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File 12590419258.jpg - (333.88KB , 1800x626 , naked women of quest.jpg )
6566 No. 6566 ID: 88d217

I'm wanting a "project" to do, so I'm drawing a list of naked chicks and putting them into a size chart like Lucid did for his Journey species.

I'd like to include all the commonly used races, as well as races used in running or completed quests. Nothing from abandoned quests though, that's their punishment.

What I need:
A picture of your race, how tall they are on average, and what the female looks like nekkid. I'll add them to the chart and post it when I get a few of them done. These should be generic examples of the average individual, not specific characters.

What I've got so far: Mok, Cutebold, Dorf, Goblin, Lohrke, Indahl, Cremate.

We are starting with the shorter ones and working out way up. Post anyone that's 5' (~1.5m) and under first; once I get all those done we'll move on to average size.
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No. 6575 ID: 35cea2

I know you don't like asspats, but just have to tell you again that you are awesome.
No. 6583 ID: 88d217

Error: this post does not conform to proper layout
No. 6592 ID: 7eda8b

How tall are Nevreans? I draw 'em under 5', but I don't know if that's canon.
No. 6593 ID: aae186

Problem is, there are a bunch of girls we don't know the heights of...
No. 6594 ID: 7eda8b

This is for species.
No. 6598 ID: aae186


Yes, but often in quests we only have one person of a particular species. So, same difficulty.
No. 6601 ID: aae186

Perhaps Bubble Touched would be next in line?
No. 6603 ID: 88d217
File 125912307573.jpg - (463.44KB , 2400x626 , naked women of quest.jpg )

OK here's the short ones for now, gonna work on average height ones next
No. 6607 ID: 88d217

If I left anyone out just let me know ITT (with a reference) and I'll add them to whatever one they go on
No. 6611 ID: 35cea2
File 125912580295.png - (40.48KB , 800x800 , Cutscene9.png )

I know you already did one of my races, but I was wondering if you could just draw one or two other ones.

Strawmen: Visible stitches at joints and orifices. May have a few patchwork bits of cloth sewn into skin. Straw sticks out of stitches and makes up the hair on the head. ~6 feet
Clockwork: Covered in gears, riveted plates and metal tubes. Flat as a board. No visible genitalia. ~5 feet 8 inches
Kiln: Like a bald human. ~5 feet 10 inches
Arid: Floats on cloudy rings of sand. Body is made up of uneven blocks.Pointy shaped head has 3 eyes on either side. ~6 feet
Cobble: Body is segmented at flexible areas. Probably has several tattoos of Japanese characters on it. Hair is pointy volcanic glass. ~6 feet

I hope I'm not coming off as greedy or self-centered or anything. I'm just curious to see your interpretations. Especially of the Arids or Strawmen.
No. 6617 ID: e9fdd6

Needs moar Nezu.
No. 6654 ID: f98e0b
File 125936040511.png - (47.60KB , 800x600 , vidder.png )

Vidder: Generally human-shaped but the head, which as two large, expressive ears and two pale white eyes with patches of dark skin around them. Around 5'4 ins tall.
Grey or brown or splotches of each color. Hairless.
No. 6947 ID: abb30a

Don't forget a Qal!
No. 7110 ID: 88d217
File 125997641120.jpg - (283.22KB , 2400x826 , naked women of quest 2.jpg )

Further information needed.

Small update.
No. 7111 ID: abb30a

One of Brom's races. They are prominent in The Protagonist Dies. Katrina is one of them, and she is in the Poker game. They have a diamond-shape in their faces, which are angular. Their skin looks mottled or something. They are otherwise fairy humanoid.
No. 7112 ID: 88d217
File 125997879326.jpg - (459.52KB , 2400x626 , naked women of quest.jpg )

Oh I added Nevreans to the first one, which is why Indahl are now on the second.
No. 7117 ID: bc2956

Nevreans have delicious flat chest
No. 7118 ID: 35cea2

p awesome shit rite ther man
No. 7119 ID: 632862

What the heck is a Ravian?
No. 7120 ID: dda9dd

Looks like a malnourished Grey.

I want to know what the hell a blockhead is? I mean really, a blockhead? It looks creepy.

Well not as horrifying as the straw-woman I suppose.... in fact, who builds a golem with a sex. Especially out of magma (at least the Cremate looks to be made of near-molten stone) anyway?
No. 7127 ID: e98c4f

That Nevrean could be drawn better.
No. 7132 ID: 88d217

Don't just say that without getting technical, now.
No. 7133 ID: 15f6d6

The Ravian and Blockhead are from Bitequest.

The straw woman and cremate aren't golems. They're from The End, and one of the gods of their world made all of the different races out of natural materials. They can reproduce and stuff.
No. 7136 ID: 51d0f5

Howso? The shading? (The girls ARE supposed to have black feathers, I guess...) The musculature? (Nevreans don't have much)
No. 7139 ID: 45be60

now that you mention it, the shading DOES look kinda phoned-in. But I think mostly the proportions look off, especially on the forearms.
No. 7140 ID: 5696d4
File 12600439749.png - (67.95KB , 600x400 , tonberry.png )

Tonberry: green-skinned bipedal lizards with a dolphin-like tail.

I drew Gazzene beside the average female adult Tonberry as a comparison. Note her cut-off tail (that's intentional).
No. 7141 ID: 964033
File 126004415733.jpg - (31.00KB , 561x370 , the more you know.jpg )

The girls have brown, black or grey feathers.
No. 7152 ID: 632862

The females don't always have hair?


No. 7163 ID: 964033

It's really unknown if they're covered mostly in feathers or hair, as really they shouldn't have both. I give them head-hair and the rest is feathers.

Mick seems to give them both feathers and hair though, like her infamous new-age variant of sergals.
No. 7164 ID: 632862

Uh... I was referring to the tonberries, but okay.
No. 7950 ID: 131526
File 12613815967.jpg - (474.77KB , 2400x626 , naked women of quest.jpg )

OK here's what I've got so far. If your race isn't on this list and you want it to be let me know in this thread because I will immediately forget anything you tell me on IRC. If your race is on here and you don't want it, tell me in IRC and I'll remove it from my master list.

races of quest

tree rat
bubble touched

Engsami, winged
Fish, bug, and whatever those are completely covered in latex from Alienquest
Snaketits from Dive.

Engsami, Leviathan
No. 7951 ID: 131526
File 126138168078.jpg - (442.47KB , 2400x826 , naked women of quest 2.jpg )

Doobie will be done last.
No. 7957 ID: 95ab41

Jungle Lazuhrek should probably be somewhere around the Strawoman to Orc area
No. 7960 ID: 3879b9

Well, we got a Skaven Quest now.
You know what that means...
No. 7965 ID: 315175


After seeing the Cremate, Ravian, Dwarf and Orc females, the eye-gougingness can't possibly get any worse.

No. 7971 ID: d24488

Man-thing doesn't know the beauty-beauty of a breeding female.
No. 7974 ID: 131526

I forgot Tozol, Manta, shadow from BB and probably more.
No. 7975 ID: d24488

Yeah, Talyxian for example.
No. 7986 ID: 51d0f5

Jeeze, man. This is starting to turn into one of those "draw every single pokemon" projects.
No. 7987 ID: 131526
File 12614340526.jpg - (478.35KB , 2400x826 , naked women of quest 2.jpg )

No. 7990 ID: 7d87d9

Hasn't he done a good number of em already with tits?
No. 7991 ID: 51d0f5

Every single one.
No. 7995 ID: 131526
File 126145584627.jpg - (535.94KB , 2400x826 , naked women of quest 2.jpg )

Part two done, they'll all be reorganized when I'm finished.
No. 7996 ID: 131526

Not by a long shot
No. 7997 ID: 51d0f5

My mistake. Pages and pages of 'em, though.
No. 8060 ID: c1b520
File 126162970055.png - (13.12KB , 468x612 , Shadowsworn.png )

Shadowsworn, those bound by contract to the darkness, yadda yadda yadda, completed form, yadda yadda, rp info, etc... Ah, cosmetic details...

