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File 166991039348.png - (1.25MB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth165.png )
1050662 No. 1050662 ID: 9b127b

Chinzebeth VII is a NSFW clothing damage quest featuring YCH cameos check Discussion for more info

This is the story of Queen Chinzebeth the seventh
The year is x3146 the most dramatic point of her long reign.
it is summer on the Continental platform Ilax hovering over the planet Beta-Earatone
Durring a routine ceremony peace was shattered (Part 1)

Invasion has begun. The Royal guard have failed to contain the situation and the Queen is in danger.
Corporal Grimothy and his hardened commando team have been called into action has been called into action to end this conflict but are they enough?
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No. 1066334 ID: a7a180

Put half of your forces at the sides, half at the side gate. Put your support staff in B.
No. 1066346 ID: 13740c

No. 1067075 ID: 9b127b
File 168849135757.png - (1.03MB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth177.png )

Grimothy "Myself, Konda and Gerbera to the main gate. Snowpea is best sniper after me she'll hold the summoner tower, Crispen, Kog and Pawkaf you'll take the side entrance.

Crispen: "Shouldn't I be at the front line where the harshest fighting is to be?"

Grimothy: "no, I need a good fighter where I'm not, now go."

everyone heads to their post without further question

* * *

Grimothy notices a flare shoot out from the skylight of the cathedral, he finds this odd.

Grimothy has 12 minutes left to prepare
No. 1067076 ID: 9f4a0e

A flare is usually used to get someone's attention from far away. Since we got a escape route already Through the catacombs, it couldn't be somebody looking to get rescued... I think With our enemies Coming I think it's meant to get there attention to find out where we are, Or signal some kind of warning to them. we should probably investigate The area where the skylight is and see who's trying to betray us or get an explanation What's going on
No. 1067077 ID: 411670

Yeah, that’s a traitor at work. Go get ‘em Grimmy!
No. 1067079 ID: fce4fd

No. 1067080 ID: a7a180

A traitor telling everyone where we are? That's ridiculous, they already know where we are.
It's a pretty typical way to indicate distress and call for aid. You didn't actually tell everyone about the plan to retreat into the catacombs, did you? Juts the high priestess. Send a runner (Konda) to make sure everyone knows where to move towards in case of a breach.
No. 1067083 ID: a79990

Plan of action: since Snowpea can bumblefly, we'll have her fly to the skylight and spy through to see what is going on, and act as backup of we need it. Meanwhile, We'll enter through the front door and towards the cathedral. Snowpea can let us know what is going on on our way there and we can proceed from there.
No. 1067085 ID: 4481aa

It's probably not a traitor, but it IS probably a distress signal. There may be a situation inside the cathedral, so it'd be best to check it out.

Take Konda with you. You KNOW how long it might take for the enemies to approach from the front, whereas you don't know what's waiting for you inside. Be prepared for the worst, and travel in a group.

That will leave just Gerbera at the front, but Snowpea will be able to warn them when trouble is coming.
No. 1070136 ID: 9b127b
File 169181123626.png - (836.25KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth178.png )

Grimothy: "Gerbara, mind the gate. Konda with me"

Gerbera: "You got it cheif!"

Grimothy and Konda carefully make their way to the third floor gallery

A woman is there, she is in underwear, her arms and legs are bound, she is gagged and holding a flaregun, a broken window is nearby.

Grimothy has 8 minutes left
No. 1070137 ID: a7a180

Who is this unauthorized person? Take her down to the hall of relics and interrogate her. Konda, keep a watch from this perch the prisoner has created.
No. 1070138 ID: e51896

Konda scout the area for the intruder. Grimothy, unbind her and asked what happened.
No. 1070145 ID: 8f9bc4

Damn. This lady was barely dressed, bound and gagged with her arms tied behind her back, and she still thought to get a box of flares and a flare gun, and managed to fire one off? Whatever her allegience is, that is some capable thinking under pressure.
No. 1070146 ID: 7bf874

