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File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
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No. 134756 ID: 0fae41

Embedded functions? A golem that has been going around teleporting people's clothes away and a golem going around putting them back on the wrong people, tearing a twinned path of chaos through town.
No. 134775 ID: 9caba2

Cup holders? Can always use those.
No. 134789 ID: 5a788d

Very inconvenient when they get into the tavern. The patrons want to hold those cups!
No. 135158 ID: 1f1b46

Hmm, it's a way off but it'd be good to see some ideas for the dungeon statues Deem made while she was drunk.
No. 135161 ID: 9a2966

Statue ideas? Sure!

- Chickens and Eggs art installation (strange and twisted statues following a clucky theme and surely not inspired by deep-seated traumas)

- The Many Phases of Reisarf & Stargazer (i.e. a wall with 'sad', 'happy', 'girl' facial-photo-booth style mugshots carved as busts of both).

- Good draggies, best draggies (two Char statues 'guarding' the entrance to the dungeon core room, lying atop a pile of stone treasures)

- Golems Being Best At Drinking (statues of golems standing around a barrel / water cooler, holding drinks)
No. 135162 ID: 9c1ef3

- The Very Conquered Sun (Deem with one foot on a sad-looking sun of some kind, flexing)
No. 135165 ID: 132458

A statue of a dancing brute golem. I call it: Saturday Night Fever Dream.
An impressive bust of Deem.
A stone bar stool, modeled off of what Deem was looking at at the time. Some of Kallia’s butt may have been in frame.
The Deem de Milo. Originally she was dabbing, but the arms fell off.
No. 135169 ID: 38eec1

bonus points if it looks like a fetish piece to everyone but Deem
No. 135170 ID: 38eec1
File 161644019763.jpg - (36.66KB , 298x481 , 7c587869b0860c5c45d9dab5a1ef112b.jpg )

a recreation of this classic Conan picture except it's Hin and Kallia
No. 135171 ID: 0fae41

A life size statue of Gigadeem. Granted, you can only see the legs, but just you wait til she Delves further up.
No. 135172 ID: 38eec1

I really like the idea of a hidden statue that can only be revealed fully by digging it out. You could say I... dig it. I'll let myself out.
No. 135176 ID: 132458

“Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
No. 135180 ID: 36784c

An impressive bust of Deem’s impressive bust.
No. 135181 ID: b1b4f3

A statue of deem's golem body carrying the dungeon core on its back like Atlus.
No. 135183 ID: dcdd1c

I am not actually suggesting this, but a what-if fully-expressed-demonic-side Moriko would be a conversation piece and a half.
No. 135702 ID: 5197cb

Statues soon, but in the meantime, does anyone want to suggest what these materials Olan will provide for Deem to make something of might be?
No. 135703 ID: 465a14

gallstones and other mineral deposits found inside organs such as kidney stones or bezoars
his own teeth
rocks i guess
an elf
No. 135704 ID: ce39da

Probably some kind of contraband, like rare ivory or the (literal) devil's lettuce.
No. 135705 ID: 0fae41

A lock of his ex girlfriend's hair
Moon incense: It smells like the moon.
Troll teeth
A pauldron from an ancestral armor set.
No. 135706 ID: 2f6d8f

• Ancient, completely petrified wood. Or, in the same vein, a fossil.
• A weirdly organic regenerating metal that has no other apparent useful trait. Even the color is ugly.
• A completely normal dandelion. Extremely common. Nothing strange or unusual about it. Stop asking.

>an elf
No. 135707 ID: 96c896

Pseudodragon bone (or drake bone? something within his price range, obviously dragon bone is too much)
Abyssal Squid Ink (it's black but glows in the dark)
A seed from a giant pomegranate
A branch from an Evergreen, wrapped tightly to keep it from extending roots
Element-infused quartz.
No. 135709 ID: 312b32

Crystallised Sky Power.
Fragments of shattered dungeon cores.
Holy water.
A very familiar dragon skeleton.
No. 135710 ID: afa6f6

I like the idea of Petrified Wood and Fossils, gonna +1 those

A Chunk of deep sea Coral
A barrel of black volcanic sand
Shell from a giant jewel tortoise
Some chunks of meteorite
Moon rocks, rocks, from the moon.
Crystallized roses
Great Elk antlers
Nightmare mane (like, monster horses)
No. 135713 ID: 031458