Average height is generally ranged between 6-7 ft more commonly found around 6'9". Generally don't wear clothing though shadows keep their bodies hidden...ish, if you see one obscured (as pictured) they generally don't look much different naked. No real lower body as it is an extension of the shadows that follow them underneath, however it is not uncommon for both genders to create a lower half when in complete darkness. Females have one eye no tongue, males have no eye and long tongue. Hair, if any becomes an oily black and takes on an almost gaseous liquid quality akin to fog. Stitching goes completely around the head where the mouth ends back to where it begins. Stitches also appear on the eyes of males, though the same is not said about the eye of the female.

And those are my notes so far... minus a few details on certain parts of the male. Tell me if you need anything more. And thank you for taking the time.
No. 8079 ID: 8e18cd
File 126169807383.jpg - (89.18KB , 950x1000 , Two Races.jpg )

On the left: Sillas(That's how Shigans call them)/Sheek.

They're about 5'6-6' tall, females tend to be bigger than males and can go up to 6'3". No tits at all, they have a reproductive system similar to bugs with males having a protopenis. Their colour is gene determined. Usually shades of blue, brown, green and amber can be encountered. There are also rare red ones. [REST IS CENSORED]

Shigani (sing. Shigan) are shown on the right side.

Up to 7' tall, the angler-fish people are generally the gentle giants of the cave ecosystem, often engaging in catching cave shrimp and cave fish. Their skin tends to be a mixture of white, blue and green. They of course have tits. Just the two of them. [CENSORED]

[CENSORED] - sorry I don't want to spoil things you can find out yourself.
No. 8080 ID: 2fea0c

Would Lunars count as a race, since we have Lunar Quest? I know they're really more like augmented humans, but on the other hand, they are most known for what's not human about them, if you get my meaning. They can even have totally non-human offspring.

Perhaps the war form? I don't know if we'll have many ladies in the large category as it is.
No. 8088 ID: 131526
File 126172330967.jpg - (578.59KB , 2400x826 , naked women of quest 3.jpg )

Round 3 complete. More medium size ones left, though.
No. 8275 ID: e0aea5

They're kinda just humans/furries, which if I did every variation of that I'd never finish.
No. 8277 ID: 51d0f5

Lunars aren't really a race. Just humans with a permanent status condition. Sorta like being undead, but the other way around. You're extra alive.

On the other hand, we've got two kinds of undead already, so hey.
No. 8456 ID: e0aea5
File 126238433874.jpg - (606.11KB , 2400x826 , naked women of quest 4.jpg )

#4 complete for now, I'll be moving on to the big ones.
No. 8457 ID: 1afd58

Volto hair is so permed and foofy.
No. 8459 ID: 059c31

An entire race of Glam Rocker Plague Doctors.
No. 8497 ID: 51d0f5

I like how the tozol looks ripped compared to the golden.

The cobble looks so damned freaky. Easily as unnerving as the Cremate.
No. 8500 ID: 059c31

I hadn't noticed before just how... well, just how 'normal' talyxian's legs and feet are.

For some reason I was under the impression that their feet were rather less human, to match with their overall 'stretched' look.
No. 8501 ID: be6df6

The Tozol seems to be really pissed off about the Cobble for some reason.
No. 8561 ID: 754774
File 126259075518.png - (180.89KB , 700x750 , scorpion outside anatomy.png )

PQ Demons have some funky anatomy despite looking very human, but Scorpions are an absolute playground.

Scorpion males have an average height of 7', and females 6'.
No. 8646 ID: d9faf1

Hmm... Doesn't Ruby's anthropomorphic rabbit race deserve a honorable mention?
No. 8655 ID: 059c31

and Gnolls, and the Sepia Town Catgirls what go ~Nya~.
No. 8656 ID: 8dc9d5

It's debatable whether Ruby is a rabbit or if she's just drawn that way to differentiate characters.
No. 8658 ID: 059c31
File 12627932609.gif - (4.08KB , 95x85 , Ruby.gif )

Considering all the characters are taken directly from Animal Crossing I think it would be safe to say that, while animal people were likely chosen because they are 'easier to differentiate'... that still doesn't mean that she's somehow not the little bunny girl.

Also.. Nan...
No. 8659 ID: 8dc9d5

You make a good point, I'm just saying that it could be taken either way.
No. 8661 ID: 8ce2bf

No it couldn't. No matter the reasoning behind her being a herbivorous bunny girl, she is one.
No. 8687 ID: b48e1c

If he starts like this he'll end up drawing hundreds of generic furries.
But he already did a rat-furry, so I dunno.
No. 8688 ID: 2cbe3e


The rat merchants are a species, first seen in AlienQuest, and next in Bubble Bucket. I don't think he wants to draw every furry under the sun, but if your game has a race of furry-like beings I don't see why he wouldn't draw them. (I don't think this applies if your whole world is furries though. He'd have pages of just different animal furries.) Plus, we technically already have bunny people on the list, the Mimiga.
No. 8698 ID: d9faf1

>It's debatable whether Ruby is a rabbit
Well... that kind of epileptic trees actually suits RQ's paranoid atmosphere quite well :)

>hundreds of generic furries
Come on!
I suggested a homage to the Ur-Example of quests, not "hundreds of generic furries", for Cjopaze's sake!
No. 8731 ID: 74fd41

I'm not gonna draw specific characters, that would make it take forever.
No. 8742 ID: 67c611

I do not see a Northern Sergal in this list.
No. 8744 ID: d9faf1

By the way, how about some female species from DarknessQuest?
Namely, a Grue, a Shadow Walker (not a "race" per se, more of a symbiosis - a human chick covered in darkness), and a Water Elemental lady (and it's possible that other elementals can be female as well).
No. 8753 ID: d9faf1

Another suggestion: How about other 2 races from The Protagonist Dies (besides Qal and Pinkos)? I mean, it would be interesting to see a sexy Shirm, and a hot Delter.
No. 8754 ID: 74fd41

No nipples?
No. 8757 ID: 754774

Their young grow fangs in under a week.

The rest should be obvious.
No. 8764 ID: 74fd41

I need refs
No. 8770 ID: d9faf1


First, the Shirm.
The blue hottie you can see in the upper left corner is a female Shirm named Mollie. Actually, I dunno if she's considered hot by Shirm standards, but at least the captain thinks she is (shhh!).
A close up pic of 2 male Shirm: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/125211689421.jpg
AFAIK, the only difference between male and female Shirms is that males have 3 right eyes, while females have 2.

The Delter.
Here are some pics of a female Delter:
And here are some pics of a male Delter, that could probably help you get their anatomy:
No. 8772 ID: d9faf1

Note: On the first pic, the blue Shirm seems to have only 2 legs. That's either an artist's error, or an injury. Uninjured Shirm have 3 legs.

As for height, you can compare the Shirm on this pic to the Qal (upper right and lower right corners).
No. 8773 ID: d9faf1

Hmm... Seems that Shirms are the same height as Delters: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/125494756911.png , and Delters are the same height as Pinkos (Humans): http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/125504058639.png
No. 8820 ID: abb30a
File 126307879015.png - (9.84KB , 332x440 , Female.png )

Ok so I guess this is the info you wanted, for Silirw Cyral females. Height and naughty bits info, right? Also a kind of lazy sketch.

I'm gonna say go with like 5 feet tall.
The genital opening appears as a subtle line going across the groin, with some room at the sides. I don't draw it because it's hard to notice but you can if you want to.
No. 8915 ID: 427aab
File 126318816811.jpg - (572.89KB , 2400x826 , naked women of quest 4.jpg )

Added PQ demon to this one
No. 8942 ID: 427aab
File 126324710337.jpg - (625.55KB , 2400x1092 , naked women of quest 5.jpg )

Next page!
No. 8949 ID: c89b56

That troll woman is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen in my life.
No. 8964 ID: 427aab

That's nothing. You should see the shit I get paid to draw.
No. 8974 ID: 8ecfd4

And suddenly I really don't want to see that. I also curse my curiosity that keeps insisting that just a little peek won't hurt.
No. 8978 ID: a247a1
File 126331022956.jpg - (30.38KB , 585x187 , start WW3 and kill us.jpg )

trust me, you don't want to see it.
No. 8987 ID: a84f09

I would like to see it.
No. 8989 ID: 8ecfd4

And now my curiosity is even more outspoken. I have also seen some pretty odd shit in my days so now I'm really starting to wonder what it is that could be so bad.

