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File 162056925280.png - (95.44KB , 900x900 , a9.png )
135483 No. 135483 ID: eedbeb

i make quests too quickly to warrant a discussion thread for each one. going forward all the fun can happen here.

once i'm finished with a quest, i put it in pdf form here: https://tippler.itch.io/

my twitter: https://twitter.com/fishsimp2
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No. 135508 ID: 031458

Possibly. I'm just worried about finding mom's stand in. Dad is a fairly benign magic. Mom on the otherhand was last seen acting as A Horse of the apocalypse.

Young Magic hasn't seen this form of her though so maybe there's nothing to worry about.
We'll just need to wait and see.
No. 135529 ID: c5d2fe

Okay, I'm trying to figure out what the references are in Girl Talk, because the setup seems interesting, but it seems like I'm missing a lot of backstory/prior quest knowledge. What's the basis for this?
No. 135530 ID: eedbeb
File 162094167080.png - (140.65KB , 900x1000 , a13.png )


you really have to read my other ongoing quest, Good Impression https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/997795.html, to know what's going on in Girl Talk

i started Girl Talk as a joke based on a comment that cicero made that i wasn't labeling my update announcements well, but now it's closely tied to the plot in Good Impression. the two quests are going to collide at the climax
No. 135532 ID: c5d2fe

Ah, okay. Will do.
No. 135533 ID: eedbeb
File 162094674851.png - (123.97KB , 900x900 , a14.png )

to clarify any confusion, i have two fish ocs, neither of which are my sona.

sal is the brown fish. he is very relatable because he ate several people

i use carl, the blue fish as most of my social media profile pictures because he's devilishly attractive
No. 135535 ID: 9a2966

Thank you for this very important PSA.
No. 135537 ID: e011e0

Thank you for this information. Who would win in a fight?
No. 135538 ID: eedbeb
File 162096343377.png - (225.89KB , 1100x900 , a4a.png )


very good and important question. sal is stronger and more experienced physically but has a panic attack every time he sees a fellow fish person

carl radiates a lot of raw sexual energy, but is a 39 year old neet who has to self medicate constantly.

sal would forfeit before the fight started. if forced into it he'd win, violate his parole, and be shortly killed by a disappointed dog
No. 135585 ID: 031458

Is it REALLY hell if we keep murdering the demons?
I think not.
No. 135587 ID: eedbeb
File 162147284811.png - (9.71KB , 400x600 , a1.png )

you are correct. the MC Magic is a little baby who is bad at doing eternal torment
No. 135596 ID: 1f53e8

I keep suggesting not being so mean in Good Impression and I honestly wonder if I'm being a genuine party-pooper to the other suggestors.
No. 135597 ID: eedbeb
File 162155509240.png - (106.35KB , 900x900 , a22.png )

i don't know what the other suggestors think but i personally do not mind and there's still plenty of room for general violence and destruction while being 'nice'
No. 135599 ID: 031458

They'd be a less interesting character if they weren't at least a little nice, and you were a part of making them what they are!
No. 135604 ID: 031458

LOL You actually made them canon monochrome XD
No. 135605 ID: 76d753

I dont think there’s a problem with suggesting being nice, tho I really like the dumb idea of eating everything and gaining power. I like the direction tipplers been going, and he takes those nice posts into consideration sometime so don’t feel discouraged I think!
No. 135616 ID: eedbeb
File 162170477728.png - (110.86KB , 900x900 , a23.png )

hello healthy children lets learn some probability

E vs Emma has a sample space of 70 (10x7). Emma has a 21/70 = 30% chance of winning a roll, there's a 10% chance to tie and E has a 60% chance to win.

With gruoch's help there's a substantial drop in E's success rate when Emma is in disadvantage. 60%->30%. Add another +1 on there and it drops to 21%. still possible. haven't rolled the dice yet but i wanted to flex so here we are
No. 135619 ID: 031458

>i wanted to flex
Aren't you also the guy who recently wrote the words AGH, MY TITS?
No. 135620 ID: eedbeb
File 162173616950.png - (97.57KB , 900x900 , a24.png )

from my extensive theoretical research of the woman, i have concluded that the knockers are a vulnerable organ
No. 135625 ID: 906c31

Hmm yes, theoretical. Indeed.

