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File 171201050479.png - (208.54KB , 800x600 , title.png )
1087619 No. 1087619 ID: 6290ec

If we open our minds to the existence of other universes, there's no limit to the possibilities that we could experience in the world of boning.
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No. 1090556 ID: 132666

No. 1090557 ID: ad820d

Get your mind movin' on some MOVING! A.
No. 1090559 ID: 5ebd37

DB,C oops where did this extra letter come from?
No. 1090562 ID: 124485

No. 1090563 ID: 4cc90e


Drain the entire lake onto the town. It is the lake of not very much doom, so they'll probably be fine.
No. 1090564 ID: 0480e2

No. 1090566 ID: e5e504

A, and even more A when D happens anyways.
No. 1090573 ID: 3f89df

She saw your teet, now ya gotta show her your D
No. 1090576 ID: ae3286

A or B.
No. 1090586 ID: 05a3b7

No. 1090597 ID: 7c0da2

B, A
No. 1090614 ID: d87606


Learning how to set boundaries is an important part of cultivating healthy relationships. You can tell Keeireer that you're not comfortable exposing your form to her right now, and that maybe she could take you to someone else, that wouldn't require you to do magic or transform. If she's insistent,then you can relent and try your magic kinesis.
No. 1090856 ID: 6290ec
File 171563872549.png - (122.74KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"Yeeeaah, I'm just gonna lift her up with my TELEKINETIC MAGIC, if you don't mind."

"Oh... that's fine!"

Though she tries to mask it, there's a disappointment in her voice that makes you feel a bit guilty. But you have to consider your own comfort, right?


Maybe... maybe if the two of you get to know each other better, you'll feel more comfortable showing her 'that' side of you.

Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.
No. 1090857 ID: 6290ec
File 171563872804.png - (62.39KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

Urgh... whatever's down there is a lot heavier than you expected.

>Is the suit heavy? Its totally heavy aint it?

Hrrrrggghhhhh... argh! It's not budging.

What'd you expect? TELEKINETIC MAGIC isn't your main school, so it's obviously weaker than your FIRE MAGIC. You could probably pull it off as a dragon, but this mortal body has built-in limitations to bring it in line with the mortal races.

...With one exception.
No. 1090858 ID: 6290ec
File 171563873143.png - (83.90KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

If you tap into your draconic WATER MAGIC, focusing on having the lake itself push the aquatic birb upward while you pull with TELEKINETIC MAGIC, you might just be able to pull this off.

You prefer to avoid using WATER MAGIC outside of emergencies like earlier, but... you'll do it this once. For friendship.

Slowly but surely, you feel something give. It's working!
No. 1090859 ID: 6290ec
File 171563873491.png - (132.08KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

And just like that, the bird and her MECHANICAL SUIT have been extracted. It's much larger than you expected! No wonder that was so hard.

"Wow! You're really amazing, Ceri!" Keireer says, her earlier disappointment replaced with awe at the raw magical might you had put on display.

You can't help but blush slightly. "A-ah, well... so how do we open this thing, anyway?"

"I'm not sure! Cekachii's never really told me how it works, exactly."

"Should we uh... try to wake her?"

"We can try! She's a pretty heavy sleeper, though."

You think back to your childhood, and your struggles to wake your father so he'd take you to the playground at the park. Could one of your Secret Awakening Techniques work here too...?

What'll you do?

A: Search the machine for some kind of button.
Surely there's an emergency override for the hatch, or... something.

B: Get Keireer to chirp real real loud.
Birds: nature's alarm clocks!

C: Sing the 'wake up' song.
I-it might be embarrassing to do it in front of Keireer, but it always wakes your dad up.

D: Dragon roar!

E: Shake her like a vending machine.
Shake enough and a bird will fall out.
No. 1090860 ID: 25c93b

Time to button mash rapidly shake. E, A
No. 1090862 ID: 6645ca

A and E - look for something WHILE you shake
No. 1090863 ID: c3fe97

Pinball a bird. E.
No. 1090864 ID: a7a180

B/a. Keireer might need some encouragement to peep loud enough - tickle her!
No. 1090865 ID: 965675

No. 1090866 ID: 541e01

A, E! what if you slam on the front of the suit until something opens? There is a lot of fancy circuits it looks like, something has to be a button!
No. 1090867 ID: 4f903f

E, A
No. 1090868 ID: b85041

Carefully poke and prod the bird while Keireer sings a wake up song. Careful not to snag your clothes on those metal bits.
No. 1090869 ID: 99f29a

No. 1090870 ID: 0043e8

A, c. You're a smart and learned dragon, are you gonna turn down the chance to explore that suit? Putting your lips to the glass may allow for better penetration if humming.
Oh, and promise Keireer to show her your Dragon later.
No. 1090871 ID: be3107

