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File 149340643506.png - (13.89KB , 500x500 , morbitdisthread1.png )
111218 No. 111218 ID: 8a251a

big fancy disthread because we've hit the point where we have multiple morbit quests both here AND on other sites, such as eagletime and omegaupdate.

what started as a passion project between myself and my friend como to create a universe snowballed into a huge deal with multiple projects and a proper team behind it. this thread is for talking about both the universe as a whole, and our current running quests- here, that'd be Maybequest and Tiny Cat People.

discuss away, and feel free to ask all the weird questions you want. we love this shit.
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No. 111219 ID: 8a251a
File 149340669430.png - (18.98KB , 601x738 , suplex ref.png )

an old reference, but one i haven't been able to share without a proper disthread for it- official ref for suplex outside of the maybequest style.
No. 111224 ID: 3abd97

Okay, I have bookkeeping questions that are probably less interesting than strait up discussing the setting.

>morbit quests
What's morbit? Is that the name of your team? (Is there any central place you list/link the members of your team or your projects)? Is it the name of the world or setting? (Does that mean both these quests occupy the same setting?)

>a passion project between myself and my friend como
What role does Como play in these quests? Should we be crediting them as a coauthor or anything similar on Maybequest and TCP?
No. 111227 ID: db0da2

So we're not meant to use >>98325 for Tiny Cat People discussion anymore?

Looking at what the other two groups spawned, we got really lucky with our tcps. Frog-Crimes just spawned a fern type in a world with little to no foiliage throughout, and this is after they nearly killed themselves with abstract types not long before, and the Omegaupdate crew managed to not only create two weapon types, but to create two nearly identical weapon types of what is probably the weakest possible sort. Buddy's situation was a stroke of bad luck, but at least it makes a decent glass cannon. Primus and Dad could have both turned out lame, but Primus ended up with a cool healing ability, and Dad's leadership qualities probably saved our asses with Jasper, and will likely prove instrumental in converting Spit's cats and holding our team together in the Sanctuary.

I think mentioning "other spoilers" in the eagletime disthread was a misstep; now that they know other threads exist, all they need to do is type "tiny cat people" into google and they can find them. You might consider deleting that bit if you can.
No. 111230 ID: 8a251a

all good questions!

>What's morbit? Is that the name of your team? (Is there any central place you list/link the members of your team or your projects)? Is it the name of the world or setting? (Does that mean both these quests occupy the same setting?)

yes, both quests take place in the same setting! we've dropped enough information in either to link the two and a whole bunch of people have figured it out, to the point where we're comfortable saying it upfront.

morbit itself is the planet/world where these quests revolve around- TCP taking place on sort of an adjacent plane and played with by morbitian gods. maybequest takes place on the planet itself, and is sort of a prequel project to the other main quest we want to do in this setting.

>What role does Como play in these quests? Should we be crediting them as a coauthor or anything similar on Maybequest and TCP?

como currently does not write for any of the ongoing morbit quests, but has helped me found the setting and i couldn't do this without his help.

if you're gonna credit people, it's most fair to credit the whole team: http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com !

currently moxie works with me on this TCP session's assets, as well as design help from kitet and knux400. i write and illustrate the actual panels, but i couldn't do this without all of their help, seriously. we've been on the fence on whether we wanted to talk about us as a Team, but it's a good a time as any and i'm proud of everybody's work.

>So we're not meant to use >>98325 for Tiny Cat People discussion anymore?

correct. apologies for the sudden change, this thread is going to get a lot more use in coming months/the next year and we wanted to make the change now while there's a lull in the action.

>I think mentioning "other spoilers" in the eagletime disthread was a misstep; now that they know other threads exist, all they need to do is type "tiny cat people" into google and they can find them. You might consider deleting that bit if you can.

people have known about the other threads since the beginning- we had someone on eagletime find out about tgchan's session within 12 hours of release. tgchan already knew about the other sessions and everyone else has been catching up- there WILL be punishments within quest/adventure for trying to game the system using knowledge they shouldn't have, and we think this is appropriate enough.
No. 111233 ID: 3667ec

new thread, whooohooo
No. 111252 ID: 67d5dc

Are you considering taking legal action against the group producing that knockoff of Tiny Cat People?

Jokes, of course. Dumb internet beef is the best kind!
No. 111264 ID: 3abd97

Thanks for the response, I just wanted to make sure people were being credited correctly in the wiki.
No. 111284 ID: db0da2

I've said previously that health is the only resource that matters (which is part of why I don't like weapon types), but there's always the chance we'll get caught in adventure mode and need something we haven't made. We should stock up on ammo and spares for all our weapons, and make sure our allies do too, so that if we run out of, say, stakes for Primus's stake shooter, we can just pop over to one of our allies' stockpiles and get more. We should also make a few portable 3D printers/universal fabricators along with a few portable printer dust makers, which will be able to convert resources we find in the wild or health from our cats into whatever resource the 3D printers/universal fabricators use.

We should rig all the items we use in the field with discrete explosives of the sort that will go off when detonated remotely but not when hit with enemy fire, so that if, for example, one of Spit's tcps gets the bright idea of using Dad's walker as cover, or stealing one of our weapons, we can make them regret it.

We should tell our allies about the mantis shrimp so that they can get a tcp with a bit more punch to it.

We should teach our allies the phrase "the devil's in the details" so they stop giving surface level explanations for things we need a thorough understanding of. Communication issues seem to be a big thing with this pantheon, but if we're to make any headway on that front we have to start somewhere.
No. 111286 ID: e12db1

Is "saving the kids" a lie or were we speaking the truth and we intend to bring a whole kindergarten with us?

Suddenly turning humanitarian is ridiculous, to say the least, as it goes completely against her character.

I like Suplex because I like selfish characters. Please don't ruin her :p
No. 111287 ID: db0da2

I'm thinking about team composition again. As I said here: >>110859 we lack long range picking/removal ability (as an aside, we should probably give the sniper rifle HE rounds because it's not like TCPs have vitals to aim for). We're also lacking crowd control ability; Eastwood plans to make form types, which will probably help with that, but I've got some other ideas. The dream type that Eastwood mentioned sounds awesome, and it has a proven track record as a winning strategy. Eastwood mentioned that less specific types tend to be better, what if we took that to the extreme? If it's possible, we might make an unspecified FORM or NATURE type; we could end up with the platonic ideal of those type categories, hopefully meaning some potent CC. We also don't have any real air support, but we could always just CREATE a plane or a drone, or hand Jasper, and/or the phoenix type if it gets made, some bombs.
No. 111288 ID: 3ce125

I think you missed a line:
"The only ones you don't want to hurt are THE KIDS."
She has some sympathy towards them.
No. 111291 ID: 350a50

Sounds more like the plan is to inform someone on the outside about the happenings here. Besides, after they got out she could let the dog go on his way and follow his conscience and she could go do her own thing.
No. 111316 ID: db0da2

I had a look at the wiki and...
>When a mortal is taken on as a demon, they are imbued with the deity's motifs and are granted immortality for as long as they serve the deity as a demon.
>A deity can technically take on as many demons as they please
I don't know how the other gods will react, but given that we have a literal cure for death available to us, we'd be horrible people if we didn't offer demonhood freely to all mortals once we become physical. This has the added bonus of probably earning us a lot of good will with the populace, meaning...
>All deities rely on worship as a source of power. The power of faith and worship is such that a lesser deity who is worshiped by many will end up being more powerful than a high deity who is worshiped by none.
we'll probably have a much better shot at taking down Spit (and probably Wax too) when the time comes.
No. 111317 ID: 91ee5f

If everyone became a demon with immortality, then the entire world would be in a constant state of war because everyone will be trying to force everyone else to switch to their god.

And I'm pretty sure Mortis already has a rule or something in place to prevent us from doing that.
No. 111319 ID: db0da2

I'm not sure I follow. Even assuming every other god copied our strategy, the political situation would remain the same, gods would have no greater or lesser incentive to war with each, their followers would just happen to be immortal. In fact, violence would decrease worldwide, given that material possessions that people would typically fight for, like food and shelter, are no longer necessary for survival, and that getting into a fight is literally the one thing you'd need to avoid to live forever. And that's assuming the other gods catch on fast enough, if we act quickly enough, and we're lucky enough, we'll be able to achieve a near global hegemony, beginning the Pax Voidiana, where none of the other gods start shit for fear of incurring our wrath. I don't think there would be all that much conflict anyway, plenty of other gods care about their subjects enough, or are indifferent enough to things outside their niches, that they won't really mind the whole nonviolent immortality proliferation thing. Those violent and uncooperative enough to give us grief will be small enough in number that we'll be able to handle them. Of course, we'd need some fairly extensive diplomacy to keep from coming off as a threat, but we don't exactly suffer from a lack of friendliness or honesty.
No. 111321 ID: 350a50

I don't think you understand how truly horrific a world inhabited only by immortals would be.
No. 111323 ID: db0da2

Oh no! People would be able to focus on doing things they enjoy instead of constantly toiling to stay alive, the horror!
No. 111324 ID: 350a50

If you think that a world of immortals would mean less war, you don't understand people. People are not logical, and in a world with no consequences they would be free to act on their most base and destructive desires without fear. And if we took away the immortality of those people, wars would be started over 'favoritism'. Or people would find some other reason to disagree and fight.
No. 111325 ID: af3241
File 149369075008.png - (42.53KB , 1000x916 , tcp-vs-jasperconcepts.png )

rin let me help with jasper's design back when poltergeist was still a popular option, since i was very excited about it. we ended up liking the sleeves so much that we kept them for the eventual phantom type!

the ghost types were just for fun tho
No. 111326 ID: db0da2
File 149369081183.png - (86.28KB , 504x741 , the starfish story.png )

I'd rather take the few contrived reasons to fight of the unhinged over the many genuine reasons to fight of the desparate. Just because we can't save every life doesn't mean we shouldn't bother saving those we can.
No. 111331 ID: 72ed6b

> If you think that a world of immortals would mean less war, you don't understand people.

War is typically about trying to win something, whether it's a reasonable thing to win or not. If there's no way to win or to lose, then fighting becomes rather pointless.
No. 111336 ID: b7883c

>People are not logical, and in a world with no consequences they would be free to act on their most base and destructive desires without fear. And if we took away the immortality of those people, wars would be started over 'favoritism'. Or people would find some other reason to disagree and fight.
> no consequences [unless] we took away the immortality of those people
If only society had nonlethal consequences for bad behavior ranging from unofficial stigma to official processes of assigning penalties such as temporary confinement.

>War is typically about trying to win something, whether it's a reasonable thing to win or not. If there's no way to win or to lose, then fighting becomes rather pointless.
People do "fight" over petty stuff with no real win condition all the time, but that "fighting" is generally in the form of making pointed comments at each other rather than engaging in (technically nonlethal) fist fights because most people have a sense of proportionate response and because of social consequences.
No. 111337 ID: 9876c4

This just in, mortality is natural.
No. 111339 ID: db0da2

Natural ≠ good
No. 111340 ID: b412df

Our perspective on the world is very limited at the moment, all we have is hearsay from the other players. Maybe we should focus on winning the game so we can get sufficient context to be able to make judgements like that.

We don't know what the society is like, and we don't know how powerful we are relative to the other gods. Well, Voidsy was described as a lesser deity, with the others in our game being lesser or greater, so I'm assuming we're pretty weak.
No. 111341 ID: db0da2

I was basing this plan mostly off of http://morbit.wikia.com/wiki/Morbit and http://morbit.wikia.com/wiki/Deities
From what we know so far we should at least be able to grant the denizens of Taverne demonhood, and once we have that done we can look into which places would be ideal to expand our influence to next.
No. 111343 ID: 83b227


I think the major issue with a world of immortals would be eventual stagnation. People with endless time are more likely to become procrastinators ("I can do it tomorrow" forever), and over time people become more and more creatures of habit if there isn't anything to shake them up. Habits gain momentum as time passes, too, so eventually you'll end up with a ton of people who are happy doing what they're doing and unwilling to change. If you have only a few immortals, it's fine, because all the mortals running around will get them moving at least a bit, but I think a world of only immortals will end up with everyone settling into an eternal routine. Which, of course, makes them vulnerable to some outside force suddenly arriving that they have to adapt to.

I mean, biologically, immortality (or at least, agelessness) was an evolutionary option for our ancestors. There are some lifeforms who can do it. We developed differently because a species that continually shifts through new generations is better capable of adapting to changes in their environment than a species that doesn't.

Also, once you're immortal, people's options for permanently getting you out of their way shade towards fates-worse-than-death. No-one wants to get encased in lead and dropped to the bottom of the ocean.


Relative weakness might not be such a big deal if your natural specialization can be leveraged. Though I don't think anyone intended it, I think that Voidsy's themes could lead to them becoming a sort of... anti-god god. This was brought up before, particularly when the idea for the unhallowed sanctuary was proposed; the concepts of discord + identity when your identity is "a god" allowing you to subvert that identity, and by extension godliness. Plus gods generally being figures of order or of unified essence, compared to a collective with no "center". Voidsy's character design, too, is loaded with symbolism of nothingness and absence: masks over no face, space, the slice of midsection missing, the ring being a circle with the middle cut out. They're a void in the shape of a god! Even the Mask of Courage, in comparison to the other god masks we made, is notable as a magic item that doesn't actually give its wearer any new powers, just encourages them and makes them braver and, therefore, makes them better/more inclined to use their own abilities.

So, I'd expect Voidsy to be able to create and use more of what you might call divine anti-magic effects, things that just go "NO GODS HERE". Obviously there'd be limitations, effects like that would be localized and/or temporary, and probably double-edged against Voidsy themselves in denying them any interaction as well once it's active, and other gods would be able to do all sorts of runarounds and indirect things, but still. It might be something a pantheon needs, with gods like Spit running around! With support, Voidsy could become a sort of peacekeeper or moderator between gods. God police.

Already got the white and blue color scheme, even.
No. 111344 ID: 8a251a

cutting in to say a few things

planning is chill and im really enjoying seeing these ideas but i wouldn't bank on being able to choose every other god's TCPs. you don't get to play this game for the other players, and i think your focus should maybe shift over to working with what you already have team and alliance-wise unless you want to eat total shit fast. i'm not gonna give gameplay-related warnings like this often but we've noticed there's a lot of assumption in this that you'll be able to pick the entire alliance team and that's really not how this is gonna shake down.

the second thing is that immortality on morbit is typically conditional-you may live as long as you are not killed. it's more "ageless" than true immortality, even for gods.

third thing, you might wanna look at the full bit on demons.

>A deity can technically take on as many demons as they please, but it is rare to have more than five at a time as demons are generally privy to highly sensitive information about the deity and tend to possess a greatly influential cultural position due to their closeness to their deity. This being said, being taken on as a demon is not always regarded as a good thing, and it is possible for a deity to force a mortal into becoming their demon.

that's all i got, keep on chatting and we'll have more behind the scenes as shit comes.
No. 111345 ID: db0da2

As Mortis mentioned, demons can still be murdered, they just won't die otherwise. Besides, we're a god of discord, if there's anyone who can keep things from stagnating it's us.

>With support, Voidsy could become a sort of peacekeeper or moderator between gods. God police.
Let's team up with Frog-Crimes and become buddy cops. We can be the flirtatious and saucy loose cannon, they can be the straight-laced yet rough loose cannon.

I was mostly spitting out TCP ideas because it's fun. I figure we can just rattle off a bunch of TCP ideas and let the other gods sort out which ones they want to use, if any. Jasper hasn't had a chance to scout Spit yet, so we can't really plan anything beyond making sure we have what we need to have options available to us once we actually do know what we're dealing with.

>demons are generally privy to highly sensitive information about the deity and tend to possess a greatly influential cultural position due to their closeness to their deity.
As far as we know though, this isn't an actual requirement for demons. Demons are said to, "fulfill basically any role that the deity desires," perhaps our demons' roles shall simply be to live their lives to the fullest and maybe occasionally pay us lip service.
>being taken on as a demon is not always regarded as a good thing, and it is possible for a deity to force a mortal into becoming their demon.
Demonhood will be totally voluntary, we won't force it on anyone, nor will we restrict it from anyone (barring exceptional circumstances, of course).
No. 111346 ID: 3ce125

I would warn against trying to give Wretch our "ideas", and recommend against doing it for Eastwood. Miller might welcome it since this is her first game too iirc? Anyway, both Eastwood and Wretch have played this game before so giving them any unasked for advice would be a bit patronizing. Wretch would take it especially badly since she's bullied by the other gods. We want to show her that we trust her and have faith in her ability to make good choices if we're going to make up for the Spit incident.

We might not even be able to give Miller much good advice for TCP types anyway since we're from a different world. I don't think she'd be able to create TCPs based on concepts she isn't familiar with, and we don't know what concepts are similar between her world and ours.
No. 111347 ID: db0da2

>We might not even be able to give Miller much good advice for TCP types anyway since we're from a different world. I don't think she'd be able to create TCPs based on concepts she isn't familiar with, and we don't know what concepts are similar between her world and ours.
We might actually be able to abuse this. If TCP creation is based off of the player's understanding of the noun used, we might be able to make something up and have one of the others make a TCP out of it. We could say something like, "the Djraptor is a terrifying earth monster. It's a nearly indestructible many-armed being capable of mind-controlling any creature within its range. Mind-controlled creatures can be given commands that continue past their leaving of the Djraptor's range, and can have their brain structures or personalities permanently rewritten. They also move faster than the speed of sound and can fly." If they don't buy it, we can just say it's a creature from mythology.
No. 111349 ID: 3ce125

That's not really abusing it. Strong TCP types come with their own drawbacks, whether it's a rebellious nature or a high health cost for using abilities.
No. 111350 ID: 67456a

There's also the fact that I'm pretty sure it's been stated there's someone keeping an eye on the session. I feel like they'd intervene if we tried something like that.
No. 111351 ID: 8a251a
File 149376514675.png - (206.45KB , 3564x1671 , eastwoodtf2.png )

week 1 of the drive has been updated, thank yall so much for the support so far! we'll have info on a BRAND NEW MORBIT GOD funded through this soon.
No. 111356 ID: 4854ef

Eastwood looks pretty good tall and crystally.
No. 111425 ID: 8a251a
File 149410841210.png - (174.82KB , 4294x1629 , red tf.png )

posted our weekly newspost on the state of affairs here: http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/post/160380657213/may-06-2017-news-updates

mutation drive is going well- expect an update on monday! pic posted is of one of our donor's characters gettin mutated themself.

one more note from here: we're considering making a TCP utility program of sorts...what for? you'll just have to see!
No. 111440 ID: db0da2

I'm imagining that, when it comes to TCPs, Spit is going to be using a mixture of edgy bullshit and munchkinry. She probably loves weapon types, given that they're constantly suffering and they're good at hurting other cats. She also probably loves injury or sickness based body types, given that they're strong, creepy, and capable of inflicting great pain. If she does end up using a body type, I'd expect an accompanying TCP capable of providing CC or something allowing it to close the distance (teleporter, slingshot?), which would be a priority target for us. She might pull some crazy combo strategy using a bunch of machine types. I wouldn't put it past her to wait until everyone else has made all their TCPs to pull out some overpowered abstract type, we could counter this by keeping one TCP slot in reserve as a nuclear option (maybe the deicide TCP plan, which is actually better than I initially thought, considering Spit will be too dead to use a kill command, meaning the little guy would get to live). She might also just immediately go for the strongest cats she can think of in order to counteract our numbers advantage.

Body types Spit might use: gash, leprosy, blood (we might actually want to use one of these, it could cover the battlefield in thick blood, slowing the enemies down enough for it to grab them, counteracting the main disadvantage of body types), necrosis, burn.

Because TCPs don't have internal organs, blunt and piercing attacks are worse than cutting ones, we should use flak or explosive weaponry wherever practical.
No. 111441 ID: 350a50

Again, we already have 5 TCPs. We can suggest to the other players, but don't go in expecting to have whatever we think is best.

And I don't think piercing/blunt/slashing matters much. Their health is abstracted by levels.
No. 111449 ID: db0da2

But they still experience physical damage, I'd rather be removing limbs or comprising their torsos' structural integrity than just poking holes in them.
No. 111450 ID: 350a50

Killing Spit won't do much good if we're just the next Spit. We already creeped out Eastwood with previous suggestions for needlessly brutal tactics.
No. 111456 ID: 3ce125

Brutal isn't sadistic. Spit is on another level; she actually tortures enemy TCPs before killing them. What we're after is the most effective manner of killing. We seek victory, not pain.
No. 111458 ID: db0da2

Agreed, Spit is a rabid dog that we need to put down as quickly as possible. I'd rather we succeed in a way that scares the hell out of Eastwood than risk failure by holding back. On the small scale, not incapacitating hostile TCPs as efficiently as possible puts our TCPs in danger, and on the large scale, not doing everything in our power to beat Spit increases the odds that we die, all the people Spit will hurt or kill after this game suffer, all the good we could do for the world with the powers of a god goes undone, and Wretch becomes even more of an utter wreck.
No. 111469 ID: db0da2

I like the unhallowed sanctuary, but I'm wondering how we're planning on getting Spit to send her cats inside. Ideas?
No. 111472 ID: 3ce125

Getting them there isn't hard, we can just lure them in with our own cats. The problem is getting them to stop trying to fight once they're inside. Dad's power will help, for sure.

We could also give our cats signs to set up inside the unhallowed sanctuary, that explain what the place is and that they don't have to follow spit anymore. Then our cats wouldn't have to waste time in a dangerous situation trying to explain what's going on.
No. 111476 ID: 505c10

I have a dumb feeling that if we manage to kill the Director in Maybequest, Spit will be somemwhat weakened (and pissed), allowing us to strike her harder in TCP.
No. 111477 ID: ba56e6

Signs might not work. I doubt she taught her TCPs to read.
No. 111478 ID: 83b227


If she finds out about the Spit mask we made, she might want it enough to send them after it.
No. 111500 ID: db0da2

>personality is kept ENTIRELY different from type, and there's no guarantee that a word will spawn a certain personality/morality of TCP
Creature type TCPs do not seem to have any cost to their abilities, likey due to them being passive.

In any case, the real strength to this is that we'd essentially be able to design custom TCPs without gambling that a certain noun will do what we think it should.
No. 111559 ID: 8a251a
File 149462854147.png - (616.77KB , 7345x2510 , eastwoodtf3.png )

late getting this in, but here's where poor eastwood's at right now.

No. 111580 ID: ba56e6

Frog-Crimes session is going completely turds up right now, wow. They set their own base on fire.
No. 111581 ID: 9690f3

It's the best. I'm laughing so fucking hard. It's really impressive how different a game it is to ours. Their group just seems to be composed of a very radically different mindset to ours.
No. 111582 ID: fa8c1a

Haha, poor Eastwood's just getting totally gross. What a great design!
No. 111584 ID: db0da2

It's an educational opportunity; now the cats can get a practical demonstration of the importance of fire safety.

They seem to have a larger contingent of "my goal has always been to keep things interesting. which is the opposite of safe and cute" players. I might might be imagining it, but they also seem more pragmatic or cautious, teaching their cats a steady stream of useful stuff like math and science, and giving them guns before even learning that they're not the only god in the game. They are also far less lewd. I think it can probably be traced back to the difference between our Ruby Quest descended tradition and their MSPA (though they like to deny it) descended one.

Beyond that, the sessions will likely be radically different in execution due to a lack of Spit in their session (assuming the sessions take place at the same time). I'm expecting something more typical for a TCP session, with less clearly defined battle lines and maybe multiple separate alliances. Maybe something with the possibility of peace because no one is a shitbag psychopath, but no guarantee of it because the gods of the Taverne pantheon apparently collect personal issues like a grade-schooler collects Legos.
No. 111670 ID: 3667ec
File 149512800052.png - (193.08KB , 1486x1628 , eastwood.png )

Hey, it's Eastwood

How's he doing (not great)
No. 111678 ID: 8a251a
File 149516849212.png - (1.09MB , 10628x2641 , eastwoodtf4.png )

eastwood drive week 3 is up! in which consequences are had.
No. 111679 ID: 0ba167

RIP Wretch.
No. 111681 ID: b8810a

If Wretch is actually gone, then I don't think I can read the quest anymore.
No. 111684 ID: 8a251a

no worries, the drive is 100% noncanon
No. 111685 ID: af3241

the events depicted in the horror drive are entirely non-canon!

since (normally) deities are fundamentally immune to horror radiation and its effects, you can treat the story told by the drive as a "what-if" or alternate universe.
No. 111695 ID: 0cfb6a

Did we ever actually decide/find out what Voidsy's official motifs are? "Masks" is obviously one, and on the wiki someone put "orbital rings" as another, but looking through the threads that was never mentioned or put to use like Masks has been, and personally I'd have guessed something else than that ("Voids" would be most obvious, maybe renamed to "absence" or "empty space" or something to avoid the name being too spot on). Are they supposed to just be more vague things that are apparent by the deity's appearance, and we effectively decided them with Void's appearance? Or are we supposed to "officially" decide them later after we win and get to be a proper god? Or something else?
No. 111696 ID: ba56e6

I think there's only one Motif per god?
Voidsy - Masks
Wretch - Slime
Spit - Smoke
No. 111702 ID: 4984d6

Gods can have up to three motifs! Spits is smoke and flesh, Eastwood has smoke and crystals, etc. Motifs are based on physical form, so choose wisely.
No. 111703 ID: 3ce125

Oh, we get to choose another one? Or two?
No. 111705 ID: ba56e6

Ah, so we currently have one or two? I'm not sure if orbit/orbital rings is legit since it's on a wiki. Rings would be a pretty versatile motif though.
No. 111707 ID: 0cfb6a


We haven't actually made any such decisions yet, though, have we? Apart from everyone quietly going ahead and assuming Masks is one of them.