Good impression was fun!
The ending state of the quest leaves open interesting implications for the world and a few open threads. Will you be returning to it any time soon?
No. 135627 ID: eedbeb
File 162186432084.png - (734.79KB , 1800x1400 , a25.png )


i like to jump around, so next on the docket would probably be the amelia/sal quest or the vlad quests

for now im taking a break and doing commissions. The Good Impression and Girl Talk pdfs should be up on itch later today
No. 135628 ID: 031458

Nice. I look forward to whatever you got common up.
No. 135653 ID: eedbeb
File 162248250771.png - (321.67KB , 1200x1300 , a1a.png )

so the amelia thing is going to be a comic. it should take around 1.5 months to complete and will update on le twitter
No. 135657 ID: afe7de

Oooh so it’s gonna be a Twitter quest and not a questden quest?
No. 135661 ID: eedbeb
File 162250943822.png - (255.03KB , 1200x1300 , a3a.png )

'twill not be a quest at all. i decided i wanted more control over the direction of this one so i'll be posting pages in twos as they are finished
No. 135766 ID: eedbeb
File 162509091875.png - (229.88KB , 1200x1000 , a23.png )

2nd sal comic is done and can be found here: https://tippler.itch.io/choices

next project will probably be vlad quest, with spiffier designs. im doing artfight tho so that won't start for a bit
No. 135769 ID: 9d29cf

Yipee hurray! Improved graphics for Cat Quest Gaiden!

Wait how many gigabytes of RAM will I need to play this better graphics quest?
No. 135770 ID: eedbeb
File 162511297306.png - (192.89KB , 900x1000 , a24.png )

oh this will be incredibly spicy. you might need 1, maybe 2 gigs, just like the early 2000s
No. 135773 ID: 703acd

Calling it, the quest will be called: you lived
No. 135776 ID: eedbeb
File 162517975375.jpg - (185.82KB , 900x1200 , j3.jpg )

thanks for coming up with the name of the quest here's some concept sketches
No. 135914 ID: c0dce3

This is a stupid question, but were you binge watching Bar Rescue episodes before starting the new quest?
No. 135915 ID: eedbeb
File 162768851083.png - (164.69KB , 900x1000 , a7.png )

not a stupid question at all, i have not watched bar rescue but will now check it out, my club knowledge was previously pieced together from pop culture and being a hopeless pedant
No. 135916 ID: eedbeb
File 162769375256.png - (142.57KB , 1000x900 , a8.png )

i have spent the last hour watching bar rescue highlights and all i can say is i am afraid of the food service industry now
No. 135921 ID: eedbeb
File 162804812780.png - (15.62KB , 500x600 , a22.png )

i have 8 possible ending scenarios vaguely felt out for you lived, though of course it could go somewhere else entirely. i'm not sure if i should implement some sort of points system to weight the endings one way or another.
No. 135924 ID: 1f53e8

Maybe something thematic to each specific challenge could work, like the fight between the Emmas or the garnering favour with Saul?
If it needs extra time to plan and map out, it's best not to rush it.

I am left wondering why Chef has all that pentagram and upside-down cross paraphernalia, or how would other animals know those are symbols of rebellion and inconformity.
Is it a leftover from human society? A cosmic coincidence? Am I wrong for looking too hard at a simple satanic goat joke? ....No, it's the non-pedants who are wrong.
No. 135926 ID: eedbeb
File 162813588391.png - (14.62KB , 500x500 , a31.png )

yes it's a leftover from human society, animals ain't be christian

so when the humans died there were a bunch of corpses lying around and some fraction of the first animals chanced upon some goths and thought the fashion was the shit. activated the neuron immediately. eternal everlasting trend.

animals don't really need to accessorize or wear clothes but chef is a nerd who has studied the ancient texts. basically chef has the emo liking gene
No. 135929 ID: eedbeb
File 162821966832.png - (12.47KB , 500x500 , a32.png )

Polly's location was a 3:2:1 odds roll in the order college, errands, home so y'all just got obliterated right off the bat by the dice gods. Most rolls will be 3:2:1 odds for good, neutral, and bad options
No. 135935 ID: eedbeb
File 162838387541.png - (445.27KB , 1000x2700 , p67-9.png )

mrs. lewis had a 1/3 chance of getting polly to jadis immediately, which was failed. there were several coin flips as to whether daisy would say something or you'd notice the gia car
No. 135936 ID: e51896

it'd be interesting if we fail every roll. I wonder what might happen if we got that unlucky.
No. 135937 ID: 2d57a3

