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File 155984526422.png - (389.24KB , 542x920 , APO001.png )
934998 No. 934998 ID: 8275cf

The Fall of Astramar
"The Alliance saw their doom Looking upon Jucha, but like the light of a distant star their damnation had come long before" --Balren the storyteller

follows the events of crash quest and command quest,it is recommended to read these first
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No. 934999 ID: 8275cf
File 155984537643.png - (361.92KB , 542x920 , APO002.png )

Ecliptor Alta: Medbay

she asks about my suffering, I pry my eyes away from the mace hanging out of place in the medical bay and the vision it brought "I feel fine" the words aren't a lie, I feel no pain.

Leech Master Balthene Yeli doesn't seem convinced "you shouldn't feel fine, you should be suffering from Binders Lash; severe heart pain, Lunacy in addition to your broken arm,no malnutrit-"

"I feel fine, fix my arm so I can get to the bridge, the Ecliptor Alta needs her pilot" I keep the annoyance out of my voice.

"Let me perform some tests" the Leech Master Insists

Oken's response

a) relent +5 Boil
b) refuse -1 Boil
c) order her to fix arm 0 boil
d) grab mace -3 Boil
e) leave -1 boil
f) other ?? Boil

No. 935000 ID: 0fae41

Refuse. A mace? Leeches? How barbaric is Astranian medicine?
No. 935006 ID: 094652

"Fix my arm first, BEFORE the bones fuse wrong."

Let him do mobile tests on the way to the bridge.
No. 935012 ID: c49ece

c)- I wasn't asking I was telling.
No. 935016 ID: 7fb87a

f) spit in a petri dish. You can do your job while they do theirs
No. 935025 ID: eeb7d9

That arm needs to be in proper conditions. Fix it.
No. 935026 ID: 819b5d

Gonna be hard to pilot SQUAT with a broken arm. Fix the arm (C). If they want to take a quick couple of samples (spit, blood, cheek swab) and do some tests on their own time that's fine (F). You got stuff to do.
No. 935029 ID: 91ee5f

Fix arm
No. 935039 ID: e3e99e

"Fix my arm first, and then you can perform some quick tests. You have your duty, and I have mine."
No. 935040 ID: 5da03e

F) "Tell me what the treatment for Binder's Lash is."
No. 935122 ID: a9af05


You can't do anything with a broken arm, so you better get that fixed.
No. 935128 ID: de2669

The legend returns, and so continues the adventure. Much hype.

Tell him to fix your arm before anything else. It's the most pressing. Then you'll comply with the tests, so long as they're fast.
No. 935247 ID: 864e49

I'm guessing BOIL is our "blood lust", our want to do violent things, that rises each time we take the pacifist route.

A) There might be more wrong with us then we think.
No. 935310 ID: caf1de

get her to fix you face too
No. 936147 ID: 8275cf
File 156080110289.png - (359.23KB , 542x920 , APO003.png )

Doctors, they need to feel useful, I give her a scrap to feed on, I feel fine but my arm doesn't move right I tell her as much "you want to help? Fix my arm, I NEED it to fly.".

"but you could have severe-"still she insists on pointless tests.

I try and make myself clear."I don't care! and stop wasting my time, fix my arm."

" . . .very well" finally she does what she's supposed to.

Doctor Yeli attaches an arm brace

my arm van move correctly again, actually it feels stronger
I attempt to excuse myself politely "Thank you doctor, now I need to get to the bridge! I've wasted too much time."[i]

again she tries to stop me.[i]"wait! that arm brace is a complicated piece of technology, there's a lot I need to explain about it!"

I don't have time for this!