A and E.
No. 1090872 ID: aa0c8a

Shakedown a button, somehow. Primary E, secondary A
No. 1090874 ID: 273c18

D, c
No. 1090876 ID: 861ceb

work together using the power of friendship to wake up new friend.
No. 1090877 ID: b67223

E,a and shout "WAKE UP!"
No. 1090880 ID: 365de0

Tap on the glass. Smush your face against it to see inside.
No. 1090881 ID: 7c0da2

A, E
No. 1090885 ID: 6cec12

F: knock politely on helmet, because your mama raised you right.
No. 1090889 ID: 056956

B, e
No. 1090890 ID: 1ff64e

Primary E, secondary A
That bird looks very asleep, I'm not sure you're going to wake them up through that suit just by being noisy! also watch out for that sharp bit on the back except i crossed this part out that means don't watch out for it
No. 1090891 ID: c3de9f

B, D
No. 1090898 ID: 2a82ad

E, A. One of those two options is sure to cause clothing damage maybe
No. 1090900 ID: 629cad


Turn into a dragon, rawr, and shake her out!
No. 1090908 ID: 5ebd37

B and D Team up!
No. 1090911 ID: 5f920e

A or E for something funny
No. 1090916 ID: 031458

Maybe if we yell really loud?

(one vote)
No. 1090918 ID: 830162

No. 1090925 ID: cb6cf8

Grope Keireer. Engage in Plan B.
No. 1090926 ID: 7a406e

A do or don't hit an explosive button
No. 1090928 ID: ba8a03

B and D at the same time! Bad Dragon? Bird Dragon!
No. 1090933 ID: bcb9b2

Shaking someone inside of metal, even if it is probably cushioned, would be such a bad idea
B AND C, together! working together surely you two could wake anyone!
No. 1090934 ID: 57ec6f

A then E
No. 1090935 ID: 0480e2

No. 1090939 ID: 01ca2c

Wait, don’t open the hatch on that diving suit! She’ll get the bends!
No. 1090948 ID: eb0a9c

C) I bet the song is obscenely lewd and I wanna hear it.
A) The rational option. Nobody's stupid enough to put a self-destruct on the outer layer of their armor.
No. 1090957 ID: 0a9115

A button that shakes! (E)
No. 1090963 ID: ccad8d

>You think back to your childhood, and your struggles to wake your father so he'd take you to the playground at the park.
You mean that one time you accidentally used your magic to set him on fire and then purposely used your magic to splash him with water to put out the fire? Yeah, it's crazy that happened, huh? Especially since your dad slept through the whole thing!

A, then e.

>She’ll get the bends!
I mean, yeah, of course she'll spontaneously want to bend Ceri over and spank her for being woken up. But I don't think that's a good enough reason to stop us from opening it up.
No. 1090973 ID: ebae20

C, and E
No. 1090975 ID: 1ff64e

A hard armored suit like that is probably an atmospheric diving suit, which doesn't risk decompression sickness since your body isn't compressed to begin with.
No. 1091000 ID: 9188de

No. 1091034 ID: e8918a

No. 1091036 ID: 3e5b92

Hey, uh, if your mom is a bat, what is your dad?
Also, how did your dragon mom and die? Fanboy stampede? Stalker breaking into their house to steal their socks, gone horribly wrong?

Anyways, let's sing the wake up song and shake her if that doesn't work.
No. 1091372 ID: 6290ec
File 171623527579.png - (108.57KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

>Tap on the glass. Smush your face against it to see inside.
Looks like there's a bird inside.

>That bird looks very asleep

>You mean that one time you accidentally used your magic to set him on fire and then purposely used your magic to splash him with water to put out the fire? Yeah, it's crazy that happened, huh? Especially since your dad slept through the whole thing!

>Hey, uh, if your mom is a bat, what is your dad?
In theory he's some kind of dog.

>Shaking someone inside of metal, even if it is probably cushioned, would be such a bad idea
Hey, that's a great idea!
No. 1091373 ID: 6290ec
File 171623528173.gif - (1.39MB , 800x600 , 53.gif )

You put this wonderful idea to action, using everything you have to lift and lightly shake the MECHANICAL SUIT.

It's easier to lift now that it's close to you, but you can't keep doing this much longer. You shake harder and harder in desperation as your Magical Prowess (MP) starts to run dry.

Come ooooon open somehoooooow.

Keireer seems to enjoy the show.
No. 1091374 ID: 6290ec
File 171623528783.png - (197.23KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

Just as you're about to give up, a hatch(?) suddenly opens and a bird falls out! Looks like she's still sleeping, which is amazing considering her circumstances.

Probably won't be asleep much longer, though.
No. 1091375 ID: 6290ec
File 171623528981.png - (154.48KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

Oh nope she's still asleep wait hang on
No. 1091376 ID: 6290ec
File 171623529210.png - (125.64KB , 800x600 , 56.png )


T-they must have gotten caught somehow when she fell out of the MECHANICAL SUIT! Y-you have to do something!