Duck is apparently super dangerous. I still wonder what would have happened if we had let him talk to Mr. Lewis back in You Died.
No. 135938 ID: ce39da

Is it safe to assume that each main task we attempt will always still be technically doable if we make the right choices, unless we roll really badly?
No. 135941 ID: eedbeb
File 162847058959.png - (10.89KB , 500x505 , a37.png )

if you failed everything the end game would be extremely bloody and awful, so thank goodness that won't happen!

duck would have seized the means of production and then done its darnedest to set some nukes off

So y'all got a 'good' roll of the 3:2:1 on addressing kibble which meant the task was guaranteed success. neutral was to climb kibble which would 2/3 have worked and the sexy dance would have 1/3 chance of working. fairly unlikely that you fail, only a 2/9

The sniper i would've throw in there no matter what, y'all just had the bad luck of actually triggering that scenario.
No. 135971 ID: eedbeb
File 162863656907.png - (14.52KB , 500x500 , a38.png )

i always plan the sick shit for when jadis gets her way and she lost the BAD event to GIA, who still needs to kidnap another person. utter disappointment. i can't even spoil it because she still has a chance of doing it later
No. 136003 ID: eedbeb
File 162879441402.png - (12.07KB , 500x500 , a39.png )

you got a neutral on the Jadis task (which meant you ran into polly), then got the 2/3 success roll. You mega failed the gets recognized by GIA surveillance check but I didn't have the heart to keep piling on the angst
No. 136004 ID: e70793

Me before tippler: "Oh what funny quests I'm reading! It'll be so cool when they update again in a couple days!"

Me after tippler: "If You Died doesn't update in the next three hours I'mma pout so hard!
No. 136029 ID: eedbeb
File 162889963795.png - (304.25KB , 1200x1300 , a14.png )


i start working on updates once i get impatient or get a good selection of suggestions because as i have said many times before, i truly have nothing better to do and tend not to free draw when it's not for a story or other people's chars

also y'all coin flipped to do a kibble task because it was pretty evenly split on that. sorry detective caillou im not letting you run guns akimbo into rancid yet
No. 136037 ID: eedbeb
File 162906532445.png - (20.87KB , 500x500 , a44.png )

many many rolls this time around. since no one suggested a method besides walk up to kibble and say hi, i gave it neutral odds (2/3 success), which you then miraculously failed and then failed the 1/3 chance meet the Tim save. you did succeed the Daisy changes her allegiances coin flip, thank goodness
No. 136060 ID: eedbeb
File 162924408821.png - (37.37KB , 752x1048 , a18.png )

you got a 19 into 1 true combo. i didn't have the heart to stop the transformations right away but now there's a limit on number of rerolls i cannot fucking take the level of bad luck you guys have its honestly in character at this point
No. 136061 ID: 031458

Still crossing my fingers for that sweet sweet Lunar Quest Cheese
No. 136062 ID: 23716b

>i cannot fucking take the level of bad luck you guys have its honestly in character at this point

It just makes it all the more satisfying when Vlad finally gets a win for once in his life.
No. 136067 ID: eedbeb
File 162929772202.png - (49.56KB , 974x1089 , a19.png )

updated monster list, the op stuff is doubled up
No. 136068 ID: 031458

Oh god. OH GOD.
1 TO GO.
Surely Class luck isn't THAT terrible is it?
I hope we don't get sergal
No. 136070 ID: eedbeb
File 162933249668.png - (117.78KB , 900x900 , a16.png )

let's see

1/4 chance jadis turns down GIA meeting (she didn't)

1/2 chance your apartment gets robbed (it did)

GIA gets the BAD event tonight, again, sigh
No. 136071 ID: f4981a

You say that like we need to stop then tomorrow for fun things to happen, yeah?
No. 136099 ID: eedbeb
File 162965006710.png - (182.37KB , 900x1000 , a5.png )

alright, we're basically in the homestretch now

Lori helps stop Rancid: 50/50, you failed

Since rancid was attacking you, you only had a 1/3 chance of succeeding Kibble's task, which you somehow did!