What a geologist promised him was a large geode. Unbroken.
A carnivorous plant from a far away place.
Diatomic silt from the ocean floor.
A magic trinket from a traveling peddler who's function can't be discerned. (It is cursed in a way that cancels out it's function)
Dragon Bits. (The leftovers of the leftovers of a large dragon corpse)
A mystery potion. (A novice used his master's materials haphazardly. Its composition may be more useful than it's effect)

Chaos Battery: a Demon's Heart and an Angel's Skull (amount other things) are contained within a labyrinth of Gold and Sunstone. A dial adjusts the inner complexity and therefore power output. Even on it's lowest, most convoluted setting, this thing outputs dangerous amounts of mixed mana and distorts the local earth pulse in bizarre ways.
It's frankly a liability to have, Olan has probably been trying to pawn it off on my someone.
No. 135777 ID: 0a8bd3
File 162518789882.png - (107.74KB , 1280x1024 , kaijune_2021_alice.png )

Oops I think this is the one place I forgot to post this.

A kaiju Alice for Kaijune.

Not indicative of any future Alices!
No. 135779 ID: 2f6d8f

any plans for Kaijuly?
No. 135788 ID: ca0259

Alice can devour me any day!
No. 135828 ID: b6a7f7

Oh my it's Chest Day very soon. Are there any torsos of especial appeal people might like to see?
No. 135831 ID: 96c896

Are there any we haven't seen?
No. 135834 ID: 465a14

all of them fused together into some kind of eldritch, platonic chest-based abomination
No. 135835 ID: 0fae41

Perhaps statues from Deem's bender would be a clever framing device? Also, more Alice is never remiss, new form new chest day.

So, Ubergloom.
No. 135836 ID: 8483cf

Deem, Deem, always Deem.
No. 135837 ID: 24ae03

Does Deem still only have the one chest?
No. 135838 ID: a22e3e

Maybe those Metroid prime ladies. Don’t think they’ve showed up for awhile.
No. 135897 ID: ca0259

Can you give us one from the weird fetish Alice's from when she was "experimenting"?
No. 137787 ID: d240e9

I discovered Dungeoneer and read through the archive last month. Just wanted to say, excellent work, thanks for your persistence!
No. 137788 ID: 84aea3

Thank you! It's had a number of long hiatuses over the years but I'm glad it's something I've been able to keep coming back to.
No. 138428 ID: 492cd0

Getting things ready for the next few updates has been frustratingly slow but people might be entertained to know the two mystery crafting items most closely resemble two items from this list, as I wanted something a little difficult to work with.

In other news, I have been having some fun temporarily tinkering with character designs but I'm curious who people might feel should be the dungeon's reisdent boob monster. And (perhaps more relevantly to Ass Day) who deserves to be the thickest?
No. 138431 ID: 8483cf

I'll always vote Deem.
No. 138432 ID: 7397c3

Merud. And slightly more seriously, Reisarf's mana reservoirs should get bigger.
No. 138433 ID: a7a180

Deep down, Moriko deserves to be the boob monster. Let Centaur be thicc.
No. 138434 ID: 0ecef8

deem and also deem
No. 138435 ID: 99f29a

1. Deem
2. Deem
No. 138437 ID: bceec2

>who should be the dungeon's reisdent boob monster.
Alkaline. She hit a growth spurt during slime puberty and now she's a Slime Queen with large boobs.

>And (perhaps more relevantly to Ass Day) who deserves to be the thickest?
Most definitely Deem. We love messing with her like this.
No. 138468 ID: d98cb8

Honestly I'm still catching up on Dungeoneer but I'm enjoying how thick Deem is getting, so lets go with Deem for both. She's getting a nice figure on her.
No. 138469 ID: 12044e

Alkaline For boob monster

Deem for thick
No. 138474 ID: 12044e

Cake mimic for both. If for no other reason then to confuse the cast.
No. 138485 ID: 131d0f

>>138474 Oh my! Is the world ready for the cheesecake mimic?
No. 138488 ID: 421554

Obviously Alkaline is the thickest. She's quite proud of her viscosity, didn't you know?

More seriously, though, Moriko deserves some love, I think!
No. 138492 ID: 72bc96

I agree with this.
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