I'm just wondering where "orbital rings" came from on the wiki. I think whoever put that there was making their own personal assumption. Like I already said, I think something like Emptiness or Absence is clearer, both in its relation to Voidsy's physical form and that we've actually done some things related to that already.
No. 111713 ID: ba56e6

I think Masks was automatic, just like Frog-Crimes got Frogs as their motif automatically.

Void/Absence is a good one for buffing any nulling effects, which we seem fond of doing.
No. 111714 ID: ba56e6

Or no, was their motif Hydras? I can't recall exactly.
No. 111716 ID: 8a251a

i had originally just had yall as masks down for motifs but i wouldn't be opposed to you all coming to some ideas on a second or third, and we can have a poll for it.
No. 111796 ID: c1d8eb

I'm a fan of Masks, Absence, and Essence.

It makes sense what with our tendency to buff/debuff and occasionally outright nullify powers (such as the unhallowed ground.) Absence is more obviously fitting but I like essence as well thanks to the masks, cap, and wand.
No. 111798 ID: 3ce125

"Separation" could be a motif for Voidsy, or something that means something similar. All the masks floating around separated from the main body, and the main body is split in two. If possible I'd like to use a word that can mean emptiness and separation. Absence sortof works?

It'd be really cool if Voidsy could pull a teleportation trick by sucking the "main body" into the mask(s) attached to it and exiting a mask somewhere else. We could leave masks lying around in various places like a waypoint system, so that if we get attacked by Spit or someone else we can just teleport away. This would be especially useful if we could sever our connection to the original mask(s) and gradually (or instantly?) make new masks to replace ones that are lost.
No. 111802 ID: 97a28e

Emptiness could have interesting sub-connotations, like the concept that empty space represents unformed potential, both in the "blank canvas" way and the actual science way where any truly empty space starts generating weird stuff. So it'd fit Voidsy as the first god in the game and as a creator. Plus being a bit messed up somehow seems like a prerequisite for existence in this setting (and real life, heyo) and being intrinsically empty would explain why Voidsy has such a strong drive to make friends.

On the other hand, with "absence" you could say "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and it'd be a sort of joke explanation for why we're such flirterers, maybe?
No. 111819 ID: ba56e6

Masks and Absence fit, yeah. Other possibilities that might fit:
Rings, Tubes, Links, Clusters, Words, Dildos, Jokes, Genitals
No. 111832 ID: 1a3973

Seeing how it wasn't mentioned in the thread yet, and how his body is a silhouette filled with the shifting image of space, Space/Cosmos are other possible motifs.
No. 112044 ID: db0da2

I like cosmos for its connotations. People have always looked out at the cosmos with a sense of hope and wonder, whether by wishing on stars, working together to actually reach them, or simply appreciating the sublime scope and beauty of the universe. One would hope we could inspire those same feelings in our followers. Of course, at the end of the day, absence seems far more likely to give us cool powers, so if we had to choose it would be the more practical option, but ideally we'd have both.

We should ask Eastwood what happens when we become physical; where will we appear, will we have our communicator? If the answer to the latter question is yes, or if we'll appear near Wretch and Eastwood, then it can wait, but we should try to find an opportunity to learn at least as much as is on the wiki about Morbit in general god mechanics in particular.

The fact that mortals can be demons to multiple gods is probably useful somehow, but we'll have to wait and see what we're dealing with before thinking of anything specific.

Why is the wiki image for Wax just his mask when the OP image of this very thread has a better shot of him?
No. 112046 ID: ba56e6

I'm wondering what the difference between the criteria for domain and motifs is. Something like Space/Cosmos seems more like a domain, but it could also be an element of appearance and theme, thus making it also viable as a (less powerful) motif.

Are motifs something that defines subdomains in our portfolio?
No. 112047 ID: 262ceb


As I understand it, motifs are more connected to what you are intrinsically, while your domain is more like just... your job. And your job comes with a set of tools, so you can do things related to that job, but it's ultimately just a position and you could leave it or go do a different one or have more than one job at a time. The jobs you do/have done do influence you and you gain skills that you'll remember and so on but they're not like, part of you. But your motifs are. Right?

So ideally someone will have a domain related to their motifs because their motifs will give them greater ability with their domain, but it's not necessary. You could even have a domain that doesn't suit you at all, it just wouldn't be a good idea? Maybe?


I think cosmos' connotations are actually kind of too positive. Void tries their best but they're kind of a mess, so they kind of don't deserve something like that. Or, well, not "don't deserve", maybe a better way of putting it would that they wouldn't be able to live up to it. Absence fits kind of the same ideas, with connotations of incompleteness and waiting and wanting, and can be spun to positive things like hope and potential and dreams of the future, but also has potential negative associations like hollowness and hurt and despair. Having both positive and negative aspects makes it more well-rounded and, I think, would give a better capacity to connect with others who similarly have positive and negative aspects to their being. A cosmos-based being would be harder to have a relationship with, and would have a harder time forming relationships.

Plus, absence fits Void already. Like, the first TCP Void made was a Tent TCP, right? An object defined by the empty space inside it.
No. 112050 ID: dbf8a5

I think you underestimate us. All of our blunders thus far have been social, and once Voidsy's personality solidifies those should be less of an issue. Even if we're indecisive and a habitual flirt, our followers won't see that, they'll see the ideals we represent and the good we do in the world. We're already a deity of masks and identity, we can wear the mask of a god worthy of admiration if need be.
No. 112057 ID: 262ceb


I think you overestimate us! Even if Voidsy gets better they aren't ever going to be perfect. There'll still be flubs, and our followers are going to see that sometimes, and fellow gods are going to see it even more. Let's not set anyone up for disappointment. Besides, we're probably going to start off as a relatively low-power god even if/when we win, so we might not have the capability to realize such a transcendent concept as "cosmos". It's not really something that can be created or applied in small ways. What if the smallest thing we can do with it is still something we don't have enough raw power for? You can't run a monster truck with a moped engine.

The point about being less approachable still stands, too. "Cosmos" carries heavy connotations of something high and vast and distant that no one person can ever fully understand. I'd have thought we'd want to be a more personal, present deity.
No. 112067 ID: db0da2

Well, I'm still vouching for the "make everyone immortal" plan, which:
1) doesn't require any amount of god juice to use
2) will let us gain followers, and therefore power, quickly
3) will necessitate us being somewhat distant by sheer virtue of how many followers we have

Gods on Morbit, the important ones at least, seem to act as feudal lords or heads of state. In times of trouble people seek leaders who can provide a sense of safety and competence, this is why Rein is so beloved by its people, given that Morbit has been described as "horrible furry murder world".

We also won't be going this alone, we have Wretch and Eastwood on our side. They can keep us from making any public blunders by vetting any speeches we might give and briefing us on local faux pas and taboos before any unscripted interactions with the public. Hopefully they'll also be able to rein us in during meetings with other gods, but it's alright if they don't, using a more down-to-earth persona in private fits perfectly with our identity/masks combo.
No. 112069 ID: ba56e6

I'm still not fond of the 'make everyone immortal' plan, it seems like it will end poorly.
No. 112070 ID: 262ceb


Well, I don't agree with the "make everyone immortal" plan, for various reasons - starting a follower arms race, encouraging other gods to gang up on us, mortality being important in several ways, some problematic people becoming bigger problems with and/or not deserving immortality (and the question of our right to decide who does and doesn't deserve it), and the fact that the way things have gone so far there are probably drawbacks that we don't know about, like there have been for a bunch of other clever ideas we've had, among other things.

But even assuming that plan I think Absence would work better than Cosmos. First, because immortality is an absence of death, and death itself is a thing of absence, so it'd make more sense to be able and acting to control it as an absence-based entity. Second, because the biggest absence-related thing we've done so far is make the unhallowed sanctuary, a place where gods have no presence and can't see or act, and being able to conceal things from other gods would be a big help in the theoretical immortality-for-everyone plan.

>we have Wretch and Eastwood on our side. They can keep us from making any public blunders

They have their own issues, man. You're making a big assumption that they'd be on board with this, or have the time and effort to spare once the game's over. Just because they're friends with us (and that's assuming we won't screw up said friendship along the way) doesn't mean they're going to drop their own pre-existing business to go along with some new god on the block's big sparkling revolutionary dreams. Would be kind of a jerk thing to go begging off them, too! They're the senior gods, they'll have just come out of helping us drag our newbie asses through our first game. If anything we'd be in a position where we should be supporting their plans for a while, to pay them back for how generous they've been. At this point we owe them, not the other way around, and we'll be lucky to just balance the books by the end.

We don't want to be "that friend".
No. 112074 ID: ba56e6

This sums a lot of my reasons up pretty well.

There's also the meta standpoint. This is a living world with several games/instances going on at once. The greatest gods of all, the Authors, are unlikely to allow us to utterly break their system with zero effort involved, 'win' Morbit, and ruin the setting for everyone involved. Even if the plan were sound at its core, which it isn't necessarily - we don't know all the facts yet - the laws of the narrative would place things in our way. That sort of ambition coming into play too fast would be our downfall. It's important to be self-aware of this fact and work towards the endgame within the boundaries of a story arc, up until the point the formula changes in a way that promotes unhinged ambitions.

For now I'll settle for the goal of killing Spit and plowing Wretch, in whatever order seems best.
No. 112078 ID: 47160d

As someone who used to be very active on the discord for the developers, before the massive influx of people drove me out, allow me to just pop in and say this. Do not try to make everyone immortal, it will go to shit. There is a reason people in morbit don't do stuff like that all the time, because the way that everything happens in that setting basically means if something can go wrong, it will, and in the strangest fucking way possible. So long story short don't try to make everyone immortal, it will end with them all melting into the sugar ocean or something weird like that
No. 112079 ID: 91ee5f

>if something can go wrong, it will
So, basically Murphy's Law?
No. 112080 ID: dbf8a5

I can agree to this sentiment, I wouldn't want to screw up the other groups' experiences, and I don't think the authors would let us. That said, Maybequest and the videogame project have both been confirmed to take place before TCP, which probably means we only have the other TCP sessions to worry about. The immortality plan is also going to take a while, meaning they could wrap up their stories or move them in a new direction before we got to them. We might also be able to get Frog-Crimes in on the plan, it seems up their alley. We're going to need followers to be strong enough to kill Spit anyway, we might as well give them the option of being superpowered, immortal followers while we're at it.

I don't think the fact that it's going to be hard and dangerous is a good argument against doing it. Firstly, the sheer amount of good we could do by succeeding easily outweighs the dangers of failure. Utopia, or at least a society that isn't a shitty feudal deathworld, is definitely worth pursuing. Secondly, trying to do hard and dangerous things is interesting. Which sounds like a better story: “and then the compassionate young god decided not to try to make the world a better place, because changing the status quo is difficult and scary. The End.” or “and then the compassionate young god worked together with some other gods to try to establish a new world order where the people could live free from violence and tyranny, despite the odds being against them.”?

I already agree that absence is the more practical option, but I like the feelings invoked by cosmos, and hope we could get that as our third motif.

I was mostly just saying that we won't be alone in whatever we end up doing, it doesn't have to be Wretch and Eastwood, it could be one of our mortal followers, or another god, or one of Eastwood’s kids, it doesn't really matter. I agree that we should work on repaying them before working on our own stuff, though our currently agreed on plans (fuck Wretch, kill Spit) are already things Wretch will appreciate.
No. 112081 ID: 262ceb

>“and then the compassionate young god decided not to try to make the world a better place, because changing the status quo is difficult and scary. The End.” or “and then the compassionate young god worked together with some other gods to try to establish a new world order where the people could live free from violence and tyranny, despite the odds being against them.”

There's a big gap between "don't try to improve things at all" and "END DEATH".

When/if we become a proper god, we should start "making the world a better place" at a more reasonable level. I mean, we'll be a god, and let's have ambition, but "world peace and eternal life for all" is a bit of a tall order for a newbie deity in a setting full of more powerful gods who have their own business and plans going on.

Also, I don't see the direct link between "a new world order where the people could live free from violence and tyranny, despite the odds being against them" and "immortality for everyone". The latter is not going to bring about the former - it could create a world with MORE violence and tyranny, because violence will be able to go on for longer and be on a greater scale (since everyone will be powered up) and tyrannies will be able to become more entrenched and stable.

The threat of death isn't the cause of all the world's ills, you know? We'll have to do a bunch of OTHER stuff to solve the problems with the world. So why don't we focus on doing those first, instead of also trying to revolutionize mortality at the same time, which will cause trouble and take up our time and effort just by itself? Hell, do you know how much harder it's going to be to change the status quo if we have to actively change everyone's minds and get them on board, instead of just teaching the youth and waiting for the older generation to die and get replaced? If the world is violent and terrible people will have habits suited to a world of violence and terror, and it'll be hard to change those habits - the longer people have had to get stuck in them, the harder.

And neither Voidsy nor any of the friends they've made so far are exactly charismatic people. Not in that way, anyway.

Let's make the world a better place in a way we can actually manage, rather than attempting something spectacularly huge and spectacularly failing and probably making things worse for everyone in the attempt.
No. 112086 ID: ba56e6

>do you know how much harder it's going to be to change the status quo if we have to actively change everyone's minds and get them on board, instead of just teaching the youth and waiting for the older generation to die and get replaced?
I think Lenin said something like this. Something about a true socialist reform only being possible if they instill their values in the youth of the next generation, so that they can build it up as the old guard die out.

... The whole socialist utopia idea didn't work out so well there, either. It's just not in peoples' natures.
No. 112098 ID: db0da2

We've been over much of this already, but I'll restate it.

>Also, I don't see the direct link between "a new world order where the people could live free from violence and tyranny, despite the odds being against them" and "immortality for everyone". The latter is not going to bring about the former - it could create a world with MORE violence and tyranny, because violence will be able to go on for longer and be on a greater scale (since everyone will be powered up) and tyrannies will be able to become more entrenched and stable
A society of immortals would be effectively post-scarcity, so people would not need to fight over resources to survive. In fact, people would be strongly disincentivized from fighting each other, given that violent confrontations would be just about the only way to die, and that people would be on a relatively even playing field strength-wise due to the superpowers. The majority of Morbit is ruled by gods, who are already immortal. The plan to make everyone immortal would naturally put us at odds with the Spits and Stopes of the world, meaning that our campaign against death would also involve bringing an end to their tyranny.

>The threat of death isn't the cause of all the world's ills, you know? We'll have to do a bunch of OTHER stuff to solve the problems with the world.
Death may not be the cause of all the world's ills, but it is responsible for the majority of them. By giving everyone demonhood, we effectively kill three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and severely weaken the fourth. The other problems that the world has would be made easier to solve by enacting this plan, because we’d gain both strength as a god through worship, and the good will from the public to coordinate solutions to those problems.

>If the world is violent and terrible people will have habits suited to a world of violence and terror, and it'll be hard to change those habits - the longer people have had to get stuck in them, the harder.
The violent ones will die off quickly, given how strong the selection pressure is against violence when it’s the only cause of death. The nonviolent but still nebulously unpleasant ones will have a literal eternity to get used to the new society and change their ways. Morbit still has plenty of room for population increase, especially once food stops being a limiting factor, and double especially if we establish a space colonization program once the world is united enough. It’ll only take a few generations (not that long in immortal time) for those born or created after the shift to outnumber those born before it.

>And neither Voidsy nor any of the friends they've made so far are exactly charismatic people.
We don’t need to personally convert every person to our cause, we’ll have charismatic missionaries and allies for that.
No. 112099 ID: ba56e6

If this was a viable method of fixing the world, don't you think Rein would have done it already?
No. 112100 ID: 3ce125

Personally I think we know far too little about Morbit to go making any plans about how to make it a better place. How about we talk to the other gods when we beat the game and ask how we can help?
No. 112101 ID: db0da2

Rein's heart is in the right place for the most part, but as the situation with Spit shows, it isn't always the most rational. Rein's big thing is stoicism, it might consider the inevitability of death to be something important for its followers to accept. It also might have simply not thought of it, if the position of demon has always been seen as a title bestowed on a deity's most trusted followers that just happens to have some side benefits, then it wouldn't take an idiot to not realize that it can be used in other ways.

No matter what we end up doing we're going to have a long discussion with Rein beforehand. It seems to be the biggest of the benevolent honchos in Taverne, and probably has a lot of info that will be relevant to us as aspiring do-gooders. Plus, we need to clarify Rein's situation with Spit, and at least try to get it to kill her itself, before we go after Spit. The fact that we may get information that requires us to rework or totally scrap our plans doesn't mean we shouldn't bother making plans based on our current best information. It costs us nothing to plan, and I at least enjoy it, and it's entirely plausible that whatever new information we get will only clarify the specifics of what we need to do to enact our plans, so I'm going to keep doing it.

If y'all haven't already, I recommend reading these two links for an idea of what we're getting into:
No. 112102 ID: ba56e6

>It costs us nothing to plan, and I at least enjoy it, and it's entirely plausible that whatever new information we get will only clarify the specifics of what we need to do to enact our plans, so I'm going to keep doing it.

Planning things like this in front of the GM is actually not beneficial, as it allows them to anticipate what we will do. Even subconsciously, this will affect the way things play out, and allow cleverer foes to guess our plans. It is better to bring plans like this in piece by piece, until the individual components cannot be preemptively shut down.

After all, the enemy cannot expect what the GM does not know.
No. 112104 ID: 8a251a
File 149637549421.png - (1.52MB , 12848x2889 , eastwood5.png )

loving the discussion in here! its worth noting; demons still have to eat, sleep, etc. they won't age and if they maintain themselves they'll remain as healthy just as any other person, but they're not entirely free of mortal needs.

http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/post/161260941466/2017-morbit-mutation-drive-week-4 our last week of the morbit mutation drive is here, with only 130 needed by saturday to reach our final goal! thank you all so much for the help, and i hope yall enjoy this horrible noncanon nightmare.

in other news; we're participating in Worldbuilding June this year! (http://worldbuildingjune.tumblr.com)
WBJ is an event run by our friend (and new team member) Gen and we're thrilled to be a part of it. expect me to pop into this disthread daily for this month with links to our posts, and i hope yall enjoy the new information.
sadly for those plotting your conquest- the area we're focusing on during WBJ isn't taverne. we're focusing on the luxson cluster, the location of our game project Vest Party.

http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/post/161327735177/world-building-june-2017-luxson-cluster-day-1 our first day is introductory stuff- you already know most of this, but stay tuned for a ton of info as the days come by.

we may or may not have over 70 pages of notes ready
No. 112105 ID: ba56e6

>demons still have to eat, sleep, etc. they won't age and if they maintain themselves they'll remain as healthy just as any other person, but they're not entirely free of mortal needs.
So no post-scarcity, right. I figured that was the case, and that's why immortal world won't work.
No. 112110 ID: db0da2

>demons still have to eat, sleep, etc. they won't age and if they maintain themselves they'll remain as healthy just as any other person
Hahaha! You could have told us that earlier! In that case, making everyone demons is still something to put on the bucket list, but it's nowhere near our top priority. We might still consider making a small army of demons for military purposes.

Other ideas to consider:
-Clear out the horrors from the underground.
-Kill other evil gods from different pantheons in addition to Spit.
-Create the internet, or some equivalent global telecommunications network, assuming none exists already.
-Contact some of the sciencey-type gods, see if we can't figure out where high deities and horrors come from.
-Find a way to fix the political system.
-End scarcity.
No. 112154 ID: db0da2

The de’moneres are somehow able to survive on a diet of "minerals, precious gems, carbon, and diamonds." This made me realize that it might be possible to end scarcity by creating a species of rapidly reproducing people with a diet consisting of water or dirt or air or something, ideally with a natural inclination towards progress and cooperation. All we would need to do is get the cooperation of, or become ourselves, a greater deity. Of course, if it were that easy why hadn't it already been done? It has.
>a TCP is created at a random place in the world whenever a living creature thinks of one. This has led to the TCP population exploding throughout the world
>TCP do not require food or water to live and produce no waste
Wax is morally questionable, but he's made the world becoming some sort of utopia relatively soon a very real possibility, assuming no out of the blue complications.
No. 112172 ID: ba56e6

I'm not sure how a legion of TCPs equates to an endless supply of minerals and gems, unless you mean they eat mineral and gem TCPs.

Technically if TCPs can spawn like that, scarcity could be ended by imagining up food TCPs and just eating them.
No. 112174 ID: db0da2

I'm saying eventually TCPs will replace, or at least severely outnumber, the ordinary population. This will mean an end to scarcity because they do not need to eat.
No. 112179 ID: ba56e6

Even if the population is primarily TCPs, that doesn't actively change the number of non-TCPs. There would be no real resource-to-person increase unless the TCPs were treated as a resource.
No. 112181 ID: db0da2

TCP abilities are varied and powerful, plus even if they're small they still contribute to the workforce. Ideally the other species will slow the rate at which they reproduce in response to the TCP expansion, though they may need some encouragement from their gods.
No. 112183 ID: ba56e6

I don't understand how more TCPs means other species will reproduce less.
No. 112185 ID: 3ce125

TCPs are already incredibly numerous. They are also tiny and naive and fragile. They're not going to take over Morbit.
No. 112187 ID: 8a251a

i come bearing WBJ posts and also: we reached the drive goal!


enjoy, and feel free to give feedback!
No. 112191 ID: db0da2
File 149666153254.png - (74.09KB , 602x502 , gdp - children.png )

One would hope for an effect similar to pic related. Even without that many gods may realize that TCPs make better worshipers due to their not needing to eat and their incredible reproduction rate.

>incredibly numerous
Not compared to how many there can/will be.
>tiny and naive and fragile
Size and durability don't really matter when you have superpowers and literally reproduce at the speed of thought. They are only naive insofar as they're born knowing nothing just like everyone else, a more worldly or educated TCP can be just as wise as any other mortal, in fact our entire Unhallowed Sanctuary plan revolves around this.
No. 112206 ID: 3ce125

>Size and durability don't really matter
Please read the worldbuilding post that talks about TCPs. They die a lot.

Don't forget that a lot of TCP powers use health as fuel.
No. 112236 ID: db0da2

>They die a lot.
Their population is still rapidly expanding. Eventually there will be enough of them in large enough colonies that they'll be able to defend themselves adequately. Even if TCPs turn out to be too flawed to take over the world, they still serve as a useful proof-of-concpet showing that such a species is possible.
No. 112240 ID: ba56e6

Basically, you want to take the Patapon approach.
No. 112272 ID: db0da2

I wonder what happened to Anne. The day four post claims she's dead, but attributes the cause of death to a lack of followers, which the wiki specifically states is impossible. The wiki is also vague on the details of her death: "Anne faded in power and influence, eventually disappearing entirely from Luxson. She is considered dead by most people." This is probably relevant to the videogame project.

Horror radiation is weird, we should figure out how it works. "Know thy enemy" and all that.
No. 112316 ID: ba56e6

Do Horrors really deserve to be wiped out? Their radiation is harmful, but it can be contained. The ones we've actually seen in-person thus far (granted, they are 'Guardian' Horrors made by us and Wretch, so they might work differently) have not actually been malicious.
No. 112330 ID: 3ce125

The "horrors" made in the game aren't real horrors. If they were they'd mutate our TCPs. Horrors in Morbit are apparently extremely dangerous and hostile creatures. So dangerous that a single giant horror was solely responsible for the extinction of two, maybe three races.
No. 112360 ID: 8a251a

http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/post/161574278421/world-building-june-2017-luxson-cluster-day-5 new WBJ post!
No. 112362 ID: 8a251a


wait, two more!
No. 112417 ID: 3ce125

What are shreds?
No. 112418 ID: af3241

shreds are related to scraps, and are basically little floating bits of pure energy that are given off by living creatures as they go about their lives. most civilizations in morbit gather them up and use them as a source of power!

we have a world building june post planned for the 16th that goes into detail about what scraps and shreds are, so i'll be sure to share that here once it's up!
No. 112427 ID: ba56e6

All I can picture when I hear 'shreds' is Manual Samuel.
No. 112429 ID: 262ceb


Obviously, we should have made a Skateboard TCP, for limitless power.
No. 112475 ID: db0da2

From the day 9 post:
>a zone without its deity– and every living thing in it– will quickly decay into inhospitable wasteland, usually resulting in mass extinction and a dangerous destabilization of the region as a whole.
This is interesting, we should look into why this happens. Perhaps life that doesn't rely on the presence of deities is another thing we can import from Earth. How useful this would be heavily depends on how common unclaimed areas are.

Did Lana and Viper both have a pirate fleet or was that a mistake?

