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File 138380053358.jpg - (102.13KB , 500x381 , What gives.jpg )
25542 No. 25542 ID: 097017 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Can't update Quest, but can complain about it in /meep/. Sup?
No. 25544 ID: 097017

Every time I click reply it just keeps me in the eternal loading cycle of doom. Can go anywhere and post anything else just fine.

Only happens to image posts, text only works just fine.
No. 25545 ID: 7bbaae

But you just posted an image. Just now.
No. 25546 ID: 57a559

He said his problems were in /Quest, not here
No. 25547 ID: 097017

happens at the image board proper, too. WHAT'S GOING ON?!
No. 25548 ID: 097017

Whew. Okay fellas, problem solved. Thanks for the support and whatnot.

File 138305895066.jpg - (209.00KB , 1239x1536 , N05384_10.jpg )
25486 No. 25486 ID: f7248b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Your suggestions will be ignored and your proposals eschewed for some in that thread think you irredeemably rude. No matter what truth, if any, is contained in your story, at every post is an unwelcoming host, a sortie that see you as their quarry.

Regardless of how passionately you sue or how eloquently you plead, with contempt only your posts will they read. None can dare your ideas promote or endorse and expect to escape that unequal and opposite force. And though I wish some to take your financial advice, to their satisfaction there is no price you can pay, no device you can devise--though offer it you may.

It seems we've a little brother or sister inside us all, that ensure our heads don't grow to big our our height too tall. They know precisely what not to do and the worst possible thing to say, and though try as we might to keep them locked tight they always manage to slip away. Now whether this is the case or simply my own conclusions, about your place in that thread you, named at least, you should have no illusions.
16 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 25516 ID: 097017

What do you say, shipmates?



(Why does TGchan give you a youtube upload option when it cant read youtube?)
No. 25517 ID: 7bbaae

Follow the directions to embed properly. That little Help link exists for a reason.
No. 25518 ID: 244e80

Silence is assent, insofar as I don't actually care.
No. 25521 ID: 097017


Yeah, I saw the link. The only problem is that 'lil image doesn't show you how to skip the sloppy MSMoviemaker titles/credits they always tack onto the front and tail ends. Thanks anyway, though.

fair enough. Still haven't heard from the OP, yet. ReGi?
No. 25537 ID: 7ed0c9
File 138366343324.jpg - (162.67KB , 333x493 , mlp_yugioh_my_little_ponies_by_nikku0hyuga-d475bbr.jpg )

Allright, Mr. MiracleWorker, I get you'd like to Téa-light Sparkle us united with the power of friendship, as though the three of us were [st]birds of a[/st] alike. Well no carebear stare is going to weld us together, that only happens with mutual consent.

And I'll consent to quit rhyming, that's about it.

While my mind is set firmly set, I don't find Abeo [st]at all ill met[/st] any trouble.

Just a lot lost in translation, is all.

And please, no more "Enemies worst at first become friends fast at last" business, we can make up our own minds about that TYVM.

File 138334780052.jpg - (28.85KB , 300x300 , 61KCbp0p8VL__SY300_.jpg )
25522 No. 25522 ID: 7ed0c9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I know Clocktoberfest is gone with the wind and Pretti Paddie's day's still ways away....

But let's tide ourselves over with some Neckbeardish Drinking Songs!
No. 25523 ID: d315b1

No. 25530 ID: 097017

> [Pic of Merud switching his Biretta for a Hardhat]
As her research partner,
there's plenty groundbreaking work to do,
But ever since I've gotten here
I've only built subsidized housing for her mooks!

Oh I don't want nomore of the Dungeon Life,
Deem-You ought to know, I fear,
I'm no foreman or civil engineer,
Deem-I just want to go hooome!

