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File 152787662193.png - (398.07KB , 1024x1024 , disthread.png )
123379 No. 123379 ID: 891b91

Wherein we discuss dead dust, and possibly other sorts of dust as well.
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No. 131089 ID: 49e4d4

Alright, so obviously Roz doesn't want us to know, which means it's probably a good idea for us to find out without anyone KNOWING we've found out. I still want to see if we can't manipulate that girl while letting her think she's manipulating us, but we should take precautions before we 'succumb to our curiosity' and inquire in a way that she notices.
No. 131090 ID: b1b4f3

I mean, we CAN just go ask Millie.
No. 131105 ID: 19da47

Is the whole dust concept inspired by his dark material dust?
No. 131119 ID: 502f42

If I remember right (and I probably don’t, it’s been years) the mechanics of the dust in Dead Dust are pretty different from the “Dust” in His Dark Materials series. Can’t really elaborate without spoiling the hell out of that series (not to mention it’s off-topic) but the Dust in Dead Dust seems to be like, I don’t know, a manifestation of the soul (it’s mysterious, in a good way), whereas the Dust in His Dark Materials is more like, ambient magic or something, I don’t know that stuff’s also mysterious. And confusing.

But that’s just my two cents.
No. 131121 ID: 891b91

I’m not familiar with His Dark Materials, so any similarities are completely coincidental, I’m afraid. I don’t completely remember offhand how I came up with the idea for dust, although I do seem to recall that I came up with the name for it after I’d already thought up the concept for what it is. No doubt it’s inspired by several things, but a lot of my inspiration creeps in on a subconscious level, which makes it a bit difficult to pin down what those influences are sometimes.

>the Dust in Dead Dust seems to be like, I don’t know, a manifestation of the soul
I’d say you’re on the right track, but that’s also not the whole picture.
No. 131123 ID: 5a7f1b

I have to wonder, were they meant to come off so very cultish? Because the beginning of chapter one has me put off from them so very, very much. That and it feels like we're being strung along.

Also I can't stop thinking "When's the next update!?!" Because damnit, now I'm emotionally invested in the protagonist.
No. 131128 ID: 49e4d4

Personally, I don't want that question to be answered. Would affect our decisions, and I like the debate going on now.
No. 131131 ID: b28250

And I like the mystery. Lore should be uncovered, not expounded upon.
No. 131133 ID: cb6404


I might be one of the only people in the thread who read all of Cider's stuff and thought, "Yes, I trust this person implicitly with just how much they're revealing." But maybe that's just me.

Also dang, yes, I need more Penny in my life. She is the most adorable little not-a-cutebold and she gives me sustenance.


Agreed here as well. I like that the "dust" is some kind of unknown, and it almost makes sense that coming to terms with it might be part of the whole Vesper Society deal, and information they might not be willing to toss about to those who've messed with Taffa so recently.
No. 131143 ID: 49e4d4

Although I'm glad you agree with us not being handed revelations, I have to insist that it's not the fact that she's telling us stuff, which is useful. It's the fact that she's keeping us against how will, and the way their system is set up, we have no choice in the matter. It's a lack of agency. Yes, they're supposedly legally bound, but it's clear we're a bit more clever than your average cigarztsar. Cider's attitude was so cloying that I can't help but be suspicious of them one way or another.
No. 131145 ID: cb6404


In hindsight ... yeah, you actually make a pretty good point. She was a bit coddling about things, but I suppose I'd read it as Cider being used to weepy / pouty / resistant / whatever ciggies who were probably distraught and in need of guidance.

Who knows.
No. 131146 ID: cb6404

Crazy and 400% Not At All Serious, caffeine-fueled thoughts on the whole affair:

The "medicine vial" is indeed a graphene-complex, that is to say HK-dust and thus potentially a programmed or charged Taffa substance.

We acquired this from that Taunton Microdynamics place by some means and used it to become The Ultimate Cutebold, perhaps illicitly.

Moira was sent to hunt down the missing stuff, because it sounds like any kind of substantial body augmentation is The Big Money and TM was pretty angery about it.