There are three main issues that we need to understand about horrors:
1. Parodies. Why do some horrors become parodies? Why do some not? Why don't they give off radiation? Is there a way we can turn more horrors into parodies?
2. Radiation. How is able to consistently give useful mutations to all varieties of creatures with radically different physiologies? Is it intelligent? We know from Earth that random mutations are far more likely to give you pointless additions or compromise your ability to function than to make you into a monster. Why are some species more resistant to it than others? Is there a way a person can be made more resistant to it?
3. Energy. It was mentioned that there was, at one point an attempt to get energy from horror radiation. If this is really possible it raises the question of how horror radiation generates power (though the laws of thermodynamics already seem to be only a sometimes thing), and why anyone would think that using a substance which is actively malevolent as a power source was a good idea.
No. 112478 ID: 262ceb


This is just a theory, but considering how closely tied morbit's lands are to their gods (with cases of the gods literally being the land), it's possible that, in some way, everything about the world springs from a god's being. Maybe all lands and their inhabitants are actually extensions of the gods, and some gods just don't look as directly connected to them but still are. The god is, effectively, the anima or spirit or life force of the land; the desolation that comes to the land after a god dies is because the land itself dies and decays (unless it receives a "transfusion" of vitality by another god occupying the same position).

We already have one example of a creature that comes into being spontaneously, TCPs. They're born from a single word, and are therefore linked to language, an advanced mental ability that is closely associated with the ability to recognize abstract concepts and, from there, sentience and intelligence and the things we call true consciousness, which leads into society and civilization and technology and et cetera. Underneath that, though, there's still a subconscious full of primitive but vital urges, fears and instincts that the sapient mind represses or channels, feeling their effects but often unable to directly "see" them. It's possible that, just as TCPs spawn from the "higher", conscious thoughts of the gods and their creatures (who are part of said gods), Horrors might spawn from the subconscious.

Their qualities would, then, reflect that: they come from underground, they're powerful, they lack advanced intelligence. Their boundaries are vague, so their essence leaks into everything around them, they and everything caused by them is formed with a kind of direction and purpose but in a blind, unconscious way. If they grow too powerful, they can cause terrible damage, but if a way is discovered to channel and "train" them then they can become benign.

It's speculation, though.
No. 112479 ID: b04cc9

re: lana vs viper shit
we keep making typos, viper is XXI's demon and has a pirate fleet ;VVV;'''
No. 112688 ID: 8a251a


some WBJ posts crossposted here, i'm back from vacation! and back into the housing situation fire
maybequest will be updated as soon as i can assure my situation isn't going to hell, which could be very soon or not for a while. i'm sorry for all of the delays on basically anything i have my hands in- hoping to have our situation properly, permanently settled within a year.
No. 112693 ID: 9436bc

Don't worry about it. You've got to make sure you've got a roof over your head before anything else.
No. 112710 ID: db0da2

Ah, scraps & tech, I've been looking forward to this.

Why the windmill-like shred collectors? I thought shreds were the energy, so why would they need to push on something to generate power? How are scraps seen as a superstition when 1 in 50 people can see and interact with them? Shouldn't it be easy to verify even in a small town? Maybe they're much more common in some areas than others.

We should figure out what exactly causes scraps to be created. If it's the low-level, hormonal part of emotion then we could mass produce them simply by injecting people with adrenaline or the relevant equivalent for their physiology. If it's the high-level cerebral part of emotion then we just need to make a species or simple AI capable of thinking the necessary thoughts on command. The fact that plants, which are entirely hormonal with no ability to think at all, can create scraps implies that it's the former, unless Morbitian plants have thoughts, while the fact that more mentally complex creatures make scraps more often implies the latter also plays a role. How useful this would be depends somewhat on what scaps are actually used for, but if worse comes to worst we can always just turn the scraps into shreds for infinite energy.

Best of luck with your housing situation.
No. 112717 ID: 3ce125

>Darkest Night
Hey, Voidsy has motifs related to this! I wonder if anything will come of that?
Oh, huh, gods have powers based on their motifs, not their domains? What are domains for then? ...what would Frog-Crimes' Hydra motif even let them do? Creation of multi-headed creatures? Or modification of existing creatures to give them multiple heads?
Strange that so many of the island gods are not worshipped as such and don't seem to want to correct people about that.

Lantern Bearers are cute. I wonder where their lanterns come from? Do they steal them?
Do Scrap Ghosts ever manifest in places where people have lots of sex? Sexy scrap ghosts?!
No. 113438 ID: 8a251a


we now have a patreon!
No. 113525 ID: 8a251a
File 150007555469.png - (28.00KB , 500x500 , hello.png )

swear to god im not dead
No. 113528 ID: ba56e6

She seems to have other plans, bud.
No. 114155 ID: 3ce125

I totally expect Grind to get his TCP to try to convince Fernando to go rogue, rather than to just give her a "new perspective".
No. 114156 ID: ba56e6

Have the Eagle players found out what the reward for winning is? I've been looking through to make sure I don't spout a major spoiler.
Dediles' post sounds like it references the win reward, but I'm not sure if that's one of ours' who slipped up.

Was going to point out that if Fernando goes Rogue, there's a chance she doesn't get to come out of the game with them, even if the game gets its 'golden ending'. Since she wouldn't mechanically be their TCP anymore.

But I won't blab if they wouldn't have the means to realize that yet.
No. 114171 ID: 8a251a

hey yall, glad you're enjoying the crimes session while we still work on void session act 3

coming in with some not so great news on the health front: my hydrocephalus has gotten bad enough that we're going to do some surgeries- i have a test surgery on tuesday to see if the bigger, more permanent shunt surgery will actually help or worsen my condition. i'm scared shitless to be honest but i wanted to tell yall because well

brain surgery. yeah
i'm trying to feel optimistic as this first surgery is low risk, but we just have to hang on and find out.
No. 114173 ID: ba56e6

Eep, as someone afraid of surgery that's absolutely terrifying. I hope things go well.
No. 114179 ID: 19dd52

sending good vibes your way my dude!
No. 114208 ID: 0da4ca

Hello from the ICU, I lived and the surgery was a complete success- which probably means I'm getting an even bigger one in two weeks as permanent treatment, but for now I'm still kickin
No. 114209 ID: f076ad

Great to hear. Does that mean you'll stay in the hospital in between the operations?
No. 114215 ID: ba56e6

That's a relief. Hoping the second one goes just as well.
No. 114226 ID: 4044bc

Glad to hear it. Hope you have a smooth recovery!
No. 114250 ID: 3ce125

Good to hear.
No. 114292 ID: 0da4ca

ended up having the big permanent surgery today and it was a full success, headed home tomorrow and finally free of pain for the first time in 5+ years
No. 114300 ID: ba56e6

Damn good to hear.
No. 114306 ID: 3ce125

Wow they drilled a hole in your skull and are gonna send you home the next day? Medicine sure has gotten advanced.
No. 115349 ID: 8a251a
File 150469155212.png - (28.08KB , 446x1200 , tcps are our friends.png )


void session is still in hiatus land while we do the enormous amount of prep needed to keep it going regularly, but maybequest work is almost wrapped up AND all of our other TCP sessions are out of hiatus!

also i guess i spent an hour on this today too
No. 115371 ID: 3ce125

Welcome back, Omega TCP thread!
No. 115372 ID: a363ac

too real
No. 115430 ID: 41c9bc

At least your players aren't homogeneous.

I eagerly await what becomes of the Omega-session's Avatar.
No. 115437 ID: 3ce125

Oh no, the omegaupdate session taught their TCPs pacifism. I hope they don't have to deal with a fully antagonistic god. Or maybe they'll figure out a way to win a war without killing the opposing TCPs. Like, capturing them or something.
No. 115446 ID: 41c9bc

They've got two Weapon TCPs who are entirely useless as Weapon TCPs, and taught them pacifism.

It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
No. 115448 ID: 73568c

I honestly love how far the two games have diverged. It's actually pretty incredible really. Both games are so cool to watch play out. Really wanna see where they both end up. <3 Morbit!
No. 115453 ID: 91ee5f

You want diverging? Then you should see what's happening in the Frog-Crimes session!

Those guys have screwed up so much, one of their TCPs is on the verge of going rouge!
No. 115454 ID: be0718

I'm worried that it sounds like the Void has been the most competent player so far.
No. 115455 ID: 9876c4

I've been trying to drill in a military sense of strategic planning from relatively early on, without compromising the friendship angle.

There's lots I can't take credit for- Dad is a enormously capable leader and teacher, and we were solving tactical problems all throughout the dungeon.
No. 115456 ID: 41c9bc

>going rouge
She's turning into a harlot?
No. 115457 ID: 73568c

Frog-Crimes is the session I was referring to, yeah.

>screwed up
I dunno. I think their main problem is they've got enough people to cause their god to be indecisive as fuck. You got people trying to reign others in while there's still a decent body of people who want to 'Play To Win' as it were. I guess that's what I kinda like about the quest; it's really open ended.
No. 115461 ID: 41c9bc

Eagle Session doesn't even need a villain. Frog-Crimes is creating enough intercharacter conflict as it is.

Omega Session on the other hand is shaping up to be a very comfy bunch of dudebros.

And Void Session is facing off against a BBEG material enemy while immediately shoving ourselves into the soap opera of god-romance-drama.
No. 115462 ID: 91ee5f

Well, there is one thing I think they all agreed on.

They all agreed that Grind is hot.....and I think they might be right.

Also, when Grind first showed up, I got excited when he mentioned us (Voidsy)!
No. 115465 ID: 8a251a
File 150491950505.png - (18.98KB , 500x500 , grind is hot.png )

No. 115466 ID: 91ee5f


Grind, don't sneak up on me like that!
No. 115471 ID: 41c9bc

Poor Grind. He just can't escape his good looks.
No. 115491 ID: 3667ec

I am quite happy to announce another story set in the Morbit universe has just commenced.

No. 115635 ID: 3ce125

Man I really do wonder how the eagle time thread is going to end!
No. 115644 ID: 9876c4

They are incredibly efficient at vetoing helpful suggestions. It's like a well-oiled machine.
No. 115654 ID: 2a13fa

Yet also incredibly inefficient at vetoing bad ideas.
No. 116041 ID: 8a251a

maybequest is back, i hope yall enjoy the new panel style! comorant has now joined the quest as a storyboarder/editor, which hopefully means it'll look a lot more interesting and dynamic. this was my first ever fight scene, and i hope it reads well + entertains.
No. 116042 ID: 3ce125

It's good!
No. 116043 ID: 9876c4

I like it less than the previous style, in truth

The double lines are confusing, and the red is less effective as background than occasional seasoning- like with splashes of blood and anger.
No. 116044 ID: 8a251a

the red background will be reserved specifically for fight scenes- panels outside of combat will not have red
No. 116045 ID: 8a251a

also- we will be doing our best to refine the style as we go! this is our first try at it and with luck and a lot of practice it'll become easier to read.
No. 116046 ID: 90f3c0

The combination of the double lines and the panel layout makes it a bit busy and hard to read at first glance. Making the panel borders easier to distinguish from the line art would probably help.

I really like the quest BTW, nice to see it updating again.
No. 116054 ID: 0d45a9

naileD, you know suggestions don't have to be in character right? What is your interpretation of Suplex's character anyway? Since it appears your's and mine differ greatly.
No. 116058 ID: 100607

My interpretation? Based on what's written in the quest, Suplex is relatively smart but without much knowledge. She wasn't properly raised and she wasn't educated or exposed to any morals or good behavior. This makes her a very primal character, catering to base instincts such as hunger and sexual pleasure. Also survival. Her needs and survival are the only important things she knows and this is why she wants to get out. This means she will put herself and her needs in front of others, making her character very selfish. She's not going to be polite or caring in any real way unless she has a lot to gain from it. In this aspect, the only thing she partially cares about is Nelson because he provides sexual relief.
No. 116060 ID: 8a251a

as someone who has been through a ludicrous amount of sexual trauma it's intensely distressing that you see suplex as a sexual predator. she does have issues with sex, but that is not the intention. she does see sex as a way to gain what she wants, but it is nearly always initiated by the guards who want to use her- she rolls with it and tries to gain something from it, instead of feeling entirely used/objectified. while she does have empathy issues and strange morals as a result of being abused her entire life, that does not make her an unfeeling monster willing to abuse others.

please stop suggesting weird rapey/uncomfortable shit to my quest.
No. 116063 ID: 100607

I'm very sorry to hear you've had such bad experiences in life. Rest assured, I'm not here to try to make them worse.
I don't see Suplex as a "sexual predator". I wrote that she likes sex, but that doesn't mean I want her to go around raping people. My understanding here is based on the post >>/quest/758283, specifically:
>Not that you don't get lonely, yourself. It's a mutual deal.
I also don't see her as an "unfeeling monster". I wrote that she's a selfish character, but that doesn't mean I want her to go intentionally hurting others (that would be a sadist) or that she can't be affectionate (that would be a psycho). Based on the post >>/quest/761801 we can see that she's selfish enough to kill someone to get out, but she doesn't prolong his death in any way. And as far as her compassion goes, I'm basing my understanding on the post >>/quest/737300, specifically:
>The only ones you don't want to hurt are THE KIDS.

As for my own suggestions, asking the MC to kiss or lick someone wasn't with any sort of rapey or creepy intention. Altho I see how it could be understood in that way. Personally, I was expecting that, due to her strange morals and being abused, Suplex would consider these actions as entirely affectionate. Maybe even the only way known to her to show affection. Anyway, the intention was to learn more about the character. Perhaps not the best way. Unfortunately, I can't always ask the MC how she would feel about something before suggesting it.

I have removed the offensive suggestions and I will not be writing suggestions in this quest anymore. This way we shouldn't have any more problems.
No. 116081 ID: 41c9bc

God damn the Omega session is fucking adorable.
No. 116104 ID: 4854ef

Bit of a pity for the Frog-Crimes though.
No. 116106 ID: 3ce125

No. 116208 ID: 3ce125

Cheesecake has the highest healthpool we've seen yet. "Perfect". SHE TUFF.
No. 116219 ID: 91ee5f

Even though the Omega session has taught their Weapon Type TCPs Pacifism, I'd like to believe that they're not "Absolute Pacifists" where they wouldn't protect themselves or each other from harm.

I'd like to think that they'll be the type of Pacifists that try to avoid fighting, but in an emergency situation, they will fight in order to protect themselves and/or each other from harm!

I agree! And I also think that she may be the biggest player collective TCP ever created!

Although, I'm a little surprised that no one questioned the leaf that the session's mod created when he/she/they/it blocked one of their commands!
No. 116232 ID: 4ceb21

I made a bunch of planning posts, but so far I've been ignoring the most pressing issue: apologizing to Wretch. This is a delicate situation and we need to be very careful with how we present ourselves. To that end we should structure our apology something like this:

1. Profuse, genuine, unequivocal apology. We're in the wrong in this situation, before explaining ourselves or saying anything else, we need to make it clear to Wretch that we understand that and sincerely regret it.
2. Promise to consider her feelings more in the future. As Eastwood explained, this is the main reason we fucked up here, and by acknowledging it we'll be able to start improving on it.
3. Explain that we weren't genuinely flirting with Spit. (A few suggestions were genuinely hitting on her, but the vast majority of us find her repulsive, and we would have ended up flirting anyway even without those suggestions, so bringing them up is a good way to upset Wretch without even being accurate to why we did what we did. We'll probably want to own up to them eventually, but that can wait until Wretch has calmed down, has a better understanding of what our being a collective means, and there aren't lives on the line.)
4. Further reassure her that we plan to kill Spit once we become physical, unless Rein has a really great explanation as to why we shouldn't. It's the honest truth, and something we should openly commit to.
5. Finally, reiterate that she's our favorite, that we never want her to be hurt or upset, and that we really, truly regret our actions.
No. 116261 ID: 41c9bc

Maybe leave out the killing Spit part, or use 'stopping Spit' instead. Sounds better if the focus is on the protecting, rather than the killing. Aside from that, I agree overall with the sentiment.
No. 116265 ID: 4ceb21

Either way works. I used "killing" because it reinforces our emnity towards Spit, which is something Wretch might need from us.
No. 116271 ID: 9876c4

Roughly how terrible am I for favoring Miller over Wretch?
I get that more sides= better alliance, but in terms of actual personality and style, Sharks>Slimes.

Maybe don't put this part in the apology, though.
No. 116279 ID: 41c9bc

We haven't interacted enough with Miller to have much of an understanding of her personality and style.
Besides, Grind is obviously the most attractive.
No. 116286 ID: 3ce125

I think part of the reason why Wretch is so pissed at us, and Eastwood as well, is because of the difference in culture. Flirting is not seen as disrespectful to them. Prostitution isn't even seen in a bad light- that's why Wretch thought Kome was being sweet when he asked her if she wanted to be treated like a whore. Prostitutes in Morbit are treated with respect and kindness!

While on Earth excessive or sudden flirting could be seen as disrespectful because of the implication that you're speaking to someone who's sexually open, that is not the case at all on Morbit. We haven't told this to anyone in the quest, so they can't imagine a negative context to what we said to Spit.
No. 116292 ID: 0d45a9

That doesn't make sense, Eastwood reacted negatively to Voidsy's flirting (>>/questarch/786885)(Admittedly that's while he was telling us off), and Miller was visibly uncomfortable (>>/questarch/777634) when Voidsy flirted with us. This indicates the flirting can be seen as a disrespectful/negative thing, as in our world.

I think it's more likely that Wretch and Spit's history (>>/questarch/786582) which caused such a strong reaction, of note is that we declined to hear that history (>>/questarch/786642), which might've provided context (But also might've made our relations with Wretch worse). I'm assuming since Spit is a awful awful person, they told Wretch what we'd been saying to them to get a reaction out of Wretch. I also suspect that their history is probably very unpleasant as Spit is a awful person, and Wretch was visibly nervous after our conversation with Spit.
No. 116293 ID: 41c9bc

I feel like the two of them are an old flame. If they used to roll together fucking with peoples' TCP sessions, it would explain Wretch's violent reputation.
No. 116294 ID: 91ee5f

If that's true, then that means that at some point in time, Spit took things too far. And when Wretch tried to get Spit to stop, that's when their relationship went downhill.
No. 116295 ID: 3ce125

I'm not so sure she's violent herself, but rather that she likes violent games. Like the TCP game itself, or boxing.
No. 116300 ID: 4854ef

That's ignoring context for Miller, given that Miller was unsure what to say to begin with and was already really, really nervous about speaking. Miller looked visibly uncomfortable a few panels beforehand.
No. 116312 ID: 0d45a9

Spit ate two gods, one of which was a high god. I think it's safe to say she's a violent person.

True, but Miller did clam up/freeze when we did flirted though. Once (If) we get out of this alive, we need to get a book on morbit customs or something, if new gods can form like we did then there's bound to be one.

If they were in a relationship then that might explain things better, since Spit is awful/violent and Wretch was nervous (Looking at it again, maybe scared as well, idk? She seemed very worried about Spit knowing she was here. >>/questarch/786520) about Spit talking to us, things might've been nasty and/or abusive. If that was the case that explains Wretch's anger pretty well actually, because we would've flirted with a abusive ex.
No. 116315 ID: a363ac

Wretch seems the type of person to become enamored with new things and obsess over them to unhealthy degrees in the first place, so not only would it have been an abusive ex we flirted with but someone who very well might have abused her while she was trying desperately to gain their affection weather through things she most certainly wouldn't do otherwise or hurting other people around her because she was told to by Spit for her amusement.
No. 116330 ID: 3ce125

I was talking about Wretch. Wretch likes violent games.
No. 116335 ID: a363ac

I wouldn't say Wretch likes Violent games so much as she likes to be involved with other people even if it means she plays violent games. She might not be opposed to violence in games but it seems like she just wants to be included in it considering that instead of kicking Void's ass from here to Wax and back the second she met them she prefers to play cooperatively.
No. 116351 ID: 41c9bc

Her God Trivia puzzle said she likes violent games.
No. 117618 ID: 8a251a

hohhhhkay i think i can say we're back in business now, forbidding any medical complications. lots of shit happening on the personal side of things, but it's looking good from here on out. gonna try to update when i can.
look forward to void session coming back (ideally in january) as long as my brain tube doesn't fuck itself
No. 117706 ID: ccfc60

Bad news: It's been over a month since I've update anything

Worse news: It's because my desktop broke and I can't use my laptop for drawing.

Good news: Getting a new computer soonish so I can update again.
No. 117707 ID: 3ce125

No. 117713 ID: 9df962

Is there better news of it being a better computer?
No. 117802 ID: 3ce125

Can I just say I absolutely adore this image?

Also it seems like there's no main antagonist in the eagle-time session. Makes a bit of sense since Frog-Crimes is their own worst enemy anyway.
No. 118413 ID: 8a251a
File 151225489287.png - (249.96KB , 1500x800 , mqparty.png )

mistakes have been made

when i started both TCP (void session) and MQ i was new to quests and making comics in general, and winged it for the majority of 2016. 2017 was a big year of growth for me, even if void session had to be put on a hell hiatus. you'll probably notice both quests have huge amounts of artist errors, especially when it comes to sizes. going forward i've been trying to use my scaled reference system, so please forgive me for any sudden changes- the heights from here on out are the canonical ones!

tiny thing but hey, it's been bothering me. have a heavy WIP for the main cast refs, now with color!
No. 118523 ID: 8a251a
File 151255872882.png - (209.41KB , 500x500 , family photo.png )

some misc draws based on twitter/discord requests: eastwood with his daughter carrie. this is the first time ive ever portrayed what modern morbit photography is like, and i'm pleased with it.
No. 118524 ID: 8a251a
File 151255875771.png - (11.77KB , 500x500 , breeze.png )

i need to draw miller more. she needs more love
No. 118525 ID: 8a251a
File 151255880413.png - (10.60KB , 500x500 , cocoa.png )

and here's your favorite slime tiger cat thing celebrating morbitian not christmas
No. 118544 ID: 8a251a
File 151263975163.png - (28.46KB , 500x500 , suitplex.png )

don't fuck with monsters in suits

No. 118779 ID: 8a251a


going through some serious shit rn, send me morbit requests and i may fuck around with some- SFW/NSFW, vague or specific, as long as its mostly serious (i'm making experimental pieces, not joke sketches) and it's morbit related, hmu
No. 118780 ID: 8a251a

oh shoot i have a new browser, this is mortis
No. 119121 ID: 8a251a
File 151408923589.png - (28.63KB , 500x500 , so young.png )


first shaded eastwood piece i've done, ft a fancy new crystal + smoke shading technique

ALSO while im here: void session act 3 confirmed for an early january release! gonna aim for the first week, but we'll see how everything shakes out.
No. 119122 ID: 91ee5f

>void session act 3 confirmed for an early january release! gonna aim for the first week, but we'll see how everything shakes out.
No. 119126 ID: ba56e6

Looking forward to it
No. 119155 ID: 082b86

Huzzah! Great news!
No. 119163 ID: 8a251a

OKAY SO, 2018 is coming up and we're going to be locking some content exclusively to patreon while it's in development: this includes worldbuilding concepts, species development, WIP assets and previews, exclusive secret streams (still working on that one) and possibly some new projects in the works. it's 5 bucks a month to get at the goods, and i plan on releasing anywhere from 1- a few sketches daily, depending on what i'm up to. you can give us feedback through the patreon as well, at the cost of a fast food meal. if you want to support us but don't care about the rewards, you can donate less- donating more won't get you anything extra, but we really appreciate it! the money goes towards getting us new equipment and funding, as most of us are disabled or in bad households right now. the more we get via patreon, the more we can safely give y'all, content wise.


we're putting up some REALLY big new information up tonight so don't miss out on that, it will get a public release eventually but definitely a long ways down the line. ty all for your support, and being the best community we could ask for!
No. 119165 ID: 8a251a

http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=1786&pid=197379#pid197379 i don't usually link TCP crimes session updates here, but
No. 119167 ID: 91ee5f

So that's what Wax looks like. I didn't realize this: >>111218 , was Wax. They look pretty-

What the fuck are those guys doing over there?!?! O_O
No. 119168 ID: 8a251a

also i have no self control and act 3's here early

enjoy, updates won't be consistent for a bit but you can talk your shit out and get an idea of what to do
No. 119172 ID: ba56e6
File 151448488887.jpg - (110.52KB , 1058x705 , toofartoturnback.jpg )

No. 119174 ID: a363ac
File 151449520117.jpg - (69.49KB , 800x450 , toblerone.jpg )

No. 119178 ID: 8a251a

couple of things: first off, i hope yall enjoy the art direction getting beefed up to hell

secondly, HUGE thank you to moxie and kitet for helping me with the wizard tower + eastwood's base, they both did sketches for those areas. i'll have to do the rest solo due to them focusing on their own sessions, but i'm hoping i can keep up with this standard.
No. 119181 ID: 4854ef

Well that's.. something else that's for sure.
No. 119182 ID: 33d4be

I think Wretch isn't going to react well to being treated delicately (even if she is a bit delicate in some ways). What she probably really wants is to feel like she has respect from someone.
No. 119187 ID: a363ac

Ask Eastwood, Miller, and Wretch (after this conversation is over) how they think "Create : TCP Wax admin Rule-book abbreviated." would go over.
No. 119188 ID: 9876c4

I think Wretch needs to get her shit together, and worry that people will continue to rationalize her freakouts.
No. 119189 ID: 91ee5f


I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to make that. And if we did, according to the Frog-Crimes session, Wax will get involved and ally with the weakest player. And I think since everyone has agreed to gang up on Spit, Wax will end up joining her, and I've got a feeling we don't want that to happen!
No. 119190 ID: ba56e6

Thus why he wants to ask about creating a rulebook that clearly states what is and is not allowed.
No. 119191 ID: ba56e6

I also feel the need to point out that if we make this purely based on what we have learned from the Frog-Crimes session, it is metagaming, and therefore against the rules. Voidsy would need a reason to desire such an item.
No. 119192 ID: b4f880

we don't know what her baggage is, just that there is some.
until we do, there's no point being judgemental.
No. 119193 ID: 8a251a

sorry for all the notices/announcements but while updates are good now and i'm doing Okay, my treatment has been failing for a bit now and we're not sure what's going on. we're figuring it out and surgery isn't on the table yet but it could be- ideally we won't have to take long breaks like last time, but i wanted to give the heads up in case i disappear again.
No. 119213 ID: 2a13fa
File 151468601072.gif - (6.91KB , 272x388 , maybewaney.gif )

Since we've seen what Wax looks like I gave a go on what I think Wane might have looked like. Because Wax looks like a crayon drawing, I imagined Wane to look something like a pencil sketch, and since Wax has red eyes and no mouth, I imagined Wane having a green mouth and no eyes.
No. 119215 ID: 8a251a

oh goddamnit this is so much cooler than what i've been working on for wane

(their design has been in development hell for Years but this is so much more cohesive than what i've got now, good job!!)
No. 119217 ID: ba56e6

Also looks very serene, so it's the opposite of Wax's deranged appearance too.
No. 119223 ID: 2a13fa

approval owo
No. 119237 ID: 19dd52

your health is priority no 1! if you need to take another break don't worry about it.

i looove this
No. 119243 ID: 8a251a
File 151477243598.png - (67.13KB , 1000x1038 , wane.png )

RGB actually inspired me to do the legit wane design already after years of procrastinating on them

here you go
No. 119244 ID: 8a251a
File 151477249438.png - (50.90KB , 1000x1038 , wax.png )

and also a proper wax ref at last

i'll color these eventually
No. 119259 ID: 2a13fa

I wonder, if every god is basically just allowed to walk around with cuts, broken bones & whatever as just part of their appearance, then how do you tell if a god is actually injured?
No. 119260 ID: 9876c4

Probably varies case by case. Would assume only gods with a necrotic portfolio maintain such an appearance.
No. 119261 ID: 8a251a


it helps that high gods dont usually walk around, for one

they are Fucking Huge
No. 119262 ID: 8a251a
File 151485337610.png - (23.96KB , 506x469 , bio.png )

finally getting the taverne pantheon done up properly, here's velvet

RIP sweet bean
No. 119264 ID: e0c854

For those hungry for more cat content, we launched a new type of session hosted by me, new blood to this team and old blood when it comes to forum adventures.