Oken's response

a) stay and Listen +6 Boil
d) grab mace -3 Boil
e) leave for the bridge-1 boil
f) other ?? Boil

No. 936148 ID: 0fae41

Grab mace. Who cares if this thing can shoot lasers and fold origami, we just needed basic finger function.
No. 936149 ID: 422cea

Grab the mace and point it at the NERRRRRRRD and simply ask one question "Does it let my arm be a fucking arm?"
No. 936151 ID: b1b4f3

A. Technology is cool, also you need to know how to not break the thing, and properly maintain it.
No. 936154 ID: fd2d31

unless it can unintentionally turn into a bomb or a impromptu torture device then there's no time for BS lessons.
ask the nerdmeister if it's REALLY serious, or if the geek wants the responsibility of lost lives because you dawdled around because of the whitecoats lectures instead of doing your job.
No. 936155 ID: 864e49

I'm pretty sure there's more then just your arm that's fucked up.
Why don't you stay A while.
No. 936161 ID: c49ece

Ask why she's so damn intent on wasting your time.
No. 936162 ID: e6b8d9

F. Tell her to walk with you to the bridge and show and tell you on the way and when you get there, starting with the most important parts. The infirmary isn't so busy that she could not leave it for the time it takes to inform you, right?
No. 936163 ID: 094652

D,F) Grab the mace and say:
"If I use it wrong, will it lock into place or cripple me?"
"Okay, fine. You have sixty-four words and two minutes of my attention. Starting NOW."
No. 936191 ID: 2202fb

F: Take a deep breath and calm the fuck down. You need to think logically here.

Then do A.
No. 936248 ID: 0a7f21

Tersely explain that duty compels you to go to the bridge right now, and you'll return if and when you need medical attention. Be very terse but use the professional military jargon these people were expecting.

Remember, they'll get rid of you if you explode at them. There's no such thing as an Astranian that isn't expendable, hero or no.
No. 936249 ID: e3e99e

"You can explain on the way. I have critical intel, and delaying my debriefing would cost far more than our lives are worth.
Here, add this to your damn chart: I am a bottomless pit of barely contained rage, and may whoever gets in my way find patience and mercy in the arms of whatever gods they believe in, because I. Have. Run. Out."
No. 936288 ID: 819b5d

The doc can tell you on the way to the bridge. (E, then F)
No. 936290 ID: 7f7b4c

E, we can walk and talk Doc
No. 936292 ID: caf1de

get your face fixed
No. 936296 ID: eeb7d9

Can you multitask, doc? Because if you can't walk and talk at the same time, i am leaving you behind.
No. 936298 ID: eeb7d9

Also, i think you need new googles, yours are cracked.
No. 936305 ID: 12d426

I don't remember Oken being this hot-headed in Crash... I wonder if something did happen...
No. 936308 ID: 91ee5f

E and F

Tell the doctor to walk and talk.

Oken suffering from what was described as Binder's Lash.

In the last thread of Crash, Oken described it as, “When an Astranian kills another for the first time it can cause short term lunacy and severe heart pains, I don't know much else about it, but apparently it has to do with conflicting ritual oaths.”

This is because Oken killed an Astranian traitor named Geragine Mint.
No. 936380 ID: dbf437

F talk and walk.
No. 936685 ID: 8275cf
File 156114614690.png - (402.02KB , 542x920 , APO004.png )

I take the mace hanging on the wall.

"Good Idea" doctor Yeli says "the champions believe there are still some insurgents lurking on the ship"

"Walk with me" I tell her you can tell me about the brace
she does, listing off the features and dangers of the brace, a take a mental catalog of the information but none of it is important now

pain starts to grow in my chest, as if I've run much too far, I feel tired.

what does Oken do?

a) sit and rest for a bit (+10 boil)
b) feint (+20 boil)
c) go to quarters and sleep (+30 boil)
d) keep walking to bridge (0 boil)
e) run to bridge (-2 boil)
f) something else? (??? boil)

No. 936686 ID: 0fae41

Run to the bridge. Begone, boil!
No. 936687 ID: 094652

Ask the doc to do a quick XRAY of your chest area. If your bones aren't broken, keep going.
No. 936688 ID: b1b4f3

Heart pain is a symptom of Binder's Lash. Ask the doc how best to deal with the syndrome.
No. 936689 ID: a9af05


Better get it under control before it spirals out of your control and causes you to make a mistake.
No. 936690 ID: b1b4f3

It's possible that Boil is an energy gauge in addition to a (reverse) sanity meter. Emptying it would be as bad as filling it.
No. 936693 ID: eeb7d9

I agree.
No. 936738 ID: 0a7f21

Don't be ridiculous, they'll dispose of Oken if they know about that. Don't let on at all.
No. 936741 ID: a9af05

That's only if she had killed one of her teammates. The circumstances are different, since she killed a traitor.
No. 936747 ID: b1b4f3

They already know. Go up and look at the first reply, the doc said she should be suffering from it.
No. 936960 ID: 0a7f21

Are we talking about the same Astranians here?