i was planning to have you get comically squashed by a giant foot to demonstrate your powers but alas
No. 136100 ID: e51896

It fits with Vlads luck, he gets a power that he never gets to use.
No. 136104 ID: eedbeb
File 162968218339.png - (40.08KB , 1548x535 , a21.png )

now that the quest is over, here's the possible ending list i came up with in the first week

I can see myself doing a sequel sequel but i'll probably do another sal comic and my next quest before i get to that
No. 136106 ID: eedbeb
File 162974106858.png - (157.14KB , 1000x1100 , a5.png )


I'd say you're mostly correct, but I'll point out a few differences in my interpretation

-Rancid is an massive chad and will never die, though he really did expect to (I understand he is an asshole I just like being contrary)

-Everyone thought Jadis was suss and are somewhat relieved that she's dead. Her family isn't going to fight the gov over an assassination they've been expecting for years

-Saul has his wife back, he's fine
No. 136107 ID: 031458

Your world is colder than I expected, but it's nice that everything kinda worked out!
No. 136108 ID: 9bc2a4

Jadis was my favourite character and I'm sad to see her go, but this quest was so fun to read that it (almost) makes up for losing deranged science waifu.

Thanks for all your hard work! I'm also a big fan of how you always manage to work some sort of cool math into all your quests.
No. 136109 ID: eedbeb
File 162977592437.png - (177.74KB , 1000x1100 , a9.png )


Jadis was my favorite as well, unfortunately for her I hate the trope where the bad guys/good guys never do anything about the person who's clearly their enemy.

i'm glad you appreciate the math! sometimes i want to feel smart and flex my massive meat
No. 136110 ID: 96c896

What were the Bad things that didn't happen?
No. 136112 ID: e51896

Jadis was one of my favorite characters, though I feel her death was justified considering everything. She couldn't go living her life without consequences or no remorse over her actions of killing Daisy's father. I wonder if the GIA will still go after Kibble next.

I feel Margot is probably going to be the most upset about what happened to Jadis, or maybe Cookie moreso
No. 136113 ID: a2724f

Man, to think You Died ended in such an upbeat note, with the godess leaving peacefully and everyone having human babies so they don't need her to live anymore.
Enter You Lived and we find out some folk are so in denial they are aborting and Jadis is testing the foetuses for research and funsies.

Talk about mood whiplash. :(
No. 136114 ID: eedbeb
File 162984873551.png - (147.29KB , 1000x1100 , a10.png )

Bad things:
-Kibble (release duck and look, she can't really top that)
-Jadis (Monsterfy you randomly while you sleep)

Very Bad Things:
-Kibble (release Tim [large indestructible lad] which would rampage around the city and step on people)
-Jadis (unleash a self propagating spell that kills 1/4 of the world population aka about 25 million people)

People are real sad about Jadis' death, including her family and margot and body and cookie, they jut ain't planning to take revenge

when i make stories i take a lot of inspiration from real life, and we all know how that's going. that being said you still got one of the above average endings and the next sequel will be more optimistic. it'll be about a vampire mud skipper
No. 136115 ID: f8fa51


Oh, that does sound interesting.
No. 136116 ID: b98a4a

I ship Kibble with Vlad, or Vlad with Jordan, though i dont think Jordan finds Vlad attractive, even before his stick figure body.
No. 136117 ID: eedbeb
File 162986371373.png - (174.05KB , 1000x1100 , a11.png )

No. 136118 ID: 6eaf96

Considering Body's account name is xAnimeLord65x, I can certainly see her as a shipper, lol.
No. 136138 ID: 15a025

No. 136198 ID: 96c896

I have a problem with how the carbon elemental toll encounter went.
We tried to do something clever to avoid sacrificing a party member, and in response it failed for no discernible reason and we lost TWO party members.