No. 119274 ID: e0c854
File 151487224326.png - (10.05KB , 373x491 , Reed and OilSICK.png )

Please gaze upon our fashion sins
No. 119284 ID: 2a13fa

I found it funny that during the entire time they were drawing this they kept saying things like
"I hate this"
"This is terrible..."
and my favorite:
"You are all fashion criminals."
No. 119286 ID: 8a251a
File 151492436295.png - (28.19KB , 668x491 , bio.png )

here comes tiny snek
No. 119289 ID: 2a13fa

I guess you could say that's pretty...
No. 119290 ID: 8a251a
File 151494177693.png - (83.79KB , 1929x1031 , grind bio.png )

grind is one of my all time favorite, and oldest, god characters, and very personal to me- i hope you enjoy his modern design!
No. 119297 ID: 8a251a
File 151494628320.png - (26.45KB , 541x78 , please.png )

No. 119300 ID: 3ce125

Alloy is a cute! Childlike and innocent huh? Would that go away as he gets older?

He's not very good at showing it.
No. 119301 ID: a363ac
File 151494854214.jpg - (40.20KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

this sure is some Froggy salt
No. 119302 ID: 3ce125

...starting to get the feeling that the gods are fighting over who gets to be promoted to Wax's new counterpart via the god games, and there's some manipulation and political bullshit going on behind the scenes, in relation to Grind, Rein, Spit, and Wretch.
No. 119306 ID: 3ce125

>implying I'm posting in the eagle time thread
I know it's fun to jump on people who are mad at things and say they're salty, but you should practice your aim.
No. 119311 ID: 3adb50

Frog-Crimes doesn't make it easy to be compassionate or understanding.

Grind is pure, he is not for lewd.
Still a magnificent specimen for the eyes.
No. 119315 ID: 3ce125

Good point. They sure got on his bad side quick.
No. 119325 ID: 3adb50

So was Alloy the counterpart to Velvet?
No. 119339 ID: 8a251a

No. 119505 ID: fb45d4
File 151571831693.jpg - (273.46KB , 606x514 , WIN_20180111_16_47_41_Pro.jpg )

got my christmas present from knux: primus real

(ft manic rin face after 8 hours of errands)
No. 119533 ID: fb45d4
File 151582023698.png - (48.96KB , 574x584 , scary love.png )

figured out wane's colors, figured i'd pop this here for yall as a hold over until i can get the fancy refs done. while i do most of my refs on a scale for easy comparison, wax + wane are gonna have to deal with being way too big for that to be reasonable, and their heights will simply be listed instead.

No. 119600 ID: 9876c4

I'm glad you have a tentkitty-pal.
No. 119616 ID: c3709c
File 151610100592.png - (172.29KB , 598x599 , voidsy now.png )

love it when another session fucks up so badly that it fucks with us too, mmmmmmmm
No. 119617 ID: 4854ef

Oh my lords that is the best. It's definitely unexpected that's for sure!
No. 119622 ID: 43e0ce

For those of us not in the know, would somebody mind explaining the whys, hows, and significance of whatever the fuck just happened.
No. 119626 ID: fb45d4

popping in to make this statement bc i get where this theory is coming from and i was going to let it slide until i realized it could lead to the other session getting harassed, along with it going against how we run these games:

the autobalance is not directly due to frog crimes making the knife. for those who have no idea what's going on, everything will be explained enough where you don't need to read the other session.
No. 119627 ID: 4854ef

Oh whoops, my apologies for such. I'll make sure that post is deleted then.
No. 119628 ID: 33cbe7

>could lead to the other session getting harassed
Seeing as an accusation of coming from frog crimes was already used as an insult, I think it's a bit late for that.
No. 119629 ID: 9876c4
File 151614459622.png - (38.50KB , 175x186 , novak-selection.png )

>He picked the rear sight that looks like cat ears
Good show, sir.
No. 119630 ID: 33cbe7

Gun cat when
No. 119631 ID: 3adb50

Eastwood has one already.
No. 119632 ID: 33cbe7

Two guns cat when
No. 119643 ID: 044279

Ah shit, someone got killed with their knife, or took their own life?
No. 119649 ID: 5f75b7

I just thought of something.

>Frog-Crimes makes the knife
>Every god gets a knife
>Even Spit
>Wax is busy with Frog-Crimes' session
>He's not there to tell Spit "BTW don't play with the knife it'll kill you ded"
>Spit likes to shove sharp objects into herself

See where I'm going with this?
No. 119655 ID: 3ce125

I suspect Spit just copied Frog Crimes after hearing about what happened in that game. This means either one of the players there is acting as a spy for Spit, or the TGC game takes place after the ET game and she heard it through the grapevine.
No. 119657 ID: 91ee5f

Or maybe the games are happening at the same time?

Because if I remember correctly, the god in charge of Spit is in the Frog Crimes session, and that god says that they can change Spit into a better person. The best way to keep an eye on Spit is if they live together, so when Frog Crimes made the knives Spit saw that and thought it would be a good idea to try that in her game.

Of course, I’m just guessing here. But if I’m right, then that means Wax is one hell of a multitasker by playing both games at the same time! Hell, he’s probably admining multiple games all at once!
No. 119658 ID: fb45d4


can confirm this: crimes + void sessions are concurrent. we were planning on having them be at slightly different times due to crimes session starting later in real time, but due to the hiatus they lined up pretty much perfectly.

wax is a high god and can multitask like you wouldn't believe, as a note
No. 119659 ID: 8ef504

Or we can hope for the best and Spit was actually dumb enough to stick herself with a strange knife that popped out of nothing.
No. 119692 ID: 35089a

whats behind our mask is it a black hole
No. 119699 ID: 3adb50

what if it's another mask
No. 119728 ID: 2d89da

It would be very painful.
No. 119729 ID: 91ee5f

That just reminds me of this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zkC6z-Hc204 (from 10:47 to 10:59 in the video).
No. 119733 ID: 33cbe7

Speaking of bees, whatever happened to the very third thing we ever created, shortly after the universe itself?
No. 119749 ID: 9d5ded
File 151642012168.png - (30.93KB , 680x675 , McDonalds.png )

The people deserve to know.
No. 119750 ID: cb0a16

Voidsy would be at all three points at once.
Wretch and Miller would be at the McD x3 corner.
Grind and Veil would be at the food at home corner.
Frog-crimes and Spit would be at the drive-through corner.
No. 119751 ID: fb45d4


here's the movement + kill commands for void session: please keep discussion on if things are unclear/need more elaboration to the disthread!!
No. 119752 ID: 9d5ded

>Voidsy would be at all three points at once.
Well, natch.
>Wretch and Miller would be at the McD x3 corner.
Our beautiful, ravenous children. Look at them. What little bastards.
>Grind and Veil would be at the food at home corner.
Grind is a boring grump and that doesn't surprise me. I know little of Veil.
>Frog-crimes and Spit would be at the drive-through corner.
I'm glad to see your not stereotyping collectives, though I can only imagine Spit burning down the McDs to spite everyone else.
No. 119753 ID: 3ce125

Can we get map labels?
No. 119754 ID: fb45d4

yeah i realized i forgot those, got way too into making that maskspace room for jasper

lemme throw that together and put it in here
No. 119756 ID: e0c854

wh-who is "veil"
No. 119758 ID: 173012

Hey everyone!!
So I think we should get started by analyzing the proximities to an assault. Miller Eastwood and ourselves are closest by way of land, and Wretch is assaultable by sea.
Furthermore Spit has bases. Lots of them. Her region is a spiral, meaning that every step along the way is an assault from in front, behind, or above. The bases are likely all heavily booby trapped, and if they have access to the top of the maze walls, they will attack from above.
Heavily fortified, and makes sense that it is that way.
We don't know about Wax's base, if he even has one.
Otherwise I think we should be fortifying our territory, and organizing better transport.
No. 119761 ID: fb45d4
File 151643201157.png - (25.09KB , 550x550 , turfmapx1.png )

here's the turf map, apologies for that- this won't be changing over the course of the game much, unless people start dying
No. 119762 ID: 2efe4b

Right, so, what are out limits? It seems we can still CREATE things, for now. Is that going to go any time soon, or has it gained any limits? What about other commands? I'd assume since we have a terrain map, now, we can't make any big sweeping additions or changes there, like ripping open a grand canyon just inside/along our territory borders to slow spit and wax down a bit.
No. 119764 ID: fb45d4


you can create shit for the whole duration of the game, but be aware that making things like magic items, vehicles, and anything thatd significantly change gameplay, will raise what everyone else has in the game as well. this is done to keep shit balanced from a behind the scenes/game design perspective. if you make a bunch of OP shit, spit's also gonna have OP shit. make things at your own risk.

no big terrain changes from here on out, yeah. you can't change turf either unless somebody dies, at which point anyone can take their territory if they move fast enough- this is to mimic how god zones work on morbit itself.
No. 119765 ID: 3ce125

awww mannnn Wax and Spit have a pincer attack going on... Eastwood might be in a bit of trouble, and we're not much better off.
No. 119766 ID: 9d5ded

What if Eastwood and his TCPs set a trap for Spit and Wax in their territory, then pulled out? Then when Spit and Wax move in to attack, they'll get a nasty surprise.
No. 119768 ID: e7830d

Depends who moves first. Wipe one out fast then switch to the other, Schlieffen Style.
No. 119769 ID: e37a06

Although we cant be passive, we need to account for the fact that we aren't trying to murder the enemy TCPs first. If we corner them they are likely to fully attack even by their standards, which would make diplomacy... difficult.

I believe our first movements shouldn't be sending out raiding parties, instead we should focus on regrouping TCPs into complimentary units.

Any TCPs more useful for certain tasks (IE: Jasper for scouting) should be assigned to them as soon as possible.
No. 119770 ID: 2efe4b

It's easy to understand something like "I get a nuke, you get a nuke" or "I get the one ring you get the one ring", but I feel like it's been implied or stated that a god gets some sort of bonus for making or using things that match their godliness, like Void making masks or Wretch making sludgy stuff or so on. So would balance grant other players something equivalent in power to what that created item would be without the divine attunement boost, or equivalent to it? Assuming I didn't just imagine that idea for some reason?

Actually, thinking of the one ring, I wonder, how would balance work with creating disadvantageous items, like cursed artifacts? Like, if you steal someone else's beneficial item, I assume that's not balanced out, because you didn't create that item yourself and you "earned" it by your daring thief skills. Flipwise, couldn't you create a cursed or disadvantage item "for yourself" and then trick someone else into taking it? That could theoretically be more effective, because when you steal an item from its creator they probably know how to use the item better than you, but with the cursed item you're the creator and would know how to avoid its disadvantage better than your target does. You'd be able to minmax the equation in your favor, more. And would the game duplicate disadvantages you create for yourself to everyone else? That seemed sort of the case with the knife. Could you game the system by crippling yourself, thereby crippling everyone else, then offloading your own disadvantages onto them as well? I guess it'd have to be possible for them to get rid of theirs, too, but you could make a bet on how well they could manage that compared to yourself.

I'd guess balance doesn't take notice of personal intangibles. Like, if a player has some particular psychological hangup, the game wouldn't recognize something that takes advantage of that? Like if, for example, Wretch know Wax had an irrational phobia of walruses, and created a bunch of walrus-themed things that she knew he couldn't even bear to look at, thereby impeding his ability to play against her effectively, would that be OP or legitimate clever tactics?
No. 119774 ID: fb45d4

psych/personal based tactics/playing to peoples weaknesses will not be autobalanced as they're very subjective
use psychological tactics with caution
No. 119780 ID: 0299cf

I've been thinking of worst case scenarios, and the worst one I've come up with is that Spit uses some distraction in the game to lower Wax's defenses and then devour him.
I think we can all agree that the last thing anyone wants is for "Spit, High God of All Morbit" to become a reality.
No. 119784 ID: a363ac

Future plans :
Have TCP equip Wax mask to determain what effect magic poison-self shield will do to the meta game tech level.
No. 119785 ID: 3ce125

I expect he has his territory warded extensively from Spit. Heck, this game thing he's got going is probably to prop up the other gods so that the power difference between Spit and them isn't so large, and even though Spit is winning that may eventually change as the gods learn how to counter her tactics. It's a very clever plan, and you can be sure that Wax wants to kill Spit someday, in revenge for what she did to Wane.

Well either that or he secretly killed and ate Wane himself and got Spit to take credit for it somehow. Spit eating Wane was supposed to be impossible, after all... In that case, he either set up the game to help Spit gain enough power through consistent victory so that she'd help protect him if the truth ever came out, or to eventually ensure the other gods get strong enough to kill Spit and take care of the loose end. The latter scenario is very risky for him though, since if Spit decides to spill the beans on her deathbed he'll be in trouble.
No. 119786 ID: d887c0

I think it's safe to say that Wax is a dick. I'm just not certain how much of a dick he is.
I wouldn't be surprised if this all goes deeper. Maybe Wax is some twisted mastermind. Maybe Spit is some sort of pawn. Or maybe Spit is more dangerous than we realize. I'm not kidding when I say that the thought of her being in charge gives me the willies.
All we can really do at this stage is try to get the upper hand as soon as possible. We already have a 2-1 numbers advantage. We just need to be cautious and wise in our decisions.
No. 119792 ID: 6c240a

Good thing (or is it worse thing) that there's now godkiller knives laying about eh?
No. 119793 ID: d887c0

No. 119794 ID: 3adb50

The great equalizer.
No. 119795 ID: 3ce125

I don't think you can take created items out of the game. ...not really sure where the other gods' knives are. Maybe they have a personal void too, but can move out of it if they want?
No. 119914 ID: b15da4

Could TCPs from the Tumblr session show up as rogues in the Void session?
No. 119940 ID: fb45d4

fraid not, rogues are only from teams' TCPs in the sessions themselves

however: beeper and flickwit are still canon to morbit and i do plan on revisiting them in at the very least a side comic or two
No. 120102 ID: fb45d4
File 151730631322.png - (47.99KB , 1069x1186 , wretchbio.png )


starting to use toyhouse as a repository for characters until we've got our website formally set up: starting off with wretch! be sure to check the gallery for fanart + other official images, as well as the links page for character relationships.
No. 120103 ID: fb45d4
File 151730634778.png - (126.95KB , 2200x1250 , wretch ref 2018.png )

may as well post the new wretch ref as well: she got chunky and i have no shame in that
No. 120104 ID: 2efe4b


Seems like it'd be entirely up to her if she wanted to shift her mass around, anyway (which I'm sure she has fun with), and it'd free any artists who want to draw her from having to be too consistent, too. I wonder, if you touched Wretch and pushed, would you feel a surface layer of sludge and something more like what you'd normally expect from a person under that, or would your hand just keep on sinking into her, or would that be whatever she'd decided it would be?
No. 120105 ID: fb45d4

yep! wretch can change her body shape to be pretty much anything (as long as it has the same mass: bigger forms would be less dense, smaller forms moreso), but this is the way she likes to appear naturally. good for hugs and she's comfortable in having this kind of look.

it'd definitely be an up to her thing: if she wanted she could totally just shoop you right up in there, though i wouldn't recommend that with the side effects of consuming her sludge
No. 120111 ID: 4324ce

I kinda love how Wretch has become this kinda breakout character of yours.
No. 120114 ID: fb45d4

it's pretty nice for me honestly, she's a Very old character of mine and her appearance has changed literally only in shape since her original concept...her characterization however is RADICALLY different
but it's kinda neat to have people really like a character from that far back
No. 120125 ID: 258190

>her characterization however is RADICALLY different
How so?
No. 120127 ID: fb45d4

well for starters, she was an antagonist. i made her when i was about....thiiirteen? which is troubling in and of itself and says a lot about the kind of shit i was dealing with back then

secondly i really don't like revisiting her old characterization in the slightest, it was...not well written, as you'd expect from a kid exposed to some really awful shit growing up. i reworked her heavily for the modern morbit canon, taking the route of basing a lot of her characterization on how it felt to grow up the way i did, with a lot of dangerous/harmful influences and how she tries to deal with that.

the wretch apology conversation had a lot of very personal elements to it, some of it even coming from thoughts i used to have in similar situations.

>WRETCH: would you even CARE if you knew what she does to me?
>WRETCH: or is that too much for you??? am i too much for you????
>WRETCH: am i TOO FUCKING MUCH for you like i am for everybody else?


>WRETCH: im not GOOD
>WRETCH: im just some little slut who isnt useful to anybody unless i give em shit
>WRETCH: its the only way i get people to like me
>WRETCH: or any attention at all
>WRETCH: everybody tells me its not a bad thing to be like this but
>WRETCH: even you called me shit when you met me and i liked it a little and thats fucked up
>WRETCH: im fucked up
>WRETCH: this is the only way i matter
>WRETCH: i dont know if i can fix it

come to mind especially. i guess some people would think that basing a character off of your own experiences like this is kind of weird/lazy/cringey/whatever the fuck but with all the life experiences i've had i figure that including them, to varying degrees, in my characters, is pretty cathartic.

tl;dr wretch was a character based on awful shit growing up and her modern iteration is instead based on dealing with said awful shit
No. 120136 ID: 258190

And now I love our sweet, gooey friend even more.
No. 120177 ID: 3adb50

I feel that the artstyle of TCP/Morbit lends itself to expressive face and body language, which makes characters easier to relate to and to empathize with.
No. 120560 ID: 2efe4b

I was wondering if we could create an item that makes using magical items less onerous. The rule seems to be that magic items drain health, but it might be possible to make that more convenient. What about a magic item that "stores" health? A TCP uses it, it drains their health, and then that item holds that charge. Later, a TCP who wants to use another magic item without losing health can hold the storage item and any other magic item they use will drain the charge before taking anything from the TCP. Something like a Mana Gem, maybe?

They shouldn't raise the power level of the game much, especially if we include some sort of other downside, like for example if the gem drains more health than just using a magic item directly would. It would still allow stronger or otherwise safer TCPs to provide less risky magic use to more frail TCPs or ones in situations where they need to be careful, and it would allow magic power to be stocked up in advance of necessity or traded among our alliance. in exchange for the possibility of it being stolen, of course.
No. 120910 ID: 2efe4b
File 151934440774.jpg - (813.69KB , 1133x647 , Quick_Tunnels_concept_1.jpg )

So, did any of you watch disney's gummi bears? The reason I'm asking is because, in that show, the titular bears had this huge network of secret passages and concealed entrances and a huge underground system of rail cars to move around quickly. That's where I got the idea of suggesting we make a similar system for our TCPs (and our allies) to use through our territory. It would be very handy while also being something to have cute innocent fun with as well, it could connect to the sanctuary we already made, and we could add other fun secret passage stuff like the batcave fireman's poles and revolving fireplaces and mirror tunnel spying spots and so on.

I also think that, generally speaking, with Void's motifs we're more likely to do well with stealth- and trickery-based tactics.
No. 120912 ID: 735f93

So, kinda like the viet cong tunnels but actually fun to use? I dig that , we could even implement our version of the "traps" by making tons and tons of redundant loops and dead ends, but for that to work, we must make sure our cats know how to navigate the tunnels without getting lost.
No. 120913 ID: cb585b

Hey, think it'd be possible for us to make the tunnel paths scramble for non-allied TCPs as well?
No. 120921 ID: fb45d4

as a little heads up: some new TCP physical merch is in the works- no promises yet, but it may be possible to get your own tiny cat person in the future...
No. 120922 ID: 8daa66

This would be pretty useful if possible.
No. 120958 ID: b1b4f3

I gotta say I really like the possibility of Wane being trapped somewhere instead of dead. Getting her back together with Wane would be a fitting end to the overall Morbit questline.
No. 120959 ID: fb45d4
File 151961619462.png - (5.26KB , 400x400 , loss.png )

fun fact:
wax's shapeshifting powers are heavily based off of the person he's talking to's biggest fear- specifically turning into a TCP type relating to it. picking a type for a collective audience was REALLY tricky, but as the text in today's update implies, it's the fear of loss- of losing the game, losing the TCPs, losing the people they care about.
No. 120960 ID: 2efe4b

Right now, it seems possible. Wax did just tell us a god of Wane's level could create a world if their domain fit with it, and "truth" could do for a rehabilitation prison. Showing people the truth about themselves and the consequences of their actions, etc.. We don't know how susceptible Wane was to being tricked. Being god of Bravado, and her blood/weapons motifs, suggests perhaps an element of recklessness or lack of concern for one's own safety. Something along the lines of "You want to put me in there? What if it's painful/torturous, it's not like you've tried it yourself", with a bit more nuance, might have convinced Wane to test out such a creation herself before using it on anyone else.

If the trend with the Unhallowed Sanctuary continues and Voidsy develops godly anti-god powers, maybe they'll become a god cop for morbit. Solve some mysteries and bust some perps.


Ai, beware! You draw close to invoking dread meme powers.

Loss being what Voidsy most fears is a good one, though, since it's got a thematic tie to the probable empty space motif they have - loss is, in a simplified sense, the pain of a space where something used to be. So they're kind of afraid of something that's part of themselves.
No. 120961 ID: b1b4f3

What about the spooky face Wax used on Frog Crimes?
No. 120963 ID: 8edb2d

Does Frog-Crimes feel fear?
No. 120964 ID: b1b4f3

They did, for a few moments, when Wax climbed out of his dialogue box at them.
No. 120965 ID: 9876c4

>loss meme, but with TCPS

Fuck that shit
I need that shit
It's bound to be the death of me!
No. 121054 ID: fb45d4
File 151987007663.png - (71.19KB , 1170x720 , TCPs.png )

THE NEW PATREON REWARD SYSTEM IS HERE! i'm extremely tired after speedrunning patreon examples so here's the text from the tumblr announcement:

"We here at the Homebrew Deviants are announcing a new Patreon rewards system, geared towards Morbit fans looking to commission art of both canon and fan characters! Ringor Mortis’ commissions are going to be handled solely through Patreon and special events, and other members of the team are pitching in their own art as well!

