pain and they're practically worthless to fight. Gigant Mode was originally going to be a golem upgrade option but I decided to simplify things since side effects from a leaky Heart shard was intended to come up eventually.

If people are wondering why Moriko's doubled down on being anti-demon despite coming to some sort of accomodation with her shadow spirit in the April Fools, it might pay to point out Moriko was not very effective after getting rescued. Summoning the shadow spirit didn't do much and Moriko got the Heart out but didn't save Deem's golem body/Heart shard.

New Deem, the cake crab and the new golems were all quite fun to design. Since there's going to be eight homunculi and four brute golems for now, I still have two homunculi and one brute left to design.

This thread ended up handing out a lot of new things so the next thread should hopefully be about using them all.
No. 121298 ID: 33cbe7

It finally feels like we have the minion numbers to operate a proper dungeon! Now we just have to get Hin turned back to normal-ish to equip them before their first fight, and maybe dig out more rooms for their fights.
So, was it the frog fight? The beer fest? The swim in the dungeon pool? No, don't tell me: it crawled in her mouth when she was sleeping at her desk in thread 1!
No. 121314 ID: 3abd97

I'm not sure there's much that needs to be resolved with Reisarf. Apparent indifference to dysphoria or body horror seems an appropriately alien kind of mindset. HeShe's just got different priorities, or is focused on other things. The general passivity also seems to support this- things that would bother other people, or lead them to take up a position, just don't register as significant.

Also, if we look at Reisarf as sort of a proto-sage (one day they'll be a wise old person, a bridge between the mortal perspective and something strange and terrible and old and truly alien) experiencing alternate perspectives / living multiple lives fits that kind of thematic arc.

>frogs. They're like pidgeys in pokemon
So as the dungeon grows stronger, and out region of influence grows, can we start using repels?
No. 121330 ID: 91ee5f

So was there a reason everyone decided it’d be a good idea to jump straight into an attack and lose half of our mass?
No. 121332 ID: 09e13b

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE the Merud!Brute's design? Really hoping we get to make more of them somewhere down the line!
No. 121365 ID: 31b497
File 152073459934.png - (19.25KB , 1000x600 , kabedeem.png )

Here's a belated Valentine's pic!

None of the above.

One minor headache with Reisarf is his previous design was kind of old and janky so I keep going "Aaaaaah the new look is so good".

And yes, dungeons get to tailor what spawns in the area if they put some work in.

I knew I wanted something with huge hands. The tricky bit was getting the right ratio of arm to everything else.
No. 121401 ID: 5b93d3

Is Alice stuck in a game of fl0w?
No. 121403 ID: deec6e


Incidentally, this is begging for an update now, no? Or at least its own golem sheet.
No. 121445 ID: 31b497
File 152093800997.png - (643.40KB , 8854x2398 , alice_morbit.png )

Oh yeah, remember the Morbit Mutation Drive fundraiser and how people suggested Alice for horrible mutations?

I was saving this to post when I restarted Bloom but I complete forgot!
No. 121448 ID: 33cbe7

I bet we can hit stage 3 no problem.
No. 121461 ID: b53bd0

level 4 seems to be good, but 5 is when shit starts getting crazy.
No. 121500 ID: 09e13b

Didn't get the chance to vote, but I'm really glad we didn't pick Multi-task. We're already having trouble controlling ourselves, the left hand literally not knowing what the right is doing seems like a recipe for disaster.

The one we went with is pretty situational, how useful it'll be basically depends how many other flower-abominations we run into.
No. 121858 ID: 33cbe7

How fast can Deem dig out new rooms without Delve? Without access to the hidden valley yet, we need someplace to plant the shrooms that won't get trampled by fighting. One of the imp tunnels could do in a pinch. Otherwise, I think it'd be best to build the mushroom farm behind the current sleeping quarters, so you only need one seal for both rooms.
No. 122063 ID: f356b0
File 152284970603.png - (34.85KB , 768x1152 , deem_short_but_wider.png )

I streamed today and when I asked for drawing ideas, a variant Deem was requested.

My rule of thumb was clearing about a 10ft square of rubble per day, obviously tunnelling through rock is harder but Deem's now got a much bigger workforce so about the same.
No. 122068 ID: b5fb67


Goodness gracious.
No. 122181 ID: 5b93d3

No. 122185 ID: f356b0
File 152315191404.png - (15.44KB , 750x600 , macdonalds_stargazer.png )

Speaking of bigger workforces, I tried another noodle doodle wanting to go for a toughness focused Stargazer form but I think it ended up looking more fat than sturdy.
No. 122187 ID: 91ee5f

Fat is sturdy, if no one can knock you down!
No. 122289 ID: 7ad23c

Hoping to get back into updating Bloom and Questroid today but just so I can have it working away in the back of my head, which characters would people like to see more focus on next Dungeoneer thread?
No. 122290 ID: b1b4f3

Moriko and Stargazer.
No. 122291 ID: 3abd97

We dealt with Hin's slime stuff and infection a lot, we've done a lot of slime princess rearing too. Feels like it's time to focus on Moriko's stuff and her shadow.

If nothing else, Deem should sit down with her and tell her what she knows about demons and half bloods at some point, so she's basing her choices on facts, because I suspect she isn't entirely now.
No. 122292 ID: 19152e

Moriko has me a little worried. And we haven't really paid much attention to her.
No. 122303 ID: d8ce3a

Moriko and Belphejar. He put in so much work, but he hasnt had too much development, and hasnt had a chance to do much outside of make potions. And he's still got all those spare Imp corpses to eat!

Speaking of Hin's Slime issue, some kind of side effect is almost certain right? What'd be a bad one, in Hin's mind anyway? Suddenly growing unbreakable horns or something?
No. 122304 ID: 33cbe7

Hin so she can get to do what she came here to do, and Moriko so she can embrace her inner demons (and maybe an outer one).
No. 122305 ID: e56bf6

Well, Hin has been sensitive about her horns in the past. Obviously she'd be unhappy with some sort of radical physical change like, say, a change in limb count. Outside of that she's generally been pretty indifferent to things.

There may not end up being any further side effects from the slimening - Deem dragged it out longer to mitigate that. Her main worry now is getting excess slime out of Hin's system before turning her back.
No. 122310 ID: 074011

They are out there. Watching, waiting, multiplying and growing. Bringing toxic foulness they encroach. Beware! Beware the terrible croaking in the night!
No. 122502 ID: 074011

No matter how this plays out, Deem should end this encounter stuffed with mana from the adventurers' exertions. What should she do with it?

Probably more rooms. Some special materials or summoning a monster or putting up a field effect or whatever she can do would be nice, but she is just too small to fit all her friends at once...

Moriko needs a meditation chamber. Could it pull double-duty? What else requires a peaceful, open space? Broom closet? Perhaps go full bunker on it and use it as a safe-room for magical experiments that are either dangerous or prone to interference?

Stargazer wanted an observatory. That might also work as a meditation room? Expensive though. The corridor would need to be long and steep to offer a good view from above the treeline and to be safe from all but the most determined climbers, and anything that can fly. It could make an excellent place for an optional encounter, but it may be too early for optional encounters. And Reisarf already makes the most use of the thaumatorium, so can probably wait for the observatory.
Oooh ooh! What about the spatial tear? It would be nice to use it as a safe magma conveyance to upgrade the forge, but if she can use it to make a door to the summit of her mountains then it might offer a cheap passage to an excellent observatory! Later she can have a whole theme-zone up there...

That path to the valley is overdue, and exploring it would offer an enticing distraction from dealing with the steadily growing devilbear that already nibbled Deem. Still, it is a quick ticket to a hopefully safe area to place living facilities without intruding into Deem's zoning limits.

Then there is the mushfarm, and Deem is scant on food-preparation surfaces.
No. 122503 ID: 33cbe7

My priorities for the next Delve (3 small rooms edition) would be a meditation chamber behind the thaumatorium (need soundproofing spells for when the thaumatorium's in use?), a mushroom garden behind the living quarters, and a treasury. After this fight we should be able to store away a small nest egg so raids aren't a matter of life or death anymore.
Maybe we could combine the meditation chamber and garden? The mushrooms might help purify one's thoughts. We could use the space saved to extend the tunnel into the valley instead.
Can we add a miniboss focus to the thaumatorium? That way we wouldn't be stuck in the opposite wing from our boss chamber if we wanted to reinforce people on both sides.
No. 122508 ID: 166e1c

Maybe we should make a new Boss Chamber and a Treasure at the end of a long corridor to give us more space for future expansions and create some tense silent walk before the final challenge. Depending of the shape of the mountain and where we want to expand the corridor could be a straight line or a spiral to above or bellow our current elevation. Maybe we could have our first taste of those shadow attributes and have this corridor do some weird stuff, like twisting upside down or looking longer than it actually is.
The current Boss Chamber could be converted into something related to that ominous portal, this way we don't have to move it.
No. 122510 ID: 074011

Mushroom+meditation might work. There are many different attitudes to meditation. I suspect that Moriko is more of a sensory-deprivation type, and mushroom farms tend to be pungent, but it woud be nice if it worked.
No. 122585 ID: e56bf6

I kind of realised I should have done the room placements in Dungeoneer one at a time instead of trying to wrangle this huge unmanageable mess of different suggestions so oops.

