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File 159591336701.png - (1.59MB , 3000x2500 , sprites.png )
133511 No. 133511 ID: 5a5548

Sexy Dungeon discussion and resources. let me know if you are enjoying the game so far, any feedback you'd like to share, or any ideas for enemies or adventurers to populate the dungeon.
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No. 133512 ID: 5a5548
File 159591347050.png - (262.75KB , 1500x1450 , aisha.png )

beginning tomorrow morning I will be moving across several states. it will be a three day journey, following that I will continue updating the game and adding assets to the dungeon.
No. 133513 ID: 5a5548
File 159591348627.png - (225.44KB , 1500x1450 , harpe.png )

No. 133514 ID: 5a5548
File 159591350897.png - (289.35KB , 1500x1450 , bloody rhea.png )

No. 133515 ID: 5a5548
File 159591353178.png - (313.46KB , 1500x1450 , Vaati.png )

No. 133517 ID: f24f10

But what do they look like naked!!??!
No. 133521 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's funny that the Tide Monk was sexually incompatible with the rest of the options since the only other male is straight.
No. 133523 ID: 19da02

your pictures are far more large than they need to be. It makes it difficult to actually read the stat sheets.
No. 133524 ID: e19a40


Hold left Ctrl and rotate the mouse wheel.
No. 133550 ID: 12b116

I mean, the image is also perfectly comprehensible at 800x800. Probably even smaller than that. There's no advantage to it being 1500x1500.
No. 133551 ID: e19a40

The first sprite fit in a 370x550 area. It's very reasonable, even though the page containing all of the sprites end up large.
No. 133552 ID: 12b116

I'm talking about the character sheets. Like, the ones with the moves and stuff. I mean, the actual updates are also ridiculously huge for no reason, but you can also see them just fine from the thumbnail.
No. 133553 ID: e19a40

The character sheet contain text. When I open one of those in a new tab and click it once the text fit perfectly in my screen. If it were smaller I would zoom in to read.
What about the current size bother you? The only advantage I see in having a smaller size would be having a smaller file.

For the quest I understand that large images create problems for the Expand all images option.
The advantage, however, is that this is a pornographic quest and we are getting a better resolution.
No. 133556 ID: 12b116

This might be a crazy thought, but what if you didn't have to open each image in a new tab to make it a reasonable size?! Crazy, I know. Especially for a "stat card," being able to look at the whole thing at once is kinda beneficial.

Also I doubt the porn will be much enhanced by having a character's eyeball take up most of the screen in a 3kx2.5k image. Seriously. Look at Deer's pic in the thread. It's under a thousand pixels in the longest dimension and looks perfectly fine.

Anyway, I think I've said my piece at this point. It might be worth glancing at what other quests are doing though. There's probably a reason for it. I'll quit shitting up the dis thread by arguing about something like this. although inane arguments are a tried and true tradition here.
No. 133557 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god I didn't even notice how big the update images were. 3000x2500 is WAY TOO FUCKING BIG. The biggest dimension should be 1000 for uploaded images, IMO, unless it's something that requires extra size like Slowpoke's race chart. Or actual sprite sheets like the OP of this thread.
No. 133558 ID: d2d4c6

Idisagree completely with you all. Higher res is always welcome.
No. 133563 ID: c8edab

>Images too large
This is not an issue for several reasons.
1. Display resolution and pixel density on devices is getting better over time. What may seem large today, may be small tomorrow.
2. The site may change the display of images to be limited to screen width in the future, so it's better to have an image that is large, which the browser then downsizes to the screen width, instead of having a small image that would look blurred when upsized to match screen width.
3. There already exists a questden site extension which allows you to customize the display of images on questden in a way that they will fit the screen width.
No. 133569 ID: b5ac3f
File 159666029344.png - (92.86KB , 555x668 , dunscussion.png )

from the discord.

and to answer questions posed in the thread:
>If someone attacked her for 2 again, she would have 3/4 health and 0/3 armour. Is that correct? That being the case, can healing heal armour?
healing does work on armor. armor is lost first when an adventurer takes damage. when a character has their armor reduced to 0 their armor breaks, and enemies have special attacks that they can only use against an unarmored adventurer.
when a character is reduced to 0 health, they enter a vulnerable state. when they would normally take damage in this state, they instead must roll a lewd save. they have a 1/3 chance to be victim to a lewd action, which removes them from the game. think of this as working the same as death's door from the earlier builds of Darkest Dungeon.
>Can we attack up/down/diagonally? Can BfL/Sappara be cast over allies safely?
attacks can be aimed through tiles, though AoE attacks will hit every tile in its area. a character can only face left or right, so attacks can only be aimed in either direction. some attacks can be aimed at tiles on other rows, but these abilities will specifically mention it. some abilities have no range and simply effect everyone (eg. Grace affects all adventurers regardless of their position)
>I think the green boot in their stats is movement, unless it means something else
this is correct. the stats under the character portrait and name are Health, Armor, and Movement.

as said on discord, this game is a work in progress, and any feedback is greatly appreciated, either in this thread or on the discord server.
No. 133570 ID: b1b4f3

What's the difference between armor and health, if both can be healed? I guess the Blessings from Enlil makes a distinction, anything else?
No. 133571 ID: f8fa51

As CoyoteDead said, certain monster attacks can only happen if the target is unarmoured.
No. 133574 ID: dbd72b

Important note: Sappara is more powerful at full health, so this means Vashti can take a light hit and still use the enhanced version
No. 133575 ID: f8fa51

A couple more questions: If armour is broken, can it be healed? If armour is broken and health is nearly full, can healing heal both some armour and some health (like damage can affect both armour and health)? Does health always need to be healed before armour, or is there a choice?
No. 133576 ID: b1b4f3

"healing does work on armor."
Or do you mean, once it goes down to 0?
No. 133577 ID: f8fa51

>when a character has their armor reduced to 0 their armor breaks
Yes, by broken I meant 0 armour.
No. 133578 ID: b5ac3f

armor is always reduced first and healed last. think of a character's armor as their first line of defense. when its worn down they become more vulnerable to attacks.
No. 133579 ID: 4286b4

Being able to heal armor feels a bit... illogical, since armor is something that's normally repaired, not healed. But I understand what you were going for. Some sort of a buffer.