The new changes are fairly simple: Patrons who pledge $10 or more will be entered into the Cash System. Every month, Cash System Patrons will be given an equivalent amount of “Cash” (named after the Morbitian global currency) based on their pledge amount. They can choose to either spend their cash on commissions, or save them for bigger rewards!

The tier you pledge at determines what kind of commissions are available to you, with new options unlocking at higher tiers. (It’s worth noting that some of the bigger, more intensive reward tiers have limited slots!) You can change tiers or drop your pledge at any time and your cash carries over- though $1 and $5 tier Patrons will not be able to obtain or spend any more cash until they pledge to a higher tier.

$5 Patrons will continue to enjoy the same content they were given before, but higher tiers now also unlock content voting- you get to help us decide what to work on, and we can make sure to deliver the content that you want! "

you gotta pledge by TONIGHT to get in on those march rewards and get your cash (i'm pretty sure anyway). go get some TCPs and support us making these massive comic projects!
No. 121055 ID: fb45d4

http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/post/171397417471/we-here-at-the-homebrew-deviants-are-announcing-a guess whos extremely tired and forgot the link
No. 121105 ID: 2efe4b

I was thinking, if motifs and domains can stack together for extra power (or, to put it another way, if a god is extra powerful in areas where their domains and motifs overlap with each other) that might mean there's an... interesting possible option for Void. There was that thought of maybe killing Spit, just using the "space" motif, but if what I'm thinking might work, it might be better. It wouldn't kill her, but it could still teach her a lesson, maybe be less likely to kill Void in the attempt, and might fit in quite well with the general themes of the morbit setting.

See, I think Voidsy might be able to steal people's faces.

If you think of the space motif as making a place where something is absent, then any use of that motif would be about taking something away. Whether using that motif would actually make something disappear entirely or just move it out of the empty space we want to create (the latter seems less powerful, and so more likely, though still cool), we don't know, but either way it would work. Then masks, of course, are obviously thematically linked to faces (and metaphorically, all faces are a mask), and the Identity domain is also obviously linked to faces as well. The "Discord" domain is harder to figure, but I'd imagine it allows/empowers actions which are chaotic or contradictory - so, if we're a god who's normally supposed to champion/safeguard the concepts of identity and masks, taking someone's face is against what our duty should be, but being a Discord deity means that we can and should do things that are against that. The results of stealing someone's face certainly aren't orderly, anyway, it's an action that will at least cause discord. So, the act is theoretically one in which all our powers would contribute, and so, theoretically, be quite easy?

I doubt it would kill Spit because Eastwood doesn't really have much of a face either, and seems to be doing fine, so I think gods don't really need to eat or breathe. But, if you have your face stolen when you should have one, it'll probably mess you up for a while. Someone like Spit would probably cut open her own newly blank face to free her eyes and mouth again, but it'd still be a serious hassle and probably a permanent disfigurement. It might be a better bet compared to trying to use the space motif on its own - I think it's probable that at low levels, motif creation is quite limited and doesn't let you do fancy conceptual things, so Void might only be able to create and manipulate simple physical holes rather than any more complex stuff. I imagine it'd be very similar to Windy's power, in the Frog-Crimes session. But the "power stacking" approach might allow exceptions. What do you think?

I also wonder if Voidsy might have a passive ability that makes people more likely to vent on them. The combination of taking things (space) + mask manipulation + identity + discord might be something that gets people to "drop the mask", letting their normal social persona slip and talk/behave in a way that reveals their real feelings. Some of Voidsy's fellow gods have been oddly willing to spill their metaphorical guts to the newbie considering they haven't known them that long. Maybe Void makes people feel comfortable opening up? Or a worse interpretation might be that Void metaphorically spikes everyone's drinks a little.
No. 121110 ID: b1b4f3

Eastwood eats with his smoke. Stealing Spit's face would probably make her unable to eat. Starving her to death could work but she'd probably go on a blind rampage in the meantime.
No. 121126 ID: fb45d4
File 152005410486.png - (41.70KB , 500x500 , movie night.png )

i got so many requests for eastwood having a chill time/getting hugs, so have him and his sort of ex/sort of boyfriend aster chilling and watching some movies. as a god, eastwood doesn’t get that much chill time, and very little of it is spent actually sober- this kind of thing is a rarity for him, and aster brings a lot of balance to his life (when he’s willing to let the centinel in, anyway)

it’s gay as hell folks and that’s just how we roll here
No. 121127 ID: d887c0

Look at these comfy boys.
No. 121171 ID: fb45d4

heads up, my condition is deteriorating pretty fast, health wise, and while i'm trying to get help for it it may be a bit before i'm able to consistently push out updates

i'll do my best, but i figured i'd keep yall updated
No. 121172 ID: 8edb2d

Health comes first. Focus on taking care of yourself if you have to.
No. 121344 ID: 60797c
File 152069662597.png - (777.52KB , 680x1155 , absolutely_cannot_backfire.png )

We should consider the potential of Voidsy's Mask motif.
No. 121359 ID: a363ac

well done.
No. 121362 ID: 40e6bf

"Somebody stop me!"
No. 121364 ID: 0f7290


There's a question, to be had, there. I think I remember specific fictional items being talked about before as examples of potential creations, but with Morbit growing as a distinct setting and maybe developing its own merchandise and so on, I'd assume we really shouldn't be creating anything specifically associated with distinct intellectual properties? So we couldn't actually create those last three, Fun and Interesting though it would be to do so. We would have to make some sort of legally distinct generic equivalent.
No. 121372 ID: fb45d4

just gotta say i love how the concern here is not "can we do this or not" but "how can we do this in a way thats copyright friendly so the team lets us do it"

(im not being sarcastic i laughed for a good five minutes over this, don't expect me to give you any of this but i appreciate the dedication)
No. 121383 ID: 4bb17d

Its name is Voidsy Pete!
It's the Void of the Rumba Beat!
No. 121393 ID: 6ceafe

When they shake their maracas they go chick chicky boom chick chicky boom chick chicky *antimatter explosion*
No. 121488 ID: fb45d4
File 152099696406.png - (115.26KB , 1000x1000 , breather.png )

well i did it, i finally did a full, finished sex piece. i done it

this was me fulfilling a morbit request for suplex + nelson having sex ideally Not in a horrible murder lab, with a much more chill vibe/environment than they're used to. i hope they can get to do this in canon someday, honestly
No. 121491 ID: fb45d4

also, i think i posted this before BUT every month i'm gonna try to do a few requests here and there for illustration practice and such- accepting character and worldbuilding prompts, SFW/NSFW, anything goes as long as it's not a joke request. (goofy's fine if it'd be in character or whatever, but i want to focus on making illustrations/experimental stuff, not shitposts)
No. 121536 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, Wax acted suspiciously when we asked him about Wretch being a counter to Spit. I think he's already got something going there. Maybe Wretch is able to hide her power level somehow, and is fooling everyone into thinking she's weak? Wretch hasn't been winning games though... which means she's getting power from Wax directly?

Or there's something else Wretch is doing to help.
No. 121538 ID: d887c0

mortis, that is GORGEOUS! Well done!
No. 121540 ID: fb45d4

aaa thank you so much! i've done a fair amount of pinups/kink art before but this is the first time i've actually finished a Sex Draw
No. 121543 ID: d887c0

You are very welcome! I love your stuff!
No. 121569 ID: f5f04b

A thought that I just can't let go of.

Wretch+Voidsy = Wretched Void the Ultimate God of Chaos.

Actually pretty decent you get to know them but it sounds cool and intimidating. And they just refused to pick a form and stick with it.

Okay I'm done.
No. 121571 ID: d887c0

>It looks like a massive pool of churning, bubbling darkness filled with pale faces
>It's just Void and Wretch making out like a pair of horny teenagers
No. 121764 ID: fb45d4

crossposting from the morbit discord on kitet's behalf:

[10:36 PM] kitet frogwife: Hey all, I have a sudden important announcement for the night.
I know this will be disappointing to hear, but Crimes Session is discontinued. I'm leaving the official team, and moving on to focus on other projects.
It was a fantastic ride, and I enjoyed working on TCP for as long as I did... I hope you all had a good time with Crimes Session as well.
No. 121774 ID: b1b4f3

Aw man. I guess we'll only get to see the aftermath, huh?
No. 121775 ID: d887c0

Well, that sucks. But it was good while it lasted, and it gave us plenty to work with in other sessions, so it's all cool.
No. 121779 ID: a70f54

Collectives are basically Highlanders. Whoever's the last one standing gets The Prize.
No. 121800 ID: b1b4f3

Uh you should probably let the Eagle-Time thread know? Instead of just us???
No. 121844 ID: fb45d4

kitet let the ET thread know yesterday, i figured i'd come in here and do it myself due to this being the site i'm more familiar with
No. 121849 ID: b1b4f3

Oh I see it's in the disthread, not the main thread. I forgot there was a disthread.
No. 121903 ID: fb45d4
File 152231065907.png - (88.25KB , 1000x1000 , voidsypatreon.png )

i'd wear it to a hoedown, and i'd dance with all the belles
and none of them would know that i was secretly myself
i'd rob my own apartment and i wouldn't give a damn
i'd blame it on the person that nobody knows i am

patreon illustration for march 2018! i got to make a fancy new texture for voidsy that i'll be using in comics as well, going forward. here's our favorite flirtatious trainwreck of a god.

No. 121928 ID: d887c0

Best god.
Does saying that count as egotism?
No. 121942 ID: fb45d4
File 152238935770.png - (77.75KB , 875x1125 , 1.png )

free first look at the ongoing patreon comic comorant and i are working on: an evening spent between two close friends, discussing horror mutation and what comes with it.

pledging $5+ to our team patreon gets you access to this comic as we complete it!
No. 121944 ID: d887c0

I just can't get tired of your character designs. I love them.
No. 122272 ID: 71e795
File 152342252907.png - (18.79KB , 500x500 , NOW STREAMING.png )

i figure now that my health is hopefully back on track, i should plug what i do most days: work streams!


90% of it is morbit stuff but occasionally i'll dip into other things (and do a game stream here and there on fridays), and i'm going to try and get a consistent schedule up in the next few months. costreams also happen with friends and members of the HD team, so please feel free to stop by and watch sometime. (as a note, the stream is rated 16+, so keep your lewd shit outta here. i've got picarto for that.)
No. 122273 ID: 71e795
File 152342257481.png - (13.02KB , 500x500 , switch.png )

as a bonus, trying to clean up more of my sketches as warmups: have a character i haven't talked much about outside the morbit discord, who may become relevant in the near future.
No. 122277 ID: d887c0

They look very sad.
No. 122342 ID: 71e795
File 152364063309.png - (66.88KB , 827x796 , biomq.png )

SUPLEX BIO IS OUT! things should be picking back up ASAP, so here we go

unfortunately she has a lot of reasons to be
No. 122344 ID: d887c0

Suplex: The Loveliest Lady.
No. 122345 ID: 91ee5f

Suplex is a large class maybecat?

I thought she was a medium class maybecat because she’s around the same size as Nelson and is really short compared to Vivi and the other large class maybecats that we freed.
No. 122346 ID: 71e795

if my notes are right (and i might need to go back and check when i'm not swamped with work), suplex is Right on the cusp of large class
No. 122515 ID: 3b7b4e
File 152435747440.png - (203.89KB , 1000x600 , voidshrine.png )

Ok, so here's a suggestion for the possible look of Voidsy's Shrine, to go with my suggestion in the quest that we could create shrines where any TCP can directly converse with the shrine's god, regardless of communicative abilities. What do you think? Of the general idea as well as the design for it. I think it'd be neat to maybe see other gods' shrines as well? Another interesting way to show that god's personality and symbolism?
No. 122517 ID: 91ee5f

There are more important things to be worrying about. Creating this isn’t one of them.
No. 122518 ID: b1b4f3

That's pretty cool.
What happens if you stick your hand in at night?
No. 122519 ID: 3b7b4e

Well, our long-term victory with minimal bloodshed is pretty important. I'd guess Spit would try filling her TCPs's heads with misinformation or even leave them unable to communicate at all so we can't talk to them. With shrines that work this way, allowing direct communication with any TCP by "divine revelation", we'd counter that. Doesn't even need to be use - any of our allies, or Wax if Spit's TCPs ever visit her ally's territory, could also talk to Spit's TCPs using their shrines. I'm pretty sure creating god-specific items triggers autobalance, so if we create a Void Shrine, everyone else should get their own shrine too. Might even put Spit on the spot with her TCPs, giving them a way to talk to her where they know she's listening and can answer. She might go for a tactic where she doesn't talk directly to her TCPs at all and manipulates them to do things for her in other ways. Overall, it'd be to our advantage, and just having a spot in your own territory where you can speak more clearly isn't going to break the game or unlock any huge offense options.

That's a good question.
No. 122545 ID: 6effd1

I've been thinking about anything we could make to help our TPCs, and (though it has nothing to do with masks) could we make an amulet? An Amulet of Altruism, to be exact. It transfers the wounds of any TPC the wearer chooses to the bearer of the amulet themselves.It requires a codeword to work, say, "Peaches" or something. This could help, I predict, if a large TPC has multiple wounds, but can't fit inside of Prius. Just transfer a few to, say, Dad or Buddy, and have them sit in Prius. Or if one TPC has a kill command on it, but the others don't. Transfer any wounds to those without the possibility of death. Not sure if the cost would make it useless though.
No. 122637 ID: 71e795

crossposting from the void session thread as well, please read this

wow! i didn't think i'd have to make this announcement but here i am

PLEASE stop posting rape/sexual assault jokes + suggestions in my quests. SA/CSA are topics that i legitimately deal with in my work and something i've deal with before in my actual life. if they show up in my quests, it won't be for goofs or kink shit, and i don't want to see any suggestions treating it like that.

i'm really fucking sick of waking up to seeing it and anybody does that again, you're getting banned from suggesting and i'll ignore everything you post in either of my quests.

i'm very tired. don't do this shit. this isn't the place.
No. 122639 ID: 71e795
File 152487290788.png - (90.86KB , 1000x1000 , weigh me down2.png )

give me a drug and i’ll take it
watching you sharpen knives
you give me hell but i’ll make it
i’ve still got one good eye

april 2018 patreon illustration! i had more fun with this than i was anticipating. suplex ended up being a favorite after all, whoops

No. 122642 ID: 3804c3

For a second there it looked to me like she was walking through fire.
No. 122643 ID: 91ee5f

No. 122650 ID: 4b1927

OH NO! Molecular instability! She was locked down for a reason!
No. 122762 ID: 71e795

copying and pasting from discord because i am very tired, enjoy

https://curiouscat.me/RINGOR calling for MORBIT ART/WRITING REQUESTS for the month- accepting character/design/worldbuilding requests, no shitposts pls as i'd like to do more finished/experimental pieces, can be SFW/NSFW, vague or specific, if you want to see something or think it'd be neat to explore, toss it my way and i'll consider it for this month's pile of stuff.
if you have sent a request before that has not been done yet, please do not request it again, i've either scrapped it or saved it for later
No. 122777 ID: 71e795


don't make sad half-joke requests or i'll turn them into actual sad shit and then everyone suffers
No. 122782 ID: 4854ef

That's some excellent prose usage within your writing. I enjoyed reading through that one and the others you already have on there, though I wish some were longer.
No. 122797 ID: 71e795

thank you! i do most of my writing in a single take + use heavy stream of consciousness shit, i do a ton of practice and try to get in the heads of my characters to make more natural dialogue/thought processes. sometimes i worry that it may be too repetitive in places, but i try to repeat when i think it would hammer in more of an impact, and that's also just how my brain works, whoops. it means a lot to know that people enjoyed this, and definitely motivates me to do more!
No. 122813 ID: d887c0

That was some damn fine work, friend.
No. 122830 ID: 71e795

No. 122838 ID: 6bcf97

I notice that motifs are mentioned in synergy, but domains aren't. So they're still pretty mysterious!

This is just fan theorizing, but I wonder if a domain's influence might be characterized by that domain being "loyal" to the god in question. Like, motifs are intrinsic and a god is made of them, so they control them the same way they control part of their body - directly, and high/intense activity is draining. But domains are external things, so they can't be directly controlled, but they'll act on their own according to the affinity, as if they were trying to serve that god on their own initiative?

What I mean is, if you had an example of a god with a money motif, and a god with a money domain, and for the purpose of the demonstration you say you'll flip 10 coins and the more heads come up the bigger a cash prize the god gets. The motif god would be able to actively control the coin flips to get heads, and could get all of them, but it would be a bit tiring and they would have to pay attention and do it deliberately. The domain god, though, would have no direct control over the coins, and probably won't get 10/10 heads, but "by chance" more coins will come up heads than probability would otherwise give you; and this will happen without stressing the god at all and could even happen without them being made aware of the coin flips or the prize before it happens. The coins and the prize "like" the god and luck twists to fit that. Would that sound right?

If it was, it might imply that despite motifs seeming to be stronger, a god with a certain motif is sort of naturally subordinate to a god with the same domain. Like, Voidsy has a space motif and Wretch has a space domain, so Voidsy would feel a little natural inclination to like Wretch and want to help her?
No. 123104 ID: 71e795

finally reopening TCP commissions, with an added bonus of a raffle! you can go share + follow either of my social media accounts to get an entry, and it'll end on june 15th!

finally reopening TCP commissions, with an added bonus of a raffle! you can go share + follow either of my social media accounts to get an entry, and it'll end on june 15th!

No. 123119 ID: 5fa661

I might forget this the next time we get to chat with Wax so I'll bring this up here:

HOW DO WE KNOW SPIT KILLED WANE? From what I've read, it seems that this is only an assumption; evidence suggests Wane wasn't killed and eaten piecemeal, and common sense says that Spit shouldn't have even been capable of THAT, let alone swallowing Wane whole. The whole thing seems screwy as hell to me.

Also, Rein needs to be asked one very simple question regarding Spit's so-called rehabilitation:
No. 123121 ID: b59fad

That possibility was brought up (>>/quest/870145), but it wasn't addressed or even really acknowledged in any update. Possibly based on other judgement that it wouldn't be wise to poke Wax's pain any further.

Whether Wane was really killed by Spit is a good question, but it's not one Void can do anything to help answer until they've won the game and arrived in morbit. Assuming they can avoid being killed by Spit when they get there, then maybe they can investigate.

That might make a good sequel, actually! Voidsy's Morbit Murder Mystery Misadventures! Can this fresh young collective apply their otherworldly knowledge to uncover the truth behind a cold case deicide, all while adapting to their new life and caring for their friends, followers and duties... and avoiding the terrible threats and manipulation of the one god who seems to be behind it all???

Join in next quest season, same cat time, same cat channel!
No. 123128 ID: 71e795
File 152690369842.png - (12.91KB , 382x654 , ref2018.png )

another writing scribble, this one for a character we've never actually seen in a project before: spit's demon, chelsea.

(but here's a picture, bless her fucked heart)
No. 123388 ID: 53b212
File 152791179567.png - (85.65KB , 1000x1000 , creep in a t shirt.png )

i woke up to my glory days
never was a child, i was born this way
always there but always out of place
feels so alien


may 2018 patreon illustration! i fucked up the shading on this twice!
No. 123414 ID: af3241

just postin here real quick to let anyone here who might have followed the session on omegaupdate in the past know: i've stopped working on the quest! the cats are my forever girls, but unfortunately my life has gotten way too hectic to keep on with the project.

thanks to everyone who kept up with it, as irregular and short as it was!! ♥♥♥
No. 123441 ID: d887c0

Just the one session or all of them?
No. 123442 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like the only TCP thread still active is the one on tgchan.
No. 123443 ID: 53b212

for now, yep- if it's any reassurance, i'm a stubborn bastard who will never give up on major projects, even amidst life hell and sometimes even hiatuses. morbit is my life's work and no matter what gets in the way, that shit's getting done.
No. 123445 ID: e5c658

If only everyone had your drive, Mortis. You're an absolute champion.
No. 123447 ID: 53b212

i've come too far making this furry garbage to ever stop, yall are stuck with me
No. 123608 ID: 91ee5f

You say the consistency is off, but I say that it’s an improvement because it better shows us that Melanie is the Director’s absolute favorite. Better treatment means better food, right?

.....please don’t be mad at me and/or ban me for saying that.
No. 123611 ID: 53b212

eh, don't worry about it. the consistency changes in my quests are due to me constantly trying to experiment, and i appreciate at the very least a less snarky/asshole-ish take on pointing it out

it's not so much that i banned kome for critiquing my consistency so much as the fact that this plus the "april fool's joke" he did containing underage sex shit come off as deliberately trying to antagonize me or at the very least, cause trouble when there doesn't need to be any. i've got enough stress on my plate as is without somebody making updating my quests a hassle
No. 123615 ID: 91ee5f

Normally, I would just say, “Ah, that’s just Kome being his/her usual crazy self, think nothing of it!”

But after reading that, WOW this is the first I’ve heard of Kome doing something like that! That’s going too far!
No. 123746 ID: 094652

I'm sorry.

I did not mean to insult your art style. I was concerned about Melanie's current stress levels and a possible correlation to her art shift - I suspected that as Melanie's mood darkened, she was awakening her "berserker mode" where she would spontaneously grow muscle mass from the scar breaks and tear everything in sight, or some other form of advanced aggression which would explain why the adult maybecats are scared of Sucessful children. My post was meant to alert Suplex of impending danger, and reassure Melanie of their good intentions to increase her morale and prevent an aggressive mental breakdown in Melanie.

I did not mean to insult or criticize you. If I'm posting, it means I'm interested in the story and want to be a part of it. I hope you can forgive me, but I'll keep reading your series regardless.
No. 123776 ID: 53b212
File 152979921896.png - (5.68KB , 250x280 , ragamuffin.png )

gotta pay that rent + get some cash for both work and handling visits with my partner, sooo


toss me two coffees + a noun prompt and i'll design a TCP type for you- all designs will be considered canon + added to the TCPdex!


(ty for all the support! comics are slow rn due to some issues with my meds, but i've moved to a hugely secure situation and should be back on my game soon.)
No. 123790 ID: 1fbbcc
File 152990332054.png - (440.18KB , 1100x880 , voidsyfashion.png )

How does having a "headcanon" work in a medium where the fans actually have real influence on the character in question? If enough people agree with it, does it become canon? I don't know, but I'll engage in self-indulgent speculation about Voidsy's personality and habits anyway.

So, my headcanons: being a deity of discord, identity and masks, Voidsy loves playing with their appearance! In their ideal situation, they would have a huge collection of different outfits, wigs and costume props, and would have fun changing up how they present themselves every day, even multiple times in one day to suit particular occasions. The only limit to what they'll wear, aside from what looks good, is that any item of clothing that would cover up their torso gap makes them feel uncomfortable, like they're being a terrible fake!

Though Voidsy can't really shapeshift (aside from their hands), changing which mask is their "face" shifts their proportions a bit, allowing them to make themselves a bit more short, tall, chubby, slender, masculine, feminine, powerful, frail, et cetera. Very handy for cosplay, especially, which I can imagine them introducing to morbit if it doesn't already exist. However, Voidsy is careful making that change, as they never let anyone see what's under the mask on the front of their head. If you ask the masks, they'll say they don't even look themselves, so they don't know what's there either - but the idea of anyone removing their face mask and seeing what's underneath frightens and disturbs them, more than any other possible kind of personal injury or assault.

I imagine they can also freely change their ring's size and position, and when out and about on the street or otherwise not wanting to take up space they would reduce it to a small "halo" behind their head/shoulders.
No. 123791 ID: 1fbbcc
File 152990349827.png - (255.36KB , 700x900 , voidpics.png )

Bonus: If you wear clothes, you can send nudes.

what are you talking about officer there's nothing lewd about this how could there be ha ha

A dilemma: Having junk opens up lots of possibilities, and I feel like even if Voidsy has doll anatomy by default, motifs seem easier and more powerful when applied to your own body and Voidsy could probably bend their "empty space" motif into being able to make an appropriate entrance or two since all biological orifices are technically holes and a hole is ultimately an empty space.

On the other hand the idea of a physically asexual entity still being an enthusiastically promiscuous pervert is both interesting and very amusing, and Voidsy does have plenty of mouths and tongues.

No. 123792 ID: d887c0

Here's an idea: Voidsy turning their ring into a thumb/pinkie ring. You know they would.

Life finds a way.
No. 123795 ID: 53b212

canon. all canon. i've been blessed with this content and expect draws of shit like this because this shit is canon now
No. 123797 ID: 53b212

ok i can write something more coherent now

this voidsy fanart kicks serious ass and hits a lot of notes i've wanted to pin down for the character! thank you so much, today was very hard and that was a perfect thing to finish it on.

and yes voidsy has null junk (aka nothing) but the whole using masks in lieu of genitals is also canon now. voidsys a creative friend.
No. 123907 ID: 53b212
File 153025345008.png - (38.77KB , 500x500 , 1.png )


heartwarmer, the first NSFW-oriented morbit project is live! it's a little casual askblog featuring a modular construct named haywire, and will have a variety of kink shit available for request, because that's just how i do. enjoy!
No. 123909 ID: d887c0

No. 123998 ID: 74234c

No. 124063 ID: 1fbbcc
File 153100275958.jpg - (30.45KB , 260x298 , voidsy_and_their_TCPs.jpg )

A troubling thought: Voidsy, so far, seems to have a liking for magic. Alchemy lab, wand, wizard hat, wizard tower. Voidsy is also covered in stars, which is a wizardly look. So, wizards, right?

