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File 149340643506.png - (13.89KB , 500x500 , morbitdisthread1.png )
111218 No. 111218 ID: 8a251a

big fancy disthread because we've hit the point where we have multiple morbit quests both here AND on other sites, such as eagletime and omegaupdate.

what started as a passion project between myself and my friend como to create a universe snowballed into a huge deal with multiple projects and a proper team behind it. this thread is for talking about both the universe as a whole, and our current running quests- here, that'd be Maybequest and Tiny Cat People.

discuss away, and feel free to ask all the weird questions you want. we love this shit.
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No. 129232 ID: b1b4f3

Oh dear. We really shouldn't do that then, unless the mental effects are reversible after damage is repaired.
No. 129233 ID: 10c408

Marvel's already on 0 HP, though. Anything we do at this point, though admittedly a terrible option in and of itself, is still better than any OTHER options we pursue for extracting Marvel. (We're not fighting our way out of Spit's trap filled and possibly labyrinthine base with the current party in such dire straits)
No. 129234 ID: a9af05

>Marvel's already on 0 HP
I don't know where you got that, since we can only see the HP of our TCPs and Marvel isn't one of our TCPs.

We don't know what Marvel's current health is at.
No. 129235 ID: 10c408

I know this bit of information because Eastwood announced it immediately after the three of them got shot out of the sky.

"VOIDSY: Miller?!
VOIDSY: Miller, what’s going on, Jasper’s health just dropped to-
MILLER: Seaspray, Seaspray’s…
EASTWOOD: ..critical.
MILLER: How did you-
EASTWOOD: Marvel’s down to 0 too."
No. 129299 ID: 53b212
File 155667880537.png - (702.22KB , 750x716 , 16.png )


plugging our team member (+ my wonderful partner) Comorant's comic real quick- Crankshaft Rafflesian has been properly rebooted for a bit now and is well enough in that there's a nice meaty backlog for new readers to chomp on. it's a surreal slice of life with robots! everybody loves robots.

narration/dialogue is underneath the images- we're working on changing the layout to make it a bit more readable/noticeable!

our twitter is a great place to track updates:
No. 129430 ID: 18b03d

Personally I think Voidsy is an identity being worn, but it's less being worn by emptiness and more being worn to disguise and smooth over the fact that they are a collective.
It allows them to harmonize themselves and actually act like they are a person instead of a group.
I imagine under the mask is something making their nature as a collective more obvious, like a hole with a mass of voices speaking over each other leaking out or numerous smaller faces melted together.
No. 129569 ID: 53b212
File 155951552350.png - (66.73KB , 819x541 , forummascot.png )

popping in to
1) apologize for sporadic updates, life has been Weird on my end
2) announce that our official forums are now publicly advertised! you can find more info here:

a pretty major (but optional to understanding the canon) story about wretch is planned for release there when it's done, so i figure it's good to advertise in advance!

(pic is our lovely TCP mascot, designed by the forum-goers)
No. 129570 ID: 91ee5f

>(pic is our lovely TCP mascot, designed by the forum-goers)
Yes, your mascot is indeed lovely! What is its name?
No. 129576 ID: 53b212

we haven't had a vote on it yet because i am busier than i'd like, but we're gonna do that real soon
No. 129717 ID: 53b212

so, we've severed ties with Eagletime- TCP Arcade Session has now been moved to our forums!

to find out Why we've been pushed to do this, we have a document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HMiSKkArIqEtrukOGm_7TwivB28bqahvjVUUH8Iw9oM/edit

thank you for your understanding.
No. 129718 ID: b1b4f3

I don't see a post on the forums so I'm guessing it's just on their discord.
Anyway, I'd been in your server long enough to get an idea of what goes on in there, and though the atmosphere didn't agree with me in the end, it certainly wasn't anything like THAT. It sounds like the ET admins got given false evidence. Or maybe they decided they didn't need any real evidence, just testimony from who knows how few users.
No. 129723 ID: 2dfade

The ET admins hate quests. Or anything even vaguely associated with quests. They hardly need a reason beyond their age-old contempt.
No. 129724 ID: b1b4f3

Dude what? That's what the eagle-time forums are FOR, pretty much. Think about what you're saying.
No. 129725 ID: 53b212

we really don't want to start any sort of outrage towards eagletime if possible, please: we're keeping this civil, we don't want anyone attacked, and don't want to make this a us vs them situation.
No. 129727 ID: b1b4f3

Moderating is hard. It's especially hard when you're banning people for things they didn't do where you can check directly. Either you wind up asking for enough evidence that people feel like you're not going to do anything no matter what, or you ask for too little and hateful people can take advantage. The correct middle ground is a hard target to hit. ET just didn't hit it, here.

