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File 160581271970.png - (731.44KB , 927x1115 , DiscHeading.png )
134350 No. 134350 ID: 6f7a5a

Chinzebeth VII will be a NSFW clothing damage quest featuring YCH cameos as both controlable characters and enemies

Suggestors will aid Chinzebeth and her royal guards and fend off invaders

this thread is for discussion and sign ups
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No. 134351 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160581284082.png - (324.56KB , 927x1115 , RoyalGuardKit2.png )

there are currently 8 slots up for grabs, 4 royal guard slots and 4 invader slots.
Royal guards are tasked with protecting Queen Chnizebeth VII and her wealthy friends from marauding invaders
Invaders will serve the great Lord Lung on his conquest and "liberation" of Planet Beta-Earatone

Royal guards will be controlled via suggestors, however character owners can suggest reactions and dialogue to me via PMs
Invaders will be controlled by me, though people can make general suggestions for invader actions here I cannot promise any will be taken.

all purchased characters will have equal combat skill compared to each other.
No. 134353 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160581301970.png - (505.19KB , 927x1115 , Warlord4.png )

-You are guaranteed at least three(3) black and white sketch images of your characters
-I cannot guarantee a speaking role but will try to accommodate people if convenient for the story
-Your character can bring their own weapon or take the optional default
-Character normal exist the quest when stripped naked, but can optionally take a frenzy mark and fight to the death

A few limitations:
-Characters must be roughly humanoid in shape and be between 2 and 8 feet tall
-Genitals/lewd parts must fit only one of three categories, human-like male, human-like female or null.
-characters will appear wearing mandatory accessories for their faction when introduced

-the same Characters can be brought back through later slot purchases (if dead they may have get some fancy cyberlimbs)
No. 134354 ID: 6f7a5a
File 160581311193.png - (357.48KB , 927x1115 , InvaderKit.png )

If you'd like to reserve a slot please comment bellow, stating which slot(s) you would like.
first comments will be favored if slots run out
we will discuss payment and details in PM on discord, or through one of my galleries

if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
No. 134356 ID: e2dc7c
File 160581330989.png - (1.67MB , 2000x978 , BanditRaptor anthro ref sfw sml.png )

I would like an Invader Slot!
No. 134357 ID: ac0284

It’s raiding time!
No. 134358 ID: 11f77a

I'll reserve a royal guard slot, then! References later when I have the time to make one
No. 134359 ID: 10c07d
File 160581358226.jpg - (780.20KB , 1632x1999 , 60DC4FD5-DAA9-4476-89D2-CA694D12DE9B.jpg )

I’d like a invader spot
(Ref attached)
No. 134360 ID: cdabe3

i'd also like a royal guard slot, will provide refs later
No. 134366 ID: cdabe3

also, in case anyone's not on the questden discord, a character slot costs $15

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