It looks like you decided to punish us for trying to do something clever. Hell, the encounter in general was very mean-spirited. The carbon elemental should've just blocked our progress, forcing us to turn back and either get some mana from the elves or actually choose to sacrifice someone instead of the choice being forced on us.
No. 136199 ID: 34dacd

We were warned multiple times how dangerous/deadly the lower level is and how outclassed and dumb we were being going there but we chose to go anyway. For me the fact that they simply took their toll instead of violent retaliation to our "clever" plan felt like being babied.
No. 136200 ID: e51896

Personally, I like drama in quests, and believe that sometimes life is just unfair with stuff like this happening. And as >>136199 said, we were in over our heads. I feel that this makes for good character development for Ahpin, and we should just roll with the punches, learn from what happened, and be optimistic that things will be okay in the end
No. 136201 ID: eedbeb
File 163137337705.png - (312.88KB , 1000x1100 , a22.png )

the mean-spirited concerns and the babying concerns are both reasonable. One of my stronger drives as a quest author is for things to happen in the story, and that means taking every opportunity the suggestors give me to move things along

The next few updates will clarify a few things about the third level and then we'll be approaching the end
No. 136203 ID: 96c896

We were told the lower floors were more dangerous, but there was exactly zero danger before this.
No. 136206 ID: 0838d6

I wouldnt say there was 0 danger, if the dust bunny caught us stealing it could have been very dangerous. If the elementals were aggressive it coulda been bad, one had a bad feeling about regular people. The kids permanantly took Aphin's mana, which we were told is a *big deal* and yet people stuck with them even though they were objectively bad. I'm surprised we weren't punished MORE for avoiding most of the hints that told us "hey, don't do these things" and only lost a changeling (which vivian will probably try to find a way to syphon for mana that she lost due to us ) and Vivian, who we were taking advantage of and now ruined her life.
No. 136212 ID: 96c896

Hmm yes the hints that said "don't do these things". What are you even talking about? All I noticed was people were repeatedly weirded out at Ahpin's attachment to the changelings, and that we were frequently told about how dangerous adventuring is.

The thing about the changelings I dismissed offhand, because everyone knew they weren't really Ahpin's children and had dubious attachment to him. Carrying them around anyway was FUNNY. We did it because it was funny. People reacting to that was expected.
Adventuring being dangerous was super obvious, and it doesn't warn us about anything specific. The story revolved around Ahpin going into the dungeon super unprepared anyway, so that nebulous danger is unavoidable unless we wanted to just give up on the story. With Ahpin being so weak, and the tone of the quest being so lighthearted, there was an implication that he would be protected somehow from the worst of it.

We were told there was a toll. We didn't know anything about how strong the elemental was, how expensive we should expect the toll to be, how close to the bottom of the dungeon we were to gauge the danger level in general, or how other adventurers handled the toll. The carbon elemental didn't even specify how much mana it wanted, so the only indication that we had to literally sacrifice a party member was the list of options we were given at the bottom of the post. Like, yeah, getting away scott-free after trying some funny business would've been "babying". However, that's EXPECTED when a quest's tone is lighthearted.

I still don't know what tippler expected us to do. Was that just supposed to be a gutpunch out of nowhere, no matter what we tried to do? Feels like a betrayal, and I'm still pissed about it.
Characters aren't even accurately describing what happened. Saying we attacked the elemental implies we did so directly, which indeed would have been insane. We tried to make it fall.

Several things would've fit the tone better, and made more sense besides:
1, burning the rope works, but the elemental just shows up at the bottom of the stairs to bitch-slap the party and demand the toll again.
2, Vivian has the sense not to attempt it at all, since she should know if it was a viable plan or not, or know how strong the carbon elemental is to understand the risk is too high. This would thus turn into a debate of whether or not sacrificing a changeling was worth getting to the bottom, or if turning back to get something from the elves was possible, or if the toll could be shared between all three mana-carrying characters.
3, the carbon elemental lets Ahpin pass because he's carrying changelings. Like, cmon, the guardian of the dungeon feels mana eggs are precious, why would any of the denizens of the dungeon want to hurt a changeling? He could block Vivian if she doesn't pay the toll, satisfying the apparent requirement of a loss of party member.
4, Ahpin tells the carbon elemental he's looking for Maggie, and it lets them pass because they are thus considered part of Maggie's group.
No. 136213 ID: 386bf8

That's your interpretation of events, keep in mind that I (and going by the replies other people too) see it differently. The writer has to choose between those that want more realistic consequences for this scene and those who think they aren't appropriate without the story beeing overall handled differently. Both choises will be wrong to some.

