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File 146033005642.gif - (12.08KB , 800x600 , 000 Dis.gif )
99036 No. 99036 ID: b66b01

Discussion thread for 2Frames Quest.

Been seeing comments on other places saying that discussion threads are pretty "why not?", so I might as well put this here.
Expand all images
No. 99037 ID: b66b01
File 146033054578.png - (352.05KB , 630x1000 , Lucy Doodle.png )

Colored sketch drawing of Lucy from a while ago.
No. 99038 ID: b66b01
File 146033074554.png - (14.42KB , 719x567 , Rip.png )

Another doodle, more recent, of Rip.

Playing around with a pen with no anti-aliasing, which is how I made this thread's title panel. There's a chance that I'll switch to that kind of style after part 1 since I'm getting kind of sick already of working with pixels, lol.
No. 99040 ID: 35151f

dis a good quest boss, probably gonna do some pixels of my own for this when I'm feeling more artsy.
No. 99042 ID: 15a025

This is the cutest looking quest ever. Also love how every gif is "2 Frames" long.
No. 99043 ID: 99a64d

I like this quest, it's pretty good. I despise the characters however. Except for Rip, he's alright.
No. 99044 ID: c22069

I just wanna say this is one of my favorite quests currently going and thank you for doing it! I really dig how the animations give off this little living world aesthetic while also being super adorable.
No. 99046 ID: 35151f

you are just mad because you are angry
No. 99047 ID: b66b01

Oh dang guys! I wasn't expecting people to use this thread this fast, lol. And with such kind words!

Glad you guys are enjoying it! =3
No. 99048 ID: 59a537

I have also been enjoying the quest

Well, after today's updates I have joined you on team "we should probably kill Emerald". I gave her an opportunity to show that she was willing to give up on omnicide, and it turns out she still totally wants to do that. That was a fair second chance, and I don't know how we could safely give a third chance, or if we would even want to.
No. 99050 ID: 35151f

I'm on team "evil wizard in the party funtimes"

I'm sorry but the draw of the prospective hijinks is too great
No. 99051 ID: 02422f

I personally favor "make the evil world ending witch our slave." Come on, it's the most hilarious option. She can pay her debt to society cleaning up after an adventuring party.
No. 99053 ID: c22069

I feel like one of the main reasons Emerald didn't bite on the offer is because she loses more then she gains, in her eyes at least. I mean so far she only knows that we either might just kill her or leave her to rot in some cell once we get to civilization. And just telling her to stop doing evil magics is most likely going to reinforce her "I am being bullied about my magic" issues, unless we can offer her a deal that she will legitimately take or make a convincing enough persuasion to give other people (us) another chance to prove there are people who will accept her and not shun her.
No. 99057 ID: 99a64d

I was on team "we should probably kill Emerald", but it's pretty obvious that's not happening. I figure if we can't do the right thing we can at least have a fun time doing the wrong thing, so now I'm on team murderhobo.
No. 99287 ID: b66b01
File 146111573635.png - (20.76KB , 550x900 , Raven Pecks.png )

Experiment. Ravens have fluffy feathers, but when I lowered Raven Pecks hood, the chunky pixels didn't really allow me to make her fluffy in a way that I liked.

After seeing a Raven drawn by someone else today, it reminded me of how Raven Pecks has a pretty smooth patted down feather head. So I wanted to try drawing her with fluffier feathers.

I might have gone over board with it though, and I added the forehead bang just cause I thought it would be cute. =3
No. 99291 ID: 35151f
File 146112093998.gif - (14.96KB , 512x512 , PEEPERS.gif )

Oh, oh! I actually know how to get that to work, what you do is you sort of cross-hatch the edges of the sprite as seen in the picture I've attached here
(the same one which represents some long-overdue fanart for what's currently one of my top three favorite quests currently running)
No. 99292 ID: 35151f

shoot, forgot the shoulder rope, whoops
No. 99299 ID: b66b01

Haha! That is so great!

I also forgot the paler thingie on the edge of the top part, whoops.
No. 99300 ID: c47b0c

Oh god that's fucking adorable!
No. 99301 ID: b66b01


By the way, top 3? Wow, that's flattering! What are the other 2? If I'm not already reading them, I might check them out!
No. 99307 ID: 35151f

http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/712179.html this, and anything by Brom I count as one quest since Brom is overall an amazing writer and it'd be unfairly skewed in his favor if I treated his quests on an individual basis

seriously just, read everything he's ever done
No. 99308 ID: 35151f

Coxwette and SAVE are tied for fourth and would have been tied for third but the fact the protagonist of Pasta Salad looks like me gives it that slight edge over them, ayy
No. 99310 ID: 15a025

Oh lord that's too cute for me to handle! I have to say Jiggy, you're one of my favorite authors here.
No. 99320 ID: b66b01

Oh geez! I don't know what to say, haha! Thanks! =3
No. 99425 ID: cd90cb

Don't forget to report thread 1 as completed ;3
No. 99431 ID: b66b01

I did. I've been assuming that the mods are "slow" to get to it, since it took a while for the favicon for the first thread to update and the second one is also already submitted.

If I'm suppose to do something else, I dunno what. Although the FAQ says that I can contact a mod, I guess I'm the type that prefers not having to directly bother someone to have stuff happen, haha.
No. 99433 ID: dd338c

Not that slow. I'm not sure why it didn't get archived, but it is now.

The favicon was slow because I personally was slow.
No. 99435 ID: b66b01

Sorry about the slow thing. I wrote that as a placeholder and was suppose to get back to it to use a better term or phrase cause I was blanking out on what I meant to say and forgot to change it. I don't know how things are done behind the scenes but it would be wrong to just assume that you guys are "being slow", lol.

Again, sorry.
No. 99436 ID: dd338c

Didn't mean to sounded offended there, because I'm definitely not. I just meant to say we sometimes can be slow about it, but if it's been a couple of weeks, then something probably went wrong. And in that case, you're perfectly fine asking a mod directly about it.

tl;dr, nothing to apologize for.
No. 99437 ID: b66b01

Yeah lol. After writing the reply, I reread what you said and I figured that you when you meant "that slow", you were talking about how it's usually not as slow as it was with my thread. I'm pretty scatterbrain lately. And I guess once I saw that I left the slow part in there, I figured that something wrong would have happened, haha. Ah well...
No. 99488 ID: f02a77

This quest.

It's p cute. :3
No. 99490 ID: b66b01
File 146180675080.png - (19.48KB , 465x998 , Raven Pecks - birdbutt.png )

I don't know how to do the thing where I link to a specific post, but someone(Riotmode) on the quest thread called Raven "birdbutt" and it made me want to doodle this thing real quick.

Aw, thanks! =3
No. 99492 ID: 35151f

I am pleased as punch to have propagated this pleasantly plump plumed posterior
No. 99499 ID: 3641d4

Those are some pretty chubby legs there ;3
No. 99589 ID: b66b01
File 146224061349.png - (7.79KB , 520x380 , Sad Witch.png )

I don't think the witch is liked very much, but I still like her. I've drawn the other characters on this thread so I decide to doodle her this time.

No idea why I decided to draw her sad though. I guess it felt right.
No. 99590 ID: a075ba

I like the witch! She's a fun crazy.

We just need a good leash on her so the crazy doesn't cause problems.
No. 99591 ID: b66b01

Well I guess I'll have to doodle a part 2 of the pic where she perks up super happy then, haha. =P

(I might not though, depends on stuff)
No. 99592 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah, problem is I don't think we have access to a leash effective enough. She's really dangerous. If she gets loose even for a second she'll probably kill off everyone but the lizard and then drag him back to the portal.
No. 99595 ID: 3641d4

I love the crazy witch. I feel like she's a redeemable person. All she needs is some good friends.
No. 99630 ID: b66b01
File 146258288230.gif - (2.39MB , 598x600 , Windy Raven.gif )

Oh no! The 2 frames cap got broken!

Made this with the Aseprite trial, which is why I had to record the animation instead of just saving it. I wanted to make something I could care enough about to save to test Aseprite properly before I would decide to buy it.

I didn't buy it yet but I think I will! It's a neat program!
No. 99631 ID: 163674

It is a very cheap and robust program. I would recommend it to literally any digital artist
No. 99632 ID: b66b01

Well alright then! =3
No. 99637 ID: 8013df

You want to know what else is cheap? Pixlr.
It's so cheap its free and online.
And I can do it using a mouse.
But then again, have you seen my art?
Don't listen to me.
Pixlr sucks.
You do not.
Use Aseprite.
Don't be a cheap jackass like me.
No. 99638 ID: 35151f

/me soaks up all this pride in people taking on the program he's been recommending to everyone like some kind of verbally-transmitted form of the black plague
No. 99642 ID: b66b01

I just checked it super quick, but can Pixlr animate? That's the main reason I have interest in Aseprite. I kinda have access to almost every type of things that make things except 2D animation for some reason.

Since I'm broke, I have to use free programs or really cheap ones. As for free programs, I know of things that can photo manipulates, (like Pixlr seems to do), draw, 3D model, 3D animate, video editing, audio editing and music making. And so far Aseprite is the only 2D animation program that actually seem to allow me to do something close to what Flash allowed me to do that one time I got to play around with it, but at a price I can even reach.

I'll mention Piskel too, since it's free, can be used in browser, specialized in making sprite animation, and is what I used for the first part of 2Frames. But it didn't run too great on my computer and I definitely felt like it was lacking in some features. But it's pretty alright considering all the other free 2D animating things I've seen.

By proxy I guess, since I don't remember seeing you mention it, lol. But I'll still take that as an extra recommendation! =3
And if that's what you use to make your pixel stuff, that's bonus points to the recommendation!
No. 99646 ID: b66b01

Oh. There's also OpenToonz but that is a really weird thing from what I've seen.
No. 99647 ID: 35151f

you could try gimp, if you're a masochist
No. 99648 ID: b66b01

GIMP is more of a photo manipulation program than a drawing program. And I used to use it to draw when it was, what was it, version 2.6? Cause now it 2.8?

Anyway, after GIMP I used FireAlpaca, which is more of a drawing program than GIMP was. Also I didn't know then that Sai had a free version so that's the main reason I never used it.

Now I mainly use Clip Studio Paint for drawing things after buying it on sale for around $15 and since a looooot of artists was saying that it was the best drawing program currently. But I have the cheaper version of it so the animation thingie can only have 24 frames. Not great for animation, but luckily, 2Frames only uses 2 frames per panel so I ended using that for part 2 instead of Piskel.
No. 99978 ID: b66b01
File 146431361449.png - (25.27KB , 792x590 , Raven Pecks by RML.png )

I dunno if it's weird for me to post this here, but this was posted over at the fanart thread and I totally want it to be in this thread too since I can't stop smiling at it like an idiot every time I look at it!

This was done by RML in the style of Peep Quest!
No. 100033 ID: 17e791

I don't know where else to ask so I'll just try here.

Is it normal that my watch list keeps getting cleared? I feel like I had those lists for a while and lately they cleared a couple of times. Am I doing something wrong?
No. 100034 ID: 17e791

Nevermind, found that it wasn't related to tgchan.
No. 100776 ID: 7d01b5


Just in case anyone wants to know/didn't see, I'm doing a short experimental rapid-updating quest about sharks during Shark Week! This means that 2Frames probably won't update until the week is over.
No. 100778 ID: 13e5d4

2frames x shark quest crossover adventure when?
No. 100779 ID: 7d01b5

Dozens of years after 2Frames is over and everyone has forgotten about it. =P
No. 100781 ID: 13e5d4

>When people forget about 2frames
I don't it's possible for anyone to forget something so cute and entertaining.
No. 100783 ID: 79a07e

I'm just glad you're not abandoning it.
Two quests that I rather enjoyed just called it quits back to back. Shook my faith a bit.
No. 100785 ID: 13e5d4

I don't think my heart could take it if 2frames got canceled. Jiggy's my favorite author here.
No. 100787 ID: 7d01b5

I don't actually know what 2Frames's future will be like, especially with people's memory of it after it's over. Probably because I've never really done anything that finished and people actually payed attention to. So really, I guess I was calling out this whole weird experience of people liking a thing I'm doing, heheh. =3

I heard and am bummed out about one of them (Coxwette, what's the other one?). But no worry for people who likes 2Frames, I currently have no plans on abandoning it. =3

Most I've been thinking about is maybe taking a break from it after part 2/chapter 1 is over to do other things. Like I'd like to animate more with Aseprite and maybe even poke at Game Maker which I've already vaguely done and would like to do more things with it. But I am aiming to finish it "not matter what". Hopefully that doesn't mean it'll end by crashing and burning though, lol. It is my first quest and I could totally mess it up at some point! =P
No. 100790 ID: 13e5d4

I think the other quest is Sky Quest.

I think breaks can be a good thing every now and then as well. It's always fun to have some time to experiment with ideas for a project.
No. 100914 ID: 7d01b5
File 146731090223.png - (12.35KB , 800x600 , Finnelope Fishing.png )

I've been debating on a couple of things. Like should I make a drawthread? (not sure I want to) Should I make a dis thread for Shark Quest (it's meant to be short enough that it would probably be a waste) or should I just make a dis thread for all/most of my quests and future quests? (With only 2 around, maybe I shouldn't act like more will be a given or that I'm an important enough of an author to even have one. Also I don't mind 2Frames having it's own disthread).

With all that said, here is a thing I drew some days ago! I dunno where else to put it! But since it's a Finnelope pic, I wanted to post it somewhere on here. I just didn't know where would be the best place or if I should make a new thing just to post that and potentially nothing else.

I did forget to put a title to this thread though. The Title panel is the only place that claims that this is a 2Frames dis thread. =P Really though, I dunno how much talk Shark Quest would get or how many things I would draw with the characters. I guess I'll only know once I get inspired to actually draw those characters outside the quest. For now, it's just this so I might as well post the pic here in case one of you also reads Shark Quest.
And if you guys who have been around tgchan longer than I have been have something to add to this topic, I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts!

Part of the FA description:
"This here is a thought I had about if a shark character would hear about fishing and be intrigued that some people say it's enjoyable. So he'd find a rock sticking out the ocean near a shore and try fishing. Something silly like that, heheh."
No. 100917 ID: 47160d

Just make a disthread for all of your quests, more will come as long as you care to make more. And trust me if you continue to be at this quality or better people will continue to read them
No. 100921 ID: 91ee5f

You say this is going to be a short quest, but I have my doubts about that. Trust me, unless you're actively trying to force the quest to end, it'll drag on until the story is done. And if it does go on longer than you thought it would, then congratulations, that means your quest is popular!
No. 100925 ID: 7d01b5

Aw, heheh, thanks! I'll definitely take your thought on it into consideration while I decide.

Well, I might as well say that it's already looking like that. Shark Quest was suppose to only be during Shark Week and end at the end of the week, but people started acting like they're attached to the characters already and now I don't want to just cut the story short on them, haha.

So main thing I'll do once Shark Week is over is that I won't prioritize Shark Quest anymore. As far as quests goes, 2Frames will be my main focus again until the current thread is done (Hopefully meaning that chapter 1 will be done) and I'll then focus on Shark Quest again until it at least have a resolution on it's current thread/chapter.

I'll probably do some updates to Shark Quest while I update 2Frames just to try and keep it out of the graveyard, cause I think that's how it works? If a thread is inactive for long enough it get axed automatically? And I'd rather not have to rely on bugging mods every time I want an inactive thread that I intend to finish to be dug out of the grave. So I might have to find out how long it takes for a thread to die and pick some days where I update it for said day to keep it alive. Although I might do that anyway even if I don't have to.
No. 100935 ID: a075ba

Technically, we're discussing shark quest in a dis thread, making this effectively a shark quest dis thread. It wouldn't be a first tome a dis thread grew to cover more than one thread by an author.
No. 100936 ID: 7d01b5

Haha, I don't doubt that, but I guess I'd like to aim to make it as easy for the readers as possible. To the point where if someone were to take the "initiative" to try and see if there was a dis thread right now, while there's no link for it on the quest itself, they couldn't tell that we're talking Shark Quest here by looking at the title card or whatever. But I guess they could see the last 5 post and find it that way, assuming we don't start talking about 2Frames again for 5 posts... Lol I dunno.
No. 100964 ID: b84dde

I've had a lot of fun with Shark Quest this week, and with the sad drop off of coxwette, for me, this one has kind of helped fill that void. Plus I think the characters are really cute and unlike coxwette, where we all think with our dicks, I actually really want to see Finnelope have a healthy relationship(s). I think this is because Finn is something of a blank slate we can all project our own wants onto him, where as Chuck already has a set character trait so we try to role play it and think as the character would.

Needless to say I really enjoy Shark Quest and I am super excited to hear you will keep going (if at least irregularly).
No. 100965 ID: 47160d

in response to your post in the shark thread, actually starting a day or week where a themed set of quests begin has several priors in tgchan history. Take the goblin choking quests for example
No. 100966 ID: 47160d

http://tgchan.org/wiki/Goblin_Choking_Day link for reference
No. 100969 ID: 7d01b5

Oh yeah, I forgot about those! But I guess Shark Week is different to me since it's an already established and week long thing for sharks and I don't know how into Sharks tgchan is. If it was Kobold Week on the other hand... (I bet it exist already)

And since Shark Week is already a thing and it apparently never started on tgchan, I have a bit of a hard time believe that I'll get people to go with my appreciation of sharks and actually follow suite in that manner. But I'm not axing my hopes I guess. I could imagine/hope that at least one person would do their take on doing a Shark centric quest during a Shark Week.

Aw, glad your enjoying it! =3

I guess I have a knack with doing that. My stories often go with protagonist is an observer type, as in, not the hero. They might help the other characters, but the other characters are the main characters to pay attention to. And the way that translate into quests for me is that I do want to try and make the main character malleable enough for suggesters to work together in making the protagonist do things that they would enjoy. Cause if people want the protag to do something neat, cool, cute, etc. but me as the writer have to shut out the collective suggestions cause the character wouldn't do it, it doesn't sound fun to me.