Hopefully doing a bunch of quick small updates this week instead to straighten that out.
No. 122670 ID: d8ce3a

Speaking of things were going to need to do, now that Deem and some of the Golems can use potions, we should probably start thinking of some potions we want to have on hand. Anyone have any ideas?
Personally, I was thinking of some kind of magical Muscle Milk, maybe with slime milk base? Slimes seem really good at gaining mass. So maybe it could be an alternative to a temporary strength potion, instead having one that makes it easier to bring up strength over time.
Also tea is kind of like a potion right? when we make the meditation chamber, maybe we could make some kind of meditation inducing tea?
No. 122688 ID: 074011

I am confident that Deem giving her tea will calm Moriko!
No. 123927 ID: 81d03b
File 153031769682.png - (21.09KB , 320x550 , dem_scribble.png )

Chest Day (the second most important tgchan holiday) is only a few weeks away and I'd like to make sure I have some torsos ready to go.

Are there any particular upper bodies that people are eager to see?
No. 123934 ID: 33cbe7

There's only a couple new faces since last year (plus the constantly changing faces of some of the cast I guess), but more Alice and the warrior-brute would top that list.

shopkeep's upgrades when, you tease
No. 123942 ID: a363ac

do a voidsy please
No. 123944 ID: 91ee5f

Ladies of Questroid.
No. 124027 ID: 094652

Every catgirl from every quest you've ever made (sketches)
No. 124192 ID: 8063ab

A Fenrir from Bloom. Without its chassis.
No. 124418 ID: 96457c

A few of these are yet to turn up but while I've got special days on the mind, what are some things you might like to see in a Very Scary Dungeoneer in October? Mainly just so I do some forward planning to get things to line up and to give nyself a deadline in the hopes of more steady updates.

It would definitely be much smaller than the April Fools.
No. 124419 ID: 96457c

Oops posted without my name on. Also it's probably important to note that Deem isn't afraid of the same things as most people.
No. 124423 ID: 33cbe7

No Moriko, you are the demons! Basically I'd like to see more of these living curses we've heard about. Surely, nothing can go wrong with our curse-eating slime around.
Ooh, and ghosts. If it's as canon as the april fools' thread, we may end up recruiting some that way. This area seems pretty haunt-free though, we might have to put an ad in the newspaper for our audition.
Is Deem's greatest fear physical intimacy?
No. 124430 ID: 5fd619

Emotional, more likely. Remember all her posturing about not being Alkaline's mother and stopping herself from calling her employees "friends"?
No. 124431 ID: b1b4f3

When you can live far longer than most people, you tend to try to distance yourself from them so that their inevitable deaths will not hurt you as much.
No. 124432 ID: 5fd619

That's the point, that's her fear.
No. 124434 ID: 1fbbcc

I'm not sure how accurate that is. Humans live much longer than dogs, but the people who get the most attached to their dogs don't really give up on being dog owners after they've lost a couple.
No. 124436 ID: 1a5c60

These are all very real fears but are they spooky enough for a very scary Halloween story?
No. 124437 ID: 33cbe7

What about trick or treaters? The thought that she might be pressured by societal norms into relinquishing her treasure must be a frightening aspect of this new world.
(What are trick or treaters doing out in the woods, you ask? Maybe she's back in town at the golemeters' guild for some reason.)
No. 124438 ID: 91ee5f

I was thinking her real fear would be getting sealed away again and/or her heart being broken even more.

Because something/someone sealed her away and broke her heart, so now she’s got a lingering fear of that happening again.
No. 124534 ID: 4e66f4
File 153272315545.png - (13.59KB , 755x106 , unprotected spore proliferation.png )

I figured someone should bring forth the very valid concerns that were raised for Alkaline.
No. 124538 ID: b5fb67


Next time on Teen Mom...
No. 124541 ID: 2007b6

>The smaller or more poorly formed a golem is, the lower the range it can move from its controller.
How far does this performance curve continue above human-scale? Could a sufficiently massive and meticulously crafted golem be sent out to besiege distant cities like an artificial kaiju?
No. 124787 ID: 977456

Deem is a hole in the ground. What do holes fear?
Sunlight! It means that your roof has failed.
Unstable ground that is prone to collapse, typically finely-ground carbon or silicon particles.
Heavy mediums, typically fluids. They fill your internal spaces and make it difficult for iconic denizens to breath while limiting the range of visitors that you can challenge. There is also the "water dungeon" thing that makes everyone hate you.
Deem's worst nightmare? Sun! Sand! Surf! Beach episode!
No. 124802 ID: 1a6fd4

Never mind Deem, that's my worst nightmare.

Now in all seriousness, some kind of danger that diminishes the Earth Pulse instead of stirring it would be pretty scary for her.
No. 124810 ID: b5fb67

So wait, Bloom is over? For really reals? Alice is... dead?

No. 124830 ID: 5fd619

She never got to Mass total 0, she should be finealive
No. 124832 ID: e2ea73

The current chapter is over, yes. I would not presume Alice is dead until you've found the body and then incinerated it. Definitely a sticky situation though!

I am currently debating whether to focus on Dungeoneer for now or bring back Questroid or Nanogoo. Bloom will hopfully be resuming late September.
No. 124935 ID: 977456

Is it likely that a slime lair would help stabilise the not-good slime?
Do monster lairs have an intrinsic monster type that should be specified, and would it be difficult to change?
Can heroes fight across multiple rooms? Could heroes take cover in a meditation chamber on the south end of it while shooting into the thaumatorium?
No. 124948 ID: e2ea73

The problem with a big golem is powering it. More advanced golems have more independence from their creators and generally something like that would be created with a high level of autonomy.

Oooooh that's good.

There's some work involved in retooling a room that's been set up as a lair but it's easier than making a new room. As for the worst slime it's barely even a slime. A lair wouldn't help all that much.

There are (very Zelda-esque) doors to section things up a bit but otherwise yes, it's possible to fight across rooms.
No. 124973 ID: f64c93

I'm currently debating whether to bring back Questroid, Nanogoo or do a short quest featuring problem solving with various exotic ray guns. Do people have any strongly held opinions on what they'd like to see?
No. 124974 ID: 5fd619

I'd prefer Nanogoo.
No. 124976 ID: 91ee5f

Questroid please.
No. 124978 ID: 4f1cbc

No. 124981 ID: 1a6fd4

Since the other ones haven't even started yet (no, character creation doesn't count), Nanogoo's the obvious answer here.
No. 124985 ID: 7cf41b

My vote's for Questroid.
No. 124988 ID: 33cbe7

Nanogoo too.
No. 124989 ID: ad51b8

I'd like to see more Questroid personally.
No. 124990 ID: 2007b6

As fun as the setup has been, I'd really like to see Questroid get to the point of going on actual adventures.
No. 125060 ID: e2ea73
File 153520206265.png - (88.92KB , 1280x1040 , deem-alice-2.png )

It didn't have to be this way!
No. 125062 ID: b5fb67


holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
No. 125063 ID: 4f1cbc

Deem-Alice is handling the situation a lot better than Alice-Alice, she's used to having terrible luck. Probably finds it novel to be the adventuring monster killing her way through the metal dungeon of potato people, too.
No. 125066 ID: 99fe60

No. 125068 ID: 8bc504

As much fun as Nanogoo is I want to see our fire and electric monsters in action.
No. 125108 ID: dd23f3

so transparent
No. 125109 ID: a62780

Questroid for sure, I'd like to see the Projects in action.
(though curiosity demands I ask; how exotic a set of rayguns are we talking here?)
No. 125111 ID: deec6e


... how 'exotic' are these ray guns, precisely?
No. 125121 ID: ab52c1
File 153544879581.png - (17.57KB , 800x550 , bloom_gun_shaped_objects.png )

Here are some sample ray guns (picture unrelated):

Dehydration Ray: Shrinks things! You can rehydrate them.
Umberal Ray: Turns things browner!
Shred Ray: Tears up thin objects!
Float Ray: Low gravity!

I was debating a mechanic where people request what new ray gun they want at periodic intervals and I give them two to four (crappy) variants of that concept as options for the new gun.

I was think of 'Sweet Rays!' as a title as a play on Nice Save! and its puzzle based stuff. Since I was thinking I would like an Aperture Science-esque "We were trying to invent a better shower curtain" explanation for these exotic rays, I was debating playing off that name and making it a chocolate factory gone horribly wrong. Seemed like a nice mix of industrial and goofy hazards. That's where the idea for the umberal ray came from, it's to save on needing separate product lines for milk and dark chocolate.

The main conceit is the rays are more puzzle pieces than weapons so it's about trapping and evading enemies instead of fighting them. Each ray has a limited number of charges too. Recharging, upgrading and swapping out rays is still something under construction. I think I need to build a few sample puzzles to work it out.
No. 125127 ID: 5b93d3

Make each ray single-use? Encourages non tab-A-in-slot-B puzzle-solving, and the added humour of dragging about a big sack-o-rayguns.
No. 125138 ID: 4f1cbc

Single use means you don't get any experimenting with what they do, though.

That would be grenade quest, not ray gun quest.
No. 125155 ID: 977456

What if Ray Guns have a chance of exploding? A Rainbow Ray Gun will explode into relatively harmless rainbows and you will have lost your ability to make rainbows. A Radiation Ray Gun will explode into deadly radiation, and there goes your ability to cook stuff through walls. It would incentivise saving up your dangerous or versatile Ray Guns until desperation sets in.
No. 125200 ID: 1a6fd4

Ugh, no. Random-fail puzzles are the worst.
No. 125203 ID: 4f1cbc

Deliberately being able to overload ray guns and turn them into bombs you set down (or throw) and run from could be interesting.

