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File 170918474696.png - (161.85KB , 662x600 , BloodHunt001b.png )
1084876 No. 1084876 ID: 0d1c28

Quest will contain violence and possibly nudity

This quest is themed as schlock slasher film featuring OWO characters.
as a movie no character deaths will be permanent nor effect other OWO projects

All suggestions should have 2 parts
1)name characters and what they should do (E.G. Trisha should go to the vending machine for a Soda)
2)Name some event that happens (E.G. thunder strikes and she drops her change in a drain)

Quest objectives:
Brett wants to be a spirit of vengeance
Trisha wants their sponsor "Chickadee Red Soda" to get their money's worth
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No. 1084877 ID: 0d1c28
File 170918477360.png - (393.71KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt002.png )

A car zooms along a dark road

Brett: "Hey Trisha, are you sure this is a shortcut?"

Trisha: "Oh yeah, it's gotta be!"
No. 1084878 ID: 0d1c28
File 170918481004.png - (2.66MB , 1600x1200 , BloodHunt003.png )

Close up on vehicle
Brett: "what does that mean?"

Trisha: "Well you know, if it's not we'll be late for the party!"
No. 1084879 ID: 75b262

Folding the map comedy moment! Fold that road map! Fold it and cover up Brett’s eyes accidentally!
No. 1084881 ID: d5170c

Radio static ups messing with it till it lands on a news report about a recent string of murders that haven't been solved.
No. 1084882 ID: 7c55ad

Actually, I'm changing my vote a bit because Donut's idea is funny

Event: news on radio reports of people getting lost in the woods, and there is sometimes blood, or torn up articles of clothing around the locations of where the missing people were last seen. search parties looking for these lost individuals report sightings of an unusual giant deer wandering the forest at night.

Trisha: put on a cassette tape, news is boring. (we paid good money to get the rights to use a rock star's music for this movie)

Brett: Ask Trisha if this is the very same forest the news was talking about, you didn't get a good look at the name of this forest.

Trisha: Assure Brett that even if it is, they are in a car and totally not lost with this shortcut. but you'll check anyways, and then do this: >>1084879
No. 1084884 ID: 7c55ad

oh yeah, and before or after the news report, a commercial ad for Chickadee Red plays
No. 1084885 ID: 5ebd37

definitely this
Brett: "Hey, I can't keep my eyes on the road if you've got the road in my eyes!"
No. 1084887 ID: 559471

Be careful not to take the WRONG TURN!
No. 1084895 ID: fe4cae

You have to wait a few minutes before you lean into the product placement, fellas…
Brett: Swerve to avoid a mysterious road walker!
No. 1085159 ID: 15a025

Well step on the gas and speed it up then, no-ones gonna pull us over out here for speeding.
No. 1085179 ID: 0d1c28
File 170944209415.png - (1.51MB , 1600x1200 , BloodHunt004.png )

Brett: "Aw man Trisha you better be right..."

Brett turns on the radio

radio: "-a third report of hikers going missing in Diamond woods , police officers hav discovered blood, and torn up articles of clothing around the locations of where the missing people were last seen. search parties looking for these lost individuals report sightings of an unusual giant deer wandering the forest-."

Trisha: "Ugh put on a cassette tape, news is boring."

Brett: "hey the news was talking about Diamond Woods, you didn't get a good look at the name of this forest did you?"
No. 1085181 ID: 0d1c28
File 170944213898.png - (2.81MB , 1600x1200 , BloodHunt005.png )

Trisha: "Whatever even if it is Diamond Woods, we're in a car and totally not lost with this shortcut. but I'll check the map anyways if it'll make you feel better."

Trisha pulls out the large road map

Brett: "Hey, I can't keep my eyes on the road if you've got the road in my eyes!"
No. 1085183 ID: 75b262

Oh, no! Brett, there's a vaguely pedestrian-shaped silhouette in the road! Slam on the brakes!
No. 1085185 ID: 7c55ad

Event: This is the part where Brett crashes into a giant totem pole. Surprisingly, the totem pole is not damaged, at all. but the car is totaled.

Brett: get mad Trisha, then get out of the car and check the damage. In the process of being in shock, you forgot to grab your keys when you exited and locked yourself out without knowing. whoops!