There's no such thing as a sacrifice an Astranian captain wouldn't ask his people to make. The doc might not be thinking that way but sure as hell everyone else will. Seeing Oken carrying a spiked mace woun't help either.

I'm assuming that as that boil meter grows we'll lose control of Oken who'll go into uncontrolled violence. We are walking a tightrope of choosing to be aggressive or do violence, or having anger slowly boil over until it expresses in a dangerous outburst.

But I gotta assume if anyone important finds out Oken is struggling they'll end it prematurely.
No. 936964 ID: b1b4f3

That doesn't matter. Like you said, we're talking to the doc right now.
No. 937147 ID: 8275cf
File 156143663671.png - (291.65KB , 542x920 , APO005.png )

I clutch my chest as if it could relieve my pain.
my steps stagger as I press to the Bridge.

"It's Binder's Lash"Doc Yeli speaks calmly before I can ask for assistance "your body is healthy and strong to have lasted this long before showing symptoms. You need to rest now."

I stand up straight "NO! I need to fly this ship!"

a strange expression crosses her face"Are you sure? your body and mind have undergone a great deal of strain."

I take a stance the I hope shows that I am in control "Give me another option! Any option"

"well I do have two treatments" she tries to cover her grin, she's excited.
"The Valus Stimulator, powerful radio waves will keep your brain function even in the most dire of conditions . . . "

"What's the other treatment?"I ask.

"A Neural equalizer, it should combat the effects of Binder's Lash directly, calming all emotions and mental stress"
She takes both out of her pocket, Doctor Yeli was ready for this
"The Neural equalizer is only a prototype I don't know how well it will work if at all, as for the Valus Stimulator, every user thus far has died in combat, we don't know it's long term effects . . . as a doctor I advise against using either under any circumstance . . . but you demanded options." this is a game she desperately wants me to use them, her concern it's only for show.

"How do you use them?"I ask.

"you just apply them to your temple and press the activator button once" she explains before adding "I'd advise against using them any more than once an hour and never both in the same day, they're highly experimental and should be used sparingly"

Oken action
a) she takes only the Valus Stimulator (+2 boil)
b) she takes only the Neural equalizer (+2 boil)
c) she takes both (0 boil)
d) she takes neither (+4 boil)
e) she uses the Stimulator (+50 boil)
f) she uses the Equalizer (-50 boil)
g) return to medbay to rest (+30 boil)
h) ask more questions (+4 boil)
j) continue to bridge (-2 boil)

No. 937149 ID: 0fae41

Use the Equalizer. It's gonna do something all right, doc.
No. 937150 ID: 2202fb

G: Return to the medbay and rest. Think logically here! You can't fly a ship if you cant trust your own body right now. Who knows what unforeseen symptoms have yet to surface?
No. 937152 ID: 7fb87a

Equalizer. You know the importance of staying calm as a pilot.
No. 937153 ID: 90f3c0

C: Might as well take both, decide to use them or not if things get worse.
No. 937154 ID: b1b4f3

Don't use them yet. We'll see if we need one of them later on, but let's endeavor not to use them if possible, eh? It would be best to test how high Boil can get before negative affects manifest. It *looks* like the negative affects of low Boil are fatigue and heart pain. I wonder if it goes negative?
No. 937156 ID: 864e49

C Take both for future use.
G lets go check on Hoft!
No. 937159 ID: 91ee5f


Take them both for future use, but don’t use either of them right now.
No. 937182 ID: eeb7d9

Take both, we might use one or another depending on the situation. Continue going to the bridge.
No. 937254 ID: 0a7f21

Ruminate on the likelihood that this is some experiment of this doctors and he's excited to get another live test subject.