Agreed, assuming she’s the one who fired the flare. Can Grimothy recruit her?
No. 1070147 ID: 4481aa


This. I'm a little worried that this could be a sign of a plant among our ranks. Specifically, Donarah. This woman resembles her the most, so is there a chance we have an impostor acting as the head of security? It's only a possibility though, and we'd be better off listening to her explanation than speculating wildly.
No. 1070155 ID: 8f9bc4


She's still holding the flare gun.
No. 1071905 ID: 9b127b
File 169409207896.png - (682.76KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth179.png )

Grimothy gives a simple hand gesture to Konda who nods and begins scouting the area.
Grimothy interrogates the woman with the flare gun

Grimothy: "Who are you, what are you doing up here?"

she's hesitant at first but then notices the symbol on Grimothy's shoulder pad
????: "You're part of the royal army!? I'm sister Carlene head of security, I notice a woman amongst my people who didn't belong and she attacked me and left me up here, we have to stop her!"
No. 1071914 ID: fb8a42

I feel like we should give Sister Carlene the benefit of the doubt here, but I don’t see any proof of religious affiliation. Still, let’s go stop the impostor!
No. 1071916 ID: a7a180

If she was a threat, then why would she leave you up here with emergency signal flares? I'd be more worried about the enemy at the gates than about having an extra hand on the defenses. Arm Carlene and post her to the watchtower.
No. 1071920 ID: e51896

Corrathyn did say the head of security was lost in the initial bombardments and Donarah took her place as head of security. Donarah also seemed very dismissive of us. If there is a imposter, it might be her, and she is currently with Corrathyn.

Lets get to the bottom of this. First, ask if she knows what the person who was the imposter looked like, then Ask if she knows who Donarah is in that order. After she gives us info, make sure you keep a watchful eye of Carlene in case she is a traitor. Maybe handcuff her for now, but assure her that this is only until we get to the bottom of things and if shes innocent, she'll have nothing to worry about and you'll let her go. Assure her the Best way to find out is if Corrathyn recognizes her once we find Corrathyn and Donarah.

Order Konda to head to where Corrathyn and Donarah is heading with you (towards the catacombs). Konda will lead, Carlene will be in the middle, and you behind Carlene to make sure she doesnt get away. Also your in the back so that nobody attacks you and Konda is your shield. Make sure you guys run!
No. 1071925 ID: d3bf48

He’s right! Press X to DOUBT!
No. 1074007 ID: 9b127b
File 169653007631.png - (684.15KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth180.png )

Grimothy ask Carlene to describe the imposter, but the information could be used to describe many humans, which Grimothy has trouble telling apart.
Konda has a more discerning eye when it comes to his own kind.

Konda: "A mole on her right cheek you say? that could be Donarah"

Carlene: "I don't have anyone by that name in my security staff"

Grimothy isn't entirely convinced this woman is entirely to be trusted, but he has no choice but to verify.

Grimothy: "Konda take point, let's see what Donarah has to say for herself"

* * *

Grimothy and Konda reach Corrathyn and Donarah, they are in the catacombs, it seems Donarah decided to go down here before the cathedral even fell.

Corrathyn: "Corporal what are you doing here? and who is this undressed woman?"

Donarah: "indeed, shouldn't you be trying to guard the cathedral right now?"
No. 1074008 ID: 716b74

One of these women is an impostor. We will be conducting interviews with each of you to verify you are who you say you are. Who wants to go first?
No. 1075437 ID: e51896

the fact Corrathyn isn't aware what the person who claims the be sister Carlene, a head of security looks like, is already suspicious, especially since she's a sister but it could be she never seen what her security crew and sisters look like without their hoods. Ask if Corrathyn recognizes her security and sisters without their hoods, like Sister Donarah, a second in command, for example. How well does she know them. Maybe if Carlene wore a hood, she'd recognize her? Did Corrathyn knew Donarah before she took over as head of security and what she looked like besides her facial features like her mole.