Although I do have some quest ideas that do have the main characters have their own personality, but most of those also go with the approach of tgchan being a collective entity in the world, instead of being the protag's conscience. Looking forward to see how those would go, haha. (Handled by me I mean)
No. 100976 ID: 1f3a15

Dunno about a shark quest but if it's any consolation I'm working on a shark game. Also you should totally seize Shark Quest for your shark quest. SEIZE IT
No. 100979 ID: 7d01b5

Well a shark game would be a good theme for a game, so it is good to hear, heheh.

And I already put the subtitle "Jiggy" after my Shark Quest, can't really edit it, haha. Originally I was gonna call it "Shark Quest - Jiggy 2016" to imply that I would try and make another one next year, but I decided to drop the year off in case there's a reason I can't do one next year. Or ever. I mean who knows, I might get a job one day, or die by then. As is, the first one doesn't have a year attached to it, but if I do finish the first part of it before next Shark Week, I can always add the year to the next thread.
No. 101002 ID: 9fdb37

Since Shark Quest might go full NSFW, have you given thought if you're going to keep certain *specific* traits of male shark anatomy?
No. 101003 ID: 9f3729

to clarify what he means by that, what are our chances on seeing some sharksy doubledong action
No. 101004 ID: 7d01b5

I'm not sure how much nsfw stuff might appear, mostly because I keep seeing most of the site seemingly being against that stuff cause it gets in the way of story and characters. Which is a really weird community opinion on the internet, lol. So while I was ready to show similar things that you could see in my furaffinity profile (depending on which characters do the thing since the Shark Quest characters are not really porn characters so Finn probably won't cum on anyone's face for example... maybe =P) I've been debating on how many panels I want to spend portraying characters having sex, of even how much I want to show it. I've even thought about doing the PG approach of just having the couple say something that equates to "Let's do it!" and then leave frame to then fast forward to after they're done. But I have been exploring the idea of character interaction during sex before, so I feel like I don't really have to? I dunno anymore, lol. You guys might not see Finnelope and Riptide frot! =P

To answer your actual question, I pretty much stick to human anatomy when dealing with naughty bits on anthros since I both find it more interesting and more fun to draw than most alternative. Only exceptions are canine penises, to some extent, and Equine penises. So for male sharks, I would draw them human. And also uncut for the same reasons as said before.
No. 101005 ID: 350a50

The problem is the dichotomy of people who want to see porn and people who want to see a story progress, leading to arguments and buttpain.
No. 101006 ID: 7d01b5

Yeah, that is a problem.

Another thing I could do is just have no real sex in the quest (nudity is fine and stuff), and once we help Finn pick a character to be mates with, then I could do a short comic of them going at it based on the suggestions of people. Or I could just draw random porn with the characters. But probably won't lol.

Although half of the very few concept I made before I started the quest to figure out a simple style was of what ended up being Rosie in very lewd situations and her being way into it. But shrug. =P
No. 101007 ID: 47160d

Generally the plot people shut up if the porn doesn't hurt the story too bad. And the porn people... well they are the porn people.
No. 101008 ID: 7d01b5

Oh yeah I wanted to mention, today was also a busy day and even though I arrived home earlier, I was not feeling too well physically. So I decided not to work on Shark Quest today. So I think what I will do, since I basically spent 2 days of Shark Week not updating Shark Quest (ignoring day 1 since I started so late in the day that I only got like 2 panels out?), I'll do 2 more days in the next week to make up for it before I focus on 2Frames again.

Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might try to update 2frames once and then use the next 2 days to update Shark Quest, or I might start tomorrow anyway and update 2Frames after the self-imposed-shark-week-requirements are met. I guess we'll see. =3
No. 101010 ID: 9f3729

the being-against-porn is actually a fairly recent development, and I'm plenty sure it's a minority of people who haven't been on the site very long. This is the website that brought such classics as Rapequest and the quintessential "Reaver inserting his incest fetish into everything" compendium, after all. Tgchan has a long and storied history of being smutty as hell, to it's benefit I feel.

I waver back and forth depending on circumstance, for example.
Best solution is to do it like brom quests or coxwette where porn is an optional thing on the side that still has effects on the story proper, rather than a goal in and of itself.

Basically, just don't be Eadoo-quest tier creeper about smut and usually you won't wind up having a problem with the userbase. And even then, Eadoo's got a pretty set following.
No. 101030 ID: 595d54

And the guy posting soft vore porn is even more popular.
No. 101031 ID: 47160d

A post with relevance to the plot and developing character's and cultures with far more force than simply hearing about it. Porn, despite it's ability to distract and divert, can be a HUGE help in a quest. In anything, it can be a great way to let characters develop. As long as you don't let it get as out of hand as Eadoo(luckily the author of that quest seems of learned on that front) did there is nothing wrong with it, hell I encourage it if it seems appropriate to the situation and characters.
No. 101034 ID: 7d01b5

Well to answer the "tgchan has history with porn", I guess I saw it as people who aren't fan of porn in quests looked at the old stuff and not much impressed them. Like, I'll admit that the couple of example you gave, just by the title, I can't imagine that it gets nowhere near the level of something by, like, Weaver in term of how engaging it is or mind blowing. (Not that I'm aiming that high, I know my brain limits... for the most part)

As for the good examples, I've only read Cowette so far. So based on that and the tip of the iceberg of what I think Brom's stuff is like (I'll admit that it is a very flimsy opinion of it since I know literally nothing apart from a dude murdering another dude over pasta salad) I kind of imagine that the sex in those quests would result as a consequence more than anything. I try to imagine what sex would be like if the result is something positive, and I can't really think of a way to make that be meaningful in a story sense.

Like in real life, couple have sex and then they are happy with each other and how intimate they can get or whatever... Assuming we're talking about a loving couple. Maybe I have a bad opinion of sex, but to me, if the result is positive, it leads to nothing, making sex kinda pointless in a narrative. It's possible I just never seen a good example of it or have not thought about that topic enough to know how to handle it, but in stories, I feel like they usually only is a tool to create drama. Otherwise, you practically just have to imply that the couple are doing it cause nothing will come of it. I mean, unless you want to be all "time for babies", but I guess I'm not really interested in going that direction in the immediate future of my characters.

And really, character development during sex is something that can be done, but I wonder how important it really can be. I guess I don't know if it really matter to know how a character has sex? I myself son't care how people I meet have sex. Like I said, At this point, I'm pretty much thinking that I might only go with nudity, or not even that since I said up top that it might get nsfw, not that it will. So if I can't find a good way to use nudity or sex, Shark Quest might end up clean. Especially since I put the warning there when I was expecting the quest to just be silly nonsense and for the main Shark character to maybe go to space at some point.

Having said that, Shark Quest had a lot of experimentation with it, so maybe I should just let a sex scene happen and see what happens.

Hopefully not a train wreck.

Ok second time Eadoo is mentioned. Someone might want to tell me what specifically they did wrong cause I didn't read that whole quest, and I interpreted the way a lot of the nudity/gender identity/sexuality was handled to be like a stylistic choice, knowing that tgchan can get heavy with that stuff. Or at least that's what I thought since I was still lurking the site back then and wasn't sure how things usually were.
No. 101035 ID: 47160d

Eadoo later on completely looses track and becomes too mired in sex to really get anywhere. That and the speed the quest was moving were key motivators in the author ending it. As for sex as development, I was not saying it is needed in any way. Just that one should not fear it happening, if it makes sense to happen, and fits the characters there is no reason not to make a post or two of it. And then move on.
No. 101036 ID: b1960b

A dude murdering another dude over pasta salad?
No. 101038 ID: 7d01b5

Oh whoops, I got mixed up in my list of recommended stuff, lol. I think I might know 0 things from you then. I guess I should pick something and read it, but I'm terrible at getting around to reading anything.
No. 101044 ID: 9f3729

Bromquests, much like shorts, are comfortable and easy to read
Start with enemyquest or static on the wire, those are his current works and rank among my favorites on the site.
One's got alien porn and the other has gun porn!
No. 101048 ID: 7d01b5

Yeah, the other thing about some of the authors on this site is that everyone that sticks around seems to be a bunch of quest making machines, lol. Anytime I click on a quest when there's like 2 rows of quest on the wiki, they also have a hidden surprise of having like 5+ parts already and then I get all unsure of where to start. So I do appreciate you telling me which ones I should check out first and will put those on top of the list, heheh. =3
No. 101061 ID: 9fdb37

Damn you, Jiggy, for making Shark Quest so CUTE! Now I'm waiting for the update like a crack-whore waits for her FIX!
No. 101062 ID: 7d01b5

Haha, well glad to hear you're enjoying it!

As for update, if everything goes well, I should be able to use today as an update day. But some computer problems that I thought I had gotten rid of have resurface today and it might put a damper on my output. If my morning is spent restarting my computer, that can also bring my motivation down since it reminds me or how much I suck at life, haha. Crossing fingers!
No. 101066 ID: 9fdb37
File 146765776430.jpg - (84.28KB , 720x479 , 1382440532102.jpg )

Have you tried lighting some incense for Omnissiah?
No. 101078 ID: 91ee5f

From Shark Quest:
>Maybe later, but I have the feeling that someone is about to play a variation of it in an alternate universe. Maybe we shouldn't? I'll have to decide...
I didn't know sharks were aware of what a dragon and her date were about to do in an alternate universe! What other abilities do sharks posses? Can they sense when a Dino does a little Jiggy dance?
No. 101079 ID: 7d01b5

Of course they do! Said dancing Dino gives them the power to know everything that Dino knows...! But only what he knows so when he's dumb, all sharks are dumb too! D=
No. 101137 ID: 7d01b5

I am playing around with the idea, in my head, of starting to play pass-the-baton with the 2 quest I have running. This is mostly since I tried doing update days for Shark Quest days, but for whatever reason, the output of the update was low (A couple were background heavy, another had a lot of frames/drawings to draw, and one had a lot to design). While I don't mind these, it kind of gets in the way of my ability to update "as fast as I can". If I feel like a certain scene in Shark Quest can warrant an update day, I'll try doing those still, without limiting it to only in or around Shark Week.

So right now I'm working on Shark Quest and after that I'll work on 2frames. And then I'll see which one I feel like updating, haha.

While I'm here, I've been wondering about a couple of things (again). Do you guys want updates on my update plans. Like I just did? While I was lurking the site, I got the feeling that most of how tgchan worked seemed to be authors update whenever and everyone accepts that they might be doing other stuff. But I guess if you guys are wondering if I am working on things, it be nice if I said so. Otherwise, I could just say when someone asks. I am pretty fickle when it comes to what I plan on doing on any given day, which is the main reason I might think that I shouldn't say what I'm actually planning on doing. Even if it's something small like "I'll update 2Frames soon". But I am open for Commission on FA and, while I don't get many interested people, if it does happen that I'm drawing something, I prioritize it. And some 2Frames updates have been delayed behind the scene because of it. But I dunno how many people would absolutely want to know that it might take a while for me to update. Especially since I sometimes will work on nothing either for mood reasons or cause I'm giving myself a day break from art.

Another layer to that I was thinking about was Discord. I've been wanting to use it more, but I imagine most of you would rather be in another quest's or author's room, but since discord allows you to be in multiple rooms and have the half circle telling you that there's new messages in a room, it could be a "why not" sort of thing. I could answer smaller questions there like "when is the next update", assuming I am working on something tgchan related, or other things like previously mentioned commissions. And if I happen to be around, I can maybe answer follow up questions or whatever.

Ugh, I always ramble, lol.
No. 101168 ID: 9fdb37

I think that the most important part of running a quest is to make no promises in any shape or form. Keep it at low expectations and there's a almost 0% chance of people bitching at you.

So, I'm against announcing or answering questions when the next update will be.
No. 101171 ID: 7d01b5

Yeah, maybe that would be best.
No. 101173 ID: 398fe1

I think regular updates are important to keep suggesters interested. More important than that is simply not stopping, though.
No. 101180 ID: 7d01b5

Lol, I'm not sure I could do regular updates, at least not in the sense of having a posting schedule. During normal times, I would have tried to work on 2Frames everyday, but how much I'd work on it in a day depended on my mood/motivation or how much was needed to be done for an update.

Sometimes I would only want to write the update and others I would work on drawing the update for 3-4 hours in a day and still didn't have it ready. But generally, I only worked on a 2Frames update a day after I posted the update. And it does happen some days where I'll give myself a day off from drawing in an attempt to keep me sane when I noticed I've been drawing for for like a week almost nonstop.

As for stopping altogether, I don't intend to do that with any of my quests, at least in the middle of a thread. I've thought about if I were ever to feel like I wanted to end a quest prematurely, I would let the thread end before I put the series on hiatus. That is of course assuming I have control over that. If life gets in the way, then I'll have to maybe rethink my strategy.
No. 101400 ID: 7d01b5

I assume it's fine, but just in case: is it weird if I, as the author, go edit the wikis for my quest or make pages related to them? Or even make an author page since I don't have one still.
No. 101401 ID: 5ed30d

It isnt weird, authors can do it just fine.
No. 101404 ID: b7883c

I know I edit my wiki page every so often since my quest has some stats and such, though I don't know if anyone reads it.
No. 101406 ID: 7d01b5

Alright, thanks for letting me know!

I'd say, you never know! It's easy to think no one will check but there's a lot of eyeballs out there... But then I bet someone has the page activity stats somewhere so they would know I guess, haha.

For me, I just wanted to make sure the marvelous fanart I got were on the pages, at least. And for other things to be readily available to anyone who might be looking at the wiki for info, like character appearances and whatnot. I use the wiki to see what other things an author has done since I think it's better to find stuff on there than tgchan, assuming someone filled the info out. I would think that it's a wiki's purpose after all, heheh. So in case someone uses the wiki to see what I've done, I'd like it to be there.

I think I might try to take some time here and there and put fanarts on the wiki from other quests too. I think I saw a quest where one of the only fanart available was something I made and I know there's way more and way better fanarts out there for it since it's a pretty popular quest and I've seen some of it (And the one I did that's on there is not that good, haha). No idea how committed I'll be to that, but we'll see.
No. 101587 ID: dfdb1e

I was gonna write a suggestion, but it turned into a ramble. Here is my though on the last update:

Did Ophi and Emerald met before? If not it seem magic users can identify each others. Maybe they can sense, maybe they just pic related clues fast.
Since Ophi identified Emerald as a mage it's likely that the magical objects that are everywhere will be attribute to Emerald. If Raven give a honest response like exploring or seeking water Ophi will either think it's a lie or more likely that Emerald was here for longer than Raven.
Give clues that can eventually lead to the conclusion that she is in fact a dangerous prisoner is probable the safest route for Raven, but it's the worst path for Emerald.
Another option would be claim that both Raven and Emerald have been living in this place for some time and insist in the silly bondage explanation. This won't be good for Raven when Ophi identify the demonic gate Emerald had been experiencing with.
The problem is Emerald hasn't been cooperating with Raven's subterfuge and don't seem concern about hiding information. Whatever lie Raven construct to protect Emerald may be immediately denied by her and revealing partial true probable won't even be identify as a denunciation.
Maybe the best option is go with the explorer story and deal with the collateral damage latter.
No. 101597 ID: 9f3729
File 146864909003.jpg - (220.56KB , 640x367 , 1969_chevrolet_impala-pic-9158856709068873181-640x.jpg )

Credit due to post id 91ee5f for the idea
No. 101609 ID: 7d01b5

As the quest author, I know I shouldn't weigh in since it could ruin the fun, but I still wanted to thank you for using the dis thread for this! =3

This is so great! Haha!
No. 101614 ID: 91ee5f

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Glad I could help give you this idea! XD
No. 101838 ID: 7d01b5

I'm in a very "screw it" mood, so I dunno.


If it somehow uses the 10 spots, I could make another link later.
No. 102115 ID: 7d01b5
File 146975734784.png - (14.20KB , 800x600 , Witch MAGIC Emerald.png )

Unproductive day so I decided to doodle Emerald so that I at least draw something. And I was in a witch mood. So here's Emerald in her outfit if she's ever get free from Raven's clothes.

No. 102130 ID: 15a025

No. 102135 ID: 91ee5f

That looks like something just exploded in front of her face and she's jumping back shouting, "WAUGH!!!" DX
No. 102136 ID: 7d01b5

I would have drawn her with her leg wide apart and not leaning her body forward if she was doing that. But yeah, the expression does make it seem odd while doing magic. I guess I was going for something along the lines of "WOAH POW! MAGIC!". But anyways, lol. =3
No. 102205 ID: 59bd8b

To me it kinda looks like Emeralds running at someone while yelling "MAGIC!" and using her wand as a giant sparkler. Gave me a good laugh think about it in that why.
No. 102225 ID: 7d01b5

Yeah, that visual made me laugh too, haha.
No. 102393 ID: 7d01b5
File 147050650509.png - (153.95KB , 400x600 , Marigold Back Bow.png )

I was watching an Anime and at some point, some ladies were wearing kimonos, or whatever they might be called, and they also had bows on their lower back. I thought it would look cute on a bee character so of the bee characters I have, I think Marigold was pretty fitting to try on a bow.

Wings might be in the way, but I still think it's cute, heheh. Also no mask cause I felt like drawing her a bit more casual than what could be considered her job uniform.
No. 102400 ID: 15a025

Oh gosh that's too cute.
No. 102417 ID: 7d01b5
File 147060371492.png - (216.33KB , 400x600 , Rosie One Piece Swimsuit.png )

Rosie in a one-piece swimsuit! This was odd to draw since it's in my usual style and she looks so different from her simple quest style. Plus the whale shark pattern are a bit crazy.
No. 102424 ID: 91ee5f

Awww, what a chubby cutie! :3
No. 102425 ID: 7d01b5

This comment seems... familiar...