That's my take on it, anyway.
No. 129728 ID: b66045

You ARE creating an outrage by linking that document here whether thats your intention or not.
I dont like what ET did for various reasons but I also dont like some of your own defense due to certain logical fallacies therein. It wouldve been better if you didnt post that document at all.
Not because of the stuff it contains but because this document only shows your side of the story so it is unfair to post it here where ET mods cant present their side.
No. 129731 ID: 53b212

ET didn't present their side beyond what we have posted in the document. if they did, they did so in their discord (which we were already banned from if in it at all) where we couldn't see it, and thus couldn't know their side to begin with. in addition, this is meant to be an informative document for those interested in why we've moved Arcade Session, and those following our community as a whole. we didn't want to keep it to our discord only, because we know our community extends beyond that.
No. 129733 ID: 465a14

Unlike the HD team on ET, the ET admins haven't been banned here and they're able to post their own side of things.
No. 129735 ID: 395c02

Posting a link to a one-sided story demeaning the acts of another site is both completely irrelevant to us and an act of bad faith.

Acting in bad faith is unprofessional and there's nothing to gain from it but ire from both sides.

In future, keep in mind that acting in good faith would be linking the new location, and keeping the 'why' simple and vague ("it didn't work out at the old place"). We don't need to know more than that.

No more should be said about this topic. This isn't our fight.
No. 129736 ID: 53b212

gotcha, slinko. i can delete the post and replace it with just a link to the session if that'd be better- i don't want to cause any trouble here, i'm honestly just trying to figure out a mess of a situation and whatever you'd prefer here is good by me
No. 129739 ID: 395c02

It's fine, just stuff to keep in mind for future. The easiest way to avoid Drama/Big Dumb Arguments is to downplay things as much as possible. If a person wants to keep a secret, it's better to say nothing than to say 'I have a secret but I'm not saying what it is'.

How we come off is important, especially when doing a group project. Obviously nobody's perfect, and there's no need to worry about mod actions from what's already happened or anything. Nobody's in trouble!

I just felt it important to nip any potential drama in the bud.
No. 130379 ID: 53b212
File 156392825370.png - (46.69KB , 1046x500 , lineup.png )

hohkay this was a long time coming but i'm finally getting off my ass and doing it: some designs from void session are getting retconned due to us not associating with their creators, and have the full design rights to the characters. i'm working on getting a bunch of panels redrawn BUT i decided i should probably just change shit now before i have to redraw five million new fully shaded jasper panels

we hope you like the new designs! they're not to scale here, but these concept sketches should do the trick. they're a lot more fun for me to draw as well, and should lead to faster updates.

we update again this week! get hype!
No. 130764 ID: 8d4593

So Mort, would you like all of us give you our home addresses so you can ride up and kneecap us anytime we give buddy a command? XD
No. 130774 ID: a627e3

about this curse, does it attack us or Buddy? The wording feels a but off on that and we could use a clarification on that.
No. 130775 ID: 10c408

"You are now CURSED. If you give Buddy a command, you will take physical damage."
Seems pretty clear cut to me, but wth ever. Let's all just pile on a half-baked assumption and experiment with something we don't understand that's been inflicted upon us by a literal god of torture.
No. 130776 ID: 53b212

this is all you get: the target is definitely you.
No. 130777 ID: 9d50cc

Ok, so this would be kind of cheating even if it worked, but: if we created a god-specific item that allows a god to physically enter the game - since affecting a god's physical body is a thing - auto-balance would give the same to everyone, but because everyone besides Voidsy is on morbit, no-one except Voidsy would be willing to use it. They all have some investment in staying where they are and in not risking themselves by entering the game physically, since presumably that would mean if their team lost they'd be lost with the game. But for Voidsy, that's effectively the stakes anyway, as things are.

