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File 159361850203.png - (475.44KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_0.png )
971193 No. 971193 ID: 55dc57

You are a Bergman, a standard-bearer of your lord's castle. Or at least you were one.
Your last regal employer was caught in some less than loyal business, and you didn't survive the lordly break-up.
Now without a job, or a roof over over your head, you assess your future employment.
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No. 971194 ID: 6c9030

See about getting a job in management of a mine, mister bergman?
No. 971195 ID: d63ea8

What skills do you have?
No. 971196 ID: 55dc57
File 159362167227.png - (434.60KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_1.png )

>See about getting a job in management of a mine, mister bergman?
Getting a job at A mine could be an option, management however is an entirely different matter. And it's "miss", btw :^) she gets that a lot tho
You come from a long line of paupers. Your father was serf and his father was a serf, as was his, why not go back to your family's feudal lord. No.
You could find another castle to be a bergman at? You're sure that there are plenty of space for a job like yours.
You could join a nunnery like your sister? You were too materialistic and tied to your flesh for that. Besides they had rules for EVERYTHING. What to wear, when to wear it, when to sleep, how to sleep, how to pray, what to pray for, etc. Just too much.
You keep weighing your options as you go through the town square.
No. 971198 ID: e7c7d3

Know anything about these other castles and lords?
No. 971199 ID: 55dc57
File 159362718234.png - (185.27KB , 1005x657 , bmq_2.png )

Aside from farming, standard-bearing duties, and the recipe for your mother's hawk-eel stew, you couldn't really recall any marketable skills. But that just means you're a blank slate that anyone can hire! Right?
From across the square, opposing a town hall you see a building bearing the goldenrod arms. And not just that, but a merchant's beret resting on a dagger! This wasn't just any guild, an Adventurer's Guild! imaginative, I know
Your co-bergmen - ex-co-bergmen - would tell tall tales of their totally real uncles collecting bounties, slaying witches, and rescuing damsel in distress. Finding another landowner could wait another day!
No. 971200 ID: 470289

checking out the adventurers guild is at least something to do while you think about the future. Worst case it's not for you and you just kill an hour or so.
No. 971202 ID: 094652

One job could set you for life. Of course, the odds of dying are high. But you've got nothing better to do and you know it.
No. 971203 ID: 55dc57
File 159362887240.png - (334.26KB , 1500x981 , bmq_3.png )

>Know anything about these other castles and lords?
Other than your family's landowner and your recently passed employer, you do not. Really you were just picked from a glorified lottery. You may inquire about other lords, or the ones who took over the former lord's land later.
You burst through the guild doors and are met with a beauclerk holding a piece of paper... written on it are illegible runes and characters.
Oh yeah, you're completely illiterate! Bergman training never really prepped you for this one. Not to worry, this is a progressive Adventurer's Guild, you are given a beauclerk to guide you through registration.
After fingerprints and various crosses, you now need to provide the final part of the contract. The signature.
No. 971204 ID: 9876c4

Obviously Ingrid
No. 971205 ID: d63ea8

No. 971206 ID: 094652

No. 971207 ID: ce39da

We seem like the type to let our actions do the talking for us, not our bearing; something humble like Ingrid seems appropriate.
No. 971213 ID: 55dc57
File 159364050895.png - (306.30KB , 1205x788 , bmq_4.png )

A beautiful name! How could you forget your own name! (Your family was never one for family names, though)
With the contract now signed, you're now an official (junior) Guild member.
Your reading-support beauclerk, Henry, gives you four solo bounties to choose from. (He will be alongside you in this quest to report and evaluate your progress).
A village up north has a nasty problem with infestation, and they're requesting the guild to send someone to deal with it.
A Lord's son has been kidnapped by a terrible beast and every man he has sent has returned either empty-handed or simply not all. He has grown desperate enough to commission the Guild for a member (or members) to rescue his heir.
A mineshaft has been re-opened after a sudden collapse, and the owners want a Guild member to investigate the goings-on reported by the miners.
A witch has settled near a town and the residents want her gone, believing her to be the origins the strange happenings that have occurred since her arrival.
No. 971214 ID: 55dc57

For any of them
No. 971215 ID: e7c7d3

Visit the witch of the west
No. 971216 ID: 467733

The witch! It's important to maintain standards around town.
No. 971234 ID: 9876c4


Infestation of what?
No. 971241 ID: 094652

South - Easy yet capable of giving a huge payout.
No. 971271 ID: 55dc57
File 159368056813.png - (191.01KB , 1205x788 , bmq_bat.png )