No. 102431 ID: 59bd8b

I'll be honest, both of these are great pictures.

The Marigold one especially. I could really see the one time when she and the others weren't working and she found the bow in some shop and bought it and wore it back. Then the others had to explain that while it's nice it would get in the way or her job, and she got sad for a while.

Rosie's great, and your right she does look quite a bit different compared to the normal style she's in. Great job on the whale shark pattern though, looks very much like an actual sharks pattern.
No. 102432 ID: 91ee5f

I've got no idea what you're talking about.~

Did you have a sudden case of déjà vu? XD
No. 102446 ID: ca0e20

Lol, aw. I could totally see that happening. Since the story is suggestion based, we could pretend like it's canon anyway, haha.

And thank you!

I was mostly confused, lol. You would have had to copy and paste that comment to make sure I saw it or something, haha.
No. 102821 ID: d632a5

I always did like girls that were big and cuddly, great job! I love it when artists draw their characters in different styles like this because I think it adds to their characters personality if we get an idea what they look like in a non-simplified style.
No. 102822 ID: ca0e20

Haha, well glad you like it. =3
No. 102954 ID: 3570a5
File 147177208190.png - (18.56KB , 800x600 , 2framesraven.png )

This quest is currently one of my favorites. I wanna see this continue. I'll put this in the proper fanart thread to get people drawn to it, but I wanted to put it here first because I figured you'd like it.

On the left is Colorquest style, on the right is Journey of Hatred style. (Two of my quests)

Since Raven is such a warm friendly character, I did her in two similar styles. The left is supposed to be the kind of down to earth friendly, "would you like tea and cookies" friendly. On the right, she's supposed to be more "let's go have fun and explore" friendly. Raven claims to be an explorer, yet her attitude is almost sort of motherly or sisterly, so it wasn't easy to give her an image in my art style. Plus I'm absolutely terrible at drawing birds.

I also stole your "head feathers" thing but did it differently.
No. 102959 ID: ca0e20

More like you're absolutely... "cute"-rible... a-at drawing birds...

Anyway, those are neat! Glad to hear you like 2Frames! =3 Really liking how she looks here! Right one is my favorite. =P
No. 103681 ID: 46aa4c

Hey Jiggy, just wondering something. I really love your quests but I've noticed that I get picked out a lot my suggestions, especially with shark quest (I suggested the polygamous relationship even picking Rosie first because I like cuddly girls, the sea serpents protest, giving echo his name, and I also wrote the shark quest spongebob song, these are the ones that stand out most in my head). But this just got me thinking of what a quest author would think I'd they knew that a lot of their suggestions are from one person. I know that from behind anonymity, it can seem like multiple people. I feel happy that so many of my suggestions get picked (even a little flattered) but I'm always curious to what the author might think. Your thoughts?
No. 103682 ID: ca0e20

I mostly expect it, to be honest. I'll admit that I have used ID numbers before to ctrl+F one of my quest to see what a certain suggestor might have already suggested and saw that sometimes, a person who suggested something I liked did it more than once. ID Numbers are unreliable but it still gives a general idea.

But anyway, in the end, thinking about it, I think it makes sense that it works that way cause it's unrealistic to think that suggestions would be from all different people all the time. Even from really popular quests. Especially if you take into account that only a small percentage of readers will actually bother suggesting anything anyway. It can only work if the quest have a foundation of a handful of readers that suggests almost every time.

It makes it apparent when someone do use a username too. I can see a username popup often and they don't do that just because they have a name. It's obvious that some anonymous readers would suggest often and I did start to notice some of them that had somewhat easy to remember ID number or part of it.

So I guess I already noticed it is the point I'm making heheh. I do enjoy seeing it since it makes me think that the person do enjoy the quest enough to stick around and interact with it multiple times. But yeah, glad to hear you're enjoying the quests! =3
No. 103769 ID: ca0e20

I thought I might as well put these links here cause shrug.

https://twitter.com/JiggyDino - I don't use it all that much but I try to remember it when I have random thoughts. Trying not to fall in the trap of using it only to complain but I'm not great at avoiding that completely hahah.

http://jiggydinoart.tumblr.com/ - Main place for my art on Tumblr. Although this art blog is clean only. I probably should pretty up that page too but Tumblr is slow on this computer making it easy to procrastinate one doing something like that. And the themes are crazy...

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jiggydino/ - Clean and NSFW gallery. This one is already on my wiki page but it's probably where I'm the most active right now so I might as well link it here.
No. 104010 ID: ca0e20

I've been handling "events" in the second thread a different way than in the first thread since there was going to be a bunch more character, but I now see how it lent itself to a generally more boring story to read and suggest to. I don't know how long it'll take, but I will be trying to handle key moments more like how I did it in the first thread.

Hopefully, the second half of this thread might have something interesting going on...
No. 104097 ID: ca0e20

Drawthread (some NSFW will appear): http://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/31418.html

Finally made one, currently doing Inktober. Might continue to post on it afterwards!
No. 104401 ID: ca0e20
File 147691582136.png - (311.33KB , 740x820 , Lucy.png )

Drew Lucy for today's Inktober and wanted to finish the drawing since I have not drawn Lucy outside of the quest since the first pic of this thread.

I dunno what's in Lucy's future. So this might either be in her future or in her future of a parallel universe. No idea why she looks worried though.
No. 104419 ID: 86497f

Pro tip: for easy suggester identification, click the Pony button at the top of the screen
No. 104421 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, I've seen that link months before, around the time I started visiting this site. Only way those icon would be accidentally helpful would be if there was about a thousand variations.
No. 105432 ID: ca0e20


Some people said I should make one... And that's it really! It's purpose is mostly for a tip jar. If you wanted to support me in the way of money, now you can. Otherwise, things will keep going forward as normal.
No. 105777 ID: ca0e20
File 147977598447.gif - (497.08KB , 800x800 , Ophi Does Magic.gif )

Felt like drawing something with one of 2Frames characters to update this thread since I'm almost the only one using this thread anymore =P and Ophi has been one I wanted to try and draw in her own picture. Ended up kinda animating it. The cube and pyramid she's telekinesising are the most complicate things here though. And I did those quick so they might look odd.

I was gonna say something like this not being canon since she's floating and handling a bunch of objects all at once, something she can't do normally. But while working on it, I thought this could be an example of a magic exercise. In this case being telekinesis and levitation. An exercise like this requires a magic user to concentrate a lot and a simple knock on the door would be enough to make her come crashing down on her behind with the small object tumbling down on the ground. And she'd probably also get a bit annoyed at whoever dared knocking on the door during an exercise.

She was drawn in Clip Studio Paint and everything was animated in Aseprite.
No. 105778 ID: 91ee5f

>a simple knock on the door would be enough to make her come crashing down on her behind with the small object tumbling down on the ground.
*knocks on door and runs away*
No. 105784 ID: 13d7b7


This is cool! It looks like she's hovering D&D dice
No. 105803 ID: ca0e20

Lol yeah, the marble was almost one of the dice above a D6, but not only that would have maybe been way harder to animate, but also I kinda didn't want it to be dice since D&D is probably not a thing in 2Frames, haha. Right now, they are probably some gems or imitation of gems.
No. 105809 ID: 9f3729

Yo, that's pretty solid work. Always a sucker for a visually interesting loop like that!
No. 105816 ID: ca0e20

Thanks! =D
No. 105881 ID: ca0e20
File 147993286296.png - (17.11KB , 596x483 , Ophi Fell.png )

No. 105883 ID: 9f3729

No. 106150 ID: 933076

Hey Jiggy, something I'm kinda wondering about and maybe I could get your thoughts? So with the latest update of Shark Quest, it reminded me oddly of a quote from the author, Neil Gaiman. He said that when he worked on one book and didn't know what to do next with his characters, he would write a short story (often that was parallel or important to his main story) and by the time he was finished with it he would know what his main characters were doing in his main story. I think it's safe so say the 2frames can be considered your main story, just because it's the one you seem to work on the most. So when you hit a roadblock or you are unsure of which suggestions to follow, is that the time you want to work on Shark Quest? Because while I enjoy both, it seems SQ is more of a side project at times. And when you feel done with this grind you will know what's happening in 2frames? Unlike what Neil Gaiman did however I don't necessarily think the stories are in the same world, not to say they couldn't be, I think it's mostly their genres that give this feeling. 2frames feels very much like a fantasy, where as SQ feels more like a slice-of-life story. Your thoughts?
No. 106161 ID: ca0e20

Well, the way I'm currently handling both quest have been that 2Frames is indeed my main story, having started it first and stuff. But Shark Quest is secondary mostly since I started it randomly for Shark Week. It was also suppose to only run during Shark Week and wrap up at the end of the week whether the ending was good or not. My fail safe, in case I couldn't come up with an ending, was basically to have Finnelope just randomly get bored and go home and the thread would have ended that way.

But I guess I suck making a short disposable story cause I ended up planning a bunch of stuff and the pacing of the quest didn't really end up lending itself to a disposable one-shot. Also people told me they really liked it. So I decided that I could turn it into a quest that I might last 3 threads at least (can always get accidentally longer, haha). Also things weirdly got busy for me at the end of Shark Week so I missed 2 days to work on it anyway, haha.

Main problem with that was that I didn't want to work on 2 quests at once because running one was already though (as my first at least. I could do better as I am more familiar with questing) and at that time, I didn't have a great work ethic. Not to mention computer problems that I'm currently trying to get rid of by building a computer with commissions. (Since October, if 2Frames takes days to update, that's almost always why. Commission for money takes priority. Unless it's the weekend. I give myself those days off)

So for that reason, I didn't want to focus on Shark Quest right away. Basically, my current plan (unless my Patreon picks up) was to finish the current thread for 2Frames until it's finished, and then focus on Shark Quest until it's first thread is completed, then go back to 2Frames again, basically alternating between the 2 until I finish them both. But since both are in the middle of an active thread, I didn't want to let Shark Quest go to the graveyard, so I decided to update Shark Quest every month. So the first of every month, I backup my files, then update Shark Quest. That's why you see me update the quest sometimes but not that often lol.

I'm sorry this got super ramble-y for what equated to "not really", but I guess I don't think I've talked about my update tactics for a while so I decided to explain what was going on, haha. I definitely wouldn't mind trying to update multiple quests for a similar reason to what Neil Gaiman was doing. I could point to multiple updates in 2Frames where I thought was inadequate, one being a straight up cop out, but I'm trying to update 2Frames with the mentality that "not good enough" is not a good enough reason to not update, to make sure I don't hit a dead end. I can't make anything perfect so I might as long truck along. But if I could update other quests, it could work as a palette cleanser. Right now, this unreliable computer and updating 2 quests being a Patreon Goal makes it that I can't really focus on 2 quests at once right now.
No. 106276 ID: 350a50

Rip is the hero these ruins deserve.
No. 106277 ID: ca0e20

No. 106679 ID: 79a07e

Well this is less than good. Rip's probably dead, unless she stabbed him non-vitally for summoning reasons. It's clear that you vs. Ava probably isn't gonna result well for you...and I doubt if you can fast talk her like you did Emerald. Although I wonder if that 'Leadership' thing Emerald was talking about has any pull here. Ava's probably got it herself, too...

Gah, I'm stumped on what to do. Any ideas?
No. 106680 ID: 398fe1

He wasn't stabbed, I think he was grabbing for his magical item that lets him go invisible. An amulet, probably. Ava has an anti-magic sword and apparently she can use it to sense and disable magic items.

Anyway, we're boned. The ambush wouldn't have worked, it seems, since Ava would have sensed Rip's invisibility before climbing the ladder. All we have left is negotiation and a full frontal assault.
No. 106681 ID: 9f3729

Move to tackle rip so he instinctively dodges then run up and kick sword bird right inna fork
No. 106683 ID: 4d9425

The way it was worded made me think he had got stabbed through the midsection and was trying to feel for what had hit him.
No. 106694 ID: 4d9425

Also, we need to remember that Raven really can't fight.
No. 106696 ID: 398fe1

She can fight a little. She's just not as skilled as literally EVERYONE ELSE IN THE QUEST.
No. 106697 ID: 350a50

She explained here https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/716306.html#765912 that she does have self-defense training and can use a weapon. I agree that she's no match for a master swordswoman though.

I don't think Ava has magic. We asked Azalea about it and she didn't mention any aside the sword, which is the source of the glow we're seeing (see the text here https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/716306.html#766878 where it mentions a glowing sword).

I don't think Ava can deflect the powder, but she can deflect Rip's arm if he can't throw it fast enough. Considering she can outspeed the bees, his chances are low even with a distraction, but again, all he needs to do is get the powder in contact with her unprotected skin. Even if that's on her sword arm or something and not her face.
No. 106701 ID: 4d9425

What all do we have on us? Need an inventory count.

also is anyone else wondering what yomafnil is?
No. 106702 ID: ca0e20

I've been trying to use the word "Inventory" every time there's an inventory update, so that it can be found easily when searching the word "inventory" with Ctrl+F on the thread.

Having said that, I think last time I did it, it was before we used the paralyzing flower, so it would be whatever the last inventory check was minus that Numbing Bud, since the new one is being handled by Rip.

Oh and Rufa's Claws... I think I should include an inventory check in the next update even though no one is asking for one on the thread itself, lol. Realizing I've neglecting that part, haha.
No. 106713 ID: ca0e20

Here's a question I have for people reading 2Frames:

Should I keep updating 2Frames during the Holidays?

I don't mind doing so, but the main thing I wonder is if people are going to bother checking the site during the Holidays. If people are still up for me updating during, then I might slow down updates only around the 25th. Otherwise, it would be a week long break while I wait for people to show up on the site again in January.

I sure as hell will have the time to keep working on it and it's not like I've done much this year to warrant a week long break. But I guess if I take a break from 2Frames because of the site being less active, I could try to focus on playing around Game Maker instead. So either way, I'll be keeping myself busy with working on something.
No. 106715 ID: 350a50

I'll be around, for what it's worth.
No. 106717 ID: 9f3729

Take a break, it's the holidays. If you do figure out game maker I'll be eager to see what you do with it
No. 106737 ID: ca0e20
File 148233895344.png - (384.27KB , 1200x1200 , Rosie by SavageLycan.png )

A friend of mine drew Rosie! Check him out!

Tumblr: http://savagelyrandom.tumblr.com/
FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/savagelycan
No. 107102 ID: ca0e20

Shark Quest has updated today and will probably again tomorrow. Based on the suggestions, Finn would have dropped off Rosie to her home, kissed her and left to go see Ammy and I felt like since it was the end of the first date, maybe some of you would like to give her a personalized goodbye or something. But because of that, it would have been a potentially halved update for the month. Also since this month's transition is also the year's, I thought it could be a special multiple updates instead of the usual one. And I have to do a commission Monday, so 2Frames will take some days before it updates again. So updating Shark Quest at least twice at this end of this month/year will hopefully be neat to someone, heheh.

Also, depending on how many suggestions I get by the time I'm done eating Dinner. I might try to update Shark Quest more today. And maybe a couple of times tomorrow, we'll see. =3
No. 107652 ID: ca0e20
File 148417031307.png - (695.46KB , 800x600 , Portal.png )

I had some free time to draw whatever today, but I didn't know what to draw. So I remembered that I wanted to draw the Portal with "more detail" but that didn't pan out so much and then I when crazy with tone scrapping brush and multiply/overlay/etc. layers.

So here's this weird "Portal from 2 Frames Quest" drawing. It just looks like I used pre-made filters now, probably would have been faster at that point too.
No. 107653 ID: 350a50

That does look like it took forever. It captures a very otherworldly feel though.
No. 107658 ID: ca0e20

Not really. The "dot" brushes on Clip Studio Paint allows me to make dot textures pretty fast. But a filter might have taken a couple of minutes and the "texture" of this image took maybe around 10 mins since I was playing around the layer setting to see how I could change it to make it look "better".

And thanks! =3
No. 107834 ID: 79a07e

So, anyone got any idea what to do from here? We're kinda in a very bad position.

Part of me wonders if we can't pull the same stunt on her as we did on Emerald.
No. 107908 ID: 398fe1

The quest has made me feel really powerless lately...
No. 107910 ID: 79a07e

Hopefully we'll have a chance at things once we're getting marched to the portal.
No. 107911 ID: 87353e

If you're referring specifically to the last couple updates where the majority consensus for suggestions has more or less double down on "do nothing and wait", then yeah its gonna feel that way.

Honestly just don't give up and keep trying to think of actions you can suggest even if you don't think they have an absolute chance of success. More ideas will help Jiggy go in a direction that at least doesn't feel railroaded.

I mean the latest update even has Ava goading us to "Try something" and "see the results". If that's not a thinly veiled telegraph then I must be reading into it too much.

I'm actually glad more people are jumping on to the make out suggestion right now, since anything is better then inaction and it's more in line with the earlier wackiness of the quest.
No. 107912 ID: 1d9836

Its becausr most of us read that as a 'try anything and I'll kill you' threat, but I would be glad to be wrong.
No. 107913 ID: 1d9836

Its becausr most of us read that as a 'try anything and I'll kill you' threat, but I would be glad to be wrong.
No. 107916 ID: 87353e

If its any consolation I also think Ava will make good on her threat, but getting skewered is a small price to pay if its to protect our friends and prevent a portal from spewing a hoard of chaos spawn into this dimension.
No. 108041 ID: 395c02
File 148533093846.png - (124.40KB , 824x814 , Raven2.png )

I read the quest more closely and made this somewhat more accurate version~
No. 108042 ID: 398fe1

Well, she did have a sword and the gauntlets at the same time at one point. They were both taken, then she got another sword.
No. 108043 ID: 395c02

Reading comprehension was never my strong point.