Nobody can run quests (or should attempt to) without stepping on toes of those who don't agree with how things went but getting upset and villainizing a writer over something you didn't like only serves to discourage them and anybody else that wants to run a quest.
No. 136214 ID: afe7de

Idk like… I get the idea of this being tonal whiplash, but I feel more like this is the kind of thing I expect and want from tipplers stories, some consequence for actions against forces stronger then you makes it interesting, maybe the Vivian stuff could have been handled better, like her rejecting the idea, but the premise is we control the other characters, and something NOBODY did was try to suggest the carbon elemental be nice to them. We did that with Briar and The Dust Bunny, so I actually think this is on us because we have Tippler a strong npc and didn’t offer the majority to do anything other then try to burn the tope.

Either way this doesent really ruin the story for me, and I think he’s going to at least tie up the Vivian thread before the end and saddle Aphin with some consequences even if hes not thinking about them right now.
No. 136216 ID: e2f5cc

I haven't been following the quest closely enough to give my own thoughts, but I just want to say from what I have read you aren't alone in your discontent.
No. 136225 ID: 96c896

Uh, were we supposed to have a reason to ask Silicon about the mana vents? Or anyone in the dungeon at all?

They're in the ocean. Not the dungeon.
No. 136226 ID: eedbeb
File 163174630042.png - (368.90KB , 1000x1100 , a23.png )

you were not supposed to ask silicon about the vents, i was doing what the kids call a sequel hook

speaking of, what would people be more interested in? I am deciding between sal#3 (which would be pure comic posted on twitter) and you lived you died sequel for the next project
No. 136227 ID: bc15b4

I vote for a new sal comic!
No. 136228 ID: 6e4236

Multiverse crossover!

...or You Lived sequel, whichever.
No. 136230 ID: 96c896

I like the vampire mud skipper design, so I vote for the third in that series.
No. 136240 ID: eedbeb
File 163210776280.png - (13.97KB , 500x500 , a45.png )

stare at explosions will have rolls too, but not nearly as many as You Lived and they won't be as important as well.

the most important roll just happened, and im going to wait a bit before revealing what the outcome was
No. 136242 ID: afe7de


Can we roll to kill rancid at some point, you know, for purely meta reasons in that I hate him and want him dead! <3
No. 136243 ID: 1b3b63

Yay, meta-murder!
No. 136244 ID: eedbeb
File 163217530691.png - (13.43KB , 500x500 , a46.png )

the quest is still young...we will see where the journey takes us.

okay i will reveal now the roll was a d3
1: no one finds you
2: gov gang finds you
3: vlad squad finds you

it was a very important roll
No. 136246 ID: 031458

Is it weird that I'm wishing for Derek to get really close and friendly to Rancid just because I know it'll hurt me more later when Rancid does Rancid things?
No. 136247 ID: 5a6c7f

Indeed. I kinda want our character to be friends with Rancid and the govt. Plus, it seems like the rest ov the gov is good to decent enough people.
No. 136248 ID: 3732da

Should we be worried about what the godess that killed all the humans was doing to that one solar system back un Vlad quest?
No. 136250 ID: eedbeb
File 163227509405.png - (32.32KB , 500x500 , a47.png )

don't worry, the chances that solar system had sentient life is small
No. 136251 ID: 96c896

Mmmm, crusty.
No. 136252 ID: 031458

Body be gettin thiccer.

That joke deserves a place on your mantle!
No. 136324 ID: eedbeb
File 163404564951.png - (398.94KB , 900x1100 , a8a.png )

forgot to mention, you had a 2/3 chance to trigger a time event when you provoked vlad and kibble and you failed, which is actually a very good thing because the pilot wasn't going to want to be a vampire.
No. 136325 ID: f4315b

I love how annoying Derek has been to both team agents and team nude.
No. 136333 ID: 031458

Hey, you finally got to pancake Vlad!
No. 136334 ID: eedbeb
File 163465165033.png - (10.13KB , 500x500 , a48.png )

finally, vlad can be useful
No. 136336 ID: 1332c7

Vlad and Derek are my favourites.

I did always wonder wheather Body was created with the head of a guy and the body of a girl or vice-versa and how getting rebuilt by the two gods changed her, besides having a soul and a proper pulse now.
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hey! i have a patreon now, its mostly a tip jar but if you're feeling spicy you can enlist me to draw some quest stuff for you
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