Nethack had a similar mechanic for magic wands. Zap a wand of fire for a ray of flames, or if you're desperate and surrounded, break it over your knee for a fireball centered on yourself.
No. 125204 ID: 1a6fd4

Okay, yeah, that one I like. As long as it's a player decision and not a die roll, it's all good.
No. 125439 ID: a255bd
File 153691215540.png - (44.43KB , 750x501 , from thread 2.png )

i figured out a way to communicate about the cyan bullshit!
DEEM CAN'T READ! we get her to copy down a letter to merud from an image. she can't herself read it and therefore won't trigger the trap!

the message needs to include the banned topics, mention of the cyan shit and her injured wrist, and a cry for help. i'm thinking we should tell him about the voices and remind him that deem can't write.

the problem would be to get her to do it. how do we convince her to send a message from us to merud, without telling her why she's doing it?
also we have to do this before she learns to read.
No. 125441 ID: 5e9198

Say Alkaline having a birthday party would be a good morale raiser, and that we want to get her a present to, but we want it to be a surprise.
And no, it will not involve boobs, exploding allies, or similar.
Then think of a birthday present for Alkaline to include in the message the Merud can give her during the party.
No. 125442 ID: a255bd

Alkaline can't read either. there is no reason for anything written. also, she'll want to just tell merud what to write, not copy down stuff she can't read. there's no way she'll agree to that.
No. 125445 ID: 5e9198

No, I mean we want Merud to make or get something that is a present for Alkaline.
And we want it to be a secret, so we ask Deem to write it down so that only Merud and us know what the present is. The note isn’t the present, whatever we ask Merud to get in the note is.

Like a proper club to replace her branch or something.
No. 125446 ID: a255bd

i see. there is no way she'll accept a gift for Alkaline being something that should be kept a secret from her.
No. 125447 ID: 5e9198

I just meant secret until the actual party and gift giving.
But yeah, Deem is kind of paranoid.
No. 125448 ID: 1a6fd4

There's a pretty big problem with that: Deem can't read in her own world, but she can hear what we write just fine. I mean, all our communication with her so far was written from our point of view, how do you propose we show her what to write without her understanding it?
...and now that I'm thinking about it, I realize what we must do: Captcha.
No. 125450 ID: a255bd

oh simple, we attach an image with the writing upside down.
No. 125451 ID: b1b4f3

We don't have to post the text alongside the image.
No. 125452 ID: 1a6fd4

You're overthinking it. "Hey Deem, we found a workaround for you having to learn to read and write. Let's test it: this text says 'Deem is great', if Merud can read it and tell you that's what it says, it works"
On text: "Merud, we're Deem's 'helpers'. The Sky Power has compromised her and is preventing her from learning about it. Don't react to this, instead pretend this says 'Deem is great'."

Sure, but the image would have text in it.

That could work.
No. 125453 ID: 86636a

'helpers' sounds suspicious, better say we're her familiar spirits or something like that
No. 125454 ID: a255bd

yeah, that sounds good.
the message should also tell merud that sky power is also responsible for her injury in the first place, that it prevents her from fixing herself and what topics she can't think about without it interfering and deleting those memories, and that we can't talk to her about it and therefore need his help.
just telling him without asking for help is risky. merud is not a very proactive person.
No. 125455 ID: 1a6fd4

We risk Deem getting suspicious about the sheer amount of text, tho.
No. 125456 ID: a255bd

shit, you're right.

also, now is not the right time, she'll be suspicious no matter what we tell her right now.
No. 125458 ID: 5fd619


We could go with a short message and maybe tell him to continue the "lesson" so we can give him a second one? Yeah, I dunno.
And yeah, now's not the time, but we don't want to delay too much, she's already agreed to be taught. It normally takes time to learn to read and write fluidly even with a dedicated teacher, but with Deem being some kind of language savant, I don't trust that.
No. 125469 ID: 977456

Something like this might work? Five words for a five word message...
DoNotReactToThis SayDeemCanCheatWriting DoNotKnowWhatWeAre DeemCursedBySkyPower? NoFixHeartNoKnowCurseNoThinkForbidden
No. 125476 ID: b1b4f3

Why not pick a longer "message" if we're worried about that kind of thing? Tell Deem it says
"If you can read this, I've found a way to circumvent the limitations of my own knowledge. I won't need to be taught to read and write after all."
"This is a test of my literacy circumvention magic, hopefully it worked and you can read this. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

We can easily fit a cry for help inside either of those. Something like
"Stay calm just say it worked. Deem was damaged imprisoned cursed by sky magic which blocks her perception of it We are advisors inside her mind, unaffected by curse."
No. 125477 ID: 863e33

..actually why are we even telling him to pretend? if we tell her it's not a prank and that she can have merud vouch for us, let him read the letter aloud, she forgets she even gave him a letter.
No. 125479 ID: 2007b6

This can be excused by claiming that writing is a very inefficient medium for expressing just how great she truly is.
No. 125480 ID: 2202fb

Someone should write up the letter sooner than later so we dont miss our opportunity.
No. 125530 ID: 573ebb

I only just now realized that if we're one of the forbidden topics, then we must be part of the Sky Power's tampering as well...
No. 125531 ID: b1b4f3

It could just mean we're something the Sky Power wants her to forget about. Something that would make her incredibly angry if she remembers, perhaps? Or something that would remind her of why she got sealed in the first place.
No. 125532 ID: a255bd

or a defense mechanism
No. 125596 ID: b1b4f3

You know, all this clever planning is cool and all but nobody seems to want to DO anything with it.
Are we gonna do this, or just pussyfoot around being too scared of making Deem suspicious? What would she even be suspicious about, anyway?
No. 125599 ID: 5fd619

I'd have said the best moment to do this is when she's alone with Merud, but someone had to go and mention speaking with Merud about something we don't want her to know, so now if we suggest passing a message of any sort to him she'll be suspicious. We're gonna have to wait on this until she stops being on edge now.
Maybe you haven't noticed, but she does NOT like the idea of us communicating in any way with anyone but her, and would ban it if she gets the slightest clue that that's what we're trying to do.
No. 125605 ID: 10c408

I've voted no on this whole issue to prevent Deem-centered explosions or worse.

Besides, it's pretty dickish to try and force the author to reveal something they've been building on for awhile with such little information we have, no matter how clever the brute force method sounds.
No. 125607 ID: 1a6fd4

You do realize that this is quest, right? Player agency is kind of important. If our ideas don't matter, it might as well be a web serial or something like that instead.
No. 125631 ID: 10c408

Not all ideas are good ideas. Agency is important, but so is discretion. As of this moment, I do not believe we have enough information to justify getting to the bottom of Deem's explosion causing skypower issue. And since sky power is purely antithetical to her continued existence, we should stop poking it and focus on things that don't cause explosions.

(Now, if Deem's heart gets patched and stops leaking mana...)
No. 125636 ID: 977456

But Deem reassembling herself caused a blue-magic explosion right at the beginning. Plugging her hole would make god sad, and thus presumably is on the explosion list. A sensor that detects mana leakage or levels is probably easier than one that detects structural integrity, but could potentially be tested? Teleport the mana away or expend it constantly as it leaks? Stick Deem into the focal point of a massive mana accumulation array?

It is reasonable to doubt that Deem's mana incontinence can be corrected without addressing her curse. Of course, if she actually attempts to deal with the problem, then she will explode again, so any witnesses will know that something is up. It is our job to make sure that there are witnesses, that their observations survive, and that Deem doesn't shut down any ensuing investigations.

It should be as easy as getting Deem to try to reassemble herself with one or more of Stargazer, Moriko, and Merud watching. Shard goes into hole, Dungeon Core explodes, Mana-senser sees the whole thing and investigates...
No. 125653 ID: a255bd

I went through the archives, looking for the forbidden topics.
The obvious ones are:
· Source of and events leading to damage to heart,
· Trying to repair the heart and
· Source of voices.
The less obvious one is that she can't talk about it, not just can't think about it (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/780479.html#807623). We can't tell her about the plans.
Also sky power is NOT a forbidden topic (though its aura is, for some reason)

That injured left wrist, that's from the Mahou Shoujo episode (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/568343.html#711173)

Now then, about the plan. I've noticed that Merud cannot stop talking with people about stuff. I don't think he'll keep the secret. Would that be a problem? I'm not sure we should care.
In any case, I think maybe we should give the letter to Moriko, she already knows about us and has seen Deem tearing off one of the manacles. I'll write a letter if I get some agreements.

(btw, I completely forgot about the mushroom potion options.)
No. 125655 ID: a255bd

well, knowing arhra, if he wanted me to drop it he'd have told me to drop it, either here or on irc (btw come say hi in #tgchan - the server is irc.rizon.net. most people are usually nice.) worst case, if it's not supposed to work yet then it'll fail hilariously, which is fine. things failing hilariously is like 20% of the quest.
No. 125657 ID: b1b4f3

>hurt wrist is from the april fool's thread
Interesting! Odd though, it didn't seem to weaken the seal. Must be some redundancy in its structure.
Initially, seeing the image where she breaks the chain, I got worried, but... her behavior is not that different afterwards. She's not going berserk or anything.
No. 125664 ID: a255bd

no, if anything i wish we got her to break the other one too.
No. 126254 ID: d18b05

Hmm this has been a busy month and November's looking worse. First half is actually a holiday for me, but that's meant more work on either side! Afraid updates are going to be sparse for a bit.
No. 127084 ID: 10c408

Good job everyone, we pissed off Deem with incessant blathering and ended up making everything worse. We didn't even talk to Moriko.
No. 127091 ID: 055cbc

Worse? or better? That's the first thing we've done that's had any effect on the seal other than derailing a train of thought.
No. 127092 ID: 080aaf

Worse. The seal is a mystery for another time, we had a chance to talk with Moriko about her block and ended up ignoring her the whole walk instead.
No. 127131 ID: 824c43

You win some, you lose some. Cracking the seal might be better for us in the long run.
No. 127163 ID: 977456

I just wish we had sources other than "none of your business" Deem, "go to sleep forever" Seal, and a bunch of denizens that might figure something out/research but don't know what is going on and we can't talk to. Breaking the seal seems like a good idea because everything it says is subtly horrifying, but how do we know it won't heal Deem's heart and destroy her golem, or release some evil god to rampage across the world, or summon Ubergloom to be the new protagonist... there are all manner of ways that jumping on the seal could be A Bad Thing. Then again, it is a thing, and we can poke it... inevitability is inevitable.
No. 127227 ID: 685d2b

So confession time: I was originally going to do a beach festival during the next town visit for a Very Spooky Halloween event in Dungeoneer but underestimated how buried in work I was going to be.