Could you give us a description before I defile my eyes with something so horrible that it should never have been created.
No. 8993 ID: 9891a9

You've brought it up twice, now you have to show us. Bring it on, we can take it.
No. 8998 ID: 3297aa

I know I'll regret this, but bring it on.
No. 9017 ID: 632862

Uhhh... don't post it out in the open, please?
No. 9197 ID: cd50fc


cannot curb bile fascination.
now I must see it.
No. 9247 ID: f0fac0

Lol, no. I'm not posting that shit here.
No. 9263 ID: 67c611

Where did the Northern Sergal go?
No. 9268 ID: c0f3bf

No. 9399 ID: f0fac0
File 126402734343.jpg - (616.83KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 6.jpg )

Not sure what happened here
No. 9409 ID: 67c611

Yay, it's back : D
No. 9410 ID: 1963d1

No. 10122 ID: 498c52
File 126521626718.jpg - (239.28KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 8.jpg )

Starting a new one...
No. 10123 ID: 498c52
File 126521631349.jpg - (1.08MB , 2600x2376 , naked women of quest 7.jpg )

No. 10125 ID: c0f3bf

No. 10126 ID: f68a75

telephone pole dildo or what?
No. 10127 ID: 4cf65e
File 126522264266.png - (698.02KB , 1000x775 , Female Leviathans.png )

I thought Female Leviathans looked like this?
No. 10128 ID: 62489a

They come in all shapes and sizes, just like regular engsami.
No. 10129 ID: bd36a1

some do, some don't

the one in this chart is just a turtle type like Ga'nneda was
No. 10130 ID: 4cf65e

So just how many sub-species of engsami are there?
No. 10131 ID: bd36a1

3 sub species
standard, winged, and Leviathan

Those sub species can then pretty much resemble a variety of reptilian creatures. The three sub-types of Engsami are capable of inter-breeding with one another, but the offspring will not always benefit from this union. For example, were it to ever have happened, the union on Ga'nneda and Kyaos would have possibly generated an offspring with vestigial wing arms that was far to large to fly. Most of the time the sub groupings stick to their own kind.

If you're just asking about how many different types of engsami there are such as Ga'nneda's "turtle type" and the female leviathan's "not turtle type" that's, for the most part, a fairly irrelevant distinction, as it's primarily just cosmetic.
No. 10132 ID: 126d08
File 126523334197.png - (119.07KB , 786x470 , Racial Diversity.png )

No. 10173 ID: a009f5
File 12653366664.jpg - (618.65KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 6.jpg )

Update: Gour have two toes.
No. 10174 ID: a009f5
File 126533669218.jpg - (479.32KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 8.jpg )

No. 10176 ID: 8399bd

MMmmmmm delicious Shirm legs.
No. 10177 ID: abb30a
File 126534392446.png - (330.39KB , 561x442 , Anciu2.png )

You could do Silirw Enials if you like. They're sure to appear more in my quest.
No. 10181 ID: a009f5
File 126534979164.jpg - (2.82MB , 7399x4949 , bigposter.jpg )

Big arranged pic, to be amended later.
No. 10191 ID: f98e0b

Oh wow
No. 10192 ID: a3eeaa

rolled 20 = 20

I guess the word is epic.
Would make a excellent conversation piece, as a print in the living room.
Also, rolling the lucky number.
No. 10195 ID: 39b806

rolled 17 = 17

Drunken rollan.
No. 10196 ID: 63f46a

rolled 5 = 5

Rolling for no reason.
No. 10197 ID: c05c83

rolled 1 = 1

Everyone's doing it, I just wanna be cool.
No. 10199 ID: a009f5

you won
No. 10200 ID: 2dd482

rolled 43 = 43

oh yay tgchan's very own roll your waifu chart.
No. 10201 ID: 2dd482

Common Gnoll?

I am happy with this.
No. 10205 ID: abb30a

rolled 23 = 23

No. 10206 ID: a64482

big money big money no whammies come on...
No. 10207 ID: a64482

rolled 55 = 55

No. 10208 ID: 157dc1

rolled 24 = 24

You shall be alone all your life.
No. 10209 ID: d5f852

rolled 55 = 55

What the hell, I'm game.

Can't believe you drew that many. Looks good, man.
No. 10211 ID: 627d28

rolled 7 = 7

Blowing on my keyboard will have to do!
No. 10215 ID: 8dfb06

rolled 38 = 38

hey why not

Bet it will be hilarious.
No. 10216 ID: 8dfb06
File 126541151766.jpg - (23.98KB , 305x263 , AW YEAH awesome eagle.jpg )

damn dude JACKPOT.
No. 10219 ID: 34470e

rolled 7, 1 = 8

I'm gonna take 2 of them
No. 10221 ID: f98e0b

rolled 44 = 44

For great justice
No. 10222 ID: f98e0b

No. 10223 ID: c0f3bf

rolled 29 = 29

I'll bite~
No. 10225 ID: 82e991

rolled 57 = 57

No. 10226 ID: 82e991

Ha ha ha ha ha oh shit.
No. 10228 ID: 35cea2

rolled 22 = 22

'ere we go.
No. 10230 ID: bffa2a

rolled 45 = 45


Hahaha, that's quite a catch. Literally.
No. 10231 ID: f4963f

rolled 48 = 48

Rollan, sexuality be damned~
No. 10232 ID: cfad4e

rolled 18 = 18

Enjoy your broken pelvis!

Enjoy your broken everything!


(now let's see what I enjoy)
No. 10234 ID: f44349

rolled 36 = 36

This is silly. You people are silly.
I am also silly
No. 10235 ID: 3cccf3

rolled 30 = 30

No. 10237 ID: abb30a

enjoy your inconvenient shape (and possibly toxicity, I'm not sure)!
No. 10239 ID: 35cea2


Enjoy having your dong sandpaper'd off.
No. 10244 ID: 119b5c

rolled 8 = 8

This is a mistake.
No. 10247 ID: 3cccf3

Enjoy your blockhead.
No. 10250 ID: 5a2e05

Aww yeah, I won.
No. 10253 ID: d5f852

Turns out that tgchan is all 15 year old schoolgirls.
No. 10255 ID: bd36a1

rolled 56 = 56

hoppin' on the bandwagon
No. 10258 ID: 5a2e05

Prepare to be crushed by said bandwagon.
No. 10261 ID: b08fdf

rolled 12 = 12

Let's see... I wonder...
No. 10274 ID: 63f46a

rolled 22 = 22

Rolling again for no reason!
No. 10369 ID: c4cd23
File 126566720023.jpg - (50.32KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 9.jpg )

I'm not finished yet, but here's some more
No. 10370 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh dear GOD! That doobie is hideous. I thought it couldn't get much worse after the troll. But I guess this is just the worlds way of dickslapping me in the face yet again.

Good drawing though.
No. 10371 ID: e53249

That doobie is surprisingly sexy. but her vagina scares me :C
No. 10372 ID: c4cd23

... he said, trying desperately to conceal his growing erection at the sight of her...
No. 10377 ID: 895c98

rolled 16 = 16

Like there's something i'd not hit
No. 10380 ID: c50a92

rolled 13 = 13

Underfolk and Doobie are 58 and 59.
No. 10383 ID: e53249

rolled 9 = 9

No. 10387 ID: 5a2e05

rolled 10 = 10

Round 2, go!
No. 10399 ID: 8ecfd4

What? No. The awkward erection was made by the flatheaded ogre. I mean sure she is a bit hefty but it's pretty proportional and that flat head just looks cute in some odd way.
No. 10404 ID: 9e9b47

rolled 55 = 55

Heaven or hell let's rock
No. 10419 ID: 63f46a

rolled 14 = 14

This is exciting way to spend time.
No. 10422 ID: 8ecfd4

rolled 12 = 12

So lets see what I get.
No. 10459 ID: c05c83

rolled 35 = 35

The see me rollin'...
No. 10461 ID: 2cbe3e

rolled 28 = 28

Rolling again. Because.
No. 10516 ID: 4ce1b0

rolled 27 = 27

Big money, big money, no whammy STOP!
No. 10521 ID: bd36a1

rolled 54 = 54

re-rollan due to additional options
No. 10522 ID: bb59ee

rolled 18 = 18

re-rolling for something less tiny.
No. 10534 ID: c50a92

rolled 51 = 51

I am bored as fuck.
No. 10546 ID: cdaf39

rolled 2 = 2

one more time
No. 10547 ID: 8ecfd4

rolled 50 = 50

Getting the goblin the last time was nice.

