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File 171201050479.png - (208.54KB , 800x600 , title.png )
1087619 No. 1087619 ID: 6290ec

If we open our minds to the existence of other universes, there's no limit to the possibilities that we could experience in the world of boning.
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No. 1087620 ID: 6290ec
File 171201052103.png - (100.28KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

Let me tell you, our kinks and fetishes don't remotely compare to the insane bullshit 4th-dimensional beings get up to. Those guys love to party in ways we can't even perceive properly.

Hmm? Have I piqued your curiosity? Well, then. It's a real shame 4th-dimensional beings are hard as hell to draw. I would need a version of photoshop that won't come out for another 21 years.

No, such a thing simply won't do. Ah, I know. Why don't we start with something simpler? Something more... familiar? Yes, a world full of romance and possibly dragons. It has been quite a while since we've entertained that concept, hasn't it?
No. 1087621 ID: 6290ec
File 171201053754.png - (212.29KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Let's begin with our main character. You've spent plenty of time with your creation, which we'll refer to as Nice Ceri. You've even peered into Punk Ceri, as thought up by Nice Ceri. How about something a little different? Let's truly expand our horizons.

A: Sultry Ceri
While Nice Ceri has moments of being sultry and (dare I say) flirty, this Ceri lays it on and never stops laying it on until the thing she's laying on is you. Though less of a casual nudist than Nice Ceri, the clothes she wears leaves you wanting more.

B: ENF Ceri
Embarrassed Nude Female Ceri actually prefers to wear clothes (shocking I know), but the universe conspires to rid her of such things, leading to much blushing and stuttering. Wait, is she enjoying it...? NO BECAUSE APPARENTLY THAT'S NOT HOW ENF WORKS OOPS

C: Shy Ceri
Nice Ceri is Somewhat dominant. This one... isn't. Timid and shy, she nonetheless has a healthy sexual imagination and the desire for someone to take her away and ravage her until the act of walking is but a pipe dream.

D: Grump Ceri
Similar to Punk Ceri, she has more of an edge than our familiar protagonist. However, where Punk Ceri was honest about her feelings, Grump Ceri is very... tsundere about it. She might beat you up a little as you ravage each others' bodies.

We cannot confirm nor deny her similarity to Daatra.

E: Bird Ceri
This one's a bird. I would expect a lot of caw-ing and bird puns. Also the title might change from 'Dragon Romance' to 'Bird Romance'. The second-place winner will determine her personality.

Need a reminder on the voting system? This book does have a lot of dust on it. Let's see...

You have two votes: a PRIMARY VOTE and a SECONDARY VOTE. Use your main vote on what you want most, and your second vote on another option you're fond of.
No. 1087622 ID: 462d8c

D then A
No. 1087623 ID: a7a180

A big vote for C, and a tiny vote for a!
No. 1087624 ID: be3107

>is she enjoying it
That's not really ENF then. What's the point
No. 1087626 ID: 42bb51

D primary
E secondary
No. 1087628 ID: 6466c1

D for the tsun Dragon, then C
No. 1087629 ID: 6645ca

C or B
No. 1087630 ID: feca34

A then B. Uncover the possibilities!
No. 1087631 ID: b67223

C then B
No. 1087632 ID: b81967

Primary B
secondary C
No. 1087634 ID: d150ea

A then C
No. 1087635 ID: 59bbe0

B then C
No. 1087636 ID: 1ff64e

Primary B, secondary D! Nothing says she can't be grumpy and embarrassed about it!
No. 1087637 ID: e8918a

Well Im curious for an opposite experience, so B or C
No. 1087638 ID: a22e5d

Embarrassed nude bird
We should take notes from Venji on how to dump into the bird stat
No. 1087639 ID: 365de0

C, but a boy

Otherwise D
No. 1087640 ID: ba9785


No. 1087641 ID: cc7ddf

B then D! Angry about missing her clothes and shutting people up for seeing!
No. 1087643 ID: 7a406e

...Can we get B without the last part? That's just an exhibitionist then.
C otherwise.
No. 1087644 ID: 6290ec
File 171201272841.png - (25.18KB , 1087x83 , enf purity.png )

No. 1087646 ID: 588b52


then C
No. 1087647 ID: 5a4d7b

Seconding Embarrased Nude Bird.
No. 1087648 ID: cb2106

E! D!

It's okay, we've got a pill for that
No. 1087649 ID: 0480e2

B and E
No. 1087650 ID: be3107

Well! I change my mind to B and C then.
No. 1087652 ID: 8f9bc4

A and B
No. 1087655 ID: 588b52

(enf to exhib is fun, but eh)
No. 1087658 ID: e139aa

No. 1087660 ID: 7ed0fe

Primary E, secondary B, because Bird is Good
No. 1087661 ID: eb0a9c

Primary B
Secondary A
No. 1087663 ID: 13dc71

B and C! B and C!
No. 1087664 ID: 830162

No. 1087665 ID: cea9f7

Primary A: Sultry Ceri

Secondary C: Shy Ceri
No. 1087667 ID: 19ea25

D then B
No. 1087669 ID: c3de9f

E, B
No. 1087671 ID: 96112b


I want a Fourth-Dimensional Ceri ( represented by a linegraph with a dragon crest on it, or something) with a Punk Ceri personality!
No. 1087677 ID: be22c7

No. 1087685 ID: 056492

B, this is a rare opportunity.
No. 1087690 ID: 8e6882

B, D
No. 1087696 ID: 82842b

E and B

birb bullying...
(even worse, becoming a Dragon's greatest Nemesis, a Gryphon/Phoenix/Some other Mythical Birb vs Mythical Lizzr)
No. 1087701 ID: 031458

C then a
No. 1087702 ID: ab46e9

A then E. I'm not a fan of ENF- I much prefer them enjoying things.
No. 1087703 ID: 273c18

No. 1087704 ID: 8f9bc4


(Secretly enjoying things is fine too.)

(No matter what 7a406e says.)
No. 1087708 ID: b9f892

C would be a nice world to peer into, D otherwise
You Live!
No. 1087737 ID: 4f903f

I kinda get what a few posters are talking about regarding ENF since inclusions of liking it, slowly or not, frequently have different end goals in mind from writers. But arousal on its own can still be ok imo (accidental brushes on the body, etc.) Its the thoughts of "what would others think of me oh no!!" vs. being a pervert that strikes the difference.