No. 108048 ID: ca0e20

Oh haha! I did notice that might have happened, but it was alright. Both versions are great!

This is a good example of what I meant before when I said that even if you end up drawing a character inaccurately, it doesn't matter cause it's still fanart. =P

And it doesn't matter where she got that sword either!

Also thank you again, I've bookmarked the other drawing for easy-to-gawk access. Will bookmark this one now.

Also, if you read the quest, I hope you've enjoyed it =P

No. 108224 ID: ca0e20
File 148573550519.png - (24.58KB , 530x730 , Ava Talons.png )

So funny thing is that Ava is suppose to have talons but at some point I forgot to update her sprite and now I'm thinking of retconing it cause she's suppose to have em and oops.

Might be too weird to make the change now though, since even when I drew her in a cutscene, I drew her from the sprite. So I dunno if you guys would think it's bullshit if she suddenly has them. I do want them to be functional, as in she uses them in combat and etc.

So for now, here's a drawing that might not be canon as a result. Her having strong legs is absolutely canon though. Just need to get better at drawing muscles. For her and Lucy's sake.
No. 108225 ID: 350a50

I'm picturing the scene from the Star Wars animated series where Grievous uses his foot to grab a dude by his face and fling him across the room.

Also, for what it's worth, the correction doesn't bother me.
No. 108232 ID: 91ee5f

Ava obviously didn't skip Leg Day! But apparently skipped putting on some pants. She better hope there isn't a sudden gust of wind! ;-D
No. 108236 ID: 143250

Maybe you don't have to retcon. Maybe you can say that this whole time she is wearing a special pair of shoes that she only removes when she really wants to attack with those claws. dunno if it will work well enough, but it's your call.
No. 108238 ID: ca0e20

Her legs are strong, but I don't think they are that strong, lol.
It's worth enough. If one person votes on something and no one else does, the tide is still tilted on that side.

I know you meant working out, but I guess she could appear in tgchan's leg day too, hahah. At least, I think there's one...
And I dunno if people noticed, but most characters are operating on cartoon anatomy, the bees and Emerald's first outfit are also pretty exposed. Makes no sense why Lucy has her outfit though, I guess I was flip flopping in designs at the start.

That would be pretty silly. I would have to make that joke when things are less serious, but I kinda backed myself into a corner by not updating her design earlier and having to use that aspect of her pretty soon. I'm probably gonna go the weird route of retconing the shape but keeping her feet the same color. So she has feather fluffy feet. Also her claws have been exposed this whole time. Main thing is that the back claws wasn't there. The one that would allow her to grab at stuff.
No. 108281 ID: ca0e20

Just wanted to give a heads up. Next update is pretty long (10+ panels long, about 4 done so far) but I also got commissioned. That is pretty much my priority once the client pays. But I still will look into updating Shark Quest tomorrow (client knows) which will further delay 2Frames's update.

So if anyone is wondering what is up with the update, that's what, heheh. Depending on how efficient I am, It'll probably take a least a week before the update is ready. And that's assuming nothing else comes up.
No. 108288 ID: 350a50

I am vibrating in anticipation.
No. 108629 ID: 15a025
File 148683152144.gif - (4.34KB , 256x208 , Happy Anniversary 2frames.gif )

Happy 1 year anniversary 2 frames quest!
No. 108630 ID: ca0e20

That's awesome! =D

Yeah, I was gonna make a post about it, but I might as well talk about it now. Today last year, I posted the first panel for 2Frames Quest! Woo!

I'll admit I haven't thought of something to draw for it quite yet (only thing I came up with would be more fitting once the series end, I think), but I still might doodle up something later.

Thank you all for reading 2Frames! =D
No. 108843 ID: 143250

My reason for voting rattlesnake for the new character: it will be fun to see that tail rattle in two frames. Perfect for this quest, lol
No. 108951 ID: ca0e20
File 148755462441.png - (29.97KB , 800x600 , 2Frames Anniversary 2017.png )

Finally got something drawn for 2Frames anniversary. Pose like a team!
No. 108972 ID: 59bd8b


Jiggy, I love this picture but you forgot our nominal allies the bee-team. Puns aside really great, always looking forword to you work. Both in quest and just the pictures.
No. 108976 ID: 3abd97

That's because this is a picture of our A team.
No. 108977 ID: 9f3729

Gods dammit
No. 108991 ID: ca0e20

Hey, maybe I could do something once thread 2's "anniversary" comes around hahah. Although I should check right now when that is if I'm serious. Thread 1 was made way faster than thread 2.

And thank you!!! =3
No. 109184 ID: 15a025
File 148800095758.png - (2.27KB , 256x256 , Raven in the woods2.png )

Did a little sprite scene of Raven chilling out in the woods.
No. 109998 ID: ca0e20
File 149032374708.png - (72.28KB , 800x1000 , Lucy Back.png )

Thing I drew a while ago during an art block to practice-ish back muscles. But back then I only did the lines. In the last hours, I decided to finally color it after editing some parts that were wonky. I mean there are still wonky parts, but it's still better than hours ago. I did say I drew it during an art block.

Also, Lucy is happy and cocky in this picture. So I guess this was before she met Emerald.
No. 110001 ID: 8159df

mmmmm taur ass
No. 110257 ID: ca0e20

Oh yeah, I'm currently thinking of updating Shark Quest more. I'll keep 2Frames as the main thing I update but will use Shark Quest to change it up once in a while.
No. 111182 ID: ca0e20
File 149325419282.png - (234.42KB , 800x600 , Patreon Notice.png )

I made some changes to my Patreon page and made a notice card, so reminder that I have a Patreon:


I changed the Reward Tiers to hopefully make it a little bit more enticing. Probably not by much, but oh well.

Although I'll take this moment to talk about Shark Quest. Since the current and only goal is a half joking "I'll make a lewd quest". And I don't see it happening soon.

I don't consider Shark Quest as a lewd quest. The opening spoiler says "Could get nsfw, or maybe not. We'll see..." which leaves it open to never be nsfw. While I'm not saying it's impossible for it to get nsfw, it's also not impossible that the level of "nsfw" stays at what has been seen so far. Mostly side boobs and butt and the like. But I guess it depends on my mood also, since the Merfolk Lady didn't really have to be be only wearing a bra and be well developed, that's a thing I went with once it was time to draw her and I was into the idea then.

Bottom line is that some days I want to keep it safe and some days I want to not really care. Although I do have a couple of reasons I don't want to go full on lewd with it. Big reason being the art style. While I know the internet is not unfamiliar with lewd art with these types of art style, I don't know that I want to "be forced" to draw some cause of a script/suggestions. I have drawn lewd in the style of Shark Quest, but it was always a spur of the moment thing. And when I wrote the spoiler thing at the start of the thread, I imagined Shark Quest to be way more different. Which comes into play with all that.

This theoretical lewd quest would pretty much exist to be lewd. As dumb as it is, the current idea I have for it, the main character would be a nude anthro dragoness and I might open the quest up with her reaching orgasm after playing with herself. Of course, reaching the Patreon goal will take a really long time, so I'm pretty damn sure I'll have another idea by then... Probably. I don't really have to think about it all that much right now. and that goal really mostly "opens the floodgate" eww... or sexy ;3 for mainly lewd quests by me.

And that lewd quest would probably also have a style closer to how I draw in my Drawthread. Minus the color and shading. Which is why the random number I picked is that "high". I wanted to make sure it would be easier for me to get better equipment that would help me draw in that style easier/faster. And if I get that much each months for my art, it would be easy to save up for that. Not that it needs to be that high since it won't happen overnight, but still. It's a half-joke goal for a reason.

As of writing this, sex in Shark Quest will probably be handled as a fast forward moment and I might draw some lewd of the characters afterwards, depending on my mood at that point. It's kinda open ended right now. If 2 Frames Quest is a clean quest and Lewd Dragoness quest is a NSFW quest, Shark Quest is somewhere in between.

So that's the gist, if anyone was wondering about the spoiler text.
No. 111183 ID: 3ce125

>open a quest with masturbation
I would advise against that, for historic reasons. Maybe you'd make it work in a way that wouldn't be compared unfavorably to another I'm not naming, though.
No. 111185 ID: 395c02

>This theoretical lewd quest would pretty much exist to be lewd. As dumb as it is, the current idea I have for it, the main character would be a nude anthro dragoness


Didn't I literally write this exact sentence before making Dragon Romance????

if you're really curious, it's this one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/188568.html
No. 111186 ID: ca0e20

People just compare quest with similar openings now? I feel like most quests starts with a character stuck in a room.

But in any case, I did say "might". I have years to think about another premise. And the masturbation scene would be an opening cut scene that ends with her saying that she's sick of masturbating or something. I'll admit I don't have a real premise planned right now, but again: years to think about it.

I wouldn't know, I've only been on the site for over a year now. But currently, that dragoness wouldn't really own clothes and she'd be living alone in her tower.

Don't get me wrong, if I'd have to start the quest today, it would be bad. But I'm realistic lol.
No. 111187 ID: 91ee5f

So, what you're saying is that your Lewd Dragoness will be feral instead of anthro like Slinko's Ceridwen, right?
No. 111188 ID: ca0e20

Nope! That's where the dumb part comes in.

I mean unless you want to go the nudist route - which depending on who you ask, they'd think it's still dumb - I know it's silly to have an anthro dragoness default to being naked as protagonist, but I dunno. There's a sliver of appeal to me with that concept. Cause for now, if I'd make one, the quest would lean on being comedy-ish (I'm not all that funny) and being silly. There might be some more serious stuff later, but I wouldn't make it as high stakes as they could be I guess.

I dunno, it's hard to talk about a non existing concept while thinking it "should be good" cause it's not like I know how to do that. While I know porn quest with good stories is what people want, it's not like I can just make myself come up with a good story. Considering that the main feedback I get for 2Frames is "it's cute" I think it's obvious that I'm not writing terrific stories yet. Not that the call can really be made with an unfinished story with no ending, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm just doing stuff over here.

And considering that most lewd quests going on right now that are lauded for also being interesting are made my authors with many quests under their belts... well, again, I have years to potentially get there. By the time I make a lewd quest, maybe I will have made at least one good story.
No. 111189 ID: 395c02


not being funny never stopped me!

Since I love boring people with history:

DR's inception is worryingly close to what's going on here. My quests were lewd at times, but I never did all-out porn, and was against the idea. I wanted my quests to thrive on the power of good writing and passable art, but it seemed I wasn't good enough. This lead to the Big Pause Of Me Almost Quitting.

The difference being that I couldn't shake the feeling that I accidentally peaked with my first quest (itself designed to be a "test quest" so I'd be "good enough" for tgchan), and could never recapture it in future attempts.

During this time I made an unnamed dragoness to mostly be drawn lewdly.

People were like LEWD QUEST THO and I was like BUT NO THO and they were like BUT WHAT IF YOU DO IT THO

so I set what felt like a really high goal on patreon and if that goal was met, I'd throw the unnamed dragoness in a lewd quest dammit fine

and then oops it reached said goal

I started out with the intent to make DR this really goofy, shallow quest about a dragoness who wants to have sex with everyone

but somewhere along the way I was just like... what if I actually like, tried? And made it a full legit quest?

The result is a quest that created my Second Revival. I don't know if it actually surpasses my first quest in sheer HEART, but it has definitely shattered all expectations so far.

No. 111191 ID: ca0e20

Lol, except your stuff is way better than mine. Based on 2Frames feedback, if I'm peaking here, then maybe the reason I shouldn't do quests is that I'm not that good at it.

I am mostly doing them for fun though. Even you reaching your Patreon goal, you're one of the top people on tgchan and etc. I have a small following that as been mostly silent on this disthread since half way in the second thread (which makes me think I messed up the quest and people aren't attached to it as much, which I understand, but still a misstep I'll have to avoid with future quests if I can, I still get a decent amount of suggestion, even more than I used to, but I'm guessing there's something more clinical about it. But I guess things have become more "dangerous" or whatever). Your default "test quest" is more likable than mine.

And to be honest, the main reason I'm not into the idea of doing a lewd quest is that even the ones people are praising, I don't like when it gets to the sex scenes cause it stops the story. Like, the porn might be good, but I can find that stuff many other places on the internet. And probably better drawn since they don't have to draw it fast to update fast. Actually colored and shaded and etc.

The other part of the half joking goal is that if I do reach it, I'll do it. But considering how bad I am at making my Patreon look good to others and the "momentum" of how many people starts supporting me (ie, it's been up for months and only one person from FA is a Patron), I'm pretty much expecting to stop focusing on quests once this 2Frames chapter is done. That won't help my Patreon, but there's not much reasons to focus on doing that if I feel like I'm not contributing all that much. I have said I want to focus on playing around Game Maker once the current "Portal Chapter" of 2Frames is done, maybe I'll be slightly better at that. Only one way to find out.

And the lewd quest would become whatever I'd want depending on ideas I get and inspiration and getting bored with making it shallow and etc. Like, I even mentioned with the demon idea (in the drawthread) that it would probably still have cute and silly stuff, cause I couldn't do something overly serious and grim. Shark Quest was suppose to be something wild where the main character would punch a god if they felt like it and it's now a dating thingamajig ala Persona with how half of it is dating and half of it is the merfolk stuff. That goes to show how I naturally run a quest. So this lewd quest probably wouldn't that different from what I do now, except more sex/porn.

Point is, I know I don't offer much right now. On a scale of 1 to 10, 7 being "good enough to make things people like" I feel like I'm at 5.5 right now. You were a 7 when you made tezakian and are probably at 9 now. So while you feel like this is similar to your case, it's not quite the same. And I'm basically working on getting that number up myself and the only reason I made the Patreon is because some people told me I should make one. I knew going in that I didn't do good enough things. But hey, it's up, so I'm not preventing people from supporting if I ever do something good enough for it.

I also don't have the resilience and equipment to offer better tier rewards, so that sucks for everyone.

But anyway, this post is mostly me whining. My current plan is to just keep trucking forward even if it's hard emotionally. I pretty much drew the Patreon stuff while actively thinking that I was wasting my time. But I can't predict the future.
No. 111192 ID: ca0e20

Also, I just checked your Patreon, and your goal was way more reachable lol. I now am fairly certain that I won't reach that goal. But shrug.
No. 111194 ID: 59a8ea

Personally I was reading your quest for a while but then stopped, less due to it being bad other than that it felt like the plot started going in really jarring directions and I didn't have the mental power at the time to dedicate to it. I intend to start reading again soon so who knows... maybe at that point I'll have helpful input to say here
No. 111196 ID: ca0e20

"Jarring" doesn't sound particularly good either. Do you remember where you left off?
No. 111216 ID: 395c02

>Lol, except your stuff is way better than mine.
i'm legally obligated to take the compliment without self deprecating


>you're one of the top people on tgchan
People rarely remember I exist when listing their top 5 favorite quests run on tgchan starring a dragoness, so i-- NO I'M NOT DEPRECATING OH NO I CAN'T DO ANOTHER NICKLE

>I have a small following that as been mostly silent on this disthread since half way in the second thread
Before Dragon Romance, my /dis/ thread saw very very little action, and I'm still not really sure what magical formula you need to manage an active discussion thread... hot dragonesses might be an important key though.

>Your default "test quest" is more likable than mine.
I... I can't deprecate Tezakia. One thing I parrot over and over is:
Tezakia isn't the best written or best drawn quest on the site, far from it. But you won't find a quest with more heart put into it than that one. It saved me from a bad place, and I put literally everything I had into making it... and maybe shed some manly tears when it ended. Its characters stick with me to this day, and its impact on my life is immeasurable.

To this day I struggle to recapture that HEART.

>I don't like when it gets to the sex scenes cause it stops the story. Like, the porn might be good, but I can find that stuff many other places on the internet.
Perhaps, but there is an intimacy you can get from a character you know and have guided that simply does not exist when you look up "hot dragon grrl 242" on FA or whatever site you kids use nowadays.

It might be mostly me, but there's just something missing when it's random nude/sexy people... I thrive on the story, on what they're feeling or going through.

I have a lot of weaknesses (you never did compile that list of slinko-tropes!), but one thing I focus super heavily on is character. You can tell the most basic, overdone story... but if your characters are fantastic, then people will love it. A fantastic and unique story, on the other hand, falls completely apart if you fill it with wooden awful characters.

Of course, in quests people have different preferences. Some like mazes, some like combat, some like h0t pr0n... but I feel it's character that really brings a quest to life. The mazes are more compelling. The combat more tense. The lewdness more intimate.

Make a character you care about, and you may find that others care about them, too.

unless their name is Delkin

>You were a 7 when you made tezakian and are probably at 9 now.
Heh. Years of frustration and killing myself figuring out how to improve went into those 2 points... man, what a wild ride. I hope I can fix my dumb brain problems and reach like 9.1!

>the only reason I made the Patreon is because some people told me I should make one.

>My current plan is to just keep trucking forward even if it's hard emotionally
This has been my path since 2010... except when Slissa's failure nearly broke me, I guess.

>Also, I just checked your Patreon, and your goal was way more reachable lol
Clearly my self-deprecation game is stronger than yours! To be fair, it was 300 IIRC, but I lowered it (and all tiers) when patreon changed how the pledges are displayed (showing what I actually get, vs showing total pledged)

I'm a little over my head with the patreon, thanks to aforementioned BRAIN PROBLEMS D:

People never answer when you ask them things like that! IT IS PART OF THE FRUSTRATION OF TRYING TO IMPROVE
No. 111220 ID: ca0e20

> there is an intimacy you can get from a character you know and have guided that simply does not exist when you look up "hot dragon grrl 242"

I guess that's the problem at that point though. I find it less believable when the character tries the polygamous/slutty approach. Which you need to do for a porn quest. As soon as the character starts fucking more characters than the one they're suppose to be with, all emotion in the act leaves in my eyes and it turns into regular porn.