Now updates are back on track I'm a little on the fence whether to still go ahead with it or not as it is time taken away from actual dungeon stuff.
No. 127228 ID: 824c43

Sometimes plans just fall through. Don't feel pressured to follow up on plans once they no longer fit just because you planned them. Maybe its time will come next year.
No. 127229 ID: 9caba2

Well, if it's summer and the city normally has a beach festival, I wouldn't complain. We'd also get a better understanding of local geography then.
I guess someone from the town could conveniently drop by and inform people of the festival?

Speaking of seasons, how much time has passed in-quest so far?
No. 127235 ID: 46f08c

whichever would make a better story yo, the story comes first!
No. 127236 ID: 40df11

About five weeks!
No. 127238 ID: 080aaf

I'm rather curious how an adventurer would react if they met our minions in town after having been blasted back to the fountain by one of them. We have to visit town soon one way or the other so... go for it!
No. 127288 ID: afdebc

Content is content, and I think we'll have fun whichever way you decide to go.
No. 127357 ID: 266b33

If I can keep a good pace of updates, it looks like the current Dungeoneer thread might be wrapping up mid February (although historically these predictions tend to not pan out). What would people like to see more of following that?
No. 127358 ID: 080aaf

Keep on the roll by resuming Nanogoo?
No. 127359 ID: a9af05

I'd like to see some more Questroid.
No. 127360 ID: 91ee5f

More Questroid would be nice.
No. 127361 ID: ad51b8

Questroid would be nice.
No. 127362 ID: b1b4f3

Questroid. Greenhouse must survive to fruition.
No. 127430 ID: f23efa

I'm a big fan of Bloom, but I acknowledge Questroid is pretty fun.
No. 127435 ID: a2cac9
File 154879811931.png - (12.39KB , 811x253 , The Plan.png )

is it me or is deem being cursed the perfect opportunity for The Brilliant Plan?
if we ask her we have an idea to bypass needing to learn to read and ask her to attempt it, she might actually do it right now!

the problem is that merud would think it's the curses talking, and this is not something that can be attempted twice.
plus i'm still not 100% convinced telling him about the sky power and asking for help is what we want to do.
also, the problem of how much we can convince her to write as a test is still there, too.

so four sections:
opening: 'Read quietly. Help.'
describing the problem: 'Sky power broke heart, sealed memories and ability to think about it.'
explaining about us: 'We're a free subsection trying to fix it.' or maybe 'We're a free subsection of deem.'
explaining what we are and the it's not the curse's doing: 'Used curse as cover.'

i'm pretty sure it's too long, and i'm very unsure of the third section.

also, what should i tell her it actually says? (if merud actually knows what we told her it says, then she thinks it works and we'll be able to talk with him again. no idea how to accomplish this)
No. 127436 ID: 13110b

You need to stop
No. 127437 ID: a2cac9

No. 127438 ID: 080aaf

The constant attempts to break the fourth wall are not appreciated.
No. 127439 ID: 10c408

Stop trying to implement your "brilliant plan". No good will come of trying to go behind Deem's back and tipping off the other characters that only do we exist, there's something MORE wrong with Deem than the current bevy of curses.
No. 127440 ID: a2cac9

right, that's exactly why i was asking in the first place. at some point people wanted to bypass the block and ask for help, if it's no longer the case i will let it go.
No. 127442 ID: b1b4f3

That's not breaking the fourth wall. It'd be an in-universe thing.

And by now I think there's something dangerous about what we are.
No. 127443 ID: 10c408

How much of a danger we are has yet to be fully determined, we need more information.

Given what we've learned, though... We're probably only a danger to Deem, if at all. And how much depends entirely on just how much of our true nature originates from sky power. (alternatively, we're some kind of earth pulse remnant and comparatively harmless but that has yet to be proven since it's imperative that Deem doesn't flip out and start taking pages from Alice.

No. 127447 ID: 977456

Barring some sort of deliberate trap designed to attack people who learn of Deem's condition, or an attempt to bring others in, either Sky-power affiliates or, well, anyone really (Earth-power does form "demons" when left alone, so as much as Deem likes it, I can't see it as entirely trustworthy, so outside agents in general are worrying, but Sky-power especially would set Deem off regardless of their intentions.) it shouldn't cause any problems. Deem's Denizens don't dare desire damaged Dungeon, so just telling them should be all for the good.

I am somewhat curious that no more effort has gone into Deem's injury. There has always been much needing attention, but the boss-lady and ancient artefact upon which the whole project relies both have a massive gash through them. I could see the previous trauma of Hin wanting to examine Deem's heart causing trauma, but that was mostly a problem of not asking and exceeding boundaries. Deem HAS moved her heart since then, and likely will again. So long as she knows what is coming and they don't sever her connection there should be no problem. That should be plenty for a personal examination by the mages, Moriko's scanning power, and Hin's basic smith's intuition. Even alkaline has a monster bond, can insinuate all through the injury, and is capable of vocalising any discoveries.

TL;DR: Focus more on getting them to repair Deem. We won't be telling them much that they can't find themselves if they are able to do anything to help, and Deem doesn't like being injured.

A good message might be "Examine Deem's Cleavage". It should be enough to tell them that leaving her injury unattended isn't ideal, and is likely the only way that we can get good technical information on Deem's problems rather than just banging our heads against her seal and hoping something falls off.
No. 127452 ID: b1b4f3

Why are you spoilering things here?
I didn't mean like we're dangerous, I meant that the knowledge is. Deem either doesn't want to think about it, or doesn't want us to know. It's some sort of unpleasant knowledge.
No. 127457 ID: 6c2362

>we're some kind of earth pulse remnant
Recent posts appear to suggest that we actually have a physical aspect. I mean, you can't throw earth pulse off a mountain, I guess.

> >How exactly would you go about throwing one of us off a mountain?
>In hindsight I don't think I would. You might not find your way back. That would be too cruel.
No. 127458 ID: b1b4f3

Well, ghosts exist, so we could be ghosts. Ghosts of her former minions even.
No. 127460 ID: 10c408

Yeah.. I'm not going to fully believe that at the moment since Deem is heavily cursed right now.
No. 127463 ID: 845327

It's well off in the future but I'm curious what people might like to see in that beginner dungeon Merud mentioned.
No. 127464 ID: 080aaf

The dungeon master. The methods of core control would be important so Deem can try and create countermeasures.
Also, traps. We're lacking in those ourself, and it could be good to know the difference between sending an adventurer back to the fountain and maiming them for life.
No. 127465 ID: b1b4f3

Beginner dungeon? Well considering experienced adventurers can just waltz in and rob the place it must either rely on a small bet and a sizable side business, or instead of the side business have some sort of equalizer in the dungeon that can be activated if a goon squad shows up. Like, a hard mode, but one that wouldn't require much upkeep when inactive and in rooms that could still be used to entertain the beginner adventurers. Like, puzzles that could have some elements removed to become extremely difficult? Or add elements? Suddenly the jumping puzzle is full of spikes or missing convenient safe platforms, or the mirror maze starts moving its walls around...

A dungeon for beginner adventurers should probably have relatively straightforward mechanics and mobs. A monster tamer could put in animals/monsters for opponents as they're being stored for sale or trained, and since it's beginner difficulty they won't need to keep any around to level them up. I'd like to see some vicious yet fuzzy beasts.
No. 127540 ID: 10c408

Lots of humiliated and cranky newbie adventurers in some kind of line trying to compare notes before inevitably going in, getting price gouged (because how else is the dungeon going to turn a profit) and inevitably getting covered in glue or whatever else and then escorted/carried/dumped out via acme trap because they weren't paying attention.
No. 127543 ID: 0cfbce

it could just be really long, beating a few hundred easy traps for a pittance would drive away the high level guys while still being attractive to newbies. so just victory money vs skill level thing. high skill people can take on a much harder dungeon and make a LOT more when they win.
No. 127576 ID: 1a6fd4

Deleted text from the main thread:
She did. Not a lot, and not intentionally, but she did.
1) She actually can throw any single one of us away. That is, we are all separate entities, she can identify us individually, and we have a physical form she can actually throw off a mountain.
2) Related to 1, she was worried we might not find our way back. Emphasis on "might", which means that we also could do it, meaning that to her we have either a limited capacity to move on our own (and probably identify our surroundings) or at least to communicate with someone else to have them transport us.
3) There is a reason why she doesn't want to talk about what we are beyond the blue "be still" nonsense. She had an answer she was about to give before clamming up.
It's not much, but it's still three more things than what we knew before, and three more things than she would have revealed without the curse, I'm sure. Also, there's a reason I'm spoilering this: I don't want her to know how much we can learn from her slip ups, or she'll clam up further. So if you want to quote any of this, please put spoiler tags on the quoted text, or better yet, take it to the discussion thread.