Well... Voidsy also has, among others, the discord domain and the masks motif.

So... what type of creature does magic tricks, is associated with disorder and chaos, and always wears a second, false face?
No. 124064 ID: 44b1bb

Santa Claus! Of course!
No. 124071 ID: 33cbe7

A politician?
No. 124072 ID: d887c0

But yellow would clash with our aesthetic!
No. 124080 ID: 5de987

>My ex wife
>Micheal Jackson
>The Norse God Loki
>A Scooby-Doo villein
Am I getting close?
No. 124081 ID: 44b1bb

Scooby Doo had a lot of clown villains. http://scoobydoo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Clowns
No. 124165 ID: e37a06
File 153153090236.png - (170.76KB , 718x513 , Power.png )

Top secret plans
No. 124173 ID: d887c0

No. 124186 ID: 53b212
File 153156271517.png - (43.85KB , 911x1039 , AU.png )


have a spontaneous autobio writing piece i slammed out in two hours while thinking about the past: ANTHROS UNITE: A Morbit Retrospective.

it's a rough piece in a lot of parts and tackles on what it's like growing up online and dealing with trauma through making edgy furry OCs and making them fight. enjoy
No. 124193 ID: 53b212
File 153160383324.png - (2.74MB , 1222x1500 , 0.png )

a new morbit project has been released!

from twitter:

The first 18 pages of Project Corazones is now available on our website- it's a low fantasy setup by @BaftComorant to pieces of future Morbit projects revolving around a lone dog on a journey to visit a friend and a unlikely traveling companion.

No. 124201 ID: d887c0

A very good read, mortis.

Never say no to more Morbit.
No. 124872 ID: 445b56

So, it’s he established that Wax balances items, but does he balance TCPs? For instance if a player try to make a Big Bang or Protogenoi TCP, does Wax prevent the TCP from being created?

And similarly, is there some form of limiter to prevent too dangerous Morbitian TCPs from popping into existence even when it should be? Or is it that whenever a Deicide TCP or similar is created, it’s hunted down or killed or something?
No. 124880 ID: 465a14

No. 124882 ID: 87a028

Worse than that. Since we’re bringing over Earth words, and Morbitian TCPs are created as soon as someone thinks of them, unless there’s a limiter all sorts of god-killing TCPs will pop up as the various bits of Voidsy suffer a pink elephants scenario where attempts to not think about them just makes them think about more.
Ranging from creature ones like Fenrir, slayer of Odin, to multiple god slaying abstracts like Titanomachy and Ragnarok.
I really hope Morbit has a limiter.
No. 125078 ID: 53b212
File 153531859541.png - (309.83KB , 500x500 , animpossiblecold.png )

No. 125084 ID: b1b4f3

Am I missing something? Who's Chella?
No. 125086 ID: 53b212

you'll just have to see
No. 125134 ID: 53b212

hey everybody, sorry to do yet another shameless plug but we've got 2 morbit team members in emergency situations rn and i am taking as many commissions as i can to try and support them. the main thing i'm offering rn is NSFW/kink stuff as well as character designs. when it comes to kink, i do TF/WG/horror/general NSFW- if it's not underage/feral/noncon/watersports or scat, i'll probably do it.

you can check out the NSFW shit i've done so far at sinmortis on tumblr + twitter, and contact me either on those sites or at ringormortis@gmail.com. i really want to help out my friends and the people who help us make morbit possible. thanks everybody
No. 125156 ID: 53b212

one last thing before i return to my comic making cave: we have a very important poll up! the results to this poll will determine something very special, so be sure to vote!
No. 125159 ID: 7cf41b

I thought of a question about the kill command earlier: How direct does the action taken to kill a TCP need to be? I assume attacks with weapons work, so it doesn't require direct cat-to-cat physical contact. So, say one TCP is given the command to kill another by shooting them, and the target TCP is standing on the edge of a cliff. If the target TCP dodges the shot, but dodging makes them slip and fall, does the fall kill them? Or, what if three TCPs are in a wooden structure, and another TCP is commanded to kill them by setting it on fire? What if they're only commanded only one of the three, but all three are caught in it? Forgive me if these questions have been answered.
No. 125290 ID: 53b212

as long as the KILLING TCP lands the final blow in some way, shape or form, it counts- dropping a TCP off a cliff would count, but only if the killing TCP was responsible. it gets nebulous. any TCPs not targetted by a command will not be KILLED, even if their health goes down to zero (or lower)
No. 125291 ID: 53b212

also please enjoy some recommended listening for this new bastard
No. 125335 ID: b1b4f3

Haha, Lover is like a minature version of Voidsy. I love it.
No. 125482 ID: 453334

So, I figured we might need a “nuclear option”, in case things start going horribly and we can’t turn any of Spit or Wax’s TCP’s.
Basically the kind of thing where we convert a TCP into an especially destructive type, put a kill order on all enemy TCPs at once, and blow up the entire board. I went through a few ideas to find one that would fit.
Typhon would probably be incapable of turning off the lava and poison spewing, and Fenrir would always be ravenously hungry which would both be bad after the game was over.
A vacuum collapse event would be ideal due to it’s speed and instant cause of death, but I can’t think of a way to get that down into one word.

The best option is probably Singularity, especially since it will probably include the technological one, meaning the definition the TCP will run off of will be “a point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value, thus causing existing models and established laws to break down.” Which will cause synergy with Discord.
For black holes, this is infinity mass breaking the laws of physics, for the AI singularity this is immeasurable processing and production power preventing any form of prediction, and there were ones like the Digital Revolution that brought about previously unimaginable communication and processing ability.
So it’d probably be an Abstract TCP with the ability to crank something’s properties up to infinite or near-infinite.
And if everything goes terrible, we turn one of our TCP into that, give him a kill order for every enemy, and then have him crank up something’s mass to infinity to make a black hole.

There are others like hypernova and antimatter that would work, but those wouldn’t be able to use their ability outside the game.
No. 125499 ID: 53b212
File 153726652203.jpg - (25.27KB , 500x280 , please.jpg )


why do y'all think i'm gonna let you break physics
No. 125501 ID: 5b7a9b

Why not literally... Reduction? Reduce the danger levels to safety. Or even Safety itself? Make the very battlefield a safer place to battle. Or mayhaps, Passage or Loophole? Circumvent the problem entirely.
No. 125511 ID: 53b212
File 153730017383.png - (75.30KB , 500x500 , BADBOY.png )

okay im sorry in advance i have literally 4 playlist releases i'm sitting on and they all have cool cover art + i don't want to dump 4 posts at once so please check em out

BADBOY HARDCORE EXTREME is lover's first playlist! it's a goddamn mess!

KITTY FACE MOTHERFUCKER is, as you'd guess, the first voidsy playlist. it's also a mess.

GLACIAL COSMONAUT is the first playlist for Chella, a character from Incoming Transmission-new project in the works that, while not a quest, will be set in morbit + is one big experiment for me!

STEADFAST SOLDIER is also an IT playlist, this one focusing on the character Elixir. neither elixir or chella have been released to the public yet, so you can take these as a sort of preview + look into their characters!

more to come, i'm sitting on so many of these
No. 125535 ID: 86fca7

I was assuming Singularity would end up as an abstract, mainly.
And how are you defining “laws of physics”? The mere fact that TCP don’t eat, replace missing flesh, and run indefinitely breaks conservation of energy unless they’re getting their energy from somewhere else. And Bryce can make things lighter without destroying bits of them.

Frankly the reason I’m not throwing this stuff out more often is because everyone decided to kill as few people as possible.
Even if singularity doesn’t work, there’s things like still neutronium, a teaspoon of which will explode with around 3,500 of the dinosaur extinction event, Magnetars, which are neutron stars with powerful enough magnetic fields to warp atoms themselves, dissolving objects as molecular bonds become impossible, and lots of other things, ranging from lifeforms to weapons to stellar phenomena.

The universe is a scary place and now we can basically incarnate bits of it into cuddly animals. As previously stated, I’m kind of scared what will happen if we win the game and start making TCPs every time we think of one.
No. 125536 ID: 51d5a1

This will kill the TCP type and everyone around it. I don't find it a really good ideia.
No. 125537 ID: ad04ca

That’s what makes this actually practical. TCPs won’t die unless they have kill commands on them, no matter what happens. So we give the planet-cracker a kill command against every enemy TCP, it destroys the game setting to kill them instantly, and then we win the game. Hopefully fast enough for our allies to not have time to feel pain, but I honestly doubt they can without their atoms connected to each other.
No. 125538 ID: b67388

Thanos you're drunk
this isn't even your correct character motivation
No. 125541 ID: 53b212

worth noting that each player can only have one kill command active at a time
No. 125548 ID: d722be

Ah, was not aware of that bit. Yeah, that makes blowing up the game board unfeasible.
Maybe the millipede that produces large amounts of cyanide gas, then.
No. 125549 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like that's not much of a restriction in a "blow up the entire game" scenario since sufficiently injured TCPs die instantly upon a kill command even if no attack is made. We can just rapidly send out kill commands before any of the other gods can react to a sudden apocalypse.
Am I remembering that correctly?
No. 125550 ID: debc40

I feel like if you want a desperation move you might want to think outside the box. Like, if Voidsy has a motif for empty space and is currently floating in the middle of a giant empty space from which you can create anything, maybe there's cheating potential there. Voidsy is floating in the middle of a very powerful form of the thing Voidsy has power over, and while Voidsy is weak the particular form of nothingness in which they're floating seems specifically designed to give power. Voidsy losing the game means death for them so I don't think anyone would begrudge them a bit of cheating, especially if it's targeted at Spit.

I mean I don't know if Wax has maybe accounted for this sort of thing, like the possibility that at some point a new god with specific power over games could appear to play his game seems like something he'd probably think of.
No. 125552 ID: 115d44

I think you're forgetting we already have 5 cats, and cant make any more.
No. 125553 ID: b1b4f3

The void Voidsy is floating in is separate from the gamespace, and Voidsy doesn't really have any power yet. They would need to get a physical body and some worshipers before they could start using godly powers, I think.
No. 125558 ID: debc40

It's separate from the gamespace, but objects can still be created there, as demonstrated by the knife. So, yes Voidsy doesn't have any significant power yet, but perhaps they don't need to?
No. 125582 ID: b1b4f3

What could we create that would be useful to Voidsy but not Spit or Wax? Remember, autobalance is in effect.
No. 125583 ID: ab8afd

Using the creation function may not necessarily be the only way the void can be used. The way motifs seems to work is that a god is pretty much physically "made of" them, their substance or essence or so on, and they control their motif like an extension of their body, by will and with effort. But, if an example of their motif already contained a supply of power or potential or energy or so on, it seems plausible that when that god connects to it in the way they do to manipulate it, they could draw on that. The game's void seems to be emptiness in its aspect as unformed, blank-canvas potentiality, so theoretically perhaps it is, for Voidsy, just such a thing?

Aside from that, simply using the create function actually could potentially give Voidsy something of advantage without giving anything useable to the other players. Off the bat I'd see two possibilities for that:
1) Voidsy creates nothing. That is, they create a form of nothingness that is in some way advantageous to them, most likely because they could manipulate that resultant nothingness and the other players can't. You'd need to be pretty clever to think of a way this could be applied but it might be possible. For example, Spit seems to derive pleasure from sadism, which no-one else in the game really does. Void could create an absence of that, a sort of exclusion zone in which that feeling doesn't exist. Then whenever Spit pokes her head into that space, which one assumes all gods need to do while interacting with the game, she's subjected to an effect under which she's incapable of feeling any pleasure from the suffering she sees or inflicts. The other players already don't get that so the absence zone effect has no impact on them.
2) Voidsy creates something that the other players already have, so the autobalance doesn't provide them with anything. The example I think of is whatever passage, door or conduit through which they can reach into the game space from morbit. If the knife is any threat to them, they have to be able to put at least part of themselves into the space it's in, right? So there must be some sort of hole between morbit and the game's godspace that can be opened up and reached through. Voidsy, with a motif for empty space (which may easily include holes, doors, passageways and etc.) may be able to create the same thing from the other side. And since they are doing it from the other side, perhaps they can choose where the other end opens to, probably within limits but the most likely possibility being to the vicinity of one of their fellow players. So, for example, Voidsy could create a hole leading to Spit, and reach through to punch her in her dumb face. Or steal her face. Or pull her in so that she gets trapped in the gamespace. Or do some other cheatery thing.
No. 125588 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think Voidsy has any confirmed motifs aside from Masks.
No. 125590 ID: ab8afd

>WAX: generally, at a lesser god level, you can manipulate existing objects and elements that fit your motifs. so, for you...hm, what are yours?
>VOIDSY: Masks, we think. Not sure about a second one.
>WAX: I’d say space, or void, judging from your appearance...they’re based on your form, so you don’t exactly get as much control over picking those as domains. you have to work with what you get.
>WAX: but, hard for me to say, really. don’t go nuts with it, seeing as space is well...it could get messy. we don’t know much about it ourselves, and I’d say masks are a much safer option.

>Bags of holding are created for each of your TCPs, able to hold any amount of things, as long as they fit in/out of the bags’ openings. Your space motif gives them an extra bonus: the space within the bags is shared by all of them, allowing for any TCP to pull from their contents, from any location, again, as long as it fits. Taking an item from the bag will cost health, but putting them in will not.
No. 125610 ID: d5442a

Recent thoughts: Combining the Identity domain with the Masks and Space motif, and possibly the Discord domain as well, might mean Voidsy is theoretically really good at stealth stuff? If you phrase stealth as "creating a false impression of nothing", it lines up well.

All considered together, Voidsy has a really strong inclination towards being a god of thieves. Assassins, too, if you wanted to take it in a darker direction. This makes their antagonism with Spit very interesting, as Spit is god of Violence. Her other domain is Vices, which commonly cause and are caused by Violence. Comparing her to Voidsy, Voidsy is god of Discord and Identity, which can cause Discord or come into being as a result of it. If you look at it from the right angle, in a way they're both gods of the same thing - strife and conflict, the things that cause it and the things that come from it. In a way, Voidsy's central theme is just a broader, less visceral and less directly negative take on Spit's theme.

The way their motifs can be drawn out from their domains is very interesting as well. Spit's motifs, Smoke and Meat, can be read as the aftermaths of violence, but also as the targets of vices. Their relationship to her domains implies a sense of destruction and consumption. Voidsy's motifs, on the other hand, Masks and (empty) Space, when related to their domains seem to raise a question - is there really anything beneath them? Is identity an illusion, are conflicts meaningful, are chaos and order just a mask worn or removed? There is a deeply implied sense of hollowness in the relationship between Voidsy's motifs and domains. Which, in a way, is something very similar to the situation with Spit. The connection between Spit's domains and motifs implies a sense of the kind of hollowness that can be found in devastation, with an undertone of horrible hunger, while the connection between Voidsy's domains and motifs implies the kind of hollowness that suggests there was nothing there to begin with, with overtones of denial and disguise driven by an existentialist terror or despair.

So, there's sort of a connection there. If there was a similar connection between other gods, of different things, it might possibly result in a natural affinity or sense of something similar to a family relationship, but with a pair of gods of violence and discord the result is that they double up to really hate each other. Like, there might be a subconscious sense for each of them, when they look at each other, that they're seeing a wrong, twisted reflection of something in themselves.
No. 125696 ID: 53b212
File 153819727450.png - (32.07KB , 500x500 , ghouls.png )

jesus christ do you know how much chelsea art i've been sitting on until this moment
No. 125698 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Maybe once Voidsy has some way of ensuring they won't get eaten, they could start converting Spit's cult members. Our end goal would obviously be to replace Spit.
No. 125700 ID: 10c408

I think you meant "Bring Spit to justice". We should not be replacing Spit's position in the Morbit pantheon.
No. 125702 ID: d5442a

Assuming we could, why not?
No. 125719 ID: 1668de
File 153832832059.png - (122.83KB , 600x600 , gumby.png )

Hello yes Im morbit

And this is Gumby! A little less close up than the icons.
No. 125720 ID: b1b4f3

The prealpha TCP thread is pretty intensely active. I think the god there is gonna have a theme of something like industry or action.
No. 125721 ID: 53b212

hope yall are enjoying!! i'm really excited to help w/ the pre-alpha session and see where it goes. all i have a hand in with this one is wax writing + designs for TCPs and some other characters, everything else is all duke and Let Me Tell You, it's gonna be a ride
No. 125727 ID: d887c0

A fine, young lad of bookish, birdly kind, and green.
No. 125736 ID: 2202fb

Just discovered the other sessions. Aside from the tgchan ones, are they all dead?
No. 125737 ID: b1b4f3

No. 125740 ID: 53b212
File 153839126946.png - (463.30KB , 1000x1000 , wonderland.png )


It's only natural, to follow one's cravings...restraint, however, is the true path to a fulfilling, wonderful life. May we all bind our senses and selves, to the world and one another. Amen. -Rein, Construction Era

(hi i'll be posting ones relevant to current projects in here and ones related to other morbit shit in drawthread)
No. 125755 ID: 643435

There's the new one that's just started, its going well.
Speaking of, if one person makes multiple posts with suggestions in them, not just discussion, are you going to accept all of them Duke or just the first post they make? Because most quests have a "one suggestion post per person" kind of rule to help keep down clutter, so I'm curious if you'll be doing that or not.
No. 125757 ID: b67388

If there`s another session it might be better to keep the two separate from one another. I still suspect that some people from here were trying to sabotage the Frog-Crimes session, since it went even further into insanity after it was linked here.
No. 125758 ID: 1668de

I can't stop people from making doubleposts. Honestly, I'm not gonna take much of a stance short of "please try to make fewer larger posts". There's no editing function right, so I'd feel it unfair to leave fridge thoughts un-posted. I don't see it as a big problem right now but it might be later? Just a general guideline of "dont make 5 posts in a row, I'll probably forgive you for coming back a few hours later with new thoughts but not 5 in a row".

Also yeah I'll take any suggestion. I'm not gonna turn down something I'd think would work because the person posting its netiquitte was in poor form.

No. 125859 ID: 53b212
File 153881042038.png - (388.29KB , 1000x1000 , perscription dreams.png )


No. 125889 ID: b1b4f3

In the prealpha thread, are we deciding on motifs, appearance, name, and domains all at the same time?

I don't suppose we could get an explanation for how domains work? If not, maybe a refresher on motifs? I think those were explained at least...
No. 125898 ID: 53b212

y'all are picking whatever you want to now (name, design, motifs, domains), name CAN come after

good a time as any to have this talk, SO:

domains are straightforward, but not exactly like how domains work for our gods here on earth. a god of time does not control time itself, and multiple gods can share domains. a domain simply says what aspects a god Has powers related to, versus complete embodiment and control. on top of that, the kinds of powers a god has relates to their tier in the cosmic hierarchy.

lesser gods have passive powers relating to their domains, typically also relating to their bodies. eastwood’s crystals are highly addictive to ingest due to his impulse domain, and his smoke is a depressive substance due to his depression domain. miller’s flowers evoke nostalgia, and so on.

greater gods have passive And active powers relating to their domains. rein, being the god of patience and control, has the passive ability of making people in its presence more calm and willing to listen to it, with an active ability of being able to increase this effect while using its voice. spit on the other hand, being the god of violence and vices, has the passive ability of getting stronger in the face of violence (against her or otherwise), and the active ability of causing a person to give into their basic impulses (generally whatever they’re thinking about at the time) with her own voice. active abilities take up strength and energy to use.

high gods have passive and active powers but at an incredibly capable level. wax, having the fear and imagination domains, has passive shapeshifting. this shapeshifting is Not controllable by wax, and happens during emotional distress- taking the appearance of a TCP type based on the person speaking to him's worst fear (or his own, if alone). one of his active abilities is to induce fear, the worst fear a person has ever felt, at will with his voice. all things considered, these are actually pretty weak high god powers, and some have much, much scarier abilities- pretty much all of which are spoilers!

motifs are as the name suggests, design motifs. they directly correlate to the god's form- in some way, a motif must be related to a god's physical appearance. these motifs may be visible or hidden, but they Must be there. if you pick motifs, they will have to be incorporated in the visual design of the god- so pick carefully!

a motif is something a god can control more directly- but it must be a physical element, no abstract concepts- it has to be part of the visual design, after all. (not that we couldn't make that work, but anyway) motif control is similar to elemental bending, but with whatever material the motif is- for instance, spit’s meat motif allows her to twist peoples’ flesh, while eastwood’s crystal motif allows him to move and change his body’s crystals however he wants. this is also tiered, though the tiers themselves are a bit more nebulous.

lesser gods can work with existing motif materials, greater gods can create their own, while high gods can create them in excess. gods are not bound to these tiers- a powerful lesser god (see: eastwood) can use motifs on a greater god level, while a weak greater god (wretch) is bound to lesser god limits, and so on.

gods can have as many domains and motifs as they want, but it's generally recommend you go for 2 each. the more motifs/domains you have, the weaker they are- while a single motif/domain may make your skillset overly specific, and lead to less versatility. 2 is the golden number!

neither domains or motifs have any bearing on a god's personality, morals, and character. it's worth noting that the person a god is entirely independent of any of these things, and two gods with the same domains and motifs will be entirely different people, with different powers and appearances as well.

also congrats you’re not even a lesser god yet, this shit’s mostly just to set up your god’s form, figure out possible powers if they become physical, as well as determine synergy bonuses within the game.

have fun!
No. 125900 ID: b1b4f3

No. 125985 ID: d5442a
File 153939349849.png - (448.15KB , 825x1024 , voidsyclowns.png )

*distant honking intensifies*

The whole clown thing inspired me to draw Voidsy in some sort of clownish outfit, and for the pose I thought hey, Voidsy's ring and masks looks like they're juggling sometimes! Let's do that! But they needed more things to be throwing around, so why not add in some of these little clown wizards we've been talking about?

Originally I drew little gnome-like human clown wizards, but they didn't look great and I thought, eh, that doesn't seem like it fits well with the world we have, anyway. So I made this race of little fuzzy mousey people. Then I thought far too much about them and came up with a whole little society and culture for them, but I don't know if anyone wants me to clog their browser typing it up. Anyone interested?
No. 125986 ID: 53b212
File 153939573383.jpg - (63.43KB , 480x360 , aaaaa.jpg )

this is fucking adorable thank you so much

i DO have some designs drafted up for our little buds but i sure as hell dont have society or anything yet: lay that shit on me
No. 125987 ID: 53b212
File 153939605789.png - (7.00KB , 146x266 , clown.png )

i have shown this preview on discord before also so here take it
No. 125992 ID: 10c408

so, about the hang glider suggestion. I'm okay with it. I think there's a couple of problems with using it that are easily remedied by cooperation by our godly teammates

I'm still against the idea of making anything that isn't pure utility because of how easy it would be to weaponize the item in question. (Even a utility helicopter can be used to crush things if abandoned at a high altitude)
No. 125993 ID: d5442a
File 153941033777.png - (232.04KB , 900x800 , wizits.png )

Looks like we actually thought pretty alike, in terms of looks! I'll try write my ideas out, then, since you're interested. It's a long spiel (don't say I didn't warn you), so I'll put it in a pastebin. Take what you like from it. I only have these little sketches to go with it for now, but if there's general approval then I'll probably see if I can't do some sort of proper reference picture.

No. 125995 ID: 53b212

i've got my design aesthetic pretty much set for these guys, BUT- i will be adding the tails and classes in! please throw us any more concepts you've got, i'd love to incorporate em
No. 125996 ID: b1b4f3

Now I want to see Voidsy as an evil mime.
No. 126041 ID: 1a6dfc

We've gotta win so that Voidsy can go on to bring these guys to life on Morbit
No. 126042 ID: 516408

Shame we went with the furnace goat for the new guy's design, I liked the planet person a lot
No. 126109 ID: 53b212


here's the Encyclopedia of Morbitian Fashion- it looks pretty empty right now, but maybe you could suggest something...
No. 126110 ID: 56de26

Hoopla, perhaps? That's Wretch's zone, right?
No. 126111 ID: 80198d

No. 126114 ID: b1b4f3

What are Morbit clowns like?
No. 126118 ID: 2202fb


This is great, but i think they should have some kinds of weapons they can use. While they may not like using them, if they only have escape as their only option, they are eventually going to get captured and slaughtered by Spit.

I'd suggest
-Deathsticks(the baton thingies-look them up)
-card shurikens
-colorful confetti frags
-gaudy colored teargas
-juggling clubs
-fireblower flamethrower using juggling torch
-magic disco laser ball spell(based on warframe mirage)

I want to stress that i am not suggesting they should use these very often or become militarized. These would only be used if they get caught in a corner.
No. 126119 ID: 2202fb


Deleted my prior post once i saw you did in fact address juggalos in your writeup.