> [pic of Hin stomaching more whisky than a Scottsman]
She told me that in a prim'al forge
rare metal's I'd refine,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 25531 ID: 9e3650

No. 25535 ID: f7248b

-Tor Rockall-

They say that in a dungeon,
the girls you'll meet are fine,
but expect Big Sister or Bad Teacher Deem
You'll get a drunk, a gypsy and a Frankenstein!

(Ivac, Moriko and Deem, cross-armed stand behind with forehead veins pulsating)
*audible smack and cracking sounds*

(Tor bruised, in wheelchair and neck and arm casts, delicately palms his swollen cheek and black eye with his working hand.)

*with lisp*
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 137833611034.png - (127.17KB , 600x255 , Catty_Josuke_Okuyasu.png )
25340 No. 25340 ID: 5223dc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anyone up to discussing this flipping sweet manga series? The anime is cool, too.
No. 25341 ID: eb937b
File 137834396121.png - (166.68KB , 800x800 , gopokemon.png )

Posting the only relevant image I have. It's from /draw/. I'd credit the drawfag responsible for this glory, but I forgot his name.
No. 25342 ID: 5223dc

Go!! Go!! Pokemon!

That's pretty dang cute! I tried to image search it for the drawfriend and I could only find a /vp/ Draw thread with that as a repost.
No. 25343 ID: e983a7

Looks kinda like Seal's artwork.
Oh, that's because it is Seal's artwork. My mistake. It is in Seal's draw thread after all.
No. 25369 ID: 3d577a
File 137927799390.jpg - (305.66KB , 1920x1080 , JoJo’s-Bizarre-Adventure-All-Star-Battle.jpg )

I fucking love Jojo. Who here is hyped for ASB?
No. 25406 ID: 2f9fa0

I am so flipping ready.

File 137810430239.gif - (540.99KB , 300x169 , camelbite2.gif )
25332 No. 25332 ID: 240cbe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Post camels here.
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 25334 ID: 240cbe
File 137810433506.jpg - (12.65KB , 275x200 , camelbite4.jpg )

No. 25335 ID: 240cbe
File 137810435576.gif - (1.10MB , 289x200 , camelbite5.gif )

No. 25336 ID: 240cbe
File 137810439471.jpg - (217.36KB , 1024x685 , camelmouth.jpg )

No. 25337 ID: 240cbe
File 137810441350.gif - (1.50MB , 267x199 , camelshopping.gif )

No. 25344 ID: 7e6e42
File 137841759597.png - (445.84KB , 580x389 , humpday.png )

File 137597309782.jpg - (123.24KB , 640x640 , sNT8GrbIF28.jpg )
25241 No. 25241 ID: e974a4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

My friend's band.
No. 25260 ID: 226049

Very sick. Reminds me of metal back from 2010. Swaggins.

File 137567072309.jpg - (60.61KB , 445x450 , irony.jpg )
25224 No. 25224 ID: c23ab0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Man I don't even know.

No. 25225 ID: c23ab0

er, >>/quest/531268

File 137475783929.jpg - (274.19KB , 1200x675 , spess.jpg )
25156 No. 25156 ID: a4b65f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


It's time to kill some xeno scum and heretic bastards. Tomorrow and possibly more fridays/weekends afterward I've decided with some friends to try and get some games of Space Marine versus mode up.

I havent decided on an exact time yet but Im thinking late afternoon/evening for eurobros and midday-ish for ameribros.

I wanna try getting some Dreadnaught mode, among others, going since the versus multiplayer is as good as dead.

If you have any questions, suggestions on when/what to play or the like, ask away and whatnot.
No. 25173 ID: bdb3f8

I am bad at this game.

File 137328810211.jpg - (32.64KB , 561x375 , 969008_442577569173044_202174914_n.jpg )
25093 No. 25093 ID: c9f54c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Added to AllChans. Apparently it was added months ago but got slipped into TF2Chans submenu.. my bad... fixed now.
No. 25094 ID: beeca1

No. 25095 ID: ea4b0b

Was it really neccessary to make a post about this? You'd think internal administration errors for your website would be best kept among yourselves, this just sows confusion without any context to it.
No. 25096 ID: beeca1

If it's at all relevant, my post was mostly about trying to figure out what the fuck television and air conditioning had to do with this.