>Infestation of what?
Though not a difficulty individually, the pygmy shelled snow-bat can quickly become a problem species if not sent back to its natural habitat due to their high brood number, omnivorous nature, and relatively high intelligence.
They are distinguished by the bizarre feature of their hominind-like faces. As the name suggests, the wingspan tends to range from 20-40cm, and usually weigh up to 35g. Curiously however, apocryphal stories claim of encounters with snow-bats with wingspans as long as 2m, but such stories are rejected by the chiropterological community.
Some researchers suggest eusociality with snow-bat nature - rare for mammals - but evidence for this is spotty, at best.
No. 971272 ID: 9876c4

North sounds easy enough, if they'll furnish a sling or a bow. We may need explosives to finish things off though.
No. 971281 ID: ce39da

SOUTH, I say. Simply solving a mystery should be nice and safe.
No. 971282 ID: 55dc57
File 159369936173.png - (352.06KB , 1205x788 , bmq_5.png )

You've given some thought towards north and south but you ultimately decide to go west.
You feel with the presence of a witch needs to be dealt with, and to get to the bottom of the needs. (You tell yourself that there was probably nothing in the mines and that the lord's son was probably ugly, anyway).
No. 971293 ID: 55dc57
File 159370347212.png - (433.27KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_equip.png )

Along with the polearm and food that you came with, the Guild issues you with you with their own rations, a Guild-issued dagger, Guild-issued medicines, Guild-issued anti-witch paraphernalia, and a Guild-issued map and compass. Henry has his own supplies
Now how will you travel to town?
No. 971297 ID: 9876c4

Dodgy Caravan
No. 971303 ID: d186fc

Do you have any padding under your chainmail? Do you have chain gloves and boots? Does the mail cover your entire body, or do you only have the coif (probably should tuck your hair and ears into the coif btw, so they dont get cut off.)?

What kind of polearm is it? (like spears, pikes, halberds, bec de corbins, warscythes, svardstaves, billhooks, etc.)
No. 971309 ID: 470289

No. 971365 ID: 55dc57
File 159379517094.png - (303.98KB , 1234x788 , bmq_chainmail.png )

Your only chainmail comes in the coif and the leggings under your boots and cloth, everything else is just cloth and leather
You call it a "polearm", but it's more like a flagpole you took when everything from your old lord was up for grabs. You hope (keyword) it will be useful in your mission.
No. 971369 ID: d186fc

You are kinda screwed if you get into any real combat. You should see if you can take out a loan for a weapon of some sort (maybe a mail shirt, mail mittens, and a helmet as well). Given the flagpole you took didn't have a blade or bludgeon at the end of it, it is probably decorative and will break if you try to use it as a weapon.


We should probably go with a caravan if we can find one that isn't sketchy, but we should get some essential supplies before we leave.
No. 971389 ID: 55dc57
File 159381218910.png - (293.97KB , 1205x788 , bmq_6.png )

>essential supplies
Henry recognises concerns with safety and your survivability in this commission and decides to take you to the best blacksmith he can afford. Better safe than sorry, I suppose
No. 971396 ID: 55dc57
File 159381543315.png - (312.72KB , 1205x788 , bmq_7.png )

You and Henry tell the blacksmith, Gail, of your situation and what you need. Henry, a regular customer, is taken to the back to see what she has.
No. 971398 ID: 9876c4

(Noooo the exposed ears were cute.)

you don't seem like you have the physique for plate, so get a hauberk and demi-gauntlets. Depending on the local fashion, a sallet or barbute may be helpful too.

Since you won't have 20 friends, , maybe convert your flagpole into a partisan.
No. 971413 ID: d186fc

(they definitely were, but we should keep them safe)

Agree with the hauberk and demi-gauntlets, although we should get some chain mittens (or gloves if we can afford them).
>sallet, barbute
Given that there are many more types of metal medieval helmets than just these, lets just say a metal helmet that protects the top, sides, and back of your head and can be worn over your coif. Having a visor, or the ability to add a visor, is a plus.

>partisan (type of spear, not a politician)
Any sort of weapon we get should probably be something new. The flagpole was never designed as a weapon and we would be better off getting something stronger. That being said, I would say a halberd would be more versatile while still retaining the advantages a partisan would give you.
No. 971414 ID: d186fc

chain mittens or gloves to go underneath demigauntlets
No. 971441 ID: 55dc57
File 159386272182.png - (269.71KB , 1330x1508 , bmq_cvte.png )

Ingrid appreciates the compliments about her ears
No. 971442 ID: 55dc57
File 159386398203.png - (117.39KB , 1205x788 , bmq_8.png )

You mull over what sort of armor and weapons you could get, but then you think to yourself,
>How long has Henry been in with that blacksmith
Couldn't hurt to see what they're talking about, right?
No. 971444 ID: 55dc57
File 159386653265.png - (310.42KB , 1205x788 , bmq_9.png )

You go behind the counter and head towards the door Henry and the blacksmith went in.
No. 971451 ID: 9876c4

Is everyone hugging?
No. 971456 ID: 55dc57
File 159388111178.png - (765.79KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_10.png )