Take them but don't use either. Don't hide from the pain either. Revel in it. You aren't having a heart attack, you are being hit with a lifetime of heaping piles of bullshit all taken in the name of duty. Every tense moment where you were struggling to survive, all so a bunch of ungreatful assholes can put a bunch more ungrateful assholes on the ground in some fetid backwater so they can shoot some idiotic aliens.

There's no medicine that cures that.
No. 937271 ID: 834f3d


Well said.
No. 937280 ID: 819b5d

Take both.
Ask if we in an active combat situation Right Now? Ask "You said there might be more insurgents on board? Explain."
If we are, we should probably use the Stimulator.

(It seems as though boil works as an aggression meter, at max we're stark raving mad, at min we're passive. Going too low means we drop unconscious or go otherwise catatonic/comatose. But going too high means we go berserk. We would become useless either way. At this point I'd wager we should cultivate some of our boil and get some rest. We'd be useless as a pilot if we go insane while driving.)
No. 939118 ID: eb2fe2

c, j, aaaand h!

While she's annoying she might provide some further insight on the way up to the bridge. At the very least she seems to have some concern for our well being.
No. 940389 ID: 8275cf
File 156406932118.png - (265.92KB , 542x920 , APO006.png )

I snatch the medi-sticks from her with more energy than I have.

a wave of tiredness and loss of purpose hits me

why am I here? what am I doing?

I feel my legs buckle under me and I fall to my knees.

I hear a voice of concern coming from the doctor, I hear the words yet only feel their meaning.

maybe I do need to return to the med bay, maybe I should rest . . .

others can deal with the problems . . .
No. 940409 ID: ceabd2

Brightslap self to keep self awake, get angry at self for even contemplating such dereliction of duty.
No. 940412 ID: 094652

Yeah this is not normal. Rest up and order the doctor to do a thorough scan while you're unconscious.

If she lewds you, you'll punch her into next week... next week.
No. 940418 ID: 4f0915

At this point you should abandon this idea of following this call to action and instead visit the med bay and stay if it's necessary, as much as they need you, a tired pilot is not a good one, and losing an ace to such a thing is not something you want (or anyone really), just ignore the "why am i fighting" voices and just hit the medbay
No. 940419 ID: 0fae41

Use the medi stick. You remember which one was the Equalizer, right?
No. 940425 ID: bb78f2

Your glory, your time to shine is here Oken.
Resting can wait.
I don't think you'll get up again if you rest Oken. Momentum's the only thing you got.

Take that neutralizer.
No. 940449 ID: 842ac4

No, you can't go rest, even if curling up into a ball and turning off is your most fervent desire. Now that the bullshit is laid bare to you you know exactly how expendable you are to these people and the minute you cede control of the situation they are going sedate you, catalog you as a test subject, and test their silly drugs on you. That's if they don't straight execute you for having killed another Astranian. You did the right thing, but you are now an inconvenient mess for whoever is running this place and they WILL dispose of you the second they get the opportunity.

If you are still under attack you might be able to wrangle yourself into a position of temporary authority long enough to maybe buy yourself an exit strategy. You can turn into a depressed lump when you are safely away from the Astranian authority.

For now, pretend like patriotism is still driving you and head to the bridge in an attempt to take control of the situation. One leg in front of the other, like you are marching in formation at boot camp.
No. 940456 ID: 10c408

Get to the medbay. Crawl if you have to, but walk if you can. This isn't the best place to take a nap.
No. 940458 ID: c49ece

You've got to get to the bridge- forget everyone else, if you aren't piloting this ship you're as toast as anybody on the Alta.
No. 940468 ID: 2202fb

Where did this come from? We killed a traitor and nothing more. Anything beyond that is just wild, paranoid speculation.


We should really just go rest. The ship can wait that long. It is too dangerous to do otherwise. The only exception being if a commanding officer shows up and commands us to pilot immediately.

I am honestly surprised they haven't tranquilized you and forced you into the medbay.
No. 940469 ID: b1b4f3

Stop being crazy.