>you never did compile that list of slinko-tropes!

Yeah, I re-read SlissaQuest and kinda figured that you mostly already were having a better approach to certain things. But considering that Slissa somehow didn't do all that well, I guess I know nothing and my feedback wouldn't do much.

But I guess that's why everyone needs lewd in their quests, that's the only way apparently to get people to pay attention. I definitely am aware that my art has no value when it's not porn, so I guess so is my writing. Maybe 2Frames will go on a longer hiatus than I wanted after the current chapter ends and I'll only do porn quests from now on. (No, I'm not pornifying 2Frames)

But thinking about the idea that I can only make lewd quests makes me want to just not bother making quests. Although I guess my quests are at least functional now, so I can just do them for fun. I shot myself in the foot with how I make a 2Frames panel, but after this thread (cause I'm stubborn apparently) whatever quests I make will definitely be made in the same way I usually draw so that the work flow is smoother/familiar. So if I make more 2Frames chapters, they'll have lineart and etc. Lineless has too many steps for how I make it and only the "game view" makes it a quick update.

>but one thing I focus super heavily on is character.

I know, it's one of the things I would point out about the things you do right. And it's the main thing I value in any stories. Sad thing is, I try to have my characters be good also, which I know no one agrees. Granted I could say "it's because we haven't had time to really get to know them yet" but now that we're having this conversation, no one will believe me if I say that I did have things planned for the characters. I guess my problem in this case is that I wasn't fast enough to shove that stuff in people's face. I wanted them to appear as strangers first or whatever. Something weird or dumb like that.

>Make a character you care about, and you may find that others care about them, too.

I do, but I'm the only one. D=

I mean, I really like Lucy and Marigold for example. And Emerald. And to some extant Rip. But yeah, again, a lot of it might be based on things that have not surfaced, but I also can't claim any of it is any good cause it's all in my head and I fully expect people to not like it once it's in a thread in some way. I'm not surprised that I'm the only one that likes the characters as a result.


I bet you still got more than one Patron to start, even if you try say otherwise. I don't even know what the couple of people that told me to make one thinks of the quest. I mean one of them claims that 2Frames is the 5th top quest running right now on tgchan and I'm pretty dang sure that was never true (And I'm sure most people reading this would know it's not). So I guess I know now that they hold 2Frames higher than what it actually is. Most I can do is find it weirdly flattering.

>Clearly my self-deprecation game is stronger than yours!

The price I picked was also a "what kind of monthly money would I want to be ok with doing a lewd quest". If I made it to be the minimum that I thought I would never reach, it probably would be way lower. Not even triple digits.

>People never answer when you ask them things like that! IT IS PART OF THE FRUSTRATION OF TRYING TO IMPROVE

Not asking guarantees they won't answer. I don't fully expect them to answer too. Especially if the scene in question is what I think it is. But me asking is practically an invitation for them to let me know. I'd say that's how all questions are like on the internet.
No. 111222 ID: af6e04

>I'll only do porn quests from now on.
Nooo please. I don't like porn quests and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

>I try to have my characters be good also, which I know no one agrees.
Your characters are fine. I like them!

>one of them claims that 2Frames is the 5th top quest running right now on tgchan and I'm pretty dang sure that was never true
>they hold 2Frames higher than what it actually is
Art is not objective. Your quest resonates with somebody, somehow, whether it's because of the characters, the story, or the artwork (it's probably the artwork, 2frames has the most unique and visually appealing artwork of any quest that immediately springs to mind. How can one produce a panel like this >>/quest/756943 and doubt their abilities?) Trying to tell an individual who has faith in your work that they are wrong is almost insulting in a way.
No. 111223 ID: 47160d

I am the poster that mentioned it being jarring and while I don't remember the moment I stopped reading the reason why it was so jarring was the characters. While I HIGHLY advise against switching to porn quests just cause you think those get more view, which they do cause internet but who gives a fuck, I would say instead experiment with some short single thread or less quests focused on one or a few characters. Since characters and our ability to interact with them are one of the biggest draws to quests as opposed to other art forms. Your characters aren't bad right now, and certainly not for someone who has done only a few quest, they just aren't great, and I would say your best bet to improve and get new readers is to take some time to work on that :D
No. 111225 ID: ca0e20

I do appreciate that you say so about enjoying my quests as they are. I'll admit that I'm not in the best mood lately. Actually this month's been pretty rough. I just have some stuff that frustrates me and I guess I'm the type to be shitty when that happens.

>Art is not objective. [and more]

Yeah. I know about art and I do realize that that was not a great thing for me to say about someone who enjoys my stuff. I don't like thinking this way, but this year, I've been thinking more about money and I guess I get shitty toward "good intentions" or variants of it. I should re-learn to appreciate it cause it is nice to hear people liking my stuff. But I often wonder how long that can last. Like I previously said, it's easy for me to assume that people don't like my quests as much as they used to because of the reduction of feedback. I haven't proved that I can make a story from start to finish and have it be liked, so if people were to say that the first thread was the only good one, I wouldn't be surprised.

And the person who said that thing is someone that I've talked to for a while. So in my dumb mind, they could just be trying to cheer me up. But also they seems to imply that being the fifth best quest wasn't their opinion. They seems to imply that the quest had that kind of recognition on the site.

But anyway, it's nice to hear they like it that much. I don't want to make it seem like I don't like hearing people liking my stuff. I just wish I didn't have to think about money anymore.

>How can one produce a panel like this >>/questarch/756943 and doubt their abilities?

I do like how the flower room look. But my dumb logic lately is that "If people don't want to spend money on it, then it's not good enough". I'm not getting commissioned left and right like most other artists I see has happen as soon as they open and my Patreon page isn't getting more than one person willing to support. So my dumb mind automatically assumed that it's not good enough for others.

And it is hard to see "how good (or bad) your own art is" All artists have that problem. So even though I generally like my own art, the lack of support to me is a proof that it's not good enough. From the pool of people that like my stuff, there's not enough people for some people to have and want to throw money at me. And I see it happening on FA. I see people with less watchers automatically fill their slots and I never got more than 2 people interested at the same time.

So I'm obviously doing something wrong and the foundation of it all is my art. Like yeah, I could promote better, but even my attempts with that doesn't yield much results.

I dunno. Like I said. Just frustrated lately. Maybe it'll pass. I just want to go back to not caring about money, which I know will never happen. And the alternative of being good at making money feels like it'll never happen too, so I'll stay bitter forever. Sorry in advance for being a terrible person.
No. 111226 ID: ca0e20

Thanks for responding. =3
No. 111228 ID: e12db1

Shark Quest is already a NSFW quest in my heart <3
It's why I referenced it in my video >>111120
No. 111231 ID: ca0e20

2Frames is on there too though. And so are many other clean quests.

I kinda assumed both were on there only cause I've been updating it both lately. You did say in the description that you put "all NSFW quests, quests that you really like and random quests from the frontpage". I assumed mines where part of the random off the frontpage.
No. 111232 ID: 395c02

>I find it less believable when the character tries the polygamous/slutty approach.
This is definitely like, THE biggest challenge of DR being a patreon quest with patreon characters. I won't deny that things probably would work better if she was Skif-exclusive, but maybe part of the challenge is making this work? It's certainly a learning experience.

On that note... here I am pretending I have good advice :x


On that note, that's part of the system I have (and have used since tezakia) to have "something for everyone". Everything is sort of broken up into segments. DR has comedy segments, where things are goofy, story segments that contain most of the character development, and porn segments which is where I have to draw angles I don't wanna draw.

This system can (and has) lead to inconsistent mood, but I think it can be made to work; To have it so if someone doesn't like segment X, they can safely enter skim mode until we move to segment Y.

The mood issue seems to be mostly helped by vastly increasing how long each "segment" is, and having smoother transition periods. I always get worried that DR is being "too serious", but I think part of why it seems to work is that I let it be serious when it needs to be serious.

...i'm just barfing words at you sorry. SUCCINCT MODE ACTIVATE

>Yeah, I re-read SlissaQuest and kinda figured that you mostly already were having a better approach to certain things. But considering that Slissa somehow didn't do all that well, I guess I know nothing and my feedback wouldn't do much.
Were the tropes for the older quests? I learned a lot since the days of VENJI and TEZAKIA! Slissa quest... well, to be honest I went back and it failed a lot less than I thought it did. I thought it averaged 5 suggestions, but the actual average is closer to 10. Yay depression.

The problem is I shot for the stars with Slissa. It was meant to be THE quest, my biggest, most bombastic creation that would wow tgchan through sheer hard work and the best art I can (Reasonably) manage.

It did not pull the numbers it was 'destined' to pull, and it did not get the attention it was meant to get. DR got those numbers instead.


slinko you're not being succinct at all!!!!

>But I guess that's why everyone needs lewd in their quests, that's the only way apparently to get people to pay attention.
I know this frustration well, believe me. You really are me from 2 years ago, aren't you?

>I definitely am aware that my art has no value when it's not porn, so I guess so is my writing.
Oh geez, so this s what it's like to be on the other side of this.

I... okay deprecation shmeprication. Our work has more value than we think they do. Suggestion count is a somewhat shitty method of determining popularity. Via server shenanigans, it was determined that DR gets about 900-1200 unique visits a month. A lot of that is stuff like cell phones with changing IPs, but that's still way more than ~20 suggestions implies.

There are people, silent people, who read our stuff. Those silent people enjoy our stories, want to see what adventures our creations lead to. We make them laugh, we make them worried when people are in danger. Maybe we even make them cry with certain 4-minute animations of sad lizards.

For them, I always seek a 100% completion ratio. Nobody wants to see a story they get into end suddenly and unsatisfying. For those people, I will always make it to the end. Somehow.

Sometimes that means changing the quest to be easier. Drawing 2-frames in a simpler way, or god-forbid making it one-frames quest, would be superior to abandonment in their eyes. It's why SQ is being retooled to take 1/3 as long to draw. They deserve to see their story, and pretty shading isn't worth running out of fuel and abandoning a story!

We may never reach the point that Weaver reached. We may never be in people's "top 10 quests that have cute birds"

But for the people who are there, who support us beginning to end, we must never give in to despair.


where was i

>I bet you still got more than one Patron to start, even if you try say otherwise.
I've made really close friends in the 8 years I've been doing this... they are always the first to support me which means I will almost always have at least 5 people support whatever I try to do. This one isn't something you can really do without spending the time forming those bonds, but said bonds are worth far more than any amount of suggestions.

It is, without a doubt, the greatest treasure to come from doing the 10k images I've plopped out over the years.

sorry for all the words i'm so bad at this but here is the important thing:

Tezakia had 4(sometimes 5) suggestors for most of it. It was run off-site, to a very small audience, and most people on tgchan probably don't know it exists. My first quest on actual-tgchan was "jiniki's journey", which is believed to be my weakest quest to date. Then I did Venji, which amused people but made some horrible terrible mistakes that haunted me for years.

It took 8 years and several quests to reach DR, which did achieve popularity in no small part because PORN, but it got people to read 2 sex-less threads of kid-Ceri, and thrives despite only having like one sex scene per thread.

Porn might turn more eyes, but porn isn't the answer. Maybe it's a cute character, maybe it's a certain art style. We just need something that gets peoples' attention, and from there it's the writing and the hard work that keep them. That get them to tell their friends.

>The price I picked was also a "what kind of monthly money would I want to be ok with doing a lewd quest". If I made it to be the minimum that I thought I would never reach, it probably would be way lower. Not even triple digits.
A somewhat-impossible high goal may come off in a way you don't want. If you don't want to do a porn quest, I'd recommend not having the tier.

I had the tier because I was secretly a little okay with doing one, and the goal was (apparently) quite reachable.

>I do [like my characters], but I'm the only one. D=
95% of Tezakia's fame came in years after the quest. Don't assume they lack value just because the support isn't instant and up front! Hell, I got 0 fanarts in the fanart thread between 2012 and 2016. Four years of it really feeling like nobody noticed I existed!

But a lot of people know who Sekani and Tayza are, despite the itty bitty initial audience!

And definitely don't count out the possibility of off-site stuff. Tezakia has... I think two? table-top games being run in its universe. What a concept!

>Not asking guarantees they won't answer. I don't fully expect them to answer too. Especially if the scene in question is what I think it is. But me asking is practically an invitation for them to let me know. I'd say that's how all questions are like on the internet.
I'm notoriously bad at reading quests, which is in some part because of the feeling that nobody cared about my stuff (so why should I care about theirs???)

BUT I WILL TRY AND BREAK FREE OF THIS TREND. I'll go through 2-frames and see what I discover. Maybe my 9 years have SOME useful information? man i hope they never figure out i have no idea what i'm doing


Around 2013 (when doing Boatface), I learned the power of editing. Thank you, editing!

See look how succinct this is in comparison! Also folks like you are why I want to revive Slissa. I know there's a non-zero amount of people who want to have adventures that don't devolve into porn!
No. 111235 ID: ca0e20


Yeah, one of the problem I have with 2F right now is that things are "too serious". I mean, there's more, but that's a big one to me. I always fall out of stories for getting to dark and grey (purple in this case) and I went and did it with my thing. So that's definitely a part I'd like to address in later threads. I already tried to inject a little bit more goofy since Raven is alone, but yeah. It's weak. Also yes, pacing in quest is super hard. Not sure I'll ever get that one down.


No idea.

>Slissa was meant to be the best

That's something I generally already try to avoid. I never meant either of my quests to be fantastic. I'm just doing my own thing in my own corner. it's just lately... I just have to remind myself of my own motives and philosophies.

>You really are me from 2 years ago, aren't you?

I won't be you in 2 years if that makes you feel better, you one-of-the-greats you.

... That made no sense.

>silent people and abandoning quests

I no there's silent people, but my brain is still dumb enough to assume that there has to at least be a couple of people in the reader base that would say something sometimes, to reassure me that I'm not making things worse. Radio silence is never reassuring. And if there's less people talking, that has to mean that the number has gone down and there's less people to take from the percentage pool of people that gives feedback.

I should point out that based on suggestion count, 2F is doing well and maybe even better. It's used to only get about 4 suggestions during it's "peak" feedback and now it gets usually more than that. But I guess I see that more as people that are willing to do the mechanical work through the purple slog mess that I made to get to the hopefully better stuff later.

And I don't think i'd fully abandon 2F. Realistically, I do expect to get better. And I definitely would at least come back to it. But thread 3 is suppose to be the end of the "Portal Chapter", and it would be some sort of ending then. Yeah there's more that could be explored and I plan on it, but if I decide that 2F is not good enough, the "Portal Chapter" can stand as it's own stale story.

And yeah, I'm not gonna remove frames, but I do intend to make things easier on me... but after thread 3. I know no one else cares, but I care about visual consistency. It's why I waited till thread 1 finished before shifting style and really, in a vacuum, I do like how 2Frames look. that's why I didn't change the style in thread 3. Apart from more pixel/resolution, the Portal chapter at least look mostly the same throughout.

Also, under normal circumstances, I do expect to give an ending to all my quests. At the very least keep everything out of the graveyard. So anytime I say "time to end this" I plan on at least trucking along until the story has some sort of ending. Part of why I'm waiting on the current chapter to end before I try to focus on Game Maker more.

>I've made really close friends in the 8 years I've been doing this


More proof I'm an inadequate human.

>My first quest on actual-tgchan was "jiniki's journey", which is believed to be my weakest quest to date.

I actually really like that one and made me really like... the-mother-with-many-names, I forget which one she has.

>We just need something that gets peoples' attention

I know that's a major problem of mine. I was also told that filling niche is good. The stuff I like are too plain and my art style is not eye catching for mass appeal.

> If you don't want to do a porn quest, I'd recommend not having the tier.

I'm a little ok with doing one since, if you ever go on my FA account or even my drawthread, you can see that I'm pretty much not averse with porn. And I can see a situation where if I have a better setup, I might be better at doing quick updates for a porn quest. I mean the little commission work I've done has mostly been lewd and, at the current price, I'm fine with working on it. So it's not impossible for me to work on lewd stuff if I have the right incentive.

>Maybe my 9 years have SOME useful information?

I'd appreciate it. =3

But they did answer and said it was the characters, so we already knew what the quest was lacking. Maybe you'll spot more flaws though... nah, you'll have a list, lol.


I still don't know what that is.

Actually, there's no point for me to do a lewd quest for attention if the tier is that high. If I ever reached that goal, it's because I figured out how to do things right without it.
No. 111236 ID: e12db1

Yeah, the reason for 2Frames was because it was recent. But not Shark Quest!

I am not alone when I say these words: Goddamnit Slinko!

Well, I suppose I should add something on the subject. Slinko is right when he mentions parts about grabbing people's attention. It's important to include a variety of srs/funny/romance/nsfw and the sooner you do that in the story, the less likely it is that the reader will get bored, and more likely that he will start perma following it.

The second thing I'd like to mention is that there's absolutely nothing wrong or negative about a quest being NSFW. Quests are basically entertainment. And NSFW is arguably the best form of adult entertainment. I don't think there's a lot of children around here :)
No. 111237 ID: ca0e20

Yeah I didn't want to be too in-your-face about the character's personalities. But also I'm pretty much planning on not doing that "pick the characters" gimmick I've been doing again. At least not this way. Cause I know there's too many characters now.

I guess there's reasons why I didn't close the character bits soon for thread 2 and 3, so I got more than 3 or 4 new characters. But in one case, I wanted to try something, and the other, the suggested characters were not really filling the roles I wanted. Which I expected and was willing to tackle, but yeah, it ends up spreading the focus off the existing characters. Next 2Frames chapters, I'll make the characters and role more concrete beforehand so there will be way more opportunity to focus on the characters that are already there. But no choose-the-cast gimmick. I still like that I did it though. But now that it's done for this chapter, I don't have to do it again. And part of the gimmick was that I didn't say I was doing it and I think enough people told me they caught on at this point.