You expecting a lot of things behind that door, but this was not of them...
No. 971460 ID: 8fab7a

Witch found you first, seems.
No. 971461 ID: 094652

Borrow some equipment, then head in and save the blacksmiths.
No. 971523 ID: 9876c4

Delve that crazy dungeon.
No. 971557 ID: ae9bd9

Lets wait a bit longer, say half an hour. This could be normal for them.
No. 971589 ID: 55dc57
File 159407006285.png - (301.77KB , 1205x788 , bmq_11.png )

Looking into the endless staircases, you knew you had to do something. Eyeing up the finished equipment, you reckon borrowing some of the blacksmith's equipment for a rescue mission was justified. Did the witch already catch up to you, or is there something, somehow stranger afoot? Only one way to find...
No. 971598 ID: 094652

No. 971599 ID: 8fab7a

Grab a targe - can be strapped to your arm and used with your pole, and shouldn't be too expensive either if you wreck it and the smith demands reparations.

... could also consider telling someone that the smith's place has been hexed but THAT IS FAR TOO SENSIBLE A PLAN SO FORWARD INTO MYSTERY AND ADVENTURE.
No. 971600 ID: 55dc57
File 159407352359.png - (229.46KB , 1205x788 , bmq_12.png )

With rope as an anchor, a spear in place of your pole, and a targe, you were as you could be for the unknown.
No. 971607 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, time to go. Step into the weird shit, see where the stairs lead you to.
No. 971616 ID: 676b3c

Use your spear to test each step before you step on it.
No. 971790 ID: 55dc57
File 159424465043.png - (206.72KB , 1205x788 , bmq_13.png )

>Use your spear to test each step
The spear latches onto the first flight like a magnet. You hope your boots do the same.
No. 971791 ID: 55dc57
File 159424547441.png - (357.08KB , 1205x788 , bmq_14.png )

One small step for bergman, one giant leap for-
For what? But then you finally noticed. The all-encompassing beam of light coming towards you.
No. 971792 ID: 9876c4

Cursed photon canards
No. 971793 ID: 55dc57
File 159424726213.png - (461.88KB , 1205x788 , bmq_15.png )

Faster than you can say, "cursed photon canards" your body leaps towards void! Not wanting to take your chances with the mystery beam, your spear, now stuck to the staircase acts as the one thing from you dropping into the abyss.
No. 971794 ID: b1b4f3

So I'm guessing there's no gravity in here. Better take careful steps. You could potentially jump over to another staircase, too, but you'd only want to do that if it seemed like you'd make more progress.
No. 971816 ID: 9876c4

Brace your legs against something (?) then kickjump yourself into a better spot.
No. 971937 ID: 55dc57
File 159449626719.png - (739.30KB , 1205x788 , bmq_16.png )

Good news is the source of the beam seems to have gone away. Bad news, so too has your only entry
No. 971938 ID: 55dc57

Like the spear, you're able to stay on the stairs. Now do you descend or ascend along them?
No. 971942 ID: 55dc57
File 159449963214.png - (221.69KB , 1205x788 , bmq_17.png )

No. 971953 ID: 0fae41

The only way out is further in! Let's go down.
No. 972696 ID: af5961

Oh no I've missed several updates!

Go in and how do you know what a photon is? I thought you were a bergman, not a wizard!
No. 972795 ID: d186fc

They don't. Someone just said that line right before that update.
No. 973160 ID: 55dc57
File 159569739474.png - (547.60KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_18.png )

And down you went, and with your going down a new door opens in your path
No. 973161 ID: 55dc57
File 159569803369.png - (357.72KB , 1205x788 , bmq_19.png )

Suddenly, gravity begins to exist again and you find yourself falling towards the door.
No. 973171 ID: df76b1

Welp, time for JAZZ HANDS.
No. 973477 ID: e7c7d3

Grab onto the doorframe so you don't fall onto your face
No. 974840 ID: 55dc57
File 159800477438.png - (286.79KB , 1205x788 , bmq_20.png )

>Grab onto the doorframe so you don't fall onto your face
Quick thinking! Hanging on the edge, the room you're soon to enter begins to clear. You can't shake the sensation that you're being watched. You just decide to chalk this up to paranoia.
No. 974841 ID: 55dc57
File 159800701485.png - (596.90KB , 1205x788 , bmq_21.png )

You hope.
No. 974842 ID: b488b1

This place is very disorienting and confusing. Ask the nice giant eye for help?
No. 974843 ID: 99663a

Demand to know what this all is.