File 131742876499.png - (49.38KB , 600x600 , SadShawk.png )
18141 No. 18141 ID: 049dfa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Who loves sharks? That's right, we all do.

On December 17th, members of our community here on the site will be streaming arts live for 48 hours in order to attempt to raise money to help our endangers sharky friends. More information can be found here: http://sharksavers.donorpages.com/2011Fundraiser/araelkins/

Additionally, by donating $5 or more you will be entered into a raffle of sorts to win various prizes! More info on that can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2761748/

Won't you help our poor rough skinned friends of the deep, or at least just watch our friends from the site stay up drawing things until they're stupid with sleep deprivation? Hope to see you there.
54 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 22782 ID: 1bdb8a

There was never a gallery made, mostly because of all the NSFW stuff. I'm trying to put together all the pictures but some of the requests that weren't done before the end of the stream are hard to find. There's a text file of all the Shark Stream 2011 requests in the .zip file. If anyone knows where one of the pictures for a request is telling me would be pretty hype.

This should have every picture done during the stream at least. NSFW.
No. 22787 ID: f2c20c

No. 25017 ID: 55c4cf
File 137200680211.png - (43.90KB , 560x420 , youcaringbanner2.png )

Shark Stream 2013: Seamergency
Thursday June 27th 7PM PDT - Monday July 1st 6PM PDT

Charity: http://www.sharksavers.org
Stream Site: http://sharks.thatquestsite.org
Exclusive Shirt: Will be available on shark savers official store starting on the 26th and carrying on until about July 10th. Designed by rottel.
Reblog Prize Promo: http://sharkstream.tumblr.com/post/53494436146
Active until the final hour of the charity. Artist Chat: #sharksavers on irc.rizon.net

Year 3, let's go!

We still have room for any artists that would like to stream art during the event, please contact us ASAP to participate!
No. 25025 ID: 55c4cf

No. 25044 ID: 56710e

Hype for sharks!!

File 137100912105.png - (577.97KB , 1218x673 , tumblr_mo8uyvMv6n1qgkzmoo1_1280.png )
24897 No. 24897 ID: ea4b0b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So lets talk about the new smash brothers game
(art sauce: http://muffinpines.tumblr.com)
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24907 ID: f2c20c

The villager is Sephiroth?!?!?!?
No. 24911 ID: ea4b0b
File 137107806816.png - (192.24KB , 400x300 , thatsthejoke.png )

No. 24977 ID: 3e1e83


I'll just leave this here...
No. 25019 ID: 25312f

I think his battle theme ought to be this:

No. 25024 ID: f920f8


I swear to god that music is in part of the original soundtrack of DOOM.

File 137021761843.png - (5.94KB , 516x515 , tg makes a game.png )
24752 No. 24752 ID: ea4b0b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Heyo, folks! Making a meep thread for this because this might actually be able to get some traction.

For those of you not paying attention to the game thread, some of us are thinking of actually getting together and making a game, or rather a series of games presented as a single game in Chapters.

We'll be starting with something very VERY small in order to have some kind of progress to work off, but once that is done we will slowly but surely ramp it up with more and more installments, usually featuring entirely different characters and art styles.

And this is the devthread, where we talk about this shit.
First order of business: "who wants to design our first main character?"
130 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24986 ID: 9ddf68

could make for an intro part to the first simulation too. I see it as something like this

"Hey guy, you need to fix this. Some animal got in here last night and tore this place apart before we could chase it off"

(pipe minigame)

"Ah damn it all to hell, looks like it also broke the [item name here] and unlike those pipes this won't hold together with a quick fix. We're going to have to replace it. Go check the general store and hope they have the part in stock, otherwise you're going to have to head on over to [town name here] to get the part before this turns into a problem"

or you can put the minigame in somewhere else if you can make it fit. I mean this simulation is meant to prepare you for colonization so you might as well throw a few minigames in them if you plan on using them again later in the game.
No. 24992 ID: ea4b0b
File 137165986965.png - (38.74KB , 716x924 , map layouts.png )

Grand idea man, I would def. go in for this one. Also, I realized having the starting area hut segregated into its own screen might be a good idea, see diagram.
rectangle marks the borders of the screen, the top bit scrolls with you as you move up.