Trisha: you also exit the vehicle (your side is locked too after leaving) to apologize to Bret, and wonder how far it is to the next payphone.
No. 1085188 ID: a7a180

Brett: Responsibly push the brakes and come to a rolling stop until you can see again.
No. 1085189 ID: 7cea15

Bret tells Trisha not to fear, and runs over the pedestrian without incident.

At the next gas station, however, they will be confronted by a spooky guy with a blind eye named Bob (his other eye is called Jim), and he will tell them they have atracted the serial killer by spilling blood, for the killer hunts it.
No. 1085190 ID: 15a025

Hit the breaks! Then realize how low on gas you are.
No. 1085193 ID: ab46e9

BRAKES! It's a shame you're low on gas, though...
No. 1085196 ID: 08b744

step on the gas, don't look back, and do not stop. People are disappearing here and if you don't want to become a statistic just keep driving.
No. 1086290 ID: 0d1c28
File 171030196260.png - (599.86KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt006.png )

Brett sees a pedestrian-shaped silhouette on the road!

Brett: "AAh!"
No. 1086291 ID: 0d1c28
File 171030199435.png - (541.61KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt007.png )

Brett slams the breaks, and the silhouette darts into the woods
No. 1086294 ID: 0d1c28
File 171030205790.png - (477.96KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt008.png )

Trisha smacks into the map as the car swiftly halts

Trisha: "What the heck Brett?!"

Brett: "There was someone on the road!"

Trisha looks outside

Trisha: "I don't see anybody."

Brett: "I swear I saw something!"

Trisha: "Whatever lets just keep going."

looks at the dash

Brett: "Aw crap, we're almost out of gas..."
No. 1086297 ID: 75b262

Don't worry, there's spare gas at the cabin for lawn mowers and stuff! Sure. Right.

Still, it is kind of creepy when the car's engine cuts out just as we arrive...
No. 1086300 ID: 7c55ad

Brett: He could of sworn he filled the car up with gas yesterday... Regardless, he wants to go back the way they came to get gas. He's sure he saw a gas station over there earlier.

Trisha: Is really sure they are close to their destination, and believes they can hold out for just a while longer. She argues with Brett to keep going.

Event: They drive by... a torn up pair of panties on the road? Weird.
No. 1086303 ID: 7c55ad

I'll support this idea

except instead of it being lawn mowers... it's a cabin for motorcycles.
No. 1086313 ID: 5ebd37

Brett: glances over "What the heck kind of road map is that? Did you get it from a pirate?

An unexpected fork in the road comes up.

Trisha: "Wait that's not... (checks map) right, that's here. See we're totally on the right track."
No. 1086351 ID: e9eb3d

We will go to the nearby gas station: Newell's Jool and Fuel ( formerly Nazz's).

Newell is super despondent though, because his store has been thrashed.

And all the Chickadee Red Soda is gone.
No. 1086361 ID: 3be84a

Almost doesn't mean that you are out of it keep driving, you just need to keep driving. You are not alone in the woods and this isn't a problem that can be fixed with a suplex.
No. 1086394 ID: a7a180

Tricia: Here's a great idea, let's dump some of the junk in the backseat to get better gas mileage. We can come back for it after we fill up!
No. 1086551 ID: 15a025

Trisha: "There is a gas station, but we gotta go over this river bridge."

The car lights start to flicker on their own
No. 1086733 ID: 0d1c28
File 171082322231.png - (1.85MB , 1600x1200 , BloodHunt009.png )

Brett: "We should head back, we could probably make it to that gas station we passed a few miles back"

Trisha: "But we're so close to the cabin! there's spare gas in the gardening shed!"

Brett: "How would you know? that map looks like it was drawn by a pirate we'd be lucky if we're in the same state."

Trisha: "Hey the cryptic guy at truck stop I got it from seemed like he knew the area... come on Brett! we're super late as is!"

Brett: *Sigh* "alright well just go"

* * *

after traveling for ten minutes The car rolls to a stop

Trisha: "This is the place! the cabin is just past this bridge!"
No. 1086735 ID: 75b262

The front door is wide open... how spooky!