Poke eye if answer unsatisfactory.
No. 976836 ID: 51e2e7
File 160062535370.png - (469.00KB , 1205x788 , bmq_22.png )

Before you can turn to face your ocular opponent, a disembodied giant hand, rough and calloused from what seems to be years of experience in some sort of work, grabs you from the shadows! What more does this witch have in store for you?
No. 976840 ID: 12b116

Bite the finger!
No. 976943 ID: df76b1

Tactically pee yourself in hopes that it will get you dropped.
No. 976944 ID: 094652

Moan seductively
No. 976959 ID: 0fae41

Cry uncle.
No. 977121 ID: df76b1

and let slip the dogs of woe
No. 977564 ID: 51e2e7
File 160141928226.png - (374.51KB , 1205x788 , bmq_23.png )

>Tactically pee yourself in hopes that it will get you dropped.
These garments might be cheap, but they're still the only ones you've got. You'd rather keep them as clean as possible, at least while your soul has yet to shuffle from its mortal coil trapped by the vice-like grip.
>Moan seductively
>Cry uncle.
Speaking of that vice-like grip, your lungs and your rib-cage are currently being crushed so while that is DEFINITELY the preferable alternative, it isn't a viable one.
No. 977566 ID: 51e2e7
File 160142008840.png - (450.76KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_24.png )

>Bite the finger!
Your brothers and sisters made fun of your impressive chompers growing up, but no-one was laughing at your abnormality solving such a hyper-specific crisis now! Unhinging your jaw like a serpent you clamp down your maxilla on the titan's forefinger, deep beneath their skin.
No. 977567 ID: 51e2e7
File 160142066394.png - (299.38KB , 1205x788 , bmq_25.png )

And it works! The giant hand lets go in a moment of piercing pain, freeing you from the deadly clutches. Now onto your new problem: where or when will you land, if there's a bottom at all?
No. 977634 ID: e7c7d3

Good question! Since there's a giant hand, maybe you'll fall on a giant shoe?
No. 977656 ID: 12b116

All you can do is hope for the best! and tuck and roll?
No. 978385 ID: 51e2e7
File 160250650050.png - (364.18KB , 1205x788 , bmq_26.png )

Falling from the giant hand and out of the darkness, it is revealed the place of your capture was a cave. Hope you're ready for a bumpy ride down the cliffside!
No. 978386 ID: d82849

How good are you at eventually landing on your feet with catlike grace?
No. 978761 ID: 51e2e7
File 160296204868.png - (326.96KB , 1205x788 , bmq_27.png )

>How good are you at eventually landing on your feet with catlike grace?
Bad news, no. Good news, your falls seems to have been by water at the base of the cliff. Bad news again, that body of water is the beginning of a swamp
No. 978762 ID: 51e2e7
File 160296343433.png - (268.98KB , 1188x777 , bmq_28.png )

Ignoring your newfound stench, you seek to get your bearings straight, figuring out where to go. While doing so, you can't help but notice a rumbling all throughout the swamp. With each successive tremor bigger than the last...
No. 978763 ID: 51e2e7
File 160296393260.png - (254.97KB , 1188x777 , bmq_29.png )

No. 978767 ID: e7c7d3

Check what crashed
No. 978938 ID: df76b1

So this is a swamp at the bottom of a chasm at the bottom of a weapon shop? Is this the underworld, or have you traveled through someone else to end up here?
No. 978942 ID: cef86d

Bitterly regret your lack of falling practice during your employed bergman days.
No. 980262 ID: 30ab76
File 160434359303.png - (228.81KB , 1188x777 , bmq_30.png )

> Bitterly regret your lack of falling practice during your employed bergman days.
Who would've thought that those tutorial would come in handy one day? Certainly not you!
>Check what crashed
The wavefront finally subsiding you see before a wall of what looks to be leather. But it's not just leather that's in front, but an entire boot with the ankle peering over your head. And wearing that boot is a giant leg, and the owner of that leg is an entire giant itself!
No. 980263 ID: 30ab76
File 160434446923.png - (356.93KB , 1188x777 , bmq_31.png )

A giant, of course there was one! Could this have been the same giant that was to be your captor back in the cave? You continue to crane your neck upwards, hoping to get a good once-over all before it notices your existence. Even past the giant's generous chest you finally get a good look at its face. There was something familiar in the giant's cold, alien look, a face that you may have seen before. You probably can't take any chances with it though, regardless of its intentions in the swamp
No. 980266 ID: 9faf9c

It's the blacksmith? Did you shrink or did she get bigger?
No. 980321 ID: 0fae41

Well, the best place to hide from her sight is in the shadow of that generous bust. Hitch a boot-ride.
No. 980997 ID: 30ab76
File 160535848668.png - (370.35KB , 1188x777 , bmq_32.png )

>It's the blacksmith?
Thinking it about, there is an uncanny resemblance between her and this colossus. But if that were the case how would she have grown so big in the first place? Hopefully, there will be a chance to somehow find out.
No. 980998 ID: 30ab76
File 160535889047.png - (273.98KB , 1188x777 , bmq_33.png )