one thing however, is that Carlene is able to know her security team member's names enough to recognize that Donarah isn't one of them, like a good head of security would. Maybe we can ask them both to name some members of their team, and if one of them has problems remembering a lot of them, they are our imposter.

for example, there is a security guard right there near Donarah. maybe our test could be we have Carlene and Donarah whisper that gaurd's name into our ear. Then once we get both answers, the security guard could reveal her name to us out loud. whoever is wrong is our imposter.
No. 1084989 ID: 0d1c28
File 170931966788.png - (1.03MB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth181.png )

Grimothy: "Corrathyn, so you don't recognise this woman at all?"

Corrathyn: "No should I?"

Grimothy: "well she claims to be your head of security"

Corrathyn: "OH! well I suppose she could be, but then why is she out of uniform

Carlene: "because that woman stole my clothes!
she points to Donarah

Donarah: "Lies! this woman is clearly mad I wouldn't listen to a word this lunatic says"

Grimothy: "hm well one of you is an imposter, the true sucurity cheif would know the names of her underlings, name the other guard here."

Donarah: "Easy that's Sister Dockirri, one of the churches most loyal protectors"

Carlene: "That's not even a woman! that's clearly a man!"

Donarah: "I told you she's mad."
No. 1084990 ID: 0ce5cf

Ask the guard which of the two is correct, and launch an immediate attack on whichever that would label as the impostor.
No. 1084992 ID: 2c453d

Ask the guard which is correct, and immediately attack the one they name. Clearly they’re both in on it.
No. 1084993 ID: d7a2a9

Only one way to find out
Tell Dockirri to strip
If female, shoot Carlene
If male, shoot Donarah
If dockirri refuses to cooperate, shoot them around the waist area to find out yourself. Then have Konda shoot Donarah or carlene based off what is revealed.

Consider Dockirri is also an imposter and not the real Dockirri.
No. 1084994 ID: 0ce5cf


Oh. No yeah, you have a stellar point there, why wouldn't we expect the guard to be in on it? Shoot, that complicates things.
No. 1085043 ID: a7a180

Wisdom of Solomon, arrest them both and figure it out later!
No. 1085093 ID: 0d1c28
File 170940338821.png - (696.10KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth182.png )

Grimothy: "Dockirri which of these two is telling the truth?"

Dockirri: "Well I'm obviosly not going to side with the woman calling me a man."

Grimothy: "I see, then the only solution is for you to strip"

A wide grin spreads across Dockirris face
Dockirri: "You want me to strip? hahahaha! fine!!"

Donarah nods
Donarah: "Time to play our hand!"

Donarah&Dockirri: "Donarah and Dockirri dedicate devoties are in reality-"

Rhonda: "-Rhonda!-"
Rodrick: "-and Rodrick!-"
Rhonda and Rodrick: "-Rebelious Raiders!!!"

Konda:"raiders? more like Traitors!"

everyone draws weapons

Enemies and allies will take turns acting
Select a single character to act and explain what they do

-CT01 Grimothy
-CT02 Konda
-PH01 Corrathyn
-PS01 Carlene

No. 1085094 ID: 7c55ad

Carlene: lead Corrathyn away from here. If she gets captured, we fail. Take her back to the cathedral because obviously, lord Lung is waiting to ambush her at the catacomb's exit since that's where they were headed with Rhonda and Rodrick. Trust that the fighters outside will protect her.

Corrathyn: Follow Carlene. Also, try not to gush over or stare at her state of undress since you're a high priestess (but ultimately fail at doing so)

Grimothy: attack Rhonda

Konda: attack Rodrick
No. 1085095 ID: a7a180

Carlene: Take your clothes back from that impudent thief!
No. 1085096 ID: a54373

Grimothy, grapple Rhonda and use her as a shield to protect from Rodrick.
No. 1085097 ID: 75b262

No. 1086558 ID: 0d1c28
File 171064922854.png - (949.20KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth183.png )

Grimothy grabs Rhonda

Rhonda: "Gah! Let me go! Rodrick help me!"