Anyway, C, B!
No. 1087757 ID: e5e504

C Primary
B Secondary
No. 1087778 ID: aca478

Primary E, secondary A
No. 1087797 ID: d0a08d

B primary, C secondary
No. 1087798 ID: f14228

A & d! Romance that hits you with a clue-by-four and hauls you off!

Metaphorically (or not so metaphorically).
No. 1087801 ID: 7c55ad

B primary
C secondary
Embarrassed nude shy Ceri,

but the experiences can lead to A, enf to exhibitionism sounds fun
No. 1087802 ID: 0fda44

Ceri A acting like she’s Ceri B, or ceri C.
No. 1087874 ID: f2320a

Lets stuff this turkey
No. 1087878 ID: 25c93b

No. 1087881 ID: e5e504

I bet she she has an affair with the Hypercube Next (dimensional) Door!
No. 1087903 ID: 6fe2f9

A & c
No. 1087905 ID: 7c0da2

E then C
No. 1087955 ID: 6290ec
File 171226836149.png - (236.28KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

Through the power of this unmanaged democracy, it is decided that we'll follow the path of basically the exact opposite of the Ceri we know and love.

Rather than finding public nudity a thrilling act, this Ceri would rather her clothes stay right where they are. To do otherwise would be... indecent!

Also, this Ceri is SOMEWHAT SHY. Less so than Shy Ceri, but enough so that she'd really be feeling the E in ENF. Convenient that the voting went this direction, huh?

Since ENF Ceri didn't come with an outfit, she'll inherit SHY CERI's outfit instead.
No. 1087956 ID: 6290ec
File 171226836555.gif - (89.72KB , 800x600 , 4.gif )

Now then. To facilitate this version of Ceri, I feel there's some important changes that need to be made to her skillset. The ability to TELEPORT or BECOME INVISIBLE make it a bit too easy for her to escape embarrassing situations, wouldn't you say? Heck, even POLYMORPH is giving her a bit too much wiggle room to avoid embarrassment.

To that end, let's decide on a new skillset, shall we? One without TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC.

Let's decide by using our second voting system. In this one, you can select as many options as you want. Keep in mind that the WINNING VOTE will be her PRIMARY SCHOOL, and the second-place vote her SECONDARY SCHOOL.

Tip: The more options you vote on, the less overall power your vote has. If you really want just one option, voting for it alone will give the largest boost. Likewise, if you like 3 options, you can still give them a decent boost by voting on all three. Voting for every option basically does nothing.

What magic should ENF Ceri know?

A: Fire magic.
Conjure heat and fire, resist heat and fire.

B: Ice Magic.
Conjure Ice and cold, as well as resist them.

C: Shock Magic
Shock things and act as a natural battery.

D: Telekinetic Magic
Ability to move objects around with your mind.

E: Psychic Magic:
Infuse and sense emotions in others. At higher levels, can even read their thoughts. Unable to control people, only influence them.

F: Elemental magic
Ceri's draconic nature allows her to harness all three elements (FIRE, ICE, SHOCK) at a lower power level than if she chose one individually. Similar to Canon Ceri's use of TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC. Relative strength of each element will be based on the number of votes they each have.
No. 1087957 ID: 6290ec
File 171226837064.png - (193.24KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

Before we begin things properly, Let's also decide a couple more details of the world ENF Ceri will inhabit.

Primary/Secondary voting. Dragons are...

X: Feared, much like in Canon Ceri's story.
Ceri will want to hide her True Self, for fear of persecution.

Y: Loved, almost seen as stars.
Ceri will want to hide her True Self, for fear of drawing a ton of attention. She's just too shy for that!

Z: Seen as just another species, albeit a powerful one.
Ceri will find a mortal form easier to draw convenient for mingling with others, but isn't afraid to use her Dragon form in public... so long as she's wearing her polymorph-friendly outfit. Even dragons need their modesty!

And finally, let's have some fun with Ceri's parents. It wouldn't be a proper AU if we just reused her canon parents, right?

Vote for just one. Ceri's adoptive parents are...

G: Mammalians.
They've infused a mammalian sense of modesty since Ceri was young.

H: Avians.
Bird up! They don't quite understand Ceri's sense of modesty, but support her nonetheless.

Remember: You're voting on THREE THINGS. Don't worry, we'll be starting the story after this.
No. 1087958 ID: 26801d

H with the caveat that female avians have boobs
No. 1087959 ID: 4f903f

A, Y, G
Should really get the theme goin'
No. 1087960 ID: a7a180

If she's got really strong polymorph magic BUT no control over it that would lead to a lot of ENF too! You can't giant growth your way into being LESS seen.
C, Y, G.
No. 1087961 ID: 6290ec
File 171226884162.png - (43.46KB , 700x501 , booboption.png )

(We can also do this, if you like.)
No. 1087963 ID: f24c1a

CE,Yz, H
Oh Ceri, it's time to wake up from your awkward sleep..
No. 1087965 ID: a96a78

E: Ostensibly to better empathize with others, powerful psychic magic could very pair well with ENF
Z, x
No. 1087966 ID: 6645ca

A - Fire magid destroys clothes
Y - Opposite sense for this is fun to clash with
No. 1087967 ID: 42bb51

C, channeling our inner Nedynvor
H, (with booba)
No. 1087970 ID: b61c50

E (sensing how people would feel about us belng naked is more embarrassing)
Y (if we are loved, imagine how threatening to our reputation and humiliating it would be if we are seen nude) x (secondary)
G (we grew up into modesty. Must stay clothed!)
No. 1087971 ID: dbabb8

No idea if it's an option, but seeing Giant Growth just has me pondering the possibilities when combined with ENF. Oops Ceri accidentally grew and now she's nude and huge and oh no she's very very visible and people are looking at her and she can't get away~

Anyway... A because fire and lots of embarrassed blushu match well, Z because I'm curious, and H because Bird.
No. 1087972 ID: be3107

Burn, burn! A.
Y, X.
No. 1087980 ID: 19ea25

b, y, g
No. 1087981 ID: 64faaa

F-primary D-secondary, Y, G

Yeah, strong polymorph but low control could be fun (for us).

I feel like too much Psychic ability would lead to being able to hide from people before she's seen, or be able to detect when people aren't bothered by her nudity, which would take the fun out of it.