Lets see if I get something normal now or a horrible affront against nature that will make me cry.
No. 10548 ID: 63f46a

rolled 31 = 31

New ones?
No. 10556 ID: 233aab
File 126594333574.jpg - (550.24KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 9.jpg )

Stop rolling waifus I'm not done yet!
No. 10568 ID: 5a2e05

rolled 54 = 54

Don't be silly, we'll simply add to our harems when new waifus are posted.
No. 10630 ID: bd1898

what race is emma again?
No. 10631 ID: 3a7cd3

She's something like a cyborg I guess.
Artificially created, so not really a race.
No. 10634 ID: ac4013
File 126619369084.png - (128.56KB , 268x484 , grimdark emma.png )

Emma is a strogg.
No. 10658 ID: 4531bc

She's a construct.

I'm thinking she counts as a race, but, as constructs are androgynous, you really can't have a naked woman construct.
No. 10665 ID: 576769
File 126626411141.jpg - (85.21KB , 600x600 , 125212161631.jpg )

found the blueprints
No. 13511 ID: 717301
File 127027223667.jpg - (7.38MB , 7399x4949 , naked women of quest.jpg )

minor update
No. 13712 ID: 7b538c

I'm quite impressed by your dedication to drawing naked chicks. Even ugly ones.
No. 15087 ID: 23c8f1
File 12728482631.jpg - (360.02KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 10.jpg )

here's your dragon. What else is left, anything?
No. 15088 ID: ecf25b

that dragon has too many wings
No. 15096 ID: 1ac39d

it has two wings, they are just folded over.
No. 15097 ID: 5a2e05

Exactly. That's one too many.
No. 15107 ID: 0abb50


I may or may not beg for mine later. I'd have to write a lengthy description for them because I'm petty like that.
No. 15110 ID: eb6d46

wait, wouldn't a lot of these races, including engasami, have cloacae, since most of them are not mammalian?
No. 15112 ID: 0b2a05

They're xenos, they can have whatever damn genitalia they want.
No. 15122 ID: 9ded94

It's fantasy. Science has no place here.
No. 15125 ID: eb6d46


but he best part of fantasy is saying "but wait, if hat is like that, then wouldn't...?"
No. 15127 ID: ce83f8

Lots of them have nonstandard genital openings. Besides, a cloaca doesn't really make sense on a humanoid biped. Also also, we don't actually see their buttholes, so how do you know some of those aren't cloaca? Also also also, just because something isn't a mammal doesn't mean it automatically has a cloaca. Animal genitals are multifarious and varied!
No. 15128 ID: 24aa45

yeah! don't ducks have giant, flaccid, corkscrew penises?
(yay for random facts)
No. 15150 ID: 0b2a05

And many mammals have multiple dongs.

Also, platypus.
No. 15163 ID: 1177ca

Yes, but I think their girls still have cloacae. Not that it matters.

Many reptiles, too.

You know what? I've learned to fucking HATE the word "cloaca".
No. 15165 ID: ee6ad3

Lucid has said none of his races have cloaca.
No. 15166 ID: ecf25b

Even the Engsami?
No. 15167 ID: ce83f8

Looking through there, I count at least 5 cloacae.
No. 15168 ID: eb6d46


actually, they have the terrifyingly named "cloacal protuberance", which is large and corkscrew. in fact, Argentinian blue bills have the longest genitals relative to their vertibrae of any animal on earth.

the more you know.
No. 15170 ID: 216108

Blame the Romans for naming their sewers thusly!

Barnacles have the largest genital-to-body-size ratio on Earth, though.
No. 15172 ID: ee6ad3

Even the engsami.

So all those female engsami in the chart have cunts and asses.
No. 15173 ID: 216108

At least 5? I didn't count that many...
No. 15186 ID: ce83f8


Tonberry sheek scorpion cyral underfolk graagkaas ophian. We can't tell what some of them are packing either (like the dragon and the shirm).
No. 15192 ID: 216108

Cyral females don't have cloacae. Their butts and urethras are farther down on the tail.
No. 15198 ID: 0b2a05

I don't think tonberries have them. And is that true for underfolk?
No. 15201 ID: ce83f8


I'm purely going by the pictures. The tonberry in the picture clearly just has a sideways slit and no apparent butthole on it's tail. I mean, scorpions probably have a separate butthole too, but even taking scorpions and cyrals off, it's still five.
No. 16231 ID: 10c20a
File 127484209583.jpg - (62.14KB , 500x617 , Daragon.jpg )

posting a Vataruk, in case you feel like adding them. This picture is slightly out of date, as I've since changed the position of the little heel claw thing, but it's one of the actually naked images of one.

here's an additional reference
No. 16232 ID: f35d0a
File 127484236435.png - (84.33KB , 700x500 , 12654851501.png )

Tonberries do have them.

Also, Nocitomes. Limbless almost-opaque gel creatures a bit shorter than humanoids (about 5 feet in general). Feel free to use any expression for your sample.
No. 16236 ID: a7a85a

This thread reminds me of the Museum of Natural History.
No. 16239 ID: ad2a4f

Funny, it reminds me of my caravan.
No. 20801 ID: 7a28df

rolled 20 = 20

Bump 'n roll.
No. 20802 ID: 81343b

rolled 45 = 45

what the hell, why not. the newguys need to see this anyway
No. 20823 ID: d560d6

>An entire race of Glam Rocker Plague Doctors.

Since this thread has been bumped, I'm just going to comment that that's got to be the best description of Voltos I've heard.
No. 20841 ID: 047bb2

rolled 38, 42 = 80

I'll roll for two, that way I can watch em make out with each other.

Is this project still going anyways?
THere are always new races, like delicious space-sharks. And I wouldn't mind seeing the a monster kin chick from Lucids quest
No. 20844 ID: 8bdb6a

Blind Renamon x Thin Renamon
No. 20845 ID: abb30a

rolled 14, 57 = 71

rolling because whatever
No. 20848 ID: 047bb2

rolled 46, 46 = 92

Cremate x Leviathan Engsami
Well, I guess Cremate might be actually durable enough.
No. 20857 ID: 99ffa5

rolled 54 = 54

I have no idea why I am doing this.
No. 20859 ID: d560d6

rolled 29 = 29

No. 20867 ID: 5a2e05

rolled 23 = 23

Oh man what is this why am I rolling what am I rolling I guess I'll use the unfinished one with the numbers on it oh god how I do this
No. 32529 ID: f104ba
File 129914703640.jpg - (28.10KB , 444x274 , ALADDIN & JASMINE.jpg )

No. 32531 ID: 5f0943


Shit nigger what are you doing? Why are you necroing this thread?!
No. 32535 ID: ce8af5

I don't quite get why it was necroed with a Disney picture.
But that project was overall awesome enough to appear on the first page every few months for newcomers.

Would be potentially cool if he did some more at some point
No. 32767 ID: 932db9
File 12994694877.jpg - (596.96KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 9.jpg )

added Setwil
No. 32777 ID: 1854db

Consider my monocle popped, good sir.
No. 32825 ID: 932db9
File 129955134511.jpg - (594.41KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 9.jpg )

...And changed their proportions to where they don't look like my reference. I thought the first one was more interesting myself.
No. 33019 ID: 672aa7

rolled 10, 2 = 12

First By day, Second by the light of the full moon.