I think the killing penalties are kind of extreme, however. While i can definitely get behind it being an extreme and unthinkable taboo, i think it should stay at regular emotional repercussions but amplified rather than death and/or silence. Additionally, i also think the juggalo "transformation" should be nixed and instead replaced with a proposal outlined as thus:

Much like real people, wizits can snap under extreme emotional strife. Coupled with the heightened emotional backlash of killing something, means that wizits are much more likely to snap once they take someone's life than regular people (of note, killing isnt the only way for a wizit to snap and even then, it is situational and based on many factors such as the circumstances of the killing, the intentions, and the individual's emotional strength). Once a wizit snaps, that is when the originally outlined physical transition would occur. In addition to the shift in appearance, they would also radically shift towards the chaotic and/or evil ends of the alignment spectrum and begin using much more traditional weapons (including, but not limited to: cleavers, bats, chainsaws, and teeth). The end result being anywhere from depressed juggalo to killer clown (or if shit really hits the fan, Gamzee in a bloodrage).

Ofc, due to the infancy of the species coupled with their inhibitions on murder, these individuals are very very few in number. If a wizit is forced to defend themself, they try to do so non-lethally, and only insofar as to allow them to escape.
No. 126122 ID: 5247b0

It was mimes that part of the write-up was hinting at. Also, the whole thing of killer clowns was avoided deliberately, since scary killer clowns is kind of overdone and implied to already be in place as a different thing on morbit. Wizits would make pretty terrible killer clowns anyway, since they're small enough to sit in your hand.
No. 126123 ID: eb2fe2

No. 126130 ID: 2202fb

Guess i missed the size part (and so did mortis, it seems).
I see my proposed transformation not as just an excuse to have killer clowns. Instead, it is more of a manic depressive dynamic. One should sympathize with these individuals and not just see them as monsters to be cut down.
No. 126131 ID: 5247b0

TCPs are also very small. Wizits appear normal-sized in TCP because Tiny Cat People are Tiny. If a normal human appeared in the quest they would be a giant.

I don't see how someone being more likely to act in a monstrous way would make them less likely to be seen as monsters. I get that people subject to violent impulses should be sympathized with, of course, but once again, violence and clowns as a combination seems done. The more subtle fear factor of meeting some sad toy-sized black and white crying-makeup harlequin and realizing that they have killed another person, managed to survive something that kills the majority of those who experience it, and may possibly now have the ability to create any object they want in invisible form on top of never making a sound... seemed like it would be spookier. But that's probably subjective.
No. 126132 ID: b596bb

So, what exactly would a TCP-type TCP do?
No. 126133 ID: 91ee5f

No. 126134 ID: 1668de

That's just wax
No. 126140 ID: b67388

Abstract Type whose ascendant power lets it become any Type, but can only be used once.
No. 126141 ID: 56de26

No. 126157 ID: b1b4f3

A completely overpowered interpretation of that is "the ability to turn objects into TCPs of a type based on the object".

This sounds more reasonable. Not a bad power actually, since it's essentially like putting off the choice of type until later, when you might need something specific. Alternatively when playing as a newly-born god you could pick that for your first TCP and change the type later when you have your motifs set up, for better synergy.
No. 126438 ID: 56de26
File 154190317165.png - (14.02KB , 463x310 , growth chart.png )

I just had a few ideas for Wizit growth and childhood.
They have children in litters of 3-7, litters of 7 being as uncommon as twins are for humans.
They lay cube shaped eggs which hatch after about one day, give or take.
Wizit children aren't classified as Buffons, Jesters, or Harlequins, rather, they choose which class they want to be at around 6 days old. Before this, they are known simply as Jacks.
Their skill in jokes and magic vary by age, but most Jacks prefer jokes which consist of them hiding somewhere small (such as a cubby or a fridge) waiting for someone to walk by or open said thing, and jumping out at them making loud honking noises. They are often found fast asleep in drawers.
Their noses never change in size, much like eyes for humans, so younger Jack's noses often take up their entire face. They also hatch hairless, so a full clown afro is seen as a sign of adulthood. Their magic stored in their tails have only one charge at 1-4 days old, and a mere 2 charges at 5 days old, so they rely more on their physical capabilities than their magical ones.
Wizits raise their children as a pack, rather than just the parents raising their Jacks.
1 day old Jacks are like toddlers, and are very carefully watched over, not allowed out of the camp, out of sight of adults, etc. 3 day old Jacks are given free roam of the camp, but are still carefully watched by those around. 5 day old Jacks are allowed short excursions out of camp, and aren't watched as carefully, but still aren't ready to be on their own yet. 7 days old are seen as grown and are no longer watched.
Once they've chosen their class and turn a week old, they throw their first solo performance for their (pack? clan? whatever it's called), which is met with rampant applause no matter how unfunny it may be. They get constructive criticism and cupcakes afterward.
While different Wizits grow to be different sizes, this height chart should highlight how tall they are at each age in comparison to their final height.
No. 126440 ID: 864e49

This is all clever and cute but
>cube shaped eggs
Fucking ow!
No. 126442 ID: b5952d

Cube shaped eggs seem... far, far less than optimal. And growing over a few days seems much too fast. No-one will have time to interact with cute babies! Making it months instead would line up with how long it takes similarly sized creatures to grow to full size.

Of course, if morbit follows our rules for mental development, even just learning a language would take a few years. Anything you'd call mental or emotional maturity would take even longer. Also wizits are of course partly based on wizards, so I'd have leaned more toward them being long-lived and slower to grow, myself.
No. 126443 ID: a05a9e

That's just how long humans take to learn language and other things, given Wizits are an entirely different kind of creature they may have brains that are structured in such a way that talking and understanding is instinctual, or they may have much higher learning capacity
No. 126444 ID: 56de26

I was going for a Jack-in-the-box theme, but I can see how that'd be highly impractical/painful. Might need to scratch that.
I think the quick growth of the Wizits is completely necessary though, seeing the situation they're in. If they were in Morbit I would be all for a longer childhood, but as it stands, they don't have the time for right now. Thing's are going to get hectic soon, and the last thing we need are kids for Spit to abuse. The sooner they can grow up the better.
No. 126445 ID: b5952d

I think the wizits in the game are probably smart enough to just not have kids yet. They're not dumb, so why would they not see the same problem you can? There's nothing to say they're going to just go ahead popping out babies right away. Even if they did, the ideas so far have pointed them towards being illusionists and tricksters, so even if they were foolish enough to start having kids when they aren't sure about their futures, and if they even get their gestation done before the game is over, they'd probably be pretty good at hiding them.

I think if you did that, there'd have to be downsides to compensate. Like, they wouldn't be able to learn any other languages, or the too-quick learning would make their personalities unstable and unpredictable. Or if you made them magically knowledgeable then other magic could mess with that, or so on.
No. 126446 ID: 56de26

I wasn't implying that the Wizits would have kids willy nilly without a second thought. I was just saying if they were to have kids, we don't really have the time in-game to give them a longer childhood. We want as many Wizits as possible to create ample chaos, and seeing as we can't create too many without the specices/tech level rising, we'll need to rely on the Wizits for that.
No. 126447 ID: b5952d

We don't even know exactly how many we created, yet. We could have an ample amount already. I don't think we're exactly going to get on the wizits' good side by pushing them into having as many kids as possible, either. Remember, they're neutral! They're not on anyone's side, we just let loose chaos on everyone equally to offset Spit and Wax's experience and probably-better-at-planning advantages. Nothing says the wizits have to like us or do what we say. If they had the ability to have a bunch of kids quick, so what? Why would they? Even if they felt like being parents, they'd probably want time to get to know and like their babydaddies/mommas beforehand, and that could take months or years. We don't have any control over them.

So it'd be better not to muck around and give them a maturity cycle more suited to when the game's over.
No. 126467 ID: 1a603e
File 154214021630.png - (93.21KB , 500x500 , m122.png )


Volume 1 of Suplex's playlists for Maybequest is now out!

i have a lot of announcements/news coming up, some good and some bad, but for now- take this while i figure out how to make a big ass post about it

(don't worry my quests are fine none of them are cancelled or anything, completely different kind of news)
No. 126631 ID: 53b212
File 154371966004.png - (20.04KB , 500x500 , 3.png )


No. 126632 ID: b1b4f3

How strange. A session where the player isn't a god? Does that mean there are no stakes?
No. 126636 ID: e26f77

The stake is your pride as a gamer.
No. 126686 ID: 53b212
File 154404509766.png - (36.84KB , 660x560 , clover.png )

some mothlies for design practice
No. 126687 ID: 53b212
File 154404510578.png - (47.53KB , 780x690 , train.png )

No. 126688 ID: 53b212
File 154404513403.png - (29.05KB , 700x504 , nova.png )

sorry for being so scarce, lots going on

it's been a hell of a year
No. 126693 ID: b1b4f3

Mothlies are cute.
No. 126751 ID: 53b212
File 154439345883.png - (660.74KB , 750x750 , holiday1.png )


[comics will resume ASAP, i have a massive commission queue rn due to helping team members out of homelessness and also dealing with a dying relative on the side]
No. 126843 ID: 53b212
File 154492467356.png - (213.05KB , 750x750 , holiday6.png )

No. 126855 ID: b1b4f3

I can't tell what he's scowling at. Which letter was on the table?
No. 126857 ID: 53b212

set of letters in the first chapter, though as a note a lot of this special is going to be more implication than what we usually do

big big overarching plot things ahead
No. 126861 ID: 53b212

oh goddamnit hi it's me, new computer and thus new ID
No. 126872 ID: 53b212
File 154504272278.png - (220.58KB , 750x750 , holiday13.png )


[wheeze] just take another update we're exhausted
No. 126907 ID: 53b212
File 154520378259.png - (315.64KB , 750x750 , holiday21.png )

https://archiveofourown.org/works/16927260/chapters/40124936 MORBIT HOLIDAY SPECIAL UPDATE

epilogue coming as soon as we can finish it, it's a doozy

you will most likely have many many many questions by the end of this and it's intentional, we'll be getting to lots of stuff slowly over time
No. 126908 ID: b1b4f3

I'm guessing those aren't her favorite... so Bucket is being kept prisoner somewhere and is trying to tell Chelsea and Miller that with the out of character letters and gifts.
No. 126915 ID: b1b4f3

If there's an anti-Spit organization it should be called SWALLOW.
No. 126920 ID: a9af05

Hahahahaha! XD
No. 126936 ID: 53b212
File 154533702017.png - (235.83KB , 750x750 , holiday28.png )

No. 126964 ID: 53b212
File 154553813166.png - (226.05KB , 750x750 , holiday49.png )

https://archiveofourown.org/works/16927260/chapters/40251155 MORBIT HOLIDAY SPECIAL FINAL: EPILOGUE 2/2

void session and MQ will resume in january, thank you all so much for the support!
No. 126968 ID: b1b4f3

That's weird, Bucket's face was different in person, and they weren't wearing the collar. I'm guessing that's an old photo and Bucket was able to change their appearance somehow.
Does that style of collar mean something? Maybe demons usually wear it, as a symbol of servitude. The only other demon we've seen as far as I can remember is Eastwood, who doesn't have a neck to wear one. Bucket took theirs off because of the conflict between them and Rein that we don't know the details about yet. Either they got sick of the conflict between Rein and Spit, or decided Rein wasn't handling the situation properly and left to take action against Spit in their own way. Perhaps by joining Grind's faction? That would explain why the letters and packages were apparently being intercepted and edited by Rein's people.

Another question that comes to mind is... how do they convince Spit to allow Chelsea to leave and recuperate in what is apparently Rein's territory? I kindof want to know how exactly Rein is "rehabilitating" Spit, and if it's actually working or if Spit is simply learning how to hide her worst offenses from Rein and Wax. Worst case scenario is that they're working together, but I feel like Wax should have found out by now. Heh, I guess they still could be and Wax has some long-term plan to take both of them out.
Honestly the most incriminating thing about Rein is that it apparently hasn't told anyone how it's winning against Spit in the TCP games.
No. 126969 ID: 53b212
File 154560849715.png - (251.96KB , 750x750 , holiday41.png )

for the most part i aint answering shit, BUT

bucket often wears a mask as part of their usual outfits- their face can be seen in the last panel of the 5th chapter, during extremely gay cuddle hours
No. 126977 ID: b1b4f3

Oh that's a mask! Must be magic. I wonder how it was made?
Hmm, we're pretty unawares so far as to how much magic is involved in everyday life on Morbit...
No. 126988 ID: 91ee5f

It must be dangerous to share a bed with someone that has horns. Could accidentally get stabbed in the eye or something in the middle of the night.
No. 127076 ID: 53b212
File 154612207850.png - (2.49MB , 1000x1000 , 6Q.png )

6Q'S DONE IT AGAIN, FOLKS...one more victory under the professional TCP player's belt. The identity of this Top 10 Scorer is still mysterious- but their win record sure isn't! Watch out, for your next arcade visit could land you in a close up encounter with this fearsome beast!

(hi i'm a character desiger/secondary artist on ARCADE SESSION, which is now in full swing: http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=4085 )
No. 127090 ID: 53b212
File 154615784346.png - (3.30KB , 150x150 , 7thumb.png )


To promote our Patreon, we've released the currently finished Homebrew pages for free! The rest will be put on our Patreon as it's updated, and released in free when fully complete. Enjoy!

(hi im copying pasting shit everywhere and going on an organizational rampage for the new year)
No. 127222 ID: 53b212

just a heads up: my hydrocephalus is rearing up Extremely badly and i'll very possibly end up waiting a few months to get my shunt adjusted (which is to say my treatment on track again), so as much as i want to maintain a consistent update/work schedule, i might not be able to.

i have so many stories to tell and so many worlds to show you, and i want to make it all happen as best as i can, but this is kind of the worst it's been in a while and i'm not going to sugarcoat that. i'm going to try and get in with a doctor ASAP, but right now its a wait.

thank you all for sticking with me, and supporting me despite all of the delays and sudden changes.

i'll do my best.
No. 127259 ID: 53b212
File 154727896375.png - (151.31KB , 500x500 , mc001.png )

https://open.spotify.com/user/ringormortis/playlist/3hPchZWZpPOM3CJb8iYD9n?si=PI3EIiaHTFWZYdYwxVJ3-Q Volume 1 of Maes Artag's playlists has been released: MC-001! [Warning: it can get Loud]
No. 127260 ID: 06fdc0

mortis, when they said to get the creative juices flowing, this isn’t what they meant!

i hope you’re doing well
No. 127277 ID: 158da5

Don't worry! I'm happy to wait when you need to take breaks for your health.
No. 127493 ID: 53b212
File 154900334757.png - (71.54KB , 500x500 , flesh done rare.png )

https://open.spotify.com/user/ringormortis/playlist/0sz5nvXywVukOtRe2tDSwk?si=wIBbQdHTRQ6c7sDu9kJHVQ Volume 1 of Devil's playlists has been released: FLESH SERVED RARE!
No. 127494 ID: b1b4f3

Wow, a whole playlist for a TCP?
No. 127495 ID: b1b4f3

This playlist is... worrying.
No. 127497 ID: 6d9fef
File 154900588145.png - (70.15KB , 425x142 , date night.png )

No. 127499 ID: 91ee5f

I’ve been thinking about something. Voidsy’s face on their main body is also a mask, right? Well what’s behind that mask if Voidsy removes it?

Then I thought about how Voidsy’s face could be something that’s absolutely terrifying to look at and whenever they speak, their voice is a very deep demonic sounding voice. Then when Voidsy puts their face back on, they go back to their normal voice.

These thoughts came to me when I was thinking on what we’d do if a very pissed off Spit came looking for us after we win the game and we get to exist with a real body. I doubt any of what I said would actually end up happening, but if it did, then we could scare Spit so badly that she ends up leaving us alone!

But those are just my random thoughts. I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking this all sounds really dumb.
No. 127500 ID: b1b4f3

Nah there should just be nothing behind it, and Voidsy only ever speaks from the mask. It is their face.
No. 127501 ID: a9af05

As interesting as it would be to deal with Spit like that, I agree with what >>127500 said about what Voidsy should look like.
No. 127504 ID: 05dadb

I prefer the idea presented back with >>123790 that nobody knows what's under Voidsy's mask, not even them, and that Voidsy is actually afraid to even know one way or the other. Like, with the intersection between their domains and motifs, the idea of it being a question with no answer, or a possibly question that never gets answered, is more compelling than any actual answer could be? Or even that the question not having an answer is actually an essential aspect of what they are, and any attempt to find out would actually be a kind of terrible personal violation or violence. Like, the uncertainty itself is actually a fundamental part of them.

I mean, looking at what they physically are, they're a mask - an identity - being worn by emptiness. To have an identity is to be something (to someone), but nothing can't be something and something can't be nothing. Hence, the discord aspect. Voidsy is a walking contradiction, a living question. Which, potentially, is symbolic of questions about how real any "identity" people have or take on is. Does that question need to be answered, or is the state of uncertainty more important and more valuable than any of the possible answers to that question? Maybe there's something about it that is real and alive, but only stays that way if you don't look too closely. So maybe if anyone actually found out what was under Voidsy's mask, something terrible would happen. What exactly, and terrible for who? Who knows. Maybe you shouldn't ask. If I was Voidsy, I'd be afraid to let anyone find out.

I don't think there's much of anything Voidsy could pull off that would scare Spit, but if I was trying to figure some sort of spook face for Voidsy, I'd play up the scary aspect of the emptiness concept. Their face goes totally still and obviously fake and inanimate, and their eyes and their body go absolute light-eating gaze-into-the-heat-death-of-the-universe vantablack.
No. 127515 ID: 91ee5f

It sounds like you’re saying Voidsy is hiding behind a fake identity and would rather have everyone like their fake identity because they’re afraid that their real identity is so boring, no one would want to be their friend.

Which honestly sounds very depressing.
No. 127516 ID: b1b4f3

It's like the internet!
No. 127518 ID: 130f18

I like this idea better.
No. 127532 ID: a9af05

The sad truth of how the internet works.

Voidsy perfectly represents what the internet is!
No. 127533 ID: 10c408

I agree with this. it'd fit with voidsy's motif and theme if there is just a blank space behind his mask.

or alternatively, just a head shape behind the mask that's featureless save for the star-filled 'skin' that makes up the rest of it's appearance.
No. 127534 ID: 53b212

i'm here to be horribly disappointing and say that the only real detail i have about voidsy's face is that i picked a plastic kitty face in reference to those good ol 80's-90's plushes

i put a lot of detail in my shit but honestly i just wanted them to be cute, and my own views on identity and what that means for voidsy/as a whole seem to be pretty different than what's discussed here (not that that's a bad thing! just different takes as the writer vs the audience)

it's interesting to see, though
No. 127932 ID: 53b212


MORBIT DENNY'S II is now re-open to the public! If you're a fan of Morbit, or any of our other projects- this is the place to be! We have almost 100 members and a lot of fun, including worldbuilding Q&A's, eventual server movie nights, and much more!
No. 128476 ID: c8452a

Hi I re-read Maybecat and it made me cry again, thanks
No. 128525 ID: b1b4f3

Alright I came up with some ideas for battle.

One, we can use Dad as a combat booster. Have her order her teammates to "fight bravely" and "feel no pain".
Two, I think we can abuse autobalance to create things in Spit's base. However, we'll have to be in spit's base or at least at the entrance for this to be useful. So like, we could create something powerful but easily used by the enemy, and Spit would automatically get it placed in her base. We had no confirmation check for receiving the knife, so Spit won't get one either. A disadvantage of this is that Wax will get pissed at us for exploiting game mechanics.
No. 128534 ID: b1b4f3

...wait, what's stopping Dad from just ordering the enemy TCPs to go rogue?
No. 128567 ID: 130f18

Nothing, I think, except the health cost of using her ability.
No. 128573 ID: b1b4f3

She didn't use up any health when we tried using it on Primus.
No. 128576 ID: ab1fe9

Using it normally just makes them feel strongly like they want to, but it isn't irresistible. That doesn't use health. Using it with the wand makes it cost health, but seems to turn it into an overriding compulsion.

It's a little unclear whether Dad has to do it deliberately to get the normal effect or if it's just always on. If it is always on, I wonder if Dad had an effect on Devil, just there.
No. 128778 ID: b1b4f3


Is a TCP's central consciousness attached to their head? Like, if you cut off a TCP's head during a Session, what part loses sensation? Could you then heal the TCP by feeding its head?
No. 128779 ID: b1b4f3

Also, do Kill commands have a max effective distance? Do they require line of sight to instantly kill a 0-hp TCP?
No. 128787 ID: 10c408

Alright, play time's over. The date's been fun but we're not gonna win like this. We need to enact a game plan as soon as Jasper, Dad and Primus get back home.

And as for the plan itself...

Group teaching skill dump. So far, nothing suggests that teaching your TCp's triggers autobalance and we should abuse the hell out of this. We're probably gonna have to come up with a uniform list, but any skills that will help with off-setting Spit's psychological terror bullshit will help immensely.

And after that we make...

nothing. No magic items. The only thing we can make is structure related because even with the poorly understood forcefield our base is ass.

After the group skill dump, we should just go out and FIND SHIT. Since whatever we find wasn't made by ourselves, it won't trigger autobalance. That'll be a huge leg up. If we do this and hopefully find something really good then we can start scouting and maybe even raiding Spit's fortress.
No. 128788 ID: 10c408

Alright, play time's over. The date's been fun but we're not gonna win like this. We need to enact a game plan as soon as Jasper, Dad and Primus get back home.

And as for the plan itself...

Group teaching skill dump. So far, nothing suggests that teaching your TCp's triggers autobalance and we should abuse the hell out of this. We're probably gonna have to come up with a uniform list, but any skills that will help with off-setting Spit's psychological terror bullshit will help immensely.

And after that we make...

nothing. No magic items. The only thing we can make is structure related because even with the poorly understood forcefield our base is ass.

After the group skill dump, we should just go out and FIND SHIT. Since whatever we find wasn't made by ourselves, it won't trigger autobalance. That'll be a huge leg up. If we do this and hopefully find something really good then we can start scouting and maybe even raiding Spit's fortress.
No. 128790 ID: b1b4f3

Wasn't there some drawback to teaching a TCP a bunch of stuff? Other than the information overload of doing it all at once?

It's a bad idea just for the information overload. TEACHing should be done sparingly, or for simple things that are hard to explain.
No. 128791 ID: ab1fe9

Dumping a lot of skills on a TCP at once is very distressing for them.
No. 128793 ID: 10c408

We don't have to give them the entire skillset all at once. We can teach them in segments.
No. 128795 ID: 130f18

It has been suggested in the past that the more skills a TCP is taught, the less they are able to specialize or focus on a given skillset.
No. 128797 ID: 10c408

We still need to teach them something so that they don't immediately fall to pieces when confronted with trauma, physical or otherwise. We almost lost Jasper due to this.
No. 128799 ID: ab1fe9

My suggestion is we teach them "pain management" and "fear management". Those are both real skills that people can develop. They don't interfere in what you feel, just how well you deal with it.