>Well, the best place to hide from her sight is in the shadow of that generous bust. Hitch a boot-ride.
The blindspot does exist and you choose to exploit and should the giant stop bothering to look for you, it will probably go back to wherever it came. You leap towards the boot gusset, in what could either be considered a brave, or suicidal, plan.
No. 981000 ID: e7c7d3

Start climbing a bit. See if you can't ride the boot rather than hanging on
No. 981010 ID: c57fb0

Find a safe spot to secure yourself on the boot so you don't fall off. Thank goodness you have strong arms from all that standard bearing.
No. 981026 ID: 0fae41

Maybe take a look downward and at the swamp around you. Do you spot any landmarks?
No. 983843 ID: 635c5e
File 160830597962.png - (190.00KB , 1191x770 , bmq_34.png )

> Maybe take a look downward and at the swamp around you. Do you spot any landmarks?
From your vantage point, it's all swamp from here to the horizon. Your childhood homestead, your former lord's castle, and the town centre are practically the only places you've ever seen.
>Start climbing a bit. See if you can't ride the boot rather than hanging on
>Find a safe spot to secure yourself on the boot so you don't fall off. Thank goodness you have strong arms from all that standard bearing.
You tuck yourself in, preparing for a bumpy ride. It seems as though the giant has now lost you.
No. 983848 ID: d249c6

Let's enjoy the ride!
(Aldo, maybe you've been shrunked for tresspassing into the blacksmith's shop)
No. 983857 ID: 0fae41

Possible, but it doesn't explain the swamp. Or does it? We'll have plenty of time to ponder this until the giant settles down.
No. 985346 ID: a82d0a
File 161030664519.png - (172.85KB , 1184x770 , bmq_35.png )

You now wake up in... you don't really know where... The last thing you remember doing was getting for the new recruit and now you're here, wherever here is anyway.
We're now Henry
No. 985347 ID: a82d0a
File 161030713977.png - (158.91KB , 1184x770 , bmq_36.png )

At first trying to move, you find your hands tied against something, high up in a massive room. Now you have to find a way out of your bindings and away from (whatever you assume is) your captor.
No. 985348 ID: c92107

Pull, Henry, pull with all your might!
No. 985350 ID: 0fae41

Try the old 'break your hands and slip them out of your cuffs' trick. Works every time, totally painless, guaranteed no lasting consequences.
No. 985365 ID: df76b1

Don't worry about snapping the chains, instead try to rock the bracket away from the wall. You have more leverage to do it.
No. 986796 ID: a82d0a
File 161228658295.png - (156.81KB , 1197x771 , bmq_q.png )

>try to rock the bracket away from the wall.
You are slightly confused by this
No. 986797 ID: 6e4236

Check your surroundings for something useful.
No. 986798 ID: 612369

Are you a big strong man? Hell yes! Are you filled with the rage from the blood of your ancestors? FUCK YEAH! CHARGE AND BREAK DOWN THE DOOR!
No. 986799 ID: 094652

Find a way to get your feet up to your chains, then push until they bend out.
No. 986801 ID: 503f83

In a nutshell, pull your chains out at the base. Put your back into it!
No. 986805 ID: df76b1

chains are attached to something, right?

Go after the something, not the chains.
No. 987088 ID: a82d0a
File 161263291641.png - (141.20KB , 1190x770 , bmq_37.png )

>Pull, Henry, pull with all your might!
>Are you a big strong man? Hell yes! Are you filled with the rage from the blood of your ancestors? FUCK YEAH!
You know what? You ARE! The blood of your ancestors DOES flow through your veins! And do you think that they'd just sit back to see one of their own give up in a bind? NO!
No. 987089 ID: a82d0a
File 161263303251.png - (158.90KB , 1174x758 , bmq_38.png )

You tense up your muscles, raring to pull your way to freedom! You feel your goals right in front of you, your blood pumping through your veins, your freedom waiting for you at that doorstep! You pull and pull and PULL until...!
No. 987091 ID: 6e4236

A giant mouse attacks!
No. 987095 ID: e7c7d3

Until a giant rock crashes through the wall. We're under siege!
No. 987098 ID: a82d0a
File 161264203672.png - (167.17KB , 1174x758 , bmq_39.png )

Nothing. Yeah, you wouldn't think being out... whatever time you were out for would take such a toll on your body. Clearly your body hasn't been moving for a while.
> Find a way to get your feet up to your chains, then push until they bend out.
>Go after the something, not the chains.
Your body may tired, but your eyes are fully awake. You may have a little idea about what to do with the bracket.
name in the wrong field lol
No. 987105 ID: a82d0a
File 161264744063.png - (250.33KB , 1182x761 , bmq_40.png )

You should be resting, but anytime spent not doing anything is time closer to seeing your captor. Mustering up all the strength you can, you pull your arm back and maneuver your foot in a position to put tension on the chain. Doing so, the bracket begins to move into your direction.
No. 987229 ID: 12b116

