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File 155984526422.png - (389.24KB , 542x920 , APO001.png )
934998 No. 934998 ID: 8275cf

The Fall of Astramar
"The Alliance saw their doom Looking upon Jucha, but like the light of a distant star their damnation had come long before" --Balren the storyteller

follows the events of crash quest and command quest,it is recommended to read these first
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No. 943546 ID: e3e99e

"My duty... I need to get to the bridge. The commander needs me."
No. 943564 ID: 7fb87a

Tearing yourself apart before you even reach Jucha will not save your commander. You are part of a crew. Let them support you, and make you stronger.
No. 943692 ID: acfea1

Combat master gave orders: "Flek can wait. We need you to not die."

Follow your orders. Flek can wait. You have time to not-die correctly. The best person to keep you from dying is Leech Master Yeli. She's right there. Let her do her job. Then, when you're better, you can do your job.

Flek can wait.
No. 943708 ID: 0a7f21

This one is giving YOU orders? You saved the day here and this one is giving YOU orders?

If they weren't in that power suit you would've already crushed their skull and be on the bridge piloting your way to Flek right now.

Instead, standing right in front of you is everything wrong with the Astranian military hierarchy. Someone who doesn't know shit giving orders to someone trying to save the day.

S'people like this that caused you to crash on that planet way back when in the first place.
No. 943716 ID: c49ece

Odds are they know something you don't. Stand down, work on not dying.
No. 953076 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157855426247.png - (352.21KB , 542x920 , APO008.png )

I look into the dome of her helm "What are your . . . orders?"

she puts a hand on my shoulder and responds warmly "only that you rest and recover."

a) Rest
b) don't rest

No. 953077 ID: bef60d

You need to rest up for now, you can't pilot the ship as a corpse.
No. 953078 ID: cdabe3

No. 953087 ID: 094652

A - Okay, that is a spontaneous nosebleed, you're not going to stay conscious even if you pilot through adrenaline.
No. 953092 ID: 6c9030

You have been given an order by the lawful commander of this ship, and one who is above you in the chain of command.
You are required to comply.
No. 953096 ID: 33056f

B. When you cannot choose anymore, that is when you should rest.
No. 953098 ID: a96812

you're in no state to fight, go A
No. 953102 ID: 33adb3

Orders are orders. A
No. 953113 ID: f133dc

There's no winning this fight. But who cares. B.
No. 953139 ID: 5b0071

Rest and recuperate
You are running on fumes and the journey is still long. You must prepare for the rescue itself.
No. 953143 ID: acfea1


You have been given an order from someone directly in your chain of command. They have access to information you do not have.

No. 953240 ID: f133dc

You are doomed, the only question left is whether you die when you lay down and close your eyes or you die when you die trying to murder a superior who is fucking things up for you.

I say don't lie down until your legs won't work anymore.
No. 959238 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158459589296.png - (152.43KB , 542x920 , APO009.png )

yes . . . sir I manage as my eyelids grow heavy

* * *
No. 959239 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158459596803.png - (354.42KB , 542x920 , APO010.png )

A dreamless sleep passes with the blink of an eye, I am awake!
No. 959240 ID: 094652

Aaand... relieve tension.
No. 959241 ID: 0fae41

Up and at 'em, soldier!
No. 959243 ID: cdabe3

you somehow look worse than before. find some coffee
No. 959245 ID: 10c408

Mind the tube they shoved down your nasal passage before you bolt upright. See if there's anyone else nearby and double check that you've got pants on before you do anything else.
No. 959298 ID: a0dfd2


Oken needs no pants, only the glory of serving the Astramar.
No. 959303 ID: f0fa42

Ok, you look better, much less dead. How are you feeling?
No. 959324 ID: f133dc

Is that a blanket or are you strapped to that bed?

Getting out of bed is the obvious first step. Do not take any shit from nurses or doctors telling you to sleep.
No. 959344 ID: 6c9030

Now that you are patched up, call for an orderly and ask how long you were out, and what your condition is.
No. 959351 ID: 13059a

That's a abstract way of saying "let's go streaking"
No. 963328 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158769546119.png - (314.20KB , 542x920 , APO011.png )

I feel tense but strong, my arm no longer hurts and instead itches, the device attached to it is uncomfortable.
I sit up and take in my surroundings

there is no one else around, there are clean clothes on a nearby table, a medical tablet clearing me for duty and a blood stain on the wall.
No. 963330 ID: 0fae41

Leave room, getting dressed wastes valuable time. The bloodstain could be signs of shipboard action while you were asleep.
No. 963334 ID: b1b4f3

Time to get up and report for duty.
No. 963338 ID: e6eb48

Stand up and check how steady you are on your feet. Follow the tube that is up your nose to whatever device it is connected to and attempt to ID what it is for. It might be a feeding tube, which if it is means they couldn't rouse you for so long they had to resort to this way of feeding you. Whether it was a medically induced sleep or not you could not say. It would also mean you've been out of it for awhile. If it's just oxygen, then that may mean you had some respiratory issue. Whatever the tube is, you're gonna have to pull it out before leaving.