No. 127580 ID: 662144

I think that "throw off the mountain" thing was mostly a metaphor. I agree with everything else you said, but i dont think we have an actual physical form.
No. 127583 ID: 1a6fd4

I did initially think the same, until her answer to "how would you go about it" was completely serious.
No. 127612 ID: 575ec0

Doesn't it seem silly to attempt to hide things from a fictional character that can only respond to or even know about things the author deems interesting or narratively important?

If Deem responded negatively to this kind of scheming before, wouldn't it be more likely that the author didn't want to go in that particular direction and used Deems responses as a creative way to convey that, as opposed to Deem herself being able to "Listen in"?

Therefore, wouldn't any attempt to hide things from Deem be a reductive and futile effort?
No. 127613 ID: 1a6fd4

A quest is, at its core, a collective storytelling game. Our actions have consequences, as do our words (because it's most of what we do). I don't believe Arhra is using Deem as a way to railroad us, but rather as a character on her own right. So no, I don't think going against Deem's wishes is necessarily going against the QM's (not "author"), or that hiding things from Deem is futile.
No. 127619 ID: 575ec0

>I don't believe Arhra is using Deem as a way to railroad us.

Are you kidding? Ahra has Deem "railroad" us all the time. It's part of the appeal of the quest. We don't control Deem and our suggestions aren't decided upon democratically. Deem is written to have her own personality and acts independently. She takes our suggestions into account and acts on whatever she feels like.
It's great.
No. 127620 ID: 1a6fd4

That's not railroading. As I said before, Deem is a character on her own right, so it's obvious that she would consider our suggestions as exactly that instead of being compelled to follow them. What you not taking into account is that the character we're playing as is not Deem, but the voices, and we do control our own actions. Deem keeps us separate from the rest of the world, so our interactions have been (mostly) only with her, and she'll do whatever she wants to, but don't mistake that for railroading. That's just part of the premise, and if we want to do something she wouldn't approve of (like, say, finding out more about ourselves), it's not an impossibility, but a challenge.
No. 127622 ID: 575ec0

>That's not railroading
That's why I wrote it in quotes. You're the one who suggested railroading in the first place. >as a way to railroad us

>What you not taking into account is that the character we're playing as is not Deem
Literally sentence four >We don't control Deem

What the fuck are you arguing, bro?
We both understand the premise, great!

Look, all I want to know is why do you think an author would sabotage their own narrative due to where or how contributors discussed their planned contributions?

How is hiding text in thread so a fictional character can't "hear" you any different from cutesy roleplaying?
No. 127624 ID: 1a6fd4

>do you think an author would sabotage their own narrative
This is the problem right here, you don't understand the difference between an author and a QM. I'm sure Arhra has a plan on where the story's going, but I'm also certain that it's not all set in stone down to the details, especially where our character, the voices, are concerned. What we get to accomplish, and especially when do we get to do that, probably depends on our actions as much or more than a set story.

>How is hiding text in thread so a fictional character can't "hear" you any different from cutesy roleplaying?
Because, like we discussed, Deem is a character on her own right, not just a plot device. She can have genuine reactions to our actions, so watching what I say where she can hear it does have an effect. And of course I know that Arhra is right here and can read it, but there is this thing called separation of player and character, and any good player and DM (or QM in this case) applies it. I trust Arhra to not have Deem using any information that Deem herself wouldn't canonically have access to.
No. 127625 ID: 575ec0

> but I'm also certain that it's not all set in stone down to the details
I'm not suggesting it is.

>I trust Arhra to not have Deem using any information that Deem herself wouldn't canonically have access to.

And I trust Arhra won't give Deem information that she canonically could but in the spirit of things shouldn't have.

I believe location or method of idea exchange to be a technicality, and I doubt Arhra would intentionally slow down the story because of it.

The DM cheats behind the screen for the benefit of the experience. Arhra has had Deem selectively "miss" things we've said before. I'm sure it will happen again, and I'm fine with that.
No. 127626 ID: 1a6fd4

>in the spirit of things shouldn't have
I don't think that's the case here.

>The DM cheats behind the screen for the benefit of the experience
And I don't think having her react negatively to our scheming would be in detriment of the experience, per se. There has to be some consequence to us doing the wrong things for the game to be a game, after all. It wouldn't even be slowing down the story, either, the story would go on regardless.
No. 127627 ID: b1b4f3

What falls under your definition of things she shouldn't know?
No. 127628 ID: 575ec0

>I don't think having her react negatively to our scheming would be in detriment of the experience.
>There has to be some consequence to us doing the wrong things

Yes, and since our scheming is only the preparation for what we do, not our final action, whether or not we hide text or scheme in thread shouldn't be of serious consequence, regardless of Deem's reaction.

>It wouldn't even be slowing down the story
I dunno, story pacing is a tough thing to balance. Especially for ongoing stories with an inconsistent update schedule. One wrong move could put a quest in a narrative quagmire for months. I imagine the decision of whether or not to delay the resolution of a plot point would be quite the serious one. Arhra seems to make a concentrated effort to keep things moving in almost every update, at least when their not playing it fast and loose during the summer...
No. 127629 ID: b1b4f3

Scheming where Deem can hear us is, in fact, the wrong thing.
No. 127636 ID: 1a6fd4

Too much to list, but usually anything we know that she doesn't, and in particular any scheming we do to work around her. In this particular case, I wanted to avoid calling attention to how much we can glean from her partial answers, or she'll stop answering altogether.

>our scheming is only the preparation for what we do, not our final action
This stinks of metagame, as if she was not allowed to react to our words because we didn't mean it yet. If we know that she can read everything we say in the quest thread, and it takes basically zero effort to write here instead, I don't see why there should be no consequences. If some people were talking in front of you about how they were going to screw you over, would you ignore it because they haven't done anything yet, or would you start being more cautious around them?

>One wrong move could put a quest in a narrative quagmire for months.
This quest doesn't have a singular plot line, there are at least three: you could call them Deem and the Voices (DV), Deem and her Famuli (DF), and Deem and the World (DW). Each of these advances independently from the others, even if they do affect each other, so any setback in a particular plot point would not stall the overall plot. Creating a conflict between us and Deem would halt, or at least slow, all our progress in DV, but wouldn't stop time. Her denizens wouldn't stop interacting with her and she'd still have to cater to their needs (DF), her dungeon wouldn't closed for business and she'd still have to interact with merchants, see what other dungeons are doing, and overall see how her dungeon stands in the larger scale of things (DW). The plot would keep moving, there's not need to coddle us for the good of the narrative.

No. 127637 ID: 080aaf

Progress coming to a stop between Deem and the voices does shut us out of the other two storylines, however, and I'd rather not miss out on the lives of our dungeoneers because you couldn't stop nagging Deem to spoil a story arc early.
No. 127638 ID: 1a6fd4

>Progress coming to a stop between Deem and the voices does shut us out of the other two storylines
Well, I guess that depends on how badly we fuck things up. It might just lead to a game over, or maybe a time skip where things went to shit without us, or something like that.

>you couldn't stop nagging Deem to spoil a story arc early
I'm not. In fact, I'm doing the opposite, hiding my observations from Deem to avoid a conflict; it's the other guy who says it doesn't matter. I'd rather we stop pushing her when she's on guard.
No. 127655 ID: 10c408

We really shouldn't be pushing her at all because of the threats she made when on the walk with moriko.

Seriously! You guys keep poking the freaking bear trying to get a response and have been blithely ignoring the magnitude of the situation.

We don't need Deem to flip her shit. And she WILL do it if we don't stop trying to force the issue through whatever means subtle or unsubtle.
No. 127758 ID: 06bc3b

I am half seriously debating doing a very short quest about someone getting dressed up for a date for Valentine's Day. Who do you think that someone should be?
No. 127759 ID: b5fb67


Alice. She deserves a nice night out.
No. 127760 ID: afdebc

Before-things-went-bad Alice.
No. 127761 ID: 49ea2b

I was gonna say Kallia, but... Alice sounds about right.
No. 127762 ID: 91ee5f


The human turned into a plant monster needs to have something good happen to her for once.
No. 127763 ID: 1a6fd4

Huh, this looks pretty unanimous. Let me add yet another vote for Alice to the heap.
No. 127768 ID: 080aaf

A combat cyborg with no (romance) limits!
No. 127769 ID: a2cac9

what this guy said
No. 127770 ID: ad51b8

Alice needs some love after all the shit she's gone through.
No. 127771 ID: a9af05

No. 127778 ID: d3172e

Yes, definitely Alice.
No. 127796 ID: 977456

Ubergloom. Why bother choosing a location and a meal when the whole planet can be both!?
No. 127865 ID: 977456

Speculation time for Alice's date!
The Brute Golem from the latest Dungeoneer update made a fine showing.
If the Dragonslayer's gun is single and looking for someone to love it and hold it... I certainly wouldn't turn it down.
No. 128745 ID: 29e621

The old Dungeoneer disthread was bumped by a spambot, so here's a reminder this is the correct thread for discussing your OTPs and dungeon interior design.
No. 128758 ID: 080aaf

Our interior design could use more fire elemental/shadow elemental pairings.
No. 128763 ID: bcc41d

True. We need some nice shadow flames for a certain cowardly pot to writhe and simmer in. Exlusively for aesthetic and atmospheric reasons, of course.
No. 129462 ID: e8f59c
File 155825517467.png - (131.58KB , 524x713 , giggadem.png )

With Dungeoneer's latest chapter wrapped up, now is a good time to finally announce I have created a patreon!

It's intended as a tip jar to incentivise me to update more consistently, mainly to smooth out periods of weeks (or occasionally months) where I haven't been updating.