So, if we create like, a Circle of Void Summoning, which our TCPs can use, then Voidsy could and would enter the game, while everyone else could but wouldn't. Now the main problem question is how vulnerable we make ourselves, then, but we seem to be vulnerable anyway so that's less a question, and whether we'd keep our power to use game commands and so on once summoned.
No. 130778 ID: b1b4f3

Spit would definitely enter the game since she's unbeatable in a direct fight and would relish the chance to personally torture all the TCPs.
No. 130779 ID: a627e3

that's all i needed. thanks!
No. 130780 ID: 8d4593

Inb4 no physical body means we have exactly 1HP
No. 130781 ID: b1b4f3

It would make more sense for the curse to be completely ineffective on a god with no physical body.
No. 130782 ID: 9d50cc

That's not optimal for us, but potentially good for morbit. If it's specifically a summoning circle, it doesn't give a way to get back out, so she's stuck in there until the end of the game. We might be able to pull something that traps her, or if we manage to win, she gets... I don't know, killed? Banished? Unmade?

As for the TCPs, since the Unhallowed Sanctuary is already a place, they can just go down there along with anyone else who we don't want to run into Spit, like the wizits. Gods can't enter (and probably Voidsy and Spit would be too big to fit down there anyway), so then we just have to cue the yakety sax and have Voidsy run around the overworld being chased by Spit until someone figures out how to win the game somehow. I'm sure Voidsy can't fight Spit, but they could possibly avoid her?
No. 131764 ID: 53b212

so, this has been planned for a bit now and here we go

TCP (and eventually, maybequest) is moving to the homebrew deviants forums, where our team can handle first party hosting and hopefully, in the future, do new and exciting things with our projects that questden might not be able to do. questden is an Amazing place and i’m so glad i got to witness it grow and change since i started void session, and i’m incredibly grateful for the start it gave me to my (and all of the rest of the team as well)’s careers. we want to keep making things and ideally make it into how we make a living, and while i do worry a bit about audience retention, we feel like it’s a necessary move to scoot over to our own hosting.

i still plan on keeping up with quests here on tgchan and maybe even getting off my ass to suggest sometimes, but TCP will be moved over- after this next intermission. for the duration of the intermission the quest will be dual hosted, taking suggestions from both locations. once Act 4 starts, it’ll just be on the forums. to help encourage the transition, the updates will be posted a day earlier on the forums, but all suggestions on tgchan will be valued with just as much weight as forum ones, and we can’t wait to see what y’all bring to the table with this next arc.

our forums already have a lot of other projects ready to be dug into as well, including oneshot pieces meant to show off new (and familiar) characters, an 18+ piece about wretch’s origins, another TCP session, and threads detailing the worldbuilding of morbit itself. in addition, it’s a space for people to post their own works, related to our worldbuilds or otherwise. we have the site divided into two sections: the main forum area is rated 16+ and doesn’t allow for NSFW content, while the 18+ section is gated off to registered users and allows for NSFW content in a safe environment, be it hard horror or well, horny shit. you don’t need an account to post anonymous suggestions in the creative forums, but you will need one to get at the 18+ goods- we gotta keep minors safe and out of that shit.

that’s pretty much it- thank you for sticking with us for all these years, and for hopefully sticking with us in the future. we couldn’t make TCP without your suggestions!

here’s the intermission link for the forums: i’ll put the mirror up here tomorrow!

No. 131799 ID: 10c408

So I didn't fully suggest it just yet in the actual thread, but I'm pretty sure that we can isolate Hark from Spit and then have an opportunity to talk to Hark alone.

Right now, there's two communication items on Hark. The mask on her face (ours) and whatever item that Spit is using. Now, in the actual world it's obscured by her clothing but in the final few images of the previous threat Hark's collar is still around her neck

Where are Spit's arms right now? Around hark's throat. She's trying so hard to keep the collar concealed and beneath notice.

Now, if we can do anything with the void surrounding us then it's quite likely that we can mask part of ourselves and sneak it behind the two of them. And if we can do that, then we probably sever/block/mess with the collar keeping spit in this pseudo chatroom.

