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File 171201050479.png - (208.54KB , 800x600 , title.png )
1087619 No. 1087619 ID: 6290ec

If we open our minds to the existence of other universes, there's no limit to the possibilities that we could experience in the world of boning.
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No. 1089212 ID: 6290ec
File 171356407796.png - (94.04KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

W-well, you know what books you like. But can you really like, tell someone your preferences? What if they judge you?? Worse, what if they like the same thing and now you have to have an entire conversation about it???

Even more worse, what if you start to ramble? It'll go great at first, but then you'll start to become aware that you're rambling while also being unable to stop yourself and you'll keep going until either you're interrupted or the sweet release of death comes to free you from this nightmare oh gods.

>Get a book on pseudo-gravitics, it'll be fun. The possible consequences are definitely all a good ideađź”´ Section 57-2 probably?


...No, it's nothing.

>Erotica books
E-e-even if that were true, you couldn't possibly tell her about that!!!
No. 1089213 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408068.png - (166.60KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

"I like these ones~!" Keireer says cheerfully.

Those are-- !!!!!!

S-she just TOLD you that!?

"Especially when one of the characters is bigger than the other, *Cheehee~!*


Oh gods you must be blushing so hard right now.
No. 1089214 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408237.png - (78.19KB , 800x600 , 22.png )


Oh. Oh no.
No. 1089215 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408403.png - (98.42KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no
No. 1089216 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408782.png - (83.14KB , 800x600 , 24.png )


"Are you okay?" Keireer asks, looking concerned.

"Y-yeah, sorry. I sometimes lose control of my FIRE MAGIC when I'm uh, flustered..."

"Oh no! Have you tried wearing fireproof clothing?"

"Is... is that a thing?"

"I have no idea! But it sounds like something that you could make with magic, probably!"


"Sorry, *Chirp!* I thought if I told you what I enjoyed, you'd feel more comfortable talking about what you like."

"I-it's okay. You just caught me really off-guard."

Well, you've already made a fool of yourself. Might as well just say it at this point.

"I like lots of books, b-but I really enjoy books about magic and romance..."

"Oh, like these~?" she asks, pointing to her newfound collection.



Okay the only way out of this situation is to power through.
No. 1089217 ID: 6290ec
File 171356408919.png - (96.32KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

"For... personal reasons, I'm fascinated by magic. To dragons, magic comes naturally. But mortals originally couldn't use any. Instead, they relied on RITUALS to conjure magic from components. But one day, they figured out a way to infuse themselves with magic they could use at any time. It took several generations, but eventually their attempts bore fruit and now many mortal races have their own magic! Most of the magic is fairly simple, but did you know some races attempted to infuse more complicated stuff like TIME MAGIC and even the forbidden LIFE MAGIC? They never took, which is probably a good thing, but it's wild that they tried, right? Hahaha. Anyway, they tried to show the dragons their newfound abilities hoping the dragons would be proud of them, but the dragons were kinda rude not gonna lie. There was almost a war about it, but the mammals looked so cute the dragons just couldn't stay mad, you know? And like, it's fascinating how magic's changed over time. Rituals aren't used much anymore, but magic was still able to evolve alongside the mortals it was infused inside. Things really went nuts during the Great Magic Shift, where certain schools of magic kinda transformed into others. Did you know PSYCHIC MAGIC and TELEKINETIC MAGIC were originally the same thing? Pretty wild, huh? They came from the same RITUAL MAGIC! Man, at one point they even tried combining schools of magic to form COMBINATION MAGIC, inventing schools of magic even the dragons didn't use! Of course, it wasn't that hard for dragons to catch back up, but for a small period of time you could argue the mortals had superior magical ability. Not as powerful, maybe, but a hell of a lot more versatile. Am I rambling? I'm rambling, aren't I? ...Man, time magic is wild. People theorized for years that there was a way to reverse time, but all anyone's figured out how to do is slow it down. I read in an old math textbook that someone once came up with a formula for how much MP you'd need for each percent you slowed down time, and bringing time to a stop would require more magical energy than even dragons have! Pretty nuts, right? Haha. Even slowing time down 20% is basically impossible for mortals. RITUAL MAGIC is more effective, but that requires a lot more setup and will only buy you a few seconds of time. Heh, time. Actually, I'm surprised the mortals haven't infused themselves with WATER MAGIC ever. It's not that complex a school of magic... heck, ICE MAGIC is basically the same thing but cold! But maybe it just feels easy to me because I'm--"