Elemental abilities shouldn't offer spectacular abilities in terms of hiding or covering her nudity. Similarly, weak telekinetic abilities offers the chance of helping her cover herself, but with a lot of chances for things to go wrong. (Strong telekinetic abilities probably has less chance of things going wrong)
No. 1087982 ID: 995631

F, D
No. 1087983 ID: 1ff64e

For magic: A, F, E - Fire sounds like a fun adventure with these themes! Meanwhile, psychic magic is what I voted for on original Ceri, it just seems neat!
For dragons: Primary Z, secondary Y - I want to see her insist on wearing clothes as a dragon, and seeing a dragon blush at being naked sounds fun.
For parents: H with breasts - Thank you benevolent Slinko giving us a consolation bird. Presumably this also affects the rest of the birds in the setting, which lets them get on the embarrassment more easily too!
No. 1087985 ID: 25c93b

Fire is the great enabler! A Yx G
No. 1087986 ID: e8918a

Telekinect could be funny if we need sneaky distance grabs (or distracting people away from our attention)...
D or A, then Y or X, G
No. 1087988 ID: 57ec6f

D then A
Y then Z
No. 1087989 ID: cea9f7

Primary D , Secondary E

>How are dragons seen?
Primary Y , Secondary Z

>Ceri's parents?
No. 1087993 ID: 7a406e

AAAA or D. Y/z, G
No. 1087996 ID: 5c414d

No. 1087999 ID: 13dc71

Primary A, Secondary E! Yz, then G!
No. 1088001 ID: c3de9f

E, Y, H
No. 1088002 ID: b81967

Primary Y
Secondary Z
No. 1088003 ID: c3de9f

I guess I should have also specified boobed bird
No. 1088004 ID: 861ceb

No. 1088005 ID: f351b4

E! Psychic magic! Let her be able to SENSE all those eyes looking at her! Know what people are thinking! An excellent reason to be shy. I'd like a little telekinesis to go with that just because it goes so well with being psychic classically, but I'll give it up if it bumps Ceri's psychic sense up enough to be able to read minds.

Then X, feared, just because I prefer to not diverge too much from canon in that line, and uhh G for mammals.
No. 1088013 ID: 9188de

A D for A Disaster combination!
Y, x
G to really instill it in
No. 1088016 ID: 0480e2

No. 1088017 ID: 124485

Primary: D: Telekinetic Magic
Secondary: E: Psychic Magic

Primary: Y: Loved, almost seen as stars.
Secondary: Z: Seen as just another species, albeit a powerful one.

Parents are H: Avians.
No. 1088022 ID: b9f892

Well,if ve are going ENF we just have to go
H, Avians, because its funnier and honestly, why else would Ceri be so Embarrassed about nudity, but by nude parents
such a Ceri feels like she would have D and F, a embarrassed shy ceri wouldn't want to know what's in other peoples heads (they could be thinking about HER!) and oh so sadly, the universe conspired for her to need a bit of the elements to resist the open air. and most importantly, telekenises to grab her clothes from afar
No. 1088023 ID: 830162

No. 1088024 ID: 3eb321

No. 1088025 ID: 5ebd37

she'll know exactly how she's making everyone feel for max embarrassment
No. 1088027 ID: 77b10f

No. 1088030 ID: 75b262

E, Y, G.
No. 1088031 ID: 75b262

Actually, changing my vote to E, Y, H (with boobs)
No. 1088033 ID: 365de0

Also give Ceri two dads.
No. 1088034 ID: b67223

I'm team A or D
Y then G
No. 1088035 ID: 13dc71

Can we choose for Ceri to have two dads?
No. 1088039 ID: 588b52




My reasoning is simple: I am ENFmaxxing.
No. 1088040 ID: e5e504

C (Electricity results in burning clothes.)
No. 1088041 ID: 3f89df

Primary E
Secondary D
X <- Just makes sense
H: I agree with everyone on Booby Birds (Maybe make Cerdiwen's Dad be one as well ;3)
Up for having two dads
No. 1088045 ID: 503f39

Because full on ENF poltergeist would be fun.

Y - For wholesome anxiety

H (With honkers) - because they're a proven winning combination.
No. 1088047 ID: eb0a9c

No. 1088048 ID: 7c0da2

B and F
No. 1088055 ID: a58f00

D! Y! H!
No. 1088056 ID: c39325

Telekinetic misadventures!
Primary Y, secondary Z for a less stakes kind of fun
No. 1088201 ID: 96a60b

No. 1088206 ID: 05a3b7

No. 1088209 ID: c35da7

...What if things got funny to throw around small fires? D, A
Primary Y, secondary X
No. 1088252 ID: 056492


No. 1088253 ID: 965675

No. 1088256 ID: 31a66a

H (boob)
No. 1088257 ID: 541e01

D, A as a duo pick! I think being loved Y by everyone (in secret) would be funnier than feared (but both sides of that coin work in different ways)
And then mammalian views G to enforce the theme. :3c
No. 1088264 ID: 8aebb0

Primary F
Secondary power goes to E

E & Y is just to complimentary of a combination to not indulge in for the smut potential. I worry that it’ll be a one trick pony of a combination but I trust in dragon Romance quest to have the same spark of evil creativity.

Just as an aside. I just want to give genuine thanks the questmaster for the many…many nuttings I’ve had from reading the original quest. I didn’t get onboard early enough to be one of the voices in the gallery but I’m giddy about being a part of this reboot adventure.
No. 1088266 ID: c3fe97

Give us the POWERS! F or D
We've strayed behaviorally away with personality, so lets stray away from canon's perception of dragons as well with Y (or Z)
Bird parents! H
No. 1088288 ID: 6290ec
File 171262142178.png - (217.28KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

The people have spoken, and they cry out for the destructive power of... both FIRE MAGIC and TELEKINETIC MAGIC in equal measure?

Ah, the tie vote. What a familiar and not at all vexing situation.

Okay, I'm just gonna pick which goes where... Eeny meeny miny...

Your primary school is FIRE MAGIC. You are quite adept with the very school of magic most dangerous to wield around clothing. Better be careful!

Your secondary school is TELEKINETIC MAGIC, which we'll show here as a bunch of rocks. Because what else would you lift with your mind?

Lots of things, you say? Well, rocks are easy to draw.