And I know nsfw quests are fine in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn't stop me from not loving the concept enough to dedicate my entire time on it like some people do. And there's still the annoying aspect that people will give more chance for a thing based on a primal instinct, which makes it feel unfair for content that isn't just lewd. I would rather have a successful clean quest than a successful lewd quest. And that goes for any other medium I might make content for.
No. 111238 ID: ca0e20

I'd like to say that I feel slightly better now. I usually wouldn't whine this much, but like I mentioned, I've had something bothering me in the last weeks/months and I think at this point, I vented enough that I'll be ok for a little while. Hopefully the thing that bugs me will rectify soon, but yeah. I just didn't feel like there was hope for it and still doesn't look like much is happening. But I have to do my best not to let it make me be shitty and whinny. Which is hard. I'm not the strongest person. I just hope things will work out once the things finally has some kind of resolution, if it'll ever have one.

I am grateful for all of you that enjoys my quests and I hope I won't disappoint too often.
No. 111239 ID: 3ce125

Come to irc and make friends!

I think 2Frames is in a really good place right now! There's suspense and exploration and a sort of loot gathering aspect to the weird physics at play. The purple makes it a bit foreboding and atmospheric. If people thought it was a slog then there'd be less suggestions, not more...
No. 111241 ID: ca0e20

I'm averse to big chats. Especially when it goes a mile a second cause there's many people typing all at once. And from screenshots I've seen from it, it always just looks like a chain of in-jokes that looks like nonsequitors to an outside perspective, ie: me.

If there was a Discord server, I might consider it more since I use that already. But I might just look at it and see the nonsense of interactivity that I'm not good at and leave it or mute it. I'm not wondering why I never got great friends, but it's still a bummer to see literally everyone have a circle of close friend and I just can't do it cause I'm half asocial (cause apparently, half of it is liking to see other in pain or something. I just suck at interacting with people and don't find most random noise and dumb humor as funny as others seems to always do among friends).

I'm in one server that has a good amount of people and that is the best spot I've ever been in for buddies, but even them I feel like I'm mostly on the sidelines.

Glad to hear you're still enjoying it! =3

And I guess that makes more sense... =P
No. 111242 ID: 395c02

>I am not alone when I say these words: Goddamnit Slinko!
oh no what'd i do i'm sorry
No. 111243 ID: 47160d

Whats your discord? What do you like to do with friends then? also wow, I have posted on this thread with every device I own today
No. 111244 ID: ca0e20

There is a 2Frames server that the link probably got lost in the thread so I deleted the invite for it.


If you want to swing by, even just temporarily. Others can join too. This link only has 10 spot just in case though. As much as I don't think many people will join, I'd rather not be surprised in this case.

(Although I whined there also so you don't have to scroll up and see me whine. That vent and the one here all contributed with me feeling better and I know now I was acting like a fool. I just can't help it sometimes.)
No. 111250 ID: 395c02

S-succinct means... uh...

it's kinda the opposite of Purple Prose?? Saying what needs to be said in fewer words, without a bunch of wasted space.

>I never meant either of my quests to be fantastic.
It was one of the hardest lessons to learn.

>I won't be you in 2 years if that makes you feel better, you one-of-the-greats you.

>Realistically, I do expect to get better. And I definitely would at least come back to it.
That's the spirit!!

>More proof I'm an inadequate human.

>I actually really like that one and made me really like... the-mother-with-many-names, I forget which one she has.
Y-you liked that one? Oh... oh gosh !

(She ends up sticking with Shela)

>you'll have a list, lol.
Probably not! I don't notice most plot errors unless they're really really obvious.
No. 111251 ID: e12db1

It had more to do with the feeling that by the time I was done reading your posts, I felt I could've read a quest or two. Or maybe I was reading it already! Succinct Quest Fail! Nevermind. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

succinct = concise
Except succinct sounds sexy coz of the succ in it. Being pronounced "sucks" + "in" + "gkt", the gagging sound at the end definitely describes what's going on
No. 111253 ID: ca0e20

>it's kinda the opposite of Purple Prose?? Saying what needs to be said in fewer words, without a bunch of wasted space.

Good thing you added the extra explanation, I dunno what purple prose even is.


Lol don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong. You were right to use an example as if having good friends is a given, since it is. I'm the one at fault here.

>Probably not! I don't notice most plot errors unless they're really really obvious.

The list would still be long, lol. It is my first quest after all.
No. 111255 ID: 395c02

It sounds like you've got it from context clues, but:


Concise: I went to the store. It was warm out.

Purple Prose: The firey globe of thermonuclear explosions held itself high in our blue planet's oxygen-rich atmosphere, giving off its rays that traveled a million miles and 90 more to reach their final destination of the mask sitting atop my skull. Despite the assault going on above and beyond the ground I put one foot in front of the other on as I make my way through life, I see my destination of which I had been traveling: A place wherein people may purchase goods through the use of fiat currency to those employed inside.


One of those was (hopefully) easier to read than the other, and the latter overexplains things with way too many words. Of course, there's value in saying more than the first sentence does, setting the scenery or explaining character motivation, but that works a lot better with simple straightforward sentences than it does with whatever the second paragraph was doing!

>succinct Quest Fail!
Oh no!

Original Tezakia sure was a sight. I'm glad I got to clean it up a bit for the webpage version :x


>succinct = concise
Maybe I should be using the second word!

>Except succinct sounds sexy coz of the succ in it.
tgchan.txt <:3


No. 111256 ID: ca0e20

But I find my characters cuuuute. =(

... I sometimes call Lucy "Lucy the Cutietaur". I mean, it's awkward and looks more similar to the word "centaur" than "minotaur",
but I think she's a cutie...

No. 111257 ID: 395c02

Then you got the most important rule down! You'll do fine!
No. 111270 ID: 3ce125

They are cute.
No. 111310 ID: ca0e20
File 149365349438.png - (10.10KB , 530x600 , Lucy Pose - FEB.png )

I decided just now that whatever drawing I post on Patreon for the first Tier reward will be posted publicly a month after the post is made. But this Lucy pic was for February, so here it is now!


Familiar? Yeah, I just went and fully drew Lucy from the "Pose like a Team" pic cause she was mostly covered by the others in it. I'll admit that her butt could have been drawn better and it's not the first time I post her butt, but shrug. I also have to figure out the right way to draw her butt. Anyway, here's a better view of her lower body from that pic.

Also an example-ish of the type of small drawings I want to try and scrounge up for donating at least a dollar. "ish" cause I feel like this month's pic might be already better. But I do want to try to keep the scope low.

Bigger drawings from Patreon will be made available pretty much in the evening of that day, like all my other drawings. I guess I'm hoping that making the "exclusive" drawing timed and small as a bonus will make it less of a big deal that it's not publicly available right away. The trade off is that there's no real incentive to even give a dollar now unless you really want to see small bonuses I make. But hey, I'm still tweaking how I'll do things based on how many Patrons I get. Including bonus content.

I'm already considering using a pic that is pretty lewd that I haven't posted anywhere in a later month, even though I've been saying I wanted to keep the lewd on the Patreon page to "nude at best".

But anyway. Rambling.
No. 111494 ID: fe3b61
File 149440927708.gif - (272.06KB , 800x600 , ezgif-3-fa3befdf7b.gif )

I'd like to point out a small technical problem.
Some of your .gif files are unoptimized, resulting in an unnecessary large file sizes.
For instance, simply by removing duplicate frames in the latest animated panel, the file size could be reduced from 1444KB to 431KB. Though unrecommended, you could also apply a bit of lossy compression, reducing the size by another third, down to 272KB.

Drop frames => remove duplicate frames
Lossy GIF => Compression level: 20

But yeah, those duplicate frames are inflating your files too much, where you have 20 frames of which 14 are duplicate.
Actually, I'm not sure why there's 20 frames considering this was supposed to be a 2-frame quest. You might want to simplify the light flickering to be 2 or 4 frames at most.
No. 111498 ID: ca0e20

Main reason there's 20 instead of less is because of how I have the Aseprite file setup. I have 3 layers: Calm Distortion, Normal Distortion and Violent Distortion. Calm Distortion pretty much just repeats many frames and I don't make the file better cause of straight up laziness lol. But if that thing you linked helps, I could pass the gif through it when I use the calm layer, which I used this time for the first time anyway. As for other ways to make the file smaller, I have no idea how Clip Studio Paint and Aseprite works enough to know how to make efficient gifs, so whatever.

As for the 2Frames things, This isn't something I felt like I needed to point out but here goes:


I still use only 2 images per panels for the character movement/scenes, but the Distortion is what uses more frames. I did that on purpose cause the portal is messing the place up to the point of breaking the frames cap for it's own aesthetic or whatever.

But I have problems to convey stuff so whatever.
No. 111520 ID: ca0e20
File 149452845584.png - (63.31KB , 800x771 , Bee Squad.png )

In vague response to this. I would have drawn it around the thread 2 anniversary, but anyway.

Bee Squad!

This ended up looking more complicated than the actual one year anniversary pic, lol. But I guess it reflects the threads well. With smaller/more pixels, I ended up making the new characters for thread 2 a bit more complicated (even though I was suppose to keep them simple). So really, I feel like this is displayed here.

But I guess the bees themselves just have more going on than any other character and there's 5 of them. If I ever make a pic for Ava's gang, it would probably only be a little more complicated than the Main cast pic... Maybe. I guess there's only really one way to find out... =P
No. 111521 ID: 7058f1

Very nice group photo! I have been reading 2Frames here and there—I'm pretty far behind. But I've been wanting to draw one of your bee girls for something special involving various other characters from other quests.

That being said, I love this and Sharkquest! Do keep it up!
No. 111525 ID: ca0e20

Ah thanks! And looking forward to see what you end up making! =3
No. 111526 ID: ba56e6

Is Azalea giving Calla the finger?
No. 111528 ID: 91ee5f

Those poses! They remind me of the Ginyu Force! XD

Although, I prefer the theme from TFS's DBZ Abridged! XD
No. 111529 ID: cd28de

Okay, so! Actual quest discussion!

I'm worried that we're on a timer. I think our biggest priority would be finding Rip and Emerald after we rouse Lucy. I kind of want to check more of these doors however too.

In fact, we just need to make a list of general points of interest we need to deal with.

Finding Rip
Finding Emerald
Finding Bees
Killing Ava
Figuring out what's up with this place
Figuring out more about the sword?
Figuring out more about us?

Anything I missed?
No. 111537 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, an order of importance to that list. What's more important, freeing the prisoner snakes or killing Ava or finding our friends?
No. 111539 ID: 7b95d9


I'd have to say Friends (since some of them are injured), then Ava, then prisoners.
No. 111541 ID: ba56e6

Friends (including Azalea and Marigold for sure, and maybe the other bees as well) is priority number one.
No. 111711 ID: 40a223

Well. I guess we can check finding the bees off that list. Now the most pertinent question is how are we going to help Poppy?
No. 111712 ID: 91ee5f

Don't check it off yet! We've still got to find Azalea, the 5th bee!
No. 112091 ID: ca0e20
File 149634658347.png - (32.89KB , 503x529 , APR - Prt1-075 - Ammy Nude Butt Wiggle.png )

New month, which means that whatever exclusive for Patreon for April becomes public.

For April, there was 2 things since I didn't come up with something for March.

An OOC nude version of Ammy from panel 075. =P

No. 112092 ID: ca0e20
File 149634658842.png - (6.91KB , 820x270 , APR - Snake Sprite notpurple.png )

And the actual exclusive for the month of April. Since everything is purple right now, the snakes have not show their true colors. Or... rather I've not shown their true colors. Or s-something.

Anyway, they were neat to make so here's some sprites of them.

No. 112600 ID: 736c78

Forgot this existed.

On topic- singing does not cure everything. We need to get Emerald out of here somehow.
No. 112602 ID: ca0e20

>Forgot this existed.


Though it would explain, in part, why most don't use it, lol. =P
No. 112606 ID: 87353e

Agreed, but at the moment I'm thinking even if we grab Emerald right now we probably won't be able to escape the ring of shadows since they can physically block us from getting to the exit and that's only if the exit hasn't vanished behind us either.

My main suspicion right now is Emerald and the Main Shadow are two sides of the same coin and the shadow is in majority control right now. Our best bet is to try to talk to Emerald, help confront her literal Inner Demons and overcome them.

As for singing, I can see why people want to use the song since its Raven's special skill and has so far been the only thing that directly weakens the purple haze and its effects besides directly trying to cheer people up with pep talks or inspiring them with our leadership skills. Which makes me wonder if the song itself is not divine in some connotation or if it merely invokes positive feelings and that's enough to counteract the negative energy here. But either way I think we should save it for now until we really need it.

On a some what unrelated note. Is anyone else growing slightly concerned about the gaps in Raven's memories in correlation to the hidden messages in her ITQ background posts?
No. 112607 ID: ba56e6

Would you mind expanding on the hidden messages? I'm not good at spotting things like that.
No. 112609 ID: 87353e

Oh they just say little innocent things like:

Wrong memory Little Bird.
Why do you lie to yourself Little Bird.
No. 112610 ID: 7b95d9

Wait, when was this?
No. 112611 ID: 87353e

They are in the Inside the Quest 11 thread

1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/thread-for/questdis/99847

2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/thread-for/questdis/101391
No. 112612 ID: ba56e6

Aw snippity snap, I never noticed that.
No. 112613 ID: 7b95d9

Wow. I never noticed that.
No. 112615 ID: ba56e6

Has anybody been checking the in-quest images for similar messages?
No. 112616 ID: 3ce125

Aw shit I didn't notice that at all.

...her memories are in purple. Just like this weird dimension she's in right now. I wonder if her showing up right before Emerald was about to complete the ritual was more than coincidence?
No. 112617 ID: 87353e

Unless you count the little dream visions of "bad stuff" related to the portal during scene transitions, then no, the quest images don't have any explicit secret messages or hints.
No. 112703 ID: ca0e20
File 149783827529.png - (86.92KB , 800x600 , River Raven.png )

Doodle of Raven chilling at some river.

I dunno why, but apparently I like to draw Raven chilling.
No. 112704 ID: ba56e6

Quick, connect the dots between the grass patches to find the secret message!
No. 112705 ID: ca0e20

Are people gonna be paranoid about all my pics now? =P
No. 112706 ID: 3abd97

The first time you hide something plot relevant in an image and it gets missed signals the start of never ending paranoia.
No. 112707 ID: 91ee5f

Look on the bright side, at least this forces people to pay attention to your quests now!
No. 112721 ID: f40cb6
File 149788872436.png - (15.10KB , 238x121 , What do they mean.png )


What could it mean....?
No. 112722 ID: ca0e20

It's the fish's eye people need to pay attention...

But anyway! To be honest, now that I know people might be looking now, I might try to hide stuff again. Though the main problem is that this pic was made cause I was bored and felt a bit lazy. Hard to attempt to cleverly hide things in pics when you barely want to pay attention to anatomy and etc. But who knows? =P
No. 113079 ID: ca0e20
File 149892148853.png - (7.51KB , 540x550 , MAY - Mealworm Catfish Sprite.png )

It's a new month. Here's the bonus Patreon pic.

Even though I barely got to use them, I did make sprites for these two. And I especially like how the mealworm anthro came out. She's a bit goofy looking, but I dunno, I like her. Clothes are V2 cause the first version made her look more like some kind of skimpy battle sorceress or something. It's not shown here cause I might reuse the design for a more fitting character later.

Why does she have thick thighs? I dunno. They are fun.

But I also like the catfish dude. I feel like I never drawn a character with that body type, so he's practically unique to me lol. The runes on his clothes keeps him moist. Not to the point of dripping, but just so his fish side is comfortable.

No. 113080 ID: ba56e6

That mealworm is surprisingly cute.
No. 114120 ID: ca0e20
File 150161571216.png - (45.00KB , 800x600 , JUN - Shelly Likes Finn.png )

New Month, New "Last month" Patreon pic.


Title: Shelly Likes Finn. Yeah I decided to break the lewd seal by pretty much posting tittyfucking as a bonus pic on Patreon. I actually drew this around the time I introduced Shelly though. There's just no way to tell if she would have done this had Finn been corporeal. =V
No. 114123 ID: f076ad

My wishes for this quest will be fulfilled once this is canon :p
No. 114124 ID: ca0e20

Assuming she's even the type to give tittyfucks canonically... =P
No. 114576 ID: ca0e20

Apparently I never responded to this, but it's a simple response anyway.

Thank you! I did try to make her cute! =3
No. 114577 ID: be0718

If you think that's a bad thing you may have seriously misread the tone of the quest. We dealt with the last mermaid by pretending to be her dead lover.
No. 114580 ID: ba56e6

This exists, felt you should know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxRfqsGmY74
No. 114751 ID: e8f4bd

You could still go with the lewd suggestions but simply censor the art. Either through perspective, random objects incidentally blocking the view, random clouds of steam, or the good old censor bars / pixelization.
No. 115059 ID: ca0e20
File 150428148911.png - (594.79KB , 1200x1200 , JUL - Rosie Mostly Nude post.png )

Last month's Patreon pic! Also first pic I drew from scratch specifically for the Patreon Bonus pic.

No. 115319 ID: ca0e20

For those who wants to know, my Patreon is a tip jar now. More info: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8401432/

No. 115487 ID: ca0e20

I don't know if anyone are keeping tabs, but I came up with a concept in the last couple of days for a NSFW quest that I wouldn't be against doing. The joke Patreon Goal is still the current requirement (other things need to happen for that to go down) but the idea of me down a lewd quest one day just got a little more plausible.
No. 115488 ID: a363ac

No. 115583 ID: b93a7b

whats the lewd concept?
No. 115589 ID: ca0e20

I still want to think about it more since it's super early, but most I can say is that sex in that quest would have a tangible purpose. Sex only as a reward or for "character development" it's too thin for me to want to bother with.