Keep pushin'! Give it your all!
No. 987260 ID: 894419

No. 987351 ID: a82d0a
File 161280029399.png - (185.26KB , 1182x761 , bmq_41.png )

Breaking the chain off the hinges, your right hand is finally free from restraints!
No. 987352 ID: a82d0a
File 161280051781.png - (317.52KB , 1203x755 , bmq_42.png )

As arduous as that first labor was, there was still the left chain to deal with; there was no time to waste even if you have little energy left. Mustering up all the remaining strength you had, you... remember that bearats were never that big...
No. 987356 ID: 6e4236

Whip the critter away with the broken chain. show it that you are no tasty treat.
No. 987361 ID: 612369

Castlevania style! Let's do this!
No. 987916 ID: a82d0a
File 161323407815.png - (268.99KB , 1198x772 , bmq_43.png )

>Whip the critter away with the broken chain. show it that you are no tasty treat.
Determined not to go down in history as the first man to be eaten by a bearat, you lunge the broken bracket towards the monster, defiantly showing your force against an inverted food chain.
No. 987919 ID: a82d0a
File 161323478835.png - (134.21KB , 1198x772 , bmq_44.png )

Unfortunately in your adrenaline rush, you seemed to have forgotten just how much break your hand free took out of you.
No. 987943 ID: a5d106

Yell right into its ear. That will hurt!
No. 987949 ID: 2f1e7c

No. 988504 ID: a82d0a
File 161374840399.png - (147.39KB , 1216x771 , bmq_45.png )

>Yell right into its ear. That will hurt!
In one last bid to fight back, you decide to screaming directly towards the bearat, hoping to startle it in a desperate bid for dominance.
No. 988505 ID: a82d0a
File 161374847945.png - (91.45KB , 1187x763 , bmq_46.png )

The bearat is more confused than scared by this, stopping before starting to move again.
No. 988506 ID: a82d0a
File 161374864268.png - (150.84KB , 1187x763 , bmq_47.png )

Seemingly making up its mind, the bearat's maw opens wide and moves closer towards you...
No. 988516 ID: a858ae

Shift yourself at the last second so that it bites down on the chain instead.
No. 989264 ID: a2507c

Whip its uvula with the broken chain. Doge incoming vomit.
No. 989468 ID: 0fae41

Pummel that punching bag.
No. 991749 ID: a82d0a
File 161599237094.png - (135.33KB , 1177x761 , bmq_48.png )

>Whip its uvula with the broken chain. Doge incoming vomit.
>Pummel that punching bag.
Time was of the essence! Survival was on the line! Your life wasn't worth to be wasted on such wimpy excuses like being tired! In one last desperate struggle you move trying to lift the chain to once again attempt to scare the bearat.
No. 991750 ID: a82d0a
File 161599249248.png - (104.87KB , 1175x754 , bmq_49.png )

However in that last second of movement, your body positions itself out of the momentum of the bearat, the creature now gnaws at the chain. This is probably an easier method of escape.
No. 991751 ID: 19da02

pet its nose and tell it it is a good boy
No. 991785 ID: 0fae41

Don't interrupt his special chew time. When you're free, get up on his back.
No. 997943 ID: a82d0a

> pet its nose and tell it it is a good boy
You congratulate the good boy(?)... girl? Whatever, as long as it's not eating you, with the added benefit of aiding in your escape you might as well be forever in its debt.
No. 997944 ID: a82d0a
File 161953121415.png - (143.75KB , 1206x770 , bmq_50.png )

forgot the image lul
No. 998039 ID: e26b34

Ride the noble bear-rat. How long did that swanky beard take to grow in anyway?
No. 998278 ID: a82d0a
File 161969421542.png - (218.73KB , 1191x764 , bmq_51.png )

>Ride the noble bear-rat
Finally free from your bonds, you leap onto the animal, triumphant in your liberation. Now all you need figure out is where you need to go.
>How long did that swanky beard take to grow in anyway?
You... don't know. You've grown out your facial before but never something like this, so it obviously must have taken SOME time. One moment you were with Gail going to get something for Ingrid, the next you wake up tied against a wall. Which reminded, where were they?
No. 998454 ID: 0fae41

Right now, the only place to go is out of this dungeon. Maybe far away from whatever's on top of the dungeon too.
Wizards must be to blame.
No. 1001356 ID: a82d0a
File 162168053821.png - (151.33KB , 1203x752 , bmq_52.png )

>Right now, the only place to go is out of this dungeon. Maybe far away from whatever's on top of the dungeon too.
Of course! And now, with your new trusty steed, you can traverse your prison and find a way out. Before you are able to do that however, you notice the door all away along the other side of the room beginning to open.
No. 1001411 ID: 0fae41