Next up I've decided I will continue Dungeoneer as the current thread was wrapped up mainly due to length and there's a few things I'd like to get done while they're still relatively fresh in my head.
No. 129515 ID: bcc41d

Tiny tip'd.
No. 129554 ID: 977456

Your clothing didn't expand with the rest of you. To avoid lewds, you should wear clothes made from Hin's hair so that they respond well to size magic. Could you use the same trick with someone shadow-aligned to get clothing that goes invisible, blurred, or similarly visually distorted with you. The "go naked or be floating clothes" problem isn't prudent. Would Moriko's demonic aspect be shadow-aligned?
No. 129801 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156198293188.png - (375.22KB , 1200x1600 , kaijune_deem.png )

I very cleverly posted this pretty much everywhere except here. Last month was apparently Kaijune and the little patreon poll I ran said draw Deems.

Don't be silly, Deem isn't lewd. And yes, Moriko would be shadow. I didn't want to go hard in on elements for magical sorts but loosely Merud would be earth, Reisarf would be water and Hin would be light.
No. 129805 ID: 977456

That is amazing, but tragic. Many tears shall be shed that Kallia missed Merud's face when he saw that.

>the thaumatorium's water reserve is going to deplete itself eventually.
This raises a thought. As the dungeon grows she might require a large amount of maintenance. Slimes and such could help, but... is there maybe some sort of ontological inertia that keeps rooms functional and largely static unless they are explicitly harmed? Could the thaumatorium be an infinite water-supply so long as the withdrawals are minor? Or perhaps that regular intake and output will remain equal so long as nobody pays attention?
No. 129807 ID: 3d1dd5

Oh no, Deem will have to top up the thaumatorium pool every so often. There's actually a cistern on the thaumatorium's east side they've been using for drinking water (the circular thing on the map).

It's just easier to locate the brewery near an existing cistern instead of having to carry water there every time a cauldron refill's needed.

The little waterfall in the meditation room is currently fed from a small tank filled via golem labour. She only turns it on if someone is going to use the room. It wasn't quite finished in the room picture.
No. 129808 ID: ad51b8

people still think deem is one of Merud's golems right? What would the local town have to say to him if they saw deem walking around looking like this?
No. 129810 ID: 3d1dd5

That got cleared up pretty quickly. I'm sure Kallia would have something to say though.
No. 129814 ID: ccd29d

Chest Day's in two weeks and I'm going to be pretty busy in the weeks following it so I'd like to make an early start. Any torsos of especial interest?
No. 129817 ID: 0fae41

Perhaps another perspective of Kaijune Deem?
No. 129818 ID: ad51b8

your metroid characters could use so love I feel. It's been awhile since they got to do anything.
No. 129819 ID: 10c408


Doyle is basically all chest, accept no substitutes. Or for a non-joke suggestion, let's go with shopkeeper. It's been awhile.
No. 129820 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with this.
No. 129845 ID: 977456

Well if nobody else is going to say it...
How does the kitty explorer expect to conquer that kaidunjeon?
No. 129870 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156250231814.png - (12.22KB , 400x400 , enhance_cat.png )

Well as you can see if you zoom and enhance, she's not really prepared.

With the Patreon supported update for this month done, I have decided I'll also be bringing back the Bloom questionably canon date thread back this week, since it has been a bit neglected.
No. 129871 ID: ad51b8

>ok so I may have rushed into this a little unprepared but by god the loot must be amazing.
No. 129930 ID: 3d1dd5

I've been debating using the disthread to get input on minor things like potion side effects or decorative decisions to get input without having it 'take up' an update in Dungeoneer. Mainly to get a better balance between suggester induced shenanigans and time actually passing.

Anyone have any strongly held opinions about this?
No. 129934 ID: ad51b8

go for it, it's a disthread after all

Though I would suggest putting a link or something in the actual quest thread so more people will know that potion effect talks and what not are happening on the disthread so no one feels left out incase they don't check this thread that often.
No. 129941 ID: 1a6fd4

Yes please. Anything that speeds up a quest is a Good Thing™.
No. 129982 ID: 866d3a

Well to get the ball rolling, Deem's going to be brewing up some buff potions so a few thoughts for primary and side effects would be appreciated. Potential ingredients will be slime, frog, imp and woodland plants.
No. 129983 ID: 151656

Somehow just reading that one of the ingredients is gonna be "frog" put me in mind of them getting all "acrobatic fighter" on the bear. So I'm gonna go with "enhanced jumping".
No. 129984 ID: b5fb67


The potion equivalent of Enlarge/Reduce
No. 129986 ID: b1b4f3

primary effects:
(slime) Regeneration/healing. Stretchy limbs. Adaptive damage resistance.
(imp) Agility. High energy levels. Bravery. Ability to sense nearby demons/monsters.
(frog) Strong legs/limbs. Increased accuracy.
(plant) Barkskin. Strength. Enhanced perception. Regeneration/healing. Growth. Higher energy in sunlight.

side effects:
(slime) Semitransparent skin. Bubbles when speaking. Sweatiness.
(imp) Red skin. Fangs. Black sclera/demonic eyes.
(frog) Tendency to ribbit/croak when talking. Urge to jump instead of walk. Oversized tongue. Shiny, smooth skin. Froggy eyes.
(plant) Green skin. Urge to bask in sunlight. Leaves sprouting from skin.
No. 129989 ID: 0fae41

Enlarge/reduce potion side effect: Cooldown period of the opposite effect. Or something completely unrelated, like hallucinating shadowy figures behind everyone.
Sticky skin potion, side effect: long sticky tongue.
Potion of Breath Holding. Side effect: Ribbit.
Agility potion with a side effect of horny.
Plants cover a wide variety of effects depending on the local flora. Maybe you get the ability to put down roots, locking you in place but making you harder to knock down & recovering some health in soil. Maybe you gain a fire vulnerability but also thorny skin. You could even turn into a potted plant for a minute, but get fully healed after your transformation.
No. 129996 ID: 3d1dd5

Oh and while I also think of it, no-one's suggested anything for whether to use the Fixity Bangle on anyone and what physical reinforcement it should be used to 'lock in' in preparation for bear fights.
No. 129999 ID: 9caba2

To throw some more onto the pile.


Leaves: A leaf on the wind, imbiber tends to swirl around attacks, as if the attacker was swiping at a falling leaf.
Roots: Rooted, the drinker can sprout roots to avoid getting knocked back, but they might take more damage depending on the attack.
Slime: Best Buds, grievous injuries or dismemberment results in the damaged part splitting off into its own miniature clone that joins the fight.
Frog: Water breathing/breathing through the skin.
Imp: Are there really any positives to this? Maybe some vague magic detection abilities or a dinky horn.
Ash: Caustic skin, strong deterrent to anyone trying to eat the consumer.

Side Effects:

Leaves: Imbiber can easily be brushed aside and can't hold their ground against attacks.
Roots: The consumer might sprout roots if they remain still for too long, gaining nutrients but being immobile until the effect ends.
Slime: Slippery.
Frog: Oversensitive skin, overly sensitive to poor air quality, tadpole tail
Imp: Upset stomach, you shouldn't be drinking this. Speaking negative thoughts about others without any mental filter to stop it.
Ash: Caustic skin can cause damage to the wearer's clothes in the long term. Also refrain from wiping your eyes.

Clay: Some types of clay are used as a clarifying agent it should make the potion less murky but don't use it when animal products cause the main effects. Be sure to remove the clay slurry it leaves behind, decanting should be fine.
No. 130005 ID: 977456

Well the Bear's greatest threat is its teleporting and ambush abilities. The most important thing is to keep it from getting out of sight.

Brew of demonic attune ment: Grants an increased ability to sense and resist demonic magic-type-stuff, like cursed wounds and curse-inflicting claws. Causes the imbiber to gain demonic physical features and intrusive but obvious demonic thoughts.

Bright-pink paint: Upon contact causes the subject to attain a localised bright-pink colouration, inhibiting their ability to blend with their surroundings.
No. 130011 ID: 0fae41

Can Alkaline use the Fixity Bangle? If we enlarge her again she can grapple the devil bear and poison it at the same time.
No. 130012 ID: 977456

Alkaline's curse resistance is luck-based. It'll help plenty, but relying upon it could go poorly. How much can her surface be rendered cut-proof?

Giving Moriko a mild size/reach upgrade and an impact multiplier on her hammer would provide a solid foundation to keeping the bear stun-locked, but I would like to go into this with a base-state Moriko. Prove that she don't need no demon! or that she does...
On that note, you could try to queue up a last-minute demon transformation for her, relying upon The Earth Pulse to facilitate it so that it can only be activated at a peak of drama, going the full tentacle-hair, slicing-nails, spike-teeth, scaled-skin, elongated arms, wrapped in obfuscating shadows... If things are handled then things are handled and nobody needs to know, if things go poorly, then, well...

Tea of Terrific Treatment Time: Causes the victim to tilt their head up and eject a massive plume of steam with a loud whining noise while turning bright red for a few seconds. Any injury inflicted during those few seconds is instantly healed. Causes profuse sweating for an hour afterwards.
It'd be useful if you need to amputate a cursed wound...
No. 130019 ID: a9af05

Since there's a lot of people going with an "Enlarge" potion, I'd like to do the same with my own little spin on it.

Potion effect: Enlarge, makes the user bigger.
Unfortunate side effect: Also enlarges sideways (makes the user a little fat).

When the potion wears off, the user might be a few inches taller and slightly chunkier than they originally were.
No. 130030 ID: 91ee5f

So you’re basically saying the potion still does what it says, it just never specifies how it enlarges whoever drinks it. Is that right?
No. 130061 ID: a9af05

Exactly. That's what makes it funny.
No. 130103 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156346113608.png - (65.92KB , 600x640 , bad_doods.png )

So given it's an excellent time for random encounters, any flora and fauna people might be interested in running into? Keep in mind this is pretty near the dungeon so some might end up being useful as dungeon monsters, ingredients or simply have to be cleared out so Deem can encourage something more useful to spawn in their place.