We might have already taught someone something similar? It probably wouldn't hurt, though. If we'd taught them both those things before now, they'd have reacted like "woah wait what why are you teaching me those i'm worried now" but after this, they'll get it.
No. 128800 ID: 130f18

We taught some of them skills to help others cope with such things.
No. 128805 ID: 8eaf98

so uh stupid idea. can we put the magic hat on the voidsy mask to power up the mask? so like we can make full connections to other people's TCPs?
No. 128807 ID: f46e5e

another, hopefully, less stupid idea, magic items whos user is us as gods, with the target of friend and foe TCPs such that imposing the cost on the target would make it far more effective as a weapon than whatever it was originally supposed to do and since we as a god are the user what cost can it even impose on us? (that last bit tempts fate I know, but could shed light on Spit's methods)
No. 128810 ID: 130f18

Creating items outside of the game autobalances it to everybody. So if Spit did this to attack our TCPs, we would have the same item in our godspace. It's more likely she has a sniper of some sort.
No. 128812 ID: b1b4f3

Correction: creating POWERFUL items outside the game triggers autobalance and gives it to the other team(s).
No. 128814 ID: f46e5e

I was thinking an ingame item, not a callspace (I think we effectively exist only in the call) item. This probably means one of its traits is the ability to focus on it as a god like we do our TCPs. Would get weird fast if its ability is to look at other things though

Another idea I feel is worth sharing: Motif Detector Projector Boxes. MDPBs.
The two we would care about would be the space and the void projectors, but we would need a mask projector to prove the idea works. The boxes attempt to make as big a projection of space/a mask/void as possible but without a motif boost can only make one as big as the box, thus if the projection is bigger than the box it must be boosted.
To make sure these boxes have no cost (or minimize it at least) the boxes should be always on and it should be obvious they are a projection. (my idea was how things look when you can only see them with one eye but not the other, or for images every other pixel and the projection has transparency)
The Mask and Space MDPBs' can work as expected for a 3D projection, but the Void MDPB needs to project things being not present. As such I think an explanation on how this could be accomplished is necessary, without making the detector an x-ray type device.
The visual changes caused by the Void MDPB will have the same appearance as the other two but all that is seen 'through' an object will just be what the viewer expects to see. Things where the viewer has no idea what to expect seeing (I.E. trying to look through a wall or inside a TCP) will likely just be uncomfortable to look at, and/or akin to where you can understand what a thing is in a dream without it having an actual describable form.
No. 128815 ID: b1b4f3

Okay hold up, which sessions are NOT canceled at this point?
No. 128817 ID: 53b212

void session, pre alpha and arcade sessions are active, everything else is cancelled
No. 128819 ID: f46e5e

>>128817 Interesting that pre-alpha is still running. I heard it is here on TG but can not find it linked to you or TCP on the wiki.
No. 128826 ID: 53b212

https://tgchan.org/wiki/Tiny_Cat_People_(prealpha_v1.1.0b) bwoop, it's on hiatus
No. 128827 ID: b1b4f3

Ok cool, that was what I thought.
No. 128831 ID: 5ba090

Hey with the teaching idea.
What if we make just a piece of paper with a list of all skills we think could be at all useful to this situation, and then just let our tcps choose which ones they want to learn, then TEACH them that skill? I feel like that would make sure we don't overload our tcps while also giving them everything they think would be useful.
No. 128834 ID: 8eaf98

thanks, Mortis that was a wonderful laugh that pre-alpha session, too bad our void session form was not fog-of-war though, spit would never get to eat us then (assuming physical contact is involved) we would always at best be at the edge of her vision =P
would be interesting if we could give some of our powers to our TCPs in void session, though that would almost certainly cause an instant autobalance notification.
losing the create power in pre-alpha is kinda rough though, necessary power limits are very much NOT in place in pre-alpha, feels like we could create a thing to just like steal the tower, remove everyone else's land, raise the sea level, or what have you. I can see why you stopped. Watching things go about as I might expect was great fun to read through.
No. 128836 ID: 53b212

oh i dont run pre-alpha! i just run void session, our team member duke runs pre-alpha + knux400 runs arcade, i just assist here and there on both
No. 129057 ID: 53b212
File 155487044308.png - (13.27KB , 736x736 , tcpdex.png )

the new TCPdex is LIVE!
No. 129207 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, I just realized that rescuing Marvel via dismemberment wouldn't cause much suffering at all, as Marvel doesn't feel pain. Marvel might even do their own surgery, keeping one arm on during travel.
Doesn't the Spit mask we made also do that? If Seaspray wants an evac like that we can use it.
No. 129211 ID: 10c408

Honestly, this is probably our best bet for un-fucking the current situation.

it's gonna be absolutely horrifying to Buddy and Jasper, but it's probably the safest option for getting Marvel out of Spit's fuck-off fort.

And probably Seaspray as well, but the health oddity is... pretty fucking worrying. I dunno if it'd be safe for anyone to physically touch her at all. Not even a little to give her a health potion or two before we start removing the hooks holding her up.
No. 129214 ID: b1b4f3

If you ask me, Spit healed Seaspray just to wake them up so they could be tortured.
No. 129215 ID: 10c408


I'd like to point out a few things.

one: by exact definition, everything that has been inflicted onto seaspray since she went on recon with Marvel and Jasper has been torture. ALL OF IT.

two: as mentioned and even been previously established, fucking with TCP's health and whatever else is Spit's bread and butter. even artificially raising seaspray's health like this probably has some terrible consequence to it.

and three: What makes you think that the torture ever stopped? Seaspray has been pinned to a god damn wall and I bet it's gonna cost that extra, artificial health to remove her from it (unless we can give her a potion first)
No. 129217 ID: 8eaf98

remember though that
>damage to body can permanently affect mental health + functionality >>/quest/881003
so we still need to be careful with that plan. we probably need him awake to tell us if we can even do that plan safely.
No. 129218 ID: 10c408

we need him to be conscious and coherent anyway.

Maybe if we're lucky, he can just... not control the areas that would be left behind when he's sized down to fit through the bag?
No. 129219 ID: 8eaf98

Marvel is made of brain though, losing some of your brain is generally bad, regardless of why
No. 129221 ID: 10c408

I acknowledge your point, but you still refuse to acknowledge mine and the other anon's point that being subjected to Spit's machinations are FAR worse because as we all know, her motifs are not sunshine and rainbows.

Yes, it's going to suck even worse to have to do this to Marvel. He might not ever recover, even! But the alternatives, given that we don't know where the damn exit is and are comparatively under armed and outnumbered in Spit's murderfort, are exponentially worse.
No. 129230 ID: 8eaf98

>>129221 I do not disagree but did want to make sure expected consequences were known
No. 129232 ID: b1b4f3

Oh dear. We really shouldn't do that then, unless the mental effects are reversible after damage is repaired.
No. 129233 ID: 10c408

Marvel's already on 0 HP, though. Anything we do at this point, though admittedly a terrible option in and of itself, is still better than any OTHER options we pursue for extracting Marvel. (We're not fighting our way out of Spit's trap filled and possibly labyrinthine base with the current party in such dire straits)
No. 129234 ID: a9af05

>Marvel's already on 0 HP
I don't know where you got that, since we can only see the HP of our TCPs and Marvel isn't one of our TCPs.

We don't know what Marvel's current health is at.
No. 129235 ID: 10c408

I know this bit of information because Eastwood announced it immediately after the three of them got shot out of the sky.

"VOIDSY: Miller?!
VOIDSY: Miller, what’s going on, Jasper’s health just dropped to-
MILLER: Seaspray, Seaspray’s…
EASTWOOD: ..critical.
MILLER: How did you-
EASTWOOD: Marvel’s down to 0 too."
No. 129299 ID: 53b212
File 155667880537.png - (702.22KB , 750x716 , 16.png )


plugging our team member (+ my wonderful partner) Comorant's comic real quick- Crankshaft Rafflesian has been properly rebooted for a bit now and is well enough in that there's a nice meaty backlog for new readers to chomp on. it's a surreal slice of life with robots! everybody loves robots.

narration/dialogue is underneath the images- we're working on changing the layout to make it a bit more readable/noticeable!

our twitter is a great place to track updates:
No. 129430 ID: 18b03d

Personally I think Voidsy is an identity being worn, but it's less being worn by emptiness and more being worn to disguise and smooth over the fact that they are a collective.
It allows them to harmonize themselves and actually act like they are a person instead of a group.
I imagine under the mask is something making their nature as a collective more obvious, like a hole with a mass of voices speaking over each other leaking out or numerous smaller faces melted together.
No. 129569 ID: 53b212
File 155951552350.png - (66.73KB , 819x541 , forummascot.png )

popping in to
1) apologize for sporadic updates, life has been Weird on my end
2) announce that our official forums are now publicly advertised! you can find more info here:

a pretty major (but optional to understanding the canon) story about wretch is planned for release there when it's done, so i figure it's good to advertise in advance!

(pic is our lovely TCP mascot, designed by the forum-goers)
No. 129570 ID: 91ee5f

>(pic is our lovely TCP mascot, designed by the forum-goers)
Yes, your mascot is indeed lovely! What is its name?
No. 129576 ID: 53b212

we haven't had a vote on it yet because i am busier than i'd like, but we're gonna do that real soon
No. 129717 ID: 53b212

so, we've severed ties with Eagletime- TCP Arcade Session has now been moved to our forums!

to find out Why we've been pushed to do this, we have a document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HMiSKkArIqEtrukOGm_7TwivB28bqahvjVUUH8Iw9oM/edit

thank you for your understanding.
No. 129718 ID: b1b4f3

I don't see a post on the forums so I'm guessing it's just on their discord.
Anyway, I'd been in your server long enough to get an idea of what goes on in there, and though the atmosphere didn't agree with me in the end, it certainly wasn't anything like THAT. It sounds like the ET admins got given false evidence. Or maybe they decided they didn't need any real evidence, just testimony from who knows how few users.
No. 129723 ID: 2dfade

The ET admins hate quests. Or anything even vaguely associated with quests. They hardly need a reason beyond their age-old contempt.
No. 129724 ID: b1b4f3

Dude what? That's what the eagle-time forums are FOR, pretty much. Think about what you're saying.
No. 129725 ID: 53b212

we really don't want to start any sort of outrage towards eagletime if possible, please: we're keeping this civil, we don't want anyone attacked, and don't want to make this a us vs them situation.
No. 129727 ID: b1b4f3

Moderating is hard. It's especially hard when you're banning people for things they didn't do where you can check directly. Either you wind up asking for enough evidence that people feel like you're not going to do anything no matter what, or you ask for too little and hateful people can take advantage. The correct middle ground is a hard target to hit. ET just didn't hit it, here.

That's my take on it, anyway.
No. 129728 ID: b66045

You ARE creating an outrage by linking that document here whether thats your intention or not.
I dont like what ET did for various reasons but I also dont like some of your own defense due to certain logical fallacies therein. It wouldve been better if you didnt post that document at all.
Not because of the stuff it contains but because this document only shows your side of the story so it is unfair to post it here where ET mods cant present their side.
No. 129731 ID: 53b212

ET didn't present their side beyond what we have posted in the document. if they did, they did so in their discord (which we were already banned from if in it at all) where we couldn't see it, and thus couldn't know their side to begin with. in addition, this is meant to be an informative document for those interested in why we've moved Arcade Session, and those following our community as a whole. we didn't want to keep it to our discord only, because we know our community extends beyond that.
No. 129733 ID: 465a14

Unlike the HD team on ET, the ET admins haven't been banned here and they're able to post their own side of things.
No. 129735 ID: 395c02

Posting a link to a one-sided story demeaning the acts of another site is both completely irrelevant to us and an act of bad faith.

Acting in bad faith is unprofessional and there's nothing to gain from it but ire from both sides.

In future, keep in mind that acting in good faith would be linking the new location, and keeping the 'why' simple and vague ("it didn't work out at the old place"). We don't need to know more than that.

No more should be said about this topic. This isn't our fight.
No. 129736 ID: 53b212

gotcha, slinko. i can delete the post and replace it with just a link to the session if that'd be better- i don't want to cause any trouble here, i'm honestly just trying to figure out a mess of a situation and whatever you'd prefer here is good by me
No. 129739 ID: 395c02

It's fine, just stuff to keep in mind for future. The easiest way to avoid Drama/Big Dumb Arguments is to downplay things as much as possible. If a person wants to keep a secret, it's better to say nothing than to say 'I have a secret but I'm not saying what it is'.

How we come off is important, especially when doing a group project. Obviously nobody's perfect, and there's no need to worry about mod actions from what's already happened or anything. Nobody's in trouble!

I just felt it important to nip any potential drama in the bud.
No. 130379 ID: 53b212
File 156392825370.png - (46.69KB , 1046x500 , lineup.png )

hohkay this was a long time coming but i'm finally getting off my ass and doing it: some designs from void session are getting retconned due to us not associating with their creators, and have the full design rights to the characters. i'm working on getting a bunch of panels redrawn BUT i decided i should probably just change shit now before i have to redraw five million new fully shaded jasper panels

we hope you like the new designs! they're not to scale here, but these concept sketches should do the trick. they're a lot more fun for me to draw as well, and should lead to faster updates.

we update again this week! get hype!
No. 130764 ID: 8d4593

So Mort, would you like all of us give you our home addresses so you can ride up and kneecap us anytime we give buddy a command? XD
No. 130774 ID: a627e3

about this curse, does it attack us or Buddy? The wording feels a but off on that and we could use a clarification on that.
No. 130775 ID: 10c408

"You are now CURSED. If you give Buddy a command, you will take physical damage."
Seems pretty clear cut to me, but wth ever. Let's all just pile on a half-baked assumption and experiment with something we don't understand that's been inflicted upon us by a literal god of torture.
No. 130776 ID: 53b212

this is all you get: the target is definitely you.
No. 130777 ID: 9d50cc

Ok, so this would be kind of cheating even if it worked, but: if we created a god-specific item that allows a god to physically enter the game - since affecting a god's physical body is a thing - auto-balance would give the same to everyone, but because everyone besides Voidsy is on morbit, no-one except Voidsy would be willing to use it. They all have some investment in staying where they are and in not risking themselves by entering the game physically, since presumably that would mean if their team lost they'd be lost with the game. But for Voidsy, that's effectively the stakes anyway, as things are.

So, if we create like, a Circle of Void Summoning, which our TCPs can use, then Voidsy could and would enter the game, while everyone else could but wouldn't. Now the main problem question is how vulnerable we make ourselves, then, but we seem to be vulnerable anyway so that's less a question, and whether we'd keep our power to use game commands and so on once summoned.
No. 130778 ID: b1b4f3

Spit would definitely enter the game since she's unbeatable in a direct fight and would relish the chance to personally torture all the TCPs.
No. 130779 ID: a627e3

that's all i needed. thanks!
No. 130780 ID: 8d4593

Inb4 no physical body means we have exactly 1HP
No. 130781 ID: b1b4f3

It would make more sense for the curse to be completely ineffective on a god with no physical body.
No. 130782 ID: 9d50cc

That's not optimal for us, but potentially good for morbit. If it's specifically a summoning circle, it doesn't give a way to get back out, so she's stuck in there until the end of the game. We might be able to pull something that traps her, or if we manage to win, she gets... I don't know, killed? Banished? Unmade?

As for the TCPs, since the Unhallowed Sanctuary is already a place, they can just go down there along with anyone else who we don't want to run into Spit, like the wizits. Gods can't enter (and probably Voidsy and Spit would be too big to fit down there anyway), so then we just have to cue the yakety sax and have Voidsy run around the overworld being chased by Spit until someone figures out how to win the game somehow. I'm sure Voidsy can't fight Spit, but they could possibly avoid her?
No. 131764 ID: 53b212

so, this has been planned for a bit now and here we go

TCP (and eventually, maybequest) is moving to the homebrew deviants forums, where our team can handle first party hosting and hopefully, in the future, do new and exciting things with our projects that questden might not be able to do. questden is an Amazing place and i’m so glad i got to witness it grow and change since i started void session, and i’m incredibly grateful for the start it gave me to my (and all of the rest of the team as well)’s careers. we want to keep making things and ideally make it into how we make a living, and while i do worry a bit about audience retention, we feel like it’s a necessary move to scoot over to our own hosting.

i still plan on keeping up with quests here on tgchan and maybe even getting off my ass to suggest sometimes, but TCP will be moved over- after this next intermission. for the duration of the intermission the quest will be dual hosted, taking suggestions from both locations. once Act 4 starts, it’ll just be on the forums. to help encourage the transition, the updates will be posted a day earlier on the forums, but all suggestions on tgchan will be valued with just as much weight as forum ones, and we can’t wait to see what y’all bring to the table with this next arc.

our forums already have a lot of other projects ready to be dug into as well, including oneshot pieces meant to show off new (and familiar) characters, an 18+ piece about wretch’s origins, another TCP session, and threads detailing the worldbuilding of morbit itself. in addition, it’s a space for people to post their own works, related to our worldbuilds or otherwise. we have the site divided into two sections: the main forum area is rated 16+ and doesn’t allow for NSFW content, while the 18+ section is gated off to registered users and allows for NSFW content in a safe environment, be it hard horror or well, horny shit. you don’t need an account to post anonymous suggestions in the creative forums, but you will need one to get at the 18+ goods- we gotta keep minors safe and out of that shit.

that’s pretty much it- thank you for sticking with us for all these years, and for hopefully sticking with us in the future. we couldn’t make TCP without your suggestions!

here’s the intermission link for the forums: i’ll put the mirror up here tomorrow!

No. 131799 ID: 10c408

So I didn't fully suggest it just yet in the actual thread, but I'm pretty sure that we can isolate Hark from Spit and then have an opportunity to talk to Hark alone.

Right now, there's two communication items on Hark. The mask on her face (ours) and whatever item that Spit is using. Now, in the actual world it's obscured by her clothing but in the final few images of the previous threat Hark's collar is still around her neck

Where are Spit's arms right now? Around hark's throat. She's trying so hard to keep the collar concealed and beneath notice.

Now, if we can do anything with the void surrounding us then it's quite likely that we can mask part of ourselves and sneak it behind the two of them. And if we can do that, then we probably sever/block/mess with the collar keeping spit in this pseudo chatroom.

And that's my plan. I'm not going to jump the gun and suggest it fully yet, but I would like some support, since it's fairly evident that if there isn't enough solidarity in the thread we're just going to go crazy.
No. 131809 ID: 3bf416

Clever eye spotting that. Could possibly try removing it in the physical too? Not sure if Spit has failsafes.
No. 131810 ID: 10c408

While we do have the opportunity to get Dad or someone else to remove the collar, doing so would mean we'd have to back out of this three way call and then occupy our attention solely on Hark.

Which'll give Spit a minor and then fairly major advantage over us. First by being able to convince Hark not to trust us when we're not there and then by being able to direct her remaining tcp's against the alliance's.

And I don't think her communication collars have failsafes. If there were failsafes for destroying ANY of her collars, then surely they'd have been included with the anti-communication collars. One of which Buddy mangled himself destroying and didn't seemingly do anything.
No. 131862 ID: 10c408

As I mentioned in the normal thread, here is an extensive list of reasons why I believe we should not try to kick spit out of the game as soon as possible, in no particular order.

reason #1: we've been spending available healing like mad and haven't been keeping track of what's even left for further prolonged combat, which will likely happen at the current rate. (Crunk's exact health is a complete and worrying unknown since he isn't our tcp)

reason #2: though we've got several TCP's positioned inside spit's house without duress so far, we don't know where the exit is.

reason #3: we don't know what and where the traps are between the current room and the exit.

reason #4A: there might not even BE an exit yet. Spit could have very easily and deliberately made solid walls for her entire fortress and intended to add an exit later, which she can't do anymore.

reason 4B: if there is an exit, I would not be surprised if there's some form of non-trap bullshit added to it as well to prevent leaving.

reason 5: the rest of spit's TCP's aren't going to stay away forever. And at some point raw is no longer going to be stunned.

reason 6: while we do have reinforcements en-route, it's going to take time for them to arrive at spit's base to help with things.

reason number 7: we don't have eyes on writhe or raw at the moment and seeing as how writhe was carrying Marvel...

reason #8: we don't know which of spit's TCP's was the weapon type that shot down Seaspray to begin with. (We know it's not writhe and it seemingly isn't hark. it might be raw? so many questions.)

reason #9: Seaspray has had something injected into her that's affecting her health and we don't know what it does exactly, only that it's likely going to be horrible.

reason #10: eastwood's drug operation is underway, but needs a lot more time to stockpile enough results to truly tilt the odds in our favor enough to secure victory

reason #11 hark flipping isn't a done deal just yet.

reason 12: even after reinforcements arrive, we might lack necessary stuffs to incapacitate all of her remaining tcp's, be it health, ammo, healing, other forms of supplies or morale. And that's not accounting for dealing with the traps still inside.

reason 13: Escorting the wounded and friendlies away from spit's base is paramount to this entire rescue operation. Writhe can't fit into any of our vehicles until we make a new one capable of doing so.

reason #15 Wax said he'd pull his punches but if his tcp's aren't chilling at home doing nothing then someone in the alliance might get their base raided in a moment.

reason #16A: IF, somehow, we did knock out and restrain all of spit's tcp's we still have to convince them to go rogue. that's going to take awhile to do and we're not really setup for it just yet.

reason 16B: if we did have all of spit's remaining tcp's restrained, the fastest way to kick her out of the game would be to execute the remainder. I don't believe I need to elaborate on how terrible doing so would be.

reason 17: spit's captured tcp, chops, being out of her base prevents her from making anything. That doesn't apply to the alliance whose tcp's are still in base, or other forms of non-god crafting, which is a colossal advantage that only increases with time (eastwood, eastwood, eastwood)

reason 18: the current tcp's inside spit's base aren't very durable compared to the reinforcements coming, so finding the exit and trying to avoid getting into pitched fights with spit's remaining tcp's while disarming traps would be huge.

..and that's all I got. I'm sure a lot of these reasons are going to change and/or no longer be applicable to the current state of things but despite the conflict conditions of the game having been set, we are still aiming to eliminate Spit by way of rogue tcp's, rather than blood soaked victory.

There's nothing stopping us from carefully managing an extraction out of spit's fuck off fort, taking the wounded and the potential turn coats with us and leaving spit hobbled. (manpower cut in half, tcp's out of base prevents creating things)

Obviously this would be a slight stalemate since we didn't force her out of the game but so what? we've got momentum and she can't make things. She, or maybe even Wax, will probably try and counterattack at some point but if we stay vigilant, let eastwood's tcp's keep making incapcitating drugs and don't overplay our hand, we will win.
No. 131863 ID: 6e6f32


I'm glad you finally found a use for my disgusting suggestions! XD
No. 131864 ID: 10c408

Why even make them to begin with?
No. 131866 ID: 6e6f32

Because it feels weird to have Void who is effectively chaotic mess of ever changing consciousness, to think like horny Jesus. Act like horny Jesus? That's fine. But like...
We all have a worst self. There are many problems that could coldly, selfishly, easily be solved with just the right amount of barbarism. Typically we as people don't consider such solutions seriously because of the mountain of consequences they bring with them, but if we were in a position of power? Like we are here, in game right now?
Such a solution is viable. Even tempting. There's nothing preventing us from just ignoring the consequences and taking the win.
That is existentially terrifying.
Especially for a collective character like Void.

And then there's suggestions that indulge or lash out through baser emotions. The kinds of things that scream through our heads in periods of anger, despair, and frustration that we just hide away because they aren't appropriate or aren't constructive. Void's thoughts literally swirl around them. They are real, and on display for everyone to see. It's a real issue they have to deal with.

I consider it meta-gaming to not give Void these base thoughts. I consider it meta-gaming to only ever suggest things that we have been conditioned in our own lives to see as "good".

I don't expect my suggestions to get used.
I merely think they enrich the character.
No. 131867 ID: 53b212
File 157922892142.jpg - (25.27KB , 500x280 , please.jpg )

No. 131868 ID: 10c408

While you are correct in that, as a collective mind whose thoughts are spoken out loud, voidsy can't actually help his worst thoughts being broadcasted and that a morally good character who continues to be morally good and straight is boring as hell, this isn't just a story. it's a quest. Everything that gets suggested in the main thread can be used or ignored by the author as they see fit.

However, I don't believe that the above fully excuses you going the extra mile to make the truly awful suggestion just because no one else has. Your actions have consequences after all, and last time there was a slip up we severly upset the very first non-tcp character that was introduced.
No. 131869 ID: 6e6f32

>Your actions have consequences after all, and last time there was a slip up we severly upset the very first non-tcp character that was introduced.

Character driven drama?
In a fictional Story!?!?!
My word! What foul machination!
No. 131871 ID: 3ce8ff

i would say that is the exact reason he is necessary, that explanation brings be greater appreciation of why they are there, even if he is now literally destroyed. =/
No. 131872 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah I was wondering about that.

Does that mean I'm silenced during the remainder of this dialog, or was it a symbolic gesture indicating a point of growth for Void in which such thoughts should no longer be brought to the surface from this point forward?
No. 131873 ID: 10c408

We're quite literally directing a squad of friendly, amateur soldier creatures against a psychotic god of slaughter and madness. There is GOING to be plenty of all of those things you just mentioned without your brazen input.

Buddy's getting his leg amputated off-screen ffs.
No. 132832 ID: 53b212
File 158951478940.png - (136.30KB , 1026x1500 , mqcovertext.png )

MAYBEQUEST has returned...rewritten!

i haven't been satisfied with maybequest for literal years, and decided a rewrite of a Lot of things was in order- i made a lot of mistakes as an early quest author and i'm much happier with the edit!

MQ has also been relocated to the Homebrew Deviants forums- with the rewrite and personal comfort, we decided that we'd rather move it now over waiting until part 1 was completed (which is fairly soon anyway). i know this is probably a disappointment to a lot of people, but the quest can still be read without a forum account. you Do need an account to suggest just so that we can ensure that suggestors are 18+, but it's a simple process that doesn't take too long.

thank you for bearing with me for so long, and for helping me get this quest started to begin with- i hope it goes to exciting places!

forum (needs account, allows for suggestions): https://homebrewdeviants.com/forum/Thread-PUNCH-CLOCK-ANIMAL-MAYBEQUEST-PART-1
mirror (no account needed): https://homebrewdeviants.com/forum/story/MQ/1
No. 132833 ID: adb916

Neither link is working for me and I have an account.
No. 132835 ID: 53b212

went in and manually fixed your account roles, that can be a little fussy- should be fine now!
No. 132838 ID: adb916

No. 134142 ID: 1065da

Hey guys I was thinking about what we should do for our next TCP ( if we get another one). The one's I'm thing we should do are, bastard, monster, slasher (they're usually masked), and antihero.

Now I'm not choosing them because of their abilities, not at all. I'm choosing them because it would be adorable for them to interact with our TCP.
What do you all think are next TCP should be?
No. 134150 ID: b1b4f3

Which session are you talking about? Did the Void session start a second game?
No. 134157 ID: 1065da

Wait, did the void session end?? Could have sworn it was still going, guess I'm wrong.
No. 134168 ID: b1b4f3

I don't know, I haven't kept up with it, but I do know that maxed out on TCPs in the first session. Can't make any more.
No. 134179 ID: 15a025

See >>131764
No. 134191 ID: beea23

Yeah I'm talking about if we do get anymore TCP, not when.
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