"--A dragon?" Keireer interrupts, saving you from yourself wait what did she just say
No. 1089218 ID: 6290ec
File 171356409259.png - (97.53KB , 800x600 , 26.png )


Before you lie two PATHS. Two branches in the story of your life. Your PRIMARY VOTE determines what PATH you want to go down. The losing path has its votes dropped, so it's recommended to use your SECONDARY VOTE to pick an option in the alternate path.

[Path of panic...]


B: Dragon?? Not me! Couldn't be me!
Haha! You're silly!

C: Ramble about magic some more to distract her!

Wait is this really any better?

[Path of calm...]

E: Nod and say 'yes'.
If you act like it's nbd, she'll also act like it's nbd, right? nbd. nbd.

F: Say 'no', you just studied WATER MAGIC because it seems neat.
To be fair, it is pretty neat. Stay hydrated!

G: Ask if she has an interest in dragons.
A scholarly interest, of course.
No. 1089220 ID: a7a180

Dragon time.
No. 1089221 ID: 7a406e

No. 1089222 ID: e8918a

C or A
No. 1089223 ID: 42bb51

panic: B (then A if that fails)
calm: E followed by G
No. 1089224 ID: 2a314c

No. 1089225 ID: 6645ca

C - Ramble through and override!
A - Or run!
No. 1089226 ID: a7a5e4

D-D-D-D-DraGon time!
No. 1089228 ID: 965675

No. 1089230 ID: 365de0

B or G
No. 1089231 ID: 541e01

No. 1089232 ID: 7fd8d8

Panic!!!... D, then G. DefleGt that attention.
No. 1089233 ID: d16772

No. 1089234 ID: c3fe97

Continue totally having it under control via stuttering B
No. 1089235 ID: be3107

B. Silly assumption.
No. 1089236 ID: d07e1a

B to gradually E when you realize you’re a hopeless liar.
No. 1089237 ID: 861ceb

No. 1089238 ID: 57ec6f

No. 1089241 ID: fdd26b

you DID say "mortals", which is PRETTY WEIRD
And counter by asking if SHE is a dragon
which is sadly VERY POSSIPLE with polymorph
BUT IF WE PANIC, she very much so seems the type of person B would just WORK on
No. 1089242 ID: 40ef3b

B, g
No. 1089243 ID: 9188de

B deflect power!
No. 1089244 ID: 9d3b39

D Quick maybe if you make things awkward enough she'll be more embarrassed first and end the conversation!
No. 1089246 ID: 568aa7

A, B
No. 1089248 ID: 273c18

No. 1089249 ID: b81967

Primary B
Secondary F
No. 1089250 ID: 5ebd37

D, E
No. 1089251 ID: b67223

B then G
No. 1089252 ID: eb0a9c

Deffo A
Just A all the way
No. 1089255 ID: 0480e2

No. 1089256 ID: 184595

G, c

Honesty is the best policy, but we can still be smart about being honest. Get to the point in a polite but roundabout way.

But if we're truly overcome with frazzle, then it's best just to keep going. There's bound to be some other factoid she latches onto, instead.
No. 1089257 ID: 830162

No. 1089259 ID: 05a3b7

G, C
No. 1089260 ID: 25c93b

No. 1089268 ID: 2a82d3

E, B because funny
No. 1089276 ID: c3de9f

D, b
No. 1089278 ID: 7c0da2

Time to lie like your life depends on it.

F, B
No. 1089297 ID: e97e06

No. 1089298 ID: 4f903f

B, G
No. 1089307 ID: fa3034

No. 1089308 ID: 3d7484

No. 1089309 ID: 26801d

B, D
No. 1089320 ID: 01fe07

Distract her by giving her the D!

This is such a clever joke that you're going to overuse in this universe and another universe!
No. 1089324 ID: f2320a

F: Say 'no', you just studied WATER MAGIC because it seems neat.
To be fair, it is pretty neat. Stay hydrated!
"Water play"
No. 1089394 ID: caee7a

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