Enraged that our humanity was forever lost to us upon discovering the process irreversible, and that we were being tracked, we killed Moira or otherwise led her into a trap, stole her jumpsuit (remember, only a jacket was found and we were totally commando, so our original clothes no longer fit!) and possibly some chits, and rented a room in a basement to commit ego-suicide because we were totally unappreciative of our Ultimate Cutebold form.

Ergo, upon returning to the surface, does Preston, who is secretly part of a mafia-like organization that was trying to stop Moira, if not tasked with being rid of her, recognize both her image in the business card and our (stolen) jumpsuit, as well as the equipment case, and fear that his own involvement is about to come to light -- hence his reactions and his fearful state. And potentially why a craft came by to figure out who ELSE had just left "O-Town" by way of the evac system and had to go through the renaturalization process.

Because having your ward affinity blanked via a bender -- like the one we had -- would be the perfect disguise!

As for why her body is missing, I don't know, but the funky-eye-critters are also secretly agents of the dust and are indeed attempting to guide us toward something.

No. 131149 ID: 891b91

>I have to wonder, were they meant to come off so very cultish? Because the beginning of chapter one has me put off from them so very, very much. That and it feels like we're being strung along.
As others have said, any real answer I could give to this question would veer too much into spoiler territory and unduly affect suggesters’ decisions. So, all I can really say right now is that it’s up to you (and everyone else) to figure out what Vesper’s moral character is and decide the best course of action based on that.

(That being said, I’d love to answer your question eventually, so keep it in mind for sometime in the future, when it won’t be spoilery to discuss it!)

>Also I can't stop thinking "When's the next update!?!" Because damnit, now I'm emotionally invested in the protagonist.
Right now!

I can’t comment on any of it in detail for obvious reasons, but man do I love reading all this discussion and speculation. (Same goes for the discussion going on in the quest thread recently.) it’s one of my favorite things about running quests, so thank you for posting it!
No. 131150 ID: 015bf2

I've gotta admit that I made an early decision to treat the Vespers as a 'cultish thing' intentionally despite the current low levels of evidence. We've seen suspicious behaviour of precisely one Vesper so far, but nothing that indicates that things are as bad as all that. It's just that it's entirely possible our suspicions are true and validated to some extent and it's much more fun to have Penny sit on that suspicious mindset, especially if it makes her more woke to the situation she's in, for good and bad. Not to mention have her hold a grumpy grudge over her sudden recruitment to the faction when all else was going so swimmingly with her attempt to strike out on her own.

Anyway, really loving the quest, teegee! It's deep enough that on occasion I catch myself rereading parts to brush up on my knowledge of the setting's lore.
No. 131165 ID: 10c408

I'm on the opposite side because we never really asked quincy about them and now that we've woken up on their property, it seems that information is being tightly controlled, on top of some other stuff I find perplexing and shifty.

To wit: A whole parade of people, including the medical staff, came and went to see how we were doing after finally waking up from the coma but not a single one of them said anything about Cinder, or said anything about anything that didn't pertain to ourselves or our coma. (red flag #1)

The entire deal with staying at the vesper society and having a personality grown from scratch is fine on paper, but the execution and even the explanation from cinder has been pretty shifty and the logistical cost alone (red flag #2) on top of the duration (RF #3) just smacks of some kind of exploitation in and of itself (though whether the 'fix' is for free labor or circumventing some statue of limitations we're not aware of remains to be seen)

And then there's millie and her unsubtle pitch to get in her van for information candy. (more red flags!)

As of now, I'm... kinda sure that vesper is on the lighter side of morally grey? If we can take Cinder at her word then we lucked out but if not...
No. 131173 ID: cb6404

This occurred to me a few days back, but I never committed it to a post here:

You know how Mint talks about weird fuzziness to everyone?

I think she has The Itch, or whatever Quincy was talking about. I'd propose we see if Q's One Weird Trick for O-Town Hobos (read: booze) works, maybe as a way to loosen everyone up (Roz included), but ... the girl is a twig, we're a short-stack cutebold, and Roz is amazonian in stature. I don't think it'd work well.

That and we're a bit far, both in time and personality, from a chance to be all, "Hey Roz, let's head back to my place and drink booze with the cute shy girl I literally just met and have a slumber-party!"