Rodrick: "Sounds a whole lot like your problem, not mine!"

Rodrick delivers a hefty slash against Konda

Konda: "Hrn! You'll pay for that!"

Enemies and allies will take turns acting
Select a single character to act and explain what they do

-CT01 Grimothy (already acted this turn)
-CT02 Konda
-PH01 Corrathyn
-PS01 Carlene

No. 1086559 ID: a7a180

Konda: Staunch the bleeding!
No. 1086608 ID: 7c55ad

I will repeat my previous suggestion
Corrathyn: head towards the hall of relics. we can no longer take the catacombs' secret escape as it is likely lord Lung is waiting over there.

Carlene will follow later
No. 1090260 ID: 0d1c28
File 171479481622.png - (279.96KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth184.png )

Rhonda breaks free!

Rhonda: "I will never be held back!"

Konda takes a shot but misses

Rodrick: "way too slow!"

Konda: "I'm out matched here!"

Konda retreats, Corrathyn retreats, Carlene retreats

Round Two

Enemies and allies will take turns acting
Select a single character to act and explain what they do

-CT01 Grimothy
-CT02 Konda
-PH01 Corrathyn
-PS01 Carlene

No. 1090263 ID: a7a180

Grimothy: Pull back. The escape route's a bust. We need to break out of this compound with a daring pre-emptive strike on the enemy position!
No. 1090266 ID: 92c262

Grimothy: Maintain your grapple and use your beak to rip off Rhonda's top. If Rodrick swings into her trying to attack you, then that may just finish her off.
No. 1091783 ID: 0d1c28
File 171667983943.png - (812.27KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth185.png )

Grimothy delivers a quick peck to the chest

Rhonda is distracted and fails at her counter attack, only doing a slight glancing blow

Rhonda: "Ahh! it's not possible! no one on this planet should be better than me!"

Enemies and allies will take turns acting
Select a single character to act and explain what they do

-CT01 Grimothy (already acted this turn)
-CT02 Konda
-PH01 Corrathyn
-PS01 Carlene

No. 1091788 ID: 32ddc8

Corrathyn: keep retreating back to the cathedral
No. 1091789 ID: c6ae21

Konda: See if you can take out Rhonda, removing one of the enemy attackers and letting you and Grimothy double-team Rodrick. If that's not possible (looking at the map, Grimothy may unfortunately be in the way), help Corathyn and Carlene with some cover fire on Rodrick.
No. 1091818 ID: 8aebb0

Konda: Time to run and gun. You are not armed right to face off with that teenage looking mofo with scary whirlly chains. Make a lunge at Rha’s position and jam that shooty tool you carry up her skirt. Don’t stop running. Your only partially safe when using Grim as a living wall.

Just as an aside. I just want to give genuine words of appreciation the questmaster for the thoroughly bemusing smut story you’ve put us through over years that I’ve read. I didn’t get onboard early enough to be one of the voices in the peanuts gallery in the first adventure but I’m giddy about being in on this one.
No. 1091820 ID: 9f8647

No. 1093927 ID: 0d1c28
File 172040132199.png - (946.26KB , 927x1115 , Chinzebeth186.png )

Konda goes for Rhonda but fumbles it
Rodrick interrupts with another quick slash

Konda: "GYAAH!"
Rodrick: "Forget about me?"

Corrathyn retreats, Carlene retreats

Round three

Enemies and allies will take turns acting
Select a single character to act and explain what they do

-CT01 Grimothy
-CT02 Konda
-PH01 Corrathyn
-PS01 Carlene

No. 1093933 ID: 9f8647

Grimothy, go after Rhonda again!
No. 1093941 ID: c5529d

Grim go after Rodrick, Konda is in a pickle.
No. 1093943 ID: a7a180

Konda: Cover Grimothy's retreat, strike back at Rodrick. Die well, brave warrior! (Of embarrassment.)
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