No. 33020 ID: 672aa7
File 12998195954.gif - (29.57KB , 800x800 , ehhhh.gif )

No. 33038 ID: 1854db

rolled 29, 31 = 60

Here, let me give it a shot.
No. 33040 ID: 1854db


Yeah, that wasn't very interesting either.
No. 33052 ID: 28e94e

rolled 16 = 16

Why the hell not
No. 33077 ID: 2f6d22

rolled 1, 21 = 22

Here let me show you how to do it.
No. 33110 ID: 28e94e

oh you poor bastard
No. 34193 ID: 4635e1
File 130119272759.jpg - (8.27MB , 7399x4949 , bigposter.jpg )

oops forgot tacosetwil.
No. 34240 ID: 6d4402

rolled 5 = 5

why are we rollOH GOD WHY
No. 34243 ID: 8e2e95

rolled 44 = 44

Oh hey what do I have?
No. 34268 ID: 55bd47

Oh neat, the list has been updated with numbers.
No. 46780 ID: 5bf190
File 132323804072.png - (23.80KB , 800x600 , spacedoobie.png )

On the urging of IRC, I present scellor and space doobies. Space doobies first because they are obviously more important.

space doobies are the most enlightened and civilized race in the galaxy, with incredible crystalline technology so advanced that even to the greatest scientists of other races they just seem to be shiny rocks. Space doobies are totaly pacifists who NEVER fight but if they did they would have perfect fighting instincts but they don't (but they would). They have perfect rapid regeneration and have no care for pain and hydraulic skeletons that make them incredibly strong and have five hearts for their acid blood and three types of bone armouring their internal organs. They are very formal because the only way they can be hurt is their emotions and each doobie has 50 names for different relationships and uses, this is also why their language has 5000 honorific grammatical tenses but they don't mind if aliens can't get them right because they are so gracious.
No. 46781 ID: 5bf190
File 132323808598.png - (16.71KB , 800x600 , fightindoobie2.png )

Another picture, for reference help.
No. 46782 ID: 5bf190
File 132323856198.png - (16.51KB , 800x600 , mitreltalk.png )

Then, scellor!

Scellor are a species of psychic animal/plant symbiotes from the innermost depths of the galaxy. They most resemble mammalian humanoids with mottled or spotted green skin and brightly coloured hair, with large eyes, no nose and three tongues in a mouth filled with sharp retractible teeth; they have a fleshy antenna on top of their forehead called an orel, and their ears are long tubes that hang down their backs, through which they also breathe. The majority of scellor are nameless drones that gladly obey the will of their species' collective consciousness, referred to as the Undermind, and through which their minds and memories persist through death and reincarnate in new bodies. Some scellor, however, have minds powerful and wilful enough to assert their own desires, becoming sentient individuals. Due to their "immortality", scellor are a recklessly inquisitive species and not afraid to push the limits of science, exploration or hedonism.

Scellor have six castes, roughly describable as diplomats, workers, scientists, doctors, warriors and spies, each predisposed towards a particular discipline of psychic ability.
No. 46783 ID: 5bf190
File 132323862271.jpg - (253.25KB , 800x600 , intomind1.jpg )

And another image, a mental projection but still illustrative.
No. 46789 ID: 5bf190

Whoops, just realized I missed some relevant information.

Space doobies are around 7 to 9 feet tall, and are supposed to look monstrous in a sort of stretched out skinny way, to contrast with their fantasy counterparts. They should have weird bony parts around their joints (for the hydraulic skeleton) and two sets of collarbones. Scellor height depends on their caste but most are around four or five feet; most scellor, also, have five fingers but two of the castes have four. They all only have three toes, though. Additionally, the examples of scellor ladies given are a little more generously lady-proportioned than most. And, on the subject of feminine endowment, scellor being part plant have skin a little thicker and firmer than humans, so there'd be a certain perkiness there.
No. 46790 ID: b79855

>Space doobies are around 7 to 9 feet tall, and are supposed to look monstrous in a sort of stretched out skinny way, to contrast with their fantasy counterparts.
I always figured it had something to do with the aliens from Avatar, for maximum butthurt nerd rage.
No. 46791 ID: 5bf190


If it increases the butthurt nerdrage, then that too! Anything else you can think of? Redundant organs, infrared vision, ability to sense gravity wells? They got it. Four genders, as well, two types of female and two male, not including various combinations thereof. The one in the quest is a double female.

All the space monster mary sue species things. Except psionics, because for space doobies psychic powers are TERRIBLE FORBIDDEN TECHNIQUES, bluh blar blar.
No. 46792 ID: b6edd6

Do they have shapeshifting? :V
No. 46801 ID: cdb8cb


Everyone is a space doobie.
No. 46805 ID: b6edd6

And then John was a Doobie.
No. 46830 ID: 0ee607
File 132331754364.png - (143.30KB , 500x900 , Eiridi Ref.png )

May as well add my own.

The Eiridi are a group of demons that were once elves many years ago. Their bodies have been so warped they barely resemble their former selves.
Eiridi have the ears of an elf and sometimes the hair but beyond that they bear no resemblance. Soft white fur covers their entire body and their facial features have been wiped out.
They speak through a hold located on their chest and they eat through what is probably the most obvious change, a large orb in their torso. The orb has replaced most of their internal organs and when an Eiridi is hungry it must basically feed the orb on them food.
They can 'see' with their tail which splits off unevenly into three points at the end.
Their hands and feet both have three digits and and they can grasp things with any of their limbs.
They are all rather tall with the females being 6' on average and the males being 6'5"
No. 46845 ID: 1854db

Note: The hole they speak through is at the top of the sternum, not the big gaping maw.
No. 46850 ID: 3b77a8
File 132337415788.jpg - (73.32KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 12.jpg )

new page
No. 46851 ID: 5aae31

Bout time we saw a realistic scellor.
No. 46854 ID: 453e62

well it's more a realistic maolla, but yes.
No. 46855 ID: 1854db

Oh, yeah, that's right. Maolla is significantly curvier than most other Scellor.
No. 46860 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 46862 ID: 1854db

No, not theoretically. That is what the Sexy trait did for her. We made her this curvy because we picked that trait.
No. 46864 ID: 4183c9


No. 46865 ID: 5aae31

>A picture of your race, how tall they are on average, and what the female looks like nekkid. I'll add them to the chart and post it when I get a few of them done. These should be generic examples of the average individual, not specific characters.
No. 46869 ID: 4183c9

>implying Maolla is even shapelier

No. 46872 ID: 3b77a8

Anybody else who wants to participate, feel free to post your race here so I can sketch it.
No. 46883 ID: f72f26
File 132344937957.jpg - (256.00KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin163.jpg )


the Term "Guilder" originally a derugatory term used for Titus military agents after the fall of Daztren.
as these agents became the most common type of Titus encountered it became a standard term to refer to them by.

the Titus Race
Titus are durable creatures, thier skin has been compared to kevlar, and thier bones to steel, it is said that they can recover from any flesh wounds as long as thier brain and at least one heart is intact.
they can and will eat just about anything, including cannibalising their own dead. their bones are often crafted int Astranian weapons referred to as "CarboSteel".
Titus are incredibly heavy and slow they can not climb, and are often afraid of hights, thier skulls are the heaviest part of thier bodies, and often hit first when falling, thier horns are shaped to deflect much of the impact.
Titus also have long spade ended tails, they serve no practical purpose, Titus bones grow but do not heal.
other features include spikes on thier spine, shoulders chin, and the sides of their wrists and ankles, they also have pointed triangular teeth with a single large tooth in front for cracking open bones nuts, and similar objects, this usually gives them an overbite.
Titus have hands with 4 fingered poited fingers, and stumpy flat feet with 4 stubby pointed toes, Titus average about 5'3"
No. 46884 ID: f72f26
File 132345007213.jpg - (280.67KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin154.jpg )

Guilder Aspects
Titus are immortal, and never die of old age, but despite this they tend to grow more grotesque with age, with the fall of Daztren this took on a new aspect, with all their doctors dead the treating of injuries fell to the crafts men, almost all Titus have bionic limb replacement, for various injuries they've recieved.
the tails are almost always lost early on in life but are rarely replaced, with other more essential limbs being lost through out life.
No. 46953 ID: cdb8cb


Wait, I just realized something.