(20 points to Dar Balzan)

Back on topic, however, "The Itch" seems to be related to rhythmo-whatevers, and Penny was purportedly the only person to have freaky interactions with the glyph and to not have the same fuzziness as others on Red Shelf. What are the odds that Mint was exposed to a rhythm-shift that mucked with her -- or is otherwise sensitive to it and the effects of Taffa Syndrome on the HK-dust of a person -- and is thus noting how our dust is all funky because of whatever that medicine vial was ...?
No. 131187 ID: 19da47

Honestly i really hope the Vesper organization isn't a evil cult. I kind of like the idea of a organization that goes out of its way to help people recover.
No. 131189 ID: b233f0

I mean... yes, I like that idea too, but it wouldn't be much of a story if it was all gumdrops and sunshine from here. There will likely be good and bad both. We've already stumbled over hints of SECRETS AND LIES.

But hey, if we can root out the truth, maybe the Vespers will become better for it and we can have a proper home base among them. Or at least run off with the good bits.
No. 131190 ID: 49e4d4

Iunno, I'd like the idea of a morally-grey organization (darker grey preferably, but any but the lightest shade is acceptable). It's interesting intrigue that I'd really hope has a good payoff.
No. 131241 ID: 30f4b7

Its less that they're outright *evil*, but more that they're bad for us and we can't do anything about it that I dislike. Penny is basically a prisoner and dispite being told its to help her, the one in charge apparently doesn't care at all about what they think/feel. The Vespers simply don't seem willing to actually act in syxh a way as to be believable or trustworthy. Being nice costs nothing, but they withhold information and give no choice and expect her to be happy qith it. THAT (among the various red flags) is what pushes them from dubious or just weird into being bad. Its also somewhat frustrating, making it feel like we're on rails and unable to affect change. I get that they're meant to be mysterious, but from my viewpoint they just seem bad instead of morally grey or neutral. I mean, is staying/escaping the Vespers meant to be a choice? Because if it is then their shoukd be SOME good side to them.

Also, it seems like Roz may be trying to butter us up so her clan can have us for whatever, which makes me sad. I really liked her at first.
No. 131248 ID: 719f92

I think you're overly paranoid and im in the camp that Vesper is so far misunderstood in a lot of things and is over all a neutral foundation with good intentions that said i still think that there are people in said organization that has nefarious intentions. We should get more information before passing judgment. If they are truly evil then we could always just runaway. Its not like they have us in a prison cell.
No. 131252 ID: 891b91

>Its also somewhat frustrating, making it feel like we're on rails and unable to affect change. I get that they're meant to be mysterious, but from my viewpoint they just seem bad instead of morally grey or neutral. I mean, is staying/escaping the Vespers meant to be a choice? Because if it is then their shoukd be SOME good side to them.

This is a really worthwhile piece of meta-criticism, so I think I should address it. I'm going to do my best to avoid spoiling anything, but just in case I'm going to place my response in spoiler tags.

I don't intend for the quest to feel like it's on rails, but I see your point. I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that I have never planned the quest around Penny following Vesper's plans, since if she did that'd make for a fairly boring quest that fails to hit the major plot points I have in mind. So, to me, it's less of a question of whether Penny will cease to be under Vesper's control, and more a question of how, when, and with whom.

I think a significant part of the feeling of railroading comes from Penny having played things very safe with Vesper. (Granted, that sort of thing is common for tgchan.) While Cider & co. have been unwilling to give Penny what she wants, Penny has gone along with them in the face of their reticence, when she could have been more demanding or defiant. I'm not saying that being compliant was the wrong choice, but it is one that has contributed to this feeling of being trapped. That being said, I can say with complete certainty that Penny will gain significantly more control over her situation, regardless of the path she takes.

No. 131253 ID: 891b91

After discussing this a bit on Discord, I've become convinced that another major cause of the railroaded feeling is due to the relatively slow pace the quest has been moving at. I think it might be best if I change my strategy for running multiple quests from running them concurrently to running them on a chapter-by-chapter basis like Lagotrope tends to do. I think it may be easier for me to keep up a faster pace of updates if I focus on one quest at a time, since I won't have to "switch contexts" all the time, so to speak.

If I go forward with this plan, I'll start by putting Flora and Arzfayz on hiatus until I've got both the current chapter and the next chapter of Dead Dust complete. Then, at that point, I'll focus on either Arzfayz or Flora for a chapter, then the remaining quest for a chapter, then Dead Dust for a chapter, and so on.

