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File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
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No. 135713 ID: 031458

What a geologist promised him was a large geode. Unbroken.
A carnivorous plant from a far away place.
Diatomic silt from the ocean floor.
A magic trinket from a traveling peddler who's function can't be discerned. (It is cursed in a way that cancels out it's function)
Dragon Bits. (The leftovers of the leftovers of a large dragon corpse)
A mystery potion. (A novice used his master's materials haphazardly. Its composition may be more useful than it's effect)

Chaos Battery: a Demon's Heart and an Angel's Skull (amount other things) are contained within a labyrinth of Gold and Sunstone. A dial adjusts the inner complexity and therefore power output. Even on it's lowest, most convoluted setting, this thing outputs dangerous amounts of mixed mana and distorts the local earth pulse in bizarre ways.
It's frankly a liability to have, Olan has probably been trying to pawn it off on my someone.
No. 135777 ID: 0a8bd3
File 162518789882.png - (107.74KB , 1280x1024 , kaijune_2021_alice.png )

Oops I think this is the one place I forgot to post this.

A kaiju Alice for Kaijune.

Not indicative of any future Alices!
No. 135779 ID: 2f6d8f

any plans for Kaijuly?
No. 135788 ID: ca0259

Alice can devour me any day!
No. 135828 ID: b6a7f7

Oh my it's Chest Day very soon. Are there any torsos of especial appeal people might like to see?
No. 135831 ID: 96c896

Are there any we haven't seen?
No. 135834 ID: 465a14

all of them fused together into some kind of eldritch, platonic chest-based abomination
No. 135835 ID: 0fae41

Perhaps statues from Deem's bender would be a clever framing device? Also, more Alice is never remiss, new form new chest day.

So, Ubergloom.
No. 135836 ID: 8483cf

Deem, Deem, always Deem.
No. 135837 ID: 24ae03

Does Deem still only have the one chest?
No. 135838 ID: a22e3e

Maybe those Metroid prime ladies. Don’t think they’ve showed up for awhile.
No. 135897 ID: ca0259

Can you give us one from the weird fetish Alice's from when she was "experimenting"?
No. 137787 ID: d240e9

I discovered Dungeoneer and read through the archive last month. Just wanted to say, excellent work, thanks for your persistence!
No. 137788 ID: 84aea3

Thank you! It's had a number of long hiatuses over the years but I'm glad it's something I've been able to keep coming back to.
No. 138428 ID: 492cd0

Getting things ready for the next few updates has been frustratingly slow but people might be entertained to know the two mystery crafting items most closely resemble two items from this list, as I wanted something a little difficult to work with.

In other news, I have been having some fun temporarily tinkering with character designs but I'm curious who people might feel should be the dungeon's reisdent boob monster. And (perhaps more relevantly to Ass Day) who deserves to be the thickest?
No. 138431 ID: 8483cf

I'll always vote Deem.
No. 138432 ID: 7397c3

Merud. And slightly more seriously, Reisarf's mana reservoirs should get bigger.
No. 138433 ID: a7a180

Deep down, Moriko deserves to be the boob monster. Let Centaur be thicc.
No. 138434 ID: 0ecef8

deem and also deem
No. 138435 ID: 99f29a

1. Deem
2. Deem
No. 138437 ID: bceec2

>who should be the dungeon's reisdent boob monster.
Alkaline. She hit a growth spurt during slime puberty and now she's a Slime Queen with large boobs.

>And (perhaps more relevantly to Ass Day) who deserves to be the thickest?
Most definitely Deem. We love messing with her like this.
No. 138468 ID: d98cb8

Honestly I'm still catching up on Dungeoneer but I'm enjoying how thick Deem is getting, so lets go with Deem for both. She's getting a nice figure on her.
No. 138469 ID: 12044e

Alkaline For boob monster

Deem for thick
No. 138474 ID: 12044e

Cake mimic for both. If for no other reason then to confuse the cast.
No. 138485 ID: 131d0f

>>138474 Oh my! Is the world ready for the cheesecake mimic?
No. 138488 ID: 421554

Obviously Alkaline is the thickest. She's quite proud of her viscosity, didn't you know?

More seriously, though, Moriko deserves some love, I think!
No. 138492 ID: 72bc96

I agree with this.
No. 139159 ID: 18a0cd

Loving this. Got a question though, is Bloom on hiatus for now?
No. 139161 ID: 58c090

I think Arhra's planning to wait until the current Dungeoneer chapter is done before going back to any other quest
No. 139162 ID: 18a0cd

Aaaah, thank you. Sorry, the 2020 date being last thing on thread concerned me there
No. 139163 ID: 80131d

The plague years were a tough time and I keep finding splitting focus doesn't work well.

I'm hoping to get all my hiatused quests to at least more satisfying pause points (or bigger cliff hangers) this year.
No. 139164 ID: 18a0cd

Well, I'm glad to have discovered Bloom, will be checking out Dungeoneer soon. I do wanna see how far Alice can go.

Question, once she reached 100 mass she was like one and half times a person's size, right? She's currently spread out but I wonder how tall would her current body be if it wasn't spread out
No. 139498 ID: 7eb711

That fanart of Larro's has sudden relevancy to the newest quest you made.
No. 139555 ID: 3fc93e

Am I being too hard sci fi or sciency in my suggestions?
No. 140877 ID: 1fa538
File 169675330684.png - (136.43KB , 780x360 , bloom_compare.png )

Getting Bloom M<3 updated reminded me I was intending to post a little behind the scenes info on doing Garden Master Alice with tippler for April Fools.