Of course, these magical limitations are self-imposed because of the Dragon in the room. Speaking of which...
No. 1088289 ID: 6290ec
File 171262142405.png - (178.44KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

See, you're actually a DRAGON, powerful beings with incredible defense and magical prowess. As a WATER DRAGON, you swim extremely well and can wield WATER MAGIC, a type of magic unavailable to mortals. Sounds good, right?

Except, dragons are also QUITE LOVED by the mortal races, and the thought of so many eyes peering on you is quite stressful! Doubly so when we consider most dragons don't wear clothes!

Aaaaaa no no no you couldn't possibly handle that.

Thankfully, your mentor and friend of your late dragon parents used LIFE MAGIC to grant you the use of an alternate mortal form. Although LIFE MAGIC, the ability to manipulate life itself, is normally forbidden, you can't help but be grateful that he gave you a way to blend in and avoid attention.

After so many years, the mortal body almost feels more natural than your real one.

Even if he gave it boobs for some reason.

Now, let's dive on in, shall we?
No. 1088290 ID: 6290ec
File 171262142711.png - (150.48KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

>Oh Ceri, it's time to wake up from your awkward sleep..
What? You sleep quite naturally! In fact, you slept so well you already had breakfast with your MAMMALIAN PARENTS and are now hanging out with them before setting out for the day.

And by 'setting out' you mean 'going straight to the library to hide in a corner and read books'.

"Using your mortal form again, dear?" Mom asks. "You don't have to be shy around us."

"Pretty sure I wouldn't fit through the door," you remind her.

Dad smiles sweetly at you. "Ah, I remember when you were little, running around on all fours and trying to roar like a 'proper dragon.'"

"Dad...!" You blush slightly.

"You were adorable!" your mom says, clearly intending to tease you like she always does.

"Dragons aren't supposed to be adorable!" you protest.

"Why not?"

"Yeah, why not?"

You groan. They're always like this.
No. 1088291 ID: 6290ec
File 171262143086.png - (139.23KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

"So! What're you planning for today?" Mom asks.

"Oh, uh... I... um..."

"It's so exciting, right Dad? Our little girl promised to go out and finally make some new friends today!"

"That's right, hon," Dad replies.

Shit, did you really promise that? "W-well, I..."

"She even promised to visit the many wonderful locations our small town offers!" Mom says.
No. 1088292 ID: 6290ec
File 171262143342.png - (145.18KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

"You were planning on doing that and not running straight to the library to hide, right?"

Gh--!! How is she so good at reading you??? She doesn't even have psychic magic!!!

"O-of course I am!" you say. Or rather, you squeak out nervously.

"So where exactly are you going, dear?" she asks as a weight capable of crushing dragons falls upon you.

"N-not-library places like you said! B-but there's just so many of them, you know? It's hard to visit them all!"

In an instant Mom's piercing glare is replaced with a genuine smile. "That's okay, sweety~! You can just take it one at a time! How about you choose just one place to visit for now~?"

Right. Making one simple decision. But uh. Choosing is hard. That's why it is up to you, FAITHFUL NEURONS, to decide!

Where will you visit? (Unless otherwise stated, assume a vote is PRIMARY/SECONDARY from here on).


Okay. Trying again.

A: The park!
Lots of people go there to enjoy the outdoors! Maybe you can pet some dogs, too! A popular spot for kabolds and reptilians.

B: The mall!
Lots of people to meet there, for sure! You just won't mention the BOOK STORE. A popular spot for all races.

C: The gym!
People always make friends while working out, right? A popular spot for mammals.

D: The docks!
Lots of people coming and going off the ships-- they're the only way to access this town in the middle of nowhere. A real melting pot of races to see here.

E: The lake!
Like the park, but with more water! A popular spot for aquatic and avian races.
No. 1088293 ID: 4f903f

A, or B! Fresh air is always nice. Or window browsing around on the side. And some books to nerd up.
No. 1088295 ID: 9108f3

No. 1088297 ID: 6645ca

B or A
No. 1088298 ID: f351b4

B! Or A.
No. 1088299 ID: 588b52

B. THe mall has bookstores. Bookstores are like malls. But even better, they might have someone you can befriend browsing the aisles! It's perfect.
No. 1088300 ID: 588b52

Bookstores are like libraries, rather.
No. 1088301 ID: 7a406e

Park! Great place for people seeing. A or B.
No. 1088304 ID: 19ea25

C or D! We need to get buff to lift lots of books in the future.
No. 1088306 ID: f62bde

D, b!

Docks, cuz, well… ah yes, you can meet people new to town there! Maybe you’ll be less awkward around someone from out of town who (in theory) aren’t gonna be sticking around to judge your missteps?

And if you really hit off you can do letters and long distance relationship stuff! That… actually sounds somewhat up your alley, despite the usual difficulties such things presents.
No. 1088308 ID: 7c0da2

B or D
No. 1088310 ID: 5ebd37

B or D
Go where the people are
No. 1088311 ID: 40ef3b

C, D. Maybe you can find somewhere private in the Gym, and the Docks have so many people, no one will really notice you
No. 1088312 ID: 57ec6f

A then B
No. 1088313 ID: b81967

Primary A, secondary B
No. 1088315 ID: cda2b4

The library. You can’t stop the power of reading!
No. 1088321 ID: 056492

C or B!
No. 1088323 ID: 830162

No. 1088325 ID: b31a26

E/D We should go to the LAKE or DOCKS, one would hope a water dragon would be comfortable there, if not anywhere else
Does this Ceri have any friends or no?
No. 1088331 ID: 99ca7b

B, E.

When the inevitable happens (WHICH IT DEFINITELY WON'T) then we can hide in nature.
No. 1088332 ID: 8aebb0


Lakes are beautiful scenery.
No. 1088342 ID: 086400

B primary, D secondary

Some races are alright with nudity while others arent. Going somewhere with different reactions is more fun.
No. 1088346 ID: 025793

Still holding out hope for a second dad / third parent.
No. 1088347 ID: 96a60b

B(ookstore!) or (lak)E
No. 1088350 ID: fa3034

Time to educate your social skills!
No. 1088351 ID: 965675

No. 1088352 ID: 184595


Water is comforting. The lake will help us feel at ease with ourselves, and make it easier to talk to people. Especially people who like the lake--how bad can they be?