And that's my plan. I'm not going to jump the gun and suggest it fully yet, but I would like some support, since it's fairly evident that if there isn't enough solidarity in the thread we're just going to go crazy.
No. 131809 ID: 3bf416

Clever eye spotting that. Could possibly try removing it in the physical too? Not sure if Spit has failsafes.
No. 131810 ID: 10c408

While we do have the opportunity to get Dad or someone else to remove the collar, doing so would mean we'd have to back out of this three way call and then occupy our attention solely on Hark.

Which'll give Spit a minor and then fairly major advantage over us. First by being able to convince Hark not to trust us when we're not there and then by being able to direct her remaining tcp's against the alliance's.

And I don't think her communication collars have failsafes. If there were failsafes for destroying ANY of her collars, then surely they'd have been included with the anti-communication collars. One of which Buddy mangled himself destroying and didn't seemingly do anything.
No. 131862 ID: 10c408

As I mentioned in the normal thread, here is an extensive list of reasons why I believe we should not try to kick spit out of the game as soon as possible, in no particular order.

reason #1: we've been spending available healing like mad and haven't been keeping track of what's even left for further prolonged combat, which will likely happen at the current rate. (Crunk's exact health is a complete and worrying unknown since he isn't our tcp)

reason #2: though we've got several TCP's positioned inside spit's house without duress so far, we don't know where the exit is.

reason #3: we don't know what and where the traps are between the current room and the exit.

reason #4A: there might not even BE an exit yet. Spit could have very easily and deliberately made solid walls for her entire fortress and intended to add an exit later, which she can't do anymore.

reason 4B: if there is an exit, I would not be surprised if there's some form of non-trap bullshit added to it as well to prevent leaving.

reason 5: the rest of spit's TCP's aren't going to stay away forever. And at some point raw is no longer going to be stunned.

reason 6: while we do have reinforcements en-route, it's going to take time for them to arrive at spit's base to help with things.

reason number 7: we don't have eyes on writhe or raw at the moment and seeing as how writhe was carrying Marvel...

reason #8: we don't know which of spit's TCP's was the weapon type that shot down Seaspray to begin with. (We know it's not writhe and it seemingly isn't hark. it might be raw? so many questions.)

reason #9: Seaspray has had something injected into her that's affecting her health and we don't know what it does exactly, only that it's likely going to be horrible.

reason #10: eastwood's drug operation is underway, but needs a lot more time to stockpile enough results to truly tilt the odds in our favor enough to secure victory

reason #11 hark flipping isn't a done deal just yet.

reason 12: even after reinforcements arrive, we might lack necessary stuffs to incapacitate all of her remaining tcp's, be it health, ammo, healing, other forms of supplies or morale. And that's not accounting for dealing with the traps still inside.

reason 13: Escorting the wounded and friendlies away from spit's base is paramount to this entire rescue operation. Writhe can't fit into any of our vehicles until we make a new one capable of doing so.

reason #15 Wax said he'd pull his punches but if his tcp's aren't chilling at home doing nothing then someone in the alliance might get their base raided in a moment.

reason #16A: IF, somehow, we did knock out and restrain all of spit's tcp's we still have to convince them to go rogue. that's going to take awhile to do and we're not really setup for it just yet.

reason 16B: if we did have all of spit's remaining tcp's restrained, the fastest way to kick her out of the game would be to execute the remainder. I don't believe I need to elaborate on how terrible doing so would be.

reason 17: spit's captured tcp, chops, being out of her base prevents her from making anything. That doesn't apply to the alliance whose tcp's are still in base, or other forms of non-god crafting, which is a colossal advantage that only increases with time (eastwood, eastwood, eastwood)

reason 18: the current tcp's inside spit's base aren't very durable compared to the reinforcements coming, so finding the exit and trying to avoid getting into pitched fights with spit's remaining tcp's while disarming traps would be huge.

..and that's all I got. I'm sure a lot of these reasons are going to change and/or no longer be applicable to the current state of things but despite the conflict conditions of the game having been set, we are still aiming to eliminate Spit by way of rogue tcp's, rather than blood soaked victory.