>> Titus are immortal
>> their bones are often crafted int Astranian weapons referred to as "CarboSteel"
>> Astranians carving living creatures into weapon casings

Astranians are a lot more unhinged than I thought.
No. 46955 ID: e3f578

Man their Christmas involves fucking cutting their hand and drinking their blood
It's been fucking established Astranians are Conan as fuck culturally. Not so much physically what with reliance on top-tier technology for war-fare but the idea is fucking there.
Astranians are fucking hardcore.
No. 46958 ID: b6edd6

They don't have that type of immortality. They still die by the time you reduce them to bones.
No. 47014 ID: 3b77a8
File 132367063462.jpg - (390.77KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 12.jpg )

No. 47046 ID: 049dfa
File 132373727469.jpg - (149.14KB , 800x600 , 1298240624_queblock_12819277944.jpg )

Behemoth Monster-kin: They all have 3 horns on their heads, one sprouting out of their forehead area, and two on either side of their head. The side horns can bend up or down or even curl like a goat's. They have elongated necks that form a slight hunch. Their hands in their natural form are large sword-like claws with 3 fingers and a thumb. Their elbows are adorned with 1 or more boney spikes either pointing up or down following the forearm or following the upper arm respectively. They have a mane that travels from their heads, just behind the central horn, all the way down to their tail. They have no nose, but a pair of nostrils at the base of the center horn and exposed fangs all along their upper and lower jaw. Their tongue has 3 prongs that extend along the main length. Their legs are digitigrade and end in long claws like their hands (3 toes and a sort of dinky little thumb claw). Their bodies are tightly packed, toned walls of muscle. They have black sclera and white "pupils"
No. 47055 ID: 3b77a8
File 132374684763.jpg - (664.89KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 12.jpg )

No. 47057 ID: 049dfa
File 132374774377.png - (276.27KB , 750x750 , Flufftarmy.png )

The Chosen

The masters of their world, who won the blessing of the gods when their progenitor defeated the leader of the spirits within the planet and ended the great war. They know that they are better than all of the other races, but choose to act on this knowledge in varied ways.

They tend to stand between 11 and 12 feet tall, and their limbs are relatively thin and wiry. They maintain significant physical attributes, able to outperform almost every other race in their world in feats of strength, speed, or any feats of agility that their body types will allow. They have feathered bodies, and the feathers around their hips, back, shoulders, and head can puff out to be extra fluffy. They have a very beak-like mouth, but also have a row of teeth within. Their claws and hooves are sharp and extremely hard. They are able to survive regardless of environmental conditions - even on their frozen world the climate does not hinder them (though the relative lack of food is relevant). They are omnivorous. As a result of their progenitor's conquest over the spirit liege, they have an innate ability to master the art of Spirit Magic -- the summoning and binding of natural spirits.
No. 47327 ID: d6ae01
File 132410362535.png - (173.60KB , 1030x770 , slissa stats.png )


A sub-terrainian warm blooded lizard race, the Slissa spend a lot of time underground. Originally making small family-sized burrows, their intelligence has evolved and they now live in large "colonies". These are usually built from expanded caves. They go outside to collect food and manage farms, but still spend a lot of time under the protection of planet Shai.

Slissa are between 4 and 5 feet long (the males slightly longer than females) from snout to tail.

For this chart, I would recommend the "Normal standing" stance, which is how they usually walk around if not on all fours. If you think the "meerkat" stance is cuter, that can be used instead.
No. 47339 ID: f5e4b4
File 132414172766.png - (130.34KB , 1000x800 , Ziranee_ref.png )

Ok, gonna add one, did a quick sketch for reference.

Ziraneés evolved from a mostly tribal society to a more organized one formed by different houses, all ruled by an empress. After one of their early space explorations, they found ancient technology of the Predecessors in one of the moons of their home planet, which allowed them to access the hyperjump technology and explore the galaxy.

Ziraneés are reptilian in appearance: they have smooth, scaled skin, snake-like bodies and forked tongues they use to smell. But they actually are warm-blooded. They lay eggs, but after the baby is born, they’ll feed from their mother’s milk. (But actually only the females are breast fed, the males are all feed nutritious tonics and gels.)

Ziraneé are a matriarchal society, females are fewer and they usually take the important roles in their hierarchy.
No. 47341 ID: 453e62

is the feeding thing just because females are given preferential treatment or do they actually need different diets?
No. 47343 ID: f5e4b4


No. 47350 ID: d6af4f
File 132417172115.png - (54.23KB , 583x608 , dkoboldref.png )

By apparent request, not-cute bolds, at least the ones that appear in chee quest.

Although referred to as Draconic Kobolds, there's no evidence of them being in a dragon family other than "they're lizards." They're tribal in nature, but have taken enough knowledge from foreigners to have a standard of living better than most basic 'monster' races.

The scales are smooth, and the horns on their head vary from one to the next, but generally they do not have more than a few on each side. Single ones in the middle section of the head are rare. They do not have reptile tits.
No. 47351 ID: 3f976e
File 132417302195.png - (128.52KB , 800x800 , Ferrokin Reference.png )

Cylosians, or Ferrokin, are iron-based entities, forming matriarchal societies. The average height for a Cylosian is about 2 meters, or just under 7 feet. Skin color is usually a dull grey, while the eyes and tronlines are usually a bright color. They have skinny waists, arms, and legs, while the females have wide hips and long hair. The feet lack toes, while the hands have 3 sharpish fingers.
No. 47383 ID: 3947e9

electro nipples!
uh.... how do they even reproduce?
Do they actually breastfeed their young?
No. 47384 ID: 4784be


I love your kobolds, Lagotrope.
No. 47386 ID: 0d7a83

They use the bodies of their dead to make new people.
No. 47399 ID: e1359e
File 132427687288.jpg - (117.59KB , 600x685 , liitelady.jpg )

A lady Liite (Ink Quest)
No. 47423 ID: 77c458

That's not reproduction, that's repair...
It means that as bodies are lost fewer and fewer exist.
No. 47425 ID: e3aff6

It is more comparable to salvage than repair, as the result is a new Cyclosian rather than resurrecting the previous one.
I think there is some other source of Cyclosian metal that our protagonist does not know about as there seems to be a lot more Cyclosians around now than there were before Hope left (or 'left' as the case may be).
No. 48248 ID: f72f26
File 132631848049.jpg - (329.07KB , 964x690 , GenericFurries.jpg )

a response to this quote

00:47capt_slowpoke:I just need a picture and some basic info and I'll add anybody's race as long as it's not like, generic furries.


GenericFurry:"We don't need their stupid party, we're to good for them anyways, they're just a bunch of ugly losers"
No. 48596 ID: d8ef9f
File 132728814625.jpg - (700.83KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 12.jpg )

I might have enough room to fit one more on here but probably not.
No. 50339 ID: c17c06
File 133202022387.jpg - (752.45KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 12.jpg )

there we go, one more did fit
No. 55109 ID: 4c90a9
File 133769841461.jpg - (261.02KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 13.jpg )

Liite and flufftaur
No. 55144 ID: b85f8c

Holy shit those things are tall.
No. 55158 ID: c3a61c

Do half breeds count?
No. 55178 ID: 131de9


I can't see any reason why they wouldn't?
No. 55205 ID: 9cb4b3

Uh, how about because halfbreeds are not a race?
No. 55213 ID: c4a1fc

Sure they are. One halfbreed + another halfbreed = new halfbreed. One halfbreed + another non-halfbreed = non-halfbreed.

It is therefore a species given that it can reproduce in itself and cannot make more halfbreeds outside its species.
No. 55229 ID: 9e3c3d

And so if half-breeds are allowed this chart is going to explode in complexity until you end up with things comprised of one 256th of a bunch of races and the whole thing becomes farcical.

