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File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
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No. 134781 ID: 6f7a5a
File 161196188822.png - (637.28KB , 845x842 , BonusNuns4.png )

part 4
finally something is found
No. 134811 ID: 163037
File 161277541893.png - (566.27KB , 845x842 , BonusNuns5.png )

Garcio finds a hidden key!
No. 134881 ID: 1d109c
File 161388015968.png - (298.71KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip1.png )

Lylene's been caught!
No. 134941 ID: 1d109c
File 161448230880.png - (441.59KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip2.png )

off comes the breastplate
No. 134969 ID: 1d109c
File 161498078319.png - (422.79KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip3.png )

Next goes the skirt!
No. 135041 ID: 1d109c
File 161588074264.png - (447.91KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip4.png )

No. 135051 ID: 1d109c

I generous patron has donated their bonus image to the community! please suggest what you'd like to see!
No. 135052 ID: 10c07d

How about Ulric getting his pants torn open and his crotch revealed by a carnivorous plant he was tending to?
No. 135053 ID: 864e49

Or just Hydra.
No. 135054 ID: 629f2e


How about a look back to Kalez' past, showing what came of her underestimating Via Vardek's abilities.
No. 135057 ID: eb1fcc

I wanna see the snake doing a sick kickflip in the nude

how do you do a sick kickflip without legs? this is for you to puzzle out and me to enjoy
No. 135080 ID: 5ee86b

Seconding this but maybe with even more torn clothes
No. 135121 ID: 1d109c

https://strawpoll.com/cko21x4z6 and now that the suggestions are in, a poll!
select as many options as you like!
No. 135122 ID: b1b4f3

How the heck does a snake do a kickflip?
No. 135202 ID: 1d109c
File 161673707517.png - (529.86KB , 845x842 , NethaarUlricPoker.png )

Poll image in coming!

in the mean time enjoy another bonus image courtesy of one of my other very generous patrons!

Looks like Nethaar has lost a game of strip poker!
No. 135262 ID: 1d109c
File 161717767266.png - (616.04KB , 845x842 , Azzeki Bonus4.png )

Azzeki doing a sick kick flip
No. 135264 ID: 4854ef

The most radical and tubular of snakes.
No. 135371 ID: 1d109c
File 161881117084.png - (389.56KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip5.png )

A small pause in item removal
No. 135400 ID: 1d109c
File 161923172902.png - (419.45KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip6.png )

off with the bra!
No. 135403 ID: eb1fcc

oh fuck yes, kickflip snake
No. 135509 ID: 1d109c
File 162071300994.png - (365.76KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip7.png )

there goes the last piece
No. 135550 ID: 1d109c
File 162110232698.png - (359.74KB , 927x1014 , LyleneStrip8.png )

and the conclusion
No. 135576 ID: 10c07d

Ghosk is in the room with all the characters at the moment right? I’m guessing he’ll be fighting for the Vardecks?
No. 135577 ID: 1d109c

Ghosk is not there he was left behind in the entryway room.

one of his knights however IS in the room carrying a Vardek banner
No. 135603 ID: 1d109c
File 162156798642.png - (508.37KB , 1352x1126 , ModelSheetsH&H.png )

These characters have difficult body shapes, it was good to work it out.

bonus image brought to you by my lovely patrons!
No. 135612 ID: 1d109c
File 162164546188.png - (582.91KB , 930x744 , KoPbeach46.png )

Reefa resting in the rays

brought to you by generous patrons!
No. 135624 ID: 1d109c
File 162180369924.png - (141.35KB , 352x380 , QHydr4.png )

>"To the Hydra, what are common issues that you all fight over or what often causes a fight between you five?"

Mifal:'we always fight over everything, fight over what to wear, fight over what to eat, A better question you could ask, "what don't we fight over?".'
Fason:'Only because you're all stupid, everyone should just follow me, I am the center head, And I always know best, don't listen to the others.'
Solia: 'It's true we're always fighting, mostly because Fason keeps demanding, Lareta keeps being a creep ,Mifal keeps encouraging them both, I wish they'd all stop.'
Lareta: 'It's so boring down here, I just spice things up, everyone always gets on my case, Fason likes fighting the most, I just want some fun'
Remia:'To answer the original question, clothes is a big one, with food we've enough mouths, but have only one body, we try our best . . . mostly.'
No. 135744 ID: 9b127b
File 162469185503.png - (573.76KB , 930x842 , KoPbeach47.png )

Reefa's top is swiped! ruining her relaxing day ...
No. 135745 ID: 629f2e


Man, Reefa has no luck with beaches. Maybe she should try a pool next time? Who knows, maybe the sand is just a harbinger of mischief and nudity.
No. 135746 ID: 9b127b

Truly tragic, no luck at all with beaches it seems

unfortunately a private pool wouldn't help, bathing in water is really bad for her health.
she likes beaches for the warm sand and soothing sounds of crashing tides

her lack of beach towel is an important detail!
No. 135747 ID: 0418a2

>her lack of beach towel is an important detail!