Before I bite the bullet, though, I'd like to get everyone's opinion on it, so please let me know what you think and if you'd prefer that I switch off like this as opposed to running them concurrently like I have been.
No. 131254 ID: b1b4f3

Well, it seems like a shame to pause Arzfayz when we're so close to getting her the dick (or at least it seems like we're close) but otherwise yeah it'd be good to focus on Dead Dust.
No. 131255 ID: 9b2d3c

I may just be particularly patient, but I have no beef with the current pacing and haven't felt particularly locked in by the Vesper storyline. This is from someone whose opinion was that we shouldn't have looked at the pamphlet in the first place (it was suspicious and we should've gotten more information or solicited a second opinion), but didn't get a comment in at the time.

I also have an important question: do you enjoy or find it easier running quests concurrently and swapping between them? If so, I don't think there's anything wrong with sticking with that. I'd rather you have a fun quest-making process than more focused updates.

That said, if you were to focus on any one quest then Dead Dust would definitely be my favored pick and I approve of your plans. Not that the other two aren't interesting, I'm just more invested in DD.

Perhaps you could have a 'best of both worlds' where you update Dead Dust 3-4 times for every time you update the others?
No. 131257 ID: 891b91

>I also have an important question: do you enjoy or find it easier running quests concurrently and swapping between them?
Well, on one hand I do feel a little sad about the idea of putting the other quests on the backburner, but on the other I think it'd probably be easier for me to stay focused on upping the pace on Dead Dust if I'm not having to switch to thinking about other quests as much.

>Perhaps you could have a 'best of both worlds' where you update Dead Dust 3-4 times for every time you update the others?
I think this might be a good compromise, especially since as >>131254 pointed out, Arzfayz quest is getting close to some real action. That way the pace in Dead Dust will pick up significantly without sacrificing progress on the other quests entirely.
No. 131259 ID: aaa179

I'll be playing the role of the selfish queste, then:

I'm largely interested in Dead Dust over your other ventures, not that AAA gets no love from me. So having a '3 per 1' kinda style in favor of Dead Dust is most preferable to me, though alternating chapters is acceptable too.
No. 131260 ID: eeb7d9

I kinda got lost on this quest, but if you plan on finishing this thing first, i will stick around and wait for Arzfayz and Flora.
No. 131261 ID: a0dfd2


I'm fine with that, as long as you're comfortable with that change.
No. 131263 ID: 32b5ec

I'd prefer the chapter-by-chapter approach.
No. 131264 ID: 92425d

Sounds good
No. 131285 ID: 1eb1bc

Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do. Total honesty, I like Dead Dust the best; but I know from experience that ignoring passion or inspiration for the sake of consistency or speed is a one-way ticket to burnout. It’s art, the art of storytelling, and like any other art it’s quality is 100% based on the passion behind it. If you’re exited for it, fulfilled by it, than that’s what you should be pursuing. Never treat your art as a product, our input may matter but in the end your preference, your desire, takes precedence.

All your quests are great. But that’s because you can feel the intention and emotion behind every word and every picture. If you’re forcing yourself to do it? It’s just not the same. At the risk of sounding like a cliché for the ages: follow your heart. Art is not about duty or obligation or even what your audience wants; it’s about expression, and that is something you just can’t force. So if passion tells you to write Arzfayz, Dead Dust can wait.

Besides, choosing between your quests is like choosing an Ice-cream flavor: one might be your favorite, but you’re hardly compromising by picking something else.
No. 131289 ID: 891b91

Thanks for your input, everyone -- I think I'll go with a bit of a compromise, for the time being. I'm going to shoot for updating Dead Dust 2-3 times for every time I update Arzfayz and Flora, at least until the next thread of Dead Dust is complete. Once that's done, I might put DD on hiatus until the first threads of Arzfayz and Flora are complete, although I'm not completely decided on that yet.
No. 131300 ID: eb1fcc

I think the chapter approach is the best way to accomplish this, yeah. I like all your quests but arz is the only one I'm able to currently keep up with thanks to time pressure.