Half-breeds are not a unique race.
No. 55237 ID: c74c7d


By all fantasy standards half-orc/half-ogres/half-elves etc. are counted as races.
No. 55238 ID: 132b99

sub-race. the two main races of them are also selectable. therefor only the primary races are on the chart. sub-race such as half-breeds must be simply figured out by combining the traits of the two parent races.
No. 55245 ID: 855e34

Jacks aka Hunters look like humans, except for a face that resembles a jack-o-lantern, having two-inch claws, hair that binds into solid sheets (including body hair), thin and some what bony limbs, and a single color of skin and hair, (often one imposible for humans).
No. 55246 ID: 855e34
File 133793669208.jpg - (325.93KB , 787x1016 , Scribble_Monster_by_Bubble_Gum_Gir.jpg )

Image for above. Notice hair forming sheets that look kind of like rabbit ears.
No. 55247 ID: 131de9
File 133793978841.png - (5.14KB , 400x300 , DOWNVOTE003.png )

Now that I realize this thread is For Science and such, I'm tempted to toss in a shadow from my little thing running here. Problem is, when you have that much elasticity, it's not much good for these sorts of things. Pretty much human height without stretching or counting the ears, naked by default, slightly lower effective height from generally having to use some portion of their length like a bit of a tail.

Plus my art is terrible.
No. 55248 ID: 891091

can I submit my siren?
No. 55252 ID: cf49fc

Sure you can.
No. 55253 ID: 049dfa


That's pretty much just D&D standards. There are a FEW settings where half-elves are specific things and not just weird one-off children that may as well be one of their parents but are 'slightly off,' but they are the exception rather than the norm.
No. 119584 ID: 12b116
File 151598948819.jpg - (103.48KB , 771x888 , naked women __.jpg )

The Ketza
No. 119585 ID: 47aff3


NOW that's what I call NECRO
No. 119591 ID: 87a124
File 151602473103.jpg - (1.38MB , 3445x2310 , Beautiful butterfly 178.jpg )

Really like your work of categorizing the races by height, well here is my contribution to this thread
No. 119594 ID: 87a124
File 151604410582.jpg - (743.30KB , 2044x1604 , Beautiful butterfly 179.jpg )

Here is another race that I have created, they didn't make a official appearance. They will eventually, especially because they are a part of one character past
No. 119601 ID: 3ce125

Are either of these female?
No. 119602 ID: 87a124

Yes they are, but their anatomy is similar to the bugs or bug/human hybrids. That is why they look so alien and otherworldly
No. 119604 ID: 87a124

The spirit parasites appearance and function in the story was heavily influenced by Xenomorph alien queen
No. 119641 ID: 12b116
File 151616890328.jpg - (456.76KB , 2600x2376 , naked women of quest 14.jpg )

Am I doing this right y/n
No. 119644 ID: 87a124

No. 119663 ID: 87a124

Yes you did it fantastically!
No. 119674 ID: ed67d9
File 151624321873.png - (664.12KB , 1280x800 , OutissaRefSmall.png )


Average height: Slightly over 6 feet
No. 119682 ID: 12b116
File 151624888427.jpg - (682.01KB , 2600x2376 , naked women of quest 14_2.jpg )

No. 119708 ID: 13cc26
File 151631175311.png - (25.12KB , 800x600 , 148581881963.png )

Average height: 45'8" (13.9m)

This is probably the best pic of a fullbody female amtsvane, but the pose might not be ideal for reference purposes, so I'll post a male one too and clarify what the differences are (since they're fairly minor).
No. 119709 ID: 12b116
File 151631190171.jpg - (427.64KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 13.jpg )

The Noxan

It's almost time for a big image update too.
No. 119710 ID: 13cc26
File 151631195724.png - (23.69KB , 999x888 , b8bd9144d4338e729719c30758bd49254835335af1c2efe911.png )

Male amtsvane in probably better pose.

Key differences:
- Coloration: males have dark hands/feet and dark patches on the back, while being light elsewhere; females have light hands/feet and light patches on the back while being dark elsewhere.
- Males have a bifurcated headspine; females do not.
- Females are somewhat thicker, especially around the base of the tail.
No. 119715 ID: 3ce125

I spotted a problem: Noxans have 6 nipples but only one pair of tits, judging by Outissa's ref sheet.
No. 119723 ID: 7fad5d

The other rows swell after childbirth. Same way most non-human mammaries work.
No. 119731 ID: 13cc26

Oh I guess I should also mention that Saz here is probably a little bit lankier than the average amtsvane.
No. 119745 ID: 183009

My quests aren’t abandoned; they’re on hiatus. And to prove it I’ll draw some chars for this when I get home tomorrow.
No. 119746 ID: 9d5ded

You are always welcome here, Apples. We love you.
No. 119834 ID: 12b116
File 151659086850.jpg - (3.35MB , 4536x5475 , amtsvane.jpg )

Where does it live, that it needs so much power? Just move.
No. 119835 ID: 12b116
File 151659229343.jpg - (2.98MB , 4536x5475 , amtsvane.jpg )

now with four fingers
No. 119843 ID: 13cc26

Dude that's amazing.

>Where does it live, that it needs so much power?
Canonically there is no obvious justification for this.
No. 119850 ID: 12b116
File 151666675678.jpg - (9.69MB , 9293x4600 , spehsswhale copy.jpg )

>please make sure your file is smaller than 10240000B
No. 119867 ID: 3ce125

What is the Mai from?

Also I think you forgot to label 84, which I assume is a naga.
No. 119879 ID: 6cc25a

I would suggest Radial's races from the I Am quest ( https://tgchan.org/wiki/I_Am ).

There's racial and genetic variants, but average height is 1.25m (without ears).
https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/src/148975718298.png (nsfw)
https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/151291972197.png (nsfw)

About a head higher, so about 1.4m
https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/150894018575.png (nsfw)

Also a bit larger (standing on their tail), with a lot of species and height variations. I'd say 1.55m.
They're kinda gender neutral and unfortunately there's no nsfw references yet afaik.
No. 119882 ID: 879724


Well the name of the race that is number 86 is the Spirit Parasites
No. 119895 ID: 12b116
File 151676017048.jpg - (252.88KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 15.jpg )

No. 119898 ID: 2efe4b

The Enemy Quest ladies are probably noteworthy enough by now.
No. 119942 ID: b4793d
File 151688561177.png - (224.68KB , 722x800 , zarn ref.png )

Fuuuuck. I just realized we were supposed to draw them naked. I just wasted a bunch of time drawing these.
No. 119943 ID: b4793d

Standby for a nude version.
No. 119946 ID: 2fe26a

A height figure is needed too.
No. 119950 ID: 879724

I know that I already posted two species to this thread, but I still have more. Is it alright if I post them, or there a limit to amount of entries?
No. 119964 ID: b4793d

Yeah I was gonna add all that then stopped when I realized I was wasting my time.
No. 119972 ID: 12b116

Give me a bit of a write up too.
Sure, as long as they appear in a quest.
No. 119973 ID: 879724

Well only the male version of that species has appeared in the quest so far
No. 119988 ID: 879724
File 151697094689.jpg - (404.55KB , 2044x1333 , Beautiful butterfly 180.jpg )

No. 120091 ID: 52a0e8
File 151727569453.png - (40.30KB , 1150x1890 , ns2-2b.png )

Glinp's exact species is unconfirmed, but their height is somewhere around 5.4 feet (not counting the eyes).
I'm afraid the only character we can definitely say belongs to the species is Glinp! So I guess you can call it "Glinp's Species."
No. 120171 ID: 12b116
File 151744846962.jpg - (623.88KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 13.jpg )

updated this page
No. 120213 ID: 12b116
File 151752066620.jpg - (192.79KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 15.jpg )

New page, whatever the hell Glinp is.
No. 120340 ID: 12b116
File 151788722019.jpg - (219.82KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 15.jpg )

No. 120356 ID: 12b116
File 151794075137.jpg - (294.46KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 15.jpg )

No. 120411 ID: 12b116
File 151806013303.jpg - (459.55KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 15.jpg )

No. 120466 ID: 12b116
File 151815268584.jpg - (144.83KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 16.jpg )

How is this?
No. 120478 ID: 879724

It is........
No. 120567 ID: 12b116
File 151841006831.jpg - (213.27KB , 1500x1000 , salikai.jpg )