To-do: make some objects for decorating the landscape. Broken fences, hitching posts,
a thick wire running along the ground from the hut to other buildings perhaps?
maybe an optional side-branch that will lead to a housing structure where you can learn a special skill that carries over between simulations??
No. 25013 ID: ea4b0b

So is anyone else even gonna do anything here?
No. 25014 ID: 7b591d

No, because this has been a pipe dream from the beginning.
No. 25015 ID: ea4b0b

Fair enough. /ollies out

File 132332460705.jpg - (694.68KB , 2000x2000 , 1323323903431.jpg )
19343 No. 19343 ID: 21a619 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

You have to write fapfiction of whatever you roll
Have at it.
95 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 21657 ID: 2ae337

"So once upon times, I was walking in the forest with my big stick when I see this clearing. In the clearing I see a green woman, this dryad sunbathing herself in a patch of sun. She did not notice my presence or she did not care of my audience as she continued to writhe and flex on the grey rock which she had lay herself, moaning as the sun slowly warmed her."
No. 21658 ID: 2ae337
File 134111669558.png - (860.26KB , 763x707 , And_then_I_fucked_it.png )

"So I grab her, this plant woman...um. Then I fuck her. This plant girl."

"The End."
No. 21672 ID: 927efa
File 134130458049.gif - (1.78MB , 357x296 , applause.gif )

No. 24908 ID: 1766db

As flattered as I am that Kassandra was on there, she was in a one-off quest
No. 24913 ID: 405647

Okay, seriously, Squeegy, read the dates of the last posts in threads. You are responding to a post that is over two years old. Consider this an official warning. Knock it off.

File 133584951965.jpg - (881.70KB , 1300x1063 , urgency.jpg )
21053 No. 21053 ID: b9e291 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey I was thinking about setting up a little parallel universe back when I played the "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon" games. Was thinking that it'd be a fun setting for one of those text based dungeons you connect to online. Trouble is, I don't know anyone besides me who's into both pokémon, roleplaying and world building. Would anyone here be interested in that sort of thing?
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 21106 ID: 14754c

Isn't this thread on lulz?
No. 21119 ID: b9e291
File 133619410675.png - (65.43KB , 1920x1200 , patachu,mew - Copie de zuiormatistism.png )


Don't be silly. Nobody goes to that den of evil here.
No. 21135 ID: e4d0c5

I love adblock.
No. 21196 ID: f44b56

A Pokemon text thing would be aces
No. 24909 ID: 1766db

I've worked on a MUD before. Not a lot of good MOO engines out there, though.

File 135614052755.png - (1.66MB , 1280x1005 , Deep Village.png )
23073 No. 23073 ID: a2d89e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Hello World! You may know that we have here a tgchan Minecraft server. It operates with a FTB modpack. What I want to say here, is you can and should build some interesting things. I invite you to the Castle Contest! The goal is to build the best, most stylish fortress you can muster.
Also, I have only gotten this half planned out, so some discussion in general would be appreciated. Thank you.
130 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24828 ID: f2c20c

I don't know how you would copy any buildings over to the new map, but I imagine the save file could be uploaded somewhere I guess.
No. 24829 ID: ea4b0b

It's a fairly simple task, I take screenies for measurements then simply rebuild from scratch.
(I do hope the ME system gets brought back soon, though.)
No. 24882 ID: b0d1a8

I hatched an idea in my mind. We can make a Mail system through item tesseracts which deliver items between different ME systems. The spawn base already has a thing that can receive all it needs now is a way to send it and a place to send it to.
No. 24883 ID: ea4b0b

I had a far easier to power idea involving those warp pipes and books
No. 24884 ID: f2c20c

I don't believe we have any remote communication via any of our mods, so we can't do that.