It's cool that you juggle so many, but this is very much an update-speed oriented format :6
No. 131305 ID: 15a025

Late to the party, but I'm fine with either plan.
No. 131335 ID: 719d94

Well, dividing your attention between two quests at once... how have you been doing it? It probably is rough to push yourself to switch gears, but if you're jumping back and forth as inspiration strikes you that's a lot more reasonable.

Personally I'm used to quests often having a slow update pace and sometimes undergoing significant hiatuses, so I'm fine whether you decide to break things into chapters, continue running two quests concurrently, or run one quest at a time and switch whenever fancy takes you. Just do what works best for you as the author.

(I suspect that switching gears for extended periods in the middle of chapters would be real frustrating to some readers, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.)
No. 131336 ID: 864e49

First, Discord?

Second, I've always been of the belief that it doesn't matter how slow a quest is so long as it doesn't die.
Quests dying cause the author felt like they had some responsibility to us and/or ended up overburdened is one of the worst things for me.
No. 131342 ID: e5e15e

theres a tgchan discord now.
No. 131356 ID: 845319

Yeah, that would probably be better. Personally I wasn't aware you were doing more than one at once but it makes sense in hindsight. Personally I find that when splitting my attention between multiple things if I don't have sufficient time/progress on each individual thing it makes all of them as a whole slow down. Though honestly I'm only really focused on Dead Dust, even if the others seem nice.

Also, does anyone know where I can find the Discord link?
No. 131357 ID: eba8a7

Here's a link to the post here with the invite link: >>/meep/29292

I'm thinking we could do with a pinned thread with the Discord link, rather than buried in a post in a site suggestion thread in the General Discussion board.
No. 131440 ID: 49e4d4

I have to admit I'm curious why Roz thinks that way. Is it JUST because of Millie? Or do people know more about their pasts than they think? This kind of judgement seems like it's something that's really hard to quantify based on nothing but suppositions and heresay.

They may have been approaching it differently- fully believing that if they were that way, they had to stay that way, as opposed to more of a history/fact finding mission that, like was said, has little to nothing to what they're doing now. Really, it sounds like most of them were scared out of it rather than actually had any measure of success. Perhaps there was a number of Vespers who discovered something about themselves and got obsessed with those small pieces?
No. 131451 ID: a0dfd2


This response is going to contain some pretty heavy shit.

Raw taffa in sufficient quantity is tantamount to suicide. In fact, it might as well be, as we saw for those left completely burned out. Death isn't limited to the loss of life, after all; the complete eradication of the ego, of the self, is a form of death.

The "dead dust" in the title is part of that; the expulsion of this past self due to corruption from taffa, resulting in the blank slate that Penny has become.

Now imagine if you'd attempted to commit suicide, whatever the reason, and "succeeded," only to lose all of your memories -- an identical scenario to what is presumed of Penny and the rest of the Vesper Society. That isn't something someone can easily look on dispassionately, even if it was "their old self." Trauma may be able to be regarded coldly, as objective fact, but when that trauma is your own ... there's a reason that psychiatric professions exist, that people struggle for years (if not their entire lives) to understand what they go through.

Now imagine you've learned every reason why your past self chose to die -- not bodily, but the complete eradication of the self, in what I presume must be the equivalent of making their dust non-recoverable, given hints found throughout the quest.

Even if it wasn't the present "you" who did this, you still chose to take your own life and destroy who you were. That is, like the circumstances which bred it, not something which is easy to accept in any sense. And given what we know of Millie, she could be described as being in a dissociative fugue, a form of psychogenic amnesia -- having experienced such stress in learning her past, that her mind has effectively fragmented and created a new persona -- a new ego -- to protect itself from this knowledge.

In a syndrome that is embodied by the complete loss of identity and subsequent ipseity disturbances ... yes, I would say that learning of what led to your former self's desire for complete and total eradication would be deeply and profoundly disturbing.
No. 131500 ID: 891b91

Just wanted to make a quick progress update -- as you might have guessed, I've been pretty busy lately with schoolwork, since the semester's coming to a close and I have multiple projects due soon. Thankfully it'll be over after another week, so I plan to get back to updating more frequently within the next couple weeks.