The gym could likewise give us confidence. Our dragon's might must give us immense physical strength.
No. 1088354 ID: 75b262

B, E
No. 1088373 ID: c3de9f

D or E sound like good places to go
No. 1088409 ID: 031458

This town is in the middle of nowhere, eh?

I propose F! The wilds outside of town.
No. 1088410 ID: c3fe97

Either the park A or the mall B!
No. 1088411 ID: 861ceb

what, water dragons like water, who knew?
No. 1088418 ID: 8e6882

C, A
No. 1088430 ID: eb0a9c

Gym sex socks.
No. 1088437 ID: e5e504

No. 1088439 ID: be3107

A park is relaxing! So are Bookstores in malls.
No. 1088460 ID: 05a3b7

D, b
No. 1088462 ID: 08d6dc

D , a
No. 1088515 ID: 1ff64e

Primary E, secondary D! You can go hide underwater if things get too scary!
No. 1088570 ID: 124485

Primary D: The docks

Secondary A: The park
No. 1088596 ID: 6290ec
File 171296405752.png - (176.17KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

"Oh! Choosing! I'm good at that thanks to my NEURONS!" you say excitedly.

Dad chuckles. "Seems to me your 'neurons' often have trouble choosing between two things."

"That's true concerningly often. But not this time! I'll be heading to THE MALL to start. There's lots of opportunities to make friends there!"

Mom beams. "What a wonderful idea! Go ahead and spend a few hours there, then check back in with us so we can learn all about the new friends you make~!"

Dad grins at you. "You've got your mother real excited, sweety. Go out there and knock 'em out! Not literally, of course."
No. 1088597 ID: 6290ec
File 171296406067.png - (180.62KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

Mom groans. "This again? I figured out it was a metaphor eventually."

"I'll try not to leave a pile of bodies in my wake," you say as you enjoy a rare opportunity to tease Mom back.

She makes a bunch of grumpy bat noises that actually sound really cute.
No. 1088598 ID: 6290ec
File 171296406260.png - (105.13KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

A short walk later, you find yourself at the mall entrance. You pause. And then keep pausing. There's people in there. Lots of people. Can you really do this?

The library isn't that far from here. It's not like Mom would know if you...

...Aagh. You couldn't lie to her. You're far too honest a person and her lie-dar's far too powerful.

You need to do this. You're just gonna... step forward. Any moment now. Definitely not gonna distract yourself with--

>Does this Ceri have any friends or no?
You have a friend! It's Daatra! She tried to bully you, but you were so pathetic that she felt sorry for you and took you under her wing. To date she has yet to properly teach you how to dominate people the way she does.

>Some races are alright with nudity while others arent.
That's true! The MAMMALS dislike nudity, and since you were raised by mammal parents you share those sensibilities. The reptilians and some birds don't share this taboo, and of course dragons consider themselves above such things.

Except you, as previously stated.

>Still holding out hope for a second dad / third parent.
A male bat of Mom's species? Something tells you such a thing might show up at some point... especially with how 'open' your parents are about their sexuality. Really open. 'Tell your daughter things she really doesn't want to know' open.

You'll just say 'bats love to swing' and leave it at that.

>I propose F! The wilds outside of town.
W-what if you get lost?? It's nothing but marshland out there!

>what, water dragons like water, who knew?
You may have run the water bill up a few times with your lengthy showers. If your parents were aquatic they'd understand!

Wait, what were you putting off by talking to your neurons, again? Ah right, you were avoiding talking to people.
No. 1088599 ID: 6290ec
File 171296406620.png - (191.85KB , 800x600 , 13.png )



"Yep! That's me, probably! You looked scared to go in the mall so I can help you out if you'd like!"

S-she's so outgoing...! You could never imagine yourself being like that. Just running around talking to people without a care in the world.

You think about what to say to her. You want to turn her down, but that'd be going against your current mission! No, you have to find the bravery to move past your shyness and strike some kind of conversation. You're a big girl. A big dragon girl. You can do this.
No. 1088600 ID: 6290ec
File 171296406996.png - (144.33KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Wait what happened.

Turns out that while you were lost in thought, your brain went on autopilot and followed her inside. This always happens! Why must you put me in these situations, brain???

The green bird continues to beam at you happily. "By the way, my name's Keireer! What's yours?"

"Oh um... C-Ceridwen. Y-you can call me Ceri, though..."

"It’s really nice to meet you, Ceri!!!"

She is way too excited about this.

M-maybe you should get to know her?

What will you do?

A: Ask what her favorite store is.
You don't go to the mall much, so this could be valuable intel.

B: Tell her you're a dragon and see how she reacts.
Wait, you can just do that? Then again, she's already giving you a lot of attention...

C: Ask her to talk about herself.
Might as well do what Mom says and try to make a friend.

D: Wanna go to the bookstore to hide? I mean talk?
Mom did specifically say to avoid the library, not the mall's bookstore!

E: Video games? Video games.
Ah, what better thing is there to bond over?

You may also come up with other things to talk about!
No. 1088601 ID: 4f903f

D, or A
It ain't breaking much to look at books while you make a friend. Its a chance to lead conversations with your strong suit? Maybe?
Ask what she's currently in the mall for to start.
No. 1088602 ID: a7a180

C/d. Do you have any problems or side quests you need help with? We tend to make a career of problem solving!
No. 1088604 ID: be3107

To the bookstore WHILE you ask her about any of her favorite stores. So D and A.
No. 1088606 ID: b67223

No. 1088609 ID: b81967

Primary E
secondary D
No. 1088610 ID: 75b262

D, then C

We'll overcome Ceri's shyness by putting her in a safe, book-filled place.
No. 1088613 ID: 365de0


Thank goodness you were life-magicked with perfect vision, imagine how nerdy you'd look if you needed avian goggles.
No. 1088615 ID: 57ec6f

D then C
No. 1088617 ID: bcb9b2

just be honest to yourself...
D go to the bookstore, and since YOUR going to the store, A, because friendship is doing things with someone else and I guess you two are goin shoppin
No. 1088618 ID: fa3034

Time to take control! Let's put your strong foot forward!
No. 1088619 ID: d16772

D / c
No. 1088620 ID: f14228

Rundown the list of acceptable responses! Say 'Thanks, likewise.' and, well...