Who else is supposed to be here?
No. 1086736 ID: 0ce5cf

Brett and Trisha have a small argument over whether they should drive the car across or keep it parked on this side, with Brett being the more cautious of the two. Eventually, Trisha suggests they get out of the car and walk on the bridge to check how sturdy it is themselves.
No. 1086737 ID: 5ebd37

Brett: "Well it better be, cause we're out of gas."
The two open the trunk and get out party supplies, including a prominent case of Chickadee Red Soda™.
Trunk also contains a hunting rifle (setting up for the climax)
No. 1087015 ID: 0d1c28
File 171125509871.png - (591.13KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt010.png )

The car stops and Brett pops the trunk
Brett: So who all is supposed to be here

Trisha grabs a bag and a six-pack of Chickadee Red
Trisha: "Well Britany and Kimberly will be there, along with Tommy and Dean"
No. 1087016 ID: 0d1c28
File 171125519633.png - (465.35KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt011.png )

Brett picks up a hunting rifle
Brett: "Nice! I hope Dean brought his gun, ducks are in season!"

Trisha: "you guys and your guns... oh Brittany said her brother Kevin and his nerdy girlfriend Tina are doing some bird watching, so make sure you just shoot ducks"

Brett: "no problem. anybody else around these parks"

Trisha: "just the old caretaker, Frank Wilkins"
No. 1087017 ID: 0d1c28
File 171125524246.png - (474.73KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt012.png )

Brett and Trisha cross the rickety bridge, a figure with a lantern is at the other side
No. 1087020 ID: 7c55ad

event: the figure is a mysterious scary old man, being all like "the sacrifices have finally arrived, the ritual can begin!" or something scary and threatening like that.

Trisha: freak out

Brett: tell Dean or Tommy to knock it off

Old man: reveal to be Tommy or Dean this whole time, it's just a prank, bro
No. 1087027 ID: 5ebd37

But then the actual old caretaker jumps out of the bushes and gives a cryptic warning to get inside because 'something' is out tonight.
No. 1087031 ID: ab46e9

In a bit of a twist, it actually IS Frank Wilkins. But he's anxious for whatever reason. Ushering them to hurry up, follow him so they can get INSIDE, DAMNIT! Thunder sounds in the background, though that's not what Wilkins is referring to...
No. 1087041 ID: e4bb6a

No. 1087045 ID: 2f41db

Brett and trisha approach slowly with clear tepidation.
Rifle held tight but safely.
Delicious chickadee red soda clutched across trishas chest, logo in shot.

Mysterious figure is...
A long coat hung by the hood on a signpost and a latern resting on a nearby fence post.

Visible relief but confusion.

...followed by the real old man wilkins stepping into the light from behind a bush, adjusting his pants and apologising for being caught short.

I dont know the owoverse too well, but if he could be a felid form thatd take care of something important.
All good slasher movies have a catscare.
No. 1088179 ID: 0d1c28
File 171252255653.png - (519.86KB , 800x600 , BloodHunt013.png )

Frank Wilkins emerges

Frank: "What are you kids still doing out here?"

Brett: "uh we got a little lost?"

Frank: "Then hurry up! this is no night to be out"

Thunder cracks in the background

Trisha: "Good idea, I don't want to get my hair wet!"

Frank: "it's not the storm you should be worrying about"

you can suggest for and cut too any side characters at any time

All secondary characters have the quest objective to be slain in unique and entertaining ways, this quest only fails if the death is poor quality, a character can always have a good death in a sequel if they survive!

No. 1088197 ID: 7c55ad

Trisha: Ask if this is about the missing people you heard about in the news. Ask where your friends are.

Frank: Tell them there's no time to explain or worry about them. Move!

Brett: tell Trisha to go with Frank. You'll find your friends.

jumpcut to Kevin and Tina. They are somewhere alone in the forest looking at ravens
No. 1088208 ID: 2f41db

Cat scare!
Ticked box.

All of this.

Especially the ravens.
All of whom look well fed.
One of the ravens may even have an eyeball from... something held in beak.
...but they all watch kevin and tina with curupioys, unnerving focus.
like a thirsty man looking at a cool, refreshing glass of icecold chickadee red soda...
No. 1088362 ID: 75b262

Brittany is playing solitaire and wishing her friends would show up so she can play poker!

She notices the Joker card seems to be… smiling just a little too wide…
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