Okay, stay calm. Just put the MECHANICAL SUIT down gently and grab her PAJAMA PANTS. Then you'll... put them on her? Oh geez.
No. 1091377 ID: 6290ec
File 171623529495.png - (156.85KB , 800x600 , 57.png )


Shit! You ran out of MP! And now the PAJAMA PANTS are trapped inside the MECHANICAL SUIT! It's way too heavy for you to lift with your noodle-arms!

oh gods oh gods what will you do what will you do this is bad this is so bad and also awkward which is in itself quite bad aaaaaaaa

"Well, this is awkward," Keireer says.

"You think???"

"I do!" she replies way too cheerfully.


A: Donate your SCARF/CAPE to Cekachii's modesty!
Give up your precious FIREPROOF SCARF slash CAPE? But...

B: Cover her with a pillow you guess??

C: Attempt to shake the bird awake, trying to ignore her bottomless...ness.
Your odds of successfully ignoring it are probably low.

D: Time to use your dragon form to access its way higher MP.
What-- this again? Why does this option keep showing up??

E: Realize that sometimes nudity happens and you're powerless to stop it.
It's too early to accept defeat, isn't it??
No. 1091378 ID: c3fe97

A. You should look away the entire time putting your cape on her, for modesty reasons.
Not for accidentally touching around too much reasons. Yeah.
No. 1091379 ID: 965675

No. 1091381 ID: c5529d

>What-- this again? Why does this option keep showing up??

Maybe you should consider no more than two options so that the D (for Dragon) option doesn't show up again? but can you really narrow down your choices like that???

Primary A (slow progression of losing clothing is far more lewd and tense and exciting than immediate loss)

Secondary D
No. 1091382 ID: 6645ca

No. 1091383 ID: be3107

No. 1091384 ID: b5a89d

No. 1091385 ID: 4f903f

A, B! A noble sacrifice...
No. 1091386 ID: 26801d

C, D, or E
No. 1091387 ID: 76eede

No. 1091388 ID: 25c93b

No. 1091389 ID: 5ebd37

A C as long as you even out the amount of clothes between you it won't matter how many mishaps you have. Right?
No. 1091390 ID: 1ff64e

Primary D, secondary C.
Dragons don't wear clothes, so if you turn into a dragon, then you can let her wear your whole outfit! I'm sure there will be no problems with that!
No. 1091391 ID: b67223

A then B
No. 1091392 ID: 273c18

D. This is an emergency!
No. 1091394 ID: 66e6f6

D, a
The more you try to suppress your inner Dragon, the more it will yearn to be released. And a slow loss of clothing is definitely not a concern, don't worry about it.
At least no one else is around to see the cute bird butt
No. 1091395 ID: 5f920e

Primary A, secondary C
Because you're a good person with the perfect piece of clothing to help!
No. 1091398 ID: dcda60

Scarf/cape only helps from one angle, not the one she'll be talking to you with
I am not sure why you expect pillow to work, if you even do
higher MP, sadly, won't un-embarrass you, and also transforming into a dragon is kinda dramatic and likely to wake her up
Singing the wake up song and having keireer Big Chirp still work!
No. 1091401 ID: c3de9f

C, E
No. 1091405 ID: 830162

No. 1091414 ID: 75f958

B then e
No. 1091417 ID: f1d978

No. 1091418 ID: 9188de

A E!
No. 1091435 ID: 1ff64e

Do you think the inevitable loss of clothing Ceri's been cursed with is just her clothesless dragon nature trying to be free?

And yes, definitely make sure to do all the wake-up ideas if C gets chosen, it's very important!
No. 1091450 ID: 210c4f

No. 1091452 ID: fa3034

Two pillows fell out, use the pillow case of one of them for a makeshift hip wrap. Failing that, offer your scarf. Of course, this is dependent on if she even wakes up. Hard to dress someone if they're out cold.
No. 1091453 ID: e8918a

A or B
No. 1091460 ID: 184595

C, d

Phase one of the plan is complete. Now that the protective armor is out of the way, you can proceed to phase two, and shake her directly.
If you must offer some sort of modesty, use a pillow. You know you can't afford any of your own clothes, in case of emergency.
No. 1091467 ID: 541e01

We didn't press buttons yet!
F. Find buttons to button mash. A otherwise.
No. 1091468 ID: 273c18

Ceri you didn't drop the heavy mechanical suit ON TOP of her, did you?
No. 1091483 ID: 825fbb

C and D
No. 1091490 ID: ae3286

Oh no shes clothes! A. cape would work!
No. 1091491 ID: 7c0da2

F : close your eyes and ask Keireer to Do something !
Or else B, but without looking at her, obviously.
No. 1091540 ID: 7a406e

B anc C
No. 1091569 ID: 160ee2

D, A
No. 1091606 ID: 57ec6f

No. 1091636 ID: 8f9bc4

No time to think. Quick, give her your pants!!
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