What's she doin'? Like, what is she, literally, doing here today? Ànd also, you suppose, in general.

You yourself are here... (oh, it'd be awkward to say 'make a friend', quick, come up with a reason for why you're here!) - you're here for yourself!

(Argh! That's the truth and still awkward! Hey wait... there just so happens to seem to be a popular store called that, and just that. How convenient! With the heart symbol, maybe that means they sell romantic accessories or something?)
No. 1088621 ID: f14228

Oh, and C,a.
No. 1088622 ID: 541e01

D, A totally not for hiding!
No. 1088631 ID: c3de9f

C, b
No. 1088632 ID: 184595


Mentioning you're a dragon gives you an opportunity to ask about what kind of bird she is.

You might also mention that she's wearing clothes, even though she's a bird. If she's that outgoing, she might volunteer an explanation without actually making you ask about it explicitly.
No. 1088633 ID: c3fe97

D or A. You can multitask riiight?
No. 1088634 ID: 0480e2

No. 1088635 ID: 965675

No. 1088637 ID: 7fd8d8

C, then A! She will probably take you to her favorite stores, which will result in maybe meeting more new people!
No. 1088640 ID: f148dd

D. Remember, mom said to make friends, as in plural. The best place to find another friend is in a place where people with similar interests as you are at.

Secondary C. Nothing stopping us from doing that at the bookstore.
No. 1088641 ID: 5ebd37

C on the way to D
No. 1088657 ID: 861ceb

C, a

oh no, you've been adopted.
No. 1088661 ID: 7c0da2

A and C
No. 1088663 ID: 19ea25

E, C

Looks like you've been adopted by an extrovert. Prepare for more conversations and potential friends!
No. 1088707 ID: 99ca7b

C, because if she's talking about herself, then she's not focusing on you.
No. 1088709 ID: 6645ca

No. 1088717 ID: ebae20

B and A for sure
No. 1088724 ID: 26801d

A and C
No. 1088815 ID: 25c93b

To the books! (D)
No. 1088827 ID: 830162

No. 1088839 ID: 7a406e

A or E
No. 1088941 ID: 6290ec
File 171330735831.png - (137.86KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

Are you really going to do this? To like, lead a conversation? With someone you just met???

Right. Yes. Okay. Mmhmm. Yep. Gonna. Do that.

no you're not putting it off stop saying that MOM

Oh wait Mom's not here.

Guess you'll just go ahead and oh hey neurons you have anything interesting to say???

>We tend to make a career of problem solving!
N-no we don't! We make a career of reading books and trying not to be noticed!

Which is really hard considering the body our mentor gave us to 'hide' in.

>We'll overcome Ceri's shyness by putting her in a safe, book-filled place.
Yes! You knew your neurons had your back!

>Thank goodness you were life-magicked with perfect vision, imagine how nerdy you'd look if you needed avian goggles.
At least nerdy dragons don't tend to get bullied, for obvious reasons. When you first met Daatra, you strongly considered trying to intimidate her with your True Form, before realizing how many eyes would suddenly be on you if you did that.

>You might also mention that she's wearing clothes, even though she's a bird.
L-lots of birds wear clothes! Maybe not as much when they're with other birds but around mammals they do!

>Time to take control! Let's put your strong foot forward!
Which foot is that???

>Remember, mom said to make friends, as in plural.
One step at a time.

>You can multitask riiight?
You can... task.

>Prepare for more conversations and potential friends!
Oh no.

>A and C
Haha, exactly!

That's probably a word in another language! You love languages! Let's talk all about them!

D! Like Dragon! What a clever joke you'd never overuse in another universe!

Heehee, that's a type of electricity!



Okay yeah you're just scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to put this off.

All right, okay. Let's do this whole 'friendly conversation' thing your parents hyped up so much.
No. 1088942 ID: 6290ec
File 171330736045.png - (126.32KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"Hey! How about we visit the bookstore? You enjoy reading books, right? Maybe you can tell me about books you like! Or we could check out some comic books, or something!"

No. 1088943 ID: 6290ec
File 171330736396.png - (140.93KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

Okay the two of you are walking to the bookstore apparently.

>oh no, you've been adopted.

"So... what are you doing here at the mall today?" she asks.

"Oh um, I was..." Wait, would it be weird to say you're looking for friends? What's a more normal thing to say? "...just here for..."

Come on brain, come up with something normal!

"...Myself? Because I need to make friends! Yeah! wait shit"

Your 'adoptive extrovert' chirps in a way that you can't tell if she's laughing or just excited. What you'd give for some INVISIBILITY MAGIC right now.

"You've come to the right bird for that, *Cheehee~!* I can help you make tons of friends, probably!"

Oh gods what have you gotten yourself into.

Keireer's feathers puff up. "Me, I go from town to town helping people out when they need it and making new friends!"

"A-and you thought I needed help?"

"You looked like someone who needed help and needed a friend, and I can do both of those things!" she chirps.

Did you really look that nervous about entering the mall? Oh geez.

"I'm also hoping I run into a dragon or something," she says. "Or... really anyone who knows cool magic. Magic's awesome, you know? I wish I could use it! How about you? Do you know any magic?"

"Oh, um... I know FIRE MAGIC and can move things around a bit with TELEKINETIC MAGIC I guess..."
No. 1088944 ID: 6290ec
File 171330736635.png - (117.49KB , 800x600 , 18.png )


Gah! That scared you! And now she has her hands on your shoulders! Physical contact!

"T-thanks...!" you say, blushing slightly.

"You have to show me sometime, okay?? But be careful with FIRE MAGIC! You wouldn't want to burn off your clothes, *Cheehee~!*"

"why are you saying that why are you jinxing it"

Her only response is a widening of her smile.
No. 1088945 ID: 6290ec
File 171330736807.png - (131.61KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

You finally make it to the bookstore after that gauntlet of social interaction.

"Oh, this place is really nice!" Keireer says. "I bet you come here all the time, huh?"

"W-well, I tend to spend more time at the library,but..."

"Still! What kind of stuff do you like to read, anyway?"

Oh dear, she's asking about one of the topics you're known to ramble about to your parents. You need to handle this properly, giving a nice concise answer without spilling an ounce of spaghetti.

That's a bit of an in-joke between you and your parents, you see. One time you rambled so hard about a book that you tripped on something and spilled the bowl of spaghetti you were carrying for dinner.

