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File 159379254146.gif - (108.40KB , 550x550 , EC-discussion-thread.gif )
133347 No. 133347 ID: e51896

Oh hey, lets talk about that one quest about Enclosed Curtains, alright?

If you got any questions, comments, concerns, theories, want to critique my artwork or storytelling for Enclosed Curtains, or just want to say hi, use this thread.
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No. 133349 ID: 2bd15b

What was a major inspiration for your quest?
No. 133354 ID: e51896

I have a lot of inspirations for Enclosed Curtains, things like quests that I read here, certain video games, and even some songs or specific genres of music that help me give me a specific feel I want the quest to have, so it is kind of hard for me to narrow it down. But for now, I'll say the first things that come to mind would have to be the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, and the Klonoa series.

As the story goes on, I'll list more things that inspired me for this quest :)
No. 133358 ID: ed223a

Hey, as far as art critique goes, i noticed in the panel where Lilly first meets the animal with the trunk, it had ears, but when it was laying on the bed, they went missing.

Despite that mistake, i like the character designs of Lilly and the characters in the photograph.
No. 133362 ID: e51896

Oh shoot, sorry about that. I think it was a result of me rushing things. I'll be much more careful. and thanks for liking the character designs!
No. 133413 ID: e51896
File 159487040741.jpg - (185.50KB , 1199x1600 , Symbol.jpg )

Credit where credit is due, I want to give a shout out and thanks to Harbard Grim for designing the religious symbol in the latest update that I've been using as a template. (to be precise, I'm talking about the medallion you see in the church wall and on King Laurent's crown in the news coverage page). Pictured is the design he sent me. Thanks for the help!
No. 133421 ID: a86d5d

Happy to help!
No. 133516 ID: e51896
File 159592257324.jpg - (683.40KB , 7680x4320 , technical difficulties.jpg )

'Sup readers?

So, Enclosed Curtains might be a little delayed at the moment due to some electrical problems where I live. As I was working on the final panel for the next update, the power at my place started flickering and then went out in certain parts of my home (mainly the electrical power of the living room, near the front door, and part of the kitchen. My bedroom and bathroom was still working). After the power came back and doing some tests, I believe that it was my desktop computer that might have been drawing too much power and causing outages in certain parts of my home whenever I am using it after a while.

Right now, I'm leaving my computer and other electronics unplugged for the night and will test to see if it works again tomorrow morning. Until then, I'm using my older laptop computer for the time being instead of my desktop computer to get this message out. What I might need to do if unplugging my computer doesn't work is probably redecorate my place and move my computer somewhere else. But worst case scenario, I might need to get an electrician which might take some time.

I apologize for the technical difficulties and thank you for your patience.
No. 133582 ID: 2bd15b
File 159684321170.jpg - (1.20MB , 3355x1560 , BB 525.jpg )

No. 133584 ID: e51896

lol, wut? I would see that more of a nightmare than a dream. Nice reference to Liar Liar. Thanks for the fan art.

Sorry I haven't updated for a while, I've been busy preparing artwork for beach day 2020, and work has been exhausting. Things are slowing down though and I will be able to get right back to it. Thanks for your patience everyone.
No. 134278 ID: 0e76c1

Are there going to be cameos of characters from other quests as various streamers?
No. 134281 ID: e51896
File 160475843989.png - (538.86KB , 1194x1000 , Anon44spritestyle.png )

The base sprites are made by Anon44. I always liked the design of the sprites Anon44 uses in "The Witch Who Lost Her Panties" series and "The Lacy Lane Mystery Girls Club", so with Anon44's permission, I customized the base sprite templates he uses to make it look like Lilly Teagardin just for fun. I did not know where else to put it, so I'll post it here in the disthread.

>Are there going to be cameos of characters from other quests as various streamers?

Thanks for the question. That sounds like a very fun idea and I'd be all for it. I always pictured Enclosed Curatins being kind of a dream universe that connects to all other quest universes.

However, I think if any other quest characters does cameo in my quest as dreamers, they would most likely be background characters doing their own thing as easter eggs and probably wouldn't interact with the main characters or have speaking roles. The reason being for that is because if I gave the cameo character dialogue, or interact with my characters with actions to help or hinder the protagonist, I fear I would not be able to do the guest character justice and not give them a good representation of their personality, like having them accidentally say or do something that the original quest author would never have them do.