Though, while I bet the approach I want to try would be seen as bad to some, it's currently the only way I've come up for me to want to put lewd in a quest. So far at least.
No. 116634 ID: ca0e20

Just wanted to mention stuff that affects the updating of 2Frames. I don't like being transparent about it cause I'm not great at keeping up with longer term plan beyond what to do daily, but I feel like I should mention something since 2F is entering some stuff that might be the start of the end of the current chapter. I'm not way into leaving things off static for 2 weeks as it currently is already with the last update, but anyways.

First to quickly mention that the main thing keeping me away from updating 2F and Shark Quest right now are commissions. So that's mostly why 2F went without an update for almost a month.

The other thing I want to say is that I'm planning on holding a commission sale in the upcoming 2 weeks. Which means, as hinted at before, that I might not be able update either quests during that time. It's possible I'd find time, but if it goes like last sale, I don't think I'll have time. I'm saying this cause stuff is picking up in 2F especially, and after writing the next update, I almost want to focus on updating Shark Quest for the rest of the week since. While the current spot would be bad to wait 2 weeks on, the next update would be even a worst spot to have a "break" on.

The other thing to mention is that it's likely that I will have enough money to finally reach my year long goal that I've been saving money for all this time. If that is the case, then that means that I'll be able to focus less on commissions after this sale/October. After October, I plan to basically only being open for commissions on every other week. The other weeks would be when I'd work on quests. Considering I wanted to finish 2Frames's current chapter this summer and we're not quite there yet, I do want to try and reorganize my priorities to make finishing 2F's current chapter more feasible. For one, if we can finish the chapter before the year's end, that would be great. Gaps in updates are killer for momentum too.

So it's possible that I'll write the next Shark Quest update after I eat and depending on how fast/efficient I am at drawing the update, I might update SQ once or twice today or tomorrow. Then another gap in updates (or not) and then first week of November will be focused on quests again with a new monthly schedule to hopefully update 2F and SQ more often.

That should be it for now.
No. 116646 ID: 87353e

Hey no worries, its cool if you have to take a break to get other things done.
You've been pretty consistent with your schedule of updating either of the quests atleast once a week with a fairly decent chunk of content and anytime you missed a week I figured you were probably busy with other stuff, which is wholly reasonable.
For me atleast, I don't mind the wait between updates and it gives me more time to ruminate on potential suggestions.

Oh and since this probably isn't said enough, Thank you for taking the time to run theses quests! They are a lot of fun to take part in.
No. 116650 ID: ca0e20

Oh! It's definitely nice to hear. Glad to hear you enjoy them and thank you! =D
No. 116651 ID: 41c9bc

Go make that green, dude. No worries.
No. 117684 ID: 52b57e

And it's back. And we got stabbed.
No. 117688 ID: 87353e

Is anyone else thinking The Portal traps the souls of people sacrificed as a power source and the Mystery Door might lead to where we can free them or wreck something vital to the portals functions?
No. 118034 ID: ca0e20
File 151131500972.png - (59.33KB , 800x600 , Darkest Raven Stress.png )

Been playing a lot of Darkest Dungeon lately and this recent suggestion would totally stress Raven out. =P
No. 118044 ID: 66a4ca

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
No. 118053 ID: 87353e

What darkest dungeon character classes do you think the main 2Frames party would be?
I could see Rip and Raven being a Highwayman & Grave Robber respectively.
Lucy as easily a Hellion or perhaps Leper given her feelings of self loathing and perception of being an outcast deserving of a self imposed exile.
Emerald feels kinda tricky to pin down since Plague Doctor, Occultist, and Antiquarian all kinda fit her specific back row brand of style, especially if you have seen the official background comics for Plague Doctor and Occultist.
No. 118054 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, I'd say it's tough to give them DD class since the classes definitely are a bit less conventional than most games. 2F is way more like a DnD/RPG type of characters, so I feel like answering that question is akin to figuring out what DnD class fits the Darkest Dungeon classes.

Going with general personality and etc. that's even harder because Darkest Dungeon is, well, darker. While 2F characters aren't 100% happy and etc. I feel like they are still doing better than the characters in DD, though I don't blame the DD characters lol.

Having said that, I might just give classes to them without really thinking about how "statistically" accurate they would be.

As weird as it might be, I'd almost have Raven be a Man-at-Arm cause I noticed that if you pick certain abilities for him, he can be at the fourth spot and just continuously buff his ally and debuff the enemies. While also being able to fight (assuming he has the ability to do so and moves up front).

I'd agree that Highwayman could generally fit Rip.

I might go with Hellion for Lucy just cause of how powerful Hellion seems to be. I always trust her at position 1 to bring some heavy damage.

Emerald is indeed tough to figure out since no class relies on magic like she does, or at least not powerful magic. I also have not seen the comics. Could check for them if I don't forget, after I'm done with the game. But I'm kinda gravitating toward Occultist just because of the darker nature of his abilities. Even his heal spell gives a bleed effect.

I'd have to check the abilities positions again since I dunno who should be at 3 or 4, but I'd say:

Raven(Man-at-Arms) and/or Emerald(Occultist) - Rip(Highwayman) - Lucy(Hellion)

Would be the classes and order I'd go with lol. (I don't like going out without a Vestal though, unless the Abomination is there. But still, tricky.)
No. 118055 ID: 87353e
File 151136654579.jpg - (1.44MB , 1000x1768 , Occ_final_logo.jpg )

Yeah I agree the darker themes of DD make some of the picks really tough personality wise, I can definitely see Raven as a back row Man at Arms party buffer now. I had lightly considered her being a buff Jester but he just seems too grim compared to the man at arms doing the same thing.

That's also the exact line up I was thinking about haha, Lucy and Rip are definitely front row with Emerald and Raven in the back.
I was also leaning heavily towards Occultist for Emerald not only for the skill set and her place in the formation but also because of the uncanny parallels with her and the Occultist comic.(see pic)
The Plague Doctor too since their background and lore items hint that they were kicked out of their university because of their experimentations.

As for not wanting to set off with out Vestal I definitely know that feel lol.
But apparently you can beat the Heart of Darkness with out any deaths if you bring a party of 3 Plague Doctors and a Leper. With the power of math and stacking crit/dmg buffs to get a big enough crit to skip the fight mechanics and one shot the heart. Its very silly.
No. 118097 ID: 15a025
File 151147799359.gif - (119.55KB , 800x600 , A 2-frames thanksgiving b.gif )

A happy Thanks giving to 2 Frames!
No. 118098 ID: ca0e20

Cute scene! =D

Ah yeah, the math is beyond me though, heheh. =P
And that's an interesting comic. =o
No. 118099 ID: 33cbe7

Is this the secret ending to 2 Frames where you just cook with Emerald instead of knocking her out and fleeing?
No. 118100 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, and after 15 minutes, Emerald flies Raven over to her sister's shrine with an helicopter. So that Raven can place her mother's urn next to her sister's urn.

Then they shoot some goddamn guns.
No. 118101 ID: 15a025
File 151149578441.gif - (34.14KB , 800x600 , Super secret 2 frames ending B.gif )

I couldn't resist doodling this up.
No. 118102 ID: ca0e20

So great! =D
No. 118486 ID: ca0e20

Just another heads up about Commission sales. I'm having another one for pretty much all of December, minus the last week which I'll take completely off. Though it's not impossible that I might update either quests this month. I limited what I'm accepting as commission to sales only so it's possible that I would get some time to work on quests during that time. Otherwise, this might be another update-less month... Well except the one I just did.
No. 119740 ID: ca0e20
File 151639556221.png - (69.46KB , 800x600 , FinnWoo.png )

Alright! Shark Quest part 1/first thread is finally complete!

Main thing I want to say is that I don't know when the next thread will start. Probably not soon. Right now, I plan on focusing completely on 2Frames, quest-wise. 2F accidentally became this thing that takes me kind of along time to update once even when I work on it until I finish it (instead of doing other stuff, or nothing), but it's pretty much near it's end game for the first chapter, so I want to at least finish that that way.

I am planning on opening for commissions eventually soon, but generally I do want to try and work on 2F as much as I can. Kinda balancing both things, but not really focusing on commissions like I've been doing. For one, I don't think there will be any sales anytime soon, which is part of why I mostly focused on commish at the end of last year, even after getting a GPU like I was saving for. But yeah.

I guess I should promote this. If you want to support my quests with dollars, you can support my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jiggydino
Patreon is the biggest way to make me do so less commission in favor of quests, so consider supporting if you can! And I really meant dollars or dollar too. I don't mind $1 supporters. Every little bit helps!

Also, Discord server over there: https://discord.gg/EZ4sCYh
This should have 5 uses left. If they get used, I'll make a more permanent one. What don't you just make one now? Meh. lol
No. 119747 ID: 9f8ce2

Sounds like a plan.

As for Quest talk, apparently bardic magic isn't a common thing? That's pretty interesting. Wonder what else raven could do.
No. 120006 ID: ca0e20
File 151703247928.png - (159.10KB , 800x600 , Happy Raven.png )

Felt like drawing Raven during while I'm artblocking and I'm taking all opportunities of art motivation to draw, lol. Here's a happy Raven. =3
No. 120086 ID: ca0e20
File 151726055058.png - (480.78KB , 978x1200 , Lucy by SE post.png )

Friend drew a sketch of Lucy and I liked it enough that I ended up inking and coloring it! =D

His FA, since he apparently has not posted the sketch there yet. Unless I just missed it:
No. 120088 ID: ca0e20
File 151726072259.png - (1.02MB , 900x1200 , Lucy by SE Sketch post.png )


Sketch version that they drew. =3
No. 120578 ID: 15a025
File 151845232816.png - (5.19KB , 800x600 , 2 frames 2 year ani bee2.png )

Celebrating 2 years of 2frames with a little sprite scene.
No. 120592 ID: ca0e20


Nice. =3
No. 120985 ID: a65225

Okay, so this hasn't actually been used for discussion in a long time, but I feel like now is a good time to revitalize it.

So, it's clear Raven's song is... something else. It more or less got past a other dimensional miasma, and it sort of got past a magic nullifying sword. Not to mention that it's something that a lifelong witch and some very experienced individuals seem to have no clue about.

Now it's affecting an ancient, Eldritch device of Untold Demonic Power that generally needs a blood sacrifice to get going. Got to imagine that anything that can pull that off has to have some juice behind it.

Question is, do we want to take the risk and try and go for what might be a magical short circuit? We could either be speeding it up, or causing it to destabilize and possibly blow up or something. Best case scenario is that whatever she sings causes it to either die out or weaken ferociously. It's a big risk, but potentially we could end the problem here and now.

I really hopw someone else has thoughts on this.
No. 121000 ID: 87353e

Just to clarify since it has been a while and there might have been a misconception, Raven's Song only produces any tangible effects if she preforms it in its entirety, exactly as she was taught how to sing it. Just humming the tune has no effect other then making her feel better psychologically because its a comforting melody to her, as shown in >>/quest/807894 .

Since Raven hasn't actually invoked her song yet, I think this is a case of correlation not being causation in regards to the portal acting up right now. It could be reacting to just Raven's presence specifically since she seems(?) to have a strange connection to the Ruins, what with the visions she has been having since her arrival. Or it could be that the Portal itself has just now reached the terminus of its powering up phase and is now fully primed to receive a sacrifice.

As to what the song might actually do to the Portal, given our previous attempts haven't had any volatile reactions like conventional spells do and seems like a safe way to defuse and disperse the Dark Energy of the Portal. It's at least probably safer then trying to physically smash it while its juiced up or potentially overloading the anti-magic sword if used alone with out weakening the Portal first. No matter what I think we are going to try the song on the portal at some point, its just a question of when.

So then its more like do we want to blow up our spot right now by testing singing to the Portal and probably also cause Ophi to spot Marigold and Poppy before they are ready? Do we have time or the capacity to move to a new hiding spot with out being seen, to then start singing and act as bait to draw Ohpi's attention towards Raven only and not the Bees, giving them an opening to grab her and the captives before the Portal does any more weird shenanigans? Or do we just hold off and wait to see if anything worse happens, hoping that someone else on the attack team gets Ophi to turn around again so we can jump her?
No. 121006 ID: a65225

Oh yeaaah, probably right about that bit about the humming. We might be able to at least shift positions.

...still want to know just what's going on there though.
No. 121058 ID: 4324ce

Wonder what she could have that keeps her magic working despite a powerful anti-magic sword...

But yeah, didn't think of just chuckin' shit at her.
No. 121059 ID: 91ee5f

>Wonder what she could have that keeps her magic working despite a powerful anti-magic sword...
It’s not just that, it’s that her magic is working perfectly despite being in all this purple stuff!

Remember Emerald’s magic isn’t working unless she draws magic runes on objects, Ophi seems to not be having that problem!
No. 121063 ID: 87353e

Don't forget that Ophi also has a Spell Foci that she is using to cast magic, just like Emerald is using the spare crystal lamp. Its some kind of crystal ball or hollow glass orb.
No. 121315 ID: f6b57a

Okay so WHAT.

Why did she suddenly open herself to possession? I thought we were pretty fair about this all.
No. 121326 ID: 87353e

Ophi has been super desperate since we captured Ava and it seems like they both had some kind of interaction with the entity while poking around the portal. Who knows what level of influence it had? I mean it seems to amplify negative emotions to its advantage and she had a full blown panic attack.
No. 121563 ID: ca0e20
File 152117060886.png - (260.72KB , 600x800 , Lucy Vista View.png )

Here's a simple 1 hour doodle of Lucy. =P
No. 121577 ID: f6b57a


Also, what the fuck @ latest update. Just who is this chode that keeps bodyjacking people?
No. 121584 ID: 87353e

Whatever it is, Daemon or not, can apparently puppet people from across dimensions if they have significant negative emotions or unresolved traumas.
Though if that's only because of Ophi being a direct host for it, I wonder what makes Rufa resistant or why it hasn't or couldn't convert her yet like Basant, willpower maybe?
Poppy and Emerald make sense as easy targets. Emerald is pretty much patient zero here, and Poppy had her blood sucked by the portal.

If the charged portal is acting as a relay booster for it we might need to switch targets and have Lucy try to smash some of the channels on the portal arms to cause a signal disruption.
I'm just afraid it might reflect the force of the blow back on her or catastrophically release whatever massive amount energy its been building up if we try that with out Ava's sword to disperse it.
No. 121591 ID: f6b57a

I'm particularly worried due to what the thing said. Sounds like Raven is, in its eyes, a massive threat.
No. 122559 ID: ca0e20


Is this the game?!? =O
No. 122926 ID: ecf44d

I think that whatever becomes of the party, we at least have a nebulous goal to work towards in the long run:

These 'songs' that apparently can cause an interdimensional entity to take a look at you and go 'yup, those pipes of yours are a problem that need to be solved'. Hope Ophi has some intel on that whole thing.
No. 123185 ID: ca0e20
File 152709797024.png - (5.93KB , 800x600 , Emerald the Armadillo.png )

Quick thing I made. I've been thinking about how much Emerald doesn't look like an Armadillo, cause I didn't really find a way to make her look like one in the first thread. Though I used like, less than 10 minutes coming up with her.

Then in thread 2 when I changed the resolution, I just uprezed the main cast for the most part. So Emerald just ended up looking a lot like a canine. Her and Rufa shouldn't look this much the same. lol

Anyway, I felt like doodling her as an actual armadillo to see how similar/different she'd look like. This is also very prototype though. I plan on changing things about the characters once this chapter is completed, some redesigning, and Emerald will still get worked on a little bit more. But this gives an idea of how she'll look.
No. 123188 ID: ba56e6

Maybe a little narrower on the armored part? It would make it easier to depict clear eyebrows or lines around the eyes. I notice you use both quite a lot with Emerald's expressions.
No. 123189 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, with this version, I was tentatively checking into maybe making her cartoon shape the armor around the eye to use for expressions. But yeah, that's one of the things that might not stick once I actually redesign her.
No. 123513 ID: 40197f

I think at this point I'm gonna accept some failure.

I was meant to focus on 2F this year until it was done and I expected that to take the first 3-4 months, but because of my dumb head, I ended up not working on it as much as I wanted and there's no way I'll finish 2F before July.

That matters, cause that's when I'll re-shift focus to commissions again. Since I'll want to hold a shark week sale that lasts all month of July. I'm bad at updating 2F even when I try to fully focus on it, so I think my output of update will practically stay the same anyway. I wish I was a better human.

So yeah, more updates for this month (hopefully) but I'm probably gonna shift back to commissions for July. Might have to use the last week of June to prepare or something.
No. 123527 ID: b1b4f3

Aww, I hope the ending won't be delayed TOO long.
No. 125594 ID: 40197f

Alright! Finally finished the 2 Frames Quest Chapter! I really should have finished earlier, but better late than never I guess lol.

Most I want to say now is that 2F will be on hiatus now. I do have to focus on other things, and it doesn't help that it takes kinda forever to make a 2F update. Especially compared to, say, a Shark Quest update. I dunno how 2F will look once I update it again, but I have thought about how I might change it at least to make it update faster. Though that can range from different approach to drawing the frames to getting better gear, maybe.

Having said that, it is possible that I end up working on another quest from here to when I update 2F again. For one, I want to say that I'll definitely update Shark Quest before I update 2F again. But it's possible I start another hopefully smaller thing first. I've been wanting to start something that would be way more light and low stakes so I can update when I'm bored or whatever, but even that I didn't want to start anything before the Portal Chapter was done. I have no real plan for quests right now other than taking a break from them while I figure other things out.