But before we get to the obvious punchline of the joke we just set up, what kind of things do you like to read? (Pick as many as you want)

A: Books about DRAGONS!

B: Historical books about the LORE of the world.

C: Comic books.

D: Interactive stories (what a concept!) where you choose the path the character takes.

E: Fictional stories about ROMANCE.


G: Books about SCIENCE FACT.

H: Books about MATH.

I: Books about COMPUTERS and/or VIDEO GAMES
You heard they recently invented a 32-bit processor!

J: Books about MAGIC and ADVENTURE.

You pat yourself on the back for maxing out the system used to count votes... but are you forgetting anything? Feel free to suggest other genres.
No. 1088946 ID: c3fe97

E, J, C, H for nerding up a lot
No. 1088947 ID: a7a180

J-FAD! There's all sorts of books really, you could spend a bunch of time just talking about them without even reading them. Are books about magic historical fiction in this setting?

...Hey, that sounds a lot like what an adventurer does! Is Keireer an adventurer? Ask what kinda tales she's had!
No. 1088948 ID: 541e01

F, C, H, E, J
No. 1088950 ID: 42bb51

A, maybe E, maybe a combination of the two!
No. 1088951 ID: 830162

No. 1088953 ID: 2eb199

You have your soft spots!
No. 1088961 ID: 0480e2

No. 1088962 ID: be3107

E, J, and C!
No. 1088963 ID: 5ebd37

No. 1088964 ID: c3de9f

F, G, H, I, J but especially H. You're definitely a math geek, for sure.
No. 1088965 ID: 6645ca

No. 1088968 ID: 40ef3b

E, A, H
No. 1088969 ID: 965675

No. 1088972 ID: a4d918

E, J, C, H!
No. 1088973 ID: 810d91

The entire gorndarn alphabet.

You read genres that have barely been invented yet! (man, your local library is good)

But if you had to talk about a few of them… you guess A & E are a good start. You do love reading about dragons and romance, you guess!
No. 1088986 ID: 25c93b

Adventure and MATH! J H
No. 1088989 ID: edc33f


For the nerd who likes to dream she isn't one.
No. 1088990 ID: b81967

No. 1088993 ID: d16772

E, B, A, C
No. 1088997 ID: 32c073

A, E. DRAGON ROMANCE. (These are secondary, Mainly for the title drop)

PRIMARY, J (lets read up on and attempt to learn a spell that is destructive, or get Ceri out of her clothes)
No. 1089009 ID: b67223

J H then C
No. 1089012 ID: 16423f

Options, options... D and A, of course... the touch of shy makes E... and imma say B
though to be honest, the REAL answer is, Without Doubt, All Of The Above and More
No. 1089013 ID: 031458

No. 1089015 ID: 26801d

No. 1089016 ID: 184595

A, B, E, F, J

I think Ceri should be a nerd, but a liberal arts and sciences nerd interested in history and literature. Especially history and literature about dragons.
No. 1089031 ID: 7c0da2

You read I in order to create a D & E story on a computer. You've made a first draft already that you've never shown to anyone.
You read a B & C series of books and always nerd out about how historically accurate it is.
You also read books about writing books.
No. 1089036 ID: 57ec6f

No. 1089057 ID: 318036

A, e
Because DRAGONs and ROMANCE just go together!
No. 1089068 ID: 8e6882

A, B, H
No. 1089070 ID: 7fd8d8

Let's see, E, and uh... E, E and E. For E-xplicit and E-rotic, and an E-mbarassing number of them hidden under your bed.
No. 1089073 ID: 7a406e

B, J, H, and G
No. 1089121 ID: 4f903f

J, C, H, G
No. 1089133 ID: ba9785

Get a book on pseudo-gravitics, it'll be fun. The possible consequences are definitely all a good idea🔴 Section 57-2 probably?
No. 1089149 ID: a320af

>Feel free to suggest other genres.
Erotica books

Specifically, theres a book on the shelf that explains how to perform the legendary "Pineapple and Yo-yo trick", along with many other lewd party tricks!
No. 1089201 ID: c75e0b


You are total nerd who loves to read about Lore and science.
You love learning about all the species. Especially the shy, shy tridenik. Oh, to be so small and unnoticeable as a tridenik!

Speaking of which, you need to call your mentor later today have a heart to heart about why he gave you a mortal forma with boobs and how that makes you unconfortable.

This is to further bring the idea of a n Embarrassed Nudity Dragon home and not all because asking the big questions to the person who changed your life would be interesting, ba-baka.
No. 1089212 ID: 6290ec
File 171356407796.png - (94.04KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

W-well, you know what books you like. But can you really like, tell someone your preferences? What if they judge you?? Worse, what if they like the same thing and now you have to have an entire conversation about it???

Even more worse, what if you start to ramble? It'll go great at first, but then you'll start to become aware that you're rambling while also being unable to stop yourself and you'll keep going until either you're interrupted or the sweet release of death comes to free you from this nightmare oh gods.

>Get a book on pseudo-gravitics, it'll be fun. The possible consequences are definitely all a good idea🔴 Section 57-2 probably?


...No, it's nothing.

>Erotica books
E-e-even if that were true, you couldn't possibly tell her about that!!!
No. 1089213 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408068.png - (166.60KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

"I like these ones~!" Keireer says cheerfully.

Those are-- !!!!!!

S-she just TOLD you that!?

"Especially when one of the characters is bigger than the other, *Cheehee~!*


Oh gods you must be blushing so hard right now.
No. 1089214 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408237.png - (78.19KB , 800x600 , 22.png )


Oh. Oh no.
No. 1089215 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408403.png - (98.42KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no
No. 1089216 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408782.png - (83.14KB , 800x600 , 24.png )


"Are you okay?" Keireer asks, looking concerned.

"Y-yeah, sorry. I sometimes lose control of my FIRE MAGIC when I'm uh, flustered..."

"Oh no! Have you tried wearing fireproof clothing?"

"Is... is that a thing?"

"I have no idea! But it sounds like something that you could make with magic, probably!"


"Sorry, *Chirp!* I thought if I told you what I enjoyed, you'd feel more comfortable talking about what you like."

"I-it's okay. You just caught me really off-guard."

Well, you've already made a fool of yourself. Might as well just say it at this point.

"I like lots of books, b-but I really enjoy books about magic and romance..."