Typically people access ME remotely like that by having Logistics Pipes, linking a Remote Orderer to a Provider Pipe attached to an Ender Chest, and carrying the matching Ender Pouch around with the remote. Then you can just ask the remote for stuff and it shows up in your pouch.

We don't have Logistics Pipes though.

File 136853044657.png - (0.98MB , 900x727 , sotl alignment.png )
24628 No. 24628 ID: c850c4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24639 ID: a8fc3c

> I've heard a bunch of mostly-positive talk about the game recently (and I find it annoying, for reasons I'd have difficulty expressing)

Allow me to help express for you:

The game's entire point, every narrative decision in it, and the excuse for the sloppy mechanics -- is that it's all about 'the story' and about the player wanting to be a hero (instead of the character); and yet the game commits the capital sin of blaming the player for things that happen in cutscenes. Which causes it to be a massive failure that only garners attention from people who really want to reach into a game and pull out a meaning and call it art regardless of one of the most botched executions in recent memory.

No. 24641 ID: 22d338

Your sarcasm detector's on the fritz, bro.
No. 24678 ID: d49f71

You cannot imagine how tempted I am to argue with you right now.
No. 24717 ID: 0eef61

No. 24737 ID: 933f92

Telling the player they are a scumbag for making decisions that they cannot, in fact, make, lowers the impact of said decisions upon the realization that you cannot make them. It's a hamfisted 'war is hell' message that's been done before by other mediums far better and could have been done much, much better with an interactive medium, but falls flat when the interactivity that matters - making meaningful decisions - is removed.

Bioshock was amazing because it looked the obvious method of doing things in the eye and showed us what we were taking for granted.

The Line is terrible for using what we take for granted to show us what is obvious.

Show me a game where you're in a war, and you have to make tough decisions, but you can make them, and I'll show you a good game with a message. The Line is like making a bunch of people sit through a snuff film and saying 'god, you people are sick for watching this instead of walking out'.

File 136672485628.png - (130.44KB , 600x500 , 136480681047.png )
24440 No. 24440 ID: dcd676 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Starbound has grown incredibly popular, both here and on the internet at large. They've gathered enough money from their Kickstarter that they've even decided to add a community-developed race, the Novakids.

Well, perhaps they'd be willing to add one more to that list? I ask you, fellow TGChan enthusiasts, what do you all think of seeing about getting Neumonos into Starbound?

Thoughts? Comments? Support?
24 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24658 ID: c3663c

It would be a simpler sort of game, although Rokoa isn't what I would call a good kind of lone protaganist. It might not be as relevant if it is, in fact, a simple sort of game, but I can't say I thought of it much.
No. 24662 ID: b53faa

Honestly my personal beleif here is that we should just make a mod for just cause 2 that replaces the main character with a model of rokoa
Nothing else
just rokoa blowing shit up and zipline-parachuting everything
(It also just occurred to me that the voice would clash hilariously and I love that prospect)
No. 24663 ID: 57a559

Kinda like that one GTA4 mod where we're Goofy and his model is so big and clunky most of the weapons and stuff clip through the body?
No. 24664 ID: e4ee1b


actually that is the perfect game for Rokoa to be in
No. 24732 ID: f29aa1

>a mod for just cause 2 that replaces the main character with a model of polokoa

File 136736300796.png - (1.68MB , 1434x1103 , inverseworldtext.png )
24519 No. 24519 ID: 72b600 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So if anyone wants to know what I've been up to since I stopped posting quests in here, this is what I have been up to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1552912590/inverse-world-a-dungeon-world-sourcebook

I'm writing Dungeon World content and selling it on the internet. Livin' the tradgames dream.