I'd point to Patreon now, but I have been thinking of redoing it, if I redo it, to be centered about animation and only animation. So if anyone supports it now, it would still be for it's current tip jar reasons. But yeah, my quests are not stellar enough for Patreon, lol. Not even my animations I bet. Anyways.

I already started, but I am now re-reading 2F to see how it works as a story all in one go. So far I do enjoy parts of it. Obviously some parts could be better, but I do like how certain parts are, like the goofy stuff the characters sometimes do.

But anyway, enough rambling out of my mouth! For anyone that read 2Frames and enjoyed it, thank you for sticking around and I hope you've enjoyed this, even with my slow update at the end there! =D
No. 125595 ID: e4abb2

I'm glad to have read it! Came for sharks, stayed for bird brain. I enjoyed all your works and look forward to seeing more!
No. 125600 ID: ac4925

I loved this quest and I was glad to see this chapter finale. It's a very satisfying conclusion.
No. 125602 ID: 40197f

Glad you do!!! =D The sharks are very alluring, and the bird is silly. =P

Glad to hear it! Also good to hear the finale was enjoyed too! =D
No. 125620 ID: 15a025
File 153771948771.png - (4.96KB , 480x640 , Farewell3.png )

It was a very fun quest to the adorable end!
No. 125621 ID: 40197f

Still nice! =D
Glad you enjoyed the quest! =3
No. 125627 ID: 87353e

Congrats on finishing! 2 Frames has been such a wonderful and endearing quest that I'm grateful to have had the chance to participate in. You said the updates towards the end were slow, but the effort and consideration that went into crafting them shows and they were worth the wait. Good job!
No. 125628 ID: b67388

Will look forward to the return.
No. 125630 ID: 40197f

Oh my... That means a lot to hear, thank you! =O =D

I'll wish it won't be long, but I don't know how good I'll do those other things. It's all like... life related, ugh, lol.
No. 125639 ID: b67388

No pressure, friend. Wish you luck with said life related business.
No. 126246 ID: 40197f

Hey, I'm dumb and decided to try and make a short quest for Halloween even though I shouldn't be questing! Here's Batty Quest!


I do intend to have it finished on Halloween, so we'll see I guess.
If people like it enough to want more, I can always make another thread one day to have the bat do more stuff. But yeah. gonna have to end it on Halloween lol. Hope you guys enjoy! =D
No. 126302 ID: 40197f

And that's a wrap! Hope this silly lil' thing was enjoyable! =3

Happy Halloween! =D
No. 126303 ID: 91ee5f

It was enjoyable!

I really hope we get to see more of Keese sometime in the future!
No. 126304 ID: 87353e

It was a very good and silly, also stories with parallel adventures going on in the background are always fun. It makes you wanna learn more about Gargoyles and Hunters and what adventures they get up to.
No. 126305 ID: 40197f

It's possible! I was even thinking that it would be an option to run a quest using one of the other characters, if I want to try something a bit longer with these characters. But that's more thoughts than concrete plans. It might be something I only do next October for example. =P
But yeah, Keese is a neat lil' fella. =3

Glad you enjoyed that aspect! I also enjoy those so it was fun to try one!
No. 126307 ID: a9af05

I enjoyed it as well!

My only complaint is that it's a liiiittle hard to see Keese whenever he/she is being held by a gargoyle. Maybe next time, you could make it easier tell them apart?
No. 126308 ID: 40197f

That's cause he's STEALTH!!! =O

Really though, it's mostly cause none of the characters were really planned. I wasn't even planning on Keese befriending more/all the Gargoyles like he did, so it's why all characters were pure black, lol.

For this quest, I tried to only use a black pen on an orange background with sometimes white highlights to make certain poses and details more obvious and only used different dark grays so that Keese didn't completely disappear.

If I use these characters again, I could give the Gargoyles slight hues to differentiate them more.

Anyway, enough sleepy rambling. Glad you enjoyed it!
No. 126429 ID: 40197f
File 154171736628.png - (453.84KB , 808x1184 , Raven by SE post.png )

Friend from last time drew Raven this time! Some months ago. I got distracted, lol.


No. 126430 ID: 40197f
File 154171740648.png - (930.44KB , 808x1184 , Raven by SE Sketch post.png )

And the sketch he made. =3
No. 127012 ID: 40197f
File 154579996689.png - (23.83KB , 493x577 , Lucy outfit.png )

Random doodle of Lucy. Wanted to see what kind of outfit she might wear if Raven had her change clothes proper. Had a vague version of this outfit in mind for a while for some reason.
No. 127014 ID: 87353e

In my imagination I was like, Oh this is what Lucy would pick out to wear if the party was heading into a snowy climate region.
Everyone else would be bundled up in layers and it would take all they could to convince her to also put on a thick fur cloak for warmth.
I hope we get to learn more about our new friends and the interesting cultures they come from. We had a chance to ask Lucy about what being Wantagar means, but it kinda got passed over since the focus was on trying to cure her affliction.
No. 127019 ID: 40197f

Yeah, figuring out how to balance action with character development/lore is something I'll need to figure out. It was easy for me in this chapter to think that things needed to be on all the time, to the point where even once Raven got a journal to read, she only got to it some times after and had to read it while doing other things. I guess in my mind, I was just constantly worried things were too boring if they got slow for too long. Though I guess considering the circumstances, maybe that was natural.

Once I get to continue 2F, there won't be anything absolutely urgent apart from "Let's figure out if we can cure this purple", so maybe I'll have more chances to let the characters breath and hopefully it won't be boring lol.
No. 127431 ID: 40197f
File 154879164922.png - (365.11KB , 833x1012 , Mad Lucy.png )

Doodled a Mad Lucy.

Realized I have not done much perspective stuff in a while so I want to try and do more again.
No. 127441 ID: 130f18

mad cow
No. 127615 ID: 40197f
File 154957911808.png - (20.36KB , 744x586 , Lucy and Raven Outfit Doodles.png )

Raven is here now. =P
No. 127618 ID: 87353e

Our good good bird bud. The little shoulder mantel is a nice touch. It just feels right for some reason.
No. 127621 ID: a9af05

Raven is just tall enough to be at the perfect height for motorboating Lucy! >:3
No. 127623 ID: df5c09

While she is the right height, Raven unfortunately lacks the mouth and lips needed for motorboating.
No. 127648 ID: a9af05

No. 127829 ID: 40197f
File 155038138247.png - (90.42KB , 800x600 , Varona and Shelly.png )

Doodle of these 2. Wanted to draw the mage again but decided to do a one pic scene with her and Shelly!
No. 127915 ID: 40197f
File 155079095750.gif - (34.79KB , 400x400 , Raven Goofy Dance.gif )

Random thing I did on a whim. Kind of an animation doodle.
No. 127936 ID: e51896

thats 6 frames, not 2 frames D:

Just messing. Besides, the 2 frame cap has been broken long ago in this disthread.

Nice dance, what do you suppose Raven calls that dance?
No. 127945 ID: 40197f

Either the "Oh god someone made me dance on the spot and I don't know what to doooo!!!" or the "Me, the artist, didn't go in with a plan dance". =P
No. 127950 ID: 91ee5f

Or it could be the “Oh God something is in my cloak and I can’t get it out!” dance.
No. 127953 ID: 40197f

That sounds more like what the dude at the end of BattyQuest was doing. =P
No. 127986 ID: 40197f
File 155141278547.png - (24.01KB , 646x730 , Modern Lucy weights.png )

Another Modern Lucy doodle!
I still miss doing quests.
No. 127989 ID: 130f18

/quest/ misses you too
No. 127992 ID: a9af05

We miss you too.
No. 129677 ID: 0d5cb3

Currently thinking not running quests makes no sense for me. I stopped to free my time up to do important life stuff, so I wouldn't feel guilty if I ran out of time for quests. But I proved in the last months that I still won't do anything responsible, even if I don't have obligations. Well... self imposed obligations. Though I went and told myself that I'd try to open for commissions at least one batch of 3 per month for the entire year, and that ended up still being a thing that I'd focus more on than doing that other stuff. But that still shows how weak I am as an adult human. Anyway.

At this point, I feel like doing quest can potentially be a thing I should do to keep myself sane. Main thing I need to make sure though, is that I don't do like I did with 2F again. Updates that took way too long. Which I was aware from the start not to do and still went and did it by not completely purpose. But I guess I was stubborn and stuck with it. So whatever I do, if I start again, I have to make sure it's simple enough to, say, update multiple times in one evening.

... And by keeping things simple, I can potentially still do step 1 that I was meaning to do while still updating a quest.

Current potential plan for quests is what I always expected to do. Once I update again, it'll be Shark Quest. A SQ panel always was faster to make than drawing a single frame in 2F was, worst case scenario I would art block hard enough to take longer on a simple panel, but it was still faster than a 2F frame. So SQ can be a test of what happen when the main quest I update is easy to update. I think I mentioned it before, but ultimately, once I update 2F again, I do plan on changing the style. Mostly by not making it lineless. It will kinda look like Shark Quest, but with more colors and etc. But I want to make sure I'm in a good place to update 2F again, so it's more likely that I will focus on Shark Quest and other new quests for a long time before I go back to 2F... if I can resist being away from those characters that long that is.

And for those that likes the lineless style, I want to say that I like it too and am proud (believe it or not) of the Portal Chapter. It's not the best thing ever and it has lots of faults in every aspect, but the full package is so nice to me. I like how it looks and most of what happens and while we only see a glimpse of the characters, I still like to see what we saw of them. To stop the ramble, I mainly want to say that I want to work myself up back to the lineless style. As things around me and my skill get better, I want to get to a point where I can either update in that style faster, or that it would be more a manageable thing for me to update in that style despite that time it takes to make things that way. As crazy as it may sound, I do believe I have it in me. Just not in my current state.

Anyway, I wanted to spew some words cause I've been thinking this for a bit and this evening, I have been starting to see a certain image in my mind of how things are and what I do to myself for the sake of doing things the "right way". I still don't know what the right way is for me, but it's not by finding another way to make me sad. And thinking about not updating quests has been a new source for me.

I still have to think on stuff, but yeah. If I missed something, ask away and I'll try to address it and stuff.
No. 129678 ID: b1b4f3

Yay, more quests.

You'll get better at being responsible with practice.
No. 129685 ID: 87353e

Hey! Great to hear you're gonna start questing again! But no matter what, you do you to find a rhythm that feels right and works for your real life schedule.

As for responsibility, once you find a good routine to get back into and stick with it, then it just becomes practice until its second nature. Try to recognize bad habits and break them before it becomes too hard. But remember you're only beholden to yourself, so only prioritize what you think feels right for you.

I might be a silent reader for SQ, but I am excited to see where you go next on your projects. 2 Frames was my jam and short one offs like Batty Quest are pure delight!
No. 129691 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156091495466.png - (136.78KB , 800x700 , Ava Pants.png )

With quests on the mind again, here's Ava!

Was thinking about how I'd get rid of the idea that my 2F character are cartoon-y enough to not have to cover themselves as much. Ava being one of the offenders with this, this is the kind of tight shorts I've been thinking of giving her for a while. So, here's a doodle showing it. Weird to do for a character we might not see for a while if ever!, but yeah I do like doodling her sometimes. I also tried to make her face a bit more barn owl-y.
No. 129720 ID: 0d5cb3


New Shark Quest thread! =D
No. 129794 ID: 864e49

Go on Jiggy, try make a frilled shark cute! I dare you!
No. 129823 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156220951672.png - (24.07KB , 590x400 , Raven and Lucy Pose.png )

Nothing new, but I drew Raven and Lucy for a new Patreon Banner a while ago. But since I'm not doing much with it in the way of not advertising about it at all, I wanted to show these 2 anyway. I do like how they came out for the most part.

For what it's worth, here's my Patreon in it's current form: https://www.patreon.com/jiggydino
No. 130272 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156375582282.png - (34.56KB , 414x600 , Frilled Shark.png )

It's not Echo and I dunno if it's actually cute, but here! Actual Frilled Sharks were sometimes actually cute to me already


While I'm here, I do want to mention to all of you that this update took long mostly cause I somehow didn't really have a ton of opportunities to actually work on this. I blame my party neighbors that made sure I was too tired most weekends.
No. 130319 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156381812508.gif - (307.19KB , 500x500 , Lucy Rockin.gif )

-Lucy Rockin'-

Prepared this a while ago and finally animated it just now!

Result of me pondering about how Modern Lucy would still have an axe. =P
No. 130321 ID: eb1fcc

Lucy definitely strikes me as someone who'd have an alt-punk garage band.
No. 130324 ID: ba56e6

What are her band's songs about?
No. 130327 ID: 864e49

While your drawing is some what cute that may be because you didn't draw it with its nightmare teeth.

And speaking of things that are nightmarish in nature did you know that Anglerfish reproduce with the male attaching itself to the much larger female and slowly merging and being absorbed by her until the are little more then just testicles that she can pull sperm from as she needs?
No. 130329 ID: 0d5cb3

Making this, I was just imagining her practicing/ messing around with the guitar as she's not in a band yet. So it would probably mostly be instrumentals. And for genres, I'd just make her play songs I like, lol. Non-scream metal, punk rock, classic rock, maybe some indie sounding stuff occasionally... video games music, lol.

I did try to make it's teeth crazy, but it was tough with the binary pen and that resolution.

Also yeah, people really liked to point those out in the thread itself. Fitting for deep sea creatures I guess, since they have to be bonkers in real life.
No. 130451 ID: 87353e

This is pretty great, also modern Lucy shredding on a guitar is also giving me some NITW feels and that's a good bonus.
If she was in a band though with our usual pals, Raven would probably be vocals, but would Emerald be percussions or synths?
No. 130453 ID: eb1fcc

Theremin. Duh.
No. 130456 ID: 0d5cb3

Rip might be better for percussion. Mostly cause it's slightly funny to me that sneaky silent guy would be the one that makes noise by beating the crap out of an instrument in modern times. But he'd still be silent socially.

Lol maybe. But I could also see her doing any extra instruments too. In a, good enough at most instruments, not a master of anything kind of way. So any genre the band might tackle, she'd handle whatever instrument need to be played at the time... well one for a song that the others can't cover.

She can handle the Synth for some stuff and the Theremin could be one of those things for the Halloween album they'd do. =P
No. 130946 ID: 745eba

Just finished reading the Portal Chapter of 2F Quest and wanted to say that I absoluetly loved it and it was probably one of my favourite quests on the site!

Also I'm really enjoying Shark Quest as well
No. 130950 ID: 0d5cb3

Oh my! Glad you liked it this much. Very great to hear! =D
No. 131012 ID: b1b4f3

I like Mango.
No. 131015 ID: 0d5cb3

Glad you do! =D
No. 132138 ID: feecd8

Honestly, I liked Shark Quest better when we only needed to worry about which one of our friends we wanted to date and eventually choose one of them to be our mate.

It stopped being fun when all of the kidnapping merfolk showed up. I wish we could just go back to dating.
No. 132145 ID: ea81d3

Yeah the problem right now is that I made the mistake to take 2 suggestions in that one first post when I guess I should have just picked one, but back then I also was not planning to have it run that long, it was meant to be a week and that's it, but people wanted me to do more, so then I continued it, but I already planted the seeds of the fin soup so I kinda had to follow that through. Then I started updating the quest only once a month, which made it real hard for me to have a grasp on how things were going so much so that I reveal certain things earlier than I originally planned.

I was debating saying this out loud, but I might as well say so since I do know that the people that want a date quest essentially lost that: My current plan is/was to fast-track a resolution for the fin soup thing, and then transition to dating again with no distractions... Though that is potentially being delayed with people wanting to hang out now, so I dunno. At this point it might be apt to embrace the ridiculousness and have Ammy call Finn right away like "Wow I was way more ready with my preparation than I originally thought." Ammy preparing probably came from an old thing I wanted to do which was inspired by Persona 4 with the whole, date fight date fight thing they are doing, but they planned it out better and are smarter and etc. and it's a game and etc.

Like literally, with how heavy people seems to take the fin stuff, I practically am planning to solve it by letting people defeat a villain (that also has been seeded already) within the next outing. Like, narratively , I'm making Finn solve all that stuff within 2 days.

I know some would like me to just make Finn ask the cops and it would all be fixed magically, but I dunno, I guess I'm not about that. Heck, I could reboot it but I don't want to do that either. (Instead of rebooting, I'd rather just cancel it and go back to 2Frames)

So I dunno, I'm recovering from being sick right now, but I'll think about what to do going forward. I guess I'm also thinking of the characters that are either introduced or going to be introduced based on certain things (I might have given the impression I wanted no one to go to the cops, whoops) so maybe that's why I don't want to skimp too hard on that side of it, cause once it's resolved, then a lot of characters will relax more and I dunno. We'll see. I'm still thinking of trying to make it so that once Shark Quest has a 3rd part (assuming it survives that long), it'll be all dating going forward, but it's also hard to know who cares about what. I like Shelly, but does anyone else do? I have no idea.
No. 133364 ID: ea81d3
File 159399751846.png - (791.11KB , 1200x1200 , Ava Corruption.png )

Sketch I made a while ago. Not very canon.
No. 133365 ID: ea81d3
File 159399753887.png - (434.48KB , 1200x1200 , Lucy Sunny.png )

Happy sunny Lucy doodle from a while back.
No. 133366 ID: ea81d3
File 159399756153.png - (240.23KB , 879x1109 , Raven Bow.png )

And this doodle was from last night.
No. 133379 ID: d5962d

Good form.
No. 134645 ID: ea81d3
File 160945366045.png - (1.21MB , 996x1257 , Raven Bow post.png )

And Colored!

Wanted to make sure I get it colored at some point. It's a pic that I've always liked how it came out and might be my fav pic of Raven I've made. Unless I'm forgetting something else, lol. But yeah. Now it is colored =3
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