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File 160239724802.png - (546.77KB , 800x800 , teegeesquests.png )
133919 No. 133919 ID: 3994a2

I figured it's time to make a catch-all disthread for my quests.

Old disthreads:
Dead Dust >>123379
Arzfayz >>127736
No. 133920 ID: 3994a2

So I've kinda not been around for a while, and the major reason for that is that I've been very busy with school. That's starting to taper off a bit now, so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.

However it was honestly nice to have a break from questing. The most difficult thing about running quests, for me, is the emotional aspect of it -- I end up getting very invested in working on quests, which gets emotionally exhausting after a while. Going a couple months without updating has left me feeling pretty refreshed, so I think I might start taking breaks whenever I feel that exhaustion begin to set in. Hopefully it won't always be for months at a time, though.

To clear up any confusion (since there was some in the DD disthread), here's the current status of each of my quests:

>Dead Dust
Still ongoing

Dead, possibly rebooted someday -- I've envisioned Arzfayz as being part of a greater universe that multiple quests would take place in, but the worldbuilding I've done has diverged too much from what's established in the quest, so I'd like to give it a do-over at some point. I might do a short wrap-up comic to tie up loose ends at some point, but no promises there.

On hiatus until after Chapter -1 of DD is complete.

Dead -- It was a bit of an experimental quest, and I quickly realized that the whole operant conditioning mechanic was going to become a real pain to manage.

>Null and Void
Still ongoing

Also, I'll be starting a new quest soon. (Apologies to anybody who might groan at this announcement, but I really want to do it.)
No. 133923 ID: cdabe3

No. 133924 ID: e7c7d3

Aw dang, I knew you were busy, but didn't know you were feeling burnt out. Thankfully questing isn't really a professional past-time, so taking some month-long breaks is A-OK!

But new quest, you say? Curious what pops up.
No. 133927 ID: 864e49

Rip Fayz (for now) never even got the D.
But seriously I really do hope you'll do more quests in this setting. I can't begin to tell you how much I fucking love the settings for DD, Arzfays and N&V.
No. 133928 ID: 8fab7a

Happy to hear from you Teegee, and if a break is the solution to you starting to feel weary by all means take one whenever.
No. 133929 ID: 4854ef

Glad to see you are alright.
No. 133934 ID: 3994a2

>But seriously I really do hope you'll do more quests in this setting.
I’d like to, I have something like 5 quest concepts that take place in that universe. I’m very flattered you like those settings so much!
No. 133944 ID: 8fab7a

You do have a certain gift for generating them.
No. 133955 ID: 15a025

All I wanna say is that's a great titlecard for the disthread.
No. 133971 ID: 3994a2


On a semi-related note, I've been steadily (if a bit slowly) working on the next DD update, so that should be up within the next several days, unless things become suddenly busy again with my schoolwork.
No. 134015 ID: eb1fcc

sad to hear you scrapped arzfayz, I liked where the setting was going
No. 134020 ID: 3994a2

As far as the setting goes, it'll return for sure. And like I said, Arzfayz will probably get a reboot eventually.
No. 134021 ID: 3994a2

This is a disclaimer for my new quest, Folly of the Temptress. I'm posting this because, considering the planned content of the quest, I'd like to get out ahead of any friction that could result from it.

This quest is going to become very lewd and at least somewhat weird. Fetishy content is likely.

Content warning (spoiled for those who would prefer a surprise): bdsm, noncon/dubcon, esoteric fetishism, clothing damage/embarrassed nudity, and what I think is best described as "erotic, cartoonish villainry".

Please keep in mind that this quest is purely a work of fantasy, and as such some topics may receive a more light-hearted approach than they would deserve in reality. The appearance of a particular situation or event in the quest is not an endorsement of it in real life; and similarly, suggestions for a given action should not be taken as endorsements of that action in real life.

I apologize to anyone who finds this sort of disclaimer tedious, but given the controversy that occurred over some events in Dead Dust, I felt it was best to state all of this at the outset.

If you have any questions about anything stated above, feel free to ask.
No. 134022 ID: d909cb

Well, I guess I'm spamming this thread with my thoughts on DD updates now.

>He gave me a weird look.
I dunno. It looked pretty normal to me. A normal look when you notice someone having sex.

A whirring sound would usually be from something spinning or just a fast repetitive sound. The last time we heard a whirr was from a scanner, so that's alarming haha. Hmm. Or maybe the llama guy was just drilling a hole in Siobhan's bathroom.