Stay low and perhaps you'll pass unnoticed in its fur.
No. 1002618 ID: a82d0a
File 162283265642.png - (514.58KB , 1192x1538 , bmq_53-54.png )

>Stay low and perhaps you'll pass unnoticed in its fur.
Bearats are normally docile rodents. Their size means that they're not used to being used as mounts but it's unlikely that it would try and buck you off like an unruly stallion. However, with an unknown entity now entering your prison, you feel it best to hide yourself until you know for certain that it's on your side. The outdoor light coming obscures any particular feature, but what it does betray is that the figure is colossal.
No. 1002636 ID: 9d29cf

Realise you might have been shrunk by a wizard.
Hide and see what the big person does.
No. 1004006 ID: a82d0a
File 162449440883.png - (214.98KB , 1183x759 , bmq_55.png )

>Realise you might have been shrunk by a wizard.
First, the capaciousness of your prison. Then, the unusual magnitude of your newfound rodent steed. Now, a titanic being has entered the picture. All of these signs point to one obvious conclusion: something - or someone - has shrunken you. The last thing you remember was going into a supply cupboard with Gail to help Ingrid with a witch. But surely her power couldn't have such reach?
>Hide and see what the big person does.
Unless any sparks of genius can be ignited in your mind, you have no good way of directly interacting with the giant. For the time being, this is your best decision.
No. 1005037 ID: e799e4

Well then observe what this mysterious fellow is doing.
No. 1005252 ID: a82d0a
File 162591413146.png - (98.13KB , 1196x760 , bmq_56.png )

>observe what this mysterious fellow is doing
No. 1005253 ID: a82d0a
File 162591439920.png - (167.73KB , 1186x762 , bmq_57.png )

After a rough ride alongside the giant, you hear something that sounds a lot like the opening of a door. The boot has now stopped and it appears it has reached its final destination. What do you do now?
We're now Ingrid again.
No. 1005384 ID: c03aee

Get out before she takes off her shoes and scout the new area.
No. 1005494 ID: a82d0a
File 162616899911.png - (317.01KB , 2379x755 , bmq_58-59.png )

>Get out before she takes off her shoes and scout the new area.
You leap out of the gigantic boot while the goliath is unaware of your presence. Unfortunately forgetting the fact that you can't land on your feet with a catlike grace, you fall quite dramatically. Don't worry, you'll recover quickly enough and while you do, you see that that the room is definitely one fit for a giant. A table, a cupboard and shelf and other assorted furniture are all present for what you deduce to be a study and with their great size comes a great distance between them.
No. 1005543 ID: 0fae41

Make for the cupboard. Been a while since you ate, right? Perhaps it contains giant snacks.
No. 1005622 ID: a82d0a
File 162638606458.png - (195.38KB , 1188x762 , bmq_60.png )

>Make for the cupboard. Been a while since you ate, right? Perhaps it contains giant snacks.
And your stomach would certainly agree; even in the belly of the beast, a little pick-me-up wouldn't hurt. You make a mad dash for the cupboard, thankful that the giant door has already been opened, and peruse the available foodstuffs inside.
No. 1006035 ID: e7c7d3

What's the haul?
No. 1006116 ID: a858ae

Don't get too greedy with the food, despite them being giant and all
No. 1006158 ID: a82d0a
File 162697962488.png - (176.34KB , 1186x754 , bmq_61.png )

No. 1006160 ID: a82d0a
File 162697985394.png - (327.59KB , 2390x760 , bmq_62-63.png )

After jumping towards the cupboard shelf, you're now able to what you can eat.
>What's the haul?
The giant could do with cleaning the cabinet once in a while but you what you'd expect in a kitchen cupboard: bread, potatoes, various other vegetables, grain, eggs, all appropriately resized of course.
No. 1006250 ID: df76b1

Bread and onion, I guess, although some salad oil or chesse would make it a lot easier to take.

Try to pack some for later.
No. 1006254 ID: 094652

Spill some oil on the bread and enjoy fancy eating, then stuff yourself with the vegetables while you can.
No. 1006485 ID: a82d0a
File 162742857640.png - (172.69KB , 1191x763 , bmq_64.png )

Using your superior culinary skills developed from a bearer, you intuitively gather the gargantuan ingredients to prepare a meal that will be guaranteed to revitalize you!
No. 1006487 ID: a82d0a
File 162742898512.png - (443.02KB , 1187x750 , bmq_65.png )

However, from the corner of your eye, you notice a strange set of foodstuffs segregated from the more conventional additives. Moving eyes, pulsating organs - none of which from animals you can recognize, animate herbs and vegetables, all of which were emanating a magnetic energy you couldn't help but be attracted to...
No. 1006507 ID: e7c7d3

Surely the vegetables can't be bad. Eat your veggies! If they scream when you dice them that just means they're fresh
No. 1006559 ID: 730e76

