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File 127889019338.png - (8.58KB , 92x108 , title.png )
19643 No. 19643 ID: 0576eb

Might as well make it right now so we don't have to later.

For future threads or if one is too dumb to check the post I've made in the first (currently only) thread, there will be no guro or loli fetish scenes.
No. 19644 ID: d3dfb8

>no guro or loli fetish scenes.
You make me a saaaad panda.
No. 19645 ID: 0576eb

My existence on tgchan is more important than any post I'd make that is against the rules. In the meantime, enjoy the title picture with Asi's decapitated head while you keep thinking.
No. 19646 ID: d3dfb8

Bah, you're no fun.
No. 19647 ID: 8c0848

It's only guro is the gore is depicted in a sexual context. If she's just being outright killed, it's a-okay.
No. 19648 ID: 40cb26

>no guro or loli fetish scenes.
How about guro AND loli fetish scenes?
No. 19654 ID: 0576eb

Don't take me for a fool.

Puns aside, I'd rather have the players focus on the story rather than trying to get sexy sexy scenes, so even if it wasn't against the rule I would forbid myself. The gore style is simply what I chose for the atmosphere.

And this is the third time I post this post. First I accidently the whole post, then I accidently the whole email and now I accidently nothing I hope.
No. 19713 ID: 732129

The set-up and main character is striking similar to http://www.mobygames.com/game/demonophobia
No. 19714 ID: d78b61

that has already been addressed on IRC and the author has stated that while inspired by it this quest will not quite be that graphic.
No. 19718 ID: 0576eb

And I certainly won't take the story of that game as well. It has already shown differences. The similarities end with the style.
No. 19938 ID: 732129


That game didn't have much of a story besides "demons torture the girl" did it?
No. 19961 ID: 0576eb

There certainly was a story, along with a plot twist, but of course if you can't read japanese you have no idea about it unless you read about it online. The story wasn't that deep, but it was there.
No. 20170 ID: 0576eb

I've been doing some design on the next few rooms and that's what has been keeping me so long. There's going to be an important choice to make soon. I should have an/some update/s this weekend.
No. 20175 ID: d3dfb8

Good, I was worried this was dead.
No. 21979 ID: 0576eb

Still worried this is dead? Been a while since the last update, huh? Well here's an update for you.
No. 22039 ID: 732129


I wasn't worried it was dead, because I know it'll just come right back if it does die
No. 22266 ID: 97cb33

time skipping and switching characters really confuses people.
No. 22279 ID: 0576eb

You've got one of these two wrong.
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