Sibohan doesn't give us any clues about what it could be. So what we can assume is that, considering Siobhan doesn't know what the sound was, it's likely that she never heard such a sound coming from that apartment before. So if it happened just now for the first time, right after the neighbor saw Siobhan, there's a chance that it wasn't a coincidence. That is, something happened because Siobhan was seen.

The question that I have is, was this sound produced intentionally or not. Would it had been intentional knowing that Siobhan is still there? Probably not. So I think that whoever produced the sound hopes that Siobhan either won't hear it, or she would ignore it. It's possible they know that Siobhan sleeps late in the mornings and would be relying on her to continue doing that.

But yeah, because there's a good possibility that it wasn't a coincidence, it would be a good idea to check it out.
No. 134054 ID: d909cb

>"I'll have it tonight", "I'll get it tonight"
If Preston was after the samples, he would be using "them" instead of "it", so it can't be that he's after the samples. What could he be after then? Siobhan's body? That also seems unlikely for multiple reasons.

>it sounds like it's coming from the ceiling
Strange. How could a sound move from a wall in his apartment to a place above yours? It would require that the construction of the place left empty space between walls and floors (which btw isn't very common outside the US :p ), and whatever was producing that sound utilized that space. Still, for such a thing to occur without warning... would that even be legal? Wouldn't any sort of work in that place require the approval of the building / shelf management? But if he got such an approval, then Siobhan would likely have gotten a notice that such work would take place.

>stay put, I'll come getcha
Despite the seemingly alarming situation, we know for a fact that Siobhan isn't in any danger here. That's because when Penny meets Preston again later (>>/questarch/906670), the guy is mostly uninterested in her. He was interested in Moira, however, so perhaps it's something related to that, maybe even Mike. However, to be trying to do anything funny right here, right now, it doesn't make much sense. Surely he knows that Siobhan is there, and if she's there, that she would tell Mike about the noise. No one would be that stupid, would they? Unless they thought that Siobhan would not be here (which seems impossible because Siobhan said that she would normally still be sleeping), or they thought that she wouldn't hear the sound (which also doesn't make sense, because she said the sound was loud). But yeah, if he was after Mike, there would've been better opportunities for this. Preston was here for a few weeks, so he was spying, he would know when both Siobhan and Mike aren't at home.

Anyway, no matter what we do here, it won't result in anything noteworthy happening between Siobhan and Preston, because then it wouldn't tie well with how Preston acts later - where he hardly recognizes Siobhan at all.

>There's something he isn't telling me.
He doesn't want to tell Siobhan about the new security system that he's installing today. Lots of guys working on all sides of the apartment and all. It was going to be a surprise so that she could sleep better at night~
Or maybe he decided it was a good time to take her on a honeymoon. Who knows!
No. 134061 ID: bded1a

It's great seeing you make a return, teegs. And as previously said, that title card is excellent!

I hope this isn't 'too putting on the spot', but I'm curious what projected lengths you have in mind for your current quests. While Quests are akin to Webcomics in that they run for very extended periods of time, you've got a lot on your plate - and I find it difficult to imagine that all of them are as in-depth and lengthy as Dead Dust, (or the Arzfayz-verse, once that eventually gets the reboot). Would it be fine if you gave us your thoughts on what the relative ratios of story length you imagined for your quests are? I'd ask for time estimates but life is busy, and there's no real guarantees on things getting done when you want them to.
No. 134087 ID: 3994a2

>I hope this isn't 'too putting on the spot', but I'm curious what projected lengths you have in mind for your current quests.
Hmm, let's see:

>Dead Dust
Hard to say anything more definite than "long"
3 threads, maybe 4 tops
>Null and Void
It's a bit open ended so I'm not completely sure, but most likely shorter than Dead Dust
>Folly of the Temptress
Probably about the same as Null and Void
>eventual Arzfayz reboot
This could change, but right now I think I'd probably shoot for about 5 threads.
No. 134092 ID: ffdc3c

Good to see you back! Really enjoying the updates lately!
No. 134093 ID: 3994a2

Thanks, glad to hear it!
No. 134097 ID: bded1a

Thanks for the detailed answer - I'm actually a bit surprised by some of these. I was expecting Flora to be longer, but 3 threads is quite interesting. Still, either way, it's good that you've got this all planned out. Best of luck to you - I'll certainly be watching and seeing things play out.
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