That's an ominous vibe. Rather than eat strange reagents, try filling up on giant fluffy breadcrumbs.
No. 1006678 ID: df76b1

I don't think we need to put shoggoths in our mouth at this time.
No. 1006997 ID: a82d0a
File 162791668180.png - (459.20KB , 1179x750 , bmq_66.png )

Using your better judgement, you decide against approaching the bizarre items even with their enchanting presence beckoning you to their vicinity. However, as if aware of your company a root like tendril from the disorganized mass comes alive and reaches out to you faster than you can think!
No. 1007025 ID: 0fae41

Scream your tiny lungs out! The giant's attention is better than this thing's attention. At least it will be a swift death.
No. 1008663 ID: 635c5e
File 162980755468.png - (319.83KB , 1200x774 , bmq_67.png )

Held in bondage by the living vines, you find your least appealing option to be the only one available. You scream out as loud as you can and sure enough, the giant hears your cries.
No. 1008668 ID: a2724f

Try to wiggle and push yourself free.
No. 1008671 ID: 05240c

Well, your fate is in the giant’s hands now, possibly literally.
No. 1009508 ID: 308028
File 163085656496.png - (375.17KB , 1187x763 , bmq_68.png )

The giant reached out towards you in responses, however it wasn't the only thing to react to your howls. The living vines loosened their grip and you are free to move again!
No. 1009537 ID: c92a02

Well, you know to take a better opportunity when you see one. Try and run somewhere the giant can't reach, and maybe you can establish a dialogue.
No. 1009554 ID: 5fd55c

And please do get a good look at what the giant actually looks like.
No. 1009607 ID: 308028
File 163095088119.png - (547.24KB , 3572x776 , bmq_69-71.png )

Wiggling your way out from the clutches of the vines, you quickly evade the giant's attempt of your recapture. Wrestling against the weakened shoots, you throw the tendril up towards the next rack. You fashion the tendril like a rope and proceed to climb to higher ground away from the giant's reach.
No. 1010996 ID: 6e4236

Examine the landscape, what do the overall place and the giant look like?
No. 1011168 ID: 79f3b0
File 163217400258.png - (508.11KB , 2402x770 , bmq_72-73.png )

Now at higher ground away from the giant and the deadly plants, you finally get a good bearing of just who your pursuer is. However, a new presence blocks your line of vision. Though significantly smaller than the beast below, the woman before radiates an even more intimidating ambience. Coupled with this, the strange foodstuff in the cupboard, her horns, and her eyes piercing into your soul, you aren't just in a witch's den, you are facing down the actual witch herself!
No. 1011213 ID: c92a02

Where did the blacksmith go? ...The witch was disguised as her, wasn't she! What's that thing below you, then?
No. 1013945 ID: 3869b9
File 163564019352.png - (523.44KB , 2400x783 , bmq_74 75.png )

The witch catches you in her clutches in an instant! As if space itself moved around you, you are thrown down onto a surface, crashing down faster than you can react.
No. 1013946 ID: c92a02

Oh boy, where are we now?
No. 1013952 ID: 587889

Right. Time to climb up a cornutta and stab her in the eye.
No. 1013959 ID: 0840c2

Examine your surroundings
No. 1020566 ID: ecb26d
File 164238122249.png - (364.06KB , 2397x797 , bmq_76 77.png )

>Examine your surroundings
As the dust from your impromptu landing settles, you decide that the best course of action is to look at what new environment the witch seems to have transported you to. The sight before is peculiar enough; the witch above you dominates your view, looking at you in a calculating manner while the colossus stands behind her. But it's what's below that's even more perplexing - what looks to be a model of an average town, a good part of it now debris on your behind, complete with scaled down dwellers as it even looks like they're peering at you with their scaled down eyes...
No. 1020573 ID: e7c7d3

Give them a friendly wave
No. 1020622 ID: c92a02

Pick up and examine a dweller. Is this some sort of test? Is she toying with you?
No. 1025049 ID: da2835
File 164609099158.png - (484.65KB , 3609x788 , bmq_78 80.png )

>Give them a friendly wave
The small villagers were definitely alive, looking up at you with a tentative gaze as all you could think to do to disarm their fears was wave towards them. You were never the prettiest smiler
You hazard that despite your meteoric entry, their fear towards you was subdued; your size was intimidating, the witch's and her familiar's however - dread-inducing.
No. 1025079 ID: c92a02

Point up at the witch. Are they seeing what you're seeing? While they worry about that, you just worry about extricating yourself from the town safely.
No. 1026431 ID: 676a0d
File 164747634306.png - (378.83KB , 2394x766 , bmq_81 82.png )

>Point up at the witch.
You point towards the witch, attempting to assuage them of your own presence. They're well aware of the titanic tyrant above; they're backwards, not blind.
No. 1026440 ID: c92a02

Well, that's worrying. What does she want with all of you?
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