No. 120594 ID: b473ab
File 151847836538.jpg - (1.50MB , 2143x2416 , Beautiful butterfly 186.jpg )

No. 120595 ID: b1b4f3

What quest is that from?
No. 120596 ID: b473ab

No. 120603 ID: 2aba49

I just wanted to mention that I find this particularly awesome looking.
No. 120610 ID: 33cbe7

>Nothing from abandoned quests though, that's their punishment.
No. 120619 ID: b473ab

Fair enough, even if I do plan on returning to that quest. It wouldn't be right.
No. 120620 ID: 12b116

If you start it back up let me know in here and I'll put it on the list
No. 120636 ID: b473ab

It is a deal
No. 120775 ID: 12b116
File 151899230986.jpg - (246.15KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 16.jpg )

No. 120801 ID: 2f060e
File 151907437571.png - (119.51KB , 650x850 , 1504355734_gnukko_hugga_the_yeti.png )

Saber-toothed yetis from A most Holy quest
No. 120804 ID: 006e5c

You forgot to mention the height.
No. 120805 ID: 2f060e

Oh right. Around 3,5 meters tall
No. 120844 ID: 62e66c
File 151918167665.jpg - (230.63KB , 1167x1093 , nwqrings.jpg )

We may never know what species Ring is, but it's safe to say she is one! Height: ~5.25 ft tall not including horns.
No. 120861 ID: d36af7

Is it possible Ring and Glinp are the same species?
No. 120862 ID: 62e66c

Not in canon, but in your imagination anything is possible
No. 120863 ID: 12b116

I don't think Ring's bits come off
No. 120865 ID: e49b18

Man I miss wholesome quest

I wish it would come back
No. 120866 ID: 12b116
File 151924830477.jpg - (465.33KB , 2600x1426 , naked women of quest 16.jpg )

No. 120919 ID: 480311

Glinp has ears, one set of horns two scale tones and a different number of both fingers and toes.
I mean I bet they're both magic sure but I'd say it's unlikely.

If they were opposite genders of the the same species that'd be more plausible and pretty cool though.
No. 121071 ID: 12b116
File 151992629103.jpg - (562.57KB , 2600x1426 , naked women of quest 16.jpg )

Time to start another page
No. 121075 ID: 96292d
File 151995292111.jpg - (2.66MB , 3206x2685 , Beautiful butterfly 192.jpg )

No. 121215 ID: 12b116
File 152031443916.jpg - (12.49MB , 11490x5688 , big poster.jpg )

Let's try to upload this at full size...
No. 122579 ID: b4793d
File 152462860882.png - (363.59KB , 1220x1350 , zarn ref nude.png )

Zarn female, nude.
No. 122580 ID: b4793d

She's about 7 ft tall, for scale.
No. 122788 ID: 12b116

I'm gonna get to these eventually, I've been really busy IRL which is also why my quest hasn't updated all week
No. 122864 ID: b93a7b
File 152565862825.png - (518.31KB , 1000x1500 , XieziLegs2v4.png )

from King of Pentacles
Arthros are an industrious breed of hard shelled humanoids with numerous limbs
pictured is a member of the Racknid subrace
they average about 4 feet 10 inches
No. 122874 ID: 1dd41c

I know how that feeling. Don't worry, update when you are can and most importantly all of this is for fun this doesn't have to feel like a job :)
No. 122941 ID: 12b116
File 152597827719.jpg - (260.48KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 17.jpg )

All races not properly named will henceforth be known as a type of kobold.
No. 122942 ID: 1dd41c

I must admit that a small Subconscious Dream Beings really looks adorable, but their actual size is somewhere around 160 cm which is actually 5.25 feet. I apologize if I used a different metric system, that probably created the confusion. Also fantastic art as always, you really are talented :)
No. 122961 ID: 12b116
File 152614939175.jpg - (357.28KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 17.jpg )

No. 122964 ID: 12b116

Oh, I was going by the 35cm scale bar you put in the bottom left corner
No. 122968 ID: 1dd41c
File 152620987291.jpg - (377.84KB , 1006x990 , Beautiful butterfly 250.jpg )

Oh, I can see where the confusion comes from. Yeah, I must admit that the scale on the left side might be misleading, the real height is on the bottom of the character
No. 128578 ID: 5f9e6d

I'm sorry if this is blunt to the point of being rude; but how would that image be anything other than confusing? I think 90 out of 100 would look at the 35cm.

Imo they look better tiny anyway. Run with it.
No. 128637 ID: 70be57

No. 128646 ID: 2202fb

It would be cool if there was an interactive version that would link to the quest with the race when you click on the character. I have no idea where half of these come from. This is pretty neat though. It is also kinda crazy how this has outlasted most if not all quests here.
No. 131148 ID: 12b116
File 157085087048.jpg - (565.72KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 17.jpg )

Updated this again. If anybody else wants to give me refs feel free! Preferably not under spoilers I have to click on.
No. 131171 ID: f7ff14

No. 131185 ID: f7ff14

I have a question, does a hybrids between two separate species count as a new one?
No. 131194 ID: 12b116
File 157119869537.jpg - (642.50KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 17.jpg )

Added Zenlings and Prismaticans
No. 131195 ID: 11f77a
File 157120147864.png - (376.62KB , 826x835 , Chupian_gals.png )

I think it's a good time to submit these ladies. 6'7" is a good height for a spry Chupian girl in her prime!
No. 131196 ID: 12b116

no, not really.
No. 131197 ID: f7ff14

No. 131250 ID: 12b116
File 157180708436.jpg - (765.26KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 17.jpg )

Added Chupians and Murderscrubs
No. 131267 ID: f7ff14
File 157191091552.jpg - (1.41MB , 2256x1643 , BB 428.jpg )

No. 131483 ID: ee548c

Are their wings curved in that image?
No. 131484 ID: f7ff14

Yes they are
No. 131789 ID: 12b116
File 157820504444.jpg - (820.67KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 18.jpg )

laprines all the way down.. this isnt even all of them
No. 131828 ID: 11f77a
File 157863558042.png - (496.03KB , 999x911 , eigo_ref.png )

Alright I'm submitting the Eigo species. I think their average height can be 6ft (top of their head, not the horns)
No. 131911 ID: 12b116
File 157966487491.jpg - (473.41KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 19.jpg )

Is this accurate?
No. 131913 ID: f7ff14

No. 131922 ID: 12b116
File 157992281794.png - (459.39KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 19.png )

No. 132427 ID: 12b116
File 158536585590.jpg - (19.75MB , 11490x5688 , bigpicture.jpg )

update to the big picture
No. 132429 ID: a07b94
File 158536696438.png - (567.77KB , 816x1360 , liauas.png )

I'd like to request a L.I.A.U.A., one of which was featured in Nice Save.
Average height is, let's say, 4'8".
There's no single canon design and they're very modular, but there's a turnaround here that may be of use: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33522214/
A typical individual doesn't have toes like the turnaround does, just a bootlike foot.
No. 132471 ID: 11f77a
File 158588845875.png - (657.47KB , 1185x911 , sajjas_ref.png )

Submitting the Sajjas species. Average height 5 foot 8 inch.
No. 132913 ID: 12b116
File 159003003428.png - (659.62KB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 19.png )

A small update
No. 133207 ID: 11f77a
File 159275724354.png - (0.96MB , 1311x1207 , paligrij_women.png )

(EDITED) I have three more naked women for you. Enjoy!
Ichs average 5'2"
Relics average 6'3"
Zephs at 7'
No. 133233 ID: 12b116
File 159305258473.png - (0.96MB , 2600x1376 , naked women of quest 19.png )

And I believe this page is complete
No. 133586 ID: 11f77a
File 159686608557.png - (767.29KB , 1272x1130 , girl_hunt_gard.png )

Another two girls for the list. Huntoons (left) and Gards (right).
Huntoons are about 6'5"
Gards the tallest at around 7'6"
No. 134294 ID: 11f77a
File 160498130328.png - (554.40KB , 858x1130 , huntoon_redux_2.png )

Redone the Huntoon race design. Average height is still 6'5".
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