I would also need to ask the quest author(s) permission if they would want their characters to cameo in Enclosed Curtains, and I'm kind of a shy person when it comes to that, lol. I think I'd feel more comfortable if the quest author came to me to ask if their character could cameo somewhere in Enclosed Curtains instead.

So yeah, if any quest authors would like the chance to see their character in Enclosed Curtains as a background character, just let me know and show me what your quest character looks like and I'll see what I can do. Though please keep in mind that even though you ask for your character to cameo in Enclosed Curtains, there is no guarantee that they will actually appear.
No. 134392 ID: e51896
File 160637418976.png - (338.19KB , 1280x720 , ec_00068.png )

Credit where credit is due, the concept art design of Arthurius' sword was done by CrossTheLine. Please read Cross' quest Last Trace to give thanks for the wonderful design https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/970260.html :)
No. 134393 ID: a092dd

Glad to help out, PEA! It's always pleasant making ideas for a world as interesting as yours.
No. 134396 ID: 2bd15b
File 160642894805.jpg - (57.53KB , 202x218 , bedroom eyes.jpg )

I have been looking at this picture a long time and there is something that is unsettling about that smile in combination with the eyes.
No. 134402 ID: e51896

Probably because so far you've only seen him frowning and frustrated, so seeing him smile might have been a little jarring (that, and i drew him shitty on purpose as a representation of the characters' imagination as kind of a running gag).

*looks at your picture's file name* wut?
No. 134414 ID: e51896
File 160662865244.jpg - (67.92KB , 462x616 , old_art.jpg )

Wow, I can't believe I not only made a quest, but completed a thread too. What a journey it has been. I'm going to leave the thread hanging out in the quest channel before I request to have it archived. There is a couple of things I want to fix up before I send it on its way to the archive. As a reward for reading this silly quest for this long, I found a very old concept art of Arthurius I made years ago. He was originally going to be the character the story would focus its perspective on, and Lilly wasn't even thought up at the time.

So, Enclosed Curtains is going to take a month long hiatus for December. Don't worry, it isn't because of burnout, far from it. I want to continue so badly. It is more of the fact that because of the holiday season, the job I work for is right now intense, and the hours are longer. It is going to leave me a bit too tired, and will put too much pressure on me if I continue right away. I even want to pick up overtime to work extra shifts to make extra money for emergencies. The plan is to start chapter 1 of Enclosed Curtains when the holiday season ends, most likely sometime in January.

Plus, I might need to think about getting my drawing tablet fixed up. I'm not too sure whether to wait on that, or get that done right away though.

Originally, I wanted the prologue to end after the mission the Midnight Captors is going on is completed or failed, but I figured things have been dragging in the prologue, and I think since most of the prologue was world building, I feel it is a good place to stop since enough information of this weird universe was given.

I want to thank everyone for sticking around to read my quest so far and being patient enough to give it a chance. I know it might have dragged on, and I have had made some mistakes, but this is my first quest, and I hope to improve as the story goes on. But now that the prologue is over, the fun can really begin in the next chapter :)

Until the next chapter begins in January, I am going to focus on doing some random artwork whenever I get the chance with the little free time I can get such as work on fanart for example. I also want to update some of the character sheets I had made beforehand since some of them needs to be improved (they kind of look bad in comparison to what I've been drawing now after I've improved my art skills a little bit). Who knows, I might even do a one-off quest which has nothing to do with Enclosed Curtains. (though the art style might be very simple.)

If you have any questions, or any kind of critique towards my artwork, writing, or storytelling, please let me know. I aim to improve and would love some directions.
No. 134415 ID: 2bd15b

I have a question, what was the hardest things that you have did in this prologue?
No. 134417 ID: e51896
File 160668292169.gif - (2.17MB , 1280x720 , 006.gif )

Making backgrounds
And making that animation of Magnolia spinning on the chair.
No. 134901 ID: bcb0c0
File 161402833466.jpg - (322.91KB , 947x749 , BB 581.jpg )

No. 134907 ID: e51896

Hey, thanks for the fanart. I laughed. Those guys are creepy, aren't they?
No. 134908 ID: bcb0c0

I was just making a joke about how they look and act
No. 134944 ID: 094652

Could you make the division bars on the character 45 degrees? Right now they're... reminiscent of something bad.
No. 134945 ID: c154af

Reminiscent of what?
No. 134947 ID: 8483cf

What on God's green flat earth are you talking about
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