Take a five minute break.
No. 940480 ID: 0a237f

One can't afford to rest in a situation that's this uncertain, do what it takes to get to the bridge.
No. 940490 ID: 842ac4



Are you guys familiar with the Astranians?

There's no such thing as "unacceptable losses" to them. To anyone in their hierarchy Oken is a loose end.
No. 940504 ID: eeb7d9

Who is Oken's superior right now? Should we ask them what to? As far as i remember, she has been doing things without receiving orders, i think it would make sense that she should ask for some right now. If Astranians follow a chain of command, she should follow orders instead of making decisions on her own, even less in the state she is right now.
No. 940547 ID: eb2fe2

If others can deal with the problems, then why do you still persist? You know damn well you're the best for this. You've already been through so much shit. You need to get up and get to that pilot seat. You can rest while you pilot.
No. 943499 ID: 8275cf
File 156667300089.png - (377.47KB , 542x920 , APO007.png )

No! I need to make it to the bridge
I pull myself back up, and keep walking
The commander needs me
the commander, something happened to him.
he's not on board the ship.
He's on Jucha.

I hear heavy footsteps approach.
I look up to see the towering form of Combat-Master Pary-Zegh.
She's in command now.
her vocal unit speaks to me.
"I admire your enthusiasm Pilot, but you look half dead."

"we need to rescue the commander" I respond trying to effect a strength I don't feel.

"Flek can wait"her words are meant to be warm, but the tone is cold "we need you to not die"
the combat master is in a grim mood

it feels wrong, it feels wrong that she commands this ship.
it feels wrong that I am more important than the Commander

but I feel weak, I can't tell if it's true
No. 943518 ID: 094652

Oken, try to remember WHY you specifically piloting the ship all the way to Jucha is so important to this mission. If it's less important than staying in optimal condition for combat parameters when you actually reach Jucha, take a nap.
No. 943522 ID: eeb7d9

I agree. You being half dead doesn't help anybody. Your superior gave you an order, do as you are told.
No. 943523 ID: b1b4f3

Ask for orders then.
No. 943527 ID: 0fae41

Push past the combat-master. Faint. Have your life flash before your eyes.
No. 943546 ID: e3e99e

"My duty... I need to get to the bridge. The commander needs me."
No. 943564 ID: 7fb87a

Tearing yourself apart before you even reach Jucha will not save your commander. You are part of a crew. Let them support you, and make you stronger.
No. 943692 ID: acfea1

Combat master gave orders: "Flek can wait. We need you to not die."

Follow your orders. Flek can wait. You have time to not-die correctly. The best person to keep you from dying is Leech Master Yeli. She's right there. Let her do her job. Then, when you're better, you can do your job.

Flek can wait.
No. 943708 ID: 0a7f21

This one is giving YOU orders? You saved the day here and this one is giving YOU orders?

If they weren't in that power suit you would've already crushed their skull and be on the bridge piloting your way to Flek right now.

Instead, standing right in front of you is everything wrong with the Astranian military hierarchy. Someone who doesn't know shit giving orders to someone trying to save the day.

S'people like this that caused you to crash on that planet way back when in the first place.
No. 943716 ID: c49ece

Odds are they know something you don't. Stand down, work on not dying.
No. 953076 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157855426247.png - (352.21KB , 542x920 , APO008.png )

I look into the dome of her helm "What are your . . . orders?"

she puts a hand on my shoulder and responds warmly "only that you rest and recover."

a) Rest
b) don't rest

No. 953077 ID: bef60d

You need to rest up for now, you can't pilot the ship as a corpse.
No. 953078 ID: cdabe3

No. 953087 ID: 094652

A - Okay, that is a spontaneous nosebleed, you're not going to stay conscious even if you pilot through adrenaline.
No. 953092 ID: 6c9030

You have been given an order by the lawful commander of this ship, and one who is above you in the chain of command.
You are required to comply.
No. 953096 ID: 33056f

B. When you cannot choose anymore, that is when you should rest.
No. 953098 ID: a96812

you're in no state to fight, go A
No. 953102 ID: 33adb3

Orders are orders. A
No. 953113 ID: f133dc

There's no winning this fight. But who cares. B.
No. 953139 ID: 5b0071

Rest and recuperate
You are running on fumes and the journey is still long. You must prepare for the rescue itself.
No. 953143 ID: acfea1


You have been given an order from someone directly in your chain of command. They have access to information you do not have.