I haven't collaborated like this before, but usually I'd write the outline for the images needed such as "Alice has a look of intense concentration" and provide some references and doodles as needed.
No. 140878 ID: 1fa538
File 169675349155.png - (146.72KB , 750x700 , pre-draw.png )

Here are the other main panels I provided an initial doodle for.
No. 140879 ID: 1fa538
File 169675378208.png - (130.16KB , 500x500 , a0.png )

I should add it can be great trying to do a layout doodle for something like a commission, because it lets you work out what details do and don't work well within a panel of the size you're getting.

On a similar note, Alice already had a design but this was tippler's first drawing to confirm on the tweaks and looks she'd have for the quest thread.
No. 140880 ID: 1fa538
File 169675401713.png - (142.79KB , 500x500 , a1a.png )

The new characters, of course did need to get designed.

For these I provided an initial description and some reference images, tippler did a concept panel and in some cases they then got a little more reworking.

Asteroid Knight
A cnidarian, an alien from Sarcopholacooda's quests.
A sort of jellyfish in a mechanical suit. Has a hulking suit that's mix of a knight's armour and an astronaut's suit.
Has a big bubble helmet, and the suit itself should be a bit bulkier than the suits in the cnidarian reference: it should look padded wherever it isn't armoured. Please do keep the tiny feet though.
His weapon is a mix of a jackhammer and a lance - it's a repurposed asteroid mining tool.

No. 140881 ID: 1fa538
File 169675425121.png - (140.70KB , 500x500 , a1b.png )

Grav Gunner
A truclean, an alien from Sportsdrink's Big Iron quest. As you can see, fairly close to human looking, three eyes, pointy ears, three fingered hands.

Short and curvy. She has a suspicious resemblance to some other quest characters of mine for no real reason.

She wears one of those trendy skintight space suits and her main weapon's a pair of machine-gun-like weapons that they can also act as a grapple beam (think Metroid or the hookshot in zelda). They have some sort of charge up gravity bomb shot too. Don't take the suit as too close a reference, I just pulled something out of my ref folder that was a nice match for the guns.

No. 140882 ID: 1fa538
File 169675434930.png - (211.17KB , 620x670 , grav_refs.png )

And a snapshot of those reference images to make sense of that description!
No. 140883 ID: 1fa538
File 169675453794.png - (121.99KB , 500x500 , a2a.png )

Psi Tuner
A neumono, from Lagotrope's quests.

Has psychic powers, uses them to broadcast empathy for buffs/debuffs. Basically a space bard. Big ears. Confident, make him hot. Carries a big microphone with a crystal mic and a music speaker in the other hand. The speaker can be used as a club in a punch so make it look sturdy.

Outfit is basically some light sci-fi looking armour and pantaloons. If you have an idea for a nice hat please add one.

(Included was a reference of Lackey's circle and stripe markings from Cirr's Salikai quest)
No. 140884 ID: 1fa538
File 169675457230.png - (113.71KB , 500x500 , a2b.png )

Psi Tuner came with an accessory.
No. 140885 ID: 1fa538
File 169675475027.png - (109.93KB , 500x500 , a2c.png )

Blaster Phoenix
A ketza, a sort of bird from Slinko's quests. Very small, about 2-3 feet tall.

Haughty, pretty bird. Make sure she has nice eyelashes.

Ketzas have fire magic but for extra blasting power this one rides a mech (making her about Asteroid Knight’s size overall). A ball body with a big turbine looking thing that it uses to shoot beams with the pilot on top. The kirby invader mechs are a good idea of the general shape.

The robot’s arms are small and the legs spindly, should make people think of a baby chicken.

(A picture of a secretary bird's eyelashes was included)

That concludes the behind the scenes look at Garden Master Alice. Hope you enjoyed!
No. 140886 ID: f14228

Cool stuff!
No. 141537 ID: 8d26ce

Why did Alice have a Halo in garden master Alice actually? Just cool aesthetic or it means something?
No. 141538 ID: 5b2941

cause she's a dungeon master as in Audit Quest, I assume
No. 141540 ID: 8d26ce

The what?
No. 141675 ID: 5fb55e

I might as well air my frustrations.

I've gotten really tired of the seemingly-permanent... uh, size... play. I really liked the design of the characters, especially Reisarf, and it feels like suddenly everyone is gravitating to a similar design. Deem is mutable, but I don't know *how* much, and likewise, Reisarf just... changed overnight without a great deal of our input. I get that a lot of people like the thicc designs, and that was fun on Deem (who, again, we have a lot of control over? Maybe?) but I'm a little, okay, a lot worried that everyone will just balloon into a similar look and we won't ever really get to change them back. I know only two (three?) have changed this way, but I worry if I don't say anything, it'll just keep happening, and get more permanent, or no one will care to change them back, or there'll be mechanical reasons not to (like with Reisarf now) and... I like the quest, I do, but this is getting out of hand for me.

I recognize that the others probably don't feel the same way and I'll probably get called some flavor of bigot or something, but I just really wished the nice designs were kept and more characters were introduced, or even more "hey do you want this" was a question asked with more weight (no pun intended) when big character changes would occur.
No. 141710 ID: 95d5fc
File 170814019225.png - (452.68KB , 1400x1400 , larro_dm_alice_chibi.png )

Oops just realised I thought I'd replied to this but hadn't.

I was blessed with some drawings by Larro of Alice as an Audit Quest style dungeon master.
No. 141715 ID: a7a180
File 170820672855.png - (655.75KB , 1400x1400 , alice but dungeon master menagerie.png )

Seems this one was never posted here.
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