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File 153664955324.png - (131.28KB , 500x500 , ladyofthehouse.png )
125385 No. 125385 ID: f7b510

A Unique Set of Circumstances

That Forgotten Road
I don't think I am cool enough to warrant two different threads for my quests, but we can combine them here for people to speak about decisions they might want to take.

My quests are very reader driven, so whatever you guys pick is usually what I go with.

If you have questions about things we have in our inventories, or systems we use, Ill try to visit this place to answer them often enough.
No. 125386 ID: f7b510

Here's a link to my blog. Ill try to post my misc doodles of my characters/quests or fanart there.

No. 125397 ID: 210c4f

A good question to start off: there are some confusion with how many bullets the pistol haves. How many do we have right now?
No. 125412 ID: f7b510

for the pistol? Zero. We shot thrice, blowing up the railroad camp, and two on the guy in the truck.
No. 125468 ID: 93f082

>choices now will have serious effects for the upcoming threads
I know you're trying to increase your readership but, I don't think that putting pressure on suggesters is going to have the desired effect here. The way I see it, the harder the choices are, the fewer suggestions you're going to get because a lot of suggesters would rather not suggest anything than suggesting something that might be wrong or bad.
Also, don't choices already have serious effects on the quest all the time anyway?

Anyway, I can also see a problem with having abilities like the Prayers that can be activated at any time, since the way suggestions work, it would be very difficult to get a consensus on using one. This is simply how /quest/ usually is. They won't use up something that might be a rare resource unless they feel it's absolutely necessary. In this case, perhaps you should simply force it out, I dunno, say that MC thinks this is a good time to use a prayer, or perhaps, as long as a single suggester says to use a prayer, the voting on which one to use would start.

Nice work on Amelia hehe. If I may ask, what do you use to draw?
No. 125543 ID: f7b510

Thanks for the reply and Ill keep it in mind! I've been gone for a bit mostly, so I am not trying to draw out the updates or anything like that.

And I mostly just use Sai. I am continuously trying to change my settings and practice different things which is another fancy way of saying that I need to practice a lot harder to increase my power.
No. 125544 ID: f7b510

rolled 2 = 2

Speaking of updates, Ill be preparing it now. Since it seems like votes are tied Ill be doing the dice roll like how we did back with the count when we selected future. I was surprised, I thought for sure way more people would want to see the tanukigf doing things
No. 125560 ID: 93f082

>I thought for sure way more people would want to see the tanukigf doing things
Oh, I'm pretty sure we'd all want to but, isn't she an indirect / non-controllable character? I wasn't aware we could simply select her to do things heh. Also, we hardly know what she's capable of.
No. 127581 ID: 15c57b

Generally, if the situation seems right and you guys want to switch views to different members if the (active) casts of the quests, then that's totally possible if even for an image or two update to them. I'm trying some new techniques that should hopefully spice up the stories of both of my quests do they're a little more interesting to read than crazyeyed ratgf in the desert, and dumb Ronin getting in trouble. (though there should still be that too)
No. 127863 ID: 14e16e

does the author have any art related social media other then tumblr? Id like to follow them on something othen then tumblr
No. 132153 ID: 4a283c

Hey guys!!

Thought I'd chime in to clarify a bit more. Maybe I should have given an Arial view, which will likely be included next update.

But currently, the Archer atop The rocks is aiming, but looks like it only begun when they saw that the rat and skald Drew their weapons.

The skald was pointing them out to you, and the two banditos are well within shotgun range.

The skald also just thinks they might be familiar. If they are or not is up to the suggestions. Just thought I'd offer clarifications if needed, so let me know!
No. 133851 ID: 6c227a

Okay I just have to jump in here to say that Maurea's outfit is EXCELLENT
No. 133858 ID: 260849

I wanna give the impression of several pretty distinct groups and styles of people that are all in the village for the season. I thought 'sea people should dress fishy'... Fishnets ONLY make sense
No. 134310 ID: df76b1

I find it odd that people supposedly like the heroine, but immediately want her to whore herself.
No. 134313 ID: 598c94

It's not about the MC whoring herself. It's about seeing how many nipples the hyena has - that's what's important. Not giving away the smokes for free is just an added bonus~

Altho, what I do find odd is that about half of the suggesters in that last update are first time posters, so probably some votestuffing going on.
No. 134317 ID: b1b4f3

People are jumping on a chance to see lewds without any strings attached, because they're horny fuckers with barely any standards.
No. 134318 ID: b1b4f3

Also yes I wouldn't be surprised if there's votestuffing by someone who is *ESPECIALLY* horny.
No. 134320 ID: 735fa3

I find it odd you wouldn't expect that as a default. Relatively new around here?

Pretty much any potential for lewds is going to get two or three times the attention and posts of anything else.

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