There's nothing stopping us from carefully managing an extraction out of spit's fuck off fort, taking the wounded and the potential turn coats with us and leaving spit hobbled. (manpower cut in half, tcp's out of base prevents creating things)

Obviously this would be a slight stalemate since we didn't force her out of the game but so what? we've got momentum and she can't make things. She, or maybe even Wax, will probably try and counterattack at some point but if we stay vigilant, let eastwood's tcp's keep making incapcitating drugs and don't overplay our hand, we will win.
No. 131863 ID: 6e6f32


I'm glad you finally found a use for my disgusting suggestions! XD
No. 131864 ID: 10c408

Why even make them to begin with?
No. 131866 ID: 6e6f32

Because it feels weird to have Void who is effectively chaotic mess of ever changing consciousness, to think like horny Jesus. Act like horny Jesus? That's fine. But like...
We all have a worst self. There are many problems that could coldly, selfishly, easily be solved with just the right amount of barbarism. Typically we as people don't consider such solutions seriously because of the mountain of consequences they bring with them, but if we were in a position of power? Like we are here, in game right now?
Such a solution is viable. Even tempting. There's nothing preventing us from just ignoring the consequences and taking the win.
That is existentially terrifying.
Especially for a collective character like Void.

And then there's suggestions that indulge or lash out through baser emotions. The kinds of things that scream through our heads in periods of anger, despair, and frustration that we just hide away because they aren't appropriate or aren't constructive. Void's thoughts literally swirl around them. They are real, and on display for everyone to see. It's a real issue they have to deal with.

I consider it meta-gaming to not give Void these base thoughts. I consider it meta-gaming to only ever suggest things that we have been conditioned in our own lives to see as "good".

I don't expect my suggestions to get used.
I merely think they enrich the character.
No. 131867 ID: 53b212
File 157922892142.jpg - (25.27KB , 500x280 , please.jpg )

No. 131868 ID: 10c408

While you are correct in that, as a collective mind whose thoughts are spoken out loud, voidsy can't actually help his worst thoughts being broadcasted and that a morally good character who continues to be morally good and straight is boring as hell, this isn't just a story. it's a quest. Everything that gets suggested in the main thread can be used or ignored by the author as they see fit.

However, I don't believe that the above fully excuses you going the extra mile to make the truly awful suggestion just because no one else has. Your actions have consequences after all, and last time there was a slip up we severly upset the very first non-tcp character that was introduced.
No. 131869 ID: 6e6f32

>Your actions have consequences after all, and last time there was a slip up we severly upset the very first non-tcp character that was introduced.

Character driven drama?
In a fictional Story!?!?!
My word! What foul machination!
No. 131871 ID: 3ce8ff

i would say that is the exact reason he is necessary, that explanation brings be greater appreciation of why they are there, even if he is now literally destroyed. =/
No. 131872 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah I was wondering about that.

Does that mean I'm silenced during the remainder of this dialog, or was it a symbolic gesture indicating a point of growth for Void in which such thoughts should no longer be brought to the surface from this point forward?
No. 131873 ID: 10c408

We're quite literally directing a squad of friendly, amateur soldier creatures against a psychotic god of slaughter and madness. There is GOING to be plenty of all of those things you just mentioned without your brazen input.

Buddy's getting his leg amputated off-screen ffs.
No. 132832 ID: 53b212
File 158951478940.png - (136.30KB , 1026x1500 , mqcovertext.png )

MAYBEQUEST has returned...rewritten!

i haven't been satisfied with maybequest for literal years, and decided a rewrite of a Lot of things was in order- i made a lot of mistakes as an early quest author and i'm much happier with the edit!

MQ has also been relocated to the Homebrew Deviants forums- with the rewrite and personal comfort, we decided that we'd rather move it now over waiting until part 1 was completed (which is fairly soon anyway). i know this is probably a disappointment to a lot of people, but the quest can still be read without a forum account. you Do need an account to suggest just so that we can ensure that suggestors are 18+, but it's a simple process that doesn't take too long.

thank you for bearing with me for so long, and for helping me get this quest started to begin with- i hope it goes to exciting places!

forum (needs account, allows for suggestions): https://homebrewdeviants.com/forum/Thread-PUNCH-CLOCK-ANIMAL-MAYBEQUEST-PART-1
mirror (no account needed): https://homebrewdeviants.com/forum/story/MQ/1
No. 132833 ID: adb916

Neither link is working for me and I have an account.
No. 132835 ID: 53b212

went in and manually fixed your account roles, that can be a little fussy- should be fine now!
No. 132838 ID: adb916

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