I think it would've been better if that stat was represented in a different way.
For instance, instead of having 4 Health and 3 Armor, the character would have 7 Health and have an Endurance stat of 3.
Or, you could simplify things and say that once a character's health is below half, the special attacks can take place. In other words, a character has 7 Health, but when their Health is below 4, which is half of 7 rounded up, they have to roll the lewd save.
No. 133710 ID: d0ff16

Update plsomg ;)
No. 133721 ID: d32d73

sorry for the delay, the update is coming very soon. hopefully in the next hour.
No. 133734 ID: d32d73

No. 133738 ID: d32d73
File 159907504701.png - (121.42KB , 542x468 , pogchampion.png )

No. 133739 ID: d32d73

the winner of the poll after 48 hours is Footknight. expect her pin up soon. it will be the first time the sly old vixen has dressed up for people in a decade at least, so be sure to give the old girl some positive vibes.
No. 133942 ID: 365383

Im going to make a pretty huge number of changes to the mechanics after this first floor. I'll produce a manual for the rules and mechanics at some point before starting the second floor, and will change it as needed, announcing changes ahead of time, of course. The biggest change will be in statistics. Characters will have more health and armor will work differently. Movement will likely be increased as well. Im not sure just yet.
No. 134213 ID: d32d73
File 160388355296.png - (847.58KB , 1500x1126 , FK01.png )

ah hello! you voted me the winner of the first pin up poll? hah! I'm flattered! this wizened old vixen nay thought of herself as a sex symbol!

well, here we are, I bought this set of lace on a lark. must have been a near score ago. I thought, "aye, after my second litter, I'll slim down and it'll fit like a glove."

hah, it's like wearing a tourniquet 'round my teats!
No. 134214 ID: d32d73
File 160388367375.png - (817.98KB , 1500x1126 , FK02.png )

aaaaaahhhh that's much better. hey, don't stare at your elders, dear. 'tis rude! ufufu.

ah, it's a shame you cannae spend a breath 'pon these pillows, they are divine~!
No. 134215 ID: d32d73
File 160388379531.png - (723.90KB , 1500x1126 , FK03.png )

they are re- yaaaaaaawnnnn -really comfy. Insheh Yahjev, it's been a while since I had time to lay about and relax... give me just a moment, dear. I'll be back to seduction after just a moment...
No. 134216 ID: d32d73
File 160388382735.png - (610.07KB , 1500x1126 , FK04.png )

No. 134217 ID: 65eff6

No. 134218 ID: 12b116

No. 134219 ID: d32d73

next pin up poll. please keep in mind you can vote for multiple adventurers, so don't feel like you have to go for the popular choices.
No. 134228 ID: 07bcaf

Oh, this is wonderful! Makes me wish we could get a follow-up where somebody sneaked up and put a blanket over her and her reaction to that in the morning.
No. 134253 ID: d32d73

the winner of the poll, after 3 days, is Moon Caller, narrowly avoiding a run off vote against Empath and Daemon Paladin.
No. 134256 ID: 8b8a21

Daemon Paladin, noooo!

I demand a recount! Good-aligned characters are stealing these elections with fake news manipulations and extra vote cheating type stuff! Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing if the good people of these united boards had a clear winner and leading waifu? Like yesterday, when Daemon Paladin was at the top?

One day the Big Orange of the lineup will have her day...
No. 134712 ID: d32d73
File 161039649130.png - (0.97MB , 3000x2500 , scratch work.png )

updates will resume soon. I'm recovering from some stuff. here is some design work from my absence.
No. 134726 ID: d32d73
File 161093379956.gif - (37.02KB , 398x343 , fk2.gif )

I hope people are enjoying the quest so far. I am doing mechanical work in the back ground, and will have a more readable manual for folks so that combat can be easier to follow. I also am hoping to make the quest look better in later updates, as I am still not happy with the level of art.
the pin up for Mooncaller is coming. I am having trouble getting it posed and themed properly (this would be the first time I've done feral artwork for the public).
I am keeping an eye on the character polls, and trying to figure out what works and doesn't work for each.

in fact here is an other one:


this one is more of an opinion poll. currently it seems like some adventurers are very well liked and others are being received very cooly, so I'd like to fix that. feel free as well to give me feedback, as to how you would like the game to go.
No. 134741 ID: c09f5e

Be careful chasing trends: Sure DaePal is popular now, then stuff happens and she ain't that popular no more.

Remember to let your other chars have their time in the spotlight. Buff them to make them more interesting, rather than dumping all the plot points onto one person.

... you did want unsolicited advice from amateurs, right?
No. 134770 ID: 552f4f

the main goal I have for gauging the popularity of the characters is to see who I need to work on to make them more viable, as well as brainstorm ideas for how to keep one single character from dominating the polls
No. 134771 ID: 552f4f

and yes, I enjoy getting feedback from people. it helps me stay focused and motivated on my projects, so thank you for your advice
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