"Oh, like these~?" she asks, pointing to her newfound collection.



Okay the only way out of this situation is to power through.
No. 1089217 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408919.png - (96.32KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

"For... personal reasons, I'm fascinated by magic. To dragons, magic comes naturally. But mortals originally couldn't use any. Instead, they relied on RITUALS to conjure magic from components. But one day, they figured out a way to infuse themselves with magic they could use at any time. It took several generations, but eventually their attempts bore fruit and now many mortal races have their own magic! Most of the magic is fairly simple, but did you know some races attempted to infuse more complicated stuff like TIME MAGIC and even the forbidden LIFE MAGIC? They never took, which is probably a good thing, but it's wild that they tried, right? Hahaha. Anyway, they tried to show the dragons their newfound abilities hoping the dragons would be proud of them, but the dragons were kinda rude not gonna lie. There was almost a war about it, but the mammals looked so cute the dragons just couldn't stay mad, you know? And like, it's fascinating how magic's changed over time. Rituals aren't used much anymore, but magic was still able to evolve alongside the mortals it was infused inside. Things really went nuts during the Great Magic Shift, where certain schools of magic kinda transformed into others. Did you know PSYCHIC MAGIC and TELEKINETIC MAGIC were originally the same thing? Pretty wild, huh? They came from the same RITUAL MAGIC! Man, at one point they even tried combining schools of magic to form COMBINATION MAGIC, inventing schools of magic even the dragons didn't use! Of course, it wasn't that hard for dragons to catch back up, but for a small period of time you could argue the mortals had superior magical ability. Not as powerful, maybe, but a hell of a lot more versatile. Am I rambling? I'm rambling, aren't I? ...Man, time magic is wild. People theorized for years that there was a way to reverse time, but all anyone's figured out how to do is slow it down. I read in an old math textbook that someone once came up with a formula for how much MP you'd need for each percent you slowed down time, and bringing time to a stop would require more magical energy than even dragons have! Pretty nuts, right? Haha. Even slowing time down 20% is basically impossible for mortals. RITUAL MAGIC is more effective, but that requires a lot more setup and will only buy you a few seconds of time. Heh, time. Actually, I'm surprised the mortals haven't infused themselves with WATER MAGIC ever. It's not that complex a school of magic... heck, ICE MAGIC is basically the same thing but cold! But maybe it just feels easy to me because I'm--"

"--A dragon?" Keireer interrupts, saving you from yourself wait what did she just say
No. 1089218 ID: 6290ec
File 171356409259.png - (97.53KB , 800x600 , 26.png )


Before you lie two PATHS. Two branches in the story of your life. Your PRIMARY VOTE determines what PATH you want to go down. The losing path has its votes dropped, so it's recommended to use your SECONDARY VOTE to pick an option in the alternate path.

[Path of panic...]


B: Dragon?? Not me! Couldn't be me!
Haha! You're silly!

C: Ramble about magic some more to distract her!

Wait is this really any better?

[Path of calm...]

E: Nod and say 'yes'.
If you act like it's nbd, she'll also act like it's nbd, right? nbd. nbd.

F: Say 'no', you just studied WATER MAGIC because it seems neat.
To be fair, it is pretty neat. Stay hydrated!

G: Ask if she has an interest in dragons.
A scholarly interest, of course.
No. 1089220 ID: a7a180

Dragon time.
No. 1089221 ID: 7a406e

No. 1089222 ID: e8918a

C or A
No. 1089223 ID: 42bb51

panic: B (then A if that fails)
calm: E followed by G
No. 1089224 ID: 2a314c

No. 1089225 ID: 6645ca

C - Ramble through and override!
A - Or run!
No. 1089226 ID: a7a5e4

D-D-D-D-DraGon time!
No. 1089228 ID: 965675

No. 1089230 ID: 365de0

B or G
No. 1089231 ID: 541e01

No. 1089232 ID: 7fd8d8

Panic!!!... D, then G. DefleGt that attention.
No. 1089233 ID: d16772

No. 1089234 ID: c3fe97

Continue totally having it under control via stuttering B
No. 1089235 ID: be3107

B. Silly assumption.
No. 1089236 ID: d07e1a

B to gradually E when you realize you’re a hopeless liar.
No. 1089237 ID: 861ceb

No. 1089238 ID: 57ec6f

No. 1089241 ID: fdd26b

you DID say "mortals", which is PRETTY WEIRD
And counter by asking if SHE is a dragon
which is sadly VERY POSSIPLE with polymorph
BUT IF WE PANIC, she very much so seems the type of person B would just WORK on
No. 1089242 ID: 40ef3b

B, g
No. 1089243 ID: 9188de

B deflect power!
No. 1089244 ID: 9d3b39

D Quick maybe if you make things awkward enough she'll be more embarrassed first and end the conversation!
No. 1089246 ID: 568aa7

A, B
No. 1089248 ID: 273c18

No. 1089249 ID: b81967

Primary B
Secondary F
No. 1089250 ID: 5ebd37

D, E
No. 1089251 ID: b67223

B then G
No. 1089252 ID: eb0a9c

Deffo A
Just A all the way
No. 1089255 ID: 0480e2

No. 1089256 ID: 184595

G, c

Honesty is the best policy, but we can still be smart about being honest. Get to the point in a polite but roundabout way.

But if we're truly overcome with frazzle, then it's best just to keep going. There's bound to be some other factoid she latches onto, instead.
No. 1089257 ID: 830162

No. 1089259 ID: 05a3b7

G, C
No. 1089260 ID: 25c93b

No. 1089268 ID: 2a82d3

E, B because funny
No. 1089276 ID: c3de9f

D, b
No. 1089278 ID: 7c0da2

Time to lie like your life depends on it.

F, B
No. 1089297 ID: e97e06

No. 1089298 ID: 4f903f

B, G
No. 1089307 ID: fa3034

No. 1089308 ID: 3d7484

No. 1089309 ID: 26801d

B, D
No. 1089320 ID: 01fe07

Distract her by giving her the D!

This is such a clever joke that you're going to overuse in this universe and another universe!
No. 1089324 ID: f2320a

F: Say 'no', you just studied WATER MAGIC because it seems neat.
To be fair, it is pretty neat. Stay hydrated!
"Water play"
No. 1089394 ID: caee7a


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