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24549 ID: 48ab4b

I'm thinking it's a setting a la Eberron.

It also looks awesome 5stars
No. 24550 ID: 72b600

That is right. It is a setting book for the Dungeon World system, which is basically "D&D without all the bullshit." I highly recommend it, the core rules are available for free: http://book.dwgazetteer.com/
No. 24556 ID: 91c1b3

Alright, cool. I'll check it out.
No. 24698 ID: a6008c
File 136935066964.png - (328.57KB , 700x1300 , Human Lantern 2.png )

This kickstarter is in its last week! Also I have Crossfrown, the author of project5 and Princess Quest, providing some of the art.
No. 24712 ID: 1ca9d2

Huh! I didn't know you were the same Gnome as the one on this board. Small world.

File 136727091449.jpg - (108.21KB , 613x600 , image.jpg )
24511 No. 24511 ID: dde2e2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24530 ID: 57aa5a

Okay if you want to learn the lore of THIS site let me give you a quick summery of some of the tgchan side that you wont hear from the 1d4chan article. First TGchan and /tg/ are diffent places so the /tg/ history of something can be almost the opposite history for TGchan like in this case. As it says she actually was a notoriously good troll on 4chan's /tg/ being everything they hated but here where we already accept creepy role play and furries she doesn't have much of the same bite.

Even so she still has caused one or two people to flip out here before. Though it was mostly over our acceptance/love of her and our constantly putting of titles such as beautiful/glorious/magnificent before her name. Mostly she is just made fun of or loved and lauded over as a joke, as she's still a poster child for much of what any RPer is annoyed at.

Such as in flare quest as has been mentioned.

Also 2 chapters of Cutebold Slaughter Fest is devoted to her where we mostly just tried to make her cry before everyone got too distracted by plot.

And she was the most ridiculous wizard in Bite Quest (but in a good way).

Hope that helps for now.
No. 24535 ID: b53faa

huh, so generally the consensus here is "kinda a douche, but nobody really gives a shit", correct?
No. 24536 ID: 78c6ea

One word: cccd9
No. 24582 ID: 8b9215

Everyone loves Flarey. All 800 cheese-filled pounds of her.
No. 24605 ID: bdb3f8
File 136822069326.gif - (2.79KB , 80x80 , flareys.gif )

You forgot about the side-scrolling shooter FlaRe-Type, which has seen enough occasional bursts of development to have a working prototype.

File 136813068990.jpg - (418.12KB , 1280x960 , Meat58.jpg )
24589 No. 24589 ID: b53faa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

delicious meat products rain from the sky, pelting and tenderizing my body as I drift ever further down. Suddenly, gravity ceases, and I begin to float among the meat.
A ham hock lazily floats by, pelted into a slow spin by a stray kielbasa. A set of barbecued ribs splits in half, the seperate pieces fluttering like the glistening Flagella of a deep sea creature.

And all the while I sit there, motionless, watching as the meat world surrounding me coexists with me in perfect abstract harmony.

I am with the meat.

Part of the meat.

One with the meat.

And then, the meat clouds come. Giant, billowing masses of ground beef, roiling with the hot frying grease and battered chicken eager to burst loose on the world.

Thunder rolls, and a thick rain of grease bathes the meat landscape, feeding the t-bone flowers, granting life to the wild bacon trees, and allowing life to thrive.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 24592 ID: 747c7e

No. 24595 ID: f2c20c

No. 24597 ID: b53faa
File 136819934363.jpg - (64.86KB , 468x461 , meat-ad.jpg )

No. 24599 ID: b53faa
File 136819988719.jpg - (21.76KB , 400x328 , 1369Loin T-Bone Steak.jpg )

No. 24600 ID: 306558
File 136820181702.jpg - (58.84KB , 800x630 , kinderham.jpg )

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