No. 953240 ID: f133dc

You are doomed, the only question left is whether you die when you lay down and close your eyes or you die when you die trying to murder a superior who is fucking things up for you.

I say don't lie down until your legs won't work anymore.
No. 959238 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158459589296.png - (152.43KB , 542x920 , APO009.png )

yes . . . sir I manage as my eyelids grow heavy

* * *
No. 959239 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158459596803.png - (354.42KB , 542x920 , APO010.png )

A dreamless sleep passes with the blink of an eye, I am awake!
No. 959240 ID: 094652

Aaand... relieve tension.
No. 959241 ID: 0fae41

Up and at 'em, soldier!
No. 959243 ID: cdabe3

you somehow look worse than before. find some coffee
No. 959245 ID: 10c408

Mind the tube they shoved down your nasal passage before you bolt upright. See if there's anyone else nearby and double check that you've got pants on before you do anything else.
No. 959298 ID: a0dfd2


Oken needs no pants, only the glory of serving the Astramar.
No. 959303 ID: f0fa42

Ok, you look better, much less dead. How are you feeling?
No. 959324 ID: f133dc

Is that a blanket or are you strapped to that bed?

Getting out of bed is the obvious first step. Do not take any shit from nurses or doctors telling you to sleep.
No. 959344 ID: 6c9030

Now that you are patched up, call for an orderly and ask how long you were out, and what your condition is.
No. 959351 ID: 13059a

That's a abstract way of saying "let's go streaking"
No. 963328 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158769546119.png - (314.20KB , 542x920 , APO011.png )

I feel tense but strong, my arm no longer hurts and instead itches, the device attached to it is uncomfortable.
I sit up and take in my surroundings

there is no one else around, there are clean clothes on a nearby table, a medical tablet clearing me for duty and a blood stain on the wall.
No. 963330 ID: 0fae41

Leave room, getting dressed wastes valuable time. The bloodstain could be signs of shipboard action while you were asleep.
No. 963334 ID: b1b4f3

Time to get up and report for duty.
No. 963338 ID: e6eb48

Stand up and check how steady you are on your feet. Follow the tube that is up your nose to whatever device it is connected to and attempt to ID what it is for. It might be a feeding tube, which if it is means they couldn't rouse you for so long they had to resort to this way of feeding you. Whether it was a medically induced sleep or not you could not say. It would also mean you've been out of it for awhile. If it's just oxygen, then that may mean you had some respiratory issue. Whatever the tube is, you're gonna have to pull it out before leaving.

Examine blood stain to guess how long its been there. Dry, it's been there for awhile. Still damp means it's been less than a day. Ether way means that something has happened that has prevented the medical staff from cleaning it up, which is likely bad news.

Dress in clean clothes, take the medical tablet as proof you're cleared for duty and equip the mace in your right hand. Stand to side of exit door, press the open button and listen for activity before peeking around doorway.

Make a mental note to find a doctor or other qualified medical personnel to examine your left arm to determine if it is safe to remove the arm brace. Even though your left arm doesn't hurt any more, that is not a sure indication it would not break once without the brace's support.
No. 963467 ID: f133dc

Didn't you have something important you were supposed to be doing? On the bridge? Might as well get dressed and pretend everything is ok long enough to assess how you are going to do that.

Of course, that's no reason not to bring your mace.
No. 963950 ID: acfea1

Any signs of what caused the bloodstain? How old is it? Seems like it might be important to know if there's an insurgent or worse in the area.
No. 963952 ID: b4abb9

Get clothes, get to work. We need to find out why there is blood in your room. That shouldn't be there.
No. 966542 ID: e96198

Pretty sure a proper hospital would have cleaned that blood off. Look for a weapon.
No. 967310 ID: b2f24c

also avoid combat, it might cripple you further, you might feel fine, but you're still in a very vulnerable state
No. 967323 ID: 094652

Find a medical kit before you leave

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