Regarding the discussion a month ago about quest pacing and rate of updates, I've decided that I'm going to mostly stick to a schedule of 3 Dead Dust updates, followed by an update each for Arzfayz and Flora. I might tweak it here and there as needed, to account for cases where I want to keep going for another update or two with one quest before switching to another, but most of the time I'm going to mainly focus on keeping the ball rolling with DD. That'll continue until the next Dead Dust thread is complete, at which point I'll reassess things and decide how I want to proceed from there.

As others have said already, you can find me on the QuestDen Discord server. I haven't been very active there lately, though, again because of school.

>Second, I've always been of the belief that it doesn't matter how slow a quest is so long as it doesn't die.
>Quests dying cause the author felt like they had some responsibility to us and/or ended up overburdened is one of the worst things for me.
I agree, and I'm well aware of the pitfalls that come with letting running a quest feel like work rather than fun. I try to keep in mind that I'm doing this for me as much as I'm doing it for the audience, and that it's okay to slow down if I need a break. I am grateful for everybody's patience, though, and I have every intention of seeing these quests through to the end.
No. 131542 ID: 891b91
File 157572214682.png - (298.39KB , 1818x1628 , pennymono.png )

uh oh penny turned into a neumono
No. 131543 ID: cdabe3

Best ending

too bad her boobs didn’t fill out though :P
No. 131544 ID: 015bf2

It is a mystery most profound.
No. 131549 ID: 9e04c9

>Aw yeah, got it all to ourselves
Boo, got a dud. I mean, it's too bad that we don't get to share the enjoyment of being in a spa with other people. Yep.

I wonder what happened to Roz's nudist club then. I thought there would be one here. I guess the bet the receptionist has with Roz then was just in general and unrelated to the spa then.

>the water is cold
Is the water cold, or is it simply Penny's perception that makes it seem this way? Was there someone in this tub before Penny and they wanted to cool down, or was this water just right for them? One thing's for sure. Penny's not Canadian.

Also, nice job on Penny's legs... and the background kobold dong :P

>how much male anatomy appeals to you
It's a bit hard to say how much would fit without trying ;)

But yeah, it feels like bad luck that there's not much male traffic at the spa right now. Then again, there were some people in the shower stalls earlier, so I think it's just a matter of time before someone comes along.

>having to resort to staring at some dude's body from across the room
Hey, better than nothing!

>You wonder if she'd even care if she noticed
With how her hair always covers her eyes, we can't really tell. Assuming she has eyes, of course.
Hmm. Surely Roz wouldn't intentionally cover her eyes like that, would she? So that she could spot people staring at her without them knowing that she's looking back? It's... plausible lol
And then it's just a matter of Roz asking Penny if she wants a go.

Anyway, as always, nice job on Roz's assets! It's pretty funny seeing Penny staring embarrassed.

>you could probably go back there
Probably. If enough pervs besides me voted for it. Or if there was a good opportunity for it.

>something just seems wrong about your whole situation
It's hard to tell but yeah, we did get a couple of clues about it in our interactions with Mint (fuzziness) and Roz (humans). However, I don't think pressing Roz further about it would be a good idea at this time.

>She went lookin' for answers off-shelf
What I wonder here is if what Millie did is something that's allowed in the Vesper society. I did have a theory about the dangers of seeking your past self (>>129490), but if Millie really did that and it didn't kill her, then maybe this ethos of Vesper isn't that important to uphold. Still, I feel that before we go digging in our own past, it's crucial that we learn what happened to Millie first. I mean, it's entirely possible that what changed Millie has little or nothing to do with her own past, in which case the dangers of having your dust damaged by this act remains. Or perhaps Millie is simply lucky to have survived.

>I just don't wanna lose another friend
Roz definitely doesn't want Penny digging into her own past and it seems Millie is the reason for this. But I wonder if Millie is the only reason for it. I think that Roz knows more, but feels that telling us about Millie would be enough to persuade us

Anyway, let's hope the heat from the spa doesn't cause Penny to accidentally pass out hehe.
No. 131552 ID: b521ed

>Penny turned into a Neumono.
Ultimate life-form achieved.
No. 131560 ID: 891b91
File 157579597606.png - (543.99KB , 2221x2104 , neumonoroz.png )

Roz makes a surprisingly good neumono, I think
No. 131577 ID: a0dfd2


Thank you for this. It made my day.
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