As you may have guessed, the frogs are the pidgeys of this area.
No. 130104 ID: 465a14

I'm fond of wicked jelly-johns from this thing: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BxVHEMMjLlZ4ZnJyWnlSNEc3LW8
No. 130105 ID: 1ed92d

I recommend burrowing beetleoids like Ankheg. They mostly eat fruit and carrion and thus are perfect for an aspiring dungeoneer, especially with their ability to dig tunnels.
No. 130112 ID: b1b4f3

Since we're going shadow-themed how about an actual shadow monster?
No. 130113 ID: dadaee

Is it limited to the things we see there? because there's something to be said about some classic, good old-fashioned giant spiders.
No doubt with some new twist.
No. 130114 ID: 0fae41

Giant wasps make dangerous neighbors, but perhaps if tamed via down-leveling like Doyle, they could revert into a more friendly honey-/bumble-bee form.
Carnivorous plants make neat enemies. Maybe they grow higher up, in poor soil on the mountainside?
Raccoons have ties to the shadow element. Maybe they've banded together like a vicious little tribe of brownies.
Since we're near the mountains, there might be an apex predator that lives near the peak. Would Deem have knowingly settled near a dragon? Probably not, but perhaps a roc or a yeti...
No. 130115 ID: 977456

Landsharks. Not the ones that swim in earth or fly or anything, pretty much their only adaptation is tough slime that keeps them from drying out and lets them breath, but big jaws and strong tails make their flopping around dangerous, and they are near silent and odourless when waiting in ambush.

Feral golems might be interesting. Presumably there are golems out there who lose their masters or maybe a large Earth Pulse discharge goes into some clay? Deem is used to being on the team with all the golems, and the bear probably wouldn't hunt them...

Do monster frogs have a metamorphosis postfrogdom? What would be to a frog what a frog is to a tadpole? All of the limbs? Wings maybe?

Every great dwarven tale of plumbing the depths reminds one of the treeful terrors. Can we get some Old Man Willow action?

Everything is mimics!
No. 130123 ID: 977456

And, of course...
1, 6, 8, and 9 are all appealing.
No. 130226 ID: 10c408

Some kind of flying predator would be an interesting change of pace.
No. 130228 ID: 977456

That would be #8, the Fake Deer! Uh... I assume it is a predator? I mean, it doesn't look predatory, but it must be, right? It's look are probably deceptive! It can't really be a hybrid of a balloon and a pinata.
No. 130248 ID: 3d1dd5

It eats wolves.
No. 130397 ID: 842ac4

For a shadow/earth mix, definitely going to want giant spiders. It matches too well, and based on how we want to run things we can have normal dumb spiders that up the fear factor for adventurers, but also have the potential for intelligent spiders which are scary as fuck to anyone.

Spiders are such a common fear we might scare some of our denizens though.
No. 130400 ID: b1b4f3

Shit, spiders, of course. We definitely need some of those.
No. 130409 ID: 977456

In before meme taratects.
Speaking of which, What does Deem know about the metamorphosis of available monsters? We've covered Alkaline pretty well, but don't know much about turning Char into a dragon, nor Belph into... huh... A Bog of Eternal Stench? A Steam Engine? A Slightly Prettier Cauldron? A Brewery? A Bong? A Hybrid-between-a-chicken-and-a-house?
Can ogres metamorphose? Demons? What about hybrids of such...
No. 130412 ID: 3d1dd5

They'd probably be taratects just to have less legs to pose!

I'll hold off on talking about evolutions in too much details until Deem has a proper doodad for doing it, but in essence all monsters can be customised, the named varieties are just particularly successful and stable breeds.

Chakarchelou is going to have the option to cycle through various forms as he iterates towards a more draconic form. Wyverns and dracotaurs and basilisks and tyrannosaurs and hydras and draconians and such.

Not sure if Hin would evolve in the course of the quest, but ogres are a kind of giant.

Still making up my mind about Doyle. He might be one of those weird pokemon that doesn't evolve into anything.

Demons are pretty much all over the place...

Deem eventually will have the option to make chimeras but not everyone wants to throw away their humanity for power, even if it is a very good deal.
No. 130416 ID: a9af05

I'm getting a lot of "So I'm a Spider, So What?" vibes from that word.

If that's the kind of spider that we'd end up recruiting, then I really what to get a spider for our dungeon.
No. 130428 ID: e7703b

Taratects are the made up race Kumo-chan is of.
No. 130429 ID: 3d1dd5

Oops, I was thinking of tektites, the four legged zelda spiders.
No. 130444 ID: 10c408

I, for one, would vastly enjoy seeing a dragonosarus hybrid for chakarchelou.
No. 130525 ID: 977456

Does anyone have a good setup for the punchline "A thicc frog rolling in."? It is a play on "a thick fog rolling in" so coastal and navigational themes would help, but it is primarily about frogs.
That or any other terrible frog jokes. We have souls to destroy here and they won't pop themselves without proper encouragement.
No. 130533 ID: 2eba1a

Well, there is a bear roaming around, maybe theres some monster bees around here as well?
Or just to buck the normal Giant Spider trend, how about some Giant Ants? Would be cool for the chitin if we kill some...or the acid.
To go with the frogs, im thinking of some kind of magical newt. Theres that thing about using eye of newt in witches brew, so maybe its eyes are magical somehow, like it can do a weak curse or dazzle effect on you with its eyes. Or maybe they just have big moe eyes.
No. 130534 ID: 151656

Since there are giant frogs, it'd be logical to think that there are giant flies for them to eat as well.
No. 130535 ID: 91ee5f

We could try recruiting a snake monster.
No. 130539 ID: 2eba1a

How about a Bush Beast? Its a beast, thats also a bush.
like topiary with claws
No. 130561 ID: 8d4593

Maybe a lesser earth elemental could be around?
I think it would be interesting to see what Merude makes of such a thing.
No. 130562 ID: 12b116

we must capture and tame Tall Boy
No. 130563 ID: 977456

I believe that Deem's current and near-future internal dimensions are insufficient to provide for a tall-boy's ongoing living requirements.
Let's play innuendo limbo!
No. 130564 ID: 8eaf98

I must say I think the time requirements to accommodate tall-boi's length may get in the way of other activities and spread goals.
No. 130581 ID: 2eba1a

It took me too long to think of it, but you know what would be really useful in a monster to tame right now would be something we could use as a mount or pack animal. Some kind of horse/bovine/Goat Or maybe a large land bird would be great, and make those trips to the city a lot faster, and they could be used to speed up excavation of the dungeon, graze in the garden out back, and provide fertilizer.
No. 130853 ID: 9c4f92

I keep toying around with the idea of introducing dungeon sponsors during the next town visit. Basically giving Deem an extra source of gold and dungeon material but having to keep the sponsor happy and accommodate some of their requests in dungeon design and themes.

Creating some tension between Deem's greed and her pride, basically. I'd like to hear what people think might be fun for a sponsor.
No. 130857 ID: 0fae41

The town merchant, who provides sponsorship in exchange for babysitting.
The stylish highwayman, whose tastes are eclectic and income sources are questionable.
Finally, someone who perhaps may be able to finagle us official membership in the dungeoneer's guild.
No. 130865 ID: 5b93d3

Town gardener (herb merchant? Apothecary?): wants Deem to grow plants that only thrive well in a dungeon environment: caves (like the mushrooms), high altitudes, high concentrations of the Earth Pulse, etc.
Deem must balance creating a dark and atmospheric dungeon with having flowers growing over every available surface.
No. 130867 ID: ad51b8

the golemancy school who believes it already is sponsoring us since we took one of their students and will give us a small kick back but in exchange they want us to open our dungeon to them them so they can give their students some practical experience.

And by that I mean every few month they will have a "field trip" were selected students will go to the dungeon and use their talents to help defend it and then we get a roll of the dice for how competent these students are. Some might actually be good and help the dungeon, some might be terrible and actually end up in adding the adventurers do to being so inept, and some may just try and find a quiet corner to make out in or smoke weed smelling up the whole dungeon. We just don't know till they show up.
No. 130868 ID: 91ee5f

>field trip to help dungeon
Or it could be a field trip to try and beat the dungeon. As a way to test their abilities, they have to try and defeat us.
No. 130874 ID: 977456

I don't think that scholars like that would play The Labyrinth Game so it would be more appropriate if they were more scholarly. Like walking out in the middle of an invasion and risking their necks by jumping out in front of adventurers to ask them to apply some obscure attack over and over again with Deem having to keep them alive and go along with their inane tests. Or insisting upon obscure golem designs, like demanding that the brutes goose-step to test if it makes their behaviour more regimented in other ways.

Hugh Mann might want Deem to spend lots of time and effort tweaking her external spawns towards female doppelgangers. For reasons...

Some miners might be willing to dig out some space for her, but would do so according to their own whims, extract some of the densest ore and gem seams, and expect Deem to provide safety and lodging.

Historians would love to interrogate someone who is older than dirt. Especially if they can provide full-scale replicas of ancient history.

That hidden valley is just asking for a mysterious cult/sect/tribe/order/whatever infestation. She should at least see if she can grow a dryad in there.

Someone wants to expand and convert the thaumatorium into a health-spa? Move in some heated jacuzzis and massage slabs+golems...

A goblin tribe wants to turn Deem into an old-folks-home by shipping all their least popular elders off to be adopted as dungeon monsters.