Maybe because she secretly wanted this to happen
No. 135748 ID: 9b127b

actually it's because she wanted to feel the sand ... however this choice HAS left her with nothing convenient to cover up with
No. 135755 ID: 5bbeac

Awful. Just horrible.
At least she kept the rest of her coverings!
No. 135802 ID: 9b127b

for now . . .
No. 135907 ID: 9b127b
File 162728548369.png - (859.08KB , 1023x926 , KoPbeach48.png )

A treasonous bandit's attack on the princess continues
No. 135909 ID: 9b127b
File 162754979877.png - (838.98KB , 1023x926 , BonusHydra3.png )

Nethaar taught the Hydra how to read as part of their general education when they were young.

Of all the things they learned this proved to be their favorites, they would spend long hours of idleness reading every book in the castle library delighting in the descriptions and tales of far off places.
Nethaar continued to bring in books for them for years to come.

No. 135911 ID: 322af8

Aw, that is so wholesome.
No. 135919 ID: 9b127b
File 162797475241.png - (465.66KB , 927x1115 , LyleneStrip9.png )

Beyound the previous conclusion

Lylene is given some new clothes, she doesn't appreciate them
No. 136001 ID: 9b127b
File 162874616649.png - (140.01KB , 352x380 , QKalez3.png )

>"Kalez, if the world wasn't on the brink and was rather calm and peaceful at least compared to right now what would you be doing?"

Duchess Kalez: "peace and quite the dream of the hapless laborer, misty eyed poet, secluded dullards or other such misguided fools. Peace creates restlessness, restless creates turmoil. just as a bountiful crop draws parasites so too does a peaceful kingdom, it takes constant effort from cunning leadership to convince the people that doom is always one step away. They must know gratitude and and enjoy the peace you crafted for them. Even in a unending peace that could never be, I would still work still improve this world for to grow idle is to grow weak."
No. 136120 ID: 9b127b
File 162992663266.png - (583.89KB , 954x1253 , MidasModel.png )

Reference of Arch-Duke Midas Multero
requested by a generous patron!
No. 136121 ID: df76b1

While I would probably layer the scale skirt under the groin-guard, that is still impressive regalia.
No. 136130 ID: 9b127b
File 163011955253.png - (112.23KB , 411x482 , Kalezpose.png )

Kalez in classic Rachnid combat pose
No. 136131 ID: df76b1
File 163012957112.png - (129.82KB , 411x482 , pettingguide.png )

absolutely not canon
No. 136274 ID: 9b127b
File 163298651467.png - (592.08KB , 1023x926 , KingFlagrionFinal.png )

Flagrion Multero King of Terroth
No. 136284 ID: 322af8

I feel like the King is judging us for all the bad things we've had his daughter and wife go through.
No. 136285 ID: 629f2e


Maybe he's just jealous that he's been left out for all this time, clutching his pillow each night and dreaming of the day he too gets to be stripped and humiliated for the titillation of a quest audience.
No. 136532 ID: 9b127b
File 163798945443.png - (562.37KB , 1352x1126 , ModelSheetsVVardek.png )

Via Vardek: Arch-Diviner
A colour reference for Lady Via Vardek
requested by a generous patron!
No. 136663 ID: 9b127b
File 163911833183.png - (548.58KB , 764x1053 , BonusReefa.png )

King Flagrion explains to his daughter Reefa the importance of specific trade routes over tea
No. 136741 ID: 9b127b
File 164019993445.png - (520.99KB , 927x1115 , LyleneStrip7b.png )

Alternate panel 7 for the Lylene bound series
No. 136873 ID: 9b127b
File 164170960657.png - (578.79KB , 1023x926 , KoPxmas7.png )

Expert Fashion designer Quayla taking measurement queen Gamma
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