Examine blood stain to guess how long its been there. Dry, it's been there for awhile. Still damp means it's been less than a day. Ether way means that something has happened that has prevented the medical staff from cleaning it up, which is likely bad news.

Dress in clean clothes, take the medical tablet as proof you're cleared for duty and equip the mace in your right hand. Stand to side of exit door, press the open button and listen for activity before peeking around doorway.

Make a mental note to find a doctor or other qualified medical personnel to examine your left arm to determine if it is safe to remove the arm brace. Even though your left arm doesn't hurt any more, that is not a sure indication it would not break once without the brace's support.
No. 963467 ID: f133dc

Didn't you have something important you were supposed to be doing? On the bridge? Might as well get dressed and pretend everything is ok long enough to assess how you are going to do that.

Of course, that's no reason not to bring your mace.
No. 963950 ID: acfea1

Any signs of what caused the bloodstain? How old is it? Seems like it might be important to know if there's an insurgent or worse in the area.
No. 963952 ID: b4abb9

Get clothes, get to work. We need to find out why there is blood in your room. That shouldn't be there.
No. 966542 ID: e96198

Pretty sure a proper hospital would have cleaned that blood off. Look for a weapon.
No. 967310 ID: b2f24c

also avoid combat, it might cripple you further, you might feel fine, but you're still in a very vulnerable state
No. 967323 ID: 094652

Find a medical kit before you leave
No. 969509 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159190883734.png - (366.82KB , 542x920 , APO012.png )

I stand up and dress in the clothing left to me.

I take the mace and go to look at the blood stain . . . it's fresh

as my vision clears from sleep I realize I'm not alone.
No. 969511 ID: cdabe3

uh oh

better ask what happened
No. 969540 ID: 72056d

Take a look? Hide and wait?
No. 969541 ID: 0fae41

One good blood stain deserves another.
No. 969554 ID: b1b4f3

Oh I guess the person is behind a corner, that's why we're not being given a view of them. Couldn't tell when I first looked at the image.
Ready your mace, and ask who's there. If there's no answer, you're gonna want to silently move to get a better view while staying within mace range but out of grapple range.
No. 971250 ID: 6f7a5a
File 159366021697.png - (358.28KB , 542x920 , APO013.png )

"who's there?" I ask stepping around the corner, weapon ready.

I look down to see the fallen form of Combat-Master Pary-Zegh.
she shifts as I come into view "Oken . . ."

"Yes it's me." I confirm

"The assassin . . . 'Aimlock', I can no longer protect this ship, you must get it to . . . safe harbor, the Vin-Malor Shipyards."
No. 971252 ID: b1b4f3

Ask for information about the assassin's capabilities, and who else is alive on the ship. Is the assassin trying to kill someone specific or are they trying to destroy the ship and everyone on it?

We should get our bearings and figure out if there are any allies on the way to the armory. Oken's current equipment is not enough to fight an assassin (at least, not head on) so we need to gear up.
Actually hold on, find out if Pary-Zegh is going to die, or if we can save them. Maybe we can use their armor if there's nothing Oken can do to save them?
No. 971270 ID: 0fae41

It's time to live up to your family name and pilot, ace! Take a circuitous route to the bridge, and watch for traps/being followed.
Did the battle master drop any good loot?
No. 971278 ID: f133dc

If Aimlock is taking out powered armored troopers, you aren't going to stand much of a chance.

Didn't you have something else, something more important you were doing?
No. 971306 ID: ecd116

they look like their in a really bad state. is there anything that can be done for Pary-Zegh in terns of healing or patching up? at most to get them in a walking/moving condition or at least stabilized enough so they don't succumb to bleeding out or deadly infection which leave to organ failure.
otherwise if they are too far gone past that point. ask Pary-Zegh if they got any last words/regrets even requests for you, even if it just advice for you or any crewmember that is still living to up their own chance of survival long enough to either stop this assassin or to escape the ship alive.
No. 971312 ID: 977456

This appears to be a wounded comrade. You appear to be at a medical facility. Maybe you can spin this into some sort of combining mecha montage?
No. 971321 ID: 094652

"Do I have amnesia? The last thing I remember was being ordered to sleep.

Come on soldier, try to get up. If you die now, I'll need to tear your augmentations out of their sockets to survive this suicide mission."
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