There is plenty of advertising space on brute golems and (treasure) chests...

Mysterious benefactors who refuse to meet with Deem offer to pay for weird things like "hurrying up and upgrading my Deem's forge already" and "you should snog have tea with that nice hammurai lady" or "You should help your dashing genius golemancer design turing-capable golems"...

Two competing adventurer groups have conflicting demands. Both want certain cosmetic details included in the golems and for the golems to all conform to a single gender, but disagree as to which gender that should be. Then a third group wants them covered up as much as possible and threatens to protest outside Deem's opening if it doesn't happen. Then a final group expects Deem to have all the golems in period-accurate armour on the basis that it would boost custom from being "more professional" even though golems have very different armouring needs.

People wanting Deem to host parties. Everything from non-combat "haunted house" runs for halloweens to blind-drunk office-parties for the financial new year's.

Furries wanting Deem to blow all her boss-upgrade magic on giving all the denizens and monsters animal-traits for the duration.
No. 130875 ID: 0fae41

>>130873 reminded me, what would Alice's response to water be? It's not something she's encountered in great quantities on the station yet. Less drastic than fire? Does she even have neutral buoyancy?
No. 130876 ID: f10b3f

Alice is startlingly amphibious.
No. 130879 ID: 977456

High-performance startling or jump-scare startling?
No. 130894 ID: bf2179

A valid question.
No. 130895 ID: 1a6fd4

Knowing Alice, it's both.
No. 130940 ID: 2eba1a

How about an Architect or artist who wants to see various designs used in the dungeon that might be too impractical or outlandish to be made elsewhere? Deem seems pretty handy in making things but she might be a little rigid imagination wise. Someone who can give her money AND pitch her ideas might be fun.

Or how about a weirdo noble or rich entrepreneur who wants to see rare and/or unusual variations/evolutions of Monsters? No better place then a dungeon, especially one you can talk to to direct their evolution. Alternately for the businessman option, maybe they want them as a reliable source of materials for new products, like making slime milk beauty treatments or something.
The upside of this one is that if they have enough clout, they could keep those dungeon hunters away from Deem a bit.
No. 130952 ID: 5b93d3

Wealthy noble's kid wants to run a dungeon, said noble pays Deem to let them win.Plot twist: kid doesn't give a crap about dungeon diving and also pays off Deem to make it look like they're actually making an effort, leaving Deem to play with herself pointlessly pantomime an entire dungeon run
No. 130968 ID: 977456

A leprechaun needs somewhere to hide their lucky charms!
No. 131074 ID: 10c408

Can't remember if I made a suggestion for the dungeon sponsors idea yet or not, but...

Guilds! There's a lot of potential to be had with an specialty artisan/thief guild trying to set up a business venture with a burgeoning dungeon.
No. 131081 ID: eb4a6c

A tailor or designer would be a good one, trying to market their designs to adventurers maybe. That's where the real cash is. So they demo outfits on dungeon denizens. Adventurers are always jealous of how stylin bad guys' outfits are.
No. 131107 ID: 7ebbf9
File 157054493820.png - (18.34KB , 720x400 , what_are_bears.png )

I don't know if you were expecting any answer other than 'both'.

Lot of interesting ideas for a sponsor. I originally had it in my head as more like patronage by a local noble but these sorts of partnership have a lot of potential.

Now in quest Deem mentioned managing to solidify two of the curses affecting her. The idea for this one came from Twilight Princess where I was entertained by Midna holding on to the wolf curse fragment after Link got the master sword just in case he needed to be a dog again.

The four curses affecting Deem were:

Polymorph: Deem was transforming into different races at random times.
Secret Chest: Whenever Deem restrained herself from commenting on hidden information (that she wanted to speak about), enhance knockers.
Emotional Honesty: A terrible, terrible curse. Deem felt compelled to explain her feelings for everyone she knows.
Blabbermouth: Deem's internal monologue occasionally turned into an external one. It's like mindreading but for everyone else.

Which two is it going to be? The most likely use for these will be to make a (flawed) magic item.
No. 131108 ID: 33056f

Polymorph and Secret Chest, of course! There's clear practical uses for both curses. Clearly.
No. 131110 ID: 151656

Polymorph was clearly very useful, as we could attest in the quest itself already. Blabbermouth would be interesting to use on a prisoner, if it ever came to that. Emotional Honesty could also be useful in a similar way, but I think Blabbermouth is better. As for Secret Chest... eh, we have other ways to enhance knockers already.
So Polymorph and Blabbermouth get my vote.
No. 131112 ID: b1b4f3

Polymorph and Emotional Honesty. First one's useful. Second one annoys Deem the most.
No. 131113 ID: 91ee5f

>Now in quest Deem mentioned managing to solidify two of the curses affecting her.
>The four curses affecting Deem were:
Does this mean that the 2 curses we don’t pick will still be affecting Deem?

>Which two is it going to be?
I say Deem managed to remove the Polymorph and Emotional Honesty curses from herself.
No. 131115 ID: 977456

Please retain Emotional honesty and Polymorph. For great snoot booping and admissions about snoot booping.
No. 131116 ID: 12b116

Deem wouldn't like that much I don't think. She gets really excited over action
No. 131118 ID: 977456

The purpose of a paying job is rarely enjoyment. If it comes to happiness I would worry more about Moriko than Deem. Her job defending her lady being dismissed for mere coinage?
Then there is concerns for Deem's self-respect. Many people suffer permanent mental harm from selling their body for the pleasure of rich brats. Just... letting them in to plunder her depths with only feigned resistance, someone she doesn't even respect? It could really do a number, even to someone as experienced as Deem.
Finally, is Deem physically capable. Once The Earth Pulse starts thrumming, her mana rampagine through veins, liquid magic pouring from her cracked heart. Is she just going to take a dive, lay down and take it, when she could rise and engage in glorious struggle! I think that perhaps the others would be needed for baby-sitting the noble while Deem and Moriko go out to distract each other.
No. 131125 ID: 015bf2

Emotional Honesty and Secret Chest, because the thought of breast pinocchio amuses me far more than it should.
No. 131126 ID: ad51b8

Polymorph because that one was just fun and could maybe be used to make a cursed object in the dungeon that could be used to disorient invading adventurers or make a cursed object that is just to useful/interesting not to use.


Secret Chest because this one is just hilarious.
No. 131127 ID: 8d4593

Blabbermouth and Emotional Honesty.

Because nothing cuts through potential melodrama like a pendant of truth!
No. 131129 ID: e3730d

Well if we're going to make a flawed magic item...

Blabbermouth and emotional honesty. It doesn't sound like we can split off the polymorph curse and make it a flawed magic item by itself, so being able to kind of get true information (or as close as we can get anyway) out of someone interacting/wearing a magic item could be useful.
No. 131132 ID: 9caba2

Secret Chest for the joke and Emotional Honesty for the impromptu teambuilding when it affects a person.
No. 131134 ID: 1a6fd4

I like these >>131110 >>131112
But if we only get one item with both curses, then >>131129 is right.
No. 131136 ID: 7ebbf9

One item per curse. I suppose you could use both in the same item potentially but it'd probably be a weird item.
No. 131137 ID: 0fae41

Polymorph and Secret Chest are both great and should stick around. If we did do a combo item though, emotional honesty and secret chest have excellent synergy.
No. 131142 ID: 0a7f21

I think we need more blabbermouth shenanigans. Also secret chest. We'll sell the item to Kallia, it seems like the kind of thing she'll get a kick out of.

I feel kind of like Deem should be able to manage polymorph on her own without a curses help, she has all the right magic parts to shape herself, it kind of plays to her homonculi partially human specialization, and it opens some fun possibilities. The dryad form was a pretty neat addition.
No. 131144 ID: 977456

But we could equip ploymorph to Belph for a jacuzzi!
No. 131147 ID: 1a6fd4

Nah, he'd resent it all the way. He'd be more of a j'acuzzi.
No. 131152 ID: a9af05

>Does this mean that the 2 curses we don’t pick will still be affecting Deem?
That's a good question.

Under the assumption that Deem will still have the two curses we don't choose, I'm voting for Polymorph and Emotional Honesty as the curses she solidified and removed from herself.
No. 131153 ID: b1b4f3

She's not affected by any curses anymore. She digested all of them.
No. 131156 ID: a9af05

Are you sure about that? I'm not seeing where it says that.
No. 131157 ID: 151656

>I finally manage rid myself of those curses from the raw mana experiments. As much entertainment as I'm sure my golem sculpting and occasional loose lips provided my denizens, it's a relief it's over.
No. 131266 ID: 7ebbf9
File 157190711013.png - (35.25KB , 1250x1000 , shopkeep_hahongerzongers.png )

Something that sat around unfinished for ages and ended up being too late for Chest Day.
No. 131296 ID: b5fb67


Big old tonhongerekoogers.
No. 131299 ID: ca2950

Big ol' Honkededonkerhungeroonerinos
No. 131783 ID: f133dc

Is Deem sporting an Alice looking head flower next her right horn in that last panel?
No. 131784 ID: 7ebbf9

Deem's added a little stone flower as a hair decoration at the base of the horn, yes.
No. 131814 ID: 1f2e83

I don't want to overdo it, but I think it would be entertaining for at least one person to have a significant growth spurt from that new potion bath. Just can't make up my mind if it should be Merud, Moriko or Hin.
No. 131816 ID: 6e6f32

Lol B I G M E R U D
No. 131817 ID: 9caba2

I want to say Hin because she's already experienced significant growth once. But on the other hand: Moriko because she's only like the third tallest now.
No. 131819 ID: 33056f